The Iron Petticoat (1956) - full transcript

Captain Vinka Kovelenko defects from Russia, but not for political reasons. She defects because she feels discriminated against as a woman. Captain Chuck Lockwood gets the order to show her the bright side of capitalism, while she tries to convince him of the superority of communism. Naturaly, they fall in love, but there's still the KGB, which doesn't like the idea of having a defected Russian officer running around in London.

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Once upon a time...


Aquí Foxtrot Red and Blue.

unidentified plane is approaching .

- Are you sure of that signal?
- Take a look for yourself, sir.

It goes this way.

Hello, Foxtrot. Here Turnip.
We have one for you. It is dangerous.

Here Turnip control.
Go ahead Foxtrot.

Go ahead Foxtrot.

- The interceptors are closing in.
- Foxtrot Red and Blue, this is Turnip.

Here Turnip. Is it a Russian Mig?

I repeat, is it a Russian Mig?

Foxtrot Red and Blue, acérquese.

Follow me

- Colonel.
- Have you already spoken to the prisoner?

- No sir.
- Good.

I want to take care of myself
for several reasons.

This should be done by someone
who understands the Russian temperament.

- That's asking a lot.
- Not if it was studied first.

- Do you understand English?
- Naturally.

- What's it called?
- Inka Captain Kovelenko.

- Pilot.
- Do you mind taking off your helmet?

- A woman!
- Correct, sir.

- Sit down, Miss Kovelenko.
- Captain Kovelenko!

I do not feel if there is
a colonel standing.

Excuse me

We welcome another
refugee from the Iron Curtain.

I am not a political refugee.

Let's say we're happy to
welcome a smart Russian

who thinks communism
is in bad taste.

- That is false.
- The fact that?

That I am against communism.

It's the salvation of the world

and the cherished dream
of its inhabitants.

Straight to the point. Explain the violation
of our airspace.

No problem. It's very simple.

I've lost my temper.

- By the communists?
- No. Because of the male sex.

- Can you be more explicit?
- I have confessed.

- What else do you want?
- I want facts.

It will not come from Russia
and enter American territory

just because she's blinded
by some boyfriend.

What is this about being blind?

May I take the floor?

- Ahead!
- The colonel wonders

if she left Russia because a man
broke her heart.

- That is false!
- Well, tell the truth.

I was heading to my new position

when I heard it announced
that Captain Ossip Gonovitch

he had been promoted
to commander of my squad.

And I stayed as captain.

It's a case of archaic
anti-female discrimination.

Gonovitch is a drunkard.
Four planes have collided.

He is color blind. He's the worst pilot
in my squad.

This would not have happened
if Stalin were alive.

He was not afraid of women.

I know how you feel,
Captain Kovelenko.

- Thanks.
- I think it is more complex

of what you believe.

If you intend
to brainwash me,

I won't say a word

We are not brainwashed.

It is a communist procedure,
not ours.

- I am mute.
- He probably lost his temper

because there are things that bother him

and they disappoint him in communism.

Your tortures won't get
a lie out of me

not in a thousand years.

No one is going to torture him
for a second.

By saying she's disillusioned
with communism

- I mean your subconscious.
- The communists have not.

That may be what happens to them.

She fled her country
because she is fed up

of the injustice
of its military system,


I won't say a word.

Hi Newt.
I'm sorry to break in this way

but you forgot to sign my permit.

I would appreciate it if it were two
weeks and not one. It is the same.

It's your hunt, Chuck.
I present you

to one of our
boldest pilots , Captain Lockwood.

He forced her down.

- How are you?
- What's new for the Kremlin?

I won't say a word.

Sign as a good friend
and I leave you alone.

Captain Kovelenko
will be our guest.

- I hope you enjoy your stay.
- Western hypocrisy.

- There is a lot around here. The
comndante Lewis will accompany.

Intelligence will need a week
to clarify the situation.

Commander Lewis.

Please take me to my cell.

This way, miss.

- How about?
- Uniformed women

They confuse me.
I don't know whether to kiss them or greet them.

- Report from Lieutenant Feasley.
- Ahead.

Resumen de inka Kovelenko.

Page and a half
of the "Who's Who" of the Kremlin,

five first-order medals,
three aviation decorations

and a mole at the end of the column.

Fantastic. Do you get an idea?

I'm watching. Yes sir.

One of the Russian heroines and
she's on fire with the communists.

Imagine what weapon
for psychological warfare.

The truth about communism
according to one of its heroines.

This young woman will lend herself
to the proper discussion.

Arguing with a Russian
is like arguing with a record player.

I disagree, Chuck.

I assign you the mission to soften it.

I would love to help you, but you know
that in London everything is ready.

- You just have to sign here.
- Permission denied.

- You won't be able to do that.
- It is done.

In the recruiting office
it was not like that.

Newt, already explain that to you.

Connie's parents,
Lord and Lady Warburton-Watts

They will go to London to meet me,
from Ruginweed, Knockenbaird.

- The land of Edward the Confessor.
- They will have to postpone the pleasure.

You want me to plant
the British aristocracy

- to flirt with a peasant?
- The country needs your talent.

- It's an important plan.
- You don't understand.

Million dollar aristocratic bride .

I'm not that young anymore.
Maybe it's my last chance

- to achieve happiness.
- He'll wait for you.

- Martyrdom is not bad.
- An heiress?

It's like not opening the parachute.

Would you like to retire
in a year

and live in a mansion with a pool,
horses, yachts ...

with everything you want, for free?
What do you say to that?

- Are you trying to bribe me?
- No, I'm inviting a friend over.

Tonight you start
with Inka Kovelenko.

It would fail. I have no incentives.

- For patriotism.
- Let's stop advertising.

We will try.
I want you to start

Bringing you this bottle of whiskey.

Then take her out to dinner
and sell her America.

I wanted to get vodka,
but it didn't fit.

Yes, I have heard that Americans
have meager rations.

Say when.


- For world peace.
- For world peace.

Do you dare to
openly toast that ?

Well, I don't think anyone has heard me.

It's not as good as vodka,
but outside of Russia, what do you want?

I don't want to force her.


A hole in a girl, right?

You have been assigned to disarm me.

- Isn't that true?
- If you want to cooperate.

I thought they would send
a taller man.

- It may grow.
- He has a funny face.

It matched the body.

He has specks in his eyes.

I only use them to see. We do not quarrel,
we have to endure.

Do you mind repeating your name to me?

- Chuck Lockwood.
- Chuck.

It has a Slavic sound.

