The November Man (2014) - full transcript

Peter Devereaux is a former CIA agent who is asked by the man he worked for to extract a woman who is in Russia and is presently close to a man running for President, who is believed to have committed crimes during the Chechen war. She can give them the name of someone who can prove it. His friend says that she will only come to him. So he goes and she gets the info and tries to get out but the man finds out and tries to stop her.

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I'm going back to work.

Don't worry, I checked her out.

Scenario: agent falls in love with girl.

Agent runs 'em up.

Girl gets kidnapped.

The other guys wanna know
the agent's source.

What does he do?

What do they do
to the girl, hmm?

- Is there a point to this?
- Yeah.

Over your right shoulder.

- Us or them?
- How the fuck should I know?

Does it really matter?

You feel the need for
a relationship? Get a dog.

Channel four.

Oh, shit! Mason, give us a hand
with this mike, will you?

Want me to put your corsage
on too, Miss Prom Queen?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sit on this and twist.

You're funny.



We've got 20 minutes.

You ready?

Mason, you ready?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready.

- Comm check, one, two.
- Good hunting.


Hi, there.

Ambassador, I'm gonna
need your clothes.

We believe there may be
an attempt

on your life this morning.

Target is male,
Caucasian, 35 to 40.

- Wanna bet your life on that?
- No. I'm betting on you.

This is it, Peter.

I'm in
the yellow building,

green shutters,
left of the clock tower.

How many potentials?

Too many.
I don't like it.

Call off the op,
we don't have the coverage.

We're not calling this op.

Body armor is not
gonna stop a head shot.

I've been having
these headaches, anyway.

Blue suit, two o'clock.

Got him.
He's moving.

Hold your shot.
Hold your shot.

Check your line of fire.
Don't shoot!

- No, he's moving on you.
- Do not shoot!



He tagged you,
I had to hit him!

What the hell
was I supposed to do?

Learn to take orders.

No! No, no, no...

Peter? There is a man
outside by the water.

He says he knows you.

That's it?

No "Hello, Hanley,
good to see you"?

- "Been a long time"?
- You still out of Berlin?

Berlin? Christ, no.

The action's moved,
my friend.

The frontline
is now in Belgrade.

You look good.

Better than him, at least.

- Kargan.
- Retirement got him fat.

- Not her, though.
- Oh, God.


They knew the risks.
We all did.

We lD'd the killer.

Alexa Demoystria.

Contract killer out of Moscow.

She's cutting a swath through people
who have no business dying.

Agency thinks
it's Arkady Federov

killing anyone or anything
that reminds him of his past.

The guy's gonna be
the next Russian president.

What's this got to do with me?


You'd be proud of her, Peter.

After you left, she got
very close to Federov.

But she wants to come in.

She has something on him.

Something that's scaring
even her.

- What?
- A name.

Claims it changes everything.
And if she's right,

how long before you think
she's gonna join these?

You go in,
you get her out.

Moscow to Petersburg.

Cross the border to Helsinki,
I'll meet you there.

She asked for you.

Only you.

She won't give you the name
until you bring her out, right?

She always was a ballbuster.

Drone's airborne.

Exfil on standby.

Bravo! Bravo!

Do you have a link
to the drone?

Yes, we do.

Rendezvous with
the extraction team in...

...four minutes.

We have eyes
on the prize.

Traveling northbound
on Tverskaya.

Message received from prize.

We are five minutes
from exfil.

Langley's online.

What time is it there, Perry?

You don't need to be
in on this one.

If our girl's actually got
something on Federov,

a lot of people are interested.

Subject's nearing
extraction location.

Sir, we have an issue.

- Who?
- It looks like FSB.

The Russians
have made her.

Get in the car!

Peter! Why are you here?

Whose car is that
she got into?

Whoever it is,
it's not us.

How is Lucy? Hmm?

She misses you.

I miss her too.
Both of you.

We're tracking
from parallel streets.

Plotting intercept location...
Tverskoy Boulevard.

Belgrade Control, send 42.
Mason's got the ball.

- No! Perry, you can't
- Belgrade Control, send 42.

Mason's got the ball.

- Op One.
- Copy.

Forty-two. Confirm.

Forty-two, confirm.

You have a name.
I need it.

Right now,
I need the name!

Mira Filipova.

- Yes.
- Mira Filipova.

Mira Filipova.

Peter, you're blown.

Forty-two complete.


