The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018) - full transcript

Toby, a disillusioned advertising executive, becomes pulled into a world of time jumping fantasy when a Spanish cobbler believes him to be Sancho Panza. He gradually becomes unable to tell dreams from reality.

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I was born by the will of Heaven

in this iron age

to revive the lost
age of cavalry.

I am the one to whom the
dangers are reserved,

large companies

and heroic facts.

I am Don Quixote of the Mancha.

This is a perfect day for
adventures, Sancho.

I feel it in my bones.

Good God, Sancho!

- A giant! - Where is it?

Over there!

With arms of two leagues!

Feel like grinding your teeth.

I swore to free the
Earth from these giants,

repugnant and scary.

I'm Don Quixote of the Mancha!

- It's just a windmill.
- Get ready to die!

Oh God!


And... stop! Good job.

Let it be understood, for the love of God!

It is not '' We can mess up the world '',

is '' We can fuck the world
'' and so we turn it around.

I move the strings, you are the puppet.
No agua, thank you.

- This was good, do we keep it?
- It's not up to you to decide, right?

I said I wanted happy
people, smiling and joyful.

White, black, yellow,
green, LGBT, GLBT,

GT, ass, tits... I do not care,
as long as they are in equal proportions.

I have to go and shake hands.

Oh, Toby!
What is this thing I hear?

I do not know, your 15%?

So much tension that
needs to be melted,

reduced to dust and
dispersed in the wind.

- Go on. - Good idea.

Toby, I'm so sorry.

Cursed Spaniards,
they are not up to it.

Can you let me down, honey?

We redo it, all in position.

The crank is broken.

- We'll never make it.
- No, I delete a few scenes.


- Are you sure? Why?
- Because it does not work.

Because my client is not happy.

Because the whole concept is ridiculous.

Because we become
what we hold on to.


It was your idea,
your intuition to come to Spain.

I know, the smell, the sweat,

the real Spain.

- So? - I was wrong.

- Sarah! How are you, Sarah?
- Melissa.

- How are you, Melissa?
- Toby, I can not.

You can, you must...

you will do it.


What if we did the giant in
computer graphics, in London?

Wonderful idea!

We have all paid to come here.

Toby hates computer graphics,
he wants everything done by hand.

I'm worried about the negative
connotation, the Power Grid...

It is the world seen by Don Quixote...

- It's a national giant...
- Just like in the book...

The bottle is open, bastard!

Take another one.

If anything happens to me,
I come here and suck you in the throat.

Well... Now that our producer

has thwarted the terrorist
attack on our water reserves,

I tell you buenas noches.

Toby, we need you, right?

- We all need you.
- It's not true.

You're not going anywhere,
you're the super genius!

Fuck you too.

Noli me tangere!

Genuflettetevi everyone!

It's adorable, transparent,

an open book.

A bit worn out, a shabby
back, a little faded...

- They say so around here, are not they?
- I do not know? I will not talk to you.


Do not give him too much
trouble, right?

Of course not!

- We can trust him. - Exactly.

My family!

To the countryside, to the Power
Grid, to us, that others get fucked.

- They fuck each other.
- Let's fuck them with impunity!

I leave for Nice to see a potential
client, Russian vodka.

He gave me his jet.

There is still someone who
likes to show how big he is.

Keep an eye on her while I'm gone.

- You will do it?
- Of course he will.


What's the problem?

It's all wrong,
we cancel the campaign.

Stop it, you have talent to sell.

- He's a genius!
- So do not help me.

Maybe you need a little inspiration.
You come here.


- Maybe there's an idea here
that you could... - Steal?


Maybe this?

How strange!

It's perfect.

Is not our friend from La Mancha?

This is done!


It will be great.


- You stay.
- I will not leave you, you're strange.


Where did you get it?

Good question.

Where are you going?

You do not have to look after me tonight?

You do not know how much I need it.

Do you have a DVD player?

You are a bad child.

A bad boy...

Stop this way.

I am Don Quixote of the Mancha.

I was born by the will of Heaven

to revive the lost
age of cavalry.

To protect the weak

and to make great adventures.

- What's this?
- '' The man who killed Don Quixote ''.

I did it,

a long time ago,

as a thesis.

I won prizes.

That old is fantastic.

I did not use actors,
but real people, locals.

He was a cobbler.

Now I understand why they
wanted you to advertise.

It must have been my
trampoline for Hollywood!

Toby, I'm the boss's wife.

Are you the boss's wife?

Yes, I'm the boss's wife.

The boss's wife...

You're the boss's wife.

The boss's wife.

Do not look, Sancho, he's crazy.

Crazy about love.

- I'm the boss's wife.
- The boss's wife.

- The boss's wife.
- The boss's wife!

Yes beautiful.

It had to be in Nice!

- It kills me. - And I?


- Shit! - I'm back.

- Everyone for himself. - Thing?

Come on!

Hurry up!

The rosary!

Shit! Fuck!

I kill you, filthy gypsy!

Hello sweetheart.


Toby, come see.

Damn misery!

It's perfect.

