The Human Contract (2008) - full transcript

Locked doors, and the monster inside us. In L.A., tightly-wound Julian Wright is separated. He meets Michael, she's seductive and uninhibited; by chance, a few days later they connect. The PR firm where he's creative director is competing to be bought by a household name (think Proctor & Gamble); winning will bring money, status, and a big ad budget. His firm's win depends on both his ideas and his maintaining traditional values; so, he puts his divorce on hold. His family adds problems: childhood memories and his sister's abusive husband threaten his balance. His fuse is short. Will self control hold obsession and fury in check, or is Michael the spark that will start a conflagration?

I respectfully disagree.

Two plus two equals four
because we agreed upon it.

Which doesn't make it true.
It is a concept.

Two plus two equaling four
is a primal equation.

Man didn't create it.
We discovered it.

Like it or not,
there are natural patterns...

...and things will always happen
a certain way.

Oh, be careful with always.

Oh, when I say always, I figure
it's a given 99 percent of the time.

Oh, so you are agreeing
that there are exceptions to your rules.

Of course,
but the virtue of the exception... that it proves the rule.

Let's be thankful
that the greatest artists... ever live would not agree.

They're confined to four rules.

You don't paint past here..., here or here.

You know, I'd be so bold to say
that there can be no art without rules.

Are you gonna put that out
before they put you out?

It's against the law.

- Is it bothering you?
- I hate smoke.

Good enough.

What are you drinking?

Well, I was drinking red wine.

- You like red?
- I do.

I'll make you something red.

What do you do?

I work in the man--

I work in the brand-management

And what would you do
if you didn't do that?

That's a good question.

I don't think the bartender
likes the fact you're doing his job.

Let's see what he says,
if he will act on his unhappiness.

Did anyone ever tell you Michael
is an unusual name for a woman?

Oh, that's a long story.

Let's start with a shorter one.


What do you do?

What I want.


- Hi, handsome.
- Hey.

Sorry I'm late. Not a good impression
for our first official date.

That's fine. Brenda, this is Michael.

Michael, Brenda.

- My pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.

Oh, no, please.

I wouldn't be a gentleman if you had
to pay for your own Shirley Temples.

Thank you. That's very nice of you.

Thank you.

- It was very nice meeting you, Brenda.
- Oh, take care.

God, she's gorgeous. Where
do you two know each other from?

I don't. We just met.

Well, traffic was a mess.

They're saying that the freeways
are going to be totally gridlocked.

- Who's they?
- What?

You said they. Who's they?

They reported it on the news.

I wouldn't believe
everything they say...

if you don't know who they is.

- Even the news?
- Especially the news.

- Oh, come on.
- Shall we?

What do you wanna do tonight?

I don't know, we'll figure something.

- Well, I have a few ideas.
- Yeah?

And one of them is... about we do
whatever you want me to.

Oh, my God. Julian.

Don't stop. Just like--

Don't stop.

Don't stop. Don't stop.

Don't you stop--

Oh, my God. Julian?

Julian, are you okay?


Oh, my God. My God.

- Honey, are you okay?
- Yeah, I just...

- Just, just...
- Okay, okay.


Oh, fuck.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

What can I do for you?

You should probably go.

I think a lot of people
have been getting the flu.

I hope you don't get really sick.

- Honey, are you sure you're okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.

If you need anything,
will you call me?


- Call me if you need anything--
- Okay, I will.

I'll come right back, okay?

I'm sorry.

No, no, no. It's okay.

I hope you feel better.

Get better.

Hey, it's Lynn Wright.

I'm not here right now,
but I'll get back to you.

- Did E.J. tell you what this is about?
- No idea.

No, me neither.

It's Praylis.

- Bullshit.
- No, it is.

Stand up. You're about to see
what real dicks look like.

- Oh, my God.
- What's with your hand?


- Praylis is here.
- They know, Greg.

That's Mr. Praylis to you, Greg.
Here you go.

- Larry, tie, tie, tie.
- Good luck.

All right, here we go.

Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet
Larry Green, our firm's top counsel.


- Julian Wright, our chief strategist.
- Hello.

Mr. Praylis, you know.

And his representatives
from the Praylis Group...

...Mr. Clark and Mr. Franklin.

Did I get all those names right?

You'd think
I'd be better at that by now.


- May I?
- Please.

The Praylis Group is looking
to consolidate its creative premium... absorbing a boutique company
like ourselves into the fold... manage all of their brands.

Now, where we need
the most assistance... with our older brand identity.

Which has been misaligned
in trying to target a different market.

We've lost resonance
in our established market...

