The Magic Springs of Gerenia (1984) - full transcript

Irene, a agent of an insurance company, is in charge of investigating the disappearance of an old librarian, in a provincial town. In the course of the investigation, she knows Ricardo, a ...



♪ At night on my bed I looked for ♪

♪ The one my soul loves and wants ♪

♪ And I did not find him ♪

♪ I got up and went down to the city ♪

♪ I searched in the streets and squares ♪

♪ The one my soul loves and wants ♪

♪ And I did not find him ♪

♪ The watchmen stopped me
in their rounds ♪

♪ And I asked them ♪

♪ Have you seen the one
my soul loves and wants? ♪

♪ But before they answered me ♪

♪ I finally found him ♪

♪ The one my soul loves and wants ♪

♪ And I made him with my arms and lap ♪

♪ A second nuptial chamber ♪

♪ Hear, women of the holy city ♪

♪ On behalf of the gazelles
and the does in the fields ♪

♪ Do not awake my beloved ♪

♪ Let her sleep until she desires ♪

Don't let them leave where they are.

♪ Water, water ♪

♪ Water, water ♪

♪ Water, water ♪

♪ Water, water ♪

♪ Water, water ♪

♪ Water, water ♪

Forgive me, Illustrious Contemplator.

Can you hear me?

You are always interrupting me, Magister.
What happened this time?

Two horrible beings have appeared here
and moreover, they smell terribly bad.

Two what?

Aliens, I guess. At least
it is what it seemed, at first glance.

And they are two. How did they get in?

They suddenly appeared
in the the lakes of living silver.

I am horrified, Illustrious.

They could not have chosen a worse time.

The mystic drop is about to come off.

A new millennium of glory will begin.

You know very well
that nothing will make you disturb

the birth of the only pure water

that exists in the entire universe.

I hear and obey, Illustrious Contemplator.

I will summon the great choleric fire

and make the two intruders
pass into transcendence.


First, find out who they are

so that such an extravagant phenomenon
does not recur.

But try to be more subtle
than usual, Magister.

I do not want any more disturbances here.

Purify them.

And obfuscate their spirit

so that they do not see
or hear each other.

I'm Magister!

If the star from where you came
is made of time

and murky water
as everything seems to indicate,

surely you have memory,

that terrible sister
of all remorse, pleasure,

and shameful things
not confessed out loud.

Who are you?

Who are you?


- Magister?
- Yes, it means "master".

I am only one level below
the Illustrious Contemplator.

You did not answer my question!

Who am I?

Who am I?

They are still in shock.

No wonder.

I can not see through your anxiety.

Your feelings are opaque
and hardened like ancient ice,

forgotten in space without time and end.

Man, that tough expression.

You're weaker than I thought.

The woman at least cries.

She can expel from her
small drops of salt water.

And with that she rises
beyond the stars,

subdues the serpents and demons,

sweeps the dark shadows of madness.

Here is the great temple of gold and light

which commands
the mysterious clockwork of the universe.




spheres, meteors,

in their eternal cycles,
in their eternal music.

They move with the perfection

that is imposed on them
in this cosmic centre,

where no repulsive creature like you
has ever entered before.

And like you.

But, let us proceed.

Let us see what you really look like.

Good morning.

Can I get the policy no. 29/22?

Sit down, Irene.

Policy no. 5008020, type: life,
name: João Ruiz...

- Castelo Branco.
- Exactly. I think that's it.

The beneficiaries,
the niece of the insured and her husband,

claim the full amount of the insurance.

- Is the insured dead?
- That's why I called you.

- Do you have any information on the case?
- Nothing special.

It's a very common life insurance,
the policy has an additional minute.

A simple update.

In case of death, the capital will be paid
to the insured's niece:

Ausenda Ruiz de Castelo Branco.

Both she and her uncle live in a town
called Monte Maior.

If the insured died and the claim was made

under the terms of the policy,
what's the doubt?

A technical difficulty came up,
according to the beneficiary,

and it's not possible
to obtain the death certificate.

In that case, the company
doesn't have to pay anything.

It's not that simple.

It seems that the death occurred
in particularly dramatic circumstances.

I didn't get if the body disappeared
or if it's simply unrecognisable.

I don't want to see the cops
involved in this, for many reasons.

- And what do you want me to do?
- The company pays you all expenses.

Get in your car and go spend a few days
in a little town called Monte Maior.

Try to quietly investigate what happened.

Have you noticed
what time of the year it is?

Well, I don't want to ruin your party.

You can go before or after Christmas
as long as you don't delay the process.

Then I'd rather go now
to see if I'm back before Christmas Eve.



Do you want anything else?

May I invite you, just this once,
to have dinner with me?

You can.

And may I invite you, once again,
to let me have dinner alone?

