The Lords of Discipline (1983) - full transcript

Will arrives for his last year at The Carolina Military Institute, in the Deep South USA, in the 1960s. A black student, Pearce, has been accepted, for the first time and Will is asked to keep an eye out for the inevitable racism. The racists come in the form of The Ten, a secret group of the elite students. They want Pearce to leave on his own free will, but are prepared to torture him to make it 'his free will'. Will is forced to help Pearce and he is prepared to risk his own career to do so.

Sir! Mr. Alexander, sir!

Permission to
cross your quad, sir!

Rack that chin in, scumbag.

You look like a piece of shit.

Eyes front, maggot.

Eyes front!

What's your name, screw?

Pop off. Sir, my...

Shut up! Tell me your name.

Sir, my...

Uh, can't you hear, scum?

He told you to shut up.

Sir, no excuse...

Shut up.

We're gonna break you, boy.

We love to break Knobs.

Mr. Macabbee.

Y'all have a religious belief
against washing this car?

No, but my mama told me,
never talk to a man in uniform.


Halt, Bubba! Pop to, you bum.

What are you
doing here so early?

I'm spending the
day in Charleston, sir.

Tell me, Bubba, where does
a faggot English major like you

spend his summer vacation, huh?



The Kremlin, sir. Hm?

Me and Nikita Khrushchev
have been plotting the overthrow

of the fiercest fighting man
in the United States Army.


A man with the soul of a lion,

the heart of an elephant...

the brains of a gnat,

and the sexual organs
of a Girl Scout, sir.

And whom might that be, Bubba?

Why, Colonel Berrineau, sir.

Bubba, you get your
ass back here by 1700.

There's something I
want you to do for me.

Is that an order, Bear?


It's good to see you.

It's good to see you too, Bear.

Park your car,
you go to the left,

and then you go right...

At Huntington and Malibu
They're shootin' the pier ♪

At Rincon They're
walkin' the nose ♪

We're goin' on safari To
the islands this year ♪

So if you're coming
Get ready to go ♪

Hey, what's your problem,
McClean? Got a date?

Yeah, with Tradd.

Shoot. I always knew you
were cornholing your roommate,

you little pissant.

We're very much
in love, Macabbee.


Let's go surfin' now
Everybody's learnin' how ♪

Come on and safari with me ♪


Hello, Will.

Henry, be careful
of the azalea roots.


Will! Oh, Will.

Welcome back. Oh, we
all missed you so much.

But I missed you the most.

You did? Mmmm.

Oh, Will, so much
happened this summer.

But it was all so boring
I'm not even gonna tell you.

Oh... you are a spectacle.

If I wasn't married to Commerce,
I'd teach you a trick or two.


Oh, don't think I wouldn't.

Hey, Will, you get
your butt in here.

Ah, go on in, honey,
I'll be right back.

Hey, thank God you're back, boy.

Now I can talk to somebody.

Tradd and Abigail
think the Yankees

is who whupped us in the war.

Sit down. Sit down.

Oh, the Giants'll kill them.

Yeah, I know it.

Hey, senior year, eh?

Yes, sir.

I'll tell you, Will,

during my last
year at the Institute,

I had Charleston women
buzzing around me like...

Like flies on a mule.

That's right.

You two.

Well, look at him, Abigail.

Now, that boy
looks like a soldier,

even if he don't act like it.

Yeah, he is something. Mmm.

You could put a suit
of armor on Tradd,

he's still gonna look
like a hairdresser.

Commerce, that's
perfectly horrible.

Well, will you listen to that.

That's Mozart.

Did you ever hear such a racket?


Nice. Come here.

Hey, come on.

Watch the sacred bod, will you?

How are you?

I'm fine.

Good. Good.

Hey, is your side of the room

gonna look like the
city dump this year?

Am I gonna be able
to breathe in there?

Boston won.

Oh, uh, they play a
game called baseball.

Will, would you
explain it to him, please?

I don't have to ask
how your summer went.

No, it was fine.
I was in Europe,

and he was locked
in his study, as usual.

Doing what?

Writing in his journal.

Probably about the great
disappointments in his life.

Like his son.



this is the key to the house.

You know you don't need it.

You can knock on the door here

any time of the day
or night, but we all...

My parents and I
wanted you to have it.

Thanks. Yeah.

Pledge, strut out here!
Get the hell outta here!

What are you looking at?!

Look at this ugly slat here.

Hey, you're supposed
to salute, boy.

Poor little mama's boy!

We gonna make you drive to
the desert and sleep forever!

Count off!

One! Delta! Delta! Delta!
One, two! One, two! One, two!

We ain't running a
boys' club around here

to see little schoolgirls
grow up to be Girl Scouts!

Get those knees
up, this fuckin' high!

Come on now!

Say goodbye to Mommy and Daddy.

Right over there.

Thank you, boy.

Come on down, do you
understand? Get those knees up!

Oh... here's Pignetti's kitty.

Hey, Will, put in 5 for me.

Oh, sure.

Oh, God! Oh, Mark,

you scared the living
hell out of me, you wop.

You know, it hurts me when
a very ugly person like yourself

casts aspersions on my heritage.

Oh, no, no, no, we
love all things Italian.

Oil slicks, lube jobs,
that kind of thing.

We got nothing
against that kind of...

Excuse me!

Over there, toe cheese.


I can't talk now, paisans, huh?

Toe cheese here
just insulted my girl.

I didn't know you
had a girl, Pig!

It's Mr. Pignetti to
you, worm-head!

Now, watch as I show you
the woman you insulted.

We're gonna tame you!

We're gonna make
you, do you understand?!

This is the taming!

Get your eyes off her!

If you only knew
how good she was,

how humble and quiet and smart,

you'd be so ashamed,
you'd beg me to kill you.

What did Gooch say, Pig?

Go on, tell Mr. McClean
what you said.

I asked him if he got
any pussy this summer.

You heard it, he said
that in front of Teresa.

But, Pig, this is not Teresa.

It's a...

