The Long Riders (1980) - full transcript

The origins, exploits and the ultimate fate of the Jesse James gang is told in a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers made up of brothers who begin their legendary bank raids because of revenge.


(gunfire continues)

- Can't he go any faster, Jesse?
- He's goin' fast enough, Ed.


- You watch them people, Frank.
- Shut up, Ed!

- What about that safe?
- There ain't no safe, Ed.

All the money's in the strongbox
and in the cash drawers.

I don't believe you.
You got a safe in here some place.

Tell me where it is or I'm gonna
put a bullet in your brainpan.

Get outta there, Ed.

Have you gone crazy, Ed?

- (screams)
- Watch it, Jesse!


How long will it take
that posse to get here?

There won't be one.

They'll go about ten miles
and get tired,

and go back and call the Pinkertons.

How come we're standin' guard?

'Cause every once in a while I'm wrong.

We'll take you upriver
to the Mimms' house.

Get the bullet out there.

You stay quiet now.

Come here, Ed.

Jesse! Jesse!

- Shit! What'd you do that for?
- Panickin' and shootin' innocent folks.

That's for goddamn
gettin' me near killed!

Shit, I didn't mean no harm.

You're through, Ed.
You ain't gonna ride with me no more.

Are you gonna take that off him?

I seen what you done.

You may be family,
but I ain't sidin' with ya.

You're on your own.

Cole, give him his cut.

You threw yourself away a good livin'.

Now listen good.

Anybody connects the Jameses
or the Youngers with that bank,...

-'re a dead man.
- (spits)

(♫ country music)

What the hell was that all about?

Damned if I know.

♫ And although he may be poor

♫ Not a man shall be a slave

♫ Shouting the battle cry

♫ Of freedom

You boys hear what I hear?

I hear it.

Yeah, I'd better go talk to this fella.


♫ ..from the east and from the west

♫ Shouting the battle cry

♫ Of freedom

♫ And we'll prove a loyal crew...

You got real nice hands.
They're real pretty.

♫ Shouting the battle cry...

You wanna keep 'em?

It was just a request.

Well, I got a request of my own.

"I'm a Good Ol' Rebel".

(♫ band strikes up tune)

♫ Oh, I'm a good old rebel

♫ Now that's just what I am

♫ For this fair land of freedom

♫ I do not care a damn...

♫ I'm glad I fought against it

♫ I only wish we'd won

♫ And I don't want no pardon

♫ For anything I done

You keep losin', you're gonna
have to rob another train,...

..scare some more
innocent folk half to death.

- Never liked people standin' behind me.
- Most people would be flattered.

Ain't often
Belle Shirley stands behind a man.

I reckon that's the truth.

Are you still askin' $15?

I sure am.

Well, ain't nothin' worth that price.

Well, I don't figure I missed much.

But I'll tell you what I will do.

I'll go twelve and a half for you,
since you're about to go broke.


I only got eleven. I'll cut you for it.

Make your move.

I'll be go to hell.

When your luck changes,
you feel free to call on me.

Everybody ante up.

Women... I love 'em.

We was all in the war.

Robbin' the first Yankee bank
because we didn't know no better.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

After that we was...
just in the habit.

So I guess we'll just...
keep on goin'...

..till they lock us up or hang us.

You've hardly given yourself
time enough to heal.

I gotta get back to things.

Ma needs money
to help keep the farm goin'.

I reckon your ma can keep the farm
goin' and a few more things to boot.

Well, the others
ain't no good without me.

They gotta have somebody
to make the plans.

But, uh... don't worry, Zee.

I'm comin' back for ya.

I thought you'd be over
with that Tebbs girl.

Maybe I oughta be. She's awful pretty.

If you think so. Course, every
fella round here's been to visit her.

I don't guess you
have that problem, Beth.

I have just as many visitors as I want.

- And you can count on it.
- Like who, for instance?

That's for me to know
and you to find out.

How can I find out,
if you won't tell me?

Jim Younger, there are some things
that a man does not ask a lady.

Beth, when you're old enough to call
yourself a lady, I'll keep that in mind.

Think maybe we oughta get married?
Is that what you want?

