The Lone Ranger (2013) - full transcript

In the 1930s, an elderly Tonto tells a young boy the tale of John Reid, the Lone Ranger. An idealistic lawyer, he rides with his brother and fellow Texas Rangers in pursuit of the notorious Butch Cavendish. Ambushed by the outlaw and left for dead, John Reid is rescued by the renegade Comanche, Tonto, at the insistence of a mysterious white horse and offers to help him to bring Cavendish to justice. Becoming a reluctant masked rider with a seemingly incomprehensible partner, Reid pursues the criminal against all obstacles. However, John and Tonto learn that Cavendish is only part of a far greater injustice and the pair must fight it in an adventure that would make them a legend. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Step right up.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen,

and come with us to yesteryear.

Witness the Wild West as it really was.

The greatest show on Earth.

Fun and educational for you, young sir.

Step right up to another time

of mighty beasts
and hard-hearted outlaws.


Who? Me?

You bring horses?

I think you made a mistake, mister.


Make trade.


Who did you think I was, anyway?

Never take off mask.

Why not?

You sure about this?


Dead man strike fear
into heart of his enemy.

All right.

Let's do this.


Ladies and gentlemen,

my colleague and I
will be making a withdrawal.

I understand this bank is insured, so...

...nobody move.

What's with the mask?

See? I told you. I feel ridiculous.

I guess I didn't make myself clear!

This is a damn bank robbery!

Wait a minute.

You're saying you're Tonto?

The Tonto?

There is another?

But the Lone Ranger
and Tonto were good guys.

I mean, they didn't rob banks.

Did they?

Come a time, kemosabe...

...when good man must wear mask.

Run that next rail!

More rocks! They need
more rocks right there!

Rail down!

Shake a leg, chums!

My friends and citizens of Colby,

I've asked you here today
so you can see at firsthand

what I believe to be the single most

important enterprise under God.

The unification of
this great country of ours

by iron rail.

Hear, hear!

To the Comanche,

I say you have nothing to fear.

As long as there is peace between us

all land treaties shall be honoured.

But to the outlaw,
those who prey upon the weak,

make no mistake, law and order

has come to the Wild West.

Which is why I am bringing

notorious outlaw and Indian-killer,

Butch Cavendish here
to Colby to hang for his crimes.

The future is bright,
ladies and gentlemen,

and it's just around the bend.

Ride 'em out! Come on!

Whoa, girl!

Run a man all the way to state line,

put him on a train
and ship him right back.

Don't make no sense.

Guess they run out of
hanging rope in Oklahoma.

Mr Cole wants to make an example.

Word is, Cavendish is
looking for payback with you, Dan.

Reckon so.

They say Butch Cavendish
ate a Red-Legger's heart

in the Missouri wars.

Swallowed it whole.

I heard it was the eyes.

Man told me he ate part of his own foot

just to win a bet.

Hell, he did.

MARTINI Which is it, Dan?

Don't see how it makes a difference.

What's the matter with him?

It's not Cavendish he's worried about.

Like Daniel
entering the lion's den,

we shall stare down the beast.


And purge
this Godless land

of the poisons of sin and licentiousness.


Dear God, grant us
thy mercy and wise judgment.

- Amen!
- Amen.

Thy equanimity
and singleness of purpose,

so we might prove
thy stalwart and worthy servants

in our war against sin. Amen!



Baby, baby, baby.

Care to pray with us?

We're Presbyterian.

I'm much obliged, ma'am,
but this, here, is my bible.

Shall we gather at the river

Where bright angel feet have trod

With its crystal tide forever...

It's almost hanging time, Butch.

Do you hear what I said, boy?

I'm gonna enjoy watching them
wipe that look off your face.

It's broke, lnjun. Can't you see that?

Very pretty.

For you.

Oh. No, I couldn't.

For you!

She's right.

It matches your eyes.

I didn't think
you'd make it out, Mrs Reid.

Well, I just wanted
to see what all the fuss was about.

And, um,
what do you think of our endeavour?

Looks to me like
just a lot of men digging in the desert.

Danny, one day soon,

you'll be able
to get on a train right here in Colby,

travel all the way to San Francisco

eating New York oysters packed in ice.

Then you can sail to China.

Come back around
the other way if you want.

That true, Mama?

Well, I'll believe it when I see it.

Here, let me show you.

You see that?

Now you try.

Oh, I expect on a lawman's salary,
quite a lot falls on you.

We do just fine.

Thank you.

Oh, I mean no disrespect.

They don't make men
like your husband any more.

In fact, I envy him.

A fine family.

A son to carry on his name.

I just hate to see a bird in a cage.


That is right about on time.


Piss break, boss.

Grace our spirits will deliver

And provide a robe and crown...

Afternoon, ladies.

There's no need for violence, my son.

Fifteen hours,
I watched you feed that bird.

Gets on a man's nerves.

