The Highwaymen (2019) - full transcript

A pair of police officers come out of retirement to catch the infamous outlaws Bonnie & Clyde. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- How're my Reds looking this year, Joe?
- Sucking hind teat.

Yankees re-signed Ruth.

35,000 dollars, you believe that?

A man can work ten lifetimes
and not earn that kind of dough.

- I could grow old on that.
- Amen.


Where you been? Get your ass over here!

- Crowson, Hamilton's out of group again.
- I'll take him back. Ray, come on!

Drop your rifle.

Drop it.




They've escaped!

- We have three in the clearing!
- Come on!


- Care to comment on the escape, Governor?
- Morning, boys.

no one's ever broken out of your prison,

and Bonnie and Clyde break in?

They've been on the run for two years.

Never say die, boys.
Say damned, never say die.

Some folks are saying
that Parker and Barrow are heroes,

calling them Robin Hoods.

Are they Robin Hoods, Ma?

Did Robin Hood ever shoot
a gas station attendant point-blank

in the head for four dollars
and a tank of gas?

We will capture Clyde Barrow
and his paramour.

Write that down and underline it twice.


- Governor!
- One more question!

If today was a fish,
I'd throw the son of a bitch back.

- How did it happen?
- Clyde did a nickel at Eastham.

He knew the system.

Planted guns,
ran it like a military operation.

Where are we on this?

- Hoover and the Feds are proceeding...
- Where are we on this?

- Dallas detectives, highway patrol...
- Ma Ferguson Agents...

Same as we've had for the past six months,
with no end in sight.

They busted into your facility, Lee.

You're right, they did.
Wounded one of my guards, killed another.

Died in my arms,
apologizing for letting me down.

I'd like a say in how we handle this.

Fine. Let's hear it.

Was a time we put a pair of man-killers
on the trail and let them do their job.

Texas Rangers.

Was a time, and that time's passed.

This is 1934, Lee,

and you want to put cowboys
on Bonnie and Clyde?

- Is that what you're selling?
- Frank Hamer.

That's what I'm selling.

Well, sure.
Why don't we just go dig up Wyatt Earp?

Wild Bill Hickok.

Legislature disbanded the Rangers, Lee.

- And you're right proud of it, aren't you?
- Damn right, I am.

They took orders from no one,
and they left me to answer for the blood.

Seems like you're answering for it again.


Bonnie and Clyde have been
on the road for two years.

Cold-blooded killers who are more adored
than movie stars.

This has to stop.


Where is he?

This sure don't look
like no famous gunfighter's house.

Well, most gunfighters end up living
in a pine box,

but Hamer married well and did just fine

in private security
with the oil companies.

Doesn't sound like he needs a job, sir.

No, Luther, I suppose it doesn't.

- What in the good holy hell?
- Porky!


He ain't gonna bite.



It's quite the watchdog you got there.

He's a gift.

Widow in Alpine.
Too tough to eat. Wouldn't run off.

Gladdie hates him,
but he's my friend, not hers.

Go on. Back in the house.

Speaking of...

how's Gault?

Speaking of what?


Don't know. No idea where he is.

Lubbock. Maney's in Lubbock.

What brings you?

You may have heard
there was a prison break. Huntsville?

Well, Ma Ferguson pardons 100 convicts
a month.

They could've just signed her a check,
saved themselves a lot of trouble.

It was the Barrow Gang done it.
Bonnie and Clyde.

Nobody can put a net over 'em.
A thousand men in the field right now.

He must be good.

Got the drop on six peace officers so far.

What can I do for you?

Put 'em on the spot.

Yeah, don't...

Don't mention that idea
inside the governor's mansion,

not unless you wanna be laughed at.

I did, and they did.
But she'll back me up on this.

- She gonna bring back the Rangers?
- No, never.

What capacity, then?

Special highway assignment.

Special highway assignment. Highwaymen?

What's the pay these days, $150 a month?

A hundred and thirty.
It don't matter what badge you got, Frank.

We need you
to put 'em out of business.

I thought you and Maney.

He's killed six law?

You're gonna have to put this man down.

The governor says you'll have authority
to do whatever's necessary.

Those are her words.

I'm sorry, Lee, but I made a promise.

Well, Lee Simmons, as I live and breathe.

We live in the same town, never see you.

Hello, Gladys.

You look lovely, as always.

- What, are you feeding an army?
- Yeah.

Ladies Auxiliary.

Look at my new Henry Ford, Lee.
Eighty-five horses. Ain't she fun?

Yes, ma'am, she certainly is.

What brings you out?

Oh, come by, say hello.

Lady Governor's offering me $130 a month,

To do what?

Hunt down Bonnie and Clyde.

- I'd best get back to my office.
- You'd best.

Something you wanna say?

I'm gonna repaint the kitchen.

That's what's on your mind, huh?

Yellow, I think.

Dear Lord.

How about your fried egg? Is it too small?

- No, it's big enough.
- Well, it's a hen's egg.

But if it's too small,

I'll get the rooster here
and squeeze one out of him.

We interrupt this broadcast
to bring you a CBS news report.

Told you it looked like tornado weather.

Police in Reed Springs, Missouri,
report a harrowing shoot-out

between gangsters Bonnie and Clyde
and officers of the law.