...along with brand-equity
in those products in the last year.

- You're referring to your detergents?
- Exactly.

Which are all iconic products
in the American marketplace.

You built those brands
on the strength of American ideals.

On quality and dependability.

Consumers still value those ideals.

How they represent,
experience the product...

...must be more contemporary
and relatable.

Sell the contemporary culture
you already represent.

America has a new face...

...but no specific culture
in which to experience it.

Americans buy ideas that represent
who they want to be, not the product.

I'm only considering two companies
to bring into the Praylis fold.

This one,
and the Innovative Identity Group.

In three weeks, both companies
will come together in the same room.

Pitch against one another
their strategies...

...on how to reposition and rebuild
our older brands... well as how to maintain
our newer brands.

The company
with most appealing strategy...

...will be absorbed
by the Praylis Group...

...and given an account of $5 billion
over the next five years... oversee all marketing.

You have till the end of the day... let us know
if you accept this proposition.

Okay. We'll speak soon.

You're aware I'd like to prepare
a preliminary deal before presentation.

Of course.
We'll wait to hear from you.

- Good day.
- Pleasure to meet you.

- Good to meet you.
- Good to see you.

Oh, my God.

All right, I'm sure we have 5 billion
things to talk about. Call me later.

Never told me
you were thinking of selling.

Well, they offered me
$35 million to buy me out.

And you, as the head
of his Creative Department...

...are gonna be running
a $5 billion account.

Excuse me?

I'm retiring, Julian.

You're gonna be running Creative
at Praylis.

They've already agreed
to give you a 20 percent partnership... soon as you deliver.

And I, of course, will have
a nice little share of that as well.

Oh, my God.

Well, I wasn't expecting this.

You just weren't expecting it
quite so soon.

I don't know how to thank you.

Yes, you do. Win.

Sit down.

Look, I know you know this...

...but the Praylis Group
is an extension of their consumer.

They're a family business.

And they're run
on American family values.

So if we do this, we will be expected
to adopt those same values.

Of course.

You'd have to postpone your divorce
until we settle this deal.

Can you do that?

I could.

Any chance at a reconciliation?


Nope. All right.

I didn't think so.

All right, we'll just have to...

We'll go very carefully with this.

So congratulations and yippee...

...and balloons and blow jobs
and confetti and shit.

But what does this mean
for the rest of us, huh? Come on.

Blow job, please.

Look, guys, the reason I brought you
all here tonight... I wanna assure you
that no matter where I go...'re all coming with me,
whether you like it or not.


Well, I'm gonna be honest.

I am not crazy
about the possibility of Praylis...

...and their soap
being our only client.

- That's boring to me.
- Oh, Cheryl.

The opportunities are endless
with this setup.

- Right? Thank you very much, Larry.
- Yeah.

Oh, and, hey, I have got
an ex-girlfriend from college...

...that's working
at Innovative Identity Group.

- You know, we can just--
- Greg.

- Just kind of--
- Greg.


- So let's say this actually happens.
- Which it will.

- Will there be promotions?
- Of course.

But, Cheryl, I'm sorry.

You get a big raise,
but you're stuck with me.

Can't make it without you.

That's really cute.

- Nice. Thank you.
- Look at that.

Strangely enough,
that's exactly how I want it.

- Call me crazy.
- Yeah, crazy.

Well, here's to good times
we've had.

- Yes.
- And great times to come.

- Yeah. Cheers.
- Thank you.

You can't toast with water, dude.
It's bad luck.

- I'm on the clock, Larry.
- I am too.

Unless anyone else has got anything
to add, it is Friday night after all.

I'll see you all Monday.

Yeah, you know what? I'm gonna see
if I can catch anyone at Serenade.

- It's Bobby's birthday. You coming?
- Nope, I'm gonna do some work.

Come on. Come with us.

You've got to celebrate.

I'll be celebrating in my own way.

Julian, let me talk to you.


What happened with Brenda?

Is everything okay?

- What do you mean what happened?
- She called Tracey.

My wife, being who she is,
was chatty about it.

I know Lynn
just sent the paperwork through.

So I just wanted
to make sure you're okay.

I'm fine, Larry. I'm fine.
It's been a year.

You're right. I know.

Of course it has. Life goes on.

Well, look, congratulations.

Get some sleep, you look like shit.
See you Monday.

- I will. Okay.
- Okay.

Ma, it's me.






Oh, my heavens.

What? Julian, my heavens,
what are you doing?

I was calling you.
You didn't answer me.

Well, I couldn't hear you.

I was listening to the Lord's message
on this little box you gave me.

