The Hole (2009) - full transcript

Susan and her sons Dane and Lucas Thompson move from Brooklyn to Bensonville, in the countryside. Dane is upset with the constant changes of address and the family has lived in many cities. Lucas and Dane befriend their next door neighbor, the gorgeous Julie and the brothers find a bottomless hole in the basement of their house locked with several padlocks. They take the locks off and soon they are haunted by their darkest fears. Further, they believe that the hole might be a gateway to hell.

.:: HOLE::.
Mom, Dane just said stinks.
Don't say stink Dane.
I thought you said that this wasn't that different from the last place?
It will be! Once we get our stuff moved in.
Yeah except for the 2,000 mile walk to go hang out with my friends.
You will make new friends.
Better friends.
Got the biggest room.
Well! This was nice of someone.
Oh that's so sweet. Did Aunt Bee bake us a pie?
This place sux (sucks).
Hey, There's a basket in the street.
Let's go play.
What the hell's your problem?
Let's go play!
Go have fun.
Hi, I'll play with you honey.
You know? Forget it.
This is a change for Lucas too okay?
- Are you joking me? - No, I'm not.
All you have to do is put him in his room and put on cartoons.
And he's fine.
And perhaps spend a little bit more time with him. What do you say?
Any more time and I... I'll probably strangle him.
What happen to the old Dane, I used to know that would
draw rainbows and people with smiley faces on them?
I grew up.
Did ya?
But please do not to take this out on Lucas, okay?
It is not his fault that we had to move.
I had to do it. I could not take a chance.
I am sorry about your friends.
I'm sorry about having to move again.
but I would really like this to workout.
I would like you to help me make it work.
It means no more fighting no more trouble at school.
I need you to be better then the things you have seen.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means, I would like us to be happy. Okay?
We could all use a little bit more happy in our lives.
See this... I'm very happy. I am.
That's great...
It's not too bad... We're make it work?
There's another box in the back of the truck. Honey, if you would get it please?
This one? - Yeah. That's good.
Dane why did you bring this?
To help Lucas build his Bozo phobia.
Shut up God. - Mom, Lucas just said, "Shut up."
Do the two of you realise that you're embarrassing yourselves in front of our new neighbour?
Better than Mr. Hide walking in Clark Street in boxers. Doesn't it?
Hey, Dane! Where do you want me to put your Jonah's record CD's?
Oooh... You're into such trouble.
What new?
That goes in the basement, sweetie!
Thanks! - Okay!
- Why do you baby him so much? - Why? You jealous?
You okay, kid? - Yeah...
Just go talk to him. He said he was sorry.
I'm so done with him.
You've been saying that since the fifth grade. - I know right.
Okay you guys, call me if there's any problems.
but I don't want any problems. So please don't call me.
I need this stuff to go well.
Are we cool?
Promise me the both of you.
Scout's honor.
Dane... I hate to tell you this but you were never a scout. My friend.
Actually I thought about once because of the cookies. - Because a girl scouts losing.
I love you. Don't pester your brother, okay?
- Good luck, Mom. - Thank you.
And guys! Do things together. Two of you. Please ... Dane.
See you guys later!
Let's go throw.
I'm busy. - Doing what?
Nothing. Go away.
C'mon! You can stare at her outside. Okay!
I said I'm busy. Now get outta here. I don't feel like it.
You never feel like it.
No. No.
I will kill you.
New neighbors.
I'm Lucas. We just moved here.
Hi, Lucas. I'm Julie.
Nice to meet you, Julie. With my brother Dane, and my mom Susan.
He's there up there.
You want to know my brother?
Dane like it better in Brooklyn.
I gotta go.
Hey, buddy.
You ever bite me again, I'm gonna...
What's your problem?
Want you to just play with me.
Oh Really? You want me to play with you?
Yes... - I have no problem!
Playing with you!
Mom's gonna be pissed with you.
It's your fault!
What is that?
Don't know.
