The Man in the Glass Booth (1975) - full transcript

Arthur Goldman is a rich Jewish industrialist, living in luxury in a Manhattan high-rise. He banters with his assistant Charlie, often shocking Charlie with his outrageousness and irreverence about aspects of Jewish life. Nonetheless, Charlie is astonished when, one day, Israeli secret agents burst in and arrest Goldman for being not a Jewish businessman but a Nazi war criminal. Whisked to Israel for trial, Goldman forces his accusers to face not only his presumed guilt--but their own. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Happy birthday,
Mr. Goldman.

- How is your mother?
- Never better, thanks.

That woman ought to go on a diet.

- You say it's my birthday?
- Yes.

Friday, September 20.

- How old I am?
- You are timeless.

That old?
Thank you, Charlie.

- What's the temperature outside, Jack?
- Fahrenheit or Centigrade?

- You know my preferences.
- 68, 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

68, 5... It's cold.

If I wasn't so old, I'd done
my vicuna.

Matilda always adored me
in my vicuna.

It's a house without a woman.

- I should get a new wife.
- Yes, Mr. Goldman.

It's all these empty closets that's gettin' me down

All these coathangers with no frocks on 'em

A man without a woman

When are we due at
the Banks?

11:07, the National Bank of North America;
11:22, the Royal Bank of Canada;

11:47, Security National
and 12:40, Sterling.

When will I see the wit?

He's coming from Boston this afternoon,
Mr. Goldman

Call Schwab
and tell him I'm in.

- For how much, mr Goldman?
- All the way.

He's my blood brother.

The thing about
the woman, Charlie...

- Where do I go tonight?
- To the opera.

You are escorting the Duchess.

And there's twenty-two begging letters this

Give them something, but not too much.

Listen, when you
call Schwab tell him my limit's 100,000.

I think you're right there.
I think you made a substantial point

- I don't like that Carter, do you?
- No I don't, Mr. Goldman.

I do not like that Carter.

I do not trust him.
I don't trust him neither.

Do you have the
MacTavish contract?

- Yes, here it is.
- What's the date on it?

- March 19, 1947.
- See? Make copies.

- Make photos of this.
- Xerox, Charlie.

To each one, his merits.
It is a Jewish invention.

Give me that old newspaper.

Mr. Goldman,
here's a lot of money.

Maybe a million dollars.

Two million, Charlie.

What's the date of the newspaper?

November 20, 1964.

Excuse me, but...

Do you have
two million dollars there?

The New York Herald Tribune.
Alav ha-shalom

He did not resist the New York Times.

To each one, his merits.

Alav ha-shalom means
"rest in peace" in Hebrew.

There must be a poem
in the box, Charlie. Search it.

Jack, did you know that the Pope
forgive the Jews?

Forgive the Jews for what?

For killing Jesus.

In the movies were the Romans.

Maybe the Pope
never went to the movies.

Listen to this:

"The Jewish people should never be presented
as a rejected or deicidal people.

The council condemns
the persecutions of the Jews...

present and past."

What do you think, Charlie?

It is very generous of him.

You never disappoint me, my boy.

November 20, 1964.

What would they want 2,000 years
later? Money?

You have found the poem.
Read it.

"I am old, I am old,
I have bought and I have sold.

Friday 20, 1964.

The Pope has absolved the Jews.

I am old.
I am old.

I have been bought.
and I have been sold. "

Tear it up, Johnny.

- What about the money?
- Save it for rainy days.


Do we continue with the
MacTavish brochure?

Yes, right away, mr Goldman.

- "It was in the golden spring of 1947."
- Cut "golden".

"It was in the spring of 1947.

at about the time the Pelican building project
was about to rise-

You have put two "about".

- You 've got two "about".
- Oh yeah.

"Spring of 1947.
At the time - without the "about", then...

that Mr. Goldman's Pelikan building
was about to rise into the skies...

that the beginnings of the lease to the
MacTavish Publishing Company were planted.

It's a house without a woman, Charlie.

- I must have a new wife.
- Yes, Mr. Goldman.

I must have a pretty woman to look at.

Miss America,
that's what I need.

I knock her up in no time, you know what I mean?

Or maybe I should go for intelligence,

one of those reporters

one of those Time magazine
long-leg Washington Post.

That is known to express.

With a pretty face,
somebody aristocratic.

- Miss America is in town?
- I could find out.

Never mind.


I ought to have babies.

Go on.

"... the beginnings of the lease of the McTavish
publishing company were planted."

You don't plant beginnings, you plant seeds.

"Mr. Goldman entered
into the Lexington building.

He crossed the lobby
to the counter..."

- Jack!
- What is it, Mr. Goldman?

A cognac, Jack.
No, bourbon.

Make it a Jack Daniel's.

By all the saints!
Do I know what I am doing?

What was it, mr Goldman?

My father... pushing
a traveling cart.

Nobody's going to say:

"Mr. Goldman, your father
was murdered in a shower in Auschwitz...

in 1943, at the age of 70,

he couldn't push a cart
on 5th Avenue"?

What else can I expect?

Even He was denied three times
before the cock crowed.

Do I continue with the brochure?

No. I have to meditate.

Are you a Black Panther?

You're a Muslim?


It does not matter.

It would even be better.
I would have more protection.

- Nobody is after you.
- Are you sure?

Where would you be in that day?

I'm white and rich.

That's what matters.

Well, the money comes
from the Arabs, right?

I thought it was from the lottery.


Help me!

Mea culpa, compatriot.

Mea maxima culpa.

Why am I still alive?

I have built
a city of rock.

A city without substance,

made with discolored skulls
of pterodactyls.

Send me a sign,
God of the Hebrews.

Was I right?

Was I wrong?

Say something!

- What's wrong today?
- Nothing, doctor. I'm better than ever.

The Pope put me right on.

- Have you taken the medication?
- Do not be condescending.

Be at the table
of recognition.

- I'm not a gynecologist.
- Big block, I greet you.

What a magnificent city!
Look at my palaces!

Which one do you prefer, doctor?

The one on 85th street with Lincoln.

I remember all my children.

I have shared a bed
with Scott Fitzgerald.

We sat naked
in the Astor bar.

I, who enjoy the reputation
of consolidated builder,

I'm still friends with Scotty and Zelda,
the hedonists.

Scotty and I swam
with Zelda's panties...

in the Pulitzer font.

I with the roses,
him with the dwellings.

- Did you know the Fitzgeralds?
- Of course.

We drove at the roots of our lands...

from Broadway
down to Washington Square.

