The Haunting of Sharon Tate (2019) - full transcript

Pregnant with director Roman Polanski's child and awaiting his return from Europe, 26-year-old Hollywood actress Sharon Tate becomes plagued by visions of her imminent death.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

[ominous music plays]

[Sharon] I think my whole life
has been decided by fate.

[movie projector whirring]

[reporter] Have you ever
had what some might term

a psychic experience?

Yes, in fact, I have.

I guess that's what
it was, anyway.

I guess you could
call it a nightmare.

It was a terribly frightening
and disturbing thing for me.

My husband Roman and I had
recently rented this beautiful

home up in the hills
of Hollywood.

It's been around for quite
some time

and many famous people
have lived there before us.

Lillian Gish, and Cary Grant,

and most recently the record
producer Terry Melcher

and his girlfriend
Candice Bergen

who are friends of ours.

Anyway, it was about a week
or so after we moved in

and I was awoken by something
in the middle of the night.

So, I turned on the light,

and that's when I saw
this strange man

just standing in the door frame
of our bedroom.

So, I got out of bed.

And I followed him
down into the living room.

And that's when I saw two people

had been tied to the rafters
in the ceiling.

And as I moved closer,
I realized it was my friend

Jay Sebring and me,

and both of us had been cut open
at the throat.


[ominous music plays]

[reporter] In a scene
described by one investigator

as reminiscent of a weird
religious rite,

five persons, including actress
Sharon Tate

were found dead
at the home of Ms. Tate

and her husband,
screen director Roman Polanski.

Ms. Tate, who starred
in Valley of the Dolls

was eight months pregnant

and was found in a bikini type

with a rope around her neck

attached to the body of a man.

When police arrived,
they found the telephones

and electricity lines cut.

The bodies had been dead
about 12 hours.

We drove to the house,
uh, with instructions...

to kill everyone in the house.

- [detective] From Charlie?
- Yeah.

[female reporter] Manson led
a cult of young rebellious

runaways, who followed his
every instruction.

It was like
I was caught in something

that I had no control over.

I had absolutely no say
so as to what was happening now.

I was just like a tool
in the hands of the devil,

is the only way
I can put it.

[male reporter] One officer
summed up the murders

when he said,
"In all my years,

I have never seen anything
like this before."

My love house.

I started to feel like
I might never see it again.

Did you know that "cielo"
means "heaven" in Spanish?

Well, your heavenly hideaway

hasn't changed much
in six months.

Not that I can say
the same for you.

Are you gonna give me a hand

or just let me roast to death
in this car?

Hey, these hands
are my livelihood.

Besides, I don't know
if I'm strong enough

- to lift you up.
- You creep!

- Take it back right now.
- Never!

- Come on, one, two, and we go.
- [grunts] Phew!

- You okay?
- Starting to get used to this.

You're an old pro.

You think it's possible to fall
in love at first sight twice?

You're the one who left me
for another man, remember?

Well, you didn't become
a stylist to the stars

by just running your fingers
through their hair.

What can I say?

I like to keep my clients happy.




Is anyone home?

- [barking]
- [both] Surprise.

What on Earth?

Doctor Saperstein,
come here, boy.

Come here.

Oh, I missed you.

- Welcome home.
- [Sharon] Hi, Gib.

Oh, my goodness,
I can't believe it.

Shar, you look like
you're about to burst.

That's about how I feel
right now.

Welcome home, doll.
You shouldn't be on your feet.

Our beautiful Sharon.

And where's that rat bastard
husband of yours, hmm, hmm?

[Sharon] Oh, oh.

Oh, it's good to see
you too, Wojciech.

You do remember she's married
to your best friend, right?

Don't be jealous, baby,
you know I'm all yours.

- [laughing]
- [both] Surprise.

- [Jay] Thanks a lot.
- We thought you were Roman.

- Oh, Roman is not here.
- [Gibby] What do you mean?

He decided to stay in London
to finish the script

for a few weeks, but he promised
he's going to be home

before the baby arrives.

Yeah, well, he better be.

Holy shit, close your eyes,
I have a surprise for you.



- [Sharon] What's this all about?
- Okay, okay, get ready.

- Surprise.
- [gasps]

Oh, my goodness.



Don't you just love it?

[Sharon] Yes.

It's just...
Well, you know,

I planned to work on the nursery
myself while I waited for Roman

- to come home.
- But now you don't have to.

Look, I took care of everything
for you. [chuckles]


So is that really his excuse?

It's an important project
for him, Gib.

He's got a lot
riding on this one.

Yes. Well, I can see how a film
called Day of the Dolphin

would be more important
than coming home

and spending time with your
eight months pregnant wife.


You know,
it is just like a man

to take his priorities and shove
them sideways up his ass.

