The Laundromat (2019) - full transcript

A widow investigates an insurance fraud, chasing leads to a pair of Panama City law partners exploiting the world's financial system.

First of all, there are some things
you should know before we begin.

For instance, we are real people,
just like you.

we did not write a word of this.

To be perfectly frank,

we would have preferred
all of this remain a secret.

But we had no choice
in the matter.

We just woke up one day
and everything changed.

There were stories about us

TV, newspapers, and the internet.

And now it is our turn
to tell a few stories.

Think of them as fairy tales
that actually happened.

Don't worry,
these stories are not just about us.

They're also about you.

And how is that possible?

Because all these stories
are about money.

The idea of money.
The necessity of money.

The secret life of money.

Before money,
there was only the barter system.

You tried to trade what you had
or you could do for what you needed.

You have bananas, but you need a cow.

I have a cow, but I hate bananas.

So, as you can imagine,
there was a limit to this system.

Bananas turn brown over time
and cows can, you know, wander away.

So an agreed-upon
medium of exchange was needed.

What is a medium of exchange?

Well, it could be a... a nugget of gold.

Or some other shiny rocks
that are generally found to be scarce.

It could be a... a slip of paper

- with words on it...
- Aah!

Or pictures of powerful people.

And if you read those words,

you will see that they are arranged
into a promise of value.

Slips of paper...

Which you cannot peel and eat,
and do not give milk

are what we all agreed
to call "money."

And these slips gave birth
to many other pieces of paper

with more writing on them.

And some of those words,
they told the story of credit.

Oh, stay with us now,
this is important.

Credit is an invention that meant
you no longer needed to carry around, uh,

millions of bananas on slips of paper.

So, you now have something invisible,

standing in for something tangible,
a cow.

Credit said that even if you didn't have

all the bananas you need
for what you want,

you could borrow bananas

from the future.

So, credit is just the future tense
of the language of money.

Speaking of the future...

Uh, things have gotten
a little more complicated.

Actually, a lot more complicated.

There is more money than ever before.

Our money has more names
than ever before.

Commodities, loans, stocks, and bonds.

Funds and funds of funds.

Futures, equity,
derivatives, securitized debt,

shorts and margin calls.

Financial instruments.




Very different from cows.

Morning has broken.

- Morning.
- Mwah!

- Come on, buddy.
- What time is it?

It's time.

Did you remember to take all your...


- You didn't even let me finish.
- I took them, I took everything.

- Big fat liar.
- I'm not.

You know,
they're not gonna wait for us, Joe.

Okay, yeah.

- So...
- I can't do the laces.

- You can have this. I'll take this off.
- No, I'm all right.

- I think it's gonna warm up.
- Oh, look. They haven't left yet.

- No, no, we're all right.
- Oh, gosh.

We're all right.

If they ask about it.

- They'll save a place for us.
- Yeah.

- You think?
- Yeah.

- There they are.
- Drop a line in.

What would you catch?

- Oh, here's Barb. Hi.
- Probably an old boot.

- Hey. Sorry.
- The line's movin', it's okay.

Tryin' to move him out is like,
you know...


All right. Yeah, that's great.
I'm glad. I didn't remember.

- Shall we let them go, or...
- Uh...

That's it.

- Careful on this thing, it gets tricky.
- Yeah, it gets a little slippery.

- Okay.
- Thank you.


Yeah? Oh, look, a place. Oh.

- Oh, and leg room..
- Yeah.

To boot.


Good afternoon, Trenton travelers.

This is Richard Paris.

I'll be your captain here
on historic Lake George.

We got a magnificent fall day,
so sit back and relax and enjoy the view.

Posh seats, huh?


Hey, you know where
the word "posh" comes from?

- Do you know, Barb?
- No idea, El.

Oh, is this one
of your crossword puzzle things

- or a fun fact off a calendar?
- Go on, tell her.

The posh seats on a boat, the good seats,

were called that because when cruises went
from England to Africa,

if you were sitting on the port side
on the way there, you saw land.

Yeah, and when you would go back,
you'd want to sit on the starboard side,

so that you're not
lookin' out at nothing all day.

Port Out, Starboard Home.

P-O-S-H. It's... It's a... an acronym.


Boy, you guys sure know a lot of trivia.

Well, you weren't just staring at nothing.

I... I mean, if you had eyes at all,
you'd be looking at something.

Maybe clouds or whales, but something.


All right, comin' up
on your right-hand side

just a couple meters beneath the surface

is the Sunken Fleet of 1758.

- Oh, that's what that is.
- British soldiers stationed on the lake

sank over 260 vessels to keep them

- from being captured by the French.
- Amazing it's lasted.


Ah, shit, where did that come from?


Ellen and Joe went on their honeymoon
in Niagara Falls

and they were on their way back there
the day we lost Joe.

His dear friend Norm Sidley told me that
Joe had a ruby pendant in his pocket

that he planned to give to Ellen
at the Falls,

because a 40th anniversary...

is ruby,

a stone of uncommon beauty.

And Joe Martin was just as rare.

The common man has become
anything but that.

Men who love their wives without stopping.

Men who are there for their children
without fail.

Men who pay their taxes
and shovel their neighbor's walk.

Men who drive the speed limit, even
when there's nobody there to watch them.

This is the 14th of 21 funerals

that this tragedy has visited
upon our community.

Each one sharpening the pain
of our shared loss.

So... So, what happens next?
What do we do next?

Well, uh, Shoreline Cruises,
like most of these outfits,

they have insurance
for accidents and such.

And that involves filing a claim,
which they have done with the carrier.

So basically, they drowned Joe
and 20 other innocent people,

and you can get insurance for that?

You know, Gwen Musgrave says that she can
still feel Bucky Mecklenberg's actual hand

on her leg, pullin' it, tryin' to get up
to the surface to get the air.

You know, she feels it in the middle
of the night, just layin' there.

Drowning man's hand on her leg. Whew.

What kind of compensation is there
for that?

Well, Shoreline is tellin' me that they
bought a policy from one company

and then they were reinsured
through another company.

But I'm expecting a settlement offer
in the mid-seven figures as a start.

Here's what they're saying.

- Who?
- United.

I thought our insurance was
through that firm Monarch.

It was. Uh...

We did. Well, actually, GPOA.

And what's that?

Global Property Owners Association.
That's who insured this place.

And they insured the boat as well.

So what's Monarch?

GPOA became Monarch.

But now this guy, Mr. Purser,

is saying that Monarch itself is insured
by... by a firm called, uh, United.

So United takes over the policy
from Monarch.

So United is gonna pay.

