The Midnight Story (1957) - full transcript

Beloved priest Father Thomasino is murdered in a San Francisco alley, and the police have few clues. But traffic cop Joe Martini becomes obsessed with finding the killer; he suspects Sylvio Malatesta. Ordered off the case, Joe turns in his badge and investigates alone. Soon he is a close friend of the Malatesta family, all delightful people, especially lovely cousin Anna. Uncertain whether Sylvio is guilty or innocent, Joe is now torn between old and new loyalties. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Father Tomasino

Is the Chief gonna see us or not?
Not right now

He'll give you a break, he always does.
Sit down.

Did you call in to report
that you were going off duty?

I was upstairs when I heard Lt. Kilrain
is in with the Chief. I gotta talk to him.

Look, I know how you feel, kid.

And maybe you got a little more reason.

But there's not a man in this Department
that don't want to help bring in the priest's killer.

You're not ready for this sort of thing.

If you think I'm gonna ride around on a bike...

What have you got for us, Kilrain?

Summer will brief you upstairs.

We'll talk about it upstairs.

Lt. Kilrain?


I'm Joe Martini.


I wanted to talk to you about Father Tomasino.

You got something for me?

No, sir.
I just wanted to know what happened.

He was a close friend of the priest's.

The Father got him his job here.

There's not much to tell, son.

Someone phoned him at the parish house last night

and said they had to see Father Tomasino right away.

He went.

Whoever it was called him wouldn't let him go back.

Have you got any leads working for you?

Would I be standing here?

No. So far we got big fat nothings.

I wanna help.

It's Homicide's baby, now.
Nothing you can do that we're not doing.

You can use me. Transfer me to Homicide.

Look, Martini. My desk is loaded with telegrams.
The switchboard's jammed with calls.

Everybody in North Beach wants to help to find the guy
who killed the priest.

He was more than just a priest to me.

That's why you'd be in the way.

Send him back to traffic where he belongs.


Why don't you take a couple of days off?

I'll square it with your captain.

Hey, Joe, you oughta see
that inside curve you showed me.

Why don't you come down and take a look?

Did you get off duty to watch us practice, Joe?

What about father Tomasino?
Is he coming too?

Not today, boys.

Hey, Joe. You wanna play baseball?

Boys, boys!
Listen to the sister.

Back to the field.
All of you play ball.

See you later.

Hello, Joe. Go on, now.
See you later, Joe. Bye.


I haven't told them, Joe.

How do I tell them?


Why did it happen?

How could God let a thing like this happen?

Death is in the pattern of life, Joe.
As is birth, which no one questions.

I'm questioning it, Mother Catherine. Why?

I know how much Father Tomasino meant to you...
No you don't. You couldn't.

Ever since I can remember he's been...
I was here when he brought you.

You were six years old.

A frightened little boy who had just lost his parents
and was all alone.

Except for him.

He was my family.

If he would have died in his sleep or been hit by a car
it would be hard enough.

But to be stabbed in the back in an alley.

I don't understand Mother Catherine.

I'm struggling with it too.

Come, let us pray for Father Tomasino.

The way he lived his life
he doesn't need my prayers.

Then pray for the one who took his life.

Joe, don't leave this place
with hate in your soul.

Goodbye, Mother.

Father, we've tried to keep out
of your hair up till now.

And we've appreciated it.

But we're up against a blank wall.

Until we come up with a motive
there's nothing much we can do.

Now, you were Father Tomasino's closest friend,
his assistant pastor.

There must have been somebody in the parish
who hated him.

I don't know how you can say that.
Everybody loved him.

Let's skip the emotion this time, Father.

Whether you like it or not...

Father Tomasino did have an enemy.

I refuse to believe that.

Then who killed him? A friend?

Yes, Gillen?

It's the Martini kid.

I sent out word I haven't got time.
I can't see him now.

That's why he asked me to bring him up.

Hello, Father.
Hello, Joe.

Shut the door.

Alright, son. What is it?

The other day when I wanted a transfer to Homicide
you asked me if I had anything.

Well, I think I've come across something.

What is it?

It's a man. Nothing definite.
You might even call it a hunch.

But at least it's something to start with.

I've done some checking around already.

Get to the point.

I saw him at the funeral.

He was going through hell.

He used to be a member of the parish.
His name is Sylvio Malatesta.

Do you know him, Father?

Of course.
Everybody in North Beach knows him.

And likes him.
Joe, you've made a terrible mistake.

Sylvio had a reverence for Father Tomasino.

It was almost a childlike adoration.

I'm telling you.
He was going through the tortures of the damned.

He was bleeding inside.
He was tearing his hands.

Dozens of people are breaking up
over Father Tomasino.

We can't go around arresting people
just because of the expressions on their faces.

It was more than just the expression.
Alright, it was suffering.

What would he have said if he'd seen your face?

Well, I think it's worth checking.

We'll check hunches later.
Right now we're after facts.

Facts? The facts are you got nothing
and you're getting no place.

Get him out of here Gillen. If I see him around here again
I'll have his job.

Now, Father, let's go over this again.

Give it up, will you, Joe?

You've been on a run since it happened.

I covered you with your captain.

But the funeral is over.
I'm fresh out of excuses.

You won't need them any more.

What are you doing?
I just can't sit around doing nothing.

Joe, you know what you're doing?
Reinstatement ain't easy.

I saw Malatesta's face.

You didn't.

Well, say something.

Nice little crabs.

Little crabs?
Ei, Grazzioli...

tell him the only time he has ever seen a bigger crab
is when one of mine walks into his store.

He says the only time...
I heard him, I heard him.

The trouble with you, Antonio,
is you won't take your boat near the rocks.

The ones you catch haven't learned
to crawl yet.

Alright big mouth, I bet I got a bigger crab in my store
than you got right here.

Ten dollars. You take'em?

No. I already saw your wife walk in.

Sylvio Malatesta?

I'm Joe Martini.

What can I do for you?

You don't know the name?
No, should I?

I guess he didn't get a chance to talk to you about it before.

So forget it.

Who didn't have a chance to talk to me?

A friend of mine.

I'm looking for a job.
He said he was going to talk to you.

Maybe you could find something for me.

Yeah? Who is it?

Father Tomasino.

You knew him, didn't you?

Father Tomasino?

He was a true saint of a man.

His death left a big emptiness inside of us.

Have you done any fishing before?

I worked a squid boat out of Monterey.

But that was a couple of years ago.

I wish I could do something for you.

But things are pretty slow right now.
Maybe when the salmon start to run again.

Yeah, I know.

How much do I owe you?

Not a thing. On the house.

No, no, I want to pay for the...
Forget it.


Say. I'll check with some of the other boys.

