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The Odds (2018) - full transcript

A young woman enlists in an underground game of pain endurance in the hope of winning the million dollar prize. She soon learns the real opponent is the man who's running the game, as he ...

Subtitles by explosiveskull

You ready to play?

Is that absolutely necessary?

Let me just set up a few things.

Won't take more than a minute.

As long as we're on schedule.

I wouldn't want to
start without you.

Oh, you're funny.

Very nice.

So, yes, it is necessary to
keep the location a secret

due to the legal
technicalities of the game.

You know the rules, right?

Yup, but you can
tell me again, Mr....

No names.

It works better for
me if we keep things

less personal, you know?


Kind of like a
manager-employee relationship.

I get it.

If you like.

Anyway, the game, there
are 19 other players

at 19 other locations
just like this.

In this city?

All over the world.

There's a clearing house

that receives and broadcasts
the signal to select clientele.

The same clearing
house acts as a broker

for all wages
concerning the game.

Receiving end, online?


Yeah, just a couple
minutes, we'll get started.

Have you done this a lot?

A few times, yeah.

There are five
preliminary rounds

followed by the finalist round.

If you leave at any point
during the preliminary rounds,

you will leave with
zero prize money.

I won't quit.

All players who get
to the finalist round

are committed to the
game and may not leave.

I said I won't quit.


Now, the finalists
will continue to play

until there's only
one player left.

That winner will
receive the money.

Have you ever hosted a winner?

Let's not worry about that.

You just stay focused.

It's weird that people would
bet on something like this.

Do you know any real gamblers?

Real gamblers will
make odds on anything.

And the prize money, it's a lot?

Some people think so.

I heard it was a
million dollars.

Where'd you hear that?

Same place I heard
about the game.


That's correct, and the
funds will be deposited

in the winner's account.

They must pay you a lot.

That's why you're here, right?

I'm here for the
same reason as you.

I doubt that.

Now it's almost time.

I thought there
was gonna be a gun.

Not yet.

Have I met you before?

Congratulations, your
drug test came back clean.

Of course it did.

I'm sorry, we have to check.

Some players come in high,

performance enhancing
drugs, so to speak.

Well, drugs are where you go

when you can't stand
the pain anymore.

Where do you go, if
you don't have drugs?

I guess we'll find out.



We're good.

You're good?

Okay, standing by.

I know that they can
see us, but can they...

Hear us? No.

Say what you want.

Your secrets are safe with me.

I don't have any secrets.

Everyone has secrets.

No, all my shit's pretty
much out in the open.

All the shit you know about.

I think I know my
shit pretty well.

This game has a way of
illuminating a person.

Oh, that's nice.

You gonna put on
some mood music?

I'll take the Chardonnay.

So here's what's gonna happen,

round one, on my signal, you,
along with 19 other players,

will hold your hand over the
candle and keep it there.

When three people have
removed their hand,

the round is over.

Those players are
out of the game.

Everyone else will
advance to the next round.



Yeah, I just...

I heard it was different.

Used to be.

They like to change things
up, keep it exciting.

You don't have to do this.

It's still not
too late to leave.

I've got nowhere else to be.

How about a home?

I messed that up.

You must have family somewhere.

Everyone has family.

Do you?

Yeah. Sure.


A little boy.

And how would you feel if
someone took him away from you?

I guess I wouldn't like it.

And how would you feel knowing

that he should've been
taken away from you...

that she...

he, was better off...

and that maybe now
the only thing to do

is to win a big pile of money

so that he could have the
kind of life that he deserves?


I don't think I'd ever risk
my life over a pile of money.

Well, that's all mine's
good for at this point.

Hey, listen.

Look at me.

We're in this
together, you and me.

I'm rooting for
you, you understand?

So just settle in.

We'll do this.

Word of advice, this is
as much a mental game

as anything else, so
just keep that in mind

if you really want to see
this through to the end.

I'm gonna hear
the words "you win",

or I'm not gonna
hear anything at all.

That's it.

Visualize success, that's good.

You say that to
all your players?

Just the ones that
seem to need it.

