The Inheritors (1983) - full transcript

A neo-Nazi organization is recruiting in the 1980s, and two youths of high-school age join for similar reasons, despite class differences. Thomas is the son of a self-made industrialist father and a scolding social-climbing mother. He attends private school and has a brother who's an accomplished musician, but neither can satisfy mom's constant demands for school and social success. She belittles them, and there's incessant bickering at their table. Charly, a dropout, is the son of an abusive, alcoholic laborer. In the youth group, each finds order, respect, camaraderie, and adults who seem to value them. Where do domestic abuse and sanctioned political violence end? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
You see this?


- So that's you?
- Yes...

Good afternoon

Hi. How much is that?

Around 3000

If you're really interested
I'll check

What about this one?

Too much for you

- How much is it?
- More than your pocket money

So, how much then?

- Does it have to be this one?
- Yes

I think my mother would like it

Give me your best price

It's not easy to find something...

that matches so well

Good evening

Happy birthday

- How much was that?
- Does it matter?

It must have cost...
five thousand shillings

Come on

- Did you steal it?
- Give me a break

- Tell me
- It cost 1000 schilling

A thousand schilling!
No way...

At least I'm prepared to haggle

You could have worn nicer pants today

- Calm down, mother
- Stop telling me to calm down

Arguing again?

No we're not

A very nice present

I'm not so sure now

Here, you have it

You should give him a break

I don't need to give him a break

This is getting on my nerves

I won't just be teaching you German...

But math too

Your principal has assured me...

that your academic level...

is very high

I can tell you, that with me...
it'll improve

Are you nervous?


Then stop tapping please

God, he's full of himself

Traffic inspection... papers please

- Turn the motor off
- I can't, it won't start again

Where's the license plate?

- I must have lost it somewhere
- People go to prison for less

Move your car so I can pass

Sorry, you're blocking my locker

You don't say...

- Can you move?
- You in a hurry?

Listen,jerk, stand up
or I'll smash your face

Is that so?

What's this? A tough guy?

Leave him alone, I know him

He's a friend of yours?

I don't have any friends

Forget it

- Want a cigarette?
- I don't smoke

That bike you were on,
was it really stolen?

Of course. What did you think?

- But why?
- Got to make a living

Spent 2 years as apprentice plumber

Then the joint went bust
and I was out of work

Couldn't get another job

Why not retrain?

And start all over again?

What a future, eh?

Jobless and bored to death

Come on, get out of the way

- Do you know them?
- No idea who they are

Join us

Want a beer?

Coke, please

I'm Robert

Feigl... Thomas

- What do you do?
- I'm at school

- Who's dealing?
- I am

I had a gas station

You never did

And what a gas station

Rubbish. You have no experience

Two hours late again

What kept you?

- Nothing
- Give me that

- What did you get?
- Goulash


Your mother can't cook
anything but goulash

At least it's warm
Where's the spoon?

You forgot it again!
You're an idiot

Jakob get me a spoon

- He breaks his ass for you...
- None of your business

Don't interfere.
Go on, beat it... get lost


It's not funny anymore,
always fighting

That little bastard


Hi, are you new here?

Hi Charly, how are you?

I wish I'd been there

- You ever handle a grenade?
- No

German stick grenade
with a 4 second fuse

Politically speaking,
I was as naïve as you are

Then I happened to walk
into a Party rally

Just by accident

While I was standing there
a bunch of left wing scum arrived

Those dirty, long haired
lazy bastards

Drug addicts... horrible

I could never
identify myself with them

Is he your boyfriend?

- Yes, why?
- No reason

How do you like our political ideas?

I believe you like them

I hope you'll come back again.
I'd like to...

I'd like you to know more
about our political ideals

Let's go get
some fresh air outside

Your heart... has to beat...

for the right things

So what's up?

Don't worry, he'll be fine. Come on

- How old are you?
- Sixteen

- Really?
- Well, nearly 16

That sounds better

Watch, hold your breath

- The filter goes here
- Right

Here you focus, and here
you adjust the height

Hello boys

Good evening

You're into photography too?

- You like the darkroom?
- Yes

It's not quite finished but we'll be
adding a few things soon

Look around

- Use the equipment
- Thanks

Very good

Can I get 50 copies by tomorrow?