We are Americans, I am American.

They are Jimmy and Joe.

We are doing...

What do you do in the next two months?

Javier, you're not making shoes.

My shoes!

No, forget the shoes!
These are banned!

You are angry.

Your woman is in danger.

No, so...

I'm Don Quixote of the Mancha!

And it goes down. Hit him and go down...

I got it?

Dead, understand?

Forget your shoes,
you are Don Quixote.

No... Javier?

You are Don Quixote.

And... action.

This does not work, it does not pit the screen.

- This? - No.

- She? It is my favourite.
- No nobody.

It is his Dulcinea, his ideal.

It must be beautiful and pure.

As the book says: ''
Dulcinea looked up,

their looks met and
from that moment...

Don Quixote of La Mancha
was free of all fear ".

Careful, she is Raul's daughter.

You could do cinema, I mean it.

- Really?
- Yes why not? I'm serious.

A country girl like me?

Yes. Do not break it, I beg you.

- And if I let her fall? - No!

Please! Why?

Seriously, you would become famous.

Or you are very naive

or you're very crazy.

An artist must be.

Are you an artist now?


An artist must be cruel.

- Are you cruel? - Wait up...

What do you see?

A star.

Angelica, where are you?

It's late!

I'm hungry!

I love you.

It was as if I were there
again, I felt the smells.

Then I woke up.

- A wonderful dream!
- But I never dream.

Of course, you do not need it, you have everything.

I did not know we were so close,
Los Sueños is over the hill...

over there.

The engine does not work,
we have to turn something.

We can not sit down.

Prepare a roundup of wind
turbines, long track.

- The crane is on the other set.
- Yup.

- It will take hours. - Perfect.

You're back!


You did not need to go over
there, they have a castle here.

The Russians are buying everything.

It is good for the
vodka contract.

We'll know in a couple of days.

I asked you to
look after my wife.

- I did it. - No, not good.

A thief entered our suite.

What? A thief? Are you sure?

This is what she says.

But I think it was that
filthy gypsy last night.

- I found his hat. - Yup!

He looked suspicious.


They're all like that, are not they?

- You look tired.
- No, it's just...

- I looked at that old DVD.
- Yes, Jacqui told me.

- Did he tell you? - Yup.

Your old job,
what a coincidence!

It's been a long time,
it does not even seem to be done by me.

Why do not you brush up
on some of your old ideas?

Maybe I could.

Do you know what?

As you prepare the
set, I go for a ride.

- You clear your ideas.
- Exactly.

- I'll take you there.
- It does not matter.

Dan buddy, lend me the bike.

Are you coming, my love?


I do not have a helmet.

- You do not need it.
- Be careful.

All right, perfect, thanks, stop!

Thanks, stop!

Thanks a lot.

You want something else?


I would like many things,
to know how to write better, above all.



Run away, you'll be safe with my scu...


We're just acting, Javier!

Javier, that's great.

For the second clapperboard,
todo en inglés, please?


Let her,

lurid bandit!

Fight, deal with justice!


Quixote lives!

I'm Don Quixote.

You are Don Quixote!

I am...

Don chisciotte.


How are you? How much time!

We do not need these!

We understand each other perfectly.

Beautiful boy!

Did Piccolo Pedro also
play in your film?

Yes, Piccolo Pedro, exactly!

Sancho Panza, he and his 1 1 pounds!

How are you?

Little Pedro? Is dead.

- Shit! - He liked to drink.

He did not like drinking.

I'm sorry.

In Little Pedro.

Many things have changed
since your movie.

And Javier?

The old man who played
Quixote, he is...

Is he still alive?

I live? And how!

Don Quixote lives,
if we want to say so.


And Angelica?

Angelica, your daughter.


Follow me, I'll show you.

- It's here? - Yup.

Fantastic! She was so good in the movie.

It was a flower.

God, Raul, grow up,

that's life.

My daughter?

The whore?


What do you say? She was a very sweet girl.

Not anymore.

He pursued your dream in Madrid.

Is escaped.

What the fuck are you doing?

Give me that.


Ugly little shit!

How did you call my son?


Come back here, worm!

Quixote lives.

Hey there?

There is a sign, '' Quixote lives ''.

Do you want to see it?

Do you want to see Don
Quixote della Mancha?

- The real Don Quixote? - Yup.



I am Don Quixote of the Mancha.

I was born in the year of the Lord 1 605,

at the behest of Heaven,

to revive the lost
age of cavalry.

I am the one to whom the
dangers are reserved,

big businesses and heroic facts.

I am four hundred years old.

It is not easy to live that long,

but I can not die.

But maybe...

I could get rid of my dreams.

Damn bitch! Javier?


It is you?

- Sancho! - No...

You're back!

You came back to save me!

A peasant's rogue!

I'm not Sancho and
you're not Don Quixote.

No, you Sancho.

Sancho, listen,

you must save me from these enchanters.

Please save me, take me away.

Yes, now I have to do, but maybe later...

- No, please, Sancho!
- Quiet, Javier, leave me.

