The Northman (2022) - full transcript

From visionary director Robert Eggers comes The Northman, an action-filled epic that follows a young Viking prince on his quest to avenge his father's murder.

Hear me, Odin.

The Old Father of the gods.

Summon the shadows of ages past.

When the thread-spinning
Norns ruled the fates of men.

Hear of a prince's vengeance
quenched at the fiery Gates of Hel.

A prince destined for Valhalla.

Hear me.

The North Atlantic

895 A.D.

He's here!

He's here!

Mother! Father is here!

Never enter my
chambres without invitation!

The king, my lady! The king!


Odin brought him home.

Hail, Raven King!

Hail, war ravens!

Hail, my Lord!

War ravens, hail!

Hail, ring holders!

On my brother!

Come on!

Hail, King Aurvandill
War-Raven! Hail!

Like a battle dog
returning to his master.

I've come to be fettered
by my Queen's fair locks.

Ever I will be proud, my Lord.

Prince Amleth.

You have grown too old
to be greeted as a child.

Hail, Lord King!


a father never grows too
old for a good smothering.

How I've missed you, my son!

Will your brother not
grace us with his presence?

Think none of Fjölnir.
He'll soon be with us.

This was worn around a
princess's neck when I found it.

But it was destined
for this prince.

Wear it always with my love.

Thank you, father!

My King!

- Fjölnir.
- Fjölnir is back.

The rough man is back.

Hail, Lord King!

Furnish this fierce heart and slayer of men
with some drink. And I might drink to him.

Accept my cup, kinsman!


Look how the Queen's cup grows
wet for more men than her king.

What metal might
buy a fragrant sip?

Sweet silver? Or hot iron?

Silence, dog!

By Freyr, you slander
your Lord and mistress...

Please, you brother!
'Tis but a jest! A jest!

Heimir keeps a foul tone, yet I
keep him as a deep, sworn friend.

Come, brother!

This one's more in need of
your safekeeping than myself.


Thorir! My son!

- To my brother, the War-Raven!
- To the Kingdom of Hrafnsey!

- Skol!
- Skol!

The enemy has
a taste of my liver.

Are you hurt?

Almost enough. Fjölnir
must not be my successor.

I watched his innocence tonight.

He must be awoken
to what awaits him.

He is a puppy.

Yes, the same age as my
grandfather when he took the throne.

That was different.

He had to kill his uncle first.

You have not seen
your Queen in a season.


Let me take you to our bed.


Pray my luck-spirits send me to
many warfields after I defeat this wound.

I refuse to die in sickness nor live
the long life of a shameful greybeard.

I must die by the sword.

I will die in honour.

Fret not!

You will die in battle, my Lord!

The Gates of Valhalla
await you, I know it.

This is the same path I walked
with my father. And he with his.

Now, it is a hard path to walk.

Be not afraid, Amleth!

Do as I do.

Who barks?

Is it the wolves
of the High One?

Or is it the barking
of the village dogs?

Barking to me,
you two little dogs!

You two are in deep
need of knowledge.

To learn what it is to
live and die in honour.

To be in battle, slain. And in death,
rewarded by the Valkyries in graves.

The war you make will carry
you to the secret Gates of Valhalla.

You are dogs that
wish to become men.

Prove you are not a dog!

Not only are you a
man, you dine like a king.

And you little cub.

What are you?

I smell a class of people.

And every passage, one should turn
his eye around. One should fly around.

For the foe might be
crouched with evil on the floor.

Why do you think that they should teach
you how to be wise enough? To be unfooled.

- Wise enough to be unfooled.
- Tell me. How did Odin lose his eye?

To learn the secret
magic of women.

Never seek the secrets of
women, but they're helpless.

It is that women may
know the mysteries of men.

The Norns! They spin and
weave. And they're aware of Fate.

- Live in honour.
- Live in honour.

- Safeguard your family blood.
- Safeguard your family blood.

Do you know what that means,
Amleth, son of Aurvandill?

Should I fall by the enemy's sword, you
must avenge me or forever live in shame!

I will, father! I will!

My blade will not rest until the
time it drinks blood from his neck!

And live always without fear!

For your fate is set and
you cannot escape it.

Swear to it!

I swear!

This is the last tear you
will shed in weakness.

It will be given back
when most you need it.

Now, behold as a man!

Approach, Amleth!

And in our blood,
behold the trees of kings.


Run! Run!

Run for where you
cowardice belongs!

You behold your brother's
gaze in amazement.

