The Holy Innocents (1984) - full transcript

Somewhere in the spanish country, in the 60s. Paco and his wife RĂ©gula are very poor. They work as tenant farmers for a very wealthy landowner. They have 3 children. One is backward. The others can not got to school because the master "needs" their work. When Regula's brother is fired from where he has worked for 61 years, he settles down at their little place... An attack against the archaism of the spanish country of the 60s.


A cup of coffee.

Nieves! Nieves!

"B" and "a" reads "ba",
"b" and "e" reads "bi"...

...with "i", you say "bi" or "bai",
with "o" we say "bou"...

- Go on.
... "c" and "a" reads "sei"...

...with "e", we say "si",
with "i", we say "si"...

..."c" and "o" read "sou",
with "u", we say "su".

That is wrong.

"C" and "a" do not read "sei"...

...but "kei", with "o", it is not
"sou", but "kou"...

...and with "u", it is "ku".
- Why is that, father?

It sounds like nonsense
but Master Lucas says...'s because of Grammar.

You'll have to ask the
scholars why.

"G" and "a" reads "ga",
with "i", it's "yi"... a horse.
I guess it's Grammar.

If "c" and "i", reads "si"...

...and "s" and "i" reads "si" too,
why do we need both?

Ask the scholars.

- And now "d".
- "D" and "a" reads "dei"...

...with "e", it's "de" or "di"...

With a little knowledge, you'll
be able to avoid poverty.

This girl is very bright.

She's got her sister's
talent as well as her own.

What sister?

The "Tiny Girl", who else?

What are you thinking of?

Keep still, Paco,
our Quirce is awake.

Keep still, Paco,
I am not in the mood.

- They have your talent.
- Talent is not in there.

Paco, keep still.

God bless you,
R?gula, sleep well.

Pretty kite.

Pretty kite!

You were not a coward, kite.

- Fetch the pray, Azar?as.
- OK.

Paco... are you?
- Fine, Mr. Pedro.

- What about your family?
- They are fine.

One of these days I'll ask you
to bring your family up... the farmhouse, you've
been in "Raya" enough.

R?gula and I would be most

...the kids could go to school.

Any day.



Pretty kite.

The kite is ill, young master.

It's old, Azar?as.

- We must find a new chicken.
- But it's our kite, young master.

All birds are alike!

Young master, can I get the
magician from the town?

The magician? Azar?as,
you have expensive needs...

...if we have to find a
magician, just for a bird.

Don't laugh like that,
young master, I beg you.

Your brother is coming.

- I can't see anyone.
- Your brother is coming, R?gula.

Take this away, you hear me?

- Where are you going?
- I'm going to celebrate a burial.

Our Nieves will go to school.
She's bright, she'll go far.

We'll see about that.

The boys can work,
that will help.

We'll see about that.

The house has got
one more room...

...we can be young again.

Pretty kite.

Well, this is what there is.


We'll take the things in.

Good morning, Mr. Pedro.
We are here to serve you.

Good morning.
Anything new from "Raya"?

- No, Mr. Pedro.
- What about your wife?

R?gula, you must open the gate
as soon as you hear the car.

Masters don't notify and
they don't like waiting.

- To serve, that is our duty.
- Take the turkeys out at dawn.

It's my brother in law. He's
working at the farmhouse...

..."La Jara", just spending
some days here.

Take the turkeys out and
rake the farmyard...

...that smell is unbearable.

Mrs. Is kind, but she
likes everything tidy.

To serve, that's our duty.

- Anything else, Mr. Pedro?
- This has nothing to do with..., it's a woman's issue, but...
- What is it, Mr. Pedro?

I mean the girl. She could
help my wife in the house.

She is too tired to do
all the housework.

We wanted to send'em
to school.

She doesn't like the work,
right? Well, she's grown up now.

Look how she's blossomed.

- At your command, Mr. Pedro.
- She'll have all she needs.

If you agree, then,
we'll expect her tomorrow.

She can sleep here,
so you don't miss her...

...she won't miss you either.

I pee on'em so they don't
get no chapped.

One, two, three...

...four, five, six..., eight, nine...

...ten, eleven, forty-three...



What's wrong, Azar?as?

Are you ill?

Fetch the "Tiny Girl".

She's filthy.