Let me out! I have to go.

What are you doing? Leave me!

Leave me!


Look at reality, Rupert,

we brought a troupe to Spain and he
vanishes on a fucking motorcycle.

- There's only one genius here and it's not
you. - He is not a genius, he is a child.

Where the hell were you?

We're waiting for hours,
we're not fucking!

Calm, my darling!

Toby needs a moment.

The agency is blood-thirsty.

Bill needs a lineup,

I need, thanks to you, a doctor.

I'm serious.

Toby, what happened to you?
Look what state you are.

And there is also the police.
Do you know something, Bill?

It's all yours,
all this fucking nightmare.

You're promoted, I'm leaving.

Toby, they found the thief.

It's that gypsy, obviously.

Please come and identify it.


It's beautiful.

There he is.

He's the worm that was bothering
my wife at the restaurant, right?

Yes, it's him.


Is that bike hers?

Mia, in what sense?

There was a...
fire in a village nearby.

The plate... matches.

I'm sorry, it's not mine.

I... is from...

Who is that... Here it is!

Toby, do not you remember?
You borrowed it.

He took it to look for inspiration.

Come with us, to help us.

I do not know of any fire,
that is, I know what a fire is,

but I do not know what you're talking about.

Go, it's better not to
stand against the locals.

Do not worry about the delay,

we will put ourselves in God's hands.

One moment.

I found this out of the suite.

It's yours, right?

Fuck, thank you!

If you have problems,
send me a message.

You put me in
trouble, Señor Toby.

You should behave like a
man and tell the truth.


What would I give to get
my hands on these bastards!

They are animals,
they still live in the Middle Ages.


Fuck... the... Week... holy.

Holy Week!

- I know an alternative way.
- Sure?

- Of course... - Move.

We'll be... of... new...

on the main road...
in a moment.

One moment?
How long does a moment last for you?

- I do not know...
- Shut up. And that?

What the fuck is he doing?

Get out of the way!

The carnival is over, old.

Why are these men chained?

- Sancho! - Shit!

I'm Don Quixote from La Mancha

and I order you to free my
whip, Sancho Panza.

Don chisciotte?

One would say that one of you is... safe.

I have nothing to do with it.

I am dedicated to cavalry and
the protection of the weak.

Your infernal lamentation
does not scare me.

Free these innocents.

The carnival is over...

What the fuck! Get off your horse.

Remove your hands from Rocinante!


No, no... help!

What the fuck are you doing?

You almost killed him.

- Please! - Stop!

Oh my God, no!

the dark forces are defeated!

It was not me, I did not do it.

Fuck! Shit!

I lose blood!

Thank God it's not mine!



Please, do not let it be true!




Shit, shit...

Shit, shit...

Fucking battery!

I'm a dead man!

Do not lose control, Toby.

Do not lose control and
everything will settle down.

Do not lose control and
everything will settle...


Here you are!

Crazy of a farmer,
always making jokes.

Do you think I can escape?

No, stay away from me.

- You are free.
"The cops are dead, are not they?

No, no, no...

Dark forces never die.

- You killed them, did not you?
- You were very brave.

The way you attacked
the coachman

and put the screaming beast to flight...

- I have not done anything.
- Humility is a gift.

We will sing your courage tonight.

I brought you your clothes.

Remove that disguise.

You are free!

Sancho, great adventures await us.

A wandering knight
and his loyal whip.

It's a perfect day for
adventures, I feel it in my bones.

I have to call the office.

- Where do we go? - Who knows!

Destiny leads our way.

They are eating me alive.

Maybe we should go back
and face the sad reality.

- You can explain everything
to the authorities. - Explain?

Do you believe that explaining explains everything?

Well yes.

You have a very simple vision of
life, you are moving.

- And you're really Don Quixote.
- Do you doubt it?

Do you remember that I was
shooting a movie ten years ago?

You were just an
old man I had found.

I was lost, forgotten.

Then I found you and I told myself:

'' That man has a perfect face
to sell insurance policies ''.

I owe you,
you brought me back to life.

You really do not remember?

Don Quixote of the Mancha,

the knight with the sad figure!

Come to revive the lost
age of the cavalry.

I was born by the will of Heaven.

Yes, I wrote it.

I adapted it, a script has a
different language from a novel.


The hand of the Lord has written to me,

not the dirty paw of a farmer!

All right, I beg your pardon.

You can beg forgiveness at the
feet of the gentle Dulcinea.

Mrs. Dulcinea, of course.

'' One day, like in a dream,

Don Quixote glimpsed Mrs.

He sat on a lawn...

Near a stream,
in front of a crystal dwelling ''.

- I know, of course.
- Write again, Sancho?



because they are the words of the great
Arab historian Cide Hamete Ben-Engeli.

Yes, right, I had forgotten.

I have here...

its rare volume on my businesses.

A little flowery, perhaps,

but the spirit is the right one.

Can I read it?

A farmer like you who pretends to be interested

for a book that can not read!

''I can read?''

But I can read.

It is in English, Sancho.


A very difficult language.

