The Legend of Dolemite (1994) - full transcript

Blaxploitation legend Rudy Ray Moore tells all in a retrospective of his illustrious career as the original "Godfather of Rap".

Ladies and gentlemen,
this night is dedicated

to Mr. Rudy Ray Moore!

[Funky Music Playing]

[Man] Yes!

[Audience Cheering]

[Man] This is [INAUDIBLE]

[Audience Laughing]

I'm gonna get you
[INAUDIBLE] hard as stone.

Say that son, say that.

I just love to make a
broad moan and cry.

Easy baby.

I used to be young,
dumb, and full of cum


And always ready to
turn a trick. Say it!

With this big 'ol long
dick, uh huh,

and I used it [INAUDIBLE]
a walkin' stick.

Get on, get on!

I fucked everything
hot 'n holler!

From a stovepipe to


I fucked an ape in a cape, a
goat in a coat, a cat in a hat

and a pig in a wig.

You know what?

I fucked Siamese twins.

They were joined at they spine.

Look out, son!

I stuck it in one of 'em pussy,

and it come out the
other's behind.

Bad, bad Dolemite.


[Funky Music Playing]

Hey Dolemite.

* I'm the bad [INAUDIBLE]
hold the mic

Say what?

* So bad


* Bad bad Dolemite
* Bad bad Dolemite

* Bad bad Dolemite

* The bad bad
Dolemite Yeah!

* Bad, bad, bad, bad Dolemite



[Funk Music Playing]

I was born in Fort
Smith, Arkansas but I


to Cleveland, Ohio in
my teenage years.

Grew up in Cleveland,
went to the Army.

Come out at the age of 22.

Then I migrated to Los Angeles
in search for a singing career.

[Fast Drum Music]

My first performing
career was an

interpretive dancer.

That is someone that dances
to the jungle drums, and

they do work with African
rhythms and, uh,

Hindu rhythms. I
was that type of a

dancer. And then we
called it adagio

dancing also.

* You got to step it up, go

* You gotta step it
up and go, yeah

My first singing
career started on

King Federal Records.

I was produced by one of the

great producers of that
time, Mr. Ran Bast.

I did a record called
"Step it Up and Go".

That almost got to be a hit.

And I made records
for Dooto records.

That's a re-label that
started Redd Foxx.

Dootsie Williams was the, uh,

owner of the label. He'd
come to the California
Club and sold me on

stage workin' and asked me

to be a record for his label.

I did a record called
"Bellow the Belt".

Another one called
"Let's Come Together".

Neither one of them made it.

And I want this to be
known by the world

that I was not able
to make it in my

singing career and
had great, great song

because I was hid


singers like Pat Boone

and other white singers that

had the airwaves.

And I was not able to get
a break at that time.

[Music Playing]

* Step it up, go!

This is Rudy Ray Moore

I am at the record center
of the west, which is

Dolphin's of Hollywood.

Two locations. I am at the
one on Vernon and Central.

I worked at a record
store because

uh, I wanted to get into the
record business and learn

how to manufacture
and produce records.

The man that I worked
for was John Dolphin of

Dolphin's of Hollywood.

And he taught me the ropes
of how to produce a record.

Then I started making
my own masters

and producing my own records.

In other words, I'd
been self made, uh,

all of my whole career.

I first hear the
Dolemite from a wino.

I was working in Dolphin's at
Hollywood as their management.

There was a wino
come in named Rico.

And he wanted, uh,
me to give him

some money for soup.

'Cause he didn't have any teeth.

So I told him I said used to
hear him on the street corners

doing all of these raps and
rhymes and so forth.

I says "Rico, you do
Dolemite, I'm gonna give you
some money for some soup."

He did Dolemite in the middle
of the floor of the store
where I was working and

people just rolled.

So, I thought then I
said "now, he's not

a professional, I'm not a
professional comedian."

"What if I...

did Dolemite?" And sure enough

I invited him to my house
to give him a little
reefer and some wine.

He put Dolemite on tape.

I recorded it. And the
rest is history.

"Some folks say
that Willie Green

was the baddest motherfucker the

world ever seen.

But I want you to light you up a
joint, take a real good shit

and screw your wig on tight.

And let me tell you
about the little bad

motherfucker called Dolemite."

Eat out more often, I made it.

I carried it to the
record distributors.

The man's in charge
of distribution

said "Rudy"... says "What
on Earth you expect

to do with this piece of shit?"

I said "Sell it."

"He slapped his pappy's face
and said "from now on

cocksucker, I'm
runnin' this place."

At the age of 1...

he was drinkin' whiskey and gin.

At the age of 2, he was eatin'
the bottles it came in."

And, I put records in my car.

Driven across country
and passed them out

in the ghetto areas of many

of the major cities. Handin
'em to street lovin' people.

And in Philadelphia when I
passed this record out

two days later, I
had a smash hit.

By word of mouth.

"But his dick was still hard.

The preacher said "ashes

to ashes."

The company that picked it
up was Kent Records.

When I was carryin' it over to
another record company, they'd
wanna give me

you know, money,
they'd wanna give me

thousand dollars.
Well I'd already got

a $2700 order of the record.

And I said "I can't do
nothin' with a thousand
dollars" to the man.

