The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2 (2023) - full transcript

The Flash is forced to make an impossible choice; with the power out in the city, Team Flash calls upon the Rogue Squad to help as Iris is visited by an old friend; Joe and Cecile work on finding a balance.

- Previously, on "The Flash"...

- You're gonna get
pregnant in three months.

- I think we should
leave Central City.

- You can call me Khione.

I hope you can accept me.

- You know, if it
wasn't for you,

I could've got a prospect.

- We still haven't talked about

our other close encounter.

- Um, uh, later.

- Central City,

now all of you
will pay the price.

- How long until it's finished?

Or is getting your
girlfriend back

not important anymore?
- How about we put together

a little team of
Rogues of our own?

- You're gonna run

until you can't run anymore.

- I overloaded the capacitors.

The treadmill shot
it all back at her.

- The treadmill drained
too much of my speed.

I can't run.
- I'll hold 'em off.


- Somebody order a prison break?

- We gotta get Mark.


Ah! Mark.

[lightning crackling]

[dramatic music]

- [panting]

It's getting worse
out there, Captain.

- More red lightning strikes?
- And they've started

three more fires...
At the shipyard,

Central City High
School and City Hall.

- What about first responders?

- They're doing their best,

and we're trying to
help them, but Captain,

with all these emergencies
and the looting,

we don't have enough
units to keep up.

We need help.

- I know where to find it.

[thunder rumbling]

Officer, can I help you?

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[people screaming]
[glass shattering]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Take the hardware to the roof.

Let me know the
moment you're ready.

[shimmering tone]

- [gasps]

- [whimpering]

- [groans]

A mimic.

How cute.

- [gasps]

- Leave her to me.

You two cover the exits.

Make sure we don't have any
more unpleasant surprises.

And remember, no
one gets in or out.

- Fine.

- Nobody gets in or out...

- Now you're playing my tune.

- That took guts.

You know, I think
you're the kind of cop

who will appreciate
what I'm about to do.

- Whatever you're planning,

you won't get away with it.

- Yes, I will.

[thunder rumbling]

Don't worry.

I will show you what
true justice looks like.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- We never leave anyone behind.

- We do when it saves our asses.

- He's right. It
was us or Mark.

We had no choice.

- You always have a choice.

- Are you paying
attention, Lite-Brite?

We got evil speedsters,

Chill-lame backstabbed us,

the city's on fire with
crazy red lightning,

and your boy here
barely has any speed.

This ain't it.

- Oh, damn.

The Red Death's coming
after us next, isn't she?

- We destroyed the
cosmic treadmill,

her only ticket out of town.

Yeah, we're screwed.

The whole city is.

- Then we need to save it.

People are in danger.

They need my help.

- You can't even help yourself.

This whole situation's
a dumpster fire.

- And look, Barry, if you
lost most of your speed

running on the Red
Death's treadmill,

I mean, how are we
supposed to do anything...

- I don't know.

That's why we need
to get back out there

and find a way.

- Rush into battle with no plan.

Yeah, that's not gonna
get the rest of us killed.

We need to stay put.

- Well, maybe we
don't need to go

back into the field
to make our next move.

- I always liked you.

- Look, I got to know Ryan

during our little
chit-chat back at the loft,

and if she blames us
for keeping her here,

then she's probably filled
with hatred and rage by now.

- Which are feelings
we could trace...

with a little help
from a friend.

- Babe, you sure
you wanna do this?

- Babe, everyone on
this team has a purpose.

This is mine.

Okay, so how is this
supposed to work?

- Well, by boosting
Cecile's empathic telemetry

and superimposing it
over the city grid,

I can pretty much hone in
on whatever she senses.

- Remember, you're
looking for hate.

Lots of it.

- Okay, triangulation grid is...


- [exhaling]

[powers whirring]

- Mm.


An empath.

- I found her.

She's trying to push me
out, but I found her.

She has so much anger.

It's overwhelming.


- The Red Death's at CCPD.

- There are more people there.

They're scared.

- That's Kramer
and the other cops.

