The Nightingale (2018) - full transcript

Set in 1825, Clare, a young Irish convict woman, chases a British officer through the rugged Tasmanian wilderness, bent on revenge for a terrible act of violence he committed against her family. On the way she enlists the services of an Aboriginal tracker named Billy, who is also marked by trauma from his own violence-filled past.




Wake up, love.

Little birds, little birds

Sleep, sleep

Little birds, little birds

Sleep, sleep

Sleep, sleep

By the wall outside,
by the wall outside

Sleep, sleep

By the wall outside,
by the wall outside

Don't use so much glaze.
You'll burn the meat.

Do you want to poison
our guests?

Stand up straight, you girl!

And you, you fat Miss Molly

your shoes look like
they're dipped in shit!

Eyes front!

I wanna see my face in those!

If you cunts are not
back here tonight

lookin' like the belle
of the fuckin' ball

I'll make you wish you were
never born, understood?

Yes, sergeant!

Company, shoulder arms!

Fall out!

They'll be like nuns in church,
lieutenant. You have my word.

Polish your boots
and brush your coat.

You look like shite yourself.

Yes, sir!

It's near perfect.

Company, shoulder arms!

Company, general salute!

Present arms!

Shoulder arms!

We are honored to welcome
Captain Goodwin to our post.

We trust your visit here
will be a fruitful one, captain.

To start the evenin' off

I'd like to call
on our little nightingale

to sing a good old British love
song for all us homesick lads.

♪ As I went walking
one morning in May ♪

♪ I met a young couple ♪

♪ So fondly did stray ♪

♪ And one was a young maid
so sweet and so fair ♪

♪ And the other was a soldier
and a brave grenadier ♪

♪ And they kissed so sweet
and comforting ♪

♪ As they clung to each other ♪

♪ They went arm in arm
along the road ♪

♪ Like sister and brother ♪

♪ They went arm in arm
along the road ♪

♪ Till they came to a stream ♪

♪ And they both sat down
together love ♪

♪ To hear
the nightingale sing ♪♪

Fuckin' hell!

- She likes you, Wallace!
- Keep it down!

May I, sir?

What's happened to His Lordship?

Jago's taken him
to look at the sentries.

Then he's off to bed.

- Doesn't drink.
- Doesn't drink?

I bet he likes it up
the windward passage, that one.

Bloody sodomite.

Go and find his nibs, will you?

Make sure he's happy.

I'm off to Bedfordshire myself.

Got a full day of arse-kissing

Close the door.

Come here.

I can't do that, sir.

It's alright.

For your singin'.

And this one..

...I got in Hobart
especially for you.

You'll insult me
if you don't take it.

Sing a song.

Just for me.

♪ As I went a-walkin'... ♪♪

Oh, not that one.

The one for me.

♪ I wish my love
was a butterfly ♪

♪ I'd light
on my love's breast ♪

♪ Or if I was a blue cuckoo ♪

♪ I'd sing my love to rest ♪

♪ Or if I was a blackbird ♪

♪ I'd sing
till the daylight clear ♪

♪ I'd sit and sing ♪

♪ For you my love ♪

♪ For I have loved you dear ♪♪

God, you're beautiful.

Every man in that room
wanted you tonight.

Sit on my lap.

Sir, my letter of recommendation

sir, it's due
three months ago now.

I'll send it when I'm ready.

I'm meant to be in the care
of my husband now, sir.

It's the law.

"It's the law," cried the thief.

Didn't I rescue you
from that hellhole of a prison?

They warned me you'd be too much
trouble. I took you on, anyway.

You'd still be there
if it weren't for me.

I'm very grateful for that, sir.

I let you marry the Irishman.

Got you your own hut.

Not good enough
for Her Highness?

I'm very grateful to you, sir.

I even got you your own horse.

No other convict in the
district's got their own horse.

Aidan worked for that horse
for three years, sir.

He paid for it himself.


Oh, here it comes. This is
the part where she cries.

I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry.

I decide when you leave
and when you stay.

Stop cryin'.

You're doing this deliberately,
with the captain here.

- No, sir, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.

You're doing it deliberately
to get at me.

I shouldn't have
said nothing, sir.

I'm so sorry.
I'll leave you be.

Come here!

Please don't, sir!

I need to get my baby.

Please don't, no. No!

Shut it.

Fix your sleeve.


Out you go, miss.

Your soldiers have been firing
off their guns for no reason.

They do that, sir,
to ward off the blacks.

They were rotten drunk

and firing at the night sky,


Some of us
are living the high life

while I take care
of their screaming babies!

You can take that dress off.
You're a convict, not royalty.

I'm taking it off now,
damn you!

I beg your pardon?

You can start on the boilers
before dawn.



Can we go, love?

And the little bird
was so frightened.

She thought she was going to die
out there in the forest

all alone.