Then we went to Harlem,
where everyone threw tapes.

And we ended up having breakfast
at Child's from 55 with 57.

- Will you take your medicine now?
- Of course, anytime.

Why has not told me before?
Go right ahead.

That has been quoted from my brochure.
Thank you for remember it.

We should send
your brochure to the Pope.

It is a piece of art.
Now, sing for me.

Rape my senses.
Sing my favorite song.

There was an edelweiss,

a small edelweiss.

There was an edelweiss,

a small edelweiss.

Lonely and distant,

on a cliff,

There was a small flower
under the blue sky.

The last time I saw Dorff...

The last time I saw Dorff...

he was goin from bed to bed,
from place to place with his pistol

He was tappin them on their domes with
the barrel,

he was testing their brains out,

he was listening to see what was hollow.
One, two, three...

There was only one echo heard:

Do you mind if I stop singing?

I prefer it.
You have a horrible voice.

Read more from the brochure.
What is this?

- Valium.
- You take it.

It's good for you.

Continue, Charlie.

"Over the years, the
construction program accelerated..."

- They are watching us.
- I beg your pardon?

We are being watched
from a blue Mercedes.

I do not want
conspiratorial looks.

Jack, watch your looks.

Yes, sir.

Continue, Charlie.

as outstanding...

as the 50 floors
of 1003 Cedar Street..."

May I ask who is watching you?

Of course. Tell him, Charlie.

Is Colonel Dorff or...

mr Goldman sr?

Neither one, imbecile.

Mai I ask who
is Colonel Dorff?

You may certainly not.

We are missing the game!

That was professional.

And the Fuhrer said
at the Berliner Sportpalast:

"Now there is no longer
any doubt in the world.

Now the Fuhrer or a man
is no longer speaking.

Now the German people are speaking!"

God bless America.

A toast for Tittle.

By Tittle.

The Jews worked
about 7 months in the factories.

The equation was:
The food they fed them,

plus fifteen hours a day,
minus his age and his health...

on a scale of four.

They used them well
and then they sent to the gas chamber,

unless they were very strong.

- I was very strong
- And your father?


Hymie Goldman?

He was the typical Jew

so it only lasted five months.

The irony is that
he never believed what was happening.


No, Jesus only lasted
three days and three nights.

You don't drink, Charlie.

I do not feel like much.

You too, doctor.

When the americans watch football
they drink.

Let's show that
our culture is not different.

And the Fuehrer said:

"In order to carry on hos existence
as a parasite of other people,

the Jew is forced to deny
the essential evil in his inner nature.

The smarter they are, the better they will cheat."

Be a Gentile.

Imitate them.

I remember that the last day
that he played was raining.

I would be thinking of plays while
taking the juice in bed.

How did he keep the glasses
on that broken nose?

- With double-sided adhesives.
- I arrived soon at my box.

I thought of him,

and in the cortisone injection
for the broken ribs.

Thousands died before working
in the factories because of the weather.

It was very unprofitable.

The labor minister
was furious.

Do you want a coffee?

Tittle knocked down Morrison
at the Browns 49.

He told Gifford
to block Parish.

He picked up the ball, went back.
They covered three.

He threw the ball to the band
while Gifford improvised.

Life was going on that pass,
that I have clear.

Parish picked up the ball
and it was the end of Tittle.

"E cosi passa la gloria
di questo mondo".

Du weisst is,
da kann man nichts machen.

What's up, Charlie?

I was fascinated by
your knowledge of languages.

Oh, were you?

I would trade all my etimological talent
for fluent Yiddish.

- I can speak Yiddish.
- But you are ashamed of it.

What kind of Jew are you?

I guess I'm an American Jew.

American Jew?
Is there such a thing?

Light years are needed to create
a new class of Jews.

- Where are your parents from?
- From Lithuania.

A Lithuanian Jew!

A type of askenazi.
The third on the Semitic scale.

You should not classify the Jews.

First were the Sephardim.

They despise the German Jews,
the Ashkenazi,

Eastern Jews, Romanians,
Poles and Russians.

Also to those of North Africa,
with Arab influence.

And they give them
to the Yemenite Jews.

Very interesting.

All of them
communicate in Yiddish,

and very good.

The UN should adopt
Yiddish as an official language,

the language of hostility
and of love.

Who was Dorff?

Very clever.

Question by surprise,
I answer by surprise.


Karl Adolf Dorff.

Was the commandant of the camp
I honored with my presence for 5 years.

Colonel Dorff...

killed my father.

And you think now he wants to kill you
from a blue Mercedes?

I wish it were so simple.

Let's go to bed.

The Pope forgave the Jews.

Good heavens!

Did not Jesus deal with that
two thousand years ago?

What a face.

Guten Morgen,
meine schone blonde Arierin.

Schlaff in pace, dear.

- Phone, Mr. Goldman.
- Who?

It's Horowitz from the Stock Exchange.

Do you think that we,
saviors of the way of life,

could we invade
Bolivia or Haiti?

A little place with pygmies who can bomb?

- That number we have already done.
- Oh yeah?

It is convenient to rest
between genocides.

Without the relevant corpse dance,
the market weakens.

Tell him, whatever it is...

- Sell.
- All right.


My Matilda.

- Mr. Goldman.
- What happen?

Can not one communicate
with the dead?

I wanted to make sure that Jack
has understood him well.

An extraordinary woman, Matilda.

Very passionate,
made a lot of noise.

That's why it has an elegant urn.

Beautiful, smart,


- Mr. Goldman.
- What happen?

If you are spied on, call the police.

That would be cheating.

You do not have to tell them anything,
so they do not blackmail you.

- I hung the Bosch.
- Very good, Charlie.

Is not it amazing?

And 500 years before Freud.

He had a lot of imagination.

He was a draftsman, photographer.

That's the reality.

That's imagination.

Feel me in front of Bosch.

Delights me

- Do you know what's in there?
- No, I have never entered there.

Maybe things
of his late wife.

I do not know or want to know.

My testament will be found

The keys will be in the pocket
of my last suit.

Your last suit?

The one I'll wear it then.

Play your cards well
and you will be remembered.

Here there are only Jews.


What? No.


Here there is no Mr. Bechett.

He has been wrong.

- It's Mr. Goldman's residence.
- Do not say that.

Hang up the phone.

Do not tell anyone anything!

Sorry, Mr. Goldman.

I want coffee.
And tea too.

Foreign accent?

No, sir.

I had a foreign accent
and I was not mistaken in number.