It's just a
photograph of Teresa.

Listen, you kiss the
statue of the Virgin,

you kiss the Mother
of God herself, okay?

Excuse me.

Gooch. It's Mark, Gooch.

Gooch, apologize to
the photo of Teresa,

Mr. Pignetti will let you go.

Come on.

I'm sorry, Teresa.

I'm really...

What did I say wrong?

You know, it's all I can do

to keep from tearing your
tongue outta your head.

Call her Miss DeVito.

I'm sorry, Miss
DeVito. I'm really sorry.

Get outta here!

Run, Gooch! Get outta here!

Paisans, huh?

Listen, you know what
I learned this summer?


How to kill just
using my thumbs.

Oh, Pig, you're an animal!


What's the name of your
company commander?

You pussy! You pantywaist!

What's the name of your
company commander?

I don't know, sir. What?!

I don't know, sir. What?!

What?! What?!

What are you looking for?

Fly shit in the sugar.

There. Over there.

- Say it!
- Yes, sir!

Jesus Christ, he showed up.
- Say, "I'm ugly!"

"I'm an ugly black
boy," you say it!

I'm an ugly black boy, sir!

That's it! "I'm an ugly
shoeshine," you say it, boy!

I'm an ugly shoeshine, sir!

God almighty, damn.

He ain't here to fry
chicken or mow the lawn.

That Negro's joining
the Long Gray Line.

Yeah, for about one night,

till the Corps of
Cadets finds out a...

Yeah, a pickaninny,
a jigaboo, a coon.

Why not plain old nigger?

He's gonna hear them
all... and worse, by tomorrow.

What do you want with me?

A little upper-class teeth.

Bear, you're the
commandant of cadets.

I mean, it's your job to...

It's not my job
to play favorites.

No, it's gonna
have to be a cadet

that runs interference
for Mr. Pearce.

Yeah, but interference
against the whole corps?

If that's what it takes.

Oh, Bear.

What are you looking at?!

Are you a racist?

Yeah, I'm a racist.

I'd like nothing better

than to see Mr. Pearce move
his black ass right outta here.

Well, then why not
let him get pushed?

Because from now on,
Pearce is one of my lambs,

and all of my lambs
get an even break.

Yeah, but putting
my neck out for a...

Who looked after you when
you were a screw-up Knob?

Well, you did, but...

Who saw something in
you besides arrogance?

Who made you into a cadet?

Bear, you did.

Bubba. I'm calling
my marker due.

They let him in, huh?

I can't believe it.

This is gonna be the
greatest Hell Night on record.

Christ, a goddamn nigger.

They're gonna rip him to shreds.

So, what's the
matter with you, huh?


What do you mean, nothing?

I mean, nothing.

Like no thing is wrong. Nothing.

Hey, listen, you got a problem,
you come to your paisans, okay?

Come on, Will, there's nothing
you can't come to us about.

I mean, you want me to hand
someone their head or something?


It's lights out.

Lights out! WILL:
Watch it, watch it.

Lights out!

Lights out!

Hey, Will.

Hey, listen, any time
you wanna talk, okay?


It's really good
to see you guys.

Let's make this a good year.




I was just wondering.


You get any pussy this
summer? Any poontang?

Hey, what...? What
are you doing?

Sir, would you or
any other fine, kind,

refined Northern or Southern
gentleman at this mess

care to partake of any
food off my plate, sir?

Well, I don't know. The
meat loaf looks pretty good.

You hungry, Will?

Go ahead and eat your food.

Come on, mangia. What
are you, a goddamn ballerina?

Give me some of these peas, boy.

Well, I'll take some
of your carrots.

Eat up, boy, that's gonna get
cold on you. You too, Poteete.

Hey, boy, your
face is dirty, boy.

You got my arm
all wet, Gilbreath.

Looks like a water
monkey or something.


members of the Honor Court...

the Institute's Code of
Honor is a simple one.

A cadet will not
lie, cheat or steal

or tolerate those who do.

It is a simple code,
but it is a stern code.

There are no
second chances here.

One is either an
honorable man or one is not.

And the Institute
does not forgive.

Make no mistake,
gentlemen, life here is hard.

But the rigors of this system
produce a superior breed of man.

Something this country
needs now more than ever

because America is fat.

America is fat, sloppy, immoral,

and she needs men of iron

to set her on the
right path again.

She needs Institute men.

Men you are not now.

But for those of you who
have the courage to remain,

the men you shall become.

Jeez, I love Hell Night.


I don't know. I'm...
I'm sentimental, okay?

All right, fat
boys, skinny boys,

all you little boys down there,
come on, we want you boys now!

You boys are in
for a treat tonight.

It's gonna be a lot of fun!

We're gonna break you, boy.

Gentlemen, the Fourth
Year System is now in effect.

Let's go!

Let's go! Come on!

Class, let's go. Come on!

Come on, Will.
Let's go. It's a party!

Get up now, boy!
Come on, get up! Get up!

You know what
this is, boy? Pop off.

It's a quarter, sir.

Shut up!

Open your mouth and
stick out your tongue.

All right, move it. Let's see
those knees on those chins.

Swallow it.

That's good, boy.
That's real good.

You're gonna be
my little piggy bank.

Come on, Ken, we're
gonna miss the sweat party!

Let's go. Come on. Let's go!

Go, Seabiscuit!

Mark! Mark, Mark,
where's Pearce?

Hey, find your own victims, huh?

Come on, fat boy!

Let's go. Let's go. Come on.

I hope you said your prayers

because we're
gonna kill you tonight!

What do you think of that, huh?!

Nothing, sir.

Shut up! I want
you to stick your dick

in the asshole in front of you!

You hear me, you
vultures? You pantywaists!

You pussies! I'm gonna
rip your balls off, pal!

Go on! You hear me? You pussies!

You afterbirth! I hate
you! I wanna kill all of you!

You hear me?

Freeze, nigger! Don't
take another goddamn step!

What's the matter with you, boy?

Didn't you understand
what I just said?

He's gonna die, sir!

