The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost (2023) - full transcript

Jane DaSilva inherits a foundation that runs a detective agency. While investigating her first case, she discovers a company that exploited her client's mother, and she realizes that delving into the past can be dangerous. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
A matinee
in Monaco tomorrow?

Sure. Yes, okay.

Thanks Jorge.

That's a twelve hour trip!

You're nuts.

I'm just living the
life of a working singer.

Do you every want to take
a break from all this?

What? No!

Besides, a gig's a gig.

Jane! You're on in five.

And some American guy
wants to speak to you.

Must be a fan.


A fan?

Maybe it's a long lost
love from back home?

Yeah, I doubt it.

Jane Da Silva?

That depends on who's asking.

Sadie said you might
be hard to find.

I had no idea there were so
many cabaret theaters in Paris.

Twenty-nine in
St. Germain alone.

Yeah, I know that now.

You said Sadie sent you?


I'm sorry I don't really
know how to say this but

your Uncle Harold, he passed.


No. No no no.

His heart condition was
just getting better.

Sadie was giving me updates.

Sadie wanted me to find
you and tell you in person.

She's also hoping you'll come
back to Baltimore with me.

Oh Sadie!
Oh, she must be devastated.

I'm sorry. Who are you?

John Cameron.

Harold and Sadie
are great friends.

I'm also a detective with
the Baltimore police.

Sadie really needs you.

And Harold left
you an inheritance.

An inheritance?

I don't care about
an inheritance.

I've never wanted money
from Sadie and Harold.

It seems Harold's last wish was

to bring you and
Sadie back together.

He thought you would
need each other.

And Sadie would like you to
help out with his affairs.

So, go back to Baltimore?


Two minutes!

Okay. Okay.

Look, Sadie doesn't
want you to do

anything you don't want to do.

She wanted you to call
her when I found you.


Okay, I'm coming. I'm coming.

I have to go on.


Okay, um... Yeah.


Oh my dear.

He was so happy with his life.

He only had one regret.

That we never went to
Europe to see you perform.

I've missed you both so much.

Come home.

It will be a healing time.

For both of us.

You know I could
help you with your bags.

I can carry them on my
own, thank you very much.

All right.

Before we get to the house,
I should let you know that

I've been assisting
Harold at the Foundation

for the past couple years.

What exactly do you guys do?


Harold never mentioned
his retirement project?

I thought investment
bankers never retired.

He wants to use all
his energies for

something more than
just making money.

What exactly does
this Foundation do?

All will be revealed.

Back to being mysterious again.

I've missed you so much.

Fifteen years is a long time.

Uncle Harold.

He always talked about how
he fell in love with you.

And I knew the minute I saw him
in the audience that first time.

Do you ever miss it?

Life on the road?

Oh no.

But I remember the pre-show
jitters and the post-show highs.

Oh, yes! Losing
yourself onstage,

and buzzing from the applause.

Absolutely thrilling!

But I also remember the
exhausting late nights,

endless travel,
living out of a suitcase,

never knowing when
your next gig might be.

Mom’s favorite flowers.

I like to keep them
here to remind me of her.

Your uncle always wanted to be
there for you and your mom.

But when we lost her we knew

it was too hard for you
to be here without her.

I thought running away to
Europe would make it hurt less.

It’s what you
needed to do.

Living here amongst her
memories was too hard.

And here they all are.

Thank you for
keeping them, Sadie.

We kept your car, too.

My little cabrio?

I can't wait to see it!

Your bags are all
up in your old room.

I should get going.

Oh no, please stay, John,

and help me introduce Jane to
Harold's most important work.

The Foundation.

This is where your
uncle ran the Foundation.

It focuses on righting wrongs.

And these files are filled with
cases that your uncle took on.

He solved cases the
police couldn't dedicate

any further time to.

But how can private citizens
help where the police can't?

Oh, you'll be surprised
what can be done.

Those aren't just
files, those are people.


Harold prided himself
on helping those

who couldn't help themselves.

Sort of a non-profit
detective agency

helping people whom the police
and justice system failed.

A detective agency?

How did I not know about this?

The Foundation started in
earnest five years ago

when Harold retired and started
helping people full time.

He did it to honor your mother.

I think he felt we never had
closure on how we lost her.



Uncle Harold helped
all these people?

Those people, yes.

But there are still boxes
of files and letters

of others needing help.

I mean, we were just
getting started.

You helped him with the
investigations too?

Oh, it was Harold’s
passion project.

He led the investigations
but I helped on research,

creating diversions, stakeouts.

You know, the fun stuff!

And Uncle Harold wanted
me to run this Foundation?


Well, to be honest,

I'm a little confused as to
why you were picked, also.

I mean, this isn't
for the faint of heart.

It requires skill
and dedication.

I care about these cases,

and I don't want the Foundation
wasting any time or resources.

Well Detective, I know
that my Uncle Harold

was an incredibly successful
man, and very smart,

so he must have known
what he was doing.

You're right Jane.

Harold chose you.

And he was a brilliant
mind and it's important

that we respect
his final decision.


I'll let you get settled.

Call me if you need anything.

Thank you, John.

Well, he seems thrilled to have
me head up the Foundation!

Oh, he'll come around.

Well, I'm amazed at what you
and Uncle Harold created.

But I don't know how I'm going
to take this over, Sadie.

I've been a singer
my whole life.

You became a singer to
bring joy to people.

Maybe this is another
way to do that.

What am I thinking?

How can I possibly
even help here?


Ah, I knocked but no one
answered and I saw the light on.

I guess I must have had
the music up too loud.

Are you the Foundation
that helps people?

No. I'm actually
just here visiting.

Why are you out here so late?

Oh, I waited until
my dad fell asleep.

You snuck out?

I'm Lia. I saw the Foundation's
address on the website.

You helped my piano
teacher find her brother.

He's living with her now.

I'm looking for help too.

Or my mom needs help.

Why isn't she here with you?

Actually she passed
away when I was little.

No one will help me find
out what happened to her.

