The Lonely Lady (1983) - full transcript

Jerilee Randall, a simple schoolgirl living in the San Fernando Valley, dreams of becoming a famous screenwriter. While at a party, she meets the son of a famous screenwriter. The son invites her over to his house; she accepts. They drive away with some other people, and that night, she is assaulted by one of the son's friends with a garden hose. The friend is interrupted in his assault by screenwriter Walter Thornton, who arrives in time to save her from an even more disgusting fate. Walter's rescue of Jerilee begins a friendship between the two, and before you know it, the two fall in love. They marry. Their marriage falls apart when Jerilee's script rewrites actually improve one of Walter's screenplays and he feels one-upped. Jerilee then goes through affair after sordid affair in her attempt to write her own screenplay and have it produced.

Who's the blonde?

- On her own?
- Yeah, yeah, walkin' up there.

Can't be anybody if
she doesn't have an escort.

♪ Lonely lady ♪

♪ Only you can help yourself ♪

Why don't you buy me
a dress like that?

Why don't you look like that?

Stacey Ryan and John Casey,
ladies and gentlemen.

♪ Climb the ladder
to the stars ♪

♪ I know it's not that far ♪

♪ You've never been quite
strong enough ♪

♪ But now you
have the strength ♪

I just love getting rich.

♪ Lonely lady ♪

I've seen her picture.

♪ Only you can help yourself ♪

♪ Lonely lady ♪

♪ Climb the ladder
to the stars ♪

♪ I know it's not that far ♪

♪ Lonely lady... ♪

From Hollywood's most
glamorous event of the year,

the awards'
presentation ceremony.

Once again, let me call on
our distinguished guest,

the film director,
Mr. guy Jackson,

to present our own modest award
to the year's most promising

English major, for her
outstanding accomplishments

in creative writing.

Jerilee Randall.

You won, jerilee, you won!

You did it! You did it!

Congratulations, jerilee.

Thank you...
Thank you.

It means a great deal to me
to know that the faculty

recognizes my work.

When I sit at home
and write my stories,

well, sometimes it seems
as if I'm talking to myself.

I always try to make
at least one of my characters

honest and open and worried
about some important issue.

The kind of thing that bothers
us all but we don't usually talk

about it because we're afraid
that if we talk about it...

Thank you, thank you.

And keep up
the good work, jerilee.

- Where?
- At Kim's.

Did you see that dreadful hat

his mother was wearing?

Oh, come on, mom.
Can I go?

Well, all right, but not too

I've watched these party
talking vines.

You have her home by
one o'clock, Bernie, please.

- Sure, Mrs. Randall, I will.
- All right.

- Oh, can we drop you off?
- Uh, no, no, I've got my car.

Come on.

♪ It's gonna be a long night ♪

♪ Long night ♪

♪ Yeah, it's gonna be
one night ♪

♪ For young love, oh, yeah ♪

♪ Long night ♪

♪ Say, it's gonna be
a crazy night ♪

♪ Crazy night oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Gonna be a long night ♪

♪ Yeah, it's gonna be
one night ♪

♪ Crazy night ♪

♪ For young love ♪

♪ Oh, yeah long night ♪

♪ Say, it's gonna be
a crazy night ♪

♪ Crazy night oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ It's gonna be a long night... ♪

Hey, listen,

don't forget to eat.
There's plenty of food up there.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- How you doing, prize winner?
- Good, Martin.

How do you know Martin?

Oh, we were all at Beverly
hills high. Martin, Joe...

Two or three
of the other guys before

- Martin's parents divorced.
- Oh.

So, what's the prize?

For some writing.

♪ ...Take it slow
till you feel it ♪

♪ Sometimes, you wish that... ♪

Take it easy on the weed, Joe.
His parents really get uptight.

Hey, Martin.
Come meet the cuties.

- Is your father an actor?
- No, screenwriter.

Walter Thornton.
- You're kidding! He's great!

- I know all his work.
- You want a hamburger?

- Um, no, I'll have a hot dog.
- We have to go.

- Not yet, Bernie.
- Soon.

Just a little longer.

Jerilee, what's happening?

Oh, nothing, I'm starving...

Uh, Walt's father

- is Walter Thornton.
- I promised your mother.

- Would you like to meet him?
- Look, I'm leaving anyway.

- Bernie.
- Okay?

- Come on. There's more stuff.
- Oh, great idea.

You want some relish?

♪ It's gonna be a long night
long night ♪

♪ It's gonna be a crazy night ♪

To my house
so we have to deal with

- a little stop, okay?
- Okay.

Joe. Jerilee Randall.
Jerilee, do you know Joe heron?

- Were you at the barbecue?
What is that?

- I won it.
- Oh, looks like a penis.

Joke, joke. He's always
joking. Come on, jerilee,

come on. Let's go.

Get in the car!

♪ Give it like a river
give it up... ♪

♪ ...The fanatic ♪

♪ I am the fanatic ♪

♪ I like a-movies
and a-rock shows ♪

♪ Rock stars and a-radios
I am the fanatic ♪

♪ Can I have your autograph? ♪


♪ maybe a poster or photograph?
I am the fanatic ♪

♪ The fanatic ♪

Cut it out!


What? What is it, Walt?
What does it matter?

Friends share things, right?

Yeah, how'd you like
to share Mary?

That's alright with me.
Is it alright with you, honey?

♪ I am the fanatic
can I have your autograph? ♪

♪ Maybe a poster or
a photograph? ♪

♪ I am the fanatic ♪

Mary... cut it out.
Stop it.

See that, Walt? Valley girls
are anxious to please.

♪ Disc jockeys and discos
I am the fanatic, oh ♪

♪ The fanatic. Mm ♪

What time is it?
- Just relax!

