The Inner Circle (1991) - full transcript

The true story of Ivan Sanchin, the KGB officer who was Stalin's private film projectionist from 1939 until the dictator's death. Told from Sanchin's view, the sympathetic but tragically ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Each morning as
I rode the streetcar to work

I watched them put together
the great steel figures.

The Second World War
had broken out in Europe.

Our capitalist enemies
were killing each other.

And as I looked at these statues,
I imagined that our Master

had ordered them built
to show the invincibility

of our socialist motherland.

The man we called
" Master " was one of the heroes

who created our Workers' State.

He was more than our ruler.

He was Father to all of us!

- Every factory worker
and every peasant woman.

His name was Joseph Stalin.

Which in Russian, meant
"Man of Steel".

Moscow - 1939

Increase volunteers to help the Red Army

The Soviets are ready to contribute

to the defense of our Great Motherland.

The workers of culture and science
request that iintelligentsia

launch all their force and energy

to master modern chemical defense!

No Soviet man must be
without his own gas mask.

This is the slogan of our time.

Not a single day
without a gas mask!

This is what the progressive workers
of plant #23 call for!

And this slogan is picked up by the masses.

Today, you can spot a gas mask

in the street and in the library,

on a ballet stage
and in the ambulance

The modern Soviet gas mask

is easy to handle

and efficient in use.

For the first time in the world,
Professor Petrov

performed an operation
with a gas mask on his face.

In the Kremlin, the best volunteers

demonstrated their mastership

to the Minister of Defense,
comrade Voroshilov.

It took them only 3 1/2 seconds
to be in complete--

I was a film projectionist
for the KGB.

I had the best corner of the room
in an apartment

on Slaughterhouse St.

and I was about to marry

the most beautiful girl
I had ever known.

To your wedding!

30,000 sportsmen

demonstrated their
physical fitness

at the Red Square to Stalin

The best friend to Soviet athletes.

The 'Day of an athlete',
favorite holiday of the Soviet People

is a celebration of
youth and health.

Comrade Stalin and his
brother in arms, comrade Voroshilov...

take pride in the growth
of the young generation.

Now, to my bride!

The folk music of all
Soviet Republic builders

does not cease all day at the Red Square.

Triumphant fanfares and colorful dances...

flowers and smiles,
courage and strength.

This is the motto of the Soviet youth

At any time, ready to stand for the defense
of the Soviet motherland.

The Red Army is replenished

with athletes excellent
in physical fitness.

The slogan is heard over
this square

Glory to the Soviet athletes!

Glory to the Soviet people
and its great leader...

Slaughterhouse: Next stop
Next stop: Slaughterhouse

Anastasia, you're getting married today!

Having some guests?

Yes! Everyone in the apartment is invited.

You're coming?

Why didn't you say so earlier?

I wouldn't have cooked all this shit.

No one said anything to me.

I told your wife.

She didn't say a word to me

Professor, I know you don't like

but please join us tonight!

Everyone in the apartment is invited!

And you must come!

Have you got a resident's permit yet?

No, it's difficult!

We can help!

The police can always be of help.

Why don't you pop
into my room sometime, huh?

My wife works at night.

But watch out-

The other tenants in this
shithole cannot be trusted.

Especially the Jews!

Comrade Morda!
Will you help us with the gramophone?

Everything you have is foreign..

The gramophone, even
the cat is foreign..

Uh-huh. Well! If you were
sent to work abroad for two years

comrade Morda, you too would have
everything of foreign make!

What's wrong with Soviet goods?

Katya, come on!


Kiss her! Kiss her!

Come on! A kiss!

Oh, sweet!


Sweeter, sweeter, sweeter!

Another toast!

Fill your glasses!

This fool makes me sick!

Shut your trap old woman!
You have no right!

You know friend Gubelman...

all these warehouses and slaughterhouses
once belonged to this witch.

This blood-sucker
exploited poor people

and now we are the bosses!

And now we allow her to
live behind the wardrobe

and even Sanshin's room!

And now we tell her

Shut up! shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!

Rise and Toast!

Let's drink to comrade

We have toasted to him!

What? You can't drink
twice to this great man!?

He is my hero!

For our people, the Commisar of Defense?

-the military genius of the century!

When lead by Voroshilov,
a first rate official

-we once made
our plot for the USSR!

Comrade Voroshilov

Look out!
You'll ruin it!

Sit down!

Listen, comrades.

Let's toast to our chief,

our father, comrade Stalin.

We'll put the little one
to bed now!

Good night! Good night!

Thank you!
Aaron, Sonia.

Good night, Katya.

Oh, look at this!

You smeared Voroshilov's
picture with your greasy lips!

Hey, you city slicker!

Look how Soviet peasants dance!

Keep your paws off the bride!

Shut up, you old bag!
You ignored the toast to Stalin.

I don't miss a thing!

What Is This??!

It is our wedding party!

Come in join us!

Aren't you working tomorrow?

Sooo? I am!

Thank you!

Good night, comrade

Ouch! That hurts you bitch!

You think I'm crazy?
Listen to you. You're a drunk...

I'm the one who works!
And you, all you do is drink!

Lord, forgive us our sins.

It's multiple rings-
It's for the Gubelmans.

Are you Gubelman?

Aaron Mikhilovitch?

Yes, it's me!

We have a warrant
for your arrest!

And a warrant to
search your room!

- Who are you?
- Only a tenent.

