The Lost Bladesman (2011) - full transcript

This historical martial arts film adapted from the story of Guan Yu crossing five passes and slaying six generals in Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In AD 200 during the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao eliminates his political opponents Dong Cheng and others, before turning his attention towards rival warlords Liu Bei and Yuan Shao. To avoid fighting a war on two fronts, Cao Cao decides to attack Liu Bei first. Liu Bei flees north to join Yuan Shao, while his family is captured by the enemy. Liu Bei's sworn brother Guan Yu (Donnie Yen), surrenders to Cao Cao to uphold his oath of brotherhood and preserve his honor. Cao Cao knows he's a great warrior & hopes that Guan Yu will continue serving him. Meanwhile, Guan Yu is secretly in love with his sworn brother's concubine Qilan, but is afraid to express his feelings to her. Qilan reproaches Guan Yu for serving Cao Cao. By then, Guan Yu has also received news of Liu Bei's whereabouts, so he prepares to leave Cao Cao to deliver Liu Bei's fiancé, Qilan, to him. Cao Cao is unable to stop Guan Yu and gives orders for the defending generals at the various passes to let Guan Yu through. Despite so, Cao Cao's followers feel that Guan Yu will become a threat to them if he succeeds in escaping, so they plot to have Guan killed. Guan Yu then embarks on a dangerous long journey through the passes to reunite with Liu Bei.

"As transient as dreams and shadows,"

"as erratic as dew and
lightning, such is life."

If Guan Yunchang,

righteous as heaven itself,

can come to such an end,

who's left to guard the Way?

'Righteousness' : written
'lamb' atop 'oneself'.

A self with the goodness of a lamb.

The righteousness of General Guan...

was six parts compassion.

It's tragic.

He was essentially a wolf...

with the soul of a lamb.

Yet this world is ruled by wolves.

Ruled by wolves.

Twenty years ago...

the Han reigned over a war-torn land.

Commanding a small force, I, Cao Cao

managed at last to stabilize the empire.

Then Yuan Shao rebelled, attacking my army.

His commander, Yan Liang,

stormed Baima with his mighty army.

We'd always prevailed over stronger armies.

With this defeat, the city in ruins

my generals couldn't
contain their distress.

Territory, I can lose.

The morale of my men, never.

Guan Yunchang was my prisoner then.

He had such ability.

They called him The Undefeatable.

I knew...

if I could make him my chess piece,

I could make my next move.

One that'd spell victory or defeat.

But this chess piece...

belonged to Liu Bei.

How to play another man's piece?

Brother Guan, come, have a bite with me.

You can eat at a time like this?

- What's up?
- I'd like your help.

Are you willing to help me?

I'm a prisoner. My will's irrelevant.

Good. Could you kill someone for me?

Would it end the fighting?



No rush. Eat first.

No rush?

I'll eat afterwards.

They'll ram the gates. Hold 'em back!

Yes, sir!

M'Lord, Guan Yunchang is an enemy general.

Why would he fight for us?

Who here wasn't once an enemy general?

Free the tiger and he'll
return to his lair.

Brother Guan, of the 5000 men here,

could any hold you back?

I need 30 cavalry. Who's in?

We once served different masters.

We've never been brothers.

But for today's battle...

Forget the past. Fight with me.

You are truly my brothers.

If no one objects...

I'll be so bold as to call you that.

Brothers, please accept my respects.

I, Zhang Liao, will ride with you.
Who else?

- Brothers, attack!
- Attack!

- Attack!
- Attack!

Are these your men?

They're his.

His Majesty, the Emperor!

Guan Yunchang is hereby...

a Marquis of Han...

and a commanding general.

I don't deserve this. I'm unworthy.

Brother Yunchang,

you're loyal, righteous;
The honor is yours alone.

His Majesty is in peril, yet I do nothing.

Is that loyal or righteous?

You don't think...
His Majesty's in peril here?

It's taboo to bear arms in the palace.

But all the officials are doing it.

Rebellion is clearly brewing.

We're at war; it's to protect the throne.

How can you imply an intent to rebel?