She called out
in her sweet baby voice

to see if her ma could hear her.

Her voice was so pure

it carried for miles
through the trees.

And suddenly out of nowhere..

...her ma came flying down

and scooped her up
in her breast.

And the little baby bird
chirped with delight.

She held on tight
through the trees

till they came
to a beautiful place

where she and her ma and da
could all live happily together.

The sun shone brightly

and the air was clear.

She was home.

She was free.

And what did he say?

- He'll send it when he's ready.
- Christ's sake!

I'm demandin' it
first thing in the mornin'.

No, you can't order him
to do anything. It won't work.

He owes you your ticket, Clare.

You've served your time
and then some.

- What's that mark?
- What?

- There's another on your neck.
- I fell.

Did he hurt you?

I'll kill him if he hurt you!

Stop it will you, you fool.

I fell and hit my head
on the stove.

We're leavin' tonight.


We can go somewhere
no one'll find us.

We have a few coins saved,
we'll work it out.


if I got caught
without a ticket

I'd be sent straight back
to that prison

and I'd lose you both.

I cannot do that.

It'd kill me.

He's heading up north soon...

we'll have to follow.

Do you want that?

Do you want to be chained
to him forever Clare?

I'm meant to be looking
after you now.

I'll ask him myself tomorrow.

I promise...

I won't lose my temper.

I'll be the nicest,
most politest man...

who ever lived.


Alright, me missus?

I love you Clare Carroll.

You're my life.

What are you made of? Come on.

- I can't, sergeant.
- Drink. Drink. Drink.

Drink. Drink. Drink. Drink.

Don't waste it, son.

Salutations, lieutenant.
You've done well.

Not long now,
we'll be calling you captain.

What a bloody rigmarole.

Won't be bendin' over for the
likes of him when I'm captain.

What? Give me a slice, sir!

I'm sorry, sir.
I'm so... I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I've had too much.

You've had five soldiers flogged

and in the clink already,

Do you want the rest of them
in there?

Get to bed, you tosspots!

Don't drain the dregs.
Just get!

- Have you been drinking?
- I'm just gonna talk to him.


Let her go.

- Beg yours?
- I asked you nice this mornin'.

Now I'm tellin' you.
Let her go.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Watch your mouth.

Well, let him speak.

She's been askin'
for three months.

Every week you say
you're gonna send the letter

and every week you don't.

Why won't you let her go?

Aidan, please. Aidan.

She's paid her dues
and so have I.

Is that right?

She's my wife.

And she's my property

so I'll do what I want with her.

Please, love.
Just walk away now.


In your office, lieutenant.

What the hell were you thinking,
fightin' an officer?

Do you wanna ruin us?

He's a troublemaker, sir,
he and his wife.

And what is she to you?

Nothin', captain.

Do you think I'm an idiot?


The lieutenant governor
finds moral indiscretion

in his officers abhorrent.

I agree.

I don't tolerate
any indiscretions.

I've spent enough time here now.

Noted your conduct
and that of your soldiers.

I'm afraid I can't recommend you
for the captaincy up north.

But I was told by the
lieutenant colonel himself

that he would put me forward
to Major Bexley.

Pending my recommendation.

And I'm afraid
I can't recommend you.

Sir, I took on this post

with the promise
it would be one year.

Three years later,
I'm still here.

I've been handed
the sorriest band of soldiers

that ever sullied
the British Army

and still
I've had consistent results.

I've civilized the land

got rid of the blacks,
made it safe...

No one owes you anything,

There is no officer
in this colony

who's put in more work than me,
no one who knows it better.

If an officer can't even control

the convict detritus
that surrounds him

how on earth could he command
a bigger post up north?

I've a long trip back.

I'll travel north to Launceston,
see Major Bexley meself

and apply for the position
in person.

If you insist.

The post will be filled
in four to five days, I'd say.

Four to five days?

Well, no other officer knows
the colony better than you.

Why don't you take your nag
and ride up?

It's nigh on impossible to get
a horse up that way from here.

Then take some men and walk it.



We're headed up north
to Launceston first thing

through the interior.


Isn't that dangerous?

Yes, it's fucking dangerous,
you fat-headed lobcock!

But we're not ready yet, sir.

I haven't handed things over
to the corporal.

We don't have any supplies,
no black tracker.

Then get us ready, Ruse.

Do something useful for once.

Drink up. We're paying a visit.

I don't have a good
feeling about this.

What else?

I lose my ticket,

go back to the pen,

and you're left
alone with him?

I'd rather us face the wild,

take our chances.

It's freezing for her out there.

You remember how to pack this?

Where will we go?

Doesn't matter.
Away from here.

Let me feed her first.

She's starving.

Alright, quickly.

Shh, shh.


Going somewhere?

We don't want no trouble.

That's just the way, isn't it?