The lawless lovers fired hundreds
of machine-gun rounds

at the outnumbered officers.

No report yet on the number of fatalities.

We now return
to your regular scheduled program.

You boys work for Old Salazar?

Yes, sir.
Mend the fence, cut Johnsongrass.

- I think I've seen you before.
- Yeah.

He sent me out here
to give you boys a break.

Come on, fellas.

- Which one of you has an arm?
- I do.

Take them bottles out,

see if you can't get a couple up high
for me.

All right, and just...

How about every one I hit,

you get a nickel?

Let her rip.

Yeah, let's do another one.

Well, for pity's sake.

I'm a goddamn old man.

All right.

Let her go.

You got a piece of that.

Yes, I did.

Just a piece.

Go ahead.

Take it, boys.

It's for keeping your mouth shut.

Yes, sir.

Can you bring me that bag there?

Hey, mister.

Was you really Frank Hamer?


You boys best get back to work, okay?
Go on, there.

The look on his face!

Gladys is lovely,

but Captain Hamer is such a grump.

- Mrs. Hamer, may I help you with anything?
- Keep Leanne from spiking that punch.

Nice turnout.

Where's Porky?

Locked in the spare bedroom.

I don't suppose there's any chance
you want to take him with you?

Don't pretend
you didn't just hide this from me.

I suppose you're gonna want to take
my new Ford.

I could tell you you're too old for this,
or that it's not your affair,

or that you hadn't held a gun
in quite a while.

But I know that's all a waste of time,
so I won't.

And I appreciate you not telling me
any of that.

I'm sorry, Gladdie.

Don't be.

I knew what you were when I married you.

Oh, I packed sandwiches.
They're in the icebox.

Thank you.

Something else.

If you're covering miles, keep oil in her.

Yes, ma'am.

Those two scare me, Frank.

You tell me.

I'll come back.

Too good to come to my office?

All the same,
I'd rather keep this low-key.


Here's your authorization, right there.

Your jurisdiction technically ends
at the state line and the border.


- Guess this is my badge?
- Yep.

You will keep me posted?
Call me from the road?

I'll call you when.

Where are you headed to first?
Texarkana? El Paso? Dallas?


Wake up, Pop-Pop.


Mama says you should get up for breakfast,
even if you don't have a job.

Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

I've gotta take Dan over to see a man
about some work.

Can you make sure Nate gets off to school
on time?

Thinking about adding another bay
down at the garage.

Pete said to call him in a few weeks.

We're okay, Daddy. Really.

No, I aim to pull my weight, thank you.


Thanks, Pop-Pop.

That's a dang good biscuit, right there.

You fix cars. So you could fix Daddy's?

I could if he'd ever let me near it.

But you used to be famous, right?

Who told you that?

Timmy Hess.
He said you shot lots of folks.

Oh, yeah? What else did Timmy have to say?

just that you might go to hell for it.

Go on.


Can I help you?

I'd like to have a look
at that Thompson submachine gun.

And the Colt Monitor machine rifle,

one up top there
with the custom pistol grip.


The Colt automatic pistol.

And 1917 Smith, right behind it.

I'm gonna wanna see that BAR .30-06.

And the '03 Springfield
with the glass, up top there.

That Remington Model 11,
right gun over there.

You want the 28-inch or the 20-inch?

No, sir. I want the short barrel.

- Is that the 12?
- Yes, sir.

Let me see that older Winchester
you got there, that .30-30.

I'll take it.

I'll need one gun that won't jam.

Would you be wanting the stick
or drum for the Tommy?

- How many in the stick?
- Twenty rounds.

I'll take a dozen. And two of them drums.

And a handful of half-moon clips
for this Smith if you've got them.

Do you have this in black
instead of nickel?

Too damn shiny.

I believe I do, sir.

All right, then, that'll do it.

- Which will do it?
- All of 'em.

- All of 'em?
- Yes, sir.

Along with four cases of 45 lead,

same for the .30-06 and say...

an even 100, each of the others.

What are you going after
that you need all this firepower?

- If you don't mind me asking.
- No, sir. I don't mind at all.

How'd you know it was me?

Between the suit and the car,

I thought you was the bank
till I saw how poorly you drove.

All them guns have anything
to do with that...

jackass and his girlfriend?

It as bad as the headlines?

- Yeah.
- You came all the way up to the house.

What changed your mind?

I don't know, maybe seeing you move
like you're 85.

Well, that's honest.

Maybe a little too honest.

You could've asked me, let me decide.
That would've been the polite thing to do.

Well, like you said, I changed my mind.
Besides, what would your...

What would your daughter say
if you ran off?

That a weight's been lifted.

You know how it goes.
I gotta live the way they do.

This case, that means sleeping in the car,
driving thousands of miles a week.

I don't sleep much anyway.

When I do,
I almost always dream about dead Mexicans.

- I think I'll look up Ledbetter.
- He's dead.

- Or Cuthbert.
- Dead, too.

So is Alvarez.
And if you go any further down the roster,

I'm gonna be gravely offended.

Dammit, Pancho, I'm above ground

and ready to go.

Unless you...

think I'm useless.

You in good spirits?

Pretty polite way
of asking if I'm drinking.

Well, are you?

I'm not...


I could help with the driving.


Or not.