Why doesn't Cao Cao kneel
before the throne?

If it bothers you, don't kneel either.

I wouldn't violate protocol.

No ceremony today, no need for protocol.

So, all relax, no need for kneeling.

Rise, c'mon.

Rise. Up up up.

On your feet.

Marquis, His Majesty has spoken.

Brother Yunchang, please rise.

Your Excellency.

Please, rise. No need for formality.

Your Excellency, you saved my life.

I must honor you.

You saved yourself. Remember that.

Sir Guan... you're a great hero.

That you saved my life honors me.

Even more so now you're a marquis.

That's just a wee...

misunderstanding with Cao Cao.

Marquis Guan...

true, we've had a wee misunderstanding.

I'll get back to work.


And how should we resolve it, Lord Cao?

Have some water,

Marquis Guan.

This was once barren wilderness.

We came, tilled and sowed the land.

We brought over many people from Luoyang.

In six years, no one's died of hunger.

Admit it, I've done pretty well.

Old Liu's house was falling apart.

I helped him repair it.

But some said I'd torn it down.

Who'll give me a fair hearing?

Lord Cao truly has a way with words.

Words? Isn't it the truth?

The truth is you control the court.

I control the court?

This statement...

is bullshit.

The emperor forces me to take charge.

I know such bullshit has currency.

It'll echo down the millennia.

But it's still bullshit.

Only two types believe this:

The stupid, and the bad.

Liu Bei is bad. You're just stupid.

Liu Bei profits from your stupidity.

I like you.

You're courageous, and passionate.

Stay, work for me here.

If Liu Bei's family wasn't hostage.

Would you dare ask?

Marquis Guan,

you don't kill those you shouldn't,


Cao, what's going on?

Get to work.

Does Cao Cao make you do this?

Sit down.

See, he's also working.


It doesn't befit Us and Our court...

to engage in hard labor?

Exceptional times, exceptional measures.

No need for so much protocol.

Has Your Majesty ever thought to leave?

Over the last ten-odd years...

do you know how I've lived?

Moving from one palace to another,

traveling between ruins,

eating chaff, drinking filthy water.

The ministers in my court...

ate the flesh of their dead peers...

and drank their blood.

If an emperor can find no refuge...

what sort of empire is it?

The first time I saw Cao Cao...

know what he gave me?

Steamed bread; hot meaty soup,

and a warm bed.

Such trifles can buy the court of the Han?

Cao Cao doesn't want to be emperor.

He doubts an emperor can change the world.

An emperor has Heaven's mandate.

Without that belief, what can he do?

Ability. That's what it takes.

Today the realm is in Cao Cao's hands...

because he's the stronger one.

One day I'll be stronger than him.

And he'll yield the realm to me.

If I have Heaven's mandate,

the realm will ultimately be mine.

Brother Guan.

Brother Guan, Brother Guan.


How's your dad? Any better?

Much better, but he still needs medicine.

Brother Guan.

Is the food ready? I'll go check.

It's okay, we've come early.

Don't worry.

And this gentleman is...?

Cao Mengde, Lord Cao Cao.

- And you're...?
- We'll be right back.

Hurry, let's go.

Who are they?

They've been here a month or so...

but can't find work or food.

They're our people. Can you help?

Rest easy. I'll fix it after I return.

Brother Guan - he's that evil man.

Watch your mouth, Monkey.


Lord Cao is our God of Wealth.

Take it. Buy medicine for your dad.

Lord Cao.

Brother Yunchang.



I've returned Cao Cao's gifts.

To Brother Liu Bei's wives, my respects.

Qilan, why're you ignoring Brother Guan?

Does a dishonorable man...

deserve respect?

Qilan, his promotion was
just a ruse by Cao Cao.

Liu Bei has total faith in Brother Guan.

As Liu Bei's future
Concubine, so should you.

Do you doubt his judgment?

Who can read men's hearts?

Aren't all Cao Cao's men defectors?

General Guan's prowess is famous.

If he wanted to go, who could stop him?

I'd like to see him
return to Brother Liu...

and attack Xuchang while
Cao battles Yuan Shao.