Have you ever
played, from my side?

Let's get through round
one, then we'll talk.

We're about to begin.

Last chance before
the pain starts.

The pain started
a long time ago.

That's it.

Keep going.

You can do this. Come on.

Just breathe.

Focus on breathing.

You can do this.

Come on.

Just breathe.

Okay, focus on breathing.

Focus on breathing.

Another player's out.

Just one more player.

Just one more
player has to quit.

Number three's out!

You made it.

You did it.

Let me see.

Come on.

So, we made a deal,

and no, I haven't
played the game

from your side of the table.

How many?

How many what?

How many times
have you done this?


And how many of
those players won?

You don't want to know.

None of them.

Most players quit
before the final round.

But some of them made it.

I've seen two men and three
women blow their brains out.

You're just a little bad
luck charm, aren't you?

Did you ask the other
players why they did it?

Same reason as you, the money.

Same reason as everyone
I'm playing against now?

I wouldn't worry about
the other players.

I just want to know
who my competition is.

Most games, you're competing
against someone, right?

But in this game, you can't
affect the other players.

Can they make you
leave this room?

Who can?

You could try.

Okay, take me out.

Who does that leave?

That's right, you.

And that's what they're betting
on, how much you can take.

I'll take whatever
you throw at me.

It won't be me
throwing it at you.

So there is someone else here.

I'm a facilitator.

The challenges for each round,

they've been chosen
by the organizers.

So it's not you.

You're just doing their
dirty work for them.

I didn't make you come here.

I didn't make you sit there.

I didn't force you to put
your hand over a candle.

You think I enjoy
watching you do this?

You think I like watching
people hurt themselves?


Things I've seen, you
don't forget it, you know?

Then why do you keep doing it?

You've never done something
you knew wasn't good for you?

Sit down.

We're on the same side.

That's the thing
about this game, it...

Round two, ready.

The thing about this game?


You were just about to say
"the thing about this game."

The thing about this game
is that it changes you.


I don't know how good
it's been for me.

Maybe you've been
playing from the wrong

side of the table.

Are you sure we
haven't met before?

It's time.


What is it?

Round two.

Players will put their bare
right foot inside the box.

The three that remove
their feet lose.

The rest move onto
the next round.

And there's
something in the box?


And you don't know what it is?


Hey, hey.

It's okay.

What's in there?

- I don't know.
- That's bullshit.

They don't tell us.

You said that you
have done this before.

It's different every time.

It's probably not
as bad as you think.

Fuck it, I'm out of here.

Now wait.

What about your daughter?

Why do you care?

You get paid anyway, I assume.

Are you afraid of rats?


Are you afraid of rats?

You need to decide, soon.

One player just dropped out.

That just leaves
two for elimination.

This is insane.


So it's just in there waiting
for me to put my foot in?

There's a separation barrier.

When I get the
signal, I remove it.

How fun for you.

I'm right here with you.

That's a comfort.

No, I mean it, okay?

I'll help you.

You better.

It's almost time.

I must be crazy.

You got this.

I got this.

I mean, nothing's gonna happen.

Oh, god, it's moving.

It keeps moving.

- Breathe.
- Mm-hm.

It's touching me,
it's touching me.

It's on me.

It's off, it's off, it's off.

Oh, fuck!

Think something else, okay?

Don't think about this.

Oh, God, ow, ow, ow!

- It's back on me.
- Think of something else.

Okay, think of something
else, don't think about this.

Oh, shit.

I can't do this.

You can, yes, you can.

Ow, it's biting me!

It's biting me.

No, it's not...

One player's out, okay?

That just leaves one more left.


Ow, it's eating me!

Look at me, look at me!

I'm right here with you.

Do it for me.

Say it.

Say it!

Do it for you.

Do it for you.

Good. Again.

Do it for you.



Do it for you.

Do it for you.

Do it for you.

Do it for you.

Do it for you.

Do it for you.

Do it for you.

That's it! It's over. It's over.


Don't look.


I kissed your boo-boo.

Standing by.

We've got some time,

and you look like you
could use a drink.