Good evening, Irene.

Do you want a coffee?

I'm glad you came.

You haven't been here for a long time.

Why don't you sit down?

I'm fine like this.

What's gotten into you?

You're not over it?

You came here...

I came to say goodbye.

I'm leaving Lisbon.

For a long time?

It's the last time we'll see each other.

What do you mean?

I came to say goodbye...

... forever.

You can't do that, Irene.

I don't want to hurt you, Luís,
but what happened between us was...

... a misunderstanding, nothing more.

Are you kidding me or what?

You come into my life, you find a way
that I can't live without you,

and now you say
that it's all a misunderstanding.

Call it whatever you want, Luís.

- For me it's over for a long time.
- You can't do this to me, Irene.

Since you stopped showing up,
I'm unable to work.

Do you know what this is?

It's the new line of furniture that should
come out in the beginning of the year.

The drawings should have been ready
more than a month ago.

They don't even call me
from the factory anymore.

If you leave me, Irene, I'll kill myself.

Luís, can you see why
I can't stand being with you?

Since we met, not a day goes by
that you don't get hysterical,

like you are right now.

Are you sure you'll kill yourself
if I leave you?

Try me.

- This time it's final, Luís.
- Try me.

Don't make me laugh.

You forced me to go against myself
many times with your childishness.

Even against some love I had for you.

Then you confess
that you felt love for me.

What's gotten into you?

You think I'm not the same?

Or are you seeing someone else?

Maybe it's your boss from the company.
Does he still invite you to dinner?

Stop talking nonsense.


Irene, let me make love to you.

If I don't make love to you,
I'll go crazy, Irene.

I'll go crazy.

You won't go crazy nor kill yourself
and I won't make love to you.

I can't. Never again.

Irene, don't leave me.

Stay with me.

Stay with me, Irene.

No more ultimatums, Luís.

If I don't do this, you'll go crazy.
If I don't do that, you'll kill yourself.

And finally, you cry like a baby.

Get up, Luís. I ran out of patience.

Just one more time, Irene.

Just one more time.

- Just one more time.
- There will be no other time.

You're making me tell you
something unpleasant, but I have to.

The idea of feeling your body disgusts me.

If you touch me I throw up.

Is that what you want?

All right.

That's what I'm going to do.

Goodbye, Irene.


It was you who called me
about the insurance?

- Yes, it's me. Sit down.
- Thank you.

Sit down, Simão.

This is Simão. He's my husband.

Would you like to have a drink?
I'll call the waiter.

- Maybe a whisky, or...
- Nothing, thank you.

At this hour I only drink lemon balm tea,
but I don't feel like it.

- I'd drink a glass of wine.
- Shut up, Simão.

Don't mind him.
He's worse than a poorly taught kid.

He's always trying
to take advantage of the situations.

So your name is
Ausenda Ruiz de Castelo Branco

and you're the insured's niece.


João Ruiz de Castelo Branco.

He was my uncle that God took away.

I am the beneficiary.

When can I get the money?

Before that, I need to know when he died.

Didn't you get my letter at the company?

It's here.

I report this to claim the insurance
of my uncle João Ruiz, that God took away.

As soon as possible...

Be still, Simão.

Excuse me.

As soon as possible,
please send me the money

because my husband
and I have problems and...

As you see, it's all explained there.

What I see is that you're very fond
of the expression "that God took away".

That's what we know,
that God took him away.

- He may have died or...
- Shut up, Simão.

The policy refers in case of death
or in case of disability by accident.

They are distinct benefits.
We'll get to that.

What I specifically need to know
is whether your uncle died or not.

You can search everywhere
to see if you can find him.

So you're saying
that it's a simple disappearance.

Call it simple.

We don't see him since last year.

In my opinion,
he rotted cooped up in some hole.

Your opinion is not enough.

I need facts
or duly certified documentary evidence.

What was his job?

He worked in the museum library.

And he disappeared overnight?

That doesn't matter.
When will the company pay us?

You said that you haven't seen him
since last year.

It was at Christmas.
One year ago in a few days.

Shut up, Simão.

After being missing for one year,
what are our rights?

The policy is very clear.

The clauses refer to death or disability.

None refers to disappearance.

On the other hand, even supposing
that your uncle is really dead,

why did you wait a whole year
to inform the company?

- It's because he had hidden...
- Shut up, Simão.

Don't mind him. This is a small town.

There was a lot of gossiping at the time.

He was old and a bit crazy.

It was better to give it some time.

And besides, we wanted to be sure.

I'll have to further study the matter.

Who can I talk to
in the museum library?

Isn't my word enough?

You can talk to anyone

but no one will add anything
to what I have told you.

I'll get in touch with you later.


