The Music Teacher (2017) - full transcript

When a small town music teacher dealing with low self esteem and unforgiving social circumstances is compelled to give up all hopes of a reunion with a girl who once loved him, he tries to ...

One cigarette, please.

And a matchbox.


You're home already?

How was the function?

It was alright.

Was it a big audience?
Were there any VIPs present?

Urmi, did you get the phone repaired?

Not yet.

Have you heard?


She's going to be here.


The Shimla Cultural Club has invited her.

My friend's father is on the committee.

It's not confirmed.
They're still negotiating the finances.


She sang one of Dad's songs.

It was on the radio.

Mom was shocked.

That night
It's here again

It's here again
The night of dreams--

It's here again

That night

Once again

The night of dreams

That night
It's here again

Once again

The night of dreams

The night with the lonesome dream

I dream about you

That night
It's here again

This dream is made of glass

Don't let it blind you

This dream
It could stay forever

If your eyelids don't let it pass

The night with the lonesome dream

The night of dreams

That night
It's here again

It's here again

Once again

The night of dreams

Once again

It's here again

The night of dreams

The night of dreams

The night of dreams

Beni, breakfast is ready.

Mom, I found a match for Urmi
at the musical meet yesterday.

He is an electrical engineer.
His name is Vivek.

His mother is no more.

He has a sister who is married.

His father lives with his
elder brother in Patiala.

It's not my turn yet.

You are the elder one.
You should get married first.

Doesn't seem like they'd demand a dowry.

They were happy to know
that Urmi sings as well.

I've invited them to meet her.

They'll be calling to let us know when.

But the phone is not working.

That's why I gave them Amit's number.

He is back after ages.
Is his phone still working?

I'll go check.

I can't believe she sang
your father's song.

Without paying us any royalty.

Such a shameless woman.

People can be so inconsiderate.

Don't they feel a prick of conscience?

Hello, Ms. Geeta.

Beni, please come in.

No, thanks.

Actually, our landline is not working.

And the mobile reception
here is really bad.

We are expecting an important call.
I've given them your number.

Hope you don't mind.

Not at all.

In fact, we'll get to know if our
phone still works.

Okay, thank you.


I need some help.

Can you spare a few minutes?

Yes, of course.

Can you please help me with that box?
It's too heavy.

This one?

-Where do I keep it?

-Near the switchboard.

Over there.

-Beni, can I ask you something?

Post my marriage, when I first came here

you used to tell me how you
wished to go to Mumbai

to work as a playback singer.

Why didn't you go?

I did.

Then why did you come back?

I had to.

Your student has become a star.

I'm sure she knows a lot of
people in the music industry.

Should I bring those boxes inside?

No, thanks.

I'm glad you guys are back.

I don't see Amit.

-Where is he?

He's in Delhi.
He has to travel for work.

It keeps him busy.

Please tell me if you get the call.

-Of course.
-Thank you.

Beni, you must go back to Mumbai.

You sing really well.

I listen to you every night.

I find it very soothing.

You can hear me all the way here?


In fact, I look forward to
hear you sing every day.

Don't worry, this happens every day.

Just ring the bell and it will stop.

What do you want?

Dr. Ray had called me.


He's busy.

-Is it an emergency?

Come back in the evening.

The clinic is open from
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

I'm not a patient.

I'm Beni Madhav Singh.
I'm a music teacher.

The doctor had asked me to come over.

The neighbor said that...


I ring the bell,
they'll stop quarreling.

-Go ahead.

It worked.

Are you a patient?


Come on.

You're a college graduate.
Why do you teach music?

Can't music teachers be well educated?

I stay in Mumbai.

I mean, I used to.

I've been here for a year now...

because my father passed away.

I am planning to go back soon.

I thought, I might as well teach music
while I'm here.

One thousand rupees
is the standard fee here.

Mr. Bhaven charges the same.

And he's more experienced than you.

He's charging slightly more, that's all.

Please keep quiet.

We can only pay one thousand rupees.

Okay, then.

-I can't take it up--


My father once told me...

"When one starts learning music,
it is one hundred percent theoretical.

Then, it becomes
one hundred percent perfection.

And then, it ends up into something
that is one hundred percent emotion."

Emotions, you see.

One can learn Science,
Math or any other subject from a book.

But that's not the case with music.

Music needs to be learned
with all your heart.

