The Horror Show (1989) - full transcript

Detective Lucas McCarthy finally apprehends "Meat Cleaver Max" and watches the electric chair execution from the audience. But killing Max Jenke only elevated him to another level of reality. Now Lucas' family is under attack, his sanity in question, and his house haunted. Aided by a disreputable college professor, can Lucas reclaim his mind, house, and family? Features Lance Henriksen as the Lucas McCarthy and Brion James as Max Jenke. One of the few movies featuring these actors as main characters. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Oh, my God.

- Yeah, whoo!
- Like father, like son.

- I look pretty cool in those glasses.
- You got chipmunk cheeks.

What was that?


What a chef.
What's he doin', throwin' stuff?

Wish I had one of those burgers now.

- So cool.
- Look at Dad. He's my dad.

- Flip those babies!
- Not bad.


What are you
laughing at, Scottie?

Just kidding, Dad.

All right, Mom!
Way to go!

- Hi, baby.
- Look at her.

Yeah, well, you're always that way.

Get him! Get him.


We're too young
to have kids your age.

We really are!

All right, let's cook those.

Those were pretty good,
by the way, Dad.

Hi, Grandma.

Oh, goddamn it, Cosmo.

- Where the hell are they?
- I told them to wait for us.

Hodges and Osborne are blowing it.
Jenke will slaughter that girl.

You ready?

Backup on Lawrence.

Squad, get to sector six.

Oh, Jesus Christ.
Where the fuck is that guy?

He really gives me the creeps.

He could be anywhere,
just waiting on us.

Look, I take the diner,
you take the plant.

Casey. Here.

Remember when he got the jump
on Marriott and Young?

It was broad daylight.
They were good cops.

They never knew what hit them.

I'll put 15 rounds in the prick.

He eats and shits same as us, right?

Squad, what do you got up there?

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

Oh, shit.

Casey, Hodges and Osborne are dead.
Watch yourself.

God. Casey?

Oh, shit.

Luke, Luke...

- I did the best I could.
- I know, buddy. I know.

I-I-I was scared!

- Jesus.
- I did the best...


- What? What?
- Get Jenke! Get Jenke!

I'll nail his fuckin' ass.
I'll get him.

- That little girl...
- What?

- She's...
- What?

Oh, shit. Oh, Casey.

Been looking forward
to this meeting for three years, cop.

- Now, put the gun down.
- You're shittin' me, man.

Put the gun down,
or I gut the little bitch!

Hey, this is between you and me.
Let the girl go.

First you put the gun down.

Do it!

Good little cop.

Right here is where we can
show each other what we got.


You were having a nightmare.

Oh, my God. I thought you were...


Luke. Luke, Luke!

- You're dreaming!
- Oh.

I don't understand why
you want to see Jenke die.

I want to see it. Then I know it's over.
Then I get back on the street.

Have you talked to Hank Miller?

Miller thinks that
I need more desk time,

that I ought to continue
my sessions with Dr. Tower.

Maybe you should.

Don't start with that psychiatry shit.

Lucas, you tried to strangle me.

Locking Jenke up
didn't make the nightmares stop.

Maybe knowing that he's
dead won't either.

Maybe you should see Dr. Tower.

I love you, Lucas, and I want you back.

Come on, Jenke, it's checkout time.

Keep that gun against his head. at Turner State Penitentiary,

where Max Jenke,
the most feared mass murderer

in this nation's history,
will be put to death.

Max Jenke, whose last request

was to be buried with the meat cleaver
he used to kill most of his victims,

the number of which sources
conservatively estimate at more than 110,

including seven police officers.

Hold it, Joe. Detective McCarthy,

you were involved in the Jenke
investigation from the beginning.

It must be a relief
to see him off the streets.


Are you happy that
Jenke will be executed?

I'm happy to see justice served.

You've been on leave
since Jenke's apprehension.

