The Irishman (2019) - full transcript

An aging hitman recalls his time with the mob and the intersecting events with his friend, Jimmy Hoffa, through the 1950-70s. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ I held you ♪

♪ Held you tight ♪

♪ 'Cause I love ♪

♪ Love you so ♪

♪ Promise I'll never ♪

♪ Let you go ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ I remember ♪

♪ That night in May ♪

♪ The stars were bright above ♪

♪ I'll hope and I'll pray ♪

♪ To keep
Your precious love... ♪

When I was young,
I thought house painters painted houses.

What did I know?

I was a working guy.

A business agent for Teamster Local 107

out of South Philly.

One of a thousand working stiffs...

until I wasn't no more.

And then...

I started painting houses...


In this particular matter,

the whole thing was built
around the wedding.

Bill Bufalino's daughter
was getting married in Detroit.

Bill was a Teamster lawyer,
but more important,

he was Russell Bufalino's cousin.

Now, Russell didn't want to fly,

so I was gonna drive him to the wedding.

He wanted to take care of
some business along the way,

which in Russell's case
meant only one thing:

Money... collecting it.

So we'd drive.

Him and his wife Carrie
and me and my wife Irene.

Or I call her Reenie.

I figured we would take 476 out of Philly,

and then we go up to Pittston

and pick up Russ,
which is usually how we did it,

and then Interstate 80 West

through the rest of Pennsylvania,

and then we'd go across Ohio,
all the way to Toledo,

and then we would go 75 North to Detroit.

It was gonna take about three days

with all the business breaks
and cigarette stops,

since Russell didn't allow
nobody to smoke in the car.

He says Jimmy Blue Eyes and Meyer Lansky

convinced him to stop smoking
when they were getting kicked out

of their casinos in Cuba
and getting shot at by Castro.

I don't know.
It might have been one of those,


I'll-never-smoke-again things too."

But I do know that from Castro on,

Russ wouldn't allow
nobody to smoke in his car,

not even Carrie.

Can we stop soon?

We're only in the car two minutes, honey.

We're not even near the highway.

I know, Russell.
But you don't like to stop on the highway.

Well, it's not that so much.

They don't let you stop on the highway.

Okay, so then we'll smoke in the car.

And what about my cataracts?

I'll crack the window.

Carrie, I made a vow.

Remember I made a vow, Carrie?

now I can't smoke on...

All right, and now I can't smoke.

See where we are?

Is... Is that...

What are those odds?

What's the problem, kid?

I don't... I don't know. It sounds funny.

It stops, it starts, it loses power.

Let me see if I can give you a hand.

Let me see.
Check all these plugs.

Spark plugs are okay.

The distributor cap's okay.


It's gotta be something with...
with this.

Uh-oh. Timing chain.

This is what this is. There's a cap on it.

This cap is loose.
It ain't supposed to be loose.

So that means they're getting worn out.

You just gotta...

Try that now. Tighten it up.


I can drive 'em. I can't fix 'em.

You're back in business, kid.


- I owe you anything?
- No.

No, you don't owe me anything.

Oh, thanks.

- Frank.
- Hey, Frank. How ya doing?

What's your name?

Where you from?

- Philly.
- Oh, you're from Philly.

- Yeah.
- Ah.

Where you hang out there?


Bocce Club. But it's a bar,
it's not a bocce club.

Oh, yeah. You play bocce?

- Nah.
- Oh.

All right, Frankie... get that fixed.

Because it'll go again on you,
I'm telling you.

- Thank you.
- All right.

- I will. Thanks again.
- Good luck, buddy.

I mean,
I thought maybe he owned the gas station.

'Cause he owned something, you could tell.

Yeah, it turns out
he owned the whole road.

♪ You went away and left me
Long time ago ♪

This one?

Salute! Drink up, fellas.

God bless.

Let's go. Let's go.
Let's make some money today.

It's a bar.

Say hello to your wife, huh?

I got a way you can earn,
to push those hindquarters.

There's a guy in here,
he'll pay a lot of money for them.

Come on, let's shoot this first
and then we'll talk business.

At the other end of the bar,
at twelve o'clock...

You see him?
He's got a rescinding hairline.

Yeah, you'll make
a lot of money with him.

See him there?
Skinny Razor. He owns the place.


He shylocks
and runs a little book out of the joint.

He's got a lot of good action,
good connections.

- Razor's his name?
- Yeah, he used to work at a butcher shop.

My friend Frank Irish is here.
The one I told you about?

- Oh, the truck.
- Yeah, hindquarters.

Frank Sheeran.

You like steak?

I do.

I deliver steak.

Do ya?

Good steak.

I could deliver you steak.

- Could ya?
- I could.

Good price too. The best.

- We'll talk later.
- Okay.

Thanks, Skinny.

Oh, it's freezing out there.

Ah, I don't mind it.

Not me. I hate it.

Hey, do me a favor.
When you go outside...

put the seal on for me.

- All right. I gotta go out anyway.
- I owe you one.

♪ You'd better go back
To your used-to-be ♪

♪ Because your love's no good to me ♪

♪ I hear you knocking ♪

♪ But you can't come in ♪

♪ I hear you knocking ♪

♪ Go back where you've been ♪

♪ They call, they call me the fat man ♪

♪ 'Cause I weigh two hundred pounds... ♪

There you go, Frank.

- See you next time.
- All right, Tony. Thanks.

Much better, Frank.

I don't go near Choice.
I only do Prime. That's it.

Can I get some more for next Tuesday?

How many you want?

At least five.

Okay. Five, you got.

- Amen.
- Amen.

What the fuck is this?

Tony, I don't...

- What the fuck is this, Frank?
- I don't... I don't know.

I mean...

I don't load the truck.

The loaders
are supposed to load the truck.

Maybe they didn't do their work.
I don't know.

You didn't realize you were
driving a light horse?

No. I just... Nothing. It felt fine.

Oh, come on, Frank. Come on.

I'm telling you. I...

God's truth.
I just don't know what happened.

I don't know. Maybe some...

- It's empty.
- I know it is.

I know it is.

What are you guys looking at?
Go back to work.

All of youse!

What am I gonna tell the boss?

Well, I'm telling you
that I don't know what's going on.

Just don't look at me
'cause I, you know...

Well, who else can I look at?
This is not gonna be on me, Frank.

I'm telling you right now.

Me, I just drive the truck.
That's all I do.

Okay, Frank Sheeran.
Am I saying that right?

Yeah, you said right.

Uh, under the contract,
thanks to Jimmy Hoffa...

management can only fire a driver
on very specific charges.

- So, you ever show up late?
- No.

- Do you have any moving violations?
- No.

- Do you drink on the job?
- No.

You ever hit anybody?

- On the job?
- Yeah.

- No.
- Okay.

What about stealing, that ain't grounds?


can they prove it?

I don't think so.

All right then, we don't have
nothing to worry about.

If they can prove it,

they're just gonna want names from you.

That's all. You give them
a couple of names, you go home.

Keep your job.

What do you think about that?

- Would you give them names?
- No. No names.

You know, I don't, uh...

I don't care whether you did it or not.

That makes no difference to me.

- Yeah, I know.
- I'm here to defend you. Right?


What, you want to know if I did it or not?


I'm gonna defend you either way.

Yeah, all right, but...

I, I work hard for them
when I ain't stealing from 'em.

Your Honor,
if this was about right or wrong,

the company would have
sought Mr. Sheeran's dismissal.

They didn't.

They only accused Mr. Sheeran

because the company hoped
he could name conspirators,

which he couldn't do
because they don't exist.

They don't exist
because he didn't steal anything.

He didn't steal anything
because he's an exemplary employee,

who in eight years
has never taken a day of sick leave.

The only rule he ever broke
is his own union's,

by helping others
carry sides of beef from his truck

to their refrigerators
in the dead of winter.

All rise.

Court is in session.

I'm dismissing this case
with a warning.

Yes, Your Honor.

No, no, not you, Mr. Sheeran.

You bring another working man
before this court

with threats instead of evidence,

believe me, you'll be sorry.

If I owned stock in this company,
I would sell it.

I don't know how he did it,
and I ain't gonna ask.

All I know is that Bill Bufalino
got me out of a case

where I should never
have gotten away with it.

I should've been down for the count.

People are gonna appreciate
what you did today, Frank.

You know, they got families,
they got kids.

They need those jobs.

we went out celebrating...


...and I met
what was gonna turn out to be

the rest of my life.

You know, I thought that was you
walking in outside.

Yeah, yeah, you know,
this is our place.

Can I introduce you to this new guy Frank?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Frank, I want you to meet
my cousin Russell Bufalino.

- How are ya?
- Hi, nice to meet you.

You helped me with my truck
a couple of months ago.

Oh, yeah, yeah, that's right.
The timing chain.

- Yeah.
- Did you get it fixed?

- I fixed it the next day, yeah.
- Attaboy.

- Thanks again.
- Oh, you're welcome.

My pleasure. I'm glad you fixed it.

You better watch.

There's a lot of tough guys around here.
Did he tell ya?

You're not afraid of tough guys, are ya?


I didn't think so. I'll see you around.

- Okay.
- Thanks, Russell.

Your cousin saved my ass.

I could've lost the whole load.

Yeah, yeah. Well, he knows
everything about trucks, really.

Yeah, he worked at Canada Dry
for a long time.

- Vito, how are you?
- Pleasure.

I think, uh... Let's take the booth.

Come on. You're gonna love this.

Maybe I didn't know

who Russell Bufalino was back then,

but I'd seen enough pictures and stories
in the newspapers

to know he was eatin' with Angelo Bruno.

I mean, Bruno, he... he was just made
the new boss of Philadelphia.

He took care of everything
from Philadelphia to Atlantic City.

That, I knew.

And that was all I had to know

to know that Russell Bufalino

was no truck mechanic from Canada Dry.

This bread is very good.

Good, eh?

Where did an Irisher like you
learn to speak Italian?

In Italy - the war.

Ah. Where?




around Catania.

Catania? I'm from Catania.

Yeah? I thought you had
an accent like Catania.

How long were you in the war?

Four years.

411 days in combat...

122 at Anzio.

Forty-fifth Infantry.


- Yeah. Yeah.
- Minchia.

Were you afraid of dying?

Always afraid.

And don't let anybody
tell you that they weren't afraid.

- That's a lot of bullshit. You know?
- Yeah.

Everybody's afraid.
And you pray a lot.

I prayed a lot.

I prayed that I'd never sin again
as long as I live

if I could just get out of here.

But then the fighting starts
and then you forget about everything.

You're just trying to survive,
stay alive.

Once I saw
that I was getting through the war,

I looked around me, I said...

I said, "From now on,
whatever happens, happens."

Che successe successe.
Fuck it.

You know, you got orders, you follow them.

They tell you to bring some prisoners
into... into the woods,

you know,
and they don't tell you what to do...

But they just say, you know, "Hurry up."

It's crazy, but I never understood

how they would just keep digging

their own graves, you know. I mean...



Well, I mean,
maybe they thought if they did a good job,

the guy with the gun

would change his mind.

he... he took a shine to me right away.

After a while,

he started giving me little things to do.

But then Angelo himself,

he started giving me
little things to do too.

Russ's wife, Carrie, her family

goes all the way back, way, way back

to the same town in Sicily
as the Bufalinos.

They talked about it all the time.

She came from mob royalty,
if you want to call it that.

To them,
it was like they came over on the...

the Italian Mayflower.

Why don't you go upstairs, wash up.

Give me those clothes.
I'll get rid of them.

Don't forget your shoes, Russell.

Hey, Frank,

can we stop soon?

Yeah, yeah,
well, ask your husband. Russell?

He's out cold.

No, no, I got it.

- Sure?
- Yeah.

Where are we?

We're close to Lewisburg.

Let me know when we get there.
Remind me.

- I got some stops to make.
- Okay.

Russell had a piece of everything.

He had this store in Pittston
called Penn Drape & Curtains.

And he ran everything out of there.

Who knew what it all was?

I mean, I'm sure the man had partners.

They always have partners.

Nobody keeps all the money.

But everybody listened to Russ.
That I can tell you.

You wanted to bribe a judge,
you asked Russell.

You didn't know how much to bribe him,

Russell was gonna tell you.

All right, all right.
Uh, I'll be right there.

Come on. I'll take care of it.
Don't worry about it.

You want to promote
one of your guys,

Russ would tell you
you could or you could not.

Do me a favor.

Go with Steve down to his place.
Take Vito with you.

And just hang around for a while.

These guys keep coming around,
so straighten them out.

- I'll take care of it, Russ.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

Where's... Oh, here you are.

I'm right here.

You want
to make somebody disappear,

you got to get Russell's permission.

You know, no two ways about it.

- No, I wasn't worried.
- I didn't think so.

- Tell your father I said "Hi."
- I'll tell him. Thanks.

What are you doing here?
I just told Bruno.

You gotta go with Bruno.

- Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm on my way.
- Yeah. Take care.

And when you did something
for Russ,

you did it yourself.

Like Russ used to say...

When I ask somebody
to take care of something for me,

I expect them
to take care of it themselves.

I don't need two roads coming back to me.

When Anastasia
got killed in the barbershop,

it was Russell they brought in
to calm things down,

so that everybody
wasn't just going around killing everybody

and it could all get straightened out.

We know what happened.

We can't change it. It is what it is.

Please tell my friend I'm happy to help.

You'd never know it
by looking at this guy,

but all roads led back to Russ.

Where's the money?

- He don't have it.
- He don't have it?

He said something about his mother...

Stop. Don't tell me.

Let me guess.

His mother died
and the funeral set him back.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Exactly. Exactly.

His fucking mother's...

fucking dying over and over
for the last ten years.

What do I do?

Don't leave.


Just show it to him. Don't use it.

Hey. Look.

Hey, Frank.

Skinny wants to see you.
You get in the car.

- I was just gonna go see him.
- Get in the fucking car.

- I was just gonna...
- Get in the fucking car!

- I was just gonna go see him!
- Yeah, don't get cute with me.

You give me that bullshit
about your mother.

Get in the fucking car!

Frank, I swear to God,
I was just gonna...

Get in the fucking car!

You want to get cute with me?

All that fucking bullshit
about your mother

and sick and all that and dying.

I swear,
I was just gonna go see him.

You'll see him right now.

I swear to God,
I was gonna come see you tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow. I swear to God.

