The Lodge (2019) - full transcript

A soon-to-be stepmom is snowed in with her fiancé's two children at a remote holiday village. Just as relations begin to thaw between the trio, some strange and frightening events take place. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food



We have to go.


Mia, let's go.


Come on.

- Just shake her hand.
- How did you get an outfit

- just like Mom?
- Shake it.

Shake her hand.

You're lucky
that can go right back in.

Let me see if her head
can go right back in.

N-N-N-No, no, no.

Not the head.

Is she gonna be there?


She's such a retard.

Come on.

- Hey.
- Dad.

Where have you been?
Did you get lost?

I miss you.


Come on.
You, too, mister.

Hey, listen, can you guys, uh,

go to the store
and get some candy?

'Cause Mom and I need
to have a little talk, okay?


What-What's happening?

- Candy.
- And?

No artificial colors, gelatins,
or artificial sweeteners.

Don't be long.

Need a hand?


You have a good drive over?

Thanks for bringing 'em over.

- She's not here.
- Uh...

You look nice.

Tea? Coffee?

Okay, I'll have coffee.

Well, we got instant.

Sorry, 'cause I gave it up.

Is that okay?

You wanted to talk.

Um, listen, um...

I think we should finalize
the divorce.

Laura, we can't stay
where we are.

We have to...



Grace and I
are gonna get married.





There is going
to be more humidity around,

and that's going to make it feel
a little bit hotter

and make it harder
to cool off for your body.

So we do have
this heat advisory up

for a lot
of easternmost Massachusetts,

away from
the immediate coastline.

And this is
in effect till about...

That sticky air is courtesy

of the southwesterly
wind flow here,

and you can see
the dew point temperatures

are running in the low 70s.

That's oppressive humidity
down toward D.C.,

and some of that
has climbed all the way up

near the Canadian border.

But as you go to the northwest,

back towards the Great Lakes,

see how these dew points drop

into that refreshing category?

That's going
to get here for tomorrow.

But first we'll have a frontal
boundary across the area,

and this front is gonna be
a trigger,

as we get into the afternoon,
for a few thunderstorms.

Now, the storm prediction center
is eyeing that area

for the potential
that a few of these storms,

uh, a marginal risk...

...and the primary concern
would be for some

potentially damaging winds.

Also, with so much moisture...
heavy rain,

and there should be...

...that develop
this afternoon as well.

So, take a look at the timeline
here on Futurecast...

...clouds are going
to start to build,

especially along...

As we get deeper
into the afternoon, though,

that's when the storm starts
to get going.

2:00 to 4:00 p.m.,
you can see a few...

I don't know much.

What I do know is this:

she was a good woman.

A very good woman.

And she was always there
for her family.

Do not forget,

birth and death are two doors

through which
we must all journey.

All of us.

Death, however,

is but a new beginning,
a new start.

let us all pray for her soul.

Pray that she crosses over
to where she needs to go.

♪ Nearer ♪

♪ My God, to Thee ♪

♪ Nearer ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ E'en though... ♪

Okay, it's okay, shh...

♪ That raiseth me. ♪

She... she...

she can't go to Heaven.

She can't go to Heaven.

She's not gonna...

she's not gonna go
to Heaven, Daddy.

She's not gonna go to Heaven.

You don't understand.

She can't. She...

Baby, listen to me.

Listen to me.

Nobody knows where we go.

Mama wouldn't want you to cry.

She wouldn't want you to worry.

- You don't understand.
- Baby.

- Go away!
- Okay.

Go away.
Leave me alone.

Go away.

Go away.

Is it okay?
Did you plug it in?

Hey, hang on a second.

Mia, can you come here a minute?

Okay, so...

Grace is gonna be here
in a second.

And I just wanted to talk
to you guys about something.

How would you feel about going

to the mountains again
for Christmas?

I thought you were working.

Yeah, I am, but, uh,

I'll drive you guys up
after school's out,

and then come back on the 25th.

Are we gonna be there alone?

No, I thought it'd be nice
to ask Grace to come with us,

and, you know,
you can have some fun,

get to know her a little better.


No, you don't want to do that?

- No.
- How come?

I'm not going
anywhere with her, and...

least of all on Christmas.

- Why not?
- Are you crazy?

No, Aiden, I'm not crazy.

Grace is part of my life,
she's part of your life.

- What?
- And I think it's about time

you guys got to know her.