It seems that you proposed to me
durin' the war, about seven years ago.

That was different.

Except, uh...

..I always knew that...
you were the one.

I just didn't have nothin'
worked out, that's all.

That's a mouthful for Mr. Jesse James.

Well, it's a mouthful of truth.

What you gotta decide is if you
wanna get on the horse with me.

I'm gonna be honest about it, Zee.
I ain't gonna change the way I live.

Well, it ain't right
to try to change a person.

Truth is, Jesse,
I wouldn't like you any other way.

Next thing you know,
they'll get married and settle down.

First part, anyway.
He's askin' her today.

It doesn't go with the way he's livin'.

He'll be fine.

First gettin' shot,
then gettin' married...

Bad habits.

I'd like to have a white dress
and a proper weddin'.

- You want the whole county to be there.
- I do. A girl only gets married once.



I never was the marryin' kind, myself.

Kind of life I lead,
women spell trouble.

Footloose and fancy-free,
that's my style.

- What about you, friend?
- I ain't felt the call yet.

But if I was to meet a girl as pretty
as this one here, I could be persuaded.

I tell you something, mister. You best
watch your mouth, not look at my wife.

Sorry. Didn't mean no disrespect.

Course he didn't.
He was just being polite.

Hey, old man, put a cork in it a while.

Vernon, be polite.

Goddamn outlaws.

Vernon, why don't you
hand that over here?

Damn, you son of a bitch,
you're in it with 'em!

I would toss that shotgun away.

Throw down the box.

- You men fight for the Stars and Bars?
- Yes, sir. Proud of it.

- May I shake your hand? Bob Younger.
- George. George Arthur.

- Who were you with, George?
- General Jo Shelby.

What about you?

- I was with Shelby too.
- Where?

Cold Harbor.

Shelby weren't at Cold Harbor.
You're a goddamn liar!

- Shall I kill him?
- I would. I'd shoot the son of a bitch.

- Bob, take everything he has.
- Everything.

Let me give you a hand.
You're lucky you ain't dead.

Hope we didn't disturb you too much,
ma'am. We didn't mean no harm.

You scum!
Take your hands off my wife.

If you shut up,
maybe I won't put a bullet in you.

Forgive me, ma'am, but you could
have done better than Vernon here.

(whooping and laughter)

I'll be goddamned go to hell.

(♫ country music)

♫ Jack o' diamonds
Jack o' diamonds

♫ I know you from old

♫ You rob my poor pockets

♫ Of silver and gold

- Most people knock.
- I expect they do.

How many women you visited
before you come see me?

This is my first stop.

Well, here I am.

"I will bring the blind
by a way they know not."

"I will lead them
in the paths they have not known."

"I will make darkness
light before them and...

...I will make crooked things straight."

Isaiah 42:16.

♫ Poor drunkard, poor drunkard

♫ How bad I do feel

Now that you and me
are gettin' along,... might think about
makin' an honest woman outta me.

- You're serious, aren't ya?
- Don't I sound it?

Well, you gotta be crazy.

I just wanna find out
what it feels like to be respectable.

For a while, anyway.

You'll never be respectable, Belle.

You're a whore.

You'll always be a whore.

That's why I like ya.

You ready?

One, two,... three.

(♫ country music)

- How you been, Beth?
- Fine. Ain't you heard the news?

I'm engaged to Ed Miller.

Ed Miller?

He ain't no good.

Besides, you're too young
for all that.

I'm 19 on the 23rd of September.

I don't wanna wait around, like Zee did.

And I don't want you
sayin' nothin' bad about Ed...

..just 'cause Jesse picked on him.

A few months ago
I was pushin' you on a swing.

Well, while you was pushin',
other people was noticin'.

I noticed you, Beth.

You don't wanna rush into things, Beth.
You can't undo 'em later.

I can't undo this one. Ed's already
bought land over past Russellville.

Besides, we told everybody.

There ain't much else to say, I guess.

Well, you can wish me a good life.

I wish you that.

What have you
gotta say for yourself, Jim?

Not much, Ed.

Be seein' you around.

How you been, Ed?

Well, I'm fine.
How are you doin', Clell?

