The Little Witch (2018) - full transcript

-Follow the story of a small witch who is determined to be the best witch of the forest and along with her raven Abraxas rolls from the one in the other adventure . From such a little witch you will need to love.

[music plays]

[glass shattering]

[quick, mysterious music]

[light, bouncy choral music]

[upbeat, bouncy flute music]

[Little Witch and
Abraxas laughing]

- [Abraxas] Are you
crazy, this is spring,

it's not the season
for pine cones.

- [Little Witch] Hocus
pocus, egg of toad,

to me white cloud
now quickly float.

Draw together open up,
hunus, punus, fill our cup.

[upbeat, bouncy music]

[Little Witch laughing]

- [Abraxas]
Clothespins, eh, okay.

- [Little Witch]
Not what I meant.

- Why not make it rain something
yummy instead, breadcrumbs?

Oh, raisins.

- I just don't get it,
an ordinary rain spell

shouldn't be this tricky.

All right, I'll try again.

- And I shall take cover.

- Hocus pocus large in
size, to me white cloud

now quickly rise, draw
together I shall offer,

uh, legal-a-loggoly,
make the ground softer.

[thunder clapping]

[light, bouncy flute music]
[spoons clinking]

- [laughing] What
are you, a magpie?

Shiny spoons, woo-hoo-hoo.

[Little Witch laughing]
Oh dear, help me.

- At least a ladle's
kind of practical.

- I'd much prefer a
woolen cap, thank you.

- I wanna go inside now.

- [Abraxas] What's the matter?

- [Little Witch] Nothing.

- You're upset about tonight's
Walpurgis dance, aren't you?

[light, solemn, twinkling music]

You weren't invited
to Brocken Mountain

again this year and
your feelings are hurt.

Well you do realize that
they have very strict rules.

Walpurgis night is only
for the big witches.

At 127, you're still
considered a little witch.

- 127 years, two
months, and 22 days.

It's just not fair, I wanna
dance on Brocken Mountain too.

- They'll invite you some day
I'm sure of it, be patient.

- What if I just flew
up there in secret?

If they've already
started dancing

they wouldn't even notice me.

[Abraxas clearing throat]
[Little Witch laughing]

- That's a horrible idea,
what if they catch you?

They may ban you, and you'll
never go, and then what?

- Do you think they would?

[clock dinging]

[clock clicking]

[bird chirping]

- Walpurgis night sounds
like a lot of fun,

if you have an
invitation, that is.

[sighing] I don't
advise taking the risk.

[bird chirping]

[Little Witch sighing]

Please be patient, there's
always the possibility

that you'll be invited
to join next year,

or the year after that.

- [sighing] Be patient,
but for how long?

[deep, mysterious music]

- [Thomas] Move
it you [muffled].

- [Vroni] Thomas, wait up.

- It's Walpurgis night you know.

- Let the witches dance,
they don't scare me.

How can you tell if
someone's a witch?

- [Thomas] Well, they're
really old and really ugly,

and they just look wicked.

- Have you ever seen a witch?

- Of course not,
and if I'm lucky,

I'll never see one either.

[tense music]

[wind whipping]

[Abraxas snoring]
[bed creaking]

[Abraxas groaning]

[Abraxas snoring]

[clock dinging]

[clock clicking]

[bird chirping]
- Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.

- [Abraxas] Rock candy.

[light, mysterious music]

[wind whipping]

[bird flapping and cawing]

[people yelling]
[drums beating]

[people yelling intensifies]
[drum beating intensifies]

- [Witches] We celebrate
Walpurgis night,

every witch's pure delight,

many here shall be inspired,

to spin around
the witches' fire.

Sing and dance
and act all right,

this is our Walpurgis night.

[rapid drumming music]

[adventurous music]

[upbeat, rhythmic choral music]

[drumming music]
[crowd chanting]

- Hello, Aunt Rumpumpel.

- So you want to dance
here with us, do you?

- I'd love to.

- You know, little witches
like you are forbidden

from coming here tonight
under any circumstances.

- Yes, I know, but
if you don't tell,

it can just be our secret.

[drumming music]
[people yelling]

- It seems we have a visitor.

- [Witch] Whoa.

- Who?
- Who is that?

- It's my little niece.

287 times removed, that is.

- I've never seen her.

[witch farting loudly]
[crowd groaning]

- [sniffing] How
old is she, anyway?

- 127 years, two
months, and 22 days.

[witches gasping]

- So young!

- 127 years, you say?

How dare you show your
face here tonight.

A witch of your young age
is explicitly forbidden

from dancing on Walpurgis night.

- I'm sorry but, I was
so curious, I just had to

jump on my broom and fly over.

[witches laughing]

- She just had too.

- Is she serious?

- Hop on your broom and
fly back home Little Witch

before I get mean.

- But I--

- No buts, and don't let
me catch you here again.

[people chattering]

- And, what about next
year, can I come back then?

- What?

- Hm, well if you work hard
and become a good witch,

then I'll consider it.

- Really?

- Perhaps.

- Then I shall become a
good witch, I promise.

- It will never work,
just take one look at her.

- She's far too thin, she
smells far too good, uh?

- How small she
is, way too small.

- And she's stupid as well.

- [Little Witch] I'm not stupid,

I'll be as good a
witch as any of you.

- Whoa!
- We shall see about that!

In one year, on the
night before Walpurgis,

I shall assemble a
council of witches,

and we will put you to the test.

- Um.
- Um-hm.

- We will then find out
if you have what it takes

to be a truly great
witch, you agree?

- [Little Witch] Mm-hm.

- And if you should fail,
well, you'll be banned

from celebrating
Walpurgis night forever.

- Yes, yes.

- [Head Witch] The book.

[slow, solemn music]

- What's this?

- Hm, in this book, all the
things good witches know awaits.

- [Witch] Mm-hm.