I have school tonight,
I can't do it

I could do it

Very good, Thomas,
do that

- Can I depend on you?
- Of course

Ernst, pass the marmalade

- Come on, I'm in a hurry
- You slept too late

Cut it out

Thomas, change your shirt, it stinks

Thomas I'm talking to you

- And I'm listening
- What did I say?

That I smell

And to change your shirt.
You wore that one yesterday


Go on then

Do I have to repeat myself
all the time?

- Can't I finish eating?
- No!

I don't like the smell of sweat
when I'm eating

I don't need this right now

Why start a fight?
Let him stink if he wants to

He can't go to that school
smelling like he does

- It's fine by me
- Yes, right...

If I'd let you have your way
we wouldn't be sitting here now

Stop fidgeting

I'm off

Not before we've finished eating

My God, you're getting on my nerves


How dare you yell at me like that!

I've had it!

Me too

- Are we joining the others?
- Yes

One thing is clear...

it's the duty of our youth groups
to convince the members...

that their fathers and grandfathers
weren't war criminals

Which is true

And we must revive the traditions
of the former Hitler Youth

- Whose picture is this?
- My father's, that's him

- Dashing. Sturmbannführer?
- Yes...

Africa, Russia...

Those were the days

They were our idols

- What do we have today?
- Drug addicts

You said it

You're all romantics
and cherish basic values, right?

- Have you read this?
- When I was 16

You're alright

Hi guys

- Do we have all the boots?
- Not yet

Try these

- The pants are too long
- Try these

Have your mother shorten them
or tuck them in the boots

Do they fit?


They hurt at first
but you'll get used to it

Looks neat

Pull tighter

Good morning gentlemen

- Can I offer you something?
- No thanks, we had breakfast

Sit down please

- Shall we start?
- Just a moment

- Are we ready?
- In a minute

- All good?
- I'm ready

You're head of a radical
right wing party...

Stop there please

I strongly reject your suggestion
that we are radical right wing

We identify ourselves
as German, yes...

And we are proud of that

Our aim is to unite all
nationalistic forces in this country

But by what means,
that's the question

Certainly not with bombs

We're not people
who throw bombs

Those are anarchists and fanatics

We wouldn't throw bombs
at our own people

We totally reject that behaviour

Is the new right growing again?

Of course

If I understand, you want to
get into parliament

Do you think you have a chance?


I'm very certain

Then would you explain to me...

And to our viewers...

Your political position

First of all I'm just
a simple family man

I've a wife, two children
and a dog

And, don't laugh, three parakeets

And that's my political position.
Our goals are based on happy families

They are the basis of a nation

Only a fool could be satisfied
with the present situation

Society is falling apart

The situation can only be improved
with the help of our people...

with high moral standards

We are the dawning...

of a new future

And now our party chairman,

Dr Norbert Fürst,
will say a few words

I'm a man of the war generation

I didn't chose my time
and place of birth

I was born a German

I'm not ashamed of that

I openly claim to be
a proud German patriot


After we lost the war
in such a sad way,

The trend of propaganda
took a leftward turn for 40 years

To socialism and ”coca cola freedom"

But now the tide is turning
in our direction

Back to basic values,
to our ideals

We will fight that leftist madness
wherever we see its ugly face

We won't tolerate queers,
criminals and communists

No! We will destroy them

Look over there, it's Thomas

What about that, eh?

I didn't think he had the balls

What's this garbage?

Watch it. Think before you talk

Your vote could get us
into parliament

What are you saying?

- What's your aim
- Reviving old ideals

Beat it. Get lost, I said

Aliens out of Germany

We bring back order and discipline


Is that you?

- Get his picture?
- Yes

Set the board up again

Be more alert in future

My father owns two houses
in the best part of town...

and five cars

Only five? Big deal

Hey, Nazis leave this class

- Nazis out!
- Down with the brown scum

Out... out... out

Quiet! What's going on here?

Back to your seats

So, what's u p?

Why all the shouting?

- Feigl is a fascist
- So?

At least I have
a political opinion

He was handing these out

That doesn't mean
you can call him a fascist

Sit down

No more calling people"brown scum"

By the way... what is a Fascist?

Feigl, you should know

There's been no fascists for 30 years

Our aims are totally different

We stand for a strong nation,
a clean environment,

against atomic power
and foreign workers

Don't start preaching here

We denounce corporate control
of the masses

- Is my dad here?
- The boss is upstairs

Why is it still in customs?

