The Heiress (2021) - full transcript

Clare and Anna are devoted sisters who live together. Clare suffers from fits and Anna cares for Clare between time at work and seeing her boyfriend. However when Clare begins to see ...

In sure and
certain hope of the resurrection

to eternal life through
our Lord Jesus Christ,

we commend to Almighty God,
our sister Abigail Peller.

And we commit her body
to the ground;

earth to earth, ashes to
ashes, dust to dust.


Mum wanted you to have
all her stuff from the house,

the both of you.

To be honest it's mostly old
books and a load of junk but...

I can easily drop it off at the
charity shop if you want?

We'll pop over and
have a look.

Well you'd better be

Your mother and I start
clearing the house on Saturday.

Make sure you do the driving
Anna ok? Course.

Read your thing.

I don't know. I might leave it.

No go on, just do it.

What's this?

Um... Hello everyone.

I'd like to read a poem
in memory of Nana Abigail.

Awake to hear the
sweet harps play.

To love before him on his way.

And the night wind
answering in antiphon.

Till night is overgone.

Play on, invisible
harps, unto Love.

Whose way in heaven is
aglow at that hour

when soft lights come
and go.

Soft sweet music
in the air above.

And in the earth below.

That was lovely.

It was very sweet,
it was very moving.

Why don't you go and rest?

You're ok.

It was just a small one.
Just a small one.

She'll be fine.
She just needs to rest.

Well if you're sure?
Yeah of course.

Yeah, that's
really lovely.

Listen, I'll just
get my coat ok?

- Thanks Hun.
- Bye Dad

Nana would've been
really pleased.

She's up there right now,
looking down on us all

with the good
lord, laughing.

You alright?

Let me prop you up a bit.
Make you nice and comfy.

You need to drink that,

It's nice and sweet.

I think you should go back to
the doctor and get your

medication reviewed or at
least let them...

Well... You know.

What happens if I'm not
here and you have a fit?

And what if I'm staying at
Dan's and... Fine, fine I'll go.

I'm just upset about Nan.

Yeah, I know.

I tell you what...

Why don't you get dressed and
we'll pop round to Nan's

Mum dumps all her stuff?

It'll give us a chance to
find something sentimental.

Looks like Mum's
been here already.

I know, I wanted to look
through everything first.

Is that a book of spells?

No, I
think it's stories.

Listen to this.

Remedies prescribed for those
who by prest-id-ig-i-tory

art have lost their
virile members.

Is prestidi-thingie ye
olde English for shagging?

I think it's like, magic
tricks or something like that.

With their virile members?
That sounds sexy.

They had courted from
a young age and life was happy.

Then came
the Great War,

and she would not see him
again for many years.

On his return,

she loved him as she
had always done,

...but a changeling
had come back in his place.

The eager boy had
gone, and an angry man returned.

Times were hard
and his anger worsened.

He refused
to see his children

and she would suffer
daily by his hand.

She took to walking
in the woods at night,

...where she would fall
upon her knees

and plead to the
heavens for an end to the hurt.

The heavens
remained silent throughout,

...but another voice
answered in their stead.

An old woman appeared
and told her that she too had

suffered at the hand of man...

...and that she would
take away the husband forever...

...and give the woman
back her peace. For a price.

she accepted.

In return,
the old woman

demanded to be given care
of the daughter.

Seven days later came
a great fire,

and it was not just
the man who would perish,

...but the woman's sons
too. Only her daughter survived.



Thanks... I'll have
it in the bath.

You haven't fallen
asleep in there have ya?


Do you ever feel
as though you're...

...slowly fading
out of existence?

As if...

As if we're barely
even here any more.

Days just...

...drift by.


Yeah, it is what it is.

Get some sleep, huh?


But I wanna come back, I'm fine.

How long?

Well I wouldn't want to give
the company a bad name would I?


I'm officially signed
off for three months.

They don't want me having an
episode in front of a client.



Stop Mr Postman.
Wait Mr Postman.

Where have you gone
Mr Postman?

Ahh fuck!

Please be open.


Oh hello darling.

I just want to
make sure you were home

because me and your dad
were going to pop over.

I bought a
new nail varnish

to cheer
myself up after mum.

Well, you know.

Deep rouge.

You'll love it.

Anyway, so
we'll be over in...

Th-th-that's fine.

Darling. What's wrong?

That's fine...
I mean, I'm fine mum.

Come over whenever.

I'm in all day.

This is the color
I was telling you about.

It's identical to the one that
nail lady was using

and charging
us a fortune for.