What name is that?

Sit down

Take notes.

Telephone these numbers.

One is from a dentist
from Munich...

and the other, from a traumatologist
from Buenos Aires.

Tell them to replace the x-rays as instructed.

Call from a pay-phone..

with this
credit card number.

- This is not your number.
- I already know it. I'm devious.

You should say:
"I am Cohn, Hello, Mr. Devious."

Am I the only one who remembers
Smith and Dale?


Smith and Dale.

A comic duo that cheered
my first years...

in this country without sense
of humor. Who is that?

- Rudin, the tailor.
- Who?

He said to call him.

It's my cousin.

- Is he kosher?
- 100%.

Nobody is 100%.

Let him in, Jack.

How many Bechett will there be
in the phone book?

I will look for it.

This way, please.

Yes, you're right

It's Rudin the tailor.

Forgive our paranoia.
We know what we do.

Coffee? Tea?

- Coffee, please.
- Smile when you say that.

Sit, sit.

So you are making clothes for Charlie.

No, it's just my cousin.

How much do I pay you?

800 dollars a week.

- 800 a week?
- Yes sir.

I am very generous.

You surely are, Mr Goldman.

And you can't afford
a suit of your cousin?

- His suits are 800 dollars.
- One a week. Stop complaining.

Does it make you feel better?

- Who needs it?
- Your cousin.

He was grateful.
He was eager for the acceptance.

No, I was pleased.
It was a nice ecumenical gesture.

- You belong to any club?
- Just the health club in the building.

They know that you are a Jewish?

- They are jewish.
- Try to enter the Brook, Rudin.

Maybe by plug
or by marriage.

Two in a hundred years.
Or in Athletic.

I know a Hebrew
who did not get through the soup.

I took the second in the Plaza
and the dessert in the Salon Russia.

That's a beautiful robe, mr Goldman.

Take it. It's yours.

Wear it in good health.

I am changing my image.

Could you make something humble to me,

in canvas, maybe,

to foul Jack's friend?

You're wrong, Mr. Goldman.

Make me a terry robe.

Same style.

And for Charlie,
a vicuna jacket.

Of course.

I discovered
the secret of America 25 years ago:

A Silk suit
and a vicuna.

This way you assure the triumph.

In winter you wear the coat...

and you take it away
when entering somewhere.

In summer, you carry
the vicuna over your arm...

and when entering a place with air
conditioning, you put it on.

It's the only way
to stay alive in America.

Many died
because of the hazars of tge weather.

Can you take measurements?

It's enormously kind of you.

You'll pay for it someday.

The Arabs did not like
the thing about the Pope.

"An imperialistical political plot
of some countries that, after supporting Israel,

want to consolidate
their expansionist policies...

with religious support."

Do you want to make a comment?


Before continuing,

add Cairo to the list:
The Hilton,

suite 508.

Call them.

- What do I tell them?
- Nothing.

I just want the call to appear on the phone bill.

Thanks, Rudin.
Very kind to come.

- Now you have the patent.
- Thank you.

I will accompany you.

- Do you drive a blue Mercedes?
- A Ford Pinto.

Do you have a client
called Bechett?

No, sir.

If you have it, call me.

Goodbye, Rudin.

Do you get fit
in the gym?

I just try to keep the line.

Do you think they would accept me?

I think it would be an honor for them.

Why did you do that?

Because I could not resist it.

You are loyal.

I give you my word
that I will not implicate you anymore.

It was an experiment.

I had lost the practice.

In any case,

now the situation is clarified.
Do not ask, it's useless.

The mysteries
are always mysteries.

Good morning, gentlemen.

This is my guest,
Mr. Goldman.

Do you want to wear more comfortable clothes?

- Sure.
- Ahead.

Watch that Johnson.
It is an infiltrated agent.

D day will cover us
the mouth with rags...

and we will get
brushes for the year.

You are in very good shape
for your age.

It will not be to exercise,
the safest way to the grave.

And what is your secret?

The key is the prostate gland.

Do the dogs get sick of prostate?

Why not?

Because they walk are on all fours.
Drain with gravity.

In men, we walk
upright, stay there...

and it rots
unless it is ejected.

To keep you healthy you should
have an orgasm a day...

or crawl.

Or to be able to be...

both things.

Is the key to having
daily sex?

With different women.
It's much better than running.

- Not everyone can do it.
- I told my women...

that as I prolonged my life,
they had to help me for my sake.

Women are sentimental.

You have to be inventive.
Arbeit macht frei.

How does it say?

Arbeit macht frei.

How do you say, Mr. Goldman?

It's a joke of the Germans.

"Arbeit macht frei" means
"work makes you free".

The only freedom
was the fireplace.

The more you worked,
the sooner you went to the oven.

There's that car again.

What car?

The blue Mercedes.

I think they are
in your imagination.

If a Mercedes does not chase me,

I'm doing something wrong.


sooner or later...

When I was Don Ameche,

I told Betty Grable
that someday all these would be hers.

I've decided to throw a party,
just for princesses.

Of all conditions.
The best.

Take note.

- I do not carry notebook or pen.
- Well, memorize!

Yes, sir.

There will be five ladies.

Upon entering, they should submerge
in a mikwa...

so they know who is in charge here.

Are you going to ask them to give
a ritual bath?

- Do you mean it?
- Completely.

The food...

will be served on a black table,
to the sound of funeral marches...

and the waitresses will be...

naked black girls.

The dishes will carry
a black border,

the menu will include black bread
and liquorice sauce...

and liquors will be served
in ebony glasses.

Although, to be a farewell party, it is ostentatious.

When are you leaving?

The farewell,
motive of this imitative act...

will be somewhat hasty,
so I do not know the date.

But start preparing the party,
tell the girls...

and bring me two million
dollars in cash.


From the safe.

The bad times have arrived.

When a man says goodbye
of his earthly life...

- Of your life?
- For the love of God, Arthur.

Money makes
everything is possible,

less interrupting someone
with much more money.

I speak of my imminent departure...

not in the biological sense,
that does not deserve special attention.

I'm talking to five at a time
because I can not organize...

five dismissals
individual varied...

to sustain five episodes
of this caliber.

Also, together...

represent a concept:
The one of the mystical female.

What bullshit.

How do you say that?

Open your mouth
and make the sound "cho"...

Let's get back to the subject.

The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts.

And although these days I do not stop
to make jokes without sense,



and dark allusions,

My heart is in the good place.