Just relax, okay.
Just relax.

♪ Dirty movies turn me on
cigarettes, alcohol... ♪

♪ TV guide, magazines
videos, tape machines ♪

♪ I am the fanatic, oh... ♪

I don't know
where my dad's car is, but...

- He should be home.
- I can't stay long.

No problem. Come on in.
Let's take

- a look at the house, eh?

- Walt, Walt!
- Yeah?

- You got any beer?
Chill out. Hold on.

Come on.

No, no, no...!

Shut up! I'll teach you to be
more friendly, now!

What the hell's going on?

Oh, my god!

Let her go!

Shut up! I'm gonna show you
something special.

I'm gonna give you
something special.

Come here!

No, no, no, no... no!

- Yes!
- No, no, no...

- Yes!
- Oh, stop it!



I'll leave you alone now.

I've sedated her. Let her sleep
as long as she can.

She was supposed
to be with Bernie.

- Thanks for coming.
- She should be fine.

But I'm worried about
her state of mind.

- Do you wanna see her again?
- Yes,

in a few days. Just to make sure
her bruises are healed.

- Have you called the police?
- The police?

- What's the point of that?
- Veronica, young men

can't get away with that!
Whoever they are!

Yes, but it's whoever they are
that counts!

These are Beverly hills' people.

I can't afford the lawyers
to fight them.

- Your daughter's been assaulted!
- But not raped.

Anyway it's her word
against theirs.

You don't think they're going to
let their precious sons

- go to jail, do you?
- No, I guess not.

So let's just leave it
alone, shall we?

- I wish you'd think about it.
- No. She wouldn't want

the neighbors pointing at her
and whispering about her

behind her back
any more than I do.

Alright, alright.

Bring her over to my office in
a couple of days. Good night.

Good night.

Oh, I can't believe
you're here. Jerilee!

- Jerilee, you have a visitor.
Who is it?

I hope I'm not disturbing you?

Mr. Thornton?

You've probably been wondering
about this?

- Thank you.
- Awards are precious things.

I should've brought it sooner.

- How are you?
- I'm...

I've told Mr. Thornton

that you're much better.

My son, Walt, has gone to
England. His mother lives there.

You know what,
it really wasn't Walt that...

He'll probably stay there
for a while and finish school.

I made coffee, but I
don't suppose you have the time.

Oh, please, stay!
I'd love to talk.

Avoiding work is one of life's

Thank you.
Coffee would be fine.

Mother's afraid I'll talk
writing and bore you.

Well, who'd think
nothing else mattered?

I love talking writing.

I know.
I've heard you lecture.

Oh, dear.

Tell me about your award.

that really would bore you.

Jerilee thinks I fuss too much.
But I can't stand clutter.

I can see that. Your house is
immaculate, Mrs. Randall.

Why, thank you.

Your husband must really
appreciate coming home to it.

- I'm a widow.
- Oh, I'm sorry.

No, thank you.

He died when jerilee
was young. It was very hard

- at times.
- I'm sure it must have been.

We were talking about Hemingway.

Bringing up a child by yourself
is not easy.

No. You know I saw
Hemingway once,

at a press conference,
when he was dictating

to some journalist.

He used to get very angry

- when they misquoted him.
- Why did he talk to them

- at all then?
- Because he was a public figure.

- He had to.
- Plus the fact that he hated

growing old.
Made him very impatient.

Some people want everything.

"It's better to go out
in a Blaze of youth

than live
with a shattered body."

- I recognize that, don't I?
- Mm-hm.

- It's from a letter.
- You wrote it

- right after he was wounded.
- The brain's not quite addled


- I'm glad I came.
- So am I.

Um, why don't we get together
again in a couple of weeks,

after I finish the new

- We could talk some more?
- Oh, I'd like that.

At least, I could talk
some more.

You're a very good listener.

Maybe I could read some of your
work. I'd be very interested.


Ms. Randall, thank you
for your hospitality.

Oh, it's nothing.

Thirty years ago, I saw myself
as a modern Byron,

hiding in the tree tops.

Always well-sparred,
made him popular then,

roaring at the hills.
Pushkin even.

"Dying by the sword with an
exquisite thought on my lips."

"Call to render account
to no one. We deserve

and suit oneself alone.”
we read Pushkin last year.

I prefer Thomas Hewitt.
He was a wonderful story teller.

Did you ever stand and...
Queen of spades?

- That was Pushkin.

He was also a very
old movie chap.

I know, I love old movies.
I almost died when the countess

- opened her eyes in the coffin.
- Yeah, me too.

- Do you still write poetry?
- Mm-mm. No. I guess I grew up.

I realized my limitations.

And that includes jogging.
Come on.

I can neither run
meters nor write them.

So life isn't like a fish.

- Oh, Walter.
You know?

That's what impressed
me about your stories.

The way they flow.
One transition to the next.

The way the characters
are so well-delineated.

Especially that boy in Vietnam,
when he decides to re-enlist,

- I was very moved.
- Thank you.

I'm curious. Why do you write
about something that is so far

- removed from your own life?
“who wants to read about

the San Fernando valley?

You know something,
you are an extraordinary girl.

To write about things,
you have to experience them,

otherwise you can only guess.
That's not good enough.

- Readers will catch on to it.
- I don't think

- I'm ever going to make it.
- Oh, I'm sorry,

- I'm walking too fast.
- I mean as a writer.

♪ Silver and gold of mine ♪

You're doing just fine.

♪ Two hearts and words
a promise we made ♪

♪ For love, a promise for love ♪

♪ A promise for love... ♪

- He is too old for you.
- It doesn't matter. I love him!

- What about college?
Walter can teach me more about

writing than valley state
ever could.