When I get angry I get thirsty.

- The calm.
- Yes, it relaxes me.

That's what I'm here for.
Happy anesthesia.

To live, darling.

Why do you call me "honey"?

- It is an insult?
- No. It's an informal word.

It means comrade.

Thanks. I like you...

Dear. I will have dinner with you.

How many times
have you flown over the North Pole?

A. If you've seen one north pole,
you've seen them all.

I've flown over it seven times.

At what maximum speed have you

- A 800 km/h.
- Yo a 1.200.

- With plane or without?
- I'm one of the best three.

Maria Elynova
is more famous than me,

but I am younger.

Why don't you ask me to dance?

I thought that
minor feats were not for you .

Yes I love to dance. masters.

Chuck, come on.

- What is your strategy, Captain?
- I am now

between suicide and desertion.

- ¡Chuck!
- oy.

I'm coming.

- How are you doing, Chuck? - Kremlin 7
Lockwood nothing and a half.

- Good luck.
- Yes, may the best man win.

Wings down, this is
a small victory.

You are amazing.

Because American women
are shallow.

They are basically interested
in nail polish and fake breasts.

Yes, they usually make mountains out
of a molehill.

I must say...

I do not understand how a man
of your intelligence and sensitivity

he is not communist.

My habitat is to blame.

You are a victim
of capitalist propaganda.

Yes, a sucker.

Honey, despite those medals,
you're fine.

Soft as
a bunny's ear .

Thanks love.

If I could take you to Moscow ...

Thanks. If I took you to Moscow,
like an American who prefers

peace to war, freedom
to bourgeois slavery ...

it would be a great honor for me.

If I could persuade
an American

to fight for peace ...

I don't see myself prepared for that.

I understand.
Spiritual changes take time.

- How long do you think?
- Well, I highly doubt that I ...

- You want to give me a hand?
- Ideologically.

- Well, captain, I have an idea.
- Yes?

I couldn't read those books
in the barracks, in front of everyone.

- Would they form a court martial for you?
- Yes. If you came to London ...

- I'm a prisoner.
- I'll fix that.

- The colonel will give you parole.
- With what excuse?

I'll tell him that you want to study
the wonders of democracy

that you try to become adept because it
is better than communist tyranny.

Do you think the colonel will be
fooled by such nonsense?

If he eats in the army,
he'll swallow anything.

What was I saying, Lewis?

I am never wrong with a woman.

Round one and the Russian lady
is on the ropes.

You have my permission
to try to mislead him.

I too will be deceptive
for the cause.

Then from London

We will fly to Moscow together.

Let's drink for it.

- Through Moscow together.
- Through Moscow together.

Now, the KO.

masters, commander.

- Please don't get up.
- You are standing, Colonel.

- Can we join?
- Sit down please.

This is a kind of
official ceremony with no bureaucracy, Captain.

Here's a taste
of the esteem of the American Army.

- What is this?
- A check for a hundred thousand dollars.

- Nothing, the parrot's chocolate.
- It's written.

It is not even printed.

Yes, he needed the go-ahead
from Washington.

It is the bonus we give to
Russian pilots fleeing the Iron Curtain.

Please, if you want to bribe me,

please at least
not treat me like an idiot

giving me a worthless piece of paper
signed by a certain John Smith.

He is our financial manager.
That role, captain,

is the promise of that sum
in any bank.

Promises, that's the only
thing the West knows how to give.

You never find anything real
like in Russia, not real money.

Sorry, inka. Considering
our discussion,

I think it would be advisable for
you to take the check.

At least until you have it clear.

Okay, colonel.
Thanks for the check, Chuck.

You'll see, Uncle Sam
has a big heart.

Don't forget I want to see you

- We'll talk tomorrow, Captain.
- If you wish.

I'll keep it as a souvenir
for you to see in Moscow

Which is actually
American money.

Have you tried taking her
to New York?

We have argued for an hour.
I have not been able to convince her.

keeps saying, "Take me to London.

Maybe in London
I want to listen. "

oy to approve your idea.

- It was not mine, but yours.
- I'll give you five thousand for expenses.

Give him a chance
to throw money away.

Nothing brainwashes
a woman like money.

Forget Connie and her parents.

I don't think I have time for that.
This requires total concentration.

I'm glad to see that you notice.
I've alerted the department.

All eyes will be
on you. Even in the White House.

The White House! They shouldn't
look so much at the Democrats.

Good luck, captain.
ace to make history.

Thanks, Newt.

If I haven't been back
in seven days ...

- Yes?
- Send more money.


Enraged by
Ossip Gonovitch's promotion to commander,

Inka Kovelenko left the Prosen airfield
at 14:00 on Wednesday.

- That was yesterday.
- At 4:00 p.m. ...

At 4:00 p.m. on Thursday,
Kovelenko left Berlin for London

on an American plane
with an American pilot,

- Captain Lockwood.
- Kidnapping of a Soviet citizen.

We will demand excuses from Washington,

to the UN and the British government.

Not good.

- Why not?
- It's not politics, it's a love affair.

Aya, do you have any information,
Colonel Sklarnoff?

They have reserved
separate rooms at the Pall Mall.

Separate rooms?

- What love affair is that?
- One in the first phase.

What's that?

That he is not ready.

Colonel Sklarnoff ...

Wait, I have to change the tape.

Why does Kovelenko fly to London
and call herself a deserter?

if he is not ready?

With a woman in love, there are no
explanations, only solutions.

I suggest we send
two good men

to that Pall Mall Hotel
with instructions

to end this adventure.

Not good. We must avoid
unfavorable publicity.

Inka Kovelenko
is one of our heroines.

His arrest would cause the disappointment
of the younger generation.

A true communist is
never disappointed.

- Please, Dubratz.
- If our great Stalin ...

No philosophy, please.

I myself have the solution.

She has come to see her lover,
a member of our delegation.

Where are we going to find
a lover here?

- Has Ivan Kropotkin arrived?
- Yes sir.

Good. Bring him in.

- Do you keep someone up your sleeve?
- Fire versus fire.

- Are you Ivan Kropotkin?
- Yes sir.

Are you a commander
of the Corps of Engineers?

- Yes sir.
- Have you been in love?

- Yes sir.
- How often?

Only one.

- Whose?
- From inka Kovelenko.


Did it reciprocate?

He let me hold his hand.

That's all?

- Yes sir.
- You will have a very delicate mission.

I'm ready sir!

To start with, you have to shave.
Follow me

I take you to the last step,
but I do not see it advisable.

