The Marriage (2017) - full transcript

Bekim and Anita are getting married, but she is unaware that he is still in love with his best friend Nol.


a Bézé film
in cooproduction with Bunker Film+

supported by Kosovo Cinematography Center
and Albanian Cinematography Center

Hey gorgeous

Are you a boy or a girl?

Look what I’ve got for you

You want more?

Do you have a light?

I'm afraid you'll have to
do it this way, Sir

You seem like a dog whisperer

How come?

I saw you playing with
that dog over there

My youngest would also find dogs,
cats, all sorts of animals

and would spend the whole day
playing with them

I haven’t seen you
here before

This is my first time here

And you, Sir? Who do you have here...
I mean... who is missing...

Don't worry, I know
what you mean

My two sons

My brother and his sons

Six people

- How are you, Uncle Musa?
- So so

- Have some tea
- No, I'm alright

- It's nice and hot
- No I can't

How are you?


Are you cold?

A little, I guess

Uncle Musa, Bekim is
my fiancé


Thank you

May you be blessed
with kids

Best wishes

Thank you

Hell of a man

Listen to me now

Once you are married, fill your
house with kids

You can never have
too many

Don’t be like today's youth, worrying if
you can afford it or not

When it comes to kids

Make as many as you can

Do you know if they’re near?

They said they should
be here in an hour

I heard they’re bringing
one hundred today

No, no, 92

Come now, everybody.
They’ve arrived

Make some room.
Move aside

Move your cars

You, move!

This way. Move on


Move to the side

Make way for the truck

Look at me

Get out of the tent. You shouldn't
be in the tent

How many are you

My fiancée's parents
are missing

Sorry, why were there so many
children's bones?


Weren’t they children?

No, this is how they
bring them

They're never complete

Sometimes it's just an arm
or just a leg

Sometimes it's the skull

What, the family ends up burying
only half the bones?

What can you do?

Hopefully your fiancée
finds her own


Any news from them?


When are they supposed to
let you know?

Well, if they don't inform me within
a couple of months

It means they haven't found them
this time either

Let's see

I really envy my sister
being abroad


She only cares about
her own ass

While I deal with everything
on my own

She looks after her kids,
her husband - that's it

After these gatherings,
I'm completely useless

I'm totally drained

I can't concentrate on work
or anything else

I don't want to pass this
feeling onto you

I want to look forward
from now on

We'll get married
and have kids

I don't want my kids to grow feeling
they're waiting for someone

they have never met and
will never see

My sweetheart

- Have a look!
- Uh-uh

- It’s Arben
- What's he saying?

He has sent some
kitchen designs

Any good?

Not bad

I mean... I don't know

Give it here!

You drive! Give it to me

Easy! Where do you think
you’re going?

- Don’t get mad
- That brat

He's saying the first models
can be done at once

It's a month's wait
for the others

- Let me see!
- They look OK

We'll see them at the bar.
Drive now!

- Hey
- Long time no see

When have you arrived?

How are you?

- Wow, what a surprise!
- How are things?

- Didn’t expect to see me, huh?
- Not at all

You're looking great.
How are you?

You’re not introducing me
to your friend?

We'll introduce ourselves.
Hi, I'm Anita

- I'm Nol. Pleased to meet you
- Likewise

Come on, let’s have a beer

I don't think we can,
we wanted to...

Are you kidding me? We haven’t seen
each other for two years

It’s OK with me

OK then

What do you want to do?
You want to go or...

Should I go?

No, I just thought you wanted
to leave

- I'll leave, no problem
- No, no, have a seat

Bekim, come


You've done a great job
with the place

We had a makeover.
It got a bit dull

What are you drinking?

- Beer
- Oh no, no

Dren, change it. Bring three
house beers

You’ve finally brewed
your own?

- Yeah
- No kidding?

Well done. You did it,
at last

- Is it any good?
- You'll see now

Dren, bring us some

- What brings you back?
- Some things to take care of

- When did you arrive?
- A couple of days ago

Your passport must
have expired

Something personal


Not that I want to hide anything,
it's just not the right moment

It’s cool

Don't tell us you came looking for
a wife or your inheritance

Where do you live?

In France

Oh great

- For how long now?
- A couple of years

Great, what do you do there...

except drink wine?

I eat cheese

Seriously, what do
you do there?

- Music
- Really?

I recognize you now

I read a lot about you

Why didn’t you tell me
you know him?

I don’t know, it never
came up

We were war buddies

But Bekim didn't fight

True, but we were in hiding

He was the landlady’s son,
I was the student lodger

He still is the landlady’s son

Ah, the eternal Sadie. Does she still
wrap you in cotton wool?

Mm, the beer

Stop it now, you’re
embarrassing me

- Don't worry, it's cute
- Stop it

You’re sweet

- Do you want to hear a story?
- Yes, yes

Enough already, Nol!