I know Mr. Bhaven is a very good teacher.

You should call him.

I'll take your leave. Thank you.

Did you get what he was saying?

What's percentage got to do with music?

Give us enough strength, O Lord

Strength to face any circumstance

We need your grace
To be able to help ourselves

Before we can help others

You are going to be very sad

In my absence you are going to be afraid

You are all dressed up in shiny clothes

Where are you off to?

Come to me...

You haven't spoken to her,
in all these years?

Ms. Geeta...

I don't want to talk about it.

It makes me uncomfortable.

You can call me Geeta.

Want some tea?

Must be for you.

Yes, this is Beni Madhav.


All right.

That's fine.

Yes. As per your convenience.

Yes, we're okay with the 3rd.

Okay. See you.

Thank you. Goodbye.


I think it's going to rain heavily.

Which song will you sing tonight?


That's the time I practice music.

I prefer keeping it to myself.

What do you mean?

I can't sing freely because
I know you are listening.

You shouldn't have told me
that you listen to me.

Now, whenever I'll practice,
I'll know that you are listening in.

You know what I mean?

Why make everything so complicated?

Okay, done.

I'll never talk about your singing again.


But you have to promise me something.


Promise me that you'll
never stop practicing.

And I promise to never hear
you while you practice.


-I have to go.

Some other time.

You want to be famous?


Then why do you want to learn music?

Just like that.

Like a hobby? To pass time?

I teach everyone with a lot of sincerity.


Let's just start.


This is for you.


It's beautiful.

Did your father teach you how to sing?


My father was a renowned classical singer.

I mean, he did teach me.
But I'm more of a movie buff.

I want to go to Mumbai and be
a playback singer.

What is music?

That's a tough question.

You're the music teacher.

Answer my question.

Anything that touches your heart is music.

That's how I see it.

Mr. Bhaven is not a good teacher.


Mr. Bhaven is not a good teacher.

What do you mean?

We called him
after you refused to teach me.

But I didn't like him.


He exhibited only
ten percent of perfection.

And about less than five percent
of emotion.

What happened?

Honestly, when I spoke
about percentages...

I jabbered whatever came to my mind
to save my skin.

I was petrified when I entered your house.

So, I just blabbered and left.

-You know what happened after that?

They had a huge argument
about all that gibberish.


After you left...

Dad forgot the sequence.

"What did he say about theory,
perfection and emotion?"

They kept arguing about it all night!

In this gentle patter of the rain

I stand soaked yet ignited

The air is moist

Why does it set my heart on fire?

In this gentle patter of the rain

I stand soaked yet ignited

The air is moist

Why does it set my heart on fire?

The pitter-patter of the rain

Like delicate anklet bells

The rain pours down

A surging swell of passion

Surrounds me

Like delicate anklet bells

The rain pours down

A surging swell of passion

Surrounds me

I have resisted for long
Much in vain

I stand soaked yet ignited

-The air is moist
-The air is moist

-Why does it set my heart on fire?
-Why does it set my heart on fire?

In this gentle patter of the rain

In this gentle patter of the rain

In this gentle patter of the rain

I stand soaked yet ignited

In this gentle patter of the rain

In this gentle patter of the rain


She is your sister, after all.
No wonder she is a good singer.

You trained Jyotsna Ray who
is now a famous singer.

No doubt your sister is
trained to perfection.

They haven't mentioned your name.

Hold still.

I checked.

I'm not looking for my name.

Okay. I thought you were.

You must be in touch with her, right?


Just like that.

Her father was one of my customers.

But after she got famous...

the old man never set foot here...

and started going to a fancier salon.

It's just basic grooming, after all.

He had started balding anyway!

Amit was also one of my customers.

Even he started going to another salon.


Your neighbor Amit.

They use a better aftershave there.

-No wonder you are losing your customers.
-That's not it.

It's not about the aftershave.

It's a question of character.

I'm sure you know about Amit.

-What about him?
-Why do you think...

his wife and father
came back from Delhi?

He's extremely busy.
His job requires a lot of traveling.

No, Mr. Beni. That's not it.

He has married someone else,
back in Delhi.


Some girl working in his office.

"The educated city girl."

I've heard that she's
pregnant with his child.

There was nothing left
between me and Amit.

You can force someone to marry,
not fall in love.