That's the thing. We got this note saying,

"The money you have already saved
on your insurance"

is nothing in comparison to having
an accident with one of your boats

while operating them on the lake,
where they have no coverage.

I strongly urge you
to reconsider the quote

for marine liability and hull coverage
on your entire fleet.

I realize that you know the lake
much better than we do

"and you have never had an accident before,
but this is our recommendation to you."

No coverage? Who said that?

Purser at Monarch.

But I thought you said Monarch is United.

Right, it is.

And Monarch is saying
that our policy expired be...

before the accident,

so United is off the hook.


You let it lapse?

- No. No, I...
- And we're gonna be exposed here?

- Us personally?
- No. It's not true...


You gonna answer?

What area code is 518? You know?


It's not Europe.
Europe have different numbers.

If you answered, you could ask.

You didn't sign these, Irvin.

These were supposed to be sent back
to Mossack Fonseca days ago.

RDPS Trading, TEP Consulting,
Wilkinson Systems Limited.

You need to be signing where it says
"Director" on all of these.

I need to fax these back to Panama
by the end of the day.


That's $15 a signature, sweetie.

Also, Christopher Purser
called from Houston,

said there's a problem
with the Monarch-United arrangement.

What kinda problem?

Boat sank in New York.

Twenty-one people died.
He wants to know what to do.

You want me to get him on the phone?

Hey, this is Matthew Quirk
calling for Mr. Boncamper.

Uh, my lawyer says you're the nominee
director for United Reinsurance.

I filed an accident claim
for Shoreline Cruises

and I need to speak with you
as soon as possible.

My number is area code 518...


I got some bad news.

A very unfortunate turn of events.

Mr. Purser, who sold us the policy
down in Houston

is, um... under investigation

by some sort of professional
oversight organization there in Texas.

He's not allowed
to sell insurance anymore.

Ever. The IRS is involved.

There were gyms with claims
and, uh, nursing homes with claims.

We're not the only ones.

Uh, they said, "Get in line."

I was tryin' to save some money, Rich.

And they were cheaper.
Monarch was... they were much cheaper.

We were expanding the restaurant
and buying a second boat.

Matty, they're gonna come
after us, aren't they?

I can't sleep at night. Um...

I have dreams about those people.

Faces floating up in the waves,
bodies washin' up on the beach.

Beach by my house.

Maybe we could try to settle with 'em.

Of course, we...
Of course, we want to settle.

We are hat in hand here, Rich.

Hat in hand, wanting to settle
with the best of intentions.

- What do you think?
- Let's go!

- Whoo!
- Whoa!

I know! Automatic!

- Sometimes I get lost. Okay...
- This way?

- All the way down there.
- Whoo!

There, right to the elevator.

- Good boy.
- Oh, wow.


- Waah-oooh!
- Whoo!

- I'm gonna catch you!
- No, you're not!

- Oh, Mom, this is so great.
- I know.

Think your dad would approve?

- He'd love it, Mom.
- Come on!

- Oh, no!
- I think so too.

Hey, kids, come here, come here. Look.

- Can you see the Eiffel Tower?
- What?

- Can you see it?
- Yeah.

It looks like Paris, France.

- Wait.
- Can you see? Kaylen, look.

They light it up all night long.
It's so pretty.

But here's the best, best, best part.

Can you see by the palm tree?

- Oh, yes, I can.
- Yeah.

Years ago, there was a guy there who
could write your name on a grain of rice.

- What?
- For 25 cents.

- That's a bargain.
- I know.

- Whoa.
- And...

that corner is the corner
where I met your grandfather.


He was here for a tire convention,

and I was here
'cause my girlfriend's bachelorette party.

And he took me to see Diana Ross
at Caesars.

How he got those tickets...

Although he did tell me later
that he stole 'em

out of his boss's briefcase.

Which is bad.

But he said that he knew her from Detroit.

He sold her tires.

This is one of the Supremes.
I don't think so.

Anyway, she came out onstage and he said,

"The most beautiful woman
I have ever seen in my whole life."

But then he leaned over to me
and he said, "Except for you."

- Aw.
- Was he kidding?

Oh! "Was he kidding?"

So, I was supposed to drive back
to Sacramento with Connie, but I didn't.

I stayed the whole weekend,
'cause it was Labor Day weekend.

And we, uh... we went to the Jerry Lewis
muscular dystrophy telethon,

saw that live.

We went and got mai tai
after mai tai after mai tai.

What's a mai tai?

Oh, that's a Hawaiian
fertility drug, honey.


Your mom was conceived
under a paper umbrella

when we were $68 up at slots.


Okay, listen, kids,
why don't you put your swimsuits on?

- There is a pool on the roof.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- Oh, my goodness.

- Pool, here I come.
- Pool, here I come.


- Mrs. Martin?
- Yeah?

- Hi, Hannah!
- Hi...

- This is my daughter, Melanie.
- Hi.

- Did you get my message?
- And my grandkid...

- What? No, what me...
- I left you a message.

Oh. Well, I've been so busy with
the yard sale and the packing and the...

I'm not sure my mom knows how
to check her messages.

I've been stayin' with her
out in Denver, so...

Hey, let me... Kids, come here.
I want you to meet somebody.

- This is...
- Hello!

Kaylen! And this is Thalia.

- Hello!
- Ah.

She is a great butterfly swimmer.


Olympic hopeful.

Bet you got your swimsuit on

- underneath that shirt, don't you?
- Yeah!

Pick me up!

Do you... Do you just...
I'd like to speak to you for a minute.

- If we could just...
- Oh, sure, sure.

Okay, we're gonna go swimming soon.

- Here, wait here.
- Mom, I wanna go swimming.

- Let's play I Spy. What do you see?
- Me too.

- What do you see?
- I spy something blue.

This unit's been sold.

- What?
- Not to you.

Well, where... Can't I... Wh...

What's the word? Counter? Counter.
Can't I even counter?

They paid double the asking price.
In cash.

And they bought three units
that they want to combine.

So what do I... What happens to me?

Well, I have a wonderful
one-bedroom Bristol.

It has Italian marble everywhere.

- I don't care about marble.
- I could show you. It'd be great.

No, I don't care.
I just want to look out and see Joe.

- Joe?
- I want to look out and see my corner.

Well, okay. I don't have anything
facing that direction,

but I do have a three-bedroom Hennessey
facing north.

- It's gorgeous.
- No.

- I could show you that?
- No.

- No, not north.
- It's really wonderful.

- I could...
- Fuck north. No.

I am puttin' down the settlement money
from the accident.

I look out there
and I see him smilin' at me,

holdin' two tickets.

You see who?

Two tickets to the rest of my life.

I walk around Detroit, I see him reachin'
up for dead leaves in a lake.