Get a second tenant for a witness.

Ivan, get up
you're wanted!

Yeah.. Coming.

Photos depicting Gubelman...

surrounded by Nazi officers..

His commissions are official!

18 photographs.

Lady, please pick up the child.

Letters in foreign languages.

The child must be removed from the bed.

More letters.

Give it to me.

A toy of foreign make..

depicting a woman.

with a red nose.

Make a note of it.


Grab him!

YOU Idiot!


I told you to watch the JEW!!

Stupid Moron!


Go on, I won't let you
die Gubelman! Get him in the car!

Go! I'll see you at headquarters

Sonia! Listen!

I'm showing films to the KGB club.

I know some people there.

One time I even saw the headman,
Comrade Beria, himself!

So tomorrow.. no today...!

It's for us!

Stay calm, I'll get it.

Comrade Sanshin?


Are you a projectionist?

Yes sir - KGB club.

You'll be coming with us.
Get dressed and no questions!

Where are you taking me?

No questions!!
We must leave immediately!

You're making a mistake!
I've done nothing wrong!

I've had no contact with foreigners.

Good boy!

It was Gubelman who lived
in the foreign countries!

But not me.

I was in the Red Army-Special Forces.

Fighting class enemies!

It smells like vodka.

I got married today.

We're going to the Kremlin?

Smart guy.

Is it for the scorching of the film?

You know- his face...

It wasn't my fault.

It's just that kind of film.

This one's with us.

Here's his passport
and pass.

We're just in time.

Listen fellow,
can't you stand up?

Yeah, sure!

That's not my projectionist!

Sorry. It's the one from the KGB club.

Comrade general,
here is the man.

Ivan Sanshin?

Yes, sir!

Member of the Communist League?

Yes, sir!


None. I am an orphan.

How long have you been
working as a projectionist?

Seven years, and that's why
I say the scorching of

Comrade Stalin's face wasn't
my fault, Comrade General.


****** Idiots!


I was ordered to get him, but
General I--

He stinks!
How the * is he going to show the films!

Comrade General!

If we're talking about showing films
in my business I'm an ace.

I can take apart and put together
any unit with my eyes closed.

We will see!


You have Mitchells, 1929 model
arc lamp, KBC10... 84

Load it up.

Comrade General

Please proceed to the
screening room.

See that?

When you've worked here for five years

and you only learned
how to report on errors!

You know, my projectionist fell sick

and the Master wanted to see a film.

Do you know who is going to see a film?


Him. Stalin!

You'll roll the film
for Comrade Stalin.

Make him some tea-
The strongest!


No, no, no...

I, I, I...

.. you better... please...

Drink! Drink!

Too nervous..

What do you expect?
Most of them piss their pants!


The show is canceled.
The Master's going to the residence!

Sign here.

Don't you care to read what you've signed?

You've pledged to observe
the secrecy of classified information!

If you plead, you're dead!
Got it?

Looks like we'll meet you again!

The General seemed to like you!

Comrade Stalin!

We live to see another day!!

Don't cry.

Ivan is home!

See I told you it would
work out. They let him go!!

I know Aaron will come home to you
as they have let go Ivan!

It's only a matter of time
before they let him go!

Yeah sure

Welcome, Sanshin.

You must know
you've been invited here.

We want to offer you a job.

- the projectionist-

in the Kremlin.

Please be seated.

Now.. about your salary..

How much do you want?

Comrade General!

For Comrade Stalin...

For Him,
I do it for free!

you're going too far!

Nobody works
for us for nothing!

How much do you earn?

Please be seated..

800 rubles in the KGB club.

Ohhhh...not much!

Another 400 with overtime!

Which makes 1200...

Well here you will make...

hmmm.. -1600.

plus food

Is it a deal?

Yes, sir!

One thing, though...

Your wife, relatives, friends,

not a single person should
know that you work here!

You're smart enough to know that
there are enemies everywhere!

I won't breathe a word!

Even if tortured!

Good boy!

We celebrate to early present.

The coupon is valid for one
food ration.

Place it behind the Bolshoi Theatre

Now go to the cashier and collect
your advance of 2,000 rubles!


Not enough?!

It's more than enough!!

I enter the service
of the Proletariat!

The room is sealed!

Where are the child's belongings!?

In the room.

When they took the Gubelmans, by the way,
they confiscated everything.

Clothes, letters,
an electric iron, fur coats!

They've come
for the little Gubelman girl

You see.. her mother was arrested!


They arrested Sonia
and sealed the room.

Now it's the baby's turn....

Where is she?!

She's with Anastasia.

- When was this?
-At two...

-And When did they come?
Early, early...

except a bed and a bureau.

No, and the cat!
Ladies, He has him!

Are you going crazy?!
Come here, darling, come on..

But the neighbor woman said if we
fill out an application, we can adopt her!

A daughter of an enemy
of the people?!?

I'd get sacked!

Now Go!

Here she is.

How am I going to take her
without her things?

Is it possible to adopt the child?

Are you related to the girl?

No ties, whatsoever!!

And we aren't going to file
for adoption!

Looks like...
we'll have to break the seal!

Where is the phone?

Oh, please!

Nastia, look at all this food!

It's from my boss!

Just look at all this...!

sturgeon, crab meat, caviar...!

Look at this...
Nastia, look!

Free of poisonous substances

You see!?!

This is our wedding present!

Just think...
Gubelman spies!