Then he'd do right by Brother Liu.

She's right.

Leave us, Brother.

Why not... do as Qilan says.

Brother Guan,

I beg you...

return to Brother Liu.


Brother Guan has his own ideas.

You're both from Hedong.

You should know what he's like.

I'm sorry to let you down.

I'll take my leave.

Why must you stay here?



Let's rest for a bit over there.


I painted this today.

Do you like it?

What's this rubbish?

Do it over.

I'll help you.

- Ma.
- Daughter, you're home.

- Dad.
- You're back?

- Tired?
- No.

I heard the oxcart driver did it.

Haven't you heard?

He disappeared early this morning.

Enough. Nothing to see.

Move off.

General Liu is here. We're saved.

General Liu.

General Liu.

That's the oxcart driver, isn't it?

Watch your mouth.

Guan Yunchang is a big general now.

With you here, we can live in peace again.

General Liu,

this is my daughter.

Our girl.

Please! Have a drink.


Cao's bandits are here!

Brother, hurry!

Dad! Mom!

You mean Liu Bei's future wife...

doesn't know her...

compatriot Guan Yunchang?

That's right.

Any news of Liu Bei?

He joined forces with Yuan Shao.

Guan killed General Yan Liang at Baima.

Yuan Shao wants to kill Liu Bei for that.

And has he?

No news yet.


Get up.

Dad... Dad... Again... again.

Grab on... I heard you the first time.

You seem like a Hedong man.

I am.

Can you cook Hedong food?


Yes you can.

Yes, got that? You can do it.

Spicy Hedong food goes well with my wine.

Have some.

It's his own brew:'Jiuyunchun'.

A drink's a drink; why all the soldiers?

Scared I'll get drunk and violent?

In wartime, rations are short.

I banned the use of grain for alcohol.

Private brewing is a capital of fence.

Are the drinkers also guilty?


So wine will be your excuse for violence.

I see you're too scared to drink.

I've wine. What's to fear?


General Guan,

Us enjoying a drink together

does this defy common sense?

My flouting your laws makes perfect sense.

Well put, General Guan.

In wartime, spices are scarce.

We tried to make your hometown dishes.

Try some.

Make you homesick?

I've no home.

I sent Liu Bei's family home...

with 50 elite guards as escort.

I respect your gentlemanly actions.

General Guan calls me a gentleman.

I'm unworthy.

I said you acted like a gentleman.

Not that you were one.

True, I'm made of inferior stuff.

Come... General Guan.

Accept this small man's toast.

I'm but a commoner.

Why all the bowing and scraping?

If servility could guarantee peace...

I'd bow and scrape to you
the rest of my life.

I'm not even a great fighter.

How can I bring about peace?

Your camp is full of talented men.

By staying, I'll only cause trouble.

What does Liu Bei do for you and Zhang Fei?

You couldn't approach his methods.

Because we're not driven by hatred?

Nor passion.

That's easy.

Join me and have anything you want.


Releasing his family was a big favor.

I'll repay it.

But he and I are sworn brothers.

Once I've news of him, I'll go.

If you fear that'd be freeing a tiger...

then kill me now.

Why can you only be loyal to Liu Bei?

If my loyalty could be bought...

I could bring only trouble to you.

That makes sense.

To allay sorrow, only this wine.

Drink and be merry; life is short.

Drink up. I wrote that.

Do you know...

others have drunk here as well.

Like who?

The descendant of Confucius.

Kong Rong, Lord Kong?

Some lord.

He famously gave away a pear,

but for him to yield a cup of wine

is harder than getting you to stay.


Bottoms up.

Okay, I'm here, thank you.

You say you've no home.

If I gave you a home...

would you stay then?

You mean here?




I'm always there in your heart.

My heart's been vacant a long time.

Why not just let me dream?

If your heart's empty, whence dreams?

Master, I drugged his food.

The effect will last four hours.

We paralyzed her with acupuncture.

No one's to go near there before dawn.

Sister-in-law, have some self-respect.

This is only a dream.

Why must you be so serious?

Dreaming doesn't excuse impropriety.

