The Last Warhorse (1986) - full transcript

Pop McKenzie, his grandchildren, and their beloved horse, Sam, live in a humble home in Sydney, Australia. When a real estate developer decides to build a hotel, the McKenzie's find themselves threatened to become uprooted from their home.

(triumphant music)

(clock chiming)

- Come on you blokes, shake a leg!

It's time for school!

- Sid, you're not even dressed.

(upbeat music)

(horse grunting)

(horse neighs)
- All right, Sam, I hear you.

- Where's my socks?

- Where's my project?

- They're wet.

- Your lunch, tuck shop,

and you can tell that
history teacher that...


Who swiped-

- Wasn't me.

Don't look at me.

- Where's your brother, Ray? (grunts)

(upbeat music continues)

(bell ringing)

- Aw, I've got to go.

- Don't I get a kiss?

(lips smacking)

- Yuck! What's that shaving stuff?

- Laundry soap.

(upbeat music)

(exhaling loudly)

(horse hooves clopping)

(upbeat music continues)

(horse snorting)

(leaves crunching)

(suspenseful music)

(horse snorting)

- Who is this?

- Take no notice.

- Get up, Sam.

(horse hooves clopping)

(suspenseful music continues)

- Whoa, Sam.

- You be good, watch the chappy.

- [Blond Boy] Go home, Sam. See you mate.

- Come on, Sid, we're gonna be late.

- [Blond Boy] Come on Sid.

(horse snorts)

Come on Sid.

(knocking on door)

- Mr. McKenzie?
- Yeah.

- Ah!

Ha! (snickers)

I'm Parker, and this
must be your lucky day.

- I don't want it and I don't need it

and I've already got it.

So you can sell it to
someone else, can't you?

- No, no, no, no.

I'm not selling, you are.

- [Pop] Oh, right, well,
what can I do for you?

I've got everything
from Gouda around here.

- No, no, I'll show you.

(suitcase lock clicks open)

(paper shuffling)

From RQ Parker and Associates.

Just read the bottom line.

- I'm reading.

- Just round the figures, actually.

- For what?

- For this, the scrapyard.

- My master wishes to buy, make you rich.

- Well, very comfortable.

- No.

- Ah, but I had it valued, added 12%.

- No.

- Place is crumbling.

Damp rot there. Hm, rain's been coming in?

- No, I said.


- Not a good place to
bring up children, really.

Welfare could be interested.

- You see that door?

See this!

(horse neighing)

- What should I tell the master?

- Tell him nothing.

- Tell him go to blazes.

(horse neighing)

All right, Sam, I'm coming.

(horse clopping)

(indistinct shouting)

Any old breakage.

(indistinct shouting)

(Pop strains)

- [Police Officer] Steady
on, you'll bust a boil.

- Yeah, mind out son.

Mind your uniform.

- Ah, she'll be all right.

Up we go.

You need a hoist.

- I need something, mate, huh?

And all things considered,
it's been a good day, Lord.

Except for one or two small,

oh, we'll forget about that.

(thunder rumbling)
(rain dripping)

We just wanna thank you, Lord,

for the food that's set in front of us.


- [Children] Amen.

- Well, come on you
lot, let's hoe into it.

Then what happened?

- They wanna sell us food.

- It was a man.

- Sam inside?

- Yes sir. Housed and fed.

- Good fella.

So what'd the headless horse ride?

- Hairless, anyway.

- What bits sit on top?

- Shaven.

- He looks like Genghis Khan.

- Hey, that's him.

He tried to buy us out.

Well, not here to me,
they're just fishin'.

There's someone called a master.

(thunder crashing)

(door handle squeaks)

- Master.

- Benkei.

Welcome, master.

(thunder rumbling)

(rain dripping)

(master speaks in foreign language)

(dramatic music)

(Pop sighs)

(Pop groans)

- It won't change, will it grandpa?

- What? Us?

No, how could it?

- Oh, that's right.

'Cause we're family.

And nothing, no one can ev-


- Ah, screws!