If these people,
whoever they are, if they knew...

I could explain it to 'em.

- There are so many places they could live.
- I can't give you their name, by law.

Maybe you could talk to their lawyer.

That's right.
I could write 'em a letter.

That wouldn't be
an invasion of anybody's privacy.

- I can't give you their name.
- Or if I could just talk to 'em.

- Why?
- Privacy.

Cash. Who pays cash?


Aren't we going swimming?

Aren't we going swimming?

Mom, what's wrong? What did she say?

- You okay, Grandma?
- Mom, what is it?

- Yes, I'm fine.
- Are you sure?

Grandma, can I go to the pool?

Wait a second.

Nice to see you again.

You guys, you go on down.
I'll meet you in the lobby.

I just saw your email
with the paperwork attached.

You have worked
with offshore entities before?

Of course.

Yeah, we did the same thing
in New York when we bought there.

- Helps us with taxes and other things.
- Oooh!

- Amazing!
- Now we're cooking.

- That's great, Hannah. Incredible!
- I have all three on ho...

So, how does it all work,
this world of offshore companies?

And how do you know if it is for you?

First of all, you must ask yourself,
are you wealthy?

There are just over two thousand
billionaires on planet Earth.

Maybe you are one of them,
or maybe you are just a millionaire.

There are 15 million of them in the world.

Perhaps you are older now
and it's time to contemplate your legacy.

Or maybe you are younger and
building an empire like our friends here.

Your ambitions lead you to a place
that deals with money.

For instance, a bank. A big bank.

Probably in Europe.

And you find yourself sitting
across a desk from a wealth manager,

a financial advisor, a banker.

You lay out your fears.
Income tax, state tax,

inheritance tax, capital gains taxes.

Your advisor understands your concerns

and suggests you set up
an offshore company,

where your assets
will be safe from scrutiny.

And that's where we come in.

Now, we supply you with a shell company,
which holds your assets.

You are not the company,
even if the company is you.

Confused yet?
We give this entity a name.


"New Century Enterprises," perhaps.

You don't need office space.
You don't need employees.

Exists on paper only.

And what does this company make?
What goods or services does it supply?


It's nothing more than an email address
and a post-office box in a country

where the laws are favorable
to your financial goals.

And where can you find such a country?

Usually in the middle of the ocean.

Maybe the Seychelles
or Cyprus or Tortola or...

I know it's not what you were expecting.

Well, none of this is expected.

Take the money, El.

Sign the release.

Joe took really good care of you
with his life insurance.

That and the settlement...

Just take a trip.

Miss some winter.

Go somewhere that you always wanted.

I mean, the damn insurance company
is the problem here.

You know, I just don't...
I don't understand

how they can just walk away
from any of this.

The United Reinsurance Group of Nevis.

They're the ones gettin' away with murder.

Where in the world is Nevis?

I don't know. Does it matter?

Where's Boncamper?

- Miss, you can't... Oh, my God!
- Where is he? I want him!

Where's Boncamper?

Where is he?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Nevis.

The local time is approximately 2:45 p.m.

There is no
Global Property Owners Association,

and there is no Monarch.

Never really was.

How is any of this possible?

Purser backdated the letter to make it
look like he sent it before the accident

so he wouldn't have to pay.

What about United? Um...

- They said United reinsured Monarch.
- No United, either.

It's just a scam that goes from Houston
to the West Indies to Panama

to some bank, who knows where.

Looks like an 18 US code 1343, or 49.

I'm sorry, 1340-what?


All I did wrong was try and save money.

I tried to buy what I needed for less.

That, and I...

I trusted someone in...


Is there even a Boncamper?

Oh, yeah.

There's a Boncamper.

How long this time?

Not sure.

Three days. Maybe five.

Clients coming in from Europe.


Can I go?

It's not vacation, Rich.

If I bring you, I end up spending all
the money I make on the damn plane ticket.

Come on, Dad, we can go to the uni.

You... You think I can afford
University Miami?

You go there like every month, no?

Why don't we get an apartment?

In-state tuition is not that much.

Oh, you know about the laws, do you?


I do.

I know all the residency laws.
That's what accountants know.

Laws and taxes and banking.

What do you know, eh?

Basketball shoes?

He want to see the world.

Learn more about what you do.

Maybe he can go into business
with you one day.

Let him come along
and watch you at work, Irvin.


Excuse me, sir. Sir? Can you help me?

I'm lookin' for 556 Main Street.

Yeah? The post office, in here.

No, I'm looking
for the United Reinsurance Group,

which is 556 Main Street.

- Un... United, you say?
- Yeah.

- Mm-hm.
- I... I... I... I think...

I... I think you must have
written down the wrong address.

No, no, I looked it up.
It's United Reinsurance.

They reinsure, uh, pleasure cruises
and I'm sure other things, but...

I'm actually looking for a man
called Bonca... Boncamper.

I don't know him.


Mr. Boncamper?


Director of
the United Reinsurance Group of Nevis?

Oh, my God, watch your sisters. Excuse me!

Ma'am. Excuse me, ma'am.

- Can you step away?
- I am his goddamn wife. Leave me alone.

- Irvin.
- Vincelle Boncamper?


Who the hell is Vincelle?
You people don't even know who he is.


Yeah. Edith?

Can we speak privately for a moment?

This woman, this is Vincelle Boncamper.

- Your husband's other wife.
- What?

Mr. Boncamper has another family.
They live in Nevis.

You motherfucker!

Get your hands off of me! You are dead!

Gimme my kids.

- Let's get him out of here. Let's go.
- Dear?

Final boarding call
for American flight 1307 to Lima,

now departing at gate J-5.

Excuse me. Mr. Mossack?


Do you know the name
Malchus Irvin Boncamper?

I'm not sure.

Is it a real name?

Yes, sir. It's a very real name.

How might I know it?

He's from Nevis.

It's a lovely island.

He was arrested
at Miami International Airport.

I think he's going to go to jail.

I see.

Well, maybe you'll tell me how well
do we know Mr. Boncamper?

He's director of 46 different
Mossack Fonseca companies.

The Prague offices use him quite a bit.

Well, we will want to change that.

Change that now?

Can't really go back in time.
He's all over the books.

Well, some people believe
that time is just an illusion.

That all moments are the same moment.

I think it might be bad for us
to do something like that.


"Bad" is...

It's such a big word

for being such a small word.

You did... You did what?

I went to the... Clark County
Registrar to get the name of the buyer.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

And I found out it's a company.

New Century Enterprises of Panama.

Wait, I thought you said it was Russia.

- Russians with cash.
- No, that's what Hannah told me.

- Hannah who?
- She's the realtor with the tight dresses.

