The Invisible Dr. Mabuse (1962) - full transcript

Evil mastermind Dr. Mabuse seeks Professor Erasmus' secret invention, a device that makes one invisible, but a murder in a revue theatre brings the German police and the FBI into the mix.

(uptempo orchestral music)

(ominous instrumental music)

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(tense orchestral music)

(slow orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Help, help!
(tense dramatic music)



No, no (grunts)!

(guillotine clanking)
(audience gasping)

(audience applauding)
(uptempo orchestral music)

(uptempo cheery music)

(door unlatching)
(door latching)

(door unlatching)
(footsteps thudding)

(people murmuring)
(footsteps thudding)

(slow harmonica music)

(backgrounds thudding)

(man screaming)
(tense dramatic music)

(clown laughing)

- Be careful where you walk
when you come backstage.

- Your advice comes a bit late.

- What are you doing
here in the first place?

- Silly question, I came
to see the program tonight.

- Yeah, I'll bet.
- I love operetta.

- You do, why?

Who are you working for,
and how much do you know?

- About what?

- I'm talking about Operation X.

- What about Operation X?

Never heard of it.

- Why did you wanna get
into the dressing room

of Liane Martin?

- I'm an autograph hunter.
(clown laughing)

- Sense of humor, huh?

I just don't appreciate it.

Just what do you know about Operation X?

- I haven't the faintest idea
what you're talking about.

- I think I'll refresh your memory.

Max, I have a job for you.

(footsteps thudding)

(Nick grunting)
(gun thudding)

This guy won't cooperate.

Doesn't want to talk, huh.

See if you can persuade him, Max.

(Nick grunting)

I hope that now you understand.

It's easier if you talk.

(Nick panting)

- No, no (grunts)!

- [Man] Be more careful, Max,
torture is a delicate art.

You must learn it, you can't
learn anything from a corpse.

Now I'll ask you a question.

Just what do you know about Operation X?

(Nick panting)

Get him on his feet.

Look at me.

You went too far, Max,
he can't even see me.

- I can hear you.

I know who you are.

- [Man] Well, that's the
last thing you'll ever know.

(Nick grunting)

(people murmuring)

- [Attendant] Another
customer who forgot his coat.

From New York, an American?

- Oh, that's what happens every night.

- Well, I'll leave it
out, someone may come by

to pick it up.
(door unlatching)

- Goodnight, Rudy.
- Goodnight.

- Goodnight, Rudy.
(door latching)

(slow jazz music)

- What are you moving the trunk for?

What is it this time?

- Why do you wanna know anyway?

That's our business.

- I just wanted to know.

(dogs barking)
(dogs whining)

(boat engine growling)

- Go on, go away I said.

(lock clanking)

(tense ominous music)

- Mistakes like that shouldn't happen.

Nick Prado should have been
food for the sharks long ago.

Number 17, come over here.

How did it happen that the wardrobe trunk

was left on the pier so long
that the dogs got at it?

- The longshoreman
called a surprise strike,

we couldn't help it, and for 24 hours,

we were faced with a
complete work stoppage.

- Something nobody could foresee.

- You must foresee everything,

and when your adversary is the FBI,

nothing can be left to chance.

Who saw the wardrobe trunk being loaded?

- Only our own guys, and the driver,

and the state shore attendant.

He just happen to see it.

- No, no, no, I saw absolutely nothing.

I swear, you must believe me.

I have a wife and children.

- Stop your sniveling,
it's just a warning.

You have a choice, keep your
mouth shut, or be liquidated.

Take him away.
- You can trust me,

I won't say a word, I promise.

Not a word, I swear I won't.

Not a word, I won't breathe
a word, I swear I won't.

- [Shadow] Number 12 and
13, keep an eye on him.

- Very well, sir.
- Yes, sir.

- That's one more FBI man eliminated.

The next one will get the same treatment.

We will soon achieve our objectives

but you must be even more
vigilant than before,

more thoroughly prepared,

ready to carry out my
orders without question.

When does our man arrive?

- The plane is expected at,

well, it'll land in 20 minutes, sir.

(airplane engine growling)

(footsteps thudding)

- Have you anything to declare?

- No, just my personal belongings

and an old Indian blanket from Oklahoma.

- There's no duty on Indian blankets.

(car engine growling)
(footsteps thudding)

(door unlatching)
(tense dramatic music)

- What can I do for you?
- I'd like some eyeglasses,

preferably with tortoiseshell frames.

- Near, or far-sighted?
- Bifocals,

as prescribed by an eye
clinic in Washington.

- You have an astigmatism in the left eye.

- And a weakness of the inner eye muscle.

- Yes, that's right, this
way, if you don't mind.

- Right.

- In here.

Now, will you please read all five letters

in the third line from the bottom?

- E-D-G-A-R.

- Joe Como.
- Inspector Brahm.

- You've been expected, come in.

- Thank you.

- Sit down, won't you please.

- Please.

- Perhaps you're surprised

at our rather complicated
security precautions.

However, the situation is such

that our security division
finds it imperative right now.

- Yeah, I can see that.

How's the optometry business?

- Smooth as glass.

What do you expect at so
many short-sighted people.

However, our real business is terrible.

Only yesterday, the
police discovered the body

of a man in a wardrobe trunk.

I have a strange feeling that the body

is that of your colleague,
Nick Prado of the FBI.

- Prado?
- You'll have to identify him.

- And you brought me all the
way from Washington for that?

- You were recommended
to me by a colleague.

He claims that at the time
Dr. Mabuse disappeared,

you gathered valuable information.

- Who are we up against?
- I don't know.

He must be the head of
highly active organization,

an enormous racket, unimaginable.

Reminds me of Mabuse,
a Machiavellian power,

trying to get its hands on Operation X,

and it will stop at nothing.

- I see, and what is Operation X?

- I've no idea myself, you
know how it is in these cases,

you only know a few details,
you can't give away much.

Not even if you're tortured,
but what I do know is this,

Operation X is more important
in its possibilities

than the super bomb and space rockets.

- That bad, huh?
- It's terrifying.

And Nick Prado, your
colleague from the FBI,

must have had proof of something,

but unfortunately where he
is now, he can't tell us.