- Will you be back soon?
- Ah, yes. Excuse me.

Detective McCarthy how do you feel?

Are you glad he'll die?

Lucas McCarthy,
the man who captured Max Jenke.

Glad you could make it, cop.

Please, my son,
you need to make your peace.

May God have mercy on your soul.

Any last words, Jenke?

Blow it out your ass, pinhead.

All right, let's get on with this.

Your worst fuckin'
nightmare, Lucas. I'm it.

All that did was give me a hard-on.

- Increase the voltage.
- Yeah, increase the voltage, shithead!

We got to get out of here!

Lucas, I'm going
to tear your world apart.

I'm coming back to fuck you up.

- He's dead.
- Oh.

- You're sure nobody's been in here?
- Professor, I told you,

Nobody's been in here
since I brought Jenke in.

And you haven't heard or seen
anything unusual in here?

What are you talking about?

Power surges or electrical impulses.

Listen, professor, the only
thing in here are dead bodies.

The only power surges or electrical impulses
are the ones used to kill the fuck.

Well, it may not be that easy, doctor.

I've read some of your theories.
I think you're full of shit.

I don't know how you got the state
to let you do this "research",

but we sent 50,000 volts of juice
through that scum,

and he's one dead son of a bitch.

Well, I certainly hope so.

- Could I have a look now, please?
- He's all yours.

He looks pretty dead to me.

What are you doing?

Just satisfying my curiosity.

Look, I've got work to do. I don't have
time to watch you... take readings.

Call me when you're through.

- Scott McCarthy?
- Yeah.

Sign here.

"Leave a message at the beep"?
Vinnie, where are you? I need...

OK, great, Mary Ann.
I'll give you a call. OK. Bye-bye.

- Who was that?
- Mary Ann.

Mary Ann look a little like Don Johnson?

- Mom!
- Who was that at the door, honey?

It's OK. It was for me.

I don't want anyone over here tonight
when we're out.

- I'm 18 on Saturday.
- Well, you're still my baby.

You seen Cosmo?

He's probably chasing Scott
in the basement.


Kitty, kitty. Come on. Kitty?

Cosmo. Yummies.

Yummies, kitty.

Yummies. Come on.


Come on.




Come on, you little rat.
Come on, kitty.

Kitty, kitty.

Cosmo? Cosmo?

Come on, you little rat.
Come on. Kitty?


Useless chunk of metal.

Cosmo? I know you're in here.



How'd it feel today,
watching him die?

Well, the fucker didn't go down easy,
I'll say that for him.

He had half the juice in the state
going through him, and he kept coming.

It was unbelievable.

You have any guilts about this?

I would've paid to see that scum die.

- You feel better, then?
- Yeah.

I can get back to work
if you sign those release papers.

What's that? On your shin.

It's nothing. Just a scratch.

- Did you cut yourself?
- I don't know.

Let me see that. Open your shin.

- What the hell for?
- I want to see it.

- Just a second.
- What is that? How'd that happen?

I don't know.
It's just a thing.

You having that dream again?


Did he throw the cleaver?


You're Catholic, aren't you?


I thought for a minute
it might be a stigmata.

- Stigmata?
- Christ's wounds on the cross.

Saints are reported to have bled
from them. Other people, too.

I had an Irish cop last year
who shot a young boy.

He started bleeding from the palms
of his hands. Very strange phenomenon.

For Christ's sake. That's the
stupidest fucking thing I ever heard.

Are you going to sign
this thing for me, Doc, or what?

Yeah, I guess
I might as well get you started.

Thank you, Doc.

Put some soda water on that,
so that stain doesn't set.



- What's all this?
- It's Nestlé's Quik.

Two cases of chocolate,
one of strawberry.

- How will you pay for this?
- It's free. They sent it to me.


Because I told them I found rat hair in a
carton of their otherwise delicious product.

Scott, it's the fourth
delivery this month.

I have to talk to your
father about this.