- You don’t want me to go on?
- No

OK then, let's go

No man, I haven't touched it
in two years

Two years! All the more
reason to play

- Nah, not this one
- Yes, yes


That’s it



Don’t come in

Open the door!

Hold on a minute, Mom

Open the door

- Why did you come in?
- What were you doing?

Why did you leave work
so early?

What's this smell?

You touched my perfume. You know
I hate it when you touch my stuff

- Aw, great stuff!
- Good or bad, they're mine

Your dress and perfume are
more important than me

- Why are you shouting?
- If you caught Arjeta wearing it...

you'd probably let her
have it

- Do you want the dress?
- No... it's stupid

This is my wedding dress.
It means a lot to me

I'd rather you didn't
damage it

Are you planning to
wear it again?

It won't fit you anyway

Shut up and take it off

I can’t, it's tangled

Careful, it might snap. Wait...
let me do it for you

Careful with the button

- Let me remove your lipstick
- I'll remove it myself

I was just about
to call you

Sorry, I got held up
at work

- How are you?
- Fine and you?

I’ll take it in a bit here

Look, Zana

Have a look in the mirror

I want a really tight fit

I’ll do a tight fit, don’t worry.
Any way you want it

Otherwise, it looks gorgeous.
I love it so much

- You’ve done a great job
- A genuine vintage look

Exactly how I wanted it.
Not too flashy…

And it looks really great
on you

- Really?
- Cross my heart

Listen, I’ve got an idea
for the collar

Why don't we add
some crystals?

- On the collar?
- Yes, it will look beautiful

I don't know, I love the
way it looks now

It's plain... so nice

It looks good on you
and you like it

but this will make it
look trendier

I don’t know, Zana. I'm afraid
it might look too busy

You know I prefer it

- I know you do
- But, I prefer to leave it like this

You know what?

I will add the crystals...

and when you come for
dinner on Saturday

you try the dress first
and then decide

What dinner on Saturday?

- Didn't Bekim tell you?
- No, he didn't mention it

Typical! Do you know of my aunt
who lives in the States?


She wants to meet you and congratulate
you on your marriage

since she can’t come
to the wedding

She wants to congratulate me
before the wedding?

But you’ve set the date and
it’s not a big deal

if she congratulates you
two weeks in advance

- You know what?
- Tell me

Keep an option...

to remove the stones, as I will probably
go without them

Just be careful not to
leave any marks

Of course not. This fabric
is very sensitive

Very well then

What about the kitchen? Have you
decided already?

No, we didn't order it yet

You’re moving into a new apartment

It might take you years before
you settle in completely

We were about to choose a design
the other day

But we ran into Nol and didn't
get a chance to decide

Which Nol?

Nol, the musician who used to
rent a room at your house

- When did he return?
- A few days ago, he said

- How long is he staying?
- I don’t know, I didn't ask

When Bekim hangs out
with Nol

He drinks and gets in
all sorts of trouble

Why the hell did
he return?

It's not a big deal if they
had a boozy night

We get drunk sometimes, too.
Nothing bad happens to us

We have a blast

Hey, what's up guys?

Not much

- Bekim
- Huh?

Where's your phone?

Don't know. Why?

I called you so many times,
you're not answering

Ah, I forgot it's on silent.
Was it urgent?

No, it's just that we didn't decide
on the kitchen design yet

- The guy was expecting us
- Ah shit, the kitchen!

Nol, how are you?


Did something happen?


Something must have happened

Nothing happened

If you don't want to say
that's another matter

but it feels as if somebody
just died

Bekim, please!

Say something, this is
freaking me out!

I'll tell you later

Not later - tell her now!

Why later?


Tell her now!

He broke up with his girlfriend

I didn't break up with
my girlfriend

I broke up with the love of my life.
It's not the same thing

Why did you break up?

- Or maybe it's not the right moment to ask
- It's not...

Remember Romeo and Juliette?

Impossible love

Why, is Juliette a Serb?

What is it?

I'm not feeling well

- Look at me! What's wrong?
- Fuck

Bring me a glass of water!

What's happening with you?

Don't touch me!

Hurry up, Liki!



Sit up and down it!

- No, he shouldn't!
- Stay away

Sit up and down it. You'll
feel better in no time

I don't know the details
of your break up

and I don't want to know

It's actually not important
at all

What matters is that you
love each other

Fight for her, man!

Since you say
it's true love

Go after her

No one can resist love

You will see that she will leave everything
and come after you

I guarantee it

What if the feeling
is not mutual?

How can you tell
without trying?

When it comes to love

You must drop everything else

To love

To love

I'm glad you're saying this

It's such a fucked up

You have no idea

But I agree I must fight for it
till the end

Of course

Huh Bekim, what
do you think?

Ah no, I don't know

"I don't know" is not
an answer

Yes, Nol, yes. Fight for it

Fight till the very end

Romeo must know that
I cannot live alone


I must tell you a joke, too

Go on

I don't know if I can
tell it right

It's a bit stupid.
Don't mind me

Don't worry, we will
laugh anyway

Let me catch my breath

See, it's already funny

A husband and wife
were doing it

And the husband was
really into it

"Oh honey, oh baby,
oh sweetheart..."