Fetch her.

Pretty kite.

Pretty kite.

How long will you be here?

Are you silly?

What's wrong?

- The young master sacked me.
- He sacked you?

But why?

He says I'm old.

He can't say that.

You've grown old with him.


Good day to you, young master.

Master, Azar?as says
you sacked him.

Who are you? Who gave you
any say in the matter?

I'm Azar?as' brother in law,
from the marchioness' farmhouse.

I'm one of Crespo's underlings.

I see.

Azar?as isn't lying, I sacked'him.

A bloke who pees in his hands!

I can't eat a chick
he's plucked.

That's disgusting.

And if he doesn't pluck'em what
good is an old man who hasn't...

...anything in here?

You are right, young master,
but think about it...

...he grew up here, on
St. Eutiquious he'll be 61.

Since he was a kid.

Anything except raise your voice.

If I put up with him for 61
years, I deserve a prize.

I can't have an abnormal peeing
and what not at every corner...

...and in his hands, before he
plucks the chicks.


Yes, I understand. But at home...

...with two rooms and three
kids, we don't all fit.

Sorry, this isn't an asylum.

That's what family
is for, isn't it?

If you say so...

Don't use more manure.

Go and look for another task.

- What about this?
- Take it to its place.

Again, R?gula!
Your brother is useless.

What do you want me to do?
What a burden!

Around the big house,
wherever, whenever...

...he pulls his pants down
and he "relieves himself".

You can deal with ma'am
He's worse than "Tiny Girl".

Here, uncle, count this.

One, two, three, four...

...five, six, seven, eight, nine...

...ten, eleven, forty-three...
- Begin again, uncle.

Laughing at an innocent old
man is offending God.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven...

...eight, nine, ten...

Go with "Tiny Girl",
only she understands you.

Give me that.

- Master Iv?n will soon be here.
- Who said so?

It's around the time.



Look what I got you.

Bring feed and water.
And water!

Pretty kite.

Pretty kite.

Wait for me later.

Hello, Quirce.

I hardly recognize you.

- Are you going to the farmhouse?
- I'll take the bus at no 1.

I wanted to have lunch
with you.

- Why did you quit your job?
- I prefer working at the factory...

...and not have to clean the
filth others leave.

- I want to work in Madrid.
- Have you got a job?

I'll find one.

They are very lonely since
"Tiny Girl" passed away.

- Did you know she'd died?
- You wrote to me.

How did it happen?

Passengers to Villafranca
and Almendralejo!



Who is it?

- It's Nieves.
- Come here.

Come nearer.

What are you scared of?

Let me see your hands.

Go away.

Are you going to stay there?

- Mr. Pedro told me to help you.
- That's what you came for.

Clean the kitchen,
sweep the floors...

...and cook lunch for my

Manage on your own,
I'm not getting up.

If he comes, tell him not to
disturb me, I have a headache.

Even if you don't believe it,
I wasn't sure of the charge.

Our Iv?n came one day with two
cartridges and an old shotgun...

...and he told me: "Every night, put
cartridges in and take them out...

...through the shotgun barrel,
50 or 100 times...

...and if you are the quickest,
with your sense of smell...

...and your memory, everybody
will se you as an underling.

A month after I went to see
him and said: "Ivancito...

...I'll put the cartridges in and
take them out in a flash. "

He said: "I'll have to see that,
Paco, don't show off. "

When he aew me he said:
"OK, keep it up. "

So every night, I did,
ris, ras! Ris, ras!

And your mum got restless,
and said I was a fool.

He took to hunting very young.

Mistress said it was crazy.

During the day, at night,
in wintertime, in the summer...

And in 1943, during the beating,
on "Racial Day"...

...everyone was amazed. Ivancito
among the three first ones.

At times, he had four
dead birds in the air.

Incredible! A thirteen-year
old boy...

...nex to the best shots
in Madrid.

By that time he had got
used to me.

Your mother called to settle the
First Holy Communion plans...

...and to see if you were here.
About 30 people are...

...expected to attend. Purita
is in charge of everything.

- Did Paco return?
- Yes, some weeks ago.

Your mother sent the musician.
He'll try the organ... hasn't been played since
your wedding.

I must take the liberty of asking
you to prepare the rooms... your wife coming?
- Where is Paco?