Tomorrow. Here.

- What time?
- What time do you want me?

One o'clock? I'll be here at 1:00.

One o'clock? What, are you sleeping in?

You tell me.

Ten o'clock. Here.

- Ten o'clock. Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow.

Swear on your mother.
Swear on your mother!

- Swear on your mother!
- I swear on my mother!

I swear on my mother!

What time you gonna be here tomorrow?

- I'll be here at ten o'clock.
- Ten o'clock?

- Tomorrow. Here.
- Yeah. Yeah.

I'll bring you the money tomorrow.
The whole thing.

Get him out of here.

Get out of here.

I swear to God, I'll be here.
How am I supposed to get home?

- Get out of here.
- Take the fucking bus!

Let his mother pick him up.

What's the matter with her?

She knocked something over

at the grocery store and made a mess,

- and the grocer yelled at her.
- He yelled at her?

Yeah, and he shoved her.

He shoved her?


Did he shove you?

Who was this? The guy at the store?

The grocery store on the corner? Joe?

Did he?

Honey, did he shove you?

Just answer me. Did he push you?

Did he shove you?
Whatever it is, did he do that?

Let's go.


Frank, he didn't mean it, the man.
It just happened.

What do you mean,
he didn't mean it?

He touched her.
What, are you kidding me?

He has no right to push her. Touch her.

Not even put one pinky on her.

That's him, right?

Stay here. Stay here.

Frank, I'm sorry,
but your kid was out of line.

- I only did what...
- You touched my daughter?

God, I'm sorry.

No. Please. No, no, Frank.

Frank, please, please, please. No.

No, no, Frank! No!

- Take that, you motherfucker!
- No! Come on!

Oh, my fucking hand.
My fucking hand!


- Amen.
- Amen.

Russell and Carrie baptized
our new daughter, Dolores.

It was a wonderful occasion,
and we were honored.

Everybody showed up.


- Amen.
- Amen.

The only thing is,

you got more kids,
you gotta earn more money.

You wanna make a quick ten grand?

Whispers DiTullio.
Not the Whispers

they blew up in that car
around the same time.

This was the other Whispers.

The good one who knew how to make money.

I got this place I front money to.

It's a good business.
Really good business.

It's a laundry.

What they do is,
they collect the linen, towels,

sheets and everything from all the hotels
and restaurants in Atlantic City.

They wash it, they iron it.

Normally, it's like a license
to print fucking money.

Until recently.

There's this other company
that opened up down in Delaware.

They're trying to put us out of business.

They're cutting their prices.
They're scaring our drivers.

They're trying to take
our customers from us.

To tell you the truth,
I'm a little concerned.

Whenever anybody says
they're a little concerned,

they're very concerned.

As a matter of fact,

I'm really more than a little concerned.

And when they say
they're more than a little concerned,

they're desperate.

I want this fucking place bombed,

burnt, torched,
whatever the fuck you have to do.

You were in the war. You know what to do.

Leave that fucking place
like you left Berlin.

Burnt to the fucking ground.

I want them out of fucking business.

Who... Who are they?

It's the Cadillac Linen Service
in Delaware.

It's run by a bunch of Jews.

Let them collect their insurance,
which I'm sure they have plenty,

and leave this fucking other place alone,

the one I'm involved in.

- This ain't ten grand.
- It's two grand.

When you put
these Jew fucking washerwomen

out of business,
then you get the rest of your money.

The reason I'm a little short
on the money right now,

I don't wanna go to Skinny,

I don't wanna ask anybody
when they're gonna charge me a vig,

and I'm gonna be paying them forever.

I'm getting the money somewhere else.

And nobody has to know.

Especially not Skinny

because I'm not getting
the money from him.

And I see you look a little hesitant.

Believe me, I know what you can do.

If I stiff you on the money,

you're gonna do something terrible to me.

I do not want that.

I hit the number.

It's about 1,500.

I'll see you in a few hours.

Hey, Frank.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Angelo wants to see you.

- Now?
- Yeah, now is good.

What's it about?

I don't know. Come on. I'll drive you.

Sit down, Frank.

What're you doing in Delaware?

Bombing out a laundry place.

Uh, I was just doing a job
to make some extra money.

Putting this place out of action.

Putting this...
Putting this place out of commission.

For who?

Now is not the time to not say.



The other Whispers.

You know who owns
the Cadillac Linen Service?

Some Jews in the laundry business.

- That's what they told me.
- They own a part of it.

Somebody else got an interest in that.

- You know who?
- No.

I do.

- Who?
- No. I do.

I own the other part.

Not I know somebody
who owns the other part.

Angelo, I didn't know
you had any part of it.

I would never have done what I did

if I knew you were involved.
I didn't know.

I would never, never do that against you.

Whispers didn't tell you it was Jew mob?

No, he said Jew washerwomen.

Jew washerwomen.

What else he say?

I bet he said keep it to yourself.

Don't say nothing to nobody Downtown.

He did.

I didn't check.

I'm sorry. I should've checked.

- Can I give him his money back?
- He won't need it.

You can keep it.

I... I don't want no trouble.

I'll just give it back to him
and I'm okay.

He won't need it.

Okay. Thanks.

Thank Russell.

I wouldn't have wasted my time.

I'd have let the Jew mob have you.

You got a good friend here.

You don't know how good a friend you got.

- Oh, I... I know.
- No, you don't know.

Wait by the bar, would you?

In a case like this,

the best thing to do is
you use something brand new.

Right out of the box.

Otherwise, you don't know where it's been.

You don't know who's used it,

what crime it was connected to.

That's suicide.

So I recommend something new,
straight out of the... the box.

Stone cold. Clean.

- Hey.
- Hey, there you are.

I didn't know which way
you were coming from.

- Huh?
- I didn't know which way...

the next thing you wanna do

is throw the thing away.
You wanna get rid of it.

There's a spot
in the Schuylkill River everybody uses.

If they ever send divers down there,
they'd be able to arm a small country.

For me,
everything changed after Whispers.

It was like the army.

You followed orders.

You did the right thing.

You got rewarded.

And when I handled things for Russell,

it was never for money,

but as a show of respect.

When you ran a little errand,
you did a little favor,

you got a little favor back
if you ever needed it.

And you always hurried back.

- Hey, Phil, how you doing?
- How are you?

♪ See the pyramids along the Nile ♪

Hi. How you doing, Frank?

♪ Watch the sun rise on a tropic isle ♪

♪ Just remember, darling, all the while ♪

Thank you, Vito.

♪ You belong to me... ♪

- Hi, Frank.
- Hi.

What can I get for you?

Uh, I'm just gonna get the wine now.


Just call me if you need anything.

I will.

- Help yourself, Frank.
- Thanks.

Things change.

- She's the new one, right?
- Yeah.

A nice kid. Nice kid.


♪ I'll be so alone without you ♪

No time
is a good time to leave your wife,

but that's when I left mine.

Hey, Ira, what's going on?

- Good. All well?
- Yes.

- Any problems?
- No. Everything's good.

Thank you.

Right after this Caddy, pull over.

There it is. Fair Furriers.

He's expecting you.

Phil, you got a nice shop here.


People like
to come to this store.

But your kid is a real sfigato.

You understand? He's a pain in the ass.

He's a wild kid.
You gotta learn to control him.

And if you don't,

nobody's gonna want to shop here anymore.

If it's not good for you,
it's not good for me.

You understand what I'm saying.

I want to apologize, Russell,
for the aggravation.

This is from Russell and I.
That's from you and Frank.

This one'll be from you and me.

Well, what about a baby spoon?

What's she gonna do with a baby spoon?

- They're not even married.
- Have a baby.

They're not even married yet.

I give you my word, Russ.

- All right. Your word's good, Phil.
- Thank you.

Okay, let's go, girls.

- Okay, we're done?
- Yes, we're done.

What are you doing? Huh?

- When the hell are you gonna wise up, huh?
- What?


There we go. That's my girl.

Oh, my God!


Hey, Peggy.

Come over here.

I don't know. I don't...

I get the feeling she don't like me.

- Like she's afraid of me.
- No, no.

That's the way she is.

She's afraid of me at times too.

So, uh, it's just she's a sensitive kid,

but that's all it is.

I can understand her being afraid of me,

but she shouldn't be scared of you, Frank.

No, well...

And then she hears about me
in the papers sometimes...

- Really?
- Yeah.

You gotta be close to your kids, Frank.

I am. I am.

You're blessed to have them.

I mean, Carrie and I can't have kids.
I told you.

But you're blessed. You're blessed.

Call her. Call her. Tell her to come over.

Hey. Sweetheart. Peggy. Come here.

Come here.

- Come here.
- Come over by Uncle Russ.

- How are you?
- Good.

Do you know why
God made the sky so high?


So that the little birdies
don't bunk their head on it

when they're flying around.

Isn't that cute?

A little joke. Huh?

Isn't that funny?

You want some candy
or something?


No, you guys don't want any candy.

There's nothing I could do for you?


Well, if there is,
you let Uncle Russell know.


Go back. Have some fun.

You see what I mean?

You see that feeling I get?

She's just...
She's shy, that's all.

She... She don't mean nothing.

when the parents get divorced,

the kids get all confused,
and then they get resentful

and they don't know who to take it out on,

or, you know, which side, or...

No, you're right.

I'm lucky in that way because

Reenie and Mary,
they get along like gangbusters,

so the kids go back and forth
with no problem.

Keep your family close.
Keep an eye on that.

Anyway, I'm just telling you, you know.

I mean, I'm... I'm just lucky.


How's it going with the union?

The union's the best in the world.

- You like it, huh?
- Yeah, well, it's just...

I mean, I wish I had something
more steady, but...

Yeah, it's...

- How about organizing?
- Yeah.

- I would like to do that. But...
- Yeah?

There's a long line.

- A long waiting list, if you will.
- Yeah.

Well, a friend of ours
is having a little trouble.

- Friend at the top.
- Who's that?

The top.



I heard the other day

that some guys
tried to pipe him because of

- a workman's comp case.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I heard
he beat the shit out of them.

Yeah, but how long
is he gonna keep doing that?

Things are gonna keep happening.

He needs somebody
he can trust around him.

Somebody to be with him all the time.


Let me put McGee on the phone.


Hiya, my friend. How are you?

Listen, I got that kid
I was talking to you about here.

I'm gonna put him on the phone,
let you talk to him, okay?

All right.


- Is that Frank?
- Yes.

Hiya, Frank. This is Jimmy Hoffa.

Yeah, yeah. Glad to meet you.

Well, glad to meet you, too,
even if it's over the phone.

I heard you paint houses.

Yes. Yes, sir, I... I do. I do.

And I, uh...

I also do my own carpentry.

Oh! I'm glad to hear that.

I understand you're a brother of mine.

Yes, sir. Local 107. Since 1947.

Yeah! You know, uh,

our friend speaks very highly of you.

Well, thank you.

- He's not an easy man to please.
- Well, I do my best.

Well, you know, there's a situation...

Nowadays, young people,
they don't know who Jimmy Hoffa was.

They don't have a clue.

I mean, maybe they know
that he disappeared or something,

but that's about it.

But back then, there wasn't nobody

in this country who didn't know
who Jimmy Hoffa was.

- God bless, Jimmy.
- Oh!

Everything you've done,
you're a real gentleman.

That's good.

In the '50s,
he was as big as Elvis.

In the '60s, he was like the Beatles.

Next to the president, he was like

the most powerful man in the country.
Bar none.

If you got it,

a truck brought it to you.

If you got your food, your clothing,

your medicine,
if you got fuel for your homes,

fuel for your industries,

a truck brought it to them!

The day our trucks stop,

America stops!

Well, there's a situation

going on now, Frank,
that needs to be attended to.

You know,
they're trying to tear the union apart.

Big business and the government
working together, trying to pull us down.

Big business
is on the attack!

They're coming! They're coming hard

and they're coming fast!

Big business and the government
are trying to sow the seeds of dissent

among our ranks,

at a time when we need unity!

We need solidarity!

I want to write it in the sky.




You wanna be
a part of this fight?

Yes, I do, sir.

Would you like to be
a part of this history?

Yes, I would.

Whatever you need me to do,
I'm available.

Can you come to Chicago tomorrow?

Yes, I can, sir.

All right, then. See you then.

- He likes to talk, don't he?
- Yeah.

Thought I was talking to General Patton.

You know, Frank,
the only reason why you're here,

the Seafarers Union,
they're signing up

the same non-union cab drivers

as we want to do.

Nobody knows who you are

and nobody knows
what the fuck you're doing here. Okay?

- Yeah.
- You and I know why you're here.

We gotta be able to sign these drivers up

so Paul Hall doesn't get 'em
for his fucking union.

For some reason, lesbians.

Most of these drivers
are fucking lesbians.

I have no reason why.

Paul Hall's running around saying
that he's gonna get a better contract

than our boy fucking Jimmy.

He's a cocksucker. Yeah.

Jimmy has Mayor fucking Daley
in his pocket.

The cops are okay
with whatever the fuck we do.

They're not gonna help us
push these cars in,

but they certainly are not gonna
let anybody fucking stop us.


Come on! All of you guys.
Come on!

Let's get this fucking thing in there.
Watch yourself!

This is a lot of work.

Yeah, you ever think of using candy?

- What?
- Candy.

What the fuck is candy?

Hey, Lou, open the fucking gate.

I got it. I got it.

Here, you take the gas.

Frank, there's one thing
about Jimmy.

Don't ever make him wait.

If you make a meeting with him,
you get there on time.

Better yet, get there early.

I can't stress this enough.

His problem is that time is of essence.

And that's the important thing.

I gotta tell you one more thing.
Jimmy doesn't drink.

Yeah. The head of the largest
trucking union in the world,

he don't drink.

The worst part about it is,

he doesn't allow anybody
to drink around him.

Another thing about him,

Jimmy hates fucking watermelon.

But we're gonna like watermelon.

Jimmy, you shoulda seen it,

sinking in the water.

One by one.
I bet you, when they woke up

the next morning,
those fucking cab drivers,

they went to look for their cabs,

they didn't know what the fuck hit 'em.

That's a great idea, Joey.

Great idea.

Well, it wasn't my idea.

My man Frank. It was his idea.

Let me tell you something.

Frank hit that pier,
he took over the pier.

Whatever he told them to do,
whatever he said,

they did it, you know.