You don't dare love me even in a dream?

Once you even dared to kill for me.

I only killed to save you.

If you won't speak, how
can you know my heart?

If you won't speak, how
can you know my heart...

- Tell me...
- What's in your heart.

This is absurd.

You belong to Brother Liu.

Get down.

You have a nerve.

Who are you?

Liu Bei sent me here.

He's in Ruyang, in Yuan Shao's camp.

General Guan, I must die now.

General Guan.

General Guan.

General Guan.

General Guan.

I want to see Cao Cao.

Lord Cao left town early.

Not sure when he's back.

Tell him Guan Yunchang says goodbye.

Pass on my order:

Since he wants to go, let him.

M'Lord, that's letting loose a tiger.

He and I had an agreement.

War is immanent.

If that's so...

we need to discuss...

how to deal with Yuan Shao.

Liu Bei is already in Yuan Shao's camp.

Add Guan Yunchang,
and you've got a tiger with wings.

The Military Counselor is right.

Guan Yunchang knew I drugged his food.

He's certain to hate us for that.

Didn't I say...

to let him leave if he wants?

Weren't you listening?

Did you say...

Yuan Shao's man Zhang He wants to defect?

General Zhang is intelligent and brave.

But he's not valued, so he's coming here.

For that, he runs to eat
at another's table.

Do we want such a man?

You introduced him.
You decide: kill or keep.

Thank you, M'Lord.

Yuan Shao will attack.

The House of Sun will see its chance
and join the fray.

What's our best plan?

Attack Sun from the rear with 5000 troops.

Send 30 assassins after Sun's generals.

Fine, follow through.


Good morning.

We can leave now.

Brother, thank you for your generosity.

Thank you, Brother Guan!

Rise... rise.

Everyone, rise.

On your feet, everyone.

These gifts are from Lord Cao.

If you wish to thank someone,

thank Lord Cao.

Brother Guan, we just got back.

Lord Cao fixed everything for us.

Yes, we're all set.

I'm glad.

The God of Wealth said
this is for expenses.

Keep it. Buy food for your family.

Listen to your mom. Good boy.

Take care, my friends.

Brother Guan... Brother Guan...

Sister-in-law, let's go.

- Take care, Brother Guan...
- Take care.

"imperial Edict: Guan Yunchang is approaching.
Execute without mercy."

Hold on... okay, go.

This one's fresh.

- No thanks.
- Take it.

No thanks.

How much for this?



Your pass?

My name is Guan Yunchang.

No papers?

How do I know who you are?


General, is there a problem?

She needs to dismount.

You need to check family?

Don't make it hard, alright?

Sorry, sister-in-law.

I, Kong Xiu, am under orders
to kill Guan Yunchang.

Brother... Brother.







Cao Cao gave me his word.

If I wanted to leave...

I had his permission.

That's between you and him.

I'm just following orders.

So who wants me dead, Cao Cao?

Or someone else?

The order is from the emperor.

You're determined to kill me?

Can't disobey the emperor.

Seems the south road isn't safe.

Tomorrow we'll head north.

I don't want to kill anyone else.


what happened today...

wasn't your fault.

A soldier should only
kill on the battlefield.

It's violent times; you had no choice.

I know your compassion.

But you have god-given martial skills...

so you can fight evil and guard the Way.

I'm foolhardy, nothing more.


keep this dagger...

just in case.

But you've saved so many lives.

I've taken even more.

It's nearly dawn.
Get some rest for the journey.

They're in the brotherhood. Let's go.

Han Fu,

remember me?

Brother Guan.

You're well, I hope?

She's Liu Bei's new wife.

Brother, have you prospered?

Not nearly as much as you have.

Every work site in Luoyang I see...

is full of your men.

It's thanks to that bastard Dong Zhuo.

He burned the city, left it in ruins.

Brother Han, do you practice your old arts?

I'm no longer involved in that world.

That's a shame.

You're known to all...

as the master of blades,
spears and secret weapons.

Indeed... I amassed terrible karma.

And so I lost my family, my home.

If it wasn't for Brother Guan...

I'd also have lost more than one arm.