Here help me get this.
That's a lot of locks.
Probably keep you from gas pipes or something.
Or a treasure maybe?
Go look for the keys.
They're not down here.
If there's treasure, I get half.
This is just a hole.
How deep do you think it is?
I don't know.
Okay, go ahead.
Do you hear anything?
That's really weird?
Maybe it's like some kinda tunnel or something?
To where?
I don't know I mean. It's got to have a bottom right?
How does it do that?
I don't know.
What you do?
Nothing. It's if catch on or something.
So! You two didn't kill each other?
Not yet.
This is Julie.
Hi, Dane!
The boy who hates it here.
Do you wanna look at our hole?
I'm sorry?
We got this hole in the floor. It's no big deal.
It's that what you do for fun in Brooklyn?
Play with your holes?
What is it?
Our hole.
Well! We're not really sure what?
Hey Charlie! What do you think?
Charlie doesn't like your hole very much.
Can't see the bottom.
Maybe it's just a crawl space or something.
That was weird.
Okay ...
This is so cool.
Is it working? - Yeah.
Think so.
So what exactly you think you gonna see?
I don't know?
Could be like a... like a underground tomb. Like the catacombs, or something?
The catacombs of Bensonville?
Seriously doubt that.
I think its just a... really deep hole, that 'Creepy Carl' dug up.
Who's 'Creepy Carl' ?
The guy that used to live here.
Now he lives in the old glove factory in the other side of town.
Yeah! Let's go see what the inside of a hole looks like.
Is it working? - Yeah.
I think so.
I told you guys there's nothing down there. It's just a hole.
A hole with no bottom in the basement of our house. How does that make any sense?
Woah! Did you see that?
Right there.
See? There's something.
Or anything.
Like a light coming through a crack in the...
Or a aliens.
Or an egg.
Or an alien egg.
How do you even come out with this... It's not in the...
Hey guys! - Hi! Mom.
Just watching some TV. - Cool.
Yeah! What is it?
Oh! Nothing just stupid show really. Just about to turn it off actually.
This is Julie. From next door. - Hi, Julie from next door.
I brought plenty of Chinese food in case you're hungry?
Thanks but I should... I should go.
My mom probably thinks I'm already hitting up the new neighbours for gay way drugs.
I'll see you later?
Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
Bye Lucas. I'll see you later.
You might have been safer in the city. My friend.
What have you guys been doing all day?
We found this cool...
We just kinda hung out.
How's the new job?
Good. Wait a minute...
Did you just... ask me about my life?
My Goodness! Couple of days in a small town and look how polite you are?
I heard something.
Why do I have to do it today? - Because your school registration is today. Sweetheart.
And I change my shift at the hospital to do it. Please stop...
Hold still baby. We're late.
Why doesn't Dane have to do it?
Because I'm not in a school where they make you take naps and drink out of sippy cup.
You can do me! Dickhead! - Hey! hey, hey...
Okay I know he did not learn that on Sponge Bob.
And Dane is not going today because his registration is next week.
What are you planning on doing today besides causing trouble?
Well, Julie's gonna show me around this ghost town.
So! That should take about... I don't know? 10 minutes.
Alright. Please be back by 4, I have to go to work. Thank you.
C'mon sweetie let's go.
Ready, tiger? - Bensonville, here we come.
Not quite Brooklyn, huh? - Not quite.
So... Is that where you lived your whole life?
No! Actually I was born in Queens.
And the... we moved to Philly (Philadelphia), Boston,
DC (Washington) and then back to Brooklyn.
Oh! And... I'd say... I think Jersey is somewhere in there too. I don't really remember.
Do you even bother to unpack the boxes?
Yeah everytime. It's kinda like...
My mom always assure that the next move is gonna be the last one. Type of thing... you know?
She seems nice. - Yeah.
What about your dad? - I don't have one.
"Rolic Gardens"? Seriously. Can we go there?
I hate that place. Besides, it's not open anyway.