This is the chronicle
of the Moor Al Zai-Ali.

It has an entire chapter dedicated
to the legend of the eight crystal doors.

- Exactly what I wanted.
- Here.

Do you mind if I work here
instead of going to the reading room?

- No, go ahead.
- It's just some notes, I won't take long.

- Be my guest.
- Thank you.

I don't even need to be there.

What's wrong with you?
Do you need anything?

No, thank you. It's nothing.

I've been sleeping badly lately.

Trouble with your wife?


Good morning.
I want to talk to the museum's curator.

- It's me.
- Can you spare me a few minutes?

- Please come in.
- Excuse me.

If it's necessary, I can leave.

- That's fine...
- Thank you.

I wanted to talk to you because...

Well, I work
for an insurance company and...

- I already have a life insurance.
- No, I'm not an agent.

It's about a person who worked here.

Please sit down.

My company has been notified

to proceed with the payment
of a life insurance.

The insured was called
João Ruiz de Castelo Branco.


He disappeared about a year ago
but it's uncertain that he died.

I know he worked here.

Indeed, he was our librarian.

Have you been to the Judicial Police?

No. Not yet.

Did he have more family
besides the niece and her husband?

- No, he lived alone.
- How did the disappearance happen?

It was in the day after Christmas.

He was responsible for opening
the library section every morning.

Last year, on the morning of December 26
he didn't show up.

We haven't seen him since.

Do you mind telling me
where's the Judicial Police station?

It's down the street, across the square.

But don't waste your time.

The police didn't reach any conclusion
and the case was closed.

Sorry to intrude in the conversation
but I couldn't help but overhear.

I knew pretty well the old João Ruiz.

If you need my help for any information,

I'll be in the high school
tomorrow afternoon.


- I mean...
- He has a better...

Yes, but he's also distracting others.

- He's distracted, isn't he?
- It depends.

And he's no longer...

Maria Relvas.

This is a good student.

Here's this girl, Cândida,
that sometimes they come pick up...

Yes. She's really good...

- She's organized.
- But she has terrible handwriting.

Would you excuse me? Sorry.

- Sorry to bother you.
- It's no bother at all.

But after your offer
yesterday at the museum,

I gave it some thought
and decided to come and talk to you.

There's a thing that I wanted you to know
and that I think it's important.

We're giving the midterm grades,
they have to be posted before Christmas.

It will still take us an hour or two.

After the meeting,
I can meet you anywhere.

Can it be this evening at the hotel bar?

I'll be there.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Hello. I'm glad I arrived on time.

I need you to stay with the kid
while I go to the hospital.

But wasn't today your day off?

It was, but the head nurse
from the ER missed work

and they asked me to replace her.

I have to work all night.

- I'm sorry but I can't take him with me.
- Why can't you take him?

Take him to his grandma's house.

We can't always be pushing our son
to my mother's house.

Where are you going?

See you later, Adelina.

See you later, Adelina.


The mazes of time
are hard to follow.

How can I return
these horrible beings to their origin

if I do not unravel the strings
of their paths of return?

I recognize this nightmare.

I had it often as a child
after my mother died.

I've never been able
to remember how it ends.

I have to unravel your enigma,

before the Illustrious Contemplator
is forced to punish me.

Man, answer.

How many people became sadder

just because you've been in their lives?

And richer?

Have you ever hid yourself to smile?

I often smile to hide myself.

♪ Water, Water ♪

♪ Water, Water ♪

♪ Water... ♪

Those two humans are a real chaos
of crossed lines.

I'm afraid, Illustrious Contemplator.

They do not even know
the ten precepts of the smile.

♪ Water, Water ♪

♪ Water... ♪

Forgive me, Illustrious, I get it.
I will try to obey.

I recognize this nightmare.

I had it often as a child
after my mother died.

I've never been able
to remember how it ends.


I am thirsty.

There are no streams
in this garden, woman,

and the springs pour rock crystal wine

that one can not drink.

What are you thirsty for?

For the day to be born.

It's always day here.

- This nightmare can't last forever.
- No.

In just few moments, it is the third time
that I hear the word "nightmare".

I do not understand
what you and the other mean.

The other?

What other?

Shall I allow them to see each other?

No. It is unwise.

Who knows what fearsome force

they can trigger once together.

A woman and a man.

Who's the other one?

- Can I see him?
- Silence, woman.

How many enigmas were you able
to decipher since you were born?

All of them, master.

Even the one about the eternal return
between life and death?

And the one about the colour
of the fruits of wisdom?

And what is the scent
of the dark meditations of the birds?

Even the most difficult of them all.

The reason why the whole universe,
the spirit and matter,

offered love to man.

Shut up, woman.

Do not disturb the birth of the glorious
drop of water with that cabalistic word.