Writing! I was hoping you'd do
something useful with your life!

Mother, why do you think writing
is a game for me? Why?

What do you want from me?
Do you want me to marry

some nice guy from the valley,
have two or three kids,

and be bored to death?

Well, you could find
someone else.

- What about Bernie?
- Mother, I don't love Bernie.

- I love Walter.
- Oh, how can you love him?

I do love him. I enjoy being
with him, I admire him,

- I want to go to bed with him.
- I'm not listening to this.

I am not listening to this!

To my darling, jerilee.

- Thank you, Joan.

- So good to see you.
- Congratulations.

Thank you for coming. Thank you.

So tell me, what do I call you
now, mother Randall?

- Hi, how are you?

- Mother Veronica?
- No, not that!

- Oh!
- Congratulations.

- Joe, who's minding the store?
- My wife and my mother-in-law.

- Oh, you're in deep trouble!
- Thank you.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you. Thank you.

- Nice to see you.
- Bye.

Oh, look who's here,
double trouble.

I think she'll have him dead
in six months.

- Hi.
- Let's split.

Walter, I can't
just leave the party!

Mrs. Thornton! As my wife,
you will do whatever I say.

Mr. Thornton, as your wife,
I hope I can do as I please.

I'm sorry, Jeri.
It's been a very tiring day.

The story proofs arrived today.

Good. You checked them?

No, I just sat and stared.

Really, I don't know what to do.

All those silly correction
marks are supposed to mean?

We'll go through them
together, tonight. Okay?

- After the movie.
- Great!

I'm glad I kept out of
that part.

I take even money, George.

That it goes three million
in the first month.

You're out of your mind.

With that distribution deal,
it can't go wrong.

What deal? It was made between
the sheets, Walter.

- It means nothing.
- We're going to kicks.

Is it wild?
I've never been.

- Walter isn't much for dancing.
- It's the best.

Everybody's there.
You have to go

if you want to make it.

Another agent took me last week.
Why don't you come with us?

I mean what's the woman got,
huh? She can't write,

- she's unoriginal...
- Come on,

- she's only one of the best.
- Hey, she was a client of mine

one time.
I couldn't give her away.

- What did you think, darling?

Here's this popcorn, ask her.


Dialogue was pretty good.
Very stylish.

- Women can't write dialogue.
- Oh, boy!

What about Gertrude Stein?
Dorothy Parker?

Eggheads, sweetheart.
They don't count.

George, don't be ridiculous!
I don't think you can

dismiss people just because
they're women.

Hey, honey, with a figure like
yours, you don't have to think.

Hey, don't look
so glum. Maybe next time

- you'll be born ugly, huh?
- If I was ugly, I'd kill myself.

What do you mean, if?

Come on, sweetheart.
Let's have an early night, huh?

- Are you coming to kicks?
- Oh, no, we've got things to do.

Sure. Talk to you later.

- Good night.
- Ooh!

- Where's his wife?
- Home I guess.

That's lousy.

Jerilee Randall's
first book heads best sellers.

Thank you very much.
It's taken long enough.

More than a year since
I wrote it.

If they like you,
honey? Terrific.

If not, then dump them.

Listen. "Rape and violence
handled with a sensitivity

- beyond her years."
- Oh! Not bad.

"Sensitive and perceptive
stories which vividly

demonstrate the inadequacy
of liberal values in the face

of evil."
What does that mean, Walter?

It means your stories vividly
demonstrate the inadequacy

of liberal values
in the face of evil.

Well, thank you!

Walter, why don't we
go out tonight and celebrate?

- My treat.
- Walter, how are you?

Good. Nice to see you.

- The usual table?
- Hi, Thornton.

Hiya, George.
How are you doing?

Listen, are you free
for lunch one day next week?

- Sure.
- Could I have

- my girl call you?
- Mm-hm.

- Walter! Hey!

- It's great to see you!
- Darling, how are you?

- Fine.
- Hi, how you doing?

- Very well, thank you.
- I saw guy

the other day, guy Jackson?
Isn't he gonna be directing

- your next film?
- Yes, that's right.

I worked with guy
a couple of centuries ago.

He probably
won't even remember me.

But do me a favor. If you get
a chance, could you just mention

- you saw me?
- Of course, I will.

- I'll see you at the table.
- Okay.

- When do you start shooting?
- Uh, not before next spring.

Excuse me.
I'll speak to you later.

Oh, Walter, who's doing
the casting?

Guy Jackson and I
always had this argument...


Who would want to be an actress?

In this business, you can't
afford self-respect.


- Oh yeah...
- Gently... gently...

Gently... gently...

- Walter.
- Hmm...

How do you start a screenplay?

Page one, scene one,
and you take it from there.

- Ow!

I'm serious.

Do you think I can do it,

You could but I couldn't take
the competition.

- Come on!
- Well, we start shooting

in a month.
Maybe you could help.

- Doing what?
- Typing rewrites, watching.

Guy's a pretty good director.
You'll learn a lot.

That's why I love you.

Leave the background,
clear for the path!

John, you got that wagon
out in the...

John! Any of you guys seen John?

I think you better rewrite
the entire scene...

Just wait. Wait a
minute. Too much of it.

It's impossible.
I don't feel comfortable...

Will you trust Walter?
The ol' magic

- will happen. It always does.
- Nothing but words...

Actually, there are
a pile of rewrites that you have

- to type.
- So soon?

So soon? Well, with Adolph as a
producer, it's lucky you don't

really have to type the whole
script again.

What's with Adolph?

He wants a Cecile be the male
production on a b movie budget.

Don't tell me about her.

She's plastic
from the waist up...

And down. So they say.

Well, he thinks that
the script has Oscar feeling,

that is
if it is rewritten enough.