I sleep with my eyes open...

and as you are the mediators
of the night...

and all the thoughts
pass through the scrotum...

on the way to immortality,

your grace involves
my departure and gives it meaning.

The value of this sense...

I'm hiding it

You make it sound like the Last Supper.

Do you know that He was a Jew?



Do you know what your trick was,
theologically speaking?

As a Jew I'm not sure.

A Jew tries to live
as best as possible, right?

Try it.

Judgment Day
appears before God and...

if you have sinned, you win:

From eternal damnation
to a fine of ten dollars.

- A bit simplified.
- Not as much as He simplified it.

He said: "You only have to believe
that I am the Son of God...

and you will automatically be saved.

Believe in me
and you will not be condemned."

- Do we just have to believe in Him?
- That said.

He said he would die and be resurrected
for his salvation.

And he did it.
At least he died.

The resurrection does not have it
in Polaroid.

A Christian
is a scared Jew...

you think you bought
a premium insurance.

You should have been
rabbi or priest.

I should have been...

Jesus Christ

Which bells will double...

for those who died
like lambs?

Dies irae, dies illa
solvet saeculum in favilla.

Which bells will double
for those who died outraged?

For those who died
among excrement?

Grant them eternal rest.

May the eternal light illuminate them.



Arbeit macht frei.

Arbeit macht frei.

Arbeit macht frei.

Arbeit macht frei.

Arbeit macht frei.

Arbeit macht frei.

Are you waiting...

to come back to me?

It would be helpful if he came back.

In that case,

I shall return.

Why did you do it?

I was drunk.

I have never seen you drunk.

Ok, I wasn't.

And then?

I was robbed...

by Dorff.

On your own terrace?

Why did you take off your shoes?

He was tired
of his military boots.

I wanted to try the lounge shoes
of a decadent Jew.

- I'll call the police.
- No, not the police.

You are obsessed with the police

Mr. Goldman,

that man wants to hurt you.

No, have my shoes.

Now he only wants my jacket
and my pants.

But why?

Because he wants to be me, of course.

You are experiencing
the crazy logic, doctor.

I think he will sleep now.

Thank you all for serving me.

Go home now.

I dissolve this episode
in sleep...

and I do not want anyone to
watch over me.


Throw yourself.

Keep driving, Jack.
We'll let you know.

Yes, Mr. Goldman.

There it is again.


The Mercedes.

Now there is a Mercedes?

Yes, sir.

The one I did not see from
the window of the health club?

- Jack.
- Yes?

Turn around and park.

Come to the Mercedes
and tell them to come upstairs.

Keep your hands
out of pockets.

- Okay?
- Yes sir.

Then you go to the movies.

I will send Charlie
to bring them up.

- All right mr Goldman.
- Good luck.

I can not.

- Why not?
- I'm too frightened.

Come on, Charlie.

What do they want, anyway?


They want me, not you.

Or maybe, money.
I have got the cash.

They will accept it, like everyone else.

What do I say them?

Tell them that I'm doing this...

want to set an example to young people,
pay my debts...

and making peace when my grave
opens before me, they will buy that.

Who are they?

Centurions sent..

to arrest me in the garden.

The same orders for you:

Do not make them think
that you are armed.

That's right.

Are they Germans?

They are trying.


- Clear.
- Kitchen too.

Dining room cleared.

Roof closed.

On your feet.

Willkommen, Herr Ubermensch.

He is not armed.

Get your clothes off.

Why are you doing this to Mr Goldman?

- Is this Charlie Cohn?
- So he claims.

Your boss may have a
cyanide capsule in his ass.

Goering was wearing it.


Now, bend off.

If you're going to check my mouth too,

I beg you to reverse the
order of the examination.

I used to keep my mezuzah there, in the old days.

Raise your left arm.

Mr. Goldman,

what happened to you?

He tried to erase his insignia
by burning it.

- Your insignia?
- S.S.

I beg your pardon?

He run a concentration camp.

That's crazy.

- Mr. Goldman builds buildings.
- With showers and ovens.

Open your mouth.


Turn arround

The fourth and fifth vertebra.




The same.

Are the x-rays
that you asked me...?

It's not Goldman, Mr. Cohn.

It's Karl Adolf Dorff.

I taught you not to trust anybody, Charlie boy.

He's sick.

- He's sick, do not you see?
- It's not sick enough.

- What are you going to do with him?
- Nothing.

If he collaborate,
will have a fair trial in Israel...

and a lawyer by trade.

What are you charging him with?

against the Jewish people.

You do not have jurisdiction here.

It's certainly true.

- He's an American citizen.
- We've discussed that.

The US will not permit a
violation of its sovereignity.

There is a precedent.

Do you mean Eichmann?
That was in Argentina.

Here it will cost just a little bit more.

Incidental, I do offer two million.

Fot what?

For me.

Stop it.

In cash.


Up to ten
if you give me a couple of days.

Imagine what
the United Jews would do with that!

Roll up your sleeve.

Do not worry,
we only are borrowing you.

We'll leave you on the ground.

I'm frightened, Mr. Goldman.

Go for it.

He will only have a bit of a hangover.


when you wake up,

first thing go to St. Patrick...

and ask Jesus Christ...

if I'm already taking
the tranquillo.

Oh, my God,

a princess.

Are I granted
conjugal privileges?

I'm Miriam Rosen,
the prosecutor assigned to your case.

Lie down and try on me.

I'm told you do not want an attorney.
You wish to defend yourself?

Who is better qualified?

Someone who knows the law.

Which law, the Israeli law?
It's very simple:

Eye for an eye

Exodus XXI, 24.

How can you plead not guilty
if you have accepted our proves?

You charded me of genocide
which is not correct.

I killed criminals
according to German law.

What was your crime?

Being Jewish.

You need a lawyer.

My dear lady, you need it
more than I, I assure you.

I see you can bribe the Americans.
But you bribed the wrong one.

They want me back.

"American citizen kidnapped."

We wont't give you back.

That will cost you five Phantom 4.

- Am I worth it?
- No.

I would have shot you in New York
and kept the Phantoms,

but I'm not like you.


So we can do bussiness.

I have a proposition for you.

Go ahead.

Under the American law
I entered the United states illegally...

because I gave false information.

I said I was Arthur Goldman
and I wasn't.

If I admit it,
I lose my nationality...

and I take them out of a hurry.

What do you want in return?

your court procedures.

Let me question your witnesses
any time,

Call me "Colonel"
and let me wear the uniform.

I will consult
my superiors.

That's something I never did.

I am not a clerk
like poor Eichmann.