- Well, it'll be easy
for me to identify him.

He has red hair and a mustache.

- And he had one wisdom tooth.

It wasn't much use to him.

(car engine growling)
(brakes screeching)

(tense cheery music)

(bike engine growling)

- For you, Mister Como, here.

- There must be some mistake.

(tense mysterious music)


Excuse me, but I'd like to see that body

that was found in the trunk.
- You too?

Well, he seems to be
our most popular guest.

There's a lady who wants to see him also.

The police were here
too, after the autopsy.

But so far, nobody even knows his name.

You can look at him together if you want.

(tense dramatic music)
(footsteps thudding)

Number six.

(door whooshing)

(woman gasping)

- A friend of yours?

- I never saw him.

- May I take you out for some fresh air?

- Is he the one you're looking for?

- No, I guess not.

(door latching)

- Excuse me, but I'm frightened by death.

- Dead people, or seemingly dead ones?

May I take you home?
- Thank you,

I feel much better now, very much better.

- I thought we might have
something to talk about.

- What?
- We're in the same situation.

We're both looking for someone.

- I'm not looking for anybody.

- Ah, what were you
doing in the morgue then?

- I'm not obliged to give you
any explanation, good day.

- Oh, I'm sorry, I
haven't introduced myself.

My name is Joe Como.

- Excuse me, I really
haven't got the time.

(heels clanking)

(door unlatching)
(door latching)

(car engine growling)

(Joe chuckling)

- Taxi, taxi.

- You don't need a taxi,
you're coming with me.

- Who are you?

- My name is Hase, from the police.

- Police, you?
- Why not?

David was small, and he slew Goliath.

What's my size got to do with it?

- Did you bring your slingshot with you?

- Ah, there's more than
one way to skin a cat.

Hey, look over there,
there we are, my boy.

Come on, let's go.
(door latching)

- Bravo, Mister Hase, you're
efficient, very efficient.

- Ah, spare the compliments.

- I hope I'm not being arrested.

- No, out for a ride, that's all.

My chief wants to speak to you.

- About what?

- About the special
interested you seemed to show

in that corpse.

- I was more interested in
that beautiful brunette.

- She was requested to come too.

Her telephone number was
found in the victim's pocket.

- Very interesting.

It's a number I'd like to have.

- I can imagine.
- Who is she?

- The dancer, Liane Martin,
of the Metropol theater.

- And where are we going to
now, if I'm permitted to ask?

- You put him in jail?

- [Hase] Yes, sir, under lock and key.

He's ready for questioning.

- Ah, you're efficient, my dear Hase.

You're very efficient.

- Praise from you is
praise indeed (chuckles).

- May I present the famous
Joe Como of the FBI.

- What, of the FBI?

You could've told me at least.

No hard feelings, huh?

(Hase gasping)

Say, that's not fair.

- So you see?

I know a few tricks of my own.

Let's get down to facts.

The dead man was Nick Prado.

- I thought so.

- Well, is that the end of my mission?

- On the contrary, it's just beginning.

Have a seat, will you please?

- Thank you.

- When we find Nick Prado's
murderer, and we must find him,

then we'll have the clue to Operation X

that he was following.

- I know the clue, Dr. Mabuse.

- Mabuse, he's dead.

- If he is, then the dead write letters.

- Well, let me see it.

It's a blank page.
- What?

The writing's gone.

- If I'd done that to
my exam paper at school,

I might have graduated.

- It's typically his style.

- What'd it say before?

- Nothing, as you've seen.

- To return to Nick Prado.

We found his raincoat, in
the musical revue house,

named the Metropol theater.

- How'd you know it was his coat?

- The trunk in which the body was found

was a theatrical wardrobe trunk.

We investigated all the revue palaces,

and were unable to find
out about the trunk,

but while looking for it,

we came upon a raincoat left behind,

with a label from a New York tailor.

- So Nick went to the
theater the night he died?

- Yes, it seems that's
where Nick Prado was.

- And after that, we
don't know what happened.

- Oh, there's another clue.

- On Prado's jacket, we
found a long blond hair.

(tense dramatic music)

- You could get a pretty
close shave with that machine.

- I'm all for using an electric razor.

(footsteps thudding)

(guillotine whooshing)
(guillotine thudding)

- Pretty sharp.

- This theater reminds
me of Maestro Diabolo,

the great magician, he stood
on the stage with an elephant,

and made it disappear.

- With a person it would be quite easy.

Transportation of the
body would be no problem.

Say, wasn't Transas the same firm

that moved that trunk with the body?

- Transas is a large transport firm

with their warehouse in the Stangeklasser.

The trunk was to be sent

to a nonexistent address in Australia.

- And who was the sender?

- Well, he was another phantom.

- And what did you find out at Transas?

- Well, all the drivers
haven't come back yet

with their vans.

Besides, the owner won't be
back before tomorrow morning.

He's out of town.

- Okay, see you tomorrow.

- Where's he going?

- Don't ask me.

(tense ominous music)

(Allen keys clanking)

(lock clanking)

(flashlight clanking)

- Hands up!

You heard me.

What are you doing here, mister?

- Who are you?

- I happen to be the
owner of this warehouse,

and your identity will be
determined by the police.

- That won't be necessary,
I'm from the police myself.

- You?

- That's right, Mr. Transas,
if you don't believe me,

my identification papers
are in my breast pocket.

- That's different then.

Oh, and by the way, my name is Droste.

- You weren't expected until tomorrow.

- It so happens I got back early.

However, I'd like to find
out what brings you here

at this hour of the night.

- I had a certain suspicion (laughs).

- (laughs) I suppose it's
about that trunk murder.

My assistant told me about it.

The police think that our firm is mixed up

in the undertaking business
instead of shipping.

- Well, in a manner of speaking,

you're both in the transport business.

- We transport anything,
including the dead,

officially declared by the sender.

We don't know anything
about corpses in trunks.

The customs have a job to do,

and we're not responsible for
the contents of the trunk.

- On the night in question,

one of your vans went to the Metropol.

- We possess more than 200
vans with over 300 drivers,

and I will naturally
look into the question

as soon as the drivers are all in.