He's not going to be real happy.

Mom, it's not that serious.

I mean, what's the problem here?

I just wish you wouldn't
rip off the entire world.

Hey. Excuse me, you're on my car.

Mr. McCarthy, I need to
talk to you. He's coming back.

- You were at the execution.
- It's Jenke. He's coming back.

- What the fuck are you talking about?
- It's not over yet...

I don't need this.
The guy is dead. He was fried.

That's the point, you see,
he's coming back for you.

- You're his link. His hatred...
- Are you a fucking nut?

No, listen to me. It's very important.
He knows what frightens you.

He'll eat at you any way he can.
He'll go through your family.

- Not my family.
- It's very important.

- Hey!
- Please, Mr. McCarthy...

Please, you gotta listen!

- Mom?
- You scared me, honey.

Sorry. So where's Daddy taking you?

I don't know. I told him it had
to be someplace cops don't eat.

- Have you seen my pink dress?
- Why?

I want to see if it still fits.

You're not dressing up for company?

Mom, I just want to see
if the dress fits. For my party.

It's probably in the basement.

And I still don't want
Vinnie coming over.

Thanks, Mom.

Dammit, Vinnie, you scared me!

Oh, sorry.

- You weren't due till eight.
- I couldn't wait.

I was overcome by desire.

I gotta get back upstairs.
I'll come down when they're gone.

- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- I promise.

- Besides, Vinnie?
- Mm-hm?

- Honey?
- Yeah?

It gets better the longer you wait.

Well... bigger, anyway.


I'm going to tear your world apart



This is just the beginning.

I'm still here.

I nailed your ass good, didn't I?

That's right, Lucas.

And now it's my turn to watch you die.

♪ I walked over late,
then I didn't knock

♪ I really should have knocked
but I turned the other way

♪ You know how much I walk

♪ I walk around a lot

♪ I son it out and set it straight

♪ But I can't pick the
right time to explain

♪ All the things I have done to our love

♪ All the things that happened because

♪ Of the things I have
done to our love... ♪

You left the front door unlocked.

- I didn't leave it open.
- Somebody brought these in.

The news said it took him
ten minutes to die.

- Mm-hm.
- Was it awful?

At least it's over now.

Vinnie? Where are you going?



Bonnie, where are you?

I'm watching you.

Come on, Bonnie, if you come out,
we could have a lot more fun.

Yeah, but doesn't it
make you horny knowing I'm watching?


That's kinky.

- Mm-hm.
- That's real kinky.

Take your pants down.

Baby, you are out there.

I love you, Vinnie. Do it for me.

- Please?
- OK.

I think I'm going to leave
some of this for you.

OK. Then unbutton your shirt.

Unbutton my shirt?

Is this what you want?


That's right. I love you, Vinnie.
Do it for me.

- I love you...
- Vinnie. Do it for me.

Oh, God!


And besides the Nestle's Quik,

the little con man has so much stuff under
his bed, I check before I go to the market.

Who's he get that from? You or me?

Don't answer that.

What is this stuff?

Two weeks off in Barbados,

- then back to active duty.
- That's great.

We can take those kids
that live in our house,

if you don't think
they'll cramp our style.

- Can I come and sit next to you?
- Yeah.

You know I love you?






Vinnie? I know you're here.

Come out, come out.



Now I've gotcha!

Scott? Bonnie?
We're home.

Good article?

Engrossing? Can't put it down?

I don't know.

If I was Elvis Presley,
I don't think I'd fake my own death

and move to Kalamazoo
just to eat at a Burger King, do you?

- I believe it.
- You would.



Did I catch you
with your pants down?

You can't hide from me, cop.

Who was that?

Wrong number.

- Jesus!
- Shh!

Never sneak up on a man
when he's blasting Metallica.

You almost gave me a heart attack.

Sorry. Help me look for Vinnie.

Why? I thought you had
a rendezvous in the basement.