Need to stay hydrated.

Lots of water.

Gonna figure out
where I know you from.

Well, good luck.

Okay, let's say you don't quit.

I won't.

Right, you won't.

Let's say you make it.

You've already told me
what you're gonna do

for your daughter.

What are you gonna do for you?

If you really think you're
gonna make it through,

you should have a plan.

Yeah, well, I'm not
really big on plans.

That's revolutionary thinking.

Got me where I am today.

No, seriously, instead of
giving your daughter the money,

why don't you take
her somewhere instead?

Find a nice quiet place,
bring along her daddy.

You had me going till you
mentioned that asshole.

Okay, not him, a nice guy.

Why is it that everyone thinks

that if a woman has problems,
a man is somehow the answer?

You don't believe in love?

Maybe some people just
aren't meant for it.

Maybe they're just
not built... for it.

Maybe some people haven't
met the right guy.

And that's you?

From bad luck
charm to Mr. Right?

You could do worse.


All right.

So say it is you,

Prince Charming,
man of my dreams,

we're living together.

Mm-hm, married.


I don't do that
cohabitation shit.

You either commit
or you get out.

And that's you?

Mr. Commitment?

Damn straight.

So, is this a proposal?

I guess it is.

Well, either it is or it isn't.

It is.

Sweep me up my
feet, why don't you?

You don't find this
place romantic?

So, we're in our home...

I didn't say yes.

You playing hard to get?


Yes. Maybe.

A little.

I mean, come on, we
just started dating.

How do I know you're not just
marrying me for my money?

What if I don't need your money?

What if I already have money?

Great, then let's
get outta here.

I don't have to do this anymore.

Well, then again, maybe I
don't have that much money.

Okay, so, no money.

Why should I say yes?

Because, deep down inside,
you believe in love too.

So, what's it gonna be?

How about we get
through the next round,

then I'll tell you.

You are playing hard to get.

Ready for round three.

What the fuck is it?

Or should I ask what goes in it?

Your other foot.

We go till three
players drop out.

You can do this.

Have you ever done
this one before?


This is new territory for me.

They're telling me
we need to get ready.

Should I sit or stand?

Whatever you prefer.

We're ready.

I don't suppose anybody's
dropped out yet.

Just wait.


Round three, turn one.

I'm sorry.

That feels as bad as it looks.

All players are still in.

Second turn.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Do it for me, remember?

Wait, wait for me.


Turn number three.

Player three has quit.





All better.

pretty good at that.

of my many talents.

Nine players are
out by my count.

You're knocking them down.

So... what about the answer now?

The answer to what?

Are we gonna do it,
when all this is over?

Are we gonna tie the knot?


Well, then.

Well, then how about a
kiss for your fiance?

It's for the pain.

Don't let them see.

Well, passed the halfway point.

Yeah, after this,
marriage should be easy.


Maybe every couple should go
through something like this.

It's a great story to
tell the grandkids.


We haven't even gone
on the honeymoon.

Please, honeymoon.

Why not?

Must be somewhere
you want to go.

Vegas, Paris, Costa Rica?

Not really.

Come on, nothing?

Nothing interests you?

When I was a little girl,

I used to ride
the bus to school,

and every day on the highway,
we would pass this barn,

on the top of it,
read "See Rock City".

What's Rock City?

I don't know, but I
always wanted to find out.


So, we go see what's
up with this Rock City,

and afterwards, when we
get back to our apartment

in the city...

In our house in the country.

Country's boring.

Can't have horses in the city.


More than one?

You can't have just one horse.

I'm not shoveling horse shit.

Fine, I want a divorce.

On what grounds?

Irreconcilable differences.

Okay, fine.

A house in the
country with horses.

Wow, what a pushover.

What can I say?

I'm in love.

You know, you can rest in
that house in the woods.

Then I'd sleep for a week.

And after you wake up?

I don't know, maybe
plant a garden.

What do you know about gardens?

As much as I know about
anything else, I guess.

You think you could keep
a bunch of plants alive?

What about you, mister?