Gubelmans are Gubelmans!


I've always been suspicious of them.

Working in foreign countries...

Don't cry....

We'll make our own babies..!


Come on!

Get in the car, it's getting late!

What's that?

First warning!

Is Voroshilov coming?

What's it to you?

What do you mean?

He's Comrade Voroshilov!

I have his pictures
all over my room!

Do you know?
He's the first Red Officer!

I even dream about him..

Maybe yes,
maybe no..

Don't worry about it!

How can you not be excited
seeing all these people??

You'll get used to it.

What's that you are poking
into the projector?


Very convenient for cleaning.

I always carry one with me.

The old projectionist
never had anything like that!

What happened to him?

He died.

The night you came,
the Minister of Cinema yelled at him

So he had a heart attack!

Ended up dead!

What are they doing with that
vacuum cleaner?

Testing the air.

The air?

In case someone wants
to poison him...

But... Who?

There are spies and subversives

Even here ...
in the Kremlin?

They might be even in the Kremlin...

Are you Sanshin?

Why didn't you report yourself?

I.. wasn't told to.

Tomorrow report an arrival.

Who was that?

Deputy Chief of Special Sector

Colonel Schelkasov

Sperial Sector? What's that?

You'll find out soon enough!

Is everything is in order?

Yes, Comrade General.

You missed it, ****

I didn't have time to check it all,
Comrade General.

You didn't have time...

Petrov! Take it for testing now

I'll take care of it..

General Vlasik is not a dumb * !

Take it to the lab..

Still wet, straight from the lab
it's "tractor drivers". New print.

Set these two "tractor drivers" here...

Charlie Chaplin, Great Waltz, Circus.

Over there, put the American Western.

Get them ready!

Comrade Minister, we've got 9 hours.
What should we start with?

Rule 1 - No questions!

You'll find out when
Comrade Stalin arrives!

The minute I call you,
start looking, all right?

Svetlana, come here,
my dear girl.

There they were.

The Heroes of our revolution.

Just like ordinary people
going to a movie.

Kalinin - The President

Molotov - The Foreign Minister

even Comrade Beria

The head of the KGB -
who everyone,

even the other men in that room,
were so afrad of.

And then...

Comrade Stalin!
Comrade... Stalin!

Where is Comrade Voroshilov?

-Put on The Great Waltz!

The Great Waltz!

So they started...

Yes, comrade Voroshilov.

What's on?

The Great Waltz,
Comrade Minister of Defense.

-Sanshin, Come down here.


Go to the car!

This is an unfamiliar face to me..

Comrade Stalin, this is
our new projectionist, Ivan Sanshin.

Where is the old one?

He got sick.


Is this one healthy?

This one is healthy.

You projected well,
comrade Sanshin

Listen, Joseph...

You know you asked me to look
into the reorganization of the

Bug off!

Join us!

Don't be shy.

Dig in.

Is it ok?

Yes, it's ok.

Come on, shovel it in.

Once it's opened,
it might be eaten.

They'll never use it again!

You've eaten all the brandy-filled

She likes the brandy chocolates, huh?

How does it feel
sitting in the Master's chair?

It's still warm, right?

The Master was very angry
with the Minister of Defense!

What does he have
against Voroshilov?

The Japanese crushed us...

... in Manchuria.
He won't forgive him for that.

Comrades Officers!

Who is that for?

For my wife.

When they make you the
Head of Special Sector

you can treat your wife
to candies!

You can stuff yourself with them.

..but take them out? Never!

I Got it.

The Soviet people unanimously declare

there is no limit to our indignation!

We demand the right sentence
for the gang of traitors to socialism.

Throughout the country, people rallied

in support of the purge

after Comrade Beria discovered another

counter-revolutionary plot
against the Master.

I can remember the huge demonstrations
at Red Square.

All of us chanting:
"Death to the traitors".

50,000 high-ranking party members
confessed to being capitalist agents.

All of them were either imprisoned,
or executed.

I love watching feet...

even cows' feet!

Just like in the village,
isn't it?

"Mercenaries and saboteurs
have been condemned"

"by the Military Court of the USSR today,
to the firing squad!"

Why do you take down
Voroshilov's picture?

You don't like him anymore?

Maybe he's an enemy of the people
as well, huh..


What did you say?

I was just joking!

Who told you this?

Nobody told me!

Who have you been talking to?
Nastia, tell me..

Who have you been talking to?

-I haven't been talking to anyone!
-It was Morda, wasn't it!

No, I haven't been talking to Morda.
It was a joke!

Don't you know what can happen
when you make these kinds of jokes??!

Don't YOU??!!?

You stupid country fool!

You deserve a good beating
for this joke!!

You stupid little-

Hey! Hey!
Get out of there!

Get out! Get out!

Orphanage Center KGB

I'm applying for the job
to help with the children.

Go ahead.

Thank you.

You'll register with the
Staff Department, tomorrow.

Now straight to the showers!

We need all the hands we can get.

The kids must be sent out!

and they haven't been washed
in three days!!

And all of them are still in shock!!

and most of them don't even understand
that their parents were arrested...

for being traitors to the motherland!

Who dressed you so smart?

I did...

What a good girl you are.
What's your name?

I want my mommy..

Come, let's go
play with the kids!

I'm Marsha!

- Now Peter, come and hold her hand!
-I'm not Peter. I'm Volva!


Join hands and form a circle!

Come quickly!

