The Little Vampire (2000) - full transcript

Based on the popular books, the story tells of Tony who wants a friend to add some adventure to his life. What he gets is Rudolph, a vampire kid with a good appetite. The two end up inseparable, but their fun is cut short when all the hopes of the vampire race could be gone forever in single night. With Tony's access to the daytime world, he helps them to find what they've always wanted.



Be careful!
Watch out!


Gimme that stone!

Keep hold of it!
Don't let it go!






you have
another nightmare?

The vampires were back.

Oh, this
is ridiculous.

I've got to get
some sleep.


do you like
this place?

Well, it's a big change
for you, i know.

New house...

new country...

hear that?

It's the wind.

Or the undead.




if i don't get
some sleep,

then i'll be one
of the undead.

Come on, honey,
you're gonna be late.

Got everything?

Jump in.

Put your seat belt on.


wave hi to dad
and lord mcashton.

Scotland is beautiful,
isn't it?

If you don't
have vampires.

And you know
we really don't,

right? But a dream
isn't real.

I know what
a dream is, mom.

I'm just asking.

But you know

there is no such thing
as vampires, right?

You're on the wrong side of the road!


What did he say?

talks weird here.

Don't worry, things
are gonna get better.

You'll meet some
new friends here soon.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

This is for being
a little creep!

Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight!

And this is
for coming here

in the first place!

On saturday night,

we'll be able to see

comet forsey

in conjunction

with the moon

for the first time
in 300 years.

And then--

and then the beam of light
comes from the moon.

As usual,
our american friend

is full of stories.

What makes you say that?

I dreamt it.

Stupid yank.


Now you've had
your joke.


I've dreamt it every night
since i've been here.

And then
there's a gathering.

A gathering of what?

A gathering of vampires.

Not again, tony.

I really saw it!

The comet,
the beam of light,

the vampires,
and the vampire hunter.

All right,
that's it.

You've earned yourself
a chair in the hall.

Fly away back
to california, creep.

Look what i got you.

A golf club!


A junior set
of golf clubs.

You know, the game
was invented

in scotland.

But there's no one
to play with.

Well, that's
the beauty of golf.

You don't need
anyone to play with.

But i want someone
to play with.

Then i'll teach you.

You never have time.

Now, look, tony,
i'm trying here.

There you are.

The babysitter's


When are you
gonna be back?

Not too late, hon.

It's business.
Lord mcashton invited us.

All the investors
are gonna be there.

Hey, look at those.

Those are great!

I didn't know
you could draw so good.


Good night, hon.

I want you in bed
by 9:00,

and don't give yourself
any nightmares.

I love you.

Be a good boy.

Lord mcashton.

And dodie.


Of course it is.

What do you think
of our blimp?

- Oh, i like the blimp--
- me too.

How nice to see you.

He likes my blimp.

Okay, pet,
it's time to-- oh!

Oh! Tony!

What a fright
you gave me!

I didn't see you
sitting there, pet.

Och, dear, you near
stopped my heart,

and it's near enough
stopping as it is.

That's the truth of it, and
you wouldnae want to do that

to miss lorna now,
would you?

Eh? Listen, you can have
a wee read of your book

once you're settled,
but meanwhile brush your teeth

and away to bed.

Bed for the undead?

Ahh... ha ha ha!

Got you now,
you filthy thing!

Let the chase begin.


Ab ovo...

in toto...

what clan...

are you from,

Have the lights gone?

Who are you?

You are not
a brother.

Well, i'm not
a sister.

You're human.

You're full
of blood!

Gonna keep it
that way, dude!

I'm too weak...

i'm not afraid...

i'm not afraid...

do you need help?

What twisted kind
of mortal are you?

I know you.

I saw you
in my dream.

Must've been
a nightmare.

It was.

I must leave.

But you can't
even walk.

Who needs to walk...

when i can fly?

Whoa... aah!

You okay?

Do i look it?


Do you...

do you know

where i can get
a cow?

If you want
a glass of milk...

no, not milk.

A cow.


Your eyes
are getting heavy...

you're falling
into a deep sleep...


i think
i'm gonna hurl.


it's just a little one.

Well, let's see
how you like this!


that's not enough
for you, eh?

Let's see you escape

from me now!


Shut your eyes, tony!

That was very clever.

But i'll

catch you!

You can open
your eyes now.


Enjoying the view?


And thanks, dude.

You saved my life.