- Wait! There's somebody else.

Close by. Oh.

Oh! They're in pain.

They're in so much
pain. They're terrified.

- Can you see who it is?

- Mm-hmm.

Ah! Ahh! [panting]

- [exhaling]

- Ah!
- Wait, wait, wait,

I got a location.

Oh, frack me.

Whoever she's locked into

is inside the Red
Death's home base.

- [struggling efforts]

[breathing heavily]

- Cecile!

- He's alive, he's
alive, he's alive!

He's still alive!

- Who?

- Mark.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- You wanna do what now?

- I'm sorry, Barry. I
am not going back there.

It is way too dangerous, and
I have a kid to take care of.

Besides, what if we're there,
and the Red Death comes back?

- That's why we need
to get in and out fast

while she's still at CCPD.

- No, we need to
do the opposite.

Or at least divide and conquer.

- Mark might not
survive much longer.

- Did you lose your mind
along with all that speed?

Look, we know
where the enemy is.

This our best chance to take
her down once and for all

because she doesn't
know we're coming.

- He's right.

Using the element of
surprise is the best option.

The whole city's at
stake, not just one guy.

- Hartley, no life
is expendable.

- Fine. If you
won't rescue Mark,

then I will.

And I don't even have powers.

- Well, looks like the
new kid has more bravery

than the rest of
us put together.


Count me in.

- [sighs]

All right.

Me too.

- You have got to be kidding me.



We'll go rescue
six pack blondie.

You better be right about this.

♪ ♪

- You found Mark, and you
weren't even looking for him.

How's that even possible?

- I...

I don't know.

It's... it's like, the
more I use my powers,

the more they grow.

Joe, I can feel them blossoming.

- This team is lucky to have

someone as strong
as you in the fight.

- [chuckles] Yeah, well,

that's why I gotta
get back out there.

They need me.
- Right now,

they need you to rest.

- [sighs]
- Is there anything I can do?

- [sighs] When I wake up,

I'm probably gonna
be really hungry.

Maybe you can grab me a
bunch of those energy bars.

- Yeah.

[powers whirring]

- Joe.
- Huh?

- Babe, are you okay?

- Yeah.

I... I'm gonna go
check on Jenna.

I'll be back soon.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

- How much longer?

- We are almost there.
Just give us ten minutes.

- You have five.

My plan's been delayed
long enough as it is.

- [mouthing]

- Trying to hack our
satellite is a waste of time.

Our latest security upgrade
came courtesy of A.R.G.U.S.


[dramatic music]

- You were saying?

- [sighs]


- Now that's what
I call an upgrade.

You know,

you should be
thanking me, Captain.

The criminals in this world,

they have free rein,

and they go too many
times unpunished.

That's on you and your peers.

But soon...

I will have eyes
and ears everywhere.

I will be the judge,
jury, and executioner!

[lightning crackling]

[people clamoring]

- Stay in your homes.
Justice is being served.

- Welcome to the dawn

of true justice, Captain.

- Welcome to the era
of the Red Death.

- Stay in your homes.

- Justice is being served.

- Stay in your homes.
- Welcome to the era...

- Justice is being served.

- Welcome to the era

of the Red Death.

- What are these new signals?
More lightning strikes?

- No. Oh, man.

It looks like they're
reservoirs of psychic energy.

It's like they're
individual manifestations

of a single telepathic

- Red Death's getting stronger.

But how's she doing this?

- Beats me, but in order

to create these
mental projections,

She's gotta be
getting a neural boost

from some mega powerful
psychic source.

- Can you find out what it is?

- I'll be in my workshop.

- I'm ready.

- Khione, look, um...

I know you wanna help
find Mark, but...

- Barry, I know what
you're thinking.

But please, let
me come with you.

I promise I won't
get in the way.

- You're literally
a few weeks old.

You don't have powers
or even combat training.

I'm sorry, but the answer's no.

- You wouldn't be
responsible for me.

I can take care of myself.

- I know. But you're also
a part of this team now,

this family.

And we already lost Frost

and Caitlin.