I understand.

It will take 20 minutes.
I will hurry.

Don't worry, I've waited
longer while on duty.

Connie is very glad
you came.

- I'm Tony Mallard, his cousin.
- How are you?

- They have spoken to me very well of you.
- I hope to get over it.

- Connie won't be long.
- Will you have the marriage license?

He has asked me to give it to you.
Do you want to read it?

I don't want to rewrite it,
I just want to sign it.

- I don't even want to see the fine print.
- Oy to rush her.

Thanks a lot.

Charles! My love!

I was not expecting you.

- Was it tonight?
- That's what the days I have crossed out say.

How adorable!

- What do we do with Hamlet?
- Does it give you problems too?

We were going to the theater.
To a special charity function.

Tony, do you mind putting Charles up?

- Good idea.
- I can not. The colonel is waiting for me.

- Can't you phone him?
- Aryan generals, an admiral ...

it is an important meeting.
I have only come to say hello.

- Hello.
- We won't need him anymore.

Good. I'll see her at the north pole.

If I go back, I'll ask for you.

Good night, little brother.

That man looks like a spy.


Look for the Free World Library. It will be the
first thing we do tomorrow.


Wait here.

In the section with more gallons.

- In which?
- Forget it.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- Proceed.
- Yes sir.

Hello, inka.
Are you surprised to see me?

- Yes.
- I'm with the Soviet Commercial.

You were always
a businessman.

- As time goes.
- Yes, we get old.

- You do not.
- You're going to start again.

I wasn't dressed because she
was taking my picture.

Why would I take
a nude photo of you?

For medical research.

My spine
has a unique position.

For me you can pose
for whoever you want.

Olga Yahupitz doesn't mean
anything to me anymore .

Not even for me. A fat blonde
with a cushion face.

I feel nothing but contempt
for you and her.

For you, more.
I hate deception.

- You despise me?
- Yes.

I feel at home again.

Mom asks me incessantly:
"Where is Inka?"

And I always answer him:
"It's in my heart."

Yes, along with Olga Uahupitz,
Fedya Tulabov and Anna Krantzmeyer.

In your heart
you can only stand.

Your face reminds me of how vile
even a Russian can be.

You have given me new hope.


Fixed up.
The luggage is upstairs.

I stay at the hotel.
I forgot to see you.

Captain Lockwood,
Commander Kropotkin,

- an ex-friend.
- Charming ...

oy to ask
your opinion ...

About the US
Please be honest.

- I'll do what I can.
- What percentage of starvation

occurs among
American workers ?

How difficult. As far as I know
they die of thirst, not hunger.

is? They hide the data from you.

In 1954, the 28th /

of the mortality
of American workers

it was due to starvation.

- Go figure!
- Not counting the children who died

for lack of milk.
"Pravda" revealed the data

- last month.
- What is that pamphlet called?

"The hundred lies
of capitalism."

- What an incisive title.
- What is the percentage

of illegitimate children
born in the US?

I should know,
averages are good for me.

Twenty-seven percent.

During the war it was worse.

One American child in three

he has no father.

We couldn't
get cigarettes either.

We drink something?

Tell me frankly

Have I impressed you baby?

- Tremendously.
- In what sense?

Your sincerity.

- What else?
- Your way of carrying alcohol.

That's all?

Your brain.

I've never met
a woman with your brain.

- Thanks.
- Inside such a pretty head.

I kiss you like a soldier.

- What happens?
- I don't usually kiss soldiers.

Now let's go to bed.

- We?
- Yes.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

We will continue in the morning.

Okay, teacher,
what time is class?

At dawn.
We must not waste time.

- Goodnight.
- Sleep well.

- I will do that.
- Are you going to bed?

- I think so.
- Is...

locked that door?

- Usually yes.
- Then go over there.

- I will see you in the morning.
- Yes.


- Do you have the key?
- Yes here.

I was worried.

Allow me, sir.


I've brought you this
in case you're cold.

- Thanks.
- Sneakers.

And a toothbrush.

No, please, I use a washcloth.

But I will try the toothbrush

as in an experiment.

- Goodnight.
- I am very grateful.

- Goodnight.
- See you tomorrow.

- Early. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- Hello.
- I always read before going to bed.

- Me too.
- That's what I thought.

It is entitled: "The capital
of the spiral economy."

- Oh.
- It's a bit deep,

but if you read it twice, it
becomes clearer.

Sounds like fun.

- Do you have something to read?
- Yes, my criminology.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

If there is something you don't understand

ask me tomorrow.

I guess I will have a
lot of questions.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

I'm coming!

Hello, honey ... Honey!

What a surprise! I was not expecting you.

- Do not?
- Not you.

How about Hamlet?

- Very interesting.
- Really?

You prefer Russian ballet, right?

Me? Lots of Lauratilobas
in long underwear? Do not.

We have seen a friend of Connie's,
one Bill Brandon.

It belongs to the Military Intelligence.

He told us you brought
your Russian dancer to London .

- Excuse me, ma'am.
- You want?

- The key to the inner door.
- From what door?

The one that overlooks the
adjoining rooms .

Thanks. That will be more comfortable.

The truth is that I am on
a secret mission.

Do you know ...?

You're not listening to me.
I'm on a secret mission.

- The Russian girl is an official matter.
- It sure implies

secret non-military meetings.

That is unfair. It is not like you.

- I serve my country.
- Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't want you to be
late for Hamlet.

I like this plot better.

If we don't have the kill at the end.

What is your official business with her?

I try to attract her to our side,
to teach her democracy.

But you already know...

how are the Russians.
They are always screaming ...

They are crazy to tie, they
hate the people of the outside.

They believe that freedom
is for the birds.

- How is?
- They're always arguing.

I asked you a question.

- How is?
- Personally?

Don't worry about inka
in that regard.

He's square, he's
wearing boots and pants.

He always covers himself up like an Eskimo.
It is a human ice cube.

It has a 98º / of Russian
and a 2º / of woman.

- You know that I ...
- Honey, I wish that ...

I'm sorry for the meddling.

I think I was wrong
in the percentages.

Captain Kovelenko, this is
Lady Warburton-Watts.

- Thanks.
- And Mr. Mallard.

Well ...
how about Ivan? Do you know something?

- No.
- That Ivan looks great.

- Do you sleep with this?
- Naturally.

Are they badges of good behavior?

No. For breaking the
sound barrier , 1953.

solo trip to the North Pole , 1954.

That is your main interest,
the North Pole.