(tense dramatic music)
(car engine growling)

(explosion booming)

(explosion booming)

- The road was perfectly clear,

they obviously planted a fake detour.

(footsteps thudding)

(car engine growling)

The driver knew where the trunk came from

so he had to die.

- In my opinion, this whole trunk mystery

must have a woman behind it.

- So you still stick to your
theory of a blond murderess?

The case isn't that romantic.

Do you also agree with
our friend Hase's theory?

- I don't even believe in my own theory.

Our profession is based on
a series of false theories,

and not on the wildest mistakes,

we sometimes reach a solution.

- When it comes to making
mistakes, I'm a genius.

- Ah, meet the genius,
what have you got there?

- Well, unless I'm mistaken,

it's a stagehand's hook from the theater.

- Metropol.

- I saw absolutely nothing,
honestly, absolutely nothing.

- [Joe] You were at the
stage door, weren't you?

- I swear I don't know anything.

- You must know something.

You're shaking with fright.

What are you afraid of?

- What have I got to be afraid of?

I don't know anything.

Absolutely nothing, I tell you.

- What was loaded on that van?

Was it a wardrobe trunk?

- Well, sir--

- Hello, Rudy (chuckles).

Any mail for me tonight?

- No, no, nothing, no, I'm sorry.

- Well, maybe I'll get
something tomorrow (giggles).

I hope this kind gentleman
will forgive the intrusion.

(uptempo cheery music)

- All right now, tell me what you know.

- Nothing.
- Out with it, come on.

- I know nothing.

- Well, at least tell me,

who was that character that was here?

- Bobo the Clown.

- His wig was an unusual shade of blond.

(door unlatching)
(Rudy sighing)

(uptempo cheery music)

(slow somber music)

- Help!



No, no!


(guillotine thudding)
(cast cheering)

(audience applauding)
(uptempo orchestral music)

(uptempo whimsical music)

(bottle clanking)

(wine pouring)

- Excuse me, I was just about to knock.

- How long were you here?

- I just got here this moment.

- Weren't you just in my dressing room?

- I told you, I just got here.

- No, it wasn't you,

because I would have seen
your reflection in the mirror.

- What are you talking about?

- Someone was in my dressing room.

He stood behind me, and I feel certain

that I felt breathing
on the back of my neck,

when I turned around, no one was there.

- Well, you just finished
your scaffold scene.

No wonder you have such a strange feeling

in the back of your neck.

- Stay with me, please.

He's still here, there behind the screen.

- Look, I don't know which it is,

imagination or wishful thinking.

- I'm scared.

- Perhaps it's the same fear

that kept you from
recognizing the dead man.

- I swear, I never saw the man in my life.

- I'll do all I can to help you
but you're hiding something.

(person knocking)
- Yes, who is it?

- You'll excuse me, I
don't want to disturb you.

- The gentleman was leaving this minute.

He's a manager from New York but I, well,

I just don't feel I'm ready
to go on Broadway right now.

- It interests me very much.

If you ever need a
musical clown for a show,

perhaps you'll think of me.

- Don't worry, I'll remember you.

Your wig is unique, such
an unusual shade of blond.

(footsteps thudding)
(door unlatching)

(drunkard singing)
(truck engine growling)

- (whimpers) No, no.

No (screams)!

- An open and shut case.

The man was completely drunk,
he was run over by someone.

He must have been coming from over here.

Let's take a look.
(footsteps thudding)

- No trace of tire tread marks.

- Now the question is, was
it murder or an accident

with a hit-and-run driver?

- This is no accident.

The janitor was a witness,
so he had to die too.

- Did you learn that
in your correspondence

with Dr. Mabuse?

- Excuse me, Inspector, but
you can't handle this case

with conventional police methods.

- You're too great a
genius for us, Joe Como.

What a good policeman needs
is a head to think with,

a pair of legs to walk,
and a backside to sit on.

- It gets complicated sometimes

when people think with their backsides.

- That'll do, now let's
get down to business.

We got to find out how it happened

that the porter was drunk.

- Someone gave him a bottle
of cognac last night.

- Someone named Liane Martin.

Does that surprise you?

- Liane Martin.

(telephone ringing)

- [Man] Hello?

- Am I speaking with Beethoven Strasse 28?

- [Man] Yes.

- Well I'd like to speak with
Miss Liane Martin, please.

- [Man] She isn't at home.

- Will you tell her that--

- [Man] You have nothing to say to her,

and if you are the man
who's been bothering her

for the last few days, this is a warning.

- Who is this speaking?
Her husband.

(receiver clicking)

- (gasps) You?

- I'm sorry, the door was open.

Looks like you're making a
quick move, what happened?

- I've got no time to
waste talking to you.

- I didn't come to see you.

I wanted to talk to your husband.

- My husband, I have no husband.

- When I telephoned a half hour ago,

a man said he was your husband.

- It's impossible, I've been
home for more than half hour.

There was nobody in my apartment, nobody.

- He talked on that
telephone, and I heard him.

- He spoke on the phone?

A man?

- Well anyway, a voice.

- I don't believe it.

- Liane.

- What do you want from me?

- You seem to be hiding some secret.

- What secret?

- That's what I want to ask you.

- What are you running away from?

- I'm moving, that's all.

- Yes, but in a panic.

Liane, I beg of you, for your
own good, tell me the truth.

What are you hiding?

- So many peculiar things
have been happening to me.

- Yes, I know, there are
men standing behind you,

and suddenly they aren't there anymore.

- Be careful, he may hear you.

- Liane, look, there
are atoms and electrons,

and the Einstein theory,
but there are no ghosts.

- Miss Martin, we've finished upstairs.

- [Liane] Thank you.

- If I asked, would you mind telling me

where the moving men are going?

- I'm moving to a hotel.

My furniture is being stored at Transas.

- I'd like to recommend the Grand Hotel.

I guarantee there are no ghosts there,

and it has one advantage.
- What's that?

- I live there too.

(slow jazz music)

- I'd like to change my room, please.

- Anything wrong with
the room you have now?

- No, nothing at all,

but I heard the dancer
Liane Martin moved in.

- Yes, she has room 315, and 316.

