The Little Vampire 3D (2017) - full transcript

The story of Rudolph, a thirteen year old vampire, whose clan is threatened by a notorious vampire hunter. He meets Tony, a mortal of the same age, who is fascinated by old castles, graveyards and - vampires. Tony helps Rudolph in an action and humor packed battle against their adversaries, and together they save Rudolph's family and become friends.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Rudolph? Your party clothes.

I haven't worn them
in a hundred years.

Mother insists you try them on.
They could need altering.

What, does she think
I've gained weight? On our diet?

Just try them on.

I hate my birthday
and I'm not gonna wear them.

Hold still, please.

- Welcome.
- Aunty. You look...

Fat. Don't deny it.
And where's the birthday boy?

Rudy? Rudy?

I think he's trying on
his birthday clothes.

Oh, he'll look so handsome. Mm!

Et voila. Excellent.

Thank you, sir.




Oh! You scared me to death.

- But aren't you already...?
- Rudolph, apologise!

What did I do wrong?
Wasn't she calling me?

Rudolph, come with me.

- Did you go outside?
- Yes, sir, but I didn't go far.

- You know that's not the point.
- Yes, sir.

This childishness
has got to stop.

Your birthday is only
two nights away.

And I'll be 13 again
for the 300th time.

- It's boring.
- Rudolph!

Come on! Let's have some fun!

I have to help Mother.
I promised.

I'm worried about
Aunt and Uncle.

Shall I fly out
and look for them?

Your father doesn't want you
leaving the catacombs.

He doesn't want us
doing anything.

- What?
- Hm!

Flying all the way from Germany
at their age.

Poor Aunt Wulftrud
and Uncle Gernot.

Gernot! You must know
where you put it.

Why me?

Because you had the key
the last time.

- What last time?
- Do you not remember anything?

- Anything about what?
- The key!

We can't get out of here
without it.

"The darkness
crawled over the forest.

"Not another soul to be seen.

"A growing feeling of fear
gnawing at their souls,

"a terrible intuition
that vampires..."

- Tony.
- I'm just reading!

Tony, I couldn't ask for
a better son.

I couldn't ask for a better dad.

But right now,
you so need to zip it.

So no more V-word in this car.

You don't want your mother's
head to explode, do you?

I don't think so.

In five
kilometres, turn right.

What am I
looking for again?

The key,
you nincompoop.

Then this will never do.

The key has disappeared.

We have to go through
the sewers.

- There is no other way out.
- It's disgusting.

Don't worry.
The rats won't mind.


- Eugh!
- Hi!

- Vampires.
- Hello!

- Mom! Dad! Vampires!
- Aah!

That's it, Tony. I've had it.

Look up there! See for yourself!

Tony, you know this vampire
stuff is make-believe, right?

Myths and stories. That's all.

- Sure, if you say so.
- We both say so.


Where's the brakes?!

Please follow the route

straight ahead.


Oh, great.

These vacationers
should stick to the road.

And what do they want
at our graveyard?

If they came to see us,
they're out of luck.

We're off to Transylvania.


Maney! Maney, wake up!
Get out of bed!

I need my truck!

I need my truck.

In the middle of the night?!

Night-time is my time.

- Quick! Come on.
- I worked 48 hours straight.

- I need to sleep sometime.
- I don't pay you to sleep.

- Speaking of payment...
- Boy!

Maney, I've been thinking of
taking you with me.

Huh? Me? Hunting with you?

It's what I've dreamed about.
What I've been waiting...

Yes. Good. Fascinating.
You'll tell me later.

First, show me my new light
and then we must hit the road.

They're swarming.

I haven't seen anything like it
in decades.

Come. The lights.

Oh! Excellent!

I can't say for sure
what effect it'll have.

We're about to find out.

- He is still 13.
- He is old enough!

I've been 13 forever!

Neither of you are going
outside. Not without me.

Not when the whole clan is here.

That is exactly the point.
We are all here.

Father wants to us to be
cowards. He wants us to hide.

I don't want you to end up
with stakes through your hearts.

My darlings,
the same argument again?

I'm sorry, Mother.

Where do you think you're going?
I will exile you!

You can have your
temper tantrums in Siberia!

- I'll do it.
- Dear...

Don't tell me it's just a phase,
puberty or something.

- I want to come with you.
- You do?

- Yes! To play!
- Urgh!

I've had it with all of you!

I'm going out,
but I'm not playing.

Do you ever want to be
a real vampire?

- Mm-hmm.
- Then it's time to grow up.

Hmm... Hmm...

What kind of radar is this?

I call it 'Infra-Dead'.

I like the sound of it.

