The Man Who Surprised Everyone (2018) - full transcript

When a Siberian state forest guard discovers he has cancer and only two months left to live he chooses to take the identity of a woman as a way of fighting the disease.

with financial support

of the Ministry of Culture
of the Russian Federation

General Producer
Ekaterina Filippova


Katrin Kissa (Estonia)
Guillaume de Seille (France)

Alexander Rodnyansky

Evgeniy Tsyganov

Natalya Kudryashova

That's it.
The ears are warm now.

What about your nose?

My nose?

The Man Who Surprised Everyone

Is it too heavy?

Put your weapons
on the ground.

Gun him down!

Are you alive?


Just remember - these pills
will kill the pain for some

but then the effect
will die down.

Can you tell me exactly
how long I have left?

I can't say exactly.

Maybe 2 months.
Each case is different.

Have you made your mind up
about a hospice?

I talked about one

that would make it easier
for your family.

Everything is provided,
breakfast, lunch, dinner,

all at the state's expense.

I'll think about.

I have some time.
You said 2 months.

I didn't say 2 months.

I said,
2 months maybe...

Will my wife be able
to withdraw it?

Yes, by proxy.

But if you open one for 3 months
you can get more benefits.

No, just 2 months.
It's fine.

Oh, hey there
Egor Petrovich.

Is that it?

Got anything tasty?



What did the law enforcement
tell you?

Everything was legal?

Zakhar, when are you
gonna fix the problem

with the power station?

Well, I took care of it.
They notified me.

They'll factor in the times
it was shut off.

So, there'll be blackouts
in winter again,

we'll stay without electricity
and then they'll factor it in?

- Well, what can I do?
- Do something, at least.

What did they tell you?

The limits of self-defense
were not exceeded.


I thought
they would put you in jail.

They won't.
Don't worry.

- Alright.
- Oh, hey Dad!

- What's this?
- There you go!


We're going to have dinner

- Dad, did you get a big scar?
- It's small.

Everyone at school
says you're a tough guy.

Where's the grub?

Wait, dad.

What's this?

- Cod's liver.
- A delicacy.

Egor bought it,
just a little surprise.

We're going to have it
with potatoes...


It's shit.

He's become a burden.

Dad's become a burden...

Listen, we should fix up
mom's gravesite.

But probably in the spring,

We shouldn't do it

Cause it'll settle down
during the winter.


Look what I bought
from the Chinese.

Pretty isn't it?
It's for our baby girl.

Will you let me sleep?

Go to sleep.

No one
is bothering you...

Why aren't you sleeping?

I can't.

we shouldn't...

When I was pregnant with Artyom,
you didn't care.

Look, it bursts here...

Of course it bursts,
it is all rotten...

Come on or you'll be running
and forth.



I was up on the roof

and then I landed
on the couch.

What is this?


Dad, what is this?

Get out of here!

Sit down.

I put some money in the bank,
with interest.

and we're going to make it
in your name.

So you won't waste time
getting it through my will.

Should be enough
for the funeral.

You should sell
the hayfields.

2 hectares of land,
that should be good money.

You should apply
for state aid,

survivor's benefit
for each child.

I wrote it down here,
a type of checklist.

Don't say anything
to anyone.

I got sick
and that's that.

We'll get the rest of the
and I'll go to a hospice.

They said
that we won't have to pay for

So we won't be
wasting money.

Are you listening
to me?

You'll go to the medics.


Even the most hopeless cases
can be cured nowadays.

there are no options.

Who said that?
Our local doctors?

They're all idiots!
There are other doctors.

We just need
to get some money.

We can get some.
People will help us.

Let's not involve anyone else
in this.

I'm not going to beg.

Can we somehow speed up
the modernization process?

To avoid new blackouts.
My people are growling.

There are
some highly nervous ones.

Well yea.

Wait a bit.

I'll be running
for local council in spring,

I don't need this tension.

The thing is
no one's gonna remember

that I set up their celebration
of the village day.

People forget the good
you do.

This professor from Moscow
will stay for only a week.

there's going to be
some kind of seminar.

We just don't have
that much.

force majeure.

- Where's Egor?
- He's at work.

Ok, you go ahead
and ask around the village.

They'll give you at least
what they can...

And I'll try to find something
in the reserve fund.

Whatever is left
in there.

Thank you.

Don't thank me yet.

Just don't tell Egor about this.

Be strong...

I was hiding it from Stepan,

so he wouldn't spend it all
on booze.

I would give more money,
if there was any more....

Thank you.

So they grab the goat

and bring it
to the veterinarian.

He takes an X-ray examination
and says

"How am I going
to get your money out?

The paper bills
are already half digested.”

Vasilich says "Cut it open,
at least we'll save a half”.

And Oksana says: "No.
I won't let you kill the goat

for your half-digested money.

Next time you won't hide it
in the goat shed".

- Let me give you some more.
- No, I'm fine.

Good evening everyone.
Bon Appetit.

Oh, Zakhar Victorovich.
Come join us.

No I can't,
I don't have time.


You like to criticize
your countrymen,

but they don't remember
your hate.



we really love you
and respect you,

We know you're a strong man
and a proud one.

Just do us a favour,

- We need to go to the doctor.
- We closed this subject.

You closed it.


Please excuse me,
but I won't take your money.

Don't worry about it,
we have money, we can pay...

No, it's almost
at the terminal stage.

I'm sorry
but I'm afraid I can't help you.

But there are new medicinal
products nowadays.

- Please take the money...
- Hold yourself together!

Please, I'm begging you!

Wait, Egor!
Please take the money!


You're holding it tight.
You like to hold things tight?

You can't hold everything tight.
You won't be able to.

Just try to let go.

Come on...

There you go...