You don't want trouble, but
sometimes trouble wants you.

- We're very sorry.
- Not you!



I'm sorry.



Aidan, no!

What, are you gonna shoot me
now, you Irish cunt?

You're nothing
but the shit on my shoe.

He's drunk, sir. He's very sorry
for what he did. We both are.

She's a beauty, your wife.

I've enjoyed her greatly.

Did she not tell you?

Oh, we've been fucking like mad
since she pushed that brat out.

She loves it too.

Got the scratches on my back
to prove it.

Don't listen to him, love.

She begged me for it.

Says I'm the best
she's ever had.

Get your hands off her!

You want to see
how she likes it?

No. Aidan!

I'll fucking kill you!



I'll fucking kill you!

- I'll fucking kill you!
- No!

- No!
- Please, stop!

- No!
- No!

- Please!
- Alright, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry, please!

- No!
- No.




You fuckin' snake!



I'll kill you!!!

I'll kill you!!!

Help me!

You've wanted to try it.

So try it.


No! My baby!

No! No!



Shut it up.

- No!
- Shh, shh, shh.

She won't shut up. Hey.

- Shh, shh.
- My baby!

- Be quiet, be quiet.
- Shut it up, will ya?

- No!
- Shh. Hey, be quiet.


Please, please, be quiet.

- No! No! My baby!
- Shut up, please. Shut up!

She won't shut up.
Please, please, be quiet!

- Shut it up or I will!
- No!

No! No!

- Will you shut it up?
- Please, shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

- Do it now!
- No!

You ruined it, Jago, you dolt.

We'll have to finish it.

What do you mean?

Her, it.

No. I... I can't.

What are you made of?
Finish it.

Finish it!


What's wrong, love?

Oh, no, no! Oh, dear.

You were meant to be here
at sunup.

Where is he?

What have you done to the babe?

Where is the lieutenant?

Where is he?

He left at dawn

with the sergeant
and the young ensign.

To go where?

- I don't have to tell...
- To go where?

To Launceston.

To take up that new post,
he said.

They were goin' overland.

Clare, wait!

Did your husband do this?

No, damn you, I told you!

Watch your mouth.

My husband is lying dead
in a shack

murdered by your officers.

You want me to take the word
of a woman convict

over that of an officer?

This is my word.

This is my proof!

Are you going to help me or not?

I can write up a report,
send it to Hobart.

Go to hell!

Don't go in there, Luddy.
You don't need to see.

You coming with me?
I'm going after them.

I've only just
got me ticket meself.

They'll put me back
where I come from

away from Luddy.

I can't.

Aidan would have died for you.

Are you gonna leave him
in a cold, dark grave

while his murderers are free
to do as they please?

- He was my friend, too, Clare.
- Clare..

- And we loved the little one.
- Please.

I want you to bury them
under that tree.

Put her in his arms
so she's safe.

Clare, what are you doing?

Say a prayer.
Bless them for me.

- Clare, you can't just..
- Please, Clare.

Clare, wait!

- Don't go, love.
- Stop!

Stop! Whoa, whoa. Whoa.

What in Christ's name
are you doing?

You don't even know
where you're going!

- I'll follow the paths.
- What are you talking about?

It's murderous out there.
You'll die in a day!

Should I stay home
and do needlework?

It's a fucking wilderness.

At least take a guide,
for God's sake.

There's a guide
that I work with.

He's smart and knows the land.

Those black ones,
they know the way...

I'm not traveling with a black.

End up in a pot
of someone's dinner.

What are you trying to do to me?

Clare, please.

I can't let you
go out there on your own.

I couldn't live with meself.


Fuck off!



I've got a job for ya.

Them soldiers come here already.

I told them to bugger off.

Uncle Charlie go with them

I'm not helping
you white bastards no more.

- You never pay.
- The job's for me.

I'm not workin'
for no bloody white woman.

I'll give you two shilling.

One now and one when you get me
to the soldiers

that came by this morning.

You don't have two shillin'.

I'll cash this jewelry
for the rest.

If you kill me
before the job's done

you won't find anyone
who'll take these for coin.

So don't even think about it.

I seen you.. the boss bastard's house.

- Where's your baby?
- I don't have no baby.

- What happened to your face?
- Do you want the job or not?

My husband's traveling
with those men.

You get me to my husband,
then take us both to Launceston.

Alone, no soldiers.

I don't want no trouble.

- For God's sake, boy.
- Wait, wait.

You give me one shilling now,
we go tomorrow.

You take me now
or I'll find someone who will.

You're not taking that horse
with you. Too slow.

- She's coming with us.
- Then I'm taking the dogs.

No dogs!

Bloody dangerous
riding with that.

- Blow your head off.
- You need to move.

Move, boy!

Wait, will ya? Wait!

Go the wrong way, if you want.
Them soldiers went this way.