- One year from now, you
must show flawless mastery

of every last spell therein,
if you wish to pass.

[chuckling] Do you understand?

- Yeah, sure do, I'll
start studying tomorrow.


I'll be a good
witch, I know I will.

[witches laughing]

I'll show you.

- Not so fast, a moment please.

Will she not be punished
for this violation?

- We all know the
rules, anyone who comes

to the witches' dance
without an invitation

must be punished, that is true.

- Give her to me, I'll bury
her up to her neck in mud.

[witches laughing]

- Let's make her lie
in a bed of coals

for three days and three nights.

- Quiet!

Such venom and ire.

So, what should we say?

- Yes, I would suggest that we
take away her witches broom.

That means she'll be forced
to walk three days and nights

step by step by torturous
step just to get home.

[witches chattering]

- Very good, that's
what we'll say.

- [Rumpumpel] Give
me your broom.

- But.


[fire roaring]

- Be gone, boo!

[witches laughing]

- I'd keep an eye
on her through this,

she still has much to learn.

[drumming music]
[witches laughing and yelling]

[Little Witch groaning]

[light, bouncy choral music]

[Little Witch groaning]

[light, bouncy choral music]

- Oh, can't forget
the book, come on.

[adventurous music]

[Little Witch groaning]

- [Abraxas] Come on,
where have you been?

What happened to you,
where's your broom?

- The sparks were flying, and
the drums were banging so loud

and the witches were
dancing like crazy.

The bonfire was giant, Abraxas,

oh I wish you could've seen it.

- [Abraxas] Mm-hm.

- I think I could've
danced all night.

- But they caught you instead.

- Unfortunately,
now I have to learn

that whole book as punishment.

- [Abraxas] That's
not a punishment,

it's the opportunity
of a lifetime.

- How is it an opportunity?

7,892 spells of
memorization is good how?

- It'll be hard work that's
true, but if you want to be

a great witch, it'll
take sacrifice.

- Yeah, so I'll work,
every day for seven,

eight hours at least.

But first I'll get
revenge, on Rumpumpel,

that ugly old thing.

- So, what's your plan?

[Abraxas groaning]

- I'm gonna give her
a big fat pig snout.

[laughing] Some horns.

[both laughing]

And a nice flowing
goat's beard on her chin.

[Little Witch laughing]

And on her gigantic
behind, a big horses tail.

- None of this is true revenge.

- Oh?

- Since Rumpumpel is an
older witch, she can dispel

all these small charms
without even batting her eye.

If you really want to take
revenge on old Rumpumpel,

you must become a
better witch than she.

And you should begin right now.

- [Little Witch] Like right now?

- [Abraxas] Immediately.

[book crashing]

[Little Witch sighing]

- Fundamentals of
black witchcraft.

First, the elements. [giggling]

The spells on conjuring wind,
I think I can handle that.

Ventalas ventalas vantalus
voontalus verivox,

verifoox voorufex hexorex.

Ventalas ventalas
vantalus [sighing]

voontul, vontafex?

And then it's something
like veritvex, verihex.

[wind swooshing]
[harp music]


- What's wrong?

- Must've been the wrong spell.

- Wrong spell, what do you mean?

[crying out] Take them
away, get rid of them now.

- That spell is way too
complex, and the wind

doesn't need my
help to blow anyhow.

Invoke ball lightning,
cause avalanches,

release a firestorm, but
what about dirty dishes?

Or mending socks,
something useful.

- Can you please just
get rid of these ears?

- They look good
on you. [laughing]

Ears, ears, ah, ears,
rabbits, counter-spell,

conversio, that's it, mm-hm.

Vari verihex.

[wings flapping]


Why are you laughing?

Oh dear.

- I think they look
good on you. [laughing]

[both laughing]

- Ventavus ventavus
ventavus voontavos,

uh, that's not right.

Varibooks varivox. [sighing]

These spells are too complicated
and that book is too big.

How am I suppose
to get through it?

What are you looking for,
did you lose something?

- [Gatherer] We're looking for
firewood, but there's nothing

on the ground, no branches,
no twigs, nothing.

- What do you mean, nothing?

- [Gatherer] There's
been no wind, and no wind

means nothing's been
falling from the trees.

- [Gatherer] I'd love
to know magic right now.

- [Gatherer] Well
you don't, and why,

it won't help anything.

- Ventavus ventavus
vantuvus voontavus

verivox verivoox ruafex hexarex.

[wind whipping forcefully]

- Take cover.

- [Woman Running] Your
handkerchief, I'll get it.



[Little Witch laughing]

- That's enough,
stop it, enough.

[birds chirping]

- Ah, look.

- Huh, I guess I can conjure.

Wind's a good start.
- Blunderbust,

thunder tindrums, lead and
hail, what are you doing?

You know you can't
collect firewood here.

- How else are we suppose
to heat our stoves?

- That's not my problem,
empty your baskets right now.

Come on, let's go.

- Please, Mr. Forester,
show some mercy.

We're not hurting anyone.

- That is not the
issue, there are rules.

Now empty that basket.

[light, bouncy music]

- You should stay away from me.

- So, you wanna resist,
I oughta lock you up

for obstructing an officer
and, and, and I would be

happy to let you keep
however much wood you need.

[gasping] Did I
really just say that?

- Thank you for
being so agreeable,

I just wish these
baskets weren't so heavy.

- Oh for goodness sake,
I should take you in

for whatever nonsense
you're trying to pull here.

But, first I should carry that
heavy basket home for you.

Why would I wanna do that?

- You really mean it?

- No, I mean, oh sure.

- [groaning] Here you go.

- [stammering] Blunderbus,
thunder tindrums, lead and hail,

and if you want, I can
carry you if it's easier.

- [Little Witch]
[giggling] Really?

- Definitely not, I mean, yeah.


- Giddy up [giggling] bye!