We're gettin' on pretty good.

This is my girl here.
This is, uh... Beth Mimms.

- We're gettin' married.
- Oh?

I heard you two took up together.
It's good to see you, Beth.

I'm doin' real fine, Clell.

Don't miss you boys none.

(♫ fiddle music strikes up)

Well, come on, Beth,
let's get to dancin'.


Are you scared?

Yeah, a little bit.

I expect I am.

Just walk up to 'em real steady, though.
We got nothin' to lose.


Now you let me do the talkin', Bob.
You got that?

- Say, do I look OK?
- You look fine, Charlie.

Are you Frank James?

- Who wants to know?
- Charlie Ford and his brother Bob.

What the hell are you boys doin' here?

- We wanna join up.
- We heard you were lookin' for new men.

Yeah? Where'd you hear it from?

Your brother.

There ain't a horse we can't ride,

a target we can't hit
or a bank we can't rob.

You know how it is.
It was there. It seemed easy.

We just hauled out our guns
and made off with it.

Up in Joplin, it was.

They chased us for two days.

And you know how it is,
bein' out on the trail an' all.

We only been out once,
but we're willin'.

Frank, what the hell
were we talkin' about?

You know...

(Belle) Hey, Coleman Younger!

Come on over here and say hello.

Evenin', ma'am.

Looks like everybody's havin'
a real good time at this affair.

Well, I expect so.

Free drinks an' food an' all.

How come I wasn't invited?

Because you're a whore.

Yeah, well,
at least I ain't a cheap one.


(♫ lively jig)

- See ya later, Jess.
- See ya, Jim.

Ain't gonna be too long,
that'll be you and me, eh, Beth?

I reckon.

I got a question for ya.

Fire away, Frank.

Fire away and fall back.

Have you ever been in love?

Oh, God... Yeah.

It's terrible. An affliction.

Really miserable. Nothin' but trouble.

It drove me crazy.

- That bad, really?
- Yeah.

She is wonderful.

- What the hell are you aimin' to do?
- I ain't aimin'. I'm doin' it.


- Who are ya? Jesse James?
- Hell, no. I'm Bob Younger.

Jesse James rides with the Youngers.
Now stop the damn train.

Don't worry.

We're just takin' a permanent loan
from the Rock Island payroll.


(shouting and whooping)

The Pinkerton company,
with the Union Pacific Railroad,... offering a reward of $5,000 for
information leading to the arrest..

..of any member
of the James-Younger gang.

- Mr. Rixley?
- That's right.

Carl Reddick. New York Herald sent me
to cover the story of the Younger gang.

You might say I'm interested
in the same thing, Mr. Reddick.

What do you think your chances are
of bringin' 'em in?

That's an amazingly stupid question.

I want your sons, Mrs. Samuel.

- What do you want 'em for?
- For robbin' banks and trains, ma'am.

Well, you Yankees can just
turn around and head on back.

Sounds like you got
the wrong James family.

Yes, ma'am. I am a Yankee and
a city man. But these men are southern.

- They were with the Stars and Bars.
- So what are they chasin' my boys for?

They steal, ma'am. I'm gonna
have to go in there and look for 'em.

This paper gives me
the right to do that.

Things have come to a pretty place
when a widow woman...

..with a 15-year-old
backward baby boy...

..gets treated like this
and they call it legal!

I am sorry, ma'am.

How come I never been asked?

Maybe you ain't cut out for it.

Besides, we got enough hands
the way it is.

Keep me in mind. I can rob banks as
good as the Millers or your brother Bob.

- Ain't nothin' to it.
- Think so?

What's to know about robbin' a bank?
You ride into town, guns blazin',...

..scarin' the Jesus
out of everyone until they're frozen,...

..ride right in the bank on your horse,
dynamite the safe...

..and ride off with the loot,
hootin' an' hollerin'...

..the same damn way you came in.

Good afternoon.


What's the trouble, friend?

No trouble. We're looking for
the Youngers. Do you know them?

Sure I do.

A lot of 'em around these parts.

Big family.

- Who are you fellas?
- Come here to buy cattle.

This ain't Texas.

What about the Youngers?