And I thought if I told them
the Foundation was helping me,

they'd take me seriously.
But still nothing.

All right.

I don't know that I'm the
best person to help but

I'm a pretty good listener.

Come on in.
It's cold out here.

Look, I'm sorry that you're
going through all this

but I don't think I'm the
right person to help.

I know it sounds crazy because
I don't even remember her,

but I know in my heart

that mom never would
have left me on purpose.

I was only a baby.
Well, I was a year old.

But I really know she
didn't want to leave me.

I'm sorry your mom's
not here for you, Lia.

It's not fair.

My dad says I need to let
it go, but I don't know how.

There's, like, a hole in me now.


I lost my mom too.

It's been quite a few
years but I get that

there's a hole in your heart
that's impossible to fill.

You get it.
Mom loved me.

That's why I know she
didn't want to leave me.

Look, she wrote about
me in her diary.

I made a copy.

Lia, I just don't know
that I can help you.

I didn't even finish college.

I'm a singer, I'm a musician.

I don't even know how long
I'm going to be in Baltimore.

She promised she'd
always be there for me

and be a better parent than
her stepmother ever was.


Lia, you're really talented.

Is that Chopin?

Yeah but I adapted it.

Got me into Juilliard!

Really! That's amazing.

Well, no, I'm not going.

Dad says I could go to community
college while I save up.

I wrote down everything I know.

Dad says mom's missing money
can't be found, but I think

it's gotta have something to
do with what happened to her.

Wait, there's missing money?

Mom's birth father
left it to her.

She got it right
before she died.

But no one knows
where the money went.

It didn't just
disappear into thin air!

That money is rightfully yours.

I guess so.
That's what my dad says.

Will you help me?

Lia, I...

I know it sounds hopeless.
But that's all I have...


And I'm not giving up on my mom.

I should go before
my dad notices.

If you can please make sure my
letter gets to whoever can help

me at the Foundation, I
would really appreciate it.

Yeah, I will.

The untimely
end of Linda Martin.

It certainly fits the criteria
for the Foundation's cases.

But it's fifteen years old,

so it's going to present
some challenges.

Let's be honest Sadie,
I have zero skills.

Any case is going to be a
challenge at this point.

I don't know, there's
something about Lia.

She kind of reminds
me of myself.

So maybe you are
exactly the right person.

Maybe you have the
most important skills.

Compassion and commonality.

And you know how she feels.

Yeah, my mom died so suddenly,

I never got a chance
to say goodbye.

Poor Lia, she hardly had the
chance to have a mother at all.

I know I'll never get closure
on what happened to mom, but

maybe I can at least help
Lia find some answers.

She deserves to know the truth.

She does. Indeed.

Well then...

How exactly do
I start detecting?

Well, Harold said it was simple.

talk to people and
follow the clues.

But I say if you don't know what
you're doing act like you do.

And of course there
is always Detective...

Detective John. Great.

He does have Detective
actually in his job title.

Well, then I guess
I'll have to act

more grateful
when he's around.

Welcome to the Foundation.

One case.

I'm going to do this
one case for Lia's sake.

Hi, I'm looking
for some information

on the death of a woman
named Linda Martin.

Let me guess.
Another murder podcast?

No, I actually,

I work for the Foundation
for Righting Wrongs.

Oh. Good for you, yeah.

You still can't waltz in
here expecting access

to police records, though.

I'll take it from here, Bill.

No problem.

You know I can't break
police protocol,

but I can be a resource
here at the force.

That's what Sadie said.

Well at least one fan
at the Foundation.

Okay, no small talk.

How can I help you?

Look John, you and I don't quite
understand why Uncle Harold

wanted me involved
with the Foundation.

But what I do know is that
Linda Martin's daughter

is looking for answers and
I do know how she feels.

So, I'm going to take
on this one case

and then I will go back
to Paris and my old life.


The Linda Martin case.

Well, it was closed,

and beyond the statute
of limitations.

So even if you find evidence

it won't change anything
in the justice system.

If the case is closed

then why are there so
many unanswered questions?

It looks like the detectives
found so much evidence

pointing in one direction
that it led everyone

to draw the same conclusion.

Yeah, but aren't you
supposed to examine

all of the facts objectively?

Isn't that kind of the
point of the justice system?


But when it looks like a
suicide, mostly it is a suicide.

A few unanswered questions
doesn't mean it wasn't.

Yeah but those answers
could completely change

her daughter's entire future.

It says here Linda
was a troubled young woman

who had a history
of mental illness.

She invested a significant
amount of money

in a multi-level marketing
company called Inner Inc.

I don't think they're
around anymore.

Multi-level marketing, that's
like a pyramid scheme, right?

Yeah, essentially, but
with the sale of products.

Inner Inc. sold crystals.



What did they say about
Linda's missing money?

It says that
Linda withdrew her

two hundred and fifty
thousand dollar inheritance

the morning she died.

So there's no way to trace it

because it was withdrawn
in cash, and well,

it's not a crime if she
gave it away willingly.

Two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars,

that's a lot of money
to just disappear.

Yeah. It sure is.

Did you know that Linda
Martin couldn't swim?

She did drown, Jane.

If she intended to end her
life, it's not beyond reason.


Why did they think
it was a suicide?

It says here,

she broke into the aquatics
wing of the Collingwood Club.

And the next morning
her body was found

at the bottom of the pool
with a large amount of

prescription anti-anxiety
drugs in her system.

She also tied weights
to her body, so,

there certainly was
intention there.

Was there a suicide note?


And her family said
Linda's health

had been unraveling
for quite some time.

Her therapist corroborated.

Detectives thought it was
an open and shut case.

And I'm somehow supposed to
prove all these people wrong?

How am I going to do that?

Well, you're asking
the right questions.

Trust your instincts.

-Here you go.
-Thank you.

Nailing this detective
thing already!

Door's open!

Please, please, please
tell me you're here

because you're
taking the case?

Yes, I am.

Thank you!

I just, I really hope I can
help you find some answers, Lia.