Let's go little donkey,
move it. [giggling]

Come on little
donkey, hurry, yah!

- Bluderbust, thunder
tindrums, lead and hail--

- Whoa, you can set
me back down now.

[gasping and groaning]

Well that was nice,
now run along home.


You must be the nicest
forester in the world.

- Uh-huh.

- And you'll let the
women gather wood in
peace from now on?

- Yes.

- Hm, [giggling] he's
not gonna forget that.

[cat meowing]

- [giggling] You
should've seen him,

all swearing and sweating.

- It was good of you to
help those poor women,

but was it necessary to torture
the forester like that, hm?

- Yeah, of course.

- But why?

- Because it was fun,
I help good people

by punishing bad ones.

- Is that so?

Do you really think that's
how a good witch behaves?

Couldn't you do good without
all the tricks and shenanigans?

- That sounds boring.

- Boring, well it
doesn't have to be.

[mice squeaking]

[light piano music]

[bouncy piano music]

You know what, sometimes
I get the feeling

that you don't want
to be a good witch.

- Well, that's how I get to
dance on Brocken Mountain,

so of course I want that.

- Then I think it's about
time that you started

acting like that's what
you want, don't you agree?

- How am I suppose to know
what's good and what's not?

- It's not something
that you know,

it's something that you feel.

You have to listen to the
voice deep inside yourself,

you'll feel it.

[light, bouncy music]

[children yelling]

- [Boy] Run, and take your girl

drums with you.
- Go play with your dolls.

- [Boy] We don't want
you little sissies.

- [Boy] Thanks for our new cart.

[boys laughing]


- [Boy] Let's break it.

- Why are you doing that?

- Because it's fun.

- [Boy In Green Jacket]
Yeah, it's a lot of fun.

[boys laughing]

Stop staring, and stop
asking stupid questions.

Cut it out, let's go.

[boys laughing]

[people chattering]
[carnival music]

- Thank you kindly,
No-frills Jacob, now open.

I've got fantastic [drown
out by music and chatter]

exquisite supplies
for the gentlemen,

and great, great lotions [drown
out by music and chatter].

I'm feeling generous today
folks, almost giving it away.

Suspenders, razor
blades, this big bottle

of healthy garlic
juice for dirt cheap.

Step right up, I've got
bargains you can't beat.

That'll be five sir, thank you,
you got yourself a bargain.

The finest goods from No-frills
Jacob, whatever you need.

- How much for these?

- For you my dear, just
three, no, make it two, okay.

Step right up people,
you'll be glad you did.

I've got flags, yarn, and ink.

- [Little Witch] Thank you.

- I hope they serve
you well, ma'am.

No-frills Jacob,
open for business.

I've got just what you
need at the price you need.

[light, bouncy music]
[people chattering]

- Hello there.

- Hello.


Anything else, ma'am?

- [Mother] No thank you.

- Mama, will you
buy us a candy cane,

or a rock candy
please, just one?

- [Mother] Not today Vroni,
some other time dear.

- That will be 8.70
please, thank you.

[broom barrel crashing]

- [Shopkeeper] Let me
help you with that.

- I need a broom, please.

- A hand broom, a kitchen
broom, or perhaps a birch broom?

Maybe a scrubbing brush.

I also have many feather
dusters to choose from.

- Just a simple birch broom.

- Ah, with or
without a broomstick.

- With, I mean, the stick's
the most crucial part.

- Here you go, my
finest quality broom.

[broom clunking]

- Very nice, oh, and a large
bag of rock candy, please.

[Little Witch giggling]

A little more.

Oh, and a candy cane.

- Ah, mm, okay, that'll
be 9.80, please.

- Oh, keep the
change, thank you.

- Thank you.

- Mm-hm.


[man grunting]

[people chattering]

- Miss, handmade paper flower?

Flowers, handmade
paper flowers, flowers.

- You have so many lovely
flowers, I like them.

- Yeah, I made them all
myself but no one wants one.

- May I?


But their fragrance
smells so good.

- [Flower Seller]
Their fragrance?

- It smells sweet.

- You're right.

- What is that smell?

- [Man] It smells magical.

- Over there, I think
it's those paper flowers.

[happy orchestral music]
[goat bleating]

- One flower, please.

- [Man] I want one too.

- [Man] Two please, one for
me and one for my sister.

- [Man] I'll buy a couple!

[bouncy, happy orchestral music]

[goats bleating]

- Notice something weird?

- Yeah, she's not
running out of flowers.

- Hey, hey, excuse me,
can you save me a flower?

Your, your flowers
are quite beautiful.

[bouncy, happy orchestral music]

[birds chirping]

- Now, you're going to be
my witch's broom, okay.

[Little Witch singing happily]

See, being good can be fun.

Eh, why are you acting up?

That was close.

I'm guessing that
one flips up over and

I wonder what'll
happen if I do this!

[bouncy, happy music]

Woo-hoo, woo!

[sheep bleating]

[upbeat, happy music]

[Little Witch yelling joyfully]

[upbeat, happy music]

[water splashing]

[laughing] Woo, now that's cold.

[upbeat, happy music]

[insects buzzing]

- [Abraxas] Oh, I'm
roasting out here.

- [sighing] Ah,
this is so boring.

Should I cast some spells?

- [Abraxas] On a Friday,
on Friday, spells are--

- Forbidden, I know.

Well what about an
itty, bitty spell?

- If you're willing to risk
getting caught, then go

right ahead, but we'll see if
you dance on Brocken Mountain.

- It's such a stupid
rule, no magic on Fridays.

I don't understand it, why
not cast spells on a Friday?

[light, mysterious music]
[birds chirping]

- I think we've
been here before.

- Okay, that way?

[light, mysterious music]

- Hm?

- Oh, hey [yelling].
[water splashing]

Oh dear.

- [Thomas] No one's home.

- Hello.

Are you kids lost?