I submitted the documents
three weeks ago

- Yes, that was paid long ago
- Can't you wait?

The fees were submitted
with the papers

Everything should be there.
What a mess

Check it out and call me back

Stop playing

I'm embarrassed
to face your teachers

Yes! Embarrassed...

I said stop that!

Leave me alone

These are the last bad grades you get


I'll make you study, believe me

If it's the last thing I do

Father started on the shop floor

Yes, but now he's the boss,
an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur! Understand?

And I got him there

I didn't slave away
so you could become a laborer

A prole!

You'll pass those final exams...

Even if I have to
beat you through them

National Socialism never had a chance

Hitler didn't have time
to realise his ideals

Not counting the war years,
he only had six years...

That's good, now sing along

He only had six years
to realise his ideals

You must read his book Mein Kampf

It's nothing but the truth

Our army matches on...

at a steady and firm pace...

Communists and anarchists
are all destroyed...

March along with us...

Two, three, four...

Got any 60997-?

No, got nothing

Come on, get out of here

One more up there

Grinzinger Street

Where are you going, darling?

Come on...

Show us what you got

Hey, Tommy

- Hi there
- What are you up to?

I'm going home

- Hop on
- Great

Hold tight

Why don't you join our club?

I'm not interested in
your stupid politics

- Turn right up here
- What's that?

I said to turn right

We should have turned right there

I forgot

You crazy?
I got school tomorrow

So, Tommy, what's up?

You never slept
with a woman before?

Is that the problem?

In a way...

Have you or haven't you done it?


- Do you know what to do next?
- No

You get undressed

What should I do?

Didn't you understand?
Get undressed

Why should I do that?

What if your mother comes in?

She sleeps like a log

And your father?

Gone for good

Well, I don't know...

Some roses,
two red... and two pink

What do you think about this?

Doesn't interest me

Says there were
no concentration camps...

No Auschwitz...

I've got other things to worry about.

- Anything else?
- Add a little green

Tell me...

Just tell me why

What for?

Did I do anything wrong?

My God, Anna, did I upset you?

No, everything was fine

- Can I see you tomorrow?
- No...

- Please
- Stop hassling me

- What's up?
- Nothing

- Are you waiting?
- No

Tell me what's wrong

That's enough

Damn it, let me talk

My turn now

There you go


- What is it?
- Have a look

You're proud of this?

Your only good grade
in a whole year?

You've forgotten
all the bad grades?

You just don't get it,
do you?

Play something wholesome!
Do it!

He's gone nuts again

Ladies and gentlemen...

we are gathered here
in front of a monument...

dedicated to the victims of fascism

it's to remind us,
so fascism will never rise again


So, another statue...

Propagandist lies

Maria Fischer,
born December 12, 1903...

Arrested by the Gestapo,
April 29, 1941

Beheaded on March 30, 1943

This is a letter
to her condemned husband

"My dear and only Rudi..

I'm always with you.
I still have so much to tell you

So much to give you

You and Erika meant everything

The two of you were and still are
the best things in my life

And she wrote to her daughter Erika

My dearest Erika, it's over

I'm sorry you cried
when you heard the verdict

Our days are numbered

I don't want to make them
more difficult than they are

It matters not if we live
a few days more or less

I followed my husband so far
and I will follow him still

Be brave and strong.
Hugs and kisses...

You mother

Comrades, let's welcome
our great idol

A man beyond compare

Long live the hero
of the fatherland!

Captain Hermann

To lose our spirit is to
abandon our cause

The German people look up to you

They love you

You are and remain
our greatest national hero

Your great achievement
was and is...

the fact that you
held the eastern front

You defended it so that our people
may live in peace today,

even those who today are against us

Captain Hermann, you are
above all weakness

Above heaven and hell

Long live our holy fatherland

Long live an eternal and free Europe

Long live the immortal hero
of the German peoples...

Captain Hermann

Ladies and gentlemen...

Beloved friends...