I never seen a guy walk
through a crowd like he does.

He doesn't touch a fucking person!

Everybody gets out of the way.

I'm not kidding you. I swear.

Guys he never met in his life.
You know, it was like...

like Moses. Remember Moses?

When he walked into the ocean,
the sea,

whatever the fuck it was,
and it opened up!

That's him. I'm telling you.
Jimmy, he's got it.

So, uh, what do you think?

You need him
a couple of days more?

Yeah, we gotta clear up
a few dribs and drabs.

You guys sure like watermelon.

Want a bite?

Not on your life.

You were there. You saw it firsthand.

Those guys ain't union.

They're like Nazi collaborators,
operating behind the lines.

- You know. You were in the war.
- I sure do.

In a war,
you go from point A to point B.


you spill a little beer along the way.

That philosophy make sense to you?

Sure does.


Jimmy, he didn't make me
stay in his suite

because he liked me.

He made me stay with him
because he didn't want me

registering in my name at the hotel.

This way, there was no proof
I was even in Chicago.

Come on, Jimmy, you're way behind.

Nothing stops her.

After Chicago,
Jimmy and I got close.

The wives hit it off.

And with Jimmy and Josephine's kids

mostly grown up and out of the house,

they got a kick out of our kids too.

Jimmy, Peggy, let's get a picture.

Oh. Yes. Come on.

Especially Peggy.

She and Jimmy,
they fell for each other right away.

You know what I like even better
than getting my picture took?




To Peggy, Jimmy wasn't like Russ,

or Skinny or even me.

Sorry, everybody.
This is just for Peggy and I.

For one thing,
Jimmy didn't have a nickname

like "The Razor," or "The Hunchback,"

or "The Weasel," or "Whispers."

So what happened to "Thank you"?

- Thank you!
- Oh!

And also, to her,
he was helping people.

He was helping them
make more money, live better lives.

He wasn't stomping on somebody's hand.

"'If you have it,
a truck brought it to you."

This is what Mr. Hoffa says.

He's the president of the Teamsters Union

with over a million members.

They all support him
because they have steady jobs,

great pay and a pension
for when they retire.

The Teamster Pension Fund

had eight billion dollars in it.

And Jimmy had complete control
over every bit of it.

Isn't this
a beautiful presentation?

I mean, a bridge loan is really
all I'm asking, Jimmy.

I'm not gonna piss away
my members' pension dough

on something too risky.

This is not a risk, Jimmy.

I got Minsky's Follies.

I got the first topless act on the Strip.

I'm telling you, we're booming in there.

I can't get the drinks out...

Just asking for a golf course.

You know you never lost a dime with me.

Jimmy, we'd really just appreciate

whatever you could do
to help Jake along here.

One-five is all I need
for a completion bond.

Okay. Okay. Go to the bank.

Thank you.

It's gonna be a big success.

Thank you, Jimmy. You're a prince.

- You're a mensch.
- Yeah, I'm a mensch.

And, because of Mr. Hoffa,

workers have medical insurance
for when they get sick,

and know when they retire,
they're not going to go hungry.

There was
so much paperwork back then

that Jimmy had to use
an insurance company

that was run by this kid, Allen Dorfman,
to work out the loans.

No, no, nothing for nothing.

Next time,
try asking a little bit fucking nicer.

And? And? How'd it go?

It was a little touch and go
for a little bit.

- But at the end, fine.
- Good.

It was Russ who got Jimmy

to give guys like Gottlieb the loans,

and, you know,
he would get like 10% of that.

Or whatever, you know. Maybe more.

Listen, you tell Marteduzzo
from me that I appreciate it.

And everybody's gonna appreciate it.

It's a good thing.

Okay. I'll do that.

Back then,
you couldn't go to regular banks

because the money was for gambling.

God's truth, that's what it was.
I'm serious. You couldn't.

So the Mob, what did they do?

They went to the Teamsters
for the money.

It was the Teamsters that stepped in

and lent the money that built Las Vegas.

- This is the mahogany...
- Don't, Billy.

- Don't touch the stuff.
- I won't.

- Just go where you gotta go.
- Okay.

There was more business
than anybody could handle.

So Jimmy had to shove
some of the deals

off on to his wife Jo,

who had no idea she had 22%

of a Florida land deal
called "Sun Valley,"

some charter fishing boats,

and a ski lodge with its own mountain.

One of Jimmy's clients
was Sam "Momo" Giancana,

who was friends with the Kennedys
from back when Jack's father

made his fortune with the Italians

as a bootlegger during Prohibition.

Momo, Sinatra hung out together
with the Kennedys.

Momo and Kennedy,

believe it or not,
even had the same girlfriend.

Together. At the same time.

Talk about crazy.

So it was easy for the Mob
to help Joe Kennedy

get his son elected president.
That was easy.

They just punched up the vote a little

to make sure that he won in Illinois.

In exchange for that,

the new president was supposedly
gonna get Castro out of Cuba

so our guys could get their casinos back,

and race tracks, and shrimp boats,

and everything else that they had,

and owned down there from Havana back.

But that... that didn't happen.

The Italians wanted Kennedy
the Irishman for president,

and that's what they got.

Get used to it,
because we're gonna be seeing it 24/7.

Son of a bitch!

Goddamn Kennedys.

I'm looking at the goddamn Kennedys.

Jimmy, the kids. Language.

Oh, what difference does it make?

I mean, they gotta learn sooner or later.

We're going to war with these people.


If I said it once,
I said it a thousand times,

I don't care they're Irish.

I don't care they're Catholic.

If there's one person
you can't trust in this life,

it's millionaires' kids.

You're right, Jimmy.

Especially that little son of a bitch.

Are you saying you don't remember

doing any favors for Johnny Dio,

or you don't remember
the conversation?

I'm saying,
to the best of my recollection,

I must recall on my memory,

I cannot remember.

Then where did this $20,000 come from?


Which individuals, Mr. Hoffa?


Off hand, that particular amount of money
I borrowed,

I don't know at this particular moment.

But the record of my loans,
which I requested, I have,

and out of all the moneys I loaned

during this period of time
I went into these ventures.

Those goddamn Kennedys,

they get what they want!

Jimmy. Jimmy, the kids.

Him and all the bullshit problems

- he put me through already.
- Jimmy.

I gotta go.
You don't expect me to look at this.

No, I don't.

- Whoa!
- For guys like Russ,

it couldn't have been better.

I mean, Russ,

oh, yeah, he did his part
for getting Kennedy elected,

that's for sure.

What are you doing?
I told you to put it...

I told you to put them on every pole.

You're still walking around.

So what's the first thing

that Jack Kennedy does
to thank Chicago for all their help?

He puts his shitass brother in there,

that little prep school punk,

and he winds up making him
attorney general.


And what's the first thing Bobby does?

He goes after not just Jimmy,

which in a way you could understand.

I mean, Jimmy hated the Kennedys so much

he gave Nixon $500,000 in Teamster cash.

But Bobby also goes after Giancana,

Marcello, Trafficante,
and all the other guys

who put his brother in the White House
in the first place.

What's that about?


- Oh, thank you.
- Merry Christmas.

Am I missing something?

Thank you, Carrie.

- That's gorgeous.
- Beautiful.

Wear it in the best of health.
We love you.

Okay, now this one is for Peggy

from Uncle Russell.
Merry Christmas, my love.

Oh, look at those.

So nice!

I heard you like to skate.

What do you say?

Thank you.

Now me and Uncle Russell
could take you ice skating.

I think Santa Claus left you
a little something extra in there too.

What do you say
to Uncle Russell?

What do you say?


Frank, it's all right.

She said thank you once.
That's enough.

With Bobby as attorney general,
I mean, they were all over us.

I mean, we couldn't talk on the phone

because we knew it was being bugged.

You couldn't do nothing.
You couldn't go nowhere.

You couldn't do anything.

It was a bad, bad, bad situation.

And then Jimmy... Forget it.

Bobby, now as attorney general,
he has the power

to send anybody to jail,
and no question about it.

And Jimmy was at the top
of Bobby's hit list.

He even set up
a special "Get Hoffa Squad,"

where he had his own guys from the FBI,

the IRS working 'round the clock.

Their only job
was to put Jimmy Hoffa in jail.

I'm serious. That's all they did.

I am sitting in a room
full of fuckin' idiots.

You dumb motherfuckers!

You know what you did?

You take Johnny O'Rourke's kid

and you put him on

as general organizer,

pay him 36 fucking grand,

at the same time,

you let him sell insurance
to his fucking father's...

to his fucking father's...

to his fucking father's locals!

Damn it!

How do you do that?

How stupid can you be?

That fucking cocksucker Kennedy

has got his nose up my ass
everywhere I go!

You don't know
that they're hounding me?

They're looking at everything I do.

And you let this happen in public!

You're giving it to him!

I'm going to jail. You understand?

I'm going to prison because of you,

you dumb motherfuckers.

This is what you wanted.
You wanted to put me in jail.

Tell me now so I can kill you right here.

Right here!

Where're you going?

What do you mean,
where am I going?

I fucking quit, that's where I'm going.

What are you quitting for?

You gonna call me a motherfucker?

You can talk to them like that,
you can't talk to me like that.

Frank. No! That didn't apply to you.
What are you...

- Didn't apply?
- No!

Then you gotta let me know
it didn't apply to me.

- I'm standing right there.
- I didn't even see you standing there!

I was standing right there, Jimmy.

What are you talking about?

But it didn't apply to you!
What else can I say?

You got a problem, you pull me aside.

You don't insult me
and then you say it didn't apply to me.

How am I gonna put you aside?
I didn't even see you there.

Oh, come on, Frank,
you know me better than that.

You just know me better than that.


Come on. It's gonna be all right.

It's gonna be all right. Come on.

Come on, why would I ever
say anything like that to you?

You gotta control these people.

I'm controlling everything.
Don't worry about it.

But certainly, certainly, I... you know.

Come on. Okay, guys, get out of here now.

I mean, I don't know how
Jimmy is running the fucking union.

Between Bobby and the FBI
up his ass all the time,

he's going fucking crazy.

Tell Jimmy I'm sorry for his troubles.

The old-timers know the Old Man.
They'll talk to him.

At some point,
they'll straighten it out for him.

Yeah, but he can't understand,

and I gotta be honest with you,
I don't understand either,

how youse could help get
those two fucking Kennedy pricks

elected in the first place.

It don't make no sense to him,
that's for sure.

He doesn't have to understand everything.

You know what I'm talking about.
Sometimes it's better.


When I see him like that,
I don't, you know,

I... I'm tryin' to... I feel bad.

I wanna help him in some way.

Listen, he's too emotional.

Like some guy who's always
rushing, rushing

all over the place
and they miss the big picture.

Like Cuba.

Getting us back into casinos.

Getting us back into Havana.

Like getting rid
of that fucking Castro prick.

The old-timers spoke to the Old Man.

The Old Man talked to his son Jack,
and he told him,

"Don't forget who the fuck he owes."

He knows who the fuck he owes.

So I want you

to go down to a place
called Milestone Hauling.

There's a guy named Phil.

He's gonna give you a rig.

You drive the rig down to Baltimore

to a concrete plant.

It's on Eastern Avenue.

It's the only one on the street.
You can't miss it.

A guy's gonna meet you there.

A fairy named Ferrie.

Just pull it forward and then back it in.

Let's go, let's go.

You'll pick up some things.

He'll give you some paperwork
in case you get stopped.

You drive the truck down to Florida.

A dog track outside Jacksonville.

You leave it there.

A guy with big ears named Hunt
will meet you there.

He's gonna give you a car
to drive back to Philly.

What are you looking at?

You looking at my ears?


My ears.

- Are you looking at my ears?
- Your ears?


I had an operation,
so there's no need for anyone

looking at my ears anymore.

Yeah, well, I ain't looking at your ears.


Get out of here. Go on.

unfolded in the Bay of Pigs.

Nothing went as planned.

Paratroopers were unable

to blow up roadways
leading to the beach area.

Castro raced toward the scene.

The underground might have blown up
the roads but it knew nothing.

Soon, Castro had artillery
firing on the beachhead.

His planes destroyed invading ships

carrying a brigade of men
and vital ammunition.

The beachhead could not be enlarged

and paratroopers were soon
trying to fight their way back

to the small section of the shore
where the invaders were pinned down.

1,500 men had been dumped
on a shore without air cover

or protective fire from ships.

Castro had to wait
only until they ran out of ammunition

before mopping them up.

Later, Castro was to strut around
the invasion area with newsmen,

and expound on the errors
that had been made.

He had ample material.

The United States, already humiliated,

stood condemned
by most of the countries of the world.

Ah, shit!

Just as I predicted. They fuck up Cuba,

Boobie starts coming after me
and the union.

He's looking for some cheap publicity.

That's all it is.
That's what he's doing.

Well, it's all gonna blow over, Jimmy.

No, it's not gonna blow over.
How's it gonna blow over?

They're never gonna forget

- that I gave money to Nixon!
- Calm down. Jimmy, please.

We're gonna handle this.

Couple of the old-timers,
they're gonna get to Old Man Kennedy now.

Okay? They're gonna get to him.
He's a little sick, but...

- Sick?
- Yeah. But...

He had a fucking stroke.
That's not sick.

That's you're...
you're close to the grave, is what.

He's turning into a fucking eggplant.

Okay. Well, you can't blame
anybody for that. That's...

I'm not looking to blame anybody.

But if there's any blame going around,
it's the Kennedys.

His kids killed him. Let me tell you that.

He's not dead, but he's going.
He's going.

They killed him.
They'd give anybody a heart attack.

Where are you going?

I'm going to work.

Go back to sleep.

All I can say is that,
we will not stop.

Because we've been
doing that for 50 years!

What good does it do?

Let the lawyers...
Let the lawyers drive a truck.

They need their pencils
and papers and their ink pads.

That's... That's a whole other story.

But we're gonna get through this.

We're gonna get through
this legal bullshit

and garbage they're throwing at us.

We're gonna get through it because

"Boobie" Kennedy wants something,
that doesn't mean

the rich boy is gonna get it.

You understand what I'm saying?

I don't care what he wants.
He's not gonna get it!

He's not gonna get it because

we are the biggest and best,

and most honest union

in this country!

Yeah, that's right.

I waited for that!

And you know the operative word
I'm talking about here.

- Solidarity.
- Yeah!

And it works. It works for all of us.