What? He's gonna die!

He's not gonna die, Mr. Pearce.
He's gonna be just fine.

Keep your...



Fourteen. You better
get it up, nigger boy.

They're gonna send you
home in a box to your mammy.

Let's shish-kebab this coon.

Come on, John, let
me hold the sword.

You just keep on, boy.
Nobody told you to stop.

You know the rules, Alexander.

You can have any fun you want,

but you touch one hair
on any of my lambs,

and you'll pay the Bear.

Yes, sir! All right,
Pearce, pull-ups! Move it!

Get up, you nigger!

Bubba, don't make
me do your job again.

Yes! Pull-ups!

Get up, boy!

You're dead meat now, boy!

Let's go!

Get up! What are
you doing lying down?

Oh, God, get up! I want
you on your feet right now!

Get up at attention! I
don't care if you die or not!

Now, get up! You
wanna become a man?

Yes, sir.

Well, you better start
working on it right now!

You know what I mean?
Get rid of that stomach!

You can't be a
scumbag in this school!

We only have men here!
You wanna stay around?!

Shut up! I don't wanna
hear you anymore!

I want you to either become
a person or nothing, okay?!

You can get out of here tonight
or else you can become a man!

You understand me?!

Pig! Pig, stop it!

Pig, stop it!

I'll take care of Poteete.
I'll take care of it.

Come on, big boy!
Come on home to Daddy!

They can't make me leave here.

I don't care what they do to me.
They can't make me leave here.

They can't make me leave here.
They can't make me leave here!

Well, then, Poteete,
you can't cry.

You've got to stop crying,
or they're gonna run you out.

You can't cry or piss
in your pants or nothing.

I've never pissed in my pants.


Neither did a friend
of mine till Hell Night.

Then he couldn't stop
pissing in his pants.

But they'll run
you out if you cry.

I won't cry.

Morning mess
formation in two hours.

Want everybody sleeping soundly.

Morning mess
formation in two hours.

Get some sleep in there!

Pearce. Pearce.

Shut up. Go to sleep, man.

I can't.


Come on.

Help! Help!

Look down, mister.

Pop to, mister.



Do you know who's behind you?


The Ten. The Ten is behind you.

You'd be better
off stepping forward

than stepping back into
the hands of The Ten.

You face us, boy,
you're going on the ride.

You're going down the hole.

Don't move.

Don't turn around.

Fall in!

Come on, maggots!

What are you looking at?

Rack that chin in!
Rack it in! Rack it in!

What are you doing?

I'm gonna have your
ass for breakfast.

I'm gonna have
your ass on toast.

What are you looking at?

You wanna look up my butt?
I'll stick your head up my butt.

What are you looking at?!

Shut up! You
think that's funny?!


Who...? Who is that?

That's Poteete.

Poteete! Goddamn it, you
fat faggot, get down here!

All right, eyes straight ahead.

You stay in formation.

Poteete, get down from here.

I can't, sir.

Why not?

They won't let me.

Poteete, there's nobody up here.

I don't wanna face The Ten.

If I face The Ten,
I'm going on a ride.


I'm going down the hole.

Who told you that?

But, sir, I...


I'm tired, sir.

Come on, we'll get
you in the cooler.


It's the infirmary, Poteete.

The infirmary so you get
some sleep. Get some sleep.


Just get some sleep. Come on.


Oh, shit.

What do you mean? Come
on, what do you mean?

I mean, the Bear's ordered
me to look after Pearce,

and that's exactly
what I'm gonna do.

Some people don't belong here.

Is that the way you feel?

I don't want us to
fight over the system.

No, let's fight about it
if that's what he wants.

Okay, Will, you're
against the system.

You're against patriotism.

We all know what you're
against. Now tell us what you're for.

Us, here in this room.

And Pearce.


He doesn't belong here.

Why the hell are you doing this?

Well, how about
because it's right?

Oh, I get it. I understand now.

Will is a candidate
for sainthood.

That's it. We gotta
wire the pope.

St. Will, protector of niggers

and all other forms
of alligator bait.

Forgive us, Will,
for we have sinned.

Oh, pray for us, Will, now and
at the hour of our death, amen.

Oh, please help me
pass biology, Will.

Make us nice to niggers.

Intercede for us, Will.

We're just the
dirt on your shoes.

So good. So right. So clean.

Kick me in the
teeth, St. Willie.

The general wants to see you.

Durrell? I don't even
have any demerits yet.

The great man waiteth, Bubba.

Sir, Cadet McClean
reporting as ordered,


You have lint on your
blouse, Mr. McClean.

I sent for you because I noticed

that you didn't
participate in Hell Night.

No, sir.


Well, sir,

as I didn't like it very much
when it was done to me,

and I didn't want to
do it to anybody else.

There's a statement
here in your record

that you applied for
admission to the Institute

at the request of
your dying father.

Yes, sir.

He figured it'd make
a man of me, sir.

But your record
during your Knob year

indicates anything
but manly behavior.

It's childish.

Yes, sir. If it hadn't
been for the...

If it hadn't been for
Colonel Berrineau,

I don't think I
would have made it.

Well, let's be glad that
the colonel could help.

Let's see, it's,
uh, Will, isn't it?

Yes, sir.

At ease, Will.

How do you think I
feel about Hell Night?

Well, I don't know, sir.

I hate it.

I loathe deliberate cruelty
because I'm a soldier,

not a sadist.

But, Will, you
have to understand

the purpose of the Institute.

We are called to produce
something special,

almost unique in
this day and age:

the whole man.

The system is
hard, but it's fair.

And more importantly, it works.

Yes, sir. It's just...


Well, sir, will it
work for Mr. Pearce?


What's your interest
in Mr. Pearce?

Oh, well, the whole school's
interested in Cadet Pearce, sir.

Let me tell you something, Will.
I've seen combat in two wars.

And I've seen heroism.

But I've never seen
greater courage

than that displayed
by Mr. Pearce

when he walked
through our gates.

The system will work,
even for Mr. Pearce.