"Turn around, I want to take you
from behind"

Just as he's about to take her
from behind, she says:

"As if you nailed it from the front and
now you want the behind, too"

It reminds you of Bekim, huh?


No, not really

Oh dear God

We'd better go, before
I nail it myself

Come on then, let's go

- Where are you going?
- We're leaving

- Stay a bit longer
- No, it's enough

Let's have another drink

No, let's go.

If I could get up

Sit down. She needs
a few more drinks

Let's go. Stand up

Let me finish my drink. Where
do you want to go?

You care only about

But it was your idea to leave

It was not my idea. Get up and
get us another round

I cannot get up

How were you planning
to go home then?

Get us another round,
don't be a dickhead


Why "why"?

Why do you insist
on going home?


- I beg you
- Get off!

I will do anything
you want

Bekim, stop the car, please


She's about to throw up

Stop the car!

I can't. Let me find
a spot first

She found a spot

Are you alright?

I feel much better

Fuck, if I could feel
better, too

Stick your fingers in
and vomit

Yeah great, turn my car into
a vomitorium

I meant, once he gets home

There's a lump in my stomach,
it's killing me

It will be alright, Nol.
Don't worry

If it's true love, you will
get back together

But in case it's not, fuck it

You'll find someone, who
appreciates you

And who will fight for you, against
the entire world, if necessary

Will you shut up already!


I hear you shushing
right here

What's got into you?

Say what you have to say

I have nothing to say

I feel you staring, analyzing me
the whole time

Can you tell me what's
got into you?

Staring, staring, staring

What am I supposed to do,
according to you?

You must leave me alone and
not stare at me non-stop

Look at her, still staring

Stop the car!


Pull over at once!

No, I won't

- I want to get out
- I will take you home

I will go by myself.
Pull over!

No, I won't

Don't touch me

Let me go

Let me drive you home

Go away, I'll walk
by myself

It's too far

I know how far it is

- I said go away
- Wait, listen

Leave me, I want
to go by myself

You can't even
stand straight

Let me drive you

Don't touch me!

I got out of the car
to get away from you

- You can't get away
- Watch me!

I'll follow behind to make sure
you get home safe

And then you don't have to
see me ever again

What are you doing?


Are you doing this
to spite me?

You're free to go

You're fucking with
my mind

But you're not to blame.
This is all my fault

Why should I care if you
stay here or not

Do whatever the hell
you want

Don’t you worry sweetheart.
One door shuts, another three open

Cheers now, to my three
future boyfriends

Right... not bad at all

Doesn't the saying go:
"one shuts, another one opens"?

Three open, sweetie: door one,
the boy is very handsome

But he’s full of himself, selfish
and won’t satisfy you

But anyway you’ve gone out with him
just to spite your ex

So the result is - zero

- And then?
- Then comes the second one

The second one is... nice

He’s uglier than the first, but
he's a wizard in bed

Oh how I miss it...

You mean Sokol, right?

I completely forgot about Sokol,
wherever he is

I'm not talking about me,
I mean in general

Not Sokol, but Krenar

Oh, excuse me!

I want to go straight to
the second one

You cannot do that without going
through with the first

The second one won’t call you, even if you're
dying to go out with him...

Ooh, the motherfucker!

And after that, separation grief
hits you

You don't know if you’re crying over the ex,
or the first, or the second...

...or all of them together, or some uncle.
Is anyone you know sick?

I know this story
all too well

- Me too
- Me too

I know, my sweetie

By the way, there’s a guy over there
checking you out big time

Someone is watching me?

Look to your right...
your 2 o’clock

Easy now!

You’re embarrassing me

Not so fast, damn you

Is he behind that girl?

Yes and he keeps
looking at you

Pretend we're talking

Be discreet... oh God

- Nah
- What, is he ugly?

He’s not my type

- Whoa!
- What happened?

My God!

Look over at the bar

Not that fast. Turn slowly,
like this...

Hey, he’s coming,
he’s coming

You have a future together...
he’s jug-eared!

He's not. Why are you
saying that?

All your exes were

Bite me... eat shit

You’ve got a future with him.
I can see you together

It's the story of your life...
Jug Ears

Name one

- Dardan had jug ears
- OK, Dardan


I don't care, he was fit

What about Mili, Mommy's boy?

Mili was Mr. Jug Ears

- Excuse me, ladies
- Yes?

These are on the house

Thanks to "the house"

Who is "the house"
in this case?

- The House is that guy
- The one with the green eyes?

That’s him

The jug-eared one?

That's how we
call him, too

Can you tell me...

Which one is Pea?
Which one is Nut?

- I don't know
- Guess

Can I eenie, meenie,
miny, moe it?

Yes, you can

Can you hear me?
Eenie, meenie?

OK, you can

Eenie, meenie...