I plotted my story
and I had a great time.

I think...

you know, Dforff, you may have been
the only Nazi in the Germany,

certainly the only one
that admits it.

In that department you will
have no legal problem with me, I assure you.

In my heart I don't consider you a legal problem,

but a sanitation problem.

- But I have my duty.
- So did I, my sweetheart, beautiful!

So did I.

- How about my Rorschach test?
- I'll examin it later.

Only a Jew would read the human soul
in some spots.

- How can you prove that?
- I don't have to. It is true.

The same answer that gave me
a man who claimed to be Moses.

Don't seem to understand the authority
of folklore.

If you repeat it long enough,
it becomes true.

Hunter and hunted.
Victim and victims.

Until it becomes true.

And law becomes law.

A madman with humor?


Is it a name for a jew?

It's my name.

Are you a resident?

If the Duke of Marlborough
was Hebrew...

It is possible.

Was Winston's mother,
Jennie Jerome?

It is possible.

Almost all of us have
Jewish ancestors.

You, for example.

Even the Fuhrer.

A question: If you find me insane,
you can not trial me.

You blow the whole thing.

So what's the point of this?

You are a clinically psychotic.

- They will judge him anyway.
- On what ground?

You were a colonel of the mobile
murderous units of the SS?Sure!

- And killed by moral conviction?
- Definitely.

Did you exterminate the Jews
for the good of society?


- And you really believed it?
- Of course.

- Why?
- It is obvious.

The degree of psychosis is measured
by the disparity...

between the fantasies of the patient
and reality.

- It will not work.
- The what?

If I am psychotic, 80 million
of Germans were also psychotic,

half of Gentiles,
Muslims, black activists...

and American Protestants in the USA
are psyhotic.

And even you won't say that.

No I can't say because I can not prove it,
but I believe it.

You have to get in through your head.

To segregate you, confine you,
persecute you and exterminate you..

Remember?We call it the "final solution".

They were socially approved acts.

And when a whole nation commit them,

are not psychotic.

Your town is not very popular.

- Guard.
- Hey!

What will you tell them about me?

Given the German
customs of the 40s,

your behavior was normal.

You are a fool.

I'm also going to say...

that the ability to adjust
to a psychotic society...

- it's psychotic.
- You know what?

The Hebrews
are paranoid.

And knowing what I know and where I was, you should be!

- Shalom, Miriam.
- Shalom.

- Mimi, dear.
- Here is your agreement.


called by my rank,

confess to having lied...

in my nationality application.

- I want this published.
- Where?


In the New York Times,
the Pravda, the Der Spiegel,

the Playboy.

A pact reached

- Why do not they record me?
- We already do it.

Did your wife know that you were not Arthur Goldman?


Matilda was American.

All she knew was that I wasn't
poor or impotent...

and all the rest not intereseted her.

It didn't bother her about knowing
that you were Jewish?

No, it excited her.

It made her feel a free spirit,

Her parents were coming
from Rutherford, New Jersey...

and they spoke to her as if she came
from the moon or lived with cannibals.

You never told her that you were not Jewish?

Mimi, dear.

The first time I saw Matilda
we walked my dogs...

by my terraces
and marble corridors.

She had legs that were born
in the throat.

She was so amazed
before my Pompeian frescoes...

I picked her up,
I threw her in my Luis XIV bed...

and I entered her immediately.
I was boiling.

"No preliminaries?"

She ran 72 times that night
and moaned like an angel...

We never did communicate.

Excuse me,
I have become sentimental.

Did you kill Arthur Goldman?


I have dedicated my life to it.

This isn't the police court, you are not accused
of individual homicide.

Did you?

It's hard to say.

In a certain sense,
yes I killed Arthur Goldman,

but there was nothing personal.

- Why did you take his name?
- Future vision.

The Fuhrer...God bless his soul..
was never good with military maps

he kept misjudging distances.

Why Arthur Goldman?

Let me explain the logistics.

In the field
there was a procedure.

We governed the camps
through kapos.

Normally Polish,
occasionally Jewish.

A Jew on the death list
could live another week...

if he could bribe a kapo.

With what bribed them?

To be able to eat the scrapes
of the garbage of the SS,

sexual favors, a rat.

And once bribed
the kapo, then what?

The Jew, let's call him Schwartz,

takes the name from another
that is not on the death list,

let's say Arthur Goldman.

And this Arthur Goldman is being
executed and Schwatz takes his name.

Are you following me?

When the Russians came through...

- and killed the German soldiers.
- They did that?


You already know that they are
a bit extreme.

When the russians came,

I avoided their machines pistols..

by taking the name
of the last of a long line of Arthur Goldman...

and I tattooed his number
on my forearm.

I dressed him in my uniform
and they shot him.

You see...

Your question is difficult to answer..

The man I killed
was only Arthur Goldman...

and the Russians pulled
the trigger for me.

Why do you make it so easy for us?

I assure you, I'm not.

You really do need a lawyer.

You don't understand.

I'm going to win this case.

You are going to die.

Of course.

But before,

for those who will hear me I will make them feel contempt
for the victims of colonel Dorff.

And they will feel so guilty
that they will scream:

Send them to the showers...

to stop accusing me
for being what I am! "

And that's that!

Who will say that?

You, the Jews.

With the dark side service.

You people want peace?
The hell you do!

You want war,
As everyone else,

otherwise you become neurotic.
And sleep with your mothers!.


Condemned and dead,

I will be your hero
and you will love me...

because I have done what all men
feel most alive doing: killing!

And you will admire me.

Everyone loves
a winner, sweetheart!

See you in court.

For a prosecutor
has great tits.

What's this, your honor?

None of that, fellows.

A deal is a deal.

I want a court
of freestyle, by agreement.

The defendant is right.

Within the limits
of the correction.

In the agreement there were no limits.

I set them.

By what right?

Because I sit here.
You people should understand that.

"Because I sit here?"

You know that was a prejudicial remark.

I do not sit without prejudices.

However, since I must determine
your guilt or innocence...

on the bases of the evidence
about to be presented, that does not matter.

Your Honor...

You seem to be an honest Jew.

What is that unit?

An armored glass cabin
for your safety.

It has a speaker, microphone
and earphones.

I control the switch in case
your answers are irrelevant.

That's clever.

Lead the defendant to the cabin.


In the Third Reich
we did not have anything similar.

We would have avoided inconvenience
in the Reichstag fire.

1, 2, 3...

Can you hear me?

Yes, thank you.

Not at all.