Well, it will seem
that there is a lot of current.

Good to know you're still
wearing your pants.

I've come to see if you can give me
your clothes to wash.

- I work in the bathtub.
- The hotel takes care of that.

- I'm much better.
- I only have a dirty shirt and ...


The rest later, please.


Well, drink.

You cannot be jealous of a washerwoman
who haunts the North Pole.

rolling the bearskins.

Yes, you don't have time for anything else.

I understand that
what that Brandon says bothers you.

I would feel the same,
but it is not true.

We must advance the wedding.


You will see if you want to
ask someone.

Yes, I'll think about it.

Look to see.

My love.

Hope you don't get
soap in your eyes.


Those medals must be
awkward at times.


Where is Curzon Place 223,
the New World Bookstore?

Go through Curzon Arcade.
The second on the right.

- Shall we take a taxi?
- No, it's a lovely day.

I prefer to walk.

Do you think that this type of adornment
is important in sex?

Dressings don't bother me.

I am against it. A woman
should attract a man

with your personality,
not with edging. Don't you think?

It depends on what
those piping are attached to .

Feudal symbols of wealth
wrested from the masses,

that's what they are.

How much does one say cost?

- The pink?
- No, the black lace one.

- It's very good. oy to ask.
- We are not going.

- Why do you smile?
- I think how good it would do you.

I am not in mourning.

But it's spring,
doesn't it make the Russians react?

Yes. We are glad to know that the wheat
has started to grow.

and that work resumes
on the northern levees.

Siberia in spring.
It must be the peel.

Yes. Since we are on the subject,

Do you mind telling me who it was?

- Who are you talking about?
- That low-cut woman from last night.

- Oh, Lady Warburton-Watts.
- It's called like that, but what does it mean?

She is nothing more
than a London capitalist.

It gave me the impression
that you were lovers.

- He's not my type, honey.
- Too low-cut?

No, I do
n't care , it's not hot enough.

I ask because ...

reminds me of a woman
that I knew,

Olga Yahupitz.

Sorry if I insulted you
with my suspicions.

I will be tolerant about it.


It is like an oasis
in the middle of the desert.

I have the list.
You better wait outside.

They could arrest
me just for looking in the window.

Senator Howely, you will not regret
leaving the Geneva conference

for this propaganda project.

I'm always happy to turn down
a peace conference.

My record is clean
as a whistle.

That Kovelenko will weaken
communism more than 40 years of summits.

- Oh oh.
- Your colonel, he's after us.

Too late,
he has seen us.

- Act with indifference.
- I have a diploma in counterintelligence.

If you have problems,
swallow this.

- How are you?
- Colonel Tarbell.

- Perfectly, thank you.
- I came to see how everything was going.

- How is our student doing?
- I'm impressed with ...

Sugar Ray Robinson
y el Boston Tea Party.

I try to make the classes

Well, it's a good start.

- Books, huh? What have they bought?
- Old things.

The arrival of Columbus,
the Mohawk uprising,

- things like that.
- Excellent.

- Do not apologize.
- I told him about private property.

- Books are our castle.
- Yes.

I see. Senator Howely
is with me.

He just got back from Washington.
Head our inka campaign.

- What's that?
- An intrepid investigator of ours.

Tonight we will have a party
to introduce Captain Kovelenko

to the senator. Let's say...

at eight o'clock? In her honor, we will
celebrate her in "The Russian Bear".

- What's that? A restaurant?
- Very chic, by the way.

It is very luxurious. Couldn't we go
to a nicer inn?

Nerd. I'll be there.

At eight o'clock.

- I have to go study.
- Good girl.

Colonel. Sorry, honey.

Comandante Lewis.
Lockwood, no, Lewis.

- Its busy. Can I help you?
- Do you know where we have dinner tonight?

In "The Russian Bear". At eight o'clock.

You're welcome. Goodbye Sir.


Can I help you with something?

I would like to buy something.

Something of lingerie?

The one with black lace.

A negligee?

- Is a negligee long?
- Depending on who's looking at it.

The black lace is up to here,

from here.

It was in the window.

The Cleopatra set.

Black lace
with bobbin trims with a scarlet ribbon.

- Can I see it, please?
- Of course.

- Why don't you sit down?
- Thanks.

Do you imagine yourself in blue?

I have what you are looking for.

I want the black lace.

What reason is he.
It's more of his style.

Made for you.

I buy.

- How much is it?
- Thirty pounds.

- Is he taking it?
- Yes please.

- Is there something else, miss ...?
- Captain Kovelenko.

We have some
lovely red garters , captain.


- The "Eureka" bra!
- What's that?

Is it for swimming?

- It can be carried in the water.
- Is it in front or behind?

In front.

He teases me. It is not for swimming.

It is a fake breast.

- Bra for short.
- So that's how it's done ...

The illusions of democracy!

Who is your hairdresser?

How does it take so long? He may
have taken the polar route.

20 minutes is nothing. They like to
entertain themselves before a party.

- Brushing the boots?
- Maybe he'll stand us up.

I trust less a Russian
than a horse.

They are all spies.

Watch out, senator.
They can add something to the vodka.

- I'll be right back.
- Good.

What's the point of dragging
a spy toward us?

Do you want to have vodka?

- Yes good idea.
- Of course not. Bourbon.

I did not know that there were
so many communists.

They sure are harmless.

- Are you Captain Lockwood?
- No, he will come right away.

- Oh, can I help you?
- We are guests of the captain.

Connie, I'm going to find him.

- Stop, I'll go find you.
- Are you Russians?

Don't worry, senator,
they don't need a test.

- I'll be right back.
- Would you mind sitting there?

You've been

- There must be an error.
- You lied to me.

I couldn't lie to you.
You are a very clever psychologist.

- We have to get in together.
- What do you mean?

We are not interested in
the senator investigating.

I would like to know if your habit
of driving on the left

has some political meaning

or it's just another one
of his bloody things.

what a fun group!

I'm glad you have come.
It is an important mission.

- The senator told me.
- I've invited her to join us.

We all long to help
civilize your barefoot washerwoman.

¡ inka!

aya ...

You didn't tell me your middle
name was Cinderellavitch.

This is how
a self-respecting pilot should dress .

- Captain, dear.
- How are you? Sorry for the delay.

May I introduce you to Lady ...?

We all know each other,
except that man ...

Captain Kovelenko,
Senator Howely of Alabama.

I've heard of Robert E. Lee.

He was a good revolutionary.

My opinion of the Russians
has grown in a matter of seconds.