- What's with that face, ensign?
- Sorry, lieutenant?

You've been looking like
a scared little girl all day.

- Drop it.
- Yes, sir.

Move, ya cunts!

Good choice, Ruse. A skeleton,
a simpleton and a midget.

- Well done.
- I had no choice, sir.

All the other convicts
are off finishing the bridge.

- We'd be faster without 'em.
- All respect, sir.

I can shine your boots,
make a fire, fetch your water

and run faster and work harder
than them old farts.

It appears the midget
has some balls, lieutenant.

There they go! Did you see?

- That's my black.
- What do you mean yours?

He's my guide, you fool!

Are you soft in the head?

You're traveling alone
with that?

I've lost him now,
thanks to you.

Them savages lit that fire.

They killed our sheep.

They would have killed the wife
and young'uns, too

if we didn't come home early.

Oh. Are you mad, woman?

You cannot go out there
on your own!

There's a war on, you know.

Aye, well, your funeral!

Jesus Christ Almighty!

Don't sneak up on me like that.

What you gonna do?
Shoot me or hang me?

Our people cleared that land

so we could hunt, get food.

Be quiet, boy.

Then you white devils
come put sheeps on it.

Told us to get off our land.

Now we got no food.
You kill us.

I heard enough.

Damn you.

You get what you deserve.

Where's the food?
I'm starvin'.

It must have fallen off.

- What are you doing?
- I'm getting us food.

What? Stealin' it?

- Boy!
- Yes, I'm stealin' it.

You go anywhere near that house
and I'll leave you here.

How are we gonna eat?

Maybe we can eat
that bloody horse.

Why are you black, boy?

You sick?

Leave him be, sergeant.

Charlie's a good boy.
Aren't you, Charlie?

Three more days
till we're up north.

Watch out.
He'll get you in your sleep.

They eat little ones like you.


Leave him alone.

He's just a boy.

Says he, the great protector
of children.

What'd you say?

Just makin' light, sir.
Just makin' light.

What's wrong, ensign?

Just thinkin'
of what happened, sir.

What we did.


Some Irish convict scum
trying to kill an officer.

He went for me with his musket.

The world will thank us for it.

The girl didn't die, sir.

- I'm sure of it.
- So?

Even if she didn't, who's gonna
do anything about it?

For all anyone knows

her husband killed the baby
in a rage.

Then he set upon her,
so she shot him.

Don't worry yourself, lad.

We could hang for it, sir.

This is the last time
you'll mention it, ensign

to anyone.

You were never there.
You don't know what happened.

And when I look
at your stupid face

from this point on

I wanna see
a permanent fucking smile.


Look on the bright side, sir.

Two months in Van Diemen's Land

and you're already
a baby killer.




If either of you do anything
to jeopardize this post for me

I swear I'll leave you
in the fucking bush to rot!

Shut it up or I will!

Come on, sweetheart.

That's the way.

They went that way,
five of them.

- Five?
- And a little one.

A kid.

Plus Uncle Charlie, them seven.

They go fast. Hardly no stop.

How long till we reach them?

Maybe catch 'em up tomorrow.
I don't know.

Well, can't we go a quicker way?

That way quicker way,
catch 'em up today.

But much more harder.
More bush, more..

Get them off!

Ah, get them off!

That's pipina.
They love you, them ones.

- Don't touch me.
- Help me!

Ah, they're big and fat.
They're full of themselves.



Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Where are you goin'?
- My husband's traveling ahead.

There's only army men
through here.

Your husband a soldier, is he?

I need to get to my husband.

So you said.

Where's your papers?

I'm a free married woman.

What sort of a husband
lets a woman travel out here

on her own?

Me and my mate, we're partial
to a bit of Irish cunny.

You stay here a while, there'll
be a decent coin in it for ya.

I wouldn't touch you
if my life depended on it.

Then show me your papers,
you Irish cunt.

When my husband finds out
what you said..




Every time
something bad happens

you're nowhere to be found.

I'm paying you to protect me!

No, you're not.

I'm showing you the way.

You protect yourself.

You're a bloody coward.

I'm not a coward.

Those ones who see a blackfella,
they shoot a blackfella.

Bit hard for a dead man
to show you the fuckin' way.

You take 'em, midget.
I gotta piss.


Come on Koa, come on.

Catch up, quick.

Look at you.

Please, my baby.

I've never seen one
like you before.

I'm not gonna hurt ya.




No! Help!


No! Help!

Look what I found!

I was takin' a piss
and she was right there.

What in the hell are you doing
bringing one here?

Where there's one,
there's ten, sergeant.

She was with a bunch
of dead ones.

She was just cryin' like this.
I swear they were all dead.

This was the only live one.

I just wanna try one, sir.
Just once.

- No.
- You've swived them before.