She was one of ours, Weinstein.

It was over when
the Russians made her.

We did her a favor.

Go, go!
Get down!

I've tapped into a CCTV feed.

What the hell's going on?

Op One, this is Control. Respond.

What happened?

Op Two, respond.

It was Devereaux.

It was goddamn Devereaux!
What was he doing here?

Who's Devereaux?

Peter Devereaux,
one of ours.

Active '77 to '08.

Used to work with Hanley.

I'm on the next plane down.

Bring Mason in.

Mira Filipova.

Go, go, go!

- Oh, Smokey!
- I think this belongs to you.

Come here, you dumb cat.
Oh, I'm so sorry.

She spends so much time
in my apartment,

she should pay some rent.

She likes you better than me.

Would you like to come in
for a cup of coffee?

I just made some.
Tastes like home.

Sorry, work.


Hi, I'm looking for
Alice Fournier.


- Can I help you?
- Yes, hello.

My name's Edgar Simpson.

I'm an investigative journalist.
I work with The New York Times.

I want to talk to you
about this man.

Arkady Federov.
He's a Russian politician.

I'm researching a story on him.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I have reservation.

Why didn't you shoot?

Why didn't you shoot?

Yes, Mr. Mason,
why didn't you shoot?

There was no threat, sir.

The man who just assassinated
your entire team

is pointing a gun at you,
and you say there was no threat.

Devereaux was disoriented.

He didn't expect to see me there.

He was doing exactly
what I would have done.

We tried to kill him.

He killed us.

You gleaned all this
in less than two seconds?

Yes, sir.

The question remains:

Why didn't you shoot?

Why didn't he shoot?

- You think you know Devereaux?
- Just let me find him.

If I can talk to him, maybe I can
stop this from getting crazy.

You don't know him.

I know how he trained you.

No connections.

But there were things
in this world

that mattered
to Peter Devereaux.

People he let inside,
people he loved, perhaps.

And we just killed
a very important one.

And now he'll come after us
with everything he's got.

That's how he's wired.

He killed three of our people.

The call is to
terminate Devereaux.

Do you have a problem
with the call?

I do what I'm told to do, sir.

Hard drive's OK.

I think I've got something here.

What do you got?

It's what we're looking for.

The last search that Hanley ran.

See what else
you can find.

Uh. Everything's a real mess.

What a clusterfuck.

Hi. How you doing?
I got some stuff for you.

Look, this girl, Mira,
arrives Belgrade late '90s.

UN refugee.
She's processed by these two.

They hand it off
to a social worker,

this woman, Alice Fournier.

Two or three other girls
were friends.

You know,
prostitutes, junkies.

Last trace of your Mira
was a decade ago.

If she was anything like her
friends, she's probably dead.

Give me her.

Here you go.
She has lunch plans.

Dva Jelena Restaurant.

You're very welcome.

Biometric mets from
Belgrade Airport arrivals coming up.

It says four hours ago.

He looked right at the camera.


I have the crew from
Hanley's. They have something.

Cleaners at Hanley's
have a possible hit.

and access codes positive.

Go ahead.

Yes, this is Jurgen.

I need location information
on a subject... Fournier.


Cell number 75365423.

Search the location
of this cell phone:

Fournier, Alice.

Cell 75365423.

Current location: Skadarska 32.

I believe that's a restaurant.

Thank you.

How many on station
at Hanley's?


Call the other one.

There's no answer.

It's Devereaux.

Thank you for deciding
to meet with me.

Please, sit down.

I won't stay long.
Thank you.

- Would you like something?
- Water's fine. Thanks.

So, let's talk
about Arkady Federov.

In the work I do,
it's a name I hear a lot.

But he's old news.
Atrocities are like reality TV.

There's always a new show
for people to forget.

However, now Federov

is about to become
president of Russia.

That makes him a person
of interest to the world

and to my publication.

When Federov
was just a general,

I'd say he was
pretty much untouchable.

But it's different now.
He's vulnerable.


You don't think
that makes him dangerous?

These guys always
talk a big game,

but at the end of the day
they're mostly men

who just like the sound
of their own voices.

You want your story
and your Pulitzer Prize, huh?

You haven't seen what they're
like when they come to us.

Many are just girls.

Frightened girls.

Have you thought about what
your story might do to them?

There are crimes
Federov is guilty of.

He needs to be exposed.

If the girls from your center
are willing to talk to me,

- to tell me their stories...
- I help the victims.