Gib, I'm fine.
We're fine.

Well, my lovely, you can forget
about any kind

of personal privacy now.

You've got your two
loyal house sitters

staying on to look after you,
not to mention

your adoring public,
all of whom eagerly await

the return of the star
of The Twelve Chairs.

- Of The Thirteen Chairs.
- What?

Yeah, the studio
decided to change the title.

I think they figured
twelve chairs wasn't enough

once they saw the size
of my ever-expanding ass.

That is nonsense.

The extra chair is
for Orson Welles.

Have you seen the size
of his ass lately?

Well, here's
to Orson Welles.

And to Sharon Tate Polanski

and her once spectacular ass.

May it find its
way home soon.


[indistinct chatter, laughing]

So the next time I meet him,

I'm trying to get into this
school dance, but,

guarding the entrance,
there's a strange little guy.

Now to me he
looks like an elf,

one of those, um...
The lawns that you, uh...

- A gnome?
- A gnome, yes, thank you.

- [laughing]
- And this little gnome,

he refuses to let me
into the dance

because the teacher
says I have a reputation

- for making trouble.
- Mm.

So I tell him, in my most
intimidating voice,

"You want to see how much
trouble I can make?

You just keep
standing in my way."

And then he gets right
up to my face and says,

- "Well, give it your best shot."
- [all laughing]

A week later, I buy him drinks,

and I give him money
to make his first film.

This is how I meet
Roman Polanski.

- The end.
- [Jay] Yes. [applause]

- Earth to Sharon.
- [gasps]

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I'm fine.

What is going on inside that
pretty little head of yours?

Well, I... I guess it was
what you were just saying.

Like, how the simplest
of choices

can affect the entire
outcome of our lives.

Wojciech, what if you
had never had that run

in with Roman
at your school dance?

And what if I
had never wandered

onto that movie set
when I was 17?

I mean, I had always dreamed
of being an actress,

but what if I hadn't have
been at that exact place,

on that exact day?

Do you know what I mean?

Like, is life just some...

random series of coincidences,

or is there some greater plan?

Some higher purpose
for all of us?

Don't you ever think about
how our smallest decisions

can somehow change the course
of everything?

Honey, with your talent
and those God-given looks,

you were destined to be a star.

Me? Well, I'll forever be
known as Abigail Folder,

queen of your morning
cup of coffee.

- Gib.
- Look,

your career,
you and Roman,

and that beautiful baby you are
about to bring into the world,

it was all meant to be.

We can all look back
at the choices we've made,

the roads taken
and not taken,

and wonder if this is all
life has in store for us.

But, as for you, Sharon Tate,
well, I think life

is working out exactly
how it's supposed to.

[crickets chirping]

You okay?

I think he's having
another affair.

- What makes you say that?
- Because I just know.

Do you know how our
arrangement works?

Roman lies to me, and I
pretend to believe him.

It doesn't have
to be like this, Sharon.

- You always have a choice.
- He's my husband.

We're about to have
our first child.

We'll figure it out somehow.

Come back inside, you guys,

you have got to see this.

I found it in the attic
a couple days ago,

I'll go first.

- This is so silly.
- Oooh.

Will Sharon have a beautiful
baby girl?

- [Wojciech] Oh.
- [giggling] I knew it,

- I knew you were having a boy.
- Okay,

I love you,
but you are ridiculous.

Okay. Okay, come on,
it's your turn.

[sigh] Okay, um... Hmm.

Will I live a long, happy life?



- [knocking at door]
- [dog barking]

Who is that?

- I got it. [grunts]
- [barking continues]

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Be quiet,
Doctor Saperstein.

What do you want?

[man speaks indistinctly]

[Wojciech] Sorry, man,
I've told you before,

you've got the wrong house.
Like I keep telling you.

[man speaks indistinctly]

[Wojciech] Terry doesn't live
here anymore.

This is the home of Roman
Polanski and Sharon Tate.

[Charlie] If you see him,
can you let him know

I need to talk to him?
Just really quick.

Yeah, cool, man, peace.

Thanks, brother.

[barking continues]

[ominous music plays]

- Who is that?
- Just some odd ball

who keeps coming around
looking for Terry Melcher.

Did he tell you his name?


I don't remember.

Charlie something, I think.


Damn you, Roman.



Seriously, you guys?


[buttons clicking]


- [door creaking]
- [gasps]

[crickets chirping]


[door locking]


[dog whining]

[Sharon] Hey. [clicks tongue]

What's going on, boy?

- Hey. Did you hear something?
- [rustling]

[door closes]



- [knocking at door]
- [dog barking]

[Wojciech] Who the hell
is it at this hour?

[dog barking]

- Who was that?
- Stay back.

You got some nerve.
Doctor Saperstein.