Join hands and form a circle!

Come quickly!

Now children, I want--

Please meet a special boy!

His name is Pavlik.

Like that of Pavlik Morozov!

He's a hero!

And do you know why?

His mother and father turned out to be
enemies of the people,

and he denounced them!

So let's dance around our hero!

Our country is a land of beauty,

Our country is a land that's free...

Many are bloodhounds in their cities

All these kids must be sent
to Pokrov in two hours!

The home there is
large enough for all of them.

Have you got kids?

Are you looking for someone?

No! Just looking..

Have you been to Pokrov?

It's a big orphanage there..

nice and clean, with good food too.

I want my mommy!

Did you meet a little girl
by the name of Katya?

She has a red bow in her hair.

So little, but stubborn!

probably took after her parents!

Do not be afraid!
You'll get your things back!

Prick her with something!
Here use this pin!

Have you seen this nice
girl called Katya?

She has a red bow?

Aunt Anastasia!


I can not believe
I found you! Look at you!

We'll wash you, and dry you
and I'll ask nice lady

if we can take you home.

I was right!

Please forgive me
comrade Agorzova!

I lied. I came here
to see the girl!

I knew it!
I sensed it.

Is she your relative?

No, she's one of my neighbors,
the Gubelmans.

She's little Gubelman!

I recognized her straight away!
Katya Gubelman!



-Finish what she has done!
-You can not take Katya from me!

You're coming with me!

It's not enough that you are
taking your own, you idiot!

you want to put
me in with you !?

I could end up in a
labor camp because of you!

The child cannot be responsible
for her parents..

Comrade Stalin said...

Comrade Stalin said, but
Comrade Beria ordered!

Got it?!

The KGB has already a file on her,
do you understand!!?

She's MFTM!

Member of the Family
of the Traitors of the Motherland.

All these kids without exception are...
loaded in...

In where?

Into the meat grinder.

Can I just say goodbye to her?

No, you can't!

I won't let you torture
the poor child!

Think of her, every time her little heart
breaks into pieces!

Get out of here!

Pokrov... it's the town
south of Moscow, no?


Thank you very much
Comrade Agorzova!


Whatever happens, remember...

I don't know your name.

I haven't
seen your passport.

So don't hold anything
against me..

It is the second time
it's broken!

This Soviet portable projector
is a new model.

The projectionist
hasn't mastered it yet.

It's not that, comrade minister.

I know this machine!

How can you?

It is the latest design.

This comrade Minister

is an exact copy

of the German Bauer

the 1925 model

I worked with one just like
it in the army.

A copy of what?

Of the Bauer, Comrade Stalin!


Except that the German model has

a steel spring that holds
the frame of this...

spring is made of...
I don't know what...

help tighten the claw
tears the film

Show me the spring.

It is not even a spring,
it's a little wire!

We have a whole
Minister of Cinema

but we have no little spring!

We can't even copy
the Germans properly!

Comrade Boreshilkov, you promised

we'd have a patent on portable projectors
of Soviet design.

And it turns out just to be
a copy!

And a bad one at that!

We will correct our mistake,
Comrade Stalin!

Isn't it a little late?

You should be ashamed.

And look!

We are sitting here watching films
in comfort,

drinking mineral water, eating fruit,

but in a remote corner of Siberia,

where winter lasts eight months,

a simple man, a farmer

wonders what he can do.

He could have seen a movie

of the Red Square parade

or a comedy to relax,

But there is no movie for him.


Because Comrade Bolshakov
failed in his duty.

And didn't provide
a proper little spring.

We may not have enough
of everything

but as for steel...
we have plenty!

Am I right,
Comrade Kaganovich?

We are up to here in steel,
Comrade Stalin!


Sanshin, Comrade Sanshin.

Comrade Sanshin,

Can you repair it?

I'll try my best,
comrade Stalin!

Then we will have a tea break.

Oh, have tea with lemon!

Look Sanshin.. don't be nervous.

Don't worry, Comrade Minister!

Comrade Kalinin?

Kalinin, join us!

Don't nap on the job, old man!

I'm ready, Comrade Stalin!

And Comrade Bolshakov thinks you're
too inexperienced!

We haven't even had time
to drink our tea...

and you've already
fixed the problem.

Then have some tea with us,
Comrade Sanshin!

No thank you,
comrade Stalin..

Good tea is like a kiss
from a beautiful woman...

strong and sweet!

Why are your hands shaking?

Did you raid a henhouse?

No. I didn't raid
a henhouse, Comrade Stalin.

My hands are shaking because

it's the first time
that I've seen you this close!

So what?

It's the first time

I have seen you this close

but my hands aren't shaking!

In your opinion, comrade Sanshin

Is this projector any better
than the German original?

It's a good projector, Comrade Stalin!

Very good.

But the spring should be improved, eh?

Don't worry!
We're all friends here!

It would be better if it were made of steel.


Did you hear that?

Follow the recommendations of this expert.

December 21, 1940

The Master's Birthday

The capitalist countries were
destroying each other.

Poland and France had fallen.

But we were safe.

Comrade Stalin had signed a
nonaggression pact with Hitler.

Our nation was at peace
and my life was perfect.

I had been taken into the
"Inner Circle".

Great news, comrades!

We're moving to the
Gubelmans' room!

It's your lucky day, Fedosia!

Now you can live by yourself,

just like before the revolution!

I'm sure they will send

some asshole in your place.