This one is Pea...
this one is Nut

Don’t eat my Pea

Can we arm-wrestle?

Arm-wrestle now?

Sure, why not

Just let me get these
out of the way

So we don’t get hurt

But take it easy.
I have to win

Don’t humiliate me in front
of all these people

- Oh God
- Don’t go too hard!

No, really, I’m not joking

I have a lot of self-confidence


I thought you’d pull out

The bathroom is
over there


Hey, Nol!


What brings you here?

How are you doing?

Yeah, just going out
for a bit

What’s happening?

Nothing. Work. Home.
That’s all

How's the wedding planning
coming along?

A little slower the last
few days

Really? And Bekim?
How is he doing?

Haven’t you seen him?

No, not since the night
we got drunk

Why do you ask?

No, no reason...

What about you? What’s going on
with your girlfriend?

Oh never mind – it’s stupid

I get drunk and talk nonsense and
always regret it the next day

Please forget about it

Of course

At least you get drunk to fix things.
Better than Bekim and me

What do you mean?

We get drunk to mess things up

Why, did Bekim fuck up?

We both fucked up

Why, what happened? If you
don't mind telling me

I don’t know

What happened, Anita?

- I don't know
- Where is Bekim?

I don’t know

It's stupid. We had
an argument

I don’t know how or why

He left me out on the road
like some piece of shit

He didn't even call to apologize
or nothing...

Well I haven’t seen him
since that night

- No?
- Nope

I thought you might
know something

Go to the bar and see

How can I? I don’t know
what’s wrong with him

To tell you the truth, Anita...

I am the last person to
advise you on this

If I were any good at this, I would
sort out my own stuff

I know


I got to go. I have some friends
waiting for me

I have to... I’m late as it is

Go, sorry to keep you

Sorry... bye


- Two guys want to talk to you
- About what?

They just said they want
to talk to you

Here's the stock list. Everything's
in order

The total is at the bottom

Only the kitchen fridge is
on the other page

OK, great

Can you talk to those
two guys?

Yeah, right away

- Bekim!
- Yes, what?

Those guys are throwing
a party

and want to book
our place

But they want to talk
directly to you

Why the hell me?

Did you tell them you’re
the manager?

I told them, man, but they insist.
What can I do?

What am I paying you for...

if I have to do everything

- We will be somewhere around...
- 80 people

And we wanted to know
the price

- For when?
- For tonight

Tonight tonight?

We had a booking at "X", but they
called just now

and apparently they had a double-booking,
so they cancelled

Tonight is difficult

Can’t you do anything
for tonight?

- What time?
- Around 6 or 7

Whenever it suits you

We can sort something out

Talk to the manager and
arrange it with him

Thank you...sorry,
one more...


- Sorry
- Tell me

Can we possibly have it with doors locked?
It's very important to us!

- A lock up?
- Yes

It would be expensive
on a Saturday

Money is no object. We don’t want
our party to fail

The thing is...

This is a very special

What’s the story?

Well, our organization deals with
human rights...

It’s for the LGBT community

Ah no, it won’t happen

Not here

Talk to me Mom

It’s not a big deal if Aunt Remzije
doesn’t see the bride today

I’m busy. Should I worry about your
lunches and dinners now?

Fine... I’ll call you later.
I’m very busy

No need

- There’s a duvet instead then
- No need

Have you ever done homework
under the duvet?


I understand you very well, but you
have to understand me too

OK then

It’s not as simple
as you say:

What's done is done and
it's all in the past...

now let’s live happily
ever after

I was drunk, I'm a bad drunk and
sometimes I lose it

So now every time you
get drunk

I must forgive you because
you were drunk?

- No, no
- But what?

OK, listen

I promise I will never
get so drunk

and lose myself like that

Mark my words. Never!


Couldn't you call once at least
to say sorry?

You left me waiting for 4 days like
some piece of shit

- How do you explain that?
- I have no explanation

The explanation is...


Tell me, even if it's stupid

Go on, tell me

I was too proud
to call you

- Proud?
- I was too proud

- Too proud to call me?
- What can I say


And now?

- Now...
- What?

When you sent me
the pregnancy test...

it completely changed
my perspective

so pride and grudge made
no sense anymore

I got the photo from
the internet

You did what?

I downloaded it and
sent it to you


Why, for what reason?

I just wanted to know

If your grudge was real

That’s all

So, what's your conclusion?

That it wasn’t that real

What now?

Are you insane?

Are you feeling OK?

But I really am late

Don’t fuck with me!

Are you fucking with me?

What do you mean
you're late?

How can you download
a pregnancy test?

- Why are you shouting?
- How come now you're late?

Don’t shout, I can't breathe!

How come you're late?

I don't know how

- How late are you?
- One week

- Are you sure?
- I'm very sure

Why are you shouting?

You can’t get pregnant
on your own

I'm the one who should
be shouting

and not you!