Says "Rudy come back over
here with that record."

And uh, they distributed
me across country.

After that I recorded
the second album.

Called "This Pussy
Belong to Me".

Featured the signifying monkey.

It hit the billboards,
best selling charts,

within two weeks after
it was released.

Dolemite albums are...

somethin' that a...

we as black men grow
up listenin' to.

I have your albums from

my mother- I used to steal my
mother's Rudy Ray Moore albums.

I can say after hearing that I
knew what pussy was.

I knew what it looked like. I
never seen it, but he

described it so well.

"So drop your drawers and
get your legs open wide

'Cuz I'm gonna knock
open your pussy and put

this load deep down inside."

I am the world's first
comedian to come out

doing X rated words

on a record.

Rudy's humor
might've been on the

on the on the risky side. He
had some fly album covers.

You'd se these records, and
there'd be a whole bunch of
buck naked

women and Rudy Ray Moore in bed

with a wig on doin'
some crazy stuff.

I wanted to be as
shocking as I could be.

The language was
already shocking.

But the album covers
were so erotic.

And the people, some
people would buy it

yearly for the album cover.

"Gave $100 bills

just to see this
little girl a-play.

She was the best
whore on any block.

She went from city to city,

fuckin' the mayors
and senators, the

presidents and the whole
government lot.

She show sup to the police-"

Rudy was the bad boy
of the whole thing.

And Rudy name mean.

Uh, Queen Bee is the shit.

Dom't mess with Queen Bee.

Queen Bee is my name,
and fuckin' is my game.

I know the game from A-Z

'cuz ain't nothin' a
motherfucker can pull on me.

Lady Reed was a lady
that I picked up

to try to make a comedian
and [INAUDIBLE] out of.

She made it...

awhile with me and went on the
road and traveled with me

here as my costar.

"I'd like to bring to
the floor the queen.

The queen of the party
records. Let's hear it

A big hand for the
fabulous Lady Reed."

"Like I said, yous with
you got to give

what you want if it's
good pussy.

Sell it.

If it's bad pussy, sell it.

If it's fat pussy, skinny pussy

sell it.

If it's young pussy, sell it.

If it's old pussy, give it a
shot of jack-rabbit

juice and geritol.

And sell that old motherfucker."

She quit before [INAUDIBLE]
she's passed

about three years ago.

But I got to take it off to
Lady Reed, she was

a very dear friend of
mine. And wrote

several things for me
including one great one.

"My day have arrived."

"Now the course has changed.

And I'm pretty much on my way.

The time has arrived.

And it's my God-damned day."

It was in the
context of his life

As an artists trugglin', you
know, a black man

strugglin' tryin' to make it.
And then tryin' to do somethin'

for his people.

But I, I just felt that he
wasn't appreciated

eh, uh, enough.

That's why I wrote my,
that inspiration song.

My, uh, "My Day Arrived".

"Your dreams get wasted.

And your black ass slide back.

So while I'm climbin'
this mountain...


have no fear.

I'm gonna remember all
when I needed someone who
stood by that was near."

I will say that we toured

we lived in hotels that were not

what you call Triple A hotels.

But she said "Rudy," says
"I don't mind stayin'

wherever you put me.

I have a son that I'm tryin'
to send to college.

And I need to save money."

So, we worked many
places where I

promoted the show.

[Upbeat Music]

See at that time,
"Streaking" was out.

And Rudy got this red van
sellin' he was gonna streak.

And I just get in the car and
said "Oh Lord help him."

And he, well he would just
come straight on out
streaking in the towel

and flash it.

But first a woman said
"drop yer drawers".

I'm lookin' at ladies

"Drop yer drawers."

So Rudy decide to take the towel

and oh, everybody wanted to see.

Now I'm tryin' to get the
women on my side

and they watchin' where,
wah, where Rudy dick was.

How long it was or what it was.

Woman snatched the towel, he
had to run out there naked
with all his black ass out.

I'm tellin' you, they was fun.

She would go on before me

and do her act. And then I'd
sit in the booth and take

the money. And when she's
gettin' ready to come off

I would run back to the
stage and she would run

back to the booth.

I remember one time we in
the [INAUDIBLE] Texas

and I had so much money

all in my drawers,
all in my bra...

and I, I couldn't give
noth- Rudy nothin' at
the, at the place.

I say "wait 'til you get home."

And I, I would unhook that
bra and money just fall
out everywhere.

So, we had good times
out there. You know,

knowing that we could
make it on our own.

"For if I should get broke

I'm not gonna feel bad.

I'm gonna get my
kicks thinkin' about

swingin' times I've had."

[Big Band Music]

"I hope this is a hit."

One of my uh,
favorite memories of

Rudy Ray Moore and myself

when we worked at the
York Club here in

Los Angeles.

The club owner, Bob,

he fired Rudy.

And I say "well, if
Rudy go, I go."

So me and Rudy walked
out and we shook hands.


-say "one day we gonna
become big stars."

* Oh, he's bad

* Mm, the man is outa sight

Just bein' a record star
with comedy records

I, that wasn't where I
wanted to end up at.

And I was never got
on a screen if I

had a waited for somebody
to put me on it.