I don't use them for politics.

These girls have
been through enough.

I'm sorry. Maybe your heart's
in the right place,

but nobody can stop Federov.

You've agreed
to meet with me.

There must be some way
you can help me.

Excuse me.

- Are you Alice Fournier?
- Yes.

There is a call for you
in the office.

They say your cell phone
is not working.

- This way. Please.
- Excuse me.


Yes? Hello?

Stop. Stay right
where you are.

Listen to me very carefully.

The woman you're with
is a killer.

If she panics,
you're a dead woman.

Turn around. Turn around.

I'm right behind you.
Turn around.

Run! Now! Run!


Out the back!
I want eyes on them!

Come on! Come on!

In here!


Who are you?
What's happening?!

Side door.

He's gotta be in the market!
I want eyes on him right now!


I can't believe you still got
the same phone number.

How's it going?

Actually, I'm a little busy
right now.

Can I call you back
in a few minutes?

Get the cell scanner.

No, let's just talk, shall we?

You can keep doing
what you're doing.

- I don't mind.
- Scenario: hard target

with a female accomplice
took a 30-second lead on me

- into a crowded venue.
- Mm-hmm.

- Tell me about your target.
- Male, old.

- Used to have skills.
- Used to?

Probably thinks he still does.

Yeah, he's arrogant,
confident he'll evade.

He's already made
his first mistake.

You really think six agents
are gonna do it?

Hmm? Tell me.

Devereaux. De...

Who were those men,
were they police?

No. Sort of.

Then who the hell are you?
Who are you?! What do you want?!

- Let go of me!
- Shh!

What's happening?
I didn't do anything.

I believe you, but they won't.

Now if you wanna walk out of here,
you're gonna have to trust me. OK?



- You OK?
- Yeah.

- I knew you'd call back.
- You're losing your perimeter.

Too many bodies moving.
You're losing control.

Don't you wanna know why
I was in Moscow?

What my orders were?
Who sent me?

- Keep him talking.
- Why don't you come in,

we'll talk about it.

No. This is my scenario,
I make the rules.

Come on, kid. Just give me enough
to keep it interesting.

Maybe I'll make a mistake.
You owe me that much.

- I don't owe you shit.
- Give me your phone.

Where am I?
Come on, Mason, where am I?

The call is being broadcast
through this phone.

The scanner thinks Jake's phone
is Devereaux's phone.

That's why he seems so close.

How many people
have you killed, Mason?

What, now?
Or in the next five minutes?

You think about it sometimes?

Maybe having a coffee,
or a screw.

You see a beautiful woman
or a child,

then you remember all the lives
you've taken.

That way.

It stops you cold, doesn't it?

No, asshole.
I sleep like a baby.

I don't get you, Devereaux.

I'm the one you want.
Why not take your shot?


Give away my position, though.

Always willing to die
for the cause, eh, Mason?

Fear is the enemy,
you taught me that.

Yeah. Well, I haven't finished
teaching you yet, son.

Yet here I am about
to take you down all the same.

You're not gonna take me down, kid.

You're a blunt instrument at best.

No perspective, no knowledge.

- Keep talking, old man.
- This is humiliating.


Just like in Moscow.

Huh? Isn't it?
What is it, Mason?

No one there
to hold your hand?

No one there to tell you
to pull the trigger?

He's stealing a car.
Where's the nearest parking lot?

There's one straight ahead,
this way.

- So no regrets?
- Not one.

And you know what?
I don't give a fuck

about the people I've killed.

If by some stroke of pure luck
you manage to kill me,

then I won't give a fuck
about that either.

He's here.
He's around here somewhere.

That was quite a speech.

You bring out the best in me.

Gas, get back!

Get back!
Get back!


Mira Filipova.
Where is she?

How do you know that name?

When was the last time
you saw her?

I don't know. Maybe three years ago.
I was her case worker.

A good friend of mine died
trying to find her.

I'm sorry.
I have no idea where she is.

The woman who approached you
at the restaurant,

she was a professional killer.

Russian. The men on
the motorbikes were CIA.

- CIA?
- Now, whatever that girl knows,

a lot of people want it.
And if they can't find her,

you're the next closest thing.

Do you have files
on the women you help?


We gotta catch this tram.

Why do you hate him so much?
The man who wants to kill us.

Why do you hate him? Huh?

I don't hate him.

No. He's probably
the best friend I've ever had.

