The Last Party (1993) - full transcript

Robert Downey, Jr. gives reports and interviews with other stars in this documentary about the Democratic National Convention in 1992.

* I came in style

* I was reborn, cousin

* In reflection of
the future's written time *

* Go ahead, it's in your knees *

* And I'm watchin' everyone

* Just die from their disease *

We were born during Vietnam.

We were kids during Watergate,

in our mid-late teens
for Irangate.

And now we're all grown up
for Desert Storm.

We've only known a government

that doesn't tell us the truth,

and so we've been
taking it in our own hands

to find out our own truth.

We were all probably
about 10 years old

when the Reagan-Bush

got into office,

so our view of democracy

is pretty much completely
comprised of that.

Our generation is the first
generation of people

who government is not
a force for good
in our lives.

We need to give our youth

the opportunity
to run this country

because all the older ones,
they've fucked the country up.

I've been in a hurry
for a long time.

To achieve what?




Not truth.

I'm taking you
into my hero's church.

We're going to
Charlie Chaplin's studios,

which is now A&M Records.

I'm going here
for another reason,

but this is, like, my church,

and I come here, and, uh,

ask questions
and usually get answers.

I won't say from who.

What interests me about Chaplin

is not so much
that he was a comedic genius

but the fact that he
seemed able to...

be a social critic

and, uh, and creative
at the same time.

This is the stage.

This is where the films
like City Lights,

Modern Times,
The Great Dictator.

They were all shot here.

If you're gonna spend
all the time and energy
to make a film,

you might as well
have it be something

that really reaches out

and does more
than entertain people

because, uh...

because you give a lot
of your life to do it,

so it might as well
really matter.

What's my agenda?
What's my agenda?

Keep going.

What's my agenda?
What's my agenda?

Keep going.

What's my agenda?

I'm only starting to get
a sense of this,

and it seems like
the bottom line is educa...

Educat... edu...

It was good up till
then, wasn't it?

Yes. Any time.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wait.

Just cut for a second.
Let me gather my thought...

Why don't I want
to look in the mirror?

Because I'm, like, uncomfortable

with what I see sometimes.

Because I know myself too well.

I know I have to change.

I mean, what's this?
That fear of change.

Fear and denial
on the campaign trial.

Heads up. Heads up.

You are standing on a ladder,

in case people think
I'm Dustin Hoffman.

Let's go, Bill, White House!

Governor Clinton, just once,

can we ask you one question

on the youth vote?

Do you intend to have
anyone under 30

address, uh,
address the convention

to talk to the youth vote,
youth of America?

We are going to have
some young people

in their 20s invest...
Address the convention.

I know that there will be some.

Okay, I'm available next week

if you need any extra help.

Thanks. Bye-bye.

Hey, have a good vacation.

I promise a chicken
in every pot.

I promise that science
and progress

will lead to all men's

I promise if I get caught
telling the truth,

I will lie my way out of it.

For me, I call it, you know,

like, the good boy
and the goat boy...

You know, those...
those parts of me
that, uh...

that are only out

for my own instant

Delayed gratification
is not something

that I was raised
with a concept of.

It's important for me to stress

that it's not a frog,

that it is a goat,

and it's just I haven't
honed it yet.

If you repress the goat,
then he'll nail you.

I think it's interesting

that we have these two out here.

One's a Fool,
which represents the youth

and the... and the...

The, uh, openness
to new experience

and wanting to jump off
into new things,

almost foolhardy.

The young spirit is ready

to take off into the new
phase of life.

I knew that this had to do

with your visiting
the conventions,

but I thought...
I kept getting the feeling

that you either
had been a president

or very close to
a presidential candidate,

and I thought,
"Oh, that's natural

"that you are discovering
who you are

on this trip, aren't you?"

There is a movement
in this country

and I think, really,
on this planet

toward, uh, self-realization,
if you want to call it that,

toward spirituality,

um, which is...

It's come about,
really, out of crisis

because we are
a planet in crisis.

My father came in and said,
"Everything's fine,"

and we went, "Okay,"
and then we went to sleep.

I think probably
an accurate, uh, analogy

is that of a dysfunctional

We have this idea
that we are a society

in which a lot
of dysfunctional
families exist,

but I think we're
missing the point

that, because of that,

we are a dysfunctional country.

My mom and dad were
the... the kind of couple

that people always said
would never split up.

They'd always be together.
They were the perfect couple.

And then, when I was 12,

uh, well, I'll never know why.

It's really, I guess,
none of my business.

I have my own ideas.

But they split up.

And my sister
went with my father,

I think out to California,

and I moved to New York
with my mom.

Hi, Dad.




Why did you make me
ugly and shiny?

Look at me.

Who did?

You did it.

I have zits, and I'm shiny,
and I'm not happy.

You mean you're
blaming that on me?

I think 2/3 of him
was awake for a long time,

and a lot of what we did
to ourselves he's done, too,

and he's missing
some fucking pistons.

I'm okay. It's a long day.

Let's talk about
the election, Dad.

Fuck you, the elections.

Listen, it's so obvious.

If you don't vote this...

This is the worst
I've ever seen it
in my life,

and if you don't vote
this time, you know,

you shouldn't even be alive.

My dad was
an underground filmmaker.

My mother was an actress.

Our house was a place

where we came
and watched the dailies

of whatever film my dad
was making at the time,

and, you know, I would
give him foot rubs

and, you know, smoking pot

and incense and...

Seattle Kid.

I think that, uh,

a lot of us did things

and thought it would
be hypocritical

to not have our kids participate

in marijuana
and stuff like that,

so we thought it was cute
to let him smoke it.

It was an idiot move
on our parts, a lot of us,

to share that with our children,

but look, he's okay now.

I can't find
my goddamn car keys.

Sorry. I can't find the car.

So anyway, there is
something to that,

but generally, I don't know.

I'm just happy he's here.

That's all.

Were you ever worried

that he wasn't going to be here?

Many times.

What do you think they...

That's none of your
fucking business.


Anyway, I think it's great

that you're doing this.

I never would have figured you

for a political animal.

I'm not. I'm just
starting to get into it.

I'm learning some stuff,

You know a lot now.

Did you even vote in the '60s?

I don't remember you
getting in the polls.

No. No. I voted for Kennedy

because he had
a great-looking wife.


And there was no...

It just looked so obvious to me

that Nixon was a drag.

I mean,
it was that stupid.

Since then, it hasn't been much,

but this country's been
in such bad form for so long.

We just got to hope

whoever wins this just can
rise to this occasion.

* There's a running maid in... *

This is very important.

Any interesting dreams?

No. I have a bit
of a boner right now, though.

So you got that from sleeping
together in the hotel, huh?

Sleeping... Sleeping...

Sleeping next to Josh
does that to you?

When someone
says "Al Gore" to you,

what goes through your head?

Do you have any reaction?


Better learn up
on all this legislative,

and executive nonsense,

so I can make sense
of these nonsensical

"Constitution of the
United States government.

Key terms... impeach."

...of four years each,

but the 26th Amendment
is very important.

What was that?

It lowered the voting age to 18.

* Yeah, people, how you doing? *

* There's a new day dawnin'

* For the Earth Mother

* It's a brand-new mornin'

* Such a long while

* Been such a longin'

* But now the sun is shining

* Let's roll back the awning *

...with your mouth.
It's distorting.

Thank you. Hold it right there.

Around here? Okay?

What are you doing here?

I'm making a movie
about the elections.

What are you doing here?

I'm making a movie about you.

Oh, how's that coming?

All right.
This is Payback to Bitch.

What's your name?

Bill Davis.

You having a good time?

How you doing?

I don't know what to make of it.

It's like a game show.

It was like being
in an excited mall

with a lot of different,
uh, food stops.

Young people have become
so apathetic and indifferent.

They're like couch potatoes

vegetating before the boob tube,

you know, mesmerized by MTV

24 hours a day,
seven days a week,

365 days of the year.

Silver spoons in their mouth

big enough to offset
the trade balance

between Japan
and the United States,

and all they got to say
is "I, me... I, me."

For young America,

you know who their leaders are?

Axl Rose.


Chuck D.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And... Oh, Michael Jackson.

And what these people
do is great.

They're entertainers.

Michael Jordan, he's...
He's a great artist.

I mean... But I don't think...

I think it's unfair

that we should expect

Michael Jackson
and Michael Jordan

to affect or to lead us
out of the wilderness

for the problems
that are in this country.

Can we make a difference?