Who knows if it will not be here,
precisely in this word "love",

the key that will open
the door to this mystery?

Forgive me, sublime halo,
but I think I will take the risk.

How did you figure that out?

I feel that the answer
was always with me, master,

but my own world
wouldn't allow me to see it.

My problem is that I'm unable
to confide in anyone.

I close myself off foolishly
and kill the friendships at birth.

I know this isn't good for my profession,

not even for my life,
in a general way.

But I get the impression people
always try to hide something from me.

I don't mean to hide
anything from you, Irene.

I hope you won't disappoint me.

I'm so tired of disappointments.

You'll never be disappointed

if you don't put your hopes
far beyond your desires.

So, is this my fault?

- Do you like your job?
- Yes.

I especially like
the deeper part of what I do.

Not so much the act of teaching,
as a teacher,

but the preparation, the prior research,

all the way to the creative surprise
we see emerge in some students.

Of course, there are also
disturbing elements,

but I don't want to bore you
with my family dramas.

Neither do I with mine.

I see we have some things in common.

It's very likely.

Well, it looks like the time has come
to fulfil your promise.

About the old man who disappeared?

I'm not going to waste your time,
I think you're going the wrong way.

Finding out where he worked,
who his relatives were,

where he was last seen,
what the police did, I don't know.

It leads to nothing.


For those who didn't know him well,
the old man was a lunatic.

That's what the niece told me.

And those who knew him well,
what did they say?

I was a close friend of his.
He helped me a lot.

I am writing a book about
the legends and myths of this region.

It has been years and years of hard work
and access to sources isn't always easy.

He always helped me,
the encyclopedic João Ruiz.

He'd always find an unknown manuscript,

or some hidden ruins
full of mysterious meanings,

or even ancient trees
with marks made by Visigothic kings

or Moorish princesses.

He had set up
a real alchemy lab in his room.

Lately, he was trying to dissolve
some reddish stones

in an acid whose formula
he alone possessed the secret.

Certain crystals, said he,
made him feel inspired by prophetic gifts.

Don't get me wrong, Ricardo, but I'm here
with a very objective mission.

I can't waste time
with these fantasies.

- Have you visited the castle?
- No.

I only saw it afar from the outside. Why?

Is there anything worth seeing?

Are you free tomorrow?

I have to find out
what happened to the old man.

That's what I get paid for.

Christmas is upon us and I want to settle
this matter before going back to Lisbon.

I think the key to solve the case
has to do precisely with Christmas.

This castle was built
in the time of the Visigoths

and conquered in the 8th century by the
Arabs, when they invaded the peninsula.

Christians, many years later,
succeeded in reconquering it

thanks to a secret path
they discovered on the walls.

They took the castle on Christmas Eve,
the secret passage closed mysteriously

and a legend still exists today.

What does this have to do
with the disappearance of the old man?

Legend has it that the secret passage
opens once every year,

precisely on Christmas Eve,
during the 12 strokes of midnight.

And you made me come here
to tell me that story?

I think I'm going back to the hotel.

Hang on. Let's go up there,
I want to show you something.

Do you think that João Ruiz
knew the legend of the magic door?

I am sure. But with a variation.

It is said that there's a treasure
left by the Arabs

which is accessible
while the door is open.

And is the door open for a long time?

No. Only during the 12 strokes
in the church tower.

It opens with the first stroke

and closes with the last
without leaving any trace.

I'd rather pretend I don't understand
what you're getting at.

When the old man disappeared
last Christmas,

I remembered the legend and came here.

Did you find anything?


I canvassed the entire wall, inch by inch.

I spent all morning doing it,
but it was worth it.

And it was right here
that I discovered something impressive.

You don't need to build suspense, Ricardo.

Tell me quickly because I'm cold.

That winter he wore rubber boots
with a thick sole,

a high, carved sole, like tractor tires.

He left footprints all over,
unmistakable footprints.

What I discovered was that the footprints
came up to this point of the wall,

they stopped here and there were
no return footprints.

If there really exists
a secret door, Irene,

it must be right here on the wall.


Sorry, but I really don't understand
what kind of help you want from me.

Before I forget,
since we came to visit you

we took the opportunity
to bring you a Christmas gift.

It's nothing much but it's
from the bottom of the heart.

Thank you very much.
I'm deeply touched.

Don't thank me, Doctor,
we owe you favours.

And now it was just what I told you about.

I don't know.
I haven't seen teacher Ricardo since...

Ever since that nosy woman
from Lisbon arrived here.

Shut up, Simão.

You see, it's due to that insurance stuff.

Yes, because it was a no-brainer.
Just pay and that's it.

Doctor, what I want to know is
if our uncle explained anything,

anyway, that was important,

or if he left some papers
to teacher Ricardo...