You don't know how great
that makes me feel.

Yes, yes, feelings. Wonderful.
Show me how it works.


- What's that?
- It means the Undead are nearby.

The Undead! I knew it!

Hmm? Oh.

Quick. Shh. Wait.
Wait, wait, wait!

Gregory, no!

The light!

It works! It works!

- Come on, Chi-Chi! Move it!
- It works!

- What are you doing?
- It really burns.

What did you expect?
It's your invention.


- What are you doing here?
- I followed you.

I thought you were heading
for trouble and I was right.

You little idiot.

Oh, they'll be flying back
to their lair

and they'll have company.

Dad's always supporting you.

You talked him into
this creepy castle tour.

- HE said yes, not me.
- I know.

But it's supposed to be for fun.

You're taking this vampire stuff
too seriously.

Maybe I would have said you're
right until 10 minutes ago.

- But now that I've seen...
- No buts.

You're really starting to
worry us.

Mom, look!

We heard over here some noise.

We thought it were again
the vam...


Anyway, we come to welcome you.

You must be the family Thompson
out of the USA.

You missed the driveway.

I got distracted.

Three nights in a real bed!
I can't wait!

- You'll sleep like the dead.
- You!

Great that you had rooms
available for us.

- You must be very busy.
- No! Not busy.

The guests,
they come and they go.

The bed and the breakfast
is just around the corner.

Your new home
away from the home.

The castle.

Dad, look at this. More garlic.

- They must cook with it.
- Ja, ja.

Do you hang your dinner
around your neck?

- Hm...
- Now up the stairs we go.

To the sleepy-time room
of the young man.

- You do sleep, ja?
- For sure. Every night.


After you. I follow.

- Do you see their reflection?
- You are in the way.

- Me? You!
- Go away!

What are you looking at?

- Nothing.
- Hm....

A little dab.
I use the spit. All gone.

With a clean mirror, you can
better see the reflections.

Do you get a lot of guests
without reflections?

Nein! Huh?

What happened?
Let me look at you.

- Mother, please...
- Who did this?

- I don't know.
- He went outside.

He disobeyed me. Was it Rookery?
Did he follow you?

You must lie down. Rest.

It was Rookery, but not alone.

We are in great danger.

We need to know
if Rookery followed us.

You have to find out.

This is gonna be some birthday.

Vampire-proof steel netting.

- Huh?
- You're not the only inventor.

Huh? But they can just
unscrew the nuts.

Have you looked at these nuts?
This is not your everyday nut.

This is my special nut

and there is only one spanner
that fits them -

my special spanner.

- Wrench?
- The net is escape-proof.

No, it's not.
I can prove it. I can show...

My net, my nuts. Escape-proof.


Who dares?

Rookery is outside.
He's sealing us in.

- Did you send him outside?
- It doesn't matter!

- We have to escape.
- I say we use the labyrinth.

- It is forbidden ground.
- Oh, that's just an old legend.

Rookery's this way,
the labyrinth's that way.

Which could be worse?

there is no time for this!

I'll lead us out of here my way.

- Come, Gregory.
- I can't. I'm too weak.

- I can't fly.
- I won't leave you behind.

- I'll hide. I'll be safe.
- I'll stay with Gregory.

No. You're braver
than I thought.

The clan needs you.
Go with them.

Leave everything behind!
We have to escape!

Come, everybody.

The next time you do something
so stupid and reckless,

you're taking me.

- Huh?
- Follow me!

We have to leave now!


Pull the net shut!

- They've captured the others.
- The beasts!

We must go back
and save the clan.

- Going back now is suicide.
- But they're trapped!

We won't leave them there
for long. I promise.

They're greeting us with
a 21-gun salute.

- Wait!
- What kind of party is this?

- The wrong kind.
- Vampire hunters.

- Come along, please.
- But we just arrived.

We need to hide.
Can we go to your place?

- Back to Germany?
- We don't have a choice.

Find them. Bring them down.

Beware of the light!
The beams are deadly.

We need to escape.

Block their way. Burn them!

- Grr! Like this!
- Aah!

- Are you alright?
- Argh! Where's this?

They're trying to escape us!


That plane of yours,
does it still fly?

It's a dinosaur, but I've got
the pilot who can fly it.

I added a super turbo
and a booster package.

You can always count on me to...

Shut up!
We've got vampires to hunt.

That plane's following us.
Anna, help me with Father.

Get the little bloodsucker.

- It's Rookery!
- What should we do?

Make a sharp left now.

- Left.
- Oh!

Oh! So, they're
playing games with us?

Get the UV lights
from the truck.

I'll add some new rules.

Sharp right!

- Right.
- Whoa!