Shit, yeah. The attitude is...

If you... You don't understand.

He says we can't
make a difference.

Make a difference.
She says you can't

The rest of us say it.
You say it.

Everybody else
around here says we can't
make a difference.

Well, there's...

Then you got 10 million people

saying we can't
make a difference,

and those 10 million people
can make a difference.

A lot of young people
are involved in...

On a grass roots activist level,

but we know nothing
about electoral politics,

and I thought that
we don't have power

because we're out there
on the outside,

while all these people
on the inside

are doing all the work
but doing the wrong stuff,

So I want to get people
my age in my generation

more involved with
electoral politics

so we can work on the outside

and know how that inside works.

Well, I was in school one day,

and we were getting ready...

A bunch of friends of mine
were getting ready

to go to a Young Republicans

because they didn't have
anything else better to do,

and a lady said,
"Well, I'm not young,"

and I looked at him,

and I said, "Well,
I'm not Republican,"

and so... Why?

Why am I not Republican?



Uh, okay.

Because I think
they're assholes.


We went over
to Madison Square Gardens,

a bunch of us girls,

and we introduced ourselves
to the delegates,

and everyone was there,

and we told them
all about Goldfingers

and asked them to come on in.

So I hear you have
an interest in politics.

Yes, I do, actually.
I'm a registered Republican.

People generally would think

that anyone who's a concerned
enough citizen to vote

to even take interest in a party

would be a more
conservative individual.

And yes, I am very conservative

in, you know, my real life.

You know, this is
the fantasy life.

This is... This is a job.
It's nothing more.


Try to make that scenario
work, you know?

That whole... It's like
your first acceptance

of women and sex and...

Somewhere along the line,

I became really intimidated

by the idea of, um...

of a real trust
and closeness, you know.

I mean, that would show up
in, like, you know,

not being able to get it up
or flipping out or...

If you're at a place
where you're really...

You're uncomfortable with life...

You're like, ugh,
you're spawning, you know?

When you see...
The idea of a vagina,

it brings up a lot
of fucking resentment.

This is very intimidating
to us men.

It is? Yeah.

Um, you shouldn't be
intimidated, not you.

Oh, okay.

Women's Action Coalition, huh?

It's only six months old.

It was born out of
the frustration women felt

and kind of galvanized

by Anita Hill,
Clarence Thomas hearings.

We held our first direct action

within a week of forming.

George Bush, have no doubt,

women want you out!

George Bush, have no doubt,

women want you out!

What's your opinion?

My opinion is
everybody should have
the right to choose.

God gave us the right to choose.

Why can't other people?

Unless you're,
like, a straight white male,

I mean, you're basically fucked.

Men are always the superior,

and they will always
be considered that

and get paid more than a woman.

Because women have
to sweep the nation!

After the House,
clean the Senate!

What do you mean?

Well, one of his aides
called him, and...

It seems you've really been able

to mix your personal
and political life.

Watch yourself!

It's not true?

How have you been able
to make that happen?

Well, that's
a real good question

because in this kind of, uh...

this... What do I call it?


It's like somebody might say,

there's no virgin
in a whorehouse.

It's kind of hard
to talk about virtue

when everything around you

is going in the other direction.

It's a very superficial
kind of bond

that is created in politics,

often driven more by power
and money, uh, and glory,

and that's not enough
to pull people together.

There has to be a connection
at a deeper level.

Keep hope alive!

Keep hope... Everybody.

Keep hope alive!

Don't give up!

Keep hope alive!

Stand tall!

Keep hope alive!

I love you.

I mean, awareness and education

are the only ways
to prevent AIDS
right now.

It's ridiculous.
People are dying,

and they're too embarrassed

to say the words
sex and homosexuality.

I mean,
ever see George Bush
talk about anal sex?

Do you think that everyone's

going to have to know someone

that died from AIDS

before people
will really start
taking action?

Well, certainly,
when there's,
like, a face to it

and you know them, it's going
to affect you a lot more.

Sometimes you get fed up,

and you get really frustrated

when you're doing service work,

and you're watching the people

that you want so much to save

die, and there's nothing
you can do to stop it,

and I get fed up with that,

so I go in the streets.

This is why people die!

This is why people die!

This is why people die!

This is why people die!

This is why people die!

I dream about the day

when there will be no more AIDS,

no more tears, no more pain,

and no more dying.

What do you want to say
to President Bush?

That he can give thousands
of dollars to the wars,

when we go and fight
battles and stuff,

but then he says
that he has no more money.

If he could give
that much money,

why can't he give a little,
at least, to AIDS?

Let's march together!

Let's pray together!

Let's educate
our children together!

Let's build houses together!

Let's fight
for health care together!

Let's change America together!

Stand together
and keep hope alive!

Keep hope alive!

Keep hope alive!

Keep hope alive!

So this is where
it all happens, huh?

Wow. How's it going?

Pretty well.

There's a lot
of gear in here, huh?

We don't know how much...
Much of it works.

I know how to do this.

I tried to get that right
in the middle of her face,

but it just doesn't
look the same.

What do you think
of Ann Richards?

I love her.

How come? Huh?

She's funny.

She's a great governor.

Uh, she is a recovered alcoholic

who knows who she is
and what she is.

Thank you. God bless you.

It's quite a 12-Step
platform this year.

We got all these
recovering men and women.

It's kind of like one nation
under rehabilitation.

* Standin' on shaky ground *

* No, no,

* Ever since you put me down

If I would not have
wanted to get well,

if I would have continued
along that same pattern,

then I would have died,
you know,

but my brother and my mother

instilled strength in me,

which we all do.

My brother has said
to me over the years,

when times get tough,

it doesn't matter
how tough they are.

It doesn't matter
because you make it.

It just doesn't matter,

so don't worry about it.

Uh, it's real simple.

It's sort of like the
Just Say No deal, you know?

People say "You can't do it
by just saying no."

Well, the fact is you can
if you just say no.

Once you say yes,
it gets a little tougher.

Well, the same thing here.

He would always tell me
to, quote, suck it up.

You know, I've been
through treatment,

and when you come out,

you've got some guidelines
of how to live life.

And then you go back out
on the streets,

and it's like
there's very few people

who are really applying
that kind of stuff

in their own lives.

the Unconventional Smoke-in.

The Democrats are in town
having their convention,

so we're having an un-convention
because there are two

admitted pot smokers
on that ticket.

Meanwhile, we're both
being thrown in jail,

and they're running
for a government office.

When you get stoned, it's like
a little death, you know?

That's why this guy's singing,
you know, about the politicians.

They should get stoned

because that's gonna be
a little death for them,

and then a little death
for their egos.

Well, for me, you know,
growing up in school

was just, you know, smoking pot
all the time, you know?

And then went to Samohi.
Loved the friends.

Drugs in my family,
drugs in a lot of my friends'
families, you know.

Drugs in the '70s, in general,

at least from where I was at.

And I started really young,
you know.

And abuse comes in
when you don't understand

what drugs
are supposed to be for.

Or, like my dad says,
"When the ritual
becomes habitual,

it's time to quit."

You would rather sell drugs
to get a car than go to school

'cause you could do it quicker.

Whoever got the most money,

whoever got the nice cars,

whoever fucking the most girls,

et cetera, et cetera, man.

It's like a thing.
Like, you know...

Come on.
The thing was a thing,
and it's still a thing.

It's like, you know,
I seen somebody else doing it,
and I wanted to do it.

On and on and on.
It's still going on
to the day.

Ain't getting no better.

I got shot nine times.
Twice in the head.

What happened? And I lived.

Killed a couple of friends,
an aunt.

You know, they tried to rob me.
I'm making a lot of money
selling drugs.

Stick-up kids...
They tried to kill me,
take me out.

Then tried to kill
all the witnesses
that was there

so nobody couldn't talk,
but it happened so I lived.

Lucky to live.
You know what I'm saying?

Yeah! Yeah, baby! Oh!

Yo! Aw!

* I know 25-to-life,
that's what I'm facin' *

* But who brought the drugs
in the nation? *

* Been goin' on
from generation to generation *

* Now you want it to stop,
so you hire more cops
to get Pop *

* Money and drugs
is all politics *

* Lawyers and judges
on the road to get rich *

* We just some young brothers
caught up in the system's mix *

* Kept both eyes on the fight
and still couldn't tell
it was fixed *

* Big A with a final word
to say *

* I know I'm guilty,
but, hey, who killed JFK? *

So this is your first time
at one of these things?

Yeah, it's my first time.