And if he has found love elsewhere,
what's wrong with that?

Does his father know?

Why didn't you tell anyone about this?

How was that going to help?

I live amidst the hills.

No matter how much I cry.

No matter how much I scream.

There is no one out here
who can hear me.

What about your family?

Do you have any?

Just an aunt in Solan.

Nobody else?

What if Amit stops sending you money?

I have friends like you.
I'm sure you'll look after me.

What if he sells the house?

Where will you go?

Then you can marry me and take me home.

I have a friend who...

I can check with him
if he has a job for you.

So, you won't marry me?

Relax, Beni. I was kidding.

You're such a fool.

I don't like being a burden to my friends.

Your face has turned red.

Your face turned red when I told my mother
that I am going out with you.

She was shocked.

Because of how you said it.
As if we were going out on a date.

You should've said that we
were heading out...

for a...


Do you like these earrings?

They're okay.

You didn't even have a look.

-I'm not very good at this.

I don't get it.

You're not good at judging
what looks pretty and what doesn't?

I understand a few things.

Am I pretty?

Are you what?

You heard me.

-What kind of a question is that?
-What kind of a question is that?

Utter nonsense!

I think I look ugly in floral prints.
Mom forces me to wear--

-Who said that?


You look pretty.

You are beautiful. Happy?

Say that again.


-You heard me.
-Say that again, please.

-No way.
-Just say it.

Your ears are turning red.

No, they are not.

-I can see--
-No way.

They look like those tomatoes
my father usually buys.

Beni, listen to me.

Beni! You'll fall...


I could've fallen.

It looked like you were planning to jump.
I thought I'd give you a push.

What are friends for?

People keep asking me about her.

She's on TV, videos and
is also featured in magazines.

She is practically everywhere!

But I don't care anymore.

I feel nothing for her. Not even hatred.

How many years has it been?


Has she called or texted you?

Weren't you planning on
going back to Mumbai?

I couldn't, Shankar.

I'm stuck here.

I have responsibilities.

I have to get Urmi married.

Mom's alone and I own a big house here.

I don't even know what I'll do there.

I'm fine, right here.

She's coming back.

Don't you...

want to meet her?


Who's that guy you're working with?

Who is he?

Jogen Bihari.

He is a dangerous goon.

He's a politician, Beni.

But you had a good job.
Why did you get into all this?

Make sure you don't marry
Urmi into a rich family.

Just because they are rich,
doesn't mean Urmi will have a happy life.

Rama still has sleepless nights.


Didn't her husband die in an accident?

Sure, it was an accident.

Had a little too much to drink last night?

I'll get you some tea.


Please stay for a bit.

Shankar is doing very well, isn't he?

He thinks the world of you.

He was away for so long, but he rushed
to see you as soon as he got back.

He's worried about his sister.

Rama is very beautiful.

But she's unlucky.

Did Shankar discuss anything about a job?

What job?

He knows a lot of people
in the government.

He could speak to a bureaucrat who
could get you a job--

Mom, please stay out of this.

Out of what?

I think he has a vested interest.

What's wrong with that?

Rama is a good girl.
She belongs to a respectable family.

You guys have grown up together.

-Her brother is so successful--
-Mom, get me some tea.

Will you find a girl better than her,
at this age?

Or, a better job?

I don't want that job.

Aren't you done following your passion?

Your passion hasn't given you
what you hoped for.

Just get a good job and settle down.

Shankar knows an officer who--

Mom, I don't want to take up a job!

How long will you survive
as a music teacher?

Answer me!

Try to understand, my dear.

20 days from now!

She's coming to your city!

The queen of melody!
Bollywood's heartthrob!

Jyotsna Ray is coming to Shimla.

On the 14th of June,
at Gaiety Auditorium, 8:30 p.m.

Do not forget, ladies and gentlemen!

Shimla city!

She's coming to your city!

The queen of melody!
Bollywood's heartthrob!

Jyotsna Ray is coming to Shimla.

On the 14th of June,
at Gaiety Auditorium, 8:30 p.m.

Do not forget!


Sounds good. But...

My mother wants it to be the 14th of June
instead of the 25th.

Something more auspicious
about that date.

You know how it is with mothers.


14th of June.
I hope you're okay with that.

Okay. The rest will be taken care of.

The 14th?


Didn't they want to schedule
it for the 25th?