I'll get the box
of mom's old stuff.

There might be something
useful in there.


Can I help you?

Oh, ah, hi.

I'm just here to meet with Lia.

And you are?

Jane Da Silva, with the
Foundation for Righting Wrongs.

Lia had contacted
us about a case...

I told her not to do that.

Oh. Well, Mr. Martin...


Kenny, Kenny.

I just want to help
Lia find some closure

and perhaps pursue her
dreams at Juilliard.

Please don't look into this.

Some things are best left alone.

She is a great kid but she
doesn't need the distraction.

With all due respect,
sir, Lia deserves answers.

Maybe you deserve answers.

We have the answers.
We just don't like them.

Linda was duped by
this pyramid scheme.

She lost all our money and
then she lost her mind.

Well, I can see how it may
appear like that at first

but one of Linda's diary entries
paints a very different picture.

Okay, who knows what stories
to believe from that diary.

She kept a lot of secrets
from me during our marriage.

She talked to her shrink
more than she talked to me.

What good did that do her?
Could he save her?


None of us could.

Well, do you really believe
that Linda killed herself?

I don't know why a
woman who couldn't swim

would break into a pool and
tie herself down with weights

if she wasn't trying
to kill herself.

Now could you please stop
dredging up the past and leave.

We don't need to live
through this all over again.

Dad! Jane is here to help us.

No, she is not.

Thank you, Ms. Da Silva, but

Lia has a recital we
have to prepare her for.

Of course. I understand.

Break a leg, Lia.

You know, if I could...

Stay away from my daughter.

How are things going?

Well, Lia's dad basically
forbade me from taking the case.

So, not great.

He did seem really
angry, though,

that Linda Martin had
lost their life savings.

So, who knows, that
could be motive!

Could be.

But it's a little early to
jump to conclusions just yet.

What did you find
in the case file?

There's not much in here.

It seems like they
had written off Linda

as a crazy, emotional woman.

-I know.

But I do have an appointment
with her therapist

tomorrow afternoon.

So I'm hoping he can
give me a little insight

into her mental state.

An excellent first step.

What's next?

Well if I follow all the
information in this file,

I'll wind up with the same
answers the police got.

So, there's basically
a million next steps.

Well, it's a good thing

you don't have to do
it all by yourself.

What can I do?


You know what?

Have you heard of a
company called Inner Inc.?

Give me a bit

I'll see what I can dig
up on my trusty tablet!

But first things first. Come.

I have something I
want to show you.

I know you're

but you can do anything
you set your mind to.

You just need to believe it.

Sadie, I appreciate...

You're a creative, driven woman
who shines under pressure,

and can improv her way
out of any situation!

If you find yourself
stuck on a case,

it might be time to use those
creative bones of yours.

What is it?

My closet!

Oh my...!

I was waiting for just the right
moment to show you all of this.

Are these the gowns
from your tours?

Uh huh. I wore that
one at Carnegie Hall.

And that one at the
Collingwood Club in '89.

Oh, just beautiful.

Woo! What about this?

Oh! It's a prop from the
first movie I was in.

I only had a few lines,
but as you know...

There are no small parts!

I kept this one for you.

Your mother would have
wanted you to have it.

Wow. Wow!

I just can't believe
you've kept all this.

It's incredible.

I used to come shopping in here
when working a case with Harold.

Because you know, sometimes a
little costume goes a long way.

Bricks don't
float and neither will you.

It's all starting to feel
a little too dangerous

for a first case.

That's the marvelous part.

Harold used to say as soon as
you start ruffling feathers

you know you're on
the right track.


maybe you're trying to do a
little bit too much too fast.


But I have to agree with Sadie.

Obviously we are asking some

questions that's
disturbing someone.

We just don't know who.

I've done some
research and I have...

"An incredible business

you're not going to
want to miss out on!"

Activate your life with
our activated crystals!

Find your inner flame!

The power burns within you.

Be your own boss!

People lost their
life savings to this?

As far as I've found, Linda was
part of this lifestyle brand

that claimed improved life
energy and self-empowerment

through crystals.

I mean, what's not
to love, right?

Except it was a classic

run your own business
pyramid scheme.

People, like Linda, invested
and then lost a lot of money

when a big front page article
debunked healing crystals

as nothing more
than pretty rocks.

They had a recording from
someone in the upper ranks

of Inner Inc. saying,
and I quote,

some people are just
suckers for shiny things.

That's awful.

Taking advantage of
vulnerable people like that.

The company quickly dissolved

when the fraud was revealed.

And guess when that happened?

Right after Linda died?


Could that be a coincidence?

Maybe Linda found out something
she wasn't supposed to know?

Or maybe Inner Inc.
convinced her

to give them the inheritance
in exchange for good vibes?

Either way there
is no way to prove

that Linda was coerced
out of the money.

Why would a company swindle a
quarter of a million dollars

from Linda, only to go
bankrupt shortly after?

Well, I've done some digging

and it seems that Dwayne
Wayne started yet another

self-help company called
the Wayne Society.

Maybe he used the money
to start the new business?

If Wayne was
at top of the pyramid

and moving up the suspect list,

where exactly did Linda
fit into the scheme?

I'll do some more digging.

Well, if Linda found out about
the fraud and stopped selling,

then the people above her
might have been upset

because she was making
them lose money.

And don't forget, the
people she signed up

for their own bogus
crystal business.

There could be
animosity there too.

Let's get started.

But there's some holes to fill.

And we've got some
people to talk to.

Harold always said

that rest was equally
important to work, Jane.

I know, but we're so
close to cracking something.

You know, I wonder if there
was any security footage

from fifteen years ago?

I didn't see a DVD in the
police file or anything.

But maybe they
logged it digitally?

I'll text John.

And I'm going to
take Harold's advice.

Tomorrow will be just
as busy day as today.

Sounds good.


Did you forget something?



Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I just thought you
were an intruder.

Sorry, I didn't
mean to scare you.

Sadie told me to come right in.

I don't know if that's
such a good idea

given what your dad said.

