The Mule (2018) - full transcript

A 90-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran is caught transporting $3 million worth of cocaine through Illinois for a Mexican drug cartel. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Edited and Resynced by H@w-to-kiLL.

Hey, Jose.

The way you drive around
in this taco wagon,

you'd think you'd want to be deported.

Okay, culero.


Oh, here he comes now.

Fashionably late, Earl.

Helen, Helen, Helen.

You look sensational.

Aw. You look pretty good yourself.

It's been a long time.

I brought you a little something

from my latest cultivar.

You charming old devil.
This is lovely.

Yes, I'll sign in right here.


- Okay.
- So talented.

Tim Kennedy.

My God.

As I live and breathe.
I thought you were dead.

No such luck, I guess.

Let me tell you something.

Did anyone ever tell you

you're a bit of an asshole, Earl?

- All the time.
- All the time.

- Even in Spanish.
- Yeah, okay.

Oh, ladies.
You're on the wrong floor.

Third floor is the beauty pageant.

Oh, Earl.

It's literally so easy.
My niece set this up for me.

You just click one button

and you can buy whatever you want.

With one click from home,

you get a choice of everything
on our line.

All the information is sent

and the flowers arrive to you
just two days later.

The first person to sign up

gets a 20% discount
off their first order.

Internet. Who needs it?

There you go.

- Hi, Earl. They're beautiful.
- All right.

Here, you get some.
And here, you take these.

Thanks, Earl.

Oh, you're most welcome.
You're most welcome.

You're most welcome.

Yes, ma'am.

Here's some. And for you.
Yeah, you're most welcome.

- Earl!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You'd think I'm giving away
free Viagra or something.

What's going on here?

- Thanks, Earl.
- I'll take one, Earl!

I'll take one, too.

I just... A wonderful thing
you're doing here today.

Earl, is that Jimmy Stewart?

And now,

the moment we've all been waiting for.

The NDL 2005 Gold Medal winner is

Earl Stone,

with his Sunnyside Meadows'
Illinois Majestic daylily.


- Congratulations again, Earl.
- Thank you.

No booing, no booing.
Thank you very much.

And rather than give a long,
boring speech,

I just wanted to tell you
a little joke. And that's...

Why did the horticulturist
walk across the hotel lobby?


'Cause he wanted to get to the bar,

and that's exactly where I'm headed.

Thank you!

Where is he?
He'll be here, right?

Don't hold your breath, honey.

Grandpa Earl will be here.
He promised.

Oh, my poor girls.

There's no sign of him.

Well, he'll be here.
It's my wedding day.

I love you, Iris, I do.

But you have to face facts.

Your father has always
chose work over family.

He missed your baptism,

your confirmation, your graduation.

Countless birthdays.

Not to mention
most of our anniversaries.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Who's gonna give Mommy away?

Oh, well...

- Oh, honey, my sweet Ginny.
- Iris.

Hon. Can we have
another little reload here?

Another Crown Royal, Earl?

Yeah. In fact, get the whole bar one.

Them, too? The wedding party?

Them, too.

All right.
A round for everybody on Earl!

I'll drink to that.


Here you go, amigos.

Sorry it couldn't be more.

Damn Internet, it ruins everything.

So what are you gonna do?

I don't know. I've never been
a plan-B type of guy.

- Gracias, amigo.
- My pleasure.

Thank you.

I'll find something.


Grandpa Earl! You're here!

Yeah. Hey, Ginny.
You look wonderful.

I knew you'd make it
to the pre-wedding brunch.

Oh, I'm so excited.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, don't worry about that.

That's just a minor setback.

- It'll be just fine.
- Okay. Well, come on in.

I don't care what they say.

You're always welcome.
Come on.

All right, you first.

I just gotta grab something inside,

then I'll introduce you to everybody.


Oh, my God.

You saved all my cards.

Ever since the first one you sent me,

when I was nine.

It was the Corn Palace?

Um... Okay.
I want you to meet Mike.

Okay? He's my fiance.
Don't forget.

Fiance. All right.
Okay, fiance.

You need help with that?

It's fine. Thank you.

- Mom.
- Jesus.

I'm sorry, sweetie.
I can't stay if he's here.

- I'll wait in the car, Mom.
- No. Honey.


Well, of course.

You're not here because of
the wedding. No, no.

You're here because you had
nowhere else to go.


And you promised Ginny you'd
help pay for the wedding.

It's fine, Grandma.
We can just make it BYOB.

No, it's not fine.
It's never been fine.

Why don't you knock it off?

Man, he's in deep shit.

Just stop it.

Come back doing the same
old shit all the time.

How dare you come in here

and make all this fuss
right here in front of her.

Because you weren't there
for your own daughter,

and now you're letting
down your granddaughter?

But it's no big surprise, you know why?

Yeah, why?

You were never a real father
or a husband.

I was on the road 60 hours a week

to provide for this family.

What the hell are you talking about?

On the road providing?
Ha! You know what you do?

You play with your friends.

You sit around and hand
each other trophies

- for watching seeds sprout.
- Trophies?

- Mr. Daylily.
- You fucking...

Ginny, come here, please.

Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

It's okay, Grandma.
Thank you.

I'm so sorry, darling.

They did the alterations.

I'll see you next week, sweet girl.

Thank you, Grandma.

I'm sorry, darling. I'm sorry.

I'll be going.

Be right back.

Bitch. Bitch.

Hey, man.

Weddings make everyone crazy.

Always some kind of drama.

Yeah. You got that right.

Looks like you covered
some ground in your day.


Forty-one states out of 50.

Never had a ticket, nothing.
Just drive.

I never had a problem.

This old truck is great.
Got a good record.

- No tickets?
- Nah.

Never had one.

Ever in my life, I've never had one.

My grandpa was a real road warrior, too.

He loved to drive.

Yeah. Well, let's hear it for gramps.

I'm Richard. Rico.

I'm a friend of one of
Ginny's bridesmaids.