Yes, sir.

But for it to work, Will,

it needs... It must have
your active participation.

Even in the hazing
of Knobs, sir?

Certainly hazing of Knobs.
That's part of your duty, Will.

The Institute is
asking for your help.

So am I.

Yes, sir.

Well, that's all I have to say.
Thank you for coming in, Will.

Bear, what's The Ten?

The what?

The Ten.

That's a funny question, Bubba.

Is it? Why?

Well, when I was a cadet here,

back before the
beginning of time...

When dinosaurs ruled the earth.

That's right, Bubba.

Well, back then, they used
to say that the cadre sleeps,

Corps of Cadets
sleeps, but The Ten...

they don't never sleep.

I guess everything comes
back around sooner or later.

Don't you know, Bubba,

nothing ever
changes around here?

Yes, sir.

And that's the way I like it.

Except for Pearce.

Except for Pearce.

What's the hole, Bear?


the hole is where The
Ten would take you

if you cross the Institute
in thought, word or deed,

even in your dreams.

Into the bowels of
the Earth, into hellfire.

Even if you come out alive,
you wish you was dead.


Is the hole a real place?

Is hell a real place?

I don't know.

I don't know either, Bubba.

But I know one thing, I sure
as hell don't wanna go there.

You know what I mean?


Will. Poteete.


Stupid ass, get off the roof!

Get down, boy! Come
on, boy, get down!


What the hell's going on?



If I do this,

they'll leave me alone!


They'll let me be a cadet,

and they'll let
me wear the ring!

Who, Poteete?! Who?!



Oh, God.

You know, I think
the general's at fault

for letting somebody
like Poteete in.

Or Poteete's father.
Now, he should've known

that the guy was unbalanced.

You and I were not
the toughest guys

to ever walk in Durrell Gate.

We went through Hell
Night, and we didn't go crazy.

Yeah, but it was something else.

It was somebody else.

Somebody else what?

Somebody didn't want Poteete in.

Got scared,

thought he might stick it out.

Who is this?

I don't know.

Just something Poteete said.

Was this after he cracked up?


Tell me something, you wouldn't
let Pearce in here, would you?

Not unless he came
to cut the grass.

Will, I don't have
anything against Pearce.

It's just the way it is.

It's just the way
it's always been.

Get your knees
up this high, boy.

Why don't you just
get the hell out of here,

make it easier on everybody.

Don't worry about me, sir!


They won't run me out, sir!

Well, if they try, I
wanna know about it.


Come to me, just
me. You understand?

If anything happens,
anything weird,

anything at all,

you tell me.

This is gonna be
the last time we talk,

so if you've got
something you wanna say,

leave a note for
me in the library,

in a book called

The Decline of the West
by Oswald Spengler.

Hasn't been checked out
in the history of the Institute.

Okay, get down and
give me some pushups,

impress the white trash.

Too young to fall in love ♪

Goddamn these
fucking logarithms.

I say, fuck English lit.

Fuck it in the nose.
Fuck it in the ear.

Hey, hey, look.

Guys, I was just
kidding with Gooch

about Teresa's
picture, you know that.

But I tell you, it makes me
feel kind of funny to hear

that kind of language going
on when I can see her face

right in front of me.

That's ridiculous, Pig.

I know it is, but
I can't help it.

Turn her picture to the wall.

I couldn't do that.

I mean, she inspires
me to study this shit.

Shit? Now you said it, "shit."

You see what I mean?

It's always "fuck,"
"shit," "piss,"

all the time around here.

I mean, if she could hear
this, it would embarrass her.

Now, Pig, this is a photograph.

I know that.

It can't see, smell,
hear, taste, right? Mark.

Now, Mr. Santoro, if
you'd please address

a few obscene remarks to this
totally inanimate photograph.

Jesus, would you look
at the tits on that bitch.

Pig, how we doing?

Okay. Tradd.

My, but I would dearly love
to play a little hide the sausage

with that spectacular
piece of wop ass.


She can't... She can't hear you.


She can't hear you!


Hi, baby.

How would you like
a hot flesh injection

with the old pork sword, huh?

Nine inches of steaming
kong up that tight little...

I'm gonna kill you for that!

Platoon! Attention!

Left, right, left!



How's Mr. Pearce making out?

He's okay, I guess.

You guess?

Yeah, no notes in
Decline of the West.

Well, what do you hear?

He's taking a lot of shit.

He's tough. One tough nigger.

That's good, huh?

Makes your job
a whole lot easier.

Yeah, lucky me.


Hey. CADET 3: Hey!

Hey, little monkey.

Carolina, keep us faithful ♪

True to duty, true to thee ♪

God of battles Guard
our homeland ♪

Keep her steadfast
Ever bravest ♪

Bound to freedom
Pride and glory ♪

Fabled still In song and story ♪

By the ties Of ring and line ♪

Carolina ♪

Keep us strong ♪

Gentlemen of the
fourth year, be seated.

Tonight, it is my privilege

to welcome you to the
brotherhood of the ring.

The fellowship of the line.

The ring is a sacred symbol

of the Institute and its ideals.

Those of you who wear it...

will, for the rest
of your lives.

Gentlemen, I had
a rather long speech

prepared to deliver
to you this evening,

but less than one hour
ago, I received a message,

which I believe expresses
the ideals of the ring

far better than any words
which I can command.

With your permission,

I would like to read it to you.

"To General Bentley Durrell,

"commander, Carolina
Military Institute. General:

"It is my sad duty to report to
you the death of your son, Jack.

"He was killed while
practicing parachute descents.

"It may help you to know
that it was a simple accident,

"that no one was at fault,

"and that your boy
suffered no pain.

"He was a fine soldier.



and always
attentive to his duty."


The ring.

The ring.

The line.

The line.

I wish I was in the
land of cotton ♪

Old times there
Are not forgotten ♪

Look away ♪

Look away ♪

Look away, Dixieland ♪

In Dixieland ♪

Where I was born in ♪

Early on one frosty morning ♪

Look away ♪

Look away ♪

Look away, Dixieland ♪

And I wish I was in Dixie ♪

Hooray, hooray ♪

In Dixieland... ♪

What's the matter, boy,
you forget the words?