I knew well you would.

Pity you never paid a
bastard's-eyes heed before.

Now, behold how swiftly
your brother swings his sword!

Strike, brother!


But know that bearing a stolen
ring makes no half-breed a king.

Soaked in my blood, which will soon
be sliding off your arm like a serpent.

Your kingdom will not last.

Let this misdeed
haunt your living nights.

Till a flaming vengeance
scorches on your death.



To Valhalla!

King Aurvandill is dead!

- Long live King Fjölnir!
- Long live King Fjölnir!

Hail, Lord King!
Hail, Lord King!

Bring me the boy's head!


Go right!

- I'm on it!
- Over there!

Cut it off!

I'll make it slow.

Hail, Fjölnir the Brotherless!

- Hail, King Fjölnir!
- Hail, King Fjölnir!

Hail, King Fjölnir!

King Fjölnir has
found himself a queen.

Fjölnir! Fjölnir! My Lord!

The boy...

The boy...

The boy is dead.

Dead in the sea.

Sank like a stone.

I will avenge you, father! I will
save you, mother! I will kill you, Fjölnir!

I will avenge you, father! I will
save you, mother! I will kill you, Fjölnir!

I will avenge you, father! I will
save you, mother! I will kill you, Fjölnir!

I will avenge you, father! I will
save you, mother! I will kill you, Fjölnir!

The Land of the Rus

Years Later

The Father of War commands
you! Transform your skin, brothers!

Berserkers, become your fury!

To Valhalla!

What are you doing?
Come on! Come on!

Come on!

Get in there, you old...

These savages make
for a fine chaplain.

And you Björnúlfur,
you did good.

Never better.

When we found you as a cub...

I knew then that you
have a heart of cold iron.

Oh, weak!

I am the strong
one! The great one!








Play, you idiot! Play!

Crawl in shadows,
slayer of my people!


Even though your
brother stole my eyes...

I see you.

I am no one's brother.

It is not enough to be
the man that never cries.

Prince Amleth!

The prince that
ran from his fate.

A beast that cares for no one.

A beast that runs tears
from eyes of men.

Now, remember for whom
you shed your last teardrop.

Remember the oath
to right the wrong.

Remember the Raven King.



It contains the salty
ocean you must be upon.

To the edge of the World.

It feeds the freezing river
of hate that runs in my veins.

It will take you to an
island in the North.

Where will spring
a burning lake.

Bursting from a
black mountain's peak.

There, I will drown
my father's killer!

Follow the vixen's tail to the
dwelling of the Ancient One.

To seek the fated sword
that matches your cruel rage.

Why are you giving
me fortunes, witch?

Where your ashes end...

another will begin her journey.

A maiden king.

Release me.

You cannot escape from
Fate the Norns have spun.

Now, be gone!

These slaves will go to Uppsala.

Those to the market in Kiev.

Those, send them
to Constantinople.

And these strong ones...

will make it all the way
to Fjölnir's post in Iceland.

Who is this Fjölnir?

Fjölnir the Brotherless.

He's so called after he killed his brother.
The disgraced King Aurvandill War-Raven.

I know of him.

Why are these slaves bound
for Iceland? Fjölnir rules Hrafnsey.

He fled to the backwater
frontier with his wife and son.

After King Harald of
Norway took his kingdom.

Fjölnir killed his brother for
nothing. Now he's a sheep farmer.


Worry not.

When I meet your owner, I will
thank him for the warmth you gave me.

Bring those two ropes.

Your sheeps' clothing does
not disguise you, Northman.

What sent you, spell speaker?

Who wants to be a slave?

Hide your cunning.

Show the shepherd
you are a sheep.

I will show the
shepherd his death.

Hold on!

Come here!

Stay still!

Hold onto my hand!

I hold you!


I will avenge you, father! I will
save you, mother! I will kill you, Fjölnir!


To the shore!

Get up and try to bend.



Let him rot!

The seagulls will eat
him. They are hungry.

Move, slave!

Why would you stow away
to such a hellish place?

This ground harbours evil.

My fate has brought me here.

To find what was stolen from me.

And what is that?

A mother. A father. A kingdom.

This is your kingdom?

The traitor who stole my kingdom fled
here when another king took it from him.

I will leave when I
am done with him.

I am Olga of the Birch Forest.

Tonight, I vow to
escape this island.

Then you must face many foes.

As do you.

But you'll face them alone.

Your strength
breaks men's bones.