Mrs. Rosen?

As prosecutor of the case assigned
by the State of Israel...

my government has asked me
to make a statement...

about the measurements
that we take...

to get custody
of Karl Adolph Dorff...

and about the reasons there are...

after this very expensive trial
that will require so much time...

30 years after the alleged crimes.

My statement is address to the non-Jewish world.


no Jew
requires an explanation.


Our legal precedent,

if any are needed,

is the Nuremberg trials.

There the Germans were trialed...

by an allied court,
based on crimes committed...

before the court
that I quote as a precedent existed.

That will be our precedent...

in case the world
non-Jewish requires it.

In the canons
of the Catholic Church...

is constantly mentioned
the "moral law",

sometimes described as
"the law of God".

It is above the human
laws and cancels them...

when required by,
divinely inspired conscience,

individual or collective.

Israel is a theocracy.

It is not holy, nor Roman,
nor is it an empire,

but it was founded with the law of God,
the moral law.

That law...

and Elohim,

the Hebrew word
to name the nameless,

are the essence
of survival...

of the Jewish people.

At the service of said law
and said name,

Karl Adolf Dorff was arrested
and brought here to judge him.

May I say something?

- If it is relevant...
- It is relevant.

First may I congratulate
the lady for her presentation.


Avoid going into details
of international law...

And the Nuremberg trials?

And all under the auspices of the Great Jew of heaven.


Absolutely brilliant.

And sure.

That's irrelevant.

Then just one more comment, your honor...


The word is...

not "arrested".

Mrs. prosecutor?

One would be impossible
without the other, your honor..

The moral law supersedes
the law of the governments.

In the Vatican you would feel
like at home.

The only problem is that the Pope does not have
Phantoms 4 to prevail.

I suggest you call your first witness.

Mrs. Carlotta Levi.

I remind the witnesses
that they are under oath.

Mrs. Levi,

Do you know the prisoner?

I met him as Lieutenant Dorff.

When and where was it?

In 1941, in the field
of concentration of Mauthausen.

Did you see him work?

Many times.

Will you describe it?

In Mauthausen
there was a quarry,

a kilometer from the field.

Every morning
about 100 of us...

reported barefoot before two officers.

We were being watched...

while we were loading
stones behind our backs.

We had to upload them to the camp.

If one fell,
Dorff killed her right there.

To which we did not fall,

we were loaded with more stones
until we fell down.

I remember you.
You did it great.Marvellous constitution

How did you survive?

They took me out of there to make me
an SS prostitute.

There they fed me.

A faith worse than death.

Nothing is worse than death.


Is the witness' statemant accurate?


What did they do with the stones?


Stacking them in piles.

So what was
the point of the operation?

That is the crux of the matter.

Whoever has been
in the army will understand.

Please, show us.

Well, you will see...



Being assigned in a camp
was a prize:

it kept you out of combat.

Every military unit has a T. O:
A table of organization.

The more tasks you have,
more soldiers are needed,

more people you get..more officers you need

and the promotions are faster.

What does it have to do with
the prosecutor's question?

What was the point of the operation?

To that I go.

The officers you have quoted...

they are one in Cairo
and another one charging a pension.

Why are not they here?


With them I would not have achieved so much press coverage.

I got more glory.

Answer the question.

You see, sir...


Our unit was assigned to engage

in work useful to the war effort..

at a minimum cost.

When it cost more to work them
than to kill them, we killed them.

We had more than 6 million
to kill.



We will kill you.

Is it armored?


Is it armored?

Sit down.

Sit down,all of you.

You are discrediting yourselves.
Israel can not act like that.

Mrs Prosecuter..

Very good, your honor.

These must be descendants
of the same...

that threw stones at Him...

on the Via Dolorosa.

Colonel Dorff,

said that work
in the quarry...

- it was useless.
- We knew it,

and they too,

but the headquarters, didn't.

To avoid going to the front,
we created Mauthausen,

so we had to invent...

a job that seemed useful.

I thought about the quarry.

Why did not you simply
kill the prisoners since that was your ultimate goal?

You don't seem to understand the military mind,
you had to kill them in a work process,

according to the orders,
so we had to invent the work process.

It was boring.

According to our investigations,

you invented a way
to relieve.

What was that?


it was something childish and I'm a little ashamed of it.


We had a pool going.

The officer who came back with more
survivors of the quarry,

would won a bottle of snaps.

We discovered
that some officers...

put less weight to their prisoners
so they would survive and win the bottle of "snaps".

Thanks, Colonel.

Thank you, your honor.

I call Joachim Berger.

Mr. Berger,

what was your occupation
in October 1943?

I was a cinematographer
with the rank of captain...

for the Ministry of Information
of Joseph Goebels.

Where were you on October 11th
of that year?

In Ptalnya, Poland.

What were you doing there?

I've been ordered to photograph an operation
of punishment of the SS...

in the ghetto of Ptalnya.

Can you describe
what exactly did you photograph?

The opening sequence
was staged before dawn,

I used spotlights to light the street.


Dorff's soldiers arrived
in open trucks.

They entered the houses and threw
all the Jews out the window.

- How old were the Jews?
- Less than 13 and over 60.

The others were
in the camps, working.

Tell the court...

how you became certain of the age
of the victims.

We approach to make

They were not thrown in waiting
for us to move...

And then?

Those who could walk
were make to stand against the wall.

The others were tied:
Some 50 or 60 altogether.

Then, we moved the camera along the wall
behind the guns

they went off a succession

What happened?


A 9 mm shell is
very powerful...

at close range.

The people exploded.

- And they disintegrated?
- Yes.

Into pieces?

Severed the arms and legs?


- And then what happened?
- Now comes the third act.

Tell us, Mr. Berger.

The corpses of the few they were attacked
and the pieces of the others...

were trucked back to the ghetto.

They were dumt in a pile
I say at least two stores high.

By this time it was full day light...

The colonel Dvorff 's troupes contained the mothers
and daughters of those people with bayonets.

At a signal were all allowed to go
to try to find their sons or fathers

or to try to ensemble what they found.

Describe what happened.

An old lady had find an arm
with a familiar ring on it...

and caused the collapse
of the pile.


a woman would discover the head
of his son or his father...

When that happened the colonel made
us shoot extreme close ups

Thank you, Mr. Berger.

What was done with the film, colonnel?

We made a title
for those close-ups.

It said in Polish:

"Obey the German ocupation
or this will happen in your town".

We played it first
in all the Polish cinemas.