And it works for our friend here,
Frank Fitzsimmons!

Frank Fitzsimmons here,

my executive vice president.

If there's anyone that can do
this job, it's this man here.

And with him at my back,

where are we gonna go but up!

Is that right, Fitz?

All the way, Jimmy!

Hoffa! Hoffa! Hoffa!

Hoffa! Hoffa! Hoffa!

Hoffa! Hoffa! Hoffa!

Hoffa! Hoffa! Hoffa!

Hoffa! Hoffa! Hoffa!

Hoffa! Hoffa! Hoffa!

A union man!

You know, I felt they liked Fitz.

No two ways about it.

Yeah, you gave Fitz some buildup.

I mean, I hope he deserves it.

Why? What's wrong with Fitz?

I don't know.
I don't want to knock the guy,

but I... I don't know.

Well, you're not knocking him.
Just tell me...

Tell me what you feel.

I mean, he's a loyal guy, I'm sure.

Uh, he's a nice guy,

but he ain't that sharp.
He ain't that smart.

And he's also like a...

He plays a lot of fucking golf,
you know.

He plays golf?

So what?
That's what you want from a number two.

You don't want somebody too smart.

You want a nice guy.
People like him, you know.

Not dumb, but somebody,

you know you can have
walking behind you

without getting knifed.

- Well, I hope you're right.
- I'm always right.

I can sleep like a babe with Fitz.

It's the Little Guy I have to worry about.

You know what I'm saying.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

The Little Guy.

- That's my worry.
- Yeah.

That son of a bitch.

What's the matter?

Nothing. Nothing. You're right.

I'm right. Yeah.

- You're not perplexed, are you?
- Not at all. Not at all.

I mean, I told you how I felt about Fitz.
Pro. You know.

Yeah. Good, because sometimes I feel

I'm the only one
who sees right through that cocksucker.

♪ So let's raise a glass... ♪

- He's a bad guy.
- He's a bad guy.

♪ To the greatest guy ♪

♪ 560 is lucky enough to ever have ♪

♪ You're our boy ♪

♪ Tony Pro ♪

♪ We're all yours ♪

The Little Guy
was Tony Provenzano.

They called him Tony Pro.

He was a capo in a big Jersey crew

and the president of the Local 560

in Union City, New Jersey.

♪ He's the greatest guy ♪

♪ 560 is lucky enough to ever have ♪

Tony! Tony! Tony!

Tony! Tony! Tony!

Tony! Tony! Tony!

Pro and Jimmy,
they came up together

and they were close... for a while.

You turl, you work,

while the corporation kings

and princes of industry,

with their vast expense accounts

and salary and luxurous yachts,

have dedicated themselves
to our destruction.

Down on them!

I didn't need nobody
to tell me about Tony Pro.

Oh, no. What did I need to know?
I knew enough.

This is a man
who had Sally Bugs strangle

Tony "Three Fingers" Castellito

just because Three Fingers
was coming up big in the union.

And it was his own guy.
It was his own guy.

Tony Pro was so fucking worried

that this guy was gonna beat him out

that after he had Sally Bugs
strangle the guy,

he had Sally stick him
in a fucking tree shredder.

That way there'd be no competition,

not even from the grave.

He's out of control.

What are you gonna do
with a person like this?

He's got a hand in everybody's pocket.

Shaking down the trucking companies.

Can you imagine that?

Threatening people.

I mean, you know,
threatening people once in a while,

okay, I understand.

But all the time?

It's drawing attention to us,
you understand?

Guys like that
give the unions a bad name.

Something's got to be done.

I mean it.
Something's gotta be done.

Tony being Tony, uh...

that ain't... that ain't easy.
We can't...

I don't mean that. I don't...

Not... Not that.

Yeah, I'm just...

I'm just saying get working guys

who know the unions,
card-carrying Teamsters,

like you and me.

Start running,

take over some of the locals.

What do you think?

- He ain't gonna like that.
- Who?

Fuck him. Who the fuck is he?

He's a gangster.

I run the union, I'm the president.

So, I mean...

All I need is some guys
who know their ways around.

Know how to handle themselves, you know.

That's all.

That's why I want you to run for president

of Local 326.

You're like family to me, Frank.
You know.

You, Irene,

the girls.

The lovely Peggy.

But that's not why I'm doing this.

I'm not giving you anything
you didn't earn,

you didn't deserve.

What do you think?

Um, I... I don't know what to say, Jimmy.

- I mean, um...
- Well, just say you'll do it.

That's all you got to say.

Plus, I can guarantee you're gonna win.

Ha! When you run for president

of 326, you're gonna win.

I guarantee it.

Yeah, okay, I'll do it. Yeah.

You mean it, huh?

Yeah, yeah. I'm... I'm honored.

I love you. I just love you, you know.
Come here.

I love you, man.

I can't tell ya.

Oh, gee.

Oh, this is so good, you know.

I feel like I can breathe again.

It's so funny. I...

Somehow I...

I don't know.
I thought you would've said no.

- Oh, um...
- I'm glad you said yes.

I mean...


You never reveal how you feel, you know.
It's hard to tell.

I'm honored, Jimmy. I don't know...

It's just I don't know what to... say,

you know, but I'm honored.

Well, that's good.

That makes me feel good.

Oh, I can breathe.

That's so great.


What can I say?
I mean, I owe it all to Jimmy.

He took me out of a meat truck,
he gave me my start.

He gave me my first charter.
He gave me my first union.

- How are ya?
- Hey, how are you?

Frank Sheeran,
the new president of Union 326.

- I wanted to introduce myself.
- Nice to meet ya.

- What's your name?
- My name's Al.

Al. Nice to meet ya, Al.

- A little something...
- No, no. Don't need it.

- Sure?
- Yeah.

Just came here to say hello,
introduce myself.

You need anything,
just get in touch with me.

- Okay? Yeah.
- You sure?

Thank you.

So, hypothetically,
if they can prove

that you stole from them,

what they're gonna want are names, so...

Would you be willing to give up names
to keep from going to jail?


Okay. So you got nothing to worry about.

- The lawyers will take care of it.
- Thank you, Mr. Sheeran.

The Interstate 80 West
through the rest of Pennsylvania,

and then we'd go across Ohio
all the way to Toledo,

and then we'd go 75 North to Detroit.

And we'd still get there on time.

Your Honor,
my client had been advised by counsel

that it was perfectly legal for his wife

to be part owner of a trucking business.

Still, when the McClellan Committee
challenged its legality,

she withdrew from the company

That should be the end of the matter.

There had been not one indictment served

against my client
in 13 grand jury investigations.

Your Honor, this is an example of

a personal vendetta against my client,

against his family,
by a frustrated Justice Department

and the attorney general, Robert Kennedy.


He's got a gun!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Get that gun out of his hand!

Easy, boy.

That was not a real gun, was it?

How'd that gun get in?

How'd it get in here?

It wasn't my fault!

I don't know!

Oh, my Chuckie!

Hey, it's my son!

That's my kid. I raised this kid.

You see him? You see what he did?

I'll tell you this.

He shot at me,
and it was like a pellet or something.

I didn't feel it,
I just felt a little impact,

like I was shot not even with a BB gun.

Something even lighter.

But I charged him.

I charged him and so did Chuckie,
if you noticed.

I taught him well.

You charge a guy,
always charge a guy with a gun.

With a knife, you run away.

Run away from a knife.
So you charge with a gun,

- with a knife, you run.
- That's right.

Hey! I rhymed!

I know it sounds crazy,
but I got a message from a higher power

telling me to shoot Jimmy Hoffa.

Come with me.

A lot of nuts in Nashville, Frank.

Come on down, Frank.

Yeah, I got one of them
with me now, you see.

Get down here, Frank.

Eddie Partin, you know the guy
from Baton Rouge,

he's here with me.

Yeah. Yeah, I'll get right down.

Out of my way, boys. Come on.

Come on, come on.


Did Mr. Brennan first say,

or do you remember him first saying

something about, say,
"I had to change the deal.

I have to cut Hoffa in on the new deal"?

Wasn't that like the chronology
of the whole thing?

I don't know he changed the deal,

but it was my understanding
over the telephone that Brennan

was speaking for himself.

She's an angry woman.
That's an angry woman.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

- She was a teacher I think.
- Oh, that's right.

What we're looking at
is this one.

This one is not approachable.

No, she'd be
a tough nut to crack.

There's a lot
of family money there.

...will hail,
stop, and search

all ships bound for Cuba.

If the ships' captains do not stop,

force will be used to stop them.

If the ships do stop...

See, I think there's an in here...

Did you make this statement
to the grand jury? I'll read it for you.

"Brennan came to me and said words
to the effect he's gonna go ahead..."

He's got a restaurant.

Did you look into violations?

I'd rather stick with the women.

- They're more approachable.
- Jimmy, thank you. Cuba of operational
medium-range missiles.

He added that if one
of the missiles is launched,

it would probably carry a nuclear warhead.

It could hit any spot
in the southeast United States,

south of Washington.

And that we would have no way
of intercepting it

or issuing a warning about it.

This one's married
to a state trooper named Plechette.

Ooh, that's good.

We know anyone?

Well, yeah,
we got an ex-cop in the Local.

That's good.

All our forces
have been put on increased alert.

...came to me
and said words to the effect

he's gonna go ahead
and set up a company to lease trucks.

But later, he called me
on the phone and said quote,

"I gotta change the deal
'cause I gotta cut Hoffa in on the deal."

Is that accurate, sir?

This one's another possibility.

- Wait.
- Well, she had a boyfriend,

she's seeing somebody else
while she's married.

So it could be... It could grab her,

- hold on to her.
- Yeah, but...

But this guy,

the construction business.
He has a couple of violations,

there's a lien on his house.

His car is unpaid.

That's good. Keep going.
Don't quit while you're ahead.

Thank you. See you, Big Eddie.

Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth,

- so help you God?
- I do.

Mr. King, you're a member of

the International Brotherhood of
Teamsters, is that correct, sir?

I respectfully decline
to answer that under the, uh,

protection afforded me by the...

Fifth Amendment.

I just asked if you're a Teamster, sir.

I respectfully decline to answer...

Okay. All right. Fine.

I'm gonna show you
a photograph, all right?

- I respectfully decline to answer...
- Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait...

under the protection...

You haven't even seen the photograph yet.

Look at the photograph, wait a smidge,

- and then you can...
- I want to avail myself

of my right under the constitution,
as I understand it.

- Jim, let him avail himself.
- Oh, okay.

- Oh, yeah.
- Mmm.

That King's the best.

He's the best. He's a good guy.

You see him stand up to that jerk?

Yeah, yeah, I know.
He was great.

I love what he did.

They tried to get him,
they tried their best.

- We need more like him.
- Oh, my God!

More details just arrived.

These details are not the same
as previously.

President Kennedy, shot today,

just as his motorcade
left downtown Dallas.

Mrs. Kennedy jumped up

and grabbed Mr. Kennedy.
She called, "Oh, no!"

The motorcade sped on.

United Press says
that the wounds of President Kennedy

perhaps could be fatal.

Repeating a bulletin from CBS News.

President Kennedy has been shot

by a would-be assassin in Dallas, Texas.

Stay tuned to CBS News
for further details.


It takes more than an instant

to make a real cup of coffee.

That's why Nescafé has come up
with a new kind of coffee.

It's more than an instant.
It's new Minute Brew Nescafé.

Anybody can make a...

The flash,
apparently official,

President Kennedy died

at 1:00 p.m...

Central standard time,

two o'clock, eastern standard time,

some 38 minutes ago.

Vice President Johnson
has left the hospital in Dallas,

but we do not know, uh,
to where he has proceeded.

Presumably, he will be taking
the oath of office shortly

and become the 36th
President of the United States.

Mr. Hoffa,
will you be attending

the President's funeral?

I wasn't invited.

You don't have to be invited.
A million Americans will be there.


I guess I'll have to check my schedule.

If you were to go and asked to speak,
what would you say?

I'd say, uh,

Bobby Kennedy is just another lawyer now.

Son of a bitch.

Good, Eric. Thank you very much.

Jimmy was right.


That was the end of it with Bobby.

So much for him being
the attorney general. That was done.

Bobby's vendetta was over, with us.

Mr. Hoffa,

you stand here convicted
of having tampered

with the very soul of this nation.

But there was still
that jury thing in Nashville.

The soul of this nation, sir,

lies in its sacred processes of justice.

Justice must be done.

And for your wicked attempts
to corrupt these processes,

justice will be done on you.

We got him now.

We got him.

Ladies and gentlemen, we did it!

But Jimmy, you know,
he had it all set up.

Although you knew
it was supposed to look like Fitz

was the one in charge.

He gave Fitz his orders
through Bill Bufalino and Allen Dorfman,

and they ran Jimmy's loans.

But things are good in here?
Everything is...

Everything's terrible.

You don't sleep at night
'cause you're afraid

someone's gonna knife you.

'Cause you look okay. You look okay.

Where's Fitz? He's late.

Yeah. Well, we were gonna meet him
in the front. He...

Meet him in the front?

Here he is, here he is.

Where the hell have you been?
What are you doing here?

Why did you even come at all, Fitz?

You know, are you aware you're late?

That's all I want to know.
Do you know you're late?

I'm sorry I'm late, Jimmy,
but we got a lot going on.

I don't wanna hear that.
I wanna hear something concrete,

I wanna hear something straight on.

Uh, I'm just gonna ask you
to be a little more patient.

I think we're gonna have...

I'm inside here.
I'm not gonna be too patient.

As much as Jimmy
was getting pissed off at Fitz,

everybody else liked him because

they could get anything out of him
that they wanted.

They couldn't do that with Jimmy.

That's what happens
when you go away to college.

How's that?

Jimmy's pissed off with Fitz.

Fitz is okay. We like Fitz.

I'll tell you what the problem is.

Jimmy's got that ballbusting Dorfman

holding up loans that Fitz already okayed.

I hate that Dorfman.

He's such a pain-in-the-ass fucking Jew.

What do you want me to do?

No, not that. Not that.

What you gotta do is, you know,
put a firecracker up Dorfman's ass.

Fitz'll get the message.

He'll get the message.

I mean,
you can't do it to Fitz because if...

if you do it to that lush,

he'll run right to the feds
and screw up everything.

But Dorfman...

You gotta do it to Dorfman.