- No.
- Yeah.

- Come on, I won't bite.

How 'bout a bite to eat,
I'll go see what I have.

- It's her, that
lady from the market.

[dishes rattling]

[door creaking]

[light, mysterious music]

- [Thomas] What's that?

- It's a snouted, horned,
horse-tailed goat witch.

Whatda you think?

- I don't know.

- I kinda like it.

- How about some cocoa and cake?


- [Both] Mm-hm.

- [Thomas] Yeah.

- Can I ask you something?

- You can ask anything.

- Are you a witch?

- [Thomas] Vroni.

- So, are you or not?

- Uh, I'm sorry about that,
she's not trying to be rude.

Of course you're not a witch.

- Oh no?

- Obviously, you're not
mean or ugly or old.

And you can't cast
spells either.

[chair rumbling and creaking]

Hey, I want down.

- So you really
are a witch then.

- Will you please put me down?

- What else can you do?

[Abraxas clearing throat]
- What would you like?

- Are you mad, have you
forgotten what day it is, well?

- The bird can talk?

- Is he an enchanted prince?

- He's no prince, Abraxas
is an old know it all

who's scared to leave the house.

- What's his deal?

- Probably nothing, but
don't you think it'd

be nice if he
closed the curtains.

[Abraxas groaning]

[curtains slamming]

- Can I come down already?

- Sure, sorry about that.

- Ohh.

[chair banging]
[Thomas grunting]

- Any requests?

- Put the table on the ceiling.

[table creaking and rattling]

[glass shattering]

- Don't mind that.

- Fill the bathtub
with milk and honey.

[water gurgling]

[upbeat, bouncy music]


- And what about you,
is there something

that you'd like to see?

- Make the stove play a song.

- I see, playtime.

[horns music]

[stove clanking]


[horns music]

[clock ringing]
[bird chirping]

[horns music]

[all laughing]

[chaotic music]

[singing nonsensically]

[all laughing]

[pounding at door]

[Abraxas gasping]



[cat meowing]

Who are you?

[crying out]

[Rumpumpel laughing]

Rumpumpel, what a nice surprise.

- I was nearby, so I
thought I'd pop in.

- That's nice, I'm kind
of right in the middle of

cleaning at the moment, so--

- I don't mind, just checking
on how your studies are going.

- Good, very good, actually.

- [Rumpumpel] Good, good,

very good indeed. [laughing]

[light, bouncy,
mischievous music]

What's with the curtain
and those shutters

over there being drawn?

- Oh it's because
it's hot outside.

- I see, the heat.

[light, curious music]

[liquid dripping]


- Uh, well that makes
it easier to clean.

- Were you casting spells?

- I'd never do such
a thing on a Friday.

You know spells are
forbidden today, don't you?

- Don't get cute with me.

- Sorry.

- [Rumpumpel] Do you
have visitors right now?

- [Little Witch] No.

- You wouldn't happen to
be entertaining humans?

We witches are to
keep away from humans,

you know that's
forbidden too, don't you?

- [Little Witch] Of course,
that's common knowledge.

[Little Witch sighing]
- What's that?

- Um, I like to
draw, it's relaxing.

- Well, uh-uh, it's not bad.

You have talent, hm.


- Yep, it's good for the skin,
you should try it sometime.

- Why, is something
wrong with my skin?

Oh, you mean warts.

- [Thomas] Achoo!

- Is someone here?

- No, that was, achoo, me.

This time of year
always gives me, achoo,

terrible hay fever, it gets
worse, achoo, each year.

I just can't see to, achoo,
shake it off. [giggling]

[tense music]

[Abraxas yelling]

- Get that away,
you'd better count

your lucky stars it's
Friday, or else I'd--

- Cut it out, Abraxas.

- What did you call him, that
charbroiled chicken there?

- He's Abraxas, he's my raven.

He gets in the way
when I'm cleaning

so I put him in the cupboard.

- You know, that we
true witches, our
pets tend to be cats.

- Uh, cats?

- Yeah, meow, not caw, caw, caw.

You should think about that.

- Achoo!

- Try some nettle tea with some
boiled raven's feet perhaps.

- No!

- [Bumpumpel] That
always works for me.

- Thank you for the tip,
I'll have to try it.

- You should be sure to
clean behind the sofa.

There's so much dirt,
you'd be surprised.

- Yeah, okay, goodbye,
Rumpumpel, it was
nice to see you.

- I'll keep an eye on you.

[Abraxas grunting]

Meow, kitty, kitty.

[cat meowing]

- Who was that?

- [Little Witch] Okay,
it's time for you

to go home, it's getting late.

- Did you do that?

- Yes.

- [Vroni] Thank you.

- Yep, that's our secret.

All right, off with you.

Is something wrong?

- We don't know the way.

- Now don't worry about
that, you two just follow

your noses and
it'll be just fine.

- [Vroni] A real witch,
and she's not wicked.

- [Thomas] But the
other one sure was.

- Yeah, and so ugly.

- Hello,

are you lost, do you
need me to take you home?


[cat meowing]

- Oh, spells on Friday, even
worse, in front of humans.

What if you had
been caught, huh?

Imagine what Rumpumpel could've
done to those children.

Even you know it's extremely
forbidden to cast spells

in front of humans.
- Those children.

I didn't think about them.

- [Abraxas] Because you
only think about yourself.

- Because you know what's best.

- [Abraxas] You should
be thankful, without me,

everything would fall apart.

- Oh yeah, well you
should know that witches

keep cats around,
not bossy old ravens.

[gasping and sighing]

I'm sorry.

- What are you trying to say?

- Nothing, I have no
idea what I'm saying.

- [chuckling] And I'm
a homebody, is that it?

- A brilliant homebody.

- It's true, I may be a
wee bit out of practice,

but I could fly if I wanted to.

- If you wanted, you could fly.