To start our election campaign
I want to assure you...

that my party- -

will continue to fight
for a free and united Fatherland

It is our goal...

to protect its spiritual
and cultural unity...

and preserve its biological essence

This can only be achieved...

by getting elected to parliament

And to become once again...

the inheritors of our great
German Fatherland

We risk losing our jobs...

possibly our health and our lives
because of our convictions

But today when political opponents
claim we murdered Jews...

we must show this is
nothing but a filthy lie!

You pigs, you damned pigs!...

Nazi's out! Nazi's out!

Out of the question.
I can't turn off the speakers

Ladies and gentlemen...

I can be certain...

I've done a lot of research
on the subject...

which confirms...

that everything they told us
about Auschwitz...

and other concentration camps...

is a lie

Fake news

Nobody was ever gassed in Auschwitz

Every nation has this problem...

of the wandering Jew
who refuses to integrate

Every patriot who loves his country
must oppose this Jewish element

So we ask, what should be done
with the Jews?

Hitler had an ingenious solution

He knew the Jewish elements
could not be contained here

He built them golden bridges
so they could emigrate...

with all their possessions

Hitler ordered Eichmann
to encourage Zionism

How can Eichmann be
a mass killer of Jewish people?

He was the man who
helped the Jews find new roots


outside Europe!

The one with the long hair

The one with the glasses

And that one

Now over here

For us it was a great victory...

We'll keep marching on...

when everything's turned to dust.
Sieg heil!

Today Germany belongs to us...

tomorrow the whole world.
Sieg heil! Sieg heil!

Why did you join the party?

There's loyalty and pride
among the members

That's what I've been
looking for in my life

That's why I'm here

What the difference
between friendship...

in school and in the party?

School's totally different

In school it's everyone for them self,
only the strong prevail

I mean...
There is no true friendship

But here it's all for one,
no-one thinks just of them self

Do you have any specific ideals?

Yes, many things, for example...

for racial purity

No foreign labor

We have so many kids
out of work already

Among the patriotic youth movement
I feel sheltered

There's romance, camp fires,
and I feel at home

I think it's great.
It really suits me

What in particular?

Well, the party
and the nationalist cause

I'm definitely
a traditional monarchist...

so feel strongly drawn
to right wing ideals

I want to serve the German cause

I'm proud to belong
to the German race

I like it...

Is this a press conference?
You're disturbing the peace

I can't guarantee your safety

We'll get him later

Come along, something's happening

A beer...

Fritz, give me a beer please

Thomas stay with the car

Don't let anybody out

Let's go

You Nazi pigs!



What's wrong with you lot?

You can't just go round
beating people up

And in uniform,
so everyone recognizes you

And why not?

Because you need the permission
of the party leaders

That's why

So we let these leftist rats
beat us up and don't right back?

Have you heard of
party discipline, Günther?

Yes, so we have to fill in forms
and have them stamped

Please understand...

we have to get into parliament

- So what?
- What?

This behaviour damages the party

I don't want any more
of this kind of thing

What the fuck are we supposed to do?
Just put up with it?

Listen carefully

If you trim a tree
you just strengthen its roots


- Nobody circumcises me
- Well said

You can't just do what you feel like

Oh yes we can

Come along guys

- Let's not argue
- Indeed

We are the chosen few

- Robert?
- Yes, what is it?

- Are you with friends?
- We came for a drink

Come into my study

Now he'll show you something

A lampshade... made in Germany

Good evening

Come, let me show you a real rarity

Made of guaranteed Jewish hide

Where's it from?

From Auschwitz

Whose skin was it?

I've never found out

Come closer, it won't bite

Look at the number,
these blue figures...

That's the numbers used
in the concentration camps

Sadly the last two digits
are illegible

That's why I couldn't find out
who it was

I tried everything, but in vain

Every day thousands of Jews
were gassed in Auschwitz

I don't believe that


I thought the Nazi's
didn't gas any Jews

Among friends we speak the truth

I bet this was a woman

Such smooth skin

Or a child?
It could have been a child

A shame it's not my math teacher

As you've probably noticed yourself,

Nobody in the class
knows as little as you

That settles your final grades

Not good enough

The test is over

Am I...

too harsh on you?

Or perhaps...
only the strong prevail...

as you stated on TV recently

I think it's easy
to let someone fail a test

You know this is my weakest subject

You could fail the whole class
with those methods

So you really think I'm being unfair?

- Yes I do
- Alright...