A Protestant language.

Come on...

Sit next to me.

We read it together.

I read aloud

and you can look at the illustrations.


This is me,

on my warhorse, Rocinante.

This is you, Sancho.

It's here...


Here is a sweet princess,

that shines on his steed.

A giant!

Which giant?

A giant, with arms of two leagues!

- She is in danger!
- It's a windmill.



I will save you, beautiful girl!

Come back here, you misunderstood!

Get ready to die, demon!

Do not do it!

Take this!

And... stop.

Giant, where are you?

Here you are, demon!

Take this!

Stop, stay down.

You're safe, my dear lady.

I'm at your orders.

I see the light of love in your
eyes, it's understandable.

I'm honored,

but alas my heart is of another.

Does the squirrels in the head?

Only the squirrels were!

Do you have a phone by chance?

- My father will help you.
- Does the builder or...

It's all broken.

No, señor, it's oiled.

The oil works great.


No broken.

Ah, the bicycle!

Yes, it's well oiled, it's all very greasy.

- Yes. - More odor than that.

Wait, do you live here?

- To live?
- Yes, this is where you live?

I live here, I die here.

Well very well.

I live... I die.

I live, I die.

- I live... - Living and dying.

Someone... before others.

What do you think you are doing? Send them away!

What a beautiful castle!

Challenge gravity.

May I use the phone?

Who is this angelic
messenger who welcomes us...

We do not want trouble.

My divine lady,

I will always keep his
kindness in my memory.

Take it away, come on!

Please, dear,
do not behave like a good Christian.

Remember, it's Holy Week.

This old man certainly
plays a holy martyr.

Look, the halo!

- So devoted...
- Is there a telephone?

Which elephant?

- Well, I'm leaving. - No!

No, stay,
out there it's very dangerous.

Bad men! Here everything is okay.

Here we are all good Samaritans.

We will turn the other cheek
to heal the brave martyr.

We must take care
of these pilgrims.

A good host takes care of his hostages.

- Do you say that?
- No, you do not say that.

Rest, brave and holy martyr.

We'll be back soon.

"Shall I be a knight, unfortunate?
- What trouble did you put me in?

There is no maiden who looks at me

and do not fall in love with me.

Poor you!

The incomparable
Dulcinea is unlucky

that you are not allowed to enjoy
in peace my incomparable firmness!

I knew it, they are not Spaniards.

We will die!

Or queens, what do you expect of her?

Why do you persecute her?
Leave it alone!

Close that fucking mouth.

Do you know what the terrorists are?

They will send us back
to bits to our families!

I do not have a family, Sancho.

But we will fight.

Open the gates!


Open the gates, in the name of the law!

I cleaned the old carpet.

There's another stain, see?

All right, that's enough.

Let me go and it will be
as if nothing had happened.

I respect all religions,
my maternal grandmother was Jewish.

Help, I'm here!

No Please!

If the Inquisition discovers
that we are Muslims

we will be whipped, castrated or worse!


What do you say? We are in the 21st
century, you are in the European Union.


In the name of the Holy Brotherhood.

Open the gates!

Open the door!




Our Christian hospitality

it is available to
the Holy Brotherhood.

One of our patrols has been attacked.

Ferocious prisoners are on the loose.

- We have a des...
- Description!

We'll find all the
criminals here,

maybe we'll even find a couple of Jews.

Show yourself!


Come out, in the name
of the Holy Brotherhood.

If you do not hide anything,
you have nothing from you... mere!

Sancho, where are you?

Look, a weapon!

Deliver the weapons!

Help me!

Malambruno the charmer and
his evil servants are here.

They came to get me.

Where are you going?
We have to talk, my liar friend.

Do not trust anyone,
not even yourselves.



Murder! Lock the doors!

And do not upset the living anymore, Malambruno!

Take this!

Die, charmer!

My wine!

Fermo, bastard!

I kill you.

Almighty God!

Here we go!


- And he! - Stop!

- Stop the gypsy! - And he!

And he!

And he!


All right.

Did you sleep well?


Come with me.

While I kept the spellcasters
at bay with my mighty sword,

Sancho, my loyal whip,

bravely attacked
the dark forces,

with only a basket as a helmet.

And so we saved the castle.

You were afraid of
those poor Moroccans.

It's just poor people, illegal immigrants.

They are scared and he
lifts their spirits.

- He's a saint. - He's crazy.

The story you were telling,

me with the basket on his head

and you who defeated the spellcasters,

I dreamed of it tonight.

Why do you always have to
be the center of attention?

You are so childish, self-centered.

Me, me, I...

Adiós, stubborn old man!

If you find your Dulcinea,
stick it up your ass.

They will show me the nearest
city, I have a half.

It's a perfect day for
adventures, Sancho.

It could happen,
that before six days spent together,

I conquer different kingdoms

and that you are crowned king of one of them.

King, Sancho!

The profession of wandering knight
has incredible things in it.


Leave it, you'll eat it later.

Spanish coins.

Spanish coins!

Don! Look here.

To the devil! What do you know
about what they are worth today.