I have the cunning
to break their minds.

You two, hold your traps!

Walk off!

- Why are we doing this?
- What?

- This.
- What?

It is slave work.

You are the chieftain.

It is your temple, and I'm
the heir to this holy chiefdom.

No man knows if he will set a place that
makes you turn as a king or as a slave.

Best to be prepared for both.

And to stave off the latter, the least you can do
is show your slaves you're as strong as they are.

But... no one is watching us.

Go fetch you some
weed. Think on what I said.

Keep the shield off that man!

- Hold on!
- We will see.

No! No!

Fjölnir, my Lord!

Your shipment is here.

Come on! Show me!

- Where is the rest of them?
- Get on your feet!

On your feet, slaves!

Now off, bastards!

Pity those.

They can't stand.

They won't last for winter.

Sell all of them.

Let me see this one.

We've kept you to us.

I'm not impressed.

His stench.

Never look me in the eye, slave!

Well, I wonder what they call a
beast like you in the Land of Rus.

I am Björnúlfur.

By name alone, you can
tell he's as strong as a bear.

But if you are as untrustworthy as a
wolf, I swear I'll put you down myself.

We'll keep this one.

The rest can go.

But mother needs two in the
kitchen and one for the laundry.


- And two males for the harvest.
- Well.

These two for the kitchen.
And that for laundry.

And choose two males for fields.

And her too.

Make her arms white.

And her hair long.

Land climb-out, huh? Bear-Wolf!

Even if you did escape this farm, you'll only
be a target for the blue foxes in so case.

This island is a barren waste.

You best bring
yourselves on to sleep.

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Thieving demon witch!

Away! Away!

Away with you!

Away! Be gone!

Be gone!

I will avenge you, father!

I will save you, mother!

I will kill you, Fjölnir!

Pull! Go!

Go take a pee!


Stop there!

You! Get on with it!
On with you, now!

Out of your wits?

Turn around!

Shut the door!

Did you find it?

What you lost.

In the house the
day you were there.


And more.

It's a nightmare.

Then you must wake up.

Their nightmare.


You! Move now! You come with us!

You don't belong here.

Fjölnir wants you close.

If you lose me, will you
come look for me too?

- Will you?
- You!

Sit, Amleth! Son of Aurvandill.

Did your haunting
friend tell you of me?


One was more talkative.

Your old fool.


He speaks of days past.

And days yet to come.

Fjölnir cut out his tongue,

plucked out his eyes,

before killing him.

But I made him once anew.

Kind friend.

Now, they will avenge you too.

I fear you must address me.

Alas, I made him no new ears.

They also met
with Fjölnir's blade.


You know why I've come.

You are still a beast
cloaked in man flesh.

- Speak, witch!
- So be it, slave!

The Wandering Prophet!

Wake now...

from your murder!

Hear me!


He's come!

Hello, puppy!

I seek the weapon the Norns
of Fate chose for my revenge.

Hear me.

Forged by the deadliest wasps ever
did crawl from under a worm's belly.

A sword of the
most secret rare iron.

Wound with bones with a locking
handle; weightless in its owner's hand.

It's like a dragon's fang. Its bite can
never be dulled. Never broken or bent.

Its blade could only be
pointed in human blood.

It is in a battlefield
like no other.

Its name...


No longer is dead.

It is fated.

Yet difficult is the
sword's nature.

For it can only be
unsheathed in the dark of night.

Or else at Hel's Black Gates.

For Gates of Hel, there
will my sword be just.

I will enjoy feeding Draugr
to an everlasting night.

And shall you also enjoy the
moment when you must choose

between kindness for your
kin, or hate for your enemies.

It is nothing.

My heart knows only revenge.

Show it to me.

You must make a visitation to
Draugr's owner; the Mount Dweller.

Mark well the full moon's light.

For shadows are
not hospitable hosts.

Mark well the full moon's light!

Thorir will choose
the strongest.

The more it will prove that Hákon
Ironbeard's men are born of mud and water.


Mud will be all that
remains of them.




Take Rakki home.

And you two, it's nearly
dawn, go to your beds.

- Yes, my Lord.
- Rakki!

Wake! You!

Fetch her. You know the one.

Wake up, Olga! Wake
up. Get on your feet.

The hair of a Valkyrie.

My sumptuous Slav bitch.

Don't clean a whore!

You'll take care of her. Or
you'll both be dead in the ground.

Thank the Norns that the
woman tied is the only blood

that runs in your
house tonight, coward!