Yeah, okay, Rico.
My name's Earl.

Hey, Earl, you know,
if you're really stuck...

I know some people who would
pay you to just drive,

one city to another.

Pay me to just drive?

What do you get out of it, slick?

All I'm saying is, I have friends

looking for cautious drivers like you.


You could help your granddaughter.

All righty.

Just drive.

Okay. All right.

It says "tire shop," but which one?

Hola. I'm Earl.

Hola, hola, Earl.

Where do you want us to
cut the compartment, huh?

Under the seat?
The wheel well?

Do what to the compartment?

Cut up your truck.

What are you talking about?
Cutting up the...

Look, nobody's gonna cut up
this truck, understand?

Put whatever you want right back there,

next to the golf clubs.
It'll be safe.

No problem.

You're fucking crazy, huh?


- Take it.
- What's this?

You answer this, day or night...

But you don't call anyone.

When you get to the drop,
someone will text you.


You know how to text?


Hold on to the phone.

If it rings, you answer. Here.

When you get to the hotel,
park your truck.

Put the keys in the glove compartment.

Then come back in an hour.

Your money

will be in the glove
compartment with the keys.

Do you understand?

Si, si.

I understand.
But what would happen

if somebody steals the money
or my truck?

No one will fuck with it.

We got eyes everywhere, viejito.

Oye, viejito.

Do yourself a favor.

Don't look in that bag.

You might think you can identify us,

or know about this tire shop,

but don't forget,

we know who you are.


I'm not gonna look in anybody's bag.

Okay, papa.

Thank you.

Come on.


Welcome to the team, Agent Bates.

Thank you, sir.

Go ahead and have a seat.

So, how's your family
adjusting to the move?

Do they like the city?

I'm assuming you don't want the truth.


Listen, you made some
big cases in New York and D.C.

and I'm expecting you
to do the same thing here.

- Yes, sir.
- Good.

No one wants to sit through
these long Chicago winters

but we got crime coming out of our ass.

That's how you get out of here.

Work hard, make cases,
make busts, make your name.

Then maybe you can move on.

Well, that's the best news
I've heard all week.


Now get out there and make
a splash, Special Agent.

Yes, sir.

Agent Bates?

- Agent Trevino?
- Yes, sir.

- Pleasure.
- So, I'll be your number one.

- Yeah, I heard. It's an honor.
- Yeah.

- How you feeling?
- I feel good.

Ready to make a big splash?

- He says that to everybody.
- Yeah, he does.

That's all right.

So your office is out here,
to the right.

Well, I'm not gonna spend
too much time there.

Hopefully not.

Jesus says that he came to seek

and save that which is lost.

♪ Spending time with you

♪ I love you more today than yesterday

♪ But not as much as tomorrow ♪

Jesus, it's like the Star Wars
cantina in there.

Yeah, it's where
all the homies hang out.

It doesn't look like a TED Talks.

It's my kid's.
He helps me pack.

You got kids?

Yeah, five of 'em.

Five. How do you make
that work in a job like this?

We just make it work.

Ah, the plot thins.

- Why's that?
- This is our guy.


Right there.


Oh, shit.

- Yeah?
- You did good.

Supposed to tell you to call this number

any time you need work, all right?

Here you go.

No, no, no, no. This is just
a one-time deal for me.

Well, I tell you what, man,

why don't you call us
if you change your mind?

You know what I'm saying?
Here you go. Take the number.


Why don't you save that for a rainy day?


Yeah, a rainy day. Okay.

All right, let's go. Come on.
Let's move it up out of here.

All right.

All right.

It's the starter,
the starter's pretty ratty.

Let's go. Come on.
Back it up.

All right. I got it.

Everybody's on their cell phone.

It's becoming an epidemic.

What do you think you're doing?

Who the hell are you guys?

My name is Special Agent Colin Bates,

this is Agent Trevino.

We're with the Drug
Enforcement Administration.

And you're Luis Rocha.

And we're here to save your life.

I beg your pardon?

We're gonna make sure
your cartel doesn't know

you're working for the DEA.

I'm not working for the DEA.

No, but that's what they'll
think if you don't,

so welcome aboard.

Wait, I don't know
what you're talking about.

I like the Tahitian Pearl.

It's got, like, a nice sheen.

Think about it, Luis.

We got a warrant to search your house.


Yeah, we'll see you there.

Hi. I'm gonna interrupt for a second.

- I'm sorry.
- He's yours.

Hi, everyone.

Before I get over-served...

...we'd just like to take a moment

to say thank you. Um...


I love you.

- Aw.
- I love you so much.

Grandma Mary, thank you so, so much

for everything that you've done.


And to my Grandpa Earl,

who brought the flowers, of course.

And covered the open bar.

So, thank you.



You look lovely tonight.

It's kinda funny,

our granddaughter getting married.

And we worried all those years
about her finding Mr. Right.

Earl, why do you think

you could just sit down

and expect me to forget
about the past and

reminisce about old times?

Well, we had 10 good years.

We can still be civil.

Care to dance?

You always liked this tune.

I do.

No, I can't. I just can't.

I can't.

I see you're still into your flowers.


I never understood how you could spend

so much time and money on them.

I love 'em.
I mean, they're unique.

They just bloom one day

and that's the end of it.

They deserve all the time and effort.

So did your family.

Not bad, viejito, not bad.


Badass, right there.

New ride. Nice.

Yeah. Badass is right.

- Yeah.
- This is beautiful.

Yeah, the old one finally quit on me.

Hey, Earl.

Got a little present for you.

What's in that?

Your jale, old man.
Your cargo.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

All right.

Hey, what's going on, big poppa?

Yeah, good.
Just everything good.

I'm just on the road again.

- You're king pimping?
- Yeah.

Kind of like that.

- Yeah?
- Same as before.

It rings, you answer.
Day or night.

Yeah, well, you know,

I've got this other one
from before, too.

- Yeah. Let me see.
- Yeah.

- Yep.
- Ah, I see.