So the way I got on
the screen was to put

myself on it.

"Well where is he?"

"Breathin' down yo neck!"

I put the little money
that I had together

and made the motion
picture "Dolemite" and

lo and behold, I was
made fun of that.

People sayin' that fool is over
there spendin' all of his money

tryin' to make a motion
picture that'll never get
shown in a theater.

"I know you think you're smart,
see, 'cause you got on them

flashy clothes, you got
that big car there.

You got all them black
bitches workin' for you."

"You forgot about
the white ones."

God rest his soul, D'Urville
Martin, who was the director

had told everybody this was
a piece of shit and it
wouldn't turn out to

be anything and he wasn't
giving it his best.

But however the actors
was givin' it their best.

"Just look at that damn
Watergate scandal.

Now, if the leader
of our country

is stealing and
getting away clean

what the hell do they
expect us to do?"

Well Dolemite ain't the type
of nigger to just fuck around
and do anythang.

Just 'cuz they say
"here's a check."

You know what I'm sayin'?
Nigger's like

"No, I got to be whoopin'
somebodies ass in this movie."


Bone crushin' skull splittin'

brain blastin' action.

Let me tell you about the
openin' of Dolemite.

Played in Indianapolis, Indiana.

And it was

sold out at midnight for
a midnight show.

"It's nice to have
seen you people.

But fuck you, man."

"I'm gonna kill Dolemite.

I don't want no sweat. Let's
turn the place out!"

I had never seen so
many, many people.

It took me around the block
around 3 times. Those were
long blocks, too.

And then finally I got in
and we went over good.

So that gave us comfort
in knowing that we really
had a package.

Even though we didn't have
nobody to back us out.

I come back to Los Angeles

went to Dimension Pictures...

they picked it up...

and made a
monstrosious trailer...

for the movie.

"If you- [NO AUDIO]

to find that action.

Coming to this theater

as this next attraction

is the picture that will
put you in traction.


Starring me, Rudy Ray
Moore as Dolemite.

And that bad D'Urville Martin

as Willie Green.

Dolemite. Dolemite!"

It played its first

engagement [INAUDIBLE]

1975 at the Woods Theater.

The lines seven deep.

And this show was
supposed to close

but that man, they was
makin' so much money, he
didn't close the show.

'Til 3 or 4 o'clock in the
mornin', we showin' that.

And stepped out the Cadillac,
our feet didn't even touch the

ground. I remember just
glowing inside. The people

had us moving inside with us.

I walked up and down the streets

and cracked jokes to the
people that stood in line.

Thanking them for coming out to
see my screen performance.

"Since you wanted my love, I'm
gonna give you a fuckin'
you'll never forget!"

fuckin' you'll never forget."

There was a man that
wrote an article on me

said "despite Dolemite bein'

possibly the blockbuster
of the season

it is coarse, rude and vulgar.

And isn't fit for a
blind dog to see."

Put that in the
Chicago Defender.

And the people said "we
going to see just how

vulgar this man is."

"I'm waitin' for Dolemite."
"For who?"

"Dolemite, motherfucker!"

Dolemite I actually
went and saw 'cause

friends said to me "you
gotta see this movie."

And uh, I did. And I've always

I've always appreciated
Rudy Ray Moore, mainly

because he really was an
independent film maker.

The picture only run
$90,000 to make.

It played against
films that costed

3 to 5 million dollars,
out grossin' 'em.

"You take care the business...

I take care of the heat."

But Rudy Ray Moore
belongs in that, you
know, Melvin Van Peebles

Rudy Ray Moor, all these
guys actually going out

and hustling up their own money,
and making their own movie.

You know, outside
of the mainstream.

Dolemite got a powerful name.

- Powerful name.
- That's that's like dynamite.


- He's on fire.
- On fire.

I didn't know him
until around '86.

I went and rented a video
called "Dolemite".

1998, Dolemite after 25 years

was played in Montreal Canada.

Lines lined up for three blocks

to see a 26 year old picture.

Rudy Ray Moore has
his own, uh, humor.

His own brand of, uh, comedy.

I think he makes fun of
the situation in our

society, the black situation,
the black experience.


So after that it was just kind
of up the hill, you know.

That was a success, then we went
on and did the next one.

[Drum Roll]

[Funky Music Playing]

He shaped a lot of black men,
including myself, with

his strength and his ability
just to show us how we are.

And, and, and sometimes
how funny it is.


"Yeah, damn baby!

I got some shit we can
do better than this."


You know I watched that
shit about 300 times at
my mama house.

[Man] Is that right?

- 1987 I think it was.
- The Human Tornado.

That was the shit.

"He made me do it!"

"Bitch! Are you for real?"

He then jump down the hill

butt-ass naked.

It showed the whole
world that it as him.

Oh, y'all didn't think
it was me, huh?

"So y'all don't believe
I jumped, huh?

So watch this good shit!"

[Funky Music]

Boy, he's a bad
motherfucker man.

He was doin' tricks with cameras
before cameras even had tricks.


These are some of the
maddest movies of all time,
but as a black actor

he's the greatest.

"I'll stop this long haired
[inaudible] dilapidated
sheriff now!

'Cause he just wanna
follow me anyhow.