You don't want to go to her show, right?


For once, listen to your heart.

You can't be practical all the time.

I always follow my heart.

There you are.

What happened?

-Are you okay?

Listen to me.


have you spoken to Vivek after that day?

You like him, right?

He's alright.


Just needs a little training.

In singing, maybe even
cooking and cleaning.

I've been in touch with Vivek.

He likes you a lot.

We've decided upon a date for the wedding.

It's final.

But isn't Jyotsna coming
to Shimla that day?

So what?

What do you want me to do?

Why are you so obsessed with her?

You are about to get married.
I'm extremely happy about that!

Who cares if she's coming?

It doesn't matter!


I'm really going to miss you.


You're just waiting for me
to go away, aren't you?

Are you really going to go away?

We'll inform Mom about the
wedding date in the morning.

When I tell her about it,
pretend to be surprised.

As if you got to know about it right then.

What did you want to tell me?
You said it's important.

There is going to be a
singing competition.

I want you to participate in it.

I won't.

The competition is being organized
by the Shimla Cultural Club!

And the judge... is someone from Mumbai.

It's a big deal!

I won't participate.

-Because I don't want to.

Don't be stupid.

Beni, I don't want to participate.
What were you about to tell me?

This is what I was about to tell you.
What else were you expecting?

Jyotsna, I just want you to
participate in that competition.

I will not take part in any competition.


Mom! Brother! Listen up!


Brother's name is on the front page
of today's newspaper!


Look! Your name is in the papers!


Go on, read it.

-I'll do it!
-Hold on.


"Singer Jyotsna Ray
wins the National Award.

The National Awards
were announced yesterday.

She won the Best Playback Singer award
for her song in the movie Raat.

When she received the news...

she couldn't contain her tears.

Jyotsna said that she won this award
only because of her music teacher

Mr. Beni Madhav Singh.

She said that he is not just her teacher,
but also a friend and a mentor.

She also said that if it wasn't for Beni,

she wouldn't have chosen
music as her career.

That's good.
But what's in it for us?

She's the one getting the award.

Mom, his name is on the front page.

Can you please be happy for once?

I am!

-When I die--
-Stop being dramatic!


When I am gone...

-See you later.
-you'll know what I mean.

What do you want for breakfast?

Anything will do.

Have I ever had a choice for anything?

Right! It's all my fault.

What are you doing?
Is this what I taught you?

Listen carefully.

It has all been in vain

is high pitched.

-That's the right pitch.

Why can't you maintain the right pitch?

And pronounce the word
"singaar" correctly.

The same mistakes, over and over again!

You're making me cry.

Stop kidding, Jonai.

-Jonai sounds so much better--

Come on.

If I don't win this competition,
will you stop teaching me?

Winning is not important.
It's important that you sing well.

And hit the right notes.

Come on, start.

What happened?

Don't look towards the wings
during your performance.

Maintain eye contact with the audience.
They'll like it.

The audience will connect to you
when you connect to your song.

Beni, what will you give me if I win?

You've selected a difficult song.
Careful with the high notes.

You selected that song for me.
Tell me, what will you give me?


Beni, you know how scared I am to sing
in front of such a huge audience.

I'm taking part in this competition
to make you happy.

If I win, you will have
to give me something.

-What do you want?
-You'll have to promise me something.

-Say it like you mean it.

Yes, I mean it.
What do you want?

No way.

-You will quit smoking.

If I win, you'll have to quit smoking.

-Focus on the competition.

-You promised. No cheating.
-Listen... Cigarette--

That's not fair.

I won't sing in the competition.
I'm going home.

Just come on over

The way you are

Let the ornaments be where they are

The clouds thicken in the sky

Do you see them?

From the shores of the river

Things have been escalating

Do you see them?

The embellished lamp has been burning

But it doesn't need to

The embellished lamp has been burning

But it doesn't need to

The air teases the burning lamp

Putting out the flame

The embellished lamp

Let the ornaments be where they are

Are you still mad at me?

Why have you been quiet all day?

I don't know.

I've never won an award before.

I won this only because of you.

There are many singers in the world.

I'm not sure how talented they are.

But there is no music teacher like you.

You are the best.

Are you going to accept that offer?

You want me to be a playback singer?

Don't you?

I didn't even want to sing...

in this competition.

But you got angry, so I had to.