Well, perhaps you shouldn't
listen to it so loud.

I guess.

You look tired, honey.

You working a lot?

I got a lot of things happening.

That's really great.

So let me show you
what I called you about.

- Okay.
- Come on.

What, you couldn't tell me
on the phone?

I didn't wanna tell you.
I just wanna show you.

Can you believe you slept in here?

Time flies.

I look at you now
and I wonder how you even fit in here.

I remember
you were the sweetest little boy.

I remember you used to love to run
around the neighborhood naked...

...and I couldn't catch you.

You really scared me.

Really scared me.



Hey, Mom.



Oh, my God, Mom.

Anyway, I didn't realize
how many things you left here.

It's almost as if you never did leave.

There are probably some items
you would like to take with you.

Where are my things?

Oh, you weren't listening,
were you?

I told you, Mr. Frank
put everything up in the attic.


You know,
I just want my living room back.

I thought we could turn this
into a playroom for your nephews...

...and paint it colors bright and happy,
you know.

- Well, you know what I think.
- What's that?

I think Rita and the boys
should just move in here, Ma.

- Rita and the boys are here enough.
- Okay.

But I'll call Mr. Frank.

Well, no, this is really your job.

Ma, weren't you listening?
I don't have time to do this.

I think you have to make some time,

Mr. Frank will be much faster.

When did family become such
an inconvenience for you, Julian?

Throwing your money around... think that makes you a man
and keeps a family?

I would have thought that losing
your wife would have taught you that.

Well, I guess not.

You keep your money.

I expect you to start painting this room
as soon as possible.

- I'll be in the kitchen.
- Okay.

Preparing dinner.

- What's that?
- It's...

It's nothing.

And stay for dinner, if you want.


- Stay down, stay--
- Everything okay, Karami?

Oh, good morning, Mr. Wright.

Saturday morning, sir.
Don't you ever rest?

You crack me up, man.

Yeah, listen, Greg. Can you e-mail me
those Praylis projections again?

Yeah, I wanna go over them.

I don't know.
Just something isn't right.


No, I did read that. Yeah.

I'm gonna call you back.

Don't do it, Victor. Don't do it.

Oh, honey, please, get your own.

This is my bottle.

Can I help you with?

- Julian.
- Oh, my God.

What are you doing here?

I left my cape and teeth at home,
but I wanted to see a movie.

What? You introduce me?

Oh, my--

Okay. Julian, this is everybody.

Everybody, this is Julian.

- Hi, everybody.
- How are you?


- Can I sit?
- You wanna stay?

Love to.

She's Thalia.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, hi. Nice to meet you.

What are we watching?

This is my favorite, Frankenstein.

- Frankenstein.
- Yes.

Would you care for a glass of wine?

I'd love one. Thank you.

Oh, spare.

- Did you like it?
- I did.

I've always loved this movie.

It is hilarious.

So this is your idea of a good night?

You Americans, I mean,
your obsession with goodness.


Goodness is only a requirement
for acceptance, not greatness.

How so?

So take Dr. Frankenstein.

He creates a monster that he rejects,
because the monster mirrors himself.

Therefore, the monster
becomes angry and disruptive...

...until the doctor looks at the monster
and finally sees himself.

Only then is his greatness restored.

I better watch that film again.

We must always be
who we really are...

...even in the chaos,
for that is where we create.


- He's talking to you?
- I'll be right back.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I thought we were done with him.


Get your hands off her.

Julian. It's okay.
I just need to talk to him.


Jesus Christ.

- Are you out of your fucking mind?
- Don't hit people.

- Holy shit.
- Good Lord.

He's out cold.

But we're okay. Thank you.

Everyone can go now.

- All right, guys, let's move him.
- No, don't touch him.

He's probably got a concussion.

Just someone call 911,
and get some ice.

- Ice?
- Yes.

Okay, let's go get some fucking ice,
all right?

- Ice. Okay, sure.
- We'll be back.

This is fucking ridiculous.

Just drive slowly. No, it's fine.

Were you a Boy Scout?

That's very funny.

So who is Frenchie?


Well, I got that part.
But who is he to you?

A friend.

A friend you're dating or?


Someone you used to date?

- Something like that.
- Something like that.

You hit him pretty hard.

I did.

I feel like I'm supposed to feel bad.

But I don't.

Where do you live?

Where is your house?

- Where's my house?
- Yeah.


Okay, just--

- Does that hurt?
- Yeah.

I wrap it for now,
but you might need stitch too.

Yeah, it's...


Can you hold here? Yeah.




Let me see.

- You want a drink?
- No.

I don't drink alcohol.