- Do you want a drink, inka?
- A jug, half champagne,

- half vodka.
- Waiter.

Two pitchers,
half champagne, half vodka.

- And water for everyone.
- That's the "Moscow Minuet".

- I'm glad.
- Where did you find the fairy godmother?

There were many. They have worked hard.

Do you like the effect?

- It affects me a lot.
- I'm sorry we didn't study together.

Everything takes so long. The hands,
the hairstyle, the stockings, the shoes.

In the end I came back
and bought the garters.

- Don't tell me you're wearing red garters.
- Yes, they are very attractive.

still very good with black lace.

Llévenos de gira, Srta. Kovelenko.

I'll buy a ticket!

Do you disapprove of something,

- Lady Warburton-Watts?
- No, querida,

I have always admired
Soviet technique.


- Shall we dance, darling?
- Don't call me "honey".

I want to dance, honey.

Senator, it's going to be fantastic.

- The fact that? Was she dancing?
- No, see her embrace democracy.

He seems to be very good at it.

- You see it?
- What?

How he looks at me!

He laughs at me with those
predatory bourgeois eyes of his.

- Why are you laughing?
- You are crazy. Nobody laughs at you.

- Do I look weird?
- You are precious.

- I'm very thin on top.
- It is fashionable.

- I have very long fingers.
- We'll shrink them.

I feel like a box
of paper flowers.

- You have the right to laugh at me.
- Now it is OK. You are a roar.

what do you mean?

It's like honey, but in a bikini.

Thanks, thunderous.

I'm glad that you admire me

- Yes it's correct.
- If what is true?

That you admire me


That's good.

I have fixed myself for you.

I wanted you to know that when
you come to Moscow with me

you wouldn't miss out
on female sex and beauty.

We have both.

They make a great team.


we drive on the left

so that the driver has a free
hand from the gun

in case
highwaymen attack .

Tell me the theory behind
the curtain's wage bill, honey.

Let's save it for when we're

It has gone to the other side.
What do you think?


- Traitor.
- You see. We lose ground.

Goodnight. Is it still here?

Is dancing.

I am wearing your favorite flower.
The blue batchelor.

She will appreciate it.

to dance with her.
We have asked for a waltz.

I don't know how to waltz.

- Well, we'll order a polka.
- The same thing happens with the polka.

- I'm useless.
- What can you dance?

Colonel Sklarnoff,
I was trained to be an engineer,

- not to dance.
- Moron and crippled.

Their cheeks are tight.

That is chemistry.

- Am I arrested?
- In time. Oh I know.

This must be stopped.
She is a Soviet citizen.

It deserves to be stopped by the party.

You have that privilege.
That is why I have called Group Nine.

- The whole group?
- There is,

the whole group.

Group Nine is introduced.
I have included Sutsiyawa,

the roost of judo.

It is an honor. What assistance
can you provide us?

There are three strokes.

The Shining Star with the fist,
elbow or knee on the head,

two hours of sleep. The Sun and the Moon
with the side of the hand

between the eyebrows,

four hours of sleep.

The Heavenly Touch, with the knee,
5 cm below the navel,

the eternity.

They return to the table.

Maria, check the dresser.
You, dress up as a waiter.

Igor will replace the goalkeeper
in case he needs help outside.

I want Kovelenko on the dresser.

Maria will silence her
and will pass her through the window.

The car will be outside waiting,

In our army
there is no class distinction.

Take for example
Chuck Lockwood.

- With pleasure.
- I say it because I am his friend,

an absolute homeless.
Not a penny to his name.

But he has high regard,
as if he were a millionaire.

Why should
a millionaire be highly regarded?

Fast! Senator!

- Is there a safe place for this?
- The dresser.

- Where is that?
- It's that door over there.

- inka!
- I want to talk to you.

I'll take it, baby.


- Oh, excuse me.
- It does not matter.

- What's up, girl?
- That man is after me.

- What a man? Where?
- That.

- Please, I'm very scared.
- I accompany her to her table.

It is there.

Calm down, girl!


You Americans
are so wonderful

and so strong.
Wherever there is danger

There is an American. For our
boy scout training.

We specialize in elderly women
but I am happy to make an exception

One moment.
You need to drink something.

Top it with a brandy and soda.


- Buckle up, sweetheart.
- I beg you.

Please stay
with me for a bit .

Maybe he will go when he sees you.

Well, I can't
stay long.

- Make it two.
- Yes sir.

I'm not afraid anymore.

Mine that is rather loaded.

Yes sir.

I like you. I am Tityana.

Nice nickname.

I just want to forget for a moment.

Well drink and forget.

masters, let's toast to us.

- How do you say "asses up"?
- Yes, good...

limitedmonos to beber.

- Hi, Newt.
- You defected, Captain.

- Yes, I was going to ...
- I'll take you over here.

Of course. Tityana,
this is Colonel Gallina.

- It will take care of your well-being.
- How are you, Fraulein?

Colonels do not have the opportunity
to meet such beautiful women.

The old Chinese tale.

Okay, captain.

- Disappears.
- There was no more. Baby.

I'll leave
the clinic light on.


I'm not going to enter.
I know where my site is.

For your big blue eyes,
young lady.

- Reinforcements!
- Fill them up.

Back to the cup.

For Captain Kovelenko
and a better tomorrow.

For Captain Lockwood
and a better night.

Tell her they call her on the phone.

Maria will catch up
with her as she passes the dresser

Captain Kovelenko,
you have a phone call.

- Who's calling me?
- You haven't told me your name.

He told me it was important.
I was crying.

It's Ivan. He is very sad.

I hear talk to him.

- The phone is here. enga.
- Thanks.

- You are Ukrainian!
- Yes ma'am.

- His honest face says it.
- Thank Mrs.

- cheated with me.
- Where to?

He is my guest. enga.
You have to have something.

- Sit down. Enjoyment.
- An old friend?

Yes, all human beings
are friends.

in here.

- I want to talk to you.
- And the man on the phone?

It would spoil my humor.
Rumble, you talk to Ivan.

Okay, but he's not my type.


Paul. Acérquese.

Take her out dancing.
Tuck it on the dresser as you pass.

Tell Maria to leave
the dresser door slightly open.

Excuse me, but I have recognized
one of our heroines.

Inka Captain Kovelenko, may
I drink to your health?

- I grant you the honor.
- Ladies and gentlemen,

Inka Kovelenko
is the queen of the skies.

What a wonderful night!

Russians, Russians everywhere.

- May I have this dance?
- Yes, it is a Russian song.