He won't be home
for another hour.

These are my mom's.

I thought you could
get to know her.

This is so awesome, Lia.
Thank you.

This is really going to help.

Do you know who this Richard is?

No. But that's my mom's writing.

Sorry about my dad.

He doesn't like
talking about mom.

He's still upset
after all this time.

I think he feels guilty
about what happened to her.


I overheard him talking
to his friend last year.

He said he and mom got
into a fight that night.

He let her leave.

I always thought he loved her.

But if he did, why
didn't he help her?

Well, unfortunately things
aren't always that easy.

Life just isn't fair sometimes.


You know, I lost my mom too.

About fifteen years
ago in a hit and run.

There's no rhyme or
reason to these things.

It just happens.

There was anything I
could do about it and

they never found
out who hit her.

That's terrible.


But it changed the way I
lived my entire life, Lia.

Whatever this investigation
brings I'm sure that your dad

is just worried that it will
change everyone for you too.

Maybe he doesn't want me to
find out about what he did.

I think it's a little early

to jump to those
kinds of conclusions.

I don't care.
I just want the truth.

I know my mom wasn't perfect

but that's pretty much
all I know about her.

That, and her dreams.

She kept dreaming about
meeting some weird bird.

I dreamt
again about the Birdie

preaching of rainbows
when the clouds are gray.

Then chases after time,
but it always flies away.

She's dreaming about birds.

What does this mean?


What is your involvement here?

All right.

Any Richards listed
with Inner Inc.'s scam?

Ah... Richard Florian.

Hi, I'm looking to speak
with Richard Florian?


Do you happen to remember
anyone named Linda Martin?

Who is this?

I'm calling on behalf
of her daughter.

I was hoping to ask
you a few questions

about your relationship
with Linda.

Linda Martin had a daughter?


Any information you have
would be greatly appreciated.

How did you two meet?

In group therapy.
We were friends.

And you were also
involved with Inner Inc.?

I was a struggling
artist at the time.

Linda had mentioned it was
a great way to make money.

But I lost my investment.

Did that affect
your relationship?

She left group therapy

and started doing
private sessions.

I didn't see her much
after that. So...

How long did she
spend with the group?

Too long. We both did.

Turns out I shouldn't have
doubted my sanity.

I was fine.

Look, I got to go.

Please. Um...

Did she ever mention a birdie
or a bird with rainbows?

She seems to be kind of
preoccupied with that.

I can't talk right now.

I just have a few
more questions.

Maybe we could speak later?

Come by my studio tomorrow.

I'll text you my address.


Hey! They know.

No no no no.
I'm telling you, they know!

Well, I love this place!

Makes me feel like
I'm back in Europe.

I thought we could
talk about the case

in a more civilized manner.
With music!

Harold and I loved to come
here when we worked a case.

The music helped us think.

Yeah, the music is
helping me focus.

You know, I can't stop thinking,

why was Linda at
the pool that day?

things up seems to be

inviting a lot of trouble.

Maybe it's time to be
a bit more discreet.

I can do discreet.

Who's headlining tonight?

You're going to love Beatrice.

Her voice is spectacular.
Four-octave range.


Baltimore native.
Been on the scene for years.

My dad had an Aunt Beatrice.

Yeah, we used to
call her Birdie.

Hi there!

The lockers are just
there for your bag.

Oh great!

You must be new here.

Wow, you're good.

You must see a lot of faces.

Yeah, a lot. Been working
here for a few years.

I hear this club
has a bit of a past.

I was looking up reviews online,

and I kept seeing the death of
a woman named Linda Martin.

Yeah. That was awful.

I was the one who found
her when I came in to work.


Yeah, I'll never forget.

I used to see her in the
lunchroom in our coffee shop.

Sitting by herself, writing
furiously in some notebook.

It was kind of intense.
Sort of nuts.

So she was a little unstable

but anything else weird
happen around that time?

I mean, if anyone was
going to remember it,

I'm sure it would be you.

No. There was something
that didn't happen.

Mr. Wayne, a super diligent guy.

Dwayne Wayne?

Yeah. He'd show up every
morning when I was opening.

He'd swim 40 laps every
single morning for years.

And for whatever reason,

he didn't come in that morning
when I found that woman.

Wow... That is strange.

I also heard he has his
own private pool now.

Oh really?

Morning John!

Morning Cindy.

Margaret Jane. Hi, yes.

I'm thinking about pledging
for a membership here.

So, you know, umm...

Yeah, I don't really feel like
getting my hair wet today.

So I think I'm just going
to take a look around,

and get a feel
for the place.

Hope to see you again soon!


Didn't recognize you there.
What was that all about?

Well, yesterday, I ran
into a bit of a problem

telling people I
was an investigator.

They didn't want to talk.
So today I just didn't say it.

Ah. So, graduating to
undercover work I see.

You know, Harold never disguised
himself in a hat and glasses

to get info for a case.

Oh well, Cindy over there
seemed all too happy

to gossip with a new member.


Ah, so should I maybe
grab us a coffee

and meet you
at the station?

Yeah, let's do that.

-See you.
-See you.

That is a locker key!

Wow... Nice catch.

Okay, roll with me here.

We know that Linda
was at the club

first thing in the
morning, right?

And then Cindy saw her in the
coffee shop around lunchtime.

So we know she also had
access to the pool then.

What if she was hiding
the money in a locker?

She was hiding two hundred
fifty thousands dollars cash

in a locker?

Maybe it was a hand
off of some sort.

Some kind of payoff.

Cindy did say
that she saw Linda

writing furiously in her
notebook all by herself.

Maybe that's because she was
trying to hide a ton of cash?

Jane, the lockers
were all checked.

They were empty.

Did you ever get that
security footage?

No. They didn't give it to me.


The investigation was closed.
Sadly many many years ago.

Maybe there's another
list of members

that were at the pool that day?

Well, I could
contact the club,

see if they have
any old records,

but fifteen year old files,

So Linda was at the
pool around noon.

Then she went to
the coffee shop...