In the guard's hut.

He's off today,
he's coming with me.

My wife isn't coming.



Master Iv?n wantes you.

Tired of running, aren't you?
Getting old, you sissy.

Who is that?

- He's my brother in law.
- What a family you have!

What do you think of him?
He's grown up, isn't he?

- It's Quince, isn'it?
- Yes.

Look afeter the boy, you are
getting old and I need an underling.

- Good bye R?gula!
- Good bye young master!

We are going to the country
on Sunday, let's speak.

When was the last time
you washed?

That's only for gentlemen.

Water is cheap, you swaine.

I pee on'em so they
don't get chapped.

You are making misery and
you give the girl fleas.

Old bag!

- Lazybones!
- Old bag!


I have to look after you
as if you were a baby.

You are lucky!
I'd like to eat like this always.

Do you prefer chicken breast?

Funny question your wife's!

- Don't serve me any sauce.
- It's almond sauce.

That's why, I don't like it.

Thank you.

This breast is enough for me.

Go on, Pedro, laugh,
you are very serious.

22 partridges and Paco killed
them all. He's unique.

22? We could serve them
at the banquet.

Good idea.

Pedro, tell the musician to be
quiet, I want to sleep.

He'll play at the Holy Communion.
Your mother asked him to.

If he plays like that,
the bishop will run away.

Don't you think so, Purita?

I love music!

- What are you laughing at?
- At you.

Why do you speak like that?
"I love music!"

Where do you think you are?
You read too many novels.


Go on Pedro,
tell him to shut up.

I'll also tell them to
sweep the chapel.

- What are you doing here?
- It's for the ki-te.

- You've broken a sack, idiot!
- Go away!

Besides being a thief,
you are abnormal! Out!


I'll speak to your brother in law.
I'll get rid of you!

We won't put up with
your filth.

The Marchioness arrives at noon.
Have everything ready.

My wife is unwell,
you'll have to do it alone.

There was trouble last night!
He almost whipped her...

...and she said: "If you do,
you'll never see me again. "

You don't care about that,
you know it.

Hear, see and keep quiet.

- Where were you?
- Your brother peed again.

- Where?
- Over there.

- Don't look!
- Oh, my goodness!


The ring.

- Your ladyship...
- Hello, Purita.

We'll go to the chapel first.
In the musician here?

Yes, your ladyship.

- How is your family, Facundo?
- Healthy, thank God.

- Is it bigger?
- It wasn't God's will this year...

...we still have eight.
- Make it nine.

God will provide, have faith.
Are the pigs growing well?

After the plague, everything
was OK. Thank goodness.

I won't leave without seeing
them. And the children.

Here you are, celebrate my
return at your house.

And here is a surprise.

For the grandson's
First Holy Communion.

Thank you.

- Your ladyship...
- I'm glad to see you.

You abandoned us,
while at "La Raya".

- What about your husband?
- He's hunting with Master Iv?n.

- So as not to lose custom.
- Always together, aren't they?

Take your husband's part
so you celebrate my return.

- Thank you, your ladyship.
- Boy, keep still.

- Where did you get that jewel?
- She's Paco "Bajo's" daughter.

Purita taught her in a month.
She's very clever.

Miriam, did you see that girl?

I think she's got too much... here,
but she's not bad.

I we "polish" her a bit,
she'd be a good maid.

Purita, we are conspiring
against you.

- Why, your ladyship?
- We are talking about the girl.

Your ladyship, you have
your own staff.

R?gula, be careful with
the yard, it stinks.

Yes, ma'am.
I'm here to please.

I don't know you,
who are you?

He is my brother.
Stand up, lad.

- Where did you find him?
- He was at "La Jara".

He was sacked.

He'd be better off in
a charitable body.

A son of my mother won't die
in an asylum, while I live.

What wrong does he here?
The farmhouse is big.

I look after the geraniums
every morning.

- That's good.
- A night I keep the owl...

...out of the'ouse. So he
doesn't bother no one.

Keep the owl out!
What is he talking about?

Our Azar?as ain't bad, ma'am,
just a bit innocent.

Now I'm breedin' a kite.

- He does many things.
- Come and see the kite, ma'am.

Don't wait for me, mum!