- Why can't I?
- Don't be disgusting.

Pack up!

Get rid of her.

I done plenty of things
for you, sir.

This is the least
you could do for me.

I'm sorry, sir.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I... I was just..

You can swive her first, sir.
I don't mind.

She's a beauty.
Look at her, sir.

This was the only live one.

Please let me go.

It's alright. It's alright.

It's alright. It's alright.

My baby!

He's on his own!

Shh, shh, shh.

My baby boy!

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Tie her up to the cart.

Any problems,
that's the end of it.

Let me go!


Let me go, you devil!

Shut it!

- They close.
- How close?

Get to 'em today
if the river not too high.

Hear that river?

- Close.
- Please can we hurry?


What are you doing?

River too high.
Get to 'em another day.

- You said we would make it.
- I'm not the boss.

- River the boss.
- Jesus Mary!

What are you doing?

We're not going across.

- We're going across.
- No.

River too high, too fast.


Come on, Becky.

Hyah! Hyah!

Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!

Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!


We need to eat.


You fuckin' little black devil!

Come back here!

Come here!

Plenty of food out here
I could get.

But I need time.

I can make spear to hunt.

Why don't you go
and do it now then?

Stop whinging about it.

You bloody white people.

Take me from my family.

Say, "You'll be like
white boy now.

"You don't hunt.
Don't do ceremony.

That's bad way.
You do it whitefella way."

Whitefella way is shit way.

- Now I got nothing.
- Poor you.

No. Not poor me.
Bastard England.

You think you're the only one
with problems?

I've looked after meself
since I was a kid.

Never knew me father.

Me mother worked herself
to an early grave.

I lived on the streets,
stole what I could to survive.

And now I'm here at the arse end
of the world with you.

Welcome to the world, boy.

Full of misery
from top to bottom.

I'm not your boy.

I'm mangana, the blackbird.

I'm Letteremairrener man.

I'm not "God Save The King"
like them white bastards sing.


The blackbird

Flying high over the mountains


I am Mangana

Flying high over the mountains

Stop it!

Sounds bloody awful.

My brothers, my father,
my uncles..

...all them dead.

Them whitefella shot 'em all
in front of me when I was a kid.

My mother, my aunties..

...all them run away.

Never seen 'em again.

Them whitefella take me
far from my family.

Chain me, beat me.

Say, "You be like
white boy now."

I don't never wanna be
like white boy.

Not now, not ever.

That big boss you following,
he's the worst one.

He make me take him
to blackfella

then he shoot the blackfella.

I'm not working for no bloody
whitefella no more.

I'm gonna go up north.

I'm gonna find my mother,
my aunties.

Go back home to my country

so you can't hurt me no more.

What do you mean me?

I didn't hurt your family.
I didn't do anything.

You England.

I'm not England. I'm Ireland.

- You bloody England!
- I'm Ireland!

Damn all the English to hell!

Every one of their sons!

May the pox disfigure them!

May the plague consume them!

Long live Ireland!

- You Ireland?
- Yes, I'm Ireland, you fool.

I feckin' hate the English.

I'm Ireland.

Bloody white people.

Oh I wish that I could see

Even if I lived just one week after

Our young king and
one thousand warriors

Banishing all the foreigners

Oh-ro You are welcome home

Oh-ro You are welcome home

Oh-ro You are welcome home

Now that summer's coming


No! Help!


- How was it?
- All yours.

Are you hurtin' her?

- What's your name, lad?
- Eddie, sir.

Where are your parents, Eddie?

Both dead, sir.

I can look after meself.

Can you read or write, Eddie?

No, sir.

I'll teach you
how to write your name.

Good spirits

please come help.


Look at you.

What are you doin' here?

All the way out here.

Fuckin' hell.

I found something here!

- Where are ya?
- Here!

- We see the fire!
- We're comin' over.

You fuckin' li..

Cooper? Cooper!

- Where are ya? Oi! Oi!
- Hurry.

Someone's gotta get us tucker.

Food. Remember food?

If I was gonna kill ya,
I would have done it by now.

Left you in the river
or with them devils last night.

Can you fix it?

Please? It's broken.

Not broken.

Just got wet
when you threw it in the river.

Where did you get that?

Stole it from the hut

where that bastard one
shoot at me.

- What?
- I'm smart.

You white ones
go fast, fast, fast

get nowhere.

I go slow,
get everything done.

I'm blackbird.

Just fix it.
We need to get going.

Hurry up.



Over here!


Mooltee! Over here!

Let me go.


Over here!

Let me go.



Did you find Koa?

Stop Lowanna!

He's on his own.

Be calm Lowanna.

Where's Koa?

Where's Koa? Is he safe?

We stop!

We stop!

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.




- Lowanna.
- Go, boy!




- All dead, were they?
- Where's Jago?

Forget him. He's done for.