I can't lose you, too.

I hope you
understand. I'm sorry.

- I do.

Good luck.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Allegra, how we looking?

- Perimeter is secure, Flash.

- How can you know that?
You got x-ray vision

or something?
- Yep, I do.

- Really?


Is that part of the
whole UV manipulation,

glowing hands thing?
- Can we talk about this later?

- Sure.

- Yeah, this place isn't creepy.

- Wait.

[heartbeat pounding]

I hear something.

- Mark, can you hear me?

- Oh, man.

- We found him. He's alive.

You're gonna be okay,
Mark. Just hang on.

- Okay, so why'd the Red
Death make this so easy?

I mean, come on, she's been
hella smart up until now.

You know what this
feels like, right?

- The Human Sizzler's right.

We gotta get the
hell out of here.

[lightning crackling]

- Flash...

right on time.

- [grunts]
- No, no, no, no, no.

Down, boy.

I just wiped out the
last of your speed.

Why do you think
I kept Mark alive?

To draw you in.

So, now, you can't stop me.

The whole world will
feel the vigilance

of my watchful eye,

and if they step out of line,

they'll pay the price
for defying justice.

I'm gonna do what you should've
done in the first place...

Eliminate all crime

by erasing it through
my rule of law.

- Those things out there...

- My sentinels.

- Justice is being served.

- Welcome to the era...
- Welcome to the era...

- Justice is being served.

- They'll keep watch
and maintain peace.

One way or another.
- [grunts]

They're just psychic

They can't hurt anyone.

- Oh, Flash.

When Bashir put
Savitar in your mind

to stab you in the
chest, did that hurt?

- [grunts] Ahh!


I almost died.

- Mm-hmm, well,

my sentinels are just as deadly.

- I won't let you
hurt this city.

I swear I'll find a way to...

- Stop me?

You've served your
purpose, Flash.

All of this is because of you.

You made all of this possible

through your greatest mistake!

What, you don't remember?

Let me refresh your memory.

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

- Ryan!

- Don't worry, Flash.

Your pathetic body
is still here with me

in Central City.

I brought your mind
here to show you

how your miserable failure
led to my greatest success.

- I know this place.


- [rumbling]

- He can't hear you.
He's connected to me now.

- Where is his tribe?

The other gorillas?

- [grunts]

- Last time I saw him, he
was going to find them.

He learned what it
meant to be a hero.


what have you done to him?

- Nothing.

Like I said,

this is your doing, Flash.

After your Crisis,

the gorillas in Gorilla
City lost their sentience

and were scattered across
your lawless world.

Grodd never found his
tribe because you left him

with little more than
a pat on the back,

arrogantly thinking that
teaching him your hero's way

was enough.

It wasn't.

- I didn't know.

- Because you didn't care.

Which is why your
Grodd took my offer

to help reunite his tribe

in exchange for
amplifying my telepathy.

All because your lessons
of heroism failed him.

Just like it failed you.

[high-pitched ringing]

- Gah!

Gah! [screams]


♪ ♪

- Mark's alive, but
he's in rough shape.

- The Red Death, she
knew we were coming.

- It was a trap.

She wanted us to rescue Mark.

She knew she could
defeat us easily.

- And that's how
Cecile knew about Mark.

Red Death put the image of him

into her head on purpose.

Damn, she's good.

- You skipped the best part.

- My speed's gone, too.

It could take hours
to get back this time,

maybe even a day or longer.

- Okay, well, this has been fun,

but with Grodd
amplifying Red Death's

already unstoppable abilities,

I think it's time we
think about survival.

There are hundreds of
sentinels out there.

- That's why we need
your help more than ever.

Chester's working on a way
to depower the sentinels.

- And has he found it yet?

Didn't think so.

- Barry, the Red
Death is this close

to going all Big Sister
on the entire planet.

- I don't get it.
Why is she doing this

in the first place?
- It's her idea of justice.

That's why we need to
find another way to...

- Enough!

It's over,

and we lost.

- All right, well,
I'm gonna go home

and protect my son
as long as I can.