In that case we'll let the class
decide whether to fail you or not

Face the blackboard please

Closer please

So, ladies and gentlemen...

will those in favour of
better grades raise their hands?

Thank you

Any opposing votes
are not necessary

Now you may turn round


Absolutely no-one voted for you

As you can see, your tv appearances...

do not impress your classmates

Bye bye, fascist!

This will have consequences, Feigl

- Sit down
- Don't you dare touch me!


Then he simply left the class?


Thank you


What is it now?
Can't we even eat in peace?

What is it?
You really want to know?

Your son is a member of
a radical right wing party

He declares it on TV,
screams at his teacher...

and put some kid in hospital

Other than that, everything is fine

But I made a glorious exit


What's this all about?

Nothing. I just don't
go to school anymore

So you made that decision

Without asking us

You really think so?

When did you
get interested in politics?

And this shit party?

They are good people

When did you join?

I'm not a member.
I'm in the youth group

Why didn't you ever
tell us about this?


Answer me. Talk to me

What about your education?

What's going to happen to you?

Yes, what about that?

That's none of your business

Can we at least talk about this?

Not with your sort

Don't do that again

My God

Why won't you talk to us?

What do we ever talk about here?

Charly, let me show you something

- See this?
- What is it?

It's the emblem of our
Special Youth Protection Unit

What unit?

If I show you something now,
can you keep it a secret?

- Of course
- You'll love this

Come on, tell me

We're not going to be just talking,
we're an active fighting force

The party needs us...

Have a look at that

You see now why
I didn't want Thomas around?

There's enough here for an army

That's the idea

Most members of the party
are too weak for this...

Too weak

The strong have to lead

People like you and me,
you know?

Just wait until
more kids are out of work

Then our time will have come


Beethoven, The 11th Variation on
Jules Maccabeus. First attempt

What do you want?


He was always such a sweet
and reasonable boy

Why did you never tell him?

He had everything he needed

And now he'll never come back again


It's all your fault

What did you say?

He was unhappy

You don't know you're saying


I do know what I'm saying

He never complained

He did to me

You never encouraged him,
always picked on him

- Do this, do that...
- Shut up

Don't bring any girls back, do this...

Shut up!

It's your fault

He killed himself because of you

You never showed him
any love or affection

That's not true

You never gave a shit about us

Never cared if we were happy or sad

All you worried about
was money...

Yes, you're good at that

For you the world
is in perfect order...

when you hold a silver spoon
and the TV is turned on

That's not true

It's true...

You remember when Ernst
was seriously ill...

you never even bothered
to go and see how he was

In those days we were
still deep in debt

I had to drive a truck day and night
to repay the creditors

You forget that

Fuck your truck
and fuck your money

You only care about yourself

Damn it. Stop this

Don't you slam that door in my face!

Shall I tell you what you are?

You're a murderer

The guilt is yours,
so it seems to me

Get out

I never want to see you again


Why are you here? What's up?

Can I stay here?

- No, the place is a shit hole
- I don't care

But I do

- What's up anyway?
- Nothing...

But can I stay here or not?

I guess so

- Hi
- Hi

- Who's he?
- You don't know him

You want to talk?
Forget it

This is all there is

- Turn the fucking light off!
- Turn it off yourself

Come on


There's no beer

Sit down.
You've had enough as it is

Get me a beer

I said I want a beer

Stay there

Get it yourself

You can't send her out this late

Then you get it

Get me a beer, I said

Get it yourself

- Get lost
- Telling me to get lost?

You dirty whore

- Don't you say that
- You're a cheap whore

- Whose kids are they anyway?
- I don't know

- I bet you don't
- Kiss my arse

- Charly, quick, come on
- Leave me out of it

Help her

Got the message?

Leave her alone

Get off

Stay out of this

Stay out

I'm warning you

You're not man enough yet

This drives me crazy.
I want to get out of here

I can't stand it any more

Where“ you go?

I'll go and join Günthers camp

Can I come?

You have to prove your loyalty first

Did you?

- Yes, this afternoon
- What did you have to do?

I'm not allowed to say, not to anyone

But we're friends, aren't we?

Can you tell me
what the time is?



Welcome guys, had a good trip?

- Michael will check you in
- I'll show you the quarters

- How's the food?
- Really good

Get your uniforms

Hi... How was the trip?