That's it,
I cleansed him.


Don't look back
on your way home.

They say that a blind man
was brought to her last year.

She touched him,
and he began to see.

I'm not blind.

when you served in the Navy

I came to visit you
at the sea?

Remember the storm
on the 3rd day?

You were on guard duty.

I was all alone and I felt sad.
So I went to the pier.

There was a storm, the sea
was raging. It was beautiful.

So I was on the pier
and the 1st wave hit my knees;

the 2nd one
hit my chest.

The 3rd one
pulled me into the water.

I never told you this.

I started to struggle
in the ice cold water.

Then I saw some alcoholics
walking down the shore.

They saw me
and ran up with a stick.

and they started
to throw it to me.

"Grab it!" But the waves
were pulling me away.

I felt I was running out
of strength.

I was ready to give up.

I fell
into a state of apathy.

But suddenly I thought

"Well yeah,
so I'm going to drown now,

and they'll come to you
and tell you about it.

And you will just stand
there silently..."

And I just felt
so sorry for you.


And I started to feel sorry
for myself.

So I just pulled through
and got hold of the stick.

Then they pulled me out.

They gave me a coat
and some alcohol.

They even walked me
to the dormitory.

I didn't even catch a cold.

- It didn't help you?
- Was it supposed to help?

Well, I can't give you
your money back.

I spent it all on vodka.

I'm going to tell you
a little story.

The Story of Jumba the Drake
and Death.

There lived drake upon a lake.
Jumba was his name.

His time to die

Just like with you,
but he didn't want to die...

So here's what this smartass
come up with...

He walked out on the road,
and rolled around in the dust.

He became grey as a duck.
He looked just like a duck.

And when Death came
to take him away,

She couldn't recognize him
among the ducks.

So Death went home empty.

Jumba tricked her.

- Dad, you need some help?
- No, it's fine.

I got an ‘A' in math today.
For the 1st time.

Good job.
Go on with it.

Artyom, what's wrong?
You're a man.

Just like that.

Are you busy?


Do you mind
if I smoke?

just don't lose faith.

Maybe it still
can be cured.

I have a tumor too,
in my throat.

It's been there for a while,
it's just encapsulated.

That's what they said.

If you need anything,
just tell me.

Ok, Stepa, if I need anything,
I'll let you know.

Get better.



Stop right there,

Who are you?


What is all of this?

What's wrong?

You overslept, Natasha.

Egor, talk to me.

Can you hear me?


Can you hear me?

Don't come
in the house.

- Where's dad?
- Dad?

He isn't feeling well.

He decided to live
in the sauna for a bit.


- Where are you going?
- To see dad.

Sit down.
Sit down, I said.

you're already grown up.

Dad isn't feeling well.

He doesn't want to see

He doesn't want us
to see him weak?

Eat. You gonna be late
for school.

Have you gone mad?
Get out of here!

I won't let you, bitch!
I forbid you!

You wanna shame all of us,
you bastard?

Why can't you
just die normally?

Thanks dad...

- Where's Artyom?
- He went off with the boys.

Did you guys eat?
There was buckwheat left.

Yeah, that's what we had to eat.
You should bring some to Egor.

I will.

- Come on.
- Pass.

- Right here. Come on.
- Pass.

- Go! Go!
- Pass.

Go! Go!

Will someone
give me a pass?

We don't play
with fags.

who's a fag here?

Your father is a fag
and you're too!

- You're the fags!
- What did you just say?

You think you're tough

Now you'll know...

You creep!

Take that,
you bitch.



Please come out...

Dad! I don't believe
what they say!

Dad, come out...

They're all lying!
It's not true.

Dad, please...

Dad, please...


Tyoma, get up...

I'm not going to school.

Natasha, what's that crowd doing
in front of our house?

- I don't believe it.
- But why is he hiding?

what's going on out there?

They won't leave.

Come out here,
say something to them...

Tell them you had
a mental breakdown

because of your sickness.

Or I could tell them
that you were just joking.

I only want
the best for you.

How much time do you have left?
Just die like a man.

- What are you doing out here?
- I want to speak with Egor.

- I said get out of here!
- Why are you yelling at him?

- Where do you think you're
- Have Egor come out.

Get out of here!

Let's break the door
and see.

Get out
of my yard!

Get out of here!

Open up, Egor!

You can't go inside.
He's ill. Is that clear?

- Egor!
- Leave! Get out of here!

Step back!
We'll just take a look and go.

Get out of my yard!

Egor Petrovich?

Get up.

Egor, that's enough.

We don't need your "parades”

You either stop this
or get lost.

what are you doing?

Come on
that's enough!

Are you nuts?
Stop that, now!

Get away! All of you!
Move it!

Get the fuck
outta here!

Hi there.

Nice to meet you.

You're so pretty.

I haven't been with a woman
for a month.

What's your name?


Chase him down!
Go, Go, Go.

Round him up!
From the left!

There he is!

Flip him over.
Let's have a look.

Come on,
turn him over.

Yeah, like this.

Hello, handsome!

he's got earrings...

Ok, what should
we do with this beast?

Well, Fitch,
go drill him.

No! No way!
I won't do it.

You have to do it.
You lost the bet.

Get his butt out.

Hurry up, Fitch.

Hold him tighter,
He might escape.

Don't wanna chase after him

- Are you serious?
- Come on - come on - come on!

- I'm no faggot...
- Come on - come on - come on!

Get to work,
come on...

- Why isn't he breathing?
- Who the hell knows.

He doesn't breathe at all.

Whatever, fuck him,
let's get out of here.

Wait I don't get it.
Where's the tumor?

Let's go through it
one more time.

written and directed

by Natasha Merkulova
& Aleksey Chupov

Director of Photography
Mart Taniel


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