I have a gift for you.


Silly girl.



We're in the basement.

What's going on, Mom?

The house needs cleaning.

It's been dirty for many years.

Might as well clean it now.

That's your stuff over there.
See what you want to keep.


Someone from Mohanlal Jewelers
will be coming home tomorrow.

-Finally, time to wear some gold jewelry.
-That's nice.

I'll go to the bank and
withdraw money tomorrow.

No need to do that.

I've been saving up for her wedding...

as well as yours.

Let's get done with Urmi's wedding first.

No need to worry about my wedding.

Just because you hit one wrong note...

doesn't mean you
should stop singing, Beni.

You're the man of the house, Beni.

I'm proud of the fact that

you've arranged everything so well
for Urmi's wedding.

-I'm very happy.
-Look at this.

Such shoddy work!


The mason hasn't done his job well.


Sometimes, it is more important
to get things done...

rather than doing them perfectly.

No, Mom.

-I need everything done perfectly.

Who is Shalini?

I found this photo in Dad's diary.


Put it back.

-Tell me.
-Put it back!

Life... is never perfect, Beni.

One can try his best to better it.

But it cannot be perfect.

Sometimes, the circumstances let you down.

Other times, the people.


one should never give up on life, Beni.

She never wanted to go to Mumbai.

But I wanted to get out of here.

At any cost.

I thought...

if she gets famous...

she'll get to establish contacts
with prominent people.

And maybe through her,
I'll get some work.

That we'll get to work together in Mumbai.

And have a bright future.



kept refusing.

But I convinced her.

So she went to record a song.

Over the next few days,
I didn't hear from her.

Two weeks later I got to know
that she had come back.

I went to see her, but she
insisted that we meet outside.

She had something important to share.


When we met...

she had a letter in her hand.








You must leave.

I have to call the neighbors.

Will you be able to handle this alone?

I don't know, just leave.



Amit won't be able to make it here.

He asked us to perform the last rites.

Do you know someone else
who can light the pyre?

I'll do it.

Women can't perform the last rites.
It's inauspicious.

I'm ready to bear the consequences.

Why doesn't anyone care about what I want?


You know what this is? It's a contract!

A million singers would
kill for this contract!

And you have it!

-Your mother is not wrong--
-Beni, listen to me.

Will you marry me?


I don't want to be famous.

I don't want to be a star.

Every evening, I wait for you
to come and teach me music.

Don't you think we share a special bond?

I just want to spend my life with you.

I don't want to leave these mountains.
I don't want to leave you.

Marry me.

Jonai, I never told you this.

You sing really well.

They don't offer these
contracts to anybody.

You got this because
you're an amazing singer.

Don't waste your time here.

These mountains are dead.

They mean more to me
than the city of Mumbai.

Just tell me. Will you marry me?

And what about me?

I want to go to Mumbai
and have a bright future.

I've waited for so long. My future--

We don't need to marry right away.
We can take our time.

Just say yes.

If you agree, I'll find the strength
to convince my parents.

Mom knows that I'm in love with you.
That's why she wants me to leave.

She just wants to separate us.

Do you even love me?

You're too naive, Jonai.

We have the rest of our
lives to think about love.

But you won't get this chance again.

If you miss this opportunity,
you'll never get it again.

-You didn't answer me.
-I did!

You sure did.

-I'll sign the contract.



The guy offering you the contract is a
very prominent man in the music industry.

I had sent him my songs.

I had also written to him,
but he didn't reply.

I think he didn't listen to my songs.

When you meet him...

please ask him to listen to my song.

-Hello, Beni.

Hey, Beni.

I mean, Mr. Singh.

How are you?

I'm good.

How have you been, Farhan?

I'm busy organizing your student's show.

-I see.
-You're coming, right?

At least for a bit,
after your sister's wedding?

What time does the show end?

It's supposed to start at 7:30 p.m.

The performance will start at 8:30 p.m.
after the initial formalities.

Doesn't it go on until late in the night?

No. We'll wrap it up by 11:30 p.m.
The cops are strict.

Can I tell you something?

She's a superstar now.

She'll finish a recording in Mumbai,
then take a flight to Delhi.

There, she'll attend a party
and be here by 4:00 a.m.

4:00 am?

That early?

In two days, she'll leave for a show
in America. Can you believe that?