- Bud.

This is jerilee.
She's Mr. Thornton's assistant.

- Sure.
- I hope you can spell, darling.


Oh, they've sent a professor
this time.

Mrs. Thornton,

- Now these are the rewrites.

Now, if you discover

what Oscar feeling is
while you're typing them,

I'll try and direct it
into the movie.

- Okay. What's Walter doing?
- Playing nursemaid with Adolph.

Our leading lady
is having line problems.

She doesn't waste time.

- Have fun!
- You too!

You know,
it is a pig of a speech.

Which one is it?
- The burial scene.

Why don't you rewrite it,
sweetheart? Ashes to ashes,

dust to dust
and let's get the hell out.

Walter would love that!

- Have they shot the burial yet?
- No. They're thinking

and lunching. Then they're
gonna shoot... her.

Okay, okay, I'll do my best.

Hot and I'm very
tired and the whole of the scene

- is wrong.
- Tony, this is a

very quiet scene that's coming
up and I really don't want

- any photographs taken.
- I'll be right back.

Okay, no quick pictures.

Hi! Jerilee? George Ballantine.
I'm here doing a couple of days

for guy. They wanted me for
a soap, but I couldn't

- turn down a Thornton.
- It's a good story.

- Yeah. He's the best.
Excuse me,

- but I've got to talk to him.
- Maybe we could have

- a drink sometime, huh?
- Maybe. I'll check with Walter.

- Who's that?
- I don't exactly remember

- his name, he's a day player.
- How was the trailer, honey?

- It's fine.
- Hold on to that.

- I'll look at it later.
We're stuck on the burial.

I know, bud said...
I did some work on it.

You what?

Did you know about this?

I'm sorry.
I thought I could help.

Stick to the job you're hired
for, jerilee.

- That's all the help I need.
- Oh, Walter, take it easy.

Walter, I know her
love scene says a lot.

- There's a lot to be said.
- Please, review this.

- I have.
- This time read it.

The woman's burying her child,
for god's sake. Her whole life

has been filled with pain and
hardship. And now the only thing

she loves in life is dead.
It makes no sense.

She has to protest,
for god's sake!

Right. So, she looks
at the preacher and asks, "why?"

One word, that's all you need.

A poet might do it one word,
jerilee. But I, a simple

screenwriter, writing
for a simple audience.

It's what you're always telling
me. Make the words work, cut,

- condense, get a clear line.
- I've been in this game

for a long time, jerilee.
I know every trick.

- It's no good.
- Hey, Walter.

Hey, where ya been? Ah, look,
have we got something, yet? Hm?

Walter, you got my rewrite?

- Forget it.
- Ah, what the hell!




- Cut the laps.
- Check the gate.

Hmm, I'm glad that's over.

Done, perfect!
Wonderful, Molly.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Walter.

It is so beautiful now, Walter.
It's right. Thank you.

Terrific, Molly.

Just the way I wanted it to be.

Alright, you happy now?

- Euphoric, yes!
Come on.

Really? Oh, it's exultant, very,
very. It's not far?

- No.
Excuse me.

No problem.

Yes, I wouldn't want to give...

- Hello.
- Hey!

- Oh, Laura!

Honey, all of you
were fantastic.

Thank you, darling.
Aren't we doing well?

We have some wonderful reviews.

Didn't I tell you? When
that thing opens in Europe,

they're gonna be crazy
about you.

And all the critics picked up on
the grave site scene.

And so they should.
It made the movie.

Hmm... remember
all that trouble we had?

Well, I gotta run.
Bobby's waiting for me.

I'll see you later. Bye.

Good bye to him. Well, it was the
old trick, make the words work,

cut, condense... I've been at it
so many years,

I do it in my sleep now.

You've been at it so long now
Walter, you're beginning

to believe your own lectures.
Why don't you follow

your own advice sometimes?


- Good to see you.
- Ah, Vincent. How are you?

You know Mrs. Thornton?
Vincent Dacosta.

Good to meet you, Mrs. Thornton.

Jerilee Randall,
Mr. Dacosta. I'm a writer too.

I hear that you're coming into
movies, Vincent.

Hey, we're shopping
around, George,

what more can I tell you?
Keep taking variety,

maybe you'll read someone.

I don't wanna keep ya.
I can see you doing business.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

- Schmuk.
- The hustler who runs kicks?

Hustler's too good for him.

- Could we have another bottle?
- Hey, you sprung

a leak, sweetheart?
You can call her gherkins,

- she's getting pickled.

Why not? It's cheaper
than self-respect.

- What's going on?
- My wife has a memory

- for the easy phrase.
- You said, "in this business,

- you cannot...
- I know what I said!

We were in a restaurant
a while back.

An actress asked me for a job.

I promised
to pass along a message,

and I couldn't even
remember her name.

Self-respect isn't even a luxury

for a person like that.
It's a monster.

Had she caught one brief glimpse
of herself, grabbing desperately

at straws, she'd give up
the business.

Maybe she should.

I've caught so many glimpses of
myself through you, jerilee,

I've no respect for me at all.

Hey, come on.

That's been there
for years. I know that now.

But ever since I first heard
that actors, directors,

and little typists sitting in
makeup trailers were

all ready to set about
improving my words...

And I did nothing about it.

Excuse me.


Walter? Walter, come to bed.

Haven't you had enough wine?

Go sleep it off...

You come with me...

I'm trying to say sorry.

With a head full of drink!

- We don't have to make love.
- Thank you.

We could talk. We need to talk.

Why didn't you go off
with Dacosta?

He would have enjoyed it.

Or is this more your kick?

Get in here!

I wasn't expecting you.

Aladdin call... genie come.

Well, I hope you don't mind cups
because I haven't got

any glasses in this joint.

