The Negotiation (2018) - full transcript

An ace crisis negotiator faces off against a cold-blooded hostage taker. Over the course of 21 hours, she attempts to crack his unusually calm demeanor and force him to reveal his motivations.

In Rather translated it by Andi'sTujhuh from the site

Welcome family day this month ...

Many performances and cultural events for the family.

The first in the Park around the Han River ...

Yeah, wait a minute.

Recently we can message ...

The question of the latest news.

We received the news. Currently, Seoul

The hostage case.

We received the news of the rescue process hostage.

And will be reporting to you directly from the Yongjae-Dong

Reporter Lee Jeong Young

Reporter Lee Jeong Young

Please all backward. Please work your understanding.

Really be crazy.

Day off my ass? The base!

For a short while.

Excuse me pass briefly.

Miss Ha Yoon Chae

It clothes dating or what?

Who's talking I'd like a date.

Kengapa not changing course? Many of the cameras.

Instead of you telling me to hurry up.

For a short while.


Are you exhausted?

Look, Yes?

But just a glass of soju mix beer.


Hurry up

Fast there.

You came.


You know a lot of cameras, fall dress this way?

Don't, don't.

So what is similar to a police officer.

What is it matter?

You are indeed driving me crazy.

So what about its development?

Sanderanya a man and woman ...

The abductor of two Southeast Asian men age 30 years.

Portable knife-armed.

The other talk the language of the United Kingdom.

Korea language can not completely

Mangkanya I'm calling, right.

Another request?

He said asked us to send a helicopter to escape.

Like the robber amateurs.

Ways from which they wear.

Chairman tim how?

Is being negotiated.

We just want to ... Not, not, it. ..

I want to help you.

Please calm down, calm down first.

Clear the way

Prepare just helicopters

If not all of the hostages will die.

They will all be dead

United Kingdom language he fucked up, right?

In there?

The Chairman of the team of Jung.

He has come

Miss Yoon Chae, why ...

... Why here?

Instead you off?


A holiday that you specifically give it to me.

No. Ah ..

It's not a problem, a question of liburku.

But ...

How is the situation?

What else we do, from the last I've told you everything.

Including helicopter

If so, let me get out first.

Do not have to.

Special forces

Ready to ambush

What you want to communicate with it?

There is no other way again

(Rapport)-is communication between negotiators and the kidnappers.

Direct only.

Give me 30 minutes.

I try to communicate with them.

Half an hour away.

Ha Yoon Chae began Penegosiator to negotiate.

I negotiator, Ha Yoon Chae.

Police from the Office of Seoul.

I will help you.

You simply say you want?

-Wow, English he's great. -Do not prepare the helicopter, we all die.

-Unlike you-there would be no who are going to die today.

I'm not going to lie you.

- What did he say? - I promise to you.

You can all go safely from here


There was no gun.

Clean the way, prepare the helicopter

Otherwise, the hostages will die.

We all have to die

When is the helicopter coming?


As soon as possible.

I've done the best.

Can I come in?

Too noisy here.


What are you doing? Yoon Chae Ha ...

Be careful not to get in, shucks !!

I can not see the situation inside from here.

Eun Woo, now you're responsible for voice communications.

Yes. Be careful.

Hey, silent do not move.

Basic, shucks it.

Dwell there.

Help me.

Do not worry

Ku make sure you get out safely as soon as possible.

Only helicopters that we want.

Only that. If not, we die here.

All right.


Did you see any cars outside?

The car will take you to the helicopter.

But I have to ask permission from my boss.

I had no right to make a decision.

So I beg you.


We show the evidence on the boss.

What is the proof?

Why do not you release the hostages.

Perhaps the first lady.

These hostages also have their own families.

Just like you.

Damn, what is it?

Police tried to free the hostages kidnapping in Yangjae-dong

I already said that no special forces.


They are just an ordinary policeman.

They only check the current circumstances, that's all.

Basic you a liar.

Helicopters told here, right now.

How about now?

What do you mean by that?

We wait.

It was not just negotiate now.

If you do not sign now, the hostages in danger.

Hai, head of the team.

Help me.

Wait a minute.

If you are willing to release the hostages

Ready to fire.

Help me.

Do not

Not like this


Help me.

Be patient ...

... you'll be fine.


Bangkok, Thailand

to ~

Turn left to the left

It is also true

What happened?

Lee Jang Mo reporter

Do you know me?

TMD feed

Of course, only after you figure it out.

Remove bastard


Get fast

Seoul Local Police Agency

Where are you going?

Go away.

thank you

Do not come to work today?

Hey, please, take care of your own people.

People have a good life in the United States, because they bring people back.

- It's time to ask for help ... - Hi

As in.

Oh Ha Chae Yoon.

Resignation letter

What is this?

What is wrong with you?

Can you get out, let us talk for a moment?

Is it because of what happened yesterday?

I do not blame you, why do you still remember?

See someone

before my eyes

I could not stand that sort of thing.

There are other survivors because of you.

You do not think about it too?

Let me break my head.

I was not fit for the job




I ...

Wait a minute

You break it first.

Wait I return from abroad.

Later talking again.




I go first, yes.


- Ha Chae Yoon - What happened?

Hey, why are you just lift the phone?

How many times I call shucks?

Emergency, emergency.

I know, it seems to be coming soon.

I do not remember.

- Come here, you - Oh here, you.


Oh yes.

It is here.

It seems like a minute.


Damn, really so crazy to me.

How did you ...

If you do not call, you can run other people's homes.

New shower?


- Where's your uniform? - Uniform

Dress up, do not you wear it?

Why dress up?

Why did you go there?

I'm wondering, where your uniform?

Do not you know I've resignation?

Have not received it?

Call director, director.


Chief of the Local Police Department call, shucks.

rapid wear

Where is this?

I do not know.

I just diduruh coming soon.

Oh, you came.

Police from the Local Police Department, Ahn Hyuk Soo.

If you?

I am a representative of the Local Police Department Seoul, Yoon Chae Ha.