That truck was
gonna splatter me.

You keep
calling me dude.

My name's rudolph.

Dude is slang.

Like you call a friend.

A friend?

Well, we saved
each other's lives,

didn't we?

Yes, we did.

My name is tony.

Come on.
Let's play.

Yes. We play.


My best friend's
a vampire!



I haven't heard
music like this

since my brother's

You see, it has
a proper rhythm.

That's what i like.

Ah, the grandsons!

We came to say
good night, grandfather.

Now, boys...

this is tommy's mother
and father.

That's tony.


Of course it is.
The boys tell me

that they have become
great friends with your son.

He's our favorite


there you have it.

Off to bed.

Well, lovely
to meet you.

Tell tony we'll
see him tomorrow.

Bright and early.

Ha! Will do.

They seem like
terrific kids.

They are, they are.

If you'll excuse me,
i need another...




how is my son
fitting in? Okay?

He doesn't tell you?

Oh, he tells me plenty,

but, you know kids.

I'm talking about
tony's obsession

with vampires.

Excuse me.

I think i should
get home.

Rudolph, how do we
get down from here?

We'll fly.

But i can't fly.

I got you up here,
didn't i?

Well, i guess so.

Then stay calm...


All right,
let's fly.

As long as i'm
holding onto you,

you're fine.

Trust me.


Whoa, i'm flying!


Wow! It's great
to be a vampire!

Membership does have
its privileges.


My mom and dad went
to a party there.

I'm terribly sorry.
Excuse me.

Oh, mr. Thompson,
awful sorry to bother you,

but i didnae know
what else to do!


He's not here and
i've looked everywhere

and... no,

no, i came up
and he was--

until up about
half an hour ago.

I can't understand you.
Say it again.

In english.


Come back
with mrs. Thompson.

Help me find him!


Vampires are different
than i thought they'd be.

Father's seen to that.

We're a family,
not fiends.

That's why we only try
to drink cow's blood.

But i thought vampires

drink human blood.

We do, but we've got
to make do with cows.


Because we've been
hunted for centuries.

We always have to hide.

We want to become humans,
not eat them for dinner.

He wasn't like this
at home.

This is scotland,
not san diego.

What do you expect?
He's an eight-year-old kid.

Oh, mr. Thompson,
mrs. Thompson!

I've been waiting
on you coming back!

Cannae understand.
Sent him away early,

like you said, to bed.

And then i was up
checking him and--


I mean, just
for half an hour

and i cannae

i saw what i saw

and i saw
what i didnae see.

And-- and i--
i didnae see--

what's that?

I smell it, too.


those are your parents?
They look nice.

And tasty?

No, nice.
As in very nice.

They have their moments.

I suppose i must
take my leave.

I haven't had so much fun
with a boy my own age

since i really
was nine.



You can stay
if you want.

Maybe i should.

Do vampires always
sleep in coffins?

'Cause that's
gonna be a problem.

Just as long as the sun
can't find me.

This would be excellent.

I have to take out
all this junk.

Junk? It's
a treasure chest.

I've hidden in trees and watch
mortals play this game.

What is it?


Nintendo duh.

Can i play with
this nintendo duh?

It's nintendo. "Duh"
is just a word people say

when someone asks
a dumb question.


More like "duh"!



I'll teach you
nintendo tomorrow.

I know.
You must sleep now.

It's late
for mortals.

Until the night.

So you're, like,
a thousand years old or something, right?

I've just been nine
for over 300 years.

I want to be a vampire,

No. You don't know
what that means.

Doing the most awesome stuff
i've ever done in my life.

No blue skies, tony.
No birds singing.

No flowers
in the sunlight.

Just this constant night.


Good morning!

Now, why are you
sleeping this way?

Did you have another
nightmare last night?


poor baby.


I dreamt
i was... flying.

You did?

That's wonderful!

That's a good kind
of dream to have.

Now, come on, get up.

Rise and shine!
Time to go to school!

The sun!

Sorry, dude.

Honey, you hungry?

I could eat a cow!


good morning,

You mean wimpy,
don't you? Ha!

Out of my way,

You dirty little--

fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight!

Fighting with
the mcashton boys,

of all people!

They started it.

Keep still.

It's still bleeding.

Let me get
another tissue.

Now, last night
your teacher told me

that you'd been talking
an awful lot about monsters.

No wonder they
keep teasing you.

Not monsters.

It's all the same.