I take them to the police, I deliver,

they will understand that I am honest,
I will explain how things went.


No, I must find a good lawyer.

I hide them.

Attention mine

They are all mine!


Sorry if I scared you.


I come in peace.

By chance, do you know where the exit is?

- I can not believe! - Thing?

- It is you. - Yes I hope so.

- Do not you recognise me?
- No, I'm sorry, but I'd like a lot.

You've changed, Toby.

At a party? In a club?

I was too small for the locals.

Damn bitch, yes I know you.

The Chiaro di Luna
shampoo campaign.

I won first prize in 2009.

Are you, Sally?

The year is the right
one, I was fifteen.

- Fifteen? So it was not me.
- You promised me.

- You mistook me for another one.
- You said I could become famous.

- It's not me.
- That I could become a star.

I just had to be myself.


- Are you sure? - Yup.

Hell, I can not believe it's you.


Oh God!

You stink.

Just the other day,
I watched our movie.

I had not seen him for so
long, you were so young.

I'm not saying you're old now...

- I heard you went to Madrid.
- Yup.

Madrid, Barcelona,

Marseille, in many places.

A country girl

he can not go back to work
in a bar after making a film.

Did not you go as you wanted?

I was a model,
but above all the escort.

Is not it beautiful here?

It's the place on Earth that I prefer.

My father took me
here for my birthday.

He said that the cave was the
secret entrance to paradise,

for the poor, and that there was
an angel in the waterfall...

I screwed up your life, did not you?

Do not take all the credit.

Do you think I wanted to
wash clothes all my life?

Now I'm doing well,
I'm having a good life,

I have a special person next to me.

Is he the one who does this to you?

It's part of the package.

- I'm sorry. - Why?

It's just a job, like for you.

I do not get beaten...

Forgive him, kind lady.

He is an ignorant peasant,
he does not know what he is doing.

I am Don Quixote della
Mancha, at your service.

Of course!

Please, get up, knight.

I know of your valiant businesses.

I know you're looking for Mrs.

Why are you talking like that?

I know this gentleman has
the manners of a true knight.

- Rustic, eh? - I heard.

What ears!
Maybe you took them from your mule.

"Yes, Sancho has always been stubborn.
- And greedy.

But also fascinating,
a true charmer.

Do not say that word.

- Enchanter? - Yup!

No, not a charmer!

Sancho, are you? Speaks!

Of course it's me!

- I mean, I'm not Sancho, I'm...
- Malambruno, the charmer?

The demon disguised.

All right, you know what?

I'm Sancho! Do not you recognise me?

I'm Sancho!

And he did not say '' charmer
'', but '' singer ''.

- I said '' charmer ''.
- I'm a singer...

Eddie Canter, the singer actor!
Even if I do not look Jewish!

To the devil!

If you knew Susie as I know her

Oh what a girl

There is no more classy woman
than this blonde full of joy

Oh my God that bodywork

We went horseback
did not pull back

From the countryside it
was my turn to walk back

If you knew Susie as I know her

Oh what a girl

You made me worry for a
moment, Sancho.

I have to go, goodbye, Toby.

- Stay, my lady.
- I come with you.

No, you need a real stock,

a knight, made aside.

Dear lady, let me help you.

Take your hands off you, Sancho.

You touched it with those
dirty peasant hands.

Dirty? You are a dirty old man.

How dare you? I'll break you up.

All right, stop!

Follow her, she needs our help.

Love is a cruel jailer.

- Thing? - Did you see his look?

Let me guess,
she fell in love with you.

It's a curse.

It's a curse.

Power! They do not go
faster, these like that?

How do we follow her?

A wandering wandering vagabond,

search, never follow.

Angelica's scarf.


We will never find it.

It's a godsend,
we have a mission.

- One thing?
- An impossible mission.


Listen, do you hear it?

The call of the muezzin.


The Muslim call to prayer.



We are on a consecrated ground.

China the chief, Sancho.

China the boss.

Sancho, bent his head.

Our research led
us to al-Zahrā ',

the lost citadel of the Moorish kings.

See there?

Here they are,

the wise scholars with
their white tunics,

the heads bowed to pray to Allah.

- Those are sheep.
- Ignorant of a farmer!

You speak badly of them,
just because you worship a pagan god!

Here we go.

Follow me, with humility.

Al-Zahrā ', the great dark warrior,

once he trampled these
magnificent places.

Who knows, perhaps these sages
know something of the lady we seek.


So we can take ourselves
out of this shit sun.

They welcome us.

Gentlemen, you do not need to bow down.

I'm just a miserable
Christian knight,

on a mission.

'' In the perfumed court of the Sultan,

the days are accompanied by
sweet music and sweet pleasures,

in the company of noble
gentlemen and refined ladies ''.

- I'm starving! - Then eat.

The food rejoices the peasant's heart.

What is this?

A puzzle...
is it one of your riddles?

I like riddles, let's see...

Horse and carriage?

- No, what's inside.
- What's inside?

Let's see.

There is a... a goose!