Ah, Judas Priest! Get in.

But no singing.

I raised taxes to pay
for my new law enforcement program.

And the last thing
this administration needs

is for a couple ofhas-been vaqueros

to make that program look anything less

than stellar during this economic crisis.

Nod if your ears are working.

- We'll get your gangsters.
- You don't, John,

you're gonna be on guard duty
at Eastham Prison Farm.

Get Barrow off the damn road
before they do.

- There she is!
- Why, here you all are!

I'm so glad to see you!

Get your checkbooks out! the boss to get my roll

He figured me out
Nine dollars in the hole

Mount Ayr, Iowa.

Mount Ayr, Iowa.

If you're getting tired, I could...


Just saying.

Hey, you think it was them
robbed that armory up there?

It's a good chance.

Stole a car in Illinois.
Shot their way out of a roadblock.

They've been following
these same loops for three years.

North to Kansas or Iowa,

east to Illinois or Indiana,

south to Arkansas.

Then right back to Texas
to start over again.

We got no jurisdiction north of Red River.

Maybe Hoover will take 'em up there.


Carthage, Missouri.

Hell, I don't remember a saddle being
as hard on a man's ass as these seats.

I never shot a girl before, Pancho.

If we can take Clyde long-range, she'll...

She'll surrender.

We're gonna shoot a man
without fair warning?

Well, Lord knows he does.

Yeah, well, Lord knows
that's what separates us from him.

Clarksdale, Mississippi.

- Where next?
- Where they're headed.


West Dallas Viaduct.

The Devil's Back Porch.

And I thought my circumstances were bad.

Let me see the file.

Bernal Street.

That's her momma's house, there.

They're real close to one another.

Should be the Barrows up on the corner.
Eagle Ford Road.

Says here the two families talked
on the telephone once a day

till about a week ago.

And how the hell they know that?

Federal wiretaps.

G-men can hook up to the party lines
and record conversation now.


I'll be goddamned.


What's this kid up to?


- Gotta grab him quick.
- Whoa there, boy! Where do you belong?

Were you... chasing someone?

Jim Thorpe. Who are you?

John Quinn, State Ferguson Agent.

This is Kendale,
US Bureau of Investigation.

We heard you were
on special assignment, sir.

Director Hoover sends his regards.

He also sends a tip
by way of his contacts down south.

- What's going on?
- Ask him.

You okay?

I thought you had my back.

I would have been dead by now.

You ran one more block, we'd both be dead.

Our information tells us

that Barrow might be hiding out
in Brownsville.

You probably weren't aware,

but this is
a highly-coordinated operation.

That said, we're happy
for any help you two might give us.

- Down in Brownsville.
- You ever hunt wild horses, Quinn?




They hunt a big range,
but they always come home.

We've got a thousand-person dragnet
in full operation.

Roadblocks, air surveillance.

Don't think the Barrow Gang's
gonna be coming back to the neighborhood

any time soon.

No, sir. Outlaws and mustangs,

they always come home.

Maybe you gentlemen should go home,

This isn't Llano County.

Be a shame if either of you got hurt
in retirement.

It'd be a shame if anybody got hurt.

Sir, if I could,

I think what Detective Quinn means is
the Barrow Gang just hit an armory.

They're armed to kill.

That's called a double-band system.

Didn't have one
in your saddlebags, I imagine.

It's essential in a dragnet.

Without it,
you might as well be in Timbuktu.

Or down in Brownsville,

following your bullshit tip.

- I've felt more welcome.
- Yeah.

Maybe we ought to make new friends.

Smoot Schmid, gentlemen.

No need to introduce yourselves,
I know who you are,

but I'd be honored
to shake your hands anyway.

- Howdy.
- Bob Alcorn, there. And Deputy Ted Hinton,

holding up the Cola machine.

Have a seat.


Hamer and Gault.

Know how many times
I have told my grandson

the Candelaria story?

Every night before bed,
that's what he wants to hear.

And I mean every night.

And how's he sleep?

Sheriff, we're involved
in the Barrow manhunt...

in a very private way.

It's not too private. Word gets around.

Yes, it does.

We heard that Clyde put a price
on your head.

I keep my front door unlocked

in case that son of a bitch
ever wants to stop by.

We're gonna take him down.

But we need your help.

I would be honored.

We're looking for confidence

in the neighborhood.
Someone who knows the families

and willing to talk.

Well, how about a boy they grew up with?

That worked with Clyde,
known Bonnie ever since she was a girl.

A boy that can give you
a positive identification on 'em

from first sighting.

Now, he's got the mental range
of a windshield wiper,

but he's reliable.

Where can we find him?

Holding up the Cola machine.

Tough place to grow up.

Clyde was always mischief.

You know, me and him
used to play cops and robbers.

Let me guess, you was the cop.

All I ever wanted to be.

That or shortstop
for the Cleveland Indians.

And Bonnie, you... You know Miss Parker?

She grew up on the backside of the Porch,
near Cement City. No daddy.

- Must be one hard lady.
- To the contrary, sir. Little bitty thing.

I mean, can't weigh but 90 pounds.
Smartest girl in school.

She was in all the plays.
Won the spelling bees.

- Yeah.
- Wrote poetry.


I mean, attractive girl.
Taffy-colored hair.