I am a fool.

It was foretold that I would slay
my father's killer in a burning lake.

Until that day comes...

I will torment the man
who made my life hell.

Now sleep well, night blades!

Yes. We thirst for vengeance.

But we cannot escape our fates.

Put them in line! Come on!

- Wait!
- Don't cover it up!

Where are they taking us?

Something about
the chieftain's feast.

Last night, I saw him with you.

Then you know a Fjölnir's touch won't
linger on me when I leave this island.

You marked him well.

I have found the cold iron
that will stand him down.

- When will you do it?
- When I must.

For now, I will haunt this farm like a
hungry corpse that's run from the grave.

- Fjölnir thinks Amleth is long dead.
- Yes, but what of your mother?

She will revel in
Fjölnir's anguish.

She only feigns her
love to protect the child.

- Won't she...
- When I free her, I will bring the boy if I must.

- They'll move me back into the kitchen.
- Our plan's worth the wait.

- Go.
- Björnúlfur, move!

- You! To the back!
- Hurry!

Thorir, my Lord,
we're missing one man.

This is for a Sunday party.

I'm not a child,
my hair is my own.

I know grown men who need
a woman to tame their hair.

Put them in line!

You can celebrate after the
game, slave. Move right away!

My Lord!

Thorir, my Lord!

Can you fight, slave?

Look me in the eye, slave.

I asked: do you
know how to fight?

What's this noise?

Never seen a "knattra" before?

By nightfall, you'll
have seen enough of it.

Play to blood!

Throw it here!

Shame on you, foolish man!

We need more men!

No! No!

- Gunnar!
- No!

Halt the game! Halt it now!

Don't touch him!

- Gunnar!
- Halt the game!

- Step back, man!
- Gunnar!

- Goodbye, child!
- No!

Fjölnir, call him!

- Gunnar! Gunnar!
- Wake up!

Stupid child! Wake up!

- Gunnar! Gunnar!
- Gunnar!

Wake up! Wake up,
Gunnar! Wake up!

Gunnar! Gunnar!

Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up!

Did we win?

Spoken like a
true chieftain's son!

- Brave boy!
- You're brave, Gunnar!


This way.

You showed yourself
brave and loyal.

When we return to the farm, certain
privileges will be granted to you.

Your work will be less burdensome.
You will command others' burden.

And Björnúlfur...

As a reward for winning us the game,
I'll let you choose a woman for yourself.

Even that Slav bitch
I've seen you eye.

Father's fond of her too.


But know that we will
never make you a free man.

The stench of a low-point
slave cannot escape him.


Thank you.

We'll miss you
cleaning the shithouse.

To my son, Gunnar!

- Skol!
- Skol!


You've found me.

Were you lost?

Only if you were
searching for me.

Mother Soil, hear
your daughter's prayer.

Show me the way to
destroy our enslavers.

And free my love from
his fire and sorrow.

What did you do?

Here, where the threads
of Fate bound us together.

Embraced beneath the trees.
Here, I speak with the Earth.

What did she tell you?

Help to reach your mother.

My Earth magic will stoke
the flames of your sword.

Tomorrow night, you and I...

will begin this nightmare.

And bring Fjölnir's life to chaos.

The Night Blade Feeds

You finished.

Back to the stables.


The servants of Freyr.

Lay them before our Lord's seat.

You swan!

- Fear not! You're the first of many!
- Please!

Oh, I will find who did this!

I will find them and I
will tear out their eyes!

And I will tear
out their tongues!

They will all sob in Hell!

Look, father! Look what's
been done to my brave friends!

Christian monsters! Monsters!


You bear! Did you do this?

Answer me! Answer me!

- Stop this!
- Son!

Regain your calm!

They were good boys.

By Freyr, we will avenge them.

Take him away.

Is Thorir right?

Could it be the
Christian swines?

Their god is a corpse
nailed to a tree.

For what?

These boys never touched them.

And how might they
find the weapons?


These wounds
are not of our world.

This distempered
spirit will ride again.

It wheels a hungry blade.

Go! I will prepare a sacrifice.

On with you!

Bloodthirsty Christians!

Do as you are told!


The mushrooms, I got them.

Not tonight. The spirits will
invade, there's still more blood.

Black spirit, abate!

Bear this offering
to your mistress!

And she's your rageful corpse.

- Rakki!
- Rakki!

- What is it, Rakki?
- Rakki!

Sit down, Rakki! Rakki!