"Do not open"

So, you like it?

Yes, I like it very much.

Except for that on the wall.

Here.. We can get new wallpaper
in the spring.

And for now, we put something
in front of it.

Ivan, do you have permission
to move?

Do you want to know who gave us this room?

Yeah, I think it's time you knew,
but Only You.

You must keep it a secret.
Not one word - not to anyone, never!


I work with Comrade Stalin!

No! Where?

In the Kremlin!

With Comrade Stalin!

It's been five months
already now!

He loves movies, so
I show him movies.

Both in the Kremlin and at
his country residence!

And for his kids too!

When I don't come home at night

It's because I'm there!

At their house.

You see, Anastasia?

Your husband is an
officer of the KGB!

The uniform is made to order

but I can only wear it on
special occasions.

Otherwise, simple civilian clothes.

My God! A spring mattress!

And it doesn't creak!

Come here, Nastia!

My God! We're so lucky!

To be honored like this!

There's only a handful of us

that can see Him
that close!

I saw him already like this.

Face to face!


Do you think he's kind?

There's probably no one kinder
in the whole world!!

Let's write him a letter about Katya.

Katya, What Katya?


Ah, there you go again
with Gubelmans...

Don't you understand?
They're enemies of the people!


I'm dying to have a child..

Nothing's happening with us.

It was that old witch
behind the wardrobe..

Made me shy.

Now it will be different!

I'll just write the letter.

and you can give it to him
when you have time!

It is forbidden to pass letters to him!

And he really shouldn't be disturbed.

If you had any idea

how much he has to worry about.
There are enemies everywhere...

Internal, external, imperialists,
fascists, Japanese...

Totkistas, all lurking about!

And I'm going to bother him about
a daughter of an enemy of the people!?

If it weren't for these Gubelman types...

We would have had communism long ago.

Let go of me!

With an asshole like you for a husband,
I am doomed to this hellhole till I die

Orphanage. 23

Aunt Anastasia!
Aunt Anastasia!


I want to show you something!

Here! Over here.

You've grown since Easter,
but there's nothing left of you!

Do you recognize my bow?

Vera tryed to steal it twice!

She had to clean corridors..

after lunch as punishment!

Just wait till you go to school.

You'll grow hair!

We'll put a bow in your braid.

and you will be beautiful!

Peter Lebersen is leaving today.

His uncle is going to
take him home with him.

When are you going to take me?

Your mother and father will come
take you.

You must study hard and wait.

I don't want any of the
arrested ones back!

Don't talk like that.
You have good parents!

No!! They are enemies of the people!

They wanted to kill Stalin.

They should be shot!

It's a sin to talk like that!

You should be ashamed!

Not at all! Look!!

Peter's parents were shot

and now his uncle takes him home.

Take me home.
I can't stay here any longer!

Vera pinches me and she put a
frog in my bed yesterday.

They used to come see Vera,
but nobody comes anymore.

They've forgotten her!
One day you will forget me!

Katya, I will never forget you!

You're lying!
You're lying!

Katya, I love you like my own child!

Love me, Aunt Anastasia, please love me!

Be my mother!

Comrade Sanshin?

Follow me.

Follow me.

Where are we going?

We're almost there.

Didn't expect to see a familiar face,
did you?


Be seated Sanshin, be seated.

Let's have a nice talk with you
in comfort.

Fyodor, bring us some tea.

So you've been working for us
for three years now.

Two years actually.

You puzzle me, Ivan.
You're not a bad guy.

Two years in the KGB ranks.

Yet, um.. No outward
sign of patriotism.

or political awareness.
or petulance.

I don't understand, Comrade Colonel.

Now in two years, you didn't
bring us a single report!

denouncing some.. suspicious persons..

or requesting an investigation.

Comrade Colonel,
just look at the people I work with!

We've all been screened and
tested a thousands times.

Even the janitors have
a rank in the security course.

-Who's talking about janitors?

If I had seen anything suspicious,
I would have reported it immediately!

I'm not talking about janitors!

Now confidential, Sanshin...

We've got information that an attempt
on Comrade Stalin's life is being plotted.

The web involves the top brass.

I can't give you their names,
but the potential assassin

has free access to the Kremlin.

Do you understand?

This isn't the first conspiracy.

If it weren't for Comrade Beria,

The Master would have been...

... you know!

Now you can go.

By the way...

Is it you.. or your wife...

who is related to this man..

Gubelman, arrested in 1939?


What are you saying?
A neighbor by this name...

Was arrested and we moved into his room
to improve our living conditions..

I've got information that
your wife goes to Pokrov...

to the orphanage to see

Katya Gubelman, 6 years of age.

As your wife's statement..

She calls herself the girl's aunt!

Is that her signature?

Damn it!

I forbid her! But she keeps whining

that the child is not guilty!

That's it!

Tomorrow I dump her!

Don't break up the family
to hastilous action.

But it needs to be reprimanded.

Fortunately, the report
landed on my desk.

So, I'm not going to show
it to anyone.

But you have to do something

to justify my trust.

Work hard, Sanshin.
Work hard.

Work hard.

No more!

No! I won't give her up for anything!

Quiet, quiet!

She is my daughter!
-Are you crazy?!!

You better stop.

I'm not as good
wife to you.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Why have you done this Anastasia?!

They can arrest us
at any time now!

What for?

For being a relative of a traitor
to the motherland.