I do not fear what comes next.

Nothing comes next.

Nice suit.

Time has finally come, Windigo.

Do I know you, lnjun?

You know me.

You know me by the screams

of my ancestors in the desert wind.

As you will know their cries of joy

when I remove your evil seed
from the face of Earth.

That won't be necessary.

As District Attorney,

I'll see to it that this man is prosecuted

to the full extent of the law.

What kind of a lawman
don't carry his own gun?

Believe me, where this train's headed,

there's no place for men who do.

Oh, yeah? Where's that?

The future.

Know something,

Maybe you're right.

A lawyer and a crazy lnjun.

Bet you two got a lot to talk about.

Best make it quick.

Shall we gather at the river

...the river

I can't get it off.


Play on, boys.

Sing it to me!

Should be slowing down by now.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll be
at the station any minute.

Get the horses! Come on!

Jesus, we ought to go.

That's reinforced Bethlehem steel.

Any attempts at escape is futile.

That's great!

Good job.

And for coming to the aid
of a federal prosecutor,

I can be sure to put in
a good word with the judge.

Come on, boys!
Put your backs into it.

The rail road waits for no man!

That's the end of the line.

We jump.

What about the passengers?

They jump.

There are children on board.

All jump.

Have you no decency?

Windigo getting away!

No, you're not going anywhere.

Going somewhere?

- Yes.
- No.

- No. No.
- Yes. Yes.

- No, we are not. No.
- Yes. Yes.

Shut up!



Thank you.


Why don't you put that thing down,

and we'll settle this like men?

Although, I warn you.

I boxed in law school.


Great warrior.

Yeah, that's my brother.

Nice suit.

We have to stop the train.

No time!

Must to jump!

I'm not leaving
these passengers!

Then help me unhook the cars!

Come On!

It's jammed! Give me a hand.

You hold.



What the...


Hey, hold it right there.

I'm afraid I have to take you in.

Do you hear me?

You speak English, don't you?


By the authority granted to me

by the state of Texas,

I'm hereby arresting you.

You all right there, little brother?


Just taking this man into custody.


He was on that train for a reason, Dan.


What's your crime, boy?


And a man, in the eyes of the law.

Now, throw me your cuffs.

Whatever you say, little brother.

it's nothing personal.



They said there was an accident

and someone fell off the train.

Actually, it was me.

Dan's fine.

Saved the day. Same as usual.

Oh, my God, your face.


Come here.

God, it's good to see you.

What's it been, nine years?

Eight, since you stopped writing.

We were just kids back then.

Well, he takes good care of you, I see.

Yeah. In his way.

He spends most his time

in Indian territory these days.

Indian territory?

Doesn't sound like Dan.

Doing what?

Well, whatever it is,

he doesn't talk to me about it.


Have you got a place to stay?


No. Not as yet.

Well, you should stay
with us at Willow Creek.

I don't know.

Oh, God, look at you.

City boy.

Why would you ever want
to come back here?

It's my home.

Who are you?

Danny, this is your Uncle John.

Why, you look
just like your dad did

when he was your age.

They're going out again.

He deserves a trial, Dan.

Two Rangers are dead.
Didn't get no trial.

Well, I'm coming with you.

The law looks a lot different
on the ground, little brother.

Well, it doesn't include vengeance,

no matter where you're standing.

For "Wherever men unite into society,

"they must quit the laws
of nature and assume..."

"And assume the laws of men,

"so that society as a whole
may prosper."

That's John Locke's
Treatises of Government.

Never thought to hear
the likes of it in Colby.

Mr Cole, my brother John.

New county prosecutor.

Latham Cole? It's an honour, sir.

I read about you during the war.

John, here,
is an educated man like yourself.

Well, let's try not to
hold that against him.

You going after Cavendish?

Collins, here, picked up a trail.

- Used to track for our father.
- Can he ride?

Well enough.

Yeah, well, you see to it.

Railroad promised
these people a hanging.

I didn't know the rail road

was in the business
of keeping promises.

A simple task.

Collect the prisoner,
deliver him to his execution.

If you're not up to that, Mr Reid,

I'll find someone who is.

Maybe you should think
about staying in town for a few days.

Comanche are restless.

They're always restless,

but they keep to their side of the river,

and I keep to mine.

Besides, fences won't
put themselves up.

It's my job.

I'm not asking you to be happy about it.

I am happy.

I'm happy with the life
you provide. I just...

Is that new?

Matches your eyes.

All right.

Now, I expect you
to be bagging squirrels

by the time I get back.

Like old times, huh?

Thank you.

All right, Mr Prosecutor.

Let's see how your due process
fares on the trail.

It's Dad's.

I hereby deputise you a Texas Ranger.

But I can't help you with them clothes.

Indians call that your spirit horse.

Come to take you to the other side.

You can't scare me
with your ghost stories any more, Dan.