Free him.

Freyr, he seemed he's chosen for himself.
He was deemed to fit for sacrifice.

- Blinded by his blood.
- Let's hope his hunger has subsided.

This is not the work of my God.

This is truly sorcery.

Tonight, you will be armed to defend
the farm, for this is also your home.

How can we trust
them to protect us?

There, you dog!

Your father does not want an uprising by
emboldened slaves. Do not doubt his wisdom!


Black dreams, rise!

Aye, slaves! Hold
onto your sticks!

You're not fending off
the demon with that thing.



Tonight, you are the food!

Go get some air.

I'll finish here.

Go on!

Don't touch them!
Don't look in their eyes!

The night spirits have entered
their skulls and are riding their minds!

Thorir, here! I see it!

Be gone!

Tonight before dawn.


Leave me.

Your sword is long!

Stop your jest.

I am your son.


You live still?

A life of death.

It is sworn to survive
to this moment.

Tomorrow, I shall finish
my deeds and honour.

Only then when I discover
whether living is to my like.

- You're your mother's son.
- And my father's.

I've come to avenge
King Aurvandill.

And choke my traitorous
uncle in his death blood.

And free you.

I see you have inherited
your father's simpleness.

What say you?

I never mourned him.

You were his Queen.

Your father beat me.

Because I bore him a son.


His affections were only for
silver and rutting his whores.

I know not if he had
heart enough to love you.

- Silence!
- He was a coward feigning to be a king.

He was nothing. He was just
another proud lusting slave.

Hold your tongue!

You spit in the face
of your dead husband!

He had this brother!

His fine brother!

The bastard has no shame
of himself. Nor his trade.

Your uncle loved me.
He knew well my past.


Even now, you believe the
fairy tale I told you was true?

"A noble bride hailing
from the Land of Brittany."

I never began as his bride.

How easily we all become princesses again
when the beasts take us for their wives!


You were forced
upon your mother.

Gunnar was received
freely with love.


And now hear this.

It was I who begged on my knees
for Fjölnir to kill King Aurvandill.

I pressed my lips on
his strong sweet hand.

And kissed it.

And I begged.

So that this day
would never come.

Fjölnir ordered your death along
with your own mother's blessing.

But I saw it.

I saw Fjölnir carrying you away.

- Screaming.
- Screaming?

- I was laughing.
- Lies!

Now that you're
here, what will you do?

I should kill you and
all that is dear to you.

But you love me. A son loves his
mother and a mother loves her son.

And you saved your
brother's life. You...

You... love!



None but me knows who you are.

And you're so up for revenge.

Child born for savagery.

If you kill Fjölnir.

If you kill Thorir.

And if you're so untamed
just to kill my Gunnar.

You will be my new king.

And together...

we can rule.


Your taste and your
mind reek of your father!

- You should have joined him in death!
- Your words are poison!

I am your death!

Where is your mother?

Tell me.


She is as evil as Fjölnir!

I will destroy him
and all that she loves!

I will be an ice storm
of iron and steel!

I will have my vengeance!

And more!

But what must we do now?

I must head to the hills.

My mother discovered who
I am. And soon everyone.

- I'll go with you.
- No.

They don't know you're part of
this. Tomorrow, they will hunt for me.


Have you killed her?

I will not kill a
woman. Not even her.

Thorir medicined my mad fury.

Good riddance.

Tomorrow night, you
will return to kill Fjölnir?

If the Norns of Fate allow it.

Whatever happens
tomorrow, be ready to run.

His heart...


His heart... He's taken his heart!

What demon is this?

What demon eats the
hearts of brave young men?

Freyr, do you hear me?

Behave! Be a man in
front of your inferiors!

There's no evil spirit here!

I told you! I told you!

It is my cursed son Amleth!

But we lost him as a boy.

You must believe me! He's here!

The prodigy of Aurvandill lives still!

I fear he was led here by the
raven spirit... of your dead brother.

- It's impossible.
- Think!

He's killed your men! He's
murdered your eldest son!

And he will not rest till you crawl on the
ground and our Gunnar is slain beside you.

It is Amleth!

No god can help
you with this task!

You must discover my son
and kill him with your own hands!

Let my words be the
whetstone for your biting rage!

For the mischief of last night
was not the work of one man.

Find the slaves
who allied with him.

Find them!

On your knees!

Down, will you!

Down, will you!

I know not or care not if a
slave aided in the death of my son.

But this is the end you will all
meet if you speak not what you knew.