You wrote it yourself.
I saw it! You!

Stating that you're her relative!

They wouldn't have let me
see her if I didn't.

How long have you been
seeing her??

-How Long?
-Two years.

Don't you care anything about me?

I'm working in the Kremlin,
and now

they list me as a relative
of these Gubelmans.

They can do anything with me now.

But you said Comrade Stalin
loves you.

Stalin has nothing to do with it.

They even put Molotov's wife
in prison.

and you're talking about me???

They won't even tell him what
happened to me!

They'll just say I got sick
and that will be the end of it.

got sick with tuberculosis.

Anyone at home?

Don't you ever knock?

I did.

But there was no answer,
comrade Sanshin.

Telephone for you.

I suppose they couldn't wait.
I knocked, but you didn't answer!

You're going to live in there?

She calls me Mother.

And I promised I wouldn't abandon her.

Who do you love better?

Me or Katya?

Who do you love better?

Me or Comrade Stalin?

Comrade Stalin, of course!

And I love you!

Most of all in the world!

On 22 June 1941

Hitler betrayed the Master,

launching Blitzkrieg across our border.

Russia was in flames,

Our invincible troops,

Comrade Stalin sat alone watching

the captured fascist news reels.

We all waited to
learn how he would save us.

Nine weeks later

The Nazi tanks were
7 mi. From the Kremlin.

The Master ordered the government
to evacuate Moscow.

Where are we going?

To Kuibyshev.

The whole government's
moving to the Urals.

It's the first train
with Political Bureau members.

I have to start up a screening

and they've hired you
as a waitress!

Somebody has to serve tea to the top brass,
and they're short of hands.

I will explain it all to you on the train.

Have you got a decent bra?
This one shows through the blouse.

I have nothing clean.

It's ok, it's ok, we will cover
it up with the apron.

I don't know, Ivan!
I'm so clumsy..

I spill tea in our own house.

Here.. Look at how it's shaking.
-Just don't fill the glasses to the top.

Their carriages don't shake much,
they're so heavily armoured.

They just glide.

You'll be serving the
most important people.

Remember, no questions.

So carriages 14 and 15...

Sanshin, Ivan and Anastasia, right?

So you go to carriage 18

And you'll.... -11.
Carriage 11.

Well go to carriage 11.
Comrade Lieutenant will accompany you.


Take this.

Come in.

Good evening.

For fizzy water...

May I go?

What's your name?


Just like the czar's daughter..

What a beauty she was.

And you're no worse.

Have you ever tasted
roast sturgeon with lemon?

Just taste it and
you'll smack your lips!

A little salt...

That's it.

Do you drink?


There are two things you can
not trade even for gold.

Love and health.

Will you drink my health?

To the bottom!

For one's health,
you must drink to the bottom.

Take a bite,
or you'll get drunk.

I'll feed you!

Come on...

Be seated.

No, I'm not allowed.

I'm master here.

I allow you.

Sit down!

You know all the people
are scared of you?

But you're kind of...

Kind of what?

Kind of funny.

That's right.

And for that,
women love me.

Let's drink to Stalin.

No, no, that's enough I
cannot drink anymore.

You refuse to drink to Stalin?

I was so worried...

Did you serve them alright?

Who was it?


Did you drink?

It was his date.

Where is your bra?

Bra? I think I lost it.

Have you packed your things?

Where is she going?

To carriage 11.

According to regulations,
a waitress must stay close to the kitchen!

day and night.

You must be tired!

I'll accompany you.

And you stay here!

Lover Boy.


Word come on the wire
from Lieutenant General Vlasik

You are wanted back there.

Urgently, so don't unpack!
You'll go by this train.

Back where?

Back to Moscow.

They say the Master

changed his mind about leaving.

But what about my wife?


I came here with my wife.

She's enlisted as a waiter.
She's in the carriage 11.

Oh, your wife. Of course.

Don't worry. She's still enlisted,

and she'll work
in the Council of Ministers.

I haven't seen her in two days!

I would like to say goodbye.

You have a pass
to enter Comrade Beria's carriage?

If not, you'd better stay here.

You will return to Moscow,
in half an hour.

German bombs fell

as I walked from the train station.

I couldn't recognize my city,

my street, even my neighborhood school

was a burned out ruin.

But Moscow would survive.

Comrade Stalin remained in the Kremlin

to protect us.

Who's there?

I'm armed!

I will shoot!

Come out now!

There are many of us here.

Calm down, Professor!

It's just me!

So you didn't go away?

Gone and back.

My boss decided to stay in Moscow.

Then there are still
brave people around!

No doubt about it!

But where is Anastasia?

Anastasia, old man,

Is just a fleeting pleasure.

Now you see her;
Now you don't.

What do you mean?

I dumped her.

Fed up!

I sent her to Kuibyshev.

I'll file for divorce later.

But she's a good woman!



Don't worry, professor!

We'll manage somehow,
just the two of us.

It's a shame!

She was always nice to me!

She even calledl me "Grandpa".

So how do you like it?


How do you like it?

You can put your eyes
back in your head!

I just wanted to see you for a minute.

Just for fun

Besides, the bags are heavy.

We're getting off in Dzerginsky.

Why Dzerginsky?

You think I was expecting
you to take me home?

I have a room at the KGB

As a single mother.

So why didn't you stay in Kuibyshev?

Who the hell meets people
in Kuibyshev like this?

We're going home!

You want me to live with you?