He think he's bad and
ain't got no class

I'm gon' rock this shotgun up
his motherfuckin' ass!"

Before Shaft kicked
somebodies ass

Dolemite whooped 'em!


He turned out to be

the hero of the film. And he
did all this crazy karate.

And they would talk like

the lip-sync was
always off, and the

clothes was all crazy, and

he would jump up
and [gibbering].





[Bone Snapping]

"Over here!"


Them wadn't ladies.

Ladies got on a dress,
show up at the job

they little suit,
sit at the desk.

The kids, and these was bitches.
[Karate Noises] Motha-fucka!


[Fighting Sounds]

"Hurry Dolemite!"

"Let me out!"


We did not have a lot of money.

So we had to do our own
effects ourselves.

[Distorted Echoing Yelling]

That scene, I had pictures
on the wall where you

pull 'em and they'd
slide up and down.

I had the lights hooked up as to
where they'd go off and on.

I tied ropes to all four
poles on the bed.

And had a man down on his knees
out of the camera angle

pullin' this rope.

And another one on the other
end pullin' it and shakin'
the bed, shakin' the bed.

The cielin' would break down
and fall over the bed

by wiring the ceiling with
an extra ceiling.

"They're at the house.

On the hill. In Pasadena!

They're in the house.

On the hill. In pasadena!"

"Your career is over! Stud!"


"This motherfucker
think I'm dead.

But he don't know I am
the human Tornado."


[Funky Music]

I think the word "black
exploitation" is crude.

The Godfather, is that
Italian exploitation?

Nobody never says that.

Bt it features

an Italian theme.

Now they made motion pictures
that were westerns.

That the Indian was always
the loser, was that

Indian exploitation?

"[Inaudible]. Them people up
there's havin' a party."

"Aw damn [Inaudible]
them ain't no people.

Them's niggers!"

"Oh by God, you're right
mom, thems is niggers!"

Uh, what we had went through
in the film industry...

of seein' ourselves kicked

in the ass in the films,
so many of them,

instead of them kicking me in
the ass, I started kicking

them in the ass.

"I got money. A, a lot of money!

Here. Here-here in this bag.

You can take it. Take,
take all you want!

Only, only, let me get
the fuck outa here!


"Beg little puppy,
like a big dog."

And it was done
primarily in those years

for a black audience.

Although the white audiences
are turned onto them now.

And the Rudy Ray Moore
movies, as you know,

have become cult films almost
like the martial arts

films of the, of the
60's and 70's from

from Hong Kong. Because
they're so unique.

They're his vision.

"And if you don't die, you gonna
wish to hell you had!"


I had a rat eat the
man's nuts out once.


He's ruthless. He's funny.

"Where is that son of a
bitch named Dolemite?"

"Where is he?"
"Leave him alone!"

I tell all young people today

you don't have to spend a
fortune to make your picture

if you got the right
ingredients in it.

The people were proud to see

a black man come out with
a film where he wasn't
gettin' his ass kicked.

So, it worked for me.

This right here is, look at the
gangster man, look at that.

Look at that look.

Petey Wheatstraw.

"Just let me get the
hell outta here!"

"Your name will be
Petey Wheatstraw.

[Funky Music]

* Petey Wheatstraw

Petey Wheatstraw is
the shit though.

[Man] Petey Wheatstraw?

- The Devil's son-in-law.
- Yeah.

[Funky Music]

- Petey Wheatstraw.
- The Devil's son-in-law.

I knew it, I knew it. Petey I
told you it wadn't gonna work.

Oh my apartment must be a wreck!

Petey maybe you
shoulda married her.

Now you got to be sick!

[Demons Growling]

Petey Wheatstraw, the
Devil's son-in-law...

That was my third venue

of making films.

"You got to be sick.

How in hell can I
give you a son?"

"By simply marrying
my daughter."

Petey Wheatstraw is
an old folklore


The man used the name
in the 1930's.

He called hisself as a blues
singer Petey Wheatstraw.

The Devil's son-in-law.

So I come up and wrote a
monologue on that and

put it on one of my records.

Petey Wheatstraw, the
Devil's son-in-law.


I'm Petey Wheatstraw.

The Devil's son-in-law.

The [inaudible].

I went with [inaudible].

And even made love
to old Lula Bell.

I'm not here to brag

nor here to boast.

I can sit on a tombstone and
produce baby ghosts."

[Thunder Rumbling]

It had some of the uh,
mystic stuff in it.

[Mystical Music]


"And the Lord taketh away."

Where I used a cane

to uh, make things change.

* Reality is plain to see

* Get on

* Down there where the live baby

Make drawers come off of people.

[Eerie Music]


"How did you make
that cane do that?"

Turn them into dogs and
so forth and so on.

"He's a dog! He's a damn dog!

Just turn him into a
little black puppy."

"That wish will b granted."

"How did you do that?"

"I got the power, mama, that's
how. I got the power."

So it was a great
venue for me, and it

still lives today.

Can't give Dolemite an Oscar,
maybe we should give him like a

Johnson or Jones.


The next picture was
the Disco Godfather.

[Disco Music]

"It is showtime! Are you ready?"

"Are you ready over there?"