In crisis, who can remain uninvolved?

I'll be frank.

I'm returning to Liu Bei.

Why don't you

and your men come too?


I followed you both for ten-odd years.

I've no desire to fight left at all.

Well, I can't force you.

What I'd like is to borrow a boat...

to take the two of us to Liu Bei.

Brother, why keep fighting?

Hasn't there been enough death?

In the past we fought...

in order to achieve peace.

Under Lord Cao, we've risen from the ashes.

It's been tough...

but it's still a good life.

You're Cao Cao's man now?

I'm an ordinary man.

What Lord Cao wants from me...

is for me to live my life well.

Won't you let me pass?

Brother Guan,

I'm no match for you.

But imperial orders must be obeyed.

Brother Guan,

Why didn't you duck?

You knew it was a poison needle.

Because we're sworn brothers.

You're not my adversary.

I've let you do this.

But that's...

the end.

Why didn't you duck?

We're sworn brothers.

How could I kill you myself?

Meng Tan!


I'll kill him.

Kill him... kill him... kill him...


Let's go.

Get him.

Get him!






I'm alright.

With this blade I'll kill you...

and avenge Han Fu.

Kill me if you must.

But let her go.



Who are you?

Who comes every day to stare at me?



Who are you?


General, you're awake.

I'm the head monk here,

Pu Jing.

Thank you, you saved my life.

Please, General, have a seat.

All I've done is apply medicine.

These ten-odd days...

Miss Qilan kept watch day and night,

chanting sutras, praying...

for Buddha to protect you.

That's true compassion.

The poison penetrated your bones.

I'm not very skilled.

I couldn't clear it completely.

I fear cold wet weather will always...

cause you muscle and bone pain.

I'm grateful to be alive.

To live, one must live well.

Not... in everlasting pain.

I'm not so enlightened.

Just good at causing myself trouble.


sometimes, trouble looks for you.

What can be done about that?

The general has left.

He asked me to escort you

to Liu Bei.

Where's he going?

He didn't say.

He did ask about the north road.

I suspect... he wants to...

divert any pursuing troops...

to assure us safe passage to Ruyang.

So you're Guan Yunchang.

And you, Bian Xi, who
butchered 50,000 at Bingzhou?

50,000 lowlife.

Rebels, no great loss.

You were once a rebel yourself.

I was hungry.

Rebellion didn't solve that.

See how well-fed I am now?

I saw my error and reformed.

You're no different.

Yes I am.

I never killed to eat.


You're just like me.



Yuan Shao has 100,000 troops at Guandu,

and 100 warships at Hetao.

The troops are in line formation.

Seems he'll attack in force,
like a lion on a rabbit.

Yuan Shao's a brute who
wishes he was a lion.

We'll split up, attack guerrilla style.

Even lions can't grow three
heads and six limbs.

Where's Liu Bei's camp?

Ruyang, with only 10,000 troops.

Then why is Guan heading north?

Kong Xiu of Dongling,
Meng Dan and Hanfu of Luoyang,

Bian Xi of Yishui Pass...

all died by Guan's blade.

Can someone tell me why?

They were obeying orders
to stop the traitor.

Orders? Whose orders?

My only order was to let him go.

Is this error or insubordination?

Sir, I gave the order.

- It was me...
- I gave the order...

You're all kneeling. What's going on?

Is it rebellion? It feels like one.

M'Lord, it's not against you.

It's just that Guan is invincible.
He can't be set free.

You're on your knees - rebelling too?

War's immanent. If you want a culprit...

then execute me and me alone.

And that'd be enough?

Sir, the minister doesn't deserve death.

Better I do wrong than be wronged.

Those were your words.

What's this I said?

Better I do wrong than be wronged.

True. I said that.

Get up, all of you.

You're right. I'm wrong.

Guan Yunchang said we're a heartless group.

He was right.

Give me your hand.

If I can't manage my men, how can I govern?

It's because... we have heart.

Where's the local government office?

It's closed.

I heard the governor here is corrupt...

and a master of evil-doing.

Has he scared all the people away?


Calamity is upon us.

They've fled.