- Sorry.

- Here, come on now.

Forget all that.

- Every time I hear that sound...

I think of mom and dad.

- They're in a good place, Dee.

And we're together.

Always will be.

Nothing changes that.

Anyway, you remember when
things ain't going easy

you gotta ta-ra-ra and-

- Oomps-a-daisy.

- Oomps-a-daisy. (laughs)

- [Parker] This is the
architectural rendering.

- And the site plan?

All the property have been acquired?

Yes, sir. In the bag.

- What's this?

- Oh that, oh that's just the junk yard.

Oh, yeah, we'll soon have that.

Bit of pressure, he'll
(vocalizes collapse) cave in.

- What kind of pressure?

- Oh, legal, money pressure.

- No!

Make offer.

Make it fair.

That's all.

(suspenseful music)

- [Ray] The cruelty of
mercy is not stained.

- [Dee] Strained.

- [Ray] It drops down.

- [Dee] Aah. It droppeth.

- [Sid] Drop...

It's not even English.

(tense music)

- Do honor to our name, Mikio.

- Yes grandfather.

(suspenseful music)

- Into quality of mercy.

Ah, cri!

(gate motor whirring)

- Look!

- Fair going, mate!

- How do you like that?

(gate motor whirring)

(gate slams shut)

How are we supposed to get to school?

- Wait till we tell grandpa. (sighs)

(mysterious music)

- Oh, I know, let's cut
for the Mason's place.

- Can't. Factory's closed.

- Or Kenny's quay?

- They've got German shepherds.

- Okay, one hour through the park.

(car engine roaring)

- All these trees.

- I thought you would like this park.

- I like Uweno Park in Tokyo.

There are people, things to do.

- But very crowded.

- I had friends there.

All my friends.


Benkei, stop the car!

(car window whirring)

(suspenseful music)

(tranquil music)

Benkei, would grandfather
let me have a horse?

A war horse?

- Perhaps when you are a samurai.

(car engine roars)

(suspenseful music)

(Mikio grunts)

(suspenseful music)

(katana slides into scabbard)

(Mikio grunts)

(katana slides into scabbard)

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful music continues)

- It took me 13 years.

(gentle music)

What's wrong with him?

- He wants a horse.

(horse hooves clopping)

(gate motor whirring)

- Get set here they come.

(car window whirring)

- Hi, I'm Dee.

Short for Deedra.

Ah, and you'd be?

- My name is Mikio.

That horse, do you own him?

- Sam?

He's family.

He's part Clydesdale.

Do you know what that is?

- No.

How much do you want for him?

- How much?

- Yes.

It would be very fair.

The money would be good.

How much would you ask?

- Get going, Sam.

(Sam snorts)

He's not for sale.

(upbeat music)

(tranquil music)

- Buy me out, will they?

Buy this house?

That's what they think.

We live there.

I've lived here 60 blimming years.

- Grandpa.

- Time I ever left the
place was to go and-

- I know, to go fight the war.

- You bet I did.

- Don't you think about the war?

- Two years a blimming prisoner of war

- [Dee] He wanted to buy Sam.

Oh, did they?

- Well, the boy did.

Think he took a fancy.

- Good-looking, was he?

- He smiled at me.

(Pop laughs)
He was nice.

(speaking in foreign language)

- We speak English, okay?

- Okay.

- I find the climate very pleasant here.

- Yes, grandfather.

- And the people, going easy.

- Easy going, they are.

- Oh.

You have done well in this country, Mikio.

- Thank you.

- You should be rewarded.

(horse neighs)

(Mikio speaks in foreign language)

(tranquil music)

(tense music)

Do you like her?

- Oh yes, grandfather.

I only hope I'm worthy.

(grandfather speaks in foreign language)

- What would you call her?

- Toshiko.

- A girl you know?

- Toshiko Akiyoshi, she
plays jazz in America.

(car horn honking)

- Some business I think, get rid of them.

- I'll handle him, stop worrying.

- But suppose the master learns.

