The Last Stand (2013) - full transcript

Sheriff Owens is a man who has resigned himself to a life of fighting what little crime takes place in sleepy border town Sommerton Junction after leaving his LAPD post following a bungled operation that left him wracked with failure and defeat after his partner was crippled. After a spectacular escape from an FBI prisoner convoy, the most notorious, wanted drug kingpin in the hemisphere is hurtling toward the border at 200 mph in a specially outfitted car with a hostage and a fierce army of gang members. He is headed, it turns out, straight for Summerton Junction, where the whole of U.S. law enforcement will have their last opportunity to make a stand and intercept him before he slips across the border forever. At first reluctant to become involved, and then counted out because of the perceived ineptitude of his small town force, Owens ultimately accepts responsibility for the face off.

Go ahead, 26.

Yeah, contact the FAA.

Tell them some smart-ass is
flying a jet plane...

around out here, with no
lights on.

Roger that.

Did I hear you ain't comin'
to the game?

Somethin' about "You don't want
to drive five hours...

to see a football game?"

Well, I'm not a big croud guy.

Plus, someone has to stay
behind, to keep the peace.

You going boating?
I'm undercover.

Sure, Ray.
You blend right in.

See you Sunday.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What about your car?

It's parked in a fire zone.

if there's a fire...

go ahead and move it.
But please, be careful with her.


Morning, Sheriff.

Hey, Sheriff.

What a beautiful day.
Yes, it sure is.

Hey, Ray!

I almost didn't recognize you
in plain clothes.

Well, it's my day off.
Should be a quiet weekend.

No more of those big omelets,

All right boss.
But you know you like 'em.

Oh, yeah, but...


It doesn't matter.
It does!

Howdy, fellas.

Howdy, Sheriff.

I'm guessing that's your rig,
out front.

What are you guys hauling,

Auto parts.

Gotta hit New Orleans by noon,

Oh, that's a long drive.

Sure is.

Check, please.

Keep the change.

We're 'bout to hit the road.
Well, drive safely.

Sure will.

Thank you, sir.
Thank you, boys.

Boy, you sure are bad for business.
Did you want somethin' to eat?

No. No thanks, Christie.

I'd better get going.


See ya' later, Ray.
See you.

that's the Arizona State Fair...

where Grand Avenue and W. McDowell

That'll put another asshole in
the elephant right there, boys.

My turn, come on.

Wait! Now, watch that kick. She
don't know it's your first time.

Just hand it over. Stand back.
All right, all right. Here we go.

What the fuck?
No, no, no.


Hey, I warned you.
Let me see, let me see.



Is it broken? Do you think
that it's broken?

It should be.

Is it broke...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.

I thought he wasn't
working today.

What's up, Ray?

Hey, Ray. How you doin' man?
Good to see you.

Can someone tell me what two-thirds
of my force is doing out here...

firing rockets at a slab of

Afternoon, Ray.

Do you have a permit for that

Yeah, right here.

Why don't you get him a towel,
or something?

He's messing up his uniform.
And you...

clean the chunk of beef off
your hat.

I gotta' chunk of beef?

Look at that. That's nasty.
Thank you.

There you go.

The Dinkum "Firearm and Historic
Weapons Museum?"

That's right.
You got a museum, here?

And the tax returns to prove it.

Open every second Thursday of
the month, noon 'til three...

bring the whole family.


There you go.
Thank you.

Ray, I'm really sorry.

We were just havin' a little fun.

Not much to do in town, it's
pretty dead over there, and uh...

you know, we needed somethin'
to do.


Well, I've got something for you.

A couple of truckers stopped
in town.

They weren't too happy to see me.
There's something off, about them.

Run those plates for me.

Mine, Sheriff.

If you get a hit, pass it on
to the troopers.

Wow! You're lookin' jacked, Ray.
You been workin' out?

I warned him about the recoil.
Give me the damned thing.

Let me have a go.

Before I change my mind, and
write you a citation.

We've secured the location.

Okay, are we all ready?