- Well, I'd like 317, please.

- Just a second, Mister Como.

Oh yes, someone telephoned
just a minute ago

with a message for you,
your eyeglasses are ready.

- Thank you.

I got your message, what's new?

- I have received a
communication from the Ministry.

We've signed an accord with Washington

providing for a mutual
exchange of information

on Operation X and I've
been given information

as to what it's all about.

I'm also authorized to tell you about it.

- Well, if we know what it's
about we can get somewhere.

- Operation X is a criminal plan,

whose purpose is to acquire

the secret invention of Professor Erasmus.

- The Nobel Prize winner?

The one who didn't appear
at the ceremony, huh?

- The Professor never
comes out in the open.

He never leaves the secret laboratory

of the Cosmographic Institute,

where he works behind locked doors.

All that counts is his work.

- [Joe] What is he working on?

- He has invented a machine
to render matter invisible.

- To render matter invisible?

Even human beings?

- Yes, humans too.

- There can be ghosts.

- Ah, the living dead who
write invisible letters, nah.

Let's stick to people
who are flesh and blood.

For example, Dr. Bardorf,

the assistant to Professor Erasmus.

Bardorf has placed himself at our disposal

since he fears that Professor
Erasmus's inventions

may fall into the wrong hands.

He'll brief you on the
various technical aspects

of the operation.

Go to see him at once.

Here's your entry card.

- Trip to the Moon, afternoon performance

at the planetarium.

- Yes, but be sure you don't
take the wrong seat number.

It's a very special seat,
provided with a hearing aid.

- [Narrator] The eternal
movement of the heavenly bodies

has always fascinated mankind.

Shepherds watching their flocks

on the hills of ancient Greece

were enthralled by the spectacle

of the stars and the planets.

Eternally unchanging, yet moving

across the heavens each night.

Science is just beginning
to penetrate the mysteries,

which were hidden from mankind
for thousands of years.

- [Man] The man who just sat down

in seat four in the second row

has requested to go quietly to
the Meteorite Exhibition room

and to wait next to meteorite number four

until he is approached.

- [Narrator] But we now have a
scientific basis of knowledge

from which to work, as
yet incomplete to be sure.

We do not yet know the
limits of the great universe.

Nor the limitations of
human understanding,

and creative (murmurs).

(tense ominous music)

- Hello, Mister Como.

- Dr. Bardorf.

- I've been requested to give
you the technical details

concerning Operation X,

or at least to explain main principles.

This way, please.

This is our satellite receiving station.

We keep in close contact
with all satellites

revolving around the Earth.

- [Joe] And what are those signals?

- [Bardorf] That beep beep you hear

is a signal from Explorer Seven.

And the humming sound comes
from Vanguard Number One.

The chirping is from Sputnik Four.

- And just what do satellites
have to do with Operation X?

- Quite a lot.

They've shown us that cosmic
dust, the first form of matter,

is invisible to the human eye.

- And that means?

- That the visibility of
matter is a recent development,

but matter needn't be
reconverted to cosmic dust

to be invisible again.

An airplane propellor is invisible

as soon as it's made to
rotate at a certain velocity.

- [Joe] Of course.
- Just like this electric fan.

Now suppose for a second
that as an experiment

we place a target behind
the rotating blades

and that we try to fire bullets at it.

There are two alternatives.

Our bullets find gaps between
the blades, and slip through,

or our bullets will strike
the propellor blades,

and fail to reach the target.

But if we fire a machine gun,

which has been synchronized

with the velocity of rotation,

then the bullets will succeed

in going through the fan
without touching the blades.

- Well, I know what you're driving at,

I'm afraid your comparison doesn't fit.

- Yes, the validity of any
comparison is limited of course.

Let's suppose the target we're
aiming at is the human eye,

and the bullets are light rays.

Between the eye and the source of light,

we have the obstacle,
in this case, matter.

Light rays must find gaps in matter.

- When you say gaps,

you mean the space between the electrons?

- That's correct.

And every atom is just
like a solar system,

in which electrons, protons
and neutrons revolve.

The universe merely consists
of a series of vibrations

of varying frequencies.

- And solid matter is only one of them.

- Right, and if we can coordinate
the vibrations of matter

with the frequency of the
vibrations of light waves,

then the light rays will
go through the matter

like bullets through the propellor.

That is to say, reach the
target, the human eye,

in which case, matter becomes invisible.

- The principle is clear to me,

but how do you coordinate
the different frequencies?

- Ah, that is the great
discovery of Professor Erasmus.

A frequency coordinator.
(machine dinging)

The frequency coordinator is no larger

than a transistor set.

Looks simple.

By merely twirling a dial,
it can make a man invisible.

- And is this modern miracle ready?

- I suppose the professor
has made some progress.

- You suppose?

You're his assistant, shouldn't you know?

- I haven't seen Professor Erasmus

since the day of his auto accident.

- Was it serious?

- The clinic furnished no information.

- Well then, after his release?

- He hasn't been seen around.

He's locked up in the laboratory
behind those vault doors.

- [Joe] Is he protecting
himself from others,

or protecting others from himself?

- He opens to nobody, not
even the police authorities.

- Are you absolutely sure that this man

in the secret laboratory
is Professor Erasmus?

- Well, who else?

- Someone might have been
exchanged for him in the clinic.

- What an absurd idea.

- [Joe] Perhaps.

- The performance at the
planetarium is about to end.

You can go back quietly to your seat.

- I'll be glad to.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye Doctor.

And thank you.

- [Narrator] And so we return
from our voyage to the moon.

Our spaceship returns to the
Earth's sphere of gravitation.

We have come back from a voyage

into the mysterious world of--

- Excuse me, but that's my seat.

- [Narrator] We're now passing
through the stratosphere.

- Excuse me, please.
(body thudding)

- [Narrator] Atmosphere
before our ship lands.

(woman screaming)

- Keep your seats, nobody touch the body.

- The man's dead.

How did you get here so fast?

- I've been here for some time, sir.

Special detail for your protection.

- That's good.

You're so efficient I could
be the one that's dead.

- [Brahm] We've looked without success.

- There were only three people,

who knew where I was gonna sit.