Whose name Ha Yoon Chae.

I Secretary of National Security, Jae Gong.

I, Ha Chae Yoon

- I'm from the Seoul National Police Hall ... - Oh, yes.


Who is responsible for summarizing the case?

He suffered ...

be called

Very fast

- You can follow up first. - Yes?

Expert negotiations, Chae Ha Yoon



Just sit there

Who am I talking to?

I do not have time to explain now.

- No, it's ... - Do not talk nonsense.

You still have to answer the phone first.

- The camera here - Yes.

Starting connected.

in the call

Why can not? Damn.

Can ya, what can not it.

Explain you see me?


I introduce myself first.

Namaku, Min Tae Gu.

I, Ha Yoon Chea.

His introduction should be clear.

I'm from Seoul Regional Police Department, the negotiation team, my name Chae Yoon Ha.

Said you the most clever negotiator yes.

I was one of the negotiators.

They are beautiful praise.

You're pretty, anyway.

But not too pretty.

How many people didekatmu?

What is it...

You know the one?

When Miss Korea beauty will not unbeatable.

Chest, waist, buttocks.

End the call



What happened?

Oh, what hang in there?

I hang up.


What are you doing?

Yoon Chae Ha, what's with you?

He would call again.


I always have to know what is going on now.

can respond


in the call

Oh, this ...

He called again

Answer the phone first

We will explain the situation to you later.

Do not lift

As soon as he was led by his nose, he could not negotiate.

wait wait

I have spoken will explain it to you later.

You answer the phone first


What do you want me to do?

That we have to resolve the current situation here.

Please call you later.

End the call

Cover again

It was very large

Please explain the situation beforehand.

The other party to call again.

leader Han

Let's pick it up by the Chairman Han.

Should I yaa?




I Han Soo Yeon, from the Foreign Section of the Seoul Police Department ...

Geez ...

- That's ... - Bring me the gun.

Why is the team leader there?

Shout them out first.


Smile with two fingers.

Two fingers.

You think I'm toying what.

Tuan Min Tae g

Mr. Min Tae Goo, we have not started to negotiate about.

We still ...

Tuan Min Tae g

Team Leader Jung

Hey, you're lucky today.


Tuan Min Tae g

Can you talk to me?

- Mr. Min Tae Goo - What happened? Are broken?

Even if you're busy

Very rude on the phone.


But this courtesy

What you should obey?

It seems like this is not the time to say it now.

165 34 24 35

Questions you asked just now

Oh, sizes.

Oh, it looks like one.

After determining the date of association

Prohibited Sunday dinner

Team Leader Jung

I really appreciate it.

Is not everything will be pulled down?

I always feel comfortable


What do you want to drink with me?

Of course

But if there is a demand, I can mention it to me.

The request will be told later

Before that,


Can we talk frankly?

Of course

There is no concealment

Do not worry

The intention of saying this

There is no hiding together, honesty

Can you do it?

Can you?


What is wrong? Whether the signal is broken?

Here ...

I'm listening

Indeed, whether it be nervous?

If you want to talk honestly

You can pick up the gun first?

Based on such a grim environment

I'm afraid is not good to speak honestly.

If you can not talk

Do you want to give the Team Leader Jung?

Please give me a chance, let us

Do not choose to give up

Giving you a chance to not give up

This is true art.

Then you talk about who's watching our conversation process

If you take the gun, I'll tell you.

It was not a school student's basic skills.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Police Department, Pimp. Han Soo Yeon

Oh, the aunt who was that?

Still have it?

Seoul Police Department, Director Wen Fuda

Still have it?

Researchers responsible for managing screen

And the police officer that I do not know.

No other? Larger executive

Do not say that the secretary Kong also attended.

There is no higher than the position of director

The director is the conductor of this negotiation leader.

- Nona Han Chae Yoon - or.

Look at me well

If we want to have a good

Can not lie, let us know.

Yes, of course

Very nice, trust me once.

thank you

- I said there were other people there ...

Yes, we have to eat.

Let us discuss here, I'll see you later.

If you have any needs, you can also mention it now.

Because we also need time to prepare

Oh, you can not take a decision.


Not to say hello to the team leader Jung.

The team leader, are you okay?

You unwittingly invoked.


Ha Chae Yoon

From now on, you need to control the situation.

Follow these guidelines to the site, take your time, step by step, you know.

Do not worry about seniors

You'll be back home in the evening.

According to the site guidelines, the scene ...


Pursue the truth, do not forget

After dinner, I'll see you again.

Reporter Lee Jang Mo was interviewed a week ago.

Recent crime against Korea in Southeast Asia

And unfortunately kidnapped to that place

The leader of the kidnapping Min Tae Gu.

Mainly based in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok

Do something to surprise the world

Can be understood as the leader of an international gang

Criminal organizations throughout Korea

They are the largest and most brutal organization

Also ranked in the black list of foreign affairs of our

Three days ago, a handful of employees and a Korean daily

Police Chief Tim Jung appointed as the leader of the hostage negotiations

Secretly went to Bangkok

Because Min Tae Gu asked them to go to Bangkok.

On the way to the agreed location

Leader Team Leader Jung unfortunately kidnapped

It must be said that there are no plans for negotiations altogether.

this Gits

in a nutshell

I received a notification.

Now there are two cards.

a journalist and a policeman

I was thinking about how to use these cards.

- You think about it ... - stop

After three days, early in the morning.

Suddenly show us the leader Team Leader Jung

Ask us to call Ha Yoon Chae.

This case is yet to be announced by the media.

We asked Korea to suppress temporary Daily

Additionally, Qingwatai very impressed with this case.

Not that you care.

Consider the safety of foreign nationals

And the kidnapping of a police case ruling

This is a serious problem.

In fact, according to a plan coordinated military and police operation today

Air Force Special Forces have been dispatched


Here is an area where pirates and rebels often appear Philippines.

Thailand Malaysia Indonesia

The areas in which the three countries are weak in control

It is understandable that the Party Yutai Jiuyi

Also kidnapped island as a hostage

Externally, it is not based on the Thai border.