Tidy that up, later we
lose things.

She is pretty, ain't she?

- What's that?
- It's "Tiny Girl".

Can a girl shout in such a way?


- Oh, My God!
- I'm waiting for you.

I'm sorry.

Mr. Pedro, she's not here,
I searched the house.

- Didn't she was going?
- Where would she go?

- You should know.
- I know nothing, Mr. Pedro.

- OK.
- Can I return to the chapel?

- This looks like a burial.
- The service has begun.

- What do you intend to do?
- Another scene?

Slut! You slut!

"Come up, girl to the
balcony. Come up.

You look like dawn when you
come out. Come up.

Wearing that choker and
those bow earrings... are like a queen,
coming out from her palace.

You are like a queen,
coming out from her palace. "

- Long live her ladyship!
- Hurrah!

- May she live long!
- Hurrah!

- Long live master Carlos Alberto!
- Hurra!

Thank you, my dears.

The boy isn't coming,
because he's asleep.

- Long live master Carlos Alberto!
- Hurrah!

- Long live her ladyship!
- Hurrah!

A picture, please.

- Move closer.
- Azar?as.

Keep still, just a moment.
Get closer. Right.

Keep still, please.

I'll take another one.

- My kite'as escaped!
- Leave her.

I don't want my kite
to go nowhere.

Hey, pretty kite!

Pretty kite!

Come'ere, kite!

Pretty kite!



His kite has fled!

She ain't happy with me.

Biting the hand that feeds you!

Pretty kite.

My pretty kite.


R?gula, Quirce is coming!

My Quirce!

Have one of these.

We are alone now,
but we are OK.


Though nobody comes here.

We don't need it anyway.

- Did you see our Nieves?
- Yes, I did.

I was offered a job as a
mechanic, by an army mate.

You'll accept?

What happened to "Tiny Girl"?

- In springtime.
- She spent the day screaming.

She fell down at night.

When your father got up...

...she was already dead.

She was asleep.

Like an angel.

Only came to say good bye,
father, I'm off tomorrow.

Go to bed.

Tomorrow I'll go hunting and
you'll have a good lunch.

It's OK, I'll take them off.




- Let go, young master!
- Keep still, Paco!

Please, let go!

Let me go to fetch them!

If you go before time,
I'll shoot you!

No kidding.

- How many?
- Forty.

Go for them!

Don't miss any!

Not even the finest dog,
would do what he does, Iv?n.

- That's mine!
- You're kidding!

The partridge you shot next
to the bank of the stream...

...well, Facundo took it from me,
he says it's his master's.

Facundo! Facundo, come here!

How come Iv?n shoots 40
partridges and you get them all?

I remember'em.

The bird near the stream
is mine!

My master shot another one
down there.

I saw it, Facundo,
and I'm always right.

Don't annoy me!

You know that it pisses me off
when people take my birds!

Give my bird to Paco!

What about the one my
master shot?

- What the hell do I care!
- Where did it "swig"?

Over there.

Come here. It's worth it.

The feathers are here.
It left "featherless".

It was going that way.
It must be next to that rush...

...or maybe in those bushes, it
can't be far. Have a look.

Paco, why can't it be
anywhere else?

Partridges don't lead away from
the furrow when hiding.

Come on, let's have another
go before lunch.

Paco! R?gula!

- Paco!
- I'm coming!

- Master Iv?n wants you.
- What does he want?

I don't know. You have to go
with Ceferino.

Quick, he's calling.

What does he want?

You are a left-wing,

There aren't illiterate people
any more, it's not 1936.

No need to quarrel,
you can see for yourself.

Things have changed now.

A good afternoon to you.

They were illiterate some time
ago. But you'll see now.

Paco, take the pen and
write your name.

Properly, Paco.

Do it well, national
dignity is at stake.

Ambassador, though you may
not believe it, we do as...

...much as we can to "redeem"
these people, in this country.

Be quiet! Don't distract him!

It's your turn now, Ceferino.

Have a go, R?gula. Women too.
We are all the same here.


Tell them about it in Paris or
where you bloody well like!

You judge us nastily!

This woman signed with her
thumb, until recently.

You can leave now. Well done.

God bless you, masters.

How I made it run, Paco!

- Did you have a shit?
- Not yet.