What do you mean?

Okay, look.
I'm gonna marry Grace.

We... we wanted
to tell you tonight.

It's all her fault.

I'm sorry?

I said it's all her fault.

What's her fault?

What do you mean,
what's her fault?

What do you mean?

You're talking about Mom?

You left Mom
for, for a psychopath.

Who told you
she was a psychopath?


She's in your books, right?

Fuck you.


I'm really sorry,

but we just can't do this
right now.

I'm gonna have
to go out again later, okay?

- What?
- I was right.

Grace is from his book on cults.

Oh, my God.

"Radical Christian sect."

Everyone committed suicide
except for her.

She's supposed to bring

the teachings of the sect
to the public.

Click there.

And you will find salvation.

Repent and you will wash away
every sin

that has been bothering you.

Just confess.

Repent and pray.

Now, don't think
I'm the only one watching.

God is waiting.

He's so impatient, and He can't
wait to see your smiling faces.

Please join with me.

Would you like to sing now?

♪ Nearer, my God ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ Nearer to... ♪

Is that real?

What are you doing in here?

Um, I was just...

What's going on?

...looking something up
for Mia's school project,

because my...

computer is updating.


Look, I was...
I was just with Grace.

She really wants to come on this
trip and get to know you guys.

It's important to me
that we give her a chance.


Come on, she's got
all this fun stuff planned.

Stay up all night, watch movies.

She's a terrible cook,
so you can eat what you want.

You give it a chance?

Hmm? Think about it?

For me?

There she is.

It's the paper.
I've got to take this.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. What?

Well, I asked you
to e-mail it to me.


can you do that?

Hi, Aiden.

Hi, Mia.

Ready to go?


Do you have the key?

I got the key.

Go pee, Grady.

Go pee.

I set up
a little dog bed in the hall.

A what?

Dog bed.

Is that okay?


The bedrooms are upstairs.

It's the last door on the right.

Need a hand?

No, I'm okay.

There's your dog bed, Grady.

Good boy.

Look at your little skunk.

You guys want a cookie before
I finish this whole packet?


Take one for your brother.

- I have three.
- Okay.


Here you go.

Who's hungry?

Dig in.

Bless us, 0 Lord, and these,

Thy gifts,
which we are about to receive.

- Amen.
- Amen.

What are you looking at?

That's Laura's.

Does it bother you?

I'll take 'em down.

It doesn't bother me.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.


Shh, shh, shh.



You're gonna make yourself bleed.

- I'm sorry.
- You'll make your nose bleed.

- No, I'm okay.
- Okay.

- You good?
- Yeah.


I'll see you later.
See you later.

Stay, Grady. Stay.




Get you!

No! Aah!

How's it going?


- Do you need a hand?
- Yeah.

Hey, kids, give Grace a hand.

Go, go, go!

That's our mom's hat.


I'm sorry, I...

I didn't know.

What happened?

I didn't know
it was their mom's hat.

It's okay.

Here. Take mine.

Come on.

Pull you?


That's way better.

This is the way to do it.


You okay?




Be careful.

There's a fishing hole.

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop, stop.

Move back.
You have to be careful.

Stay here. I'll get it.

Let me...

- Dad!
- What?


Mia, get back!

Come here. Give me your hand.

Give me your hand. I got you.

I got you.

My doll!

I got you. Come on. You're okay.

You're okay. You're okay.

Get b... get back in the house.

You're okay.

You're okay.


Don't worry,
you'll be warm soon.

Here. It's really hot.

You feeling okay?

I'll make you something to eat.


Hey, it's me.

Uh, listen,
I can't come back tonight.

Well, uh, can you get someone
to cover for me?

It's kind of an emergency.


You okay?


I don't think
I should go to the city.


'Cause I don't want
to leave you here with the kids

if you're not feeling...

- up to it.
- Uh, I'm feeling fine.

It was my idea,
and it's a couple days.

I can do a couple days.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

As long as I don't have
to go ice-skating.


You know what, come here.

One, two, three, four, five.

This is a family heirloom.

Belonged to Laura's dad.

You ever use one?

Stand like this at arm's length,

or you can use both hands.
It's up to you.

You cock the gun by pulling
the hammer all the way back.

Want to try?

Come on, have a go.

It's pretty easy.

Okay, here, hold this.

It's got quite a recoil,
so put your weight in...



Not bad.