Or a hippogriff!

You're pathetic.

Yes... it would be easy, if I were.

It would be easy if I were
allowed to be a poor old man.

But I must honor the
code of knights errant.

Cavalry is dead and
buried, I'm sorry.

Perhaps it never even existed.

Never was a knight

Sadder than him

Who had lost his beloved...


that fucking mouth!

The sun indicated...

But he carelessly attacked the
horse in the search wagon...

Oh, divine and cruel girl!

Allow your knight to die

in this infinite wandering.

Dead and buried, Sancho?

Free me from the spell!

It is not enough for you that I have
forced the famous Don Quixote of La Mancha

to kneel before your beauty?

Who is there?

A wandering knight,

accompanied by his faithful
whip, San Panza.

Loyal squire!

Accompanied by his faithful
whip, Sancho Panza.

I doubt you have
defeated Don Quixote.

Someone who pretended to be him, maybe.

For a day and a night, I struggled
with Don Quixote, hand to hand.

In the end I forced
him to bow to my lady.


I'm the real Don Quixote,

in person!

Do you doubt my word, old man?
You'd better get back to bed.

See, Sancho,

before the purity
of a true knight,

the fake knight retreats.

It will be done below.

Shut up and let's go.

Yes, that the conquered is at
the mercy of the conqueror.


And true to the laws of chivalry.


It's ridiculous.

My old friend.

Do not fear.

We have passed

much worse, my friend.

Sancho, come!

Bring me as a stirrup.

My spear.

Thank you.

Do not do it, you could hurt yourself a lot.

Thank you my loyal...

my loyal squire.

I entrust my heart to my Dulcinea.

Wait up!

What is a squire required
to do if you are killed?

Come on, knight!

And I?


You, cowardly farmer, whining,


Attention seeker!

Me, me, I...

Fermo, Rocinante!


Let's go away.

No! He is not dead!

Surrender, knight,

or you'll hear Don
Quixote del Mancia's sword

stuck in the teeth.

- Don! - Stop it!

Do not let him kill you! Stop him!

Just give up!


All right, I give up!

It is made.

He swears to pay tribute to Dulcinea.

I swear.

- He swears to tell her of my courage.
- I swear!

- Of my audacity. - I swear!

Of my love.

Yes, I swear.

I swear on my blood.


Raùl Fernández?

It's me.

My friends!

What are you doing here?

Why are not you at the village?

What happens?

Stay away!


Spells! I will not return.

You will not blind me with your mirrors.

- Back home. - No, stay away!

- You made him crazy!
- What did I do?

Can not you see how much you drove him crazy?

Javier, come back here!

We must indulge his fantasies.

Before he does other
damage, but he's gone!

He left me on foot,
how should I feel?

You and your movie have
destroyed good people.

You destroyed my beautiful daughter.

Sancho, what's up?

They take you back to the
village, there you will be safe.

No, I will die!

Help me!

Help me!

I'm sorry I can not.

Oh, stop it!

What are you doing? Exit the frame.

All right, illuminate your face.




Beautiful movements... the film is over.

The film is over.

Very beautiful.

Will you come to my rescue, Toby?

You will do...

that everything is settled?


Where is everybody?

The old man is back?

Who the fuck wrote this final?

What did I do to deserve this?

At least I will be dead rich.

I will cut myself with boar's teeth.

I will crumble mountains!

I will throw myself naked
from a very high cliff.

I will shoot trees with only teeth!

I will crumble
mountains with my fists!

- What are you doing? - Penance.

I have not done enough

to show my immeasurable
love for Dulcinea.

I will go crazy for love.

Stop! Do not be ridiculous.

Not so strong.

You do not understand, Sancho, do you?

If you see how crazy I
can be without a reason,

think about how crazy she
will imagine that I can be

with a reason.


- Sancho, you must go to her!
- No, stop it!

- It's crazy!
- Crazy? Are you sure?


Do not you just say it to please me?


Are not you trying to summarize yourself?


Damn bitch!

You got out of your mind,
you're a deranged one,

you fucked your
brain, you drank it!

Oh, Sancho!

Thank you thank you!

What if your friends
told the truth?

The spellcasters have stuck
their claws inside of you.

Never doubt.

It's what they want.

We must always...

believe in ourselves...

at any cost.

It's our story, Sancho,

not a fiction.

Sancho, my son,

luck smiles at us.

Look, the reward for my penance.

My beautiful lady has forgiven me.

Go to her,

tell her that Don Quixote della Mancha,

the Knight from the Sad Figure

he humbly awaits his command.

- Wait and how do I tell you?
- Did you learn anything from me?


Your Highness, beautiful...

beautiful huntress.

Your Highness!

My master...

My master begs me...
Mrs. Dulcinea!

- My master begs me... - Toby?

- Thing? - You're really you!


Leave it, work for us.

It's ok. Where were you?

We were very worried.

You look horrible.

- I'm in trouble.
- Yes, we heard about it.

But do not worry about the police,

Alexei holds the law for the
balls, around here.

Alexei Mishkin, the vodka customer.