No, it's not.

You know,
it's gonna be rough

making friends
like that.

I have a friend.

You do?

What's his name?


Where does he live?

Not far.

What's he like?

He's... a...

he's very,
very cool.

Well, invite him
for a sleepover.

I already did.

There it is again.


That smell.

I don't smell anything.

Nice, easy stroke.

Okay, give it a shot.

All right!
Pretty good!

When does the sun
go down?

Not for a while.

But i need to be home
before it sets.

What's the big hurry?
You bored already?

No. I know

what you've been
thinking about me.

Tony, i'm sorry i've been
so rough on you lately.

I got the job on one hand
and this teacher--

i know.
Mom told me.


Dad, do you think
i'm crazy?

Oh, no, tony.

I just think
that vampires

belong in a movie

not in your room.

How did you know
he's in my room?

I'm kidding.

Not very funny,

Kind of funny.

Let's play golf!

that's the spirit!

Let's set up again.





Can we go flying again?

No, it's too dangerous.

I only came
because of this.

Hmpf! My drawing?
You can have it.

Where have you seen it?

Why do you wanna know?

It's very important.

I'll only tell you if
you take me flying again.



we live down there.


I could get
used to that.

So you didn't see
the real thing, then?

I dreamt it all.

The amulet...

the comet...

does it mean

I can't say.
It's a secret.

Who am i gonna tell?

Who's gonna
believe me?

All right.

It is
the comet attamon.

It's the comet
of the lost souls.

It could mean
the end of this curse.

What curse?

The curse
of being a vampire.

It is a piece of the comet
that fell to earth.

A great magician made it
into an amulet of power,

and we lost it,
300 years ago to the sea.

Yes, yes, i saw it!

My uncle von
tried to catch it...

and we've never
seen him since.

From that night
to this,

our wandering
has never ended.

I'll help you
find it.

That must be what
my dream really means.

Yes, you're
to join our quest.

We'll truly be
brothers now.

My parents are coming!

But we're brothers!

They don't know that!

Mama! Papa!

Rudolph! Thank the stars
you're safe!

My son, you must not
stray so far away.

We were afraid--

i was only taking
the road less traveled.

You got lost.

My poor rudolph!


- Anna!
- Brother, darling.

the nervy one...

sneaking off
like some daywalker.

I wish.

So, father,
did you find the stone?

No, but i'm sure
we're on the right path.

We still have
48 hours.

Well, you see,

i will not fail you!


No, gregory!
He's my friend!

A mortal!

I'm rudolph's friend,

and he gave me
a bite-proof guarantee.

You could be
anything to my son.

Victimizer, slave...

dinner, perhaps.

But you can never
be his friend.

He likes vampires,
and he dreams about us.

Am i in your
dreams, mortal?

And he knows
about the amulet.

then he's a spy.

Rookery's knave.

Darling, he doesn't
look like a spy.

And besides,
even rudolph

couldn't make up
such a story.

Could you,

Mortal or not,
he's just a boy.

But if you insist on eating him,
go ahead--

i never said
i would.

It's impossible.

- Leave, i say.
- But, rudolph--

should've never
befriended you.

Leave, i say!


Get back!

Get back!

Take the family!


Do as i say!

Stay away
from my family!

Do your worst!

The age of chivalry
is not yet dead--


What kind of
bloodsucker are you?


Tony, are you
all right?

Look out!

Come on!





What's your problem?

None of
your business, pal.

It is when
it's in my cemetery.

Visiting hours are
from dawn till dusk.

Now... get a move on!

What you did
was foolish!


but brave.

We shared a vision.

He has a sympathy
for our kind.

Oh, lovely.

Young von
found the stone...

then made his way
to scotland...

plucked from the sea
by a merchant ship

just as rumor had it.

Then he could still
be roaming free.

There was a woman
i'd never seen before...

she wore a strange
coat of arms.

We must find which family
she belongs to,

trace her crest.

I can help.

No... it's too risky
to involve a mortal.

What have we
got to lose?

We've been searching
for three centuries--

this is what comes
from contact with mortals!

Disrespect! Insolence!

Frederick, he does
have a point.

All right.

Help if you can,
but do not think

to change your mind
and betray us

to our most hateful enemy,
or my wrath will be revealed.

Am i clear?

I think my father
likes you.


was liking me?

I know he can seem
like a real monster

because he's so stern
with us.

He is a monster.