Them tracks here, older ones.

- But these ones fresh.
- What? I don't under...


Coming back this way.

Going over there.

That big fella,
the soldier one.

Walk like this.

He went that way.

- When?
- Very close.

He's hurt. There's blood.




What are you doing?

I just wanted him to stop
is all.

If that one's your husband,
you need another husband.

- How do we get to him?
- I don't want no trouble.

Please help me.

You know what it's like
to have a whitefella

take everything you have,
don't you?

They stole something from me

and I need to get it back.

- You got the rum, lad.
- It's all I could get, sir.

It was the best thing
you could have got.

At least we can get drunk

You did better
than the sergeant.

He picked up bugger all.

No tears now. Be a man.

I'm not cryin', sir.
Tears are for girls.

You know how to work a pistol?

No, sir.

Would you like to learn?

Yes, sir.

Come and walk up front.

You can have some rum, too,
once we stop.


You walk back.

- Keep a lookout at the rear.
- Yes, sir.

That way if they attack again,
you'll be the first to go.

How long now, boy?
Get there tomorrow?

Maybe, boss.
Maybe day after.

I'll give you big reward if you
get us there by tomorrow, boy.

Go get Becky
and wait for me there.


I surrender!

You surrender?

You surrender?

I didn't mean to kill the babe.

I just wanted it to be quiet.



Please, I..

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please.
I didn't mean it.







Please, just..

Billy, please.

Don't leave.

I'll give you everything I got.

Becky's yours.

Do you know
how much she's worth?

Ten whole pounds.

I'll sell her for you
in Launceston.

Don't want her.

If you go back that way,
you won't last five hours

before some whitefella
tries to blow your head off.

Billy, please.

I can't be out here on my own.

What did he do to ya
to make you do that to him?

You're not lookin'
for your husband, are ya?

You don't have a baby no more.


This way.

Up there?

Not here?

Too many blackfella that way.

More fight, get killed.

No good.

This looks steep.

Blackfella chasing you now
'cause you killed that woman.

Blackfella not go up
mountain way.

Safer way. Quick way too.

Bad spirits here. Very bad.

- Quickly.
- Oi.





Come back here, you bitch!

When I find you..

...I'll not baulk to put a shot
in your brain!

You and your black monkey!

Fuckin' animals!

Big, big fight here.

This is where the big fella
got the spear

before you finished him.

Them soldiers shot a blackfella.

His family carry him away.

It was a woman.

You sure you wanna follow him?
Them mad devils.

I came here to do something
and I'm gonna do it.

You comin'?


You sure this is the best way?

Yes, best way.

I need to get to Launceston

Very important.

Do you understand?

- Answer him, boy!
- Shh.

Do you understand?

Charlie will get you there

to meet the big boss.
You'll be happy.

- Alright.
- Getting dark.

Stop now. Up early.

What are they doin'?

- Is that a shortcut?
- No.

No one go up that way,
not even blackfella.

She won't get through there.
Too steep.

We go long way around,
still get to 'em tomorrow.

It's getting dark.
We camp around here.

I'll get some food.
You wait here with her.



Over here.

Here. Tomorrow, wallaby.

Tonight, loiti.


You need to wash them clothes.

- Get the blood out.
- I'm alright.

What's your name again?



You Ireland?


I'm Ireland.

Ireland far away.

Charlie's your uncle?

Not like you say.

Charlie from a different family.

Plangermairreenner man.

He help me do ceremony.

Help me live our way.
Blackfella way.

Charlie my family now.

You have more family here?

If I saw them white ones

the ones that killed my family..

...I would have done
what you did.

Don't worry, my love.

Don't worry about us.

I wanted to come tell you
we're alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright.

We're all alright!

We're all alright!

We're all alright!

We're all alright!

Clare. Clare.

My auntie made a paste.

Make milk dry up, pain go away.

I can make it.

We stay, I do smoke ceremony.

I don't want you puttin'
your hocus-pocus on me.

We're leavin'.



That's my bird, the blackbird.

That's me.

You see that one?
He's a strong spirit one.

He'll help you,
show you the way.






My country up there not far away

Milaythina Kanamaluka

She is my country

She is my mother

Mangana the blackbird sings

He sings for me and my home

You will be safe now.

I am here with you.

Everything will be good now.

You can rest.

Got a good one.

Good little one.

Good one.

Good, good.


Stop, boy!

For Christ's sake, stop!

I haven't seen a path
this whole day.

- Where are we?
- It's very close now, boss.

Up this hill.

Here we are.

- What?
- You stay here.

Wait, where are you goin'?

You want all the land?
Here is the land.


Good view.

You'll be a king up here.

You need to get me
off this mountain

and into Launceston now.

Is long way from town here.

I'll come back later,
see how you're doin'.

- Right, boss?
- You fucking black prick!