You're lookin' at two of 'em.
You ain't here to buy cattle.

Now who are you fellas?

Goddamn Pinkertons!

- Which Younger are you?
- Question is, who are you?

I told ya. We're cattle buyers.

How dumb do you think we are?
You're Pinkerton men!

I'm Jim Younger.
This here's my cousin John.

You ain't lookin' for him.
He don't ride with us.

Is that right?

Go! Ha!

I told ya he was my cousin.
He never rode with us once.

18 year old, I gotta take him
back to his family, dead.

You broke the law.

People say they got one of the Youngers.

People say they got the wrong Younger.

All right, everybody ready?
Wait for 'em to come out.


- What in the hell happened?
- I don't know.

We put a smoke in the cabin.

All of a sudden it blew.

The only thing we meant to do
was drive 'em out to us.

- Now you are sure it was not a bomb?
- Oh, no, it wasn't no bomb.

The old lady must have thrown it in
her fireplace and the kerosene went up.

That's the only thing I can figure.

Killing a simple-minded,
15-year-old boy.

You men did an excellent job in making
heroes out of every one of those men.

Archie Peyton Samuel
was an innocent boy.

It's a sad day when murder is committed
in the name of justice.

This act tries the forbearance
of good Christian men.

We commend
this child's body to the ground.

His soul belongs to the Lord.

Beth... Ed.

You didn't bring no gun.

I ain't got no quarrel
with the Pinkertons.

I'm sorry about what
happened to Archie, but, uh...

..since you boys kicked me out,
you can just fight your own fights.

Is that how you feel about it, Beth?

- No, it ain't.
- Come on. I've had enough talkin' here.

You go your own way.

Now you hold it.
You gotta learn to mind me.


..start walkin'.

Is that what you want, Beth?

Then to hell with you.

To hell with both of you.

Awful sorry about
your little brother. Sorry.

Just rest now. We're gonna take you
over to Schofield's house directly.

I'm sorry, Ma.

I'm so sorry.

Are you gonna make 'em pay, Jesse?

You got it wrong.

- We didn't do nothin'.
- Yes, you did.

Some of our friends saw you
on the north road that night.

Please, mister, it wasn't really a bomb.
It was supposed to smoke everybody out.

My little brother was 15 years old.

Now you think about that...

..on your way to hell.

The funeral will be in Chicago
and the governor will be there.

Well, I'm sure it'll cheer their souls
just to hear you say that.

It'd cheer them to know how many men
we have out combin' those hills.

Those boys got
a lot of friends out there.

What are these two doin' here?

Visitin'. You got a law against that?

No, ma'am. I got a law against murder.

I got a warrant right here.

I don't suppose it'd do me
any good to ask polite.

It won't do you any good to ask at all.

These men of yours are gonna end up
dead. Or they're gonna end up worse.

You ladies are gonna be left
all alone just to think about it.

Mr. Rowe!

I want people in the house
and in the wood!

All right, men, off your horses.
Let's go.

(cock crows)

Sooey! Sooey!

Mornin', boys.

Mornin', Cole.

You boys waste the best part of the day.

Hard to say y'all farm-bred
the way you sleep in.

What's for breakfast?

Grits. Cracklin' grits.

Had 'em yesterday.

- I'm sick of this damn hidin' out.
- Who ain't?

Better mind your manners, Bob.
And thank McCorkindale here.

Don't be pickin' on Bob, Jesse.

- Hey, shut up, Jim.
- Shut up yourself, Frank.

I ain't got nothin' but respect
for Mr. McCorkindale.

You boys just got holed-up fever,
I know it.

All y'all need is some fresh air.

I'll get y'all some milk
as soon as I feed the chickens.



- What about McCorkindale?
- Dead.

- You sure?
- He's dead.

Piss on ya.

Cover him, dammit!

Next volley, we go.
Frank's hurt. He goes first.

♫ Where there's no more
stormy clouds arising

♫ He whom I fix my hopes upon

♫ Where there's no more
stormy clouds arising

♫ His track I'll see

♫ And I'll pursue

♫ Where there's no more...

What is your full name, Mrs. Samuel?
My paper would like to get it right.