If there is something,
where can I get in touch with you?

I haven't got a place yet.

It's the first time I've been in town
that Father Tomasino didn't set things up for me.

You know, it's funny...

not being able to get together with him.

Kinda lonely.

Thanks anyway.



Why don't you come to my house
for dinner tonight, eh?

I couldn't do that, Sylvio.
But thanks...

Aw, come on. Meet the family.

Maybe we can talk about a job for you.

I don't want you to go to any trouble.

It's no trouble.
You be here at five.

That's the time I leave.

I'll take you home. Give you a nice dinner.

You can use it.
Ok, Sylvio.


Let's say I'm doing it for Father Tomasino.

He would want me to do something
for one of his boys.

Ok, Sylvio. I'll see you around five.

Here, here. Don't you know stealing is a sin?

Don't you know stealing is a sin?

You want anything, you ask for it.

Wait a minute.

For you.

For your brother.

Go on.

There is my house, Joe.

Come on, Joe. I'll show you.

You got a free hand.
Give a whistle.

Watch out, Joe. Don't slip on the pasta.

Hey, mamma!

I'm home.

Now the whole neighborhood knows.

Put more water in the sauce.
I brought somebody for dinner.

One more, one less makes no difference.

Hey, mamma.

This is Joe.

Joe Martini. One of Father Tomasino's boys.


You're not the neighborhood boy?

I was up north. I just got into town.

Mamma, I got a present for you.

A present?
Yeah, wait till you see it.

A new frame for papa'a picture.

We don't need it.
But he hasn't got a frame.

Fix the old one.
I don't want it.

What are you talking about?

You don't even know how it's going to look.
Come on.

There's nothing wrong with the old frame.

They can't fix it anymore.
It's been mended too many times.

Come here. Look.
Look at this.

Come on, Joe.

Isn't that nice? Stylish?

You spend too much money.
I know what's wrong with you.

You think the old one is old-fashioned.
You think everything in the house is old-fashioned.

Next thing I know you'll be taking off papa's moustache.

Hey, Joe.
Who's more of a man?

Papa or me?

You talk too much.
If you were half the man it would be enough.

I settle for 25%, Mamma.

All this fuss and you made me
forget the sauce.

Hey, Joe. Come on.
You gotta meet the rest of the family.


My brother, Peanuts.
He thinks slow with a dirty word.

In regard to your letter of June 21st, comma,

our shipment of 70 dozen shirts

comma, style C-136,

thru F-420, comma

was dispatched on May 9th
according to your shipping instructions, period.

We're forwarding your letter to Mr. Smith
for further action, comma...

Stop that!
Now you see what you did.

I was up to "Mr. Smith" and now I've lost it.

Why do you talk so fast? Why?

Every day you come

My cousin, Anna.
She talks back to records.

Honey, this is Joe Martini.

I'm very pleased to meet you, Mr. Martini.

Call him Joe. That's his name.
He's going to have dinner with us tonight.

That's nice.

Look at these chicken scratchings, Joe.

That's the way she wastes her time.

I ask you which is more waste?

Studying to be a secretary from the mail order school
or sitting around the house doing nothing?

Did we bring you from Italy to be a secretary?


When her parents died we said
cousin Anna you come over here live with us.

We take good care of you.
Find you a nice husband.

Find me a husband.
Like finding bait for your fish.

I don't want a husband.
I want to work.

Work? For what?

No women in my family work.

They get married.
Hey, Joe.

Have you ever seen a prettier girl in San Francisco?


Now you say something nice about him.

Oh, stop it, Sylvio.
At least say that he hasn't got two heads.

Alright, Joe, you haven't got two heads.

Thank you.
I hope not.

There's enough water in the sauce now.

Go call your brother.
OK, mamma, OK.

I hope not...


Supper! Right now.
Not next week.

Why do you keep asking me
why I run the mile for, Mamma?

Because it's a mile race, that's why?

And I've got to win for Galileo next week.

Now, if those knuckleheads from college...

It's crazy. If you go some place, ok.
But you end up where you start.

Next year, Joe,
I'm going off with a two-mile.

The grocery store is a half a block away.
I can't even get him to walk.

Hey, you know something?

We broke a record tonight.

This is the first time we had
a young fellow to dinner...

that Anna doesn't hurry away from the table.

Hey, you're doing alright.
Remember that joker, Tony Malfi?

Sure. Hey, Joe.
This Tony Malfi, he got a scholarship to college...

played football for Notre Dame...

but halfway through the soup
Anna got a headache.

A real headache from his talk of blocking and tacking
and throwing to kick the football, ah!

How about Harry Boncelli?

His mamma and papa still don't talk to us.

She wouldn't even let him in the house.

That's the idiot who follows me in his car
when I walk down the street.

And he blows his horn at me.

It's always the same. She will rather stay home
than waste her time with an idiot.

I keep saying to her:

How are you going to know an idiot...

if you never give him a chance to prove it?

The minute they open their mouths
they prove it.

I just can't stand stupid talk.

Joe hasn't said a word since he sat down.

I noticed.

Hey, Joe.

From her that's a compliment.

Hallelujah. You're in like a burglar.

How'd you like to take her
to the Vallejo Social Club?

A week from Saturday.

I'd like to very much.

No, thank you. I'd rather not.

I really would.

Sorry Peanuts embarrassed you.
No, he didn't embarrass...

I hope Sylvio won't.

I don't want to go to the dance.
She doesn't want to go to the dance.

But mamma insists she goes.

And who's stuck? Me. Always stuck.
Oh, Pietro!

If only she'd stop acting like a square.

Plenty of guys are willing to take her
off my hands.

But no, she won't dance with anyone else.

Dance? Since when is dancing
this crazy jumping?

She won't even go to a show
without me taking her.

I got my own life, you know.
My own girlfriends.

They're just begging me to take them out.

Now you see what you've done?

You are no better.

You take her to that dance
or you'll be running that mile with a broken leg.

Ok, ok.
Alright, alright!

That girl, she's got such a temper.

Who did she get it from?

Well, it was the little things.

Like the time Father Tomasino
gave me a concertina.

Mother Catherine said it was against the rules...

you know, for one kid to get a present
and the others don't, you understand.


He told her I had a gift for music.
What gift for music?

And he said that if I got the concertina
and played it for the other kids...

this way they would get a present too.

He was a man loved by everyone.

Not everyone.

Someone didn't.

Hey, Sylvio.

What did Joe hit in the best year?

Joe who?
The only one that matters in the whole world! DiMaggio!

Oh, Joe DiMaggio.

381, in 1939.

Pay up!

Hey, Joe DiMaggio.

I got it, I got it...

What a man, DiMaggio.

Who do you think did it?


Oh, I don't know, Joe.