I thought yesterday
was just a circus.

Nothing was said. Nothing.

It was just like
bread and circus,
Roman dough.

These people were,
one after the other,
getting up there

just splurging out
this bullshit hypocrisy

about inner cities,


and nothing concrete
was being offered.

What about this...
Having a convention?

Some people say it's outdated.

What purpose does it
really serve besides

having the acceptance speech
and all that kind of
party nonsense?

What do you think?
I think it's like publicity.
It's like a big commercial.

* Everybody rappin'
like it's a commercial *

* Acting like life
is a big commercial *

* So this is what I got
to say to y'all *

* Be true to yourself,
and you will never fall *

The televisions
are our public airwaves.

They're ours,
and they've been leased,

basically, to 23 corporations
that control America...

The American media.

So, there's no way that you
can have a serious debate,

serious discussion
or serious campaigning

under a private system.

* My name is MCA

* I've been comin'
to where I am from the get-go *

* Find that I can groove
with the beat when I let go *

Generally speaking,
it takes cataclysmic events

to really rock us
out of complacency,

and, certainly, the hypocrisy
that we see here today.

* Get up and groove
with the rhythm in your soul *

* And now I'd like to pass
the mic *

* To my brother Ad-Rock

* Come on
and shine like a light *

What are you guys
all doing down here?

Going up to three floor.

Three floor?
What's going on up there?

Civil unrest. Yeah?

This whole place
was like a war zone.

Cars on fire, buildings,
places were getting looted.

Why? 'Cause we all got fed up.

Fed up with the old
police state out here.

Do you think every one
of those guys
would fuck you up

without thinking twice about it?

Hell, yeah. Drop of a dime.

Why? Every one of them?

They're on a power trip.
That's a blanket statement.

Put it this way, guarantee,
if I walk down the street

with this beer in my hand,
by myself, probably nobody...

I guarantee you
at least one or two cops
out of a posse of at least ten,

will at least come over to me...
"How you do"...

Boom, throw me on the wall,

knock the 40-ounce
out of my hand,

and proceed to search me
for no apparent reason.

That's just like
they're saying,
as a blanket statement,

"All you guys are drug dealers.
None of you guys are creative.

"None of you guys
are doing anything
to help the community.

You're all fucking it up worse.
You're just trying to get
a fast buck."

It seems like neither of you
are willing to give much
on each other.

Let's just say
there was an old record
back in the days

called "Revolution
Won't Be Televised."

Here you got the revolution.

We're getting tired
of the government

coming down here
like a big bunch of giants,

treating us like hookers...
Fuck us one day,

give us money and then step.

Okay? That's how they doing us.

Come on. Let's go.

'Cause you know
that in Middle America,

Americans seem to be afraid
of guys like you.

You know what I mean?
See, they're afraid
of what they don't know about.

See, that's the thing
about this country.

What they don't know about,

they either try to
take it over or kill it.

Do you think that these riots
help or hurt?

The violence helps or hurts...
I think it hurts ourselves

to be burning down
our own neighborhoods,
and destroying...

You know, burning buildings
with people in it

and looting our own stores.

But I can understand
the frustrations,

on the other hand,
through the people.

When you talk and talk and talk,
and you write your congressmen,

and you do all those...
The avenues... the right...

You know, you use the things
you're supposed to use
in a democratic society,

it seems that doesn't work,
especially for minorities
and whatever.

Have you lost
some friends up here?

I lost a lot of boys, man.
A lot.

A lot of boys.

There's not much hope
out there for a lot of kids,
you know?

It's like...
It's serious as a heart attack.

Now they come for New York,

where Eleanor Bumpurs
was killed,

New York, where Michael Stewart
was killed,

New York, where
Yusef Hawkins was killed,

New York,
where Marcus Godfrey preached,

New York,
where Malcolm X preached,

New York,
where Adam Powell preached.

And they claim
us two Southerners
with a Southern agenda.

This ain't no justice!

No justice! No peace!

No justice! No peace!

No justice! No peace!

What do you want
from Governor Clinton?

I want Clinton
to address the issues.

If he wants to be the president,
of all the peoplepresident

and address all the pain...
Police brutality,

criminal justice,
racial violence,
infant mortality.

I don't want him
to throw out an economic plan

and act like that we don't have
criminal justice problems.

But Denzel...

Here in America,

racism is interwoven
into our fabric.

I mean, when you're talking
about America,

you're talking about baseball,

apple pie and racism.

And most of the times,
racism is tied into economics.

When I lost my job,
my friends just went.

What was that like?

It was horrible, man.

I mean, it was horrible, man.
Real horrible.

Once you get a job, man,
you're somebody.

You feel good about yourself,
you know?

You go in there,
do your eight hours,

come out, go home.

You feel good
about yourself, man.

All right. Come back a little.

You ain't gonna tell me
you got the technology

to put that man on the moon
and bring him back,

then tell me
that you can't get...

That I can't have no job,

I can't have a place to stay.

You got people
working on Wall Street,

making all the money
in the world.

They go home
to their little homes.

They feel like
their world's secure.

They wake up one day
like I woke up,

and sleeping inside of a bridge

or sleeping on a park bench,

and realize, man,
America ain't the dream
that they thought it was.

America has changed from being
the land of the American Dream

to the land of
the American nightmare.

This isn't a country
based on freedom.

It's based on slavery, you know?

And there's so much racism
and crap like that going on here

that it's almost not cool
to live here anymore,

unless you're just, you know,
a stupid, ignorant sheep

just bleating out in a field
and saying, "Ignorance
is bliss," you know?

That's not what
it's about anymore.

This country's going down
real fast.

I mean, you ask
the people watching this movie

how many of them
own MX missiles.

Chances are,
none of them will say yes.

You ask them
how many of them own VCRs,
they'll all say they own VCRs.

See, America
makes the wrong thing.

We make missiles.
We don't make VCRs
and stuff like that,

so our economy sucks.

If money is evil,
then that building is hell.

This is the most obnoxious group
of money-hungry,

low IQ, high energy, jackrabbit,

fucking wannabe big-time,

small-time, shit-talking,

irritating bunch
of motherfuckers

I have ever had to endure
for more than five minutes.

...of dollars,
and I never really learned.

The '80s, for me,
was like,

keep buying, keep spending.

You're making a lot of money.
Keep going for it.

And I'm fucking tapped, man.
I'm really pissed off.

I'm really p...
If you look into a paper,
you saw the classified section.

There are hundreds of jobs
that are offered to people.

If you don't wanna get up
and you wanna be lazy,
I can't see...

First of all, bullshit.

First of all, if I pay taxes,

why should I give somebody
who's not working, quote,

who years ago
were called "bums"...

Now they're called "homeless."

For a guy to wake up
at 8:00 in the morning

and sit in the corner
and drink beers and wine

and not go look for a job
is a bunch of bullshit to me.

Why should I pay my tax
for that guy?

I pay a lot of goddamn money
when I pay taxes.
I think it's bullshit.

We don't deal
with the guy on the street.

We see dollar bills,
trades, money, prospectuses,

things on the Street
going up, up, up.

We see lines going up.

What goes through your head
when you see a homeless woman

on the street with two children.

Actually, it's really
upsetting to me,

because when I first
moved to the city,

it really, really,
really upset me, and...

And it doesn't
so much anymore?
I'm totally desensitized to it.

What about Milken
and Boesky and all
the fucking crooks...

Let me tell you something.

'Cause you know why?
The guy made a lot of people
a lot of money.

Made a lot of people
a lot of money? He also
ripped off my grandmother!

So what? "So what"?

You're great,
but you're a fucking mercenary.

What's going on?
What's going on?

You're the Green Beret guys
of Wall Street,

and it's like devil-may-care,

women and children first,
take them all out.
No, no, no.

You know what I mean?
Slow down here.

All right.
I have a wife
and three kids at home.

Okay. Okay?

You do? Yes, I do.

I'm leaving.

Let's slow down.
Let's slow down.

If materialism is good,
greed is good,

and we ought to give...
That's good?

I like that. Greed is good.

And... You're my...

See, we can agree
on something.
Why is greed good?

Greed makes jobs, but money

makes the world go around.
Money makes
the world go around.

Greed pays the bills.
Money is
the root of all evil.

Money is not
the root of all evil.

What's the root of all evil?

Well, we can talk
about it later.

That's why he gets
the big bucks!

That's why you make
more money than I do.

Yo, man, I told you
not to go low in bonds!

I did it for the money.