Where is that imbecile
with my lamp?

We'll shred them
with the propellers.

Brrr! Chop-chop-chop!

Aah! Aah!

Whoa! Aah! Aah! Ugh.

I'll distract them. You escape.

- No.
- It's too dangerous.

I'm a vampire,
not a chicken. Go!


After him!

Get him!

- Don't let him escape!
- Aah!

Urggh. Uh?

- Gernot, the key.
- I keep telling you, it's lost.

I can't imagine where...


Ah! I knew it was on my mind.

Come in, please.
You too, my darling.

I will release your parachute
with the remote control.

You don't have to do a thing.

Just imagine
you're this duffle bag.

It's like this.


Are you sure you checked out
this chute?

Triple-checked it,
but I'll check again.

Your safety means everything.

Oh. Uh...

- Ow! Aah!
- Whoa!

Oh, no!

I'll save you!

I've got you now,
safe in my arms.

- Ooh, it feels wonderful.
- Where is the remote?

Oh, I knew I forgot something.
I'll pull the ripcord.

Then do it!

Oh, well, I can't quite reach.

- We're running out of time.
- Almost.

Almost isn't good enough!

- Move your elbow.
- Pull the ripcord!

- Ah!
- Whoopsie!


- Were you trying to kill me?
- No! I saved your life.

- I feel so...
- Enough with your feelings!

- We've got company.
- Hmm?

- You dirty little bloodsucker!
- Aah! Aah!

Whoa! You vicious little
vampire brat!


No way!

Oh, no! The sun!



Oh, how come I got
the only room without garlic?








Ugh! Stupid antiques!

Anything else to attack me with?

Now's your chance.

I don't wanna attack you.

Liar! Your kind have hunted us
for centuries.

My kind?! I'm just a 13-year-old
kid from San Diego.

Don't try to run!

If I let you escape, you'll put
a pack of mortals on my trail.

Why would I do that?!
You haven't done anything to me.

- So far!
- I even like vampires.

Of course you do!
I know what you're up to.

I've been warned!

I'm... not... scared of you!
I'm not!

Yeah, you're not scared.

You're not scared?!

Who am I kidding? I'm terrified.

I had a scary night too.

Forget I said that.

- Too late.
- I do not feel fear.

Oh, come on. You don't look like
you came here for a vacation.



I will... knock once more.

Oh! Hello? Mr Tony Thompson?

- Are you good?
- Ah! Huh!

Of course I'm good.

We always look after the guests.

To make sure they are sleeping.

At night, this is much better
than sleeping.

During their day.

I was sleeping,
but you woke me up.

So that kinda defeats
the purpose of you being here.

- Right?
- Huh?

Alright. Gute Nacht.

- Back at ya!
- Here.

- To wear in the sleep.
- Garlic?

Are you afraid of vampires
or something?


Ah, you didn't betray me
to those mortals.

- Why would I do that?
- Were they your parents?

Do I look like
those were my parents?

You are the strangest mortal.

- What's your name?
- Tony Thompson.


Rudolph Sackville-Bagg
and I'm 13 too.

It's true!

Vampires don't cast reflections.

Makes it hard to comb your hair.

You are so cool.

Uh, what does my
temperature have to do with it?

Not 'cool'. Like... like awesome.
Like sick!

I feel fine.

You've got a lot to learn,

A surprise attack!

- I'll make you proud.
- Proud?

Yes, my heart is swelling.

Just bring me that vampire brat.

We have some unfinished business
with him.

Four, three, two, one!



Hmm? Ooh!

You are wasting
my precious time!

- I said...
- Ohhh!

Argh! Oh!

What is way to Transylvania?

Huh? There.



- Oh!
- It's wonderful

to have family here.

Even under
such dreadful circumstances.

The caskets have felt so empty.

Sometimes you can hear them sigh
with loneliness.

There. Hear?

I don't hear anything.

It's the whistling in his ears.

Old age, dear Anna.

- What?!
- I can hear it too.

How touching.

Rest well.

- I need...
- A coffin! I know!

You do really seem to know
quite a bit about vampires.

I've done my research.

Not many hotel rooms
come with coffins.

They do in the places I stay.

Hmm... how about that?

Give me a hand.


You're letting me stay
in your room.

I can still hardly believe this!

I can hardly believe it either.

But there is one big no-no.

What? No pillow fighting?

- Grrsh!
- No, don't worry.

I haven't had a drop of
the red stuff in a long time.

But vampires and blood
go together like...

..well, vampires and blood.

Yes, but we keep a low profile
because of my father.

- He doesn't like blood?
- No.

He wants us to stay away from
mortals as much as possible.