Could have been anybody.

But why?

How can he live with it?

What does it do to his insides?
How does he eat, how does he sleep?

What kind of a man is he, Sylvio?

If the cops knew that, Joe,
they'd be able to catch him.


I could have been with him that night, you know.

Instead I was in Santa Rosa.
I could have been right here.

But I didn't want to spend the money for bus fare.

Do you ever find yourself thinking
about what you were doing that night?

Yeah. I was playing cards.

At home?
No, at the Vallejo Club.

We got a game there every Friday night.

I just can't get it out of my mind.

The way he died.

In an alley.

You've got to stop thinking about it.

Maybe a job will help you.

More than a job,
what you need is a home.

Mamma likes you.
Anna likes you.

I like you, Joe.

We got an extra room. You move in and stay with us.
Oh, no, Sylvio.

I can't do that.
You come over. It's settled.

Tomorrow you pick me up.
Drop me off at the shop.

Take the car, get your stuff,
and you move in with us.

Thanks, I'd like that.

I'm glad to be able to do it.

For Father Tomasino.

Hey, Joe!

Give him!

Oh, that's beautiful, Joe.

Hey, wait! What's the matter with you guys?
Trying to kill me or something?

Boom! I made it!

Sylvio, it's after 3 o'clock.

Would you like me to make you
a cup of chocolate?

I'm alright, honey.

Why don't you go back to bed?
Sometimes it helps you to sleep.

You're as bad as mamma.
Why don't you leave me alone?

I'm up anyway.
It will only take a minute.

Oh, I'm sorry.

What are you doing up?

Can't you sleep either?

I heard Sylvio.

I don't know how he does it.

Works all day long
and walks the floor half the night.

I'm making him some chocolate.

You want some?
Yes, thanks.

How long has he been doing that?

Do you know what's bothering him?

He never talks about it.

But mamma and I know.

He's never gotten over Angelina Poletti,
a girl he met in Italy during the war.

They were very much in love
They were going to get married.

Then something happened and they didn't.

Whatever it was it hurt him very deeply.

This walking the floor,
it's been going on that long?

Mamma says
ever since he came home from the war.

I need some more milk, Joe.

I live with the man, I work with the man,
he treats me like a brother but I still haven't got a thing.

Kilrain is in the same boat.

He's no closer to the answer.

I thought I had him nailed though.

He doesn't sleep nights,
he walks the floor.

Then I find out he's been doing it for years.

Was he walking the night the priest was killed?

According to the coroner,
Father Tomasino was killed at 11 o'clock.

According to Malatesta he was playing cards
at a place called the Vallejo Club.

It's a regular game, every Friday night.

That shouldn't be to tough to check.
I haven't had a chance.

Last couple of Friday nights
he's been taking me to the fights.

He says he doesn't want me to blow my money
in a card game.

The more you tell me,
the more he sounds like a nice guy.

I'll tell you after I check his alibi.

You wanna know something?

I hope it stands up.

You're getting a little mixed up, aren't you, kid?

Maybe, but I never had a home before.

Not until now.

Hey, Joe!
Excuse me.

Hey, Joe, I should have told you...

No use getting dressed.

Anna's not going to the dance with you.

Since when?
Since I was a comedian this afternoon.

She bought a new dress.

I had to open my big mouth and tease her
how excited she was about tonight.

Suddenly she made up her mind.

She said the only reason you are taking her
is because mamma and me want you to.

Oh, Sylvio.

I'll handle it.

Don't try it, Joe.

She'll only get mad at you.

That was taken the day Father Tomasino
gave me the concertina.

About the dance, Joe. Forget it.

Pietro will take her.

You know, you're a great little fixer.
Thanks a lot.

You're breaking my heart, Gillespie.

Five girls tonight and only you?

What? They've never been out
on a date before?

How old are they?

Oh, I'm dying, I'm dying.

No, I told you I'm hooked with my cousin tonight.

Can I help it if she's an albatross
around my neck?

I told you I'm not going to go to the dance with you.
Or anyone else.

I heard you!

You ought to be ashamed!
You rascal!

Talking about like that about your cousin!

Hey, ma, what are you hitting me for?
I didn't do nothing.

Talking like that about your cousin!

Shame on you!
Hey, ma, come on.

Enough, it's alright.

What do you mean it's alright?
Nothing is alright.

What's happening?

What's going on?

I talked to a friend, that's all.
Right away it's for the United Nations.

What did he say?

It's alright. It doesn't make any difference
what he said.

I'm not going to go to the dance, period.

I'll stay home and study shorthand.

Will somebody please tell me what's going on?

If I can get a word in here, edgewise...

maybe I could straighten it out.

It is straightened out.

Anna, Pietro will take you.

In a million years. Two million.
I won't even go to the door with him.

Oh, you shut up!


Big deal.
Biggest deal in the world.

Where are you going?
Gonna eat a worm.

Pietro! Pietro, you come back here.

Joe, you are my friend. Will you please tell me
what's going on in my own house?


I know how you feel.
It's none of your business.

Pleaso go to the dance with me tonight.

But we had a date tonight.

At least tell me why you changed your mind.
Why are you sore at me for?

Because you are a jellyfish.

You don't want to take me to this dance.
Oh, yes I do...

Mamma pushes you.
Pietro pushes you. Sylvio pushes you.

They push you over a cliff if you don't say yes.

Nobody's pushing...
Take your hands off me.

I don't want anyone to have to be nice to me.

Cut it out, ma.
So it's hurting, eh?

I'm not asking you for Sylvio,
for Pietro or mamma.

I'm asking for myself.
Will you please go to the dance with me?

I told you no.

Anna, you made a date tonight with me.
Not with one of your idiots.

And you're not going to stand me up.

Now, are you coming out
or am I coming in after you?

Anna, a locked door isn't gonna stop me.
I'm not fooling around anymore.

Come out here this very minute.

You know what's wrong with you?

Everybody babies you in this house.

Well I'm not about to.
Now come on out here!

Alright, you've had it. Step back, lady,
cause I'm coming through.

Joe. Do you like the new dress I bought?

You mean to tell me
you're going to the dance with me?

Of course.

Then why did you make me go through
this big deal of breaking through the door?

I wanted to make sure that you wanted to take me.

Now I'm sure.
So please go. Let me finish.

Be downstairs in 10 minutes.

I'll be there in five.

Excuse me, mamma.
Joe, you're my boy.

You're my boy.

Here, take the car.
Alright, good.

Here's some money...
No, no, no.

Anything you want, Joe.

Hi. You with anyone?
Mamma mia!

Joe. Joe!

No dancing in there.
I know, I was just stalling.

It's not that I don't like it.
But I'm just a coward when it comes to doing it.

