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The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story (2019) - full transcript

As the social fabric of life in rural India disintegrates in the late 1990s, journalist Manav Banerjee (Sharman Joshi) moves with his pregnant wife to the State of Orissa in hope of a ...

Christian community
has become a soft target

for radical groups
in the last one month.

This incident has left

many in the Christian
minority community

shattered and broken.
We just hope that the...

One hundred and
twenty seven church buildings

have been torn down or burned.

Tens of thousands of Christians
have hidden

in the surrounding forests
for months.

We don't understand
that if India is called

a secular state,
why do such incidents happen?

To defend itself.

Christians alleged that
right wing organization...

- Guess who.
- An ugly old hag.

- Manav.
- Ow!


- Look.
- Oh.

"Thank you for your
submission of your work."

There were a lot
of things I didn't know

when Shanti,
who was heavily pregnant,

and I came to Orissa.

Back then,
the thing I was most afraid of

was the curse of leprosy.

But at that moment, it seemed
like the obvious choice.

I needed a remote location,

I had a job offer of sorts,

and I understood the language.

The conversion issue was hot.

All perfect for a journalist
who had a point to make.

- Banerjee?
- Dilip?

- Prishima told me about you.
- We've been waiting for you.

- That's my wife.
- Namaskar. Namaskar.

- Namaskar.
- Uh, look, here the keys.

Ah, thank you.
And here's the rent.

- Five hundred. Here.
- Ah, thank you.

- Thank you.
- Uh...

- Banerjee?
- Yeah.


- Uh...
- It's just one month rent.

We didn't know of the deposit.

But I guess, uh...

- Um, h... here's the 500.
- Mm-hmm.

I've arranged the rickshaw.
He knows the place.

- Okay. Good.
- Thank you.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

All we can afford.

It's fine. I know.

Are you gonna see
the editor tomorrow?

Yeah, I need the work.

You'll get it.

You're a great writer.

And then... promotions.

Editor. Best-selling author.

Manav Banerjee?

- I like your work, Banerjee.
- Thank you, sir.

But to give you full-time,
I need new material.


- Hm.
- I... I can produce, sir.

It's just that my wife
is pregnant, so...

- Oh. First child?
- Yes, sir.

- How long you've been married?
- Not long, sir.

Aha. Pregnant already.


I'll see what I can do.
So, right then.

Sir, what kind of article
are you looking for?


Sir, yesterday
at Baripada Market,

a young beggar boy
was found to have leprosy.

People were shouting,
pushing each other,

wondering what to do
with the boy.

And then from the crowd
walked a man.


Come on, it's okay.

Manav... who is he?

Staines. Not news.

- Oh. Someone told you?
- No.

He's a missionary, Banerjee.

You said it yourself.

First, conversions,
then imperialism.

You want to support that?


Hello. No, I'm busy now.


Do you know how much it costs

to convert someone
to Christianity?

Five hundred among the poor.
Ten dollars.

Less, I think, if the convert
happens to be a leper.


Sir, a missionary flies back
to the West

and tells them
that he's converted 1000 people,

for which, of course,
he gets paid,

but which is much more
than $10 per person.

Good business.

Yes. But the law here
in Orissa states that

no person shall convert
or attempt to convert any person

from one religious faith
to another.

Yes, by use of force
or by inducement

or by any fraudulent means.

Sir, and yet not one missionary
has been charged.

Not yet.
That would make good news, sir.

You bring me evidence
of illegal conversion

by Graham Staines.

I'll give you
a permanent position.

Loan me a camera, sir,
and I'll get you photo evidence.

I'll loan you a camera, but...

I need a deposit.

How much money do you have?


I told you I am busy.

No, I don't know anybody!

Why do you have security
in this office?

He's mad! Send him out!

Mad fool.

Dead is dead.

This will do.

There's a conversion
of a tribal girl

in Baripada tomorrow.

This is your opportunity.