"Are you ready over there?"

"Ladies and gentlemen...

yes you and you, for a disco


"He's a godfather of disco."

"He don't give no slack."

"He'll boogie all around you."

"Don't take no shit."

[Inaudible] in Disco Godfather.
That's, that's pretty hot.

He's got like this crazy,
um, angle dust flashbacks.

"Drive down the court.

Fake these two cats out!

Ha! He lays it in!"

"It's too ugly!"



"And believe me, I
speak from experience.

If it hadn't been for Dr.
Fred here, who caught me

before it was too late, I
could be here to tell you

what hell can go through.

So please leave it alone. If
you haven't started, don't."

"Thank you so much
Michelle Stewart.

For her very personal
experience with angel dust."

The disco godfather is a film

tat I was influenced to do it by

one of the friends of mine that
worked with me in pictures

and I had went all
of these years

without another film. The-


-pictures at that time

they did not want to
reinvest in me.

Because I filmed the Disco
Godfather which was

not a great seller.

It's selling better today than
it sold when it first come out.

I don't- the Disco Godfather
threw me off.

Threw me off, man.

* Of the disco

* He's a godfather of the disco

The drug use themes
is what killed it.

We were talking about and
preachin' and trying to

curb the peoples
behavior and so forth.

And it was not liked.

Drug film like that
had a great message

but people are not coming
to the theater to be

uh, converted.

They come to the theaters to
enjoy the movie theater.

And just as what I'm
about as a filmmaker.

[Clears Throat]

"Excuse me, man."

[Funky Music]

All the kids in the neighborhood

they wanted to be in a movie.

He, he reached
back and got them.

"Looks like we all been
invited to the party."

And that's what bein'
a sidekick of his

'cause he brought
me on in there.

I didn't have to have no
resume or a whole lot of
photographs or whatever.

He did it a plain and
kind and gentle way.

He costarred me in
his first film.

"I work for nobody but the Lord.

Because he said...

Blessed are the pure in heart.


I never thought

that I would have a friend who
talked like Rudy Ray Moore.

See, because I'm a gentleman.

James Ingram...

he appears in the first movie

"Dolemite". Come
out to be a great

singing star.

Marie Carter.

She made up my film the first

job that she had as
a makeup artist.

The late D'Urville Martin.

He hadn't directed films, but

he directed "Dolemite".

Jerry Jones...

He gave me my first break

to do his first movie.

- "So it's alright, huh?"
- "Yeah."

"What do you know about the
fourth ward, Dolemite?"


"How 'bout some very classy
young girls that knows a lot

about karate?"

"Come here!"

"Where's Cavaletti?"

"Where is he?"

"Alright everybody listen!"

"That sheriff is comin', and
he's got a lot of men with him."

Ernie Hudson, another
great actor of today.

[Funky Music]

The first movie with Jimmy Lynch
is "The Human Tornado".

* I've travelled the world

* I've travelled all 'round

I saw this young man on stage
in the California Club.

I looked at his greatness
and felt he needed a break.

"What kind of shit is this?"

So he's been tagging along

with on all, all of those years,

"Jimmy Lynch and Marie Love,
I wanna thank y'all so much

for coming out to be
with me tonight."

"Dolemite, brother, we wouldn't
have missed it for the world."

Dolemite was a rapper.

Long before they
called it rapping.

When we'd get off of work
at the [inaudible] at 2
o'clock in the morning

Rudy would be, uh, rappin'
down there on Central

Avenue at Dolphin's
of Hollywood.

And everybody be crowdin'
around the window, lookin' at

him do the radio rabbit.

So he the king of the raps, he

he put the "R" in "rap".

When I recorded such tales
as a signifying monkey

shinin' the great
Titanic and Dolemite

it had that uh,
rappin' flavor to it.

And it had the
explissive language

which a lot of people
want to refer to it as

four letter words, but I call it

"Gheto Expressions",
and a form of art.

I know for me

you've always inspired
me, but in terms of that
young generation

you know, vibin' into
Rudy Ray Moore.

Well, the things that I
were doing were sort of

now and fresh for them.

In other words, I did
the Signifying Monkey

and it was set to
rap music, during

that period.

"Signifying Monkey" I remember
really being struck by that.

Because it was, it
was so African

you know, it was like
"listen to this!"

We used to listen to his uh,

his records and everything, like

"Way down in the jungle deep"...

"The lion stepped on the
signifying monkey's feet.

The monkey said "motherfucker,
can't you see?"

You done stepped on
my goddamned feet!

"The monkey lived in the
jungle in an old oak tree.

Bullshittin' the lion
every day in the week."

The lion said "I ain't
heard a word you said.

Say two more and I'll go upside
your motherfuckin' head."

"Everyday before the
sun go down, that lion
would kick his ass.

All through the jungle top."

The monkey said "that's
alright, 'cuz you gonna meet up

with a bad motherfucker
later on in life."

"And he's somebody
that you don't know."

"He just broke a-loose from
Ringling Brother's show."

"Said he talked about your
people in a hell of a way."

I talked about your uncle 'til
the motherfucker hair turn gray.

I screwed your mother,
your aunt and your niece.

Even had a [inaudible]
your grandma for a piece.