He's not there.
I think he's in the house someplace.

Great! If Dad...
If Dad finds him, he'll kick his ass.

I know.


- Shh.
- OK.

Come on.


He might've just left, you know.

No. He likes me too much,
And besides, he was too horny.

I don't want to hear about this.


- Vinnie, this isn't funny.
- Jesus, Bonnie!

It's Dad!

- Why's he going downstairs?
- Vinnie.

Hey, Lucas...

I've seen your daughter.

She's pretty.

Real pretty.

You stay the fuck away
from my house and my family.

In fact, she looks good enough to eat.

You stay away from my daughter,
you piece of shit!

- Dad found Vinnie.
- Hope he doesn't hurt him.

Stay the fuck away!

- What are you kids doing up?
- What's going on here?

I thought I heard
something in the basement.


Oh, I...

Vinnie came over
while you guys were out.

And I guess Dad
found him in the basement.

- Is he down there?
- No, there's nobody in the basement.

I heard you talking to somebody.

I didn't talk to anybody, all right?

You kids go to bed now.
I told you I didn't want Vinnie here.

You're grounded. No arguments.
Now go to bed, both of you.


Mm, smells great, Mom.

Wow, that's some turkey, Mom.
Is it Thanksgiving?

I thought I'd cook your father's favorite,
and we could all have lunch together.

- Where is Dad?
- He's fixing the furnace.

I fixed it.

That was some power surge.
It shorted out the furnace, but I fixed it.

I think that thing's
got a mind of its own.

- Yeah, killer furnace.
- Give me one of those.

Why don't you get cleaned up?
Lunch is almost ready.

All right.
Give the music a rest, Scott.

What? I can't hear you.
The music's too loud.

Save it till after lunch.

Lose it, Scott!

How does he do that?

You know that I love you all.

Dig in.

Mary Ellen
didn't have a power surge.

Mary Ellen doesn't have
40-year-old wiring.

Or two short people
incapable of turning off lights.

Thank God!

- Imagine what her kids would look like?
- She's a nice lady.

Bonnie, are you going
to that concert with Vinnie?

I called him, but he
didn't return my calls.

- He's probably working with his dad.
- In the mortuary.

No, his parents are gone this weekend.

- I'm sure he'll call.
- I don't think so.

If I know Vinnie, he's probably
going out with Bobbie Sue,

- or Mimi with the "Look at my big boobies..."
- Scott!

- He'll call. Don't worry, baby.
- Thanks, Dad.

- Your grandpa always ate the drumstick.
- Wow, Mom, that's some cool trivia.

You remember?

Don't look now, cop,
but your family's dead.

“this big! And he did.
They were really huge, remember?

Just kidding.



I just don't like turkey, all right?

Oh, like George Bush's wife
doesn't look like his mom, right?

Come on. Dan Quayle's wife
doesn't look like Trigger?

Come on. Come on!

I was there for one
night, a one-night show.

This guy that picks me up at the airport,
one of these guys, you know,

"Halt! Who goes there?"

"Bobby Powell. I'm a comic.
I came to make people feel good."

Funny thing happened today -
I saw a lady and a baby hit by a truck.

So, I go into this bar,
and the bartender says...

“'Make me laugh.“ “Can I just get
to the airport? I'm a Virgo.

"Get to the airport
before I get to the airport?"

I say, "Martini for me,
Bloody Mary for my cleaver."

Bartender says,
"Sorry, Mary's off today."

But not all women
were born to be barmaids.

Take my wife...
and disembowel her, please.

My wife said, "I want a vacation.
Take me someplace I've never been."

I said, "The kitchen or the morgue?"

My psychiatrist said,
"Jenke, you're a homicidal maniac."

I wanted a second opinion.
He said, "You're ugly, too."

My wife likes to talk after sex.

Just last week,
she called me from Las Vegas.

Lucas, you haven't played Bang The Beaver
with the little woman for a long time.