Game on, boss.
Love it.

Yeah, boss?

We've got some trouble with
the farmer.

Can't handle one farmer?

Tell you what... let's get

I'll talk to him.

I'm great when it comes to

How's it goin'?

Things be goin' a lot better...

if you tell me what the hell
you doin' on my property.

My name is Burrel.

You see, I'm shooting a commercial,
I'm sure you've seen one on TV...

and your property...

would be just perfect...

Get the hell off my property.

The company I'm workin' for,
gonna pay you a lot of money.

You don't have to do a damn...
Did you hear what I said? Huh?

Don't you at least want to hear
what I have to offer?

Do you want to hear my offer?

You clear out now, and I won't
fill your ass full of buckshot.

Old man, you better put that
piece away...

before you blow your toes off.

We just talkin', here.

Now, we finished talkin'.
You get out the hell out of here!


That's your decision.

You don't want to take the

Better take the lead.

What I'm trying to say is...

It's embarassing to have to
lock up your ex-boyfriend.

Who's fault is that?
The person who stole. You.

I mean, who's fault is it
we're exes?

We are not talking about that,
right now.

Yes, we are.

I mean, we're talking about
something else...

but we're really talking
about that.

Do you have an aspirin?

This isn't the nurse's office.

I mean, what is wrong with you?
Oh my God.

You had everything. You were
smart, you were popular...

you were a great athlete.

I mean hell, you had a full
ride through college.

Had you not gotten yourself
kicked off the track team.

You really want to do this?

Okay, I served my country in
fucking Iraq and Afghanistan.

No, we're not talking about
the war, okay.

We're talking about your being
locked up for drunk and disorderly.

What do you care if we're not

Hey, Sarah.

What's up, Frank?
What's up, buddy?

That was awkward.

Hey, are you two dating again?


Do we really have to keep him
locked up, in here?



Because the boss says I gotta'
keep you locked up...

for the weekend.
That's why.

Could you show me how to run
these plates?

Give me that.

I'm just doing this once, okay?
Oh, I know.

Pay attention.

Hey, Ray.

The plates on that truck
checked out.

Nevada registry, the driver
is one Burrel Thomas.

Clean record.


Good work.

But I'm sure you didn't come
all the way over here...

to just tell me that.

I need to make a move.

Go some place where there's
some action...

where I can make a difference.

Like when you worked Narcotics
in LA...

I just don't understand how
you ever gave it up...

to come to this place.

The most exciting thing I've
done in the past four days is...

rescue a cat out of a tree.

Sommerton has its charms.


I've never been out of it, and
I'm going stir crazy, here.

Do you think you could help
me get a job in LA?

LA is not all you think it is.


I understand that you want to
move on.

You're young. You want to
experience adventure.

When I was your age...

all I wanted to do was move
to Los Angeles.

I wanted to be part of the action.
But now...

thinking back, I feel differently.

But, if that's what you really
want, of course I'll help you.


Thank you for coming on such
short notice...

at such an early hour.

This is a top-secret operation.

In forty-five seconds, we'll
move a prisoner...

to Federal Death Row.

That prisoner is Gabriel Cortez.

Cortez is the most vicious
cartel boss...

since Pablo Escobar.

Let's make sure this guy never
sees the light of day again.

We will travel underneath the

Let's do this.

Convoy is holding at position

Awaiting clearance to proceed.

Be advised.

What the hell?


Spread out!
Cover me!

Hold your fire!


Cease fire!
Cease fire!

On the roof! On the roof!
Move! Move, move, move!

John, I'll cover the alley.
Good. Okay, you go with her.

HRT, you take the stairwells.
You two guys are comin' with me.

You shut down the elevators.
The rest of you secure this place.

Nobody gets in or out.

Let's do it.

Cover all flanks.
Move, move, move!

Pick it up, gentelman!
Pick it up!


1167, what happened?
I need back-up and air support.


Let's go!

HRT, report.

We've got two agents down.
Cortez is gone.


Cut him off!
Cut him off!