However, based on support from the government of Thailand

Would secretly carry out a military operation plan hostage rescuers

Hey, we're here to delay the time.

Then special forces rushed in to rescue the hostages.

Do you understand?

How long do I have to put off?

Implementation of the combat time is set until 10 pm local time.

According to our time, it's midnight.

Now at 10

Calculated properly, it will be 14 hours.

Now the president is also very concerned with this issue.

Not only overseas operations that send regular military special forces

Also fighting for the help of the Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, we also have to borrow a reconnaissance aircraft that is supported by the US military.

ä »» There is still a long way to go.

How could I do that?

You can do it.

Ã¥ ???? scare

Help me to contact my team members.

Over the Indian Ocean 14 hours before the start of the battle


Within three hours, you will arrive at Naval Station Thailand.

Before the tide, standing there.

Take warships and infiltration inside the island

Implementation time combat is

22 pm

This combat is the image code

Right time

The time now is 8:05.

Three two one full point

Look at this

Tae Gu Yan is a foreigner.

Is that true?


Obtained British nationality a year earlier.

The English name is Richard.é ?? μ

As far as I know, I have acquired British citizenship on behalf of the investment project.

this bastard

It will be a brainstorming point.

Why does not he have a message from her family?

He was an orphan

I'm going to be alone in foreign countries.

Virtually no domestic information

That person

Who are the people who stand behind Min Tae Gu?

Eighty percent are foreign colleagues who met when they are abroad

Nothing except Korea

It is estimated that as a hostage situation

Yes, it should not be a hostage situation.

What does that mean?

Ah, called the hostage situation

Especially by the hostages, I want to get what I want.

The so-called non-hostage situation is

Only anger

Ah ...

be called

I can not negotiate with police uniforms when I was negotiating.

Let me bring him here.

Are you eating well?

What a blessing you.

But why did you not see the leader of the Team Leader Jung?

What kind of guy you like?

Like that

Ability personality appearance, etc.

Honest people like â ???? â ????


You really get to know

People from a young age often say that I have reiki

Then think what the outcome of these negotiations?



I think it's impossible

I think it's possible

Because you're not a fool

I want to see someone

Can you call me?

Before that

Can I meet with Team Leader Jung?

Also, I just finished eating.

Then, choose a greeting.

The team leader, are you okay?

Yoon Chae Ha, I ...

How many have you eaten?

About 50 ml

Did I say that feeding so many chances to kill?


I think the leader of the team leader Jung little uncomfortable.

I sent someone to give him his medicine.

It would be better for a while.

Do not worry too much

Team Leader Jung

team Leader

What is that?

Halo ...

Please ...

Tuan Min Tae g

Do not beaten.

What are you talking about?

Could it be that you're not related?

You two have this relationship.

If you continue to do this

The room that we negotiate will be reduced

What room?

Here is going to hurt

I can meet you butuhankan.

unique window

What do I need in the end?

I have not said.

So please tell me about it.

You're looking for a long time

Daily Korean President Yin DongXun

I'll give you one hour.

Before that, I wanted to make life or death of Lee Jang reporter Mo.

a A???? I could not do it very quickly.

I also need to convince the leader of that name

Please help me.

One hour

Wait a minute

I do not know where he is now.

In addition, the traffic situation in Seoul is not possible.

Then send helicopters

Korea Daily, Presiden Yin Dong Yun

People here

- Presiden Yin Dongxun - Ya

I Fuda Wen, Director of the Seoul Police Department.

How much do you know about this situation?


You're listening to instructions, you can talk with ease.


I is a crisis negotiation team.

I am a Korean daily, Yin DongXun.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-That, please come here first - Yes

Can you change first?

Sit here

I want to take off my coat.

Just wear clothes

Give it to me

be called

We'll help you wirelessly.

Do not worry too much

If you do not respond well, just look at me.

Presiden Yin Dongxun

Ya, Aku Yin Dongxun.

You're younger than photos.

Very nervous?

Thank you

No, thank you.

 ¥ à ?? à ?? à ??  ??  ??  ¥ à ?? à ?? à ??  ??  ?? Di mana?

Hello, tell the reporter to come.

Do not ask the two to come.

Let me ask you a physical situation reporter Lee first.

Li Li, are you okay?

Yes, okay, president.

You should be happy, everything will be fine.

Thank you, President.

The atmosphere is very nice

However, President Yin

I did not notice the disappearance of the reporter Lee Jang Mo from Korea Daily.

Because the police department asked us to press while

So be careful

You say that the safety of reporters Lee Jang Mo is more important.


Because for us, it was more than just an exclusive.

We value the safety of reporters Lee Jang Mo.

Yes, of course, of course

But if both of them are very nice?

Yes, I have met occasionally since I joined the company.

Are you going to drink together?

Ya ya

What an exclusive representative of the reporter Lee Jang Mo?


June 2014

He exclusively reported the news that the military service time can be converted into credits.


The case of the death of the families of children Jeju Island 2015

Exclusive report like this

Wow, very clever.

What do you retreat?

Because of this case

I read the information reporter Lee again, I understand this.

That is not the level of understanding, but the back

If you tell anyone, I think you have the foresight.

It has been prepared in advance?

How is the family reporter Lee Jang Mo?

According to my understanding, I have a wife and a daughter in elementary school.

You met a good president? Reporter Lee.

Understand clearly

How many drinks reporter Lee?

Wine ...

Did you not hear what it was?

Total alcohol ...

How to drink reporter Lee Jang Mo?

It was ... I do not like to drink ...

I said, Did not you say that you have drunk?

Although I drink together, I do not know how much he is.

Because I need to put something first ...

Very good

People who sneak away


I call.

Ah yes yes

I want to see the pants later.


- Will be back later ... - Ah yes.


What are you doing?

Ah, this ...

Knowing that a newspaper reporter was abducted, is in the process of negotiation.

I still have the heart to play golf.

I said that I had made an appointment.