We profit it in his name.

- My dear man, I've done this many times.

That junk yard's worth a fortune.

We'll open up a salt water baths or a spa,

they'll queue up from
the Strathfair Royal.

- My savings are to me a fortune.

- Uh-huh, good investment.

Never better, you'll be laughing.

(clock winder clicking)

(Pop groans)

(clock ticking)

- [Parker] Ah!

- [Pop] All right, that's it.

- No, no.
- That's it.

- (laughs) Now look.

- No! To everything.

- Money, lots of it.

- Out.

- I urge you to reconsider.

- No!

- Now, you are being very, very stubborn.

- The gentleman wants to leave, Sam.

(Sam neighs)

(Pop laughs)

Come on, Sam.

We got work to do.


Any old breakage!

Get up there.




Any old rakers!

(suspenseful music)

(glass crashing)

(junk banging)

(pipes banging)

(tires crashing)

(tire rims clanging)

(drums grinding)

(glass shattering)

(suspenseful music)

(cutlery crashing)

(ominous music)

(tranquil music)

(katana clicking)

- (laughs) Well, sir, I think we've got

that scrapyard in our po-

(tense music)

(katana clicks)

Well, perhaps I'm disturbing you,

I'll just come back some other time.

(horse hooves clopping)

- Hi.

- Whoa, whoa.

Good glory!

Mother help us.

(drum scraping)

Good Lord!

(van engine roars)

- Just get down there and
let me know what's happening.

- But-
- Get going!

- This scrapyard you have acquired?

- Well, I think we have.

- It had been done with honor?

- Oh, absolutely.

- What happened?

- We got leaned on.

- Gosh!

- 'Cause you wouldn't sell?

- Right, it's those maniacs
from Strathfair Royal.

- Maybe.

Could be.

I don't know.

- We'll kill 'em.

- No we won't.

We'll take it on the chin.

I've weathered worse than this.

- Oh, gramp.

Yeah, that looks real bright, don't it?

Like scrap out of a blimmin' scrapyard.

- Don't you worry?

We'll knock it into shape.

Come on you guys, let's get stuck into it.

- Well, Toshiko...

What am I to do with you?

(gentle music)

You're a fine horse.

And I admire your spirits.

But you're not strong
enough to be a warhorse.

And a samurai needs a warhorse.

(tranquil music)

But if I wish enough...

And dream enough...

(tranquil music)


- Well, what happened at MacKenzies'

- The scrapyard is restored.

- Oh rubbish, that's impossible.

- Exactly as it was before.

(Parker sighs)

- Well, we'll just have to
strike again and again an-

What is this?

- Sea slug.

- Ah.

- Those men cost money.

- Yeah, Which reminds me.

Come on.

- There are other ways.

- Yeah, possibly.

- More effective. Cheaper.

- Could be right.

Three of those big ones.

- [Ishikawa] Benkei! We are waiting.

- We'll keep in touch.

We're doing well.

(gentle music)

(mysterious music)

- The cheapest coin.

The most special things is loyalty.

- Yes, grandfather.

- [Ishikawa] Without
loyalty a man is ashes.

- I believe this.

Samurai has loyalty, honor and courage,

but not aggression.

In the war, Pacific War, I learned this.

Strange that war should teach me peace.

(suspenseful music)

You'd commit such a horse

when you have Toshiko?

- No, sir.

- And who today would have a warhorse?

- I know someone, grandfather.

- First, when you have soul,

then you win the right to dream.

(gentle music)

(Mikio grunts)

(mysterious music)

(tense music)

(Ishikawa screams)

(Ishikawa screams)

(sword clicks)

(suspenseful music)

(Toshiko neighs)

(frogs croaking)

(Toshiko neighs)

(frogs croaking)

(Toshiko neighs)

(chimes clinging)

(somber music)

- Sir.

Can I speak with you, please?

- Of course, come in.

Oh yes, you are the little girl from-

- I'm Dee MacKenzie.

- MacKenzie. From the scrapyard.