Since when did you start
wearing Indian jewellery, anyway?

Since my kid brother became a lawyer.


World needs lawyers
same as it does Rangers.

I reckon so. It's a nice hat, by the way.

They didn't have a bigger one?

He missed you.

Could have fooled me.

You smell like a distillery already.

Steadies the hand.

You even sleep last night?

You know me, Johnny.

Never been one
to resist a little Western hospitality.

"Red's." Hmm.

What's this? Like, dancing?



Could go by the flats.

Lose a day. Maybe a day and a half.

What is it?

No cover.

What do you figure, Dan?

Figure Collins should go take a look.

If he can stay in the saddle.

John. Come here.

No, I don't believe in them.
You know that.

Butch Cavendish don't care
one way or the other.

I'll take my chances.

You stay close.

Come on.

Where the hell's Collins?


I can't see him!

I got no shot!

Ride! Ride!


Ride! Ride out!

Your hand! John, give me your hand!

- No. No!

No, Dan! Dan!

No! No, no...

You shouldn't have come back, John.

No, it's okay. It's okay.

I messed up.

No, no. You're okay, you're okay.
You're gonna be fine.

She always loved you.

Take care of her for me.

No, you're coming with me.
Come on! Come on!

Come on!

It's been
a long time, Ranger.

You've looked better.

I heard them boys in Tulsa
took a real shine to you.

All heart, ain't you?

A year you took from me
in that sweatbox.

You take something from me,

be damn sure

I'm gonna take something from you.

Oh, yes!

Deal dies with you, old friend.

That's not right.

It can't be right.

They're dead? All dead?

Even Dan?

Dan very dead.

But he's the Lone Ranger.

Would have been much easier, I agree.

How did you get out of jail, anyway?


And would you stop feeding that bird?

It's not alive, you know.

Awaiting spirit to return.

Not same thing.


Greetings, noble spirit horse.

No, no! No, no, please.
You make mistake.


Wet brain.

You come.

Come, come.


great warrior.

Spirit horse

you have travelled far.

Obviously very fatigued.

I understand.

You come. Come, come.

Come, come.

Him strong brother.

Want him, bring him back.

John! Give me your hand!



If you are going to
sneak up on an Indian,

best to do it downwind.

Why are you talking to that horse?

My grandfather spoke
of a time when animals could speak.

When you get them alone, some still do.

But I cannot decide
whether this horse is stupid,

or pretending to be stupid.


Why am I covered in dirt?

Because I buried you.

Then why am I alive?

Horse says you are Spirit Walker.

A man who has been to the other side,

and returned.

A man

who cannot be killed in battle.

Horse definitely stupid.

Are those my boots?

He cut out his heart.

What kind of a man
does something like that?

Not a man.

An evil spirit

born in the empty spaces of the desert.

With a hunger

that cannot be satisfied.

And the power
to throw nature out of balance.

My people call this spirit "windigo."

I am Tonto of the Comanche,

last of the windigo hunters.

So, what do you want with me?

A vision told me a great warrior

and Spirit Walker
would help me on my quest.

I would have preferred someone else.

Your brother, perhaps.

He would have been good.

But who am I to question
the great father, hmm?

All I know is a man killed my brother,

and I'll see him hang for it.

Then you will need this.

A bullet?


A silver bullet?

Silver made him what he is.

And so it will return him to the earth.


You know what?

I would like to thank you

for everything that you've done for me.

But I should get back.

I, too,
seek the windigo Butch Cavendish.


I was prisoner on the train

the way a coyote stalks buffalo.

After hunting 26 years I had my prey

until you interfere.

Actually, I think I saved your life.

So, we're even.


What the hell was that for?

Bird angry.

Yeah. You know what?

I can't help you.

Or your bird.

Where do you go?

Into town, to form a posse.

I would not do that, kemosabe.


There was a gun
waiting for Cavendish on the train.

Eight men rode into canyon.

I dig seven graves.


He's known us since we were kids.

You find traitor,

you find the man who killed your brother.

That's my brother's vest.

Eyes, cut by the bullets that killed him.

From the great beyond,

he will protect you

and the ones you love.

You want me to wear a mask?

The men you seek
think you are dead, kemosabe.

Better to stay that way.

All right, but if we ride together,

it's to bring these men to justice
in a court of law.

Is that understood?


is what I seek, kemosabe.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen,

into the Hall of Human Deformities.

Fun and educational for you, sir.

...trampling out the vintage

Where the grapes of wrath are stored...

God has forsaken all you sinners,

and now the armies of hell are upon us.

Heathen. Heathen!

Heathen in our midst!


I'm looking for a man.

I bet.

Got money?

Of course.

Where did you get that?

Make trade.

With a dead man?

Hard bargain.


Are all these women professionals?

Sickness of greed is strong.

What about her?

Oh, yes. Her, too.

So how do you know all this?

A vision said it would be so.