Oh, is that right? Here you go.

Anything for money,

Greed is good!
Greed is good!
I did it for the money.

Greed is good! Greed is good!

Our economy has
been weakened fundamentally

by 12 years
of conservative Republicans'

supply-side policies, so-called.

In fact... In fact,

was just another version

of the failed
Republican dogma
of 65 years ago...

Then called "trickle-down"...

Which led to
the Great Depression,

and it has failed us again.

* You can't get away
with that shit *

There's a lot of people
walking around with a lot
of air in their heads.

You may or may not
be one of them.

* You can't get away
with that shit *

It's hard to sift
through the bullshit

and see what you really are,

you know, trying to fight for.

...the white men
in South Africa!

Unite the people!

Protect the white men
in South Africa!

I'm trying to get back in touch
with who I really am.

Is it working?

I feel better.

I feel better.

Why are you looking stupid,
sitting around in your Jockeys
or whatever they are?

You know you got
a zit on your nose?

I know that there's a lot
of imperfections
going on in my life,

but I'm trying
to be comfortable with them.


You want the boots on, too?

But my socks are wet.
Can't I wait till they dry?

No. Give him a break. Come on.

Look at him.
He's completely
manipulating me.

Aw. Thank you.

Let's see what it says.

I bet it says,
"How to... self-respect."

I know it's gonna say that.

It should at least.

You're supposed
to eat the cookie.

I'll eat the next one.

"The world is always ready
to receive talent

with open arms."

See, what you don't know is that

I might've been doing that
as a protest.

Ah, a protest
against boredom,

in which case
I would've been protected

under the Bill of Rights
or something like that

to be able to do it.

Who would you vote for
if you could vote this year?

Clinton and Gore.

Yeah? How come?

Well, I don't know.
I just have a feeling

that they're gonna
keep their promises
and things like that.

Mm-hmm. Are your
parents Democrats?

No. They don't vote.

No, it's just that they don't
wanna get into this stuff.

What do they do for a living?

My mom's a teacher,
and my dad, I hate.

I don't know.
I just don't like my dad.

That's understandable.

They're divorced, of course.


I'm scared,
'cause if he sees this,

he's gonna kill me.

We'll protect you.

Why would he kill you?

I don't know.
'Cause I tell him I love him,

and, you know,
I'm telling lies and everything.

'Cause, you know,
he's making my mom and mine...

He's jacking everything along.

Yeah. I remember
when my parents broke up...

And I stayed with my mom...

It was real rough for us, too.

I felt like I had to
kind of, like...

I had to do everything
all of a sudden, you know?

Yeah. It's a drag.

But sooner or later,
you move out,

get your own place and whatever.

I love my mom... Yeah. I just wanna
stay with her.

I wanna say something to every
child in America tonight

who's out there
trying to grow up
without a father or a mother.

I know how you feel.

You're special, too.

The trailers.
The Clinton trailers.
Okay, let's go.

Yes. Mike, let's go.

No, no,
that's in the press area.

I've got Robert Downey.
I've got him right here.

Hold on one second.
Do we know where we're going?

This is the man.

You know where we're going?

Now that we
have changed the world,

it's time to change America.

Basically, it seems like
everyone says that

they're going
to change it for us.

And it seems
like Clinton's the guy,

but then Brown got up
and went on,

and all these people
are holding up Brown signs.

It doesn't really make sense,
but what I will say is

that I don't know if any of them
are really going to change
anything for me.

But I would like to change...
I'd like to get a sandwich.

Maybe there's some in here.

Okay. Uh...

Hi. Are there any
sandwiches in here?

Nothing at all? No. No food.

No free food? No free food.

All right. Thank you. Sorry.

It's okay. Bye.

Okay. Yep.

Them, the liberals,

them, the poor,

them, the homeless,

them, the people
with disabilities,
them, the gays.

We've gotten to where
we've nearly "themmed"
ourselves to death.

Them and them and them.

Excuse me.
Where's the sandwich bureau?

Thank you very...

Hi. I loved you in Chances Are.

Thank you. I don't think so.

I... I...

It all comes together now
in one fell swoop.

Oh, no, not this. There we go.

Oh, hi.
How are you, Robert?
How you doing?

Good. How'd it go?
Did it seem like it went well?

Good. I hope
you enjoyed the night.

Elizabeth, hi.
How you doing?
Come on in for a second.

Do you have
any sandwiches?
Yeah. Come on in.

Can I have a sandwich? Thanks.

Do you have
a sandwich for Robert?
Do you have a sandwich?

I'm kind of exhausted.

I don't know
if we have sandwiches,
but shrimp and cheese...

Shrimp and cheese.

Oh, boy, I'm starving.
My son Michael.

I'm sorry.
I just want to get
a sandwich if I can.

One nation

under God,

indivisible, with liberty

and justice for all!

I still believe
in a place called hope.

* If you wake up
and don't wanna smile *

* If it takes
just a little while *

* Open your eyes *

Wow. Fleetwood Mac.
This is the '90s.

* You'll see things
in a different way *

* Don't stop
thinking about tomorrow *

I flew 3,000 miles for Clinton,
and I saw The Way We Were.

Okay? How's that?

That's what...
Put the camera back on me.

That's why I'm here...
'Cause they're right.ange.

I would hope. Don't mock me.

I mock you?
You're gonna mock me doubly.
Don't mock me.

Was Clinton
your first choice?
Mock Me Doubly.

That's a great film,
and you were brilliant in it.
Thank you very much.

I've seen everything
you've done.
Of course he's my choice.

What other choice is there?
It's like voting for Alf.

Who's your first choice
in the primary?
There's no one else. Come on.

You had a position
in the convention
earlier today.

They took your hat away.
What happened?

That's right.
They took my hat away.

We were escorting
the film crew around...

You mean me and my buddies?
That's right.

And you ran into Oliver Stone,
and he invited us into a suite.

We had no idea
whose suite it is,

so we went in
and took the film crew in.

And now the story
going around operations

is that me, Mike Evans,

busted into Ron Brown,
the chairman
of the party's suite,

and knocked over his wife
to bring in the film crew.

She's just mad 'cause
we stole her sandwich.

That's right.
She wouldn't give us
any sandwiches.

You were saying
some interesting stuff

about your opinions on Clinton
on the way down the escalator.

You remember that day?
That's right.
I think that Clinton

doesn't have a prayer
of a chance,

and the reason I think that is,

I think that anybody
that commits adultery

shouldn't run for president
of their country.

Not that it
bothers me personally.
Let him talk.

Not that it
bothers me personally.
Let him speak.

Not that it
bothers me personally.

It's just that
the Joe Six-packs of America

aren't gonna stand for that,
and the same thing...
What about George Bush

had a girlfriend for 15 years?
the same thing...
the same thing...

George Bush had a girlfriend
for 15 years.
It's the same thing...

It's the same thing
with marijuana.

It's not that he did it,
it's how he handled it.

Each time, he screwed it up,

and he handled it
with a change of story.
I agree with that,

but I don't think he doesn't
deserve to be president
Let's inhale, man.

Why did you call him a buffoon?

I think that the main thing
Clinton lacks

is he has no passion.

Hey! Hey, I let you talk,
all right?

Compared to most of
the countries in this world,

we have no choice.

The Democratic
and Republican parties

anywhere else
would be one party.

Let's blow our brains out. No.

We have to start somewhere,
don't we?

Yes, that's what I'm saying.
Let's make it
the end of Taxi Driver.

We'll all blow our brains out.

I'm just starting
to think, "You know,

"maybe you'd better, like,
start thinking about

"some of the long haul things,
you know.

Kind of the marathon of life
rather than the sprint."

* I'm in the circle now

* He is laughing how

Now, being married

and having found, like,
the right person,

and, you know...

For me, getting married
was about the ultimate idea

of two people being
in this ideal state
that always said, "My God."

To be just excited
and creative with someone,

and, you know, just a general
sense of well-being about life.

"The only way to have a friend
is to be one."

In bed. In bed.

With intimacy
comes responsibility.

It's frightening to think
that everything you do

to yourself
or to others around you
effects so many people.

Someone tries to rip off
my TV yesterday.

Now, I'm married now.
I have things to protect.

I don't really care
if they take my television.

That's just a sign of the times
and that things are rough,

and they need money for drugs
to forget about the times,

or they're just hungry,
and they're desperate.

But what gets me going

is it makes me wanna go

make sure that I, like,
know how to use my gun.

And then if someone
fucks with me,

like, there's part of me
that says, "Take him out."