Look at me

Look at me

Anita, look at me.
I'm sorry

- Do you want a glass of water?
- Yes

Anita, let's buy a pregnancy
test kit, today


Pass me that jumper,

Where are you, Anita?

Help me, I’m stuck

Where are you?
I can't see you

Well done

Zana is asking

what time can we get there
for dinner?

Don’t say anything.
We'll go now


Zana doesn't seem
to like Nol

When did you two get to talk
about Nol?

It came up... I told her
he had returned

and she went completely

She said, "Nol makes
Bekim drink...

makes him do silly things...
I don’t like him"

She was trembling as she spoke.
She was so upset

Fair enough, she doesn’t like him.
It's a sore point


Don’t tell me...

there's something between
Nol and Zana

Don’t let anyone hear you
say that


But did I guess right?

You musn't talk about it

Of course not...

Are you keeping it secret
from me?

- You musn’t say anything, ever!
- Don't worry

Promise you’ll never
tell anyone!

But I guessed it, right?

Promise you’ll never
tell anyone!

I won’t, are you insane?


It would never ever...

cross my mind

My God

Enough already. Leave it

I feel so sorry for Nol

Get up, get ready

...poor guy, so sad

Will you get ready?
We’ll be late

Does Zana’s husband know?

Will you get ready?

My sweetheart. I’ll get ready now,
in 5 minutes

- Some more for you, Aunty?
- No, thanks

Fill it up

I can’t


Bekim, stop it, they’ll
make a mess

- Leave me be
- He’s a child himself

The kids are alright.
Look how cute

Enough, enough

One is fine. That's good

One more?

Welcome and bon appetit

Aunty seems hungry

No, but I like my soup hot

Come eat

Have some soup, dear

Thank you

Come now, dear

That’s it

- Do you want some rice?
- No

You must have some, it will
make you strong

- Not too much
- Why?

Just one spoon

- Just one spoon?
- Give her some more

I can't, my cholesterol is high

My blood pressure, too

My doctor doesn’t allow me

- No, no, no
- Why?

- Too much
- Please have it

Remove half

- Leave her the plate
- No, no, no

Just one spoon

Aunty, it's hardly anything

- I said one spoon
- OK, have as much as you can

How big is your spoon?

Careful, they can fit the whole pan
into a single spoon

then fill your plate and
make you eat it

She takes after her mother

No meat for me, Zana

Serve her some

No, I can’t have meat

Bring some meat for her

Zana, no meat

- It will go to waste
- You cannot go without meat

No meat, no stew? Do you want
to wither away?

Don’t worry. I’ll have some salad

In this family, we eat

Tell her, Mom!

In a few months, you will learn to eat
or I will go mad

That’s how she rolls

- Some more rice?
- No thanks

There is plenty

- Anita?
- No, I’m OK, thanks

Have some, have some

- Have some salad
- I had some

Zana, bring me some water

We've become too careful
with food


May I have some too?

Thank you

That's enough, thank you

Here's the pie

Help yourselves

Take as much as you want

So you don't complain
about portions

I’ll take two slices for the kids.
Bon appetit

- Sister?
- The sister doesn't want

We baked it for you

Hey, not two slices

I want only one slice

You could hardly wait for the pie.
What happened now?

- That's plenty for me
- I really can't...

I want some, wife

Take it easy

I don't need asking, but she won’t
give me any

Here, here

This is very delicious, but...

Will you have mine, too

She is so well mannered
and so graceful

She speaks to you so kindly

I love her like my own daughter

But she's been through
so much

When she talks about her parents,
you'd think they're still alive

It’s so sad

And our kids have us right here,
but don’t appreciate us

Yeah, right

And those with no parents think
we are having a ball

You devil

They've brought some corpses
from Serbia recently

And I fear they will find them
this time

At the most inconvenient

Ah no. I told them to inform her
a month after the wedding

Well done

What have you done?

Well... not to ruin the wedding

What have you done?

Take it easy, don't shout

Why do you interfere?
Are you crazy?

Calm down first

They didn't find them in 15 years...
I called them just in case

Are you insane?

Don’t get upset.
Take it easy

This is how it works

Fine, I’ll make sure they
inform her

When you calm down
you’ll understand

They are dead anyway. It makes
no difference

And if you asked her

I don't think she would say:
"bring them right now"

Are you two mind-reading
experts or what?

When you're older you think


- How did the dress fit?
- Very well

It turned out extremely nice


She’s putting the kids to sleep

- You?
- Nothing

Where's that box gone?

Here it is

Give it to me


Very beautiful, Aunty

Thank you very much

I got them for you, since I can’t be
at the wedding

You might want to wear them

Thank you so much

They're not made for the box

Oh, sorry

Here, I’ll help you

I think clasps were larger
in our days

No sister, you just can’t
see anymore

Are you saying my eyes
have gone?

Bekim, what are you doing?

I keep telling them not to throw
the meat away

but they just don't get it

- For the dogs?
- Of course

- Let me help you
- Just find me a plastic bag



Tell me where?