Nice isn't it?

My god.

Your nose.

Roy... Roy. A tissue! A tissue!

To the kitchen. Come on.
Mum, calm down.

- Mum.
- Head back. Come on.

Pinch your nose.

It's alright. Put your head
back. That's it, that's it.

That's it.

See, it's stopped.


This happened before?

What's going on?

Oh, come here.

I wish you'd
talk to me, you know?

I can help you.

I prayed for you
last night, you know?


Thought I'd
put another pot on.

It's okay love. Hey...

Come on... Alright.

I'll handle this, thank you Roy.

- What?
- Go.

I think I was about your
age when this picture was taken.

Where was your house?

Oh, not far. Near here. But long
gone. It burned down.

And then they built the Wishing
Tree Estate over the top of it.

Is that your mum?
My great grandma?

No... Linda...

She's your grandmother.

No. I'm Claire, Grandma.

Linda's my mummy?

Oh dear. Um.

Not to worry my sweet.

Just don't make her upset. As
long as you don't question her.

You mustn't speak about her.
She'll think you're being rude.

You're not are you?

No no no no. Now you
go outside and play

and I'll speak to her.

She's just a child...
A silly foolish child.

Go Linda.

Go now.

I'll stay at yours tonight yeah?

I'd love that...


But, Claire really
needs me right now.

Oh for God's sake.

No listen, babe.
She's my sister.

I can't just turn
my back on her now.

The seizures are
getting more frequent.

To be honest, as things are now,

I don't see much of a
future for her.

She's really fragile.

Yeah but, what about our future?

What about it?

I'm not going anywhere are you?

Well not for the
next half hour or so.

Yeah well.

I've got about 8 minutes
so let's forget the faff.

Alright, deal.

I gotta go... I need
to check on Claire.


Yeah, yeah.

Fancy going out later?

Yeah. Why not?

Help take my mind off things.

Dan might pop along too.

Um, I was thinking.

Go easy on the booze.

Fits and all that.


Hey, Brad the lad!

Alright Dan?

Have you
got a bird mate?

Yeah I, I've, I've got a...

Couple of girls on
at the minute.

Alright, so no.

Wow, hey, you are totally
coming out with me tonight.


Yeah. So, hey, don't let
me down. Six thirty, on the PM.

Do I need to go home
and get changed?

Mate, you're good
as you are. Chill out.

Alright darling. I heard heaven
was missing an angel,

and here you are.

Do you really go in for all that
cheesy role play stuff with Dan?

I don't know what you're
talking about Sis.

I can handle Dan The
Man, don't you worry.

I'm fine.

It's just a wobble.

Look, Claire.

First thing in the morning
you are calling the doctor.

And if you don't, I'm
gonna do it for you.

I don't get it.

Something's not right.
What's changed?

It's happening more and more.

Don't Anna, not now,

It's not me.

What do you mean, it's not you?


I'm seeing things...
In this house.

What things?

I don't know.


An old woman, a child.

I don't know. I'm not ill...
It's more than that.

An old woman and a child?

You're just missing Nan and
the meds are messing with ya.

For Christ's sake, my
house isn't haunted.

Look Claire, I can deal with the

mood swings and the depression
and the seizures, but this...

I am not joking.

I have been face
to face with them.

They are as clear as you are
sitting in front of me now.

- Anna.
- And, they're in my dreams.

In this house,
everywhere I go...


You need to get your drugs
sorted, and find that balance.

We're both missing Nan.

You've got to be
stronger than this hun.

We can't look after
you forever.

Come on.

You could do with a night out.

You're right.

Just the meds, I guess.

Sorry Sis.

You a big drinker then Claire?

Why? Do I look
like a big drinker?


I'm more of a lager man myself.

How nice.

Last date I had,
absolute disaster.

The shop was shut for

if you know what I mean?

Or should've been, anyway.

It was like a car
crash down there.

She didn't seem to mind, though.


You alright?

Yeah, I...

I want to leave.



Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Listen Hun, I've said this so
many times now,

turn your bedroom light
off when you go out.

I always turn my light off.
What are you talking about?

Well, what's that then?

I'll call
it a night I think.

Can I get you something
Bradley Bunch?

Yeah, I'll have a squash.


Are you alright?

Yeah. I'll um...

Give you a
call tomorrow alright?

See you tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow won't I?

Jesus, Claire, that was a bit
cold wasn't it?

Excuse me?

Well I mean he's a nice guy.

Would a goodbye kiss have
killed you?