Show me your hands!
Don't fuckin' move!

It's not him.
It's not him.


Son of a bitch!


Richards, what do you see,
tell me!

All quiet in the rear entrance.

We're checking the alley now.



You copy?


It's McKay, isn't it?

Baby on the way, right?

Put the gun down.


Man down! Man down!
I got it.


Yeah? Yeah?

I want you to shut down every
private airfield...

and landing strip in a hundred
mile radius...

I don't care how small.

That's going to take some doing.
Then get doing.

You need to check every building
that has a camera facing the street...

I want you to check that and
see if you can get an ID...

or a license plate.

How much did he pay you?

He asked how much you were paid.

For what?

He doesn't know what you're
talking about.

What, you think I'm an idiot?
Do I look like an idiot to you?

Do you want me to ask him?

No. I want you to ask him why
he's wearing that.

Why is he dressed that way?

Why are you dressed like that?

He's wondering why are you
dressed like this.

I wear the colors of the
Dutch National Team. Why?

He says he supports the National
Dutch football team.

What the fuck is that supposed
to mean?

The soccer team.

He's wearing their team colors.

You can't fuck with me, or what?

All right.
I'll play this game.

What country do Dutch people
come from?

He's an asshole, he almost
broke my hand.

He says that his arm hurts from
where you grabbed him.

He was reaching for something,
I was worried for my life.

So, I tried to hit you. I should
have hit you the fuck harder.

That's such bullshit!

Oh, so now you speak English?

If you knew any Spanish...

you'd know I was barely speaking
it, a minute ago.

All right, smart-ass.

What were you doing out at 4am?

It's Vegas, man!

Sir, we have something.

Owens here, what's up?

Hi, sheriff. It's Christie.
Did I wake you up?

No, no, no, no, no...

I was already busy.
What can I do for you?

Well, I just came in to open
up the diner...

and the milk hasn't been
delivered, yet.

Is this really a police matter?

Mr. Parsons always delivers
fresh milk, first thing.

He's a very early riser, you

I don't care about the milk...

nobody's even around this
weekend, but...

that man hasn't missed a delivery
ever since I can remember.

And I'm worried about him.

Well, have you ever thought
about calling him?

Stubborn ole bastard doesn't
have a phone, out there.

Oh, that's right.

I forgot.

I'm just afraid he's got a
heart attack, or something.

Sorry to wake you.

There's just nobody else around,
and I didn't know who else to call.

No, you did the right thing,

I'm going to send a deputy
out there...

and I gonna have him check up
on him, alright?

Thanks, Sheriff.
All right. Bye, bye.

Cortez and his crew, they dumped
the white sedan...

and they got into two separate

And as of right now, we think,
that Cortez is in this one.

Hold that, right there.

What is that?

Where's Mitchell?
He knows cars.

Mitchell, come here.

Yes, sir?
Blow that up.

Aaron, Aaron.
What kind of car is this?

I think it's a "ZR1".

What the hell's a ZR1?
The Corvette ZR1.

This one is a specially modified
show car.

It's a monster on wheels.

It was all over the news, like
two days ago.

It got stolen from the L.A.
auto show.

Normally something around
seven hundred horsepower...

but this is upwards of
a thousand.

I got a psychopath in a Batmobile.

How am I suppose to stop them?

Blow it up?

What if there's a hostage inside?

All right.

Let's get this out to everybody
in intel.

This is the car we're looking
for, right here.

The car we're looking for...

is a modified version of a
Corvette ZR1.

Yeah, I'm looking at a picture,
right now.

I'll let you know when he reaches
our position.


License and registration?
Yes, sir.

Here's my license.


All units, call it in!

Hey! Hey!
Hold on, cowboy.

You don't sneak up on ole man

You know what he's like.

Hey, Mr. Parsons!

It's Jerry Bailey. We just come
by to check up on you.

So, please don't take any shots
at us, okay?


All right. Let's check around back.

Want to try the door first?

Mr. Parsons?

I check upstairs, you check
the ground floor.

