The Jönsson Gang Gets Gold Fever (1984) - full transcript

Sickan has a new plan. This time, the gang are going to steal a small computer micro chip which contains a top secret plan of what the government intends to do with Sweden in the future. But, Wall-Enberg is also planning to steal the chip. The payment will be 55 million Swedish crowns in gold and diamonds to whoever can deliver the chip to the foreign investors. Who will grab hold of the chip, the Jönsson gang or Wall-Enberg?

You're about to see a classic, at least to those brought up in Sweden in the 1980:s. The Jönssonligan movies are centerpieces of good Swedish movie production of those days. This movie reflects the culture and spirit of the time
in Sweden, in a warm humoristic fashion of course, like few other movies. Enjoy! Mikael

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Watch the paint job, fool!
How are you driving?!

How the hell do you park?

Watch the mop!

Get here quick!
Bring the flags! He's on his way.

Get some speed.
What ugly flags! What's this?!

He comes!
- Sickan, hi ho!

Look! Do you see what he has under his arm?

-It looks like...
-It's like a....

-A plan. I have a plan.
-Shining, Sickan!

Of course.


-What's your plan?
-It's a quite advanced plan.

-There's no simple busts, Sickan.

-What are you doing?
-I'm driving around.

Have you understood nothing?
This is a quite fantastic plan.

-Shining, Sickan.
-Well then, drive!

-Where are we going? Where should I drive?
-Go to Rocky's place.

-Rocky has moved home to Finland.
-You can drive to Harry's 'ratty' home?

-I don't live there anymore.
-Doesn't Harry live there anymore?

-Harry lives at Doris', you know.
-That's a charming woman.

-She's a nurse.

He ran and got in love, and she too.
But that's unthinkable.

-Where lives little Doris?
-She has her own place.

-Can't we go home to Doris, then?
-But guys...

It must be a bit of style there.

-Hi! How was it on Ireland?

-You had no luck with the weather.
-The other way around - fantastic weather for fishing.

-How are you?
-[Things are] under control.

We have got a fantastic thing over here.

You can get a salmon of eight kilos
on this.

Imagine if it was equally simple to catch
our 'bad fish' [bad guys], What is this?

-I brought a priest collar.
-A margerite, yes. Thanks.

-What is this?
-It's a fantastic thing

-It comes from the financial crime institution.
-Have they sent it to us?

-We have free hands to strike against...
-Jönssonligan? [The Joensson gang]

-No, this is...

-Yes, here we live.
-Well, that's great thanks, yes.

Come, guys.

Keep your style in mind now.

Here we live. Come, guys.

-Hello, hello. Here I am.

-How does it look?
-Completely wonderful, love.

-Where do you have the famed busioness genious?
-Sickan, come in.

-Charles-lngvar Jönsson.
-How small you are!

Hi! Doris is my name.
What do you do?


Soccer plans (fields). The green lawn.

Sickan sells grasslawns by the meter
to the elite clubs.

-That's good business.
-How interesting!

Then you'll give your opinion about
the funny-green color of the border.

I chose between that and mårdockra(?).
No, thanks I appreciate long walks more.

Sit down. The coffee is soon done.
Anyone prefers beer?

It would not be...
Suitable right now.

-Do you think I'll reveal my plan...
-We'll have a seat.

It stinks.
Wall-Enberg is a real stinky.

He has been involved in
every scandal.

It's the Växjö [town southern Sw.] oil, the National Forest Enterprise
and the PK bank.

-It's wheeling and dealing.
-Now let's take him.

You're not a minute too early.
I'm so curious!

I don't understand business.
Broken legs and explosion injuries, I know that.

You get kind of dazed when the boys
tell of your business projects.

Barbados, Monaco, Björn Borg...
Gud know what's coming.

-Now she whistles.

This is a multi-million project.
It's timed and done.

-And we're listening to a parrot!
-Yes, it's a wonderful woman.

-Coffee? Oh, sorry.
-Doris, it's a nice java you make.

We must probably go up and
speak for a quarter.

It easily get's a bit complicated for you.
- Doesn't it, Harry?