Your book collection's impressive.

Have you read all of them?

Most of them.

You looking for anything
in particular?

Did you decorate it yourself?


Oh, no, that's far enough.

What's in there?

All right, give me the key.


What's in there? What is it?

A dark room.

- Oh, you take pictures.
- I do.

Important ones, I guess.

- Open it.
- No.

- Why?
- Because.

Because what?

Where is your camera?


You are going to take
pictures of me.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you will.

Get your camera.

I want to know
what kind of pictures you take.

See how you see me.

You ever wonder
what is happening... each one of those shiny
streetlights in the distance?

Who, at that moment,
is standing by that twinkling glow?

And does their life
mirror your life in any way?


...are we really alone?

What happened?

What do you see?

My mother was a concert pianist
before she got pregnant with me.

A proper married woman
shouldn't have any other focus...

...besides the desires
of her newborn and loving husband.

So her piano-playing went from
having her on the brink of stardom... becoming a pastime
in our living room.

I have wonderful memories
sitting on her lap while she played.

Those are the only moments
I remember feeling close to her.

As the years went on...

...I heard less and less
of the piano...

...and more and more
of her drunken tirades.

For my 13th birthday,
my father gave me piano lessons...

...because I was determined
to learn to play like my mother.

The day I came home
from my first piano lessons... mother was drunk.

As soon as I walked in the door...

...she slapped me to the floor.

I went to the bathroom,
shut the door and picked up a razor.

That was my first cut.

But the last one
was seven years ago.

You don't need to hide from me.

- I better go.
- No, stay.

- No.
- Stay, stay.


I can't.

- What do most Americans wanna be?
- Would you try--?

Spit it out. What do they wanna be?

- They wanna be rich.
- Rich. Great.

Yeah. What else?

And young, you know--

Young. Of course.

- Strong.
- Strong. Great, yep.

They wanna be respected.
I mean, I wanna be respected.

And successful.
They wanna be successful.

- Jules.
- Yes?

Can I have a word?

Larry, I am getting you those numbers.
As soon as Julian--

Reviews them.
Keep going, here, Greg.

- Well, I--
- Do it.

It's great.


Were you in a graveyard
watching a movie recently?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Did you hit someone
in the graveyard?

- I did.
- Yeah.

Can you make it go away?

I found out that Joseph Marcell,
you know, the guy that you hit?

He's trying to become
an American citizen.

- Fantastic.
- So I called him and warned him...

...that pressing charges
could complicate his application.

Seventy-five hundred dollars
will make it go away.

- Send him a check.
- Yeah, I will.

Six years of school,
15 years of corporate and criminal.

We're nearly there, Julian.

You're gonna be rich. It's fine.
Don't worry about it.

- You're an idiot.
- This is fun.


- Hey.
- Hey.

You need some help?

What's going on?


- Rita, what happened?
- Nothing.

I'm just gonna stay with Mom
for a couple days.

Where is he?

Julian, I just need a little space.

That's it.

How are you? Are you good?


You look good.

What are you doing
with all that paint?

What do you think I'm doing
with that paint?

Mom. She asked me
to paint the goddamn room.

- Hello?
- Can you come see me?

- I'm working.
- You work too much.

Meet me.

Well, where are you?

Park your car.

What are you doing?

You got to take pictures of me.

So now it's my turn.


How about you get in my car
and I take us wherever you wanna go?

I'm sorry, Mr. Wright.
That doesn't work.

But, Michael, I can't--

Mr. Wright, shut up.

And get in the car.

Welcome, Mr. Wright.

Thank you. Thanks.

- Michael.
- What?

Put the camera away.

Put the camera away.


You look beautiful.

So do you.

I think you mean "handsome."


Beautiful would be the way
to describe it.

So, what's this about?

It's about you.

But you have to trust me.

No, that's tight enough.

It won't hurt.

I promise it. It will be fun.

May I please have your hands?

No. No.

- Okay, okay.
- Hands are off-limits.

Can I just stay like this?

And promise not to touch.

You can't touch.


You can't touch.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Michael?
- Thalia.

What the fuck?

Oh, shit.

Turn the fu--

- Michael, turn the fucking camera off.
- It's Thalia.

I can see who it is, thank you.
Turn the camera off.

- Okay. It's okay.
- Stop the fucking car, okay?

- You had your joke. That's enough.
- Wait, just for fun.

Yeah, funny.

- Thank you very much.
- Julian, come on.

Oh, my gosh.

Julian. Julian.

Hey, wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

I never, l--

I didn't know
you could be so offended.

Where are you going?

I don't fucking know.

Julian, come on.