Alright! Alright.

You've had your joke.



I'll give you whatever you want.

I'll give you 20 pounds.

You won't ever have
to work again, boy!

I don't want your money.

And don't call me boy,
you England bastard.

He... he - he was makin'
fun of ya.

You stupid fucking cunt head!

I don't know
if you noticed, Ruse

but we're in the middle
of fucking nowhere!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

There was only one person
who could have got us out of here

and it was
that fucking black cunt!

Two days.

Two days to a captaincy

or rot out here
in this hellhole.

That's the situation,
isn't it, Ruse?

You're our new boy, sergeant.

You got rid of our last one
so you're the new one.

You got one day to get us
to Launceston, alright?

I'll make you
the sergeant now, Eddie.

This pistol's yours.

Do you remember how to use it?

Yes, sir.


And if this boy puts a foot
out of place.. can shoot him.





What did they do to you?

Where are we, boy?


Nearly there?

I've got to start work in a day.

Get up.

- I don't..
- You don't what?

You don't what?


No, no.

What should we do, Eddie?

Kill him or let him live?


Kill him

or let him live?


Kill him? Yes, no?

- No, don't kill him!
- Ah!

You owe your life to a child.

Don't you ever forget that.

I'll help you get the men.

They're close.

Find 'em easy.

You go up there.

Follow around that mountain way.

They'll walk right to us.

We'll never get Becky
around that ridge.

Yes, we will.

We should leave it.

You saw what they did
to Charlie.

You gonna let them get away?

After what they did?

No time to be a bloody coward.

You don't know
what you're talkin' about.

I'll be the first to put a shot
in their heads myself.

Wait till they're close.

Not too high. They'll see ya.

He's seen ya!

You have to shoot!
He's seen ya!

What are you doing? Shoot!

We need to get up there now!


Stop! Clare!


I want this all to stop.

I wanna go home.
I wanna go home.

I'll get you out of here,
I promise.

- But we have to go now.
- We have to get Becky.

- We need to go.
- We can't just leave her!

- She's Aidan's horse.
- Shh, shh, shh.

She's my husband's horse.

I don't have anything else
from him.

You have to wait here.

No, don't leave me here.
I'm goin' with you.

I'm not jokin'.
I'm goin' on me own.

It's too dangerous.

I promise I'll come get ya.

Here, take the musket.
I don't want it.

Take it!

Please, make sure she's safe.

Lord in heaven.

Look who's here.

Get the horse!

I thought you were too good
for us, boy.

So what are you doing here,
you piece of shite?

Come all this way
to shoot at me?

Huh, boy?

Where is she?

I saw her.

Where is she?

She got shot. Ran off.

Mad bitch done for.

Good riddance.

Well, she'll die out here
without you, that I do know.

Hear that, you Irish whore?

You could have saved yourself
the trip

and killed yourself at home!

Your old mate didn't make it.

Did you know?

Had an accident.

He tripped and fell
and killed himself.


This one's gonna take us
to town.

Don't take your eyes from him.

If he tries to run,
you shoot like I showed ya.

- Aim for the heart.
- Yes, sir.

That's a good man.

Move, you dog.

Fuckin' move, you black bastard!

Get up!




I will shoot you myself, boy.

That's right!
Ireland's that way!

Keep runnin'!

Keep runnin'!

My baby.

My baby girl.

Shut it up or I will!

Shut it up now!

Big reward for you, boy,
when you get us to town.

Do your job, midget.

We made it.

We fuckin' made it!

Well done, boy.
You deserve your reward.

Doesn't he, Eddie?

Come on.

Give him his reward
and you win your freedom.

Be a man, son!

Give him his reward!


What did I tell ya?

- Jesus.
- I'm sorry, sir.

I'll shoot the next one, sir,
I will.

I'm sorry.

I thought you had somethin'.
You don't.

You're nothing
and you'll always be nothing

you worthless
little gutter rat!

No, sir, please.


You stay here.

As soon as I get to Launceston,
I'll tell the authorities

there's a convict on the loose.

That will get you
five more years.

No. No, please, sir, please!

I can do better, sir, please.

Please don't leave me here,

I'll shoot the next one, I will.


I'll shoot the next one, I will!

I'll shoot..


I can't stand
the fucking noise of it.

Where am I?

Where you going?


That way's Launceston.

This way's not much of anything.

Is this the main path to town?

Please may I ride
on the back, sir?

Please may I ride, sir?

Get away, you whore!

Get up on the back

and I don't wanna know
you're there.

Thank you.

Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up.

Giddy up, giddy up.

Stop! Stop!


Put your hands up
and walk in front.

Just do it!

♪ And skinned so many
a whaler ♪

♪ You'll never shine
in Paradise Street no more ♪

Oi, where you headed
with this..

Shut up, will ya?

Where you headed?

Up to our farm a ways.