Sounds like the shortstop
was maybe a little sweet on her.

Any boy she ever waited on
at the Courthouse Café was sweet on her.

How'd she fall in
with an outlaw like Barrow?

Bored to tears.
Along come Clyde in a fine car.

By the time she found out
the car was stolen, she was in love.

Ain't that romantic.

I met my wife,
she was milking a prize Devon

at the Oklahoma State Fair.

I can't imagine anybody writing a ballad

about that encounter.

You know, the files say
they ran two of your roadblocks.

Well, they ran roadblocks
in Oklahoma, too.

Kansas, New Mexico.

Also said you had a clear shot at 'em.

They say Clyde is some sort of Fu Manchu.

You know, can't be touched.

Time Magazine called him superhuman.
Y'all see that?

Maybe you weren't able to pull on her,


Couldn't pull the trigger on a nice girl
who used to serve you pecan pie

at the Courthouse Café.

You're not able to do it.

Well, I won't have to.
I'm stationed right here in West Dallas.

It'll be a cold day in hell
before they show their faces

- on the Back Porch.
- Well, they're on their way, Ted.

According to the wiretaps,
Mrs. Parker's cooking red beans

and cabbage Easter Sunday.

Sir, I don't understand.

Ted, you don't know what wiretaps are?

I know what wiretaps are!

I don't understand what red beans
and cabbage have to do with it.

Whenever Bonnie's momma says

that she has red beans
and cabbage on the stove,

those dates, they match up

to sightings or shoot-outs
in the general Dallas area.

Red beans and cabbage, that's code.
Means the kids are coming home.

Do I ride with you boys?

No, sir. We'll meet you in two days,
Easter Sunday.

Meet us first thing in the morning,
a block from Eagle Ford Road.

I'll need you to make the ID
on Barrow and Parker.

I'm your man.

They're afraid to shoot the girl.

Gives Clyde the second he needs
to get the drop,

and toothpick there knows it.

"You've read the story of Jesse James
and how he lived and died.

Still in the need of something to read?
Here's the story of Bonnie and Clyde."

Man, used to be,
you had to have talent to get published.

Now, you just have to shoot people.

What is this place?

They were sighted
a month or two ago camping...

Camping somewhere out here.

Somebody's a damn good eye.

Well, that
or they just walked right up to it.

Look at that.

- Every shot right through the same hole.
- When's the last time you fired that?

You know what we're up against?

Any idea?

Ain't nothing we ain't seen before,

There was a shoot-out in Joplin.
Over a thousand rounds were fired.

What the hell is that?

It's a Colt Monitor machine rifle.

Fires a twenty-round volley
at 3,000 feet per second.

Our boy, Clyde,
he prefers a Browning Automatic .30 cal.

Pretty much the same gun,
except now the little shit uses a...

welded over-and-under clip

that can fire 40.

- Well, he ain't met Old Lucky.
- Shit, I ain't that lucky.

Hey, got one of them for me?

You folks all right?

Happy Easter.

I gotta pee.

Yeah, might be something left
after the 40 times you were up all night.

Yeah, well, there's a place in heaven
for Gladys, the way you saw wood.

When did you start that?

Hurry up.

Why don't you go inside and wait there?

Barrow and Parker stayed put.
No one's really seen Clyde around.

Don't be surprised, Ted.

You wouldn't think Clyde would've noticed

a little metal man leading a circus
through his old neighborhood?

I hear there's red beans and cabbage
over at the Parker house

if you're hungry, Captain Hamer.

Maybe they rode in on their mustangs
and then rode back out again.

Shots fired over near Grapevine.

Officers down.

I didn't say anything.

Get in the car, Ted.

How's the view from up there, Mr. Hoover?

You high-flying sissy.

The car was parked there all morning.

The two officers pulled up...

- Hold on.
- You explain it to him, Ted.

- What do you make of that?
- Kid didn't get 'em into the gun.

Get that to the field office
for fingerprint analysis.

Careful where you step, cowboy.
It's an active crime scene.

Kiss my ass.

You were right.
Came back. Came right back to Dallas.


Check the goddamn fence line.

- What the hell are you doing?
- You still got two.

Third gun, we think it's either Joe Palmer
or Ray Hamilton.

We'll run ballistics,
and maybe we'll know something.

No, tracks are too big
and deep for Palmer.

These are driver's side.

It may have to be Raymond
who shot that BAR.

Yeah, heavy. I reckon Clyde used
a ten-gauge scattergun.

Little girl used a sawed-off 20.

You see that?

She drags her left leg.

She gimp?

Well, Clyde missed a detour
a month or so back.

Got her leg burned up in the wreck.

Why does Bonnie have a pet rabbit?

Maybe a present... for Bonnie's momma.

Or Billie Mace.
You know, she's generous like that.

Yeah, she can light up a rainy day,
can't she, Ted?

Little bitty of a thing,
ain't but 90 pounds,

but she could shoot a patrolman
in the face, point-blank, while he's down.

- You can tell from her tracks?
- See that heel scrape?

He was on his side.

She used her foot to push him over
so he could see what was about to happen.

Those kids you grew up with
aren't human anymore. Look at me!

Remember that at the next roadblock.

You okay, son?


We'll be in touch.

Red River.

It's the state line.