So... you're not gonna bite me?

Hmm. Time will tell.


Good day, mortal.

Sleep well... vampire.

Hey, time to get up!

Hmm. Ahhh.

What are you looking at?

You're growing up, kiddo.

Yeah, well,
it happens to the best of us.

It's a beautiful day.

Makes this old castle
seem a lot less creepy.

- Good dreams?
- Better than good.

- And no vampires?
- That was so yesterday.

Well, OK.

Why would they leave that
lying there?

It's fine.
I'm pretending it's my...

Uh... well,
I haven't figured that out,

but when I do,
it's gonna be so cool!

You don't talk about playing
and pretending much anymore.

It's nice.

But it's time for you
to come down for breakfast.

Get ready, OK?

- Are you awake?
- What do you think?

You're a very noisy mortal.

- Sorry.
- I couldn't sleep, anyway.

I'm hungry.

Ah! What are you doing?
Did you just lock me in?!

It's for your own good.
It's sunny out.

Liar! It is your neck
you're worried about.

We make the bratwurst.

With our own fingers.

Um... I don't suppose
you have any cereal?

- Uh? Hey?
- Huh?

Well, I've never seen
a better-looking platter

of bratwurst in my life.

You've never seen
a platter of bratwurst.

And there are more
where those came from.

In the kitchen.

What would happen
if we were vegetarians?

I guess we'd be grazing
with the cows.

That's it! Ugh!

Pardon me.

Do you have any aluminum foil?


For the bratwurst?!


Uh... no. Would you mind?

Thank you!



Who did you expect?
Count Dracula?

I'm gonna let you out now.
Breakfast is served.

It's still morning! I can tell.

Do you want some fried vampire
on the menu?

Ah. Ahhhh!

Trust me.

I never thought
I'd say this to a mortal,

but... I do trust you.


A little bit to the left.

Careful. Right, right, right.

Watch your step!
Watch your step.

Down the stairs.
OK, careful now.

This way, Rudolph. Careful.

Left! No. The other left!


Oh, no. My parents.


Whoa! Stop!

What is this?

I'm playing with my new friend,

Uh... he lives next door.

There is no next door.

Right over... there.

Uh... we were both
gonna be astronauts.

Make spacesuits.

But, uh, we've run out
of that amilium...

Uh... out of foil!

We're moonwalking! Get it?

Good one. Funny.

I'm happy you found
someone to play with.

You're only young once.
Right, Rudolph?

Hey, let's make some eye holes
so at least he can see.

No! You wanna kill him? Uh...

No oxygen. Cosmic rays.

We're... we're on the moon,

Hamburgers on the hoof!
You'll love it.

One second.

Just ignore the smell
and the flies.

I don't think I can do this!

You promised. I'm off the menu.


I never knew my father,
you know?

I'm sleeping, Maney.

You know what my mother
thought of me?

- That you talk too much?
- No!

My obsessions, my inventions.

She thought I was crazy.

I did find you in an asylum.

Not an asylum!
A boarding school.

There's a big difference.

We work at night.
We sleep during the day.


It was different
than I thought it would be.

I'm sleeping.

When I saw what my lights did
to that vampire...

You are a hunter now, Maney.

You will learn to love it.

So go to sleep...

..before I put you to sleep.


Is it dark?

It could be midnight. Hold
still. This could take a while.

Ha ha! That's what you think.

Is this what the blood
did to you?

- What's wrong with you?!
- You want to learn what's wrong?

I'll tell you.

I am being hunted. Not just me.

My entire family.

My parents, my sister,
my dear old auntie and uncle,

they are hiding out there

But they could be dead
for all I know,

killed by vampire hunters.


Argh! Stop it!

My brother Gregory,
the rest of my clan,

they are trapped,

buried in a catacomb
in Transylvania

because... of... mortals

like you!

Stop it!

- Huh? Ohh!
- I'm not hunting you!

You are being so uncool!

If you and your family
are in danger,

then let me help you.

You have no idea
what my world is like!

You can't help.

I can!

We... we've just gotta
get past my parents.

But, Tony, my problems are...
are nothing to do with you!

That's such a stupid thing
for a friend to say!


Yeah. Friend.
Now shut up and go to bed.

We're gonna have a long night.

What's with the early bedtime?
This is so not you.

We should put this back
where it belongs.

No! Don't! It's my spaceship.

Me and Rudolph are astronauts,

I liked Rudolph.
Even wrapped in foil.

Sleep well, Tony.

Goodnight, Mom and Dad.

We'll see each other
in the morning, OK?

Of course we will.

Rudolph, the sun is down.

It's dark outside.

You can come out now.