I see you are no longer
afraid of a woman's blood!

You! Of course, it is you!


Leave her alone!

I offer you your son's heart
in exchange for her life!

I am Amleth the Bear-Wolf!

Son of King
Aurvandill War-Raven!

And I am his vengeance!

Kill him!

- Bring him to me!
- Kill him!

He's mine!

In the end...

you're just like your father.

Evil begets evil.

How do you know
it's your son's heart?

And not the heart of a rabid
dog you killed two nights ago?

Where is it?

You can't... can't kill me.

Even if you were to
strike me with your sword.

It is not the point.

It is not my time.

I will die in battle.

Where's my son's heart?

Odin the Old Father will
vanquish your god of erections.

- Fear him!
- Silence!

I will come back for your heart.

And your mother
and I will eat it.

Odin, let a Valkyrie, your warrior
maiden follow me to your shining gates.

I see my father and mother!

I see my dead kindred!

I see my master in Freyr's Hall!

He calls me to him!

Tonight, I'm mourning
for Thorir's end.

With an end of this swift steel, it's sent to the
highest tree of the battle with my first brother.

You now remain our only heir!

My hour of grief has passed.

The time of revenge is upon us!

This is not Valhalla.

I did not carry you that far.

I am no Valkyrie.

The dreams of your
afterlife must wait.


I'm not done with you yet.

My fate brought me to Iceland to
carry out my pledge of vengeance.

But my fate...

did not ready me
for finding you.

I thought they must always
feel my heart in stone.

I could not think I would
open it for a last time.

You sacrificed yourself
while you could flee.

And you came back for me.

I have never felt close
to another person.

Not since I was a child.

I'll curse your mother's evil.

She murdered my past.

Could it not be that the Norns of Fate
have spun another thread for you to follow?

What have your gods told you?

That wherever I go, I
must take you with me.

I have kinsmen in Orkney.

We can find... we can
find safe passage there.


I cannot truly believe that you may
extinguish your fire for vengeance.

Hate is all I've ever known.

But I wish I
could be free of it.

It is for you to choose.

Let us find our future.

Welcome, seafarers.

The deck of this wooden boat will
only be near ground after 21 days.

If our luck-spirits
smile upon us.

I was expecting
more of Fjölnir's men.

His son was to join us.

Thorir departed early...

on his own ship.

Anchor up! Sail down!

- Ropes up!
- Up!

- After the wind, helmsman!
- I will!

Your wounds.

It is nothing to what
happened to you.

I've forgotten already.

My family's blood!

My own blood is inside you!

You are the well our
dynasty will spring from.

I did not wish you to know until I
could trust that the child would be safe.

Well, if Fjölnir lives, our
children will never be safe.

If he knew of this, he will hunt
you with all the fire of the gods.

- It cannot wait!
- Stop this!

There's now a living
thread that binds us.

I was a fool.

I wish to flee with
you from my fate.

My vision shows
me you will have two.

My sword, it will save them.

But you have to come
with us. You must!

It was prophesied
that I must choose...

between kindness for my
kin, and hate for my enemies.

And see what hope
we have before us.

I choose both.

Take her to Orkney.

In return for this ring, my kinsmen
will give you ninefold its worth.

No! No! Amleth!

You will be a mother to a king!

You cannot escape our fates!



Ride with me, daughters
of the North wind!

Carry me and mine to the
shores of my children's forbears!

There I'll show
you a forest of birch!

Fathomless branches to
dance your tempest with!

Raptured by your
most righteous breath!

It's over there! Follow Fjölnir!

It is him!

Close the hut!

The puppy you once
hunted ate off your nose.

Now the wolf has grown...

youngest for the rest.

Whatever you hear,
you must stay here.

Keep him safe.

- And keep both of you safe.
- I will.

Take your freedom!

And do with it what you will!



In the heart.

Thank you.


I will meet you at
the Gates of Hel.

At the Gates of Hel...

you will find me.

And there you will die!

By the hand that
killed your father.

The Gates of Hel

Slain by iron.

We should all meet again at
the strong wall of the Old Father.

I will avenge you!

I will honour our blood!

I will cut the thread of Fate!

I will avenge you!

I will honour our blood!

I will cut the thread of Fate!

I will avenge you!

I will honour our blood!

I will cut the thread of Fate!

I will avenge you!

My blood will be on!

Valhalla waits!

The thread that binds
us can never break.

We are safe.

Now make your passage.

{ The Northman }