You, Inspector, Dr. Bardorf, and Hase.

- You're forgetting the fourth, yourself.

- I am neither my own
murderer, nor Mabuse.

- Why are you looking at me like that?

Do you think I'm Dr. Mabuse?

- You serve his interests.

- Who, me?

- Yes, anyone who refuses to believe

in the existence of Dr. Mabuse
helps him unconsciously.

Also anyone who hasn't got the courage

to follow his own intuition.

- Intuitions can lead you astray.

The blond hair from the clown's wig

is not the same type as
we found on Prado's body.

- So that means the
clown's not the murderer.

- Unless he has more than one wig,

and in any case, all our
leads wind up at this Transas

or at the Metropol.

These are our rat holes, only
the rat remains invisible.

- What do you mean by that?

- Are you sure, Inspector,
that we haven't already lost

the race for Operation X?

- There's a fair chance of that.

- Well, we have to know.

And I'm gonna find out at any price.

I know someone I'm not
gonna let outta my sight.

(tense dramatic music)

(guillotine thudding)
(cast cheering)

(audience applauding)
(uptempo orchestral music)

(uptempo cheery music)

(door unlatching)
(footsteps thudding)

(women screaming)

(woman gasping)

- What's happened?
- Oh look, she's unconscious.

Look at her, she's so pale.
- Liane, can you hear me?

- She's fainted, a heart attack.

- [Joe] Please call a doctor.

There may be one in the audience.

- Right.

- He still here?

- Who, who was it?

You had a visitor?

- I was just taking a sip of champagne

as I do every night after the show,

when all of a sudden--

- He was here again.

- Yes, this time he kissed me.

- The invisible one?

- I guess you think I'm
going out of my mind.

- If I think you're crazy,
then I must be insane too.

- You believe me?

- Every word.

Only don't speak to anyone about it

or we'll both wind up
in the insane asylum.

- I'd be ashamed to speak about it.

Being kissed by a man you can't see.

It sounds so old maid-ish.

Oh, good heavens, he's still here.

(door unlatching)
(tense dramatic music)

- I am Dr. Krone.

Director for the Hospital
for Nervous Diseases.

It's fortunate I was here.

I came to see the show this evening.

- I do appreciate that, Doctor,

but it was just a fainting spell.

It happens to me sometimes after my dance.

- I'm glad to see your head
is back on your shoulders,

where it belongs.

Come on, please,
everybody outside, please.

There we are, now you'll be able to rest.

You will feel much better,

and don't worry, you're
as strong as a horse.

- [Liane] Well, thank you.

- I mean that as a compliment,
I'm fond of horses.

- I understand.
- In order to impress you,

I suppose I should give you
a complicated prescription,

but you really don't need it.

You should rest for a while.

Do you know the country around Wallgraben?

- Where is Wallgraben, Doctor?

- It isn't far by car.

It's a pleasant ride, and
the air is wonderful there.

You'll find a nice room in their local,

it will make you feel better.

And when you come back, you'll
feel like another person.

- Another person.

I wish I were.

- [Krone] Now you go to
sleep, you'll see, goodnight.

(door unlatching)

(car engine growling)

(upbeat jazz music)

(car engine growling)

(tense jazz music)

(car engine growling)

(door latching)
(birds chirping)

(heels clanking)

(door unlatching)

(door unlatching)

- [Liane] How do you do,
I'd like a room, please.

- Yes, I can give you a large
room on the second floor.

It's a nice room, I'm sure
you'll be pleased with it.

I'll show it to you.

No obligation on your part, of course.

- Yes, please.
- This way, please.

- Thank you.
(footsteps thudding)

- This hotel is an old arsenal.

It's a national historical monument.

This room here was the detention room

where the knights were imprisoned.

We use it now as a bathroom.

The stove burns wood just
as it did in the old days.

If you want to take a bath, madam,

you must let us know beforehand.

We have to heat the water.

- I'd like to take one immediately.

(footsteps thudding)

(door unlatching)

- 17th century, but the
mattress is quite new (laughs).

You'll be able to sleep well.

- Shall I have your bags brought up?

- Yes, I'll take the room.

My luggage is down in the car.

I must have left my keys there too.

- But there they are, madam.

- [Liane] That's impossible.

- Is there anything else
we can do for you, madam?

- No.

(door unlatching)
(door latching)

I simply must pull myself
together, I can't lose my nerve.

Oh, it's just my imagination.

Yes, that's what it is.
(tense ominous music)

(clothes thudding)

(tense ominous music)

(person knocking)
Yes, what is it?

- [Maid] The water's hot now, madam.

Shall I run you a bath?

- Just a second, I'm coming.
(tense ominous music)

(door unlatching)
Just a minute.

(door latching)

- Do you like your bath very hot, madam?

- [Liane] Don't bother,
I'll run it myself.

- [Maid] Very well, you
can ring if you want me.

- [Liane] Thank you, goodnight.

- [Maid] Goodnight.

(door latching)
(tense ominous music)

(chair scraping)

(door unlatching)
(door latching)

(Liane sobbing)
(tense ominous music)

- Oh no, no, help!

- Liane, what's the?

(Liane sobbing)
(Liane crying)

- I can't stand anymore.

I can't stand anymore, I
just can't stand anymore.

- Liane, what on Earth is the matter?

- He's in the bathroom.

- The invisible man?

- I locked him in there.

He must have been there before I was.

I was getting ready to take a bath,

and then suddenly I saw the
bath towel begin to move.

I tell you, it's unbearable,
I'll go crazy (sobs).

- Look, go to your room, lock the door,

and don't open to anyone but me.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

- You shouldn't go in there.

- Go on.

(footsteps thudding)

(door unlatching)
(tense ominous music)

Speak up, Doctor.

Your hiding is senseless.

This room is too small
for you to escape me.

- [Man] You will regret this,

but have it your way, Mr. Como.

Open the door!

Give me the key!

- If you want the key, why
don't you come and get it.

- [Man] Too bad, you'll suffer for this.

(tense dramatic music)

(footsteps thudding)

(water pouring)
(tense dramatic music)

(man grunting)
(Joe grunting)

- [Man] Let go, I can't breathe.