Nice to meet you, man. Word up.

How's it going?

I've had guns for a long time,

but this is my first legal one.

Well, hey,
self-defense, man.

You need something
for the house, you know?

If someone tries to break in,
you gotta...

* Insane in the brain,
get the bullet *

* A hole in your head,
a hole in your head *

a hole in the head *
* A hole in the head,

* A hole in the head

So you got out of the gang scene

and into music. Yeah.

You know, when I make songs,
like, about, you know,

violent songs, I say,
"Well, look, you know,

"you could go pick up the gun.

"You can go rob somebody,

but it always comes back
around to you, you know?"

When, you know,
our songs carried over,

I figure, well, you know,
the truth is the truth,

and the ones who don't
like it, I figure,

well, that's...
It's just like medicine.

Medicine never
tastes good, you know?

Uh-huh. It's good for you,

but it don't taste good.

Now, when you were, uh...

When you were in... in the gang,

uh, I would imagine the same...

Some situations
arise where you
did some stuff

that you might have, uh,
might regret.



I... I should rephrase that.

No. No, actually, no
'cause I never...

I was the type
that I never went out

and caused the trouble.

I was always the one

where I was in the neighborhood

and they came
and they shot at me

or one of my people,

so I was like, well,
you know what? Fuck that.

Let's go get them back,
you know?


What do you think
when you look out

and see the skyline,
the city, Los Angeles?

Uh, I could never leave it.

I mean, I know
there's a lot of bullshit

within the... the suburbs
and the ghettos

and this downtown area,

but all in all, you know,

it's... it's pretty much
taught me

how to survive, you know?

They don't want anybody
that close, okay?

She was down on Sunset,

and she got raped
by six black guys.

I'm outraged that, you know,

a young girl like this
could be on the street

and this
could happen to her,
you know what I mean?

It's... It's sickening.

I mean... Oh, it makes me sick.

I'm going to really
be thinking about it
tonight, you know.

People prey on each other.

In Hollywood, all the shelters

and all the things have been
closed off to everyone.

You know,
if you're looking

for, like, Teen Canteen and LAYN

and The Way In, you know, just...

They're the only
few people that come out
and help us.

What kind of leader

do you think
America should have?

A black lesbian mother.

All right.


Because maybe some shit
will get done.

All right.

We need... My mother
used to always tell me

"Don't go feeding anyone else
unless your family's fed."

We're not fed in America.

I had nowhere to go,

and my stepmother wouldn't
let me live with her.

My parents were dead.

And Hollywood's supposed
to be this glamorous place

where stars were made,

and I wanted
to be a screenwriter,

so I came out here.

What did you discover here?

Thousands of homeless people,
dirty streets.

Uh, it's not so glamorous,

like... like
Entertainment Tonight

or they say it's supposed to be.

It's a hard life.
I guess it's, quote,

who you know
and who you blow out here.

Say your first name again.


I think the President
has to be blind

because I've been
to the White House.

He could look
out of his back window

and see homelessness.

I swear to God he must
look out his window
like this.

We do have an amazing ability

to not see what we
don't want to see.

Reality's too difficult.

In other words,
the same things that...

Uh, the same ways

that my father existed
within his family,

he also existed as President
of the United States.

He also, um, uh, fell prey
to those same things.

Being the child of an alcoholic,

he had an incredible
aptitude for denial.

Uh, we saw that
in the Iran Contra scandal.

We saw that pretty much
across the board.

I began by telling the President

that there was a cancer
growing on the presidency.

Are there a hundred
Watergates going on a year

that we just won't
ever hear about?

Only about every four years,

when the vast power
that is the Presidency
of the United States

is being contested.

Politics is very hardball,

and people do mount
intelligence operations

against the other side

because they want to know, 1,

what are the capabilities
of the other side

and 2,
what are their intentions.

* Whoa

Ollie North ran the secret arms

for the Contras
in the early '80s.

Also negotiated the Iran Contra

arms for hostage deal.

Manuel Noriega,

ex-generalissimo of Panama...

Friend of George Bush.

Operation Just Cause...

Invasion in Panama to get him.

* Get off my back

Richard M. Nixon,
nicknamed Tricky Dick.

President from '68 to '74.

First President to resign.

Uh, helped, uh,
George Bush's, uh...

Helped salvage his career

by making him the head
of the Republican
National Committee

during Watergate. Okay.

James Baker, nickname Bubba.


Secretary of State.

George Bush's best friend.

Potential savior.

Uh, head of the Houston Mafia.


George Bush. Nickname.


Head of CIA 1976.
Canned by Carter.

Vice-president '80 to '88.

President '88 to '92.


If we had, like,
the "Greatest Hits
of the CIA" album,

what do you think
some of the titles
of the songs would be?

For real because I, you know...

This is a lot of information
for me to take in.

I need the short list.

You got the Ballad
of the Bay of Pigs,

words and music by Ted Shackley.

I mean, the latest thing
is Panama.

You know, we go in there

to stop the Panamanian
drug, uh, trade,

and, uh, and within
two years it's doubled.

We finance covert operations
with drug money,

and the major drug players
are all CIA assets.

You know, there's this
wonderful line in JFK,

where they're grilling
the character,

and they're saying
"Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this?"

And he says "Because I'm afraid

if I don't do it, nobody will."

I am a sane, I think,
United States senator.

Our government lies,

and it's extraordinary
the degree to which

they will classify information

in the name of embarrassment

or political ideology

and avoid telling
the American people
the truth.

We're up against
some really bad guys

in the world,

especially when the communists

were in charge
of the Soviet Union.

Really bad guys.

And covert action
was a great thing.

It... It deflated
the Soviet Union

so we didn't have to have
a big war with them,

and now people
can enjoy themselves

without having
the communist threat

and all these missiles
pointed at them.

Now, a surfing Republican

is somewhat of an oxymoron.

I'm not the best
surfer in the world,

but I am the best surfer
in Congress.

Surfing is a lot like politics.

You're looking
for the right wave

to carry you
where you want to go.

The motto down here
is "Give me liberty,
or give me surf."

Now, how about that
for Orange County,
all right?

And that's what Republicans
are all about...

Liberty and surf.

I like rock 'n' roll,
I got a beard,

and I have a lot of fun,

and a lot of these old geezers

who are running the party

are, uh, really too conservative

in their lifestyle

ain't going to appeal
to anybody.

If you knew what was going on

in Area 51 in Nevada,

would you tell me?

Um, sure, but...
Well, if it's not
top secret.

I don't know what's
going on in Area 51.

Sure you don't.

Is that where the UFOs are?

Is that right? That's right.

Holy God.

There's an alien civilization

Maybe many alien civilizations.

We're talking about
being in the backwaters.

We're the primitive people.

We're on one tiny little world.

Maybe there's thousands
of worlds

linked up into a huge
political organization
of some kind.

I have this kind of fantasy

about having a space lover.

Well, based
on people's testimonies,

uh, there is some kind
of interest in our sexuality,

in our reproductive abilities,

and in our genetics,

uh, maybe in producing
some kind of a cross-breed

between us and them...

For what purpose, we don't know.

Is... Is George
a pretty good player?

Have you seen any of his action?

George? Yeah.

Bush. Poppy.

Do you know why I'm here?

No. Why are you here?

Well, I'm here
because we're going to
the Republican convention,

and it seems like there's
a lot of golf there.

I'd kind of like to be
able to fit in with them.

Left arm straight.

You kind of put it
under your chin.

When people see you
on the first tee

and you come up there and act...

And know and look
like what you're doing,

they go, "Oh, watch this guy."

Uh-huh. He's a comer.

He's a... He's
an up-and-coming comer.


After 12 years,
the Republicans got to
either put it together,

or it's going to be a meltdown.

The biggest issue
facing the United States

is how it is going
to create new wealth,

how it is going to
reindustrialize itself,

how are we going to be
competitive, right?

In the future,
in the 21st century.

Government has to have
a strategy.

Who's got a long-term strategy?

The Japanese have
a long-term strategy.

The Germans have
a long-term strategy.

Does America have
an industrial strategy,

an economic strategy? No.

Just as we had a space program,

just as we had a Cold War,

a national security program...

The national security
in the 21st century

is economic power.


I, uh, I spoke
to Mike Evans last night.

Mike has totally infiltrated

the Republican Volunteer
Committee, absolutely.

He's wearing a suit
and tie every day.

Hey. How's it going, buddy?

Arms up.

Watch. Watch.