Anyway, I looked up
New Century Enterprises,

and turns out it's controlled by a trust,
something called a trust.

- A trust is like a fiduciary agreement...
- I know what a trust is.

- A third party can... Okay.
- I know what a trust is, I know...

So the director of both New Century
and the trust...

is a woman.

A woman named Mia Beltran.

Mia Bel... Okay, is that
a name that I should know?

Well, she is obviously very powerful.

She is the director of numerous companies.

All her companies...

Are registered
to the same law firm,

in Panama.

Mossack and Fonseca.

Our database shows that you are

the director of New Century Enterprises?

I am, sir, yes.

They have purchased multiple properties
in Las Vegas.

I need these signed, immediately.

Moussaka Fusaka?

Oh, wait.

Is that the new goalie for the Red Wings?
Canadian kid?

No, no, no. No. No.
It's not a who. It's a law firm.

In Panama. Okay?

They even have a motto:
"The wealth management you deserve."

I read that. I... I looked it up.

And our readers need
to know about them why?

As far as I can see,
what they do is they set up companies.

Uh, not real companies
like a hotel or a... hardware store.

They... They set up, uh, what they call
a "shell", and they sell shells.

Not actual shells.

I'm... I'm sorry, you lost me. I...

When there's an accident,
like the one that took Joe and Barb,

there's nobody
that we can hold accountable.

There's nobody that we can, uh...

ask questions, and... and...
and find out what happens next, you know?

It's just, uh...

just empty shells.

You see? It's just empty.
It's just shells.

That's the story? Empty shells?

Oh, no, no, the story is somebody died!

And somebody's making money from it,
maybe lots of people.


That's why we brought it to you.
Somebody has to sound the alarm.

W... We like to focus on stories
that are closer to home.

Where did you say
this company is located again?


Like the hat.

Jesus Christ, fix the goddamn roads. Fuck.

Is it the road or bus
that has to be fixed?


Seems like we're not going anywhere.

You can get off.

Let's go.

She was the director of 25,000 companies.

- Mia Beltran.
- Scheiße.

Now we need 25,000 forms
changing the director of these companies.

Mossack Fonseca.
How may I direct your call, please?

Oh, hello.

Yes, I would like
to speak with Mr. Mossack, please.

- Spanish.
- Por favor.

No, he is in a meeting now.
Not taking calls.

- He's meeting.
- Ask for the other one.

Um... OK...
May I speak with Mr. Fonseca, please?

He is in a meeting now too. Same meeting.
Maybe if I take a message...

Uh, this is Ellen Martin.

I am the widow of Joe Mart...

I don't know what kind of outfit...

Those men are running down there,
with all these meetings and what have you,

- but I was...
- Give me a moment.

Okay, you know... Okay. Here's the message.

Congratulations, Elena.
You've been promoted.

- Pain and suffering...
- What?

- Mm-hm.
- they cause...

- Oh, my God. I am so sorry, I have to go.
- In Michigan...



- I told you. I told you.
- What?

- They hang up on you.
- Hello?

They hang up on you.

Okay, let's try again.

Here are some forms.

You just sign on the line.
Your name. Understand?

No... No entiendo.

Sign with your name. Here. That's all.

- All of them?
- Yes, all of them.

But what...
I don't know what it is I'm signing.

They're just some forms.

Just, on each one.

Oh, okay.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

So how did I end up here in Panama?

I don't look Latin to you.

Not like my... my partner, Ramón.

Well, like many Germans,
my father, Erhard,

moved us here after the Second World War.

Er, why? Ah, you may ask.

My, uh, my father taught me the...

the value of, uh, privacy
from an early age.

I was... I was a good student.

I went to law school,
got a job working in a large firm.

I excelled.

But very soon,
I felt like all the other sheep,

uh, every day obediently going to work

and never leaving a mark.

So I started, uh my own firm.

And, uh, one day, I... I...
I met a very impressive attorney

who had recently left the employ
of the United Nations.

Because the Lord hath anointed me
to preach good tidings unto the meek.

He hath sent me
to bind up the brokenhearted,

to proclaim liberty to the captives,

and the opening of the prison to them
that are bound.

Isaiah sixty-one: one.

Father Hector Gallego
said that to me when I was, ah, 16.

The theology of liberation
is what the Catholics called it.

The meek.

They were supposed to inherit the earth.

Doesn't seem it worked out that way to me.

Father Gallego, up there,
was kidnapped and killed by the army

for causing problems in Panama.

He's gone.

But the meek,

they're still around.

So I went to law school instead.

I thought, uh, maybe the meek needed
a better lawyer.

Now, in 1972,
I went to work for the United Nations.

I wanted to save the world.

Saving the world,

as it turns out, is very hard, you know?

Long hours, bad pay, and perhaps
the world does not want to be saved.

Inside all of us,
there are packs of wolves,

some flocks of sheep
roaming through our thoughts.

We want to be fair,
and yet, we want to win.

We want to be righteous,
but we want to get ahead.

Such is our struggle.

Uh, at some point, you decide

it might just be easier to save yourself.

So, I became a lawyer for the not-so-meek.

And that's about the time
I met Jürgen Mossack.

From our humble beginnings,

Mossack Fonseca grew to have offices
in over 50 countries,

servicing over 240,000 offshore companies,

foundations, and trusts.

Located in places like
the British Virgin Islands,

the Bahamas, Cyprus, Samoa, Nui, Nevada.

Uh, places that are... are not blessed with
natural resources or industry.

So, what do all of those companies do?

Most of the time, we don't even know.

Excuse me. Mr. Mossack?


There is a... There is a company
that we set up in Costa Rica.

Are you familiar?

It owns a number of assets, real estate.

Mm. And?

Uh, so, yeah, the government of Costa Rica

wants to take back one of the homes
for their Olympic team or...

Has the, uh, beneficial owner
instructed us to do so?

Yeah, the beneficial owner
is a Mexican man.

They say he is in jail.


♪ Red, red wine ♪

- ♪ Goes to my head ♪
- You know, Neil Diamond wrote this.

- Yeah.
- Seriously?

- Yeah.
- When?

I don't know.
Would've been sometime before this.

This doesn't sound like Neil Diamond.

I know. It's his mastery of...

♪ Red, red wine ♪

different styles of music.

- He can pull off everything.
- Huh!

- Neil Diamond.
- Yeah.

I never woulda guessed that.

Hey, you wanna get outta here?

Uh, yeah, I just wanna hit el baño first.

- Do I tip him?
- Uh...

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Okay.

♪ Life is fine ♪

♪ Every time ♪

Oh, uh, sorry, amigos.
Ju... Lookin' for el baño?