So all your friends
try to kill you?


- Where can I find her?
- I told you, I don't know.

You must know something.
Friends, places she frequented.

- People don't just disappear.
- I don't know, OK?

In my line of work, yes.
Yes, they do, they disappear.

One day you think they're there,
the next they're just gone.


She stopped coming to meetings.

People said she was using,
doing tricks.

Do you know who this man is?

A pimp.

He brings girls in from
the Caucasus, sells them for sex.

- His name is Lebedynko.
- No.

His real name is Simi Denisov.

He was Federov's right-hand man
during the last Chechen conflict.

You know where he is right now?


He's here in Belgrade.

How do you know Denisov?

Just people you meet.

- I'm here to see Lebedynko.
- No.

Just tell him
Peter Devereaux's here.


- Yeah, let him.
- Come on.

- You look like shit.
- Yeah?

Well, you don't
look too good yourself.


I can't believe it, Peter.

- So, why are you here, Peter?
- I want information.

Someone is here in Belgrade
to kill you and it's not me.

I can tell you who it is,
but I want something in return.

OK. You tell me.

I go into your debt.
For old time's sake.

Arkady Federov.

He's killing just about everyone
who was close to him

from your good old days.
Now my information is

that he's gonna try and kill you.

- Me?
- Yeah. So what's his deal?

Why does he want to have
a clean slate now?

What's his game?

Turn around.

You should turn around just now.


This ugly, dirty, little
godforsaken country.

Oil, however, lots of it.
Filthy Chechen terrorists

didn't want to give it to us.

So... one day,

a building...

...blew up.
Good Russian soldiers

with mommies and daddies
back at home

get sent back in pieces.

And just like that,
Federov got his dirty little war

and Mother Russia got its oil.

- You dropped the building?
- No.

Federov was smart enough to know

that he couldn't handle
an operation like that,

keep it a secret.

- We ran it for you?
- It's to ask how.

All we did was sit back
and watch everybody die.

Would you like some water?

Sorry about the treatment.

If it makes a difference,
I argued against it.

You ran Peter Devereaux from 1998

until his retirement in 2008.

On April 17th of this year,
you went to Lausanne

under the name Sanders
and reactivated him.

- Show me your tits.
- Excuse me?

I assume that's why Weinstein
sent you, isn't it?

It certainly isn't
for your acumen.

- Fuck you.
- You like being on top?

Working your way up the ladder?
I like the other guys better.

Where the fuck are the other guys?

- This room is soundproof.
- You don't think I know that?

I approved the use and design
of this facility.

I wrote the manual
you're going by.

I know how long until you
switch operational procedure.

You stupid twat.

You may know the procedure,

but then you also know
that I have the right

to vary the procedure
if I deem it necessary.

Based on the tenor
of this conversation,

I am inclined to vary the procedure.

You know what?
I don't give a fuck

about the people I've killed.

If by some stroke of pure luck
you manage to kill me,

then I won't give a fuck
about that either.

That was quite a speech.

You bring out
the best in me.

Not exactly accurate,
that last statement you made.

Keeping him engaged
was an advantage, sir.

Yes, to him.

I don't know
if he's too in your head,

and maybe you're mad because
you never had a daddy,

I don't know,
and frankly I don't care.

He played you for a fool.

- I'll get him.
- Will you?

It doesn't feel that way
from here, son,

from here it feels like you're
busy trying to please him.

What, you still admire the man?

I did.

Well... here's what
he thought of you.

Hey, you. Hey!

How'd you get in here?

All she wants
is to be at your place.

My God, you're
an ungrateful bitch!

Mommy's gonna turn you
into a handbag.

- OK, then.
- "OK, then?"

What is that?
We've been passing each other

On the stairs for eight weeks.

Who are you anyway?

I mean, sure, you're mildly
attractive and mysterious,

but it gets kind of tired
after a while, you know?

I mean, I don't even
know your name.


Well, I'm Sarah.

Did you ever think that maybe
Mira is better wherever she is?

Your girl witnessed Federov and
a CIA agent conspire to start a war

that killed hundreds
of thousands of people.

So whoever gets to her first
owns Federov.

And believe me...

...someone will find her.

Come on.

What it must be like
to be you.

Take what you want,
do as you please.

What happens if they come back?

We leave.

There you go.
That'll do.

Bottoms up.

What happened in Moscow?



What was her name?


Will killing him
really make it better?