I'm glad. So am I.

Let's grab a couple of chairs while we can.

Shall we?
This I think I can manage.

I'd almost forgotten people dance like this.

Every time I've been here with Pietro
I've limped home with a broken back.

You dance very well, Joe.

I usually have to apologize to everybody
in the floor.

I guess it's you.

Joe, thanks.

For what?

For making me come with you tonight.

It's a pleasure.

Well, they've just lost me again.

How about some punch?
You order it. I'll be right back.

Has Sylvio Malatesta been around tonight?

Friday's his night.

Last couple of Fridays nights
we've been going to fights together.

Keeps beefing about missing his game.
I thought maybe I'd find him here.

Are you a friend of Sylvio's?


You wouldn't be Charlie Cuneo, would you?


Good thing. If you were
maybe we'd throw you out.

Then I'm glad I'm not Charlie Cuneo.

Are you gonna be seeing Sylvio?

Oh, yeah. I see him all the time.

Tell him Vince De Paul
wants a chance to get his money back.

Cute fellow, Sylvio.

Last time he was here
he won six straight pots.

All of a sudden he looks at his watch...

says it's 9 o'clock and he's gotta meet
Charlie Cuneo to play snooker.

When was that?

Two weeks ago last night.

He hasn't been back since.

And he's walking around
with a pocketful of my money.

Come on, talk on your own time. Deal!

Most guys have their wives call up
when they're winning.

Sylvio has to invent a friend.

You tell him I don't think there is
a Charlie Cuneo.

Yeah, I'll tell him.

Duty calls, baby. I'm yours.

No, thank you.

Be grateful,
I'm rescuing you from a lifetime of loneliness.

Get out of my way, please.
Shove off!

Still want some punch?

I'd rather dance.

Does anybody know
where there's an all-night monastery?

Who's the chick?

Anna Malatesta.

Lives on my block.

A real live living doll, eh?


What's the trouble, Frankie?
She's a snob.

She don't wanna talk to anybody.

Step down, pal.
This is a tag dance.

We're not buying.

Sorry, friend. It's the rules.

This is one big happy party.

Why don't we keep it that way, huh?

Let's get out of here.

Don't. That's Frankie Pellatrini. He's a prize fighter.
He'll kill you.

Apologize to the lady, Frankie.

How about it, Frankie?

I'm sorry.

She can't hear you.

I apologize. I apologize.

How about another waltz, fellas?


How come the reception committee?

Ah, Anna's not home yet.

Look, mamma, it's almost 1 o'clock.

Good, I hope they don't come home all night.

Take your feet off the table.

You don't know, Pietro.
Your cousin, she is lonely.

Like Sylvio's lonely.

Enough there's one in the family.

Ah, leave me out of it, mamma.
You are sick with it.

No wife, no bambini.

I don't want your cousin she should be like that too.


Did you have a good time?
Wonderful, thanks.

Where's Joe, honey?
He's trying to find a place to park.

Pietro, I love you!

You should have been there tonight.

Hey, Joe.

What happened to you?

It's nothing.
Did somebody slug you?

Joe, tell them what you did to Frankie Pellatrini.

Frankie Pellatrini?
Forget it.

Oh, no, what happened.
Frankie started trouble...

so Joe made him apologize to me
in front of the whole room.

He made him get right down on his knees
and apologize.

Frankie Pellatrini, wow!

I ran into Vince de Paul tonight.

He told me about you walking out
on the last poker game.

He says he's waiting for you to come around
so he can get even.

Ah, that pigeon.
He's lucky I left.

Another half an hour
and I would have owned his truck.

See you in the morning.

What's the matter with him?

I don't know. He suddenly got quiet
on the way home.

I thought it was on account of the fight.

No, it wasn't the fight.

That boy's got trouble.

Big trouble.

Hey, what are you all dressed up for?

Something I gotta do.
Is it okay if I take a couple of hours off?

Sure. Anything wrong?

No. I'm just gonna see a guy in Chinatown.

Ok. My turn to work tonight anyway.
See you at home.


Alright, Joe. I'll check the name.

Frank? Gillen.

Give me a run on Charles Cuneo.

Wait a minute.

Any description, Joe?

No, Frank.


Who is Charles Cuneo, Joe?

I found out Malatesta wasn't playing cards
at the club like he said.

He left around 9 o'clock.

Said he was gonna meet a fella named Charlie Cuneo
and they were gonna shoot some snooker.

So far I haven't been able to find any Charlie Cuneo
and noone down here seems to know who he is.

Wait a minute, Joe.

Yeah, Frank.


Alright, thanks.

Nothing on any Cuneo.

Did you check the phone book?

I did, and the City Directories.
I found seven Cuneos but no Charlie.

Check the utility companies and the motor vehicles.

If we don't come up with a Charles Cuneo,
Malatesta's got no alibi.

Right, Gillen. Bye.

Are you sure?
Sure I'm sure. I don't know any Charlie Cuneo.

Well, that wraps it, buddy.

The game was for only one thing.

The other is for what you know
about Charlie Cuneo.

What makes you think I know anything?

You missed the setup
when I mentioned his name last night.

695 Clay Street, apartment 4C,
ask for for Veda.

Why Veda?

I do a little collecting for the bookies once in a while.
She likes the horses.

So do a lot of people.

Yeah, but they don't pay off
with checks signed by Charlie Cuneo.

Hey, buddy.

You didn't get it from me.



That's right, honey.
What do you want?

I'm looking for a Charlie Cuneo.

I don't know any Charlie Cuneo.

You play the horses, don't you?

Not me, mister. It's against the law.

Now get out of here.

Look. You gave one of our runners a check
you got from Charlie Cuneo...

it's bounced three times.
Now I wanna know where I can find him.

Ask his bank. I don't know who you are
and I don't know any Charlie Cuneo.

I'm not asking you for the money.
I'll willingly get that from Cuneo.

All I want to know from you
is where do I find him.

Veda what's going on out there?
Who are you talking to?

A salesman, honey.

I'm just getting rid of him.

You don't want a busted head, mister.
Get out of here.

My husband works nights,
he needs to sleep.

Where do I find Charlie Cuneo?


He's a married man.
I don't ask questions.


Now beat it before you get the both of us killed.

Hey, Joe. How's my boy?


What are you doing here at home?
I thought you were working tonight.

Pietro is there with Julio.

Did you see your friend?

That guy in Chinatown.

Oh, no, I couldn't find him.
I bought mamma some leechee nuts.

Leechee nuts and lotteries.
She's crazy about them.

Mamma should have been Chinese.

Hey, Joe, how come you were looking
for Charlie Cuneo?

How did you know?

A customer told me.

Well, Charlie's an old friend of mine.