Oh! Pablo Escobar is like a...

child nursing at his mother's tit
compared to this man.

I don't want to be one of those people
he visits when he gets out of jail.

May... Maybe it's better
if he keeps his house!

- Keeps his house and...
- Oh, no, I mean...

What? Wh... Wh... What?

You... You think we know everyone
we created a company for?


Did we happen to mention
we are in this for the money?

- Mm.
- Yeah.

Are some of our clients criminals?

Or drug lords,
uh, sex traffickers, gun runners,

uh, destroyers of the planet?

No, like I said,
we would prefer not to know.

- Mm-hm.
- And remember,

before we created a company for them,

a lawyer sent them to us.

Yeah, and before that, a...
a banker sent them to the lawyer!

To be fair, many of our clients
are upstanding citizens.

This man, Charles, for example.

He is a legitimate business man
with a loving family.

His daughter
is graduating from university,

and we helped him create a trust for her.

Shouldn't Charles have access
to all the financial instruments available

to help him and his loved ones?

He would never dream
of breaking the law.

We really don't see a problem here.

The only thing Charles is guilty of

is taking good care of his wife
and his daughter.

But you never see that in the headline.

♪ And I ain't paid my rent this month ♪

♪ I owe that ♪

♪ But fuck who you want
And fuck who you like ♪

♪ Dance all ya life
There's no end in sight ♪

♪ Twinkle, twinkle, little star ♪

♪ Now everybody, let me hear you say
Ray, ray, ray ♪

♪ And spend all your money
'Cause today payday ♪

♪ And if you a G, you a G-G-G ♪

♪ My name is Onika
You can call me Nicki ♪

♪ Get on the floor, floor ♪

♪ Like it's your last chance ♪

♪ If you want more, more ♪

♪ Then here I am ♪

♪ Starships are meant to fly ♪

♪ Hands up and touch the sky ♪

How do you like your headphones?

- What?
- Don't drop those in the water.

They're not waterproof?

They're gold.

Is gold waterproof?

What are you listening to?

A song.

What kind of music do you like?
Play me somethin'.


- Mmm!
- Ooh!

- Oh!
- Mm!

- Mm!
- ♪ Love for sale ♪

You don't know about this type of music.

Hey, it's Astrid.

Can't get to the phone
'cause I'm having fun.

Leave me a message. Bye.

Oh, hey, hey, As!

So, I decided to skip class
'cause you know we are graduating!

Anyway, I just stopped by
my parents' house before my mom gets in,

so call me, babe.

Okay, bye. Bye.


♪ Old love, new love ♪

♪ Every love but true love ♪

♪ Every kind of love for sale ♪

What the actual fuck?

Be careful, huh?

♪ Love for sale ♪

I... I'm sure you have questions for me.

- Simone.
- My roommate?

I didn't mean for this to happen.

You fucking creep.
Yeah, I bet Mum didn't either.

I'd like to speak to your mother
before you do.

- I think that's best for everyone.
- Yeah, 'cause you're the expert on that.

On what's best.

Why can't we agree
that I will speak to her before you do?

Why don't you go and stay
in my dorm room with Astrid

and get the hell away from me?

- Bruno Mars is here.
- What?

- No way, seriously?
- So...

Just head into the house,
through those doors,

- to the back yard.
- Thank you.

- Thank you so much.
- All right, welcome.

Straight to the back yard.

I was not expecting this.

Guys, you have no idea.

- Right?
- Yeah, I'm just dying to meet him.

- Hey, where are you going?
- I'm going back to Africa.

Okay, Marcus Garvey, slow down.
You're not doing that.

Yes, I am.

Your mother's been looking forward to this
for a long time.

Has she?

How long has she been looking forward to
learning you've been banging my roommate?

Her whole life, I bet.
It's like a dream come true.

- I'll meet her at the airport.
- Okay, stop.

Not another word.

You graduate this weekend
from an American university.

How many children from our country
get to come here?

You take your summers in Ibiza.
And Croatia and Monaco, not in a factory.

You have a $100,000 car in the driveway.

You have a job waiting for you
in Cape Town,

or in Paris,
or wherever you want it to be.

Your life, your whole world up
until this moment,

was more or less perfect.

Except for the time
we had to put down your horse

when it fell jumping over a steeple.

This is adulthood.


It's filled with disappointments
and negotiations.

I cannot change the past.

But I am happy to negotiate with you
about the future.

What does that mean?

How much?

Excuse me?

How much money do you want
to go to the party

and not tell your mother about Astrid?

You're kidding.

Am I? How much?

You go to the party,
you don't tell your mother,

and I continue to see Astrid.

I'm getting her an apartment in New York.

- This is so fucked up.
- No.

This is how problems are solved.

What's fucked up
is your inability to see that.

How much?

I wanna talk to a lawyer.

Great. Mine's on his way over now.
We can both talk to him.

First of all, congratulations, Simone.

Fuck you, Jeff.

Simone has announced today
that she wants to "ruin me".

Well, as the family lawyer,

I would like to see matters settled

in a way
that is to everyone's satisfaction.

- I know your father feels the same way.
- I do.

Yeah, now, your dad has already
opened up a trust in your name,

so to keep things simple,

this is a further assignment of assets
to that trust.

A graduation present of sorts.

In addition to the party.

Does that make sense to you?


Mum's plane's gonna be early.

Maybe I should go and get her
and we can discuss this all together

like one big, happy family.

There's a company I own.

Whitecloud Enterprises.

I would like to give it to you.

Jeff, tell her what it's worth.

Whitecloud is worth
almost 20 million dollars.

There's a bank account at HSBC in Geneva.

Happy graduation. It's yours.


There's probably a board of directors
or something.

Whitecloud is controlled by bearer shares.

Look, my degree is in ethnic identity.

So, bearer shares are pieces of paper

that entitle the holder of that paper

to complete control over the company.

You would own the company.

Its money is your money,

as long as you hold the shares.

Right now, I own it.

- Now Jeff owns it.
- Thank you.

If he gives it to you, you would own it.

That simple?

Twenty million?

There's no other paperwork that has
to be done. I'll handle everything.

Just don't lose them.
Put 'em someplace safe.

You get them after the party.
After your mother gets back on a plane.

Good trip, my star?

So where's the guest of honor?
She's been texting.

Really? Anything in particular?


She's in her room.

A little anxious about the day's events.

I prefer the other one better.
The Versace.

It brings out your eyes.

This one brings out things
that make me wonder

why you bothered going to university
in the first place.

Look, I like this one better.

I'm not sure
how your father would feel

about something so revealing
on a young woman.

What is Astrid planning on wearing?
She has a good sense of style, I think.