-You bake such good cookies.

Yes but the coff...

-Shouldn't we...

-But, you...

Harry, we'll take this a bit later then.

Come, guys.

Guys, stop!
Note this little detail.

Harry, speed up a bit now!
- What a star...

Watch the main thing.

Here lives Harry!

Here I have a device
that I'm working with on lone eves.

Four serially connected fridges
go to this device.

Nothing strange about it.

Here's how it's done. Hoopla!
Welcome out!

-It tastes water.
-It's destilled water.

-Yeah, Harry sells water to gas stops.
-To batteries.

-This is a plan.
-Sit down, feel sit down. [Sw. lang. joke lit., Hit yourselves done, feel hit down.]

Look here! Ho, ho.
What program do we choose?

Please! I'm just joking.

-What's it about now, Sickan?

-Yes - the chips.
-I have nuts.

It's about chip.

-We are undisturbed, right?
-What does he mean, "chip"?

This is a chip.

You put it in the TV game.
A lot of printed circuits on it.

-Can it be worth anything?
-55 millions.

-For a TV game?
-No. For this.

My plan, or my coup-

-is a bold and dangerous coup.
Maybe the most difficult I planned.

Here, hard work and cold nerves are needed.

Harry manages that
and I'll take care of the nerves.

It's a plan that
in the smallest detail describes-

-how we should get hold over
Sweden's most monitored thing.

-The chip!
-You're a genius, Harry.

A chip that contains the top secret
general plan for Sweden's division.

What do you mean "division"?

Into three gigantic land areas.

Sweden will be split into three large areas.

One defense area, one living area and
one sparetime area.

-Who would be interested in that?

Who right now is planning his coup
to get hold of the chip.

-Our chip?!
-We strike the minutes before.

Wall-Enberg gets a foreign expert
here who finds out all about the tourist areas.

-Sickan, what will he do with that information?
-Sell it.

To an internatinoal consortium
that pays incredible sums.

-Where's the chip?
-In Urberget [old rock/mountain]. With the military.

Once a year
the chip is moved to another Urberg.

-When will it be moved?

The day before, the route is test-driven.

With a specially constructed transport car with
electrical security system - laser.

It's signed Franz Jaeger.

-That's shining, Sickan.
-Franz Jaeger...

Now let's see. We need...

A road roller. A wheelchair.

A monocle. A cutting torch.

A sledgehammer. Twenty-six traffic cones.

-And a shaving brush.
-Twenty-six traffic cones?

-And a shaving brush.
-Doris has that.

-Traffic cones?
-No - a shaving brush.


-Remember twenty-one now.

It is the only one
you have to comply with.

-Exactly here.


-What did it become?

-Now it should come.
-There she comes.

What a beauty. That, I call a
real Franz Jaeger construction.

Electronic security system,
armor plate, bulletproof glass.

-Sickan, this will never work.

Not for Wall-Enberg.

-It's the workshop.
-It was from the special transport.

Do you have the possibility to fix a damaged
front wing until tomorrow?

Then you need to come right away.

-Then, make yourselves ready.
-Sledgehammer coming.

My car...


Ouch, fuck! Sch!

Yes, ok!

You wondered what we would do.

-What we're best at.
-Economic crime.

Escort. It is to use
the police's resources maximally.

-The clocks...
-On the second, Sickan. Timed and done.

-Any questions?
-Is Doris compensated for the shaving brush?

Yes, if it works out.

What happens now?

Right now
the chip is taken out its little cave.

Under the supervision by the defense divisions'
management the chip is controlled.

Noone trusts anyone.

Ok, let's get going.

Why don't they let the chip remain
in the cave?

Noone should know where it is.

It's wandering between the defense divisions
so that noone gets hold of the information.

In lack of war you need to fill the peace out
with a little excitement.

-Just like that.


Blue angel here. Falken (The Falcon) has landed,
the operation can start.

Then let's go.

-Oh, oh, oh...
-Uncle, how did it go, how are you?

I think I got
a terrible shock.

What's he doing?

-In all cases it went good.
-The air disappeared.