Now I can drive.

Give me a kiss. I'm only gonna
be gone a couple of days.

Maybe I'll hitch a ride back
with Santa Claus.

What do you think? Hmm?

Okay, guys, I'm off.

Wendy from the gas station
has a key if anything happens.

The kids have their number.
Remember what I told you.

Be nice.

Don't go hunting
for your Christmas presents.

Have fun.

Bye! Love you, too!

I-I was gonna start
decorating the house

if you guys want to help.




What do you want
for Christmas, Mia?

A dog.

I always wanted a dog
for Christmas,

and I never got one.



Well, I didn't...
I didn't get presents

when I was a little girl.

And my-my dad was...

really serious about the Bible,

and it doesn't say anything
about presents in the Bible.

That's weird.

It is weird.

What kind of, um, dogs
do you like?


Bulldogs are cute.

My dad doesn't want me

to get a dog, either.

He just thinks that
I'm not gonna take care of it.

Well, maybe
if you take good care

of your sea monkeys,
then you can get a dog.

I heard you can show your dad
that you can take care of...


I got Grady for myself
as a present to myself.

- Hmm.
- Whenever I...

was able to sort of

put all that behind me,
and he was my new life.

Do you want to see the present
that we made for my dad?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Come down.


Dad, watch!

Dad, watch!

- Hey.
- That's great work, Dad.

Mmm, this is good.

We have turkey hats.

Mm. What are you thankful
for? Because Thanksgiving

- is about being thankful.
- Mm-mm, no.

I'm thankful for my mom.

We did good.

We've done good.

We never have real turkey
on Thanksgiving, you know.


I'm gonna make something to eat
if you're hungry, Aiden.



Grace, I can't find my doll.

Did you look
in your dad's room?

Grace, I haven't taken her
in there.

And you only took her here
and your room?

Did you look
in this... this room out here?

The... the room,
like, right here,

by the staircase.

I never take her in there.

Okay. I'm gonna check in there.
You want to come with me?

Well, I'm gonna look in there.

You want to look over there
in the...

by the shoe rack?

You don't know till you check.


Oh, my gosh! Grady!

What did you do?

Did you think it was a toy?

He must have thought
it was a toy.

Hey, it's me.

Um, I don't know why it's going
straight to voice mail,

but I just got
a missed call from you.

Wanted to call you back,
but everything's okay,

and we're having fun.

We just watched a movie.

I made pancakes.


and we decorated the house
with Christmas stuff.

Try calling me back,

um, or text me.

Texting me is probably better.

I love you. Goodbye.

I'm making a sandwich,
Aiden, if you want one.



I'm making a sandwich
if you want one.

I'll make my own.

I think we need
to have a conversation, Aiden.


I just feel like
things are very...

uncomfortable between us,
and I... I just wanted to know

if there's something I can do
to make... make that better,

or what-what your problem is.


Okay, I feel like
there's something

you're not saying to me, or...

I just want you to know
that I, I'm here

if you want to talk
to me about anything.

Why would I talk to you?

Because we're stuck
in a house together.

I didn't mean...

I didn't mean “stuck." I meant,
um, we're in a house together.

I want to be in the hou...
I mean...

I didn't mean...
I didn't mean that.

I just meant...
it would be a lot better,

I think, for both of us
if we could... talk.

I don't want to talk to you.

You don't want to talk to me?

Okay. You don't want
to talk to me.

You just want to watch me
in the shower.

You don't have anything
to say to me?

I just wanted to try
and make things better.

Oh, come on.

What were they doing
flying that low,

shooting at a dog?

Cabin fever. Who knows?

Go ahead.

Go ahead.
What are you waiting for?


Is that for me?


Thank you.

It's really cold.

Do you want some hot chocolate?

No, thank you.

Get your ass over here!

Well, you feel okay.

You want me
to go get the gas heater?


Damn it, Childs, torch it!

Is it safe
to have that on in the house?

Yeah, it's fine.

It always sounds like that.


- Clear!
- Clear.

You guys want
to watch a different movie?

It's Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Dad!


No! No!



The power's out

and the pipes are frozen.
Can you check the generator?

- Hmm. What time is it?
- I don't know.

My phone's dead. Check yours.

Mine's dead, too.

Where's the gas heater?

Did you move it?

- Aiden?
- What? No.

What is this?
Where is everything?

Did you do that?

Is this some kind of joke?