So, this is it?

Great line, guy,
remind me to use it sometime.

Who pays the rent? Walter?

Walter? Why should Walter?
I'm the one that walked out.

- How are you making it?
- Small royalties.

- I'm fine.
- You've written two books.

- And next, a screenplay.
For whom?

Me. Two people right after
Vietnam, who love each other

desperately. But
they just, they can't make it

because they're
totally different.

- Can I help you?
- Yeah, can you open this?

Now, don't settle down,
we're going out.

Come on, guy. I can't go out
like this. Are you kidding?

You know, I'm making more
in a month right now

than I did one time
in a whole year...

Jerilee Randall.
Gary James.

- We've met, haven't we?
- Gary was my aegeon

- on Walter's movie.
- That's right.

Uh, would you like a drink?
I dunno what's left but, um,

- I can see what I have to do.
- You know we're not

- that late.
- You're very late.

He's just like you, always

Is that Ballantine there?
He had a small part in...

- I remember.
- I didn't think much

of him then.
Now, he's everywhere.

Come on, let's get
something to eat.

Your stories
really got to me, by the way.


Are you writing anymore?

♪ ...The street car line
the line broke ♪

♪ The monkey got choked... ♪

Yeah, I love my life.
I love money.

I love the whole shooting match.

Even the work.

Don't your fans
hound you for autographs?

Women, girls, I mean,
who's complaining?

How does your wife feel
about that?

My wife buys a Gucci,
what do you think?

You only live once, jerilee.
Not a whole lot happens

after that, kid.

Hey, you thirsty?
I'm thirsty.

Let's get out of here
and go find a bar.

No thanks.

- But, I'd love some pizza.

Even better.

♪ ...If I was goody
that she would buy me ♪

♪ A rubber Dolly
my aunty told her ♪

♪ I kissed a soldier... ♪

Thanks for coming
to see us, George.

Hey, thanks, sweetheart.

- Good luck with the show.
- We're starving.

- We're gonna go grab a bite.
- How will you get home?

- I'm gonna take care of her.
- Now you'd better, George.

- You'd better.
- I won't louse this one up pal.

It's too important.

♪ The line broke
the monkey got choked ♪

♪ And they all went to heaven
in a little rowboat... ♪

- I'm typing.
- How fast?

- Slowly.
- Why?

Why? Because
you keep stopping me.

Look what you did. Ow!

- Come on, baby.

Look, I don't want you around
because I've got work to do.

Alright, how about lunch then?

Okay, but lunch
only. And I mean it.

Mr. Hanson J. Potts.

Mr. Hanson J. Potts.

I'm happy for the first
time in a long time.

It's just the best sex
you've had in a long time.

- Well, I'm gonna call my wife.
- Oh, no, you don't. Come here.

- I'll call you later, okay?
- Okay.

Don't call me tomorrow, George.

I'm seeing agents with
my new script.

Well, I guess I'll just have to,
uh, go to work then, huh?

Good idea.

We may get another 20,000,
but no more.

Well, call me after lunch, okay?

Hey, sorry to have kept you,

- You'll read it?
Sure I'll read it...

It's tough selling women,
but I can...

- Thanks, George.
- How you doin'?

- I'm fine.
- Yeah, you're lookin'

pretty good. Yeah, living alone
obviously suits you.

Well, I'm working a lot
and that's what I wanted.

Hey, uh, why don't we, uh,
go for a drink somewhere?

Okay, I'll tell you the story.

Oh, I rarely talk business
outside the office.

George, I don't need this.

Are you gonna represent me?

That depends, sweetheart.

On what?

On how things go from here.

I don't think things are gonna
go anywhere from here,

but thanks all the same.

Sorry, we don't handle

I'm a writer... and I'm looking
for representation.

- Are you in the guild?
- No, I'm not.


PR, can I help you?
Just one minute.

Yes, will you ask Mr. Ballantine
to call Ms. Randall when he gets

off the set, please? Thank you.

Are you sure Mr. Ballantine got
my messages?

Yeah, tell him it's important,
please. Thank you.

I mean I'm supposed
to have the last part...

Ah, god. Give me
a couple of minutes, will you?


- George, I think I'm pregnant.
- Hi, George.

Hey, buddy. Good night.
Take it easy.

- I'm scared.
- Great. There's not a whole lot

I can do about that, is there?

- Listen to me...
- Hi, George.

- Oh, hi.
- You can help...

Yeah, sure. Look,
do me a favor, will you?

Don't hang around here, I mean,
think about me, will you?

George, all I'm asking
is for you to be there with me

- and help me get through it.
- Hi, George.

- How are you?
- Oh, darling, come here.

You were wonderful.

You're great.

Look, I'm going away
on location for a couple of days

I'm not even sure
I'm gonna be here.

- But if you are...
Alright, I'll help you.

I promise. Just gimme a call
and I'll come by, okay?

Just call me. Understand?

I told you I'm her
mother. She should be down here.

- Look, I got a message

- to pick up my daughter.
We have no Mrs. Thornton.

She could be calling herself
Randall, maybe.

I'd just gotten to sleep
when the phone rang.

- Jerilee Randall?
- Yes, that's her.

Although why is she not calling
herself by her married name,

I'll never know.
Has she been very sick?

If you'd like to sit down,
I'll tell her you're here.

- Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.

Get Ms. Randall's things ready.

You should have
called me yourself.

- Who was this man?
- Please, mother,

- just get me to the apartment.
- I'm taking you home.

You've been neglecting yourself.
You need some looking after.

Mother, I've had an abortion.


I don't know
why you ever left Walter.

I've tried to work at home,

but I can't concentrate.
I've gotta get back

to the apartment.