You know, Cindy also
mentioned that Dwayne Wayne

used to go swimming
every morning at the pool

until the morning that
Linda's body was found.

Come on. That's a busy club.

You'd have to add a
hundred names to that list.

Okay. So Linda starts
at the bank. Right?

Then, drives to the Collingwood
Club, drops off the cash.

Goes to therapy after that.

Goes home, gets in an argument
with her husband, and then

drives all the way back across
the city to break into the pool.


Well, following your theory,

if she left something
in the locker,

maybe she wanted it back.

Yes! Yes, that's it!

Good. Now you have a theory.

Let's get some evidence, hmmm.

On it.

Oh, I actually have to take off.

I am going to meet with Linda's
therapist this afternoon.

Okay. Be careful.

Because remember,
you're not Sherlock Holmes.


Thanks for the coffee!

Oh yeah. No problem.

Of course I remember Linda.

As soon as you called yesterday,
she came right to mind.

Very tragic case.

I'm just trying to
gain some insight into

her mental state at
the time of her death.

Of course.

Unfortunately, I can't
share her file with you.

We have a policy of destroying
documents of deceased patients.

Of course.

However, I do recall spending a
fair amount of time with her.

She was deeply unstable.

Ambiguous family dynamics led to
several unresolved conflicts.

Then she came into some money,

which only complicated
her circumstances.

Did she talk much about that?

The inheritance was
a burden for her.

The same way a lottery win
can be a curse for some.

For her it drummed up feelings
of jealousy, resentment,

entitlement, in all
of her relationships.

Yeah, I'm beginning
to understand that.

She became extremely paranoid,
developed hallucinations.

Group therapy was no
longer the right fit.

So I suggested
one-on-one counseling.

And what did that
involve for Linda?

I encouraged her to
journal, to identify

her core negative beliefs in
an effort to destroy them.

Did she talk about

what she wanted to do
with the inheritance?

Just that she wanted
to be rid of it.

It wouldn't have surprised
me if she gave it all away

to that Inner Inc. as exchange
for some personal salvation.

Did she talk about
Inner Inc. a lot?

Oh yes. Endlessly.

Mostly about that
Wayne charlatan.

The fraud was apparent to me.

But it would not have been
difficult for him to take

advantage of her, in her
delicate, impressionable state.

Do you believe
Linda was suicidal?

It's a horrible thing, but
when I heard of Linda's death,

I was not shocked.

She was riddled with guilt for
losing all of her husband's

savings, bringing her family
into a failure of a business.

Did she ever mention
anyone named Richard?

Or talk about birds?

She seems to have be
preoccupied with them.

Birds... Umm..

Not that I recall.

Richard... maybe.

I recall she had a friend that
she had a falling out with.

I'll ruminate on it.

I'll let you know if I
remember anything else.

Great. Thank you so
much for your time.

I really appreciate it.

-Nice to see you.
-You as well.

Hmm... That's a really
great painting.

I'm very lucky to have
some very talented clients.

And if you ever need
anyone to talk to,

I'll be here for
you as well.

Thank you. I appreciate it.



We spoke on the
phone yesterday.

I just wanted to come by
and ask you a few questions.

Thank you.

I'll tell Sadie you're okay.


I guess my disguise didn't
work as well as I'd hoped.

Do you think somebody
killed Richard

because they knew I was
coming to ask questions?

No no no. Hey!

You don't put that
on yourself, okay?

John, if I'm responsible...

Look, we don't know
what happened here yet.

Although my guess is
whoever tried to scare you

already killed one person,

so they'd probably have done
you in, if they wanted to.

I blame myself.

This is much more complex

for you to take on
as a first case.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I'm going to go back to
Sadie's and get some rest.

Okay, well, let
me drive you then.

No, no. I'm fine. Really.
I've got my car.

Just stay here and help them
figure out what happened.



Hey Sadie!

I'm going to make some tea.
Do you want some?

Oh no, no. Sadie! Sadie!

I think we're going to
need a bigger crime board.

What happened?

I was trying to add your
attack and I couldn't reach.

And as it turns out, ladders and
heels is not a very good idea.

You should not be climbing
ladders in heels!

You should not be
meeting strangers alone.

It's not safe.

Sadie! Come here.

Don't look at me like that.
I have weak ankles!

I am calling the doctor.

Oh you sound just
like my Harold.

Always worried about me.

He was always
taking care of you.

Yes. I miss him. Every day.

I know.

I thought something
had happened to her.

And I thought it
was all my fault.

Hey I'm sorry.

But it sounds like
she's going to be okay.

I thought that whoever had
come after me and Richard

had come after Sadie too.

If anything happened to her I
would never forgive myself.

Or to Lia.

Look, I stationed an officer
outside of Lia's place,

just to be safe.

And yours too.

There's an officer outside?

Yeah, just a precaution.

Look, what you
went through today

must have been frightening.

He's just there
to monitor things

and report any
activity back to me.

Why are you wasting
an officer here?

You should be off
questioning Dwayne Wayne!

Why would I do that?

Because everything
points back to Wayne!

Wayne and his company stole
Linda Martin's inheritance

without a second thought.

They caused her to
lose everything!

You need evidence, Jane.

Fine. Better yet,
I'll get a confession!

Have you forgotten that
you were attacked today?

And that a brick was thrown
through your window?

So what do you want me to do?

You want me to sit
here and do nothing?

I'm saying you're definitely not
going to help solve Lia's case

if something happens to you.

I thought you were supposed
to be helping me, John!

You're just slowing me down.

Well forgive me for caring.

Thanks so much
for meeting me today,

Ms. Donnelly.

I don't have long.

I have a lunch at the
Collingwood Club.

The Collingwood Club?

Isn't that the same facility
where Linda wound up...


I am lucky to still be a member
there after what Linda pulled.

Fortunately, enough time
has passed that people

are decent enough
not talk about it.

Sounds like it was a tragic
event for a lot of people.

My step-daughter's death
was tragic, but honestly,

it was inevitable.

I did everything
I could for her.