You won't be disappointed, sir.

Ticket. Where you go?

Uh, I'm from New Orissa.

I'm a journalist.

I... listen,
can I pay you tomorrow?


Listen, my wife is pregnant.
I need to get home.

- Congratulations.
- Please.

Do you want me
to write about your bus?

Halfway to BP Town,
this bus will be packed

like cattle going to slaughter,
way beyond the seat limits.

Do you want to lose
your license?

I'm not getting out.

Thank you.


- Going to Baripada?
- Yes.

- Your bottle?
- Yes.

Have it.

All Indians
are brothers and sisters.

Yes, all Indians
are my bothers and sisters.

India is my country,

and all Indians
are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country,
and I'm proud

of its rich and varied heritage.

I shall always strive
to be worthy of it.

I shall give my parents,
teachers and all elders respect

and greet everyone
with courtesy.

To my country and my people,
I pledge my devotion.

- I am not.
- He's a leper!

- I am cured.
- Leper! He's a leper!

- I am cured.
- Stop the bus! Stop!

- I am cured.
- Stop!

I am cured!

Hey! Hey, stop, hey!

Hey, stop the bus!
Stop the bus!

I'll report you!

Please. Please.

Please. Please.

- Huh.
- Namaskar.


Are you heading
towards Baripada Town?

- Yup.
- I need to get home.

Well, jump in. I won't bite.


You haven't mentioned
your visit.

No good, sahibo.
How many times do I go?

- Seven times seventy.
- Leper! He's a leper!

- Mate, mate, mate.
- Stop the car!

- Just stop the car!
- He's alright. Calm down!

- Stop the car! Stop!
- Alright, alright. Calm down.

Stop this car now.

I... is this a setup?
He pays for my ticket.

The bus leaves,
you turn up, huh?

- Just offering you a lift.
- Not with a leper!

Calm down, mate.
He's been healed 30 years.

I can't travel with him! I...

He's not contagious.
He's been healed.

I can't! I...

I got the job.

Wow, that's great.

I have a story to cover.

Do you want to be my bodyguard?


- I've been...
- What?

I just couldn't sleep.

I'll sleep now.

Are you willing to be baptized
of your own free will?


I am the way, the truth,

and the life.

No one comes to the Father,

except through me.

I baptize you
in the name of the Father

the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

May the peace of God, which
passeth all understanding...


- What do you have there?
- Good morning. May I help you?

- Is it money? Huh?
- No, it's not.

Th... this is
an illegal conversion, huh?

- No. Her mother is a Christian.
- Well, her father is a Hindu.

He let her choose.

- I want to talk to her.
- You can talk to me, sir.

Where's your affidavit
for a conversion?

If the police wants it,
I'll do it. You don't need it.

You... you think Th... this thing,
this... this cross...

- Let it go.
- Gives you the right?

Don't touch. Let it go.

You can do
any illegal conversion?

- You can do what you like, huh?
- Who are you to ask?

- This is not done!
- Let it go!

I know people like you!
I want the papers!


Hey, mister! Wait!

It's not over yet!

She's beautiful.

Just like you.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- A month early.

Thought it was nothing.

You better pay them.

- Sir. Sir, one thing.
- Yeah, your fee, right?

- No, no. Your wife.
- Yeah?

She's bleeding.
Bleeding very much.

Take her to hospital.

I've made her comfortable.

The uterus should contract now.

But she has lost a lot of blood.
Too much.

And if she continues to bleed...

You understand?

You want pay?

Sir, I need the
money, sir, so I...

I'm sorry, Banerjee.
We have rules.

Sir, I was attacked, sir.

They didn't want to be
photographed, sir.

Still, your responsibility.

Sir, my wife is in hospital.
I've borrowed money

to pay for medication
and blood, sir.

I'm sorry,
that's your family matter.



- At least this is good.
- Thank you, sir.

Good afternoon, sir.

Yes, I think I have.