- Hm-hm, somebody does
need to keep an eye

on the house when you go out.

- Of course.

- Just a household tip,
always clean behind the sofa.

There's just so much dirt
there, you'd be surprised.

- And some nettle tea will work
wonders for your hay fever,

with boiled raven feet.

- [shuddering]
But not with mine.

- It's a deal.

[both laughing]

[Little Witch grunting]


[light, bouncy choral music]



[frog croaking]


- [Abraxas] And up.

Now give it a spin,
yes, nice. [laughing]

[Little Witch crying out]

- Stretch 'em nice
simply to keep up

going to the
clouds, three times.

[voice drown out by music]

[cat meowing]

[somber music]

Fly like a horse
and stay the course.

Forest and pluck
into the right box.

What does that mean?

Rabbit's foot, apple tree,
spider, rat, and hazel tea.

Three, two--
Pocus hocus,

the branch is
dropping oh so fine.

Hocus pocus, hot cross buns,
all and everything is done.

Oh, hot cross buns, all
and everything is done.

- [Abraxas] Wake up, wake up,
yes you're going to love this!

- It's snow!

Abraxas, it's snowing!

[uplifting music]
[Little Witch yelling]

[light, twinkling music]

- Achoo!



I think you should take a little
break, you look exhausted.

- [Little Witch] No time.

- Well, a little fresh
air never hurt anybody.

- Look who's talking,
I'm freezing.

Let's see if I remember,
ignes agnes igoonamite,

fire set yourself alight.

Well, that worked great.

I think you're right,
a little fresh air

is just what I need.

- [Abraxas] You've earned it.

- Are you coming?

- In this cold, I'm not
a penguin, you know.

- Hm, coward.

- I am not being a coward,
the world is quite a dangerous

place for an old
raven such as myself.

I mean, birds of prey
out there, and foxes.

Not to mention the rain, wind,

and snow.
- Goodbye, see you later.

- But I could still fly
along, if I wanted to.


♪ Snowman with
your nose so red ♪

♪ Old tin saucepan
on your head ♪

♪ Snowman with your
coat so white ♪

♪ Don't you think
your frost will bite ♪

♪ But you have a
scarf so white ♪

♪ It saves you from
the winter storm ♪

- That's a great snowman,
did you build it yourself?

- Are you a witch like I am?

- Yeah, a forest witch, and you?

- I'm not really sure.

- Hm, you look like
an herb witch to me.

- You think so?

- [Little Witch] Yeah.

- [Girl] Then we
could be sisters.

- [Little Witch]
Maybe, how old are you?

- Eight, and you?

- 127.

[children laughing]

- That's funny,
I was joking too.

I'm really 227.

[children laughing]

- Come dance with us.

♪ Snowman with
your nose so red ♪

♪ Old tin saucepan
on your head ♪

♪ Snowman with your
coat so white ♪

♪ Don't you think
the frost will bite ♪

[children crying out]

[tense music]

- Snowman's kinda stupid.

I'm gonna knock him down.

- Yeah do it, get
him, know him down.

- [Konrad] One good kick

is all it takes.
- Go for it.

Go for it.

[acoustic strings music]
[Konrad grunting]

[Konrad crying out]

[children laughing]

- You'll be sorry
for what you've done.



[crying out]

[children laughing]

♪ Snowman with
your nose so red ♪

♪ Old tin saucepan
on your head ♪

♪ Snowman with your
coat so white ♪

♪ Don't you think
the frost will bite ♪

[solemn twinkling music]

- [Father] There you
are, where have you been?

- [Konrad] Out.

- Did you steal my money?

- [Konrad] No, I swear.

- So where'd it
go, there's a bunch

missing from my wallet, uh?

- I don't know, maybe you lost
it playing nine pins again.

- Ah, you talk to
me with respect.

[Konrad groaning]

Snotty brat.

[solemn music]

- [Little Witch]
Was that your dad?

- It's none of your
business so just go away.

- [Little Witch] He pushed you.

- Yeah, so?

- That's not right, why
does he treat you like that?

You can tell me, I
promise I won't tattle.

You didn't really steal
his money, did you?

- No, I didn't, but for
the last year he's been

playing nine pins at the
tavern almost every night,

and losing his money,
and he always get mad

and starts making up
stuff that isn't true.

- Like you stealing from him?

Ever talk to him about it?

- He gets mad every time
you even try to talk to him.

- Sounds like you
both have a temper.

You know, if
talking doesn't help

maybe we can try something else.

[crowd chattering]


- Putting up a wager, Walinger?

- [laughing] You just can't
wait to lose tonight, huh?

- We'll see who ends
up paying the tab.

- [Man] Well, you wanna see
what a penniless man looks like?

- [Man] Oh, don't
you start with me.

- All right, I'll knock all
of 'em down on the first roll.

- Hocus pocus ball so--
- Watch the magic.

I pray to saint
thee gently lean.

[wood crunching]

- Whoa-oh.

- What was that?


- Hey, what'd you do that for?

You trying to break
my nine pins alley?

- Somethin' must be
wrong with the ball.

- All right, I'm ready now.
- And now.

- [Man] Over there.

[slow, somber music]

[wood crunching]
[men gasping]

- What in the world?

- Listen friend, either you
stop rollin' the ball so blasted

hard or we're never gonna
let you play here again.

- Yeah.
- Um-um.

- Wouldn't that be great?

- Just watch.

- Yeah.

[men sighing]

- [Father] You see,
there you go, I know how

to handle a ball, right fellas?

[ball thudding]

[men yelling]

- It's all broken now.

- [Man] How does
this keep happening?

[tense, rapid orchestral music]

[both laughing]

[men yelling]

- Out with you.

- [Man On Right] We told
you what would happen.

- Come on guys, I swear I
didn't do it on purpose.

- [Man] Yeah.

- It's like there
was a curse on me.