Hey, that was a perfectly good phone.

What's going on?

Earl, you throw your phone away

when your run is done.

I don't suppose you learned
how to text yet either, huh?

I can text.

I'll be able to.

Next time you see me, I'll be texting.

Texting my brains out.


Looking good, abuelito.


Hey, Earl.


Same hotel as before.

Yeah, same hotel.
I'll be there.



1980 Shovelhead.

I ran one of those things
into the ground.

It'll probably be the relay, son.

Who you calling "son"?

Oh, you're gals, huh?

Gals? Come on, old-timer,
we're dykes on bikes.

No shit.

Okay, well.

So, you think
that's the issue? The relay?

It's a good early check.

It'll be the relay.

Thanks, Pops.

You're welcome, dykes.

- You crazy motherfucker.
- Crazy old man.

Think about our offer, amigo?

No. And I'm Filipino, not Mexican.

Well, that's a good thing.

It'll be harder for the cartel
to get to your family.

Why do you think I'd work for you guys?

I mean, we found drugs, $425,000 in cash

and three unlicensed firearms
in your house,

so I mean, that's a start.

Not to mention fraud,
tax evasion, money laundering,

state and federal drug laws
you've broken.

I mean, conservatively, I'd say

you're looking at back-to-back
life sentences.

And I'm no psychic, but...

Looking at your manicured
nails and your exfoliated skin

and your scented candles,

I don't think you're gonna
fare too well in prison.

Oh, it's definitely bitch material.

You'd be somebody's girlfriend in a day.

You wouldn't like that, would you?

And that's before
the cartel gets to you.

So, what do you think, Luis?
Are we gonna be friends?

What do I do?

Just do your job, go back to work,

be a good cartel employee

and answer my calls day and night.

- Okay.
- Good.

The foreclosure will be canceled

with your reinstatement payment.

Plus late fees and incidentals.

You said you had cash?


Right here.


Piece of shit. Motherfucker.

The hell happened here? Fire?

Yeah, in the kitchen.
Nobody got hurt.

Oh, good.

I'll have pancakes, then.

Yeah. Yeah.

Unfortunately, the insurance
company's jerking us around.

We might not see any money for years.


Well, I've been coming here since '58.

This place is like an institution.

I don't know what the hell
the vets are gonna do.

I don't know.

No Sunday night polka parties.

No more meat raffles.

What the hell, pretty soon
it'll be no more VFW.

Yeah, I guess so.
Well, that is unless...

Not unless somebody's got
an extra 25K laying around.

How do, how do, how do.

Bienvenidos, Senor Earl.
Welcome back.

Oh, thank you, thank you.

What's up, big poppa?

Not too much, not too much.

Same old, same old.

Just on the highway.

What's going on?

Look at this. Wow.

What's in that? That's big.

Don't worry about it.

- Hey, Earl?
- Yeah. Oh, yeah.

- It rings, you do what?
- I answer.

- That's my man. Big poppa.
- Okay.

I got you.

Remember, con cuidado when you drive.

Just drive safely.

- Okay.
- Si.

Drive safely. All right. Okay.

Hey, Earl.
Keep your eyes open.

- All right. I will.
- All right.

- Okay. All right.
- Vamonos.

Holy shit. Holy shit.

Need help, sir?

Oh, uh... Officer, hi.

Need any help?

No, no.
I'm fine, thank you.

What do you got there?

Pecans. I'm delivering pecans
to my niece.

- Pecans?
- Yeah, pecans.

She makes the worst pecan pie
you've ever tasted.

I feel sorry for her husband, but...

And I feel sorry for the pecans, too.

I don't know what's wrong with him now,

but this dog has to pee
every 15 minutes.


Oh, shit.

It's all right. All right,
calm down. Come on.


Hi. Hi, doggy! How ya doing?

Take a sniff of that.

I'm sorry, sir,
I'm gonna have to ask you

not to touch the animal.

- I'm sorry, Officer.
- It's okay. It's okay, sir.

I had no idea. I'm sorry.

- My Dukie, I miss him so much.
- It's okay, sir.

Dukie, you know,

Dukie just one of those dogs
that everybody loves.

- Drive safely, sir.
- Okay.

- You can go now.
- Yeah, thank you.

You do a great Jimmy Stewart,
by the way.

Yeah. Fuck.

Let me explain something, Luis.

For you to get into witness protection,

you're gonna have to prove your value.

We win, you win.

So we're gonna go
on a little sightseeing tour.

See what kind of value you can offer.

- You understand?
- Yeah.

Good. Got you a latte.

This is where it start,

not just here, but dozens
of hotels across the city.

Mules come in from
various locations, loaded,

leave their vehicles,
someone takes the vehicles,

removes the load,

and returns it with the mule's payment.

At 121, there's a guy outside.
What's going on here?

121 is ours.

He's just there to make sure that

they keep an eye on the vans
that come in and out.

What else?

Fuck me.

Oh, shit.

Okay. All right, just settle down, boy.

Settle down.

♪ Oh, it's a day to say thank you

♪ And it's time to have fun, too

♪ The sky is blue, the grass is green

♪ And the birds are singing, too

- ♪ Oh, my friends,
- ♪ My friends

- ♪ I say thank you
- ♪ I say thank you

♪ It's not often that you hear

♪ A lot of thanks for those who gave

♪ And few remember
those who won't return

♪ It's our patriotic duty
to honor those who serve

♪ And give you the praise
that you deserve

♪ Oh, it's a day to say thank you

♪ And it's time to have fun, too

♪ The sky is blue, the grass is green

♪ And the birds are singing, too

♪ Oh, my friends, I say thank you ♪

All right!

How about putting your hands together,

make a little bit of noise

for Mollie-B and her polka band.

And a nice thank you for Earl Stone.

VFW Post 6330 owes this man
a debt of gratitude.

So put your hands together
again for Earl.

What do you say?

Earl! Earl!

Now how about shelling out
another bundle

to fix the ice-skating rink
up at the old rec center?