This one's been stealing
our supplies.

Fuckin' scum. We caught
these ones near town.

Where is your country?

I'm Letteremairrener man.


Shut up!

We are Panninher men.

Jibber-jabber, jibber-jabber!

Letteremairrener are gone.

What do you mean gone?

Your people are all gone.

They're dead.

Our people too.
They're all dead.

I said shut your bone box!

You killed them all!

Shut it.

No! No!

You white men
kill everything you see!

Shut it!

You take our land!


You take our women!


You are devils!

You are devils!

Did you see 'em drop?

We could do your one, too,
if you like.

No! I want my husband to fix it.

- Suit yourself then.
- I want a trophy, Davey.

- You promised me a trophy.
- Shut up, Thompson.

I want a head.
Give me the head!

Alright, alright.

You mad bastards.

Come on, Davey.

- Oh.
- Oh.

Move, you dog!

Oh, steady, boy. Whoa.

I'll kill you
if you touch the black.

I'm not gonna touch the black.

You look a fright.

You should come for a wash
and a feed.

- Oh, dear Lord, Harold.
- Shut up, woman.

Jump in back.

Thank you.


Come up here.
Eat with rest of us.

I said come up here
and eat with rest of us.

This is my country.

This is my home.

Whoa. Steady, boy.

Here we are then.

Get what you need here
and get out.

He'll be fine with you.

But without you..

Not with the way things are now.

Don't give yourself more trouble

than you've already had.

Thank you.


You don't go away from here.

If anyone tries to hurt you

you come straight
into the store.

This is for emergency.

Impressive that you made
that route without a native.

I've spent years
civilizing this land, sir.

It's in the blood.

Well, we'll be happy
to have you over for a drink

when you're ready.

- Bring the sergeant.
- Very happy to, sir.

I don't buy stolen property.

They were a gift.

Where are your papers?

Are you going to take them
or not?



Billy! What are you doing?



Jesus Christ.

Don't you ever fucking die?

Look at ya.

You and your black boy.

Ruse, go find a constable.

Tell him we have
a thievin' whore in our midst.

Tell him she stole me horse
and tried to kill an officer.

Yes, sir.

If I see you again,
I'll kill you myself.

Go back to that spot
and stay there.

I mean it! Go!

You can tell me to shut up.

You can threaten to kill me.

But it won't do nothin'.

That girl you raped..

...whose husband and baby
you murdered..

...that girl died.

And you can't kill
what's already dead.

This woman's a lyin' thief.

She's just upset
because I caught her

trying to steal my horse.

I'll have you arrested,
you drunken whore.

I'm not your whore.

I'm not your nightingale..

...your little bird, your dove.

I'm not your anything.

I belong to me and no one else!

When all the women are raped

when all the men and babies
are killed

what will you do then,

Get out, madwoman.
You're not allowed in here.

Look at you.

All dressed up and shiny.

Like butter wouldn't melt.

- The big strong man.
- Someone get her out!

What's the matter,
little soldier boy?

Didn't your mammy love ya?

♪ I wish I were on yonder hill ♪

♪ It's there
I'd sit and cry my fill ♪

♪ And every tear
would turn a mill ♪

♪ Is go dte tu
mo mhuirnin slan ♪

♪ I'll sell my rock
I'll sell my reel ♪

♪ I'll sell
my only spinning wheel ♪

♪ To buy my love
a sword of steel ♪

♪ I wish I wish
I wish in vain ♪

♪ I wish I had my love again ♪♪

Clare, we have to go.

Please, Clare,
we have to go now.

Do you have ones like them?

Men like them.

Blacks like them.

Like that bastard boss man?

Sometimes we have.

Bad ones.

Full of bad spirits.

And what do you do with them?

Our old people
will talk to them..

...try to get 'em see good way.

Ask our ancestors for help.

Do ceremony.

And if they don't listen?

If they keep being bad,
how do you deal with them then?

- How do you fix them?
- Fix them?

We don't fix them.

We kill them.

All good now.

Sleep now.

You rest.

Mangana is looking after us.

Good spirit is with us.

You rest.



You rest.


This is my spirit, my ochre

Paint my colors

I am Mangana, the blackbird

Very strong now

No more bad now

Ochre tells me to be strong





Help! Help!

It's done now, Billy.
It's over.

We can go.

Billy, no!



Billy. Billy.

No, no, no, no.

Hey! Hey!

What's happening?

When we get to the river,
just follow it all the way.

I'm still here,
you white bastards!

I'm still here!

And I'm not going nowhere!

I am Letteremairrener man

Back on my homeland

I am with my mother and my father

We are strong

I am home!




The sun

the sun

my heart.

Summer will come

and the grass will grow

Green leaves will sprout

on top of the trees

My true love will come

at the break of day

And he'll strike up a song

out of love for me