[men laughing and
talking excitedly]


- [Konrad] Dad, your cap.

- What're you doing here?

- [Konrad] Here's your
jacket and your scarf.

- I'm sorry, Konrad, I'm
sorry that I pushed you.

- Come on, let's go home.

[somber, twinkling music]

- What is it?

- [Konrad] You forgot your ball.

- I don't need it anymore.

- No more?

[gentle orchestral music]

- [Dad] Hey son,
what do think about

going sledding, like we used to?

- [Konrad] Yeah, or fishing?

- [Dad] Sounds like fun.

[suspenseful music]

- And she wants to dance
on Brocken Mountain.

[cat meowing]

[animal yelling]

[Little Witch crashing]

[Little Witch laughing]



- Abraxas?

♪ For she's jolly good lady

♪ For she's a jolly good lady

♪ For she's a jolly good lady

Oh, hi.

♪ For she's a jolly good lady

♪ For she's a jolly good lady

♪ For she's a jolly good lady

♪ That nobody can deny

- [laughing] My birthday, I
completely forgot about it.

- [Abraxas] You've been
wrapped up in your studies.

- And there's 128 candles.

- [Abraxas] Now you'll have to

blow them out and make a wish.

- [Little Witch] Do I have to?

It's just so
beautiful like this.

- Yeah, you're right,
it is quite lovely.

[gentle music]

- [Little Witch]
Uh, I almost forgot.

[gentle music]


- For me?

- To keep you warm and cozy
[giggling] better, perfect.

[both laughing]


[upbeat, happy music]

Tomorrow's Walpurgis
and I haven't

heard from any of
the big witches.

- [Abraxas] Well,
did you really learn

every single spell in the book?

- All 7,892.

[pounding at door]


[cat meowing]


- I scare you? [laughing]

I am here by order
of the head witch.

Your test will take place
tonight at midnight.

Come to the witches'
rock past the cave,

you know where
that is, don't you?

- Yes, so tell the head witch
I'll certainly be there.

- You don't have to come
if you'd rather not.

[cat screeching]
[Little Witch crying out]

Sometimes it's wiser to
simply remain at home.

- But I really wanna
dance on Brocken Mountain.

- Don't say I didn't warn you.

[bell tolling]
[footsteps clomping]

- Nine, 10, 11, 12. [sighing]


- [Witch] Yes, who's there?

- Me!

- [Witch] Who is me?

- Me, I've come here to take
my witch's test tonight.

[witches laughing]

- [Witch] Now!

[dramatic music]

[head witch laughing]

- She's still skin and bones.

- And she hasn't grown
an inch all year.

- Excuse me.
- So, you've decided

to take the test, huh?

To show us that you've
become a capable witch.

Ready for your first task?

- [Little Witch] Yes, I am.

- Here we go,
conjure a whirlwind.

- Whirlwind, whirlwind.

Ventavus ventalus
vantulas voontalus

verifex verifoox
vurufex hexerex.

[dramatic music]

[wind whipping]
[witches yelling]

- [Head Witch] I said stop.

- Stop! [laughing]

- [Witch] Was that necessary,
why's it always my fire.

- And not bad.
- That was good.

Do thunderclaps, three of them.

- Thunderous thanerous thoreous,

thornarix thinarix thanorum,

thunder thaner thinerboom.

[thunder clapping loudly]
[witches crying out]

[witch farting]

- Oh, sorry.

- Make the throne of the head
witch fly up into the air.

And make her hair burn.

Make thick smoke
pour out of her ears,

and lightning shoot
right out of her nose!

- No, no, calm down, calm down.

No fire or smoke, hear, I'm
perfectly fine without it.

[witches groaning and grumbling]

Anyone else have a task for her?

- Now cast the
spell on page 3,574

from the Book of Witchcraft.

- Uh, 3,574, that was
uh, it says, that one is,

I can see it, uh, ball
lightning, ball lightning.

- She's correct.

- Ballight booloo spenaloose,

Ballight bowloose lightaboose.

[bouncy, twinkling music]

[air gushing]

[thunder clapping]
[witches crying out]


[witches laughing]

- [laughing] Very good.

- So does that mean I can
join the dance this year?

- The dance? [laughing]

[all laughing]

Yes, you may.

[witches yelling happily]

- Thank you, wonderful witches!

- Unless somebody
has an objection

to you joining our celebration.

- Yes!
- Hm?

- I have an objection,
and I can prove

that she's not a decent witch.

Notwithstanding this
tomfoolery here,

she's nothing but a
farce, a very bad witch.

I've been watching
her for the last year,

and I have a list of her crimes.

First, she casts
spells on Friday, tons.

- Ohh.

- Is this true?

- Yes, but it was
only on one Friday.

- And secondly, she did so
in front of human children.

[witches gasping]

- Oh.

And these children, tell
me, they no longer fear you?

- Why would they fear me?

- Don't you know people
everywhere need to be

afraid of us, it's
very important.

- Hm-mm.

- And thirdly, this wretch
chose to punish a naughty

little boy by
bewitching a snowman and
bringing him to life.

- Oh!

- What's worse, she did
it to help other children.

- And I also helped the
wood women, and I helped

the girl at the market
sell her paper flowers

by giving them an
irresistibly sweet smell,

and Konrad wasn't really a
naughty boy, he was just sad.

- Oh-oh!


- Disgusting, why would
you tell us all about

what a bad witch you are?

- Bad, but I only cast
spells to do good things?

[witches laughing]

- Yes, exactly.

Witches that cast wicked spells,
they're the good witches.

But you, on the other
hand, are a bad witch,

because you only see
fit to cast good spells.

- Well, I didn't know.

- Unbelievable, you didn't know?

- No.

- A proper witch
doesn't know this,

she feels it deep
within her bones.

- But I did feel it in my bones.

- You also feel like you deserve

to dance on Brocken Mountain.