What you need, sir,
is a drink.

Waiter, get my friend
something to drink.

- No one is on the phone.
- I'll be right back.

Colonel, I want your go-ahead
for a claim.

I am going to do on behalf
of the sovereign state of Alabama.

I didn't hear you, Colonel.

It had been years since he had shown
so much common sense.

zero isibility.

- His head has shut down.
- What happened to it?

I dumped him with a girl.
The fuses must have blown.

Not well. I take him to sleep.

Give me a hand, Captain.

Tell Inka I'll be back
as soon as I call a hearse.

What have you drunk? Ether?

We are making a delivery.

Please stop,
I want to talk to that man.

Next time stop

when I tell you to stop.

- Is dead.
- Will it be a JB test for pilots?

- Is the colonel leaving?
- It's about to take off.

Good night, Colonel.
I have had a magnificent night.

- He seems unconscious.
- It's not so clear.

I'll call a cab.

Cab! Please wait!

- The taxi is waiting.
- So, let's go.

- Do you think you can, Colonel?
- How about a two-year permit?

They are witnesses.
Are you having a good time?

- Yes and you?
- Yes, this party exudes friendship.

masters. I'll be right back.

I'll catch it next lap.

Here we go!

No dancing at the hotel,
don't forget.

Driver, to the wax museum, huh?

Good luck.
Hey, wait!

Forget the package!

Take. Sit on top of it.

Dance with Me?


Who is he hissing at?

- What's the problem?
- White pig!

Are you in the mood for trouble, Lautrec?

I'm going to give you one right now


Don't hiss at me
that I take the plug off your head.

- Dog nose!
- Dog nose?

aya, you got crosby blood, huh?

oy to spill you a little,

right now.

Move on.

Listen to the music.

- I am listening to it.
- Bill.

- One, two, three ...
- Move.

Do you want to run out of face
for Halloween?

- Your mother was a sow too.
- I don't know whether to hit you ...

Don't try to escape.

You have signed
your death certificate.

You have doubled my cigarette case!

Have you asked for the wake-up service?

Give me this.

Yes sir.

Interrumpo, Nijinski.

This way, honey.

- Another drink and dancing home.
- On the streets.

Give us something
that takes a kick.

I do not want anything. When I
feel so happy, I am not very thirsty.

e for the cape, we are going home.

- ¿Ya?
- Ya.

to go for the cape right now.
Tell Maria

pass it to the alley
through the window, gagged.

Take the car into the alley
and have it running. Hurry up

I want to leave.
I don't want to talk to him again.

You may not have heard correctly.

- No. It's broke and it's a can.
- And he wants another.

Mind if we finish
our drinks?

Help! Leave me!


Your drink, sir.

I have earned it.

Igor, my car.

I'm ready.

Sweet and adorable eyes.

Steel law.

Big blue hands.


I will tell the truth
in the wheat fields.

When my girl smiles at me

It's the Fourth of July.

Red Square.

Western despair.
This is me.

Sir, what
if the driver is left-handed?

Chuck, incorpórate.

Please be good and sit up.

I only do what I would expect
you to do for me.

- No, not that.
- Dear.


Please. Please, Chuck.

That's it. Wait.

That's better.

This makes it easier.

Wait. It is done.
oy take off your tie.

I had a wonderful night.

Take. It is done. Nice little bear.

inka, honey.

I had a wonderful night.

When we were dancing

I felt like I had known you
for a long time.

I have felt happy
in a personal way.

It is the first time that I feel
happiness in a personal way.

I have also thought wrong,
but with so much vodka ...

It is easy. I've come to think ...

that one day we would leave ...

to live in Indianapolis ...


I love that expression.

Indianapolis, Indiana.

I've always wanted to believe

that someday

I would find a man

that i could trust

with all my...

Oh, inka.

Dear Lord Warburton-Watts, I
hereby show you

my sincere apologies
for any inconvenience

that his precious daughter,
Constance, has suffered ,

due to an unavoidable
technical failure of an employee of mine.

I return her
with a special escort.

I hope that the friendship between
our great nations does not ...

- It has escaped!
- Don't bother me, I'm going to return it!

- No, the other one! Kovelenko. Of the hotel.
- They were there?

We still needed to
cover the fire escape.

- Idiots!
- We were following instructions.

- You morons!
- We have given the alert.

Collect your belongings from the hotel.

Alert Group Eleven.

- The whole group?
- You have to find her and silence her.


I have not slept. I have taken off
one suit and put on the other.

- What does he want?
- I want to see Colonel Sklarnoff,

- Head of the M ... D.
- Impossible.

And I haven't had breakfast.

It is the same again.

You have to make an appointment.

- What is this?
- Kovelenko. We have arrested her.

Why didn't he say who he was?
Everybody up.

I will announce it.

Steadfast! March on!

Meeting of the special tribunal
of the M ... D.

Dr. Dubratz,
can you speak to your client.

As your attorney,
I suggest you confess

totally and openly.

- The fact that?
- His betrayal.

I don't have to confess
any betrayal.

If you prefer, I'll
plead imbalance.

- It could save your life.
- I'm not unbalanced.

That is a very broad statement.

The consultation is over.
Declaration of the prisoner.


- And what does that mean?
- Innocent.

Let the prisoner
step forward.

Is it Inka Kovelenko
from the Soviet air force?

When did you decide to betray
the Communist Party?

Since I entered at the age of eleven,

I have never had
an anti-communist thought.

Last Wednesday, he defected
from the air force,

he stole a plane and fled to the
American zone to meet his lover.

¿Erdadero the false?

- Fake.
- I ask permission for a clarification.


The reference
of my American lover ...

it is false.

I have no American lover.

Don't you know an American captain
named Charles Lockwood?

I know it,

- and I despise it.
- Last night he clung to him,

They danced for three hours
and melted on his shoulder.

¿Erdadero the false?

- I despise it.
- It's enough.

I beg the court
to let my client finish.

I assure you that it is over.

The court has
indisputable evidence of his betrayal.

- That Captain Lockwood ...
- Hush!

If you allow it, you
are stripping your soul.

I hold a check found
in Inka Kovelenko's wallet.

In your name. One hundred thousand dollars.
Signed by Officer John Smith.

There is also a photograph
in which she appears with her lover.

One hundred thousand dollars.

It is a worthless piece of paper.

I kept it as a souvenir.

It is the price of his betrayal of
the Soviet.

- That's a lie!
- In exchange for that money,

he was going to tour the West
lying about his own country.