♪ If your heartaches ♪

♪ Seem to hang around ♪

♪ If your heartaches
Seem to hang around ♪

Fitz... Fitz got the message.

After that, anybody who wanted anything
from the pension fund, they got it.

The thing keeps comin' around.
Keeps comin' around.

What's goin' on?

- Fuck is this?
- Who's this guy?

Who let you in?

Mr. Provenzano.
I'm Agent DiGregorio of the FBI.

I have a warrant for your arrest.
Please stand.

- Can I finish my hand?
- No, sir. Please stand.

I had
a bad fucking hand anyway.

Middle of the game.

Join the club. Deal him in.

Other arm, please.

- Can I get my bags?
- No, sir.

I got nothing in my pocket.
I got fucking shorts on here.

Look at this penguin over there, huh?

Hey, Tony, will you get my bags?

Yeah, I'll get your bags, Tony.

This is like watchin' TV.

They got Pro for extortion
and gave him seven years.

And they sent him to Lewisburg prison.

So who does he end up with?



Look at that.

A work of art.

Thank you, Pete.

I gotta talk to you about a problem
I got with my pension.

I know.

Oh, you know?

What do you know?

I know

you got a million two

and, uh, there's a problem with it.

So you'll look into it for me?

How am I going to look into it?
What am I gonna look into?

It is what it is.

Well, what is it?

You lost it.

You forfeited it when you came in here.
That's it.

So is yours forfeited too?


Let me get this straight.
So yours is still there,

your million five, whatever it is,

but mine's gone?

Yeah. Mine's still there.

But we're both sitting here.

We're both sitting here. That's right.

Only we're sitting here
for different things.

You're sitting here for extortion.

I'm sitting here for fraud.

- So?
- So? So there's a difference.

What's the difference?

I didn't threaten anybody, you did.

So what? That makes no sense.

What do you mean? It does.

No, it doesn't. I don't want a debate.

- Think about it.
- I'm thinking about it, Jimmy.

No, don't fuck with me, Jimmy.

Just do something about it.

What do you mean,
"do something about it"?

What am I gonna do?

Come on,
there's always something you can do.

No. It's federal law.

- I don't care.
- You don't care?

No, you can still do something about it.

There's nothing I can do.
What can I do?

You can get my fucking money.


- Some other way.
- What way?

The same way you got your money.

Shh. Lower your fucking voice.

You telling me to lower my voice?

I'm tellin' you to lower
your fucking voice.


- Don't call me a cocksucker.
- Fuck you.

Don't you fucking dare.

Look, you're here for fraud.

- You stole money.
- I stole money?

Yeah, I stole money.

Okay, fine, in a different way, but still,

I want what I'm fucking owed.

You people. You people.

- What did you say?
- Oh, my God!

What did you say?

Oh, come on, what I said.

What the fuck did I say?

"You people." You said "You people."

What does that fucking mean,
"You people"?

I'm done

talking about this.

- "You people"?
- I'm done!

You're done?
I'll rip your fucking head off!

- Fucking piece of shit!
- Hey!

I'll fucking kill you!

I'll fucking kill you. Motherfucker!

What the fuck...

Right then, you knew
it was all gonna fall apart.

I can't believe
that crazy bastard

thought he could do that

right there at Columbus Circle,
in front of 5,000 people

and get away with it.

I can't believe it.
That is not right, Frankie.

That is not right.

That is a total piece of shit.

That's a piece of shit.

There's only one guy
who would have the balls,

the nerve, the audacity to do that.

He was known Downtown
as "Joey the Blond,"

but everybody,
especially the newspapers,

called him "Crazy Joe."

...shall be the truth,

the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?

- I do.
- Be seated.

Mr. Gallo, do you have
an opening statement?


This carpet would be great
for a crap game.

Russ was right.

I mean, who the hell else runs around
with show business people like that,

getting his picture taken
in the papers all the time,

drawing attention to himself
and everybody. What is that?

Who does he think he is, Erroll Flynn?

He went against
everything and everybody.

Just didn't give a shit.

And, growing up,
he kidnapped his own bosses.

I don't know how he got away with that.

You don't get away with that.
You do that, you die.

That simple.

When he went away to the can,

he recruited black guys
instead of his own kind.

And when he got out,
nobody knew what he was doing,

or who he was doing with it.

We didn't know what the hell
was going on. Nobody did.

And if you don't like what he's doing,

and you say something,

then you see what happens.

Who does something like that?
Who does things like that?

I'll tell you. I'll tell you.

Sta test e cazzu.

This disgraziato.

Him and Oswald. Two of a kind.

At least in Dallas,
the kids weren't there.

It was just Jackie.

Joey, your doctor called.
You died an hour ago.

You a Jewish fellow?

Would you like to be?

Don't worry about the operation.
We don't do that no more.

We freeze it.

And you stand there
and don't do anything

and a Mexican broad
comes over with a wet rock.


See, it's okay to laugh.
I make fun of everybody.

That's why God put us on this earth,
to laugh.

I work everyone.

I make fun of blacks, I make fun of Jews.

I work Gypsies, I work Italians.

Well, not those Italians.

No, no, no, no!

It's okay, Joey.
I got the money. Don't shoot.

I was told today,

"Be very careful about what you say."

But, uh, all kidding aside,
happy birthday, Joey.

Hey, Russ.

Hey. What are you doing with that?

You really believe
in that bullshit league?

Well, it's not that.

It's Italian.

Joey. Joey.

- What did I say?
- Oh, no, no.

- What did I say?
- Joey, Joey. Joey. Joey.

Now, listen.

You can't say that stuff like that here.
Okay? You can't do that.

Why not? Rickles is the only one
who can make jokes?

The man's a boss.

So I'm a boss. He's a boss.
We're all supposed to be brothers, right?

I know you're a boss.

I know, but we don't wanna
have a beef now. Okay?

- We're brothers, right?
- That's right, brothers.

- We're brothers?
- You're brothers.

- We're brothers.
- I'm not arguing with you.

Everybody's a brother.

That's right, you're a brother.
You're his brother.

I'm not, but you guys are.

So that's why
I would like it if you just...

- All right.
- Okay?

- We're brothers?
- You're brothers.

Oh, yeah. It's my birthday.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday.

Get the fuck out of here.

Now, for something like this,

you're gonna need two guns.

The one you're gonna use
and a backup.

You want something with more
stopping power than a .22.

You definitely don't want a silencer.

You want to make a lot of noise
to make the witnesses run away

so they ain't gonna be looking at you.

But not the noise a .45 makes

'cause that makes too much noise,

and a patrol car can hear it
a few blocks away at least.

The cops call a .32 a woman's gun
because it's easier to handle

and don't do the damage a .38 does,

but, you know, it does enough.

It would be late,
so the tourists from Idaho

wouldn't be there.
They'd be in bed.

And him being down there in Little Italy,

maybe he'd be more comfortable,
more relaxed.

It was his birthday
so he'd be there with his wife

and his kid which, in this case,

that's good
because that's the point.

They should have to see what it's like.

He'd already been drinking,

which would have slowed him down a lot.

His bodyguard would be with him

and Joey himself could be carrying, too,

but then the piece would be
in his wife's purse probably.

You never got
a lot of advance notice.

All you knew was your part of it.

John the Redhead knew only one thing:

he was gonna drop me off,

circle the block and pick me up.

You wanna take out the bodyguard first.

Not kill him.
Don't kill him, just disable him.

You got no argument with him,

so, not in the face or the chest.

Sometimes, with something like this,

you might want to go
to the bathroom first.

It gives you a chance to make sure
nobody followed you in.

It also gives you a chance to make sure

nobody is in the bathroom
you have to worry about.

It also gives you a chance
to go to the bathroom.

You don't want to be uncomfortable.

But I went before,
and in a place this small, this late,

you might as well just get to work.

We need more wine, all right?

Hey, Tommy, some more wine.

So how about after?

- Cake, cake, cake!
- Not yet.

You're not even done eating the meal yet.

You want the cake?
Come on, you can't do that.


Fuck! Fuck!

It happened
in New York's Little Italy,

an area rumored to be neutral territory
among mobsters.

After the killing,

police found several guns
and some fingerprints

which they were tracing today.

Joseph "Crazy Joe" Gallo

had come
to the intimate seafood restaurant

to cap an evening of celebration

with his new bride of less than a month,

and his 11-year-old daughter
by a previous marriage.

They were, uh, celebrating
Joe's 47th birthday.

They had been to a nightclub
early in the evening.

They were sitting at a rear table,
this group of six people,

when a, uh...

a man walked in

from the back door,
and he walked up, uh,

to the side of the table.
He fired three shots.

He hit Joe twice

- and he hit his bodyguard...
- Peggy, let's go.

...Pete the Greek, one time.

There was a total of 14 shots fired.

Peggy, come on.

It's quiet here
on President Street,

Joey Gallo's turf.

In fact, it's too quiet.

Out here in Brooklyn,

Joey Gallo was a hero.

Speculation has it
that his death may start a gang war,

if it hasn't already begun.

- Take it easy, Jimmy.
- You too, Mikey.

Take good care, Jimmy.

If I don't see you again, hello.

Four years later
and $500,000 under the table

to Nixon's re-election committee,

Jimmy finally got what he wanted.

Sorry, but I won't be back.

A presidential pardon
and his parole.


What are you
gonna do now, Jimmy?

Well, the first thing
I'm gonna do is register

with the Federal Probation Office,

and then I'm going down to Florida
with my wife to get some sun.

Any plans after that?

Yeah, I'm gonna take back
control of my union.

How're you gonna do that, Jimmy?

How do you like Fitz running against you?

I don't.

What was it like
being locked up all that time?

Oh, it was wonderful. Had a great time.

The first thing I did was,
I picked up some chili dogs from Lum's,

which Jimmy loved
almost as much as ice cream.

A consultant to President Richard Nixon's
re-election campaign committee...

The secret is
they steam them in beer.

There ain't a better hot dog in America.

Police say McCord and his accomplices
brought electronic listening devices

with them and had removed
two ceiling panels...

while installing
eavesdropping equipment

at the Democratic National Committee.

Look at this. He's got the balls
to run for President of the Teamsters.

Look at this.
And Tony Pro giving him an award.

This fuck... Do you believe it?

Look, Fitz is very popular
with certain people.

Of course he's popular.
Who wouldn't be popular?

He loans money
to every goombah who asks.

That's why Tony's behind him.
He's given Fitz all his votes.

You got great support
from most of the union.

All you need is Tony Pro's voters
in the Northeast, and you can win.

- You sure you don't want one of these?
- No, thank you.

I just can't believe
I gotta go to Tony Pro to get votes.

What is that?

Tony has Fitz
in his pocket, Jimmy.

Wise guys don't run the union.

With Fitz, they do.

Jimmy, listen,
as soon as you're back as president,

you can do anything you want to.

You can fire anybody you want to.

You can even fire Tony Pro.


You could stand over him,
watch him clear out his desk.

You could strip-search the guy.

Make sure he doesn't walk off
with a paper clip.

Ooh, yes. See that? Did you hear that?

See, everybody thinks
Jo's the nice one

and I'm the bad guy.

But it's opposite.

She's the killer and I'm the sweetheart.

Now I gotta make peace
with the cocksucker.

Oh, I want
to make up with you.

I need you to endorse me. Please, Tony.



I'm not gonna get through this.

You gotta talk to him, that's all.

- You gotta deal with it.
- Let the chips fall

- where they may.
- Oh, he is a cocksucker, though.

If I sat down with him,
would you come along?

What are you talking about?
Of course.

How am I not gonna go with you?

Fuck it. Let's go.

Ah, Jimmy, Jimmy. Give it a chance.

Give it a chance.
Give it a few more minutes.

- Just...
- This isn't right.

This isn't right. You don't do this.

You don't keep a man waiting.

I know. I know.

The only time you do

is when you want to say something.

I know.

When you want to say "Fuck you."

That's the only time.

Here they are.

Can you believe this weather, Frank? Huh?

It's 85 degrees outside. Perfect.

Hey, Tony Jack.


People freezing to death
in New York and look at us, huh?

Why we don't live here all year round
is what I wanna know.

- Oh.
- Beautiful.

- It's summer.
- What?

It's summer.

People aren't freezing to death
in New York.

It's summer.

In my mind,
it's always eight degrees in New York.

I'm making a point.

You're making a point.

Making a point dressing like that?

Is that how you dress for a meeting?

This is how you dress in Florida?
In a suit?

For a meeting?

Florida, Timbuktu, I dress in a suit.

For a meetin'.

- And you're late.
- What?

You're late.

Yeah, there was traffic.

Yes, traffic.

Wasn't there traffic?

- You give me traffic?
- There was traffic.

What do you want from us?

It was bumper to fuckin' bumper.

Yeah, yeah. No, it's bad, you know?


I never waited for anyone who was late

more than ten minutes in my life.

I'd say fifteen. Fifteen's right.

No, ten.

I don't think so, ten's not enough.

You have to take traffic into account.

That's what I'm doing.
I'm taking traffic into account.

That's why it's ten.

- I still say 15.
- No, ten.

Fine. We disagree on that.

How about twelve and a half minutes?

There we go, 12.5.

The middle. Right in the middle.

More than ten...

you're saying something.

- You saying something to me?
- I'm here.

- Mmm.
- It says what it says.

So there it is.

Where do we go from here?

Well, what can I do for you?

I want you...


I want you to endorse me...

for you know what.

Before we get to that,
let's straighten that other thing up.

No. The other thing
is none of my business.

I can't do anything about your pension.

I can't. Not with Fitz in there.
Fitz is in there, you know.

- You go to Fitz.
- I did.

- He'll help you out.
- I did.

He said he'll take care of it,
no questions asked.

You wouldn't do that but he will.

I meant the other thing.

What other thing?

You know.

I don't know.

Your apology.

My apology?

My apology for what?

For what you said
when you were sitting there

eating your ice cream
like some fucking king.

That was an ethnic slur. "You people."

- Did you know what he said?
- Nah, I mean, I heard...

I heard you had an altercation
in the can, but I don't know.

Yeah, "you people."

That's what you said. Right, Jim?

"You people." Am I beneath you?


- Jimmy, come on.
- Jimmy, what're you doing?

Don't forget, "you people"
got you where you are.

Oh, don't tell me that, you fucking...

That's your problem, Jimmy.

Your problem is you're a piece of shit.