No. I know the words.

These are the finest
young men in the world, Will.

And you're one of them.

That ring on your
finger says so,

and I say so.

That I wish I was in Dixie ♪

Hooray, hooray ♪

In Dixieland I'll
take my stand ♪

To live and die in Dixie ♪

Away, away ♪

Away down south in Dixie ♪

Away, away ♪

Away down soooooouth ♪

in Dixie ♪

You gonna leave
my school, mister?

No, sir!

Face right!




All present or accounted
for, Mr. McClean.

Thanks, Mr. Macabbee.

All right, turd-brains,

And sacrifice ♪

I told you we never talk. Never.

Why don't you answer
the notes, then?


Why don't you answer the notes?

Move out, Pearce.

Lest we forget ♪

Lest we forget ♪

Mine are the fathers... ♪

What the hell are
you talking about?

I left four notes.

I told you I was
scared. I said...

That's bullshit, Pearce.

I check The Decline
of the West every day.

What'd the notes say?

We would lose all
For that we hold ♪

The minion of... ♪

What are you doing?

Oh, goddamn.

Who did this to you?

It was in the dark.
Like with Poteete.

And he said... Who was it?

I don't know.

But he said if I don't
get out in two weeks,

I'll be going on a ride.

I'll be going down the hole.

And even if I get out
alive, I'll wish I was dead.

I swear to God, I'm gonna
find out who did this to you.

I've earned the
right to be here!

Whatever it takes, if I
could just see it coming...

All right, all right, okay.

Now, we gotta find out who's
been intercepting the notes.

Who's your roommate?

I don't talk to him.

I don't talk to anybody.

What about yours?

Shit, no.

No one knows but you and me.

Somebody else knows.

Somebody else knows.


Forward, march!

Left. Left. Left.

Left. Left.

Squad, halt!


Ready, face!





Excuse me.

Here we go.


Oh, be careful.

Why, Teresa, what is that?

It's a miniature ring.

It's supposed to mean
we're engaged to be engaged.

But it really means
we're just plain engaged.


To be married.


Let me just show you something.


My daddy thinks he's gonna
be the next General Patton.


Old Blood and Guts Pignetti.


That's what we call
him around the dorm.

Don't you listen to
them, now. All right.

Congratulations, my
dear, to the both of you.

Thank you.

They're happy.

Sure, they'd better be happy.

Mr. St. Croix.

Good evening, colonel.

Hi, Mrs. Bear.

That's Mrs. Berrineau
to you, Pignetti.

Yes, sir.

Excuse me, dear.


Evening, Santoro.

Pretty lady you got with you.
Charlotte, this is the colonel.

Hello. Enjoy the show.

Let's get some punch. Bubba.


Some punch? Yeah.

Here you are.

What the hell's going on, Bubba?

I don't know, colonel.

Are you gonna tell me
what this is all about,

or you just gonna go on
acting like a goddamn asshole?

Yeah, I'll talk to you if
you want, but not here.

Come on, then.

I wanna hear this.

Will you excuse me,
just a minute? Uh-huh.

All right, Bubba, shoot.

Why didn't you tell
me The Ten was real?

I never said The
Ten wasn't real.

You said...

I said, it was a legend.

Look, Bubba, back where I
grew up, back in Greenville,

they used to say that the
Klan nightriders was ghosts

of Confederate
soldiers killed in the war.

Now, that was legend.

The Klan was real.

You're trying to put
me off the track, Bear.

What happened, Bubba?

Tell me what else you
know about The Ten.

They used to say it was made
up of the ten outstanding cadets

of each senior class.

All of them sworn to uphold
the honor of the Institute

against anyone or anything.

And all of them sworn
on their lives to secrecy.

You wouldn't know
who any of The Ten was

unless you was one of The Ten.

But the officials knew about it?

Nobody knew about it for sure.

Except The Ten.

Why didn't you
tell me this before?

Because what the
hell does it matter?

Ten, nine or 29,
it's all just cadets,

just like yourself, just
like all the rest of them.

Unless the
Institute's behind it.

What are you talking about, boy?

Well, you want Pearce out
of here as bad as anybody.

I never said I didn't.

But you had to keep
appearances up,

so you appointed
somebody to look after him.

Somebody like me, a screwup,
wouldn't get in anybody's way.

What happened, Bubba?

Why in the hell did you
take Pearce's notes?

I never took anybody's notes.

I'm scared of you, Bear.

Why? Why are you
scared of me, boy?

I'm scared you lied to me.

Because if you
lied to me, then...

Then everything you told
me about being a cadet,

and everything
I've been through,

and everything Mark and Pig

and Tradd's been
through, has been a joke.

Now, listen, Bubba.

If ten guys can go
around in the dark,

can change the rules any time
they want and get away with it,

if that's the honor
of this Institute,

then that ring is a piece
of crap. It's a piece of shit.

You get out of my sight,
boy. You're making me sick.

Mr. McClean,

you got a lot of
growing up to do.

The whole thing seems
a little silly to me, Will.

The Ten, the Cracker
Jacks, the Milwaukee Braves,

who the hell cares?

I-it's still just a bunch of
assholes beating up a nigger.

So, what else is new?

It's not just
beating up a nigger.

It's running a cadet out of here

because somebody
doesn't like his face.

Pearce took everything
this place had to dish out.

And that's the system, buddy.


And Pearce beat it. He made it.

And that pissed somebody off,

and now they wanna
change the rules.

They wanna change the system.

Hey, listen, you guys.

I spent everything I had
on Teresa's gardenia.

Now, how about
a little contribution

to even up the, uh, kitty?

All even.

Just a loan, guys, okay?

Will, look, this Ten stuff
is probably just some crap

they made up to spook Pearce.

Well, I'm gonna find out.

And I want you guys to help me.