I thought it would be fun.

Michael, go home.

Okay, but at least
let me take you back to your car.

I'm not gonna leave you here,
in the middle of nowhere, okay?

Okay, let's go.

- Michael, turn the fucking camera off.
- It's Thalia.

I can see who it is, thank you.
Turn the camera off.

- Okay. It's okay.
- Stop the fucking car, okay?

You had your joke. That's enough.

- Okay, stop the car.
- Yeah.

What's wrong?

Enough, okay?

- Oh, my God.
- Yeah, funny.



You wanna play games? Is that it?

You think you wanna play games,

Does that feel good?


Who is she?

Who? Who is who?

The one you love.

There's no one that I love.

There is always someone.

Did she have the combination?

No, she didn't.

That's too bad.

Is that what you're after?

How can this really matter
without it?

So did you and Larry
have a successful morning...

...pondering the contractual points
of your new future?

We did.

Michael Reed left that for you.

Nice box.

How's Michael Reed's box?

Who is she?


- Yeah.
- You...

You better call
Adrienne's florist for me.

Oh, yeah, I'd better. Okay.

Wow, look at you.

- What?
- I've just never seen you like this.

- What?
- Nice.

All right,
the Praylis' dinner's tonight.

- Are you taking Larry?
- No, I'm gonna take a friend.

- Oh, a friend.
- Yes, get the florist on the line.

If the friend has a name,
I need to know to RSVP.

- Winters will be there, okay?
- Great.

- Thank you.
- Just a heads up.

You're welcome, my darling.

"Your camera is old."


May I help you?

Yeah, I'm looking for Michael Reed.
Does she work here?


Is she here today?

No. Probably tomorrow.

She's at the L.A. City Museum
for a showing.

Can I give her a message?


I'm going to have to leave something
for her.

Will you help me set it up?

Okay. Thank you for coming.

Everything's beautiful.

- Thank you.
- They're waiting. Come on.

Boyd, we really need to go.

Gotta go.

- Julian.
- Hi.

Oh, my goodness.

What are you doing here?
How do you know?

I went by the gallery.

That's great.

Who was that? Who was that?


That guy you just kissed.

- Excuse me?
- Michael, who is he?


- Okay, we need to talk, but--
- Let's talk.

- This is not the place, so...
- Sure.

I wanna talk here.

- I can't. I can't.
- Right now.

Michael, who was he?

- Tell me who he is.
- Julian, please.

- Well, just tell me who he is.
- Come on.

- I don't know why you're here.
- Michael, who is he?

- I can't talk to you now, okay?
- Where are we going?

- I'm working.
- Tell me who he is.

Let's talk tomorrow.

- Just tell me.
- Tomorrow.

Just tell me now, who is he?

- No.
- Just tell me who he is.

- I'm working.
- Tell me who he is.

- I need you to trust me.
- I trust you. Tell me who he is.

My husband.

I'm married.

I'm-- Oh, Julian, I'm sorry.

I just needed time
to find a way to tell you.

But it's not what you think, okay?

He knows everything.
He knows about you.

He knows about us.

- He knows what you mean to me.
- What the fuck does that mean?

What does that mean?

- Julian, please.
- What I mean to you.

- Don't do this.
- Oh, shit, Michael.

I know this is not easy.

- Stay the fuck away from me, okay?
- But--


Julian. Julian, please.

Julian, I'm sorry, just...

- Stay the fuck away from me.
- Let's talk now, okay?

Don't go like that.

Yes, Mom.

I need you to get over here now.

Tony might come
and the kids are scared shitless.

- Ma, hang up--
- Don't know what to do.

Hang up, Ma. I'm calling the police.
I'm on the way, okay?

- Go get the kids!
- Tony!

- Don't get out.
- No!

You get in the truck
and nobody gets hurt, all right?

This is my goddamn family.
You stay away, all right?


Go, go, go.

Julian, stop it. You're gonna kill him.

Fucking hero again, huh?


Don't move. Stay right there.

Julian, you're gonna kill him.
Stop it.

Kill him! Kill him!

- Julian! Julian!
- Kill him!

- Get back inside.
- No, Rita.

Kill him!

Kill him!

- Kill him!
- I fucking told you.

Mr. Wright,
it's time for your phone call.

I'm not ready.

- Excuse me?
- I said, I'm not ready.

Suit yourself.

Meet me in the office in 30 minutes.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

Come here.

Come on.

Sit down.

You know when I said
I'd buy you a house?

Then I said
I'd buy you a Barbie house.

- Do you remember?
- We were kids, Julian.

I know, but it's time.