Yeah... the weather's a little bipolar, as you can see.
But other than that it's not that bad here.
I mean, school sucks, but I'm sure its sucked in Brooklyn too right?
Thus... You guys are like celebrities.
I mean most people move out of Bensonville, not in it.
How bout your genuine Bensonville burger?
How is that one compared to the... Brooklyn, Boston, Philly burgers?
Pretty good.
Yeah, that's because they mix it up with squirrels out here.
Just kidding.
Your boyfriend gave you that? - Why? You jealous?
Just a friend.
So... what's up with you guys moving around all the time?
People usually don't move around the country for no reason.
I do not know ...
My mom just... wants to find a good job. We want to find places for Lucas like a...
I do not know. There is no reason really.
Dane, I say to come home by 4, not start home at 4.
Would you just please come home alright! I got to go to work.
Listen, sweetheart, honey. I've got to go to work.
So, Dane will be home any second I promise. So...
Don't go anywhere kay? Be a good boy. I love you.
I love you, soldier. - I love you too.
Mission failed ...
Okay, Let's see how you like it.
Hey! You okay?
Hang on a second!
This isn't funny!
Julie! what are you doing here in the dark?
Hiding from your new boyfriend?
Let's get outta here.
This is Lucas Thompson!
What's wrong with you?
He came after me.
That clown puppet thing.
The one you try to scare me with.
It's trying to get up here.
He was right there.
He chased me.
The puppet chased you?
The one you put in my bed.
Lucas I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't put any clown puppet inside your room.
Yeah, you did!
I mean, I might have... If I would have thought about it. But...
I didn't.
It... It was there!
On the steps ? - In my bed.
Then I put it in your bed to scare you,
and then it was downstairs.
Okay! You know what?
You got all kinds of weird crap going on in there, I don't even want to know about it.
but whatever. Clown's gone. So we're cool.
It's still down there somewhere!
Okay, let's go look.
It was in here.
Hey! You know what? You're wasting my time. There's nothing down here.
Who the hell's that?
One of your little friends?
I don't have any friends.
Hey, little girl! You lost or something?
I don't want to die.
Dane! let's just stay down here.
Did you close that when you came home?
I don't remember.
Is that him?
You didn't happen to see a little girl run by here did you?
Shut up.
Eh... little girl?
She had blood dripping from her eyes.
What? - She just had a little makeup on. Don't worry about it.
It's all good! Thanks!
Hi, Dane!
Okay... I'm gonna look upstairs. Shit!
Hey! Shut up!
So! What's the deal with this little girl?
You guys know her? - No!
I didn't know the clown either.
What clown?
Nothing! He...
He had a dream last night and got scared because of this stupid thing about clowns.
No, I don't.
But the little girl... she was... she was in this house?
She said she did not want to die. - You know what, dude ...?
You don't have to answer every single question.
Seriously! I'm not in the mood.
Dane, please...
Gotta be in there right?
Dane. Close it.
Are you crazy?
I don't know? We all... we all saw that right?
You're talking about the little girl that just crawled into the bottomless pit under your house?
Yeah! I think we all saw that.
Some kinda passage way for dead people.
Why would a little girl be down here?
I'd rather know, why she followed me into the bathroom at the diner?
- Maybe it's a wormhole?
A what?
A Wormhole. Like a doorway between different universes.
Oh, my gosh! - What?
Wow! Okay! You know what? You need to stop reading so much.Trains you little geek.
Pizza guy.
Anything yet?
When's mom gonna come home?. - Not til midnight.
Should've called her. - No!... Bad idea.
Seriously, if you say anything she's just gonna spaz out. Gets packed up by tonight.
It's fine with me. If it's okay with you? Right? Would you?
Yeah!. I mean... but...
What do you think? We should... you know see what we got before we say anything.
I know what you've got.
You've got a gateway to hell underneath your house.
And that is really cool.
What is wrong with you?!
I know... I probably wouldn't understand anyway, right?