Found therapist after
therapist for her.

But all she wanted to do

was waste her money
on more crystals.

I told her that morning,

"Linda, you need real help!"

But she sure didn't
need it from me.

So, you saw her
the day she died?

She showed up at the club

and made a scene at the
end of my tennis class.

It was so embarrassing!
She was all sweaty and paranoid.

She actually attacked me.

Did she say anything to you?

She mumbled some nonsense
about some birdie.

I don't know.


What do you think
she meant by that?

She never acted like
the mother she was.

I'm surprised she's not
into unicorns, too.

My friends are waiting
for me at the club.

Just one more question.

Can you tell me about how Linda
came in to her inheritance?

Did Kenny Martin
put you up to this?

All he ever wanted was my money.

He was always polite but I
could see right through him.

No, actually.
It was your granddaughter, Lia.


Let me guess. She is after
that inheritance now?

No, she's actually
after closure.

Look, I've remarried, moved on.

I don't have time in my life

to worry about some
money-hungry Martins.

Linda never should've gotten
that money in the first place.

So that money was from
your second husband?

I am done answering
your questions.

I'm just trying to help.

I told the police everything
fifteen years ago.

So I don't see the
need to do it again

with some stranger who's
playing detective.



Jane! How's
the country club set?

Well, to be honest I'm just
trying to process what happened.

Ella Donnelly totally
ran the show.

I was just trying to keep up.

She seemed more concerned
with her reputation at the Club

than Linda's suicide.

And at best, she is an uncaring
stepmother, but at worst...

I don't know.

But when I mentioned the
inheritance and Kenny,

she was not happy.

I didn't expect so much
resistance from the family.

It wouldn't be a hopeless case
if it was going to be easy.

I'm in way over my head here.

Wayne Society, how may
I direct your call?

Yeah, I'd like to speak
with Mr. Wayne please.

And who may I say is calling?

This is Jane Da Silv...erberg!

I have a couple questions
about Inner Inc.

and a woman named Linda...

The Wayne Society is in no
way affiliated with Inner Inc.

Mr. Wayne has no
interest in hearsay.

Okay. Fine. Understood.

But may I speak with him?

You'll have to
book an appointment.

All right, then I'd like
to book an appointment.

Mr. Wayne is fully booked
until February of next year.

Wow. Busy guy!

What exactly does
the Wayne Society do?

We specialize in elite
corporate training retreats

for self-empowerment and
increased productivity.

So it's basically Inner
Inc. without the crystals.


What do you think?

What do I think...
You're okay?

I won't be if I don't pick the
right dress for graduation!

My dad will totally ground me
if he finds out I bought two.

I just couldn't decide
myself in the store.

I love this one, but I feel
like it's missing something.

Well, I think this dress
looks so beautiful on you.

In fact, I think my aunt
might have a few necklaces

that would make
it look stunning.


You'll have to come over and
pick one out for yourself.

Now, how are you thinking
about doing your hair?

I don't know. I'm not very
good at doing my own hair.

May I?

I did learn a few quick tricks

while I was
performing in Europe.

No way, you performed in Europe?

What if we do it all up...

Kind of a little princess
thing at the top of it.

You know what. I'm going
to be right back. Okay?

Kenny... I can explain.

She looks so grown up.

Yeah, she does.

I know it's must
have been hard on her...

Growing up without her mom.

I can never talk to her
about dresses and stuff.


Thanks for that.

Nothing can replace
a mother, but...

I'm just glad I could
be here to help.

Are you any closer to finding
out what happened to Linda?

I'm hopeful.

The night before she died,

Linda told me she was
giving that money away.

She refused to tell me
who she was giving it to.

All this after she had lost
my savings to that scheme.

I was hurt. Angry.

And I said some terrible things.

I've spent the last fifteen
years thinking about how that

crystal kook must have
sweet-talked it out of her.

But after all this time,
me protecting Lia,

not telling her the truth.

I think I might
be the bad guy.

No, Kenny...

The night Linda died
she came home all upset.

She said that I
had a bad energy.

She wanted a divorce.

She was going to take
Lia and leave.

They were going to start a happy
new life together without me.

Well, what happened?

Linda couldn't be trusted,
not with our money,

not with my heart, there
was no way I was going to

let her leave with our daughter.

I wouldn't let her take Lia.

Not how she'd been acting.

Was she distressed?

Yeah, she was upset.

She was swearing that she could
fix this, she could fix this.

She left.
She never came back.

You know, when she left here,

she intended on coming
back to get Lia.

She loved Lia so much.

Maybe she didn't intend on
killing herself that night.

Find out, for Lia.

For both of us.


Look! I finished it!

You look gorgeous!
How do you feel?

I love it!
I think mom would too.

I do too.

Thank you.

Oh! I'm sorry.

I didn't realize there was a
person behind that notebook.

Yeah! It's just how I read.

Oh. You know, you might want
to get your eyes checked.

-May I?

So, you play the drums!

Wait. But what does that mean?

I've met a few
drummers in my day.

Ah, right. But, let me guess.

None as cool as I am.

No, not one.

Seems you got a few
tricks up your sleeve.

Well, when work gets heavy,
playing just clears my mind.

Yeah, oh! I miss that.

When I'm up on stage, all
my problems just melt away.


Hey, do you want
to get up there?

Melt some problems away?
I can ask the manager for you.

No, not tonight.

I'm in too deep with
Linda's journals.

Ah. Anything of interest?

Mostly just nonsensical poems.

It seems like a dream journal.

She does mention this
bird several times.

I feel like there's
something there, you know.

I don't know, maybe
it sounds crazy,

but I'm just trying to pull
all the pieces together.


Now you're starting
to sound like a real detective.

Yeah, well, I'm starting
to think that Uncle Harold

was very rushed when he
chose me to succeed him.

Because I can't
even clear one case.

Come on. Harold must
have known you have

many qualities that would
be perfect for the job.

And as well, you've already
impressed me a few times.

Well, those were flukes!
All of them!