- Just thought I'd point that out.
- Thank you.

It's open range now.

Well, where the hell are they?

I'm not sure.

Why not?

They work for you.

They were in Dallas three days ago.
That's as much as I know.

You promised to keep Hamer
on a short leash, didn't you?

If they make a fool of me,
there's going to be hell to pay.

Do we understand each other,
Marshall Lee Simmons?

Yes, ma'am.


- Never seen 'em.
- Never seen 'em?


there hasn't been
another filling station for...

160 miles, you know.

You never saw a blue sedan
with black tires?


Two men and a woman,
headed northbound?

If it's Bonnie and Clyde you looking for,
I didn't see 'em.

And if I did, all the luck to 'em.

They're only taking from the banks

who are taking from the poor folk,
like me.


Oh, Lord.

Now what? I done told you all
I'm gonna tell you about Bonnie and Clyde.

There's a peace officer,

he died in a puddle of himself
back in Dallas.

He was trying to get the shells
out of his pockets...

when his head was blown off,
Easter Sunday morning.

His family will be
on the breadline next week.

All luck to 'em?

All luck to 'em?


- Is that really all you got to say, son?
- Pancho!

They come through here yesterday.

Asked me
where the nearest migrant camp was.

Showed 'em on the state map.

Black tires, blue sedan.

The woman was carrying
a white bunny rabbit.

Gas prices these days
got everybody a little riled.

- What?
- Well, you're the more sociable type.

Meaning I'm the more full of shit.

You boys hiring?

I was gonna ask you the same.

My partner and I...

been on the road a long while.
Business went under in Fort Worth.

- Foreclosed. Damn banks.
- It says so in the Bible.

The banks is the Devil.

Say, my daughter

and her boyfriend been moving
camp to camp, looking for work.

Would've come through in a new Ford sedan.

Wouldn't have happened to see them,
would you?

Two boys and a red-haired girl.

- Tiny thing.
- They didn't come through here.

Trade for some pump water?

Much obliged, mister. Good luck to you.

They like me.

Well, those are some first-rate mud pies,
right there.

I had a little girl like you.

She's all grown up now.

Got a baby of her own. A boy.


Can I ask you something?

Have you seen these two come around here,

dressed up real nice?

These are bad folks.
They hurt other people.

And if we don't find 'em,
they're gonna hurt more people.

Have you seen 'em here?



Well, why don't you get out
and beat the hell out of everybody?

The lady gave it to me.

Still warm?

Butts over here, spread out.

Hand-rolled Durham.

She puffs Camels, right?


Clyde smokes Luckies.

Always has that third man on watch.

Usually near the car, away from 'em.

But which one is he?

Well, three broke out,

only one's still with 'em.

Hamilton maybe, like you said.

Well, maybe I was wrong.

Sorry, I didn't catch that. You were what?

Hamilton, he's a…

He's a front-runner, a peacock.
Old Durham over there, he's a follower.

You got all that from their file?

You track a wolf and you track a dog,
soon you know the difference.

Our third man over there,
that's Clyde's watchdog.

You know, he may not drink, but...

she sure does.

Little girl's in serious pain. Laudanum.

I love Clara Bow.

Stuck, it looks like.

You folks need some help?

Oh, Lord, help me.

Hi, sweetie.

Kansas or Panhandle?

Check the file. See if any...

of the escapees have family nearby.

You know you got a radio in this thing?

That ain't factory.

How much that set you back?

You'd have to ask Gladdie.

It's an intrusion
on a man's peace and quiet.

Not that I've had any since Lubbock.

Oh yeah, that's a good one.

This is an emergency alert.

Police are not releasing details,
but it has been reported

that two officers have been shot
on a country road in a rural area

just north of Commerce, Oklahoma.

How far is that?

Twenty miles.

This don't look promising.

How are we today?

Well, it's never good when
a peace officer goes down in the line.

We need to get through, sir. Now.

Only the Bureau has
multi-state jurisdiction.

We need to stay the trail.

This paper is worthless up here.

So, unless you're government agents

or Oklahoma police officers,
you're not passing this roadblock.

Turn this vehicle around.


What the hell do you think you're doing?

Hey! Come back here!

They need dope for the girl.

What's the closest large town?

You know what, Pancho?
Maybe I should drive.

What town?

What's that?

Expense report.

It's how much we...

It's how much we cost.

How many bullets you got in you?

Hell, I don't know.

Sixteen, I think.

You know, a man can't...

pass bullets through him
like he can kidney stones.


It might be good to have a doctor
look at you sometime.

It might be good to have a doctor
look at you sometime.

I ain't got no bullets in me.

Because I was covering you.

Clyde's ahead of us on the road.
How long we gonna just sit here?

I don't know. You got a better idea?

I don't know if it's better.

The file said there was one convict

tried to make that Eastham escape,
but missed the bus.

Wade McNabb.

- Why?
- Well...

if you were a free man, wouldn't you try
to meet up with your friends?

McNabb's only in for firearms.

He's not a killer.
Lee Simmons could get him furloughed.

Lady Governor would have to sign for it.

I'd wager she's not too happy
about us expanding our jurisdiction.

I'm just saying.


Bonnie Parker.

I've seen ten of 'em today.

Yeah, it's the...

- It's the fashion.
- All the rage.