Ice rink?

♪ ...everywhere, man

♪ I've been everywhere, man

♪ Crossed the deserts bare, man

♪ I've breathed the mountain air, man

♪ Of travel, I've had my share, man

♪ I've been everywhere ♪



That old man's
gonna make a full run for us.

Hundred and ten kilos.

It's $2.7 million.

He has no record.
He has no traffic tickets.

I need you to travel with him,
to monitor him

because he can become our top mule.

Monitor him, you mean babysit, no?

Are you tired of being the top guy?

Because I can ask Gustavo here.

He's always eager to step up.

No, no, no. No. I got it.

Have fun with Tata, Julio.

It won't be too bad.
You can always take Sal. Pull!

Who are you?

The boss sent me.
I'm your handler.

We're gonna be with you the whole trip.

Where are the boys?
Where are the fellas here...

Hey, hey, hey.
Never mind the fellas.

Listen to me.

You've been entrusted
with a very valuable cargo,

and I don't trust you.

You do as you're told.

Take the routes I say.

No unauthorized roads,
no unexpected stops.

My schedule, my timetable.
Is that clear?

You sure you're Mexican?

You're playing like you're the Fuhrer

or something like that.

Show me your papers

- at the border.
- Yeah.

- Yes. You fucker.
- I'll show you my papers.

Here are my papers.

Don't underestimate how seriously

I take my work, Mr. Stone.

I've been in combat before.

I'm not intimidated by you, mocoso.


Hey, Tata, how's it going?

It's going good.

A little bit too long
on the road and everything.

But it's okay.

How's your nephew?

- He's doing a lot better.
- Good.

Thanks for asking. Gracias.

- Yeah. All right.
- Hey, what's up, big poppa?

Okay. All right. Okay.

I was okay with the little
letters and stuff,

but you see, when I come
around to numbers...

Yeah, I can help you
with that. Easy. Mira.

You press on this icon here.

- You see that?
- Yeah.

And it takes you back.
Pay attention now.

- Emilio.
- Julio...

- Is his package ready?
- Si.

Then why are you standing around?

He just pulled in.

I don't care.
Load the truck now.

Hey, what's up, papito?
How's your old lady?

- I got your papito right here.
- Now! Let's go! Move!

Great, mein Kommandant.
Very good.

Shut up. Shut up!

Mules don't talk.

Somebody ought to cool his ass down.

Okay, mira, papi.
Pay attention.

You click on the icon here, all right.


- Numbers pop up. You see that?
- Yeah.

Then you just type "7-7-1.

"Joy Drive." Easy.

- Yeah.
- That's the drop site.

I think I got it.

- Icon pops up, numbers pop up.
- He says he's got it.

Let's go. We're running late.

Let's go. Let's go! Move.


Come on.
We don't have all day.

All right.

That's right, shoot the motherfucker.

I will.

♪ How lucky can one guy be?

♪ I kissed her and she kissed me

♪ Like the fella once said

♪ "Ain't that a kick in the head?"

♪ The room was completely black

♪ I hugged her and she hugged me back

♪ Like the sailor said, quote

♪ "Ain't that a hole in the boat?"

♪ My head keeps spinning

♪ I go to sleep and keep

♪ Grinning

♪ If this is just the beginning

♪ My life is going to be beautiful

♪ Beautiful ♪

Wow, thank you.

How you folks doing?

Not so good.
We got a flat.

- A flat tire?
- Yeah.

And my husband isn't too handy, so...

Didn't your daddy teach you
how to change a tire?

No. That's why I'm googling it.

I don't have any reception.

Yeah, well, that's the trouble
with this generation.

If you can't open a fruit box

without calling the Internet...

Anyway, you want a hand?
I'll give you a hand.


Yeah, come on.

You get the tire out, we'll fix it up.


- All right.
- Tire's in there. Great.

Okay. Keep going.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Ah, here we go.
- Okay.

There it is. Yeah.

Well, this is good.
Helping you Negro folks out.

"Negro"? Sir, we don't say that anymore.

Yeah, we prefer "black."

- "Black" or "people."
- Or just "people."

Yeah. I'm black, you're white.

No shit.

Yeah, no shit.

Okay. Let me give you a hand here.

- I'll take the jack.
- Okay.

- You get the tire.
- All right.

You are so sweet.


My turn.

Oh, my God, look at this.

My God.

- Would you like...
- Yes.

This is so nice.

Tata, where are you going?

The hotel is right up here!


Hey, move! Hey!

Move! Okay.

Where the hell is he?

- Where's he going?
- Over here.

Who the fuck are you, ruco??

I'm Earl.

- Earl?
- Yeah. Earl.

Earl who?
I don't know any fucking Earl.

Earl, the driver.

Get your fucking ass inside, man.

What the fuck
are you doing here, old man?

I'm just bringing in
my load, that's all.

But you're not supposed to be here.

Look, the address says right here. Look.

It's 771 Joy Drive.

Okay. Just don't do it again.

Who the fuck are you, pendejo?

I'm his handler.

Then handle him.
He ain't supposed to be here.

I'll take care of it.

Who sent you here?

Who gave you this address?

I don't know.
He was a big guy.

Mexican-looking guy.
He had tattoos all over.

Very scary, at least to this gringo.

Okay, that could be anyone I know.

What's his name?

I don't know his name.

What do I look like,
Alexander Graham Bell?

I don't even know anything

about texting and all this shit.

I don't know whose name is who.

- Okay. Okay.
- They all look

the fucking same.

You're a real pain in my ass,

you know that?

Then go see a proctologist.
Don't bother me.

Stop. Where are you going?

My pecans are in there.

Fuck your pecans.
Let them do their job.

What's up?

Okay, slow down.
What did he do?

What did he do?

He stops wherever he wants.

He doesn't follow my instructions.

He doesn't do what I tell him to do.

Yesterday he stopped
to see an old friend.

I'm just gonna kill him.

- I won't tolerate...
- Slow down, slow down.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

He moves his own way.
He's been successful.