All the things that belonged to your uncle
have already been given to you.

Other than that,
I don't know anything else.

Once again,
thank you very much for your gift.

- Bye Doctor, and sorry for the trouble.
- No problem.

- Have a good day, Doctor.
- The same to you.

The bitch is working with the teacher
and won't tell us anything.

If you don't quickly find
what we're seeking

I'll snap you something, Simão.


- Yes, it's me.
- Good Morning. Did I wake you?

I've been awake for a long time.

It's 9 a.m., I'm packing
to get back to Lisbon.

- Did you find anything?
- I came to a dead end.

I spoke with several people
who were of no use.

Can you stay there
for another two or three days?

Today is Christmas Eve.
I wanted to get to Lisbon before...

I'll give you a new information.

Apart from our insured,

I know four more people disappeared
in Monte Maior, in recent years.

And always in the same circumstances.

What do you mean by that?

"Always in the same circumstances."

They disappeared on Christmas Eves.

- Does this tell you anything?
- On Christmas Eves?

All right, boss.
I'll follow this clue.

- Hello. Good morning.
- Good Morning.

- So you decided to stay?
- Just one more day or two.

Listen, why didn't you tell me

that four more people
have disappeared in recent years?

Here are the names.

Do you know who they were?


The first on the list
is an American archaeologist

who appeared here to do
some survey in the castle.

The second was the eldest son
of a Jewish family.

They moved out shortly after
the boy's disappearance.

The last two are husband and wife.

He was a history teacher
at our high school.

It was my job to fill in
the vacancy he left.

And they never tried to find out
what happened to them?

Strange as it may seem, never.

The 12 strokes last 36 seconds
in the tower clock.

It seems that several people
knew the legend.

They went for a peek at midnight
on Christmas Eve,

They took more than 36 seconds and...

I'm glad to see you solve
your police matter

with my magic door.

Since I have to stay here

I won't give up while there's a clue,
as crazy as it is.

Want to join me for lunch? I'm alone.

My wife and son went to have lunch
with some relatives.

All right.

I live right next to your hotel,
we just have to cross the park.

- I have to tell you the truth.
- The truth?

When I invited you, I secretly hoped

that you'd accept to do
what you kindly did.

You mean lunch?

I am a master
at frying eggs and opening cans.

- Do you want?
- Thanks.

I'm glad you noticed my ruse on time
and took over the cooking.

By the way, what's the name
of this delicious dish we ate?

- Quiche Lorraine.
- Quiche Lorraine.

The secret is on the bacon bits
that fill the dough.

The rest is skill and some practice.

I thought you only had skills
for being a detective.

Don't joke with me, Ricardo.

I'm so tired of this story
which makes no sense.

My boss ruined my Christmas on purpose,
just because I didn't...

Didn't what?


On second thought,
if I stayed in Lisbon

I would end up having
an even worse Christmas.

Do you live alone?

I have many friends
but they come and go like the wind.

All they do is spread ashes, some dust

and a vague smell
of poorly distilled alcohol.

- Another coffee?
- Thanks.

I am a happy man.

I have a family, I'm writing a book
about a subject that I love,

I have an obedient, well-behaved son
who never gave me any worries,

a low-paid job
that gives me a lot of spare time

and a wife that's always working overtime

to balance the home budget.

As always,
women sacrifice themselves more.

- What does she do?
- Adelina?

She is head nurse
at the Monte Maior Hospital.

Don't get me wrong, Irene,
but I don't care

for my wife's sacrifices.

You can't be serious, Ricardo.

She doesn't sacrifice herself, Irene.
She avenges herself.

She avenges herself
for everything she lost

during all these years we lived together.

She avenges herself for a misused youth
that no miracle can restore,

for a love that was a stupid mistake
and that's completely dead today.

I understand that you regret
your lost love, but...

You're wrong, Irene.

I don't regret anything,
it's not about love,

and it isn't lost because one can't lose
something that never existed.

I must tell you
that I even handled myself well

when I discovered how much
Adelina sacrificed herself.


And it wasn't because I found out
that she had an affair with the doctor.

Thinking rationally, I think she's right.

After all these years,
I could hardly bear to touch her.

I started to avoid her,
pulling away from her in bed with disgust.

It's impossible for me to make love
to a creature I can't stand.

Sorry, I don't even know
why I'm telling you this.

I can well understand
what you feel, Ricardo.


To sometimes think we found it
only to find that the love we have

is nothing more than a horrible caricature
of the love we dreamt of.

I wish I could help you.

I left a man named Luís in Lisbon.

I don't know what attracted me in him,
maybe because he was so weak.

What at first seemed to be kindness
was nothing but a cowardly apathy.

What I thought was love

was no more
than a possessive stubbornness.