OK. I’ll be there in 10 minutes

I'll be there in 10 minutes!

Who was it?

I have to go to the bar. There is trouble
with the generator

- Shall I come with you?
- No, I’ll be right back

- Let me come with you
- Aunty is here for you

- OK, but don’t be late
- No, I won't be late


My sweet bunny

I haven’t done anything

Can’t blame Hitler for turning you
into soap

Motherfucking cocksucker

Kill him, no one needs
this piece of shit

We saw what you were doing,
you mothefucker

You must have confused me

We must exterminate you

Good evening

That’s all for tonight

We might call you next week for
an additional statement

Excuse me, are you family?

- No, I'm just a friend
- Very well

Are you OK, Nol?

To be honest, he had a
medical check-up

But he should undergo more checks.
Nol has the doctor's note

- Thank you
- Listen!

Don't ignore this, the doctor thinks he might
have fractured his ribs

- Alright?
- Alright

- Anything else?
- No, thank you

Thank you very much

Good night, Nol. Quick recovery

Is it them, huh?

The doctor won't do, you must be sent
somewhere else

- What's that?
- Who are you?

- Did you hear what he said?
- Sorry?

- You didn’t hear that, no?
- Move it scum!

You will burn!

- Don’t look at them
- Why not?

- Please, don't
- Why?


Keep walking, man

- Take it easy
- Worried about your keyboard?

No, but slow down
when turning

- Slow down?
- Yeah

So you can win, right?

No man, you can’t corner
properly like that

Hang on man, I’ve found a detour

Oh no...

There's smoke

Did you see a blue object
passing, look

- You overtook me, twat
- Of course

- I am done
- Finished?

I finished

No, man, I can’t. Finish it for me.
My brain is fucked

My fingers are not listening
to my brain

Watch my hands...

Look, can you see?

You hold... hold... hold...

...and here, you release.
Get it?

Such a twat, you're so good


- You’re burning, too, man
- OK, I got distracted


You're such a weasel

Apparently, all of us still
in the country

will have to report to the police

They give you a sort of
green card

Young and old must register



The children, too

Damned if you do, damned if
you don't

Exactly, what do you do?

It's tough

If you go to the police and register,
they will know where you live

They have you listed and can come
and execute you

If you don’t go

and they catch you
without papers

- That's even worse
- And me with my broken leg

It's like suicide

How to explain I haven’t
been fighting

I'm not from round here,
she's pregnant

Tomorrow, we’re going out

You have decided, huh?

Don’t worry about us

Whatever we have left
we can share

May God provide for you

But it's up to you

It’s better if we left. You have the kids
to worry about

I hear you but somehow...

I really don’t know what to say

It’s better if we leave

Come, help yourselves

Mom, where did you
find cheese?

- I went out and bought it
- Really?

- Didn’t you see me go out?
- No

Of course not, how would you?

They could come and slaughter us
before you realized it

All day on your computer

You play cards, we play computer games,
same thing

Leave the kids alone

At least they have that

I'm glad they have a distraction

But how can they sing and laugh
in times like these

- What can they do?
- Be a little afraid

And take to the hills? Shut it
for God’s sake

Mom, you’re driving us crazy

I'll have some more cheese

Lights out, lights out!

They must've hit them on the road
to Mitrovica

Yeah, when they hit the Police HQ, I thought
the entire house would crumble


Be quiet for a second

Close those curtains

See anything?

It’s far - you were right,
Uncle Nevzat

- What?
- It's farther away, he says

Yes, it’s farther away. The Post Office
is still standing

I hope they flatten them

They'll only flatten the buildings. They can’t kill
anyone with air raids

The army and police are hiding
in people's homes

It’s useless, the war won't end
without the infantry

Either that or The Apaches

- Why don't they send in Apaches?
- I don't know

- How long do they think we can last?
- Shut up for God's sake

Please, close those curtains

Really, close the curtains!

You know what would really be delightful
right now?

I know

Besides that

Besides that?

I don’t know...



We’re missing so many things

I meant chocolate

Chocolate? Craving it badly, huh?


No man, what chocolate! I don't need
anything at all

I’m doing great

I’m loving it so much


There's a war, you know?

Fuck, people are dying all over.
I feel so guilty sometimes

I’ve never been so complete

If the Serbs weren't killing us

I would always want to
live like this

Our people would kill us, too,
for that matter

- Our own?
- Yes

Why our people?

War or not, my mother would
execute us first


You're right

It seems...

the only thing that could unite Serbs
and Albanians is that:

eradicate us

They can all suck our dicks

No, no - not now

- Come on, why not?
- Not now, man

Everyone is asleep

Don’t get paranoid, come on

Easy, it still hurts

Those motherfuckers

A bit lower


How are you feeling, boy?
Slept well?

- I made you breakfast
- It looks so nice

Bread 'n' jam

- Slept well?
- Great. You?