-I suppose uncle has no pump with him.
-No... Yes, blast it, I had a pump.

Will he stay?

Just keep pumping.

-What's it about?
-Out of gas.

It's done in a quickie, you know.

Just keep pumping. Wait a bit.

It's just to keep pumping, Gren.

Franz Jaeger...

Well good day to you.
Now I got a flat on that wheel too.

Shouldn't Gren pump that wheel also?

-Without air we can't survive.
-No, no.

Yes, a bit. A bit more. More, more.

-Please scatter yourselves.
-Is this really good?

It's well pumped. It's enough.

-You were going over the street.
-That way!

-Then I suppose I'l... Ouch!
-Gren, please! Drive carefully.

-What's happened?
-Out of gas.

-He took a can and disappeared.
-Move the cones and overtake.

-We have a schedule.
-We actually have a schedule.

They have a schedule... Move the cones!

Now take another way.

Militaries... Hurry up!

Why are they picking on you
when you do your job?

"We have a schedule" ...

-How was this?
-What the fuck are you doing?!

Hurry up now! Check the time!
Put on some speed!

-The time?
-Yes, it's time.

Hurry up.

Hurry up!

The operation was planned in the
smallest detail. And now it bursts!

-What's that?
-A gentleman is looking for the director.

He has to wait.
This is insane!

The guys said that the cortege
changed direction.

This is a scandal!
One is surrounded by idiots.

Tomorrow, Müllweiser comes
from Germany to code the chip.

The chip must reach it's goal at any
cost whatsoever. Then, get going!


-Mr. Jönsson.
-Director Wall-Enberg.

Please have a seat.

-What's it about?
-The chip.

Which chip?

-The general plan.
-Don't understand what you talk about.

My previous roommate,
director Wall-Enbergs's lawyer-

-apparently became a bit uncomfortable. He is
withholding quite a lot of information.

-I understand.

-So Mr. Jönsson wanted to make business?
-That's right.

Dare I ask
what size range we're in?

I envisage 55 millions.

55 millions?!

-Where's the delivery?
-In safe custody.

-Can I offer you a cigar?
-How nice.


How can I know it's the right chip?

At our level it'd be unwise
to go behind each others' back.

That's right, Mr. Jönsson.

Get the wreck out.

I seek Mr. Fritz Müllweisser.

-No blood.
-No blood, no.

Müllweiser? Yes...

Our little article has just been delivered.
It's here at my office-

-and it's available for coding.

Can it take this long time?
I'm worried.

Well, it takes a bit of time to count
55 millions by hand.

With such sums it's key to
work with tax planning.

Lend 50-60 millions.

-You know like Rainer and the guys.

The beret! There!

That black one. It was that black one!

Now, Mr. Jönsson gets to taste
a really good cigar.

-I don't like this.
-Sickan is not in such a good position.

I'm thirsty.

-What's that?

-Music? What are you speaking about?
-That way.

Got smoke? A cigarette?

-Cut here.

Ash now.

-What a fucking blast!
-Well now, silent!

You could have blown the entire
gang away!

Silent now, Sickan!

-He has eaten anabolic stereos.
-Like our OS heroes?

Silent down there!

What's that... Harry!

Where have you been? Harry, come in!
What's the point with being up there?

Where have you been? Come in now!

-Now silent please!
-I've been waiting for hours for this. Harry!

Why should we get that
maniac here?!

But how you look! What happened?
- Little Harry, how you look!

-Where's the genius?
-He's in...

What a nice carpet.
Put it here for me to see it.

Put it down.
Well I've never seen anything like this.

-It blasted
-I knew it!


-It's just...

-Yes, it's gas.

Gas... Please Harry,
give me the latest bingo win.

I have a plan.
Why are you lying on the floor? Rise up.
We need a construction plan of Arlanda.

11:00 a private airplane lands. The pilot is
a german expert of military secrets.

He will code Wall-Enberg's chip.

He has
a specially manufactured metal suitcase.

In it, there's 55 millions.

We'll get into Arlanda through
an unmonitored swing gate.

-All ready?
-3.5 meters from the goal, 4.5 meters...