These guys work really hard...

for the money they make.

By the way...

I mean...

What do they charge?

-She's your student. You should know.
-Tell me.

I'm just a volunteer, I don't know.

I think it must be around two lakh rupees.

-Two lakh rupees?

The organizers at the club wanted to
call you on stage before her performance.

Jyotsna made a special request.

Then, we got to know that Urmi
is getting married that day. So...

we changed the plan.

Do you have her address?

Don't you have it?

She moved to a new house.

-I see.
-Wanted to invite her for Urmi's wedding.

Sure. I'll give it to you.



What are you doing?

These are Father's belongings.

He had tuberculosis.

If you wish to...

you can stay at our place for a few days.

My home is abuzz with
the wedding preparations.

Mom thinks you should be there.

It will help you take
your mind off things.

You'll get lonely here.

I always was...

now, I'll just be alone.

I can understand.

Do you know something?

Father was longing to see Amit.

He waited for his call every day.

I wondered...

how hard it must be to long
for something...

against all odds of it happening.

But now I think that...

if you long for something very dearly...

letting go of it is even more difficult.


-How are you?
-I'm good.

This is for you.

Take this.

What's this?

Your fee.

We're moving to Mumbai.

Jyotsna is getting a lot
of offers in Mumbai.

We can't keep traveling to Mumbai,
time and again.

You can't teach Jyotsna anymore.

Where is she?

She's visiting a friend.


You are treating me like a stranger.

I am happy for Jyotsna.

I hope she does really well in Mumbai.

I'm indeed very happy for her.

It's not like you are leaving tomorrow.

There's a lot that
she still needs to learn.

Beni, you know that she
doesn't want to leave.

And if she spends more time with you...

it will be very difficult
for her to leave.

I think it's for the best.

We need to start packing soon.

If you don't mind, can I meet her?

-Will you pass on a message to Jonai?

-For sure?

Tell her...

I'll wait for her at 4:00 p.m.,
tomorrow, near the old bridge.

All right.

-Will you tell her, for sure?
-Yes, I will.

Stop it, Beni.

-I can't live without her--
-That's enough.

The bill, please?

-No, wait.

please talk about something else!


She needs me.

Did she tell you that?

-Sent you a text?
-Don't be ridiculous!

I was angry.

I've been holding on to my anger
for eight years.

My love got overshadowed by that anger.

Trust me, I love her a lot.

How much do you earn?

What do you mean?

Tell me, how much?

About eight thousand rupees.
I make enough.

I'm about to get two more students.

Then, I'll earn enough.

She earns twenty times more than you.

In a day!

She had demanded twelve lakh rupees
for the show.

These guys begged her to
agree upon eight lakhs.

She's charging two lakhs.
Don't exaggerate.

You think you know more than I do?

Does it matter how much she's charging?

If you marry her,
where will you both live?

She wanted to live here.
She loves this city.

Have you lost your mind?

You think she'll forsake her
career and live with you here?

I'll go to Mumbai.

I wanted to go there anyway.

I'll live in Mumbai and...

be a successful singer.
Trust me.

And if that doesn't happen...

I'll teach music.

Music tuition.

I'll make a lot of money in Mumbai.


if I don't get students,
I'll teach Jyotsna.

She'll be my student.

She has a lot to learn.
She's not thorough with her skills.

She still can't hit the notes correctly.

Will you be a househusband in Mumbai?

Or will you keep her in a dingy slum?

If you're lucky, you can be her secretary.

-What kind of a friend are you?
-A good one!

I am telling you the truth.

Ten days ago, you told me
right here

that you feel nothing for Jyotsna.
Not even hatred.

Then what's with the change of heart?

When she wanted to be with you,
you pushed her away.

Now that she's a millionaire

you're acting like her long-lost lover.

Damn you!

I know what your intentions are.

You think you're very smart?

I know why you want to offer me that job.

You want me to marry your sister. Right?

I'm not a fool. I know it all.

I don't need that job. Get lost.

I have enough money to look
after every woman in this city...

for their entire lives!

Who do you think you are?

An infamous singer at a club.

You can't even afford to
pay the restaurant bill.

Who is it?

Geeta, it's me. Beni.

I know you're busy but I
was hoping you'd come by.

Come in.

I have something important to tell you.

Is everything okay?


I love Jyotsna.

I always have.

I know.