If he changes his route,
it's probably better for us

'cause then he's less predictable.

You understand me?

Yeah, but we don't oblige
the other drivers like this.

You need to oblige me.


Yeah, understood.

Stay with him.

Make him feel at home.

Other than that...

How you doing?

I'm fine.

Okay. Do your job.

Si. Si.

What do you got?

I'm taking all the risk here.

If they found out that
I'm talking to you guys, I'm dead.

Maybe don't work with drug dealers.

Got you a latte. Feel better?

So what do you got for us?

I don't know if I should be doing this.

What do you got?

What's this?

It's a freight manifest.

What is this? Code?

Symbols for each of the mules

along with symbols for their routes,

dates, and cargo loads.

There's this new drug mule, Tata.

New guy. He's delivered
121 kilos in April,

172 kilos in May,

and then 232 kilos.

Jesus Christ.
Could that be right?

This guy's nickname's, Tata?

- Is that right?
- Yeah, that's Tata.

That's good. Good work.

I'm just gonna need to document this.

I gotta get that back before
they know it's gone, though.

So if I can just take it now.

It's just gonna take a second,
so just relax.

You play hard to get for a snitch.

And you end up snitching anyway.

I just need...

Just think about
who else you can snitch on

while you're waiting.

No. Come on. I'm just...

Reflect on that.

I'm showing my worth though, right?

I mean, this is...

You did great.

I know enough for me to get in.

Here we go.
Good job, thank you.

Get the fuck out of here.

Jesus Christ.

♪ Dang me, hang me

♪ Oughta take a rope and hang me

♪ Hang me from the highest tree

♪ Woman, would you weep for me?

♪ Woman, would you weep for me? ♪

He couldn't wait.

Doesn't know how to
fucking drive. Look at him.

Relax, okay?

We need to trust him.

What else are we gonna do?

We have no other choice.

Okay. Thank you.

There you go.

Everyone keeps looking at us.

Yeah, well, that's 'cause
they see two beaners

in a bowl full of crackers.

Why are we here?

The best pulled pork sandwich

in the whole Midwest, that's why.

Not bad, huh?

See, what you gotta do is take
more time out, like this.

Enjoy life. Like I do.


Or maybe you enjoyed
the moment a little too much.

Had too much fun.

That's why you're working for us now.

Best pulled pork sandwich
in the whole wide world.

No more stopping, Tata.

You stay on route.

Losing my patience.

What's your business here?

I ain't gonna ask you again.

What's your business in my town?

Officer. Officer.

I can vouch for these fellas.

They're actually working for me.

You know this guy?

I got 'em down at Home Depot.

They came out here, and
they've been helping me move.

Great job.

A lot cheaper than the moving
company, I'll tell you that.

Terrific job.

Yeah, could you come over here
for a second?

There's something very important

I want to show you in this truck.

Right here.

Really important.
Really important.

You'll love this.

I went to a charity and I got
this caramelized corn.

And it is really terrific stuff.

We can't accept this kind of stuff.

You'll be doing me
a great favor, if you would.

I've got diabetes.
I can't have it.

They'd love it down at the station.

And the gals upstairs,
they'll love it, too.

Thank you for helping me, sir.

All right, sir?

I'm very big on law enforcement.

Very supportive.

We appreciate what you do.

- Our numbers are down, Special Agent.
- Yes. Yes.

I realize we're down.
The numbers don't reflect the actuals,

and will be adjusted
by the end of the day.

- Fix 'em and send 'em over...
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.


Cartel's top mule's
on his way to a drop.

So we know the route.
We know it's a black pickup.

It's a needle in a haystack,
but at least it's a start.

How do we know this?

Phone tap.

They thought their mule
was in an accident.

Turns out it was a pickup
on Interstate 55.

When's he due to arrive?

9:00 p.m.
That puts us five hours out.

So if we have local law enforcement

stop vehicles of that description,

do a random road check,

we can catch this guy without
tipping off the cartel.

This is the guy you think is moving

over 100 kilos into Chicago a month?

100 kilos is overzealous,

considering we're only confiscating

five kilos a month.

Is that a yes or a no?


But I want busts, Agent Bates.

♪ Oh, my name is Pancho Villa

♪ I got the gonorrhea
I got it from Maria

♪ She gave it to me free-ah

♪ Now I cannot pee-ah

♪ You so ugly

♪ You so ugly

♪ You some ugly child ♪

Congratulations, my friend.

About what?

You just broke the record.

- Really?
- Yeah.

282 keys in one load.

Oh, my God.


The main boss
is really happy about this.

- Yeah. Good.
- He wants to meet you.

- Does he? Does he? Okay.
- Yeah.


Hola, papi.

Hi, gals. Wow.


Welcome to Mexico, Mr. Stone.

Hi, Mr. Laton.
Yes, how are you?

Who do you have to kill
to get a place like this?

Many, many people.

I mean, it's really beautiful.

- Thank you.
- My, my.

What's your pleasure?

What would you like?

I'll have a double.

How was the flight? Good?

You know, it was really good.

Really good. A little bumpy.

Thank you.
But not too bad.

- Let me show you around.
- It was good.

Don't hurt yourself.

Earl, I want to
introduce you to somebody.


- Hi.
- Hello.

Thank you. Thank you, too.

I want you to take good care
of Earl tonight, okay?

Tuck him in and stay with him.
Make him feel good.

Of course.

Don't hurt yourself, Tata.

I won't.

- This is...
- Lay down.

- Beautiful.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Do you like it?

I love it. Oh, God.


Wow. What do we have here?

You guys having some fun?

Well, we were just relaxing
a little bit. It was nothing.

I think we'd rather have fun.

I think that a little heart
medicine wouldn't hurt.

You're fine. Here, let me grab
these lights for you.

- One light will do.
- Yeah, get comfy.

I need to call a cardiologist.

Doctor Clark.

Mr. Life Of The Party.

- Yeah.
- You having fun?