I woke early. Had a shower

I baked

You didn't have a larger spoon


At breakfast, the French drink everything
from a bowl

Even the morning coffee

Do you own a normal glass?

Come on, I’ve served it
like the French...

Don’t ruin it for me

Grab it, hold the spoon
like a cigarette

Drink it

- There's a beauty to it, right?
- Yeah sure

Eh you silly fucker

I’ve missed you, you plonker

Me too. A lot

You know, I always thought that...

to be happy in life, you must have a
successful career...

hit it and work hard, make money...

have gigs to play

And I did have considerable success
over there

but I was not happy

not at all

because I didn’t have you

And now it looks like I never left

I can’t remember France

It feels like we never parted

It feels that way

Remember how you used to
get mad at me?


I would lose it - go completely doolally


As if the world crumbled around me



My sweetheart

And now...

When I have a fight with Anita and
she gets pissed off

I couldn't care less

In fact, I say:

"God, hope this lasts"

What I want to say is

That’s when I realized I never loved anyone
like I loved you

There, I said it

But I still love you

I know

"I know"

I love you so much you fool.
I'm only joking

How can you put "I love you" and "fool"
in one sentence and expect to...

I’m only kidding, don’t be a jackass

Now, I'm a jackass!

Don’t take it seriously you
daft cow

You fall for it like a lamb

Fair enough, "lamb" is better

At least "lamb" and "love" start with
the same letter

But hang on, after all that, when I say
"I love you"

It feels like the best thing
in the world

No chance

- Why not?
- No romance in it

- Have you ever tried it?
- No need to try it

Concentrate, try it

Go on

I love you. How does
it feel now?

You’re such a fool... such a twat

"How does it feel now"

Why are you fucking with me?

Hang on, my phone is ringing

Fuck it, don’t answer it

I have to answer this, sorry


No, I woke up earlier.
Tell me

Why, what's up?

OK, I’ll buy it and bring it over
in half an hour

I’ll buy it and bring it over
in half an hour

OK, bye

What’s up, Nol?

Nol, what’s wrong?

Nol, talk to me, what is it?

Are you upset?

Get dressed

You’re upset because I answered
Anita’s call?

Talk to me, man

I don’t want to talk

Get dressed and leave

Are you upset?

Come on, don't

Don’t do this, Nol

Get dressed and beat it

You know how things stand

And how do they stand?

Don’t do this to me

I thought you were done were done with Anita

Please, Bekim, get dressed
and get out

You know it's complicated

You’ve complicated it yourself!

What about tomorrow, 2 months, 6 months, a year later?
Do you ever think about that?

Or you just care for today?

Sticking it here a little, there a little...

You must understand that...

No, I understand perfectly well.
I know the score

You’re a coward and that’s the thing

What the fuck am I to you,
a cheap fling?

Don’t say that

- That’s how you’re treating me
- I'm not... don't exaggerate

What the fuck do you want then,
tell me?

Nothing, I want to stay

- Stay?
- I want to stay with you

If you wanted to stay with me, you would
come with me to France

- What?
- Come with me to France

Let’s start a new life there like we
always imagined...

You know I...

- Get up
- I don't want to

Get dressed and leave

I don’t want to leave

- Bekim, get out
- I don't want to go out

- Leave, Bekim!
- Listen, I don't want to go

- Leave, I'm telling you
- Listen to me

Get lost, I don’t want to see you

Get out!

Oh bride, cherish my father

Thy father I will cherish

For he raised a brave man for me

Tell the band not to play songs with
"mother" or "father" in the lyrics

Have you ever heard of a wedding song without
"mother" or "father"?

Tell them to find something

You stay out of this.
Sit down!

No, I’m drinking cherry juice.

You're loving it. Quite the appetite

- A little trip home?
- Why not

- You love it, don’t you?
- What can I say?

You enjoy it so much, dear

I enjoy them both equally

Your wish is my command

I'm so happy you came

How could I miss your big day?

I wasn’t sure if you could
make it

I wouldn't miss it for the world

You made the wedding
even more beautiful

The wedding is just great.
We were just saying

- Are you happy?
- Very much

We know you have a great son, but your bride
has turned out quite the doll, too

- She's pure gold
- Thank God

I was looking at her dress - it's interesting
how fashion makes a comeback

My aunty had almost exactly the same
wedding dress

Zana made it for her. She wanted it just like
her mother's wedding dress

How... when are you telling her?

Hush, hush, don’t mention it! Not before they're back
from their honeymoon

It's breaking my heart,
seeing her like this

I know

Here comes Zana’s lover

Leave me alone

What are you doing?

You didn't think I would miss your wedding,
did you?

Why are you doing this?

I’ve come to watch you

The waiter will get you something

The Municipality of Prishtina
has received

a wedding request from the Groom: Bekim Gashi,
and Bride: Anita Berisha

The marrying couple - have you any remarks
for the submitted particulars?


Witnesses - do you know the couple and attest of
no impediments to their union?

There are no impediments
to the union

- You?
- There are none

Do you know the couple?