We're still married.

You kill me!

You forgot!

You love Stalin better than me!

What are you talking about?

For you.

Why didn't you write
me one letter?

Not one.

In the whole year!

I did!

I just never sent it.

I'm so glad Anastasia
is back!

And it looks like
a baby is on the way!

What a rascal you are!
You didn't say a word.

The porridge will be ready in a minute.

I don't understand.

You couldn't find a better woman?

Ever since you went away, Nastia,

I cursed you, I hated you

I tried hard to forget you,

but every time
I get into bed,

the pillow smells of you,

and I start crying.

Do you remember that night,
under the bridge?

Hiding from the rain?

I tried to kiss you,

and that stupid dog
came out of nowhere and bit me!

God.. my only pants!

And the smell of your hair...

Your hair...

I don't need this!

I'm going to the dorm!

You're going away?

Just leave me alone
and don't touch me!

Can I have some water..?

Why do you tell me
the pillow smelled like me?


I should be killed,
I should be crushed!

Listen! There is nothing,
nothing, that is your fault!

It's mine, it's my fault.

I didn't stand by you.

I didn't fight, I didn't resist!

Fighting whom, Ivan?

Fight who?

Can you guess who
the father of the child is?

I don't want to know.

I don't care!

All that matters is that
you're here!

And we're together.

As for the baby,
it will be our child, alright?


They've called you and
asked you to be nice to me haven't they?

Haven't they?

Do you think the KGB ordered me to

write all these love letters to you?

Write them every day

Read them!

Read them, you bitch!

I rescued it from a
bombed-out school.

When the war is over,
the pupils will get it back..

Oh, my God!

I want some too.

You've had one. That's enough.

To Your health, my dear!

Happy birthday!
-Happy Birthday!


Why don't you eat?

This is real chocolate!
It's American!

I want a mothball.

Here she goes..

Grandpa, have you got
any mothballs lying around?

What for dear?

Don't listen to her, Professor.

She's gotten it into her head
that mothballs are good for her.

Good thing I caught her yesterday,
before she ate one!

I need mothballs!

I've got moths inside me!

Sometimes they're flying in my head!

Sometimes in my stomach.
They're very ticklish!

The baby's all covered with fur,
that's why the moths are there.

Nastia, don't start this.
Don't start this..

You think I'm telling lies?

But Grandpa believes me, don't you?

Well. That's enough!

Let's go home.

I don't want to!

You don't love me anymore!

He used to love me,

and care for me

He hid me in the wardrobe!

Now he hidess Him there.



Did you know, Grandpa, that Stalin
is hiding in our wardrobe?

In the Kremlin it's not Stalin,
it's the Evil Spirit.


I know!
I was told everything.

It's Satan in the Kremlin!

His left hand is all withered.

And the toes on his left foot,
all grown together like a hoof.

That's why he wears those soft boots.

And likes to stroll alone..

Between the flowers...

Come on. Let's put you to bed.

Eat the chocolate, professor!

Help yourself!
We've got plenty more!

I asked him not to drink.

We could all go to prison.

Don't be afraid, Ivan!

They won't touch us.

I am held in highest regard by
the KGB.

the valiant KGB!

Look, what a great moon!

Katya, must be cold,

standing there,
by the fence. Waiting.

In the nettles.

Little Katya Gubelman.

It's horrible, professor!

Something is wrong in her head.

Yesterday, waiting in line,

She bit an old woman.

Well maybe she's crazy,

but what she said is the truth.

Satan is in the Kremlin!


It is Satan.

It takes Satan to mesmerize
the whole nation

to the point where they
voluntarily blind and deafen themselves..

What else?

What else do you want to say?

Historically, the Russian people
either side with God or Satan.

Now we're dominated by an evil force.

And we worship him like
worship God.

You old man
you know nothing!

I work in the Kremlin.

I work with him.

I have the privilege,
the happiness to see him!

Every day.

Who are you?
Who sent you?

Who are you conspiring with?

You stinkin' rat!

You think I don't see?
I'll bash your head,

I'll spread your brains
all over these books!

Mark my words.
If it were not for such good, naive,

and trusting Ivans
... as you are...

... He would never have been a
tyrant, a murderer, a devil.

Now go!

Please go!

Leave me alone.

Goodbye, Ivan.

Take my brown wool
jacket to Katya.

She must be cold.

Comrade Stalin!

Ah, comrade Sanshin!

But why are you here,
without your guard?

Who should I be afraid of, Ivan?

Anything could happen!
Let me walk with you!

I love walking alone.

So you live here?

Those are my windows.

Isn't it damp in the basement?

It's a first-rate basement,
comrade Stalin!

Warm and dry!

How is your wife, kids?

My wife is pregnant.

Expecting the baby soon.

Our first!

That's good.

Children are our future.

So life is good!

No complaints,

So goodbye, comrade Sanshin!

Is something wrong, Comrade Stalin?

How long have you worked
with me Sanshin?

Five years.. in the Inner Circle!

They say that I'm suspicious
of everyone.

But how can I trust anyone,

when even you,
in the Inner Circle

lie to me?

You've got no wife.

She hanged herself 20 minutes ago.

You see, I know everything

Everything about everyone.

I buried Anastasia in the frozen earth.

The KGB paid for the burial.

The war was won.

Comrade Stalin had saved us.

Our nation resumed its march

toward the Great
Socialist Destiny.

But I felt nothing.