Whatever you say,
paisan. Let's go.

You don't even know
what I'm talking about.

I don't gotta know.
See, I love to rack ass.

White ass, black ass,
yellow ass, I don't care.


Forget it, Will.

We only got a little while till
graduation. I say we sit tight.

Well, I'm not gonna sit tight.

You know what
you're doing, Will?

You're putting our
friendship on the line

for somebody you
don't even know.

Yeah, that's what I'm doing.

I'm putting our
friendship on the line.

Now, how about it?

Okay, Will, I'm
in. What the hell.

I'd rather get my
teeth kicked in

than memorize a
periodic table any day.


Don't know much about history ♪

Don't know much of biology ♪

Don't know much
about A science book ♪

How's it going, Will?

How you doing, guys?

Bobby. Good to see you.

How are you?

Come on, Bobby, sit down, huh?

Yeah, sit down, Bentley.

Tell me, you still
pissing in your pants,

or did that clear up?

No, Mark, since
I left the Institute,

just cleared right up.

Hey, to Frank Sinatra, okay?

To tradition. To the Institute.

Don't be an asshole.

I'll be glad to drink
to the Institute,

if that's what you want, Mark.
Whatever it means to you.

So, what do you
want to know, Will?

I wanna know
about our Hell Night.

- When you disappeared.
- I didn't disappear.

The hell you didn't.

I was taken.

- Pssh. Taken, my ass.
- Taken by who?

Well, you don't see much
when you're blindfolded

and thrown in
the trunk of a car.

They said, "You're
going on the ride.

"You're going down the hole.

And even if you
come out alive..."

"You'll wish you were dead."

That's right.

It started out like a regular
sweat party, then it got worse.

How worse? I...
What'd they do to you?

I'll never say what
they did to me.

Well, Bobby, I mean, why didn't
you say anything to the Bear

or some TAC officer?

Why don't you go to hell!

When I was riding back
in the trunk of that car,

I thought nobody wanted to
wear that ring as much as me,

but now...

I decided then I didn't
want any part of that school.

And I still don't.

You got dealt some bad
cards, huh, paisan? That's all.

Listen, Bentley, did you hear
any names or any nicknames?

Not until about a year ago.

I was in this bar when I
heard a voice from that house.

How do you know?

Because I nearly pissed
my pants when I heard it.

Well, who was it?

Who was the bastard? Come on!

I didn't know him then,

but I had my
girlfriend ask around.

His name is Dan McIntyre.
He's in first-year law here.

He was our battalion
commander our Knob year.

First-class prick.

Drink up, Bobby.

Look, you swear he
said that about Teresa?

I swear. If I was
you, I'd... Here he is.

He's dead.

Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.

Shut up. Shut up.

I'm jealous.

Nail him!


Let go of me!

Okay. TRADD: It's coming.

Who are you?! I'm a
professional lawyer!

Yeah, well, counselor, you just
answer a couple of questions,

we'll let you go.

Otherwise, you can try
being a professional lawyer

without any legs.

What the hell is this?!

All right! All right! What
do you wanna know?!

Are you a member of an
organization known as The Ten?

Never heard of it.

He never heard of it.

Oh, well.

Sing, you little shit!

You wear the ring! You'd do
this to one of your brothers?

Bye-bye, brother.

All right! All right! I'm in
The Ten! Now, let me go!

Where's the hole? What?

Where is the hole?!

Mclntyre, I'm a nice guy,
don't make me leave you here.

Mclntyre, where is the house?

Come on!

The house is General Durrell's
plantation on Pritchard Island.

Now, cut me loose!

Sorry, McIntyre, you
didn't give us enough time.

There just ain't
enough time, buddy!

Oh, Jesus! Jesus!

You bastards!

Where's Pearce? They took him.

Who took him? They
took him in the dark!


I'm going.

I think it's too late, paisan.

It's way too late.

Well, it doesn't
matter, I'm going.

The barracks are closed, Will.
You'll never get past the guard.

Hey, what do you mean?
He wants to go, he goes.

Will. Hey.


What the hell's going on here?!




One little boy!

Let's waste him right now.

Come on, boy!

Oh, a stinking nigger.

Get your stinking
nigger out of here.

This isn't funny, is it?

You gonna leave my
school, you goddamn nigger?

No, sir!

We're gonna kill
us a nigger tonight!

You're gonna die...

Do it again.

Let's juice him!


Juice him.

Juice him.

Get him again.

Settle down, little pussy!

Let's set this coon on fire.

- All right!
- On fire!

Fire. On fire, boy.


He's gonna burn.


He's gonna burn. Yeah!

He's gonna burn.

Show him how it is.

Sir, I'll leave! Please, sir!

I'll leave, sir! Please,
sir, I'll leave, sir!

Please! I'll leave, sir!

I'll leave, sir!

I've got you, you bastards!
Goddamn it! I seen your cars.

I know your names.

Come on!

Kill him!

Go get him! Come on!

Better run, you faggot!

Let's get him! There! I
want that son of a bitch!

Don't let him get away!

Pig, cut 'em off!

Get him, Caine.

We got him!

Get him!

Get him. Cut him off!

I got him.

Let's go! Surprise!


Saving your ass again,
McClean. Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, let's
hurry up! Right now!


Come on!



You deserve this pain. I
should pickle your head.

Hey, paisan, you
missed the big one.

Yeah, somebody had to let
you fools back into the barracks.

Oh, we got their names too.

Alexander, Gilbreath,
Braselton, Collins.

Yes, and they've
got the general.

Which leaves us up shit creek.

Will, I'm ready to
stomp anybody any time.

It won't help.

I say we're lucky if
we graduate now.

I say we make peace with them.


I say we kick ass!

Pearce. How you doing?

Fine, sir.

Fine, huh?

Last time I saw you, you
smelled like a gasoline station.


Hey, at ease, Pearce.

I'm talking about them
throwing gasoline on you.

No one's throwing gas
on me, Mr. McClean.

What are you talking about?

Hey, boy. How'd
you sleep last night?