[witches laughing]

- I know what she deserves,
we should make her

collect the wood for the
bonfire, all by herself.

- And after dancing a
few rounds, we can snatch

this pretender up, and
pull out all her hair,

one strand at a time.

[witches laughing]

- Kind witches.

- [All] We are not kind witches.

- I mean you wicked witches,
I can make up for it

by being really,
really wicked as well.

- Oh yeah, then prove it to us.

- Sure, so what do you
want me to do first?

- Oh, oh, mm, hm.

- Have her turn those two
human children into stone.

- You have until midnight
tomorrow to make it so.

Either you do exactly
as you're told

or your magic power
will be forever gone.

- And once that happens, you
will be banned for all time.

- And you'll have to live
like an ordinary girl,

all by yourself.

- It's time to decide.

[tense music]

- Is that really
the only option?

I'll collect all the
firewood that you want,

I'll gladly take the test next
year, or the year after that.

I'll juggle my broom.

[wind howling]

Where did you go?

- They're really
forcing you to do that?

These poor children
are innocent,

you know you can't
turn them to stone.

- I can't, if I refuse
they'll take away my magic.

- Yes, it's just so unfair,
I'll bet none of these

stupid witches know
the Book of Witchcraft

as well as you do.

They should be punished, by
taking away their magic powers.

My blood is just boiling
over this, I'm so furious.

- This is all your fault.

- Excuse me?

- You're the one who told me

that I should be
doing good deeds.

- Now hold it right
there, those good deeds

were entirely your
idea, were they not?

- You always know what's best.

- And you are a
good witch who would

never dream of doing bad things.

- [Little Witch] And what if
I don't wanna be a good witch.

- [Abraxas] Nonsense, you
shouldn't say such things.

- Oh yeah, then tell me
what you think I should do.

- Uh, [sighing] I've no idea.

- Really?

Rumpumpel was right,
what good's a raven?

- What did you say?

[door banging]

[wind whipping]

Do you mean that?

As you wish.

This isn't you.

[wind whipping]

[door banging shut]

[light bouncy music]

[bird chirping]

[light, solemn music]

[sheep bleating]

[bell tolling]
[sheep bleating]

- [Children] Love
your neighbors,

you are one, keep your
loved ones by your side.

Witches' dance we need the moon,

one more will be worried soon.

[baby crying
drowning out voices]

Have been waiting for the rain.

[muffled] for Walpurgis night.

Gather neighbors far and wide,

keep your loved
ones by your side.

Witches, [voices drown out
by crashing and clunking].

- So you've come to
turn those children

into stone after all, eh?

That's good, because
if you don't, I will.

I promise you.

- [gasping] You scared
me to death, you okay?

- Something wrong?

[somber music]

- Veerum varum, veerum
varum, veerum, vowum

varum vixor, varum vixor.

[sighing] I can't.

- You can't do what?

- The big witches want
me to do wicked things.

But I just can't.

- That sounds like a good thing.

- No, it's not good.

- Can you cast a spell?

- After tonight I
can't use magic.

- Do you not have a spell book?

[tense music]

- What're you doing?

- [Little Witch] I'm
drawing a circle around you

to protect you from evil
until Walpurgis is over, mm.

- Seems you've
made your decision.

You will regret this.

- What's your problem
with the children?

They didn't do anything to
you so why should I hurt them?

- Because you're
desperate to prove

that you're a proper witch.

- But it's so wrong and evil.

- It is, that's
true, we're witches.

- Well I'm a witch too.

- Not for long.

- We'll see about that.

- Yes, your broom will
burn nicely you'll see.

At the big dance
[laughing evilly].

- I am a proper witch, and
I'm not gonna let anyone

tell me that I'm not,
you hear me old goat?

Nobody else knows
that book by heart.

You'd all be powerless
without your books.

Without your books.

[rapid, bouncy music]

He said, I hope that
they'll serve you well.

[groaning and grunting]

[bird singing]

Quiet, I'm trying
to concentrate here.

[rapid, bouncy music]

Yes, that's it.

[bird singing]

[light, bouncy music]

[bird cawing]


Abraxas, I put out
some raisins for you.

I'm really sorry about
what I said to you.

I was confused and scared.

But I'm not confused anymore.

- Hm.

- Please, watch the house
while I'm gone, okay?

I'm gonna go up to the mountain.

[Abraxas gasping]

Wish me luck.

- Brocken Mountain?

Don't go yet, I can
help, wait for me.

There's the raisins.

[bird chattering]

What did you say,
she left the matches?

[bird chattering]

Yes, I'm aware that she never
gets the fire spell right.

[bird chattering]

To Brocken Mountain, me?

Well, I'm suppose to watch
the house, so I can't,

no, there's no way.

[bell tolling]
[deep, somber music]

[Vroni gasping]

[bell tolling]

Oh dear.


- Something is missing here.

- Where is the firewood?

This cannot be possible.

- Wrong, it is very possible.

[people chattering]

- You foul fate,
you dare to defy

the order that we gave you.

- Just how am I defying you?

- You were suppose to turn
the children into stone

and you didn't do it.

- Yes, yes.
- And what about the firewood,

the bonfire can't take place
without firewood, remember.

- [Little Witch] But
the wood's there.

- Is that some kind of joke,
I see no wood around, nothing.

- I think you should look again.

Hocus pocus one, two, three,

witches brooms come fly to me.

Therum arum flip and flap,
on this lofty mountain drop,

fall upon this spooky place,
build a roaring fire base.

[crowd yelling and groaning]

- My broom, no.

[witches yelling]

- What're you doing,
are you a fool?

- Hocus pocus hear me say,
witches books be on your way.

High past the
roofs on my behest,

please join me on
this magic quest.

[adventurous music]

- Oh!

[wind whipping]

- My book!

[witches yelling frantically]


- All right then,
this is happening.

[bird chirping]

Well I will fly there,
you just wait and see.