-Chalk, tape-measure, hammer, nails?

Can I see?

Fritzen comes.

He has landed. Drive!

What a player.

How silly you are.

It was a firm...

Now Harry'll be sorry. Fuck!

Was ist los?

-Unusually bad quality on the wheel.

-Nicht möglich.
-It's not rotten [sw. mögligt], but old.

-Sharp [sw. vass], it can be.

-Aber schtrecken?
-It's the rotation effect...

There has been negligence in the control
right in the starting moment.

Wir kontrollieren in the closest detail.

Even the sun with its dots.
I contact the control tower-

-so we'll send out a repair car.
Be as still as possible.

But, now come!

Idiot, you can't do like this.
Come now!

-Come now! Idiot!

-It was about Wall-Enberg's tickets.
-Excuse me?

Director Wall-Enberg,
if by any chance that name is familar.

I'd pick up his tickets.

It was from Wall-Enberg's office
at the city hall (Stadshuset).

We need four tickets to
Portugal, flight SK 452 at 13 o'Clock.

-We have a man on his way out...
-He's already standing here.

-We'll take care of that. Thank you.
-Well that went well.

-What room is that?
-"Very important" - the VlP room.

-Is it good like this?
-It's shining.

-Do the gentlemen wish to order anything else?
-Yes, of course.

-Can I offer you a glass of the dry kind?
-I'm thirsty. I want beer.

-So, one bottle of champagne?
-Of course. Cellar temperature.

Beer, thanks. Beer!

Vielen Dank. Aha...

Yes, yes. Naturally.



Gold is always gold.

But 55 millions...
This is just a trifle.

To your satisfaction? Gold und Diamanten
worth 55 Millionen swedish crowns.

German humor?

-What's that?
-It's from the Gasworks.

-What in al...
-You have a little leak.

-What are you speaking about?!
-It's inspector Jönsson.

How's the beer? Cool enough?

-"Gassed", you said.
-I saw it with my own eyes.

-Change eyes.
-The yellow widow, the champagne.

Loudspeaker voice
The passengers are asked to embark...

-Has the finance king fallen asleep?
-Had mr. Jönsson anything more on his heart?

Greet your german friend.
The flat tire is fixed.


That became some money, guys.
That's completely clear.

-Hi, guys!




-Are you sprained, you fool?

Do you want to be arrested for intoxication
ten minutes before the plane departs?



-Have you beer-ed?

-What's that?
-This is Sweden!

-Will you bring a sewing machine?
-It's there.

These are some bingo winnings:
The Kaknäs Tower and a table fountain.

-Did it come also?
-Now we'll check in.

-Doris, we're millionaires.

You can buy anything,
whenever you want, to anyone.

-Some things cannot be bought for money.
-Hötorgs' art. [Stockholm street art]

-It is a memory of Sweden, with our beautiful lakes.
-With our ugly suburbs.

-Minus centigrades.
- Crayfish
- Bailiffs

-Wait, she's German.

-How impudent!
-Now it's checked in and done.

Doris, can you carry this
through the passport control?

It always looks better if
the secretary carries the bookkeeping.

Oh, oh, should we go...
Where is the toilet?

-We should go now.
-I must refresh myself a bit.

She must be allowed to refresh herself!

You wait here.

I will help.

Excuse me, do you speak Swedish?

Can you point out
den berühmte Stockholms stadhusen? [german: the renowned Stockholm's city hall]

-I think its name is, ja [ger&swe yes]?
-My pleasure.

Here it is.

Here... No.

And here...

And here it is.

Here it is and there it is.

And here, no there is...

The bag!

That's how to use a grindstone. [swedish expression]

Now that little rat should be crushed.

Can I talk to the Minister of Justice?

It's Wall-Enberg.
- Services and services in return.

-Now nothing more may fail.
-No, no.

-Where should I live?
-I have booked a suit at Grand hotel.

-It's the best we have.
-It sounds good.

You can not make the coding here,
as you may understand.

-How long time does it take?
-I'll myself fresh a bit up. [bad grammar]

-The coding takes half an hour.