The signifying monkey is
probably the strongest tale

that I tell in person.

Plush shine in the great
Titanic and Old Folk Hotel.

They've been around
'round 50 years.

As I say, told by the beer joint

and liquor store wise men.

"Wasn't it sad when the
great Titanic went down?

There was people of all races

of all different kind.

But there was one black
motherfucker on the deck that
they called Shine.

He wore sweet and
wild britches and

broken shoes.

You know that
motherfucker used ta

sit around all day just
a singin' the blues."

He's the...

ice cube of the

[Laughing] of the...

70's. He's Ice T.

When I first started rappin' and
swearin' and cursin' on records

people were like they acted
like I made it up.

We like "naw, naw, there's
other brothers that were

far in the future before
me that made it up."

I'm just tryin' to
carry on the tradition.

Beastie Boys, long time,
Rudy Ray Moore

Dolemite fans. Pretty
much we became

completely Dolemite
influenced and inspired.

I mean he been doin' this
shit for years, right?

And I like I been
studyin' his little

style, i could take his
whole style and just
flip the whole shit.

Dolemite is just, definite,
he's was in one our videos.

Called "In The Ghetto".

"Why you jive turkeys,
I'll knock you through

Sunday and be waitin'
for you on Monday.

You too young to seen the
sights that [inaudible] and
[inaudible] about Dolemite."

Uh, you have to know the
fly-fucker, the pussy-maker

the big-bitch-breaker.

Well alright, it's
Dolemite. The Legend.

You motherfuckers better know.

Man, I seen him as
just at the Godfather

you know I'm sayin'? Still out
here kickin' it in 2000.

Keepin' it real, just like
in '73, '74 all that you
know I'm sayin'?

Just like that man. That
nigger's just a livin'
legend man, bottom line.

The rappers, they've
picked parts

from my party records and
dubbed them into their rap.

Dr. Dre,

the Chronic Album,

Big Daddy Kane, the
Taste of Chocolate,

The 2-Live Crew, many albums.

31 times they sample me.

I've been sampled now 80
times off my records.

All that just stuck in my
head trippin' on how much he

influenced everythang
and just how

his recreation keep
comin' around.

You, we can't get away from
him 'cuz that's our roots.

Uh, Busta Rhyme

he had me in an album called

"When Disaster Strikes".

A great album.

The late great Eazy-E

was my very dear friend. Any
time he give something

he wanted Dolemite there.

You did a song with Dolemite

As I call "Merry
Motherfucking Christmas".

It was kinda cool.

And another one of the great
rappers was Too Short.

Too Short invited me out
one night he said "I
want you to come out

and introduce me on my
final performance."

He called himself retirin',
but he didn't retire.

I worked with Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre had me in the
Snoop Dogg video

"He shoulda came alone today.

He's Snoop Doggy Dog."

Without Rudy Ray Moore

wouldn't be no Snoop Dog.
And that's real.

I appear on his album before
his last one called

"Top Dogg No Limit".

I think the young man

no doubt about it is one of the

truly great rappers of our time.

We just sittin' here live,
you know, percolating.

With the man, the
myth, the legend

my uncle Rudy Ray Moore.

Also my nephew Nate Dogg.

And we doin' his DPG.

Rudy Ray Moore thang, you
know, givin' a special
shout out, a tribute

to the greatest of all time.

Like I said, without him there
wouldn't be no rap community.

He was doin' it before we knew
what to do with it.

And we gon' continue
to push his rim

and keep it goin' on and
take it to the next level.

And let the young
generation know

what he means to this industry
and what he means to this

you know community
that we call rap.

And how we should cherish
every moment that we spend

with the great Rudy Ray Moore.


[Music PLaying]

I can remember
talkin' about Rudy.

I said "Rudy could
adjust to any crowd."

Uh, meaning that if
a crowd wanted uh

triple X material...

then rudy could give it
to 'em triple X. And

in fact he probably had extra
couple more X's in there.

I first got introduced to Rudy
Ray Moore, actually

through uh, Richard Pryor.

Richard Pryor is a fan of his.
Richard likes his work.

I think that, uh, Rudy gave

Eddie Murphy and

a lot of those
comedians, uh, yeah...

I think he give them courage.

Eddie Murphy has Rudy
Ray Moore parties.

We stay up all night watching
all of Rudy's films.

And Eddie is insane
for Rudy Ray Moore.

What makes him so funny?

His, he's just a
comedian, he's funny.

- He don't give a, he don't give
a shit.
- The sutff he says.

- He don't!
- That's what makes him so

Yeah, but not all
comedians are funny.

'Cuz he tells the truth.

Well, that's another thing.

You know, you know what
makes him so funny?

He don't give a shit.

Dolemite put it out there!

"I even took some pussy
from a deaf and dumb girl.


Broke all her fangers so
she couldn't tell nobody."

My mother, you know, she brought

me up in Sunday School
and Easter and Mother's
Day I would go out

and uh, she'd give a
poem ready for me

and I would recite this poem and

people say "he's
gonna be a preacher".

"Dolemite is my name!

And rappin' and
tappin' is my game.

I'm the one that killed Monday,
whipped Tuesday and put
Wednesday in the hospital.