Ah... it's a start.

Why did you save me?

Don't put your faith
in me, Alice.

I promise...

...I'll disappoint you.


What did you say?

It means "my favorite"
in Russian.

- You speak Russian.
- Yes.

My parents were
university professors.

They taught me.

I found some clothes
that should fit you.

What if they find Mira
before you do?

Then no one will need you.
Your problems will be over.

- They'll kill her, won't they?
- Yes.

What if no one ever finds her?

No one can hide forever.

I can't bring you with me
where I have to go now.

So I can't protect you anymore.

Go somewhere where no one
can find you. Not even me.

Use only cash,
and wait for this to ring.




- David?
- I'm here.

It's all right.

Everything's gonna be all right.

He won't hurt you.

- Let her go.
- "Let her go."

And you? What?

Bullets start bouncing around?

Tell him he needs to listen.
Tell him.

You need to listen.

You know what he's doing,
don't you?

He's trying to decide
what you're worth.

He will not hurt you.

He still hasn't decided.

Ask him.

Ask him if you're worth saving.

Am I worth saving?

He's not answering
your question, is he?!

You need to make him
answer your question!

- Am l worth saving?!
- Yes!

You are!

You are.

- You like her, huh?
- Yeah.

Time to finish your training.

What the fuck
can you teach me?

- You gave up on me, remember?
- What did you want?

I wanted to be better than you!

What does that mean?

To be better than me?
Be better at something, hmm?

- To be a better man?
- Why did you drop me?

Oh, here it comes.

I took the shot. What was I
supposed to do? I had no choice!

- There's always a choice!
- Answer the fucking question!

You made the wrong choice.

I came here tonight, Mason,
to kill you.

I did not know
what she was to you.

Oh, you thought
this was about Natalia?

No, this is about you.

You can be a human...

or a killer of humans,
but not both.

Eventually, one of those people
will extinguish the other one.

All you have to do now
is just to show me...

...that it's not too late for you.

- Come on!
- No!

Second chance, Mason.

- No!
- Your target has just severed

the femoral artery of a woman.

- No!
- David!

Has just severed the femoral artery

of a woman
you have been intimate with!

- What do you do?
- Let her go!


Celia, do you want to know
what I did?

I know what you did, Mr. Hanley.
We're discussing why.

No, you don't know
what I did or what I do.

Ergo, how the fuck could you
possibly comprehend why?

- Let's start at the top.
- Look, what do you think

it is we do here at the agency?

- We collect information.
- No. Information is useless.

That changes overnight.
Knowledge isn't power.

People are power!
We collect people!

And if anyone's listening at Langley,

with half a brain in their head,
they know what I'm talking about!

I'm talking about
the ownership of Arkady Federov!

Are you listening?!
Arkady Federov!

Sir, welcome
to the Hotel Imperial.

- Edgar.
- Alice.

What are you doing here?
Are you all right?

What happened to you
at the restaurant?

I decided to tell you everything
I know about Arkady Federov.

Come in.

You know he's in town right now
for a European energy conference.

- Staying at the Imperial Hotel.
- No, I didn't.

I'm surprised to see you.

Can I get you a drink?
A cup of coffee or something?

No, thank you.

That's my wall of shame.

There were hundreds of girls
that came out of the conflict.

- We're a small organization.
- Let me get my Dictaphone.

There was one girl, Mira.

Pretended she was a mute.

Federov... liked her.

Kept her close to him.

Like a pet.

Mason, David. Access code:

- Get in the corner.
- Leave the poor girl alone.

What the fuck...

Natalia didn't expect
to see me in Moscow.

She didn't even know
I was coming!

- What did you do?
- She was...

...these past few months,
she was acting erratically.

Analysts thought she was becoming...

- Bullshit!
- It happens!

So they decided to pull her.

I couldn't get to her
without them knowing.

If she came to our side,
she was going to die.

Sending you was her only chance.

Why, huh?

- Why?
- Agency suspected for years

that Federov started the war
by dropping the building

on his own men,

then blaming it on
the Chechen nationalists.

Then Natalia reaches out to me.
Says she's got an eyewitness,

who will swear that Federov
was involved.

We did it!

We did it!

Who the fuck you been talking to?

People you should have been
talking to!

Who was it on our side?
Now don't fucking lie to me!

The same man who picked up
Natalia's mayday demand.

The same man who ordered
her extraction.

And the same man who
quarterbacked the hit on her.