- It's a very nice garden.

- You flatter me.

- I can't understand
how you can be so mean.

And send those men down.

Smash up things.

When grandpa is old,

and doesn't want to sell, why should he.

- I beg your pardon?

Smash up things?

- To take his land, to
build your big hotel.

(Ishikawa laughs)

- But I don't want that land.

- Someone does.

- I'm sure you are quite mistaken.

- Take a look. Come and see.

- Hm, I don't go out much.

- It's your trouble.

I'm sorry.

That was rude.

- No, no.

So tell me, what exactly is my troubles?

- Well, you're not old.

You should get out more.

Make new friends.

- Then I count you as my friends.

- You'll Have to square
things with grandpa first.

- Square things?

- Make peace.

- No more thugs and smashing up things.

- Hmm.

I will send my Mr. Parker there.

- No.

- No Mr. Parker?

- Cause he's the one who,

well, I shouldn't make an
unsupported allegation.

I have to go now.

I really must.

- Parker.

(van engine roars)

- Brought your playmates, did ya?

- Now, now, steady on.

- Well, you can clear out.

Before I break some heads.

- MacKenzie, my dear good man,

we're here to help you.

- Yeah, I'll bet.

- In fact, I've even be...

Oh my goodness.

What happened to your ute?

- Your fellows did a real
good job, didn't they?

(Sam neighs)

- Tsk, district vandals,
that's your problem

I sympathize.

- You can tell your boss I'm not selling.

- It must be hard without the ute steel,

still you got the horse.

Well, I'm surprised you
can afford to feed him.

- Yeah. What's this?

Oh, this, this is your feed
bill from the produce store.

We a...

Have hundreds of them.

We acquired them.

- You bought my IOUs.

- Only trying to help.

- They're mine.

I'm paying installments.

- Yes, but now instead
of lots of little bills

you've got one big bill.


Well, you-
- Steady.

My man is just outside.

Oh, yes, ah,

we've made application to the court.

- What's that mean?

- It means you have till Friday.

You paid $3,000

or you're out, out there in the street.

- [Dee] What we need is a lawyer.

- [Pop] I've spoken to Charlie Phillips.

- [Sid] What's he say?

- Hm!
- Is that all?

- Friday.

Then we've had it.

- We just can't give in, can we?

- [Ray] Why don't we sell the scrap?

- [Sid] He's right, you know.

Just one big clearance sale.

- Take weeks to get it ready.

A week to advertise it.

But we got three days.

(Sam neighs)

(Sam neighs)

- A bit fidgety lately.

- Or we need liquid assets.

Something we can sell,
like gold, precious metals.

Yeah, like a buried treasure.

- Ah, go home, Sid.

- I am home.

- Hang on.

Hang on a minute.

There is a buried treasure.

Now what'd I do with it?

- Treasure?

- Yeah, out there in the yard.

(tense music)

- Where?

- Think, grandpa, think.

- I'm thinking.

- You mean you hid it?

- Well, not exactly.

I buried it, accidental like.

About 20 years of scrap.

(door latch clicking)

(Sam neighs)

- [Sid] Who's treasure?

What's it look like?

- Sheets of lead.

Be worth a fortune.

There'd have to be 10 ton of it.

- But dumped here.

20 years ago.

That's archeology.

- It's hard yakka, girl.

That's what it is.

Hard yakka digging it out.

(Dee sighs)

- It's a good thing we've got Sam.

(sinister music)
(horse hooves clopping)

(amused music)

(Toshiko neighs)

(Toshiko snorts)

(gentle music)

- Benkei!


It's him!

I knew he'd come.

I dreamt he would.

The warhorse.

Quickly, stable him!

Get some feed!

(car door slams)

(Sam snorts)

- No luck, not a sign.

- I called and called, just nothing.

I'm exhausted.

- Did you try the paddock?

- And the boatyard.

- Sam can't be gone, he never strays.

- He'll come home, mate,
he knows where we live.

All of you better get going.

Catch the bus, would you.