Did you hear what
he said in the pub?

The man is revolting.

How dare you fix me up on a
blind date with no warning.

And with someone who's clearly

never been in the presence of a
woman apart from his mum.

And secondly,
is that my league now?

Dan the Man.

Is that how you've
marked my scorecard?

You know what?

Fuck the pair of you.

It was just a dream.

Get some sleep.

She's adamant
the house is haunted.

I don't know.

What if it's not
a medical thing?

Yea, I'm not saying
that Dan, but...

Look, I've gotta go,
I'll speak to you later.

Dan, can I have a word?

Little busy right
now, Bradleykins.

Last night when we
got to your house.

Yeah about that...

It was wrong to set you
up with Claire, mate.

Her head's all over
the place right now.

Just, take no
notice yeah? Sorry.

Just let me finish Dan.

No, look, um...
I should explain.

She's not...

She's not right in head.

She reckons she's
seeing things, people.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Anna and I thought
it would be good

to get her out
the house for a bit.

That's why I thought it
would be nice to... you know.


What if she is Dan?

I mean, this is what I
wanted to talk to you about.

That house. When we
went inside it...

Oh god, not you as well.

It was in the hallway ok?
A child wearing a mask.

Maybe I was lagered up but...

I've gotta get this.

Dan Philips.


How's the, um, new
medication coming along?

What's it called? Keppra?

Is it having any
impact on the... fits?


How's Anna, love?

All this can't be
that easy on her.

What's that supposed to mean?

Sweetheart, she called us.

She's worried. She really cares
about you and...

All this nonsense...
And seeing things.

I can't believe she called you.
What a bitch.

Oh come on Claire! She has...

We've been discussing it, hmm?

We've made a decision.
We're going to go private.

That's your dad's idea.

I still want you to come
to the church with me.

We have found a really good

He's gonna sort
you out ok?

It's not your fault my love.


No, no, don't "Dad" me Claire.

Actually we have an
appraisal later on today

and I will be taking you.


Hello Claire.


Whatever's the matter?

Here we are. Careful, it's hot.

So tell me, what's
troubling you?

Everyone thinks
I'm going mental.

Why would they think that?

How would you react...

If someone told you
they were seeing things?

People that aren't there.

And are you? Seeing things?

Every day.

I don't know what to do.

Now listen to me.

Let's assume for a moment that
you are seeing actual spirits.

It's very rare for these things
to occur all of a sudden.

They're usually brought on by
people dabbling in the occult.

These things open doors.


Think very carefully.

Could there have been a time

where you may have invited
evil into your life?

No, Father. Didn't start til
my nan passed away.

The church is
always here for you Claire.

Here, take these.

Read Psalm 91.

Whoever dwells in the
shelter of the most high,

will rest in the
shadow of the almighty.


I'd better go.

Remember... God is
greater than any evil.

Sorry, I got talking to Father.

Claire, what you
are experiencing...

it is a medical issue.

Darling, I really want to help,
I am trying to be patient,

but if you let these God
botherers start

feeding you their nonsense
we are only going to

end up right back at
the beginning.

Obviously don't tell
your Mother I said that.

You're having hallucinations
for Christ's sake.

Yeah, that's what they are.

Hmm? What?

I said yes, Dad.

Well it's a pleasure to
meet both of you together,

but I just wonder, Roy,

would it be possible for
Claire and I just

to have a one-to-one
just on our own?

Just for a few minutes.
Would that be ok?

- Yes of course.
- Great.

Just explain everything that's
been going on.

What you've been

And what you told Anna,
and of course the fits.

I'll be just outside.

Thank you.

So Claire, just to
make it clear,

this is in no way a
session or anything like that.

It's just a preliminary chat.

Because it was your dad that
first contacted the clinic and

it was your dad that said you
were seeing things.

I just wanted to hear, in
your own words, um...

What's been happening?

My mother and my father,
hold quite strong views.

Life's been difficult.

But actually I feel
far better today

after speaking to a priest.


So you understand that you are

on a new cocktail of drugs to
try and deal with it all,

the seizures you've been having?
And that they're working?

I've been through all of
your GP's notes and...

I fully support all of
the medications

that you've been

But it just appears that
you're suffering

from some unforeseen reactions.

So that's what this is, is it?

A reaction issue?


That would be convenient for us
to assume that, but I think...

I think we might be being naive.

You know, in my experience,

seeing things often comes from a
more deep-rooted problem.

Tell me, did your
priest recommend

that you not
see a medical professional?

He believed me.