Right. Great!
Listen, you guys. It's getting late, so don't stay down here much longer. Alright!
and, and, and you too. You need to go home. Right. And...
Dane clean that up, please.
Good God ...
What do we do now?
Nothing I guess.
And if that little girl comes into my room tonight?
Guess it's good luck.
Where'd you put the lock?
I didn't touch them.
Where are they then?
Life is ridiculous and boring, before you move here.
I'd better go.
Good nite...
Hey, Mom. - Hey guys.
This is Dr. Newman. We work at the hospital together.
It's Travis.
Hi. - Hi.
So what are you fellas doing down there?
Little war game?
Yeah, something like that.
But it's actually passed our beddy bye time isn't it mommy dear?
A snack perhaps? Before you go to bed? Are you hungry?
Alright you guys? Good night! I love you!
Good night, baby! - Nice to meet you.
I am so sorry about Dane.
It's just that he's not used to the idea of me...
You don't have to explain. I get it.
His father is not a very nice person.
We probably got married too young! And I stayed probably too long...
It's... it's okay.
Think she's probably gonna marry him.
Shut up.
Dane...! - Yeah. Hang on.
Hi! - How's up?
I... just saw your mom. I thought you guys were gonna wait for me?
You know what? I really don't want to mess with it today.
Why not? - I don't know. I just don't.
You forget where you live now? What else we have to do around here?
I think you guys better see this!
Maybe mom did it?
Yeah... like she could have just shoved this thing.
Or Satan's just pissed off. We're just blocking his gateway to hell.
I bet he's strong.
Is that yours?
Let's see how Satan does with nails.
So... what do you do now?
I want to find out why the hell's there's a hole in my basement.
That weird guy you said that lived here before?
Creepy Freddy? - Creepy Carl?
Where is this glove factory?
"Private Land", "No Trespassing"
It's locked.
Let's go home.
Somebody have done that before.
Yeah! That somebody always gets in trouble too.
It's Bensonville? What are they gonna do? Send a cop?
So how do you know where'll we're going?
Bensonville is my playground, my friends.
Okay! So this Freaky Freddy dude... - Creepy Carl.
Yeah! Whatever! He's like crazy, right?
I guess... Used to be pretty normal.
I don't know ... gone a little nuts! We'll hear him screaming from next door.
And then one day he disappeared and moved out here.
You like?
Creepy Carl sure keeps it cold in here.
That is a lot of wattage.
Is that him?
I'm Julie.
Remember me?
I see your name... - Ya! I remember.
We're really sorry to bother you like this...
We just have to ask you about your old house.
What about it?
Let's just leave!
I'm... I'm Dane and the...
I live in the house now.
We found your hole and we...
You took the locks off? - Yeah.
You can't take the locks off.
We're just trying to figure out where it leads or...
What... what's under there.
The Darkness!
It saw you! Didn't it?
Didn't it? - No! We... we...
We saw a little girl okay. You can relax.
No, no. It saw you.
You shouldn't have done it. You shouldn't have opened it!
God dammit! Why did you open it!
Look, Okay. We just want to know, if you build the hole...
And what's it about... - Nobody build the hole!
The hole has been there since the world's first scream!
And now it's gonna come for us!
The darkness is gonna come for all of us!
It's coming for you!
And it's gonna kill you.
Okay. - It's coming for all of us!
It's coming for me.
The darkness will come?
What's that about?
I don't know.
I wish we hadn't talk to him.
What you guys do today?
Just hung out.
Yeah! Did you have fun?
Well! It doesn't seem like I'm the only one who's gonna be doing the talking this evening.
What do you two feel about having the house to yourselves? For a day or two?
I've got an offer to go and do some training in hospital thats out of town.
You know. So that I can get certified so I can make some more money.
You got enough money.
Yeah! Not the way you've been eating lately sweetie.
Is a... that doctor going?
Yes, he will be there I believe.
We'll be fine.