Yes, because there is an agreement at the beginning

Lee Jang Mo not your newspaper reporter.

What do you mean

Just be honest

If not, your life will be painful

Istrimu Bai Xijing, kan?

Elder daughter was studying in the US

His name is Yin ¤èÊI.

Yin Zhushan, a young daughter who is studying construction at Korea University

I was the director of the Seoul Police Department, Wen Fuda.

Please tell me.

I was the general commander of this negotiation.

Director, you must be careful.

What are your demands?


I told you to get in again when you came in.

Tuan Min Tae g

- We are ready for all possibilities, I want to talk to you ... - Wow

I told you not mix

I must say a few times that you can understand.

Now we're talking

Did not see it?

What do you think I'm funny?

What is the child?

Sorry Sorry

When I feel happy, I would be unobtrusive.

Can not change all the time?

Come on, President Yin.

Ya ya ya

Lee Jang Mo not a reporter at the Daily Korea.


Finally, ask again.

What Lee Jang Mo journalist yours?

Please take the gun

If you continue like this, no one can be solved.

Do you want my wife and daughter to sit in this position immediately?

Tuan Min Tae g

I think you misunderstand us.

Answer me Yin DongXun

Ha Yoon Chae let President Yin went out

Hurry and let her out

President Yin now fear.

Do not promise me in 3 seconds

Just smash his head





Please sit

Let us not deceive each other

Did not you say it?

I really do not know

We'll see.

I also see it.


I really do not know

Shut up, you really stink

I told you what the fool charge.

Tuan Min Tae g

Honest with one another

I want to say it a few times.

Tuan Min Tae g

Hey, pull out


sprinkled the blood

Basic're crazy.

What are you saying?

You are crazy ...

You're jealous of me, right?

Please close the lid first

You are crazy

You are crazy

Vulture No. 1 Here is a nest

Thanks to Thailand 9 hours before the start of the battle

Freshly dead pigeon

Change strategy

Repeat again

Change strategy

Transfer to sea now

Soon parachute, penetrate into the water

All the staff are well equipped

wear equipment

Who is Lee Jang Mo?

Akanku tell you later.

When is later?

After the hostages die?

Ha Chae Yoon

be called

Prepare first

Do not lift

You all know?

Lee Jang Mo not a reporter of Daily Korea.

Both know that, right?

Who is Lee Jang Mo?

Why did not you tell me who the Lee Jang Mo?

Ha Chae Yoon

From now on, they will talk to you.


Take him out


The group leader Team Leader Jung dies

Did you see the team leader to die alone?

Are you sad to be alone?

Take him out quickly




Please leave the crowd to go from here.

Me too?


From now on, we are responsible

I say this ...

What is going on?


How are you ...

Give me a

Oh, give

thank you

Lee Jang Mo disguised as a school of national identity

Sent to inquire about the organization Tae Gu.


Mr. Min Tae Goo is ...

North Korean spy?

arms smuggling

Given to the pirates of the Strait of Malacca

Domestic machine gun rifles and other weapons

Even bulletproof suit was not sold by him.

National Defense Institute knew this

I give status to Lee Jang Mo and send it to the enemy.

Why did not you say

Because I can not give tahukanmu for a long time.

You do not know about it, when you negotiate.

Will not provoke a sensitive nerve Mr. Min Tae Goo

Also helping to delay time

We are judged

What Mr. Min Tae Goo want?

We do not know

The boy seemed to have long plotted to kill the head of the team.

No one can blame you

You have tried our best

Sorry, we're late.

Ha Chae Yoon

Not finished

There must be other hostages

We must stop

that bastard

Let's get him

Chae Yoon Ha, what we catch him?

We do not Interpol and he was in Thailand.

First find domestic arms smuggling recently in Southeast Asia

Be sure to find clues about Mr. Min Tae Goo



Advanced age, look to see that President Yin again.

There must be something

Ha Chae Yoon

Ha Yoon Chae day

If you're good at making a claim, you will ...

Did you let the team leader Jung to lead the team?

Just go?


Ok, good, I know.

Ask anything, I'll call you.

I know

Which one are you?

Oh, nice to meet you.

I Cui Tianzhu from the National Institute of Justice.

I Park Jingmo.

National Hospital

Why did the police leave the National Court?

What is that?

Do not joke around anymore.

Everyone is a veteran

Quick cut topic

Lee Jang Mo is the camouflage of our national hospital

You know that.

Is that true?

If you make a mistake

Will be the opposite of the intelligence of a country

Oh, this is very ... scary.

Lee Jang Mo staff Restore to us.

How could anyone let me go?

Mount Shangri-La

What's this for?

Legal person there is you, is not it?

National Hospital completely different

Not parallel to the sliver


Shangri-La is a British company, what to do with you?

Why is the National Institute of Korea out?

I ... stranger

The problem is to buy and sell domestic weapons.

Lee Jang Mo officials also went to investigate this issue.


What is your purpose?


We made a deal

transactions what

Lock Lee Jang Mo

Annoyed arms sales

Give us all touchpoints

I'm not going to track the whereabouts again.

That means throwing rice bowl.

Will give me life, right?

Will one another

Try to avoid unnecessary damage


Do not waste your efforts to call Chae Yoon Ha ..

I want to negotiate with him.

Tuan Min Tae g

You are our time joking with you.

Give me a boy, a boy who smells

If I was afraid you would not do at all.

bring it

Is a mercenary organization called trap

Mr. Min Tae Goo is really not a normal person.

From Iraq, Libya, the Philippines, to Lithuania

He participated in the battle

But suddenly disappeared five years ago.

Arms smuggling flights Southeast Asia

Many transactions related to Mr. Min Tae Goo

But he is a foreign mercenaries

How did you get the weapons Korea?

In terms of scale

This is not petty squabbles.

Let's go

Ship-solving solution

Where to go

Ask directly


What would you do?

I smashed his head now, what would you do?

So you can not live.

You have to fire missiles from there.


What do you think we scared?

Boys Stinky

You've made a ghost, right?