I slept fine, sir.



I don't think
Mr. McClean slept so well.

He's been talking like he's
been having some nightmares.

Yes, sir.


You bastard.

Take it easy, McClean.

The nigger's safe as long
as he keeps his mouth shut.

So are you.

Now, you got what you wanted.

This is a truce.

Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

What I want... are
your balls on a plate,

and I'm gonna get them.

What are you gonna
do? Go tell the Bear?

No, I'm not gonna tell the Bear.

But I'm gonna tell some people.

Maybe newspapers.

I got ten friends who will swear

I was studying in
barracks last night,

and I'll swear the
same about them.

Only because it's true, McClean.

Oh, go to hell.

On the other hand,

I don't like aggravation.

Now, you start spreading
fairy tales about this Institute,

and you'll be out on
your ass, McClean.

And you can take your roommates
with you. It can be arranged.

You leave my
roommates out of this.

It's too late for that, McClean.

I'm gonna stop this.
I don't know how,

but I'm gonna stop it. Dead.

Okay, if that's the
way you wanna play it.

Oh, by the way, did
you hear what happened

to poor, old Bobby Bentley?

What about Bobby Bentley?

He fell down a stairwell
at Columbia this morning.

Broke his arm.

Real klutz, huh?

Just goes to show you, McClean,

you gotta be careful...

and smart.

Room, attention!

It's a setup, Will. They
were watching me.

Shut up, Mr. Pignetti!

Mr. McClean,

I'm remanding this cadet to
your custody until 2400 hours,

when you will see
that he reports promptly

to a special convention
of the Honor Court.

This cadet has been
accused of stealing

and informed of his
rights and obligations

under the Institute's
Honor Code.

Do you understand
my report, Mr. McClean?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Pig, what happened?

It's ridiculous.

They saw me taking
some gas out of Will's car.

Oh, Jesus.

I knew you wouldn't mind.
They said I was stealing.

How could I steal from you?

You couldn't.

You and Tradd gotta defend me.

You guys gotta
explain how it is.

Your Honor, I would like to call

Senior Private
McClean to the floor.

Mr. McClean,

will you tell us how you felt
when you heard that Mr. Pignetti

had been accused of
stealing gas from your car?

I was relieved.

Why would you be relieved?

Your Honor, this is ridiculous.


Why would you be relieved?

Well, if it had
been any other car,

then Mr. Pignetti might well
have been guilty of stealing,

but in our room, we share.

We borrow from each other.

There's no way he
could've been stealing.

Then, as far as
you're concerned,

Mr. Pignetti had a kind
of implicit permission

to take gas from your car.

To take anything.

It was understood.

Then you, as the
so-called victim in this case,

state that nothing
was stolen from you.


Thank you, Mr. McClean.
You may sit down.

I just have one or two
questions for Mr. McClean.

Now, Mr. McClean, I'm
sure that we're all... touched

by the communal arrangements

between yourself
and your roommates,

but they're not really
pertinent to this case.

What we want to know is,

did you or did you not

give Mr. Pignetti
specific permission

to take gas from your
car on this specific night?

Well, not specific
permission, but we had a...

Thank you, Mr. McClean.

Yeah, but we had an ongoing...

Thank you, Mr. McClean.
You may sit down.

Yeah, but...

You may sit down, Mr. McClean.

Your Honor, I would like to call

Cadet Dante
Pignetti to the stand.

Why, Mr. Rowland, you're aware,

and I'm sure the
defense counsel is aware,

that no cadet is
compelled to bear witness

in a case against himself.

I-I-I don't mind talking.

Mr. Pignetti, you understand?

I understand.


Mr. Pignetti,

you must be very impressed
by the loyalty of your friends.

I am.

I think we all are.

I think all of us are
willing to forgive a friend

who's transgressed against us.

It's human nature.

But the Institute's
Code of Honor

embodies an ideal that
transcends human nature.

Not all of us can live up to
it, but all of us have to try.

Your Honor, I object.

The prosecution
is making a speech.

I'm merely trying to
point out, Your Honor,

that what Mr. McClean feels
now about Mr. Pignetti's action

is not pertinent here.

The Honor Manual
defines stealing

as taking property
without due authority.

Now, goodwill between roommates

does not constitute
due authority.

Your Honor...

What is your
question, Mr. Rowland?

I will simply ask Mr. Pignetti

the question that I
asked Mr. McClean.

Mr. Pignetti, did you or did you
not receive specific permission

to take gas from
Mr. McClean's car?

Well, I-I...

It's a very simple
question, Mr. Pignetti.

Yes or no will suffice.



Gentlemen, we'll adjourn.


At 0200 hours, this court
delivered to General Durrell

a verdict of guilty in the
case of Cadet Dante Pignetti.

Accompanying the verdict

was a strong
recommendation for leniency.

The recommendation
for leniency...

was denied.

This court will reconvene
on the parade ground

in two hours for final action.

Mr. St. Croix, as
defense counsel,

you will confiscate
Institute property.

What does he mean,
"Institute property"?

You gotta give
him your ring, Pig.


Pig, give him the ring.

No! It's mine, okay?!

Give him the goddamn ring.

The Honor Court has met
and found Pignetti, D.A.,

guilty of stealing.

His name will never
be mentioned again

by a member of the Institute.

Let him go from us forever.

Let him begin The Walk of Shame.


Get laid, asshole.

Come on, turn around,
that's the way it's played.

Platoon, atten-hut!

Dust on the press,
four demerits.

Lint on the cover, four demos.

You gotta be...

Shut up, Mr. McClean.

Shoes not polished
to Institute standards,

three demos.

Fingerprints on the
brass, three demos.

This place is a goddamn pigsty.

One of you boys been
pissing in this sink?

Five demos.

All right, move, tough guys!
Move it! Move it! Move it!

Go on!

Get up. Get up. Move it!

So at least we know
how they're gonna do it.

Yeah, they're gonna run
us out on excess demerits.

It's foolproof.

All they gotta do is
keep hitting us with those.