Look, you can have
your own spot.

Come on, mom. Let's
not spoil our day together.

- Nice to see you again, Mrs...
- Nice to see you. Come on.

Hi... Maggie.

This is jerilee Thornton.

Jerilee, this is my wife,

- Hello.
- This is my mother,

- Veronica Randall.
- Good day, how are you?

Hello. Oh, I know
your face very well.

- Thank you.
- George,

- we mustn't be late, huh?
- Yes, it's nice to meet you.

- Enjoy your meal.
- Jerilee, what's his name?

- Come on, mom.
- I've seen him so often.

Didn't she write a couple
of books?

- Yes.
Doesn't look like a writer.

Today's mother's birthday
and we're breaking the bank.

Oh, please, you
don't have to tell everybody.

Hence, the beautiful flowers.
Nick, come and meet

- jerilee and Mrs. Randall.
- Hello, how are you?

- Fine.
Waiter, a bottle of...

- Congratulations on the...
- Thank you.

A bottle coming in for
the birthday girl.

- Oh!
- May we join you

for a few minutes and
drink to your health?

- Sure.
- That's very kind of you.

Mr. Dacosta owns
one of LA's hottest clubs.

- Oh, really?
- Vincent.

- Vincent.
- Oh, by the way,

Nick is here from New York.
We're talking movies.

- Are you in the business, Nick?
- No, I'm a financier.

We're shopping for names
and properties.

I've got a script.
One of my own.

Really? Well bring it along.
Let's see it. Who knows.

I think we have a few things
to celebrate.

- Yeah.

Happy birthday,
Mrs. Randall.

- Thank you.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, mother.

I mean it, jerilee.

You just bring your script.
Drop by the club any time.

- Hello?
- Gary?

- Yeah.
- Hi, it's

- jerilee Randall. How are you?
- I'm fine. How are you?

- Great. Is guy around?
- Aw, I'm sorry, jerilee.

=-he's on location.
- Location... when's he due back?

In six weeks. Is there
anything I can do for you?

Oh, no, it's okay. I just wanted
to ask his opinion on something.

- Thank you, Gary. Bye-bye.
- Bye.

Thank you very much.

♪ Oh, whoa, hoo... ♪

I'd like to see Mr. dacosta,

Mr. dacosta is usually busy in
the evenings. Are you a member?

- He asked me to drop by.

Here we go, Graham.

♪ no one never weaved
a magic spell ♪

♪ The way you do it
the way you do it ♪

- Have a good evening.
- You can bet your sweet ass.

♪ When I'm watchin' you
walkin' down the street... ♪

What name is it?

♪ When you're makin'
those kisses... ♪

Never mind...

♪ ooh, whatcha do,
you do it to me... ♪

Excuse me, Annette,
give me a packet.

Jerilee. You made it. Wonderful!

Well, I decided to take you up
on your offer.

Terrific. Come on in.

- Oh, hi!
- How are you?

You're looking great.
Just sign right here.

Hi, doll.

It's the same old story. Nick is
good at his job and finances

hard, especially for a hustler
like me.

Hey, I don't blame them.
That's the way they see me.

- I'm cutting into their action.
- Waiter... waiter.

They try to keep you out.
It's for a different reason.

You're young and pretty.
They can't believe a dumb blonde

could write a movie.

Once that I own
a property, I can raise funds.

Until I do, I can't.

The problem is,
until Nick and I get this thing

set up, there's no budget
for buying in.

Do you have an agent?

Well, only for my short stories.
It's catch 22.

I can't sell my script
without an agent

and I can't get an agent
until I've sold a script.

I'm very excited about this

I think you better
read it first.

- Tonight.
- Listen, maybe I better find

- someone else.
- Is it bread?

I'm broke. Bust.
- Okay, I tell you what I do.

If I like it, and it's got
the right kinda hook for us,

trust me,
it may take six months,

even a year, but
at the end, we'll have a deal.

- You don't like it?

It sounds great.

It's just that...
I was kinda hoping

there might be some money sooner
than that. If it's good for you?

Jerilee, what can I say? It's
the best I can do at this time.

I know that
and it's not your problem.

there's always a job here.

♪ Hey, the fanatic
I am the fanatic ♪

♪ I like-a movies and rock shows
rock stars and a-radios ♪

♪ I am the fanatic
can I have your... ♪

Ah, come on. Don't be dumb,
Janie. Who ya saving it for?

Thanks, Carol, I'll handle it.

♪ I am the fanatic... ♪

- I'm sorry, jerilee.
- Tell me.

Mr. dacosta wants me
to go with this friend of his.

- What's the problem?
- He's a big film director

and he'll get me in the movies
if I do what he wants.

Look, I'm a serious actress,
jerilee, and I just don't wanna

- make it that way.
- Don't worry, I'll talk

- to Mr. dacosta.
- I don't wanna lose my job.

You won't lose your job.
I'll take care of it.

Come get back to work now.

Hey, Nancy, come here.

♪ I am the fanatic
the fanatic... ♪

Why do you think they work here?
They all wanna be actresses.

This broad's gotta chance
at doing herself some good.

- She's crazy.
- She's also scared.

Scared chicks, I don't need.


Nick's taking the script
to Europe.

He thinks he can get
some backing

away from all this clicky stuff.

Things are happening.

Thanks. I was beginning
to have my doubts.

I'll take care of Janie.
Listen, why don't we take

a day out tomorrow?
Forget about your typewriter

and this place.

I'll show you I'm not a monster.

I'd like that.

♪ They're comin' far 'cause
we're burnin' up ♪

♪ The flame is catchin'
my throat ♪

♪ You've got me wired
I can feel enough ♪

♪ This passion's got to unfold ♪

♪ Why am I so weak
why can't I see ♪

♪ Have I lost my mind?
Oh, my heart is on fire... ♪

Oh, we can make
better movies than that.