Claire, I'm absolutely sure that
when you're experiencing

these things they feel
very real.

No doubt.

But, I'd like to get
you into an MRI scan.

Because I think that if you can

accept that these
things aren't real,

you can make that jump.

Then it's gonna make
your treatment

a whole lot easier.


You need to accept that
you need medical help.


Are you gonna be alright kid?

I'll be fine Dad.


Yeah, come and have a sit down,
I wanna talk to you.

I spoke to mum & dad.

I know.

Why would you do that?

We thought it was only right
to let them know the situation.


So Dan has joined the
official committee

of matters pertaining
to Claire has he?

Do you know just how much shit

will occur now you've
dragged them in?

I've now got mum and

the rest of the god
squad preaching to me.

Dad just thinks I'm mental
and needs dosing up.

It will be fine Hun.

Well it wasn't.

It was horrendous.

Me and Dan both believe
you're experiencing something.

What did the doctor say?

The doctor said there's a
medical answer to all this.

Father O'Shea wants to know if I

could've let the devil into my
life unknowingly.

I got... these.

And a cup of tea.

I sat on them in the
car so Dad didn't see.

I don't know whether
to laugh or cry.

Why don't you ask Mum and Dad,
see what they'd do.

Oh hang on a minute.

Shut up!

You know you're Mum's fave.
At least you work properly.

Yeah, Claire, this isn't you
talking. It's the illness.

No, this is definitely me.

Ok fine. I'm gonna
head out to see Dan.

Great. Whatever. Enjoy your
evening of rapey

sex talk followed by a
sixty second shag.

Sorry I'm late.

That's alright. Shall we order?
Kitchen closes soon.


Honey. What's she done now?

I should go back, Dan.

She didn't mean it,
she's just desperate.

Jesus Christ Anna,
you've gotta toughen up.

She's leached off
you her whole life.

No, you're not going back.

We're gonna have a nice
meal, forget all about her.

You know?

You're not responsible.

But I...

No, listen to me.

Just let her stew in her
own juices for the evening. Hmm?

She's doing it to herself.

Hey, you and me. Yeah?
That's all that matters.

Get out of my house!!



What the hell are you doing?

Claire! Claire!

This is the best
place for her right?

I know Roy. It doesn't
make it any easier.

I know.

So sorry
to keep you waiting.

Mrs. Tate,
George Medhurst.

Nice to meet you.

So basically, the results of the
MRI scan show that there are

absolutely no obvious
abnormalities with the brain.

Ahh, that's a good thing right?

However, she has been
extremely distraught.

We think we've got the seizures
under control, she hasn't had

another one since she came
in last night.

So, where do we go from here?

Well, I would like to
get her on a DOLS.

A deprivation
of liberties.

So there are some bits of
paperwork that I'd like you to

look at and consent forms
that you need to sign

in your own time.

Mm hmm, certainly.

Can we see her?

Um, I think you'll find her
extremely unresponsive.

She's on a drug
called Clozapine,

which brings on
extreme exhaustion.

She's basically just gonna be
sleeping all day,

whilst being
very closely monitored.

Listen, if you want to
just drop her things off,

she couldn't be in a
better place. Okay?

Thank you, doctor.

Oh my baby.

I brought your teddy.

I'm going to
read you a little story.

He had created the Earth

and the heavens and they
were beautiful.

The earth was a huge garden,
fruitful in its bounty,

but he was lonely and
longed to have

someone to share it with.

So one day, he created a man

from dust and named him Adam.

And so that the man too was not
alone he created a woman,

also from the dust, as
his companion.

And the creator
called her Lilith.

When the creator
ordered that

the woman lie with the man
she refused,

and the creator felt that
as an insult

as he had given her life.

He cast her out from the garden,
scorned for an eternity.

So this time, the creator
took a rib from Adam

and fashioned
another woman.

In times of fear
and darkness,

it reminds us of the
Lord's power.

Could you come and see her?

Her Father may not
want me to see her.

This is not about them.

Please? Please come and see her?

But she must accept the Lord,

for him to take a
step towards her.

Anna. Are you alright?

sorry. I have to go.

There's someone in here!

Are you gonna tell Dan?

I dunno.

I wonder if it's a boy.


Just thinking out loud,

trying to work out why
she made me attack you.

Who Claire? Honestly
who do you think

made any of this happen
other than you?

This is way too much,
I can't take it.

You tried to stab me Claire.

No! It wasn't you, it was her!

I need some time away from this,
I'm sorry.

Come on sweetheart, It's time
for your medication.