No kidding.
Oh, yeah.

Come here.

They're always doing things like that.

How's this for a surprise?

Charlie Cuneo.

Hey, what did you do to your hair?

I washed it.

Anna, go see that everything is ready.

Now that Joe's here we can eat.

Here, mamma. Take a leechee nut.

Oh, Joe, leechee nuts!
Hey, what's the matter with you two?

You act as if you've never seen
each other before.

The Charlie Cuneo I know is a tall skinny fella.

But when I told you about Joe
you said you knew him.

Goodtime Charlie thinks he knows everybody.

After four beers nobody in a bar
is a stranger.

See, Rosa. There's another Charlie Cuneo.

He's the one's been doing all the things
she's blaming me for.

That would take six men.

Very funny.

So you didn't know each other before.

Now you do.

Well, what do you think of him?

This is Anna's Joe.

Nice to meet you Mr. Cuneo.
Call me Charlie.

The ball and chain here is Rosa.

Everybody to the table, eh?

What's the matter with you?

Big surprise, mamma.

Nobody's surprised but me.

Come on, Joe.

I'm gonna go wash up.


Joe, what's wrong?

Nothing, why?

I think there is.

Do you really know a Charlie Cuneo?

Sure. He owes me $50,
that's why I was looking for him.

I watched your face when you came in.

I think you had more on your mind than $50.

What are you talking about?

I just don't understand
the way you act sometimes.

Everything is fine,
then all of a sudden you change...

like you were thinking of something
you wanted to forget.

Anna, Joe, dinner!

What is it? Can't you tell me?

Honey, there's nothing to tell.

Hi, everybody.

You're late.

Very well. I have no right to pry
into your secrets.

They are waiting for us.

And they're still talking about it
in Petaluma.

Now get this picture.
I'm working off five straight strikes, see?

I take the ball and whamo!
A perfect shot.

So what happens? A seven/ten split.

I don't know whether to cry or to get mad.

So I get mad.
I take the ball again.

Nobody ever threw a ball so hard.

The ten pin hits the side of the alley,
bounces over to the seven pin

I get my spare and a 278 game.

Am I lying, Rosa?

How do I know?
I never get out of the house.

Do you bowl, Joe?

No, no. I shoot pool.

Bowling is too expensive.
So is pool.

If you play with me.

Here he goes again.

I don't know why you always play with him.

All I ever hear is about how much money
he takes away from you.

Just once I'd like him to come home a loser.

That'll be the day.
You know, Joe?

Sylvio is my private pigeon.

Whenever business is bad on Saturday nights

I drive down from Petaluma
to play a little snooker with Sylvio.

Last time I come down I had to take him
out of a poker game to slaughter him.

So I heard.

The fellas at the Vallejo Club
are a little hecked at Sylvio.

But I thought that was Friday night.

Oh, sure. That's right. Saturday Rose's mother
was coming. I had to stay home.

So what does he do?
Sleeps all day.

Because he doesn't get to bed until 3 o'clock.

I was waiting for you to get to that.

Sylvio. Tell her.

What time did I leave you?

Oh, about 1 o'clock.

It was one twenty.

Took me an hour and thirty minutes
to drive home.

Ten minutes to get undressed.

Anna, you're a nice girl.
When you get married, please trust your husband...

don't keep track of every minute of his time.

A lot of reasons I got to trust you.
Please, Rosa, we're not home.

We're all finished.
Let's go to the other room.

Come on, Charlie. I got a beautiful
Bolla Galleano. I want you to try it.

It's going to be a lovely evening.
I've seen those two when they get started.

They're wonderful. Everything is wonderful.

Joe, you feel alright?
I've never felt better in my life.

I gotta go uptown. Keep the party going
and I'll be back as quickly as I can.

I've got something to celebrate tonight.

You know better than to bring me fried rice.

With my stomach it's got to be boiled.

Too much lousy whiskey, uh?

Too much lousy chow yuck.

And you did it to me.
You and your cooks.

You miserable excuse for a Chinese
restaurant owner.

Hey, Joe.

What are you doing here?
I've been looking all over for you.

I called the Hall and they said
you always eat here.

I've had the Chinatown beat for 20 years.

Now I'm a rice addict.

What's on your mind?

I want you to put me on the reinstatement list.
I'm ready to go back to work.

You're pretty hard to keep up with, kid.

I've still got a couple of guys
trying to find that Charlie Cuneo for you.

He found me. And everything checks out
right down to the line.

He was with Sylvio the night
Father Tomasino was killed.

They were playing snooker until after 1 o'clock.

Sylvio is as clean as a bird.

You sound mighty happy about it.

He loved Father Tomasino. He was grieving for him
as much as we all were.

On him it looked different.

You know, Kilrain was right.

A man isn't guilty by the look on his face.

And I spent an hour with Kilrain this morning
trying to convince him that he might be wrong.

Every lead we've had is going sour.

Now this happens.

I don't know what I would have done
if it had been Malatesta.

As much as I want to do something
for Father Tomasino.

The way it worked out
he's done something for you.

You said yourself you've never had a home.

Maybe this was his way of finding you one.

Well, I'll see what I can do about speeding up
your reinstatement.

How about a cup of tea?

No, thanks. I gotta do some shopping
before the stores close.

Do you know any place I can go
without being treated like a tourist?

Sammy Yun. Right down the street.

Tell him I sent you.

You know what I'm gonna do for you
if this works out?

I'm gonna buy you a pair of chopsticks.


Where have you been?

What's all that?

Where are the Cuneos?
Boy, you ducked out just in time.

It turned into a first-class battle.

Our house wasn't big enough for them

so they went home
where they could have more room to fight.

Aw, that's fine.

Well I got Charlie a couple of bottles of champagne.

What are you buying wine for him?

He loused up the whole evening.
Not for me, he didn't.

Tell you what. We'll save this one for Charlie
and we'll have the other one.

Mamma, I got something for you.

A bag of leechee nuts.
I haven't touched the others yet.

And another present for you.
Oh, my goodness.

What's in it?
Open it.

Come on, come on.

Chinese pajamas?
Brocaded in solid gold thread.

The man at the store said the dragons
will never turn green.

What am I gonna do with it?
You wear them when you eat the leechee nuts, silly.

Don't I get something for it,
like a little kiss?

Oh, sure, Joe.

Is peanuts home yet?

Look what I got for peanuts.

It's a body-building set, You know,
for arms, the legs, the back and everything else.

Where's Anna?


For Sylvio.

A fishing pole?
Oh, no, Joe.

You sure you didn't pick
the wrong package at the store?

You're a dope. It's a pool cue.

Best snooker player in San Francisco
helped me pick it out for you.

If you can't beat Charlie with that
you might as well give up the game.