Jimmy, come on.

- Jimmy, what are you doin'?
- Jesus, Jimmy, come on.

I asked for your endorsement
and you're giving me...

I asked for your apology.

Who the fuck are you to apologize to?


Who the fuck are you?

Be gentle.

- I don't need this.
- Let's just sit down. Tony.

I need this? I need you?

- Yeah, you need me.
- Oh, please.

Jimmy, come on.
You're asking him for something.

The guy gets me nervous.
He talks about things that get me upset.

Take it easy. Everybody's here.

Let's have the fucking meeting.
Come on.

- Let's talk.
- That's all.

He's here.

Was this the altercation
youse had in the can?

Yeah, it was something like this.

We... We got to arm wrestling.

He lost.

I lost. You should see his ribs.

Why don't you just talk about

what you need to talk about.

What do you want me to do?

I said, "you people."

What do you want me to do,
apologize for it?

That's exactly what I want,
Jimmy. An apology.

I'll apologize for it.

That's all I want.

After you apologize

for being late,

you motherfucking wop cocksucker.

Jimmy, are you
out of your fucking mind?

I'll apologize for being late

after I kidnap your granddaughter,
rip her guts out,

and send them to you
in a fucking envelope!

Get him off! Come on!

I'll fucking kill him!

Come on, Tony! Jesus!

You think Russ would...

would do something about this guy?

Ah, that's complicated.

Yeah. It's complicated.

I'd like to clip the motherfucker myself,
you know,

- get the okay from them. But...
- I know.

This guy's gotta go.

- He's gotta go, Frank.
- Yeah.

I'm not gonna get the okay to do that.

Frank, just talk to the guy.

Okay? Just talk to him.

These guys from Jersey keep

fucking calling me about this bullshit
between these two guys.

I'm gonna tell you
the same thing I told them.

I don't approve

- of what Pro said about Jimmy.
- No.

I mean, who talks like that
about a person's grandchildren?

- It's not fucking right.
- No.

But Pro isn't nobody.

Jimmy should know that.

Hey, what am I gonna go?

I'm not gonna tell this guy
what he can or can't fucking say,

like he's a child.

Well, listen.

Jimmy don't mean nothing.
He just gets upset.

Russ, come on,
we all know he's a fucking hothead.

We're all hotheads once in a while.

Yeah, but Jimmy says things
he shouldn't say sometimes.

Yeah. We all do that too.

Well, somebody should just calm him down.

Yeah, well, that... I'm gonna...

I'm gonna calm him down.
He's difficult, but...

Maybe this could help him calm down.

You could tell him
that I always liked him.


And I won't stand in his way
of him trying to get his job back.

I will. I will tell him that, Tony.

- Okay?
- Yes.

That's not making me calm down.

Standing by me.

What the fuck does that mean?

Standing by me ain't the same thing
as doing something

about some out-of-control
fucking psycho!

Jimmy, the Little Guy ain't a nobody.
You gotta understand that.

- He ain't a nobody.
- He's a cocksucker.

Fitz is a cocksucker.

I'm gonna deal
with both these cocksuckers...


This used to be my office.

Go look for Frank Fitzsimmons there.
You're not gonna find him.

That's because he travels
all over the country

looking for goddamn golf courses
because that's what he does.

He plays golf.

Who is he to run around with Nixon,
run around with the attorney general?

He does this and collects full-time salary
while he's doing it.

Now, how do you do that?

There's not enough hours
in a day to do this job.

I was sent to prison for fraud.

This is fraud, what he's doing.

So what's Fitz's answer to Jimmy?

He does it by sending a message

to Jimmy's old friend, Dave Johnson.

Now, Dave Johnson, he ran Local 299.

This was the message.

So this is how

Fitz says he wants my old pal Dave Johnson

to step down so he can have his son

take over Local 299.

This is how I'm gonna say no to his son,
little fucking Fitz.

She looked a lot like your mother.

- About the same size.
- Pops, come on, you told me...

Good-looking girl.
She was a good-looking girl.

But I had no idea
that it wasn't your mother.

It was dark and...

This is how
Fitz says he doesn't like

who I say runs the 299.

By firing my wife from her

dollar-a-year union job!

Son of a bitch. Fuck him!

He had
previously taped the locks

on the entry door
of the basement of the Watergate...

- What are you looking at?
- Uh, it's...

It's Big Ears.

He had noticed
that the tape had been removed,

and he re-taped the door.

Big Ears?

That's, uh...

Somebody I met a long time ago. Just...

His ears ain't so big. that point,
I said "Let us junk it,"

meaning let us scrap the operation.

Mr. Liddy and Mr. McCord
talked between themselves

and the decision was made to go.

I thought it was very foolhardy...

So, Frank Fitzsimmons,
in your opinion,

should he remain
president of the Teamsters?

Absolutely not.

Frank Fitzsimmons
has sold his union out

to his underworld pals.

The mob controls him,

which means it controls our pension fund.

I'm talking about a billion dollars
in low or no-interest loans

this man has given to known racketeers

for their illegal enterprises.

Not anymore.

It's time for the rats to abandon ship.

Is he serious?

Not Jimmy. This is all publicity.

He's running for office.
He's putting on a show.

Yeah, it's all puff.
It's got no substance, nothing.

Maybe he means what he says.

- Tony, he's campaigning.
- Russ.

He's liable to say any fucking thing.

I don't care
if he's campaigning.

He can't talk like that.

It's no fucking good.

- I understand what you're saying.
- You know what he should do, Russ?

He should cash in that big pension of his.

Spend more time with his grandchildren.

He got a beautiful family, no?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, right.

Maybe he should relax.

Word should get back to him.

I... I just wanna say...

I don't want you
to take this the wrong way.

But there I was with some people

and they were saying,
and you know who they are...

They were saying...

"Please tell Jimmy we love the guy."

We don't want any problem.

We just think that he should...

maybe enjoy his grandchildren,

"enjoy his pension, enjoy his life as is."

Go no further, Frank.

Who said it?

- It don't matter who said it.
- Oh, it matters.

- Was it Russell? No.
- No.

Of course it's not Russell.
It's that little cocksucker

from the Miami fiasco?

- No?
- No.

Not him. No?

Then who?

I'm gonna tell you.



Which Tony?

They're all named Tony.

I mean, what's the matter with Italians?

They can only think of one name.

The other Tony.

What Tony?


Well, what can I say?

Jimmy, I'm trying to help you.

- I'm trying to tell you something.
- I know you are.

Frank, don't even think about it.

I don't keep my mouth shut...

- I know that.
- for anyone.

I know that, you know that,
they don't know that.

That's who I am, that's what I am
and that's what I'm gonna do.

Somebody can tell him that.

He said that?

In so many words, you know.

Well, before he says something like that,

he should remember
that Joe Gallo liked to make

a lot of fucking noise, too.

Somebody should tell him that.

Who said?

- Tony.
- He said that?

Oh, that's it. That does it.

I'm never gonna retire now.

Somebody can tell him that.

Jimmy, I did tell him.
I told him over and over.

All right, you told him.
Let's stop this, then. Forget it.


Let me enjoy my ice cream here.

What's the matter?



- Oh, nothing.
- What do you mean, nothing?

Come on, you're thinking something. What?

I just...

What? Come on. What are you doing?

- It ain't the right time.
- What do you mean?

It is the right time.
What isn't the right time?

Say it.

Uh, the Local's putting together

a testimonial dinner for me and...

A testimonial dinner for you, that's good.

Yeah. But later... Later, when...

What's the matter?

Uh, I was gonna ask you if you would...

present the award to me.


That's nice of you, Frank.

Really. That's nice of you.
And, you know...

Who's gonna be there?

- Everybody.
- Tony.

Tony, Tony, Tony, and Tony, huh?

Everybody from Downtown.

Nah. Nah, it ain't a good idea.
Everybody's gonna be there.

People... You're gonna be uncomfortable.

I don't give a fuck who's there.

We gonna let those cocksuckers

keep me from your big night?
There's no way.


I'm gonna be there.
And I'll be honored to be there.

You deserve this.

- Thank you, Jimmy. Thank you.
- Yeah.

- Ooh, that Mo Dean.
- Yeah.

- She's a good-looking broad.
- She's nice.

I did not realize

that Mr. Howard Hunt
worked most of the time

while he was at the White House
in the plumbers unit until after June...

He's a rat, but that's, you know...

He's a rat. But he's a smart rat.

We've got a great crowd

for Frank tonight, huh?
Come on. Give it up.

That's because Frank is a man
with a lot of friends.

From his war buddies
who fought with him in Italy

under General George Patton...

to the drivers, national organizers,

business agents, local presidents,

joint committee chairmen,
and regional trustees,

we are all friends

of Frank's tonight.

Friends of Frank.

Like NAACP president Cecil Moore.

District Attorney Emmett Fitzpatrick.

Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo.

Hey, they like you, Frank.

And, of course, our featured speaker,

James Riddell Hoffa.

And meanwhile, outside in the trees,

we got the FBI.

Somebody wanna check on them?

Now, let me tell you
about the first time I met Frank.

He took me out to a steak dinner,

and he asked me, he said,
"How do you like your steak?"

I said, "I like it rare."
He said, "Me too."

Well, they bring out the steaks.
Mine's rare.

Frank's was still walking
from the kitchen.

He turns to me, he said, "Well, you know",

I'm an animal lover.
I don't wanna hurt it."

He's an animal lover.


This guy is not even the goddamn president
and he's holding up people's loans.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.

And how's he supposed to do that?

Because his guys
are holding 'em back loans

on Carlos's new hotel in New Orleans,

the add-on that we're doing at Caesars.

- And what's Fitz doing all this time?
- Fitz?

Yeah, he's supposed to help
with this shit.

The money comes
from the Pension Fund trustees.

They gotta sign off on it.

They're supposed to be rubber-stamping
what Fitz says.

- Right, right. Yeah.
- Except Jimmy

has a couple of them
to stop rubber-stamping.

The son of a bitch.

I thought we took care of that.

You know
what he told somebody?

He goes, once Fitz is out and he's in,

he's gonna call in the old loans.

Hotels, casinos, real estate,
no matter what it is.

And if you don't have his money
and interest in two seconds,

he's taking 'em over.

We can't have that.

- He said that?
- He said that.

You sure he said that, Tony?

He said that.

Everything I'm telling you, yeah, he said.

I mean, who does he think he is? Castro?

♪ The time is now ♪

♪ The time to stand and cheer ♪

♪ 'Cause better times are here to stay ♪

♪ Oh, yesterday is over ♪

♪ Tomorrow's on its way ♪

♪ But look what's new
And made for you today ♪

♪ Today ♪

You don't need money, do you?

It's not about money.

Oh, if it's not about money,

then I'm really having
trouble understanding,

because I don't know
what all the talk is about.

It's my union.

- Is that hard to understand?
- No, no.

It's your union, that's right.
It'll always be your union.

You could step down and still run it.

No, you don't step down.
What do you mean?

Russ, you don't step down
to run a union.

You step down to go to your grave.

Well, listen.

I still think...
I can't help but think, I'm sorry,

but is there another reason or something?

This is my union!
What do you mean, "another reason"?

This is my union.

All right? Let's start with that
and then try to understand things.

Listen, some people,

not me, but some people,

they're a little concerned.

Some people, not me,
they think that you might...

I might...

You might be demonstrating
a failure to show appreciation.

I'm not showing appreciation?

According to, you know, some people.

I went to school for five fucking years.

- Yes, you did.
- Five fucking years.

I didn't name one fucking name.

- You did the right thing.
- I did the right thing.

You did the right thing.

I sat there every day with that

whining cocksucker from New Jersey,
talking to me

about his woes, his problems,

and all I wanted to do
was finish my ice cream in peace.

This cocksucker

shows up at a meeting 15 minutes late,

wearing fucking shorts!

- Who wears shorts to a meeting?
- Nobody.

- That's right.
- Nobody.

I'm not showing appreciation?

It's not me.

According to some people...

No, I know it's not you. Some people...

Some people say
I'm not showing appreciation?

Well, then fuck them.

I'm trying to help you, Jim.

I know you are.

But nobody threatens Hoffa.

♪ The time is now ♪

♪ The time is now ♪

♪ The time is now ♪

He has done it as a driver,

he has done it as an organizer,

and I don't think
many of you here know this,

but Frank holds a record.

It's most arrests on the picket line.

Twenty-six times

in 24 hours, beating my record.

There it is, ladies and gentlemen.
There's no exaggeration.

He is a union man

to his bones.

Which side are you on?

Your side!

Whose side?

Your side!

My side.

Your side.

- His side.
- Yeah!

There it is.

And so, it is an honor for me
to be here tonight

to present this award

to my dear friend,

Mr. Frank Sheeran!

Thank you, Jimmy, thank you so much.

And thank you to my lovely wife Reenie

for being here with me.

My lovely, sweet, adorable daughters,


Dolores, Connie,

Peggy, for putting up with me

for all these years.

And, Jimmy, I can't tell you
what this means to me

to get this honor from you.

It's the highlight of my life.
Thank you very, very much.

And this man, James Riddell Hoffa,

is the guy that gets the job done.

I'm behind you, Jimmy.

All the way.

In any case,

from the deepest part of my heart,
I thank you all.

'Cause I don't really deserve all this.

But I have bursitis
and I don't deserve that either.

Thank you all tonight
and thank you for coming.

Good night.

What happened to "Say cheese"?


♪ Bringing you all the love
Your heart can hold ♪

♪ Please say "sí, sí" ♪

♪ Say you and your Spanish eyes
Will wait for me ♪

♪ Blue Spanish eyes ♪

♪ Prettiest eyes in all of Mexico ♪

♪ True Spanish eyes ♪

♪ Please smile for me once more
Before I go... ♪

Only three people
in the world have one of these.

And only one of them is Irish.

I have one.

Angelo has one.

Now you have one.

This is beautiful.

I... I don't...
I don't know what to say, Russ. It's...

Slip it on. See how it looks.

- Feel good?
- Yeah.

You know how strong I made you?
You know how strong?

You're my kid.

Nobody... Nobody can fuck with you.


Listen, Frank.

Things have gotten out of hand
with our friend again.

And some people are having
serious problems with him.

And, uh, it's at a point where

you're gonna have to talk to him
and tell him

it's what it is.

What it is?

Yes. It's what they want.

It's where it's gotten.