Cortez just blew through their

But all airfields are closed,
so, he won't be flying out.

I want a roadblock, here.

Bullhead City.
Nothing gets through.

What the hell is he tryin'
to do?

Southbound on the 95.

He thinks he's getting to Mexico,
but that's not gonna happen.

Why doesn't he take a chopper?

Uh, the ZR1 is faster than any

It's more than that.

Cortez, he's third-generation
cartel boss.

He thinks he's untouchable.
That's how his mind works.

He wants to be behind the wheel.

What do you mean?

Cortez has been racing cars,
since he was a teenager.

His father build him his own
track in Sinaloa.

He's been racing on the pro
circuit in South America...

under a pseudonym.

I saw him drive.
He's good.




Are you having a nice day?

It's gonna be.

This can only end one of two
ways. And you know what?

I'm fine with either one of

With your pretty little agent
dead, or alive?

I can cut her up in a hundred

and mail them back to you, one
by one.

Is that what you want?

You've already killed one
federal agent, Gabriel.

You kill one another, and
I guarentee you...

this world is not big enough
for you to hide in.

How are you going to explain
to her parents...

why their daughter is returning
home in plastic bags.

Here's how it's gonna go, John.

Pull your men back and stay
the fuck out of my way...

or your agent is road kill.

I'm good either way.

So, let me talk to her.

I'm sorry, John.

I really screwed this up, I'm
so sorry.

I'm gonna get you out of this.

All right.
Don't worry.

I'm gonna get you out of this.

If you try to stop me, a lot
of people who don't have to...

are gonna die.

It's your choice, how to play

Right now, I'm just a guy out
for a nice drive.

So much for blowing him up.

Shut the fuck up!


Ray, we're here at Parsons.

We found his body.
He's been murdered.

We got a positive ID.

A cyber-grey metallic ZR1
headed southbound on US 95.

Hostage is visible inside
the vehicle.

He's almost on you, chief.
Copy that.

Don't worry.
We're ready for this guy.

A lot of people have said that.

Cortez has a way of proving
them wrong.

I need you to be alert.

And you need to remind your

that there's a hostage in that

Coming up on the Arizona border.

He'll be on top of you, soon.
Copy that.

Everything's in place.

Five minutes.

Get comfy. I want you to have
a good view of the show.


Fall back!

Fall back!

Good God.

The barricades' been completely

It looks like a war zone, down

We've got several officers down.

I'm on my way.

Now remember, this is a crime
scene. Don't touch anything.

10-4 on that.

Okay, so the way I see it,
we got a busted window.

All right, it looks like
a burglary gone bad, to me.

I think what Parsons did, he came
in, and he surprized them, maybe.

It coulda been that.

Did anyone check for tire
tracks, yet?

They were here first.

I'll go check.

Stay together.
Yes, sir.

Show me the body.

Right over here.

Oh, Jesus.

No burn mark on the entry wound.

The bullet passed clean through.

A pistol round didn't do this.

Can you tell which way they

Towards the canyon.

Let's go.

Three million dollars in Swiss
accounts per our agreement.

You know, in my country, the
police say "Gracias..."

after being paid off.

If you're going to continue
driving like a maniac...

Can I stop playing hostage, now?


What is that?



Shit. Just lost visual.
We just lost visual.

How? How? Get it back.
We're goin' around.

He's gone.

What do you mean he's gone?
Just keep looking.

You gotta keep looking. Keep
looking! Find him!

We lost him.
We'll stay on it.


He was killed outside. His body
was moved inside after the fact.

How quickly can Cortez make
the border?

At the speed he's going,
65-75 minutes.

That little patch of border
he's headed towards...

is mostly deep canyon.

Can you bring that up for me,

The only crossing point is here.
Los Algodones.

I know the CBP agent in charge
down there.

He's a hard ass.

And the border crossing was
just rebuilt last year.

Concrete blast walls, in-ground
retrackable steel barriers.

It's a fortress.