You two can have lots of fun.
There will be other people there from the hospital. Dane.
Right. - Yes! right.
- Why can't I come with you? - Because we're trying answers for the staffs from the hospital.
Besides, I need someone here to keep an eye on the house for me.
Don't want to keep an eye on the home.
Those are...
What is wrong? - Nothing
We'll be fine. Have fun.
I can stay if you want me to Dane.
I don't want you to stay. - Yeah, and you don't want me to go either. So...
What am I supposed to do?
I just don't get it.
After everythings that's happen and...
After what happened to Lucas, it's just...
Not every man is your father.
How do you know?
Because you're not.
You're not an animal.
We can't be scared forever. Okay.
I'm not scared.
I'm not done!
Not yet!
I'm not done!
What are you looking for?
My sketchbook.
Maybe at Creepy Carl's.
Stay here.
He's really gone?
Are you sure?
Maybe we should think of something else for a little while?
You can go swiming at my place.
C'mon get in Lucas.
Let's forget it for a little while.
This one kinda looks like a hand.
Whose hand?
C'mon, it's because you can. Boss.
Try and get your brother.
The biggest splash wins!
C'mon! - Okay, okay.
Did you see that? - Nice splash, man!
C'mon, Dane. This was supposed to help you separate yourself about the hole.
I'm not worried about it. I'm just trying to figure it out.
Stop looking at that and play.
Or go home and jump in your hole.
Or you're scared you are going to lose.
Nice splash.
Who's just here?
They're probably just from my dad.
You're killing me.
Yeah okay.
You alright? - The clown's in there.
The puppet. In the pool. It grabbed me.
Tried to pull me into the hole.
Kid. It's just your foot. Your foot probably got stuck in the drain... - No!
It's in there.
It grabbed me.
It pulled me. Wouldn't let go.
- I'll take him home. - I'm so sorry, Lucas.
- Hello? - Hey, how is he?
He's been asleep since he got here.
Anything I can do?
No! I think I'm just gonna... you know let him sleep. Hang out here a little bit.
Call me if you need anything. Okay?
Alright, thanks. Bye.
State Prison - New Jersey
Hello Boy
Shhh... Someone's in the house.
Stay here.
Hey, son. What's your name?
Lucas. - You come go down here, Lucas?
Are you the one that called?
My brother... I think.
He said somebody's in the house.
Did your brother said who it was?
I'm looking for this person. Right here.
That one there, on the right.
I don't want her to get hurt.
You think that's who your brother saw?
Hey! I thought I told you to stay here.
He's down there.
What? - He gave me this!
Where are you going? - What do you think?
You said the nails will keep it closed.
You said no one can come forward.
My head got broken.
Don't let him hear you.
He'll make us go to bed.
I want to stay up and play.
Save me, Julie.
She can't be true, she can't be true,
she can't be true.
She... She's dead. She can't be true
Who? - Annie ... Annie Smith.
We used to be best friends. We done everything together. And...
What happened?
I let her fall.
I know what I have to do now.
Stay in the house! - I don't want to stay in the house.
Just stay in the yard then.
Julie, what are you doing?
Oh, my god...
You got to be careful, Jul (Julie).
I know.
That's okay.
Just a ride, just like before.
You let me fall!
Hang on!
Annie, hold on!
You should have saved me.
I know! I wanted to.
But you didn't. You just sat there crying!
Even when the policeman heard us, when he fell !
I tried.
I couldn't
You let me die!
I was scared. Was so scared.
No more scared anymore?
Not anymore.
That's good.
Bye, Julie.
Where are you?
In the basement. C'mon!
I'm over here.
I was looking for you.
You want a piece of me?
Stop it!
Strike one!
I really don't like clowns.
I think it likes whatever you're afraid of.
It's like you look in the hole, and it knows you somehow.
It brings your fears to life.
It's like...
I don't know? For Lucas it's the clowns,
And with you is what happened to Annie and the cop.
What about you?