We can give Lee Jang Mo but

You're going to finish


Bring in

say hello

Do not say hello?

I ...

Korea Institute of National Defense

- Give me the handle - No.

It's okay, come.


Talk to your uncle

There is no

What song we like to sing in the beginning?

No problem.



What are you doing?


Can not sing?


- Uncle Elephant - Uncle Elephant

His nose is hand

What should be given

Give cookies

Give cookies

Catch the nose

Is it wrong?

He said no


Where are you?

Hello, Mr. Min Tae Goo

Windy and sunny spring

Uncle elephant

Rise time across the Pacific Ocean

Miss Whale, see uncle elephant

Love at first sight

You're a man ashore

I am a beautiful woman in the ocean

Inborn, we'll get married.

God, my God.

God, where the wedding is the Dragon Palace.

The main wedding is Dr. Octopus

Piano was squid

Great applause

Go to the mother

Go, okay?

What do you want?


I see that I still have some cards.

I did not need Lee Jang Mo now.

Hello, feed, Mr. Min Tae Goo, you ...


Do not kill?

Now I'm going to call the river.

Or other

Lee Jang Mo neck

Here will be cut

Do you understand?

Oh, the colors, you're watching.

Stinky ... bye

30 minutes

If more than 30 minutes

Waiting Lee Jang Mo talk after death


During the Straits 4 hours before the start of the battle





Passengers who were arrested apparently are family

There were children


It seems that our brothers and sisters


Ha Chae Yoon

come on

Colors are Gu ...

Give me everything


Information about the handle

Mr. Min Tae Goo å ???? æ ???? © ¸ ç ?? ç ?? Any other

Share all


I know

From now on, I'm negotiating with Min Tae Gu.



No matter who is in the middle, do not enter.

As I walked in, I'll stop it.

You must be in need of our help

Did not I say that?

All information on the handle shared

be called

full retreat

I say what ...

It looks like you're very busy.

I have been waiting a long time.

Go out to dinner

Fellow dead, rice is still edible.


Because there are still some people waiting for us to rescue

Team Leader is dead, what's sad?

Team Leader Jung's death was because of me.

Because I'm not quite smooth

As ...

I am embarrassed to say it.

I missed an important point of beginning.


Why are you doing this?

Tae Gu Yan mood has changed

It is estimated that for children

Take the kids and mothers out

Father, do

Let's go, let's go.



Go next door to my mother

Very good.

Good health care


Mr. Min Tae Goo You were young when you were a kid?

Does not have fond memories of my family?

Parents or siblings ...

No nonsense

Ask questions that are worthy.


Call me again

Very good

Want to know?

Of course

NINE Electronics CEO

call him

So do you know why you came.

... give one hour of time

We've long hoped Min Tae Gu will find a president.

Mr. Min Tae Goo is also the CEO

British Virgin Islands company Bag

Min Tae Gu represent the National

Mount Shangri-La

Actually everyone is fluent Korean National

Founder of it is the president

Now this is a slap in the face.

But according to a message from the office of Lee Jang Mo, recently.

Fund selling pirate weapons have flowed there.

In a nutshell

That company was the first President since the beginning.

Used to avoid tax on the discounted price in the sale of weapons

So to say that the President is the President of Taejiu.

Arguably so

Tae Min Gu rights to stay in the United Kingdom is also based on the President.

However, Yan arbitrary Taiji weapon smuggling in the Straits of Malacca.

The relationship between two people that is broken.

With the President, he will report to the National Defence Institute, even if he offered himself.

50 million tax passes are also paid by the initiative.

Get the exemption from Government

That is to say, the President has betrayed Min Tae Gu.

In the position Min Tae Gu, I could think so.

HA Yoon Chae, we don't show anything else

It is very important to save Lee Jang Mo intelligence officers and families of the kidnapped.

I'm the same

It is nice

But where the President now?

Where do you think this building?

NINE Electronics Advanced Weapons Institute

All courts and financial support and equipment for the battle

Provided by the President of the

NINE Electronics Co., Ltd.

The second longest of the National Institute of Reasons

The Commander Of The Air Force's Lieutenant Son Jung Tae

Blue Building Security Director Joo Hwang I

Everyone was sitting.

You don't have to come in person

No, there is still time before a dinner party.

How about now?

More difficult than imagined

I feel that there is no other way.

I'm going to get it done properly.

How long from the beginning of the battle

There are still four hours

Four hours

If you can read it, it will be fine.

Finish before the dinner party

You don't have to worry about not delaying bisnismu.

I'll stay till the end

Secretary of the hole, you don't need to worry

No problem, don't be too concerned with me.

Must end soon

Interpreting | Andi'sTujhuh from the download site

Do you want to go far.

What you are in a hurry?

Also dragging home with mouth

Who are you?

I just got to say hello.

The husband, what?

Turned out to be a woman.

Hello, I just spoke with the President ...

Wait a minute

Let's talk about here.

Why are you still here? I've been told if I know.

What did you say? Besides, I can't remember what you're saying.

Let's go to the departments together, go to the Agency, remember that.

What did you find?

Instruct the President Yin to provide false identity on reporter Lee Jang Mo.

It is said that it is the second time from the National Institute of Reason, Park Renkui.

Even Hospitals Nationwide have been involved, this case does not seem small.

This is the Director of the central Seoul Police Hall.

The head of the National Institute of Justice Choi

This Pimp. Yeon Soo Han, Chairman

Please follow me inside.

People like what they think the president?

Close contact with me.

He's more like a businessman than a leader of the organization.

So I formed a small company together.

My fate has been run until now.

I heard that this operation is fully funded by yourself.

Is there a particular reason?

It felt like I was interrogated.

If you give me this feeling, I'm so sorry.

I have to know before to give a solution.

Contact us

I could cut off the president at any time, do not panic.

Calm and say


Hello, President.

You could just do this?

You do not need to do this step.

Very sorry

What do you want?

If you put it here uncomfortable

I feel uncomfortable here.