Hi, Tonto.

Couple of freaks here to see you.

Mmm-hmm. Thank you, Homer.

Just let me do the talking.


What's with the mask?

Second thought, don't answer that.

No, one thing you learn in my business.

Killers, preachers,
war heroes, railroaders...

Every man has his thing.

Are you referring to Mr Cole?

Oh, no, not Mr Cole. No.

By all reports, Mr Cole is, uh...

Well, he is no longer guided

by the same imperatives as other men.

Mr Cole gelding.

Come to think of it, there was talk

of an incident during the war.

Let go of me!

I won't let you go!


No free rides, gentlemen!



- I want to touch.
- Uh-uh!

Not if you favour your hand.

We're looking for a man named Collins.

He's a tracker, speaks Indian.

Never heard of him.

I see.


Coming in here,
we did happen to notice a number

of fairly serious health code violations.


It is a house of sin.

Yes, well, one with evidence

of livestock on the premises,

inadequately marked fire escapes,

and a fairly sinister-looking
jar of pickles on the bar.

Hmm. Pickles?


I'd hate to have to shut you down.

You want to shut down the rail road?

- Yes.
- No.

- Yes.
- Well, then you have a problem,

because there ain't no rail road

without girls like mine
doing the heavy lifting.

Homer, help these morons find the door.

Windigo getting away.

What the hell is he talking about?

Nothing. It's an Indian thing.

Man who has taste for human flesh.

Butch Cavendish.

That's right.

Well, why didn't you just say so?

Collins was in about
a week ago with a lawman.

Ranger like you, as a matter of fact.

Said his name was, uh, Reid.

Dan Reid?

Had themselves
a hell of an argument.

What about?

they found in the desert.

Paid me with this.

Do not touch rock!

Rock cursed.

lnjun's right. Worthless around here.

But get it to San Francisco,

they'd pay a thousand dollars cash.

Maybe I'll be on the first train west.


Do you have cat?

I did.

I thought he'd be an improvement

on the last man in my life,

but maybe it's me.

Red, we got trouble.

What are you doing?

Comanche gesture of respect.

Taste another man's drink.

Oh. Right.

- Thank you.
- I'm afraid we're gonna have to

bring our little visit to a close.

Some of my clientele don't take kindly
to an Indian on the premises.

He has as much right
to be here as anyone else.

Not since the Comanche
violated the treaty.

- Treaty?
- You didn't hear?

They've been raiding settlements
up and down the river.

My God. Rebecca.

Fear of cat.

Better go out the back.

How do I thank you?

Just make that animal pay
for what he took from me.


Nature is indeed out of balance.

Come. Must to go.

Must to go, drunken beast!

'Tis judgment day, harlot!


May I help you?

Where are they?

I'm sure I don't know who you mean.

Ma'am, I believe I've located your...


Get him!

There's the redskin!

Where you runnin', lnjun?

What the hell is wrong
with these people?

Blood has been spilled, kemosabe.

And soon, rivers run red.

Oh, God...

Let's call it a night, Joe.

Yes, ma'am.

Come on, Danny.

Get yourselves inside!

Danny, come on.

Pilar, get the shutters.

Pilar, fire!

Indian savages.

Was not Indian.

The hell it wasn't.

Indians make trade.

Leave him alone.

I said leave him alone!

Indian is like coyote.

He kill and leave nothing to waste.

Tell me, kemosabe,

what does the white man kill for?

This one's nice, ain't it?

I love me some aquamarine.

Not an Indian.

This ain't what it looks like, mister.

I just like them pretty things.

Rebecca and Danny. Where are they?

You tell me where they are, or I'll let
the Indian do what he wants to you.

What does he want to do?

What the hell is going on?

There's a Ranger.

What are you talking about?

He got some lunatic Indian with him.

He was gonna violate me
with a duck foot.

You shoot anything that comes out.

Go for horse, kemosabe.

I cover you.

Why don't I cover you?

You have been to the other side.

Spirit Walker cannot be killed.

All right.

But we take them alive.

Texas Ranger!

Put down your weapons
and step out with your hands up!

It's dark!

Spirit Walker.

See! What did I tell you?

Go around back.

What's with the mask?

What is it?

So, the horse,

it can fly?

Don't be stupid.

Hold it right there.

Rebecca and Danny,

where are they?

Comanche don't take no prisoners.

Just the scalps.

Isn't that right, boy?

I will take the Spaniard.

I haven't fired a gun
in nine years.

Might want to keep that
to yourself, kemosabe.

Great shot!

That was supposed
to be a warning shot.

In that case, not so good.



That was my brother's.


Very sacred.

How am I supposed
to find Rebecca and Danny now?

Tracks lead north,
toward Indian country.

That's 400 square miles
of rock and desert.

Even an Indian can't track through that.

We follow horse, kemosabe.

"Kemosa..." Why do you
keep calling me that?