But you don't know
what it's like

for us vampires
to be so tormented.

Oh, yeah, i do.
It happens to me

every day at school.

Who dares torment
my friend?



Wake up!
Wake up!

I am

the lord of the underworld.

I am your master.

It's tony thompson.

Get him!

I don't think so.

I am the fiendish friend
of tony thompson.

If you do not
treat him with respect,

you'll feel my wrath!

Tell anybody what you
have just witnessed,

and you will be bat bait.

What on earth is
going on in here?




Sleep well
last night, girls?

Carry these.

Yes, master.

In three months' time,
the weather gods permitting,

mcashton's will become
scotland's calling card

to not only
the golf world,


playing games...

while corruption

beneath your feet?

What do you mean,
busting in here?

Much as i hate to be the
bearer of bad tidings,

you need to know.

You have an infestation
of vampires.

Do you know
who you're talking to?

I might ask you
the same thing.

Obviously a madman.

I'll show him
the door myself.

a madman.

Now what's all this
talk about vampires?

You don't seem terribly
surprised, my lord.

Well, one
has heard rumors.


Nonsense, of course.

But wouldn't you like it
sorted out once and for all

by a trained professional?
In fact,

by the only
trained professional?

Now, i will admit
that my fee

is substantial.


I have to pay you
a fee? For what?

For putting an end
to your worries.

And face facts,
my lord,

you do have worries.

Has there been
any biting in town?

Not to my knowledge.

Well then,

show me a biting.

There'll be
no question of fees

until i see proof.

Now... leave.

They think this is still
some kind of public service.

Afternoon tea... mm...

very civilized, very...

stags are deers
with horns, right?

Male deers.


Lots of scottish crests
have those.

- Lots?
- Yeah.

It means they descended
from hunters.



why so interested
in crests

all of a sudden?

It's sort of...

a new hobby.


What are you
really up to?

Mcashton has stags
on his crest, see?

Can i have this?

Sure. Go ahead.

And, dad,

can i go to work
with you tomorrow?

Uh, it's saturday.
Yeah. Why?

To check out
your project.


Will lord mcashton
be there?

- He lives there, buddy.
- But don't let that stop you.

I won't.



be proud he finally
has an interest

in something normal.

Enough weirdness
going on around here.

No wonder he's
having nightmares.

What do you mean?

My presentation
got interrupted today

by a guy
claiming the village

was infested
by vampires.

You're making that up.

What guy?

I've got no family.

No one to be with.

Just me and
all these dead people.

I'll drink to that.

To dead people.

And... to
the living dead.

Oh, come on.

You're either
alive or dead.

There ain't no
in-between, pal.

you're a vampire.


Heh heh!

You must be joking.

I knew you'd laugh.

It's only natural.

But we've
been hunting them

for over 400 years.

That long?

It's a family business,
you might say.

For a hunter,

you wear an awful lot
of jewelry.

This thing...

the vampires

have one just like it.

But with one
small difference.

Theirs is designed
to help them.

This is designed

to send them
straight to hell.

All i need
is the stone,

and the magic
is complete.

Heh heh heh!

Now it's--
it's magic.

There is a whole other
world out there...

if you just know
how to look for it.

What's that?


What is it?


we're in luck.
Come on!

Wha-what is this?

This wasn't here

This? Oh, yeah.
I built this.

I'll explain it


it must've gone
down here.

I'm going after it.


It's my graveyard.

It's my job.

I'll do it.


Well, uh...

if you insist.

But take
this safety line.

Not that i'll need it!

There you are.

Heh heh heh!


down we go.

Down i go...

heh heh heh!


come on...

you know you want it.


Oh, ha ha ha!

Oh, ho!

The line grows taut.

His heart pounds.

He knows what's on
the other end of the line,

and he relishes the fight!

Hey-- oof!
Let me down!

Here we come.

Let go, gregory,
let go!

It's a trap!

Let go!

Oh, yeah!


here you come,
here you come...


You bit him?

Just a taste.

Was it worth
betraying your family?

Well, you're
the traitor,

forever denying
the truth of us.

You've turned us
into cowards,

skulking around
our holes like worms!

What would you
have us do?

Fight back!

Make these mortals'
blood run cold!

And you could do it,

You're young,
strong, ruthless...

and willing to risk
a stake through the heart

to prove it.

Better a stake
than this prison!

Do you think me

What does it matter
to you what i think?

If i think?

It matters greatly.
I feel your sting.