You're close to him.
Maybe he'll listen to you.

You know I talked to him.

He's a tough guy to talk to.
You know him.

He has no choice.

He has no choice.

These are the higher-ups.

Well, he's a higher-up too.
I mean... No?

Not like this. You know that.

Oh, come on now, Frank.

If they can whack a president,

they can whack a president of the union.

You know it and I know it.

I talk to this guy,
I talk to him, I talk to him,

I talk to him, he don't listen.

But he's gotta listen now.
I gotta make him listen.

That ain't right. He's...
He's a fucking knucklehead.

- Jimmy.
- Yeah.

I talked to Russ.

He talked to Tony.

He means what he's saying.

- Who? Russ?
- No, Tony.

- Tony?
- Yeah.

Well, I mean what I'm saying.

He can't seem to get that
through his fat, fucking Sicilian head.

Can he? Don't worry about it.

What's the matter with you?

You... You look...

- I'm concerned.
- Yeah, I know.

You look concerned.
What are you concerned about?

I'm... I'm...

They should be concerned.

- They are. They are.
- Well, let them be.

They're more than a little concerned.
There's widespread concern.

It's a big problem.

Tony told the old man
to tell me to tell you...

- Hmm.
- "It's what it is."

What it is?

It's what it is.

Please, listen to me.

They wouldn't dare.

- Don't...
- They wouldn't dare.

- Jimmy...
- Please, Frank, come on.

- Don't say they wouldn't dare.
- No.

Don't... Don't tell me that kinda...
That's fairy tales.

No, don't say they wouldn't dare.

If something funny happens to me...

they're done.

You understand that? And they know it.

Because I got files. I got proof.

I got records.

I got tapes.
Any time I want, they'll be gone.

These Guinea motherfuckers

will spend
the rest of their lives in jail,

and they know it.

They know it.

But what you're saying
is what they're concerned about.

What I'm saying is I know things.

I know things they don't know I know.

- Please...
- Are you gonna take that chance?

What chance am I...
Why should I be taking a chance?

They're saying this is it.

They're saying this is it,
and then it's it?

Bullshit. Bullshit, Frank. Come on.

Jimmy, I'm trying to tell you something.

I know you are. You're telling me
that they're threatening me

and I gotta do what they say.

It's more than a threat.
It's the bottom line.

The bottom line.

It's what it is.

They do something to me,
I do something to them.

That's all I know.
I don't know anything else. Do you?

So what am I gonna do?
What am I gonna tell McGee?

That you're not gonna listen?

He ain't used to people
not listening to him.

Well, neither am I.

- What?
- Neither am I.

Then I don't know what to do.

I mean, maybe you should
get some bodies around you

- for protection.
- Oh, come on. Please.

I'm not gonna go that route.

Don't do this to me, Frank.

What do you mean, "bodies around me"?
I don't need...

You put bodies around you,
then they go after your family.

- It doesn't matter. You worried?
- I'm worried.

Get some bodies around you.
I'll tell you why.

This could happen to you.

They could come after you

since you're with me.


I'm worried.

Tell Russ I got nothing
but respect for him.

I got a little trouble with him.

We were talking before
and I just got a little crazy.

You know how I am. I just blow.

- Sometimes.
- Yeah.

I just walked away like that.

But I get that way. I get abrupt.

Maybe you could tell him
how much I respect him.

I have nothing but respect for this guy.

I would never hurt him,

no matter what I do with files,
or whatever I do with anything.

But you should tell him. Yourself.

No, I'm not gonna tell him myself.

- Please.
- Oh, come on.

- It would go a long way.
- He's your rabbi.

Because of him, you're here.

You tell him.

Listen to me.

At the end,
there's only one thing that's real.

This is my union.

This is my union, Frank.

Very simple when you say it that way.


Shall we dance?

Excuse us.

A couple of hours outside Detroit,

we figured we'd spend the night,

drive up in the morning.

I mean, the wedding, that was the thing.

Bill Bufalino was giving
his daughter away to a hell of a guy.

Better than the bum she was with before.

And that was all well and good.

But the wedding
was really a peace mission.

And that's what we were there for.

And everybody kinda knew that,

and we were there
to straighten it all out.

- Hey, Jimmy?
- Yeah.

I'm with the old man, we're driving up.

He hopes we can straighten
this whole thing out.

- What did he say?
- He said he hopes

we can straighten it out.
After the wedding,

we sit down, we talk,
we straighten it out.

Right, the wedding.

I'm not going to the wedding.

Too many people I don't like
are gonna be there,

so I'm not going to the wedding.

You're not going to the wedding?

I'm not gonna be there.

Well, then we could...

Jimmy, then we could do it
anywhere you want.

We can do it at your house.

We can do it anywhere you want.

Wherever you're comfortable.

The lake?

Yeah, the lake.
You wanna do it at the lake?

Oh, from day one,
I wanted to work this out.

- I know. I know.
- From day fucking one.

I know. Nobody knows better than me.
I know that.

All right, uh...

Just you two, right?

I mean, not the Little Guy.

- No, of course, the Little Guy.
- No.

I'm not doing it with him.

Jimmy, there's no point
just the three of us.

No, no. No, no.

Just the three of us.
That's the way it's...

There's no point just the three of us.

It's gotta be the Little Guy with us.

No, I'm not sitting down
with that little cocksucker again!

Do you understand? I can't do it, Frank!

You have to.
No, Jimmy, you gotta sit down with him.

We don't gotta do anything.

This is a courtesy with these people.

A complete courtesy.

- You know that.
- I understand.

But you gotta try and move past that.

Get past it? I am past it!

I'm never seeing that motherfucker again.

Jimmy, you gotta sit down.
Everybody says so.

But there's no point.
There's only one point,

I don't wanna do it
and I'm not gonna do it.

Frank, I'm gonna hang up on you now.

Please. Understand this. Okay?

- What did he say?
- Uh, he's thinking about it.

- Thinking about it?
- Yeah.

That's for you.

Well, that's good. Okay.

What time you got, Frank?

Uh, about five.

Five, huh?

Maybe you should give Jimmy a call.

I mean, he said
he was gonna think about it, right?


So when are you getting in?

Uh, tomorrow morning.

Oh, that's good.
That's good, 'cause, uh...

I changed my mind about the other thing.

- You did?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm gonna meet, uh,
with the Little Guy tomorrow afternoon.

With the lit...

- With the Little Guy?
- Yeah.

Uh, Tony Jack set it up. I like Jack.

Jack's good. I met with him a few times

after that, you know, Miami fiasco.

With the Little Guy. Where?

Same place as before.
You know where it is.

In public.

You know Tony Jack is Pro's cousin?

Yeah. So?

They're all fucking cousins.
What're you gonna do?

Jimmy, I think I should be there.

Oh, yeah, I want you there.

That's why I asked
when you're coming in.

What time's the meeting?


And he better not be late,
that cocksucker,

or wearing those fucking shorts.

Listen, I'm gonna get there at 2:00,
so you should get there at 2:00.

- Okay?
- I'll be there at 2:00.

Oh, good. Good. Okay.

I'll see you at 2:00.

- Thanks, Frank.
- Okay, Jimmy.

See you at 2:00.

What did he say?

He's gonna meet with Pro.

Tony Jack set it up.

Very good.

- Hello.
- Hello. Good evening.

- We're starving.
- Oh, let's go, let's go.

It was the best move we made,

getting this red wine vinegar
from Angelo's guy.

Great Italian olive oil

we got from that other mooch
was not bad either.

Catania olives, what better.

The best.

There's been a change.

Instead of, uh,

going up early,
we're gonna hang around

tomorrow morning and then go drive up.

But... But I told Jimmy
that we were gonna be up in the morning.

I told Jimmy...

I told Jimmy we're gonna be
up in the morning.

I know. I know.

That I would be there for that...
meeting with Pro.

- What?
- That I'd be...

be there for that meeting with Pro.

Oh, yeah. I know. I know.

But what I... What am I gonna do?

We gotta go there. I mean, I gotta go.

I told him I'd be there.


we did all we could for the man.

Don't call him.

- Hey. Good morning.
- Hey. Morning.

Want some coffee?

No, I got it here.

- How'd ya sleep?
- Good. You?

All right.

Want some Total or Corn Flakes?

Uh, maybe Total.

That's good, thanks.

We're gonna take a ride
up to Port Clinton today.

I thought we were staying here.

No, the girls are gonna stay here.

You and me, we're going up and, uh...

we'll be back three hours tops.

Oh. But... But what's in Port Clinton?

A plane.

A plane? To where?


We're going to Detroit now?

No, you're gonna go to Detroit.

And when you come back,

me and you,

we get together with the girls,
we take a nice slow drive up.

With cigarette breaks, you know.


I had to put you into this thing,

or you would never let it happen.

And I know you wouldn't.

But it's gonna happen.

Either way,

he's going.

I know how you feel, Frank. Trust me.

I know how you feel.

I told you before,
we tried everything to help him.

You know that.

You tried.

He brought this on himself.

And it's landing on us.

The only reason they agreed to this

was out of respect to me.

But you and Reenie will be okay,

'cause you're with me.

You're with me.

Give me your glasses.

Hey, Frank.

Hey, Sal.

Chuckie's late.

- Hey.
- Hey.

That him?



I'm Sally.


- Hey, Chuck.
- Frank.

Let's go. I don't want your father
yelling at me for being late.

Frank, you take the front.

- What the fuck is this?
- What?

It's wet.

Yeah, I had a frozen fish
I had to deliver for a friend of mine.

A fish?

The seat is wet from a fish?

Yeah, I know.
What do you want me to do about it now?

- Jesus Christ.
- I'll sit back there.

No, no, no, it's all right.
You sit in the front.

I'll sit there.

I'll sit here, you take the front.

No, no.

I'll sit there.

- I'm not sitting there.
- Why don't you...

I'm sitting there.

All right, sit where you want.

You want me to get you
a newspaper, Frank?

It's okay. Let's go.
We gotta hurry.

What kind of fish?


What kind of fish?

Uh... I don't know.
The kind you eat. A fish.

You don't know what kind?

No. I don't.

Where did you get it?

What the fuck. At a fish place.

What, you just go in there and say,
"Gimme a fish"?

Pretty much. Yeah.

You didn't say you want a salmon,

you want a... haddock, you want a...

a fucking cod?

What the fuck does it matter
what kind of fish it was?

Why are you so concerned
about this fish?

I'm just trying to understand how...

Does it...

How a person can buy a fish
and not know what kind it was.

There was a fish waiting for me there.


I didn't ask what kind of fish it was.
I'm sorry.

So your friend
had already ordered this fish.


'Cause I wanna be able to explain this
if somebody asks me.

Yeah. Absolutely.



- Yeah, sorry I'm late. I had to drop off...
- Late?

What the fuck are you even doing here?

- Who invited you?
- Hey, Jimmy.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm with Pro.

You're with Pro?

Are you with the cocksucker
who just stood me up?

I don't wait for anybody
more than ten minutes.

He's at the house.

What house?

With Russ.

- Russ? What the fuck is...
- Hey, look who's here.

- Frank.
- Jimmy.

What the fuck is going on?

I was waiting for you.
I was there at two o'clock.

You were supposed to show.
What happened?

I'm sorry.
But McGee's here, he decided to come.

But he ain't comfortable here.
He don't wanna come here.

He's at the house.

- McGee's in Detroit?
- Yeah, he's here.

He decided to come.


Yeah, he came to help
straighten this all out.

The house?

We'll bring you back after
to get your car.



- Hey.
- Hey.


There was a fish in here,

but we cleaned it up.

A fish?

Chuckie had a fucking fish in here.

Didn't even know what kind.

But it's okay now. I wiped it up.

- I got the handkerchief here.
- Yeah, I can smell it.

Hey, Chuckie.

You had a fish in here in your car?

For Bobby Holmes.

You know, Bobby likes fish.

We cleaned it up, Jimmy. It's all right.

You cleaned it up?

- You cleaned it up?
- Yeah.

What the fuck you know about fish?

You ever caught
a fucking fish in your life?


Well, then you don't know. See?


Listen to me.
Never put a fish in your car.

You never get the smell out.


Unless you pack it tight,
you know.

No, I... I know.

- You know? Remember that.
- Right.

I know.

It'll help you in life.

Frank, you couldn't come by
at 2:00 and tell me this?

I was waiting there 40 minutes
like a fuckin' moron.

Jimmy, I'm sorry.
I came as soon as I got here.

- You got in this morning.
- No, no, no.

I got here this afternoon.

Russell had business in Port Clinton.
I had to wait for him.

He reminded me. I forgot.

So, we had to come
and as soon as we got here,

I came right here to see you.

All due respect to Russ, you know,

but somebody should have come tell me,
you know.

Just come tell me it's 2:30,
2:40, at the very least.

You're not incorrect. I mean...

Who the fuck is Pro?
He sends a fucking errand boy here.

Oh, he ain't stayin'.

I know he ain't staying.

That's not the point,
he's staying or not staying.

The point is Pro sent him.

You know?

Point is,
he should've come picked me up himself.

That's the point I'm makin'.

Can you even see out of those glasses?

I can't see a fucking thing.

That's good.
I'm glad you're not driving, then.

Yeah, it's right... It's right up...

It's right up here. Right... Right up...

That building with the staircase.

You got your friend with you?

- Right here.
- Good.

You never know
with this cocksucker,

with or without Russ there.

Let's get outta here, Frank. Come on.

♪ Before the light ♪

♪ Hold me again ♪

♪ With all of your might ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ So before the light ♪

♪ Hold me again ♪

♪ With all of your might ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

James Hoffa,
former president of the Teamsters Union,

disappeared on Wednesday.

And as of tonight,
no trace of him has been found.

Hoffa spent four years...

In prison and made no bones

- about his intention...
- Frank.

To get the presidency back
from his successor, Frank Fitzsimmons.

Fitzsimmons' son
is the vice president of...

- Still nothing?
- Uh-uh.

...young Fitzsimmons' car
was bombed. He was not in it.

But there is bad blood
in the Detroit Local.

Hoffa disappeared
Wednesday afternoon.

Now, more than 48 hours later,
with no word yet

on what happened to Hoffa,
police are extremely concerned.

Authorities are most anxious
to find whom Hoffa

was supposed to meet
outside the Red Fox restaurant

where he was last seen.