What's that mean?

"Wrong brother."


My husband will kill you for this.

That'd be a trick.

Last time I saw your husband,

he was drowning in his own blood.

We got company.

Hold up!

It's Frank.

Where's Barret and Jesus?

He killed them.

Straight draw.

Fired one bullet
and they didn't stand a chance.

You better start talking straight, Frank.

Now, who killed them?

It was a Ranger, Butch.

A lone Ranger.

Rangers are dead.

The ghost of Dan Reid.


He coming for you.

You shouldn't have done what you did.

- Shut up!

Let him come!

I killed him once.

I won't have to answer for it
when I kill him again.

Scared, aren't you?

You should be.

Hey, Collins.

Do you know
what the Indians call this place?

"The Valley of Tears."

Please don't do this. Please, don't...


That's far enough.

Don't look at me.

He loved you.

I said, don't look at me.


Please, run.

Danny, come on.


Why would Cavendish
make it look

like the Comanche violated the treaty?

It has something to do

with what my brother found in the desert.

Perhaps he want to make it look

like Comanche violate treaty.

That's very helpful, thank you.


What is it?

Horse dead.

I can see that. Now what?

We're lost, aren't we?

I knew it.

Just follow the horse.
That was your idea?

But you can't talk
to a dead horse, now, can you?

You know what? Let me try.

Hello. If you could
just point us in the right direction,

we'll take it from here.

What's that?


That's just fantastic, isn't it?
Cavendish is out there somewhere,

doing God-knows-what
to Rebecca and Danny,

and I'm gonna die
here in the desert with you

and that ridiculous bird!

The woman, Rebecca,

you will fill her with child, no?



That's my brother's wife.

When you were on the other side,

you spoke of her in your vision.

Well, lack of oxygen
can cause the brain to hallucinate.

Everyone knows that.


but you did not speak of her
as the wife of your brother.

Well, she's his widow now.

So, it is better that
she live the rest of her life alone?

Yes. No.

Look, it just isn't done.
You wouldn't understand.

Because I am a savage?

Would you stop?

You can't track.

If you could, we wouldn't be
out here in the first place!

What is that?


That's impossible.

Train track.

You are lost, aren't you?

Train tracks?

I thought you were in Indian territory.


Let the Comanche make no mistake.

We will not be dissuaded from our task.

From here on,

all treaties with the Indian Nation

are null and void.

We will be in Promontory Summit

ahead of schedule,

three days from today!

Now, go ahead. Put that in your paper.

Mr Cole! Mr Cole!


It arrived last night.

I had to dip into petty cash.

Put it somewhere safe.

Where would that be?

Use your imagination.

I understand you have
an Indian problem.

Right on time.

I thought you said I couldn't get shot.


I said you could not be killed.




Well, that's good, right?

Not so much.

What are they doing?

Death dance.

They are preparing for war
with the white man.



Is that thing sterile?

Yes. I make urine on it.



But the Comanche didn't
attack the settlements!

White man does not know this.

But you're going to tell them.

I mean, you did tell them, right?

My name's John Reid,

and I know that you didn't
raid those settlements.

If you let me go, I can prove it.

There doesn't have to
be a war, understand?

No. Of course you don't.


Good. Good.

Me, Spirit Walker

from great beyond.

The hunter of wendingo

and the other things.


Or his mind is poisoned with whiskey.

Comanche gesture of respect?

What's with the mask?


Tonto told you these things?

That's right.

And he told you to wear the mask?

That's funny?

Very funny.

Tonto's a Comanche.

He's one of you.

No more.

What do you mean?

His mind is broken.

He is a band apart.

Many moons ago,

a boy found two white men
in the desert.

He brought them to
his village to be healed.

When they found silver in the river,

they asked the boy where it came from.

In exchange for a cheap pocket watch

from Sears Roebuck,

the boy showed them
where the river begins,

where they found more silver

than any white man had ever seen.

They took what they could carry,

but they wanted to
keep the place a secret,

so they could one day return.

The boy could not live
with what he had done,

so he decided the men were possessed

by evil spirits in the silver.

He called it "windigo,"

like the ghost stories
we tell our children.

And he made a vow.

When he found these two men,

he would drain their blood

into the soil of his ancestors,

so he could return to the tribe.

But he is too late.

There is no more tribe to return to.

Our time has passed.

They call it "progress."

You're John Reid, brother of Dan.


By this totem, your brother swore

if we kept the peace,

he would protect our land.

Now the Cavalry cut down our children.

Like all white men, your brother lied.

No. No, Dan was murdered.

And if you let me go,
I'll keep his promise.

So, we have a deal?

Not so much.

My name come up?

Please, this is a mistake.

There doesn't need to be a war.

It makes no difference.

We are already ghosts.

Shh! Shh!


Let us bring the pure sceptre

of Almighty God
to the heathens!