I don't know how Uncle Harold
went about solving these cases.

I'm trying to get a call through
to Dwayne Wayne and I can't.

Would like my advice?

Don't worry about
how Harold did it.

Do it your own way.

Care about the people involved.

Keep on the case.


Thanks Detective.

You're welcome.

All right. Well...

Look out Dwayne Wayne.

Welcome to the Wayne Society.

Do you have an appointment?

Ah, no. Actually I don't.

Mr. Wayne said I
didn't need one.

Mr. Wayne meets by...

By appointment
only, yes, I know,

but due to the very urgent
and financial nature

of our business, he said I
should come in right away.

Of course.
Excuse me just one moment.

Of course.

What did you say your name was?

Ah, Melanie... Cameron.

Yes! Reservations at the
Collingwood Club tonight.

Bingo! Perfect!


Like the bird?


Mr. Wayne can't see
you this morning.

He has a prior engagement.

Well, fine, fine!

I will take my investments
elsewhere then.


Do you have any contacts at
the Collingwood Club still?

I'm looking for a gig tonight.

It all points to Wayne.


Excuse me, Miss!


That was an exquisite

You have such command
over your audience.

Ah well, thank you!

Would you care to
join me for a drink?

Don't mind if I do.

Why haven't I seen you
perform here before?

Well, I'm new to town. Sort of.

Jane Da Silva.

And you must be Birdie.

Birdie? No no.

No, I'm Mr. Wayne.

Oh, how funny!

I could have sworn you that
you were the pompous fraud

who stole Linda
Martin's inheritance.

All right. First of all, you
need to keep your voice down.

No. No no no no. No.

This has been kept
silent long enough.

I am here to right a wrong.

And you need to answer
for what you've done!

I have admitted any wrongdoings
concerning Inner Inc.

And I've spent the
rest of my life

trying to make
amends for that.

You have never truly paid

for all the lives that you
ruined with your pyramid scheme.

I did not start this
journey of empowerment

to take people's money!

It was a life-changing movement.

And it got bigger than I
could have expected, yeah.

And I lost control
of the company.

Those people trusted you.
They believed in you.

And you sold them lies.

People needed something,
anything to believe in.

Now I kept that company going
for them, for the believers.

And that's exactly why you
took Linda Martin's money.

So that you could
start a new business

without your bad reputation.

Who's Linda Martin?

Linda Martin drowned on
the evening of June 8th,

here at the Collingwood
Club in the pool.

Well, that's tragic.

It was a pool that you
swam at every morning

until the morning that
she was discovered.

Yeah. Because I was in Mexico.

-I knew it!

I was lying low while news
of the rock scandal broke.

It was the worst day of my life.

Now look, you can check
with my assistant.

You can check with the airlines.
You can check with the resort!

I couldn't possibly have
anything to do with that.

Now listen, I don't know
who you're working for,

but you tell them my
lawyers will be in touch.

This is who I'm working for.

A young, bright and incredibly
talented young woman

who can only dream about
attending Juilliard

because her mom and her
inheritance were stolen

from her fifteen years ago.

Obviously if someone had come
to me in a desperate situation,

I would have done my
best to help them.

So, you really don't know
Linda Martin, do you?

There were a thousand
people at those conferences!

I can't remember every photo op!

I bid you good night.

Don't touch me!

Hi! Oh...

Jane, John, what's wrong?
What happened?

There was an incident.

But I caught the call
and vouched for her,

so they agreed to
let her go home.

You two should talk this out.

I screwed up so bad Sadie.

I made a huge mistake.
I have no idea what I'm doing.

You're being too
hard on yourself!

I accused an innocent man
of robbery and murder!

Oh, well...
That isn't great.

And Richard Florian would
probably still be alive

if it weren't for me.

John was right. I am wasting
the Foundation's time.

Oh, Lia is going to
be so disappointed.

I don't know what
I was thinking!

I can't do any of this.
I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm ruining Uncle
Harold's legacy.

And yet here you are, my dear.

Harold was an investment banker.

Who didn't know the first thing
about investigation at first.

But he found his
own way to help.

Lean into who you are, Jane.

Lean into your natural talents.

Tell me, why did you decide
to work on this case?

Because I wanted to help Lia.

Because I like helping people.


And I like trying to
make things right.

And I am kind of curious.

Pretty persistent.

Your mother was too.

And you're one
amazing performer.

I mean, ta-da!

Yeah, I'm pretty good
at that, aren't I.

Yes you are!

You take after me.

Mrs. Florian?


I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

How did you know Richard?

Where did this come from?

It was a
commissioned painting

Richard did years ago.

He never liked it.

He tried to throw it out once or
twice, but I always loved it.

Something so dreamy about it.

Yeah. A birdie
preaching rainbows.

He developed a dream-like
style over the years.

It's beautiful.

I feel like I've seen it
somewhere else before.

I'm so sorry.


Hmmm... Sadie was right.
It does feel good.

Linda Martin.

I was the one who found
her when I came into work.


It would not
have been difficult for him

to take advantage of her, in her
delicate, impressionable state.

Excuse me!

I don't think she had
an appointment either.

Jane, this is my wife.

-Cindy, right? The pool manager?
-Yes, hi.

Yeah, we had a little chat
at the pool the other day.

What a strange, small world.

I am so sorry to
interrupt but I am,

I'm really struggling, doctor.

I'm having hallucinations.

Seeing things that aren't there.
Thinking crazy thoughts.

Oh. When did these
symptoms arise?

Just the other day,
after I came to see you.

My anxiety has been
really overwhelming.

Is there anything that you
can give me to help that?

Yeah. I could write
you a prescription

for an anti-anxiety medication.

Could you? That would
be great. Yeah.

That is a beautiful painting.


You mentioned that the other
day when you were here as well.

Has your memory
always been so unreliable?

You, know, I do remember now!

I believe you said a
client had painted it.

He was a very talented artist.

Lovely young fellow.

Does he do commissions?

Perhaps something with a bird?

You'd have to ask him.