- Sorry, Allen.

If I'm gonna die,

it's gonna be with
the man that I love.

- Guess I'll go to Iron Heights,

apologize to Amunet.

Maybe she'll forgive
me before we all die.

Good luck, Chemist.

You're gonna need it.

[thunder rumbles]

- How is he?

- Stable, but still unconscious.

I just... I feel so useless.

I mean, Caitlin would've
been able to help Mark.

Frost would've been
out there fighting.

- You're still
valuable to the team.

- Really? How?

- Well, I don't have any powers.

But when S.T.A.R. Labs has
been under attack in the past,

I grab my pulse rifle,
and I fight back.

- Are you suggesting
I should get a weapon?

- What I'm saying
is that even though

you may not feel like it yet,
you have a place here, too.

You just have to find
what you're looking for.

Listen to your heart.

- Right.

Just like an acorn
doesn't grow up

knowing that it's meant
to be a majestic oak,

but it finds its way.

Which means...

- You can, too.

- [sighs] Mark,

you need to wake up.

[sentimental music]


- [inhales]


- [chuckles]
- [breathing heavily]

- Did it just get cold in here?

- Huh, actually...

I'm feeling kinda warm.

♪ ♪

- You look just like I feel.

- Joe, how'd we get here?

The Red Death's
taken over the city.

My speed's gone.

Ryan and her team
are in total sync,

while mine's fallen apart.

I mean, following my lead
has been a disaster lately.

Now Grodd's helping the
Red Death boost her powers.

- Damn, Grodd's back, too?

- Yeah.

He's working with Ryan
now, thanks to me.

- Didn't you tell me that
the last time you saw him,

he'd learned how to be a
hero from your example?

- Yeah, I thought I
saw the good in him,

how he changed.

Just like I thought I saw it
in Hartley, Jaco, and Goldface.

But I guess I was
wrong about all of 'em.

- Mm-mm.

If there's one thing I'm sure
of after all these years,

it's you have a gift

for bringing out
the good in folks,

no matter how bad
they started out.

- Well, if that's true,
I learned it from you.

- Maybe.

Either way...

I have run out of things
that I need to teach you.

Just like I don't need to
protect Cecile anymore,

considering how much
her powers have grown.

I should tell you,

up until a couple of days ago,

Cecile and I were talking about
moving out of Central City

to the country for good.

- What?
- It's okay.

We decided to stay.

And it's a good thing because
the team needs her here.

- We need you, too.

- No, you don't. I'm
not a cop anymore,

and I'm not a meta, so
what am I doing here?

- Joe...

no one is more important
to this team...

To this family... than you.

I mean, think of all the heroes

you've raised over the years.

We couldn't do what we do

if we didn't have
you to teach us how.

Inspiring people is
your super power.

- That's nice.

But if it's my super power,
it's yours, too, Barry.

'Cause you've inspired me.

What I learned
about being a parent

is whatever seeds we've planted,

we have to trust
that they take root,

no matter how dark things get.

So you have faith in
your way of being a hero.

If you do that, you'll
always find your way

and those who follow
you will, too.

- That's it.

Three years ago, I taught
Grodd how to be a hero.

Now I need to believe that
deep down he still is.

Because I can't stop the
Red Death without him.


- Hey, you were right, Bar.

I just found a
telepathic signal.

It's in the Serengeti.

- You sure that's Grodd?
- Positive.

- Hey, look, you do realize

that if you try to do
this without your speed,

I mean, Grodd could kill you.

- Not if Barry's
right about Grodd.

We just have to have
faith that he is.

[intense music]

♪ ♪

- [roars]

Flash, you finally came back

after you abandoned Grodd.

- I know...

and I'm sorry.

- Give Grodd one reason

why he shouldn't
kill you right now.

- Because I need your
help to save the world.

[horns blaring]
[glass shattering]

[alarm bell ringing]

- You have violated
the laws of this city.

Justice will now be served.

- [screaming]

- Why should Grodd help you?

You abandoned us!

- You're right.

I did.