Come in.

Devereaux has a daughter.

Her name's Lucy.

These pictures are from
five years ago.

She'd be 12 by now.

Natalia Ulanova was her mother.

And Devereaux raises her.

When Devereaux was in Berlin,
he recruited Natalia,

convinced her to spy for us.

He had a whole goddamn family
hidden from all of us.

Mira can destroy Weinstein.

That's why he had Mason
kill Natalia.

That's why he's going after Mira.

The girl wasn't a peasant
or a mute.

Both her parents
were university professors.

She could speak English
and Russian.

Everything that Federov said
she understood.

- I'm here to see Lebedynko.
- Your bag.

Hands up, please.

Why are you here?

Peter Devereaux needs a big favor.

- What do you got?
- This woman.

Alice Fournier, deceased.

April 2005. Cancer.

Then who is she? She was in
the restaurant with Devereaux.

I'll run a biometric match.

Welcome to Hotel Imperial.

- Peter'?
- Where are you?

- I'm going to visit Arkady Federov.
- Are you insane?

I've made the decision
to confront him.

This is suicide.
He will kill you.

Don't be foolish!
Mira? Mira!

Who are you?

I'm the gift from Simi Denisov.

What's this for?

OK. Upstairs.

Come in.

Turn around.

Denisov is very generous.

- Get in the bed.
- I'd like to wash first.

I have an audio file match.

Label's been changed.

Border intake interview.

My name is Mira Filipova.

My parents were murdered
by the Russian general,

Arkady Federov.

I survived.

Arkady Federov
is in Belgrade right now

for an energy conference.

Find out where he's staying.

- You are not going to kill me.
- You're wrong.


If you were,
I'd already be dead.

You don't know what
you're doing, do you?

This is for my family.

Oh, my God.


So many people
who want me dead.

And yet here you are.

The angry little girl

who didn't know
how to fuck.

- And now we talk.
- Shut up!

Maybe you will kill me.

We will see.

But making you into a woman...

It is one of the sweetest
memories I carry with me.

Shut up!

Did you forget who I am? Huh?

Mira! Mira, don't!
Don't do it.

- I want him to die.
- He will.

But once he tells
the world what he did.

Where's your phone?
Get it.

Go get it now!
Start filming.

Nineteen ninety-nine.

You supported an American operation

to impersonate Chechen terrorists.

Who was the American agent
who ran it?

You are sit on my shirt.

Mira, take this.

Shoot him if you have to.

You are not going to kill me.

That's for you to decide.

We're gonna play a little game

that I believe was invented
in your country.

I'll ask you once more.

Who was the American agent?

I'll ask you again.

Was it Weinstein? Hmm?

Come on!

The stairs.

You piece of shit!

Your odds are running out.

Who was the American agent?

Was it Weinstein?


John Hanley.

- Hanley?
- Yeah.

Was it this guy?
The guy in the middle?



That's him.

The bald guy.

Shh, shh.

Go. Here you go, take this.

- Use the service elevator.
- What about you?

Check into the Hyatt Hotel.

If I don't turn up,
go to the Dutch embassy.

Identify yourself
and tell them everything.

- Ask for asylum. Go.
- OK.

- He's heading to the basement.
- Repeat that.

He's gotta be heading
to the basement.

- Cover the back stairs.
- Traveling.

- Where'd he go?
- I don't know.

You go that way.

Check this out.

- Jesus.
- You need to see something.

Who was the American agent?

Was it Weinstein?


- John...
- This is messed up.


We're taking this
to Weinstein right now.

You, stay.
Tits, back to your desk.


You know who sits here?

Your boss sits here.
I'm sitting here.

So sit down.


Thank God you're alive.

What happened?

You can disappear.
I'll help you.

Name a city, I'll get you there.
I have contacts.

People who can help you start again.

People who can make sure
you'll never be found.

I'm not running ever again.

Running is better than dead.

Thank you, Peter,
for saving my life.

Letting you die
was never an option.

Come on.
We've gotta get moving.

A lot has changed
in a very short time.

What were you doing a week ago?

Living my life.

What's in Peter Devereaux's life?

Simple things.

A home in Lausanne.

A small business.

It's a cafe by a lake.

And a daughter...

...who never got to know
her mother,

and who barely knows her father.

- What's her name?
- Lucy.

She's 12.

Where is she now?

Waiting for her father to pick
her up from boarding school.