- First I wanna see you.

(tense dramatic music)

Who are you?

Who are you?

- I am Professor Erasmus.

At least I was Professor Erasmus.

This is what I was, before.

And this is what I am now.

Horribly disfigured by an accident.

Believe me, it would have been much better

if I hadn't survived than
to go on living like this.

- [Joe] Yes, I understand.

- I can't show myself to others like this.

And certainly not to the woman I love.

- Liane?
- Yes.

- Does she know you?
- No, of course she doesn't.

I've spent months looking at
her, but she was unaware of it.

- [Joe] Because you were invisible?

- Yes, it's hopeless.

Yet only she gives my life meaning.

- Is that instrument
strapped to your chest

the frequency coordinator?

- [Erasmus] Yes.

- [Joe] The means by which
you can rule the world.

- For me, it's only a means to bring me

to the woman I adore.

I must protect her.

She's in great danger.

You see, my love for
Liane has been discovered

by someone who wants to
get her in his power.

Through her, he'll get me,
and with me, the invention.

- Who is this man?

- A threat to all humanity.

- Mabuse.

(Liane screaming)

- Liane.
(tense dramatic music)

(car engine growling)
(tense dramatic music)

- Professor Erasmus?
(door latching)

(van engine growling)

(tense dramatic music)
(footsteps thudding)

- All right, take her out.

(door unlatching)
(footsteps thudding)

- [Man] Sleeping beauty, it won't be long

before the sleeping beauty speaks,

and she will say what I want her to,

and do what I tell her to.
- She's dreaming.

- Joe?


- That's Como, the American.

- [Man] It won't before we get him too.

We'll have them both, Joe
Como and Professor Erasmus,

and then I will have the
invention, power, and dominion.

With her in my hands,
I shall achieve it all.

- What did you say, Como?

- I saw Professor Erasmus, and
I had him right in my hands,

but something diverted me.

- Just what was it
diverted you, if I may ask?

A pretty girl?

- That's just it.

Mabuse has kidnapped Liane Martin.

- Mabuse?

Are you completely mad?

It's impossible Erasmus got away

just because of this fool idea of yours.

We stand to lose the pipe for Operation X

because of some girl.

Joe, isn't it clear to
you what this means to us?

- It sure is.

With Liane prisoner,

Mabuse can extort the
invention from Erasmus,

if he hasn't already done so.

- Are you serious?

- I certainly am.

- Then I'll look for Professor Erasmus.

Thinking logically, he
can be in only one place.

In his lab, at the planetarium.

- That's exactly where he won't be.

He'll be where Liane is.

He's in love with her.

- What?

- I've got to find her no matter what.

- We must work together.

Our ways are different,
you're looking for a woman,

and I'm looking for a man.

If your hypothesis is correct
our paths should converge.

Come on.

- Excuse me, gentlemen,
but I haven't any idea

where Professor Erasmus is living.

You see, the Professor hasn't been seen

since the day of his accident.

We've merely had sporadic
contact on the house telephone.

I haven't even talked to him lately.

I suppose that he's invisible,

and that he goes out
through the vault doors

during my absence.

- Is this the only
entrance to the laboratory?

- Yes, behind this vault
door, there's a second door,

but we can't get through it.

Only the professor knows the combination.

- Don't worry about that.

Safe combinations are my specialty.

One side, please.
- No, wait.

(Hase grunting)

I'm sorry, I tried to warn him.

- Hase, you're not hurt.

Come on, try to stand up.

- Oh mama, where am I?

- Nevermind, darling, you can
have pancakes for breakfast.

- What happened?

- Professor Erasmus is a very prudent man.

The high voltage of door two is fatal.

- Well, I must say, he's efficient.

Dr. Bardorf, if you have any
idea where the professor is,

it's your duty to tell us at once.

- Inspector, I don't know where he is,

but he's wherever the woman is.

- Is that him?

- [Bardorf] Yes, he gave me that photo

shortly before his accident.

- About 50 years old, dark eyes,

normal features, straight nose.

Any special characteristics?

- Yes, he's invisible.
(telephone ringing)

- Send that along at once.

Wanted, invisible man with dark eyes.

- The Cosmographic
Institute, Satellite section.

Professor Erasmus, from
where are you calling?

- [Erasmus] From a phone booth,
near the Metropol theater.

- Try to keep him on the phone, will you?

- [Erasmus] Dr. Bardorf?

- Hello, yes Professor?

- [Erasmus] The battery of
my frequency coordinator

is almost burned out.

I may become visible at any moment.

Mabuse is after me.

- [Bardorf] Stay where you are.
Help is already on the way.

- [Erasmus] I need you, Doctor.

Come as soon as you can.

(phone thudding)
(tense dramatic music)

(Erasmus gasping)

(car engine growling)

- That must be it, but it's occupied.

- That's what I call a quick connection.

I was just calling you.

- What are you doing here?

- I've been in the Metropol
for nothing, it wasn't even--

- And when did you get here?

- Just now, the booth was empty.

- There's something fishy
about this whole business.

- Now do you believe that Mabuse is alive?

- No, there are many men in insane asylums

who think they're Napoleon.

This must be one who believes he's Mabuse.

(slow jazz music)
(brakes screeching)

(door squeaking)
(car engine growling)

- [Man] How do you do, Professor?

- I know you.

You're, you're the surgeon

who operated on me after my accident.

- Yes, that's right, and I'm proud

that I was able to save the
life of such a great man.

- What are you doing here?

Where am I?

Have I fallen into the hands
of Dr. Mabuse after all?

Then show yourself, Doctor.

I want to talk to you.

- You are talking to me.

It's difficult to track down
invisible game, Professor,

but at last I have the great pleasure.

- Where's Liane?

- Just a few steps away.

She's in good hands, you
can see for yourself.

- No, she mustn't see me.

- She won't see you.

She's in a deep sleep.

(tense dramatic music)

You may go closer.

The drug is most efficient.

Liane will only awake
when I have need of her.

- What have you done to her?

- [Mabuse] Give me your
invention, and she will be yours.

- You are a monster, Mabuse.

- [Mabuse] I can be far worse.

