The Nest (2002) - full transcript

Laborie is a high-flying officer in the French special forces. Her mission is to escort Abedin Nexhep, a godfather of the Albanian mafia. Charged with heading a wide-reaching prostitution network, this formidable criminal is due to stand trial before a European court. During the transfer, killers hired by Nexhep set up an ambush to free their boss but Laborie and her men manage to escape. After a frantic chase, the officers seek refuge, with their prisoner, in a warehouse located in the heart of an industrial park. There they meet up with a gang that has come to steal computer material. Meanwhile, Nexhep's killers surround the warehouse?

The pepsis, or "tarantula hawk",

has a 5-inch wingspan
and is one of the world's largest wasps.

Feeding mainly off carrion,

the species is also fond of the nectar
of certain Amazonian flowers.

Neither a predator since it only kills
to house its offspring,

nor a genuine parasite,

the pepsis is a member
of the parasitoid family.

After carrying the spider
to its nest,

the tarantula hawk waits for
the paralysing toxin to do its work.

It then lays its eggs
inside its victim's body.

The tarantula becomes
a living larder

as the larvae devour it from inside.



We're landing soon.

Thank you.

Hi there.

Not just friends, brothers.

How's the baby?


Beautiful, like her mother.

Keep it.

How are the girls, Giovanni?

Our oldest is a pest.

She always wants to sleep
with me and Gina.


What is it?

The file on that bastard.

We tracked the fucker to Germany.

The shit's going to hit the fan
at the trial.

Hi, Tony!

Let's go, guys.

Not for me.

I don't want it.

Can't I come too?

That's your brother's decision.






Fuck, you're always late.

Even Spitz is here.

So do nights, asshole.



They just joined the freeway.

Tomorrow sees the start

of Abedin Nexep's trial
at the Strasbourg Central Court.

As the alleged head
of the main Albanian mafia clan,

Abedin Nexep goes on trial
for organized prostitution,

gun running, torture and rape.

Over to Gilles Dupa,
our Strasbourg correspondent.

In Eastern Europe,

Nexep is at the heart
of huge mafia network.

His arrest,
while on business in Germany,

was made possible
by the flawless cooperation

of European police forces
in Germany, Italy and France.

Symbolically, the trial
is being held in Strasbourg.


Freaking out?

What's your problem?

You're the chick here.

You're just along
to work the keyboard.

But if you behave, maybe...

Selim, you stand no chance.
I don't get off on your type.

Go, Martial.

Slavery is the word for it.

They're trapped
in a totalitarian system

that deprives them of freedom.

We've had cases of girls with numbers
branded onto their skin.

They're treated more as merchandise
than as people.

One of the girls broke down
and tried to escape.

They kneecapped her.

It was horrible.

You've got a gun?

You're crazy.

Do Nasser and Santino know?

Get off my back.

You're shit-scared, huh?

You're the one freaking out, Nadia!

You big woman.

Lower the light, Nadia.

Martial was a great idea.

Don't worry, Santi, trust me.

No more jail cells for us.

We'll get our place in the sun.

Network down


Lieutenant Laborie,

there's an accident
blocking the freeway up ahead.

Switch itineraries. Call HQ.


And now, here come the firemen,

the Paris firemen

who have paid a heavy toll
in recent months.

A fireman died on July 7

when a pipe exploded
in the 13th district of Paris.

Two others last weekend...

Hey, Louis,

why didn't you stay a fireman?

They're all regular soldiers...

Cut it out!

It rots your guts.



Fuck you.

Fuck you too.

Take the ammo.

I'll waste him!

He's tied up.

Shut it! Stand up!

Get up!

Stay calm, okay!

– Freeze!
– Take my gun.

– Take my gun, okay.
– Freeze!

Take the fucking gun!

Just take the gun.


Take the gun, fucking take it!

Take it!

Don't move. Get out!

Stand up.


– Don't try anything.
– We're not heroes.

Okay, Nasser?