But you are
frederick the great.

You feel nothing!

Let there be light!


We've uncovered
a whole flock!

Oh, thank you so much
for your public spirit.


Oh, my hero!


Who did that?


I found out about
the coat of arms.

It's lord mcashton's,
my father's boss.

The missing stone
must be at his house.

Did you hear me, sir?

You barely
saved my life.

He's very,
very weak.

I know just
what you need.


i must find a place
to hide you children.

You can stay
at my house.

We need darkness,
dampness, and decay.

Then you need
our cellar.

I'm sorry, it's--


I need to go upstairs,

but have
a good day's sleep.

And don't worry,
i'm on it.

On... on what, dear?

Finding the amulet,

That's how we kids
talk today.


- Bye, dude.
- Bye, dude.


Bob, i hear
something moving.

I don't hear anything.

Tony might be
having a nightmare.

Go check on him,
poor little guy.

It's not my turn.

It is your turn.






I thought
you were my dad again.

Don't be surprised.

I only want you
to have this...

it's from
the old country.

It will bring you luck.

And if you
ever need me,

just whistle.

You know how to whistle,
don't you?


Sweet mother in heaven!

Good morning! Hey...

good morning, mom.

Wow, today's the day

i get to go to work
with dad!

Yeah, i know.

Why don't you
invite rudolph?

He couldn't make it.

Ah, the mysterious

Oh, he's around.

Well, it would be nice to
meet him one of these days,

maybe have his parents
over for dinner.

Actually, they'd rather
have you for dinner.

Either way is fine.

Come on, hurry up.
Let's go.


Lord mcashton.


Take these, please.

Hey, i'd like you
to meet my son tony.

little tony thompson.

Let's feel that firm
american grip.

Shake lord mcashton's hand.

Tony's very excited to hear
about your family history.

Aren't you, tony?

Uh... not right now,
i'm not.

Well, it's
a noble history indeed.

The mcashtons have ruled
in these counties

since time...


You'll have
to excuse me.


you stay away
from that guy.

He's crazy.

I told you

not to come back!


"unless" is exactly
what's happened, my lord.


Not the kind of holes
that are good

for the golfing
business, eh, my lord?

A biting right here
in mcashtonland.

And there'll be more...

unless we come
to some arrangement.

It's elizabeth...

and her demon lover,
isn't it?

They've returned.

I told you
you had worries.

Oh, come in.

If we got up here...

on 18...

uh... yeah.

Now... if we can...

crest up, okay,
before the green,

i think we can lose
the sand traps from 18,

and that way...

our ancestor,
elizabeth mcashton.

The stone of attamon!

My grandfather
told me the legend.

He said it was
to die with me.

It could still happen.

She saw a ship...

foundered upon the rocks...

though there
had been no storm...

no sign of life.
No crew, save one

who crawled ashore

But he was no mortal man.

His name was von.

Von sackville-bagge.

A vampire.

Elizabeth was taken
by this von

and became one of
the undead herself.

And then what?

Our family staked her.
And von.

Warm-hearted bunch,
aren't you?

You of all people
should understand.

I'm joking,
my lord.

I would've done
the same myself.

So where is she buried?


Like you said,

we want to know if
she's walking around.

If i was a mcashton,

i wouldn't want her
looking for me.

How do you like
your stake, my lord?

Ha ha!


You're blocking the lord
of the underworld!

We-- we don't mean to!

I want you to crawl
back to your room,

get under the bed,

and stay there!

Y-yes, lord underworld.

I said, crawl!

Allow me, my lord.

I'm an expert.

All part
of the service.


She was moved.

But no one's
been down here

since mother died.

I'm talking about
centuries ago, my lord.

And judging
from what i see...

the tomb is
just here for show.

She's in an unmarked grave
wrapped in chains

with a wooden stake
through her ribs,

the coffin purified.


Well, do you really
want your mom

to be buried
next to a vampire?

No! No!
I loved mother!

She always smelled
of gardenias.

Oh, shut up.

Then they buried her
in unhallowed ground,

probably outside
the churchyard walls.

That's acres worth
of land!

Which is why
i come equipped with

vampire locators

that you're paying
so dearly for, my lord.

The little
vampire sympathizer!


Ohh... now...

you've made your bed,


you can sleep in it!



You can't do that.

- Let me out!
- It's murder!

He's just a boy!
Thompson's son.

He's one of them.