I got work to do.

Tons of it.

The cops will help us find Sam.

- Don't trust yourself?

- Huh! That will be the day.

- You wait till we get home,

we'll find that treasure.

- Yeah, all right.

- You promise?

- Yeah, I promise.

- I might even have a look for Sam myself.

(lips smacking)

(speaking in foreign language)

(junk clanging)

(Pop groans)

- Grandpa, you promised.

- Did I?

- Oh, you're a terror, honestly.

Where's Sam?

Didn't come back?

- Could've got run over
by a bus or something.

- No, he couldn't, we'd have heard.

- And what about our treasure?

- I haven't found that either.

But it's there, that
lead's in there somewhere.

- Okay. Let's get at it.

- Treasure! Buried treasure?

Oh, come on.

- In the scrapyard, somewhere
underneath the scrap.

- Are you sure?

The rotten luck.

- Suppose he finds it?

- Well, he better not, otherwise
you've lost your money.

- My honor is already lost.

- Oh, for heaven's sake.

You'd better think of something,

or your money is down the drain.

(scrap clanging)

- Hey!

What's up, love?

- Well, it's getting late.

Sam will miss his apple.

- Hey, let's take a break you blokes.

We'll go and have a look for Sam, hey?

- [Ray] Cool. Good idea.

- You tellin' me.

- You hold the fort, love.

- You bet.

Make us delish shepherd's pie.

- I believe a miracle that's happened.

Myth has become reality.

- Yes, grandfather.

He's so handsome.

- And improper.

- But.

- Who own the horse?

- He strayed here.

- Who owns him?

- I'm not sure.

- You said you knew someone.

- I thought I did.

- For the third time, Mikio.

Who owns him?

Very well.

You have to try to think about.

I want answer in the morning.

(mysterious music)

(oven door slams)

(elegant music)

- Sam?


(junk clanging)

(elegant music)

(junk clanging)

Hey you! Stop that.

I mean it!

Or I'll call the cops!

- No, the treasure is mine.

- Who said?

- Tomorrow, horse and
scrapyard, everything.

- Sam's there, you stole him!

Don't you You! Wait a minute!

Look out!

- Help me!


- Stop squirming.

You'll be doing that in jail.

No use, I can't do it.

Pity, Sam would get you out easy.

(upbeat music)

(van engine roars)

(upbeat music continues)

- Quickly, please.

(upbeat music continues)

(van engine roars)

(upbeat music continues)

Yeah, don't mention it. Anytime.

What about our horse?

- Ask my young master.

- [Dee] Who?

- Mikio.

Your horse was never stolen.

He found his new home by himself.

- Oh no.

(van engine roars)

- He never touched you, threatened you?

- Not really, no.

He was just looking for the treasure.

Sam's at Strathfair house.

- Grandpa, they've got Sam!

- Not for long they haven't.

- Here, hold it, hold it.

- But it's criminal,
they're horse thieves.

- Maybe.

There's a right and legal
way of handling this.

We'll do it in the morning.

Okay, Ray?

- Yeah, okay.

Come on.

Crikey, Sid, Sam is our horse, we own him.

It's not stealing, it's a rescue.

- Like commandos?

- Hmm.

(suspenseful music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(suspenseful music)

- [Sid] Right, which way?

- [Ray] Search me.

Let's try in here.


(horse neighs)

(horse neighs)

- Anything?

(suspenseful music)

- We've had it.

Quick, before they come.

(Toshiko snorts)

(trash can banging)

(suspenseful music)

- Wait.

This is not they way.

- But they'll take the warhorse.

- You mean the rightful owner?

- Grandfather!

- If you lose, lose with dignity.

(stable door banging)

(suspenseful music)

(stable door clicks)

- Ah, we're here, mate.

- So are they!

- [Ray] Ah, Sammy!

- [Sid] Ray, come on.

- This way, Sam.

This way.

Come on, gonna take you home.

You're in the right floor now grandfather.


- Hold on!

Hold on!