My heart had been buried too.

Ten years of winter passed.

Next stop, Slaughterhouse.

Ivan, look who's here!

Do you recognize her?

Do you recognize her?
It's Katya, the Gubelmans' daughter!

What are you talking about?

The Gubelmans!

Sonia and Aaron.

You lost your memory?

I don't remember
any Gubelmans.

She came to visit you.

Do you hear me!

I have a rule
about visiting.

I visit no one

and no one visits me.

This can't be the one
Anastasia told me about!

He's the one!

Oh please, don't knock!
I must go.

Are you coming in?


It's better now because,
I have my passport.

Wait how old are you?



That's Right.

Have some jam in your tea.

Do you like jam?


Full of vitamins.

Vitamins are good for you.

Do you know what Stalin's
favorite jam is?


What he likes most of all..

Jam with rose petals.

How do you know that?

I know a lot about
Comrade Stalin!

He smokes rolled cigarettes
flowers brand

and he loves to sing a
Georgian song

... I forgot the name.

.. Zulikov.

That's it.

So you love Comrade Stalin!

I would die for him!

If it weren't for Comrade Stalin,
I would have been dead a long time ago.

He saw to it that I was fed and clothed,
and educated

by the State.

Sorry, I didn't see..

Don't be scared.
I won't tell anyone!

Do you have relatives?

An aunt or someone?

Aunt Anastasia has it been
long since she died?

During the war.

She talked about you. A lot.

She did?

Take it!

It's her sweater.
It's a little big

but it's warm!

For me?

For you!

She was thinking of you just
before she died, that..

you were cold and lonely.

It's yours now.

She asked me to give it to you.

She didn't forget me!

She didn't forget me!

Come on now, don't cry!

She was thinking of me!

She was thinking of me!

Come on, let's eat!

Uncle Ivan, what's that on the wall?

I don't know.

I know..

It's blood.

The blood of Aaron Gubelman, my father!

What are you saying?

I remember!

You can'tt remember,
you were only 3 years old!

I remember he bashed his head
against the wall,

Then did it again.

He wanted to escape from justice.
But they wouldn't let him!

What an imagination!

It's just glue!

Nastia spilled it fixing the wallpaper.

Come on!
The eggs are getting cold.


You shouldn't come here again..

And don't tell anyone

that you spent the night here.

I was thinking that myself.

I might get you into trouble!

You see, it's my job...

Don't worry,
I understand.

I didn't want to stay here..

Go ahead! Eat.

No I'm full, thank you!

I have to go now

So where will you go?

Oh, it's a big country!

I might go to Siberia

to work on the dam construction

What a silly idea!

What's a sparrow like you
going to do in Siberia all alone?

You should finish school,

Go to university,

you could be a lawyer, doctor...

What are you talking about, Uncle Ivan?

I am a Jew!

I am a Jew.

Let alone my parents
enemies of the people.

So what?

There are Jews even
in the government!

Oh, Uncle Ivan!

You are so naive!

Here's some money for you.

I have 3,000 rubles saved.

And a warm hat for the winter.

You're so kind!

Aunt Anastasia told me many times

how kind you are.


Phone call for you.

Sanshin speaking.

-Ivan Sanshin? Ivan Sergeevich.

You are to report immediately
to department 1, room 6.

-To see General Schelkasov.
-Send a car.

It's an emergency!

No cars available.

Dear Uncle Ivan,

I'm leaving behind the money
and the hat.

I'm afraid someone
might steal them.

And as for Aunt Anastasia's sweater..

It's dear to you

So please keep
it in memory of her.

I love you very, Katya.

Why like this?

Why on earth like this..?

This is a memorandum
of the Soviet government.

Yesterday, 05 March 1953

10:15 Moscow time,

The great leader of progressive mankind,

The founder of the Soviet state,

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin,


In this difficult time of irreplaceable
loss for our country,

The Soviet government asks its citizens
to stay calm,

and maintain order.

The body of Comrade Stalin,

will lie in state in the Hall of Columns.

The access to
the Hall of Columns,

Will only be from Pushkin Street.

All military personnel
of KGB Moscow Garrison

and police force
have reported for duty,

to maintain public order.

The Hall of Columns
will be open to the general public

from 9 am
on 9 March 1953.

Stop! You're going to crush each other!

You're going to crush each other!

Testing, 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4

My crutches!

I need to pay my respects.

They crushed my foot!



Don't go there, they'll crush you!

I must!
I have to see Comrade Stalin.

Let me go! Let me go!

They'll crush you!

Let me go!! Leave me, Ivan.

You will die there!

I don't care!

I don't care!
I want to die!

I want to die!

There is no life for me.

I will not let you die.

Who will take care of me?

I will! I will take care of you!

Katya, listen!

I will take care of you!

I'll never let you go!

This was Nastia's will!

I won't give you up to anyone!

You are my child!

You're my daughter!

My sweet, bright angel!

I won't let you go!

You are my child!

You're my daughter!

We'll go home!

I'll keep you warm!

My sweet, sweet girl!


Who do you love better?

Me or Comrade Stalin?

I love you...
most of all in the world!

Stalin was buried in the mausoleum near the Kremlin wall.
At his funeral, 1,500 people were trampled to death out of the crowd's desperate desire to see their leader one last time.

After nine months, Beria was accused of treason and shot.
Ivan still lives in Moscow.
Katya...How many Katyas there are still...