That's okay.

Empty your pocket.
Put it in your hand.

Empty your pocket.
Hold it in your hand.

Turn around.

Okay. Turn around again.

Empty your pants pockets.

You're good.

Thank you. Enjoy the show.

Maybe nobody trusts me here,

and maybe they're
a little more hostile,

but it's roomier, it's cooler,

they've got more money,

and look at all
these sandwiches.

Obviously the party in power.

President Reagan
really accomplished

a lot of great things
for the United States,

and he's really been
maligned in the press
and everything.

All the great
accomplishments he's made

are just being overlooked

in favor of pointing out,
uh, things

that he's supposed
to have done wrong.

Like what... what stuff

has the liberal media lynch mob

been saying about him.

Uh, they've, uh...

My mind just drew
a complete blank.

Why are charges being made
that the press is so liberal?

Most of us
in the mainstream media

tend to get accused
by politicians

who are deemed to be in trouble.

The front-runners don't
very often accuse the press

of being biased.

As far as I'm concerned,

the whole conservative
movement in America,

and particularly
the spiritual awakening,

has been youth-oriented
and youth-driven.

Parents certainly
are participating,

but the kids today
is where the hope is,

and what I see today is...
Is a real positive thing

happening among young people.

* I'm an American

* Red-blooded
one bona fide citizen *

* And I'm proud to be
called a Republican *

* Because I love this nation
I was born in *

* Yeah, that's right,
I'm a black man *

* And I'll fight for the truth
that I must defend *

* Because I love this nation
that I'm living in *

Um, I come from a very,
uh, interesting background.

My father owned nightclubs
in Washington, D.C.

Uh, I often say I saw
the female anatomy

before I even knew
what female anatomy was...

What it... you know.

My father owned
the type of clubs

where women danced in the nude.

There was drugs.
There was alcohol.
There was cocaine.

I come from
a dysfunctional family.

In your rap, you're
speaking about, uh,

about the power and hope
for abstinence.

Yes. "Going to the '90s."

Oh, that's a good one.

Yeah. Yeah.

It's a little easier
said than done

when you have
all the hormones raging.

It's idealistic, yeah.

That's what
Patricia Schroeder said...

Patricia Schroeder.

Democratic Congresswoman
feminazi Patricia Schroeder.

I've practiced abstinence
so far.

Wow. Hey, listen.

I've got as much desire

to go out there and do it
as the next guy,

but, uh, we're more than dogs.

We're more than dogs.
We're more than beasts.

We are humans.

We have the ability
of cognitive, uh, processes.

We can think, we can decide,

even though our libido
and our engines run

and we want to roar.

Boy, do I want to roar.
I'm still a virgin.

I'm 28. You know I'm roaring.

* Ah, but it's cold outside

* I've got the month of May

* Well, I guess you'd say

* What can make me
feel this way *

* My girl

* My girl * My girl

* Talkin' 'bout my girl

* My girl

Do you think
that we're coming here biased,

that we're coming
here as liberals,

that we're coming here
to make trouble?

I've watched...

I watched MTV for eight years,

and I've never seen them portray

anything political

from a open-minded viewpoint

where they showed
the right and the left.

They showed the left every time.

To me... To me... Shh!

...PC and liberalism

is worse than McCarthyism
ever was...

Whoo! Yeah!

...and has ruined more careers.

Wait a second.
What did you just say?

I say the PC movement
is more stringent,

it's more vindictive,

and it's more dangerous
than the McCarthy...

McCarthyism and the McCarthy
movement could have ever been

and ever was.

The media has shown
the conservative view

as the religious right,

and that's totally untrue.

It's a small percentage.

The true conservative view

is everyone has control
over themselves.

It's lassez-faire.

They have control
over their own body.



What about the choice
of a baby that's unborn?

What about the fact that if
we're going to give...

..if we're going to give a woman

a choice in this country,

what about the women
that are still in the womb?

What about the women
that are forming in the womb?

The Supreme Court
has already said

that life starts at conception...

How can a man...

...and we should
allow those people...

We should allow those people

to have the baby come out

and let the baby decide.

All this sort of moralizing
is really tedious to me,

and so I wish
that wasn't even an issue

that we had to, you know, defend

and put all this
political energy into

because the other social
issues that need addressing

that could pre-empt choice
being such an issue

and the, you know, 1.5 million
abortions every year

that they're talking about
being so lamentable.

Maybe there wouldn't
be as many...

Maybe there wouldn't be
as many unwanted pregnancies

if you had, you know,
sex education

and contracepting...

Uh, contraception
available to people

and, uh, you know,
better health care
and day care

and the welfare system
was reformed and...

I mean, there are just
so many other things

that need addressing,

and those are things
that concern me,

but I have to fight for choice

because it's the thing
that's in the way.

Please get behind
behind the barricade.

You need to get
out of the street

and behind the barricade.

They call themselves
Planned Parenthood.

They're an abortion mill.

They do not plan parenthood.
They plan death.

That's right. Amen. I agree.

The Bible says that
the shedding of innocent blood

is an abomination to God,

and I submit to you
that that's what you do

every time that you murder
an unborn little baby.

Every time you kill
a little innocent one,

you're killing Jesus.

You know better.
Your mother taught you better,

sent you to Sunday school.
Look at you.

You're doing wrong,
and you know it.

You're not going to be able

to stop people
from having abortions,

but the difference is,

is that if you guys
have your way,

there will be a lot more
illegal abortions,

and therefore there will be
a lot more women dying...

We cannot stop...
...from unsafe abortions.

We cannot stop sin
in any fashion.

That's a spiritual warfare

that's going on
between God and Satan.

Satan is on that side
of the street,

saying "Get out there."

Who is God? Is God Jesus?

He is the... The Lord
Jesus Christ, yes.

Mommy! Mommy!

Why did you kill me?

Mommy! Mommy!

Why did you kill me?

Mommy! Mommy!

Why did you kill me?

Bush-Quayle '92!

Bush-Quayle '92!
Bush-Quayle '92!

Bush-Quayle '92!
Bush-Quayle '92!

Bush-Quayle '92!
Bush-Quayle '92!

Bush-Quayle '92!
Bush-Quayle '92!

Bush-Quayle '92!
Bush-Quayle '92!

Bush-Quayle '92!
Bush-Quayle '92!

Bush-Quayle '92!
Bush-Quayle '92!

Kind of try to sum up,

uh, your... your approach
to the campaign.

In a way, you are,
like, a Deadhead,

but you're a campaign head.

I kind of see this
as a conceptual artist piece.

By going to the Democratic

I'm the only person that's
worked on both conventions

and seen how both have run.

And from that,
I can hopefully take that,

the hope create change.

I'm a true media child.

Ever since I've been watching

the Road Runner cartoons,

the entire media
has geared my life...

The popular culture.

I have a Coke machine
in my living room.

Um, I feel like I'm out
to change the world,

and I want to work
within the system

to try to do that.

We're in New Hampshire,

and we're up there working
on some of the campaigns,

and Pat Buchanan was coming.

It was such a phenomenon
up there.

The people were so crazy
in support of him,

we wanted to go see him,

and he came to
the Common Man's Diner,

of all places, for lunch,

and so he was there,

and he was getting
ready to go inside,

and his handlers didn't
want him to go inside

because the media
was besieging him,

so as he was walking in,

he went into a revolving door,

and as he got halfway
around the door,

I stuck my foot in the door
and locked it

so Pat Buchanan
was locked halfway
in this revolving door.

And it was just so great

to have power over Pat Buchanan.

For these 30 seconds,
he was under my control.

And then, the next day,

there was a full-page picture
in the paper...

"Pat Buchanan stuck
in the Common Man's Diner."

Oh, my God.

Thank you, Pat! Thank you, Pat!

Thank you, Pat! Thank you, Pat!

Thank you, Pat! Thank you, Pat!

Thank you, Pat! Thank you, Pat!

Like many of you last month,

I watched that giant
masquerade ball

up at Madison Square Garden...

...where 20,000
liberals and radicals

came dressed up as
moderates and centrists

in the greatest single
exhibition of cross-dressing

in American political history.

This is radical feminism,

and it's not the kind
of change we can abide

in a nation we still call
God's country.

Backlash boys!

Better check your attitude!

Look who's coming!

Drumming down the avenue!

Backlash boys!

Better check your attitude!

Look who's coming!

Drumming down the avenue!