You're just gonna
live off my money?

There's lots of stuff I can do.

I didn't mean anything by it.

I know what you meant.

Come on,
I was just joking.

Sounded like an insult.

Why would I insult you?

You're the only
friend that I have.

That's true.

Standing by.

God, can't they just
give it a minute?

I know, like, what are
they in a hurry for?

They'll make their money.

Have you met them, the
people running this?

A couple.

They're not like what you think.

I think they're a
bunch of weirdos

who get off watching sick shit.

That's not it, at all.

They're more like researchers
of human behavior,

and this is the
ultimate laboratory.

Come on.

No, seriously, how do you
think they have the money

to fund an operation like this?

They get to bet on human
behavior every day, and win.

Of course they'd be interested
in a game like this.

We're just pawns to them.

I doubt they even see
us as people at all.

But it doesn't really matter

what they think though, does it?

And anyway, you
should be grateful

they've even given
you this opportunity.

If you weren't here,
where would you be?

On the street, in a crack
house sucking dick for a fix

until your looks rot away
and your teeth fall out?

Where would your daughter be?

In a group home getting
daily beat downs

from all the other toss aways
with fuck-ups for parents.

You know, you should
be thanking the people

who created this game, and
you should be thanking me.

This is the best opportunity

for someone who screwed up
all their other options.

Well, I'll be sure to send
them thank you notes later.

Look at that, our first fight.

Come on, I was just playing.

Let's get back to our house.

Maybe later.


Time's up.

How long can you
hold your breath?

It's a simple question, really.

How long can you
hold your breath?

I don't know.

Round four is easy.

You just have to
hold your breath.

I just have
to hold my breath?

Yeah, well, that is
while I'm holding

your head underwater.

You don't have a fear
of drowning, do you?

Hydrophobia, I
think it's called.

'Cause if you did, this
will be pretty tough.

Bite on this.

I'm kidding, just hold onto it.


Here's what's gonna happen,

you're gonna face the tank,

and when the time comes,

I'm gonna hold your
head under the water.


You hold your arm out.

If you want me to let you up,
you just let go of the bullet.


First three players
to let go are out.

Everyone else stays.

You trust me, right?

Well, you should, we're married.

I guess.

You guess?

What do you mean you guess?

You wouldn't marry somebody
you don't trust, would you?


You know, it's good
that you trust me

'cause that way you
know that when it's time

when everyone drops out,

I won't just keep your
head under the water.


Looks like we have someone
afraid of drowning.

Our first dropout.

You're not gonna
drop out, right?


Because you want that
house in the country,

and you trust me, right?


Say it.

I trust you.

And you love me.

Say it.

I love you.



Looks like we got
another dropout.

Okay, we got to get
this thing going

before we lose any more.

Deep breaths.

When the third player
quits, I'll let you up.

Get ready.

On the count of three.




I love you.

I thought you were gone!

Jesus, why didn't you
let go of the bullet?

I swallowed it.

Only way to make sure
that I didn't drop it.

You know, with a little effort,

you could be a very
attractive woman.

What am I supposed
to say to that?

Well, when someone
compliments you,

it's polite to thank 'em.

Thank you.

How many guys have you dated?

How's that any of your business?

Well, if we're gonna be married,

it's something a
husband should know.

Come on.

Come on, what?

How many?

I don't know.

That many?

Do you want to know
how many I've dated,

or how many I've fucked?

Because I didn't keep
count, but it was a lot.

And sometimes I didn't
even know their names.

Now why do I get the feeling

that you're saying
this just to hurt me?

You're sick in the head.

I bet you were a real looker.

I bet the boys couldn't
keep their hands off you.

Hey, how old were you when
you did it the first time?

Sweet 16, 15?


You were an early bloomer.

I'm sorry, but you should
not have made me do that.

You know, you can't do
whatever the fuck you want.

Come on, don't be like that.

Let's get back to
how it was before.

And, you know, to
tell you the truth,

I've been wanting to do
that for a while now.

You can't do whatever
it is that you want.

Who you kidding?

Like you didn't want me to.