I thought you left without me.

- I almost did!
- Whoa-oh! Whoa!

If you still want to come
with me, now's the time!

My clan needs me. Needs us!

There's no way
that we can open this.


I keep telling you -

escaping through the labyrinth
is our best chance.

- Freedom!
- We'll find the way out.

I promise.


I can't waste any more time.

Uh, do 13-year-old kids
from San Diego fly?

- I can't even drive!
- Oh!

I don't know how you mortals
can stand walking everywhere.

- Are you ready to fly?
- Actually, no.

Come on. Take my hand.

That's it.


How am I doing this?

I'm holding your hand.

Oh! Oh-oh-oh!


- Sick.
- Yes, it is excellent, isn't it?

No. I'm getting sick.

As in... barf!

Oh, then stop spinning.

I don't know how!

Like this.


Now, we fly.



Whoa. I don't know if I can!

I can leave you here. You are
just a mortal, after all.

Whoa! Whoa! Ugh!

Don't even think about it,

I'm coming with you!

Good! Let's start
with a small step, then.

OK. Uh...

- Give me your hand.
- Don't drop me!

Just tell yourself
you're floating,

like a... a leaf on the breeze.

- And now up again!
- This is so not floating!

Oh, floating's boring.

Argh! I wasn't bored.

Argh! Ahhh.

OK, OK. I can so do this.

I mean, the worst
that can happen is...

You fall a few hundred feet.
No more excuses! We fly!


I can fly! I can fly!

I could get used to this.



Yes! Yes!

- I can fly!
- I never doubted it.

- Is it cool?
- The coolest!

Look! We're not far now.

It's that little brat.
I'll bet his life on it.

The vampire hunter!

We are the innocents.

Why should he waste his time
with us?

Ohhh! Look!

Der kleine Amerikaner.

Did you not check
his reflection?

- I thought you did.
- Ohh.


Hey! Remember me?
The kid who can't fly?

You almost dropped me.

It's Rookery,
the vampire hunter.

Tony, playtime is over.
You need to go home.

And you need to shut up.
I'm not going anywhere.

I have to find my parents!

And I know where we should look.

Oh, yes, of course,
the vampire expert.

Don't you guys hang out
in graveyards,

crypts, places like that?

You mortals always assuming.

Well, as a matter of fact,
we do.

You have a vampire infestation.

..partner and I

are certified vampire hunters

and we are offering our services
to you free of charge.

You should gratefully
kiss my boots.


Could you please add
a little more of the garlic?

It is just an expression.

We saw two of them
flying tonight. Just boys.

And one is living here
with his parents.


Smell that.


The smell of dampness and decay.

Some know wine by its bouquet.

Others know the scent
of lilies and rose blossoms.

This... this is my perfume.

My Chanel No. 5.

I can smell it from a mile away.

Eau de Vampire.

Over there! Let's go.

I will go there and find out.

WE will.

You can't meet my parents.
Sorry, Tony.

It's just the way it is.

Do we have to go
through this again?


This is insane.


So they're not vampires.

But we first found them
in the graveyard.

Then that is our next stop.


I knew you would find us!

Thank the Dark Star
you are safe.

How did you get in?

You might wanna take
better care of this.

- Oh!
- Give me that!

Rookery is after us,
but I found a secret weapon.

It must be very dangerous.

He saved my life.


You didn't think
I'd leave you here, did you?

- Ready to meet my parents?
- They said yes?!

- Well, they didn't say no.
- I just hope they don't suck.

- What?
- A joke.

I... I don't get it.

Father, stop!

- You're not being cool at all.
- Cool?

It's an expression that
Tony taught me. It means...

It means I think you're more
amazing than I thought you'd be!

Well, over the centuries,
a vampire learns to be...

Careful, mortal.

I am not susceptible
to flattery.

- Huh! Not much!
- So this is your secret weapon?

- This puny mortal boy?
- He did save your son.

Tony Thompson.
Very nice to meet you.

Rudolph is so lucky to have
such a beautiful mother.

- Eugh!
- How do you do?


I'm Anna, Rudolph's sister.

I suppose you would never
think I'm beautiful.

You are beautiful.
I mean, really.

Rudolph, you're young,
impulsive, foolish.

Fine, I can forgive you
for that.

But we cannot put our fate
in the hands of a mortal.

He's my friend!

And you - you can be
many things to my son.

His breakfast, a snack...
maybe dinner.

..but you can never
be his friend.

You can have your mortal friend
or be a member of this family.

One or the other.
The choice is yours.

Rudolph. My son!

- Tony.
- Huh?

I never would have believed a
mortal would come to our rescue.