Called up Thursday to
tell Friday not to birth
Saturday on Sunday.

Stuck my finger in
the ground and

turned the whole world around.

Him went up in a jug and beat
the hell out of him with a club.

I took today and
brought back yesterday.

Took the 4th of July
and put it in June.

And made Leap Year
jump over the moon!

[Whooping Applause]

Mule has kicked me

but he didn't bruise my hide.

A rattlesnake bit me, they
just crawled off and died.


I picked up the rock that

killed the giant Goliath

and whooped Nero's ass
for settin' Rome on fire!


I ain't lyin' baby.

Y'all know, y'all done seen me

and heard me rap
with Big Daddy Kane

2 Live Crew,

Eazy-E and you heard me

do Deez Nuts on

Dr. Dre's album.


But let me tell ya...

all those young men
are rappin' good.

But when it comes
down to rappin'

I was through with it before
they learned what to do with it!



I'm the Godfather rap

and the king of
the party records.

And I'd like to leave
you with this.

I been known to rise up

but I'll cool down later.

I'm the bad motor scooter,

I'm the Human Tornado!

[Loud Applause]

Dolemite is my name

and I'm out of this
mother[Horn Honks].


"What're you gonna do and where
do you go from here, Dolemite?"

I returned to singin'
because, let me tell ya

singing was always in my blood.

I sung many years ago.

I made 50 different songs.

And today, they're out

on an album produced by
Norton records in New York.

I did a concert from the album

at Wetlands in New York.

* And I'm going up
on the mountain

* Face the rising sun

* Find me some good cock bitches

* And have myself some fun

[Inaudible Singing]

[Music Plays Softly]

* And I love the coffee
grind real slow

This was a major
performance for me.

After 30 odd years
of not singing

I come back on the stage

although I am great, I'm not
conceded in my greatness

I'm merely convinced.

* I can always
count on somethin'

* And she keeps it hid

* I got a great big dick

* That I can fuck
[Inaudible] 'cause

[Inaudible Singing]

"Say that son, say that!"

* And I love the coffee
grind real slow

* There seems to be always

* What she [inaudible]

* [Inaudible] anymore

* Oh anymore

* Four then one is five

* Five and five is ten

* I'm a bad


* [Inaudible] 'cause I'm bad

[Inaudible Singing]

* And I love to fuckin' grind

* Real slow

* It seems to be yours

Now I have a new album called

"Rudy Ray More Is

The Soul Singer".

I sing many great
soul songs in it

and it is going to be

a knockout.



[Music Fades]

Yeah I wanna see, I
wanna see some

some new Dolemite.

Hey you motherfuckers, I'm
out here with Dolemite

2000, on the set down here

southern L.A. downtown.

Cold as a motherfucker
down here tonight.

S I'm just now coming back with

"the Return of Dolemite:


Which is a bad mamma-jamma.

[Director] Action!
Ahh! Alright!

You motherfuckers
ain't had enough?

I'm gonna have to drink
my voodoo potion


-your fuckin' ass.


[Spouting Gibberish]

Dolemite 2002 is a vehicle

that has me coming from
Africa after 25 years

with two sons that I
fathered over there.

And I was invited to
come back by my sister

who said "Dolemite, you know you
used to keep the communities

straight when you were here,
and it is a mess. Now why
don't you come home?"

So I come back

to the United States,
and there I kick ass

and take names.

For anybody that is corrupt.

You wanna play motherfuckers?

Come on! Come on with it!

And I'd hang a foot up their ass

if they're not straight.


And I got the martial
arts scenes in it.

" I got somethin' fo'
your as, motherfucker!

We had the director of
martial arts from New
York come and did the

great, great fight scene for me.

That's an honor to
really work with him.

That's a living legend in the
game, you know what I'm sayin'?

I just know whatever we

whoever we sit down and vibe
with is gonna be off the hook

because it's natural, you
know what I'm sayin'?

You vibe, our guys just natural

natural fun. And when it's like
that we gonna come up with some

some smash ideas, you know?

Bang bang!

We have a, a lot of young guys

that I knew that I was the cause
to get in this picture.

And they're from
the real school.

And when I say the real school I
mean the Bloods and the Crips


I find that's one good way
to get the kids off the

street to stop 'em from killing
and fighting, to put them in

to something more positive.
And stuff like this

is what they need to be doing.

[Chanting] Dolemite!
Dolemite! Dolemite!

Dolemite! Dolemite! Dolemite!

Dolemite! Dolemite! Dolemite!

This is me, Rudy Ray Moore,


"And I'm gonna let 'em
know that Dolemite is

back on the scene!"

Rudy Ray Moore is
still surviving

and still carrying on

and still a very
important, uh, influence

in our business.

[Drum Music]

"Im here to clear all doubts...

I'm here to tell you what
the fuckin' is all about.

Ladies, fuckin' is not
a game, it's an art.

When you do it girls, you gotta
do it with all your heart.

Ladies, you don't
have to be down under

make your man think he's
been struck by lightnin'
and bowled by thunder!

And when your pussy
being to pop...

[Makes Popping Sounds]


Young man, can you
make a pussy pop?"

"Oh yeah, every day."

"You gotta have dick to
make a pussy pop, baby.