- Yeah, I am.
- Yeah, you are.

- I saw you.
- I was having fun all right.

I've been looking for you.

- For me?
- I was looking for you.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, I thought I'd give you
a little advice.

You're giving me advice?

Yeah. Yeah. I...

I pass.

I think you ought to quit.

Quit? Quit what?

Quit this.

Quit here. These people
don't give a crap about you.

You know, you could quit,

find something you really love to do.

And then go after it.

Wait, wait, wait,
what are you talking about?

Let me tell you something, okay?

This is my family.
This is my home.

- Yeah.
- Okay? Laton...

He pulled me from the streets.
I was nobody. I was nothing.

Okay? He gave me everything.
And here, I'm somebody.


Yeah. So what are you talking about?


Hell, just an idea, you know?

Earl, Earl. Wait. No, no.
Where are you going?

Hey, I'm gonna go up to my room.

There I'm somebody.

No one wants to tip off the cartel,

but we have to show some kind
of progress with this case.

But you're talking about a PR stunt.

In Arlington, there's a table
of administrators

sitting around just like us,

only they're wondering
what the hell we're doing,

and if maybe someone else
wouldn't be more productive.

We need busts, Agent Bates.

Well, there's an alleged,
stash house

that might be getting a shipment

in the next couple of days.

That's more like it.

- Possible busts.
- Good.

Have to look like local PD, though.

To the cartel.

Our report will reflect
it's from our operation.

Do it. But I want busts.

You heard the man.

It's tricky.


Any last minute orders?

Yeah. Nobody shoot me,
unless absolutely necessary.

Nah, it's your show, Captain.
We're just tourists here.

All right, gentlemen, you heard the man.

Business as usual.
Weapons hot.


Get down!

Get on the ground!
Get on the ground!

Get down!

Move! Stay down!

Get down! Get down!
Get on the ground!

Don't even think about it.

Don't move!

Five of these.

We got what they wanted, I suppose.

Yeah. Two nobody illegals

and a few bags of coke
to lay out for the press.

Guess now I can retire.

Glam Cosmetology welcomes

the friends and family of our graduates.

Thank you so much for being here today

to honor these lovely young
men and women

who are following their dreams.

We are so proud of our graduates.

You're a glutton for punishment.


I'll have you know I was invited.

And now they are moving on

to the next chapter of their lives.

Tonight, you are barbers,
hair designers...

What are you wearing?

It's just a gold bracelet.

You like it?

We all need to take a pause

and savor this day.

Reflect on the journey,

the challenges, and the obstacles...

What are you doing here?

I'm just trying to make up
for lost time.

And, I do feel that
education is important.

Well, thank God she finally scrounged up

enough money to finish school.

Yeah. Thank God.

You? Impossible.

What's the matter? You okay?

It's nothing, it's nothing.
It comes and goes.

- It's nothing.
- All right.

No worries, no worries.
I'm fine.

I'm fine.

- All right.
- I'm fine.





Laton is gone.

He was getting too lenient.

The DEA is cracking down,

and I'm not gonna rot in prison

because of his deficiencies.

So, I got rid of him.

It's my show now.

No more tardiness.

No more going off radar.

Everything goes according to plan.

No deviations, no excuses.

Everybody gets with the program,

or they go away.

I don't care who it is.

And yes, this goes for your gringo, too.

You have a problem with that?


Here's your burger.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Change of plans, viejo.

You follow us.

Where are we going?

Get out.

It's so quiet out here.

No one for miles.

I want you to listen carefully, viejo.

There's new rules.

You show up on time.
You leave on time.

No unscheduled stops.
No fucking bullshit, man.

All orders are to be
followed to the letter.

We have a gift for you.


Go. Open, viejo.

It's a phone for you.
This one you keep.

You keep it on you at all times.

That's someone who didn't follow orders.

So you know the routes.

We're not gonna babysit you,

but we have eyes everywhere.

We're only warning you once.

No more late shit, Earl.

New boss says,

you show up late again and you're done.

We own your ass, cabron,

so don't be stupid,

or you disappear.


Answer that phone.

You do as you're told.

Don't be a problem.

That's what happens
when you're a problem.

You end up in the goddamn trunk.

- Julio, mijo...
- No, no, don't "Julio" me.

We're not friends.

I'm not your mijo.

- Orale, Earl. You're back.
- Yeah.

What's up, big poppa?

Yeah, it's me.

And I gather you guys own my ass.

Come on, man.
It's not that bad.

Ready for another trip, una mas?

Okay. All right.

Come on, viejito.
Let's make some money.

All right.

That's the spirit.

Yeah, that's the Earl I know.


- What did he give us?
- Nothing.

But from the wiretap,

we know where the mule's going.

We know his exact route.

So this time, we don't use
local PD or state troopers.

It's Agent Trevino and myself
in an undercover vehicle,

Agent Brown in an unmarked making stops.

- An aircraft.
- And?

And that's it. We pull
the plug on the whole thing.

All the surveillance,
all the wiretapping,

man-hours, everything,
it all comes to a head.

It's a lot of busts.

- Go get 'er done.
- Okay.

All right, let's see what we got.

They look funny.

Nah, between the two of them,

they got no more than
three grams of coke, guaranteed.

Brown, you see this?

Yeah, let's pull him over.

I'm slowly exiting my vehicle.

- How you doing?
- I'm not a threat, sir.

- Please don't shoot me.
- All right.

Please don't shoot me.

- Don't worry about it.
- I'm complying.

Relax. Relax.
Put your hands on the hood.

- My hands are on the vehicle.
- Great.

You don't have any weapons
on you, do you, man?

- No, sir, no weapons.
- All right.

I'm very tense right now.

Do you have any drugs in the car?

No drugs. Not high,
don't have any drugs,

never had any drugs.

Okay. All right.

You know, statistically speaking,

this is the most dangerous
five minutes of my life.

Being pulled over by law enforcement.

It's okay.
Take it easy. Just breathe.

You want me to breathe?
You want me to relax?