Same as usual

I brought a few more
recruits for you




Jump into it

Show more effort

Practice makes perfect

Watch me


Arms to order!

At ease

Dismissed. Weapons cleaning duty

Good evening, please
go up to the first floor

Suddenly there was a shot...

and my buddy who was next to me,
fell down

Just like that... bang... gone

We immediately
surrounded the village...

and ordered all the men out

A few of them were even younger
than you are now

They were still kids

All wearing just rags

You should have seen
those Russian rats beg for the lives

But we had no mercy
for the partisans

We made them dig their own graves,
had them drop their pants...

aimed a rifle at their necks
and blasted them into the grave

Orders are orders

Must be obeyed

You'll be able to order
a military organization like ours...

to do anything you want

You can command them
to carry out directives...

armed or unarmed

You will realize...

only military trained units...

with absolute loyalty...

can successfully execute
such directives

No matter what they are

And you can rest assured
that all orders...

will be carried out
in the most effective manner

No-one's questioning that.
Why the excitement?

My party and I don't care
if you overdo it a little

We are all nationalists...

and anti-communist

So there's no difference
between us

Your party rules are too restricting

We want to form a united strike force

An official merger like that
would create too much visibility

A merger on that scale would
immediately draw violent opposition

My goal... our goal,
is to provoke chaos with bombs

I totally agree with you

Anything that contributes
to the collapse of this government

Throw bombs into the crowds

Create chaos by shooting
and bombing, I don't mind

In fact you have my support.
But NOT in the name of the party

Our party must remain clean

We can't be
connected with this

We want power.
We want control in parliament

That's why we must remain clean
in the public eye

What about women?
Did you have fun?

Of course...
All the time

Partisan women were the best

One time we got orders to retreat...

because the partisans
had blown up a bridge

On the way we passed
a Russian farm house...

occupied by a women and a small child

She gave us coffee and bread,
a bit of marmalade

After we'd finished eating,
the fun started...

The woman was still young,
we were only 18 ourselves

The woman held her child,
a little girl, about 3 years old

We blew the kid's head off
by shooting it through the mouth

Then we fucked the woman

After that we smothered her
with a pillow

And finished her off with a Lüger

I think we can be happy
with the results of the meeting


- Anything else?
- No thanks

- Coffee?
- Yes, please

You must continue to operate
in small units

We are not ready... yet.
But time is in our favour

We'll make our move soon

Wake up!

Good morning guys

Come on, get moving

Out of bed, the sun is shining

Quickly now

Rise and shine, you lot

I was on the lecture circuit
in the USA

Perfectly organized

In Kentucky for example
our cause was well received

Wherever we went
people were enthusiastic

It proves that we are not
isolated internationally

Everywhere there are people
who feel like we do

I envy you for the clean air here

Whenever you pick up a weapon,
always safety first

Keep your finger off the trigger

When loading a gun
point it towards the enemy

When you hand it to a comrade,
always like this

Hold it firmly it won't bite

Not towards a comrade,
always at the enemy

Yes sir


- Let me, Günther
- Here you go

Not so hard. Are you crazy?

Shut up, it's only a game

I didn't agree to do it naked

Silence! Jewish pig

- Where the execution?
- In the quarry

Aim the first shot at the temple,

The second one...
Stand still...

into the neck.
That'll kill the Jewish pig

Forward, Jew!

Carefully take aim...

One more down

Thomas, your turn

Finish him off

Hurry, Thomas

I'm coming

Is this all?

They have more ammo down there

It's machine guns today?

- Of course
- Great

- Hey, Günther
- What's up?

I really like it here.
I feel like I belong

Really? I'm pleased to hear that

We can give you more than any family

Hey, Thomas...?

- What?
- Come with me

I want to show you something

- I'm having this
- Want to try it?

- You got ammo?
- Of course

Attention! Face the flag.
About turn

I still can't get over it,
how he just got up and opened fire

Amazing, huh?

- See this?
- Are you nuts?

No you don't...!
It's mine

How he stood there with empty shells
flying round his ears

Kathy, what's happened?

What's up?

What's happened?

Papa... raped me

What is it?

My old man raped her, the shit.
I'll kill him

Just look at that drunk.
He'll go home and beat up his wife

You're nuts anyway

What do you want?

Are you crazy?

See how it's done

That was good