- I hope so.
- She was the pits.

- Yeah? I think he was worse.
- Hey, sexist.

♪ Just paying homage
at my fingertips ♪

♪ The look grows in your eyes ♪

♪ I just can't hide it
as I stare at your lips ♪

♪ I feel my temperature rise ♪

♪ The song is what you say now
give it up... ♪

- Thanks your welcome.

- Jerilee!
- Guy! When did you get back?

Last week.
I've been calling you.

- I called you months ago.
- Gary told me.

Oh, excuse me,
do you know each other?

No, of course not.
Joanna Smythe, jerilee Randall.

- Hi, how are you?
- Be nice to her. She's an agent.

- I'm not talking to agents.
What have we done?

Ignored me. I think there's a
conspiracy. Agents, producers,

- they don't wanna know.
- Maybe you should talk to me.

♪ ...Like a river
give it up... ♪

Is that why you're
in this hell hole?

Well, I was broke
and the chance came up.

Uh, guy says
you're writing screenplays now.

One anyway. Actually, Vinnie's
trying to get a deal in Europe.

- Dacosta?
- He's got a whole thing going.

Kiddo, he's the wrong guy.

He knows a lot of people.

So does my garbage man.

Don't be like that.

I hope you know
what you're doing.

Maybe not.
But a girl's gotta eat.

Anyhow, what do you guys
wanna drink?

Um, I'll have a vodka and tonic.

- Okay, a vodka Gibson.
- Okay.

Oh, hey.
I heard about Ballantine.


Don't stay away
from the typewriter too long.

It's where you belong.

♪ You're gonna have to give
again ♪

Good bye!

♪ ..Give it up
give it up... ♪

- What did Jackson want?
- Guy? He's an old friend.

I didn't even know
he was a member.

- What did he want?
- He was asking about my work,

- my writing.
- Writing?

- He's a director.
- I know who the hell he is.

- We have a deal.
“what deal?

- I saved your life, remember?
- Look, I'm gonna come back

- when you...
- You ain't writing

when you write for me.
Not for Jackson

or anyone else. Me!

If I write for anyone, Vinnie,
I write for me!

♪ ...A rubber Dolly... ♪

- Yes?

- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.

- Ooh!
- Ooh!

Baby this is our last chance.
Nobody seems to be jumping

at your story.
You don't have a name yet.

Don't worry about it.
Let's just let this one produce.

After that, everything
is gonna be easy gravy.

Gino Paoluzzi
and Carla Maria Peroni.

- Hello.
- Ah, hello.

Janie, two brandies and another
round for my guests.

Come, Vincent, sit down,
you're making me nervous.

You must be excited to do
picture in California.

Well, if there's anything
that you wanna know about

the script...

I'm afraid Gino's English
is not so good.

Now, tell me more
about yourself.

Well, I really feel that in this
screenplay, I've captured

- a feeling of...
Excuse me.

But I must tell you.
Your eyes are most beautiful.

Thank you.

- Carla Peroni, I...
- No, no, no

- I didn't get your autograph.
- No, no, that's okay.


Sorry, Vincent, but this is
never going to work out.

Let's go back to the hotel.
It will be easier there, huh?

- You understand?
- Of course.

I'm so sorry,
Mr. Carlton.

- I'll meet you back here.
- You're not coming?

You crazy, look at this crowd.
How can I?

- What am I gonna say?
- Just be nice to them.

And we'll
have them in our hands.

Coming, Carla?

- Thank you.
- Grazie.

What do you think of the script?

- Here's to us darling.

I can't wait to work
with you in California.

Your eyes are most beautiful.

Your script is beautiful.

Everything is beautiful.

I know it will be very good.

Can you find your way from here?

You don't speak English.
Hey, what about my script?

What script?

- Oh, hey...
- Hey, come on.

Take a hit, right.

- Hey, doll, we're naked.

My script!

Close your eyes, beautiful.

- You!

- You!
- Or is this more

your kick?

Damn you!
Damn you!

Damn you!

A neighbor
brought her in, Mrs. Randall.

She was suffering from
paranoia and hallucinations.

There's never been anything like
that on my side of the family.

The condition was drug
induced at the time.

Tranquilizers, cocaine,
amphetamines, alcohol.

Would you know
about her problems?

- She's always been difficult.
- Any specifics?

- She's acutely depressed.
- Her father died soon after

she was born.

I've always tried
to make a happy home for her.

More recently?
Anything humiliating, damaging?

You'd have to talk
to her husband.

He'd know more
about that than I'd do.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean...

- I was like...
- Well, who do you think

is paying for all this?
I certainly can't afford it.

- I'll call him.
- Thank you.

I think we're here now.
If you'd like to step in

and see your daughter?

- Will she talk to me?
- Go ahead. Try.


May I sit down? Honey?

What have you done to yourself?

Everything is gonna be alright.
Don't worry.

Everything is gonna be alright.
No one is going to hurt you.

No one is going to hurt you.

Where are you, jerilee?
Where have you gone?

I mean, you've been hurt before.
We all have. That's life.

Hurting and being hurt.

You need people.
You're not a loser.

Now come out and win, jerilee.

Please, jerilee. Don't give up.

I don't wanna lose you.

I love you.

I haven't had my mid-day
pills yet.

That's right, jerilee.
We're cutting down on them now.


I can't wait
to start working again.

You're looking great.

Am I?

It's okay. Don't be impatient.
It's coming good.

- Oh, excuse me.
- No, no, come in, Mr. Jackson.

That looks like
pretty good medication.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How's it going?
- Slowly.

It's like looking into a mirror.