Police think it could have been
a man named Anthony Giacalone,

described as a big man
in the Detroit Mafia.

Hoffa's son, James,
tried to contact Giacalone today,

but didn't succeed.

Hoffa's family and friends stayed

in the family home in Lake Orion today...

I should call Jo.

You haven't called Jo yet?




Why what?

Why haven't you called Jo?

Has anybody come forward

with a ransom demand
or anything like that?

Uh, not as of yet.

Do you think
the abduction was for ransom?

I'm gonna call her now.

Do you think the abduction

had anything to do
with the recent conflicts

within Local 299, his own Local?

I think the union politics

is certainly something
that has to be investigated.

One high official
of the Teamsters International

says he fears the worst,

that Hoffa may have been killed.

Robert Hager, NBC News,
Bloomfield, Michigan.

At a truck stop
outside Detroit,

where Hoffa rose to the top
in the Teamsters Union,

truck drivers had a variety of theories...

She stopped talking to me
that day.

August 3rd, 1975.

She's got a good job now
and lives just outside Philly.

But my daughter...



from my life that day.


- Hello.
- Hello?

Jo. Jo?

It's... It's...

- Frank. Frank?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Yeah, um...
- I don't...

- Look, I...
- Frank...

Do you think...
Do you think he's alive?

He's gotta be.

You know, you gotta think positively.

It's just, you know, it ain't that long.
It's just...

But do you...

Do you know he's okay?

No, no, no, I mean, you know me, I...

He maybe did something
like the Joe Bananas thing,

where, you know,
he had himself kidnapped

and then came back,
but he wasn't hurt, nothing happened.

Maybe he...

Maybe he just felt, you know,

he wanted to clear his head a bit.

But you gotta just think
that it's gonna be...

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

He's gonna be...

If you need anything, I'm here for you.

Anything. Anything.

Can you just...
Can you call me again?

Yeah, I'll call... I'll call you.

Yeah, I'll... I'll call you.

I'll check in with you tomorrow.

Yes, call me tomorrow.

Okay. I'll call you in the morning, okay?


Don't worry. Be strong.

Be positive, huh?

Okay, Jo, okay, okay.


- Okay.
- Talk to ya a little later. Bye.

- Bye.
- Goodbye, Frank.

It was no more complicated than that.

Mr. Sheeran,

do you know who, if anyone,

was behind the disappearance
of James Hoffa?

Everybody who ever had
anything to do with Jimmy

was hauled in and questioned.

On the advice of counsel,

I respectfully decline
to answer that question

on the grounds
that it might tend to incriminate me.

Okay, let me ask you this:

what color is my pen?

And everybody took the Fifth.

I mean, in that situation,

that's what you do.
What else are you gonna do?

Still, everybody got indicted or convicted

on one thing or another,

but not that.

Not about Jimmy.

Nobody, as you know,
even went to jail for that.

And nobody talked, which is unusual,

'cause usually,
three people can keep a secret

only when two of them are dead.

Bruno Denzetta and Marco Rossi,

they got 20 years each
for shaking down a trucking company.

Pro was convicted with them,
but he was already back in school

for that other matter
I talked about before.

Well, you remember
that poor union treasurer,

Tony "Three Fingers,"
who got more votes than Pro?

They got him on that.

Sally Bugs, you know, he did that one.

One day, Bugs was seen
walking into the Federal building.

What he did itself
ain't no crime.

I mean, a lot of people
get called in for things.

But Sally knows better.

How come he didn't say anything
to anybody?

He didn't tell anybody one word.

Not one word.

And one thing for sure,

he didn't go there for fucking lunch.


- What's good?
- Hey, Irish.

Turns out Sally did tell somebody
he had to go in there for something.

They just forgot to tell somebody else.

So it was a bad hit.

Jimmy's son, Chuckie,
you know, his foster son,

was in the thing, too,

but he didn't know it.

All Chuckie knew
was he was pickin' up

one of Pro's guys and me,

and we was all gonna pick up his dad
at the Red Fox for a meeting.

Well, I mean, he was in it, yeah,
you could say that, but stupidly.

I... I always felt sorry
for Chuckie in this whole thing.

And I... I still do.

And the Feds gave him ten months

for some bullshit thing about a car,
and that's about it.

Who knows what the fuck...

Fat Tony Salerno,
they got on an income tax thing.

A little while after,

he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

There's a... a pork store up in, uh...

northern California.

Uh, right around...

Walnut Creek.
You're from up there, ain't you?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And you might even know
the guy that runs it.

I'm looking for a little favor...

for him, not for me.

But if you can get him a ticket,
like, to Australia...

You know what I mean.


You want to help him get down there?

Ye... Yeah.

Now, Russell, he got pinched

for telling Jimmy the Weasel
to strangle Jack Napoli

over some beef
about 25 grand of jewelry

that Jack took on credit

from Russell and then he never paid for.

Now, with Russ, you don't do that.

So, only thing is, the Weasel, he flipped.

He had a wire on him.

They called it
"conspiracy to kill a witness."

It was obvious to everybody else
that Napoli was clearly in the wrong.

I mean, how could you not see that?

He set him up. It was entrapment.

What else could you call it?

But that's another thing
I don't wanna get into now.

Raise your right hand.

They brought me up on bribery
and labor racketeering charges

and some other bullshit things
I don't know.

...the truth, the whole truth

and nothing but the truth,

- so help you God?
- I do.

Did you also tell them that Mr. Boffa

had given you and your wife
luxury vehicles?

Mr. Cole, I worked for 44 years,

I never took one dime illegal
off Boffa or nobody else.

You can think whatever you wanna think.
Don't matter to me.

But all they got me for was
blowing up a crane company

that fired two of my shop stewards

for no good reason.

And... And my Lincoln.

I mean,
I bought that car from Eugene Boffa.

He leased truck drivers
to freight companies,

and then he paid them substandard wages.

They said I paid a lot less for the car

than what it was worth.

They said the car was a bribe.

I... I... I loved that car.

But it wasn't worth the 18 years
they gave me for it.

That's for sure.

Russell, he had a stroke.

Fat Tony, he couldn't control
his urine no more.

And my arthritis

that started in the foxholes of Anzio

was eatin' away at my lower back now,

and I couldn't feel much
in my feet no more.

I needed a cane.

But, you know, they're not gonna
give you a cane in the can

because they say
you're gonna use it as a weapon.

There was this medicine, Neurontin,

it helped me a little bit,
but it also made you loopy.

He's got it!

- He's got it!
- Ah!

We were all falling apart
right there

in the freezing fucking cold.

- I can see it from here.
- You getting scared now?

Yeah, you stay here
another fucking ten years,

you'll beat me.

Is this the good grape juice?

I can't eat it.

- Take a bite.
- I got no teeth. I can't.

Put a little piece.

Just a little piece, thank you.

That's it?

- E buono, no?
- Buono.


Jimmy was a good man.

You know?
He had a nice family too, huh?


- Yeah.
- I know.

I never wanted it to go that far.

I picked us over him.

Fuck 'em.

Fuck 'em.

Fuck 'em.

Mangia che cresci... figlio mio, mangia.

Hey, Russ.

Hey, Frankie.

- Where you goin'?
- What?

- Where you goin'?
- I'm going to church.


Don't laugh, you'll see.

Don't laugh.

You'll see.

Russell went to church.

Then he went to the prison hospital.

And, uh...

And then he went to the graveyard.

Lord Jesus Christ, by your own...

I got out that October.

Reenie died in December.

On December 23rd, to be exact.

Lung cancer.

No surprise.

...even as it claims
our mortal bodies.

Grant that our sister
may sleep here in peace,

until you awaken her to glory.

For you are the resurrection
and the life.

And then she will see you face to face,

and in your light will see light,

and know the splendor of God

for ever and ever. Amen.

...six points shy
of his career average of .296

coming into this season.

Top four batters in this lineup for
Philadelphia today are all switch hitters.

Much to the frustration
of some policy makers,

NATO military leaders will not risk

low flying attacks
on Serb troops in Kosovo.

It could take days more
of systematic bombing, especially since

the Serbs have hidden so many
of their anti-aircraft missiles,

in essence, daring NATO to fly low.

You go... you go there. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.


Peggy. I just want to talk.

I just, you know... I...

She walked away.

I know she's mad at me and all,
but I... I want...

Call her. Call her.
I just want to talk to her.

Talk to her and tell her what?


I just want to say I'm sorry. That's all.



I know I wasn't a... a good dad.
I know that.

I know that.
I was just trying to protect her.

Protect all of youse.

I mean, that's what I was doing.

From what?

Well, everything.

I mean...

You... Youse had
a sheltered life, in a way,

because you didn't see what I see

and what I've been through.

There's a lot of bad people out there.

What else am I gonna do?

Daddy, you have no idea
what it was like for us.

I mean, we couldn't go to you
with a problem

'cause of what you would do.

You know,
we couldn't come to you for protection

because of the terrible things
that you would do.

I was just... I was...
I didn't want to see

youse get hurt, that's all.


I know you read a lot of things about me,
heard about me.

I'm sorry.

I... um...

Can I do anything now
to make it up to you?


If you're looking for something
with a little bit more luxury,

we have these two models
over here.

They're like the Cadillacs of caskets.

Now, if we puttin' you
in the fuckin' oven,

it really doesn't matter what you go in.

The cheapest shit possible.

Particle board, that's it.

What are we doin' today?
Are we doin' a cremation?

- A burial.
- Burial?

Uh, is it for a man or for a woman?



You see anything you like?


- That green one.
- That's a beauty.

That one'll set you back about $7,500

if you take it home today.

What do you think?

Can you do any better?

I mean, buddy,
this is what you want to go home in, no?

I think we could go six
on that for you. How about that?

- Six flat cash work for you?
- That's good.

Good for me.

Sooner or later,

everybody put here has a date
when he's gonna go.

That's just the way it is.

And I think there's gotta be
something when you go

'cause, I mean, how the hell
did this whole thing start?

People smarter than me
can't figure it out.

That's why I would never go for cremation
because it's so...

it's so final.

This... This one.


That's the hardest part
of anybody when they bury youse,

is when they go into the ground
because it's...

it's so final.

If you go into a building,
the building's there.

The crypt is there.

It has to be a metal casket,

and they have you in the room.

And all that there.

It's just not as final. You're dead,

but it ain't that final.

I'm sorry, but I gotta direct youse

to my attorney, Mr. Ragano...

if youse want to talk about
Mr. Hoffa or...

or any matter, for that matter.

I got noth... nothing new to say.

He's dead.

Who's dead?

Your attorney, Mr. Ragano.

- He's dead?
- Yeah.

Who did it?


Everybody's dead, Mr. Sheeran.

It's over.

They're all gone.

Russell, Angelo, Salerno,

Pro, Dorfman, Sally Bugs.
They're gone.

Who are you protecting?

You know who's not gone?

Mr. Hoffa's family. His children.

They're here.
And they gotta live not knowing.

That's hard to do.

I mean, you got kids, Frank.

Can you imagine?

Frank, it's time.
It's time you say what happened.

You seem like nice fellas.

I appreciate youse coming to see me.

But I... I can't help you.

That's it?

That's it.

Holy Mary, Mother of God...

Holy Mary, Mother of God...

- Pray for us sinners...
- Pray for us sinners...

Now and at the hour of our death.

- Amen.
- Amen.

That was...

That wasn't too bad.

It's been a while.

Not bad at all.

And the intention was there.
The intention.

I know.

I know the intention is there.

It was there, Father.

Do you feel anything for...

for what you've done?

I, I don't. I mean, maybe that...

Because I'm here now talking to you,

that in itself is,

you know, an attempt to...

But you don't feel anything at all?


- Water under the dam.
- Mmm.

Any... Any remorse

for the families?

I... I didn't know the families.

I didn't know 'em. Except one I knew.

I think we can... we can be sorry...

We can be sorry
even when we don't feel sorry.

Well, for us to say,
to make a decision of the will...


I am sorry, God.

"Forgive me."

And that... that's a decision of the will.

What kind of man

makes a... a phone call like that?

What do you mean? What phone call?

Well, I can't tell you. Uh...


I can't. I got...

That's okay.

Frank, do you wanna pray with me again?


This time,
we'll do it in our own words. Okay?


God, we come before you

sinful and sorrowful.

Sinful and sorrowful.

We know you are
all good and all merciful.

We know you are
all good and all merciful.

- We ask you...
- We ask you...

- to help us see ourselves...
- to help us see ourselves...

- as you see us.
- as you see us.

That's my daughter, Peggy.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

I don't think I've met her yet.

Well, she...
she ain't been around too much.

Is she your only child?

No, I got four daughters.

Over there. See?


- Busy man.
- Yeah.


Who's that with her?

You don't know who that is?


Jimmy Hoffa.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, right, "Oh, yeah."

You don't know who he is.

Okay, I don't.

Yeah. Oh, boy, you don't know how fast

time goes by until you get there.

But you don't have to worry about that

because you have
your whole life ahead of you.

- Forever. It goes fast, time...
- Hey.

I'm tellin' ya.

I'm trying to take your pulse,
Mr. Sheeran.

Please, please don't talk.

It's great today.

I'm still alive?

- Yes, you are.
- That's good to know.

Alive and well.

And you're free

till later today when we have
to put you through all this again.

I'm here.

...ministry of the church.

May God grant you pardon and peace, Frank.

And I absolve you from your sins.

In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,

and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.

His mercy...

- His mercy endures forever.
- endures forever.

All right, Frank.
I'll be back to visit, okay? Very soon.

Probably after the Christmas holidays.

Oh, okay.

- Frank, God bless you.
- You too. Thank you.

It's Christmas?


Well, I ain't going nowhere.

- Hey, Father?
- Yup?

- Do me a favor?
- Mmm-hmm.

Don't shut the door all the way.
I don't like that. Just...

- leave it open a little bit.
- Oh, okay.

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ I held you ♪

♪ Held you tight ♪

♪ 'Cause I love ♪

♪ Love you so ♪

♪ Promise I'll never ♪

♪ Let you go ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ I remember ♪

♪ That night in May ♪

♪ The stars were bright above ♪

♪ I'll hope and I'll pray ♪

♪ To keep
Your precious love ♪

♪ Well before the light ♪

♪ Hold me again ♪

♪ With all of your might ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ So before the light ♪

♪ Hold me again ♪

♪ With all of your might ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪

♪ In the still of the night ♪