It's time I bought you a house.

- Really?
- I'm serious. Okay?


Come on.

You haven't been charged
with anything...

...because Tony's still in a coma.

No investigation can take place
until he wakes up.

So is there a chance
he's gonna spend any jail time?

Look, with Tony's priors and
his history of violence towards Rita--

I mean, he very well could
have charges brought up against him.

So it's possible
this could all go away.

Possibly, yeah. Yeah.

No victim, no case.

But as of now, we're in limbo.

And Praylis?

We told him last night at the party
that you had a family emergency.

But obviously they're gonna find out.
They're gonna find out.

We should tell them
before somebody else does.

I mean, tell them the truth,
you know.

Tell them you were defending
your family and you were, right?

There is one part of this that is
gonna be tricky and that's the brick.

My understanding is that Tony
didn't even have a weapon... the question is gonna be...

...did you really need to use
that much force?

I'm confident that if he lives,
you'll avoid jail time.

But if he dies...'s a completely different story.


I need to know
that you're gonna pull it together.

And make this deal happen
for chrissake.

You don't ever bring
your personal affairs...

...into your business life, Julian.


- Okay, it won't happen again.
- Good.

Get focused.


- Morning, Cheryl.
- Hey.

You okay?

One second.

Hey, Rita's on Line 1.

- Hey.
- Hey, I found a house.

- Oh, what, already?
- Yes. It's beautiful.

- You did?
- Yes.

- Got a picture?
- No, I need you to come see it.

No, e-mail it.

Julian, I can't e-mail.
What are you saying?

Rita, hold on.

Yes, Julian?

Cheryl, have Security
remove her immediately.

She's the woman who--

- Cheryl, just do it.
- Yep, yep.

Yeah, I need two guys immediately,
front desk.

Yeah. Bye.

Rita, I'm sorry. You were--

We were-- Where were we?

- The house?
- Yes?

- Yes, Julian, it's expensive.
- No, don't worry about the money.

Everything's negotiable.
Leave that to me.

I need you to see it. You have to--

- No, the main thing is that you love it.
- Well, I do--

Look, I gotta go.
I gotta get back to work.

- I love you, okay?
- I love you. All right.

You need to come up for air.
You've been stuck in here all day.

Have you eaten?

Okay, I'm gonna get you
some food...

...and if I have to spoon-feed you,
I will.

- Anything you wanna talk about?
- Cheryl, please, I need to finish this.

Don't do that.

As much as you've been there
for me...'s not fair for you
to treat me like that...

...because I want to help you.


Don't worry about locking up.
I'll do it.


I'm sorry.

Thank you for the flowers.

What happened to you?

Julian, I know what you think,
but it's not what it seems.

My husband and I
have an understanding.

I understand if that's something
you can't handle.

But I am not a liar.

And I am not an adulterer, okay?


You should meet him.

You are un-fucking believable,
you know that?

We don't have
conventional agreements.

Oh, so that makes it right?

Right? Right?

What is right? What is right, Julian?

People live right every day
and they still aren't happy.

We get to decide what is right for us.


If you make my life better
and I make your life better...

...what is wrong about that?

What else are relationships
supposed to be?

If you don't like this, fine.

But don't base it
in all those arbitrary standards...

...we are forced to believe
are contracts of some kind.

Julian, look at me.

I can love you as hard as you want.

It just won't be in the form
people say it should be.

You deserve to have me.

And anything else you want.

I need you.

No, I'll stay here.


When are you coming home?

No, I haven't forgotten.

I love you too.

I'll see you Sunday, okay?

You want to?


Let's get a Christmas tree today.

I hate Christmas.

I promise,
this Christmas will be different.



Let's get dressed.

Oh, my God.

Keep them closed.

Not yet.


And now.

When did you do this?

A king never asks how or why.

He just sits and enjoys.

So please.

It's amazing.

There you go.



Your eyes are so beautiful.

They draw me in.

But they won't let me see you.

And I want to see all of you.

When is your birthday?

September 19.



Do you like what you do, Julian?

Does it make you happy?

My job? It's work.

It pays the bills. I'm good at it.

I do what's required.

Who determines what's required?

What do you love?

What is your passion?

I love being with you.

What's your passion?

Having you say
you love being with me.

Do you like kids, Michael?

Yeah, I do very much.

Do you wanna have children?

I probably won't have any.

Why not?

I think I am a better mom to adults.

My nephews are having
a birthday party... my mother's tomorrow.

Would you like to come?

- Yeah.
- You do?

Yeah, I'd like that.

Kiss me.

Interesting how it's our job... make people believe in things
that aren't necessarily true.