I don't know what she's wearing.

Is she bringing a date?

The young man we met in St. Barts
over the holidays?

I forget his name, the Italian boy.

Look, she's not coming.

Oh, my God, she must hate me.

It was a shock to her system.
But it's been handled.

I don't want you to worry about it.
I don't want you to worry about anything.

So we're still goin', right?


May I have a word with you?

I'll pick you up after the party.

You're going to love New York.

I'll be ready.


Do you know what happened
with Simone and Astrid?

Something happened?

I hear Astrid is not coming to the party.

Well, you know young girls.

They can always be counted on
not to be counted on.

They do everything together,
thick as thieves, and now this?

Have you spoken to her?

Intermittently throughout the day.
Has she said anything to you?

Very little to me.

It's probably about a boy.
It usually is.

Have you seen the yard?

It's looking marvelous.


- Uh...
- It's Miranda.


I wasn't expecting to hear from you.

Look, I'm not sure what sort of nonsense
has gone on here, but it doesn't matter.

You are part of our family,
part of Simone's life

and this is a moment we are all going to
celebrate together, period.

There is so much love here,

regardless of whatever little injustices
we have visited upon each other,

so you are expected to attend.

Do not ever let a man
destroy your sisterhood.

Do you have a dress to wear?

Uh... Uh, no.

Then you get yourself down
to your favorite store

and buy a dress that says to the world,
"I did it."

That is my graduation present to you.
I will send a car.

You sure it's cool?

It is not merely cool,
it is paramount that you attend.

Just don't tell Simone you're coming,

I want to give her the gift
of her best friend for graduation.

You're amazing.

And just so you know, I don't see this
as a permanent thing, right?

It's just fun for now.

Okay, wonderful. Bye-bye.

Take it off, it's too much.

- Coming from you.
- Coming from your father.

Suck my dick.

Grow up. Now.

You're a very wealthy girl.

Where are my bearer shares?

I'm so out of here.

They're in the safe in my office.

After the party,

once I'm in a car,

I will text you the combination.

And if they're not in there?

Then I'm not a man of my word.

And you will no doubt tell your mother,
and chaos will reign upon the land.

Are you gonna tell her? Ever?


I'm going to protect her
from what would cause her pain.

Because I failed to do that the last time.


She has her own bearer shares.

She's taken care of.

She could leave if she wants,
but she stays.

Why do you think that is?




Are you fucking kidding me?

You have the audacity
to come back into my house?

You fucking whore!

What in the Lord's name
is wrong with you, girl?

- She's a fucking slut!
- Is that how you were brought up?

- To raise your hand against a friend?
- Tell her.

- Tell her what you did!
- No matter what she has done,

it cannot possibly warrant this treatment.

You apologize right now, Simone,
or I am going to get your father,

and he will not be so lenient.

- Mum, she...
- You want your father involved?

- Say it, girl. Say you're sorry.
- She doesn't have to.

It's me who should apologize.

Don't be silly.

Over the New Year's, in St. Barts.

I knew he was watchin' me
when I took my clothes off.

I knew he'd follow me into the water.

The... The Italian boy?


I knew when I gave him
my hotel key, he'd come.

He had his foot in between my legs
under the table at dinner.

I thought it would be fun, I didn't
think it would blow up the way it did.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Simone.



Mm. These certainly are the bearer shares.

- Mm? You own them, you hold them.
- Mm-hm.

Uh, I was told that they're worth
20 million dollars.

Well, well, uh...
looking at the bank statements

you requested from our directors,

Whitecloud Enterprises, uh...

uh, was indeed
worth 20 million US dollars.


Well, as you can see for yourself, here...

as of last week, they appear to be worth
a little less than $37.


Uh... How is that possible?
It's my company.

Who moved the money?

It's true that
you hold the bearer shares

for Whitecloud Enterprises
of the Seychelles, but...

Whitecloud itself
is controlled by a trust:

Jetstream Trust of Cyprus.

What does that mean?

So, Jetstream administers to Whitecloud
along with a lot of other companies.

And, um... what about these?

These are Nimbus Holdings
of the Seychelles.

Yeah, also controlled
and held by Jetstream Trust.

Yeah, the bank says that
Nimbus is now worth,

uh, $100.

Again, these are recent transactions.

How the hell does he get away with this?

Look, where the fuck is my money?

Well, if you want more information
on your father's financial activities,

I'm afraid I will have to direct you
toward his bank.

You have to tell us something.

Actually, I'm not obliged
to tell you anything.

That... That is the letter of the law.

Good day.

I am truly sorry for your trouble.

I really, really am.

The world is just men
hiding behind piles of paper.

Well, fuck him.

- I'm so sorry.
- Ohh.

- I'm so sorry.
- Don't worry.

- Thank you.
- Don't worry.-

I clean it up.

I clean it up.

More than anything else,
our clients expect, uh, one thing from us.


Now, privacy and secrecy
are two different things.

Privacy is locking the bathroom door
when you want to take a pee.

Secrecy, on the other hand,
is locking the door

because what you are doing in a bathroom
is not what people usually do.

And sometimes,
after privacy has had a few drinks,

it might decide it wants
to spend the night with secrecy

just to explore the relationship.

But where can they be together without
people peeking in through the curtains?

Well, usually, in an offshore company.

That way, someone looks in a window,
they see an empty room.

And the window and the room
could be in two different places.

Yeah, the window could be
in the British Virgin Islands

and the room could be in, uh...

China. It goes all the way to China.

Mel, I found it on the Internet.
They had the whole story.

Mom, I think you're spending
too much time obsessing on this.

Politicians are doing it.
It's not just criminals.

Bribery, corruption, money laundering.

Millions and millions
and millions of dollars.

And they're tryin' to hide the whole thing
through this company called Russell Prop...

Yes, Russell Properties.

So here is another story
Ellen Martin wants to blame on us.

This man, Mister Maywood,
he is about to make a big mistake.

Actually, everyone in this story
makes a big mistake.

But Russell Properties
was not the problem here.

The problem was greed.

God passed a law against greed,

but that didn't stop people
from breaking it.

And still Ellen Martin thinks
we are responsible

for this man knocking on the door
of this hotel room.

I remember you prefer whiskey,
no ice, correct?


I trust business has been as good
for you as it has been for us here?

Last year, China became the largest
exporting country on the planet,

replacing Germany.


And you also became the largest
automotive market in the world.

Hats off.

Every year, we get buried
under more regulations.

You... You get buried under more dosh.

My husband is very impressed
with your understanding of the world.

He says people like you are why
the British controlled China for so long.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Well, you should.
My husband's a brilliant man.