That claim is ridiculous.

You may find my next statement
less ridiculous.

As judges of this
special court of the M ... D.,

we found the prisoner
guilty of treason to the USSR.

And we sentence her to death.

The sentence will be carried out
in Moscow in the next 24 hours.

We have lost.

The prisoner is allowed to
make a statement.

I only have one statement
to make.

If this is Soviet justice,

I am mute.

Captain Lockwood.

- They arrive very early.
- Cocktail brain!

- They beat me.
- Sir, they just informed us

that Kovelenko has been arrested
by the Russian secret police

and judged of treason
by a military court.

- What was the verdict?
- Guilty, sir.

- The death penalty!
- We are sunk.

- It was my fault.
- The Department will blame me.

What does
the State Department matter ?

It was me. I have killed her.
I am an assasin.

I have sentenced
a person to death .

Sir, my political career is
hanging by a thread.

- Go away ... We must be
consistent, Senator.

We could not do anything. They followed her
since she arrived in London.

One of the judges occupied
the suite next door,

Commander Ivan Kropotkin.

Almost half of the taxes
people in Alabama pay

It is intended for the maintenance
of the army.

And this is the ineptitude
that we receive in return.

- Is that Kropotkin still here?
- They told me you just arrived.

- Kropotkin! But ...
- Shut up, Senator.

Maybe if we play well,
we can find out about this inka.


Commander Kropotkin?
I am Captain Lockwood.

- I can enter?
- I'm going now.

Give me just five minutes.

I can prove that Inka Kovelenko
is innocent.

- Too late.
- Has she been sentenced to death?

One moment. This is a trick
I learned in high school.

Pick up on this.

- Why did you do it, comrade?
- It still works.

He is not guilty.
I was working for you.

- For us?
- Yes. I was converting to communism.

That's what he came to London for, to convert me.

lied to that filthy capitalist my colonel.

Have you betrayed your colonel?

More than that, I've ridiculed him.

And the State Department as
well. That is their fault

convert to communism.
It has reformed me.

It has made me see the truth
of communism.

The hundred lies of capitalism.

I know. One in three children
does not have a father.

- It is awful!
- This would not be believed nor MacArthy.

Always nice to
meet a supporter.

I'm not a sympathizer, I'm red.

- It's his doing.
- Comrade, you have made me very happy.

You will be
a monument to his memory.

He will replace her
in the fight for communism.

- Goodbye.
- Wait!

- They'll have to try her again!
- No, comrade.

Nothing can change
Soviet justice.

Now they will take her to the airport.

And will return to Moscow

for justice to triumph.

- Hey!
- Stay where you are.

- I have to ...
- You're under arrest.

You are joking.



Captain Lockwood, I
wish to see Colonel Sklarnoff.

- He has an appointment?
- Tell the colonel I'm here.

No date? Get out, please.

- Wait a minute, ma'am.
- Out of.

One moment. I demand to see
your superiors immediately.

- It's not allowed.
- It won't stop me.

What does this mean? One moment.

I don't want to hurt you, ma'am.

It will serve as a lesson.

And the referee?

- Colonel Sklarnoff!
- Do you know this man, Maria?

- No.
- Lockwood, captain of the FF AA.


- Charmed.
- Maria, let him stand up.


I wouldn't do that if I was wearing glasses.

- Can I help you?
- I want to see Colonel Sklarnoff.

Over here please.

And I want revenge.

Please sit down.


Colonel Sklarnoff?

I engo on behalf of the American Armed Forces AA
. I must tell you something

and I thought that maybe you ...

Colonel Sklarnoff?

I'm from
the US Air Force Headquarters.

I'm here on a
very important mission and ...

Colonel Sklarnoff?

If I don't see him there will be a terrible
international tension.

That's the man,
Colonel Sklarnoff.

I am Colonel Sklarnoff.

How are you, Colonel?
I would like to talk to you.


talk privately somewhere?

They will not listen.

Proceed, we are alone.

What will they not hear?

- No.
- Good thing, because it's confidential

And I don't want to ... Well,
I'll tell you what's officially there.

I have been delegated by my superior,
Colonel Tarbell,

to demand the immediate return
of our prisoner,

forcibly taken
from American custody.

You may not know that Kovelenko violated
our territorial limits.

Kovelenko inka arrested on
May 2 by Lockwood Charles.

iolation, chapter I,
clause III. I promise...

Broadcast from
American headquarters , Colonel.

- Put it on.
- On behalf of the United States and Newton ...

This is Colonel Tarbell
in command of the US Armed Forces.

We ask for your help in capturing
a prisoner who has fled,

Captain Charles Lockwood.

It measures 1.80,

He has brown hair and weighs 80 kg.

He's desperate
and his nose is turned up.

Turn off. Put me through to
Colonel Tarbell.

Everything you said is false.
It is a slander.

His stupidity is only surpassed by
his beloved Kovelenko,

whom they take to Moscow,
where she will be executed for treason.

- No, that's ...
- The colonel on the phone.

- I'll talk to him.
- Hold him.

- I thought they weren't listening.
- Colonel Tarbell? This is Sklarnoff.

We have the captain
in custody at the Russian Trade Delegation.

- What do you want us to do with him?
- Look.

I do not matter.
The one that matters is inka.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Very good. We will do that.

Let him be in the waiting room until
the American police arrive.

- Bring the prisoner.
- One minute and I'll prove your innocence.

- It couldn't be more red.
- You follow his orders.

Give me just ... Don't give me anything.
I'll take this higher

I'll take him to the UN. There must be
some healthy country in the world.

They can't ...
They'll see when I catch them outside.

Our plane
has arrived at the airport.

High or tall. It's fine.

- Take her to the car.
- I would like you to give me permission

to carry the hat down the street.

Of course,
we are still on foreign soil.

- Thanks.
- We're leaving in ten minutes.


Nice waiting room.
No magazines.

Are you an American officer?



How are you doing
in the American Army?

Charles Lockwood, Captain
of the Air Force. Number 46712 ...

and I do not know what else.

Colonel, how long do you want
inka Kovelenko's obituary?

Not very long.

Do you object if I call her "The
Soviet princess of heaven"?

"Princess" is not
a pretty word.

Of course.

Excuse me.

It's hard to get
into the American Army

without knowing someone from above.
I'll fix it.

- Free?
- Yes. There are precisely two vacancies.

I have a cousin in the
Brooklyn Army .

- One of the best regiments.
- Alyo Paskinevski.

- Couldn't it be Al Paski?
- Do you know him?