I know that's why you're
helping the Red Death

amplify her telepathic hold.

But I'm asking you
to stop right now.

People are dying.

You know this is the
wrong thing to do.

- Grodd has no choice.

The Red Death offered Grodd
a way to rebuild our home.

- Grodd,

you are the most powerful
telepath on the planet.

You must've looked inside
the Red Death's mind.

You know what she's capable of.

Once she's done with you,

what's gonna stop her
from turning on you

and your gorillas?

Why take that chance?

- Grodd has been alone for
three long years, Flash.

He tried to find other
intelligent gorillas,

but only found strangers

no longer possessing
a mind like Grodd's.

The Red Death is the only one
who can help Grodd fix this.

- Grodd, if we have hope,

there's always another way.

And I'll help you find it.

But right now,

I need you to help
me to defeat her

by being the hero I
know you already are.

- Australia, Japan,
Iceland... She's everywhere.

- Like a plague.
- Or like a global invasion.

- What was that?

- I don't know. Hold up.

Okay, I'm getting a
surge of psychic energy

coming out of Africa,

mixed with Speed
Force lightning?

[electricity crackles]

- Is that supposed to happen?

[explosion booms]

[deep humming]

- No, no, no, no, no!

This can't be happening!


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪



you ruined it all.

I will bring justice
to this world!

Where are you, Flash?

Come and face me!

Or are you just
like the others...

Afraid to face final justice?

[heroic music]

♪ ♪

You got your speed back already?

But that's impossible.

- A long time ago, I
gave a gift to a friend.

- Grodd is ready.

[electricity zapping]

- Today, he returned the favor.

- You took Grodd's
mind away from me.

You poisoned another
Rogue to use against me.

Why do you keep
ruining my life, Flash?

- You think it's bad now,

wait'll you taste the
food at Iron Heights.

- No, it can't end like this.

I won't let it!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- First I took your speed,

now I'll take your life.

And justice will be served!

- Sorry, sister. He's taken.

- We're the only ones who
get to whoop on the Flash.

- [grunts]



Now, it will end.

Ah! [clang]

[heroic music]

♪ ♪

- That should nullify
your speed enough

for me to see what
you're really made of.

- Bring it on, Bats.

♪ ♪

[both grunting]

- [panting]
- Ahh!


[grunting, clanging]

[limbs cracking]

You can't beat yourself.

I know everything you're
going to do before you do it.

- Girl, you're nothing
but me on a bad hair day.

[both grunt] And I
don't have to beat you,

'cause I'm not alone.


♪ ♪

- [screams]


- Now stay down.

Nice move, Flash.

Sorry I'm late.
- That's not late.

That's making an entrance.

- Wait a minute, I thought
you're the bad guys.

- So did we.

- Thank you.

- Oh, anytime.

- Well, not, like, anytime.

- Oh, anytime.
- Okay, fine. Whatever.

- So, Flash, never
been to Central City.

Is it always this crazy?

- Well...

[together] It's a Wednesday.


- Okay, you were, like...
You were, like, so dope.

Okay, seriously, seriously,
like, the level with which

your badassery
extends to is, like,

beyond what I can comprehend.

It doesn't even make
sense to my brain.

Like, I can't even
really compute...

- What Chester is trying to say

is thank you so
much for your help.

- Hey, it's what I do.

A.R.G.U.S. has the
Red Death in custody

and they know she was
from another timeline,

so you and your
identity are still safe.

- Thank you. And I heard
you were running low.

How'd you get your speed back?

- Three years ago,
I gave a spark

of my Speed Force to
a sentient gorilla...

- [roars]

- And it was still inside
his mind this whole time.

- Is Grodd actually
a good guy now?

- I think so. And more
determined than ever

to rekindle the spark of
intelligence in his tribe.

- I even re-tasked
our satellites

to help search for
his gorillas 24/7.

- Well, I should be getting
back to Gotham City,

and I appreciate you
all looking for me.

Especially you, Iris.

I'm a big fan of your work.

- Really?

Wow... I mean, yeah, likewise.