We are pro-woman, pro-choice,
pro-child, pro-minority,

pro-queer, pro-Earth,

prolific, profane,
pro-arts, pro-change,

and anti-censorship

Patriarchal demolition!

Women's Action Coalition!

Patriarchal demolition!

There is a religious war

going on in this country.

It is a cultural war,

as critical to the kind
of nation we shall be

as the Cold War itself,

for this war
is for the soul of America.

I think that all this

is a lot of rhetoric
is what it is.

It's something we have heard
the last 12 years.

You know,
when people have struggles
and you see it on TV,

you feel sympathy for them.

But when it really
happens to you,

you really don't understand.

I mean, you really
don't understand

what it's like to go down
there and get food stamps.

I want my children...
I know they're young,

but I want them to know
what we're going through.

I've told them that Daddy
doesn't have a job,

and, you know, we can't
buy as much as we used to,

and I'm telling my son
we're here to get food stamps

because we need help and...

To buy groceries.

And that's what all these
people are here for

is to... so they can get
help to buy groceries,

and, you know,
he told me just now...

He says, "Yeah, if they
don't eat, they'll die,"


you know, that really
hits... hits home.

I always believed
in the American Dream.

We've always believed
that the next generation

would be a better generation.

And it's really
disheartening to find out

that our generation
may actually be worse off.

Hey, guys.

What's going on?

Hey, Steve. Hello, Alex.

Did you get
your brake lights fixed?

Uh, yeah, temporarily.


We got work to do on them.


Say again?


So what did you all think?

About what?

About the convention going on.

About the convention?

Where's Jessica?

I think it's raising
a lot of morale.

Where's Jessica?

You know, there's not a country
better than us anywhere,

so, uh, hey, that's number 1
in my book so far, you know.

We're in the biggest
deficit we've ever been in.

Four times. It's quadrupled.

Second biggest recession
we've ever had.

I just don't understand
this hypnosis

of everything's okay,

and maybe things haven't hit

right here at your address yet,

but you know what?
Oh, they've hit me.

They hit me
about six months ago.

I was living in
a one-bedroom apartment,

separated from my husband,

raising my daughter
by myself, working.

And not... You know, working hard

and working to do
anything I could.

Working as a waitress,
washing cars.

But just because
you've been there

and you got through it

doesn't mean that you
are not supposed
to be empathetic,

sympathetic to others
who are there right now

because maybe...

There's a lot of people
on food stamps

that, just like me,

could go out and work in a club

if they had to
and didn't want to

and it demeaned
the heck out of them.

But do it anyway.

We're all after making money.

That's what makes us survive.


Okay. See, you don't agree,

but since you don't
agree with that,

is it wrong for us
to make money?

Of course I'm doing fine
right now.

Maybe I'd feel different

if I was looking for a job,
but, uh...

When you were,
were you down on Bush?

When you were looking for a job,

when you had been
fired and everything,

were you down on Bush?

No. Who were you down on?


Who were you down on?

Possibly myself. Uh...

In the spirit of that,

your neighbors are
having a rough time
next door,

and what are you doing
to help them?

Uh, I put my daughter
over there, and I pay them,

and I give her first dibs
every time

to baby-sit my daughter, okay?

Number 1,
I give clothes next door.

Number 2, tons of clothes,

all my daughter's clothes
because they have a daughter.

Okay, number 3, I've told them,

"Don't ever not ask
if you need something,"

and number 4, I've told them,

"As long as there's
bread at my house,

"there's bread at your house."

* How would you like
to come along with me? *

* Down our way

* Down our way

So actors are politicians
and politicians are actors.

We're sure of it now.

You know, I'm in
entertainment industry,

and we're starting to get
a little upset

with this cultural elite
destroying America's
traditional values.

Robert, if you look at
what Time-Warner did

in putting out a recording
called "Cop Killer,"

which directly threatened
the lives of 600,000 lawmen,

the people that you and I
call 911 when we need help...

That kind of activity
creates an enormous sense

in the minds
of the American people

that we've got
a serious problem
in Hollywood.

* Die, motherfuckers
Die, motherfuckers *

* Die

* Die, motherfuckers
Die, motherfuckers *

* Die

* Die, motherfuckers
Die, motherfuckers, die *

* Die, motherfuckers
Die, motherfuckers *

* Die

Let me think.
Wait, let me think.

Damn. Wait, wait, wait.

Downey? Is that it?
Junior, right?

Is it Martin?
No, it's not Martin.

Some people... It's Robert.
Robert Downey, Jr.

We are sick and tired
of you all portraying us
on TV...

I'm sorry,
when you mean "you,"
who are you referring to?

You're not referring
to me, are you?

I was specifically
speaking of white folks.

White America.

When people started
rioting in L.A.,

they wasn't mad and upset
because black people
were killing white folks.

We've been killing white folks
for over 400 years,
in your wars.

They weren't mad
because we were
killing white people.

They were mad because we was
killing white people without
their fucking permission.

You know, half of young America,

we're just
still trying to figure out
what the fuck is going on.

How can we stop the killing
in black America

when you white folks

bring in the guns
to black America?

There's no black man
named Smith and Wesson.

That is your name,
so if you want to do
something for us,

take out your guns
out of our community

and let us know
that you mean something,

because you've never
done that for us.

You are in
a privileged position
to make change,

because white people
will listen to white people.

So you all need to go
to your white leaders
with the program of change.

We can't go to them, because
they think that we're just
crazy and jungle bunnies.

Like the man said,
they're afraid of us.

So why don't you go
to your people

and do your best to make change?

But if you do that,
you will never make
another movie in Hollywood.

* Boy, boy, boy, boy, killer

* I'm that motherfucking
goddamn nigger *

* A brother that's tougher
than any other you cover *

* The one you don't want
to take home to your mother *

Your approach in music
and your art...

It doesn't pull any punches.

And the message is that you feel
that Rodney King is a sell-out.

Right, directly.
He's straight-up a sell-out,

because if you're not trying
to lead the black struggle,

you're trying to contain
the black struggle.

And to me, when black people
started rioting in L.A.,

that was the most attention
we ever got from

the United States of America
and the rest of the world.

He gets his dumb ass up there
and says some dumb shit like

"Why can't we live together?"

when we haven't been able
to live together for over
400 years.

Is this your area?
Is this where you're from?


Anywhere they let us
live and shit,
that's where I live.

In 12 years, ain't much
changed at all around
this motherfucker.

We still got horses and shit.

I mean, until we overthrow
the fucking government
as it stands,

there's no future
for black and white,

black people or white people,

Hispanic people,
Asian people,

Because if we can't have,
then y'all can't have, either.

You know what I'm sayin'?

If we can't live right,

if we can't drive nice cars
and live in fancy houses,

then you can't have it, either.

And brothers are waking up
to this shit.

All around the world,
it's the same song.

It's not just
abandoned buildings
and run-down homes in L.A.,

this shit is right here
in Houston, Texas,
as you can see.

Jesus could actually
come back within
our lifetime,

and these days that we're in
are leading up to that
climactic event,

where Jesus himself
will come back out of heaven

and take all the Christians
away from here.

There he is.

Dan's my man. Dan's our man.

Dan's kind of a man.
Dan's half a man.

This one-world leader's
going to rise up,

who is going to be
the anti-Christ,

and he's going
to promise everyone peace,

but unfortunately,
this man is going
to deceive the world.

Hey, can you guys hear me?

Seriously, there's
Secret Service guys here.

I don't want to get shot.

I'm stuck.


Thank you, Lord Jesus.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

The reports of the death
of the religious right

are greatly exaggerated.

I heard that you caused trouble
at a different place.

I don't like trouble.
It's not in my genes.

I don't want trouble,
so that's why I didn't
let you in.

Why didn't you let me in?

Because you were with him.

And what did you hear
we did there?

What trouble did you hear
we caused?
Just trouble.

I don't like trouble.
It's not a matter of not
liking you as individuals.

I don't know you
as individuals.
I just don't like trouble.

And if you guys bring trouble,
I don't want it,

so you stay out,
then there's no trouble.

I'm vindicated.
I'm sorry,
what does trouble mean, sir?

You're going to have
to look that one up

and figure it out yourself.

* I'm so glad
I'm living in the U.S.A. *

* I'm so glad I'm not
some Communist gay *

Let's stop.

Lord, I pray
for your protection.

But you said you came
not to destroy lives,

but to save lives, Lord.

We are people that are
positive in our approach.

We are concerned
about the society,

and we want to be
a people pro-life,

because you are the one
who brings life,
and life more abundantly.