- Lucy?
- Never had you pegged

for the father type, Peter.
That such a lovely little girl

could come from your DNA
defies logic.

Really, you should say something.

I'll kill you.

If you hurt her, I'll kill you.

Funny thing, Peter.
Turns out the keys to Federov

are worth more to Langley
than any qualms

Weinstein had with my methods.

I'm running the show here now, Peter.

Weinstein's back in the States.

He seemed surprised
when they sent him home.

But not as surprised
as you probably are right now.

You know,
if it's any consolation,

it was your boy, Mason,
who brought Lucy in for me.

I just thought, well,
you should be proud.

He did good, didn't he?

Found that soft underbelly.

Wasn't sure you had one.

Yeah. The boy did good.

OK, the fortress.

Eight a.m.
Where they play chess?

You bring me Mira,
I'll give you your daughter.

You're a weapon, Mason.
A damn good one.

I value that.

We gotta get out of here right now.

Go to the train station.

Book three tickets on
the noon train to Junik.

The border there is weak.

He doesn't want you,
he wants me.

We'll meet you there.

- We'll be there!
- And if you're not?

Then I guess I didn't make it.

They're gonna kill us all.

How would it happen?

You don't feel anything.

How can you be so sure?

A bullet travels at over
4,000 feet per second.

Four times faster
than the speed of sound.

The effect of that velocity

is... absolute.

You just...

...cease to exist.

Just be there, please.

Attention, please.
The train from Chardok

is late by one hour.

You tell yourself
no one's gonna get hurt.

At least no one you care about.

- You played it well, though.
- Did I?

You know what Federov's
going to do

when he secures the presidency?

Change the world.

Russia's gonna join fucking NATO.


Because I got my hand so far up
his ass, I'm moving his lips.

I own him.

This is what we worked for
all those years.

You know it is.

Yeah, I think I got something
for you here.

Yes, she's at train station.

Just bought three tickets to
Junik with a credit card.

- She should be there.
- Thank you.

You think, maybe...

...just maybe you might
have crossed the line with this?

A long time ago, my friend.

You'll need proof of life,
of course.

- Hello.
- Your father.

Papa? Is that you?

How you doing, kiddo?

I know you're scared.

But everything's gonna be
all right, I promise you.

I just wanted to hear your voice.

And tell you I love you more
than anything in this world.

I love you too, Papa.

I'm sorry I wasn't there
when you needed me.

OK. Where's Mira Filipova?

Bus station.
Bus to Novi Sad, nine a.m.

Bus station. Bus to Novi Sad,
nine a.m. Bring her in.

Jones, you go with him.

You misjudged the kid.

He's a survivor.
Not like you.


We bring Mira in,
you have my word,

you'll have your daughter back.

You know what we
used to call you, Peter?

The November Man.

'Cause after
you passed through,

nothing lived.

You are one bleak
motherfucker, my friend.

- Bus station is that way.
- Shortcut.

Slow down.

- Slow the fucking car down!
- Seatbelt.

Stop the vehicle, right now!


- Mason, you ready?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm ready.

Not one American life was lost
in that Chechen mess. Not one.

- Oh, you're right.
- East versus West. Fuck that.

From now on,
it's the civilized world

against the goddamn Middle East.

Now, that's a fight
I can understand.

That's a fight we can win.

Don't you get it?

- Hanley.
- What?

- Why are you sweating?
- 'Cause it's fucking hot.

Excuse me.
I'm still using this station.

Thank you.

Where's Lucy? You were supposed
to bring her here

- when it was done.
- It is.

You just doomed us to another
decade of conflict. Of shit!

I hope you know that!

The thing is,
I like it this way.

Thank you.


Where is she?

Where is she?

- Peter!
- There she is.

Let's catch a train.
Come on.

My name is Mira Filipova.

When I was 15 years old,

Arkady Federov murdered my family,

and held me captive for two years.

I was repeatedly abused by him.

During that time,

I witnessed Federov conspire
with CIA agent John Hanley

to bomb a civilian building.

That bombing was the start
of the second Chechen war.

The revelations of Chechnyan refugee

Mira Filipova rocked
the political world as evidence

of a conspiracy
between Arkady Federov

and a high-ranking CIA official

effectively ended
Arkady Federov's candidacy

for the Russian presidency.

The Russian Energy Minister's office

issued a blank denial
of all accusations

as Arkady Federov takes
an extended leave from his office

while weighing his political options.