He's good.

Evidence of fraudulent
conversions by Staines

are not easily come by.

Sir, inducements
come in many forms, so...

For success in an endeavor
like this,

someone needs to become
a Christian

in order to gain their trust.

Thereby gather
the necessary evidence.

Enough to use in a court of law.

An endeavor worthy of support,
don't you think, Kedar?

Certainly, sir.

Of course, the person
who does this

will have contact with lepers.

That means a bath every hour.

Leprosy is the veil
behind which Staines operates.

The tool he uses.

You may need to prove
your loyalty with conversion.

You take this,
you go all the way.

- Banerjee.
- Sir.

- To help you get around.
- And to get to church on time.

- Have you thought of a name?
- No.

I like Vardanuja.

- Gift of life?
- Hm.



- David?
- He gets too excited.

Can't think you can push
a journalist around

and get away with it.

He means well.

They have this law for a reason.

'Cause there's people out there
not doing the right thing.

We have to be above reproach.

Fill out an FIR.

- No point.
- I saw money change hands.

Yeah, it happens every day,
every time you buy something.

The Orissa Freedom
of Religion Act states that

no person shall convert
or attempt to convert.

You're right.

But David, he suffers
the same disappointments

that you do
when people are bought.

He gets frustrated.

We can't make any mistakes.

Somebody's always going
to be trying to take this land.

If that happens...

who's gonna look after the home?

Who's gonna defend them?


Misayel and Padma?

No one would listen to David.

I know.

We must pray.

Were you given any money?

You are not registered
as a Christian.

My mother is a Christian.

But your father was not.

- Sir, see, sir. Made to sign.
- It's just ownership.

No, it's conversion.

The affidavit
was not submitted

and the conversion
was not registered.

I will do the paperwork, sir.
I will.

Now you get back to work.

Don't think you can take
any more liberties. Come!

Half the day's gone
and nobody has done anything.

Is that it?

I can have you arrested
for assault.

He broke my camera!

Fill out an FIR.

Sir, Manav.

Banerjee? Banerjee,
what have you been doing?

We are paying you to convert.

Sir, but I cannot convert

- That will be suspicious, so...
- Of course.

But why are you making enemies
among Christians?

I know what you've been doing.
Now leave the girl alone.

Yes, sir.

- Do you know Staines?
- Of course.

Is he into conversions?

Tries to convert you.
He gives you work

at the Leprosy Home.
That's inducement.

I can make my own
decision about conversion.

No inducement brings
real conversion, anyway.

One day I'll find the proof
of him converting the tribals.


I buy from him and I sell.
Business, sir. Business.

Did the church give you money
to become a Christian?

No. Instead I give money
to church every month.

My offering.

As a fellow Rotarian, we believe
in service before self.

And Graham is no different.

He's taking care
of lots of people

who are rejected
by their own people.

Let's go get dad.
Come on, quick, quick, quick.

- No, you won't.
- Let's go get him.

Whoa, whoa. Careful.

Careful, careful.

- Stop.
- Get him! Get him!

- Stop, stop, stop.
- Hey, hey. Alright, come on.

- I'm getting the book.
- Hey. Careful.

What you reading?

It's a great book
about a missionary.

Can you read us some?

I think you're gonna find it
quite boring.

- Please?
- Please?

"Missionaries constantly face

What does expendability mean?

That's when somebody
does something

somebody else thinks
doesn't matter.


Well, for us...

it's because
they don't know God...

because they're the ones
that don't realize

that they're living lives
that have no eternal value.

Can you read some of our books?

In the series, playing along

with Sachin Tendulkar,
Sourav Ganguly

and Mohammad Azharuddin.

The news in detail.

The general secretary
led the campaign

against the Christian

whom he claims are converting
poor tribals illegally

in so-called jungle camps.

do not belong here," he said.

The secretary demanded
that all missionaries

be required
to leave India immediately

for converting tribals

He cited recent violence
against Christians...