I'm after him, not you.

Same thing.

What's your connection with him?

I was his assistant.

I assassinated him a month ago.

The emperor was kind enough...

to appoint me, Wang Zhi, in his place.

Did you evacuate the town?

I heard General Guan was heading north,

killing generals, leaving
a trail of corpses.

I won't see my people suffer like that.

I'm so bold as to try and stop him.

You're a good official.

Forget it.

Good Swordplay.

It's not the play, it's the sword.

The sword's good, but you lack strength.

I know.

Forget it. You're tired.

No I'm not.

Is it worth throwing
away your life for this?

To detain you even briefly...


You think I'd harm the people?

These days, who can you trust?

Cao Cao said he'd let me go.

Then he ordered me killed.

Who is it who can't be trusted?

Imperial law decides what's right.

If I broke the law, I'd gladly be punished.

Wang Zhi,

When this is all over...

I'll return to Xingyang...

to be judged by your law.

Don't bother. It'll never be over.

Two days ago, a monk and a lady...

were fleeing to Ruyang.

I led my troops to the Nanyang road...

and invited them to Xingyang.

Where are they?

I sent word of their hiding place to Xudu.

Why not turn yourself in there?

Better hurry.


they might just starve to death.

Where are they?

Tell me, or I won't spare you.

It's no use.

It's all your fault.

Shush. Hurry.

My name is Guan Yunchang.

I'm looking for a lady and a monk.

Have you seen them?

He killed Sir Wang.

He killed Sir Wang.

Let go of my boy.

- Devil...
- That's him...

- Kill him...
- Kill him...

- Kill him...
- Avenge Sir Wang...

Kill him...

- Kill him...
- Avenge Sir Wang...

Kill him...

Wang Zhi wasn't the murderous type.

We found Miss Qilan at
a hostel outside town.

You can go.

Open up. I said, open up!

Stop, stop.

No one's to be killed.

They're all Wang Zhi's people.

No matter what I did,

they wouldn't say where Miss Qilan was.

Not until Lord Cao arrived anyway.

They'll all die today.

General Guan,

If we don't kill these people,

and this gets out...

your name... will stink.

And the stench will last forever.

Kill anyone and die by my hand.

Forget being a hero, then.

You'll throw away your reputation.

I said, kill anyone and die by my hand.

As Lord Guan doesn't want anyone killed,

let them go.

But breathe one word about this...

and I mean one word...

and I'll destroy you and your families.

Thank you.

Brother Guan,

You take the role of the hero.

I'll play the lesser man.

Luoyang had been hell.

But daylight has returned.

Lord Cao's beneficence is boundless.

Pity that outside Luoyang it's still hell.

Hell is just a one way of looking at it.

Heaven or hell,

it's in your eyes.

I'd like to see heaven everywhere.

Seems I was born into the wrong age.

If you desire something too much...

you create your own hell.

It would be easier not to desire at all.

Hell contains its own heaven,
and heaven its hell.

The measure of your desire is up to you.

Then I shall desire less.

The horses are fed.
Thank you, sir, for saving us.

I'll take my leave.

Thank you for your teaching.

Thank you very much.



In your eyes, am I heaven or hell?

Both come from people's imagination.

When you first asked me to stay...

you asked me to kill people.

How many deaths are enough?

You, Guan Yunchang, are a great hero.

In such times, can a hero avoid killing?

How many, exactly?

Yuan Shao has 200,000 troops: kill 20,000.

It'll destroy them. It'll be a rout.

And after that?

How will peace come?

We'll win over the House of Sun,

stabilize the Western frontier.

And then?

And then...

the realm united, all can rest.

I think... peace will reign.

Can you guarantee it?


You can't rely on people,

only law and discipline.

But if the people...

lack righteousness, how can there be law?

With so much enmity,
how can there be righteousness?

Won't 20,000 deaths spark

even more enmity?

It's the smallest possible price.

What if I... assassinated Yuan Shao?


You'll have saved 20,000 lives.

Where is Yuan Shao?

You agree to work for me?

I've not agreed to anything.

After killing Yuan, I'll
live an ordinary life.