The chances of me dying
during a routine traffic stop

are greater than...
I don't even know.

It's the most dangerous
five minutes of my life, man,

being pulled over by law enforcement.

I don't speak Spanish.

I... I'm no threat.

That's you?

- Car is clean.
- Okay.

Sorry to inconvenience you.
Have a good day, sir.

Thank you for your service, Officer.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Have a good day.

♪ And on that road again

♪ On the road again

♪ That's me
I'm on that road again ♪

How we looking up there, anything?

I got no more, man.

Yeah, he's not here.

Hey, Luis.

You don't have him, do you?

No. Why?

He'll be at the Honest Abe
Motel off Interstate 55.

Well, that's rather specific.

Tata had to get permission

from his handler to stop for the night.

Does that prove my worth?

We'll see.

Says he's got a location
on him, Honest Abe Motel.

Let's check it out.

It would work a lot better

if you get that damn phone
out of your hand.

Did I ask for your
fucking advice, grandpa?

Past your fucking bedtime anyway.

All right, scratch 109.
That's just a young couple

- with kids and a toddler.
- All right.


We got a possible in 203.
Solo male, mid-30s.

Wait, wait, wait.
What's that, right there?

What's that, right there?

You think that's our guy?

Could be.

How do you wanna play it?

You wanna get local
police here on a noise call?

Disorderly conduct?

No, let's just have homeboy
run into the wrong guy.

- Everything all right?
- Yeah,

except I'm trying to avoid
some big asshole

who's going around here

banging his cell phone
on the ice machine down there.

I don't know what it is with
you guys and your generation.

"You guys"?

Don't you guys live life

for something outside the goddamn phone?

The fuck are you doing?

Fuck, I thought this was my room.

Yeah? Well, it's not.
Wake the fuck up, asshole.

Fuck you, bro.

What did you say to me?

I said, "Fuck you."

I don't know if you've heard the news,

but it's a felony
to assault a DEA Agent.

- A what?
- DEA Agent.


Yeah, it's less than an ounce.

Maybe 15 grams.

See what's in his pickup.

Fuck. It's not him.

Maybe there's another Honest
Abe Motel or maybe it's code?

What do you wanna do with this guy?

Call local PD,

give them the half-ounce
of meth and we keep going.

Start back up at 6:00 a.m.
Get some rest.

Come on.

- Miss?
- Hi.

Yeah, I'll have a cup of coffee

and maybe you'd fill
that thermos for me?

- Sure thing.
- Thank you.

Can I get the, check,
when you get the chance?




Oh, shit. It's the fifth.

Oh, shit.

I know a lot about "oh, shits."

Is that a missed birthday or what?


Jesus, I'm an idiot.


Yeah, I am.


Yeah, you know, she doesn't
say, "Happy anniversary."

Just let it sit out there,
waiting for me to remember.

That was really something yesterday,

down at the motel.

The way you took that guy down.

That was something else, I tell you.

Sorry if we caused you any disturbance.

No, no. It didn't disturb me.
It was...

That was unfortunate.


You gotta think about the family.


Each anniversary's important.

But you've got to think about it because

women love that shit, you know?

But, you know, I'm the king
of missing anniversaries.

- Yeah?
- That's the problem. Yes.

Well, it's the first one
I've missed, so...

Good luck.

Don't follow my footsteps
and do what I did.

I put work in front of family.

Family's the most important thing.

Work's fine, if it's in second position.

But first position should be family.

I've learned that the hard way.

My daughter won't even speak to me.

Haven't talked to
in 12 and a half years.


Twelve and a half years.

It's like I never...

Like they were never there,
or something.

But, anyway,

- I'd better pay you.
- Thank you.

Here, you keep that.

- Thank you.
- That's fine.

Just what you needed,

some asshole sitting here,
telling you about

what you should do
in your personal life.

No, not at all.

Anyway, I want to wish you good luck.

You'll need it.

And, thank you for the advice.

It's good to talk to one
of you guys, once in a while.

- "You guys"?
- You know.

- What kind of guys?
- You're just willing to...

You know, you've lived so long,

I think you've probably
lost your filter.

Really. I never realized I ever had one.

- All right. Take it easy.
- You, too.

Excuse me, sir.

Forgot this.

Thank you very much.

- Have a good day.
- You, too.

Hello, Ginny.

Grandpa Earl,

it's Grandma Mary.

She's sick. Like, sick sick.
We're at the hospital,

but they're sending her home.

Well, that's good.

That's good
that they're sending her home.

No, it's bad.

They did all these tests and scan shit,

but it doesn't matter.

They said she should've...

She should've come in, like, a year ago.

Grandpa Earl, are you there?


You have to come, like, right now.

Ginny, I can't.

What? Why?

They said it could be any day now.

I've got this schedule.
It's really tight.

I've just got so many things.
I can't do it.

Yeah, right.

I took shit for years,

sticking up for you.
What an idiot!

It turns out,
I was wrong the whole time.


I'm sorry.
If I could drop everything

and go do it, I would.
But I'm sorry...

- You came?
- Yeah.

Where's your mom?

She's in her bedroom.

Okay. I'm gonna go in.

Hello, Mary.


what do you want?

You're not in the will or anything.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to say that.

I'm just scared, is all.


Well, the only person
who wants to live to 100

is a 99-year-old, anyway.

I'm sorry, Mary.

I'm... I'm sorry for everything.

You lived to get back out there.

All the conventions

and the socializing and being
the center of attention.

They got the fun,
wonderful man that you are.

And we got the Earl

who just couldn't wait
to get back out there.


Well, you're right.

I thought it was more important

to be somebody out there

than the damn failure I was
here at my own home.

Anyway, for what it's worth,

I'm here now.

I don't know why,

but for some reason,

I'm so glad you're here.


Thank you.

No answer, again.

No good, Earl. No good.

We're going to end that fucking Tata.

Was supposed to be here a day ago.

Maybe the kid lied.


Hang on, there's
a call coming from inside.