Oh, Joe, it's beautiful.
I don't know what to say.

Just say you're my friend and shake my hand.

What for? We never fight.

Just shake my hand.

I don't understand, Joe, but you're my boy.

Excuse me.

Oh. Open the wine.
We'll be right down.

Whatever his trouble was, it's over now.

Just a second.

For me?


Because I love you and want to marry you.

Don't play games with me, Joe.

I'm not playing any games with you.

I wanna marry you.

What about the things that were bothering you?

The secrets you wouldn't talk about.

They're gone.

But you had them.

They're gone now.

How can I be sure?

No, Joe. It has to be for real.
Not halfways.

I need you, Anna.

I need you very, very much.

Holy sweet Maria.
Hey, mamma!

Mamma, it's happened.

My little Anna.
My little Anna.

We're gonna get married.
You're telling me?

I'm so happy I'm gonna cry.

Joe, I'm gonna throw you the biggest wedding
North Beach has ever seen.

When do you want it?
Wait a minute. Don't rush it.

We haven't even had a chance
to talk about it.

What is there to talk about?
I'll give you until next Sunday.

We have open house.
We tell everybody, eh?

Let's go downstairs.
We drink some champagne, yeah?

Hey, Sylvio. You only got two bottles.
You gonna run out pretty soon, you know that.

The Pacific Ocean will run dry first.

Everybody with an empty glass.
Bottoms up!

Let's drink up.
You want some wine?

Ah, mamma.
No, no.

Anything wrong with the wine?
No, I had two glasses already. That's enough.

Come on, have another one.

Then maybe you put on your new Chinese pajamas
and show everybody.

There, my mamma.

Now only your daughter is left, Mrs. Bragiotto.

All she does is look at television.

The only men she sees are selling soap.

I keep telling her.
You can win money on television...

have vacation, a mink coat, an automobile...
But a husband? No.

I guess she's going to be with me forever.

Maybe you should break the television.

There's always hope.

Hey, Joey. Joey,

You and me gonna have a little talk.

I'm gonna teach you how to handle
your wife.

Is that right?
Sure. First you get a whip,

and then a chair.

And then you tell her who's the boss.

And remember.
There's gotta be one boss to a house.

When are you gonna tell me
who's the boss in our house?

Of course you gotta tell them slowly, nice, gently.

I've been married 22 years to my wife.

But some of these days...

Quiet everybody, quiet!
Everybody shut up.

I wanna make a toast.

To Joe Martini.

My future cousin and partner.

Now wait a minute, Sylvio.
Another glass of wine and you'll give me the house.

What's the matter?
Don't you wanna be my partner?

Ok, I'll give you the store.

And the boat. You be the boss.
I work for you. Ok?

To Joe and Anna.
And ten little bambini.


Noisy, isn't it?

I never thought we had so many friends.

There isn't a soul in the house.

Hold it, Joe.
I wanna get a picture.

Hey, Raoul. Bring the camera.

You get outta there.

Yes, keep kissing.

Joe, there's some guy outside
wants to see you.

Tell him I'll see him in a week.
Tell him to come in.

I can't. I'm on the phone.
Anyway, he says he's double-parked.

Excuse me, boss.
I am the boss.

Anna, Anna...

I'm telling you, Gillespie.
It's the second emancipation proclamation.

It's true, Gillespie.

Why don't you come over and bring
some of those Sacred Heart girls?

Why not?
Everyone else in the neighborhood's here.

So you finally showed, eh?
Get parked and come on up.

No, Joe.
It's gonna be alright.

But don't mention I was a cop.

After we get upstairs,

you and I will find a nice quiet corner
and then we'll decide how we're gonna break it.

Get in, Joe.
I gotta...

What's this all about, Gillen?

This is Frank Wilkens.
He heads up a detective agency.


Well, what did you wanna...

Hey, wait a minute.
I gotta get back to the party.

This is more important.
It'll only take a few minutes.

I brought Frank along and
thought maybe you'd like to talk to him.

About what?

Take a look.

Filed yesterday.

It's a beating report.

The guy worked his wife over.
What's that got to do with me?

The guy's name is Albert Pinnelli.

Wife, Veda Pinelli.
I met her. She probably had it coming.

She did.

Pinnelli knew she was holding hands with somebody
and hired me to find out who it was.

Took a trip to Petaluma to get a name for him.

Charlie Cuneo.

You called it.

When I spotted his name in Pinelli's statement
I got in touch with Frank.

The priest was killed Friday, May 11th.

Wanna read the report yourself
or can I tell you?

Which is quicker?

It's a long report.
We gotta earn our fee.

Frank tailed Veda to the Horizon club.
She got there at 9:17.

Charlie Cuneo and another guy
were sitting at the table waiting for her.

Frank checked, the other guy was Malatesta.

At 9:50 Veda and Cuneo left.

They visited a half a dozen bars, they had drinks,
they danced.

Cuneo made a couple of phone calls.

At 12:57 they got back to the Horizon Club.

Malatesta was waiting for them.

Then he was there all the time.

It could be.
But we were paid to tail the dame.

There's one thing for sure, Joe.

Malatesta's been lying.

First he lied about playing cards at the Vallejo Club.

Then he lied about playing snooker with Cuneo.
They both lied about that.

All that proves is that Cuneo didn't want his wife
to know that he'd been running around

and he was using Malatesta to cover up for him.

Kilrain sees it the other way.

Have you ever been to the Horizon Club, Joe?

It's less than two blocks
from where the priest was killed.

The back door leads to the same alley.

Aw, come on, Gillen. There must be a hundred doors
leading to the same alley.

Kilrain talked about me grabbing at air.

Nobody's grabbing at air.
We've got one thing to work on.

Malatesta's alibi is out the window.

We'll take it step by step from there.

Kilrain wants to see you tomorrow.

Want us to take you back?

Let me off here.
I gotta do some thinking.

Hey, Joe.

Where have you been?

I've been looking for you all over the neighborhood.

Thought I'd get some air.

The wine, eh?

Drunk on six little glasses of wine.
Ah, Joe, I gotta teach you how to handle that stuff.

Smart fella, though.
You didn't let Anna see you drunk.

Plenty of time for that later.

You'd better not park there.
You'll get a ticket.


Hello, Anna...

I'm sorry I had to duck out,
but something came up.

What, Joe?
What's wrong?

I got some bad news about a friend.


My head's coming apart.
Why don't we talk about it in the morning?


They're back, aren't they?

The troubles. You've got them again.

What is it? Can't you tell me?

It's something I have to work out for myself.

Maybe if I knew I could help.

Forget it.

We can call it all off, Joe.

What are you talking about?
I won't hold you to it.

You don't have to marry me.