Especially one
as handsome as you.

I... I didn't...

I haven't... Thank you.

I know what you're doing.

Then please keep quiet
and let me do it.

- Tony, snap out of it!
- What?

Avoid her eyes.
She's casting a spell on you.

I was under your spell
the moment I saw you.


10 metres, 50 metres -
however deep the catacomb is,

you'll be able to hear.

- Shh!
- Are you proud?

'Proud' doesn't begin
to explain it.

If a vampire even sneezes,
you'll be able to hear it.

You want to know
what I'm hearing?


Ow, ow, ow, ow!

I want to give you something.


Always keep it with you.
For luck.

It's lucky?

Hmm, it's mine, isn't it?

And if you ever need help,

just whistle.

You know how to whistle,
don't you?


You just put your lips together
and blow.

Dark destiny, we are attacked!


You're going in after them?

These are vampires,
not bunny rabbits.

You don't walk into their nest

We'll send them
a little greeting first.

- Anna! Rudolph!
- You came back!

- You made your choice!
- Rookery made the choice.

Beware! There must be
another way out.

- There is. The sewers.
- Hide!


Get out of here!



I found this place when
I was flying with Tony.

You two did get around.

I'm going back for Tony.
There's no arguing.

And I'm going too.

I'm not going down there!

You are so wrong.

The gate is locked.

I unlocked it.

I was waiting for you.
Sorry about your lights.

Shocking, right?

And someone's gonna have to pay
to have the ceiling fixed.

What if it rains?
I mean, people live down here.

Well, not PEOPLE exactly, but...

My colleague and I
are wondering about you.

Vampire or not?

Do you mind? I was kind of
enjoying the dark.

The cross, Maney. Use the cross!

Is it working?

Antique, right?
You could sell those.

- He's not a vampire!
- Shut up!

Garlic?! Gross!

So you're no vampire.

But you're worse -
a mortal henchman,

a traitor to the human race!

If you're the human race,
I'll take vampires.

It's Tony! I have to free him.

He's mine.

It's not working.
And the Infra-Dead's gone too.

All his fault. Kids today!

No sense of responsibility.

Tied to the roof like
some hunting trophy.


I told you. Mine.


- What happened?
- They slathered him with garlic.

They'll pay for that.

We have unfinished
business in Transylvania.

That little vampire lover
is just slowing us down.

I say we... Ssst!

Hey, guys, I could really
use a bath.

Shut up! We're discussing
your future.

And I'll tell you this much -

I wouldn't be worried
about your hygiene.

I didn't get into this to...

He's a kid, not a vampire.

Oh, look who's found
his conscience!

Look who grew his angel wings!

Oh, I know, this was all
very exciting for you.

Rockets here, parachutes there.
This gizmo, that thingy.

I am sick of your toys!


Where do you think you'd be
without my toys?

Guys! Shut up and listen
for one second!

- I can help you.
- How?

As bait. My vampire friends
are gonna try rescue me.

But the garlic - they're
not even gonna come near me

if I smell like a caesar salad.

You're willing to sell your
vampire friends down the river?

You're not giving me a choice.

Oh, thinking like
a mortal again!

A wise choice, boy.

We've lost them.

I should have kept him
out of this.

You wouldn't have been able to.

He's too brave.

You're just in love.

In love. Ridiculous.

Think the water's warm?

Freezing. That's what's gonna
make this fun.

You're gonna cut me
loose, right?

I'm not gonna do you any good
at the bottom of the lake.

Now, don't try
anything funny.

I swim like a dolphin.

One, two, three.

What's that? Get back here!

- Go get him.
- You're the dolphin.

OK, I lied.
I can't swim a stroke.

So now what?

I don't know. Maybe this.

Oh! Oooh! Freezing!


Tony is calling.

Oh, God!

What's this?

- Did they come back here?
- Nein!

What the heck is going on?

De vampire hunters.

Und they come after your son.

- Because he is der vampire.
- What?

OK, let's get a few things

Your music gives me a migraine,

your bratwursts suck

and my son is no vampire.

Oh, no?

Then why isn't he
in the bed at night?

Hmm? He is.

What is wrong
with our bratwurst?!



Now you see. Their families
are always the last to kuh-now.

You can take
your bratwursts and...

Forget it.

You're freezing.

We'll go to your room
and find you dry clothes.

Not necessary.

Oh, man, I'm dizzy!

But dry.

I'm not wasting another
second on that American brat.

It's straight back
to Transylvania.

They're going after my brother
and my clan.

We have to get to Transylvania
before them.

Before sunrise.

We've stopped them so far.
We'll stop them again.

- Mom and Dad!
- What?