They don't know where he is either.

They sound pissed.

Say when they find him,

they're gonna kill him.

You all right?



Tell me something?

Yeah, anything.

How did you come into all that money?

Well, I just...

Well, I'm not gonna lie to you.

I'm a high-end gigolo.

- Bounty hunter?
- Come on.

Seriously, come on.

All right, seriously.

I've become a drug mule for the cartel.

And I've got 305 kilos of cocaine

sitting right in the back
of my truck out there.

You're never gonna tell me.

Well, whatever you did,

you didn't have to get rich
for us to want you around.


I see you finally came out here.

See, she didn't completely
throw you away.


I failed you, Iris.

I was a terrible father,
terrible husband.

I just blew it, that's all.

Blew my chance.

I don't think so.

I think you're just a late bloomer.


They're shitting bricks.

They haven't heard from him
in over a week.

And it's like 12 mil worth of coke,

so, I mean, they got people
swarming the highways.


We have new information on Tata.

I have new information, from my boss.

- It's time to wrap this up.
- Come on, we can get this guy.

- It's been months, Colin.
- So what's a couple more days?

Look, we don't even know
if the guy is still out there.

You've been allotted
as much time and resources

as we can give to anyone.

You did good work.

If you had a few more days
while we finalize

the warrants, what's your plan?

Follow his followers.

We tapped the phones
of a couple cartel guys

that are also looking for him.

Okay, do it.

Thank you.

What? You okay?

It's all right.

You were the love of my life

and the pain of my life.

I need you to know,

it's all the world to me

that you're here.

I love you, Mary.

More today than yesterday?

But not as much as tomorrow.

I knew Mary well enough to know

that there was no better friend,

no better mother, no better mentor.

No better listener to those in need.

The light that she carried through

in her soul and her spirit

is something that we should carry on

in our own daily lives.

The optimism, the hopefulness,

even at the end of her days.

"Everything works out
better than expected,"

she always used to say.

We will miss her,

but she would not
want us to mourn today.

- Thank you, sir.
- Very sorry.

- Thank you very much.
- Yes, sir.

- Thank you.
- Very, very sorry.


Hey, Dad.

The flowers were really lovely.

Well, thank you, dear.
Glad you liked them.


We'd like to invite you to Thanksgiving.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Wouldn't miss it for the world.


That's him right there.
That's him right there.

Where you been, Earl?

I've been unavailable.

Why you making us have to do this, hmm?

You were warned, viejo.

"Celebrating the life of Mary Stone."

Who the fuck is Mary Stone?

That's my wife. She passed.

Yeah. I know I was warned.

I went AWOL anyway so...

I won't feel no ill will if you...

Whatever goes on here.

Just go ahead.

Do the fucking...
Do what you have to do.

Gustavo, we found him.

They're talking about Tata.

He was at a funeral.

His wife was dying of cancer.

Pero now he's finishing the run.

Sounds like they're with him.

He was warned.

I don't care.

Si, si, si.

They're gonna kill him.

Gustavo, he's the best mule we have.

I need a lock on a GPS now.

And get the chopper in the air.

Let him finish his drop.

If he fails, it's your head.

Get it done.


We have a location on that GPS track.

Illinois, a quarter mile east
off Interstate 55, exit 224.

All right, here we go.

Suspect is moving northbound.

Unit one, go ahead and block
all northbound traffic.

Units two and three,
box him in once we're in position.

- Roger that.
- All right, here we go.

It all comes down right here.

All right, here we go.

Charlie 223, helo 17 on top.

Air team, we have a visual.

Be smart. Slow down.

All right.

Let's go.

Step out of the vehicle
with your hands up!

Get out of the car!

Driver, step out of the vehicle.

Put your hands in the air!

Get out of the fucking vehicle now!

Get out of the car!

Get out of the car!

Step out of the vehicle!

Put your hands above your head!

Keep your hands in the air!
Step away from the vehicle!

Let me see your hands!

Put your hands in the air!

- Your hands!
- Step away from the vehicle!

Turn around, face the other way!

- Turn around!
- Turn around

- and face the other way!
- Turn around!

Put your hands behind your head

and interlace your fingers.

Now I want you to take
steps back towards me

to the sound of my voice.

There you go.

That's it, keep coming.

Here we go.

That's it.



Do you need more staties here?

No, no, no.

We're just gonna talk.

Okay. All right.

What happened to your face?


I just got what I damn
well deserved, is all.

And the suit?

Went to a funeral.

My ex-wife's funeral.

I'm sorry.

Lucky, actually. I got to
spend some time with her.

She let me in
and my whole family let me in.

My daughter, everybody.

Is this the daughter
that wouldn't talk to you?


That's right.
You remember that, huh?

I do.


Am I the guy who's responsible

for you missing your anniversary?

You know, it's funny.

After all this work and the time away,

you, of all people, were right.

I ain't been right about much in life.

Well, you made things
straight with your family.


I'm glad for you.

That's the thing.
You just remember that.

You remember that with your family.

You don't need all that other shit.

I'll try to.

You take care of yourself, okay?

- You, too.
- Yeah.

Hang in there.

Earl Stone is a man
who served his country,

fought for our freedom,

and now faces the loss of his own.

Murdering cartel thugs

who not only took advantage
of his good nature,

but also his advanced age,

his vulnerability.
Your Honor...




Mr. Stone, you should
talk to your attorney.

Earl, don't do this.

- Earl...
- Guilty, Your Honor.

I did it.

Mr. Stone, are you pleading
guilty on all charges?


Take him into custody.

Mr. Stone, you are remanded
into federal prison.

You did a good job.

We'll come visit you
every chance we can.


Mike and I will look after the farm.

Don't you worry, Grandpa.

I know you will.

It's just time, is all.

I could buy anything,
but I couldn't buy time.

It's okay. We love you.

All right. Thank you.

At least we'll always know
where you are.

Court is adjourned.

- Good work, Special Agent.
- Thank you, sir.