She must be one horny little bitch.


Goddamn it!
I gotta know what's happening! I'm...

I'm seeing things.
I might be doing weird shit.

My wife is going to leave me.
I don't want to hurt my kids.

Am I crazy?

Am I?

You gotta tell me something
that makes sense.

I haven't been much help, have I?

I can't get Jenke out of my head.
If I could find him, I could deal with it.

Oh, God.

Fucking ass!

Don't fuckin' move.

You again?

Professor of what?

My name is Peter Campbell.
I'm a scientist.

- You're shadowing me.
- No. I'm trying to help you.

- You think you're going crazy.
- I do?

Max Jenke is not dead.


The electrocution, it...

it allowed him to move
from the material plane.

I know it sounds crazy, but...
I only want to help you.

Help me?
You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me.

You still here? Take a hike!

Look. I understand how you feel,
but we could help each other.

I'm so close. Look at this place.

Look where we are.
It's like being inside of Jenke's head.

This place is pure evil.

I know why I'm here.

How come you're here?

You know something?
You're really starting to piss me off.

But how are you going to help me?

When I was at Columbia,
I was working on a theory

of evil as a form of electromagnetic
energy, an electricity of evil.

That's why I got interested in Jenke.
He was the purest form of evil available.

Cut the bullshit!

Don't you get it? This is it.

- What?
- This is an electric chair.

He was practicing, like taking snake
venom to build up his immunity.

He can still interact with us. He can do
more damage than if he were alive.

In order to fight him, we've got
to bring him back here, use the same...

Hey, relax.

Electricity. We've gotta shoot him with
enough volts to bring him back here.

The longer he stays wherever he is,
the stronger he gets.

He can already manipulate our reality.

Shoot him with juice,

bring him back here,

then it's simply a matter
of blowing the motherfucker away.

Keep talking.

- Hello.
- Hey, babe!

Vinnie! Where have you been?

All over the place.

Sorry I had to leave, but I think I left
my wallet on the furnace in your basement.

Could you check for me, please?

Not unless you tell me
why you didn't call earlier.

I left you a surprise in the basement.

Vinnie? Vinnie?

Oh, Jesus.

Ahh! Vinnie.

No! Vinnie!

- Hold it. Open it up.
- Hey, stand back.

Open it up.

Oh, crap. Vinnie.

What happened, Hank?

Your daughter found
Vinnie's body in your basement.

He'd been cut in half.

- How's Bonnie?
- She's had a bad shock.

- I wanna talk to her.
- Christ, you can't talk to her now.

- Why not?
- Let's talk about it downtown.

You're going to arrest me, Hank?

Let's just say that I want
to ask you a few more questions.

I didn't do this!

I didn't do this!

Hank, get them out of the house.
Will you do that for me?

Please, Hank.

3:30am, September 25th.

I am preparing what I believe will be an
effective means of eliminating Max Jenke.

For some time now, I have believed
that the same electromagnetic energy

that released Jenke
can be used to bring him back

from whatever godforsaken
place he came from.

Using his focus,
Lucas McCarthy, as the bait,

I believe that I can successfully
lure Jenke to his destruction.

Tonight's experiments will...
will verify the validity of my theory.

Interesting theory,
Professor Campbell...

but there are definitely flaws.

Oh, my God.

What about this Campbell guy?
Can he give you an alibi?

- No.
- Did he kill the kid?

I told you, no.

Well, what's the connection?
What does he have to do with the murder?


How long have I known you?
15 years?

Here in my gut,
I know you're good people.

But I also gotta tell you,
you're in this neck-deep and sinking.

That's head-warming -
you guys going back a long time,

but it doesn't mean shit!

What I got ls pieces of Vinnie Capparelli
plastered all over your basement!

And your own son and daughter
heard you and Capparelli...

I was not talking to Vinnie.

What, the ghost story again?