I am going to meet her.

You should.


Brother, where have you been?

Jyotsna was here. She just left.

She looks very pretty,
just like a movie star.

Look, she brought a gift for Urmi.

-The wedding procession is here.
-Come on.


Such a handsome groom!

Let's go outside.

Beni! Where are you going?

Do you need any help?

Congratulations, Beni.

When I think about you

A feeling inside me arises

From that day and that moment

When I first looked into your eyes

I remember your bright face

In every star that lives and dies

Each of those nights I spent

Gazing at you in the night skies

My love, my pain
You are everything to me

How I ached to see you every season

How long do I have to wait?

I see him today after an eternity apart

I will be his till death do us part

How I wish this to be my fate

If only you knew

Every breath that I drew

Every second away from you

My dreams have come untrue

And yet I don't know why
These hopes in me arise

I dream a new dream

With these stubborn eyes

It has always been you

My crazy heart cries

I remember your bright face

In every star that lives and dies

Every one of those nights I spent

Gazing at you in the night skies

My love, my pain
You are everything to me

How I ached to see you every season

How long do I have to wait?

I see him today after an eternity apart

I will be his till death do us part

How I wish this to be my fate

Please sit.

I'm okay.

When did you start wearing glasses?

You look like an old man.

It's been two years.

I went to your house.

I know...

you came by.

-Urmi has grown up, hasn't she?



Do you still learn music?

I am sure there are good
teachers in Mumbai.

There's a teacher who is quite elderly.

He comes by to teach sometimes.

But he's nothing like you.

Not at all.

There's no one... like you.

I sent you so many texts,
even letters.

Your aunt had given me your address.


I even called you.

But you never responded.

You know how dangerous it can be
to hold on to anger.

How's everyone at home?
Your mom, dad?

I don't talk to them anymore.

I live alone.

Why do you live alone?

Now that Urmi is married...

when will you marry?

Jyotsna, I'm still waiting for you.

I'm staying at my aunt's place.
Can you come there tomorrow?

There are VIPs waiting for me--


Let's get married.



I was a fool.

That evening, at the bridge…

Trust me...

I should have said it.

I've been cursing myself
for the past eight years.

I'm... so sorry.


I love you immensely, Jonai.

Why did you make me sing
in that competition?

What good did it do to either of us?

I just wanted everyone to see…

how... good you are.

I wanted you to attain
everything I couldn't.

And you pushed me away,
so I could have those things.

No way.

How could I push you away?

Back then, it was very childish…

and foolish of me.

But I never wanted to hurt you.

You know what it did to me?

That innocent and sweet Jonai...

is no more.

No, Jonai.

Don't say that.

You and me, we are...

We are good...

I'll teach music.
You will sing...

We are good...

We are good together.

What else do we want?

That's what I had asked of you, Beni.

I can't be with you, even if I wanted to.

Should I come along with you
as your secretary?

Don't be silly.

Do you know how difficult it was
to meet with you?

Extremely difficult.

You had become this big superstar!

I just wanted to see you...

for one last time.

See you till my heart's content.

So that I can forget everything else
and tell you that…


I love you a lot.

-I always have--
-Beni, listen to me.

All of this... is a lie.

A big lie.

I'm here only for you.

They are getting restless out there.
I should go.





You didn't tell me.


Am I a good singer?

You still can't stop looking at the wings.


I hope you know that I was waiting for you
that evening, at the old bridge.

Did that girl tell you?

Why didn't you come?

I still go there.

And wait for hours.

I wish you knew...

Jonai, how beautiful
it is to long for you.

I cherish it.

Alright, then.


Ma'am, here!

Ma'am! One photograph, please.

-Ma'am, here!
-Calm down, please.

When is your next performance?

Please step back!


My bike broke down.

Why didn't you go to bed?

Did you meet her?



It's okay, my child.

It's okay.

You've fulfilled all
your responsibilities.

You should go.

Go to Mumbai.


And this time, don't come back
until all your dreams come true.

I won't go to Mumbai.

Are you happy?

I'm very happy.

That's it. Just be happy.

Be happy.

I'm a music teacher.

I have two more students in Solan.

I'll start teaching them tomorrow.

One cigarette, please.

Give me the lighter.

I'm a fallen star

Broken by the night

I seek refuge in you
I seek a new light in you

It's the way it is

This is life