Amen. Let's give Jesus
the hand clap. Amen.

He's not ashamed
to take on the liberal media

in defense
of conservative values.

Dan Quayle.

They said that I was...

AIDS is killing America.

Sons, daughters are dying.

That is the American family.

This is not the place.

There is no place
that is not a place
for such a demonstration.

AIDS is killing America.

There is no place
that is not a place.

Thank you for your support.

* The eyes of Texas

* Are upon you

* The eyes of Texas

* Are upon you

* The eyes of Texas

* Are upon you

Just pause for a moment
to reflect on what we've done.

150,000 dead, where was Bush?

150,000 dead, where was Bush?

150,000 dead, where was Bush?

Join me in our new crusade,

so that we may make
America safer

and stronger for all our people.

And may God bless
the United States of America.

* And guide her

* Through the night
with the light of the dawn *

No more Bush, no more Bush.

Get fucking involved,
because it's your friends.

It's the people
you're going to school with

that are going to be dead
in another 10 years,

if you don't get involved now.

You've got to fight it now.

You've got to work with
every part of the government,

everybody on the street,
everyone you know,

your family who thinks
that everyone who's dead
is worthwhile being dead.

You've got to do it,
or you're going to lose
everyone you love,

and perhaps yourself.

AIDS is a disaster,
women die faster.

AIDS is a disaster,

women die faster.

AIDS is a disaster,
women die faster.

The two times
that my heart has sung
in both these things

was at the AIDS rally
in New York

and at this protest today,

and that's because you have
people that are dying
to tell the truth.

Every seven minutes,
somebody dies of AIDS,

and that was
the first time to me

when I actually
thought about it.

When I'm, at night, sleeping,

every seven minutes,
someone's dying.

I think Robert has gone through
the same thing that all of us

have gone through on this film.

We've seen it now.

You've decided that you need
to stand for something,

that there's something
you believe in.

And maybe through this,
you've come to the point

where you're ready
to say something.

You can use this opportunity
to have an effect,

and when people see you,

they'll think that maybe
they should do something,

that they should get involved,

that they should help
to create change.

The Cold War's over,

and now, America's new enemy
is its own.

The liberals, the media,

homosexuals, minorities,
women who want to be empowered.

If we could say
the Cold War's over,

and the new American enemy
is the other Americans...

If God has a plan, it's...

I better end the Cold War.

There's too many
nuclear frictions.

If I get rid of that,
maybe these little pinheads
can figure it out.

There are a lot of them.
Maybe they can figure it out.

They got to vote
for the fucking shit-kicker.

Get him in there,
and he'll rise from
his shit-kicker occasion

to the occasion,
and do all the right things,

or try, because he wants to be
like Kennedy and be a good guy.

And the planet will be saved,
just in the nick.

Is it too late or not
for the American people
to deal with?

Once they understand that
a decision somebody makes
in Langley or on Wall Street

has an effect on
the drugs on their street,

has an effect on the guy
that broke into their house
last night

or the guy that raped
their daughter...

That's when people
get motivated enough
to change something.

There's an old saying...

In a ham and eggs breakfast,
the chicken is involved
and the pig is committed.

We have to become
a nation of pigs again.

There's this French phrase...

If you don't do politics,
politics will do you.

And I've got
a 16-month-old daughter

who's going to have
to live in this place
after I'm gone.

And so to whatever tiny degree

one can do a little bit
of reading

and get some information
out there...

Once you start to take a stand

and say something is wrong,
and I'm going to find out
what's wrong,

and you think you might
pay a price of a month.

It winds up becoming
your whole life.

Certainly, I think
one of the most important things

that could be pushed for
would be a legitimate
third party.

Perot triggered something.
He triggered a movement.

The time was ripe.

He came along,

and the man and the moment
came together.

I think a lot of these people
are actually going to stay
politically involved.

My personal opinion
is Ross Perot's best place
is outside the system.

I think he can do more
to shake things up,

and there's still
a whole lot of shaking
that needs to be done.


I'm coming live
via satellite right now.
How do I look?

You look great. Is that you?

Yeah. Things are going
really good at Little Rock.

I ended up working
with James Carville

and doing satellite feeds
all across the country.

I must say, man, you're really
an inspiration to us all.

Yeah, well, I think
the one thing is,

I've always wanted
to try to create change,

I think that I see
the way to do that
is through the media now.

I see the media as kind of
the nuclear weapon of the '90s. now down to one
endless, final day.

This is NBC Nightly News
with Tom Brokaw.

Is the Chicken Man
the best qualified man?

What scares me is... is... um...

Is... is the crossroads.

You know?

Personal crossroads for me.

It's such a, you know...

It's such a...

pivotal time in general.

And now seeing how pivotal
things are outside, too,

it just brings me back
to the stuff of...

Are you ready
to let outmoded beliefs die?

Are you ready to do, you know...

Are you ready for
a transformation?

Hey, that's the only thing
that's inevitable in life,

is change,
and if things don't change,

our planet's not gonna
be here, basically.

I think when you're
talking about this stuff,
cynicism is death.

Then you're dying,
you're not there anymore.

As long as you're here,
you got something to hope for.

Individuals make the difference,

whether it's Robert Kennedy
or Martin Luther King
or Al Lowenstein

or a lot of people
who risked arrest,

and ultimately even their lives.

Get organized. Come together.
Come with a proper agenda.

And then come
to that White House door,

knock on that door...
Not even knock,
kick that shit down.

These are the people
that did it all.

The perfect song for them
is "When the Saints
Go Marching In."

My dad and I were frightened,

wondering if everything
was going to fall apart

on the day of the election.

But my other mother,
my father's second wife, Laura,

who has ALS,
or Lou Gehrig's disease
and is physically challenged,

had been assuring him and I
for weeks that everything
would be all right.

As far as hope goes,
the love I still see
between them

has really inspired me,
probably more than
anything else.

Heavy snowstorms in Colorado

could keep voters away
from the polls today.

Laura has a good question,
I guess for Robert.

What is the goat party?
She hasn't seen a foot.

I said, "Maybe Robert was here
in another lifetime,
and he was a shepherd.

"Or a goat.
How the fuck do I know?"

This is one of the worst
beatings in history.

He stayed the course,

after having been swatted down
in New Hampshire

about his girlfriends
and his pot.

I just hope this fucking guy
does something now.

He proved he had endurance,
and he's there tomorrow morning.

We better hear some shit
already tomorrow.

I want to hear it.

With high hopes
and brave hearts,

in massive numbers,

the American people have voted
to make a new beginning.

Dad looked at me and he said
it felt like the '60s tonight.

And he's never said
anything like that.

He's not one to be nostalgic.

It's almost like
he feels safe to care again,

like he might not have not
since the '60s.

Come on, Bill! Bring it home!

Clinton, Quayle.

How about that,
just to mix it up?

Good news is no news.

I'm using that
in this fucking script.

"Good news is no news,"

said the hangman
to the murderer
on the scaffold.

God gave Clinton
a decent day here.

This is nice up here.
Yeah. Anyway, I think
you're doing great.

I told him over there,
when he said,
"Why do you think Robert..."

I said, "Robert's awake
more than you know.

"He was awake a long time ago.

It's just, he's clogged
in spots."

Aren't you? Aren't we all?

Just because you blank out,
so fucking what?

I want to show
you something.

That's my goat boy.

That's who I really am.

Thanks for a wonderful day.
Thank you. It was really fun.

I'm glad I know more about you
than you know about me.

Closed-Captioned By
Burbank, CAServices, Inc.

* I bring the start
I was reborn *

* Because the inner reflection
of the future should be torn *

* Your head is in your knees

* And I'm watching everyone
just die from their disease *

* And I'm trying to realize

* Just where the world is going
and look you in your eyes *

* They're torn
and melted all apart *

* I have to stand here
We call it all in all *

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* If I took the time to know

* About the adjustments
of the homeless *

* Why they're
always being more *

* There's cocaine babies
in your eyes *

* And people way stoned out
walking on the seven signs *

* And I know it's the worst
I could feel *

* I know that
you're following me *

* And been tracking down
all my scars *

* Sold my guitars
Leave me nowhere *

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* I know I never
amounted to much *

* But I don't need nothing
I don't need your crutch *

* I'm standing here
in the darkness *

* Watching people
walking all around *

* I'm standing at
the bus stop at night *

* Cars with one light
everything's so bright *

* I know when
this world's over *

* Always be a heaven
Baby, that's an order *

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong

* You got it all wrong