You get 'em [gibbering loudly]

You aughta be locked up baby.

But in my room

I'll eat your
drawers off of you.

Somebody looked at me
and said "Rudy, you done

got a little old." I says "Yeah"

I may be too Goddamn
old to cut the mustard

But I can damn sure lick
out the jar! [Gibbering]

Black women with a lot
of ass. [Gibbering]

Now this is what I call
a lot of ass, baby.

You got the same damn thing
them little skinny ones

got but a damn sight more of it.

If this place would
catch on fire

and they tell everybody
to haul ass, you'd have
to make 10 trips.

I said "Men, sell your
dicks if you can't sell
'em, leave 'em hanging."

- Did I get a right on for you
- Yes.

Yes, sir.


Ohh... hmm.

You sure you can sell it?


You can't even give it
away, let alone sell it.


I don't know, that lady
may buy some, there.



"[Inaudible] you're
choking yourself.


I woman's legs is
her best friend, but

sometimes best
friends [inaudible].


- Can I get a right on there
- [Men] Right on!

I'll eat your drawers offa you.

Then when I get through I'll say

I do believe I ate
the whole thing.


-her that her pussy taste
good as grape kool-aid.




No one knows whether the nose
knows when the toes is comin'.

You got a dangerous lookin'
tongue too, brother.

I bet you'd wreck
a piece of pussy.

Eat all the lines out of it.

[Inaudible] ain't got shit
on you, [inaudible]."

"You don't get on the pussy
and go up and down, up and
down, up and down...

You learn how to stand
up in the pussy.

Back up off of it!

And shake your ass and stroke.

Make your nut fit an
ass with each stroke.

Be like them white fellas.

[Inaudible] in nut
pussy to death.

Can't ya brother?

Yeah, right on.

I know I'd get a right on on ya.

You brother's gotta
learn how to do that.

Them white's fellas get on
the pussy go whap whap
whap whap whap a-whap!

Them long nuts...

that's all they got, a hundred
pounds of nuts and no dicks."

"You know, this young lady
was in the room with her
boyfriend, you know

maybe he fucked, he
fucked, he fucked 'im.

Know he had done it, child.

He backed up off the pussy
and, and looked at her

he said "Bitch, I know
this dick is good."

She says "no
motherfucker, your dick

ain't no goddamn good." Say

"I want you to

get up out this bed,"
that's what he told her.

"And go and fix me some food."

She went in the kitchen and

brought him a carrot
and a head a lettuce.

He said "Bitch, why you
bring me this carrot and
a head of lettuce?"

She says "motherfucker...

you fuck like a rabbit, you
might as well eat like one!"

"I met a young lady in a club

like this the other night,
she says "Rudy I want

you to go home with me." I said

"Baby, I don't go home with no
women, I take 'em to motels."

She said "Daddy we
can save that $20."

I said "Bitch you can't get
a room at Motel 6 for $20."

So I decided to go
home with her. She

said "honey, I ain't got no
husband, come on home with me".

I went home with her.

Got in the bed, start
wailin' on that pussy, five
minutes later I heard


I said "Bitch-


I said "Bitch...

How in the hell is anybody
gonna hide in one room?"

She said "nigga, jump
out the window."

I said "Look here woman,
we on the 13th floor."

She said "Motherfucker,
this ain't time to be
superstitious, jump!"

And I know damn well
I wadn't jumpin'.

I put my black as up
over the front door

nuts hangin' down, ass out.

this ugly motherfucker bust
through the door, hollerin'

"Bitch, what you been doin'?"

She said "Nothin' daddy."

He saw my nuts hangin'
down over the door

said "Bitch, what
the fuck is that?"

She said "Daddy, I went to Sears
and I bought me some doorbells."

He said "Doorbells?" Said "I'm
gonna see if I can make these

motherfuckers ring."

This son of a bitch went to the
closet and got a baseball bat.

And drew back at my nuts

and I looked down and said
"Ding-dong, motherfucker!"



I would consider
him like the king

of black exploitation.

The Godfather himself.

Smack a bitch and stick a
foot in a nigger's face.


"Dolemite is my name"

"and fuckin' up
motherfuckers is my game."

I would like to say

to all of the young
people out here that

want to get a break
in show business...

never let your relatives
and folks say that

you ain't gonna be nothin',
go on out and get you a job.

Don't go for that.

If you think you got talent

I want you to
develop that talent.

Reach out for the moon.

If you miss it, cling to a star.

'Cause there's a of of stars
out there in the universe.

And brothers and
sisters if you do that

someday, somehow

your day

will arrive.

This is me talkin' to ya.

The bad, bad, Dolemite.

[Funky Music]

* He's a human Tornado

[Inaudible Singing]

* The rattlesnakes
[inaudible singing]

* I hacked up lightenin'
into the ragin' sea

* I don't want no
dilapidated sea slappin'

* Pigeon toeded,
cross-eyeded, bow-legged

* Son of a gun to
messin' with me

* I been known to rise up

* But I'll cool down later

* I'm the bad motor scooter

* I'm the Human Tornado

* Human Tornado

* He's a Human Tornado

* He's a Human Tornado

[Cell Phone Ringing]

I am the king.