I've seen them
all together

in the night.

I must tell
his parents!

Let me out!


there are
plenty of ways

to get your throat
punctured, my lord.

Don't make me
be the one.

Let me out!

All right, j-just
tell me what to do.

That's better.

Now, go away...
and remember...


Tony's calling.

He could be in danger.

Maybe he's found
the stone.

Let's go.

Oh, the drama--


Oh, dear!
The sun.

Daylight or not,
we must go.

Where are you going?

You stay here.

Left, right,
left, right,

left, right...

left, right,
left, right,

left, right, left...

left, right,
left, right,

left, right,
left, right...



What do you mean

by running off
like that today?

You had me
worried sick.

that's not good--

wait, i suppose...

this is rudolph
under here.


Well, this isn't
your fault, rudolph.

But when you get home
tonight, tony thompson,

we're having
a serious talk.


Well... go on
and play your game...

left, right...

whatever it is.

Left, right,
left, right...

and what's that
all about?

Tony ran off
from work today

and i got
really worried.

But i was so happy
he was playing with a friend

and not obsessing
about vampires.

Amen, husband of mine.

Which means we get
the afternoon alone.

Mm. I like
this rudolph already.

His parents want
to have us for dinner.

Are you all right?


Dude, you heard me!

I heard you, my hero,
and i wrote you a poem.

Who did this to you?

We better find elizabeth's tomb

before he does.

It's about
the power of love.

Who's elizabeth?

The last holder
of the stone.

The woman
in my dreams.

"Your face saw i
in the cemetery,

filled with fright...

rudolph, look!

For the night was scary.

Still, you faced the foe


It was there...

it wants to
lead us somewhere.

It was you i wanted...

to hold me
when the winds are..."

behind the pillar, look!


It's a door.

A secret passage!

This could lead
to elizabeth's grave.

I wish we had
a better light.

Wait, rookery seems
to have left this behind.


Gone. All of them.

They could've gone
to the cliffs.

Tonight's the night.

Mortality beckons.


He's stolen the amulet.

He will crush
our hopes.

His final mockery.


He's a rebel,

but treachery
is beyond him.

If he has taken
the amulet...

it's to make the call.

Then we should go
to the cliff too.

I'm still very weak.

I would fall
from the sky

if i flew.

We'll find a way.

Not like him
to stay out this late.

What's "like him"
these days,

ever since he met
that rudolph?

I thought
you liked him.

I never really
met him.

Well, i mean, i did, but
he was wrapped in foil.

I know, but we've
never even seen him

we've never met
his parents.

Probably foreigners.


We are
the foreigners.

That's it.
I'm calling the cops.

Or the coppers,
whatever you call them.


Yes, hi, this
is dottie thompson.

I'm calling
about my son.

You can't
understand me?

You know what? Forget it.
I'll call you back.

I'm freda



Rudolph's mother.

I'm sure you're worried
about tony.


Your son.

We know who he is.
We want to know where--

tony is going
to the cliff

with rudolph and anna
to watch the comet.


Our daughter.

Dare i say
your charming young man

has cast
quite a spell on her.

Well, we think
he's charming.


At your service.


How about it, bob?

Want to see a comet?



we supposed to be
in costume,

like you guys?



aristocratic thing

like you guys?

I don't wear
the costume

of an aristocrat.

I am an aristocrat.



We should hurry.
It's urgent.


Well, the comet
is near.


We must be near
the cemetery.

Follow me.

To the ends of
the earth, my darling.

your car?

We flew.

Let's take yours.

Hold up, thompson!

I've got a job for you.

You might not like it.

Oh, we didn't like it
300 years ago,

but we did our duty.
That's the point.


One... two... three.

It's over.

What are you
talking about?

One... two... three.

You have to
drive this stake

through tony's heart.

Oh, my!

No worries.
He's already dead.

He's a vampire, bob.

It's not easy
for a father to hear,

but your son's
a bloodsucking fiend.

Okay, don't worry.
I'll handle this.

Take them.

You'll thank me
in the morning.

I've had enough

of all you people,

now drop that ax

and take your leave.

Yeah, take your leave,

or you'll be building
your own golf course, buddy!


I'm leaving.

You hear that,


I told him
to take his leave.

You were wonderful!

Bob... the comet.

My lady.

Those aren't aristocrats.

Those are vampires!

Those are vampires!

Those are vampires!

We have to keep moving.
Time is running out.