I'd love to,

but it turns out he was
murdered in his studio recently.

Oh. How tragic!


Yeah, it's interesting but you
seem to be connected to a lot

of people who've died under
mysterious circumstances.

You're very critical, Jane.

I wonder if there's a way
we could work together

to find where that
negativity is coming from.

Don't gaslight me.
The way you did Linda.

Or Richard Florian.

You made him think for
years that he was crazy,

that he needed group therapy.

I think this little
pseudo-investigation of yours

is going straight to your head!

You said it yourself.

Linda was delicate,

She came to you for help
and you made her worse!

I think you need
to call the police.

There's a deranged woman here
who needs an intervention.

You made Linda keep
this dream journal.

And then you hired Richard
Florian to paint the images.

You made her think
she was crazy.

You made her paranoid!

Why would I do that?

Risk my practice, my good name?

Hmm. I don't know.

A quarter of a million dollars

seems like a pretty good
reason for a sociopath.

And Cindy, right, she
had access to the pool

and the security footage. So...

Not quite as chatty
today, are you Cindy?

It was pretty brilliant.

A little complicated, but you
got what you wanted, right?

Nobody questioned
Linda's instability.

You walked away
with the money and

Inner Inc. was the
perfect scapegoat.

But I don't get it,
why did you kill Linda?

She wasn't supposed
to be at the pool.


What? She wasn't!

She was supposed to give you the
money in the therapy session.

Oh, so she disobeyed you?

Good for her!

So she had a change of heart
and realized the safest place

she could stash the money
was in a locker at the pool.

And then when she
went back to get it

for the sake of her daughter,
you killed her for it.

Linda was a distressed

There's no way she was capable

of handling such a
large sum of money.

I was just trying to
alleviate her anxiety.

She had a daughter!

A daughter that has to grow
up without a mom, and without

her rightful inheritance
because you killed her.

Now Jane, let's see what we
can do about that anxiety.

Is this how you killed
Richard Florian?

No. He didn't put up
this much of a fight!


Oh, thank you! Thank you.

This deranged woman,
she's been stalking me.

She attacked me and my wife!

I think you're hallucinating,
Dr. Hawthorne.

I have everything
recorded right here.

Cuff him, guys.

No no no no no.
I can explain.

You're going down for two
murders today, Dr. Hawthorne.

You have the
right to remain silent...

I got your text.


You okay?


You were right.

Your mom was taken advantage of
by some really selfish people.

And I hate to have to tell you
this, but the money is gone.

But, I think it's really
important that you know that

your mom was trying to
build a better life.

Between the crystals
and the therapy,

she wanted to be better
for herself and for you.

She loved you so much.

Hawthorne was supposed
to be helping mom.

How could he do that to her?

Well, it seems that
Dr. Hawthorne had been

manipulating a lot of his
clients over the years,

under the guise of these
new-age therapy techniques.

But, it turns out he didn't care
about their well being at all.

He just wanted their money.

It's pure greed.

That's awful!

But, because you
called the Foundation,

a lot of families
have answers now.

And you stopped Dr. Hawthorne
from ruining more lives.

Thank you for finding the truth,

even if it wasn't good news
about the inheritance.

I knew in my heart that
she wanted to be with me.

That she loved me.

But proof of that

is helping to fill the hole she
left with good feelings now.

Thank you Lia, for bringing
Jane in to help us.

I know I shouldn't have hurt
and worries about my Linda.

If it wasn't for the Foundation,

she would have never
found justice.

I love you, Dad.

I love you too, sweetheart.

I'm sorry when I
pushed back at first.

I was still hurting.

But you were brave and strong,
just like your mother.

Thanks. You know, you're
a pretty good dad.

Yes I am.

I owe you an apology too,

for being difficult.

I had my doubts at first,
but you helped us so much.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

And honestly,
I had my doubts too.

But it seems that Uncle Harold

saw something in
me that I didn't.

I have one more request.

Seeing as I won't be
going to Juilliard yet

and I'll be here
at community college,

I could really use a
mentor for my music.

Oh, please pick me!

Jane, we have a guest!

Ms. Da Silva.

-Mr. Wayne. Hi.

Nice to see you.

This, actually, is
Linda Martin's family.

This is Linda's daughter Lia.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

And Linda's husband Kenny.

Nice to meet you.

I was so sad to hear what
happened to your mother.

I know it was a
lot of years ago,

I just wanted to
say I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Ms. Da Silva has made me aware
of your talent and ambition.

And since the Wayne Society
believes in empowering others

and supporting greatness
and hard work,

I'm here to offer you
a full scholarship

for all your
musical endeavors.

Oh yeah, and it's at Juilliard.


I think you're more than
worthy of that distinction.


Oh wow.

Mr. Wayne, this is
incredibly generous.

Now, about these accusations
made by the Foundation...

Oh, I I I apologize,
Mr. Wayne.

I jumped to conclusions, and I
acted entirely alone so please

don't penalize the Foundation
because of my actions.

You may recall I made a
few mistakes on my own

back in the day.

Maybe we all could
use a second chance.

Hear, hear!

Thank you!

I'm going to Juilliard!

Yes you are!


Well. Now we really do have
something to celebrate!

Wow! Stunning.

Thank you.

My Carnegie Hall dress!

You wear it better
than I ever did.

Well, I doubt that.

I've never seen you look
anything less than gorgeous.

Flattery will get
you everywhere.

Thank you for coming home, Jane.

I miss Harold just the same

but now I can laugh
a little too.

You brought the
light back, Jane.

You brought the light
back for me too, Sadie.

I feel closer to mom again.

And not just thinking about the
end, but the happy times too.

They go together, don't they?

Yeah, they do.

All right! Show time!

So, when are you thinking
about going back to Paris?

Ah, you know. Actually, I'm
pretty happy right here.

So no more floating around?

I don't think so.

It's kind of nice
being connected.

So you'll be staying
home for awhile?

Yeah. Maybe.

Maybe I'll even lean into
righting some more wrongs.

Hmm. I like the sound of that.