Ah, the man who chose to walk.


- Must have been a long walk.
- Yes.

I couldn't give you a lift.


So what can I do for you?

- Oh, uh, I'm a journalist.
- Yup.

And I... I was amazed,
shocked, actually,

to see you walk into that crowd
in the marketplace

and physically pick up that boy.

- Oh, that was nothing.
- No, but it was, really.

Just a sick kid, mate.
It's really no big deal.

- What's your name?
- Manav Banerjee.

Graham Staines.
Nice to properly meet you.


Write stories about the people
who really suffer

in this society,
like that boy.

Not about me.

I... I know
I didn't want the lift,

but I'm still impressed
with the work you do.

Then write about the work,
not about me.

But it's your work, so...

We'll talk about it
when I get back.

Gotta go to a jungle camp.

Christian gathering...

for tribal people?

It's out in Manoharpur village.

Speak to you later.

All arrangements
are done. We're ready to go.

Very good.

Hi. Come on.

Give her a meal. She can't stay.

You think I'm harsh?

She keeps bringing alcohol
into the home.

Lowers the effectiveness
of the medication.

Can't allow that.

She's not contagious, so...

she can go back home
with her family.

The village is not happy, so...

There's a cure for leprosy now.

About time they caught up.

So, you won't help her anymore?

No, I'm gonna help her, mate.

And I am helping her.

Getting her back home is
the best thing I can do for her.

Look, you want a story, right?

There's a story. Sundar.

Hasn't had leprosy
for nearly 30 years

and yet an educated man like you

won't even ride
in the same vehicle with him.

It's... it's his karma.

I couldn't risk that
on my baby and my wife.

He's suffered enough
for his karma.

He's dead, you know.

It's true. He's dead.

They performed
the death ceremony for him

back in his own village.

I remember Sundar just...

standing there like a ghost...

saying over and over,
"I'm not dead.

I'm not dead."

You should talk to him.

Mr. Staines.

What motivates you?

No articles about me, right?

Do you hope the lepers
will become Christians?

- Of course.
- Hm.

This is the man, Dada.

He is looking for evidence.

He's a journalist.

He has a right to look.

- Hey, dad.
- Hi, dad.


This is Mr. Banerjee.

- Namaskar.
- Namaskar.


You're a good batsman.
How old are you now?

I'm six years old.

Ah, maybe someday you can play
for Australia.

No, I want to play for India.
Like Sachin.

- But you're from Australia.
- I'm from dust.

Yes, you are. Now go on inside,
wash the dust off your hands.

Get some lunch,
'cause we got to go.

- Mom!
- Mom! We won!

Bible says God created us
from the dust of the Earth.

Dust for dust.

See you later.

What? Maybe I'm just interested
in his work.

Mm. And maybe you'll start
hugging lepers next.

You ready to go to jungle camp?

- Yeah.
- Mm?

- Come.
- What did you say?

- Oh.
- I want you to come with us.

I have to stay and look after
Esther. But nice try.

If you wanna take anything
to play with,

better go get it now.

- Okay.
- Uh-uh.

Take your plate to the kitchen.

Thank you.


I'm gonna miss you too.



It must be a...

Must be difficult
bringing up your children

here in India, huh?

You're a journalist?

Yes, I actually work
for "New..."


Leave my children out of it.

I didn't know what
this man Mahendra was doing,

but our paths
were about to cross.

I decided to visit the village
of the woman

whom Staines had sent away.

Apparently, Mahendra had been
at work there.

What if you convert
to Christianity?

Staines can help you,
protect you.

- Not out here, sir.
- Surely.

The village elders
will decide tonight, sir.

Your wife drew water
from the well.

She wanted to save
the crop, sir.

Don't you know it's expensive
to have the well purified?

But she's cured, sir.

How do we know
the curse is lifted?

Because she's cured, sir.

Maybe we are all under a curse.