You're right back the way you were.

I knew you would be
when you stayed away so long.

I've been going crazy thinking about it.

Joe, would it make it easier
if we don't get married?

Anna, it's the one thing I'm trying to hold on to.

Then you have to let me out.

I can't face life with you in peeks and drops
with no in-between.

It's bad enough now.
I can't talk about it. You've gotta understand.

How can I? How can I?

You don't even tell me
what I'm supposed to understand.

One way or another it'll straighten itself out
in the next couple of days.

I hope you understand that.

Joe. Joe.

Let him alone, Anna.
Why, Sylvio?


Something terrible is gnawing at him.

I've got to know.
I've got to find out what it is.

Alright, honey, my baby.

Excuse me.

I would like some information
about a boy who was raised here.

Mother Catherine would be the one to see.

She isn't in now.

Who is it you wanted to ask about?

His name is Martini. Joe Martini.

Are you a friend of Joe's?

We are planning to get married.
You are?

Mother Catherine is not only going to be surprised.

She's going to be hurt that Joe hasn't told her.

As a matter of fact we haven't seen him in weeks.

Before that, was he coming here often?

At least a couple of times a week.

He's a great favorite with the children.

Especially when he's in uniform.


His police uniform.

When he walks through the door
even the toughest little monsters quiet down.

You have no idea how we've missed him.

How long has Joe been a policeman?

Ever since I've known him.

I've been here a year.

Joe is still on the Police Force, isn't he?

I don't know.

Oh, about five minutes ago.


No, I can't look at it.

Will do. Bye.

Yes, miss?

I'd like to see the Chief of Police, please.

I'm sorry, he's gone to City Hall.
He won't be back this afternoon.

Can anyone else help you?

I'd like some information about a police officer.

His name?
Joe Martini.

May I ask who you are?

Anna Malatesta.

I'm sorry. I can't give you any information
about Martini.

Can you tell me if he's still with the Department.

We're not releasing anything about him.

He's in some kind of trouble, isn't he?

What is it? Why did he lose his job?

I have a right to know.
I'm engaged to marry him.

I'm sorry, miss.

Who can I see? There must be somebody
with authority to tell me.

I'm afraid not. We have strict orders.

Thank you.

Lt. Kilrain?

Martini get there?

I'm coming up.

Mrs. Pinelli, your husband isn't here.

Even if he was,
he knows you were with Cuneo that night.

Now you got nothing to lose and you can help us
if you'll answer a few questions.

What's to answer?

That private eye wrote it all up.

I've got this to show for it.

Please try to remember.

Exactly what happened after you met
Cuneo and Malatesta at the Horizon Club?

Remember? I'll never forget it.

Some gag.

Collector for a book.

I should have pegged you for a cop.

He asked a question, Veda.

Well, the whole evening was a mess.

Always was before Charlie
came in from the club on Saturday nights.

He'd tell his wife he was coming in to play snooker
with Malatesta.

They'd play until about twelve.

Then Charly'd come by to see me.

Who's watching the store?

If I'd known there was going to be this big an audience
I would have brought my baubles.

Go on.

Why was I a dope to see Charlie
on a Friday night?

My husband works a split shift
and gets home by two.

Charlie was stubborn so I said okay.

We made a date for 9 o'clock.
When I walked in he was with his pal Sylvio.

Not a bad-looking guy.

First I was kinda glad Charlie brought him along.

What a clump he turned out to be.

He was beefing when I walked in
and kept on beefing.

He didn't approve of Charlie
stepping out on his wife.

And he was all teed off at being used as an alibi.

Is that why you and Cuneo left him?

It was either that
or bust a chair over his head.

Would I tell that clump off.

I asked if his life was so pure and lily-white
that he could go around telling other people what to do.

He sure took it big.

I thought he was gonna slug me.

So I walked and Charlie went with me.

Did Cuneo leave you at all
any time during the evening?

No, only when he went to use the phone.

Who did he call?

He was trying to reach Sylvio
back at the Horizon Club.

He was afraid the square
would get in touch with his wife.

Did he talk to him?

No. He wasn't there.

Exactly what time was that?

I was in no mood for exact time.

Well, approximately.

The first time about an hour after we left.
Maybe 10:30.

Tried again an hour later

then around 1 o'clock
we went back to the club and he was there.

Are you sure he wasn't there all the time.
Maybe he just didn't want to answer the phone.

Charlie jumped him about that right away.

Sylvio said he went out for about an hour.

He wanted some air.

And that's all he said for the rest of the night.

Just sat there and stared at us.

Gave me the creeps.

I don't think the guy was in his right mind.

That'll be all Mrs. Pinelli, thanks

If there's anything more
we'll get in touch with you later.

Before I go I'd like to set one thing straight.

Charly's a clod but he's a good spender.

Likes to dance, hold hands,

have somebody around to laugh at his lousy jokes.

But that's all there was between us.

I wouldn't want you thinking
there was any more than that.

If you can sell that to your husband
I'll buy it too.

Well, I guess that marks it in, son.
I'll take it from here.

Let him.

It'll be easier on you.

Anna Malatesta just left my office.

Somehow she found out you were a cop.

She thinks you're up to your neck in trouble
and that's how you lost your badge.

I couldn't tell her any different.

Look, I know this is rough on you, son,
I wish it didn't have to be.

Where do we pick up Malatesta?

Lieutenant, you haven't got a motive.
A man doesn't kill without a reason.

Maybe he had one.

We just don't know it yet.

Look, Martini...

for weeks you've been on my hair
trying to blow the whistle on Malatesta.

We wouldn't buy it.

Now we're ready to
and you're on our hair again.

Just where do you stand?

Lieutenant, if Malatesta killed Father Tomasino
I'll walk him to the gas chamber myself.

But all we've got so far is the fact that he wasn't
at the Horizon Club for about an hour.

That still doesn't put the knife in his hand.
He could have been out for some air...

he could have gone to the movies.

But you pick him up now
and the papers will get it.

I'm thinking of what it's gonna do to his family.

His mother, the kid brother, his cousin.

That's why I told you to stay out of it.

I don't have to think about his family.
I can't.

That's one of the things about this job
that makes it stink sometimes.

You threw a lot of maybes at me.

Well the only answer to them is Malatesta.

Pick him up, Summers.

Lieutenant, unless you get a confession
you've got no case.

And you're not gonna get any.

I know him. I've talked to him about Father Tomasino
and he doesn't turn a hair.

All he will tell you is that he loved the priest.

In 72 hours you're gonna have
to let him go again.

Well, isn't that what you want?

Maybe you can close the book on this case.
I can't. I've gotta know.

I still have a chance with him.
You haven't.

All I ask for is a couple of days.
You've had almost a month.