It's why I stopped doing criminal law
and started corporate law.

I didn't wanna protect the guilty
and convict the innocent anymore.

Okay, Larry. What are you saying?

I got a phone call from a Steven Carter
from Innovative Identity Group...

...asking me about you
and a Michael Reed.

- It's none of your business.
- Julian? Yes, Larry?

Stop seeing her.
Why? Because she's married.

I don't know,
Mr. Praylis doesn't like that?

Larry, it's none of your business.

Are you trying to sabotage this?

Because you are doing
a fucking wonderful job.

Great job.

Are you forgetting who put you here in
your big house with your lovely wife?

- You wanna jog memories?
- Yeah.

Remember who you called...

...when you found your wife
and her boyfriend in your bed?

- You called me, me.
- You--

Do you remember that?

You haven't gotten over that.
Now you wanna drag us into this shit?

- Dude, look--
- You and this whole company...

...have been riding on my back
for five years.

You got a short fucking memory.

- Julian.
- Don't fucking tell me what to do.

I hate to break it to you, Julian,
but this isn't a one-man fucking show.

Okay? This isn't your show.

You have a team of people
out there...

...that need you to think
outside your fucking dick.

- You'd better go.
- No, I'm not gonna go.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00...

...we have the fucking biggest meeting
of our lives.

I'm gonna pick you up.

And you better be fucking focused.


Hey, Uncle Jay.

Hey, we heard there's a birthday party
on here today.

- Is that right?
- Yes.

- Is it? Well, who's birthday is it?
- Ours.

Oh, it's your birthday.

- Is it really?
- Yes.

Are those gifts for us?

Are those gifts for you?
I don't see anybody else.

- Is there some? No?
- Can we open them?

Right after you've said hello
to my friend Michael.

Michael, this is Daniel.

- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.

- And Derrick.
- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.



Are you Uncle Jay's girlfriend?


I guess you could say that.

But enough about me.

Open your gifts.

There you go.

All right, give me a kiss, come on.

Happy birthday.

I like your new girlfriend, Uncle Jay.

They're a handful.

Rita, this is my friend Michael.

Michael, this is my sister, Rita.

- Hi.
- Very pleased to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

I will help you set it up.

I can't believe they're 10.

What'd you get them?

We got them a video game.

- Julian.
- What?

- I don't like video games.
- Come on.

Look at them.

This is awesome.
Look at that game.

Look at that.

You good?

I am, yeah.

He spoke to me today.

- And?
- And...

I think everything's gonna be okay.

- I don't think he'll press charges.
- Good, good.

It's looking good.

And he's gonna be in the hospital
for a while.

Doctor said he's gonna need some
taking care of when he comes home.


Sorry, he's what?

Julian, don't look at me like that,
please. I just--

So what?

- I just--
- It's up to the father... work things out, not us.
- There's nothing to work out.

- That's not your decision.
- And it's yours?

Okay. Listen, I will buy you
that house tomorrow.

- Julian--
- Tomorrow.

She took an oath, Julian.

Tony is her husband,
she has responsibility to him.

Mom, can you please just?

And what about his responsibility
to her? To those kids?

Look at those boys. Look at them.

This is not fair on them.

Children are resilient.

They're closer to God
than any of us.

I wouldn't consider simply surviving
as optimum parenting.

- Julian, please.
- No. No.

I see. I'm the reason
that Lynn left you.

I'm the reason that your life
has failed like it has.

Who is responsible for the good things
that have happened to you, Julian?

I am, okay?

I am.

I'm going to pray for you.

I'm going to pray to God...

...that he doesn't knock you off
your high horse.

Yeah, you do that, okay?
You do that.

But this, this is not happening.

- This is not happening, okay?
- But, Julian, just...

This is not happening.


Rita, did I say something wrong?

No, Ma, you didn't.

Can we talk?

I'm a big girl.

- I'm not gonna break.
- Look, it's complicated, okay?


Talk to me.

Hey, Mom.

Oh, my God. Mom.

There are blessings in pain, Julian.

You just need the strength
to open those locked doors.

See what it is, know it and move on.

Otherwise... will steal
what makes us beautiful...

...and feed our monster.

- I have to go.
- Yeah, I know.


- Hello?
- I need to see you.


Yeah, I need to see you right now,

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I just--
- Julian.

Yeah, Michael,
you don't understand.

I need to see you right, right now.

But I can't right now.

I'm having dinner.


Yeah, with him?

Yes, Boyd.

Well, tell him you gotta go.

It's important, Michael.

I can't.

This is a planned evening.