He told me
he would kill himself if I left him.

How awful.

I left him.

Has he killed himself?

Or did he start
to plan his great revenge, as usual?

Listen to this poet.

"Do not seek friends or refuges,
for you will not find them.

Accept the misfortunes
and do not look for remedies

for you will not find them.

Just smile.

But if you ask others
to give you smiles,

don't be foolish,
for you will not find them."

That isn't true, Ricardo.

I believe
that a little tenderness is enough.

I'm sorry, but I have to get my son
and give dinner to my husband.

We'll continue later.

We'll spend
a nice Christmas night here together.

Go play.


- Did you get wet?
- No.

It's about time you got here.

Are you going out? Don't be long.

Dinner's ready, we just need to heat it.

And stop smoking,
the air here is unbreathable.

You know very well
that I can't stand the smell of tobacco.

I'm not having dinner.

Have you forgotten
what day is today, Ricardo?

I have to go but I'll be back early.
We can still be together at midnight.

I can't at midnight.
I have work in the hospital.

You're having dinner with my mother,
I arranged everything with her.

We can't leave her alone
on a day like today.

See you later, Adelina.

Put that away, I want to set the table.

To be honest, I'm surprised.
I didn't expect that proposal.

Does it seem strange to you?

Coming from you, yes.

Tell me something, what's your idea?

Why did you ask me to go look
at the castle wall at midnight?

A simple feminine weakness, I suppose.

I know you believe in legends
and mysterious forces,

and I'm dying to see your face
at the stroke of midnight and...

And what?

And the wall doesn't open, of course.

- What is it?
- Didn't you hear anything?

It's the Teacher. Good evening.

- Good evening, Simão.
- Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you, too.

Are you looking for something?

Is it the girl from Lisbon?
Merry Christmas.

I asked if you're looking for something!

Me? No sir. I mean...

Well, Teacher, I'm going.

Come here, Simão. Listen.

I know you very well,
you and your wife.

Your uncle disappeared a year ago,
precisely in this place.

What did you expect to find?

Teacher, promise you won't say anything
to my Ausenda?

Otherwise she'll hit me.

It's just between us. Say it.

My Ausenda says that her uncle
buried a fortune here.

And for a year,
she makes me dig every night,

except on Sundays,
until I find the treasure.

Go away, Simão.

Don't bother with the land of the castle,

there's no treasure here.

That's what you think.

I'll show you.
Everything's written on this paper.

- Read, Teacher, here.
- I can't read. It's too dark.

It's the old João Ruiz's writing.

The beginning is missing.

"... as long as you beware of the lake.

It looks like stagnant water

but it revives whenever it absorbs
the blood of a body immersed in it.

Knowledge of the treasure
is as valuable

as the treasure of knowledge.

The fortune, after crossing the portal..."

The end is missing.

- You promise you won't say anything?
- Yes, I promise.

Good evening, Simão.

If you go quickly,
you can still get to the Midnight Mass.

A merry Christmas, Miss.
A merry Christmas, Teacher.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Poor devil.

♪ Merry Christmas ♪

♪ Peace and love ♪

It's almost time.

- My feet are cold.
- Mine too.

That story about the lake
with water that revives is curious.

It is told that there's an underground
lake underneath this castle.

No one has ever located it.

In that lake,
at the time of the reconquest,

999 Arab prisoners were drowned.

The legend says it's a dangerous water.

It got used to the taste of blood.

Maybe it gained some kind of life.

A vampire water.

It's the old João Ruiz.

Your search is over.

I don't know who the other are,
they're unrecognisable.


Ricardo, this is a nightmare.

Again this word "nightmare".

It is certainly inhabited
by some evil spirit.

Maybe the same divinity who amuses himself

stealing the youth
from the life walkers

and offering fruits of stone
to the hungry toothless.

I see a great emotion in the strings
that led you here.

It was a moment of great anguish, master.

It's not easy to describe
the shock we both felt

realizing that we were going
to be locked for a year.

Without light, without food, without...


Without what?

Without disguises for the first time.

Already without life, who knows.

I remember that I said to her:
"Let's find a way out."

And you? What did you answer?

That there should be no way out.

We just had to see
the dead rotting on the ground,

to whom the same thing
had happened before.

You take refuge in silence, woman,
although you are speaking.

I sense that you strongly desired
that man who was there with you.

It was much more than desire.

It was a clarity,

an awareness of fire and pain,

a sweet, strenuous and endless vertigo.


It was love.

Avoid saying the word "love" here.

It is an ancient and sacred sound

which sometimes still shakes this mansion
in a worrisome way.

I was pierced by the temptation
of possessing that woman.

We were alone, we were going to die.

Terror is sometimes animalistic, master.