Tied them up nice and tight?

My pal Martial's good, huh?
Fucking acrobat!

Don't forget you're our lookout.

That means
we're counting on you, okay?

More roadworks?

They just resurfaced it.
How do I get home?

Listen here,

let me through or...




Almost there. Keep going.

That's it.

P20... P21...

Santa's come to call!

Fuck, there's a bundle in there.

Two bundles.


Sir, we've lost satellite contact
with the APC.

Very good, sir.


Holy fuck...

HQ to Anemone 12.

HQ to Anemone 12, do you copy?

Sir, this isn't a computer problem.

Get Commander Girès.

He's at the Paris parade, sir.

– Call Colonel Fabre.
– He's in Paris too.

HQ to Anemone 12, do you copy?

There's someone at that warehouse.


Something's heading this way.
I bet it's the heat.

Shut up. Calm down.

It's the heat!

This way!

Get up here!

Anemone 12...


It's a SWAT team!

– No way.
– Who then?

Over there!

Get down!


Police! Freeze!

Who the fuck's outside?


No, don't shoot!

– Hands on your head!
– Don't shoot!

Hands on your head!

Santi, it's my fault.

No, it's not your fault.

Hands up!

– Your gun.
– Cool it!

Take the guns.

It hurts.

It fucking hurts.

I'm scared.

We'll be okay, we're tough.

We'll make it.

Hold me, I'm scared. Hold me.

I'm holding you.

Let me.


I'm here.

Don't move. You mustn't move.

Grip my hands.

The other one.

Feel anything?

Not a thing.

I'm fucked.

No, you're not fucked.

You're not fucked, okay.

I'll never walk again!

I don't want this.

I'm here with you.

You know I don't.

It's okay.

I'm cold.

– You're tough.
– I'm cold.

– He's dead.
– No, unconscious.

Don't worry, I won't let you down.
I promise.

I'll get the first-aid kit.


What do those guys outside want?

What do they want?

A prisoner.

What the fuck do we care?

Just let us take our van and go.

They wouldn't agree.

That's our problem!

We can't move Nasser like this.

We have to get out!

Selim's right.

If you move him, it'll kill him!

Get it?

Nasser's my buddy too.

But we must save our hides.

He said we had
to if there was trouble.

Look, he's a dead weight,
he's fucking dying!

You've got a fucking nerve.

And no memory.

If you want to split,
go on, take the van keys.

You want to go with him, Nadia?

Go, you deadbeats.

– It's not that, Santino.
– What then?

I'm not leaving him.

I'm staying too.

So what's your decision?

In any case, he's not the problem.

The guy in the van is.

He's the one those hoods want.

Hey, fuzz!

You've got a gun?

– Let the guy free.
– No way.

– Shoot, bitch!
– Don't push me.

Lower the gun, Selim!

This way!

Get up there.

This way.

Get in.


You hear me, Giovanni?

I hear you.

Someone must have heard the alarm.

I hope so.

Who are the dead guys?

He's freezing.

You'll be okay, pal.

I can't feel a thing.

Don't move him!

Say when it hurts.


Santi, please, let's go home.

We can't move you, man.
We can't.

– I want a blanket.
– I'll get one.

I'll get you a blanket.

It's cold here.

What's he up to?

We have to get him out.

It leads to the canal.

It may be too narrow.

This guy's a fucking acrobat,
in the air or underground.

Right, Martial?

– You're wounded?
– I'm okay.

Let me see.

Your friend's not going
to last long.

He needs to be somewhere
safe and warm, like the video room.

Just a graze. It needs cleaning.

Here, this is for him.

How much ammo do you have left?

Look outside. What do you see?

Nothing. Why?

They've taken the bodies.

Everything has to look normal,

so no one can suspect
what's going on here.

Fuck you.

You don't scare me.

Don't expect any pity
from me either.

Know how to use this?

Hand it over.

We need everybody.

Take this.

No funny business.