How close were
you to your grandmother?

Nana Abigail?

Yeah, I'd pop in now and then,

but she preferred to be
on her own.

To be honest her mind had

already started going by the
time we were teenagers.

I knew Abigail
from the village.

In many ways, I
saw her as my opponent.

She was involved in some pretty
unchristian practices.

They say her mother
was the same.

I knew there was a fire
when she was younger.

I believe she lost
her two brothers.

It's the family history that
makes me more inclined

to believe that what
Claire is experiencing

is something out of the

Abigail once
showed me... masks,

that Dorothy made
after her sons died.

She referred to
them as her family.

She must have been
severely traumatised.

If you let the devil
into your life,

you have to fight to
get back to God.

I believe that Claire is the
victim of Abigail's dabbling.

We were never allowed to speak
about this with Nana.

Mum and Dad... Well, Mum really,
was militant with her.

We need to see Claire
as soon as possible.

She must be prepared

to let me help her find a
way back to God.

But does that matter?

Can we not just do
something for her anyway?


How did it all go
with the Padre?

Um, yeah. He called my dead
grandmother a witch.

I don't know Dan, it was odd.

You know what
I think don't you?

No. What?

I think that you
should move in with me.

I kinda got used to having
the whole house to ourselves.

That's sweet.


With everything that's
going on with Claire,

can we just put this

on hold for a
couple of days?

Oh come on. She's in the
best place now, right?

Jesus, Dan.

Look, just let the
doctors do their thing.

Come on, there's a
glass of wine

then head back to
mine yeah?

I wanna go to bed.
I'm knackered Dan.

Why you assing
about in the dark?

And why is there
Chardonnay all over the floor?


I was getting wine.
I dropped the bottle.


And what? That's what happened.

Are you alright Dan?

Wake up!

Claire? Can
you hear me? Claire?

You've just had
a nightmare sweetheart.

I'm sorry.

Oh, I'm looking for my
parishioner Claire Tate.

I'm Father John O'Shea.

Hi, nice
to meet you. Umm...

I'm really sorry but
Claire is just not up for

receiving visitors at
the moment.


She had a very
restless night and

she's highly sedated
today so, I'm sorry.

Oh, could I come back later

perhaps after she's had
some rest?

Maybe. Umm. We are
going to be monitoring Claire

very, very closely over the
next few days.

Her family are very
keen that I see her.

Yes, but she's highly delusional
so maybe you could come back

in a day or two? Is that okay?

Has she mentioned
her visions, Doctor?

Yes, she has, she's
said a lot of things.

But I believe that allowing
you into see her now,

A very vulnerable, a very
suggestive young woman,

I believe that, would be

You're not a religious
man, are you Doctor?

I believe there's a
time for faith,

but this is a time for

and luckily, the modern
world agrees with me.

Medicine is a kind of faith and
you're behaving like a zealot.

So you think I should be
treating Claire

with Christian prayer,

rather than anti-psychotic
drugs? Is that it?

Not everything can be
explained by science, Doctor.


I wouldn't expect
you to understand that.

Where were ya?

I was asleep. I knew it though.

It's this house. We
can't be in this house.

Fuck off to work, then Dan, and
give me my fucking house back!

Fine. Fine!

Leave us alone.

Leave us alone!

Leave us alone! Leave us alone!

Put her on the bed.

Anna can't see her like
I can. She'll get Anna next.


Anna, are you...?

What's going on? Are you
sleeping? What is this?

What do you want me to do Anna?

Do you want me to call the
doctor or what?

Anna, we can't stay
in this house, hon.

Fuck this! I've
gotta go. I'm sorry.

I think it's time for
your bed bath now.

Don't you dare fucking touch me.

She asked Lilith
to get rid of her husband.

Now then...

This one will be


And this one
will be called...


My beautiful,
beautiful Edward.

We've been
trying to tell you.

It's going to
happen again.

not strong like you.

Oh God!

Visiting time
is over, Father.



Can we get
some help here please?

Don't you come near me.

Give me the glass Claire.

No! Lilith!

This is
what you want is it?

Claire I can help you.

Back! Or so help me
God, I'll cut my throat.

Is this what you want?

You want me dead so
you can have Anna and her baby.

Well I won't do
it! You're stuck with me.




You need anything?


I'm fine.

It was just a long absence.
But I'm back now.

Didn't even notice.

Daniel! Are you deaf?

Sorry honey. What
do you need? Hm?

Well, this one's hungry.

So is this one.

Fuck you. I've won.

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