I'll call at six.
Then I'll contact the consortium-

-so that they can be here
tomorrow at nine o'Clock.

Jansson will carry up the computer.

On whose order?

The Minister of Justice? Then we'll set all
resources to the capturing of Jönsson.

Yes, we should view this as our main task.
We'll strike right away.

-Bitte schön.
-Kommen Sie här. [german-swedish: can you please come here]

Herr Müllweiser, kommen Sie här.

-Fritz Müllweiser, a double room.
-He has just picked up his key.

We are four and can not lay in the same
room, or do you use bunk beds?

-No, but there are rooms.
-Are not two double rooms reserved?!

I cannot see that, but I
can of course arrange a room for you.

As close to Müllweiser as possible.

-536 is right beside it.
-Then it's very good.

-Thank you.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Mein Liebes Chipchen.

You, Sickan! Here!

-What is this?

-What should we have it for?
-You should have it on your face.

-The face?
-You should be madame, you know.

I stole some makeup. Makeup and charm
and we have Fritzen as in a little box.

Never! Charles-lngvar Jönsson...

Harry and I can't charm Fritzen.

You have the right tallness and good-looking legs.

These you should have on the jacket.
Hurry up if there are to be any millions.

Behind the glasses!
Calm down, I'll help you.

-Come in.
-Should I not say the password?

Calm down. I'll help you.

You should pour some more.
Nice, nice.

I think we'll start with the towels now.

Put it there.


Put some more.
Put that one.

Was ist los? [g. what's wrong?]

-Was für ein Service? [g. what for a Service?]

Special service.

We got an incarnation on
that a hot bath was taking place here.

We offer our international guests
a warm towel bath.

-Henri et Anette.
-I don't know...

I must...

It feels terribly warm, actually.

It stimulates the muscles,
goes into the joints.

-Doesn't it already feel better?
-It feels a bit rigid.

Excellent. That's the speciality.

What are you doing?

What do you do egentlich [ge. really]?

Plaster, sir! The clay disappeared
from the industry long ago.

-We'll tape the lips also?
-They seem to need that.

Soft lips make wonders.

-How does it go, Sickan?

-The chip!

-The chip!
-Yes, right.

What is it really?

This is a chip. Steal the chip
out of the computer. Quick!

Towel, maestro.

Wall-Enberg here. Is the coding done?

-It's done. It's going swimmingly.
-Then I'll call the consortium.

Harry, hurry up.

I propose a meeting tomorrow
at nine o'Clock so we'll finish the deal.

What do you mean, Morgan?

They bring another 55 millions
and we'll wrap up the project.

Are there any problems?

-Imagine what towels can do.
-What the fuck do you speak of?!

I don't understand your jokes, Fritz.

-It's pleasant.
-Look! I've found the chip.

The personnel was
nice and accomodating.

We'll contact you, Morgan. Bye.

-What is that?
-The chip.

-Of course.
-Shining, Sickan.

Danke schön. [ge. thank you]

Either Fritz is
of a special kind...



-Was anything wrong?
-We are used with a bit of elbow room.

The bill should be on Müllweiser. Thank you.


Turn on the lamp.

How stale and strange it is here.
Turn on the lamp!

Fritz! What the fuck is it about?

Help him, damn it

Vergesse mich. [ge. excuse me]

-Where is the chip?
-It is stolen. [bad grammar]

-The lamp is broken.
-You had ordere champagne.

I have not ordered any champagne!
Put it there.

Then I was to hand over this.

-It should be paid in cash.

He is incredibly rude, that man.

"Looking forward to a quick meeting."
He cannot be completely sane.

-I just want to communicate...

There has been a coup against
one of the defense's value transports.

-What coup?
-It's about an exchanged chip.

A chip whose original contains
the top secret general plan.

It is currently knocking about somewhere
in the so called 'underworld'.

It's impossible.

Criminal inspector Persson
can locate a little study visit-

-to the airways' highquarters for
a closer look on the false chip-

-that currently is located there.

Tomorrow you'll get a letter
where I explain-

-where the real chip is.


Try again.

-It's impossible!
-What should we do?