We are his guests.

It's the festival of Holy Week
and tonight gives a costume party.

Many games.

You'll have fun, come on,
come and give yourself a clean.

I'm not alone.

You found your star!

Yes I know...

But the problem is that
Don Quixote is believed.


Just what we need,
something truly authentic.

- How sweet!
- No, it's sad, he needs help.

No, please do not get
involved in the sentimental.

It will be fun.

I'm still very angry with you.

You'd better be nice to me.

Hey there!

You know it's not Dulcinea, right?

What made you think it was?

I'm starting to worry about you.

Behave yourself.

Do not be nervous.

This is the reward
for all our suffering.

Did not I tell you I
would make you king?

Welcome, Don Quixote,

the flower and cream
of wandering cavalry.

Please accept our hospitality

and to honor our building

with your famous presence.

Sancho, at the foot!

What's up?

Sancho, let me get off!

Do your duty!

Where the fuck were
you, little prodigy?

You, disappear, slip away.

I'm trying to close the
contract, the agency is on me.

I find myself in this nightmare at Disney,

dressed as a woman to eat
and drink like I was Elvis

and to please that Russian
asshole, Alexei.

I'll introduce you,
try to get into the part.

- Which part?
- He wants a continuous entertainment.

It looks like a child in full
discharge of sugars, it seems Trump.

My prodigal director has returned.

Señor Tobías Grummett.

I've heard a lot about you, Toby.

You are, how do you say?

A creative cazzutissimo.

Yes, all right!

Sell ​​your vodka to Muslims.

And the old man?


has a face that...

I think it's perfect
for Don Quixote.

I see you are fond of it.

Yes, he's just an old man
who has nothing better to do.

And you take care of him.


I see everything.


I envy you.

You met Angelica when
she was very young.

- It did not happen that way.
- I asked you, honey?

We were both very young.

It was a student's film...

If we can call it that, that
is, we can call it that...

Yes, I was right...

It was a project born of a passion.

What role did Angelica
play in this project?

She was...

- She was a girl. - A girl?

- Just a girl?
- Yes, we've never...

We never gave her a name.

You must be a movie star.


I can not believe I'm saying
it: it's not as it seems.

I understand that extrapolated from the context,

it may seem wrong, but it's not...

It's true, she was in a
bra, but what you see

it did not happen, that is, yes, but...

Stop talking.

Clean up.

Clean up.

I'll do it.


Keep... I have to
overthrow something else.

Why are you here? Go away.

What do you want?

Save me?


- From what?
- From that Russian pig.

From this, that...

from everything.

Yes, I understand what you mean.

It's a bit extravagant,

too good.

But I'm getting used to it.

Toby, I'm happy here.

I have everything you promised me.

Will you let him treat
you like that again?

He just reminded me who I belong to,

that's all.

You have...

the cojones to steal
an Alexei property?

Yeah, I knew not.

Fuck you!

Only Alexei can do it.

All right, what's your rate?

That's enough?

What the fuck!


- They are not true.
- Nothing is true, Toby.

A little 'attitude, make me nervous.

There must be a way!

The boss gave me the
entertainment tonight.

I have a fantastic idea,
as you had it, you will adore it.

What's up? Tell me.

Would you massage your back?

Come on, like the good old days,

so much tension to melt.

You'll feel a lot better
when you're dressed.

Come on, who do you want to interpret?


Thank you!

I hope you like my humble home.

It's beautiful!

I bought it two weeks ago.


I thought I'd paint it all purple.

We Russians worship purple.

You know, I love your
adventures, Don Quixote.

Did you read my businesses?

Of course,
all the castle is reading them!


Take a seat.

I hope you enjoy my show.

Hi, we have to talk.

Not now, Sarah.

Stay here.


Make room for Sancho.

Alexei seems to like
the old dotball.


Is it the gypsy?

It was all a misunderstanding.

Here is a lady

who hopes to find the brave
and noble Don Quixote.

I am Mrs.
Dolorida, princess of Candaia.

I bow before the
invincible knight.

I beg you!

I should bow before you.

Please, my sad lady,
tell me your story.

Mine is an ancient
Muslim family,

that when the Catholic monarchs
banished the Moors from Spain,

he fled to Morocco.

He was poor,
but over the years he grew rich

and I grew up in pomp.

I was beautiful,
desired by all men.

One day,
a dirty beggar came to the palace

and he asked me in marriage

and he ordered me to
convert to Christianity.

- And you? - Can you imagine?

My ladies and I burst out laughing.

He was furious, his eyes burned

and while he cursed us,
he pronounced his name...


The charmer, my sworn enemy!

My skin was suddenly
pierced by a thousand pins,

I put my hands to my face

and I found him... like that!

OMG! A suicide bomber!

It's all under control, calm.

I'm sure Don knows what to do.

My dear lady,

What must I do to free you from
this abominable enchantment?

Thank you!

I knew you would not disappoint us.

I do not like.

You'll feel like you're in
heaven, a farmer like you.

Trust me, I know these people.