Look, if you didn't
want me to do that,

why are you still here?

You could've left at any time.

I'm here for the
game, that's all.

Maybe this is part of it.

You ever think about that?



Well, of course it is.

Why else would you be here?

For my daughter.


Don't give me that shit.

No one saves us but ourselves.

No one can and no one may.

We alone walk the path.

The Buddha said that.

He was a smart guy,
everyone says so.

You put yourself here.

You decided to stay 'cause you
know that we belong together.

I didn't ask for any of this.

Why else are you here?

Look, you could've
gone any time.

There's the door.

It's always been there.

Go on.

Go on if this is so wrong.

Nobody's stopping you.

You won't go, because you
know you belong here.

You deserve this.

Your whole life has
been a long, long path

that's led you to me.

We're on a schedule.

You might want to reconsider.

This might be your last chance.

For what?

To make love as a whole person.

Round five.

Here's where you
really start to leave

some skin in the game,

so to speak.

Are you right or left-handed?


Well, that makes
this more convenient.

Round five.

Every turn, each player
will cut through a knuckle

on their left hand.

It's your choice, really, but
I'd recommend cutting through

the last knuckle on
the little finger.

I'm not letting you
cut my fingers off.

I'm not doing it.

You are.

It's not that bad, really.

The Yakuza, you know
the Yakuza, right?

Japanese mafia, they
do it all the time.

When they've screwed up, it's
how they apologize for...

Oh, forget it.

Just take my word for it,

you're not the first,
you won't be the last,

unless you want to leave.

Reach inside the bag.

Tie it around your finger.

It's for the bleeding.

You go through with this,
you won't be the same.

Some cultures would
consider you maimed,

missing a body part.

Personally, I think you'll
be plenty serviceable,

but, you know...

Let me help you out with that.

If you're afraid of the pain,
I can give you another Oxy.


Suit yourself.

After this round, you'll
probably be a freak,

probably have a limp,
missing part of your hand.

Who will want to fuck you then?

I'm sure as long as I
have all my lady parts,

any sick fuck like you will.

We're ready.

Place your hand on the board.

Place the blade
over your finger.

Well, looks like you won't
be getting married after all.

Looks like you won't be
flipping anyone the bird either.

Although, it does give
new meaning to the term

giving them the finger, right?

Well, it's about time now.

Turn seven.

After this, you won't be
able to pull the trigger

with your left hand.

That career in trick shooting,
it's out.

Go on, get ready.

You know, think about it,

you don't really use your
left hand much anyway.

It's a right-handed
world, you know?

You're about to lose.

You go through that door,

all of this would've
been for nothing.

Is that what you want?


Three players have
all just dropped out.

You made it.

Don't do it.

I have to pee.

You mind?

I thought I'd hold onto these.

You know, something to remind
me of our time together.


Like you're not gonna use 'em.

Well, sit if you're gonna.

You know, I'll
tell you something.

I knew from the moment I saw
you that you'd go the distance.

Is that right?


Damaged people are tough.

Fire, temper,
steel, and all that.

You could tell I
was damaged, huh?

Honey, you shone
like a lighthouse.

I wish I could've bet on you.

Ever use one of those before?

Don't worry, they're
pretty user-friendly.

You just point and click.

If you don't hear the
click, you're already dead.

Have you been a dick
to all the players

you've done this with,
or am I just special?

I mean, they're all
special, really,

but if it makes you feel any
better, you're my favorite.

I knew I'd met you before.

No, I'd remember you.

I've known you my whole life.

See, I watched you get drunk

and smash my mother's
head into the front door.

I dropped out of high school

when you got jealous
of my friends

because you thought I
was sleeping with them.

I lied for you every time
the neighbors called the cops

because of the noise.

I know you, very well.

You know, now that you mention
it, you do look familiar.

You look like every smart
ass bitch I've ever known.

All the teachers who
thought they were so clever,

thought that they could
just push around a kid.

All the bitches in school

who thought they could just
lead a guy on, tease him.

Those women at the jobs

where they just wiggle
their tits and their ass

to get ahead of some
poor son of a bitch

who does the real work, who
carries his load and hers too.