But I've got different cards now.

If I play them right,
Malatesta will walk in here by himself.

What can you lose?

It'll make it easier for all of us
if he can pull it off.

I haven't heard anything yet
to make me think he can.

Anna thinks I'm jammed up in something.

I'm gonna keep working this angle
until it gets to Sylvio.

I know him. If he thinks I'm out on a limb
he's gonna try to get me off.

You still got your gun?
Yeah, but I got it packed away.

Well, get it and keep it on you.

I think Malatesta is our man.

And to me he adds up a killer.
And a violent one.

You don't know him.
All I know is what you told me.

He's kind and he's gentle and he likes you.

Well, he loved Father Tomasino.

You carry that gun. That's an order.

Yes, sir.

Hello, Joe.
Hello, mamma.

Why are you home?
Sylvio said you were working tonight.

I'm on my way to the store now.
I forgot something and came to get it.


Maybe you can tell me.
What's the matter with Anna?

What's happening in this house?

What about Anna?

She's been in her room for hours crying.

She won't tell me anything.
I phoned Sylvio.

She won't talk to him.

She won't eat. I took her up a tray
she wouldn't even touch it.

What's wrong with Anna, Joe?

Does it have anything to do with you?

I don't know, Mamma. I gotta hurry.
I gotta get to the store.

My house is full of unhappiness, Joe.



Joe, I've got to talk to you.

Not now, Anna.
It has to be now.

It can't wait, Joe.

What are you doing with that gun?

You shouldn't have come in here, Anna.

What's that for?
It doesn't concern you.

Where are you going?
I'm going to the store. I'm working...

You don't need a gun in the store.
Joe, listen.

Let me go!
Whatever is wrong, maybe we can work it out.

Please, don't make it worse.

If we have to, we can go away.
I'll do anything.

Joe, I love you.

Nothing else matters.

I might have to ask you
to remember that, Anna.


Come on in.
I've been waiting for you.

Why are you closed?
I don't want anyone else around.

What are you doing to Anna?

I don't know what you're talking about.

She just called me.

She's almost out of her mind
worrying about you.

What did she say, Sylvio?

She told me you used to be a cop.

You got in some kind of trouble
now you're going to make it worse.

You're carrying a gun.


It's none of your business.

Anything that hurts Anna is my business.

Give me that gun.


I'm gonna meet a man at 12:30.
I'm gonna need it.


I'm gonna kill him.

You're crazy, Joe.

If I don't kill him,
he could put me in the gas chamber.

I?m not gonna take any chances.


Come here, Joe.

Pull up a chair.

Sit down.

Now look, Joe.

Last night I told Anna not to interfere.

To let you work out your own problems
by yourself.

I was wrong.

My family is being torn apart.

I can't let that happen, Joe.

You've gotta tell me what it is.

What have you done?
I haven't done anything.

I don't expect anybody to believe me.
I'll believe you...

It's not enough, Sylvio.
Everything is stacked against me.

It's my own fault too.

You wanna know why?

Because I talk too much.

That's the reason
the cops dragged me in for questioning.

They got a motive.
But they can't prove I was in town.

The guy I'm gonna meet tonight
not only can put me in town but at the parish

a half hour before it happened.

Before what happened?

They think I killed Father Tomasino.

They're crazy.

You said you were in a hotel room
in Santa Rosa.

Well I wasn't

One of the bellhops was driving into town
so he gave me a lift.

He left me off at the parish house.

Instead of going in I went for a walk.

Only I can't prove it.

Why should you have to?

Do they know how much Father Tomasino
meant to you?

Sure, but the only important thing to them
is that I had a big argument with Father Tomasino

about being kicked off the Force.

If that bellhop goes to the cops I'm through.

He wants a thousand dollars
to keep his mouth shut.

He expects me to give it to him tonight.

Pay him, Joe.

Pay him.

I'll give you the money.
No, Sylvio. In a few more weeks...

he'll want another thousand, then another.

I'll be paying for the rest of my life.

I'm gonna meet him on the pier.

Nobody will be around that late.

The body will float out to sea.

Even if they do find it,
nobody can pin it on me.

You can't do it, Joe.

You can't do it.

Even if you get away with it,
you can't do it.

It will always be on your mind.

You can't get rid of it.

You can't sleep.

All night you wait for mornings
you can stop being alone.

Sometimes you act like a clown.

You laugh when there's nothing to laugh at.

You gotta have people around
so you that don't have a chance to think.

But you can't stop thinking
because it's inside of your brain

and you can't tear it out.

I know, Joe.

I know.

What do you know?

The only problem you ever had is whether
the salmon are gonna run.

I killed somebody.

That's how I know.


Angelina Poletti.

A girl in Naples during the war.

She was going to run away with another man.

I went crazy.

She was found dead after a bombing raid.

They never knew how she died.

Nobody never knew.

Nobody, Sylvio?


Didn't you confess to your priest?

Didn't you tell Father Tomasino?

What are you trying to make me say?

You just said it.

The only argument I had left
was that you had no reason to kill Father Tomasimo.

Now you just gave it to me.


everything you said tonight was a lie, eh?

Everything you ever said was a lie.

You're a cop.

That's why you came here.

Pretended to be my friend.

Moved into my house.

You made love to Anna,
even asked her to marry you

just so that you could get at me, didn't you?

I have lived in hell for years
just to keep my family from being hurt.

But you don't care what happens to them, do you?

Damn you! I'll kill you!

In God's name.

I'd give my life to make them happy.

On my life.

On my life.

Is that the knife you used...

when you killed Father Tomasino?




It wasn't my fault.

He didn't look where he was going.

I didn't have a chance to stop.
You saw it. You know it wasn't my fault.

Somebody get an ambulance.


Wait. He wanted to talk to Anna and Joe alone.

I think you better go in now.

Father Giuseppe.


You trust him.

Don't make big things out of nothing, Anna.

Joe has no more problems now.

We've straightened everything out.

Didn't we, Joe?

He's a good boy.

He's gonna take care of you.

And mamma.

And Pietro.

Hey, Joe.

If you have to wallop Pietro

It's okay with me.

You're the boss now.

Okay, Joe?

Go, now.


My baby.


Joe will be right out.


Father Tomasino told me to go to the police.

But I didn't.

I couldn't.

I couldn't hurt mamma and Anna, Joe.

You know...

wherever I went I saw his eyes.

They were gentle.

But they knew.

It kept getting worse and worse.

Then I saw his eyes all the time.

I couldn't stand it, Joe.


I had to do it, Joe.

I had to do it.


Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

Sure, Sylvio, sure.

Thank you, Joe.

Thank you, Joe.



The accident beat me to it.

I didn't find out a thing.

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