- Are we through yet?
- No, we're not through.

I can vouch for this man.

This is a good cop.

Well, I don't know him.

You could be Charlie fucking Manson
for all I know except for his word,

and I don't even know you!

- How long you been on the force?
- 19 years.

Been cited for bravery seven times.

- Worked your way up from the street, huh?
- That's right.

Oh, you're a tough guy, a real hero.

What's the point?

You knew Vinnie was slipping the stones
to your little girl, right?

No, that's not right.

What - he wasn't fuckin' her
or you didn't know?

Get the fuck outta my face.

No, I'm staying the fuck in your face
until you tell me the truth!

Now, you came home and you found
this kid with his dick in his hand,

- and you got pissed off!
- Fuck you.

He talked back to you.
He came at you. He picked up something.

What did he do? threaten you?

Fuck me?

Did he say fuck me? No! Fuck you!

Lucas, maybe you thought
it was a burglar.

A man has a right
to protect his home and family.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Thanks, but no thanks.

- We're just trying to help.
- You wanna help me?

Get this sweaty prick off my back.

Fine, but you lock
one thing up here, OK?

I got one murder. I got one suspect.

They teach you math at the academy?

I'm just an internal
affairs officer, OK?

You know what it means
to be in internal affairs?

It means every time some cop goes bad,

I get it up the ass
from the boys downtown,

and I gotta go downtown now!

- You're breaking my heart.
- Fine.

Look, I didn't ask for this fuckin' job,
but I got it and I got good at it.

I taught myself to learn one thing, one
truth, and that is that we're all guilty.

The only thing that counts
is whether you get caught.

Now process this, asshole!

You got all the Campbell stuff, Hank?

- Yeah.
- It's in your court. I'm counting on you.

We'll knock this thing.

Excuse me.

My God, what a nightmare. To be a cop
and be arrested by your own kind.

Who are you?

Oh, excuse me. I'm Michael Jameson.
I'm your court-appointed attorney.

My card.

I can only imagine what would happen
if you were sent to prison.

Get me to a judge.
I want to make bail.

Well, under the circumstances, I'm
afraid that's going to be impossible.

You don't understand, I want to get
out of here. I want to go home now.

I told you I'd be back.


You sick bastard!

- Who are you? What do you want?
- I'll have you inside out, little girl.

♪ All the things I have done to our love

♪ All the things

♪ That happened because

♪ Of the things I have
done to our love... ♪


I got a present for you.


- Are you OK?
- I'm freezing to death.

- All right. What about Campbell?
- We just brought him in.

- What did he say?
- In a body bag.

Oh... shit!

That internal affairs asshole
wants to charge you with both murders.

Charge me? I'm going home.

Campbell was killed with a meat clever
like that Vinnie kid.

- I'm going home.
- Lucas, this IA guy is pushing hard.

The judge won't even set bail.

This guy's got my family.
I can feel it in my bones!

What the hell are you talking about?


Lucas, for Christ's sake, he's dead.
You gotta let that rest!

I'm going home. You're either
with me or you're against me.

Now, just a...!

♪ Hush, little baby, don't you cry ♪

♪ You know your mama was born to die ♪

♪ All my trials, Lord ♪

♪ Will soon be over ♪

I got the cat fixed for you, lady.



Scott. Get up, buddy.

Come on, buddy. Hey.


Oh, shit...




Help me.

Baby. You've gotta get up, honey.

Daddy, I'm scared.

- Of what, baby?
- Help me.

- We've gotta get out of here.
- I can't, I'm scared.

Of what?

Oh, baby!


- Daddy!
- No!

Bitch is even more fun than her mother!

Daddy! No, Daddy!

Help me! Daddy, no!

Oh, God, help me!

Oh, God!

Daddy, help me!


Oh, God.


Where's your mother?

- Jenke's taken her.
- Where's your mother, baby?

- He's got Mommy, Daddy.
- Oh, Scott.