You look like every stupid cunt

who thinks the world should
bow down and worship her

because she was born with
a pussy made of solid gold.


You kiss your mother
with that mouth?

I don't know what happened.

You know, we
started out so good.

How did we end up like this?

I guess it was fate.

You think?

I think...

I think, you know what I think?

Tell me.

I think that you
found the perfect job

to indulge in your sick
fucked up fantasies.

You're right.

I can do anything I
want to right now.

You know what's funny?

That's what you want me to do.

You screwed your life up so bad,

you'll take any
punishment I dish out

'cause you know you deserve it.

Don't touch me again.

I'm not finished.

You asshole.

You have sat there and
watched me do everything

that I've done and you
think that you can hurt me?!

Oh, that's cute.

Stop it.

You fucker.

You wouldn't have the
guts to do what I've done.

You think you're some kind
of hard bitch now, huh?

Is this what you
want, hard bitch?!

You want to play?!

Let's play.



You don't scare me.

That rounds a freebie.

If you're gonna stay...

It's time.

Just out of curiosity,
later, if I decide to quit,

what's gonna stop me?

You take that chair, if
you try to leave the game,

either me or my compatriots
will shoot you dead.

There are five players
in the final round.

This will consist of as
many turns as necessary

to eliminate four players.

All players will pull the
trigger simultaneously.

Wait for my signal.

Take the position, please.

We're ready.

Thought you'd be disappointed.


I'm glad you make it
through the first round.

I hope you last a long time.

I want to see you break.

That'll be fun,

to watch you break down
completely before you die.

Just waiting on the report.

And one player has
been eliminated.

Down to you and three others.


We'll give them a minute
to place their bets.

Is it everything you hoped for?

This is the easiest
thing I've done all day.

Maybe so, but there's another
asshole out there somewhere,

went through everything
you went through

and now he's just
a pile of meat,

brain splattered everywhere.

See, you think your
pain buys you something,

that you earn some
kinda big cosmic karma

where now you'll get
what you deserve.

I got news for you,
pain is just pain.

It doesn't get you anything.

You're wrong.

We'll see, when it's your
brains that are on the floor.


Time for turn two.

You know, if you die here...

...nobody will know.

We'll just scoop up your body,
throw it to an incinerator.

It'll be like you never existed.

Nobody will know
you were ever here.

But I'll be dead,
so I won't care.



Oh, another one down.

They're dropping like flies.

The odds are
catching up with you.


How many times you
think you can beat this?


That's a very specific number.

Well, it's as far as I ever got.


When I practiced.

You practiced?

Oh, yeah.

Bought a real gun,

put an empty shell in the
chamber, spun it around.

It almost never came
up, and I did it a lot.

What's the lowest
number of times you went

before it did come up?



Well, just so happens we're
coming up on turn number three.

What part do you enjoy the most,

watching all the pain, or this?

Darling, I like it all.

Take your position, please.

Why don't you take a turn?

Because I don't have to play.

That's a shame.

I bet if you had to play,

you'd see things a
little differently.


Lucky for me,
then, that I don't.

Lucky for you.


So, what?

What was the outcome
of that round?




No players were eliminated.

It happens, more often
than you might think.

Something wrong?



Because you look like
every other dumb prick

I've seen blow their brains out.

You ever see anybody win?

Not a one.

Then I'm due.

See, it's kinda like the
lottery, somebody's got to win.

Except when they don't.

Every time you
spin that cylinder,

there are four
chances out of five

that that bullet won't come up.

That's true.

Let's see if now is
one of those times.

I think I got you on this one.

No, seriously, I
feel good about this.

Go on.

Do you feel it?

This is it.

Am I right?

I think I have you.

Come on, take the position.


This is the one.

You ready to say goodbye?

Say it.

Say goodbye.

Say it.

Fuck you.

Pull the fucking trigger.

No players eliminated.

You think they're enjoying
this as much as you are?

Maybe, probably more.

You know, you last as
long as you say you will,

you're gonna make
someone a lot of money.