Swiss bank account at the Shangri-La is blocked.

I'll finish it for him soon.

Maybe because my name is missing from my account.

So this happened.

Thank you, President.

Nothing else?



Why did you kill Yeon Joo?


Yoo Yeon Joo live in Cave Liangcai

Do you have a ten day?

What are you talking about?

You really do not know Yoo Yeon Joo?

Can I finish my Swiss account for me?

Yes, that's enough.

But you say you do not know Yoo Yeon Joo, was a little uncomfortable.

Color Gu

Yes, the president

I do not know what you're playing.

Then you can get hurt.

I'm just asking what you did not know Yoo Yeon Joo.

How can you say I'm going to get hurt.

The police officer Ha Chae Yoon

I am in

What you do not know Yoo Yeon Joo?

Liangcaidong hostage case ten days ago

Is not that negosiasimu?

Yoon Chae Ha, do not worry.

Yoon Chae police officer, do you really know Yoo Yeon Joo?


True, remember?

How the case is closed?

Simple robbery?


What do you believe?

Did you see those paintings?


What the owner of the painting was found?

Is dead


No, master of painting was still alive.

Is this not sit next to you?

It is not true that he is one of the co-owners.

Yes, the president.

Lose, you're still writing this novel, what do you want?

President, you were pleased to help open a Swiss bank account.

There are also reasons why it is better to kill Yoo Yeon Joo.

You said Yoo Yeon Joo, I do not know who it is.

The police officer Ha Chae Yoon

What do you think I'm lying?



But our parents treated me as a liar.

it was terrible

Why do you think the president would kill Yoo Yeon Joo?

Where should I start?

Actually, Yoo Yeon Joo is caretaker secret treasure our president.

The President apparently does not remember

I introduce this to you before.

Hello, my name is Yoo Yeon Joo.

Please, please.

Said to be a secret vault but not a lot of money, that is, 2 billion in cash.

It is used to prevent emergencies

What is really valuable are a dozen paintings.

Each section has a minimum value of more than 10 billion

There is no better way to launder money than this.

So where hundreds of billions of lost assets?

Listen, do not believe me.

See what you say, the function is very important fighters.

However, there are a lot of functions, I guess I will not retire after life.

Public opinion always attack, there is no way to avoid it.

I said that I would come out of the new model year.

Why do you want to buy stocks that are now promoted?

Neither the sale or supply of new models

People will never know

As long as you pack it well

Leader Park, not yours, did you just say that?

Jung Tae, you think I do?

No, why are you suddenly saying that?

What do you think I'm trying to fill my stomach?

I do not mean this.

It is calculated, it will not let you bring your own.

We're all boat

our president

Do not believe anyone

He has a habit of recording important conversations with the company.

Now may also record

Did you clean the inside now?


Can we have a gang of people who have a president?

Recording file is difficult to be adopted as evidence

Particularly in this case

Need more conclusive evidence

Ok, then set a larger firm.

National Security Director Huang Zhuyi

Do not call me in an hour.

The hostages here to die.

The boy did not let go

Go out

Before removing Mr. Min Tae Goo and destroy data in hand

No one wants to get out of this room.

Do you understand what I'm saying?


Yoo Yeon Joo

The old man died at the university, is a professional accounting.

Working in the bank for one year after graduation

After that, there are no jobs.

I checked the account Yoo Yeon Joo, there is a huge amount of money in and out.

Information Min Tae Gu in South Korea too little.

There is definitely a relationship between the two, continues to find


Are they going to be a lover?

Ha Chae Yoon

How is this?

Head of the yellow room can not come because he wanted to attend a security conference president.

But deliberately, we must do our best to ensure the safety of the hostages.

How can I do my best

Not hear?

Yellow space does not come, the hostages were dead.

Please do your best

This is me

I checked the call history of the National People's Court.

Most calls are anonymous numbers, so I can not find it.

However, the number of leader Jung has appeared several times in this regard.


After the case Liangcaidong, Park Jung Jichang and his team do a few phone calls.

What is going on?

I think the team leader this person must be a remedy.

I investigate.

He paid the cost of hospital care and other debts owed by his wife.

How is it possible to determine?

I had to investigate.

I would go to the cave Gua Liangcai.

If you can figure out what to call you, call you.

How did you get here?

Let off some day, I'm going abroad for a few days to go back and say

- River Guard - really

The director wants to see you.

Must endure

Wait for two hours, the battle begins.

Director, Tai Tae Gu will make any movement, no one can predict

Because he has published his face, it is also possible to carry out suicide attacks.

This is the highest indication

T mengertiku?

Naka Island, Strait of Malacca 2 hours before the start of the battle

There is nothing in front

Receiving a signal shadow

You're alone.

Zhuyi Huang, head of the room, unable to reach now.

National Hospital was looking for

Have a president?

The investigation team is being interrogated

Zhuyi Huang, head of the room, would not come.

However, no matter what, the deal is a deal.

Tuan Min Tae g

The power that you want to compete

In this way, they can never win it.

Put hostage, give me the information.

I will help you.

Yoon Chae Ha out of the way

Co-owners, co-owners of paintings kept by Yoo Yeon Joo

And those who collect the painting for bribery

We need a list of people that

If I say it, you can not defend your position.

Are you worried about me, now?

Even if I've said

If the president really the owner of the painting

I must have been to the house Yoo Yeon Joo least once.

What is a monitor or watch a witness, there would be.

The President said that he did not know that Yoo Yeon Joo lie.

Yoo Yeon Joo case will be investigated back

Everyone involved in this case

And the robbers who have destroyed everything thoroughly investigated.

What needs to find evidence that the president had been killed?

Provided that there is the actual owner of the painting and payroll

Can kill them all

Seoul Police Department head was still there.


Called next to you.

Now, the words being said Chae Yoon Ha, you've heard it.

Yes, I heard it.

Now the president is being interrogated, really?


If I reveal the list of high-level

What are you going to investigate the case back Yoo Yeon Joo?

Even if it is not your wish

It should also be investigated back

It is the position of the police public.