- But I'll feel like it.
- Come on, be quick.

Come on, Paco, the kite
is waiting.

Did you have a shit?

We'll be here till dawn.
I don't care if the kite dies.

Don't say that, Paco.

From now on, I'll bring you
here at night... won't do it over there.
That's the deal.

The kite is waiting.

We fucked it, master Iv?n!
I left the hoods at home.

Blind fold the pidgeon, go on.

Shall I make it a hood out
of the handkerchief?

Didn't you hear me?

A flock of ringdoves, Paco,
calm them down.

- A couple!
- Be quiet, you poof.

- Another two!
- Shut your mouth.

- One escaped.
- Can't you shut up, poof?

Blind fold all the pidgeons,
the light gets in with...

...those hoods and the animals
don't act.

Are you tired, Paco?
You can't fool age, can you?

Considering what you were like!

You poof, you almost
squashed me!

Did you hurt yourself?

My leg has gone silly,
I can't move it.

You can't move it?

Don't be aprehensive, it's
worse if you let it cool.

I can't, master, it's broken...

...I felt the bone break.

What a nuisance!

Who will tie the pidgeon for me?

Maybe our Quirce, my son,
he's skillful, he'll be useful.

Are you sure you can't
move, Paco?

I find it difficult, master.


Calm them down.

That about your father has
made me nervous, I never miss.

- It could be.
- Well of course it could be!

- What I say is enough!
- Lf you say so...



Bloody hell!

- How are you, Paco?
- Not too well.

It's a bad break,
didn't you hear the bone?

I have never missed as many
pidgeons as today.

What must your son think?

It's the nerves, master Iv?n.

Do you think it's normal I miss
a bird right next to me?

Could anyone miss a pidgeon
from here to the door?

He's my brohter in law,
you've met.

- Did he pluck them?
- Can he pluck pidgeons?

He has done it all his life.

When you pluck them, take
them to Mrs. Purita.

We are going to the doctor to
see about your leg.

On the 22nd., we beat.

Does it hurt?

No need for X-rays,
it's the fibula.

- What?
- It's broken.

On the 22nd. We have a
beating, I need him.

I'm telling you the problem,
you do as you wish.

- You are the "donkey's" master.
- What a nuisance!

Injuries like this are not
serious, but annoying.

I'm afraid you'll have to
find another underling.

I was lucky, I guess,
when the poof fell...'s a wonder he didn't
kill me.

You must stand this,
it'll hurt, Paco.

Manolo, is there anything you
could do, so he's OK on 22nd?

The 22nd isn't far off, and this
man needs almost 45 days... plaster. With a bit of
luck, in 10 days...

...he'll be able to walk
on crutches.

It's hard luck, master Iv?n.

He didn't want to go with
the kites, right Quirce?

Can you teach birds?

- He's scared.
- It's normal, he doesn't know me.

Isn't it coming down?


Pretty kite.

Pretty kite.

- Paco.
- Yes?

Would your brother in law
make a good underling?

He's OK for pidgeons, but a
bit slow for partridges.

Damn, Paco, move!
You are like a handicaped!

- It's easy saying, master.
- The 22nd will be soon.

- It's worse for me, master Iv?n.
- Pooh! That's a damn lie!

Will is power, you must try.
Even if it hurts.

If you don't, you'll
be handicaped, OK'.

When I tred on it...'s as if they sawed it.

Have guts, Paco.

- You must come on the 22nd.
- I don't think so, master Iv?n.

Of course you will,
make an effort.


Come on.

Get up, Paco.

We'll be careful, don't worry.

Pay attention, gentlemen!
An applause for my underling.

He didn't want to miss the
beating of the season!

It'd been worse if you
had broken your nose.

- Sorry, I can't take my hat off.
- That's OK, Paco.

- Will it be a nice day?
- Well...

It's a foggy morning, like last
night, I think there'll be prey.

- Be careful, master Iv?n.
- We'll return him in one piece.

Go for them.

Master Iv?n, he's broken his
bone again, I felt it.

- What shall we do now, Paco?
- My leg, master.

This is too much, Paco.

It's worse for me, master.
It has broken again.

Try standing up.

Is wish I could, but the
bone is broken again.

You shoul'd've taken care!
The Minister is 5 birds ahead!