So those executions were staged

Joseph needed a propaganda film...

to justify his position
and be busy.

And I, needed an operation

for the same reason.


There was no insurrection,

but if you have a unit

People believe that there is.

So you can keep looting and raping...

while the rest of the army is dying
on the front.

The Americans did it
in Vietnam.

The Mai Lai
massacre is a classic.

It is irrelevant.

I doubt it, but I'll subside.

In any case, Mimi,

the whole operation was
for Joseph and for me...

a happy coincidence.

Your Honor...

We searched in Mr. Dorff's current circle

to find someone who
defended, who spoke well of him.

We have found someone.

I call Charles Cohn.


Charlie, what the hell are you doing here?

Do not you want me to hang up,

a nice jewish boy like you?

God forbid.

Do you hear, Mimi?
And he is my heir.

A true Christian spirit.

It does not go with seconds.

What do you claim in his defense?

I could't defend the colonel.

The concentration camps
was before I was born.

And it sure exaggerates.

Your Honor,
he is calling me a liar.

I do not think those things could happened,
that people could do such things

They happened.

I do not want to believe it.

If I did, I would have to resign
the human race.

In my generation, that attitude
is the one that prevails.

You're right

If you do not want to defend him,
what are you doing here?

I do't believe he is Colonel Dorff.

We have irrefutable evidence...

on his X rays
past and present,

apart from his admission.

- Why do you think that?
- Mimi.

We had someone like this in the camp.

I owned him.

He asked me permission to defecate.

Sometimes I gave it
and sometimes would't.

Colonel Dorff is a Nazi, correct?

- Yes.
- Then he could not be a Jew.

He could not.

Then Mr. Goldman can not be Mr. Dorff.

I am not following you, mr Cahn

Colonel Dorff,

Mr. Goldman,

the man in the glass booth
is a Jew.

You have every right to say it,
but how do you know?

Because his sense of humor.

No Gentiles can have
that peculiar sense of humor.


The court can not take that
into consideration.

He also is a master of Yiddish.

The Gentiles can not pretend it.

That's one generality supporting another.

There is one other thing I don't like to say.

No Gentile could be so anti-Semitic...

as Mr. Goldman.

Is that all
what you have to say, mr Cohn?


Then you are free to go.

Thank you.

I just wanted...

to help, mr Goldman.

Was a good try, Charlie.

I appreciate your loyalty.
I see you wear the vicuna jacket.

You gave me...

He told my cousin
to do one.


- Where did he send the bill?
- To you.

Do you see it?

You come to help
and you remember the jacket.

- You never lose your head.
- What has to do with the case?

Keep it up
I'm proud of you.

Thank you, mr Goldman.

Mr. Goldman...

Kiss your mother for me.
That woman should go on a diet.

Your Honor, we have never asked you that question.

- For the record, may I?
- Please.

Are you Jewish, colonel?

Am I Jewish?

Am I Jewish?

I'll tell you this,

my father was a pure junker.

He is 103 years old
and he is like an oak tree.

He is a cousin of Hindenburg.

The Fuhrer never forgot that,
in some way he was a snob.

Am I a Jewish?

My dear madam,

it was I. G. Farben
who discovered the site,

very suitable for synthetic oil,
coal and rubber.

I entered the place,
was my first mission of that kind.

They gave me their valuables
and their clothes.

I made them lie down in the trench
and shot them in the back of the head.

I grew up with each shot.

I made a sincere report
that I never slept better in my life.

One month later...

I was in the prime of my life.

I went to a pit
of Poland.

It was very cold around there.

There were 1,000 pairs of shoes
and 500 pieces of panties.

Nobody complained.

One old grandmother,
should have worn wig,

hike a baby.

The baby laughs
and the grandmother and the father too.

They all looked up at the sky,

they couldn't believe
what was happening.

So I approach the pit.
"Fit them!", I say... laughing.

Am I Jewish?

We light some cigarettes
and we start shooting.

We fill the bottom
with their bodies.

The blood runs down
from their heads.

They are thrown from the sides.

We see that below
some arms move.

Naked, down the steps,

theu climb over the heads
of the people below...

and I tell them exactly where.

Am I Jewish?

They laid on the top of their dead
and we shoot!

And we shoot!
I never missed one!

And in the end, the last lot was so high...

that you have to hold them with one hand
and shoot with the other.

It was just a day in my life!
Just a clear day to enjoy!

Am I Jewish?

I'm calling Samuel Weinberg.

Do you recognize the defendant, mr Weinberg?

I could not forget him.

I dreamed about him every night,

dreamed of killing him in
a hundred different ways.

I remember you,Sam.

but I put it in doubt.

None of them dreamed of revenge.
They couldn't imagine it.

Maybe not in the camp,
but I am making it up for it now.

I'm glad you corroborate it,
the system is important to remember!

The black people get tough
in the good old US.

Irrelevant, colonel.

Mr. Weinberg,
take the stand.


for hystorical purposses
I'll give you the recipe.

If you take away decisions,

you take away the future...

You make them feel
a meaningless mass.

I do not mean individuals
in a mass,

but a meaningless mass.

They had no identity of their own.

They clung to what little they had left.

Sometimes they were even happy,
it was like an orgy.

They were so happy
to be alive...

that they did not care
if you killed them.

It was a great system.

Rebar them as much as you can
and you will rule the world.

Was that the system,
Mr. Weinberg?

Yes, it was a ritual
of depersonalization,

desumanisation, designed to keep us
make no trouble for them.

Tell us how you met
the colonel.

We get off the wagons
of cattle.

We had been traveling for 14 hours,

so crowded that we could only
stand up.

Some elderly people died...

and a woman fell asleep
and the baby dropped, who died.

The Colonel was on the train?

- No, I was waiting for them in the camp.
- What was he doing there?

He put us in a row,

caught four Orthodox,
two men and two women,

and shot them in the head
before us.

- Do you confirm it?
- Of course.

What happened next?

He chose four more Orthodox...

and pointing them in the head
ordered them...

urinate on the bodies.

Did they?

- All but one, who died.
- He was shoot?

No, he just died.
I guess he couldn't do it.

Come on, don't make a hero out of him!

I sure he had already urinated
and could not repeat.

One question, Mr. Weinberg.

- Mrs. Rosen?
- Yes, your honor.

It is about the comment
of Mr. Dorff about heroism...

and I know that it bothers witnesses
of the holocaust.

Go ahead.

There were hundreds in the cargo areas
in Frankfurt.

- Yes.
- How many guards were there?