It's either your invention or her life.

- No!

- Her guest appearance at the
theater has been interrupted,

but the guillotine is still there.

Take your choice, Professor, well?

- My invention is at your disposal.

However, it cannot function,
the battery's burnt out.

It needs recharging.

- [Mabuse] Then have it recharged.

- It's not quite that easy.

This isn't a vacuum cleaner or a razor

you plug in wherever you want.

The source of energy from
which my battery charged

is the ionosphere, and to recharge it,

I must have the help of
Dr. Bardorf, my assistant.

- Oh, you may be sure, Professor,

that my respect for your scientific genius

is such that I will spare no effort

and recoil before no sacrifice.

If you want your assistant,
you shall have him.

(seagulls squawking)

(car engine growling)

- Dr. Bardorf?

- Yes, are you the man I was
supposed to meet here at 11?

- That's right.

The professor is expecting you.

Hop in, please.
(door unlatching)

(door latching)
(car engine growling)

- I'm sorry you have to
see me like this, Bardorf.

- Professor?

- You must help me.

- You can have confidence in me.

- I know, I am Mabuse's prisoner.

He's blackmailing me.

I am forced to give him my invention.

- Your invention in the
hands of that criminal?

- Yes.

- Do you realize the meaning of that?

- Of course, that's why
I want you to help me,

by making the frequency
coordinator ineffectual.

- What should I do?

- Listen, the combination
to open the doors

of my secret laboratory is
follows, one, two, three left,

four, five, six right,
seven, eight, nine left.

It's quite simple.
- Yes.

- And this coordinator
has a burned out battery.

It needs recharging.

In the lab, you will find a dozen others

which I must give to Mabuse.

Neutralize them by
exchanging for the batteries

a series of our vibration filters.

- The vibration filters and?

- And the electron screens.

You haven't forgotten the
basis of our system, Doctor?

- Of course not, however
it's hard to hear you.

You're whispering so softly.

- All right, go quickly please.

(tense dramatic music)

That isn't.

- [Mabuse] If only you were
conscious, Dr. Bardorf,

you would be surprised to see my mask.

Even the professor didn't recognize me.

(door whooshing)

Wake up now.

- What time is it?

- [Mabuse] Time for you to get up.

- Is it morning or evening?

- It's evening, and
you're going to spend it

in pleasant company, Joe
Como's waiting for you.

- Where is he?

- He'd be wherever you'd
tell him to meet you.

And I want you to be as
seductive as you can.

(tense dramatic music)

You will wear these earrings.

They are special earrings.

They can whisper to you.

I have only one lord
and master, Dr. Mabuse.

I have only one lord
and master, Dr. Mabuse.

- Any messages fore me?
- Not a thing.

- Oh Mr. Como, a call
just came through for you.

Take it across the lobby
at the telephone booth.

- Thank you.
(telephone whirring)

- Hello?

Oh, Liane, where you calling from?

(slow smooth music)

- You know we're neighbors?

Have you already forgotten?

I'll explain it all to you.

Come on up.

(phone thudding)

he's coming to my room, Doctor.

- [Mabuse] Good, I want you
to remember my instructions.

- I shall obey you, Doctor.

- [Mabuse] Be sure to slip the
drug I gave you in his drink.

(Joe knocking)

- [Joe] Liane, it's me.

- [Mabuse] Answer him.

- Come in.
(door unlatching)


- Yeah, what happened to you?

I thought you'd been kidnapped.

- Kidnapped, by whom?

You're the only man I'd go away with.

- But you've been gone for days.

(Liane laughing)

- It was foolish of me.

I ran away in panic.

I didn't know to do,

but now I'm all right.

Suddenly, everything
became quite clear to me.

Now, I know there's only one place for me,

with you.

- Did anyone follow you here?

- Of course not.

- But you can't stay here,
your life is in danger.

- I feel perfectly safe with you.

We should celebrate our reunion, Joe.

What would you like to drink?

I have a wonderful cognac.

- What's the matter with you?

- The matter?

Is anything wrong?

- Well, you're acting so strangely.

- I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

- [Joe] You're not the
same Liane Martin I know,

it's as though you're acting a part.

- Now what shall we drink to?

I have an idea, we'll drink
to our future together.

(person knocking)

(door unlatching)
- Excuse me,

But I'm here on duty.
- Hasa?

- Ah, that looks like
a very tasty cocktail.

- What do you want here?

- The police want to
ask you a few questions.

You'll have to come with me, Miss Martin.

- Now that's a good idea, I agree.

Do you mind if I come along with her?

- Have I been arrested?

- No, it's just a special invitation.

It'll be simpler if you go.

I'll come along too.

- Ready, madam?

- Would you wait a minute, please?

I would like to change my dress.

- That was easier than I thought.

This calls for a toast.

- What does the inspector want from her?

- It's about the cognac
she gave the janitor

at the theater, cheers.

- The janitor was very well liked.

Gifts like that are common practice.

(Hase thudding)


(door unlatching)
(fist thudding)

(men grunting)

- [Henchman] And what
shall we do with this one?

- [Henchman] Leave him there,

he'll be unconscious for two hours.

By that time, we'll be far away.

(footsteps thudding)

(trunk thudding)

- I have won the race for
Operation X, Joe Como.

I am now in possession of
the secret of invisibility,

and you are all in my power.

You, the professor, and Liane.

As you see, she is in good hands.

- So that was it.

You're a coward, Dr. Mabuse.

You haven't got the courage to come out,

and fight in the open.

- I would fight in the open,
before the whole world.

My fight will mean death, invisible death,

until all mankind trembles before me,

and until I dominate the entire world.

- Why don't you start?

What are you waiting for?

- My first victims will
be the Chiefs of State.

I know they're well protected,

but despite that, they shall die,

so as to sew confusion, and fear,

everything has been planned in advance.

On the eighth of December, at 05:00 hours,

a bomb explosion will blow open a new era.

- It's not as simple as that.

- If you're smart, you'll
join forces with me.

You might be useful to me.

In any case, I give you
time to think it over.

(clock ticking)
(clock squeaking)

(Joe grunting)

- Professor?

- (hushes) quiet, quiet.