Cortez isn't racing towards a

without a strategy to get

so, whatever he's planning,
we've got to be ready for.

Start moving assets to Algodones.

Reinforce that crossing, all

Right, what about this town?
Sommerton Junction.

There's no official crossing...

but it's the closest point in
his path.

Hang on.

The ravine is too deep to cross.
It's a long shot.

Let's not ignore it though.

I'll give the Sheriff a call.
Tell him to keep out of the way.

Sheriff Owens?

That's me.
Who am I talking to?

John Bannister with the FBI.
We have a situation.

Well, talk to me.

I have a violent fugitive making
a run for the Mexican border.

Now there's a small chance that he
might try to cross at Sommerton.

It's unlikely that he'll be
comin' your way...

but I'm going to send over a SWAT
team from El Centro just in case.

No offense, but I want them
handling this.

Listen, I can't talk right now.
I've got to go.

What's up?

I don't know.

The FBI says there's an escaped

that might be heading our way.

When it rains, it pours.

This is no coincidence.

First the guys at the diner,
now this.

It's all connected.

I've got to reach Bailey and


What's that light over there?

Do you think it's them?

Do you think the killer's stupid
enough to hang around here?

Damn it.
Give me the Glock.

Stop the car.
Stop the car.

What the hell is that?

Bailey, Torrance, where are you?

We followed some tire tracks
to the canyon edge...

at the south side of town.
There's someone out here.

We're checking it out on foot.

Negative. You need to fall back,

Do you copy?

Give me this.

Ray, we got work lights.
Something big is going on here.

Ray, do you copy?

Ray, do you copy?


Jerry, Run!


What the hell is goin' on,
out there?

We're taking fire, multiple

I'm almost there!

NVGs on.

Kill the lights, now!


You okay, Jerry?
Can you make it to me?




Bailey's over there.
He's been hit.

I'll cover you.

Bring me the gun!

Bailey, come on.


Go, go, go, go, go!

Is anyone following us?

That's a negative.
I didn't see any headlights.


Are you both okay?

Oh my God, Jerry.
You're still bleeding.

It's nothing, it's nothing.

Find the wound and apply pressure.


I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's okay.

I hear uniform blood stains
take forever to scrub out.

Yeah, well, what do I care?

You're the one that's going to
be cleaning it for me, anyway.

As soon as we get you patched up.

Do you think Frank would be

if he saw the two of us like

I know, you can just tell your

that he's just wasting his
time, you know?

I don't date prisoners.

Yeah, he likes you, too.


Hold on, Jerry.

Jerry, hang on, Jerry.

Ray, hurry.

Stay with me, Jerry.

Everything will be fine.


Come on.





I can't believe he's gone.

He's was talking about you,
only minutes before he died.

What'd he say?

He told me to go easy on you.

That you're not all that bad.

What do you mean, cops gave
you trouble?

What kind of trouble?

Are you going to be ready
on time?

Yes, not gonna be a problem.

I expect you to complete your

I don't want to hear any excuses.

Oh, shit!

Bannister here.
How far is the SWAT team?

Forty-five minutes, or so.

Because I need your help.

Your fugitive is trying to cross
the border right around here.

What are you talking about?
There was no crossing at Sommerton.

They're going to build one...

because the canyon south of
town here is very narrow.

There's a whole team, out here.
Military background, heavy weapons.

They're building a moblile assault
bridge across that canyon.

Oh really. You think so?
I know so, I've seen them.

We've been engaged in a fire
fight with those guys.

Now, who the hell is this
fugitive, anyway?

Gabriel Cortez.

Why the fuck didn't you tell
me that, earlier?

My deputy would still be alive,
if I would have known that!

You know what?

I don't have time to explain
every little detail to you.

Why don't you go out there and
patrol, or something like that?

Look, I don't know you.
And I don't answer to you.

Son of a bitch.

Hung up on me, again.

Piss-ant country Sheriff.

Phil, give me the SWAT captain,

Got it.

And throw up a map of Sommerton
up here, for me.

I want to check something out.