- Where you going?
- Nature calls.

Jiminy Christmas. You just went!

Hello, Bonnie!

- Get in the picture, now!
- Bonnie and Clyde!

It's Bonnie and Clyde!

It's them, around the corner!

Grab a shotgun.

I'm gonna back us out of here. Come on.

Son of a...

They parked in the back.
One of 'em went in.

Wasn't Ray Hamilton, neither.
It was Henry Methvin,

- the third man in the jailbreak.
- I know, I saw him. You let him go?

Well, I had my eye on Clyde.

Clyde? You had your...
You had your eye on Clyde?

You had a shot?

Why didn't you take him?

Too many people. Goddamn fan club.

Bonnie, we love you!

We love you!


Right there!

I can't see 'em!



They stopped
for a nice breakfast this morning.

French toast and coffee.

Clyde ordered himself a soft-boiled egg
off the à la carte menu.

Cute little diner in Amarillo.

- Amarillo?
- Yeah.

Clyde drove 400 miles last night?

Four hundred and fifty.

Do you ever think, maybe...

Maybe it ain't in us no more?

He got through a thousand-man dragnet
to deliver a bunny to Momma.

What do we do now?

I just had the one idea.


Thank you, sir.

They tell me
you're from the highway department, but...

I know who you really are.

I know a killer when I see one.

I'm sure you would, Mr. Barrow.

Look, mister.


I know y'all are gonna have to kill
my boy.

It ain't your fault.

He's gone past the point of redemption.

There's something I wanna say.


He wasn't born that way.

He wasn't born with no dark soul.

My little Huck Finn.

That's what me and Cumie called him.

He loved bicycles.

What he really wanted to be
was a musician.

I mean, sure, he liked to dress fine
and get the girls

and all like that, but it...

You know, he wasn't a bad boy.

I had high hopes.

People don't always know who they are...
until it's too late.

Oh, you mean one turn on the trail, huh?

That what you mean?

He stole a chicken.

He stole a goddamn chicken, mister,

and the law took him for a bad seed.
And from that day forward,

he was dogged by the law.

- Dogged him?
- Yes, sir!

Dogged or watched him?

I guess it's all the same to you.
You're a cop.

Yes, I am.

Growing up all I ever…

- All I ever wanted to be was a preacher.
- Preacher?

You expect me to believe that?

I was saving up for the seminary.

Working for a sharecropper in San Saba.

Word got out
that I was pretty handy with a pistol.

The owner, McSwain, called me up
to the porch one day and wanted to know

if I wanted to make $150.

I laughed and said,
“Who do I have to kill?”

And he kept staring at me.

That's when I knew...

he wasn't talking
about killing a coyote or a polecat.

He was talking about his business partner
he wanted dead.

I told him I was gonna...

tell his business partner.

That wasn't too smart.

Well, I was 16!

Like I said, I was saving up
for the seminary.

Couple weeks later, he...

asked me to put some groceries
in his house.

Before I could go in,
he pulled a scattergun.

Shot me in my head...

my back...

and my leg.

For whatever reasons I still don't know,
he stepped right over me and went inside.

Maybe to reload. I don't know, but I...

I scrambled away.
Hid in an irrigation ditch.

I would've died there,
except for a colored field hand...

came along, found me,

carried me home.
My momma took care of me all summer.

Come fall, I...

I packed up for the seminary.

At least, that's what I told 'em.

And on my way out of town,
I rode over to McSwain's.

Rang the yard bell. He came out.

And I shot that son of a bitch dead,
right there on that same porch.

And there went my calling.

Turned out,
McSwain was a wanted man himself...

and I became the law.

One turn on the trail, huh?

Yes, sir.

One turn.

How come you're telling me all this?

You ever think maybe there was something
in Clyde...

that made him steal that chicken
in the first place?

Maybe he was hungry.

Maybe we were all hungry.

I won't argue that.

He ain't gonna surrender.

You're just gonna hang him anyhow.

He'd rather be brought down on the run.

You know, your boy may not have been...
born with a dark soul, but he has one now.

You're not hearing me, mister.

I'm trying to say something.

It ain't easy for me to say.

I know there's only one way
that this thing is ever gonna end.

And I'm asking you, please...

just end it now, damn it.

End it for my family.

You call Lee Simmons.
Get him to furlough Wade McNabb.

What a fine idea.

- You remember, right?
- That's what I'm talking about.

I couldn't believe it when Billy Mays
said he was letting you out.

Sixty days. And if I get a job
and I do good behavior in that time,

it could be full parole.

But it ain't good behavior
I got on my mind tonight.

My kind of place.

How are you, darling?

So, is it true?
Do you really know Clyde Barrow?

I knew his brother Buck, too,
before they shot him dead.

What are we gonna do with you?

- I can think of a few things, darling.
- Oh yeah?

Good to be off the farm, Wade?

- They wouldn't tell me your name.
- Don't need it.

I dig.

Say you order me a do-over, slick.

Or not.

Where's the water closet?

So what do y'all need me to do?

you bringing the cattle to market, Dad?

I swear, big man.

They're planning to skin out for Mexico.
That is the word. What do you know, Joe?

Son, suppose you cut
the junior gangster act and get serious.

there's nothing you can do for me.