Instead of softening me
and freezing my guts,

it awakened a burning sensuality in me.

Brilliant contradiction.

Only a few strings remain.

Let's see how you handled yourself.



It's my voice.





It's my voice.

Listen, Ricardo.

You can see me if you want.

Look up.

I'm here.


Listen, Irene.

You can see me if you want.

I'm flying very low,
almost touching your thoughts.

I can predict your future.

Do you want me to tell you?

I'd rather guess yours.

- Guess what?
- The future.

Isn't that what you were talking about?

I don't know.

The dead have no memory.

I also don't remember
what I was telling you.

The dead have no memory.

Are you listening, Ricardo?

We're going to die.

We're going to die, it won't be long now.

Not as long as I don't want to.

Ricardo, I'm dying of thirst.

We're close.

Of what?

I hear music.

Is it the same one I hear?

I would like to go play
in that field of flowers

but I have no strength.

Courage, Irene.

We're close.

To what?

I can't take it anymore, Ricardo.

I don't want to be apart from you.

But we will not part.

We'll find a way out.

We searched for so long
and always returned to the same place.

I'm dead tired, my love.

Dead of sadness.

I am dead.

Let's go to the lake.

Listen, Irene, that water is magical.
It will give you life.

Irene, do you see those springs?


They are the magic springs of Gerenia.


It's the name the ancients gave
to the spirit of the earth during winter.


Winter is what I feel
increasingly taking over me.

This water doesn't wet.

I'm afraid, Ricardo.

Maybe it's not water.

It's like mercury that doesn't wet either.

Listen, we may get lucky.

I'm sure that this lake is connected
to another that exists out there.

I understand what you mean.

But we don't have the breath
for such a prolonged swim.

♪ At night on my bed I looked for ♪

♪ The one my soul loves and wants ♪

♪ And I did not find him ♪

♪ I got up and went down to the city ♪

♪ I searched in the streets and squares ♪

♪ The one my soul loves and wants ♪

♪ And I did not find him... ♪

I know everything,
Illustrious Contemplator.

I can send them back immediately.


They were attracted by the glorious drop
of pure water about to be born

and also because they plunged
into a demonic opposite sign water

which we did not know existed.

And unfortunately, Illustrious,
as you know, opposites attract.

And where is that other improper water?

On Earth.

It is a mediocre planet

where time is a kind of object
that humans are always losing.

Well, do what it takes.



Please, give me the key to the 112.

Do you want to speak
to someone, Mrs. Adelina?


You must be wrong, I'm not Adelina.

I want the key to my room.

Sorry madam, but you have
no room here and...

Is it possible you don't remember me?
I've been at this hotel for almost a week.

- But madam...
- Give me the key to the 112.

But madam,
112 is occupied by a lady who...

And I can't give the key
to a room to anyone.

I'm not just anyone. I am...

Of course,
you're the Teacher's wife, but...

Stop this nonsense.
I'm not anyone's wife.

Give me the key.

Sure, madam.

Madam, do you mind
waiting just a moment, please?

I won't be long. Excuse me.

Hello, son. Has your mother arrived yet?

What's wrong with you?
It seems you never saw me.

You may be right.
I must look weird.

I don't feel very well.

Let it be, I'll go there.

Hello, Mr. Coutinho. How are you doing?

Come in.

- I wish to talk to the Teacher...
- Just a moment.

It's just that it's freezing outside.

So, how's business there at the hotel?

Not bad, thank you.
But, sorry, I don't know you...

Do you want to take off your coat,
put yourself at ease?

No, I just wanted
to talk to the Teacher.

- Since he's not here...
- Who's not here?

Well, maybe I should come back
some other time.

Since you're here, what's the problem?

Well, Teacher Ricardo's wife,

Mrs. Adelina, was at the hotel
and there was a small problem.

When my wife gets into problems,
usually they're not small.

Tell me what happened.

Sorry, I don't understand you.

Don't mind me,
it was just a little outburst.

But what kind of problem
my wife got into?

Well, I had a feeling
there was a mix-up here.

I didn't say your wife,
I said the Teacher's wife.

And who do you think is
the Teacher in this house?

Sorry, may I ask who I'm talking to?

Come here, boy. Where are you going?



Mother? Nonsense.

There's a man at home
who wants to hurt us.

I ran away and he stayed there alone.

Boy, leave me alone, I'm not your mother.

Mother, where's father?

Where's father?

Mother, open the door!




Would you excuse me, Emília?
Sorry I didn't knock.

- Who are you?
- Who am I?

Do you want to go to the reading room?

No, Emília. I need to talk to you.

Treat me with respect.

Treat you with respect?

Well, I'll get right to it.

I'm scared of what's going on with me.

People stare at me like I'm an animal
or as if I don't exist.