If you want tomorrow, I can see you,
but not today.


Help me.

This is Julian Wright.
Leave me a message.

Are you okay?

Julian, have you seen my shoes?

You should have called.

I did.

But you never answer.

Hi, we've met before.

Give me a call when you're finished,

- I will.
- Okay.

- Nice to see you again...
- Michael.


We should talk.

What's to talk about?

Now, I thought we were being
free and open.

Listen to me.

I will not be kept.

By anybody.

Well, not by me you won't.

Something keeps you.

- Open it.
- No!

Hey, what the fuck, Michael?

What the fuck is this, Michael?
What are you doing?

I know, I know.

What bullshit and what lies did you
tell your husband just to be here?

This is so fucking stupid.

I mean, thinking that anything with you
could possibly work out.

I'm sick of your fucking bullshit too,
Michael, your stupid little games.

Making me think you know
more than I do when the fact is...'re more fucked up
than I'll ever be.

You are so arrogant.

And small.

But you'll never make me
small enough... fit inside
your little automated world...

...with your little
programmed beliefs.

Well, when did being decent
become so diminishing?

You tell me
one successful relationship... have ever had with anybody
to be able to justify what is decent.

My husband and I have the decency
to allow each other the lives we need.

No, but did you ever stop
for one second...

...and think what I might need?

- I thought you were a big boy.
- Oh, I am.

- I thought you could be mature.
- Oh, you want me to be mature?

How about you give us
a separate hole?

How about I fuck your ass
and he fucks your pussy?

Maybe you'll even learn
to like us both at the same time.

Michael, are you okay?


Oh, shit.

Fuck, Michael.

Oh, Jesus Christ, Michael.

Oh, fuck. Leave it there.
Leave it there, okay?

Oh, shit.


Shit. Baby, look.

Come in. Hey, come on.

It's okay.
Somebody's gonna help you soon.

- Jesus Christ, what's going on?
- Larry, call 911. Call 911.


Dr. Wilcox,
please pick up Extension 1216.

Dr. Kelly to Fast Track Treatment.

Cheryl, I can't talk.

Dr. Johnson to 231.

Available physician's assistant
to ER staff.

Available physician's assistant
to ER staff.

You will never see Michael again.

And if you so much as try...

...I will kill you.

Heather Pent
to the OR waiting room, please.

Heather Pent
to the OR waiting room.


I wanna apologize. I wanna
look in her eyes and I want to just...



I'm sorry, Michael.

Three, one, four, one, six.

Michael...'re the only person on earth...

...I've ever given the combination
of this closet to.

It's a key to my room of secrets.

And I give it to you.

All of it.

My shame.

My loss.

And lies.

And it all starts with my mother.

Say something.


I came home from school, Mom.

And I found you in...


Hey, Mom?



Mom. Oh, my God, Mom.

Mom, get up.

Mommy, wake up.

Mom, get up.

Our father...

What did I do
that made you wanna kill yourself?

Look at me.

Ma, just look at me.

- Who art in heaven.
- Okay.

Hallowed be thy name.

And then what does it say?

Thy kingdom come.

"Ten-year-old boy
saves mother from gas leak.

- Julian Wright, a hero.
- Thy will be done.

- Pulled his mother...
- Amen.

...from a..."

Before the police came, you told me
to yank the cord and to lie, so I did.

I did, Ma, I lied.

I lied to the police, to all my friends.

And why did I do it, Ma?

Because you asked me to.

I did it because you asked me to,
and I didn't want it to happen again.

- You shouldn't blame me.
- I shouldn't blame you?

Who should I blame? God?

Is God gonna save us?

God, what? God is love.

- God's good.
- God's gonna save us.

What fucking God
is gonna save us from that?

- Oh, my God.
- What God?

- Yeah, hit me, hit me.
- Stop, stop.

God don't love you and I.

Do you have any idea
how hard it was to raise you two?

No, I don't.

And then you go off
and you get this degree.

- You think you're better than me.
- It's not about that.

- But you know what? You're nothing.
- It's not about that.

You're nothing.

I know I'm not.

Why? Why did you pull me out?

Why did you pull me out?

Why did you pull me
out of the oven?

- Why didn't you leave me there?
- Because I need you, Ma. I need you.

Come on.

Come on, hold me, please, Ma.
Just hold me.



Hold me, Ma, hold me.

Oh, God.

I have never believed
I deserved to be loved.

But now I see that everything
I've ever wanted...

...has always been
right in front of me.

I've been the only thing
standing in my way.

But no more.

No more.

I wish you all the best, Michael.


Did you guys do
what I asked you to do?

You did?