Oh, thank God! Civilisation.

We'll just explain the entire situation,

and we'll get this whole
misunderstanding cleared up.

The United States Army.

Finally someone
who will listen to reason.

Help! Over here!


Perhaps they didn't see us.

Oh, no.

They will be back any minute now.

Could be worse.


How could this be worse?

Could develop an itch

on your nose.

I'm not talking to you any more.

What is that?

You hear it, too?

I was hoping it was in my head.

This is worse.


Nature is most definitely...

- Out of balance.
- Mmm.

Hello again.

Any chance you could...

Atta boy! Yes! Thank you.



Here we go, okay, go!

Thank you.

Going, kemosabe?


To find Rebecca and Danny?


- To capture Cavendish?
- That's right.


Where the river begins?


It is a good day to die.

Yeah, well,

same to you.

Come on.

"Where the river begins."

You know where that is, don't you?

Where the river begins.


Sorry, Butch. it was a accident. I'm...

I didn't mean it.

What the hell is that damn noise?

Sorry, Butch.
They say they won't go inside no more.

Indian spirits or some damn thing.

They say they causing the cave-ins.

He the one doing the talking?

That's right.

Anybody else want to negotiate?


They don't even speak English, Butch.

I think they understood.

Now go show them
there's nothing to be afraid of.

Do I have to ask twice?

I've been thinking.

Why don't we just take
what we can carry

and get out of here?

I mean, hell, we already rich.




You think I waited 20 years

for scraps?

I'm taking all of it!

Every damn piece!

I'm sorry!

Now, get in there
before I put a hole in you!

Sorry. I'm sorry.

Get in there.




90 get him.


It can't be.

The Rangers are dead.

Where are they?

You're dead.

Rebecca and Danny.

If you hurt them, I swear
to God, I'll make you pay. the full extent of the law.

I'll be damned.

Lawyer and a crazy lnjun.

Tell me.

Had a nice smell on her.

Didn't she?


You're no spirit.

You're just a man in a mask.

You're no different than me.

Finish him.


This isn't justice.


is what a man must take for himself.

No, I can't believe that.

I won't.

Windigo cut out brother's heart.

Where is brother's justice?

I'm not a savage.

You are not a man.

- I will do it.
- Wait.

You keep me from my destiny once.

It will not happen again.

Now, windigo must die.

There's no such thing as a wendingo.

You made it up.

Like you make up everything.

You sold out your whole village
for a watch.

And now you're an outcast.
You're a band apart.

A messed up little kid

who couldn't live with what you did.

There's no such thing as cursed silver,

or a Spirit Walker for that matter.

I'm not like you.

I have a tribe.

You have nothing.

Like me.

You're wrong.

Go back to your tribe, white coward.

I do not need you.

Look at me.

See the face of my people

as you die.

I knew I could count on you, Counsellor.

Shut up.


Where am I?


Feel better.

Your tactics
have been most effective, Captain.

With the natives in retreat,

we'll be in Promontory Summit
ahead of schedule.

Believe me, what they have done to the
settlements we have given back tenfold.


Danny, I told you,
take it easy on the corners

and press down on the straightaway.

It's just a toy.

Come here, Danny.

I want to show you something.

Since the time of Alexander the Great

no man has travelled faster

than the horse that carried him.

Not any more.

Imagine, an entire continent
connected by iron rail.

That's fuel for our cities.
Metals for our factories.

Food for the masses.

Whoever controls this,

controls the future.

Power that makes emperors and kings

look like fools.

You mean it's mine?

It could be, son.

Could be all yours.

Rebecca. Feeling better?

Look what Mr Cole got me, Mama.




Well, it was the least I could do

after what you've been through.

You should consider yourself
a lucky woman, Mrs Reid.

Had Mr Cole not
come along when he did

with those outlaws,
who knows what manner

of violations might have transpired...

Captain. Captain, please.

The boy.

We're indebted to you.

Oh, no. It is I who is indebted.

Ever since the war, I prayed
that God might send me

a family that I could care for.

And now he has.


There's one left.

- I'm sorry?
- A Ranger.

A Ranger is still alive.

No, ma'am.

My troopers found seven graves.

So, perhaps when you fell
and hit your head...


If there is a Ranger still alive,

we will scour the countryside
until we find him.

I promise you that.

Heavenly Father,

we call upon you in this,
our hour of need.

For you are the shepherd

that shall guide the wanderer
through the desert.

You are the light
that shall be his beacon

in the darkness.

And yours is the mighty sword

that shall strike down his enemies.

For he is on the path of righteousness.


Latham Cole!

Someone's coming in!

at your posts!

- Daddy!
- Dan.

We don't know who's out there.

I intend to find out.

Latham Cole!

Wendell, take Mrs Reid
and her son to the supply car.

For their own safety.

What is it, friend?

This is the man you've been looking for.

Butch Cavendish,

just like one of those great lizards

buried in the desert.