Zerelda Cole Samuel.

My husband, Robert James,
died in California.

My second husband
was called Reuben Samuel.

And where did you and Mr. Samuel live?

Clay County, Missouri.

Are you the mother of Jesse James?

I am.

♫ Track I'll see and I'll pursue

♫ Where there's no more stormy clouds...

Mrs. Samuel,
you've already lost one son.

Aren't you afraid the other two will
end up the same as McCorkindale?

Ed, you identify the James boys or
the Youngers, there might be a reward.

- How much?
- A couple of thousand dollars.


Well, I got a question for you.

How do I identify what you can't catch?

They'll be caught. Jesse and his boys
are done with you anyway.

Let me tell you one damn thing.

I turn 'em in and I'm gonna get killed
by one of their relatives, sure as hell.

I got six months to go
for bustin' up a place drunk,... I'm just gonna
take my chances, all right?

Besides, Jesse might change his mind
and he pays better wages than you do,...

..Pinkerton man.

Frank, I never
saw myself as a farm girl.

You ain't gonna be farmin', Annie.
You're gonna raise horses.

I don't know anythin'
about raisin' horses, either.

You know, it's funny.
Outside of bein' a banker,...

..all I wanted to do
was to raise horses.

Well, thanks to the Pinkertons,
you're gettin' your chance.

We're not the only ones goin'
our own way. Everybody's doin' it.

Jim Younger's off in the hills.
God only knows where Jesse is.

Bob and Cole are headin' for Texas.

The only reason
Cole went to Texas

was he heard Belle Shirley
got married there.

It's a long way to go lookin' for
trouble. We'll be just fine, Annie.

Come on, mule!

(♫ country music)

You're late.

I'm not much for bein' on time.

You don't look real happy.

Well, I'll tell ya somethin'
about Texas.

It's loud.

Well, I never figured you
for the homesick type.

I ain't the homesick type.
I ain't the waitin' around type, either.

I ain't the reliable type.

Well, you oughta try gettin' married.

Might improve your character.

What do you do with that...
husband of yours?

Leave him home, tied to the bed?

Don't you make no fun of him.

The way I got it figured,
you're gonna wear that Indian out.

That double thump
and side swoop of yours.

I do what I want with who I want
and don't make no mistake about it.

Everybody says that
and they always have.

Now you wanna see somethin',
you watch this.

Come here!

- You done?
- Not by a damn sight.

(music stops)

Now are you done?



You Cole Younger?

Who's askin'?

Sam Starr. I'm married to that lady.

Pleased to meet ya.

Well now, boys, there is no need
to fight over little old me.

But if you've got to,
you make it man-to-man.


Why not?


..I'm glad I caught ya in a good mood.

Here you go, both of you. Have a chew.

- What does the winner get?
- Nothin' you both ain't already had.

It don't make much sense, does it?

No. You're both crazy.

But you keep me occupied.

I am having a real good time.

Ten bucks on the half-breed!

Come on, redskin!

Come on, Missouri.

What's the matter?

You got what you wanted.

(♫ music strikes up)

- Sir, we met a few months back.
- I remember.

I'd like to ask you a couple
of questions for my newspaper,

if you don't mind.

Like why you're havin' so much trouble
bringin' in the James-Younger gang.

A lot of reasons. I came here with
four men that didn't know the territory.

They were murdered.

Most of the people here are related
to each other, so they're clannish.

What about the local police?

Local police get tired and quit
after chasin' the gang a coupla miles.

Also, newspapers like your own print
lies, sayin' they're Robin Hoods.

That doesn't help a great deal, either.

My readers may ask why
you're sittin' next to a warm fire...

..when you should be out on the chase.

Right now the bunch
are spread out across five states.

But they will be back.

Zee, did you have
any visitors while I was gone?

You mean was anyone

tryin' to straighten up your sheets
and fluff your pillow?

- I'm just askin'.
- Mind your manners, Mr. Jesse James.

Just 'cause you're off fightin'
railroads and banks,

don't mean you get a free tongue.

I sent out word to the rest.
We're gonna be meetin' up real soon.

We're goin' on a mission.