What's happening? Please help us.

I'm going to find your mother.
Everything's going to be OK.

Everything's going to be OK.


is a trick.

I'm coming for her, Jenke.

I'm coming for my wife,
you son of a...


Jenke! You want to play?
Let's play.

Come on!

Come on!

You want a war? Come on!

Why don't you come out here
and kiss my ass?

Jenke! Come on, asshole!


Asshole! Come on! Jenke!

Yah! Jenke!

You want me? Come and get me!

Come on!

Lucas, electricity from the plant...

Use it. Bring him back...

And blow the asshole away.




Too late again, mister.

Hey! No, no, no!

Oh, Jesus!

Oh, man.

Lucas, look out!

Goddamn it!

Your bitch is still alive.

I thought you might
want to watch me work.

That's far enough, asshole.

- Let her go.
- Why would I want to do that?

Take me, Jenke. Let her go.

I've already got you and
your family, you stupid fuck.

So, family man, how do you
like it on the other side?

- Let her go, Jenke.
- Get on your knees!

Why don't you crawl over here
and lick my boots?

Don't do it, Lucas.

- It's OK, baby.
- Lick the fucking floor!


Not even close, bitch!

I want my children.

Fuck the children!

Lucas! This isn't finished!

Come on.

- What are you doing?
- Come on. Come here.

We've got to get the power on.
It's the only way to stop him.

- I don't understand.
- Trust me.

Don't touch him!

The wire! Use the wire!

Back the fuck off, bitch!

Get down!

Fuck you!

I hope that's it. We're full up.

- That's everything.
- Check the basement.

- Ah, Dad!
- You might have left something behind.

- Mr. McCarthy?
- Yeah.

- Scott McCarthy?
- That's me.

I've got something
to talk to you about, young man.

All right!

I've been with Uncle Tex for 15 years,
and we never had this happen.

Uncle Tex gives you
his personal apology.

He personally inspected the hands
of every Tex's employee.

Well, they've all got two good ones.

Uncle Tex gives you
his personal assurance

that the object you found in our chilli
was not a human thumb,

and he hopes you will accept this five-year
supply of chilli - complimentary.

And if you're ever
in Texas, look us up, you hear?

- You got it.
- Dad!

- Mom! Dad!
- What?

What, baby?

You'll never believe this!
Look who I found!

Oh, baby! Let me get a picture.


♪ I walked over late, then I didn't knock

♪ I really should have knocked
but I turned the other way

♪ You know how much I walk

♪ I walk around a lot

♪ I'd sod it out and set it straight

♪ But I can't pick the
right time to explain

♪ All the things I have done to our love

♪ All the things

♪ That happened because of the things

♪ I have done to our love

♪ All the things I have done to our love

♪ Times we live in make love so very hard

♪ When we both work for thieves

♪ And every little grief is a major problem

♪ By the end of any week

♪ All we would do is to add it onto

♪ All the things we have done to our love

♪ All the things

♪ What were we thinkin' of?

♪ All the things we have done to our love

♪ All the things we have done to our love

♪ Love collapses, realigns

♪ It dominates the weak

♪ Endearing traits turn to decoration

♪ They turn into mistakes

♪ Who kids who? Neither grieves

♪ We both did the burying

♪ Bit by bit, we tore into it

♪ Then abandoned the remains

♪ I walked over late

♪ I knew I wouldn't knock

♪ If love deserves to be ideal

♪ Well, then it has no room for us

♪ We deserved it better

♪ We deserved a break

♪ But if love's so very just

♪ Why was there such distrust?

♪ What was it that stood in the way?

♪ All the things I have done to our love

♪ All the things that I have become

♪ All the things I have done to our love

♪ All the things

♪ That happened because of the things

♪ I have done to our love

♪ All the things

♪ What were we thinkin' of?

♪ All the things I have done to our love

♪ All the things I have done to our love ♪