I'll have Lee Simmons give you a ride
back to the farm tonight.

Yes, sir.

Let me tell you something, mister.

You come to the wrong place
to dog Wade-Boy.

That's right, old man.

You see, Wade-Boy runs with Clyde.

And around here, Clyde is king.

Watch those fancy shoes.

It's a real mess, you get it point-blank,
but I'm happy to do it for you.

A lot of nerve you got, trying to...

rob a fella while he's having himself
a pleasant relief.

Get in that stall.

Stay in there till I come back
and tell you different.

Clyde might be king,
but I'm a Texas Ranger, you little shit.

Billie Mace is set to fix Bonnie's hair.

- When?
- Tomorrow. Dinnertime.

Might look like two girls.
Sometimes Clyde wears a wig.

- He got y'all chasing your own tails.
- Son, if you're telling the truth...

you'll finish out your term
in a nice, civilized federal pen.

But you do wrong by me,

you'll be back on the farm,
breaking rocks...

and getting your teeth stove-in.

What took you so long?

There's a fella in the toilet.

Are you Billie Mace?

You must be Billy Mace.

Hey, Granddad.

Wanna race again?

Didn't your momma teach you
to tie your shoes?

- We gonna see each other again?
- No, sir.


"Git." Downright poetic.

"Headed for greener pastures.

See you next time around."

McNabb warned 'em.

McNabb! Open up the goddamn door!

Goddamn animals.

Did I get that boy killed?

No, sir.

You did not.

He would have been out
in nine months on his own.

Fella did not...

have to die.

Maybe so,
but that fella made his own choices.

See, Frank...

that's the difference
right there between you and me.

You could always hide...

behind some notion
of right and wrong.

I never particularly liked the weight...

of the deciding
who gets to live and who doesn't.

There's differences between us, Maney,

but hiding
behind something ain't one of 'em.

You know, counting McNabb,
they've killed 13.

And people call 'em heroes.

- Who cares what they call...
- I care!

People idolize them.

We need to end this.

It's never easy,

it's never pretty,

but there's always blood
at the end of the road, you know that.

You know that the same as me.

I seen a lot a blood...
but it ain't theirs.

Goddamnit, Maney, why the hell…

Why the hell you even come?

I had to come.

Though I don't exactly know why.

It's gonna look like we set McNabb up
to be killed.

If Ma finds out...

I don't think I can protect you or myself.

You need to come back to Austin
so we can sort this out.

I understand, Lee.

If you're ready to go home,
I'll drive you.

Take me to greener pastures.

I'll just get a bottle and sit there
and wait for Clyde to show up.

Does that mean anything, you think?
"Headed for greener pastures."

Is he headed for a state
he hasn't hit yet?

Could be.

What states have warrants for him?

No, better still, what states don't?

New Mexico...



Outlaws always go home.

Maybe we just been looking
at the wrong home.

Methvin, where's he from?

- Kansas.
- He still have family there?

No, his dad...

lives in Bienville Parish.

East of Shreveport.

Owner lets folk squat
in exchange for labor.

Henry's daddy hauls wood for 'em.

That's his truck.

Let's go!

Ivy Methvin.

They're playing house.

She's a little bitty thing.

So's he.

You all right?


Fix the room back.

Probably best they weren't home.

We got no jurisdiction to arrest
in these parts.

Now, we weren't there to arrest them,

Well, then I suggest we bring in
a local sheriff next time.

Okay, what if he's in on the hand?

A corrupt sheriff down this way
isn't exactly remarkable.

One way to find out.

You said you seen Clyde.

Yes, sir.

Where? North Highway?

- Most recently, two miles from--
- How do you know it him?

My name is...

Flavius Kern.

I am the Barrow family parson. May I?

Thank you.

Now, nobody knows I'm here,
and you never saw me.

But, the family is grateful to you

because the kids,
they're good kids. They're...

They got in a little over their heads,

but word is there's some heat on 'em
down here.

And I know you never saw 'em,
and you never heard they was

in your parish,
and we'd like to keep it that way.

Clyde will try to show his appreciation
to you, but the family...

would like to show theirs.

Call it a contribution
to the parish church.

I won't take up any more of your time.

Your boy use a shotgun on that gator or...

No, we used a gig, like this here.

Listen to me, papere. I see the dogs
in Bienville, I'll shoot 'em dead.

Take your bribe and go home,
or I'll shoot your ass, too.

We're not crooks here.

Well, then, you are just the gentlemen
we're looking for.


Mr. Ivy.

Some men over there looking for somebody
to cut and haul wood.

Say they pay fair.

You need some more hands,
me and my boy, we needs the work.

Work right here.

Get to it.

Yes, sir.

- What the hell is this?
- I'm Sheriff Jordan.

- This is my deputy, Mr. Oakley.
- Well, who are you fellas?

Doesn't concern you.

All you need to know is Bonnie and Clyde
are going down hard, Mr. Methvin.

If not by the gun, then by the chair.

- And your boy Henry is going with them.
- My boy didn't kill nobody.

Killed a highway patrolman
near Grapevine, Texas.

We have a witness,

ballistics, and the whole book.


We know
they're gonna be coming to see you.

We're gonna give your son
a chance to live.


Well, he's gonna have to put 'em
on the spot.