Yes, it is true.


You're looking for a police hostage

Wait a minute

Now we are talking about the scene.


a place to upload

Uploaded from a server in Thailand

Put it


How can the police lied?

Yoon Chae Ha. The situation is now broadcast live

Please believe in us now, tell him what you want.

The news also came out, the domestic TV

quickly remove


News Reporter Lee Jang Mo of South Korea kidnapped ... Currently broadcast live over the Internet.

Just received a bulletin

Kidnapped in Bangkok, Thailand this week

Daily reporter interview scene of Lee Jang Mo Korea

Now broadcast live online

Stop broadcasting immediately

It is not yet sealed

What are you doing?

Quick call the TV station, the live webcast is also withdrawn.

The police officers who appeared in the live broadcast is the head of the Seoul Police.

News reporter Lee Jang Mo of South Korea kidnapped ... Currently broadcast live over the Internet.

News Seoul Office Director Wen Fuda ... Currently secret negotiations with kidnappers

Yes, where I, the Regional Police Hall of Seoul.

But the door was sealed, and journalists are prohibited.

News Suspected Seoul Office negotiating team, Team Leader Jung, was killed by the kidnappers.

What is the identity of dead hostages should be verified?

Yes, the hostages were killed in the gun

Considered to be the Police Regional Police Negotiating Group Seoul

It is not yet confirmed


be webcast

Live broadcast

Not from our servers, it is the server in Thailand.

It was Mr. Min Tae Goo

This hybrid dogs

Tuan Min Tae g

What webcast live now?

Did not I say that?

Oh, I can not help it.

Lottery, the amount of traffic now.

1 million to 2 million

Cai Yun says it has more than 2 million.

It seems that will soon exceed 10 million.

If I still cheat me like this

So I do not believe you can not help.

Then can I trust you?

What the president now being investigated?

Huang Changchang really can not reach you, are you sure?

Look at the yellow room, you saw it.

One hour, it gave you a last chance

You still do not appear when you arrive

Kill one every ten minutes of this child. You understand?

- Taman Jichang - Ya

- Let's do the story with the appearance of the president - Yes.

And started to fight immediately.

The sun has not come down, the hostages might be in danger.

Let you immediately start

Regardless of hostages or all, let me go.

- Shit - head room

I did not even take the yellow donkey.

Actually make the situation look like now.

These things really git

Just find something.

Oh really.

Hopefully nursery ituà ??  ??  ¢ à ?? à ?? Â|

what will happen after that?

I thought I should give you.

In this case, you're going to die anyway.

This is a device for sensors and satellite services to transmit and receive signals.

The machine must have all the information about the camp

If you destroy that side, you can disrupt satellites broadcast signals for a while.

Yes, um, not bad.

Blow up the first side


Can not you see the situation of the hostages?

Ha Yoon Chae not you see this is already an emergency?

Now this is a national disaster.

After KAISHOT entry, we can use our images to understand the situation on the spot.

KAISHOT - wireless image transmitters for military equipment with helmet

That could make the team members contacted.

It was not in the military battle, what do you police hands?

If the hostages are dead, can you responsible?

There were 8 years old and 6 year old children.

If they have three long and two short, what have you accounted?

It seems that it will not work.

Wait a minute, what are you doing?

If I push me away from here, then I will go to Huang Zhuyi, the head of the room.

If that does not work, then I will contact Shang Taiji.

Tell him our battle plan

- Are you mad? - No, I'm aware of.

The crazy thing you should have it.

But where did you get this photo?

This was taken in the old building.

- It's here - It's new building.

In 1993, no child named Yoo Yeon Joo in our nursery school.

There was a boy named Yeon Soo.

1993 Life Record Book Hope Nursery School

Do you want to see?

But his last name  © à ?? à ?? à ??  ?? Âμ

Note Book of Life (Child) Name nursery schools hopes  © à ?? à ??  ?? à ?? à ?? aa ?? Âμ Ã, à ?? ?? ¤ §à ??   ?? à ?? Birthday 24/12/1987 Address Near female gender Mapo District, Seoul Commission number 308 blood type B

 © à ?? à ??  ?? à ?? à ?? aa ?? Âμ Ã, §à ?? ¤ ?? à ?? à ??   ?? does not seem to wait for a time which is old


Huang Changchang can not come.

If you pull it, then you will lose all

Only the hostages are still alive, you can master the key negotiations.

Coming soon

à ?? ?? Â|à a'a ??  ?? à ?? aa ?? a'a ??  ?? Â|à a'a ?? ??  ?? Huang Zhuyi Park Renkui than Yoo Yeon Joo

Can prove their relationship

I know that the team leader Jung also has a relationship with it.

Discover the truth of what you want.

If you can win

Yoo Yeon Joo Formerly known as:  © à ?? à ??  ?? à ?? à ?? aa ?? Âμ Ã, à ?? ?? ¤ §à ??  ?? Ã? ?  Mr. Min Tae Goo, à ?? à ??   © ?? à ?? à ?? aa ?? Âμ Ã, à ?? ?? ¤ §à ??  ?? Ã? ?  is a brother and a female.

Tae Gu secret base on the island of Naka 20 minutes before the start of the battle


The gunmen arrived at the base

Start battle

Tim blasting before arriving at the generator

armed groups

Armed groups were infiltrated! Continues to delay the time

Tuan Min Tae g

Mr. Min Tae Goo I promise you

If the hostages are released

However, I will be responsible for capturing group with the president.

If I put the hostages

They will bury the stuff of Yeon Soo to survive.

Will kill me too

How the Republic of Korea to do many things

That would not be so simple and beautiful.

The world is not so easy now.

To protect the witnesses, we will protect you.

å å ???? ?? | To protect me.

I do not know how to thank you.

It seems shochu has been invited by me alone.

But Chae Yoon Ha you are inferior as a negotiator.

Your heart is too hot

Even if you're lying, your face and your voice can not hide.

Mr. Min Tae Goo, please, let us hostage.