Because we have not dealt

with such people in the past.

- Make him pay.
- Make him pay!

Unh-unh-unh. He cannot pay.

Does anybody want him
to stay in the village?

Will anyone speak for him?

I will.


My name is Manav Banerjee.

- I'm a journalist.
- He's not from the village.

The government clinics
and hospitals provide medicines

that heal other illnesses.

You accept those treatments.
Then why not all?

This one is working
for the missionaries.

Mahendra, let him speak. Hmm.

The government medicines
have cured her.

They want him to take her back,

It was the missionaries
who said she was cured.

So the government will agree
with the missionaries.


Government does
what the missionaries want.

- Then why do you blame him?
- You are a Christian.

No, I'm just speaking
for this man.

You argue like the missionaries!

Well, that's what you think
and I can't do anything...

This man will write
in his newspaper

that you are fools
and ignorant farmers.

That is not true...

Then he will pressurize
the government

to take the leper woman back.

- That's not true at all! That...
- We have to stop him!

We have to stop him
writing these lies!

Just wait! Listen!

Listen to what I've written
in my research!

Just listen to me!

"The traditional lifestyle
in the villages

is disintegrating.

Farmers are leaving
their lands and families.


- The missionaries.
- Yes.

"The missionaries have been
operating out of India

for hundreds of years now

and they've undermined thousands
of years of traditions.

Converts to Christianity

no longer respect feast days,

make sacrifices
to the village Gods

or submit
to the village elders."

"No wonder there is
social disintegration, failure.

But do the missionaries
ever get the blame for this?"

No one ever blames them.

The missionaries
divide and conquer

causing the people of India
to fight with each other.

But this is like
attacking the chickens

when they do not lay eggs."

"It is the snake
who's disturbing the chicken.

That must be destroyed.

When a snake takes the chicken
or the eggs,

you do not attack the chicken,

but you lay in wait for
the snake and cut off its head.

The people of India
need to protect their tradition

by cutting off
the heads of these snakes,

the true enemies
of a successful India."

Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes!

We need to cut the head
of the snake!

At the time,
I was merely relieved

to have escaped a beating,
at least.

I don't know how far
they would have gone.

I also had no idea

that my words may have
a consequence.

If only I'd known how far
my... my random thought

had gone in the mind
of that man.

That I didn't know.


- I'm sorry.
- Shh, shh, shh.

It's not your fault.

You did not cause this.

Rest now. Hmm.

Gotta go to a jungle camp.

It's out in Manoharpur village.

Well, I didn't expect
to see you out here.

- Research.
- Well, this is how we do it.

Ah! Ah!

Run! Keep going!

Good boy. Careful.

Mr. Staines...

why do you do this?

I was 16
when I first saw this picture.

Couldn't get it out of my mind.

Boy my age from here
with no hope.

You have no fear.

That boy you picked up
the other...

Uh, the first time
I was so scared,

I nearly threw up.

Or maybe it was just the curry.

Sundar. You know, the old guy.

He was the first.

He was just trying to get back
to his village

to see his son one last time
before he died.

God wouldn't let me ride on.

And these days,
we have a medical cure.

You could do it, you know.

Come on, Laki. Come on!

You can put your hands down.

The government
provides medicine now.

- Yup.
- We don't need you anymore.

Why do you stay?

It's my calling.

And for people like Sundar.
He's got no family.

That's his karma.

You can call the leprosy karma,

but the way we treat him...

that's not his karma.

People are afraid of the curse.

So fear, unfounded fear...

prevents the people
from doing good.

And what you do is good?

I hope so.

And your good converts people.


My wife's in hospital.

The doctors advise a transfer
to the city for surgery.

We cannot afford to pay.

What if I become a... Christian?

That would be
a forced conversion.

So fear...

unfounded fear prevents you.

I'll pray about it.

Come on, Laki! Come on!

Come on, Laki! Come on, run!

Laki! Come on!