Oh I... I told you guys I'm not afraid of anything.
But, I mean c'mon! He dies anyway right?
But I still don't want to stay here tonight.
You guys can stay at my place. My parents don't mind.
Let me get my stuff okay?
Creepy Carl was always talking about the darkness.
Maybe it came and got him?
Why do you have these drawings all over the floor?
It's a kind of puzzle.
I thought this would like... show me more! But, I can't figure it out.
Cause this... I thought right there. But then...
I don't know.
What about down here?
Yeah! yeah, that works.
Like... like that I think?
I'll try.
Oh... oh yeah yeah.
It looks like a...
very large man dragging a boy...
What's the matter? Where's Lucas?
My father's got him.
Dane? What's going on?
It's all my fault.
He took Lucas down there. I have to go get him.
What? There is no down there!
There's no bottom. Remember?
Well! There's something.
I thought you said you didn't have a father?
I don't! I've got some jerk locked up in the Jersey Prison.
Because he likes to get drunk every nite. and beat the crap outta us.
He's been in there since Lucas was little, so ...
All we know is that everytime we get a letter from prison then...
it means we're moving again. Cos he found us.
I don't understand... He's in jail then how can he be here?
Guess we know now, what I'm afraid of, don't we?
Dane! He's right behind you!
He's right behind you!
some jerk locked up in the Jersey Prison.
Not every man is like your father.
I've got some jerk locked up...
The boy is asking for it.
I know it's just... his father was not a nice guy.
We got married too young... he's in jail how can he be here...
Been in there since Lucas was small, so...
His father was not a good man... Cause he likes to get drunk...
How did you know I was in here?
That's where I used to hide when I get scared.
Thought you said you weren't scared of anything.
I lied.
In the end... You shouldn't have come.
Because that's what he wanted.
Said he only took me to get you down here.
Where are you, kids?
I think Creepy Carl was right.
It is gonna kill us. - Look at me.
There's no way I'm gonna let that happen, okay?
You been asking for it!
I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!
Leave us alone!
Go! Climb! - What are you doing?
Go as highest as you can!
What? - Go!
Welcome home, boy.
I knew I'd find you hiding in the same closet.
Just like back when you let your brother take the beating for you.
That's not true.
Remember his arm?
You can hear it crack from inside there.
I didn't know what you were gonna do? I didn't think you would hurt him?
Sure, you did. You're just scared!
I'm not scared of you.
You'd be here if that was true.
You're gonna be afraid your whole life.
Not anymore...
You can't hurt me.
Tell me boy. Did that hurt?
I know that you're not that big.
You just looked like it cause I was little.
That's why you came after us. it's because you're mean.
You're just scared. You scared of everyone else. Weren't you?
Do I look scared to you?
Do I?
Your fears are falling away, boy. What happens to you when they're gone?
Let's find out.
There you go.
Like father, like son.
I am nothing like you.
Nice climbing, buddy.
You okay?
Oh! He's gone now. Don't have to worry about it.
Yeah... cool!
Oh! Who's gone?
Nobody! Just screwing around.
What is this?
Oh! It's just a hole.
Just a hole? - No! Wait!
What is this?
It a...
Just crawlspace you know.
That ought to...
keep the little kids out.
Yeah! Just keep that closed. It's not very safe.
Alright! Hey you! What are you guys gonna do now? Huh?
Well... You know... We're playing a little
midnight basketball.
but I think Lucas is too scared of the whoopdown I'm gonna give em.
Oh! That sounds like a challenge to me!
Yeah...! Zip it! - Alright!
Why not make it two on two there huh? You, me and boys against girls!
Definitely! - Alright! C'mon! Let's do this thing!
Mom! Do you have any fears? Like scariest thing you can think of...
Like dinosaurs, spiders or an alien egg?
Well, those are pretty scary but em...
You know I've got to say when I was a little girl...
I was pretty scared about monsters that I thought was under my bed.
Oh o...