I went to the high school, talked to my
colleagues and they didn't even saw me.

Tell me, frankly,
do you think I changed a lot?

I have no idea.
It's the first time I see you.

You don't recognize me?

I'm Ricardo, the history teacher.

I was here yesterday talking to you.

Please don't leave me in this anguish.
Say you recognize me.

You're crazy.

Get out before I call security.




Why did you come here?
Did you forget what we planned?

Let me go. I don't know you.

- Luís, what are you doing here?
- Don't call me Luís.

What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be at the hospital?

What hospital?
Have you lost your mind, Luís?

Aren't you ashamed?

To walk with your lover
before my students?

- Who is this man, Adelina?
- Enough!

Don't call me Adelina.

My name is Irene,
I work at an insurance company,

I'm not married
to any teacher nor to anyone.

Look at me, Adelina.

Tell me who I am. Do you recognize me?

Of course I recognize you.

At least I'm recognized by my own wife.

I'm not your wife, Luís.

I left you in Lisbon
and I don't want to see you anymore.

Why do you insist on calling me Luís?

And you, why do you insist
on calling me Adelina?

Magister, I am contemplating
serious interferences.

I humbly ask forgiveness,
Illustrious Contemplator,

I made a fatal mistake.


Do you want to wipe out
the entire universe?

I fear, Illustrious Contemplator,
that we can do nothing.

It all depends
on the two humans we sent back.

Explain yourself better.

The flesh is strong
and certain emotions are even stronger.

There has been a super-circuit
of highly emotive bio-shocks

and they both re-entered into bodies
that do not belong to them.

But there is hope. They love each other.

There are uncrossable abysses
for that type of beings.

Mr. Coutinho, I don't know what to do.

The guest in room 112 disappeared
without paying the bill.

- Did she left the luggage?
- Yes, everything.

It's all in the room.

Where was she from?
Is there anyone who knew her?

There's an odd guy in the bar
who came looking for her.

He said he didn't mind waiting
as long as needed.

Mrs. Adelina, how have you been?
And your husband?

Sorry about yesterday,
but are you feeling better?

If you don't mind
I'll have a drink at the bar.

Please, make yourself at home.
And again, my apologies.

I recognize this nightmare.

I had it often as a child
after my mother died.

Me too.

And finally,
I remember how it ends.

I look at you
and I don't know what I feel.

I hate you, Luís.

Or should I call you Ricardo, my love?

The rose wouldn't stop being beautiful
and spreading its scent

even if it had another name.

I hate you, Adelina.

Or should I call you Irene, my love?

I remember that I entered a castle
through a door I didn't believe in

and I continue to feel,
with an intensity that hurts me,

the strength of the love
and tenderness for a man

that I can't find nowhere now.

The water where I drowned
was a non-existent water that doesn't wet.

There is only crazy love
that suffocates me,

for a woman that I can't find nowhere now.

The man I love once told me,
a long, long time ago,

that there's a lake nearby,
in the middle of the field.

Is it from the same water
that doesn't wet?

If you really are my love, Ricardo,

imprisoned in this body I can't stand
by some odious magic,

I prefer to kill myself 1000 times
than to mix my breath with yours.

And if you really are my love, Irene,

imprisoned in the same manner
in that woman body that disgusts me,

I prefer...

I don't know what I prefer.

Perhaps madness,

sweet refreshment
of happy unconsciousness.

I can't go to a house that isn't mine,

call son to a son that isn't mine.

No one knows me in my own town.

I don't exist.

Tell me, for God's sake,
are you really my love?

And you? Are you really my love?

Is it possible that a year has passed?

Or just 36 seconds.

It's good to be ourselves again.

♪ Gloria, Gloria, Gloria ♪

♪ In excelsis ♪

♪ Gloria, Gloria, Gloria ♪

♪ In excelsis ♪

This time you're forgiven, Magister.

Because things turned out well.

Be careful, Illustrious.

I'd really like to know why.

Do you know why, Magister?

No, I do not know, Illustrious.

♪ Gloria, Gloria, Gloria ♪

♪ In excelsis... ♪

I'm getting old, Magister.

Anyway, write it down to get
a better understanding of this phenomenon.

When Illustrious?

As soon as possible.

No later than a century or two.

♪ My lady, so sad at the departure ♪

♪ Are my eyes for you, my love ♪

♪ That you never seen others ♪

♪ So sad for anyone ♪

♪ So sad and longing ♪

♪ So sick from the departure ♪

♪ So tired, so tearful ♪

♪ Of death more eager ♪

♪ A thousand times more than of life ♪

♪ The sad depart so sad ♪

♪ So far from being well ♪

♪ That you never seen others ♪

♪ So sad for anyone ♪

Subtitles by deadlyjinx