The last of a dying breed.

That's enough.

I brought this man in for justice.

Of course.


I'm just doing my job, Mrs Reid.

You wanna keep me in this room,

you're gonna have to shoot me.

Is that part of your job?



And don't let him leave.

But he's just a boy.

That's right.


And he's got a twitchy finger, too.

Stupid white man.

There were rumours
that sustained us.

A lone Ranger,

a masked man.

A ghost, some people said.

And now, here you are.

Flesh and blood.

Civilised society
has no place for a masked man.

Of course not.

How can I thank you
for what you've done?

You can stop this war before it's too late.

Comanche didn't attack
those settlements.

It was Butch Cavendish and his gang.

All for this.

Butch Cavendish.

In one man,

everything I hate about this country.

No sense of the common good.

No vision.

Come to think of it,

not unlike your brother, Dan.

Men like that can't accept
what we know to be true.

A man can't stay the same

with the world evolving around him.

Remember me?

But a man can't choose
his brother, can he?

It's almost as if his brother chooses him.

You see, that's what we are.

Me and Butch.


Born in the desert.

All those years ago.

And now you've come back.

Train tracks.

That's what Dan found
in Indian Territory, isn't it?

He knew there was gonna be a war

and he wouldn't go along with it,

so you had him killed.

Like I said,

no vision.

Stop this train.

Oh, there's no stopping this train, John.

I think you know that.


You're not my daddy.

No. Put the gun down, son.

Where's my daddy?

He's dead, Danny.

- He killed him.
- Shut up.

Listen to me, Danny.

You remember me, it's your Uncle John.

You trust me, don't you, Danny?

Look, Danny,
I'm gonna put my gun away, okay?

Nice and slow.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

Shoot him, son.


Is my daddy dead?

Is he?

Is he?

Just put the gun down.


Now, just put the gun down.

Captain, arrest these men.

This man is a common criminal

trespassing on railway property.

Comanche never
raided any settlements.

They staged the attacks
so they could violate the treaty.

We've heard enough. Captain.

You represent
the United States government.

You do not work for this man!

- Captain!
- They started this war!

Well, if what you say is true,

that would mean
I attacked the Comanche for no reason.

That's right, Captain.

Slaughter of the innocents.

Their blood on your hands.


Are you capable of that?

Well, the way I see it,

these men are with the rail road.

So, the question is,

who the hell are you?

Clear the track, men!

Outta the way!

Going to pit!

My God!

Out here, it's just rock.

Put it on a train, it's priceless.

What could you buy with all of that?

A country, Captain.

A great country.

For which our children will thank us.

Take her ahead!
Line her up!

You're lined up.

RAILWAYMAN 22 That'll do!

Get these Chinamen out of here!

Move it, move it!

Detail, halt!

Order, up!

Didn't you hear me, Chinaman?

I said, get out!

Port arms!

Please, don't do this.

You'll take care of us, like you said.

You don't have to do this.


I ain't gonna tell you again!

What the hell is that?

Gas. That's gas!

What'd he say?

Gas! Get out of there!

She's going to blow!

Shoulder arms!

I was at Gettysburg.

Twelve-thousand casualties
before lunch.

Know what I learned in all that carnage?

Nothing is accomplished
without sacrifice.

- Leave her alone!
- Danny!

Nice and easy!

Gas! Oh, Lord! Gas!

What the hell?

Gas! Gas! Gas!


I'm gonna have to
teach you about respect, aren't I, son?





What the hell just happened?

Get the train moving!

Maintain order! To arms!

Hold on, kemosabe.


What was that?

No reason for concern.

Over here! To the guns!

Defensive position!


Rebecca! I'm coming for you!


Rally on me!

Lord, save us.

Faster! Now!

Form a firing line!

Come this way. Fall in on me.

Hold your positions, gentlemen!



For God!

And for country!

Fire at Will!

Tonto? What is that?

Now... must to jump!

Left or right?



What are you trying to do?
Blow up the whole mountain?

Trust me. These two have
a hard time staying dead.

Cover the flank!

Mister Tonto?

Mister Tonto?

You mean, they killed all of them?

The Indians, the settlers...


For silver?

You were right.

There is no justice.

Cole controls everything.

The rail road, the Cavalry,


If men like him represent the law,

I'd rather be an outlaw.

That is why

you wear the mask.

Something very wrong with that horse.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are here today to celebrate a dream.

And now I'd like to introduce the man

who made that dream a reality.

Chairman of the Transcontinental

Railroad Corporation,

Mr Lewis Habberman the Third.

Thank you!

But I cannot take credit alone.

No, sir.

The working men before you
deserve your applause!


As does one man in particular,

and a more dedicated, loyal employee

the rail road could not ask for,

Mr Latham Cole!

- Come on.
- Good man.

Bravo, sir.

Mr Cole!

A testament of our thanks.