I'm gonna get myself some cash...

..and start lookin' around Missouri
for some girl to marry.

Any prospects?

I'm lookin'.

I don't know, Annie.

Maybe we're just goin'
in different directions.

Maybe so. Can't help
wantin' what we want, can we?


Well, my going's got
nothin' to do with big dreams.

Nobody ever made you go
anywhere you didn't wanna go, Frank.

Good night.

- How are you doin', Jim?
- I'm doin' OK.

So, gents, let's get down to it.

What's our next job gonna be?

Minnesota. Them squareheads,
they got 'em a real fat bank up there.

I scouted it out myself. Northfield.

A lot of banks and cathouses
in Missouri we ain't done.

Cole's right. Minnesota...

It's a fair piece off our mark.

Well, Clell says that bank's full to the
brim with money. That sounds good to me.

(door opens)

I want Bill Chadwell and Charley Pitts
to go with us. They're goddamn good men.

- Who says?
- I do.

I used to do this all the time.

But, uh...

I got married a few years back.

I guess it slowed me down a bit,
if you know what I mean.

Mornin', Jess.

Hope you boys
had a good time last night.

How was yours?

I got better things to think about.

Family man.

My family's somethin'
you don't talk about, Cole Younger.

♫ Well, I walked the street
with a tap to my feet

♫ Heard a voice above me

♫ A maid looked out
from a window up above

♫ Said need somebody to love me

♫ My father he's a minister

♫ And virgins he doth cherish

♫ Now she got five boys
and seven little girls

♫ And a baby on her shoulder

Well, Frank, when this is all over,
I think I'll write me a book.

Make myself
even more famous than I am.

If a pig had wings, it would fly.

Nah. A book about my exploits... a gentleman and a lover.

- I expect a free copy.
- Free copy?

You gotta pay, Frank. Gotta pay.

Have you ever been up north before?

Got to Fetterman once.

- Went to shoot buffalo.
- How'd you do?

The price of hides went to hell
and I got the clap off some squaw.

The bank's plumb in the center
of town,...

..right between the dry goods store
and the mortuary.

You reckon we oughta send in
a coupla scouts, check it all out?

We rob banks, Jim.
We don't need any checkin'.

You're talkin' soft,
somethin' I'd expect from Cole or Frank.

I gave up tryin' to talk
sense to you a long time ago.

Come on, let's take the damn bank.

There ain't nothin' over there
but squareheads.

(steam engine whistle)

All right, good people, nobody move.

Let's just show God
the palms of our hands.

Now you don't give us
no trouble, mister.

Clell, get to the vault.

- Är den här hästen till salu?
- He's not for sale.

Move on, squarehead.

OK, now you open this safe
or I'll blow your head right off.

I can't. It's a time lock.

- What are you talkin' about?
- Time lock, hell!

You open that safe, mister, you hear?

The Pinkertons told us
you might be comin'.

The lock is set just for you.
It only works at 4:30.

The whole town is ready.

No, mister, please don't shoot.
I have a family.

Now, you got five seconds
to open up that vault, mister.

Hur mycket ska ni ha för den?

What the hell...? Get outta here!

Det var synd. Det var eu vacker häst.

- (woman screams)
- Be quiet, lady!

(woman screams)

- They're robbin' the bank!
- Jesus, Clell!

They're robbin' the bank!

- Let's get the hell outta here.
- Come on, Clell.

Yankee bastard!



Cole! Jesse!

We gotta move, Frank.

They'll get the rest of 'em to a doctor.

- Who will?
- The posse that's gonna be chasin' us.

We can't do that.
We can’t just leave 'em here alone.

Jim, Cole,...

..we gotta ride.

What about the rest of 'em?

This just ain't no time
to argue, Cole.

Either you stay here an' die
or you come with us.

Frank an' I are goin'.

Kill me! Kill me, goddamn it!


You're not leavin', are ya?

I gotta stick with my brother, Cole.

The Youngers don't need you.

I like it better this way, Jesse.

I get to see you run.

Jim... Oh, Cole!

Yeah, we're here, Bobby boy.
We're all here.

Goddamn squareheads.

Where the hell's Missouri?