It's very painful, master.

Crespo will take you home.
Stop whining.

Your father caught them
for you. Don't scorn at them.

- You have time, eat something.
- No.

- Will you go by the city?
- Yes.

Take this, it's for uncle.

Uncle, this is from mother.

It's broken again.
Of course, it wasn't healed.

- You shouln't move it.
- So, what will I do tomorrow?

It's up to you, if you want
to injure the poor man...'s all up to you.
- What rotten luck!

Paco, who's coming with me,
your son or your brother in law?

What's the one with the
pidgeon called?

- Quirce, young master.
- Find me if I'm needed.

- Thank you, Manolo.
- Don't move.

- Who is coming with me?
- Quirce is a field expert...

...he knows more than anyone.
- But he's not too talkative.

That's the way he is.

What do they want?
They're never happy.

I'd show them a war.
They've never lived like now...

...Do you know what Paco's
son did to me?

When the hunt was over,
I gave him 100 pesetas...

...and he said, "No, thanks".
I told him it was to...

...have a few drinks,
and he rejected it.

I remember his father saying,
not so long ago...

..."Thanks, master Iv?n", or
"Thank you so much, master".

It was respectful. It seems now
youngsters don't accept...

...hierarchy Minister,
I might be wrong...

...but we must all
accept hierarchy.

Ones above, and others below.
That's life, isn't it?

R?gula, did you see Mrs. Purita
going out?

No, sir.
She didn't go out the gate.

Only master Iv?n's car
left last night.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely sure.

Master Iv?n's car left,
he was alone, he said:

...he said:

..."R?gula, take care
of this man.

I'll be back for the pidgeons at
the end of the month. "

That's what he said.
I opened the door and he left.

Did you look in the back seat...

...maybe by chance...

...there was a raincoat,
some clothes...

...a suitcase, or?

- I didn't look.
- Think before you answer.


Couldn't Mrs. Pura have been
in the car. Lying down...

...on the back seat,
covered by a coat?

Master Pedro, I only saw
Master Iv?n.

Father, last night I saw Mrs.
Purita holding master Iv?n.

Be quiet, girl. Does anyone
know you saw them together?

- No, it was past 12 o'clock.
- Don't say a thing, OK?

In masters'matters, you:
"Hear, listen and keep quiet. "

Yes, we quarrelled as
other nights.

But, R?gula swears she
didn't see her leaving... did she leave?
- She could've got into the boot...

...of my car, it's very big.
Without me seeing her, of course.

And get off a Cordovilla,
I stopped for petrol...

...or maybe in Madrid.

I'm very distracted, so
I wouln't have noticed.

Of course, Iv?n, naturally
it could've been like that.

You always think the worse,
you always imagine dramas.

Purita loves you.

Your concience is clear,
you can sleep well.

How is that leg going?
I forgot to ask you before.

Well, bit by bit.

I bet you don't have the guts
to go out tomorrow.

- Are you kidding?
- No, I'm not. I'm serious.

I don't joke about hunting.

And what about your son...

I don't like it, it's as if he
was doing me a favour.

If I'm not well, I prefer
not to go out.

Master Iv?n, where can
I go like this?

How is your brother in law,
the retarded one?

You said he was OK
with pidgeons.

Azar?as! Azar?as!

Master Iv?n wants to take
you tomorrow to help.

- With the kite?
- No, with the blind pidgeons.

You must tie them to the
top of the oak, move them...

- As I did at "La jara"?
- Exactly.

Keep still, don't move it yet!
There are no birds!

What a morning!


There they are! Calm them down!

They don't want it!
The bloody things!

Come down, Azar?as, we are
going to "Alis?n".

I think they want to be there.

Azar?as, come down, let's
hope we are lucky tomorrow.

What bloody bastards!

Don't shoot, master! It's the kite!
For Heaven's sake, don't shoot!

Don't worry. I'll get you
another one.

Understand me, I was angry.

All morning without "hiting".

It's dead, it's dead,
the kite, master.

Don't be upset, we've got
loads of carrion like this.

Do you need anything else?

"Tiny Girl" is crying... because
master'as killed my kite.

Come on, you poof!
Can't you see the pidgeons?

What are you going to do?

Pretty kite. Pretty kite.

Pretty kite.