I'm warning you.

Put him back before there's trouble.

- Come on, Sid.

Ah, come on, knock it off.

- Put him back.

- He's ours, you know he's ours.

- Can you prove it?

- What are you lot, a bunch of thieves?

You busted up our scrapyard,

you somehow nabbed our horse.

Well, you don't own everything, mate.

And there's no way you own Sam.

- So shove off, before
he walks all over you.

- Please don't take him.


(horse hooves clopping)


(bell rings)

- [Ray] Wake the whole
house, why don't ya!

- The house is woke.

Its been woke half the blimming night.

What are you fellas up to?

- Oh, we just went-

- Yeah, you know, we sorta just-

- Oh, right. Yeah.

Well that explained everything.

I've got half a mind
to belt the two of ya.

But you're too young.

And you're too blimming old.

- Now look, all we did,
we just go down the-

- That's enough!

Both of ya.

You've just done in a weeks pocket money.

- What?
- Wait!

(horse neighs)

- Hey.

(horse neighs)

He's back.

You got Sam back.

You little beauty.

- Well, yeah, but-

- I didn't get to
keepin' your pocket money

too long, did I?

- And they had him in a stable, grandpa.

And when he heard us coming-

- Yeah. Hang on.

Sit down here with me, the both of ya.

I want to hear all about this caper.

- What am I?

Old and feeble minded?

- No grandfather.

- Half blind and deaf?

The butt of all your jokes?

- No grandfather.

- You lied to me about the horse.

You knew quite well who owns him.

Don't sniffle.

Well, Mikio.

Speak up!

- I am worthless, grandfather,

as a pebble on the sand.

- And deceitful, like
Parker and the scrapyard.

- Yes grandfather.

- Go to school, and send him in,

send Parker in.

- [Mikio] He wants Parker.

- He knows everything.

- I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

Ah, I'm sorry, did I keep you waiting?

We were just discussing the Kabuki.

I'm rather keen on theater.

I often go to the theater and...

Well, that is I. (sighs)

- When I traveled America,

I learned many things.

- Oh, you would, yes, I'm sure.

- Straight shooting talk was one of them.

- (laughs) Yeah.

- Let us talk American.

- Sure. Why not? (laughs)

- Did you crush the
opposition at the scrapyard?

Bring them to their knees?

- Pardon?

- With thugs, smashing things?

Well, did you!

- Ah, now look here.

- Are you responsible?

You did this in the name
of Strathfair Royal?

My name, Mr. Parker, to
which I gave you license.

Did you?

- This is quite outrageous.

- I wish to see your files, Mr. Parker.

Every pieces of paperwork
affecting Strathfair Royal.

This include our correspondence.

Let our agreement,
contract and subcontract.

- Well, he surely put me through it.

- You confessed?

- Don't be stupid.

- So, we have lost?

Oh, good grief, man.

One more day, the scrapyard's ours.

And legally.

- I hope so.

- I tell you this.

Your master, he's past it.

I'm way ahead of him.

March in tomorrow morning.

Nine o'clock.

And, wham, we got the scrapyard.

- I've been waiting, Benkei.

- Forgive me, master.

- Keen, education, nothing like it.

- Well, someone's gotta say it.

- Yeah, we've had it.

Sure that lead's there, grandpa?

- It might be a while ago,
but I put it there, all right?

- Where, we've turned the
whole place upside down.

(Pop sighs)

- Cup of tea, we'll start again.

- No, love.

We've had it this time.

- Well, there's still,
it's still the morning.

Till nine o'clock.

So what are you gonna do?

Let 'em take it?

Take the scrapyard?

- Grandpa.

- Court order, Sid.

They'll have rights and access.

- Well, don't let them access.

- Sid!

- Well, you're always saying it.

"Can't get in, can't move the junk,

don't let 'em in."

- Oh, maybe we could make
it a bit awkward for 'em.

(suspenseful music)

- 8:31.

- Do you have to?

- They won't even come.

- They'll come.

Are we ready?