We can't go
any further.

Why not?

There's something ahead.

Some kind of curse.

You have to go first,
tony dearest.

I found it!

Go see what it is.

It's a curse.

Stupid chains.
Break. Break!

Come on!

We need a miracle.

The curse is gone! Yes!


It's elizabeth.

Uncle von.

Father was right.
He did come here.

Oh, how romantic!

Their love,
preserved forever.

The stone isn't here.

Up here!
Up here!


getting away!
Get her! Get her!


The stone is in my room!

No wonder
i had those dreams!

Thank you for
sharing that with me.

Heh heh heh!


What's happening?

The call.

You go to the cliffs.
We'll get the stone.

Okay, let's go.

Robert, could you drive
a little faster, please?

Darling, do you hear?

Hear what?

The call.

It's gregory,
our eldest son.

He's calling the clan.



We found
uncle von's grave.

I mean, tony found it,

and he saw the stone
in a vision.

He and rudolph
are after it now.

May their quest
be fruitful.

Thank you, gregory.

Something weird
is happening here.


Oh, guuah!

Aah! Oh!

Don't worry, everything
is gonna be fine.

Okay, just stay calm.

Freda says
we're gonna be fine.



my name's bob...

and this is my wife,

Good night for
a gathering, huh?

Leave them alone.
They're friends.

Since when?

Where is it?

around here!

How do you know?

How do i know?
I have visions, dude.

No need to bite
my head off.

Biting is your job.

Mine is to find
the amulet.

We've got to find it.


♪ I'm coming... ♪

oh! Aw, boys...

you've locked the door.

I found it!

The stone of attamon.

Hand it over.

It belongs
to my friend.

No, no, no, no.
It belongs to me now.


Not without a fight.

Oh? Well, i can't
be bothered.


Don't give him
the stone!


Let me go!

Get in there!

Get out
of the way!

Get out
of the way!

Give me that stone.

I said give me
that stone!

My friends need it.

Oh, boo-hoo!

I need it, laddie...

what do you want?

You want this?

Well, come
and get it.










Oh, no, you don't.
Give me that.

Ha ha ha!

Tony, the lights!

Turn off the lights!


You leave that alone!
Stop that!

Sit back!


Hey! You!







We have only
a few moments more.

After all
of our wandering...

all of our waiting...

i've left our fate
in the hands

of two small boys.

It's all my fault.

I won't even ask
your forgiveness.

I don't deserve it.


You've got it.

All right!




Tony's near.


What'd she say?


In the sky!




I think you've been
looking for this.

He has the amulet!

The stone!

Thank you, my friend.

We must get a move on.


Mom! Dad!

The stone of attamon
is ours!

Ab ovo...

in toto...

nil desperandum...

sine die...

hey... that's my blimp!


Mom! Dad!

All right, that's it.

I don't think so.

Catch it, tony!


The ceremony!

Tony! You know
what we want!

Wish it!

You have to
wish it... now!

What'd you wish for?

What else do you want?


it's me... tony.

♪ My grandma
and your grandma ♪

♪ sittin' by the fire ♪

♪ my grandma said
to your grandma ♪

♪ i'm gonna set
your flag on fire ♪

♪ talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! ♪

♪ Iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ jockamo feeno ai nan ay ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ look at my king
all dressed in red ♪

♪ iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ betcha $5
he'll kill you dead ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! ♪






♪ My flag boy
and your flag boy ♪

♪ sittin' by the fire ♪

♪ my flag boy said
to your flag boy ♪

♪ i'm gonna set
your flag on fire ♪

♪ talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! Hey now! ♪

♪ Iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ jockamo feeno ai nan ay ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ iko! ♪

♪ Talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! ♪

♪ Iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ jockamo feeno ai nan ay ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ see that guy
all dressed in green ♪

♪ iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ he's not a man ♪

♪ he's a lovin' machine ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! ♪

♪ Iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ jockamo feeno ai nan ay ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! ♪

♪ Iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ jockamo feeno ai nan ay ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! ♪

♪ Iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ jockamo feeno ai nan ay ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! ♪

♪ Iko, iko, unday ♪

♪ jockamo feeno ai nan ay ♪

♪ jockamo fee nan ay ♪

♪ talkin' 'bout
hey now! ♪

♪ Hey now! ♪

♪ Well ♪

♪ any time you need
a friend ♪

♪ you can count on me ♪

♪ any time you're
having doubts... ♪