Maybe about 20.

- In what year was it?
- In 1944.

So his Jewish neighbors
disappeared by the thousands.

If they were more than the guards,
why did not you rush rebel?

We would have died.

Did not know what was happening to those people?

We assumed it, even so you would do anything..

maybe it won't happen to you.

What if I had known
with certainty?

It would have been different,

but they made sure
we didn't.

Our faith was beyound
our imagination.

Some still do not believe it,
30 years later.

Youtr honor, we know now,

We have learned
by experience.

We are prepared
to rebel.

THis time if we go
we won't go alone.

It's out of place.

Yes, your honor.

You can get off the stand.

Mimi, you are a bomb.

In other time and another place,
I could have be your husband.

It's out of place.

He's right.

What I wanted to say
is that there were no heroes.

Maybe a few,
the first five minutes.

And if there was
any heroism left...

was gone after...

that we would throw
to their women.

They were too disgraced
to be heroes.

- Have you finished, colonel?
- I was just warming up.

Your question
of how it could happen,

I will answer it:

It happened out of love,
do not think it was because of hate.

It happened out of love,
the most dangerous virtue of all.

I promise you.Love!

Let me speak to you
of our Fuhrer.

Let me speak to you
of the Fuhrer with love.

He answered
to our needs,

rescued us from our most terrible fears,

He would made us believe in ourselves

His family background was common places.
education negligible, appearance undistinguished

Who did he appeal?
To the people.

When he spoke, at first was shy,


with that whispering voice.

But then the words became stronger,
came louder.

His body grew free,

raised the arm
like a hammer.

Talked higher and higher,
was a torrent.

When the climax arrived,

"And divine providence
will lead us to final victory.

We will fight until the last breath,
until the last man. "

And at the end
was made an absolute...silence,

a total silence.

To a single movement of his arm,

a great clamor was heard,

the cry of love of an entire people:

Deutschland erwache!

Heil Hitler!
Sieg Hiel!

Sieg Heil!

Why did we love him?

Because we were afraid
and we knew that he was afraid.

We did not know what,
but he told us.

And because we loved him so much,
we believed him. the Jews.


Die Juden!

They hovered over the homeland
like vultures.

It was wonderful to know finally
what scared us.

To end
with our fears,

we had to destroyed
the Jews.

We met that need
and became our father.

That's why we loved him.

With all the murderers in the world
threatening us, we loved him.

With the capitalist armies
and communists, we loved him.

Starving, we loved him.

With his head loose,
his trembling hands,

we loved him.

His generals
lost the war.

His subordinates were unworthy.

He was only him,
there was no successor.

Hess was mad,

Goering insulted,
Himmel rejected.

He was loved.

Great king,
brave king.

Wait a bit and the days
of suffering will be over.

The sun is hidden
behind the black clouds...

and very soon it will rise
before you.

He never abandoned us.

Only he
loved us to the end.

While he lived,
Germany lived.

We never deny him.

We never deny him.

And those who tell it differently, lie in their hearts.

And if he would able to rise from the dead...

he would prove it to you,
now, all over again.

If we had someone
to whom to go...

with open arms,
to love you,

someone for whom to hit the ground with the feet...

and to tell us what we are afraid of...

and to tell us how to get rid
of our fears for ever.

For any time, anywhere, anyplace.

That is whom we will love,
for whom we will kill,

and when we kill, we will live
and we will get rid of fear.

Germany, Germany,
above all things.

On all things
of the world.


that was a thousand years ago.

It must have been Germans
who didn't agree with him.

Why didn't they never speak?


Your Honor,

we have persuaded these two
witnesses to come here

to publical corroborate the identity
of Colonel Dorff.

- They were his physicians.
- Proceed.

I call Dr. Schmidt.

What is your profession?

I am a dental surgeon,
practicing in Munich.

- Was Colonel Dorff your patient?
- Yes.

But I didn't know
that he was a criminal.

Of course.
Is that Dorff?


Are you sure?


Did you make X rays
to colonel Dorff...

in 1943?

Yes, I did.

Are these?

Yes, look,

- you can see the name.
- Thank you.

These X rays were made here
last week.

Would you compare them?

to the same denture.

- They are absolutely identical.
- Thank you.

You may step down.

I call Dr. Manuel Álvarez,
from Buenos Aires.

What is your medical specialization?

I am an orthopedic surgeon.

Did you operate Mr. Dorff in 1946
in Buenos Aires?


These X rays were made here
last week.

Compare them with these
who came from your office.

They are identical.

Do you recognize the defendant?

It was a long time ago.

- Are the X rays the defendant's?
- Yes.

- And that is the defendant?
- Yes.

So could we assume
that despite the years...

you can recognize him as Colonel Dorff?

Does the defendant resemble
as Karl Adolph Dorff to you?

Yes, but...

But what?

I am a Jew.

That's irrelevant.

- I have to tell you.
- Why is it important for us to know that?


that is not Dorff.

If that is not Dorff,

how is it that the X rays made last week.

are duplicates of the x rays of Dorff
you gave our agents from your files?

I'm sorry, but those were not Dorff's x-rays.

How did they get to your files?

- A man gave them to me.
- Who?

I didn't know him.

What did you do with the Dorff's X rays?The real ones?

I destroyed them.

And replaced them with these?

The man gave me $ 10,000.

You are dismissed, dr.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry,
I could not let it happen.

Dr. Schmidt,

Will you return to the stand?

- No, I do not wish.
- I insist.

I am a volunteer witness.

You are in Israel,and subject of the laws of Israel

specifically those concerned perjury.

There will be no prosecution
if you tell us the truth.

Is that Karl Adolf Dorff?


Speak up!


How much were you payed
to replace Dorff x rays with those of the defendant?

40,000 marks.

That's it, Dr. Schmidt.

Your Honor,

the X-rays taken here
and the X-rays...

by those of Mr. Dorff...

identify with certainty...

to Arthur Goldman.

Why did you do it, Mr. Goldman?

Why did assume the identity of Colonel Dorff?

Why did you want to
degrade yourself...

Why did you want to carry that guilt on yourself?

Why, Mr. Goldman?

Mr. Goldman...

Mr. Goldman...

Your Honor, the patient...

the defendant is unable to respond.
He is ill.

I'm afraid so.

It has remained catatonic.

Remove the defendant from the booth.


No, no.Let him be.

Mr. Goldman, please,
open the door,

We want to help you.

Mr. Goldman, please.



For the love of God!

May God forgive you.

The people of Israel
already have done it.