There's a chance Cortez may
actually try to cross in Sommerton.

When you get there, if you
find a bridge, destroy it.

Yes, sir.

Mobile assault bridge?

That's SWAT up ahead.
What are you gonna do?

Death doesn't come when you
expect it.

Driving a race car...

or in a gunfight.

Death is waiting in the kitchen...

when you get up at night to get
a glass of milk.

My niece, my sister's oldest,
she was a good girl.

I practically raised her.

Then one night, I find her
pointing a Glock at me...

in the kitchen.

If she hadn't hesitated...

it would have been my brains

all over the marble floor,
instead of hers.



Don't try to see death coming.

You won't.

SWAT's not coming.

So, we're on our own?

Well then, who's gonna stop
this guy, Cortez?

This is on the feds.

He was in their custody.
They lost him.

He should never have been
our problem.

Maybe not.

But if he comes through our
town, he will be our problem.

Okay, so...

So, we can turn our back for
a half hour.

We could do that.

If you do that, might as well
throw these in the trash.

Ray, let it go.

I can't.

Jerry's dead because of that

Ray, you know me.
I'm not a coward. Look...

I would more than happily draw

on those guys with you, for

But Cortez, he's out of our
league. He's got an army.

Look. If you guys want to just
step aside, that's fine with me.

I'm not going to fault you
for doing so.

But I'm not gonna let that
guy come through our town...

without a fight.

I took the same oath as you,


Looks like you're a little
short handed.

You need my help.

Are you still as good a shot
as you used to be?

Muscle memory lasts a long

Frank, I've seen you start a lot
of things you didn't finish.

Jerry was my friend.

I've never quit on my friends.

Set him free.

Consider yourself deputized.

I won't let you down.

Okay, okay.

That makes four of us.
You happy?


I want you to pull financials
on everybody in this division.

Including me.
No exceptions.

Cortez has somebody on the inside.

Somebody who tipped him off
when we were about to move...

and I want to know who it is.

All right?

Ray, I...

I gotta tell you...

When Jerry and I were being
shot at...

I was scared shitless.

I mean, I could barely keep
my hands from shaking.

That's quite normal.

I mean, everyone feels like
that during a fire fight.

I tell you a secret.

I'm probably more afraid than
you are, right now.

How can that be?

Because I've seen enough blood
and death.

I know what's coming.

I want you to ask Washington...

to get us real time satellite
imagery of the area...

surrounding Sommerton.

You know, if this sheriff
is right...

and we've got a hundred federal
agents standing around...

Los Algodones crossing...

with their dicks in their hands,
for no reason.

What's the fastest way to get

We can charter a jet out of

Do it.


Yeah, but how are we going to go
up against all that firepower...

with a bunch of shotguns and

I got an idea.

I got two conditions that need
to be met before we do anything.

Well, name it.

I want to be deputized like
Frank, here...

so, any damage caused to,
or by me...

will be official business of the
Sommerton Juction's...

Sheriff's office.

Put your hand on it.

I do hereby instate one
Lewis Dinkum...

to serve as deputy from
this day forward...

or until his services are no
longer required...

by the people of Sommerton


What else?

Second condition.

Oh, I want to hang on to ole
Georgetta here.

Seeing as I'm the only one fit
to handle her.

Let's go.

I mean, you can handle her
too, Ray.

And you too, Frank.
You might be able to handle her.

Well thanks, Lewis.
Okay, let's go.


Jesus Christ, Lewis.


What a beauty.

Where the hell did you get this?

She's my little Nazi killer.
1939 Vickers gun.

My little crazy bitch.

Of course she can't really fire
in the legal sense, though.

But I did run down all the
missing parts for her.

So, she could function,

Course, that's between us
and Jesus.

Uncle Sam don't need to know
nothin' about that.

You have more ammo?
A few rounds.

Well, bring everything you got.

What do you think, we are
fighting in the crusade?

You never know.

We meet on Main Street in five.

We need as many vehicles as
possible, for the blockade.