I can do it, I can
do it, here I go!

[Abraxas yelling]

[Abraxas crashing]

That kinda hurt.

[bird chirping]

- [Witch] What's going on?

- What on Earth does she
want with our spell books?

- Oh, that tiny girl
must've gone crazy.

- You wretch.

[yelling] I'm gonna make
you pay dearly for this.

- Hocus pocus now hear as I say,

take their witchcraft all away.

Witches will bewitch no longer,

none is weaker,
none is stronger.

Hocus pocus, blood and bone,
witchcraft is for me alone.

[Rumpumpel yelling]

- Oh, hump pump,
I can't remember.

- Outta the way, neither can I.


[witches chattering frantically]

- My power!

- Oh, oh.

- [gasping] So
what do we do next?

- You will reverse
the spell, right now.

- Sorry, I can't.

- Why can't you?

- Because I forgot it, I
think it's on page 3,786.


- She forgot the spell?

- So, I think it's time
to start the bonfire now.

- Oh no!
- What?

- [Witch] No, stop right there.

- I really need those matches.

[witches groaning]

Ignus agnus igatrite,
fire set yourself alight.

- Huh?

- Ignus agnus igatrite,
or was it iganun?

- [Witch] She forgot
the bloody spell.

[witch cackling]

- Now what was that spell?

- Well a spell book would
come in pretty handy now, eh?

[witch cackling]

- I gotta think.

- No, snuff out the torches.

[witches chattering]

We'll get you, you miserable,
stupid little toad.

- Uh yes, the toad, I remember.

Bufo, bafo don't remain.

- What are you doing?

- But settle in
the toad's domain.


[toad croaking]
[witches laughing]

Bufo bafo all of thee, now
let your inner toad be free.

[witches yelling]

[toads croaking]


Sorry, careful, pardon.

All right, time to
light the fire, but how?

[Rumpumpel moaning]

- [Abraxas] I'm here,
I made it, I made it.

- Abraxas?
- Look at me, ought-oh.

- Abraxas?

[Abraxas crashing]

Abraxas, are you all right?

Oh no.
[Abraxas moaning]

- You completely
forgot the matches.

You forgot to bring the
matches, you've never

had any luck starting
a fire without them.

- But it's been over a hundred
years since you've flown.

- I might be a homebody,
I can't pretend I'm not.

But this was the right occasion.

- Oh Abraxas, my
dear, sweet Abraxas.

Will you please forgive
me for what I said?

- Yes, of course I will,
but I can't forgive you

if I can't breathe,
please let me go.

I'm not joking, need air.

- I'm sorry.

[solemn music]

- [Abraxas] What is she up to?

- [Little Witch] Rumpumpel,
what are you doing?

- Oh, who me, nothing.

Please don't do
anything rash, you and I

could be friends,
don't you think?

I mean, I've never
actually had a girlfriend,

but I don't know why you
and I couldn't start that.

I always liked you, you know,
and just because someone

accidentally casts a
couple of good spells

doesn't mean she has to
lose her magic, does it?


- What're we gonna do here?

- I believe we've had this
discussion before. [laughing]

- You mean?

- I do, pig snout, horns,
and horses' tails go witch.

[Abraxas and Little
Witch laughing]

- Pebble scum, bubble gum, an
exotic beast you will become.

[creaking and stretching]

[Rumpumpel bleating,
snorting, and grunting]

[Abraxas and Little
Witch laughing]


[Rumpumpel screeching]
[toads croaking]

[wind howling]

[gentle music]

- It's quite lovely.

- All we need is music.

- Music?

- Yeah, it's time we dance now.

- What do you mean, we?

- Well, the two of us.

- Oh goodness.

- Bullyton bullyton, donkey's
ear, all you instruments

will appear to lend a hand
in this wonderful night,

to dance a splendid
dance tonight.

[wind blowing]

[Vroni sighing]

[gentle music]

- Thomas, come look,
you've gotta see this.

[Thomas gasping]

[slow, solemn music]

[upbeat music]

♪ We celebrate a
Walpurgis night ♪

♪ Rejoice without
the witches' fright ♪

♪ Up and down and all around

♪ No bad witches can be found

♪ Celebrate Walpurgis night

♪ And sing and dance,
we're here till light ♪

♪ Up and down and all around

♪ No bad witches can be found

[Little Witch laughing]

- Walpurgis!

[Little Witch and
Abraxas laughing]

- Walpurgis.

[upbeat bouncy music]

Say it, Walpurgis.

- [Little Witch] Say
it again, Walpurgis.

[jazzy piano music]

[Abraxas muffled by piano music]

Woo, my first Walpurgis!

[jazzy, upbeat piano music]

[stove vocalizing]

[Abraxas laughing]

- [Little Witch] Woo-woo!

- Hey, Walpurgis!

[bird chirping]

[dramatic orchestral music]

- I'm at Walpurgis!

- [Abraxas] Walpurgis!


[Abraxas laughing]

[upbeat choral music]

[thunder clapping]

[Little Witch and
Abraxas laughing]

- [Little Witch] You're
taking up knitting?

- I don't understand
it, I'm just trying

to conjure some rain, it
shouldn't be this hard.

Hocus pocus, egg of
toad, to me white cloud

now quickly float,
draw together, open up.

Possum, pussum, fill our cup.

[thunder clapping]

[raisins splattering]

[Abraxas and Little
Witch laughing]

- Of course, you
don't mind raisins.

- Well, I might've
made a small mistake.

- [Little Witch] How
'bout if we leave

the spell casting to me?

- [Abraxas] You are the witch.

- And you are my
dear sweet Abraxas.


[uplifting music]

[thunder clapping]

- Thunder?

[upbeat, bouncy music]
[both laughing]

[upbeat, bouncy choral music]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[light, bouncy choral music]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[light, twinkling music]

[birds chirping]