Like the back of my hand

Very well. The couple – do you enter this union
willfully and freely?


Have you enquired of each other’s
medical conditions?


Now I have to

read out a few necessary rules

Be patient as I have no choice, but to read
the legal provisions

of the law on marriage and
family relations

The married couple are equal in all matters:
personal and wealth

They are obliged to be faithful to each other,
help and respect each other

The married couple decide together
on their

place of residence

The married couple agree upon
joint financial management

In the questions put forth, you will answer before
the witnesses loudly and clearly

with a "Yes" or a "No"

The Groom, Bekim Gashi

Are you willfully entering marriage with the bride
who stands before you?


The Bride, Anita Berisha

Are you willfully entering marriage with the groom
who stands before you?


- Here?
- Yes

Can I change my mind or has
the train left the station?

The divorce is a completely
different procedure



Hold this for me

- Where, here?
- Here

Everything's in order

He's drunk as a skunk

Now, I won't mind even if I die

Thank you


I wish you a long life together
with Bekim

And raise this baby with love and lots of
brothers and sisters

Congratulations, bitch

You look so lovely

Now, I can say congratulations



Who would've thought that there
would come a day

when I say congratulations
for getting married

and for becoming a dad

What's worse... I pity the child,
for his father is a faggot

You're a faggot... they don't know it,
but I know it

Everybody knows it

Who knows it, huh?

Where are we going?

Let's have a cup of coffee

Hang on

Let go

Let go of me

Don't touch him!

I told you not to touch him

Where are you headed?

Get in the car

Do you feel better, huh?

I don't know

Are you alright?

I'm fucked

Feeling better now?

Hold on to me

- Bekim
- Hmm?

- Where are we going?
- Home

You were going home, right?


Yep, take Nol home

Take Nol home...

Return to the wedding and the problem
will disappear

That's going too far


That's going too far

It's you who's gone too far

but you don't know it

- You're a shithead
- OK

I don't know what am I doing here

What am I looking for...
here with you

Why did I come?

This is not about Anita, it's about
your mother...

You're still suckling on Sadije's tit.
She still breastfeeds you

Stop it now, you're going too far

I wonder what Nevzat
makes of it all?

What can he make
out of what?

I wonder if he's jealous

Is he jealous you still suck
on her tits

Why are you talking gibberish?

Go to sleep, you're drunk.
We'll talk tomorrow

You'll calm down...

Why don't you come fuck me...

And then, go back to your wedding

How can you go through the night
without fucking someone?

Huh, Bekim!

You coming?

Bekim, the police!


- Good evening
- Good evening

- Turn off the engine, please
- Completely?

Yes, completely

- Your papers?
- In all honesty...

- Your driving license and registration
- I just got out briefly, I left them back at...

No documents and almost killed us.
Come on, out please!

- Out! Throw me the keys
- OK, don't shout. I'm coming

Hurry up, please. Come on outside

OK now, I'm getting out

Were you trying to kill someone?

- No, no
- OK, arms up!

Stretch them out

Stand on one leg

Come along, pup

It's not even my car, I just wanted to give
my friend a lift - he's very drunk

- Whose car is it?
- It belongs to somebody at the...

Do you realize you almost
killed us?

Please, Sir, don't!
I went out briefly

I left my own wedding

Today you're getting married?

I'm serious

- He's getting married today, partner
- How lovely

We're at Rron's. Please, let me make
a phone call

No problem. At the station

Let me tell my wife you won't let me go
to my wedding

No problem, open the door,

- Just one phone call
- Get in, get in

- One phone call
- Lower your head first

- Whatever you say
- At the station

Good evening

- How are you, sir?
- I'm well, thank you

- Celebrating something?
- Yes, a wedding

- Who are you?
- The host

- Who's getting married?
- My son, Bekim

- Ah, Bekim. Very well, then.
- Get him out

What's going on?

Don't worry, Sir!

What happened?

He was drink driving and speeding

Nothing, but he was going so fast,
he almost killed me

- He nearly done us in
- He almost killed me

We just came to verify it's
his wedding

Otherwise, he would've spent
48 hours locked up

- We didn't want to ruin the wedding, Sir
- Thank you

- Have a good night, Sir
- No, no, come in for a drink

- Congratulations
- You would honor us, please

Another time, thank you

Please, the car keys...

Thank you, have a good night

No, thank you


Come along, hipster

Get out slowly

Sober up, hipster

Come on, the show is over

Gently now

Good night to you

Can I get a taxi?

At Rron's Restaurant

You'll see me on the way

What are you doing?

I'm taking you to the airport

- I called a taxi
- Cancel it


- I'll cancel it for you
- Don't make it any harder than it is


Won't you at least shake
my hand?


- To the airport, please
- Right away

Thank you

I'll just take my things

Not without a farewell

This changes nothing

I know

Remember that I'll always be here, I'll always
watch over you...

I have to go

I know

Translated by
Jeton Kulinxha