I will protect you.

It seems really

Intrusion is ready, a bomb fitted.


armed groups

-Blasting entrance - stop fighting

- There's a bomb in the -3 2 1

Stop fighting, there was a bomb inside, stop fighting

Stand by on-site

It said the hostages wearing a bomb vest ...

What are you saying? Sign it, son.

Must stop fighting

Do not fast, what are you doing?



Must stop fighting, no children, I say stop.


I know

Nowadays, it seems Min Tae Gu intend to go with the hostages.

Take wine

Cui Kechang have worked hard, everyone has worked hard, hard work.

Hard work

Han Kechang, you've worked hard.

Ha Chae Yoon

Mr. Min Tae Goo alive

Here you can see when the sun disappears.

5:08 pm

By the time East Asia, it is not the time of sunset.


However, based on the difference in time of 2 hours, Korean time is 7:08.

South Korea sunset time is 7:01

Mr. Min Tae Goo in South Korea

Hopefully the nursery

Any person who has entered Korea from the harbor in the past three days

Check all the information related to the goods.

Information CCTV entry application

Come here, everyone worked hard.

Park Ge Chang and Sun Zhong will do a good job

-Ya - Ya

I am sorry

Do something well, what's wrong with this?

Come and toast.

Let's pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.

Secretary Conchichi

Secretary Conchichi

Oh shit

Do not move

Go and see


- What you do not see the ban went beyond? - What happened?

Put, put his gun, put the gun

Starting from here, I ride alone.

- Big Brother - Big Brother

Hard work


Two days ago, Cheongju Airport entered the country with a cargo plane.

It is a high-sensitive passport to enter the country on the grounds of trade.

Guards, police officers phone

- Halo, halo - Hei, Ha Chae Yoon.

You're right, Mr. Min Tae Goo in South Korea, he was in Korea.

Where are you now?

This is the hope of the nursery school

What hostages still okay?

... Reorganization hostage case

Hostage, hostage fine

I've called the ambulance.

- Mr. Min Tae Gooà ¤à ?? ?? ??  ?? ¹à - Mr. Min Tae Goo fled

Where long yellow room and the president?

Did not you just say that?

If you do not tell the truth now, they are all in danger.

Why are you standing? Sit.

sit down

Tai Jiu, ini


President, before I let you talk

If you dare say a word, you will die.

How can I go along?

It turns out that here, where Yeon Soo said

Said to be a place that is decorated with money

Thai language called Tae Gu.

You seem a little misunderstood


I said, President

Let say you do not speak

Target entered the VIP room of the underground car park

All team members are traveling fast

Players move to the target


People live, sometimes they need a scapegoat.

It does not matter if it's me or trash like you.


Can not let a weak child like Yeon Joo become so

If it is, the world is too bloody, damn.

?? Ã Â © Â ?? Ã ?? Ã ?? Ã ?? Âμ Â © Â ?? Ã ?? Ã ?? Âμ President, what do you want?

No, what we will do, you can forgive us.

Yes, then you have to ask Yeon Joo directly to find out.


Ask him.

CEO Min, CEO Min.

Go, if you do not want to die

I know why you're calling me.

Min Yeon Joo, brother only.

Because I'm all be like this.

I apologize to you.

Why are you doing this?

I know exactly how you feel.

So, stop all.

Truth wants you uphold.

I will definitely uncover the truth.


What do you want me to tell the truth?

The man who killed Yeon Soo.

That is me.

I myself give the stolen information on Yeon Soo.

For Just a bite of rice.

He was just doing what I say.

I do not know how to die at the end of death.

Here's the real truth.

Do you understand?


ready for launch


I do not even want to kill together. Go outside.

What are you going to do this to this sort of thing?

I said, I will find out the truth about the damn thing for you.

I know, you're in a hurry to give me the scroll.


I'm also tired of seeing people die in front of me.

You're really a headache.

Mr. Min Tae Goo, your life, give it to me for this moment.

What do you want me to do this command?

Finally, give me another chance

How can I believe you?

You Yeon Joo, you just want to think about your sister.

First find out how these people killed your sister.

Decide what you want to die

I want to drink soju with you.

No, you can

Tuan Min Tae g

Yeon Soo

Still does not do it

I still find it too dangerous.

It's better than living in a lifetime of discomfort.

Soo Yeon there ...

Are you still looking for us to live in the future?

Must have an ocean view

Do not worry

I will protect you later.


You're really a headache.

Please wake up.

Let them go out


detonator closed

kill the target

One hostage died

end of operation

Park Jichang


This story should have been changed.

Yes, it's more water.

Let us look good

I'm sorry to say hello to this late.

Crisis Negotiation Group Seoul Police Department

Ha Chae Yoon.

Umbh, you've worked hard today.

Thank you, everyone today has been solved properly.

So please, please.

Let's go

You will soon hear a message like that, I'll tell you in advance.

I would be suspected of helping in the killing of Yoo Yeon Joo.

Illegal arms trafficking, corrupt military supply

Allegations of bribery and treason catch.


You have the right to remain silent

Even if you keep quiet, you're not going to get involved

You have the right to call a lawyer

If economic conditions do not allow

We will assign you to be a lawyer

Are you mad?

Still not driving, why?


Please say something.

Please say a few words.

Give me a cigarette

The sun rises in the west.

What is this?

You have to survive.

Tuan Min Tae g

What is this?

Tuan Min Tae g

Please say two sentences

Please say a single word

You do not have words to say to people?

I'll answer honestly investigation.

Please say a few words on suspicion of helping murder.

Ask the witness to authorities

Please show the evidence, Mr. Choi.

Everyone stood and raised his right hand

please swear

I swear.

I will shout against the Congress.

The military government and high-level bureaucrats.

Military supplies, military equipment, corruption.

As well as the risk-taking that led to the death of the hostage.

I testify.

Testifying with a conscience, without nothing to hide or deceive.

I tell the truth.

If there is a lie, I accept this oath punishment.

The National Police Agency Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Thank you for using this spurious subtitle.