I'll drive ole Henrietta, here.

You have stupid names for all
your shit?

Only the shit I love.

Let's go.

All right.
I'll brief you when we touch down.

Update me.

Border Patrol is putting a
team together...

but they won't be there for
over an hour.

National Guard?

What about the military?

It takes a presidential order.

We're not going to get that
in the next 45 minutes.

Now Cortez has to come
through Main Street...

in order to get to the canyon.

The only other option is

Torrance, you take Frank and
Lewis, and block that off.

And Fig and I are going to warn
the civilians.

Got it.

Hey, Ray.
Listen guys...

There is an escaped fugitive
coming through town.

It's too dangerous for you to
stay here.

I want everyone to go home.

Did you hear what I just said?

We just ordered breakfast.

It's for your own safety.

You're talking to a seventy-two
year old man...

with high cholesterol, eating a
bacon and cheddar omelette...

with extra cheddar.

Do I look like I'm afraid of

Don't look at me.
I ordered the same thing.

Well, I just started cooking.

Where's Christie?
Went to get milk.

Just stay away from the windows,

Stay away from the windows.

We can do that.

All right.
How do you want to do this?

All right, lets put your truck
on the far side...

and then try to find some more
cars to use.

I've got a better idea.

We might need somthin' bigger.

Maybe three on this side.
Have to be enough to fill it in.

What are you planning to do?

Just stay back.
No Dinkum, what about the lines?

This is the phone and cable.
Electricity's over there.

No, that's not what I mean.
If you cut the phone lines...


Get back. Get back!

Fucking perfect.

Let's get some cars in place.

Well, shit!



You'd better take a look at this.
What is it?

The Satellite feed from Homeland

This is the live view of the

just south of Sommerton Junction.

Look at that.

That's a bridge?

I don't believe it.

The Sheriff was right.
Who is this guy?

In 1988, Owens joined the LAPD.

He trained under their Elite
Tactical Division.

Worked Narcotics for five years,
then he quit.


Well, he crashed a party on
some bad guys...

movin' a half ton of coke.

He took home the Medal of Valor.
Five bullet holes for his trouble.

Owens lived, but seven other
cops didn't.

So, that was it, for Owens.

Guess he'd seen enough bloodshed,
so, he walked away.

He went to Sommerton to play


Yeah, we need two more.

Oh, my God!
What are you doing, Dinkum?

Have you lost your mind, you

Settle down!
I almost got it.

Don't do that!

Dinkum, are you okay?

Oh my God, are you all right?

It worked!

Nice job, deputy.
Nice job.

Ray, we're gonna need something
bigger than this.

I got an idea.

Asamora's blocked off.

Good. Have Dinkum and Martinez
meet me in the school yard.

And I need you to be on top
of the roof of the old hotel...

to be my spotter.

Figgy, you go to the Southside...

and check if the buildings
are cleared, okay?

I'll be right back.
On my way.

Time for a turkey shoot.

Oh, shit!

I got guys on Main Street,
approaching from the South.

Do not engage, wait for us
to get there.

Copy that, Ray.

What the hell is that?

This is gonna be a lot of fun!

I'll need two guys on the left.

You two take the right.

Shoot anything that moves.

If it doesn't move, shoot
it anyway.

Once our work is done here...

we're gonna burn this place
to the ground!


Jesus, Figgy?

Christie, you have to get out
of here, now!

What the hell's goin' on?
What are these cars parked for?

Look at that ass.

Christie, you have to get off
the street, baby.

Why are you hiding behind a car?

I could kill for that ass.


Come on!
Come on!


Get down!
Get down!

Come on!
Come on, come on!

Get to the diner!
Get to the diner!

Is that the best you got?

Look at that squirrel with that
big motherfucker hat.

This is getting boring.
Get the big gun!

Oh, shit.

Give him something to remember.

Oh, shit!

Take him out!

Get him!


All clear...

What the fuck happened?

Torrance, are you okay?
I'm okay, Ray.

But Figgy's down.