Everything from stains
on our underwear to...

dirty light bulbs.

How many you got now?


Will and I got 35 each.

I figure we'll be out
in about three days.

Hey, was it worth it, Will?

Four years down
the drain for a nigger?

It wasn't for the nigger.

It was never for the nigger.

No, it was for you.

So you could be a hero.

Shut up, Tradd!

We went along with
him. We didn't have to.

I'm sorry, Will.

So, what are we gonna
do? Just sit here and take it?

Nope. No, there's
something I can do.

What, Will?

Just me. It doesn't
involve you guys.


I got a deal for you.

No deals.

You had your chances.

I think you're
gonna like this one.

I'll resign today...

if you lay off Mark and Tradd.

Now, that might be acceptable.


But you deliver your
resignation to me...

in writing.

All right.


You forgot to say thank you.

Thank you.

Down easy.

All right, right in the water.

I don't know, paisan.

It's not right.

Of course it's right.

I got you into this,
I gotta get you out.

What do you make of that?

It's Commerce.

And McIntyre.

How you doing partner?

Yes, sir.

We come down to
check on the water,

make sure it's still here.

What Tradd wants to do...

Man, don't talk about it here.

Jesus Christ, I hope
your car's out there.

Don't worry.

Well, I hope it starts.

This is our last shot, Will.

You got the key?

Yeah, I got the key.

When Commerce was in
France, he bought himself a whore.

Don't read the personal stuff.

Oh, right, we don't wanna pry.

Jesus Christ.


Mark, what?

It's from his junior year.

"Later on that evening,
after Corps Day,

"I was inducted into
a secret organization

known as The Ten."


And there's a list of The
Ten that goes way back.

Here's Durrell.

God almighty.

And the Bear's not in here.

Well, he's probably
got a list of The Ten

for every year
since he's graduated.

Let's get them, bud.

Take a look at our year.

Shit, somebody's here.

That son of a bitch.

Come on, let's get outta here.

Why, that son of a bitch.

Come on, Wilkes.

Come on, come on.
Forget it. Let's go.


How long did you know?

Since last night.

I read Commerce's journals.

You bastard. That key...

You remember our
roommate's name?

Do you?

I do.

But I'm not allowed to say it.

Help me say it, Tradd.

Help me say our
roommate's name, Tradd!

Will, stop!

You don't understand
about The Ten.

It isn't about what
they did to Pearce.

It's the ten finest cadets
of the senior class.

Oh, please.

Look, it's people
like my father.

It's the only thing I ever
earned in my whole life.

And it meant something to him.

You earned our friendship.

All right, then give
it to me now, Will.

I didn't like what
The Ten was doing.

I was trying to make them stop.

I was working from the inside.

Will, I'm sorry about Poteete.

I'm sorry about...

our roommate.

Were you sorry when
you informed on him?

Were you sorry
when you sat around

collecting demerits
with me and Mark

when you knew you
weren't gonna get kicked out?

Will. You called the plantation

when I was out
there with Pearce.

You took Pearce's notes.

And you blew it
for Bobby Bentley.

Will, will you just listen?

When The Ten ruled
that you guys had to go,

I argued for you. I pleaded.

I told them that I
could use our friendship

to keep you quiet.

Tell Commerce I only
read what I had to.

Will, wait.

Get out of here, mister.
Go back outside and knock.

No, sir. I've come here
to give you my terms.

If you think I'm
going to be impressed

by the insolence of a
goddamned impertinent schoolboy,

you are very much mistaken.

Your papers of expulsion
are right on this desk.

Don't you sign that.

Give me your ring, mister.

Are you out of your mind?

The power of The Ten is secrecy.

I'd call it cowardice,
but that's not important.

What is important is
that I know the secret.

Good morning, general.

Mr. McClean here tells me

that you're running
him out of the school.

I am not running
him out of school.

I'm expelling him
for excess demerits.

I wonder, sir, if I could take
this opportunity to accuse you

of being a goddamn liar.

Mr. McClean has given
me a list of The Ten

over the past 30 years

and of the boys they've
run out of the school.

I've contacted 12 of those boys.

They've all
volunteered to swear,

in court, if necessary,

that they were taken
to your plantation house

their last night as cadets.

Do you understand
what you're doing?

Now, you may recall
on numerous occasions

you told me that the
activities of The Ten

were as mysterious to
yourself as they were to me.

That wasn't exactly
true, now, was it, general?

What do you want, colonel?

It's your hand now, Bubba.

You play it.

I got three demands, general.

I'm waiting, Mr. McClean.

First, we graduate.

All of us.

That means that our
roommate, Cadet Dante Pignetti,

be enrolled in the fall so
he can complete his term.


Second, that The
Ten be dissolved.

Dissolved and acknowledged

before a general
assembly of cadets.


And your resignation.

My resignation?!

You want my resignation?!

Hell, yes!

You know what those boys
went through down the hole.

I hold you personally
responsible for it!

Now, if you'll have a
look out the window,

you'll see Mark Santoro
holding 50 letters

addressed to reporters
throughout the state.

In them is a brief
description of The Ten,

a list of their names,
including your own, general.

And their activities.

Words like "kidnapping"
and "torture" are used.

If I walk out of here
without my ring,

Mark's gonna mail
every damn one of them.

I order you to stop this!

No, sir, it's too late for that.

Because you'd
do it, wouldn't you?

You bet your ass, general.

I think it'd be best for
the school and for you

if you were to retire quietly

after the end of
the school year.

Mr. McClean, your terms...

are acceptable.


Mr. McClean.

I know how you
must feel about me.

You saved my life, and
I turned my back on you.

You did what you
had to do, I guess.

Yes, sir.

See, I'm the first,

and if I don't make it,

the next nigger has my record
around his neck like a rock.

You'll make it.

I'm counting on you to make it.

Yes, sir, I will.

Now, move your
ass, Pearce. Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

So long, Bubba.

So long, Bear.

I'll be seeing you.

You forgot something.


Go on, take it.

You earned it.