I don't believe it.

A hero can never return to ordinary life.

Besides, Liu Bei will be furious.

Better for you to go with me to Xudu.

Liu Bei is charitable and pragmatic.

He'd accept a fait accompli.


I stayed, I'd have no purpose.

I'd rather go home and farm.


Alright. It's a promise.

Sir, is Guan Yunchang really staying?

A good horse won't graze
in old pasture. Why?

Because it's not fresh.


Liu Bei's time is past.

I, Cao Cao...

am fresher goods.


Up ahead is the Yellow
River ferry crossing.

I'll take my leave.

Brother, Brother.



A journey of 1000 miles, then a farewell.

Cao Cao drugged you that day, but not me.

Your true feelings...

are clear to me.

In Ruyang, I'll ask Liu Bei...

to betroth me to you instead.

Don't be silly.

You're already his, how
can you say such a thing?

You're the one I want.

The risks you've taken for me...

are engraved in my mind.

What you did years ago,
why didn't you tell me?

Don't say...

you've never loved me?

If you love me too...

Liu Bei will grant us our desire.

- Come with me now.
- And if I don't...

will you still love me?


You mustn't help Cao Cao.

Put down that blade.

If I didn't love you.

Would you be Liu Bei's enemy?

You misunderstand.

Only if Liu Bei rules will there be peace.

A man like Cao Cao can
only make things worse.

All I want is to do some good.

Do I really have no choice but to kill?

It seems that I don't.

Please tell Brother Liu...

that Guan Yunchang is dead.

I am so sorry.

Don't be sorry.

Please don't worry.

I won't let Brother Liu down.

Take care.

M'Lord, want to see what's going on?

Even a hero can be defeated by a beauty.

No rush.

Protect Lord Cao.

Did you order this?

Was it you?

Kill him.

I gave the order.

Cao Cao,

let Guan Yunchang go...

and the world will never know peace.

You don't think I'd dare kill him?

Then do it.

Otherwise, from today...

the world... will never know peace.


I'll kill him for sure.

Your Majesty, we should go.

That won't be possible.

You have to kill me, do you?

One can't disobey the emperor.

One can't disobey the emperor?

One can't disobey the emperor?

Even at the expense of your own life?

My life isn't in my hands.

You're no different.

Brother, don't make this hard.

Out of my way. Who blocks me dies.

Touch him and die by my hand.

Brother Guan, stop fighting.

You're an evil ruler.

One can't disobey?

I'll kill you, you evil ruler.

Hold it.

I have Heaven's mandate. You can't kill me.

You have the mandate, I have the Way.

Guan Yunchang,

you can't kill the emperor.


it'll unleash complete chaos.

Even more people will die.


For a woman...

who didn't love you...

you pit yourself against the world.

She was your sister-in-law.

Another man's woman.

Alive, what could she do for you?

I promise, once there's peace...

I'll kill this evil ruler myself.

And I'm a man of my word.

Cao Cao,

This world...

can't be pacified by you.


let's go.

"For seven years,"

"Guan Yunchang fought alongside Liu Bei..."

"against the rival kingdoms of Wei and Wu."

"China became a living hell."

"2O years later,"

"Wei and Wu attacked Guan's army."

"Awaiting reinforcements..."

"they fought to the last man."

"Guan was captured and killed..."

"and his head sent to Cao Cao."

Today, I want everyone to know...

it was wolves in sheep's clothing
who killed Guan Yunchang.

You mean Sun Quan of Wu?

He was just the one who acted.

There's also Liu Bei and Kong Ming.

I want everyone to know...

It was they... who killed Guan Yu.

Now, more warfare is inevitable.

Of course. Without Guan Yunchang,

the victor...

is hard to predict.

I never imagined that even dead...

he could be used by you.

I never said I was a lamb.

"Cao Cao buried Guan's
head with ceremony..."

"hoping to incite war between Shu and Wu."

"Wu gave Guan's body a regal funeral"

"and built a temple to him."

"But the alliance was shattered."

"After honoring Guan Yunchang..."

"Liu attacked Wu once more."