Although I have to say, I like
you better than the other one.

- Yeah. Sorry about the
whole doppelganger situation.

But the next time
you're in Gotham,

we should get a mimosa.

Kara, Alex, Nia, and I,

we all have a monthly brunch.

- Yeah, I would love that.
- All right.

Well, it was great
meeting you all.

And if you ever need
me again, Flash,

you know where to find me.

[upbeat electronic music]

♪ ♪

- So, looks like I
missed all the fun, huh?

- If by fun you mean
saving the world again

from a big bad hell bent
on world conquest...

- Mm-hmm.
- Yep.

- [laughs]

- I'm just glad
you're all right.

- Yeah?

[powers whirring]

Then what's all that
anxiety you're feeling?

- Today, Barry reminded me of

the most meaningful
thing I've ever done.

And that's being a parent.

And I have the chance to
do that one more time,

and I just wanna get it right.

- Well, good news, babe.
You're already doing that.

- Mm. There's so much...

stress and strife in our lives.

I'm gonna shield Jenna
from all of that.

- [sighs] You still
want our family to move.

- Not our whole family.
Just me and Jenna.

- What?
- Hear me out.

Cecile, you are the hero

Team Flash needs right now.

I cannot ask you to
turn your back on that.

- [sobs]

Well, then, what are
we supposed to do?

- You come to the
country on the weekends.

That way, me and Jenna
have you all to ourselves.

If anything, we have more
quality time than we do now.

- I...

[somber music]

Like, the... the...
Just the three of us?

- Mm.

- Out in the country?

- No alarms?
- Nope.

- No craziness?
- No.

- Just us.
- Mm-hmm.

- That actually sounds...


Oh, we have a plan!

I love you! [both laughing]

I love you so much.


- Queen, king...
- Oh.

- Ace of spades.
- Winner, winner!

- I hope y'all packed your bags

'cause I'm taking you to Boston!

You sorry bunch of moth...
- Joe!

- I was gonna say friends.
- Mm-hmm.

- And family.

Yo, speaking of
family, let me do this.

I just wanna thank
you all for coming.

After all these years of
making Central City my home,

I can't quite believe
that this journey

is coming to an end,

but it makes it
easier to step away

when I know the city
is in great hands.

And not just Barry's...

All of yours.

I feel... I feel so blessed

to leave behind such
an incredible legacy.


Just... I'm gonna miss
seeing you guys every day.

Um... but know this:

I love you.

If you every forget that,

I'm just a phone call away.

- Or a quick fathwoom.
- [chuckles]


- To Joe West.

And to raising a new
generation of heroes.

- Mm.

[glasses clinking]

- [sighs]

[clinking continues]

[somber music]

♪ ♪

- I'm glad you're doing better.

- Thanks for coming
back for me like that.


I'm just not really sure
I deserve to be here,

you know, with...
- Mark,

like I told you before,
you're one of us now,

which makes you family.

You deserve to be here
as much as any of us.

- So, you know how we said

we weren't gonna
talk about anything

until after this whole
Rogue thing was over?

- Yeah.

- Well, now it is, and...



Chuck, that was the
best kiss I've ever had.

- Hm.
[puts drink down]

Then, uh...

I guess there's only
one thing left to do.

[rousing music]

♪ ♪

- [clears throat]
- Ooh, I am glad that

Jenna is upstairs asleep.
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

- [laughs]

- When did this happen?

- I think a better question
is: what took so long?

- You all right?
- [sighs] Yeah.

Sorry, I'm fine. I just...
I feel a little lightheaded.

Gosh, that's so weird. I don't
know why I feel that way.


- I do. You're pregnant.

[light music]

♪ ♪

Oh, you... you didn't know?

Oh, I'm so sorry.




- I mean, it's not supposed to
be for another three months.

- I... I guess this means
things really are changing.

[both chuckle]

- Well, congratulations,
you guys!

- Oh, my God. Oh,
my God. Oh, my God.

Could she possibly know that?

- How could you know?
- I just do.

[excited chatter]

- Greg, move your head.