You missed something.

Where did you get the explosives?

I told you.

No, you didn't.

But you had a plan. I mean,
he didn't get away with it?

We had plan.

It was good plan.

This is a damn bank robbery!

Oh, Mr Habberman,

if you and the other shareholders

would like to follow me,

I have a little surprise for you.


Oh, my.

What was that?

Tunnelling for supply routes.
Nothing to be concerned about.

This way, gentlemen.

Bring the girl.

He's coming for you.

Just like Frank said.

What you got makes them Reid boys

so hot under the collar, anyway?

Maybe I'll have a taste and find out.

The men around this table represent

the finest families in our country

as well as controlling interest

in the Transcontinental
Railway Corporation.

Hear, hear!

What you cannot know

is that over the past six months,

I have leveraged a position

which will make me
the majority shareholder

when this company is
listed Monday morning

on the New York City Stock Exchange.

In essence, gentlemen, you work for me.

Have you lost your mind?

Do you have any idea the cost?

Each one of those freight cars contains

4.5 tons of purest raw silver.

When it reaches the bank
in San Francisco,

that's 65 million dollars.

It's what you might call
a hostile takeover.

You can keep the watch.

Have you checked the undercarriage?

- Check it again.
- Yes, sir.

Pleasure to see you, Red!


May I be of some
assistance to you, madam?

Seems I have a run in my stocking.


Hurry up with them grapes.


Make trade.

Hey, boy!

Boy, I'm talking to you!

Hey! You can't leave that here!

Mr Cole's pickles. Take it up with him.

This is an outrage!

I, for one, am not gonna sit here

and negotiate with one of my employees.

Then, let's get down to it, shall we?

My gluteus!

Gentlemen, our chairman
has had to take

a sudden leave of absence.

Any nominations?

I nominate Mr Latham Cole.

I accept

It's magnificent.

So clean.

You want to touch it?

Oh, yes.


About face!

Everyone wants to touch it.

What the hell do you think you're doing?


We don't have no money here, boy.

Train robbery.

A little higher.

How high does it go?

Almost there. of the free

and the home of the brave


Mr Cole?

They're stealing my train.

Get the horses!



What are you waiting for? To the engine!

Stop that train!

Shoot him, you idiot.

- No, Danny's in there!
- That's an order!


I've been shot!

There he is, men!



Come on!

Get me close!

The Ranger! He's on the roof!

How many times
do I have to tell you to kill that Ranger?

I told you he'd come.

Adios, Counsellor!


Dance, monkey! Dance!

Oh! Ooh!


Butch Cavendish!

Let her go!

If you insist.

Go ahead.


She tends to land on her feet.



What you gonna do, Counsellor?

Shoot me?

That's right.

Guess I cut out
the wrong brother's heart.

Don't tell me.
You boxed in law school.

What the hell?

As a matter of fact, I did.

Where is girl?

What? Where's the silver?

What are you...

End of the line.

We've been here before, haven't we?


Where did you say
that train was headed?

The future?

Well, this here train,
she going straight to hell.

You know something, Butch?
I believe you're right.

Enjoy the ride!



Wrong brother?

Not today.

Time's up, Indian.

Uncle John!

Pretty soon, no one will even know
you people were here.

I'm a Spirit Walker.

I can't miss.

All these years,

I think you are windigo.

But, no.

You are just another white man.

Who are you?

Bad trade.

You let him get away?


The bridge.

What bridge?

Oh, my.

"Bad trade."

Ladies and gentlemen,

as Chairman of the
Transcontinental Railroad,

I'd like to express our gratitude

to this masked man,

this Lone Ranger.

Hear, hear.

Come on, come on.

A small token of our thanks.

There will be plenty more
where that came from.

Always nice to have a lawman
on the side of progress.

Time to take off the mask, son.

Not yet.

I can't stay.

I know.

But if that badge
ever starts to weigh on you,

well, you know where to find us.

Train's headed west.

There's nothing
holding you here any more.

It's my home.

You're not a boy
any more, Danny.

Your daddy would be proud.

You take care of your mama.

I thought I'd call him Silver.


It is a good name.

You know, it isn't really a trade

unless both parties agree.

Who would really trade
a watch for some bird seed?

Bird cannot tell time, kemosabe.

"Kemosabe." Yeah, about that.

Look, I was thinking,
if we're gonna be outlaws,

I'm gonna need a better name.

I was thinking, "The Mask of Justice."


What about,
"The Lone Rider of..."


Do you know
what "Tonto" means in Spanish?

I guess I should be heading home.


It was nice to meet you, Mr Tonto.

So, the windigo.

Nature out of balance.

The masked man.

It's just a story, right?

I mean,
I know he's not real.

Was he?

Up to you, kemosabe.

Never take off the mask.

Hi-yo, Silver! Away!

Don't ever do that again.

subtitled by SELVAHEMA