Now, what the hell is that?

Welcome to Sommerton.

Nice shooting, Sheriff.

Get this the bus into position.

I got it! I'm on it!

We're in place!

Get down!

Torrance, where is the fire
coming from?

Behind you.
Roof next to the diner.

Cover me, guys!
Yes, sir!

How are you, Sheriff?

Ah, you got a ways to go yet.

Oh my God Sheriff, you've
been shot.

Somebody help him!
I see it. Hold on.

Don't worry, it's just glass.

Where are the stairs to the roof?
Over there.

He's goin' after Sarah.
We have to warn her.

Give me the radio!

Give the radio!
We don't got no damn radio!

We got nunchuks, though!

Just cover me!
Cover you?

What the hell?


Does this mean I'm forgiven?




Goddamn cowbell!




No trespassing!
Quiet Granny.

Mrs. Salazar?


Put the hurt on em', Ray!


Lewis, what are you doing?

Figgy's over here...



You get Dinkum.
I'll cover you!

I've got you.

Come on.


What are you doing out there?
I'm a deputy.


Here I am!

You little motherfucker!

Come on!

Where the fuck are you?

Little rat.
You wanna play?

I love to play.


Oh shit!

Drop the weapon.

Who the hell are you?

I am the Sheriff.

I'm here.

Do you copy?

Are you ready for me?

We will be.

You're very good in close
quarters, aren't you?

You're very beautiful, Agent

And nothing would give me
greater pleasure...

than to demonstrate...

how good I really am.

But since you're still going
to need to look the part...

of an escaped hostage...

consider this a goodbye gift.

What do you mean?

What the fuck?


So, you want to play?

Let's play!


Now what?


Son of a bitch!


I'm gonna kill you!


You fucked up my car.

You fucked up my day off.

You know what, Sheriff?

All you have to do is let me
walk across that border.

Hell, twelve thousand Mexicans
come across every day.

You shouldn't mind if one goes

What do you say?

You make us immigrants look

Well, then...

let's discuss my deportation,
shall we?

Carlos, uno momento.

This is my personal banker.

Simply tell him your account

You will be five million
dollars richer.

We will part as friends.

Ten million.

Put those on...

or, I will.

Maybe once upon a time.

Your time is over, abuelito.

My time is just starting.

Game on.

You should have taken the
money, old man!


Twenty million.

Twenty million dollars, just
to look the other way.

My honor is not for sale.

Fuck your honor!

You are under arrest.

Here comes the cavalry.

John Bannister, FBI.
Glad you could make it.

So what happened here?
Where's Cortez?

The Sheriff went after him.

I'm more concerned about him
right now...
than I am about Cortez.

Looks like you're both in luck.

Look at that.

Good thing.
Good for him.

One last time. Only this time,
the surprise is on you.

Let's go, guys.



Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

I'm so sorry, John.

He was going to kill me.
It's so good to see you.

Yeah, I'm glad he didn't.
I'm really glad he didn't.

Because that would have cost
me the satisfaction...

of being able to arrest you

I know the two of you are use
to being driving buddies.

And for your information, Swiss
bank accounts...

are not as secret, as they
use to be.

Let's go.


That's why I shot him.

I can walk!

Just because a man gets wounded
in the line on duty...

don't mean he can't walk.
I don't want that.

Way to go, Ray, Martinez,

I can walk.

Maybe if Christie wants to
help me, she could.

Thanks, little one.
Anytime, Lewis.




Let me see, let me see.

That's a .50 caliber!

That's a .50.
That's a painful .50.

Oh, man...
Look at that.

So, what about you?

I'm fine.

Oh, please, come on.
That's a BB gun.

Let's finish the report and
get out of here.


I'll say it. I completely
underestimated you, Sheriff.

It's okay.

You're a hell of a lawman.
And you don't give up too easy.

You're right.

This is my home.




Keep it.

You earned it.

Thanks, Ray.
Jerry would want you to have it.



What in God's name happened
to my car?

Next time, don't park it in
the fire zone.