Any trouble and you deal with me.

Oh yeah?

Know how to use this?

Safety catch off,

check it

and aim with the laser.

Got nothing better for me?

It's good enough.

Fucking bitch.

What is this?

We're all in the same shit here.

Hey, you up there.

Come down.

You need to put this on.

– Got any weapons?
– A rifle.

Fetch it.

No! I'm just a watchman.

– Got a gun?
– No.

– Take this.
– No, this isn't my problem.

I'm just paid to watch the monitors.

– What's your name?
– Spitz.

Make yourself useful.

Put this bulletproof vest on.

If you see anything move,
let me know.

Get out of there!

Careful, mind his head.


Turn him round.

Down we go.

– Okay?
– I'm letting go.

Where's Martial?

He's gone to get help.

Hang on in there.

Don't worry,
we'll get our place in the sun.

What the hell?

Come back, Spitz!

Don't shoot!

I surrender.

I surrender!

Don't shoot.

I'll get you out, fucker!

Out of the way!

– Put him back in the van.
– Move!


Stand back!

Lower the gun!

Lower the gun, I said!

Give them their chief.
This has to end.

– Get back in.
– Shut the fuck up!

They get him back or I waste him.

Know who this bastard is?

He's raped and tortured
hundreds of women.

I don't give a shit.
That's not my problem, okay.

Get it?

No, you don't get it, Selim.

– He stays put.
– What's up with you?

Put him back in.

– What?
– Do as she says.

What the fuck?

Put him in the van.

What is it?

Fucking hell.

Let him go!

That your kid?

Really cute...

How old?

Twelve months.

I've got a kid too.

Mom's raising him back home.

How old is he?


He's really wild.

How about his father?

I decided to go it alone too.

I never decided anything.

Oh shit...


This can't be happening.

They're regrouping.

They're going to massacre us!

We can't stop them getting in.

We need to gain time.

We should pull back up here.

We have an all-round view.

No, there's no protection here.

So what do we do?

No idea.

A wall of containers...

They'll block the bullets.

We can fire through gaps.

We'll build up a wall.

Block every exit and bay.

It'll slow them down.
No one gets in or out.

I have two magazines.

A box of cartridges.

I've got eight bullets.

That won't get us far.

So we try?

You stay here.


I'm coming out with you.

We'll need more chains.

Set that one down
and get the forklift.

To the right!

I'll be back.

I swear.

I'll get a fucking ambulance.

You know, Selim,

you did good.

I screwed up.

You didn't.

Take good care of her.

We need you, you know.

Don't worry.


Hook up...

Hook up, dammit!

It'll never end.

It'll never fucking end!

Okay, okay...

I want to go home.

You will.

It's my fault, it's my fault...

I'm staying here.

I'm watching this fuck.


You're the slut.


when I was a kid,

a bastard like you beat me up

then used me as his cum rag.

I swore if I found him,

I'd smash his balls.

What're you doing?

That fucking hurts.
Can't you see?

It's no use.

Piss off.

Let's go down!

– We have to go.
– I'm staying with him.


– You have to go.
– No!

– Go with them!
– No!

We have to get to the basement.

Leave me a gun.


– Four bullets.
– Come on!

Piss off!


Go, Santi.

Get out of here.

Just go, Santi.

Come on!

I'm fucking dying!

you won't leave me alone, huh?

Cut the crap, you're alive.

Come on.

We're all gonna die.

The sun, brother.

The sun...

U-turn at 6!

Come on.

Spread it all around.

Here they come!

– They're here!
– Get in there.

What the fuck are you doing?

Don't worry, I'll be okay.

I'll be okay.

Move along, sir.
You're in a secure zone.

It's an inferno in there.

Bodies everywhere.

Anyone alive in there?

Don't stay here, kid,
it's dangerous.


My respects, Colonel.

– We've found survivors.
– Where?

Stay back!

Subtitles: Ian Burley

Subtitling by C.M.C.