And that's why
they're doing this?

Sure, I told you, gamblers
will bet on anything.

This is the best game in town.

So they're putting money
down on me right now?

Even as we speak, they're
betting against you.

Some are betting for you.

They're betting to see how
many rounds this will go on,

whether we'll have
a winner or not.

Whether what?

Sure, maybe one of these times,

all the players are eliminated.

It's possible.

But the odds of that happening...

Are 50/50, either it
happens or it doesn't.

But that's not how odds work.

It's time.

Pick it up.

No players were eliminated.

You know what I think?

I think your daughter
would be better off

with no money and you dead

than rich with a
crazy bitch like you.



She needs me.

She needs to know
what love really is.

She needs to know
what it looks like.

She needs someone to
help her understand

that she deserves it.

And that someone is you?

You just figured this out?

Yeah, I did.

Well, then this
wasn't a total waste.

Guess not.

You know what I'm
gonna do after this?

Drown a puppy?

I think I'll go
find your daughter.

That one got you, didn't it?

Tell me, how have
you made it this far

without someone killing you?

Just my luck, I guess.


There's been a change of plans.

Seems the longevity
of the current players

has made the people upstairs
change the rules around.

Now what do your odds look like?

It's not fair.

All the other players have
the exact same challenge.

- No one said...
- Said what?

You didn't practice for this?

I'll be sure

to tell her

you said hi.

Pick it up.

Come on.

You know the drill.

How many are left?

How many what?


Someone has to have
been eliminated.

Oh, yeah, that.

One player was eliminated...

as far as you know.

What do you mean?

I mean, as far as you know

it's just you and
one other player.

I don't understand.

Then let me explain it to you.

All that you know
about this game

is what I've been
telling you, right?

So, what if I told you
I've been making up

these last couple of rounds?

What if I told you
you've already won?

Kinda funny if you
think about it.

What if you're the only
one playing the game?

That wouldn't work.

How would you bet on that?

Maybe the bet's not
about who wins the game.

Maybe you're the bet,

and it's simply how many times

you'll keep pulling that
trigger until you lose.

Think about it.

How would you know?

I'm kidding, yeah, of course.

One of the other players
really was eliminated.

That leaves you and one more.

And it's that time again.

So there really
is another player?

I was just joking.

Jeez, you got to learn
how to lighten up.

If the player could take
their position, please?

There really is another player?


Prove it.

Hold on a sec.

Assume the position!

Prove that there's
another player.

That's not how this game works.

You got to trust me.


Pull the trigger.

Do it!

I've been instructed that
if you fail to comply again,

you forfeit the game.


Then I'm instructed
to shoot you.

Your bosses,

money is just their
excuse for playing.

They don't really
care about winning.

They just want to see blood.

Now you're catching on.

And they don't care whose it is.


And we're upping the ante again.

You forgot to say whether
a player was eliminated.

Did I?


What if I told you there
wasn't really a game?

What if I told you this
whole thing was just made up?

What if I told you it's been
you and me this whole time?

You're a liar.

Well, I guess we'll find out.

It's time.




You got it.

Let me ask you this.

What if there is just one bet?

What if it's a 50/50 one?

That wouldn't make any sense.

You know what?

I think I have already won.

I think the bet now is simply
who walks out of this room.

That's not how this
game is played.

You said it yourself,

real gamblers will
make odds on anything.

What if I told you that gun
doesn't have any bullets?

I watched you.

Dummies, blanks.

The real bet was to see how
long you'd play before you quit.



Okay, you're right.

It wasn't fair, so
just put the gun down,

and we'll talk about
changing the rules.

You're gonna change the rules?


Why not?

Guys like you don't
get to make the rules.

Do you know what
your mistake was?

You thought that the
show was all about me,

but you forgot that there
are two animals in this cage.

You won't get it out
before I pull the trigger.

If that chamber's
empty, I got you.

I thought they were blanks.

You don't have the guts.

Help me.

Help me.


I have a son.

Believe me, he's
better off without you.

You win.

Subtitles by explosiveskull