Let's remain silent. Each one.
Not a letter may leave the room.

Criminal inspector Persson, you get
full responsibility for this operation.

All the government's resources
are at your disposal.

-The chip should come out now - at any cost.
-Naturally. I understand.

Silversköld, you serve.

Hope the internatinonal bigwigs
have dough with them now.

I'll go up alone.

Give this letter to
criminal inspector Persson.

Then you wait here for me.
Quick, it's a hurry now.

-I drive, you leave the letter
-You leave the letter.

It's fine. Come!

A little delay can happen to anybody.
He will be here any moment now.

Herr Jönsson, step forth.

May I present
Charles-lngvar Jönsson.

The country's primary expert when it comes to business of a more sensitive nature.

Jönsson, we're actually a bit stressed.

And the money?


Zum Teufel.
Was ist das für eine Schweinerei? [what is that for a swinery]

-What the fuck is this?
-The general plan.

-It's the wrong chip.
-No, it's the real chip.

-It's the general plan.
-My gentlemen, a little misunderstanding.

-Just a monent, so..
-Keine Missverständnisse. [ge. No misunderstandings]

What the fuck?!

Herr Jönsson, where is the chip?

Squeeze out of this idiot
where the real chip is!

Good day, Mr. Jönsson.

So nice to meet you.
And right here.

What the fuck is it that happened?

-Where's Sickan?
-What if he tricked you?

No, no, no.
Come, Harry.

-Should I...
-You shouldn't... This is mens' work you see.

Then I'll wait? Harry..

I have said as it is.
Wall-Enberg has the right chip.

Isn't it better for Jönsson to tell me
where the chip is?

-Wall-Enberg has the chip!
-I've heard that enough.

-It's true!
-Yes, yes, it'll be all right.

Maybe Mr. Jönsson will get
better thoughts, before the clock pointer will push Jönsson?

-Now we'll have "ein Sandwich und Öl".
[öl = (sw)beer; (ge)oil]

Yes, bier! [(ge)beer]

You can wait hier. [(ge) here]
lch komme zurück. [(ge) I come back]
lch schnelle. [bad german: i'll hurry]

-You, this way!

You, Harry! Do you see what I see?

-There's a beer.
-The stetoscope!

Completely cold.

-Don't you hear what I say?
-So it tickles when you drink.

What are you doing? The stetoscope!

Pull yourself together!
We have 55 million underway.

What a dull tone is that?
We don't want it that way. No thanks.

-No, a bit of style and not... Not like that!

Oh no, we don't want...
(no idea what he says here)

We want a bit of finesse.

-Noch eine, bitte. [(ge) Another one, please]
-It tastes nicht so bad.

No... Oh no!


-Eine gute Arbeit, ja? From Schweiz.
[(ge) A good work, yes? From Switzerland.]
-Technisch it's not so remarkable.

Shining, the millions are arranged.

Sickan is standing on the clock! Come, come!

It's urgent! He is on..

Das ist die grosseste clock
in Schweden.
[(ge) It's the largest clock in Sweden]

ln Deutschland haben wir a lot bigger, more kompliziert.
[(ge) In Germany we have a lot bigger, more complicated]


Sickan, what are you doing there?

You, we need to get a ladder here.

Come then!

Tell me now where the chip is, Jönsson.

Time is ticking...

-Bad news?

For Wall-Enberg.
His hours in freedom are numbered.

-Shouldn't we check this first?
-Sometimes the police needs to make the decision. Like now.

- Wall-Enberg must be captured.
- Is that wise?
-It's unavoidable.

But we know the Minister of Justice is involved.

Even if the prime minister and the entire industry
is behind this, he must be put behind bars.

Some turn a blind eye,
but not me.

When it's about defense secrets,
the limit is reached.

Understood? Then let's go.

Calm, Sickan. I'm coming.
- Hold here, then

No! Hold the ladder.

Calm, Sickan, this will be alright.

Harry, the knife!
Hurry up with the knife. The knife!

Holy fuck!

You're soon released now.
It's no panic, Sickan.

Harry, what are you doing?