He will likely ascend from his position
on the Politburo

to become the leader
of all of China one day.

Now it's time to rinse and repeat.

To Russell Properties
of the Virgin Islands.

What shall we call the next one, darling?

You get me the money,
you can name the entity.

The deal with Xu Ming was very simple.

He wanted a plastics factory
here in Chongqing

and was willing
to pay for the opportunity.

We wanted a home on the Riviera.

My husband was able to help Xu
with the factory.

You were helpful with the home in France.

You understand the intricacies
of such arrangements,

these shell companies, as they are called.

They are so very useful.

For people in our position,
it can be a fatal illness,

this accumulation of money.

I'm nothing more than a white glove,
as you say.

- Ohh...
- Yes, I am.

A way to keep your hands
from getting dirty.

There are many
white gloves in China now.

You, Mr. Maywood...

you're more than that.

Your initiative is inspiring.

For Communists,
you seem to catch on very quickly.

You never answered my question.

What question is that?

Are we moving ahead?

Or does this bribe you took from Xu
for this damn plastics factory

become common knowledge to all of China?

I don't think I have a choice now, do I?

You are forcing us to commit a crime.

I'm surprised by the appearance
of such virtue.

Did you come by that on
your last holiday to France?

I'm just asking you to do again,

what you did before.

Two hundred million US dollars.

It's not an opportunity
I can just let slide, love.

Xi Jinping has made it clear that
corruption will no longer be tolerated.

Are you familiar with Wang Lijun,
the chief of police?

I try to know
as few policemen as possible.

Let me tell you a story,
so you can fully understand my concerns.

Make sure our guest has a drink
for this story.

You are perhaps familiar

with the so-called spiritual practice
of Falun Gong.

It was labeled as an enemy of the state

for advocating superstition

and jeopardizing social stability.

Police Chief Wang decided to help
rid the country of such threats.

He became feared throughout the land
for the techniques he employed.

He would say that
the organs were harvested

only after the prisoners were dead.

But the Falun Gong were expendable.

And a heart can bring
$180,000 on the open market,

depending on the blood type.

A cornea from a young person
is perhaps $3,000.

A kidney can bring as much as
$60,000, if it is not too old.

Really charming story. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe you should lie down for a moment.

I'm all right.

So, we are moving ahead?

Yes, move ahead.

I'll get the bank to reach out
to Mossack Fonseca in Panama

and have them set up a new company.

- In the Virgin Islands.
- Yes.

And you will promise not to make
any more threats to expose us.

Why would I expose my trusted partners?

What can I get you? Aspirin? Water?

Water's fine.

So, if we are partners,
will you do something for me?


I need to know that
there are no others who can hurt me,

who can expose us,
or I'm always vulnerable.

I need you to divorce your wife.

I need you to do that
and prove your loyalty to me and Bo Xilai.

Will you do that for me?

You're fuckin' crazy.

- Divorce my wife?
- Yes.


No, I'm not doing that.

You're just gonna have to trust me.

Thank you.

Ah, some more, please.

I remember you love Mahjong.

I was thinking we could play a friendly
game and celebrate our new arrangement.

Maybe we let you sleep.

And then we can play.

Oh, thank you.

How much longer do we have to wait?


What brings you here today?

Just what I said on the phone.

This man Maywood has taken our son hostage
at his home in London.

He tried to force us
into a compromising position

with various offshore schemes.

And did you call the authorities?

He would have spread stories
about me and Bo.

I have no doubt about that.

This would have made things
even worse for us.

So I did what was needed.

Meaning what?

In the glasses he drank from,
you will find the residue of rat poison.

Cyanide stops the heart.

Along with other things in the room...
you'll understand everything very quickly.

Everyone sleeps better at night
when corruption has been vanquished.

That was Gu Kailai on November 14th.

We will continue to weed out corruption
at every level, no matter how high.

There is no place in government
for those who are weak

in the face of temptation.

On this, Xi Jinping and I agree.

We must all look in the mirror

and hold ourselves
to the highest standard,

as history will not be kind
to those who have stolen from the people.

We need to get out of here.

To France.

Gu Kailai,
you are being arrested for murder.

Whatever I've done,

I've done to defend the honor
of my country and my husband.

Bo Xilai, you are under arrest

for the crimes of bribery,
embezzlement, and abuse of power.

What's going on?
You've got the wrong person.

It's a mistake, a mistake.

So, how is this our fault?

Did we tell Bo Xilai
and his wife, Madame Gu,

to accept the bribe
for the plastics factory?


Did we tell Mister Maywood
to launder that money

by purchasing them a mansion
in the south of France?


And we most certainly did not
tell Mister Maywood to try and force

Bo and Madame Gu to launder
still more money

by accepting more bribes
and starting more entities.

So where did these ideas come from?

Where most ideas about money come from.

The United States of America.

In the late-19th century,

the state of Delaware realized
it could not attract business

the same way New York and New Jersey do.

So Delaware began writing
corporate-friendly tax laws,

hoping to lure more business.

And it worked.

1209 North Orange Street
in Wilmington, Delaware

is home to 285,000 companies

and none of them are paying state taxes.

The director of this movie has five.

Even... Even our writer has one.

But if Delaware could do it,

why couldn't, uh,
Switzerland or Luxembourg,

and, uh, Hong Kong
and the British Virgin Islands?

You are probably wondering, is this legal?


Yes. This is called tax avoidance.

Now, tax evasion is a crime,

uh, but tax avoidance,
that's what put us in business.

And the line between the two,
we like to say,

it's as thin as a jailhouse wall.

Now, those very bad things
that have happened to Ellen...

First, the sinking of the boat, uh...

- then losing the... the condo in Vegas.
- Yes.

It's taking a toll on her health.

Her daughter says she has,
uh, lost appetite,

uh, she isn't sleeping,

and the anger she is feeling
is eating her up inside

because the world is beyond her control.

She can't afford to make
campaign contributions

to politicians who could change
the laws that torment her.

But instead,
she has to come here and pray.

Thank you, Lord, thank you.
Thank you for everything.

I hate to ask this,

but I was just wondering when exactly

the meek will be inheriting the Earth?

Wi... Will that be in my lifetime
or in my grandkids'?

And... And the part about the first being
the last and the last shall be first,

when does that start?


And what about the rest of us
in the middle, you know?

We're just falling further and further
and further behind.

My mother used to say,

"May lightning strike 'em all
without hitting me."

Well, aren't you still in charge
of lightning? I know. I know, I know.

I'm supposed to say,
"Forgive them, Father.

They know not what they do."

But I think they do know goddamn well
what they're doing, they just don't care.

Ah, just... If just one of them
could say, "I'm sorry,"

you know, and mean it.