If this is some kind of joke,
you got me, but it's not funny.

Okay, I'm gonna go to my room,
and when I come back down,

all the food's gonna be back
and so is everything else.

Aiden! Mia!

Where are my things?

I need my pills.

Where are my pills?

We didn't do anything.

You took my pills

- and I want them back.
- We didn't do anything.

There's nobody else
in the fucking house, Aiden.

I don't know, maybe
you should ask yourself.

You're the one who's walking
through the house

all night long.


We hear you every night.

So I took my fucking pills?

I'm gonna find my things.

Starting with your room.

Where is all your stuff?



Well, if you tell me

where my things are,
then I'll stop.

We didn't take anything.

Where's my doll?





Where's Grady?

What if he's outside?

How would he get outside?










This fucking generator
won't work.

I don't know why.

No power.

How far is the nearest town?

It's miles.

And it's pointless without a car
in the storms.

The roads could be closed
for days.

I'm done.

I didn't want to say anything
in front of Mia, but, uh...

I had a, a weird dream
last night.

Well, uh, a nightmare,
but, um, in...

in... in the dream,
the gas heater started smoking

and we couldn't breathe, and...

uh, and...

...we suffocated.

Did you mess with the clocks?

No. Why?

Grace. Grace.

I've been playing
with Aiden a lot.


Just sleeping a lot.

Yeah, I miss you, too.



Your phone's working?

It's-it's not working.

- So give me your phone.
- It's not working!

So let me have your phone!

I was just pretending.

I really miss Dad.

♪ Nearer ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ E'en though ♪

♪ It be a cross ♪

♪ That raiseth me. ♪


Repent your sins.


I heard something.

- What?
- A voice.

Give me the flashlight.

Stay there.

It's just the window.


Repent your sins.

You know how to open the door.

Just confess.

Repent your sins.

God's waiting.








- Grace!
- Grace.


Mia, you okay?

What are you doing?

We're leaving.

I need my pills, and we're
just gonna walk to the...

nearest town and call your dad.

Then he's gonna come pick us up.

So you have to pack your things.

What are you talking about?
We can't leave.

It's not up for discussion,

Look outside, Grace.

That's crazy.

We don't even have our jackets.

We're not going.

I'll go alone.

You won't make it.



Don't go.



Oh, God.



What is this?

I don't know, Aiden.

We're stuck here and we don't
know what's going on and-and...

And this picture...
what does it mean?

I don't know
what that photo means, Aiden.

What if we died?

We didn't die, Aiden.

How do you know?

If we had died,
how would we know?

Because it makes no sense.

Because I'm sitting here,
talking to you.

And because my feet are cold
and I'm hungry.

Maybe that's what it's like.

We wouldn't know if we died.


we must confess our sins

and cleanse our souls.

We're caught in purgatory.

Would you like to pray?

Should we pray now?


Repent your sins.

God's waiting.


He's so impatient,
and He can't wait

to see your smiling faces
today and tomorrow.

You're getting up for God.

You get to wake up, and He gets
to see you smile, my friends.

And you get to be
in His family now, His love.

I'd like you
to surrender your soul.

We know God is waiting.
It's time now.

It's time to open the door.

You and you alone hold the key,

and you know how
to open the door.

Sorry for being
mean to my brother.


What is this?

Where did you get this?

Did you do that?

Grace, we must repent.

We must repent
for our sins, Grace.

- Stop, Aiden.
- You have to.

- Shut up, Aiden.
- You have to before it's too late.

- You have to repent.
- Shut up, Aiden.

- So that we can go to Heaven.
- Stop, Aiden.

You have to repent...

I said, stop it, Aiden.

You have to repent before...

- Stop it, Aiden!
- You have to atone...

Shut up!

- Stop it!
- You have to...

I said, stop it!

Stop it!

- Shut the fuck up, Aiden!
- You have to tell the truth.

- Shut up!
- You have to repent for your sins!

- You have to repent!
- Stop!

- You have to!
- Shut up!

Shut up, shut up!

I'll prove it to you.

Grace! Grace!


Do you see now?

You see, we cannot die.

You're already dead.

We're caught in purgatory.

We must confess our sins
and cleanse our souls

in order to go to Heaven, Grace.


Repent! Repent your sins!


please protect me.

Please, Mother.

Please protect me.

Please help me.

Would you like to pray?

Holy Mother, please protect me!