- How did you get in?

- You must try to free Liane.

Only you can do it, it's our last chance.

Mabuse is in my laboratory, Como.

Try to save her before it's too late.

- Has Mabuse got your invention?

- Yes, he came in the
mask of my assistant.

When I recognized him it was too late.

Go immediately to my laboratory, Como.

The combination is as
follows, one, two (grunts).

(gunshots booming)

- We've left the door open, so
that you'd see what happens,

how we handle people who
are no longer of use to us.

All right, tie him up again.

(men grunting)
(punch thudding)

- [Henchman] He's getting
away, shoot to kill.

(gunshot booming)

- [Henchman] Look out.

(gunshot booming)
(man grunting)

(man grunting)
(punches thudding)

(gunshot booming)
(man grunting)

(heads thudding)
(man grunting)

(gunshot booming)
(man grunting)

(gunshots booming)

(club thudding)
(Joe grunting)

(gunshots booming)

(both grunting)

(knife thudding)
(man croaking)

(punch thudding)
(man grunting)

(footsteps thudding)

(chain clanking)
(Bobo grunting)

(gate clanking)

(tense dramatic music)

- Liane?


(gates thudding)

- [Mabuse] What's your hurry, Mr. Como?

You have plenty of time.

The poison gas will slowly suffocate you.

(gas hissing)
(gate clanking)

(car engine revving)

(car engine growling)

(barrel clanking)

(Joe straining)

(manhole cover thudding)

(audience applauding)
(clown laughing)

- Yoopee, whoopee, whoopee, music!

(audience laughing)
(uptempo whimsical music)

- That's against the rules,
six jokers in one pack.

They all look just the same.

- Yeah, but I want the right one.

They may look the same, but
they don't smell the same.

(audience jeering)

- [Man] It's a power failure.

- What happened.
- Where are the lights?

(women screaming)

- Go on, Rex, get him.
(dog barking)

(women screaming)

(dog barking)

Call off your dog, I want that man.

- [Officer] Rex, here, Rex, here.

(lever thudding)

- Good evening, how are you?

(men grunting)

(men grunting)
(tense dramatic music)

(Bobo panting)

- Well, well, boss and
clown in one person.

The elegant Mr. Droste
managing the business,

the clown doing the dirty work.

- You see, I'm not finished.

(gunshot booming)

Stay where you are!

Don't take another step, do you hear?

Otherwise I'll give a
demonstration of how efficient

this guillotine is.

If you fire, I'll pull
the release as I fall.

Now throw me the revolver, go on!

I'll count up to three.



(gunshots booming)
(Droste grunting)

(Droste screaming)
(guillotine thudding)

- Number 17.
(tense dramatic music)

Number Three.

We shall attack in two groups.

Turn on you're coordinators.
(coordinators whirring)

- The eighth of December at 05 hours.

There must be some reason
Mabuse plans his attack for 05.

- I've made inquiries to all governments,

and to all the secret police,

and information services there are.

However, I've no idea

what the mysterious eighth
of December really is.

- Like me in school, I knew
all the dates of history,

but I didn't know what they stood for.

- That maybe news.
- That's for Central.

(machine typing)

That's it.

- What does it say?

- Eighth of December, 05 hours,

a Clipper OXA while en
route to Washington DC,

will stop to refuel at
airport, VIP will be on board,

maximum security precautions.

- VIP, why then it's someone--

- It's our last chance to get
Mabuse, before he can act.

- [Joe] This is the spot where it'll land.

- The police force will be here.

The terminal building,
and the waiting rooms,

and customs will be
completely blocked off.

- Alright then, they'll
come through the open field.

Mabuse has a great advantage.

Invisible men don't need cover.

Just one man has to slip
through, and throw that bomb.

- But he won't succeed.

This is what'll give him away.

- Black cord?

- Well, you see, all the
finest electronic devices

will be utilized by our opponent,

now we're setting up a wide
circle around the landing field,

our vehicles will be tied
together with black cord.

An alarm will sound as soon

as one of the invisible men slips through.

- You see, we need something
to warn us beforehand.

Mabuse has in his possession

the most modern weapon in the world.

So we'll combat it by using the oldest,

and most efficient
warning system there is.

(airplane engines growling)
(tense ominous music)

(animals calling)

(airplane engine growling)

(airplane engine screeching)

(footsteps thudding)

(dog barking)

Look out, they're coming,
is the equipment ready?

(dog barking)
(bell jingling)

(tense dramatic music)

(alarm ringing)

- Go!

Everybody ready?


(water whooshing)


(gunshots booming)


- There's more coming.

(water whooshing)

(gunshots booming)

- The laboratory.

If Mabuse is still
alive, he must be there.

- [Man] Stretcher bearers,
stretcher bearers.

(Krone panting)
(Krone grunting)

(door thudding)

- Well.

Well then.

Appear Krone.

- All our men are dead or arrested.

I was wounded myself.

I must have, help, a blood transfusion.

- You miserable failure, you.

If things all went wrong, it's
because of your inefficiency.

You deserve to die.

You've lived too long.
(gunshots booming)

(glass shattering)
(fire crackling)

- We shall both perish together.

I have changed the combination (pants).

- No, what is it?

Tell me what it is.

(sirens wailing)

- Surround the building!
(doors latching)

(tense dramatic music)

- All right, blast open the vault doors,

and now be careful not
to touch the dial wheel.

(door clanking)

- Take cover!

(explosions booming)

- Now blast the second door.

It's bulletproof glass,
no point in trying.

- Mabuse.

- [Officer] The explosives
are ready, take cover.

(explosion booming)
(Mabuse screaming)

(Mabuse coughing)

- He's gone crazy.

- You must all,

all surrender,

and I am victorious,
victorious, victorious,

victorious, victorious, victorious!

(footsteps thudding)

(gate squeaking)

- Well, that's that.

He's incurably insane.

- Apparently he's been
mad for a long time.

- No doubt.

Shall we go?
(slow smooth music)

Can't I drop you somewhere?

- Thanks but somebody's picking me up.

- That also looks like a case
of mental derangement, sir.

- You might try it one day, Hase.

Come on.

(slow fantastical music)