Faster, faster.

I know you can do it!
You can make it!

You're nearly there!

Come on, run, run, run, run!

Keep going! Come on!

The kids are doing good.

Could be an inducement.

You know, Jesus healed
ten lepers once.

How many you think
came back to thank Him?

- Not all?
- One.

But he still healed them all.

So will you help my wife?

God's the one
that can really help.

Why don't you ask Him?

I'm asking you.

Like I said, I'll pray about it.

Why don't you check out
the preaching? Good crowd today.

I promise to come back
and thank you.

- Hi, dad.
- Hey, boys.

- Hi.
- I saw you out there.

- Are you done today?
- Yeah, you did real well.

- Thanks, dad. Thanks.
- Hm.




What are you doing here
in Manoharpur?

Hey, don't be nervous.

No, I...

Just surprised to see you here,
that's all.

Are you sure?
You are not Christian?

What if I was?

Because you only said
we shouldn't blame chickens.

Why are you here though?

We are performing a drama.
Want to come?

Got it? Real good. Okay.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You here for the evening dance,
or just more research?

Okay, I got it.
I'm getting it.

Mr. Staines.

Do you ever worry that you might
be in danger out here?

Yeah. Diarrhea.

Have you heard of a man
called Mahendra?

Which one?

He doesn't like missionaries.

Being a missionary
is not a popularity contest.

- You heard something?
- I'm not certain.

Only two things in life
are certain, mate.

Death and taxes.

It's worth being prepared
for both.

Your wife just had a baby?

Don't work so hard.
Get back to your family.

I will.

See you later.

Where's she?



The bed was needed for a patient
who had paid.

- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.

I will be right back.

Excuse me. Haven't the bills
been paid for bed number 6?

- No.
- I was told they have been.


And this.

- Hello.
- Sir, Banerjee.

Where have you been, Banerjee?

Sir, my wife was left out there
on a stretcher, sir.

Why are you telling me?

Sir, you said
you'll pay the hospital.

I paid.
She's young. She'll be fine.

Sir, I can't work
if my wife isn't cared for.

Here's a thought.

If you're spending time
with her,

why should I pay the hospital?

Sir, I'm working, sir.

I'm paying you to convert,

To get some real evidence.

Sir, but if I find evidence,

evidence is evidence, right?

You do what I'm paying you for

and I look after your wife.

Sir, but...

Hello? Sir?

Let's go to bed.

- Namaskar.
- Namaskar.

Come on, boys.

Alright, boys,
ready to call it a day?

Are you sure you have nothing
on a Mahendra?

If he's not dead, I don't know.

See, I'm sure he's trouble.

Oh, is he also
converting illegally?

I saw him buying alcohol.
I saw him at Manoharpur...

That area is not
under our jurisdiction.

- Who's it under?
- Um, um, Thakurmunda.

- Can you call them?
- And tell them what?

J... just to check on him.
I'm sure he's trouble.

You, you are the troublemaker.

I can give you a bed
for the night.

You want? Huh?

♪ Yonder ♪

♪ When the roll
is called up yonder ♪

♪ When the roll
is called up yonder ♪

♪ When the roll is called up
yonder I'll be there ♪

♪ On that bright
and cloudless morning ♪

♪ When the dead
in Christ shall rise ♪


♪ And the glory ♪

♪ Of His resurrection share ♪

♪ When His chosen ones
shall gather ♪

♪ To their home
beyond the skies ♪

♪ And the roll is called up
yonder I'll be there ♪

♪ When the roll
is called up yonder ♪

♪ When the roll
is called up yonder ♪

♪ When the roll
is called up yonder ♪

♪ When the roll is called up
yonder I'll be there ♪

Very good. Goodnight, boys.

- Goodnight, dad.
- Goodnight, dad.

We need to cut
the head of the snake!

We are performing a drama.

Let the children go!

Let the children go!

Hello? Hello?

I'm a journalist.