Should we pray now?

Why did you leave me?!

Repent. Repent your sins.

Just confess.

God is waiting.

Please help me, Lord.

I know that I've sinned...

and I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.





No, don't, Mia. Mia...


It was my fault, Grace.


I left the door open.

I'm so sorry.


I'm-I'm so sorry.


Please come inside, Grace.

Grace... it's too cold.

Please come inside.

I don't know what to do.

She's gonna
freeze to death, Aiden.

I know.

We have to convince her
or something.

We have to...

We have to stop this.

I know.

You see her pills?


Come on.

- Grace, come on.
- Let's go inside.

Come on.
It's too cold, Grace.

It's too cold.

Come inside.

We were just pretending.

We didn't die.

Grace, I...

I actually didn't hang myself.

None of it was real.

Look, can we...
can we just go inside, please?

We're all sinners on Earth.

And may the Lord forgive us

so we can be welcome
into the kingdom of Heaven.

Our Father, who art in Heaven,

hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done
on Earth as it is in Heaven.

It's not working.

Fuck, fucking...


Phone charger's out.
We need power.

Give me your phone.

It's dead, too.

Sorry. I was on the phone
with Dad too much.

Maybe we should
give her another sleeping pill.

I repent...

the harm I've brought
to this family.

I repent my...

The lies I told...

and my desire and my fornication

and my impurity.

It's okay.

It's okay. Just...

Hey, it's me.

Uh, I-I called you guys
all day yesterday,

but I can't seem
to get through to anybody.

I'm leaving now. It's gonna
take about five or six hours.

Depends if the roads are open,
but, um...

I hope you're okay.

And call me
when you get this message.


I have to go to the bathroom.

Just go in the corner.

We can't go down there
right now.

Mia, don't.



Go away.

You don't have to be afraid.

It's okay, Mia.

You have nothing
to be scared of.

It's fine.

Death is already behind us.

We're not dead.
We're not dead.

We were just pretending.

We were just

- That's all.
- We did it for Mommy!

Christ suffered in the flesh.

You have to release yourself
from earthly sins, Mia.

You need to sacrifice something
for the Lord, Mia.


- Mia.
- Please.

- Burn her.
- Stop.

You have to free yourself
from idols.

You need to burn her, Mia.


Please stop!

- Stop it!
- Mia! Mia!



- Hey.
- It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.
It's gonna be okay, okay?

Look. Look, trust me.

You need to trust me, okay?

- Grace.
- Look, watch.

- Mia.
- Stop.

- Grace, stop!
- Don't.






Hey, sweetie.

God is punishing us.

For, for what we did.

We didn't do anything.

Oh, my God.

Baby. No, no, don't.

Don't do that, Grace.

Shh, it's okay.

You don't understand.

Look at me.

I'm already dead.

Please don't do that.

I've exited this vehicle,

and now I have to go
through the pain

and tortures of purgatory.

You're not dead.

There is no purgatory.


I'll show you.


Don't do this.

I told you.

Give me the gun.

It's okay.

You're not listening.

I'm listening.

Come on.

Give it to me.



You feel that?

- Let it go.
- You don't get it.

- Dad.
- Dad!

- Dad!
- Dad! Dad! Dad!

- Richard.
- Dad!




- No!
- Mia. Mia, now.

- Richard.
- Mia!

- Now!
- No!

- Come on.
- No!



She's coming!

Aiden, help!


Come on!

Aiden, go!

Come on!

Oh, my God.

Let us pray to our Lord...

...that He can forgive
your father Richard.

That he makes his way
into the kingdom of Heaven.

May He forgive us of our sins

so that we may be reunited
for eternity.


♪ Nearer, my God ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ Nearer ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ E'en though ♪

♪ It be a cross ♪

♪ That raiseth me ♪

♪ Still all my song ♪

♪ Shall be ♪

♪ Nearer, my God ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ Nearer, my God ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ Nearer ♪

- ♪ To Thee ♪
- ♪ To Thee ♪

♪ Though like the wanderer ♪

♪ The sun's ♪

♪ Gone down ♪

♪ Darkness ♪

♪ Be over me ♪

♪ My rest a stone ♪

♪ Yet in my dreams I'd be ♪

♪ Nearer, my God ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ Nearer, my God ♪

♪ To Thee ♪

♪ Nearer to Thee. ♪

It's okay.

It's okay.