One of the most popular officers
on Ebbots.

Are you an officer?
He wrote saying he was a soldier.

- When was that?
- Two months ago.

It takes two months to become a captain,
four a colonel ...

Then it slows down.
You know, politics.

- In Russia it also happens.
- Do not tell me?

- How much does a soldier charge?
- At first?

- One hundred dollars a week.
- American dollars?

They are the only ones we use.
A month, 50 more.

We are losing time.
If they really want to enlist.

- We mean it.
- I admit immediately.

- Can do it?
- I'm from Military Induction.

That's why I got into this mess.

They accuse me of taking a
$ 5,000 bribe from someone who wanted to break in.

But I'll prove my innocence
when I get out.


Do they abide by the rules of the
US military in war and in peace?

- We don't want to fight Russia.
- Maybe not necessary.

- I'll put it in a clause.
- We abide by them.

They must obey the orders
of their superiors

- without question.
- We promise.

I appoint them
first-class soldiers of the United States.

- That's good.
- When my cousin finds out ...


La Addition.

Turn around.

Make way.

Ahead. On going. One two.

Colonel Sklarnoff and company.
They are waiting for us.

Well sir. Gate 9.

Wait. Do not move.
Say nothing.

I forgot with a couple
of American uniforms.

- You don't dislike cashmere, do you?
- We appreciate it.

- Thanks.
- Brooklyn.

- How are you? I am from the Russian group.
- Your name?

Sir Neville Cricklewood, diplomat
attaché to the Russian delegation,


- Secret documents.
- Very well sir.

AA EE will pick up the car. Lord
Throckmorton, tall, red-haired,

reserved with
frosted monocle . - Good. Gate 9.

Thanks. I hope the plane
is on time or I'll get nervous.

Ossip Gonovitch. ¡No!

- Be quiet!
- I demand my rights as an officer.

- What rights?
- You must execute me in Moscow

a firing squad,

not in the air at the hands
of a clumsy pilot.

I will not lower myself by responding
to an enemy of the people.

- Quiet!
- We are still in a foreign land.

- We should go now.
- I need a permit to fly.

- Send the copilot.
- There is no.

I'll be right back.

Excuse me Can I help you?

Where do they seal the documentation?

Yours? I can see her?

What about the building behind
the bus?

Enter and continue to the right
until you reach the left.

Where there is a door that says
"World Citizens".

It's abbreviated, of course, WC.
AIlí will seal the papers for you.

It's okay that I looked.
You need to get vaccinated again.

- To what?
- You should go see Dr. Numb.

- Numb?
- It's a long flight, put it on.

deceive, I told you.
Go straight, pass the bus,

the hall and WC. Goodbye.

- Thanks.
- Goodbye.

What happens to this plane?

Ossip Feyador Gonovitch.

I don't think there is any
real danger.

Let me.

Dr. Dubratz,
be good and ask your client

to fly the plane.

The colonel wants to know
if you will grant us the honor of piloting.

Yes, I'd rather delay my killing

until we get to Moscow.

Do you agree.

- Commander Kropotkin.
- I'm here, sir.

Inform the commander
that you are co-piloting the plane.

the prisoner Kovelenko's guard .

Yes sir.

Excuse me, Commander Gonovitch.

Give control
to Captain Kovelenko.

It's an order from Colonel Sklarnoff.

In addition, he is responsible
for the custody of the prisoner.

¡Muévase, Gonovitch!

Inka, I would like to express
my deep pain and my admiration.

Thanks for the expression.

It was a bad day
for the Soviet air force

the day Ossip Gonovitch was born.

It's okay now, Gonovitch.

- Why so many revolutions?
- Don't get tired, darling, it's all bad.

Do not worry. We will land
in Berlin, in the American zone.

I don't understand their behavior.
Kiss an enemy of the people!

- He's drunk, Colonel. - I await your
explanation, Commander.

He's almost blind, Colonel.

- I was afraid of it.
- Let me explain ...

Shut up!
will smell Moscow.

If you try any tricks, I will
kill your lover.


You have a lot to learn
to be a host.

Kidnapper! Saboteur!
Fascist hyena! Spy!

Go on, I'm over there.

- And assassin of Commander
Gonovitch. - Me?

You've been reading
Mickey Spilleane.

Tell the Kremlin we have
an American terrorist

and we have thwarted
a mass murder.

Say you are
Kovelenko's co-conspirator in London.

A triumph of propaganda.
Double execution.

Running is their
national sport . Try baseball.

It's more fun
and the players last longer.

- Be quiet!
- They have a great agricultural plan,

but they are not going to plant me.

I am an American and a soldier.

They don't take this for a coward.

They'll find out ...

That is fast service.

Don't worry, they can't
change our hearts.

No, just fill them with bullets,
that's all.

- Don't be afraid, darling.
- Who is scared?

I like to walk with you, darling.

Thanks. This walk will not be long.

Let's slow down. Maybe they start
without us if we're late.

Put your arm around me, please.

- ¿ladimir aselevitch Sklarnoff?
- Correct.

- Anton Antonovitch Dubratz?
- Correct.

- They are arrested.
- It's a mistake. Look at the prisoners.

- It is not an error.
- What are we being accused of?

Conduct contrary
to the search for Soviet peace.

This is Moscow?

- I don't understand.
- You can take notes at trial.

Ahead. March on.

Last week, the Kremlin

sent one
of his most popular heroines to London

to consolidate relationships

between East and West.

Kovelenko returns triumphant

with her imperialist American boyfriend,

Captain Lockwood.

- What happened?
- The political climate has changed.

Let's take advantage of it and get out of


Captain Kovelenko
and Captain Lockwood,

welcome to Moscow. The new era
among the imperialist West

and the freedom-loving Soviets are
symbolized by this happy union.

- Hey! Are you trying to get married?
- You mean "yes".

Yes very good. The USSR and the USA

They will appoint a joint commission
to supervise the honeymoon.

No, there are things
that one can do alone.

The magnificent wedding will be held
here in Moscow.

We would like to have a meeting.

- It's very dangerous.
- Marriage?

No, Moscow. We are going to live
in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We will make both countries happy.
A simple wedding in America

- and we will be back for the
golden wedding anniversary. let's start now

- with the preparations.
- That, get started.

Hi Mom. A tough fight,
but we go home.

You are a sweetheart.

Inka! A wedding gift!
The check for one hundred thousand dollars.

- Exhibit A.
- I have everything I want.


I'll keep it as a souvenir.


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