What happened?

Three dead bodies.

His kids too?

Two small children.

Only two things in life
are certain, mate.

Death and taxes.

Maybe someday
you're gonna play for Australia.

No, I want to play for India.
Like Sachin.

But you're from Australia.

I'm from dust.

Manav! Stop, stop!

Where have you been?

- Manoharpur.
- And?

Come. Get in.

He's been murdered.



Then not murdered.

He was killed
for converting tribals.

But, sir, the man was...

He must have done something.

Provoked it somehow.

There's no evidence.

Find some.


Conversions. Inducements.

People will talk now.


Staines was into conversions.

I'm not saying
he should have been killed,

but... actually this sends out
a good message.

Teaches the Christians a lesson.

Stops them from converting.

Think about it.

We just need to find
some evidence.

Account books,
money in, money out,

title deeds.

Seek and ye shall find.

What about the boys?

His sons?

They killed them also.

They would have grown up
to convert...

like their father.

We have to be strong, Banerjee.

We must print the truth.

Staines was not a hero,

not a martyr.

Do you know a man
named Mahendra?



Have you heard something more,

No. I'm just...
I just needed a minute.

All these people coming.
Someone must know something.

Perhaps, yes.

I wish they could tell us.

come on now.

No moping about.

Your dad could walk
through that door any minute.


God's in control
even when we don't understand.

I'm with them.

Gladys is here.

You have more news?


y... you need to be strong
for Esther.

You mean he's dead?


What about the boys?

Let the children go!

Let the children go!

Let the children go!

It seems we've been left alone.

Whoever did this,
we will forgive them.

Good morning,
and this is coming

straight from Orissa.
Fresh violence is reported

to have broken out
against Christians.

This time
at a so-called jungle camp

run by Australian missionary
Graham Staines

in a remote part
of the state of Orissa.

The gathered Christians

were allegedly attacked
in the dead of the night

and vehicles belonging
to the Christians...

Christian missionaries are forcibly...

Looking for something?

The account ledger's over there.

What did he give you to convert?

He's just been killed.

So you can tell me now.
Doesn't matter anymore.

- Why did you convert?
- You want the truth?

Truth always seems
to cost something.

You know...

from when I got leprosy
to when Dada found me,

in all those years,

he was the only person
who touched me.

Is touching lepers
an inducement?

You must be desperate
to be touching me!

Just tell me the truth
about his conversions.

- Truth?
- Tell me!

Graham showed me God's love.
Why wouldn't I convert?

- So that you could stay here!
- I saw God's love in Graham.

And you know you could stay here
only if you converted!

I never converted!

The truth, I am not a Christian.


Is it true, agya?

Are you afraid?

Is there something
you're hiding, old man?

- Nobody knows.
- What?

- Why didn't you convert?
- My son, I suppose.

He denies that I exist.

His name is Babulal, right?

He changed his name.

He's a newspaper editor now.

I tried to see him.

He calls me the mad fool.



for now, just write
about the conversions.


It's not true.

Not illegally.

He converted, Banerjee.

- It is enough.
- Enough to kill him?

And his children?

Look, the... the villagers
are desperate.

They need a voice.
We have to be their voice.

You just don't have
enough evidence yet.

Prove to me it's true, sir.


Just spoke to a man
who claims he has a son

by the name of Babulal.

Prove to me he's lying.
Come and meet him.

A leper.

A convert and a liar.

He never converted.

- He always hoped his son...
- Raj.

- Your father.
- I have no father!

No father, huh?
And you don't know Mahendra?

I can't prove it,
but I know Mahendra is involved.

And I know you know it!

- Raj.
- Stay there, Raj!

Seek and you will find.

You were talking
about the truth, weren't you?

- You're finished.
- No, no, no.

- You will print my article.
- Never.

Yes, you will.
On the front page.

I shall fax you my article.

Front page, remember.


Namaskar, Mr. Manav Banerjee.