How dare you insinuate such a thing?
You will remain silent!

Do nothing without my permission.

Anyone who is brave enough

ride this car!

Do not do it.

Sancho, sitting!

With a real rider on the back,

Clavilegno hovers in flight,

light, as if it were the
devil himself to guide him.

My lady, I'm ready.

Where should I go to
free you from this spell?

Until the moon and back.

Because of the extreme altitude,

the rider will have to cover his eyes.


I will sell them close.

God guide you, valiant knight.

- I do not see him anymore!
- It's so high!

No doubt we find ourselves in
the second region of the air,

where hail and snow are generated.

No, thunder and lightning!

We are certainly in the third region.

In a moment, we will reach the moon.

I feel his cold aura.

Don Quixote of La Mancha,
the moon welcomes you.

I recognize this voice!


Yes... Malambruno!

What a surprise.

You succeeded in the enterprise,
so I must cancel the spell.

This time you won,
little sad man.

How dare you?

Certainly I am the first to
have made this amazing journey.

Yes, the first... after me.

Prepare to be eclipsed

and look how high I can fly.

Higher than you could
ever dream of arriving.

Until the sun!

Clavilegno, slow down!

Leave it,
I have to make sure this contract.


It's too hot!

My dear ladies, I'm back.

You are free.

You do not need to thank me.

Congratulations, the contract is ours.

Old fool!

What will they have thought of you?

I only found some black thread.

Do you think they will notice it?

It'll be fine.

Next time,

make sure you listen to me.

I'll try.

Goodnight, my lord.

You humiliated him.

You could stop them.

You did not.

Is not it wonderful?
So dramatic, so Spanish.

I promised her a major
part in the vodka campaign.

We did it, what a team!

Partner, hug me!

See what they do?

They gather old, broken, ugly things.

Tonight we sacrifice the past year.

Everything will be destroyed
by the flames, purified.

- Shit!
- What the fuck are you doing?

It's not my fault,
the valves are corroded.

Angelica, are you talking to me?

Do you like being
treated like a beast?

Being paid?

Being the whore of Alexei?

Come on, I deserve it.

- He will kill us.
- We'll be far away, before I know it.


The one before the white horse.


Toby, let's go!

I can not.

Don, let's get out of here.

A worthy guest must know
how to repay the guest.

No, you are a wandering knight!

You save the bridesmaids,
so let's do it now.

No, leave me alone!

You said you had to listen to
me, well, let's go.

Now. Come on,
the spellcasters are on us.

- I like it here.
- It's not true.

- Here they are all happy.
- We have to go.

- It's not true.
- It's what I dreamed of.

You're pathetic.


What did you think you were doing?

Shit jerk!

These sticky fingers!

It's time for someone to
take care of this bad girl.

I can not help it,
I have a company to carry on.

A lot of people depend on me.

You have shown great courage.

Crazy and in love.

You made me proud.

But it's over.

- It's time to go home.
- What do you say?

Look into my eyes.

There are no more birds in
the nests of the past year.


Stay away from me.

Stay away from me!


Alexei! Where are you, son of a bitch?

Piece of shit!

I can bring you to her.

Trust me.

Are you OK?

We recover the lost time.

I'll make you forget that bitch.

Come, my love.

My God!

I'm the boss's wife.

Kiss Me.

Kiss Me.

We send the whore to hell.

It's burning!

Shit! He is killing her.

Shit! And he!

Everyone for himself.


I'm here.

My name...

My name is Javier...

Javier Sanchez.

I'm a cobbler.

I'm a forgotten old man.

No, do not say that!

An interesting face,

perfect for selling
insurance policies.




I always knew that you...

that you were more than only Sancho.

An accident.

Old people often stumble.

It's no longer fun.


get away from my house.


- Sarah. - What is it?

They said that in this
month it never rains!

This sends the shooting away.

You went too heavy, my dear.

Trust me, come with me.


He said he could not die.

The village is not far from
here, we are almost there.

He will be buried with all honors.

Trust me, everything will be fine.

Everything is alright.

It's a perfect day for adventures.


I feel it in my bones.

What was it?

Only a thunder.

Something is about to happen.

Escape! Go away!

Escape from this place!

Stay back, you're in danger!

Come back here!

Get ready to die!

I entrust my heart and soul to
you, Dulcinea!

Die evil devil!

Here you are...

my loyal squire.

It's me, Angelica.


I'm not Sancho Panza.

You and your rough jokes!

Someone says I'm crazy,

that I live only in my dreams.

But then how is it that I see you, Sancho?

I'm Angelica!

You always doubt me.

Alexei's whore, remember?

I forgive you, Sancho.


It's me... Please!

I'm here, it's me!

I am Sancho Panza,
your loyal squire!

This is the beginning

of a new and very
interesting bond.

I was born at the behest of Heaven,

in this iron age

to revive the lost
age of cavalry.

I am the one to whom the
dangers are reserved...

big businesses and heroic facts.

I am Don Quixote of the Mancha.

And I will live forever.

subtitles Valérie Giardini Ombre Digital
- Rome