Come on, Frank.

We're gonna get us a new gang together.
It's gonna be better than ever.

Now you're not gonna quit on me now.

All we gotta do is get across the river.

All we gotta do is get home.

We never shoulda left.

You could say we was drove to it.

Oh? How's that?

If it weren't for the war,
we might have been somethin' else.

You're a little too young
to have fought in the war.

But my brothers weren't,
and we all go one direction together.

You tell me who they are
and it might mean a lighter sentence.

Think about that.

You and I both know it was
the James boys, don't we, Cole?

Sure do feel poorly.

Ain't a surprise. Eleven bullets
must be some kinda record.

What do you think about a life sentence?

You're lucky they don't allow
hangin' in this state.

Come on, Cole.
Tell me what you think about all this.

Oh, hell, we played a rough game.

We lost.

I spent four years in the army.

Eleven tryin' to get out of it.

What about the James boys?

- I don't know nothin' about 'em.
- Sure you do.

As far as I'm concerned,
they never been in this state.

Are you another reporter?

No. My name's Jacob Rixley.
I'm with the Pinkerton agency.

I been chasin' you boys
for a long time, Bob.

Yes, sir, I guess you have.

I wanna talk to you
about the James boys.

You don't owe them a thing, you know.

If it was them, they wouldn't
protect you to get them one day less.

But unless you help me,

you and your brothers
are gonna be in this jail for life.

(Jim) Uh-uh.

What's he tryin' to say?

He said to tell you we done it
for Dixie and nothin' else.

15,000 for Jesse.

Another 10,000 will get you Frank.

The Pinkerton company and
the governor can't afford that.

You know who you're talkin' to?
You know who sprung out of Missouri?

Jameses, Youngers, Clantons, Earps.

And now Bob and Charlie Ford.

Word's out that you and Jesse
aren't friends, anyway.

Is that so? Well,
that very same Mr. Jesse James...

..that you can't find at all
just asked us to come and visit him.

Let's go, Bob.

Wait a minute.


Half before and half when it's done.

Got yourself a deal.

No more for me.

Heard you were thinkin'
about a bank in Kansas, Jesse.

You don't talk business
at the table, Bob.


Say, how'd you boys like a drink?

Sounds good.

- Don't it, Bob?
- Sure thing.

Could I have your plate, please, Jesse?


- Are you feelin' all right?
- She ain't real fond of the company.

Don't worry none, ladies.

Just talkin' some things over,
that's all.

Can you say good night?

Good night.

He might be carryin' a hide-out.
I bet he is.

He knows. I know he knows.

Pour me one, Bob.

You look spooked, Charlie.

Like hell.

Nothin' spooks me, Jesse.
You know that.

Now I've been thinkin'
about the Platte City bank.

It's gonna be a big one.

We ain't too sure.

- Why not?
- I don't know.

You're a hard man
to do business with, Jesse.

It's crooked.

What'd you say?

I said, it's not straight.

I really like this old sampler.

Ma gave this to me for my weddin' day.

Is that straight?

I shot Jesse James.

- Mr. Rixley?
- That's right.

My name is Frank James.

I came here to turn myself in.

Here's my gun.

I want something in return.

I want to be able to bury my brother.

Suppose I don't agree to your terms.

I'll kill you.

♫ Jesse James we understand

♫ Has killed a many man

♫ He robbed the Union trains

♫ But history does record

♫ That Bob and Charlie Ford

♫ Have laid Jesse James in his grave

♫ It was on a Saturday night

♫ The stars were shinin' bright

♫ When they robbed that Union train

♫ And it was one of the Younger boys

♫ That gathered in the spoils

♫ And carried that money away

♫ In his small home unaware

♫ A-straightenin' pictures there

♫ He thought he heard a noise

♫ And as he turned his head

♫ Well, a bullet killed him dead

♫ Fired by Bob Ford, one of the boys

♫ For Jesse had a wife,
she lived a lady all her life

♫ The children they were brave

♫ But history does record

♫ That Bob and Charlie Ford

♫ Have laid poor Jesse

♫ Laid poor Jesse

♫ Have laid Jesse James

♫ In his grave