Harry, fast.
Who the fuck is holding the ladder?

Come here!

Come here! Come!

Drop the knife! Loose!

Oops! The ladder...

Harry, hurry up
and hang yourself in the little hand.

Go up and hang yourself in the little hand.

You need to weigh out this one.

Work quick!
Do it then! Now!

Harry, please, do it.

-Hang yourself in the little hand.
-I'll wait a while.

No, go up now, Harry. Hurry up.

Hurry up.

Calm, Sickan. Harry is on his way.

Sure, you know.

It's on it's way.
We're soon home, Sickan.

I must go up and hang myself.

You, Sickan, wait here.

Wait, I come now.

I come now.

It's important that you
don't look down too much.

Then hang yourself!

It works, Harry. Look!

It works! It works!

Do you see what I see?

Do you see the door? I'll do it.

There's a door here!

Sickan, look out!

Hang on it, now then!

I'm hanging. I'm making myself heavy.

It isn't working.
We'll never get home this way.

-Go at it.
-I am!

Sickan, take yourself to the little hand, balance on it and take yourself through the door.

-Capture him!
-Capture? What the fuck are you trying to do?!

-Don't you know who I am?
-Yes, unfortunately.

That one, I'll take.

I will talk with the
minister of justice about...

He's already at the station.

You don't intend to? You don't dare to?

That way. Take him out.

Hurry up. Come!

Get all from the office. The bookkeeping,
agreements, letters, accounts. All!

Come on, guys.

You Sickan, wait!

-What is this?
-55 million, Sickan!

-How did you get it?
-Well, it's easy for me to get into Wall-Enbergs safe.

-Well it's your plan, Sickan.

-You are shining, Sickan.
-Of course.

We need to hurry!

Leave the elevator in that state.
I think it's this way.

It's that way.

Jönsson - capture him!

I ask you to forgive me a thousand times, brother.

One or two rotten eggs always
get into an organization this big.

Even if I'm minister of justice
I can't keep track of everything.

-I hope we'll meet in Sandhamn this weekend.
[Island in Stockholm's archipelago]
-I really hope so.

I probably don't need to use many words, Persson.

-I got the tip and I...

-Persson's hobby is fishing?

Then I propose
that Persson takes a real fishing trip.

-Starting tomorrow.
-For how long time?

Early retirement usually lasts all one's life.

Put the things over here.

We have arrested Jönsson!

-Away with the small dealers.
-But he's a wanted man?

Away with him, I say.

-Should he just be allowed to go?


Stay, Jönsson!

The suitcase.

This is insane! Look, Harry!

-Harry, the chip!
-Yes, I know.

The real chip with the general plan!
Sickan has got the wrong chip!

-What are you talking about?
-There he comes. Wait here.

Sickan, look here!

-What is that?
-It's the real chip.

Then Wall-Enberg was right.

-Should we sell the chip once more?
-Isn't 55 million enough?

What should we do then?

The castle!


-The bag! With the fishing stuff.
-The fishing stuff, yes.

-We'll meet.

-Nybroviken, please.

Defense secrets. Leave this
to the commander-in-chief before lunch.

Send wishes from Charles-lngvar Jönsson.

Tell him it's a gift from Jönssonligan. Attention!

It should be a double-wobbler
with three hooks. Then it'll bite.

Primitive. The only straight thing is an artificial fly.

I have made a fly myself.
I'll show you.

-Let's go to Arlanda instead.
-Arlanda? You can't fish there, can you?

There's an airplane to lreland in an hour.

Sickan - x-ray.

-It's the passport.
-You need to take the suitcase through the x-ray.

-Metal detector.

Diamonds - carbon. Invisible. More questions?

The gold bars, then?

Look like chocolate cakes.

He has bought fishing stuff for the money?

-Whose is this?
-It's mine.

We consider this a weapon. Very serious.
Come here for further inspection.

This must be a misunderstanding.
I'm a police, I.

It's shining, Sickan. Chocolate bars!

-Chocolate bars! You're a genius, Sickan.
-Of course.

Fuck, we'll have chocolate.

Ladies first.