Maybe, you're too close to it.

Maybe, it's too soon.

No, I don't mind it.
As a matter of fact, I think

it's good for me. At least
I'm writing about something

I know for a change.

But what's even
more surprising, guy,

I don't mind looking
into that mirror.

- I wanna take it to my agent.

- That's not my scene, guy.
- No, no, no. She was all wrong.

Someone to take you
through the door.

- What if he doesn't like it?
- He will.

Castel's a good producer,

And he's ready
for a woman writer.

He should be ready
for good script.

Oh, you can't have it both ways.
You're always griping

because no one sees you.

There's two things we can do.
One: Sell him a story

and he'll put
someone else to work on it.

Look, we both know
this is my story.

This isn't that lousy
first screen play.

This is me. It's my story.
It's my child.

It's a part of me.

How can you ask me
to give it away?

Okay. So, the second thing is
to put together a package

that Castel can't refuse,
whoever's writing it.

- Blonde or brunette.
- Go on.

Guy directing, 75,000 upfront
for you. Ten points.

And George Ballantine.

- Sorry, it's no go.
- Jerilee, in my book,

this is probably the best
chance you got.

- Maybe the only chance.
- I don't want Ballantine.

Kiddo, in this business,
there's only one creed.

Make the movie.
Make the movie.

Nothing more nothing less. What
goes on backstage, so what?

Who cares? It's the
movie that matters.

Now, that's just as true
for you as for anyone else.

Maybe more so
because you're a woman.

So, if you
can't get it together,

don't even try. Because
you'll just become another bum

and you won't be able
to cut it in this town.

Hey, look kid.

You're not
in the movies yet, so wise up.

You've already had one abortion,
sweetheart. Don't make it two.

- Same father!
- So what?

That's between you and him.
What matters is the child.

This child.

Your only one now,
jerilee. Let it live.

I'm telling you
as a businessman it's got to.

Honey, it deserves to.


What do I do?

Ha! I'll have you meet
with tom Castel.

And I'll lend you my car.

I hadn't expected someone quite
as young. Or as pretty.

- Thank you.
- Well, what would you like?

- White wine?
- Fine, thanks.


You wrote quite
a picture, jerilee.

I think we can do
something with it.

Come on through. We're out here.

I don't know too much about you.

Weren't you married
to Walter Thornton?

- For a while.
- I guess, he's some teacher.

Certainly given you style.

- Joanne, here's jerilee.
- Hi.


Joanne is a great fan
of your script.

I loved it from page one.
You got real class, jerilee.

- Well, thank you.
- Her brother,

is the vice president
of the studio.

She gets to read an
awful lot of junk.

Won't you come
and join me, jerilee?

It's wonderfully relaxing.

Tom, you must have
some calls to make.


It's the show of the year.

Nothing else now.

It's been good talking to you.

Well, my pleasure.
Thank you.

Thank you. Guy Jackson, ladies
and gentlemen. Guy Jackson,

the director of a
wonderful film, the hold out.

And, uh, speaking
of the hold out, I see

coming this way the producer
of the film, Mr. tom Castel...

Who's the blonde?

- On her own?
- Yeah, yeah, walking up there.

Can't be anybody
if she doesn't have an escort.

Stacey Ryan and John Casey.

That is a beautiful
dress, Stacey.

Hollywood has a reputation
for claiming to treat writers

as equally important.
But thinking of them,

- as equally unimportant.

Don't let the twentieth
century fox you,

ladies and gentlemen.

The writer's
status is universal.

In accordance to us, Paramount.

Nominations for best original
screenplay, are...

- Walter Thornton, getting rich.

Jeremy Alan,
candles burning free.

Frank Landers, ride of the wild.

- Jerilee Randall, the hold out.

Thank you, Stacey.

The winner is...

Jerilee Randall, the hold out.


Ladies and gentlemen, I can't
tell you how thrilled I am

to have received this award.

It's a wonderful compensation

for having caught so many
unhappy glimpses of myself

while working toward it.
Tradition has it that I should

thank all those who had a part
in helping to make the film.

And it would be remiss of me

to ignore their various

Especially those of
our director, Mr. guy Jackson...

Our producer, Mr. tom Castel,
and his wife, Joanne...

And our leading man,
Mr. George Ballantine.

Not all of them gave
as much as they took.

But that's no surprise.
Because in this business,

the price of success
is very high.

Especially for a woman.
I don't suppose

I'm the only one who's had
to fuck her way to the top?

Many of my so-called friends,
agents, producers, actors,

offered to help my career along
the way, but always for a price.

And I did nothing to stop them.

And Walter dear,

I never did learn the meaning

of self-respect.

I'm sorry.

The movie industry
witnessed a bizarre version

of the truth behind
the scenes...

♪ lonely lady ♪

♪ Only you can help yourself ♪

♪ Lonely lady ♪

♪ Climb the ladder
to the stars ♪

♪ I know it's not that far ♪

♪ And you might even find
your way or find yourself ♪

♪ Or you might change your mind
and disappear ♪

♪ 'Cause what you finally get
what you wanted most ♪

♪ You change the place
but not the pain ♪

♪ And wonder
why you're still the ♪

♪ Lonely lady ♪

♪ Only you can help yourself ♪

♪ Lonely lady ♪

♪ Climb the ladder
to the stars ♪

♪ I know it's not that far ♪

♪ You've never been quite
strong enough ♪

♪ But now you have
the strength ♪

♪ Lonely lady ♪

♪ Only you can help yourself ♪

♪ Lonely lady ♪

♪ Climb the ladder
to the stars ♪

♪ I know it's not that far ♪

♪ Lonely lady ♪

♪ Hmmmm... ♪

♪ Lonely lady ♪