He does, we'll put him on the ground,
instead of in it.

- Meaning you'll let him go?
- As far as Texas is concerned, yes, sir.

They might be by in a day or two.

When you get your boy alone, you tell him
to get separated first chance he gets.

- They'll come right back to see him.
- We'll be waiting.

- Why should I trust you?
- Because I said.

That's just how he's built.

Well, they got a rule.

If they get separated,
they wait a couple days

for the air to clear
and then meet up back at my house.

Clyde won't be taken alive.

Neither will your boy, sir,
unless he takes his one chance now.

I like my house.

- Excuse me?
- I like my house!

Clyde bought it for me,
and I don't want y'all shooting it up.

They'll be around for Henry.
There ain't but one way in, one way out.

That's Ringgold Road.

Ringgold Road.

Once my boy gets clear, you...

Well, you can kill 'em there.

All right.

Take two.

- Two.
- There you go.

Looks like we're outnumbered
by Texans, Henderson.

Well, we need these Dallas boys,
the only ones

who can make a positive identification.

Old Ivy said that car's loaded
with firepower.

They got machine guns, hand grenades,
a thousand rounds of shells.

It's an armory on four wheels.

- Well, we'll find out.
- Gonna have us a hunt.

Gonna skin us some deer.

if I don't have an Arkansas Straight.

Dallas paper gave me a camera
to film it when it happens.

Said he'd pay me. Can y'all believe that?

What the hell is this world coming to?

- Well, there we go.
- Three sevens?

Maybe we should put six bills in the pot,
homme. Make it interesting.

No. Cap says no money in the game,
nor drinking on Sundays.

Can't be much fun.

Yeah, well, there's a place
for me in heaven, I'll tell you that.

What's he doing out there?

He likes to be alone sometimes.

Sheriff Smoot said you and Hamer killed
more than 50 men between you.

Killed more than that in one evening.

I didn't mean to pry.

It's all right, kid. Ante up, gents.

I was young. Younger than you.

South Texas, a place called Candelario.

Ranger Company C. Had about 60 bandits
pinned down in a dry wash.

These fellas burned half a dozen ranches,

killed a dozen...

and raped just about as many.

Anyway, every time we'd ride in there

to take 'em,
we'd yell out, "Manos arribas."

You know, "Hands up."

Well, they'd...

fire on us, and we'd lose a man.
Went on like that for two days.

So they sent down... young Captain Hamer,

my friend Pancho.

Cap says... "What's going on down here?"

"Any time we yell out, 'manos arribas, '
like the law tells us to...

they open up on us."

Cap says, “We're going in there
afore dawn and, this time,

don't no-damn-body yell out
'manos arribas.' Just shoot 'em."

Well, that night...

them bandits were celebrating, drunk.

Most of 'em asleep by the fire.
And we went in.

Some of the boys refused to go.

Refused to just start shooting men.

But I went with Frank.
Like I said, he's my friend.

He gave me the nod.

We let 'em have it.

We shot that arroyo all to hell
before most of them fellas even woke up.

I was... jittery.

A mule came out
from behind a cactus, and I...

shot the man riding it half a dozen times.

Turned out to be a...

13-year-old boy just...

trying to run away.

I still see his face.

Whole thing was over in five minutes.
Counted 54 dead.

Counting was over, Cap sat on a rock,
holstered his gun, and said...

"Manos arribas, you sons of bitches."

Came back,

governor gave us all medals.

My boy got loose.

When he comes, he gonna be coming

from the south,
which will bring him by you.

- I figure you fellas got it from here.
- Ivy...

Turn your truck around,
park it the wrong side.


- You're staying with us.
- That wasn't part of the deal.

The deal ain't done till it's done.
Now, park it.

Jack up the front right bumper
and take off your tire.

Clyde'll slow down and help him change it.

- What?
- Stash these cars.

How do I know I ain't gonna get shot?

You okay?

Yeah. Yes, sir.

We need you to identify these two.

Nobody said nothing
about having to pull the trigger,

which means you don't have to.

- I'll be all right.
- You sure?


When they get here,
y'all stay behind the blind.

I'll present myself.
You fire on my command.

We stay in the blind?


You walk out there?

That's an order, Gault.


for the record,
you only move like you're 75.

The reason I passed your house
that day was 'cause I...

I wanted to spare you this.

That said, I'm...

real glad you're here.

Me, too, Pancho.

Me, too.

Ivy! Get out there!

Hurry up.

It's them.

Ford V-8.


- Yeah.
- You better look.

Yeah. It's Clyde.

This is it!

- Hey, Ivy. Need some help with that?
- Yeah.

Let me help you, then.

Stick 'em up.

Manos arribas.

Get back!

Mr. Hamer? Excuse me, Mr. Hamer?

There's a fella on the phone
from the Associated Press in New York.

He says he'll give you $1,000
for a phone interview right now.

Got him on the line in the back.

Mr. Hamer?

Shame on you.

The nation has been freed

from the worst killing rampage
in its history.

Retribution has been served,
and J. Edgar Hoover

has issued a formal announcement

that the crime spree of Bonnie and Clyde...

Care to comment on your role
in the apprehension of Bonnie and Clyde?

I knew Hamer
and Gault would get the job done,

and that's why I chose 'em.

Bottom line!