Or go to jail.

Or both. Yeah. Hey, that would be nice.

How about both?



A lot of it's legal,
but that's exactly the problem.

It's not that they're breaking the laws,
it's that the laws are so poorly designed

that they allow people,
if they've got enough lawyers

and enough accountants,
to wiggle out of responsibilities

that ordinary citizens
are having to abide by.

We turn now to the banking bombshell
causing shock waves around the world,

the so-called "Panama Papers",

believed to be the biggest data leak
in history.

Iceland's Prime Minster has stepped down
after being named in the papers.

Also mentioned in the files,
the late father

of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

We just got in this breaking news
from Pakistan. It's an ongoing story.

Nawaz Sharif,
the Prime Minister, has resigned.

fish for it, or did it just appear?

Uh... I got a message late one night,

um, and it was from somebody
who called himself Mr. John Doe

and offered vast amounts of data.

And we said yes. So I did not fish for it.

It just... You know, it just...

came to us like, uh, fate.

Uh, we are in the process
of an in-depth investigation

uh, with experts who have confirmed that,

we have been subject
to an unauthorized, uh...

breach in our email server.

We are working
with the help of outside consultants

to determine the extent
to which our system was accessed

- by unauthorized persons.
- Mm-hm.

What do we tell our clients?

Well... uh...

"We... We regret again any inconvenience"

that this, um...
event may have caused you,

"and, uh, we thank you
for your continued trust and," uh...

- Yeah.
- Who would have done such a thing?

Who is John Doe?

Who, exactly?

There was a lawsuit in Nevada.

We were accused of obstruction of justice,

- but that was never proven.
- Never.

Maybe our opponent
stole the data to punish us.

Hm. Then again, maybe...

maybe it was another law firm,
jealous of our success.

- Hm.
- Such is the nature of all business.

Or maybe it was a hacker
who found a backdoor

to rob us of our reputations
and stole our future.

An emissary of the meek,
not content to wait for their inheritance.

Someone who labored under the naive
understanding of the world around them.

Who blamed us for every, uh, pothole
and collapsing bridge,

for every, uh, school without books,
for every stomach without food.

So what did John Doe say about us?

"More than just a cog in
the machine of 'wealth management',

Mossack Fonseca
used its influence to write, to...

"To... To write and bend laws worldwide
to favor the interests of criminals!"

- Now, we didn't write the laws!
- Nah.

- We just wrote contracts.
- Yeah!

And isn't John Doe the criminal here?
The thief of privacy?

Twenty-five years of hard work
wiped out in a news cycle!


We will be closing our offices
in, uh, Wyoming,

uh, Gibraltar, and, uh, Jersey.

In... In retrospect, uh...

I think we... we could have
spent more on cyber-security.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Fucking British Virgin Islands
want to fine us.

$440,000. A fine.

They should be building
a statue of us instead, you know?

They would be a pile of sand with
a fucking palm tree sticking out of it

if not for us!

I'm sorry, I shouldn't...

Uh, and Niue.

- Niue.
- Niue.

- Niue.
- No, uh...

- Niue would be nothing without us.
- Nothing.

- We put Niue on the goddamn map!
- We did.

There is someone on the phone
who is asking questions

about something called "Odebrecht".

Who sent you? John Doe?

Are you John Doe's police force?

We are here
because President Varela believes

you have knowledge
about Odebrecht.


A Brazilian construction company that
has paid out over three billion dollars

in bribes to officials
all around the world

in order to secure giant contracts
in more than a dozen countries.

And... And what does that have
to do with my garden?

There are dozens of shell companies
your firm created for Odebrecht

to launder bribes.

Companies in Nevada,
in the British Virgin Islands.

No, no, no, no. We sold those companies
to intermediaries.

Uh... We... We had no knowledge of
what the money was used for!


Why don't I believe you?

Oh, I know why.

Europol says nearly 3,500 individuals

with companies your firm created

are connected to suspected criminals.

That's why.

Get him out of here.

So what?
Do you want to know about Odebrecht?

- That's why we're here.
- You know what? Listen.

The highway most of you took to get here
this morning was built by Odebrecht.

You know, they actually have a department
of their company in charge of bribes.

Is that my fault?

They have paid over three billion dollars

- in bribes to secure...
- No, Ramón, that's enough.

Construction contracts
all over the world.

And I have every reason to believe that
President Varela of Panama himself

has accepted campaign contributions
from Odebrecht!

- What? Do you have proof of this?
- No, Ramón...

May I be struck down by lightning
if I am lying.

- Who's John Doe?
- All right? No, no.

President Varela has not defended Panama.

We have dropped our pants
before the international community,

and they are all lining up behind us now.

- Enough!
- Who is Joe Doe?

I don't... I don't know who John Doe is!
Fuck John Doe!

I think Ramón wishes he had not said
some of the things he said that day

about our president.

These are the kinds of wishes
that men have

when they are sitting in jail.

Father Gallego.

Maybe he was a saint
and there was no room for him on Earth,

so he was, uh... moved to Heaven.

Yeah, but there was plenty of room
for Jürgen and I.

Room for us to keep 215,000 secrets.


You wanna go back to bananas?


So, if we are the losers,

then who are the winners?

The meek?

Children who need books?

The poor who need homes?


The United States.

The biggest tax haven in the world.




How much due diligence is happening there?

Yes, there is a...
a brand new tax law in America.

And it does nothing to stop any of this.


Is John Doe on his way there?

Well, uh...

We thank you, uh...

for listening to our side of the story.

Mossack Fonseca... uh...

is no more.

But there are many other firms
just like us.

Still in business all around the world.

And what does John Doe
have to say about that?

Whoever that is.

I do not work for any government
or intelligence agency, I never have.

My viewpoint is entirely my own,

as was my decision to share the documents.

I call on the European Commission

and the British Parliament,

the United States Congress,

and all nations

to put an end to massive, pervasive...


In this system, our system,

the slaves are unaware,

both of their status and of their masters,

who exist in a world apart

and where the shackles are hidden
amidst reams of...

unreachable legalese.

It is a result of massive, pervasive
corruption of the legal profession.

When it takes a whistleblower
to sound the alarm,

it is cause for even greater concern.

'Cause it signals that...

Democracy's checks
and balances have all failed,

and that severe...

Instability could be just...

Just around the corner.

So... now...

is the time...

for real action.

It starts with asking questions.

Tax evasion cannot possibly be fixed...

While elected officials
are pleading for money

from the very elites

who have
the strongest incentives to avoid taxes...

relative to any other segment
of the population.



political practices
have come full circle

and are irreconcilable.


of America's broken campaign
finance system cannot wait.

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