They'll be worried sick.

But if they see me now,
I'm not going anywhere.

Would it help if I convinced
them you need to go?

You are very convincing.

Convince his parents, not Tony.

Anna, please. Listen to me.

For once in our lives,
don't argue.

It's not just Tony's mum and dad
we need to worry about.

What about ours? They must
know where we're going.

They must know we're safe.

OK. I'll take care of
the parents

but next time, big brother,
I get to be the hero.

Don't be scared.
I want to meet you.


Please allow me
to float in. Please?

May I introduce myself?

My name is Anna Sackville-Bagg.

I know your son. You might say
I'm his special friend.

Oh, is he... special?

Tony is a good boy.

He saved my brother
Rudolph's life.

- A very good...
- Boy.

Tony is flying to Transylvania
with Rudolph.

- Flying?
- Transylvania?

That doesn't seem like

a trip you should make
without your parents.

Someone's following us.


- It's your cow!
- What do you mean, my cow?

You bite it, you bought it.

Uh, come on, then.
Next stop, Transylvania.

They're Tony's parents.

I'm going with them.

You wanted to disown your son.

Do you want to lose
your daughter too?

- Frederick, please.
- Think of the clan.

- It's nearly daybreak.
- That's the point.

They have their very own

Dark as a grave inside.

And when we wake up,
we will be in Transylvania.

Go, Frederick. I hope
that it will not be too late.

We will stay here,
look after things.


I have the key, my darling.

Keep well,
Aunt and Uncle.

Farewell, my brethren!

May I introduce you
to my parents?

My father,
Frederick Sackville-Bagg,

and my mother, Freda.

Oh, great to meet you,

Mr Sack... ville... Bagg.

How do you do? My name is...

Dottie Thompson.

- What did you do to these two?
- Nothing.

We are most grateful for the use
of your crypt-on-wheels.

Let me show you.

It's a bit small.

Oh, we've slept in smaller.


Just a little spell, really.

Look, we're flying
faster than the cars!

We'll beat Rookery to
Transylvania by hours!

Sunrise, Tony.
We're not gonna make it.

The sun is your problem,
not mine.

We made it.
We've reached the end!

We're back
at the beginning!

We were walking in circles!

This is why
it is called a labyrinth.

It's not easy to find the way.

We must try again.

You say here.
Get some sleep.

I'll keep going.

Occupied. Oh.

I failed my family.

How long have you been 13?

300 years.

Then stop acting
like a baby!

You've got me this far.

Just tell me how to get
to the catacombs.

Just follow the road.
You can't miss it.

It's the place
full of dead people.

I'm getting used to that.

Rookery blocked off
the entrance to our catacombs

with a steel net.

We need his special spanner
to open it.

Spanner? You mean a wrench.
I'll get it.

You get out of the sun.

You too.

I'll meet you tonight.

Please be careful.

Ugh, peasants!

They shouldn't be allowed
on the road.

- We should have gone left.
- No! Don't correct me.

Don't tell me your feelings.

Whatever it is you think
you want to do, don't!

So I'm just supposed to sit here
and take orders from you?

You are a GENIUS!




Hello. What is way
to Transylvania?




Ah, that's my short cut here.



You so better work.


I'd like to see the vampire
who could get through my net.

I wouldn't.

Do... you... hear... anything?

Oh, yes.

Ohhh, yes!
They're down there, alright.

There must be dozens of them.

- Quick, back to the workshop.
- We're done here?

No. THEY'RE the ones
who are done.

They seem like fine folks,
but I think they're vampires.

Well, nobody's perfect.

Mm, yeah.

Mm! Thanks for the wake-up call.

You'll fly the helicopter

and take the bomb
you seem so proud of.

I am travelling light -
my crossbow,

my garlic gun and my trusty...

My spanner!
They stole my spanner!

Meet me at the catacombs
with the bomb!


It's me, Tony!
I'm Rudolph's friend, Tony!

Gregory, do you hear me?

Does anybody hear me?


Such a helpful brat.

Do you always show up
at the wrong time?

Your wrong time, not mine.

Our little friend has been
helping us with our work.

Doesn't mean I'm not going to
put an arrow through his chest.

But one tiny question first.

How did you get my spanner?!

He's got a thing
about that wrench.

We've all got our quirks
about something.

Quirks that come
from weird, dark corners

deep inside our twisted brains.

Some of us have got more quirks
than others.

I think it's kind of cute

that even a low-down
dirty scumbag...

That's enough.
How did you get it?

Now that I see
how much it means to you,

I can see its beauty
and versatility.

This is becoming
a bit of a habit.

You get yourself stuck
in some horrible mess

and then I come to your rescue.