(katana clicks)

- Excuse me, grandfather.

- Why aren't you at school?

- Because of honor, grandfather.

I owe a debt to the
children of the scrapyard.

And there is something I must tell you.

(suspenseful music)

(car engine roars)

- There's a Datsun, Merc
and a truck, let's go.

- [Pop] All right, come on.

- Open up! Court order.

Right, fix him, I'll go round the back.

(car engine roars)

(wood cracking)

(suspenseful music)

(Pop whistles)

(crane buzzing)
(Dee laughs)

- [Pop] Hey! Watch out!

(car crashing)

- Get them!

- Okay, Mr. Parker.
- Let's go.

(Pop whistles)

- Shorty!

- [Parker] Watch out!

- [Ray] Yahoo!

- Get down!

Yeah, over there.

(pipes banging)

(Pop and Sid laughing)

- We'll teach 'em!

- Yeah.

(suspenseful music continues)

- [Thug] I'll go around
and get them the other way.

(Dee laughing)

- [Thug] I'll fix you.

- [Dee] (yelling) Grandpa, help me!

- I'll get the girl!
- Over here!

Bring 'em over here!

(Dee yelling)

(plank thuds)
(thug groans)

- [Sid] You take him, grandpa.

(Dee yells)

- Enough!

- Get the old guy!

- [Thugs] Whoa!

- Nice work!
- Got 'em.

(thugs groaning)

(Sid and Ray laughing)

- So let you out now?

- Take a look at this guy. (laughs)

- My car!

You ruined it!

And I haven't even paid for it yet.

Ah, you'll be sorry for this.

- (chuckles) I own this place now.

- Enough!
- I own the lot.

- These people have been hurt enough.

- Shut up, stupid!

(Pop laughs)

(suspenseful music)

Hmm, look!

(Parker screams)

(Pop and Dee laughing)

- [Dee] He owed us that.

- I owe you more.

I wish to serve you with my honor.

- [Ishikawa] Well spoken, Benkei.

- [Benkei] Master!

- Come to stick the knife in, have ya?

(metal sheet bangs)

- We have rights.

Legal rights.

(Parker chuckles)

Hmm, hmm.

- You have used my name!

My company's name.

- Oh, really?

- You use it for your own profit.

- Well, it's too late to
change it now, old boy,

that paper's written out, and legal.

(suspenseful music)

(Pop screaming)

(Parker screaming)

(Ishikawa grunting)

- Hey!

(suspenseful music)

(Pop snarls)

- And please, I must apologize.

I don't want your land, I never did.

As well as this,

your debt are paid, because I owe damages.

- So now you tell me.

- I'm afraid, my friends,

we share an enemy.

- What? Parker!


- Perhaps you two should get together?

- Oh, well, as they're always
sayin' on the classics,

"There's a guy who's a ta-ra-ra"-

- "And a boomps-a-daisy".

- Hey, what did you say?

- You said it!

(upbeat music)

- Well blow me down, it's you.

- And you!

(Pop and Ishikawa laugh)

- Old cocky!

Praise the mule.
- Mr. MacKenzie.


- He saved my life.

- He saved mine.

- You old rascal. (laughs)

Remember when the lobbed
that hand grenade?

- Remember when the lights exploded?

- And if it hadn't been for Parker-

- Good! I'll tell the boys.

(Pop laughing)

- Ya still drink Aussie beer?

(Ishikawa clicks tongue)

(Pop laughs)

(feelgood music)

- The master says I have
to help, I want to help.

- Well, help yourself, sir.

- To find the treasure,

your buried metal scrap.

- It could take till Christmas.

- I hope so.

(horse hooves clopping)

- Uh-oh.

(feelgood music continues)

- I was just, um,

as my grandfather would say, "bypassing".

Passing by.

- Glad you did. (giggles)

- You wanna walk?

- No, no way.

- Yes you do.


- Thanks.

- Good on ya, mate.

- Good on ya, mate.

(joyful music)

(tranquil music)

(upbeat music)