I was telling your wife

that you're writing an article
for us.

♪ You save any empty bottles
to put your teardrops in ♪

♪ Pleading your case to God
while He remains silent ♪

♪ He is listening ♪

♪ He's counting every tear
and hears when you pray ♪

♪ He'll answer in His time
so don't give up the faith ♪

♪ He knows what you need ♪

♪ Keep on pushing through ♪

♪ Even when you feel
your prayers ♪

♪ Are lost somewhere ♪

♪ Between here and heaven ♪

♪ Know God holds them all ♪

♪ Safely in His hands ♪

♪ He's got a plan ♪

♪ And they're not lost
somewhere ♪

♪ Between here and heaven ♪

Ah. Good morning.

We did it.
"Staines Into Conversion."

"'New Orissa' Fabricates Facts,
by Manav Banerjee."

Read it! You'll enjoy it
in your retirement.


Yes, I gave Mishra
what he wanted to print...

but I could not leave it there.

I could not leave lies
about Staines on the page.

Since Mishra would not print
the truth...

I could provide that truth...

to others.

I didn't know
if it would even be printed...

or what the consequence
might be...

but Shanti was with me on this.

She wanted me
to tell the truth,

no matter what.

Nobody knew that
what I had said at that night

in the village had in some way
led to the murders

except me.

And for that...

I needed to ask
for forgiveness.

I'm so sorry.

I said things, I wrote things
that were not true.

What things?

About Graham.

Do you have children?

A baby.

A daughter.

The true story
about Graham Staines...

was very different
from what I'd first imagined.

I wondered what this place
would be like without him.

Graham Staines
was a missionary

by his own admission.

The question is not whether
he converted the others or not,

the question is
whether he converted others

by use of force, inducement,
or fraudulent means.

For that, though I have
searched and searched,

I have found no evidence.

I have found, however,

that Staines was indeed
into conversion.

He pursued conversion
with outstanding success.

Through 35 years
of discouragements,

difficulties, disappointments,

oh, yes, he converted.

He converted worthlessness
into significance.

He converted the hopeless
into the hope-filled.

For 35 years,

he converted lepers...

into human beings.

Many of us have gone
through trials and suffering.

But God knows what each one
of us is going through.

Psalm 46:1 says,

"God is our refuge and strength

and ever present help
in trouble."

God is the one
who encourages us

and strengthens us to forgive.

Unforgiveness, however,
brings bitterness

which affects...

our health
and our relationships.

Jesus taught us to forgive,

but forgiveness doesn't
take away the consequences.

Because Jesus lives,

I can face tomorrow.

All fear is gone

because I know
God holds the future.

♪ I can't believe
that I'm here ♪

♪ Having to say goodbye ♪

♪ And I can barely see you ♪

♪ Through these tears I cry ♪

♪ I close my eyes ♪

♪ I can hear the sound ♪

♪ As angels gather round ♪

♪ Saying this is where ♪

♪ You belong ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ There are the days
that my heart aches ♪

♪ Wishing you were here ♪

♪ Wishing you were here ♪

♪ But I know where you are ♪

♪ The hurt
and the pain disappear ♪

♪ There's no more tears ♪

♪ There's no more tears ♪

♪ I can hear the sound ♪

♪ As angels gather round ♪

♪ Saying this is where ♪

♪ You belong ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ah ♪

♪ Aah ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪
♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ No more tears ♪
♪ Tears ♪

♪ I can hear the sound ♪

♪ As angels gather round ♪

♪ Saying this is where
you belong ♪

♪ Oh you belong ♪

♪ What a lovely sound ♪

♪ Angels all around ♪

♪ Saying this is where
you belong ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ This is where you belong ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Mm-mm-mm-mm ♪

♪ La-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa ♪

♪ La-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ La-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra ♪

♪ La-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra ♪

♪ La-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪

♪ Na-Na-Na ♪

♪ Welcome home ♪