Me? Well, what about you?

Well, I... I guess
that's what friends are for.

Is it painful?

That's the funny thing

about getting hit between the
eyes with a spanner - it hurts!

Help me open the net,
but not too wide.

I don't want the bloodsuckers
escaping again.

Are we going inside?

No. We're sealing them
in their tomb.

Let them rot while they think
about the power of Rookery.

People who refer to themselves
in the third person

are displaying
a megalomaniacal...

Now you're a psychiatrist?

Well, come on! Help me!

They're going to bomb
the catacombs.

Didn't you forget something?

YOU stay HERE!

Can't you put a spell on them
like Anna did?

- That's a girl thing.
- It's a vampire thing.

Try it.

By the dark power
that resides within me,

I bend you to my will!

No, you don't.
I don't feel a thing.

Except homicidal.

I told you it was a girl thing.

How about a bargain?

Yes. There must be a bargain.

Shut up.

Bargain. Sure.

You can watch while I seal
the catacombs shut forever.

And you, vamp boy,

can crawl into that hole

with the rest of your family.

Please, I'll...

The bomb's going off
in 30 seconds.

Well, boy, in or out.

Don't do it.
We'll save your family somehow.

You can't even save yourselves.

We've got to move back. There's
going to be a shock wave.

- Come, boys!
- Oh!


Oh! Oh, goodness!

- Oh, gracious!
- Oh!

A way out! We're free!

Wait! It could be a trap.

Let me check.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

- Gregory?
- Huh?

- You got through the labyrinth.
- Barely.

- The twists, the turns.
- Arggh!

- Ugh!
- Whoa!


This is no vampire!

He's my friend.
That's what matters.

A mortal!

Tony Thompson.
Mortal as they come.

He fought Rookery

He saved my life.

Oh, come on, Gregory!
Shake Tony's hand.

He's cool!


Gregory Sackville-Bagg.

But what's your temperature
got to do with anything?

You've got a lot to learn,
big brother.

And who is this?

Rudolph's girlfriend.


- Oh!
- Ha!


It's called playing.
I know, you hate it.

It doesn't look so bad.

I'll summon the others.

Look, no hands!

You, get to the helicopter.

I don't feel so good.

The helicopter, and if you're
thinking about flying off,

I will follow you

to the ends of the earth.

What does it take
to really get rid of him?

Here I come!

Oh, yeah!

Oh, come on.

Oh, yes, gotcha!

What? Tony!

On a flying cow?

He's trying to kill my kid!

OUR kids.

- How'd you get up here?
- We're vampires, remember?


You're vampires,
but those are our kids,

and no-one's gonna hurt them.

Take that!

Come up, out of range!

Maney, I need air support.
Do you read me?


Ready, aim...

Oh, it stinks!


- I have a date.
- A date?


You're looking like a knight
on his galloping steed.

Well, technically,
it's a cow, so...

Hurry! We have to save the clan.

You're too late!
Gregory has already...


- Arggh!
- What is he doing?


Oh, good!

Ew! Ugh! Oh!

You smell disgusting!

I know what I smell like.

But all I need is a shower.

You need a psychiatrist!

- Oh, no, you don't!
- Two psychiatrists!

- Come back here.
- A whole team!

They should build you
your own mental hospital.

I'm talking to you!
Come back, I say!

Lock the door
and throw away the key.

You tried to kill my son!

Oh, I am so sorry.

I'm sorry that I missed
squashing your little brat.

Come on! Mano a mano!

My pleasure.


Sorry, Dad.

I know you could have
kicked his butt.



Bravo. That was so brave.

Yes, well done.

Now I can finish the job
and save the clan.

That won't be necessary anymore.



Do you know, it's my youngest
son's birthday today?

- Really?
- And your son

has given him
the best gift of all.

Yes, his friendship.

- Huh?
- Wow!

I mean, WOW!

Bob, are you alright?

He loves it.

Mom, Dad! What do you think?

Your new friends are fantastic.

Even if they are...



It's Gregory, with the others!



- Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday, Rudolph!

For he's a jolly good fellow!

You did it!
You saved your family!

Me? No, you.

Immortal and mortal together.

It gives me hope.
For many things.




- What's wrong? It's your party.
- He hates his birthday.

That's not it. It will be
daybreak before you know it.

Oh, daybreak.

And we need a new home.

Hm. Hm.


Mr Tony Thompson!

What are you doing back here?

You're the bed
and the bratwurst, right?

- We are the bed...
- And the breakfast!

So cheer up!
I brought you some guests.


- Hello!
- The little...

- Vampire!
- And family.



Subtitles by explosiveskull