- No, don't!
- [barking continues]

Doctor Saperstein.


[door locking]

What is that?

That's... The weirdo
must have left it earlier.

I want to get that gate checked
in the morning, okay?

No one should be allowed
on this property

- without the code.
- Of course.

Yeah, we'll get it changed.
Don't, don't worry, Sharon,

we're here to take care
of you, all right?



[insects buzzing]

Do you think
we're the only ones here?

It's like the entire
world is still asleep.

I say enjoy it while you can.

Everything has been so quiet
since I got back.

I thought the phone
would be ringing off the hook.

I guess it's true
what they say:

"Out of sight, out of mind."

Doctor's orders, remember?

He doesn't want you under
any stress

until that baby arrives,
so I put the word out.

No calls unless
it's an absolute emergency.

[scoffs] Well, thanks for that,
but I'm not exactly an invalid.

So, how are things going
with you and Wojciech?

Yeah, I didn't want
to say anything yesterday,

but, look, after what
happened last night,

I just thought
you should know.

Know what?

[sighs] I've just been a little
concerned about some

of the types he's had over
at the house

while you've been away.

- What do you mean?
- It's just... [sighs]

Woj's new friends,

I'm not saying there's
anything wrong with them,

and you know me,
I'm all about 'do whatever

and be whatever'. But
some of these cats are...


They're just strange,

I don't know
how else to explain it.

They've been making the rounds
with their stuff.

Brian, Nancy, Cass,
that whole scene.

- Mm.
- Well, they're all using it.

And you know a little
experimentation is one thing,

but the dope
these guys are selling...

it's pretty extreme.

You know Roman and I
are all about guests.

I mean, our home is an open
space for our friends

and that's how we like it.

But, I don't like the idea
of some underworld...

[ominous music playing]

Maybe we should head back.

Relax, it's fine.

I'm just...
I'm feeling a little bit tired.

Well, come on,
I know a shortcut.


- You still with me, Shar?
- Yep.

- Can you make it?
- I'm coming.

[insects buzzing]


Oh, no.


It's my fault.

I should have gone
after him last night.


Sharon, there is no way
any of us could have possibly

known this would happen.

He stays outside at night
all the time.

We found a nice spot for him
in the garden.

I'm very sorry
for your loss, Ms. Tate.

I'm sorry,
who are you?

My name is Steven, ma'am,
Steven Parent.

I've been staying out
in the trailer

for the past few weeks.

I thought Will
lived in the trailer.

Will hasn't been around
for a while.

He and Steven are friends,
so he's been filling in

to help keep things nice
for you and Roman.

That's odd, no one
mentioned that to me.

I'm sorry, ma'am,
if you want me to go,

I'll completely understand.

No, you're welcome
to stay. It's...

I just hadn't been made aware
there was a new caretaker,

that's all.

Well, I'll be out
back working on my car

if you need anything. Um...

I'm really pleased
to finally meet you, ma'am,

I really enjoyed your work
in Valley of the Dolls.

He's a really
good kid, Shar.

And he's a hard worker.

- I must've forgotten to mention.
- Is there anything else

I should be made aware of?

Any other changes you took it
upon yourselves to make

while Roman and I were away?

I know you're upset, Sharon.

I'm the one to blame here.

I should have brought
the dog inside.

Maybe you should have.


[wood creaking]

[door creaking]


[door closes]


♪ Pretty girl ♪

♪ Pretty, pretty girl ♪

♪ Cease to exist ♪

♪ Just come and say
You love me ♪

♪ Give up your world ♪

♪ Come on you can be ♪

♪ My life is yours ♪

♪ And you can have my world ♪

♪ Never had a lesson
I ever learned ♪

♪ But I know we all
Get our turn ♪

♪ And I love you ♪

♪ Never learn
Not to love you ♪

♪ Never learn
Not to love you... ♪

[distorted chanting]

[indistinct chanting]

[gasping] Jay.

Sharon, what's wrong,
what happened?

I played that tape.

The voice,
it's that creepy man.

- You're burning up.
- [Sharon panting]

Let's get you outside,
come on.

All right.

Hey, feeling any better?

Come on.

[Sharon groaning]

Oh, I just really, really hope
he didn't suffer out there...

all alone.

[Jay] Sometimes bad
things just happen.

You can't protect everything,
or everyone.

[Sharon sighs] I just...
I wish Roman were here.

This is supposed to be our home.
Roman, me, the baby.

Yet, I just feel
like a stranger here.

It's like they've
just taken over.

And I appreciate
what they're doing,

- but it's all...
- A little much.

That's being nice.

They are constantly
in my business,

making decisions for me,

acting like they own my house.

Roman is going to be home soon,
and then...

you can kiss the squatters
from Hell goodbye.

[Wojciech] So, I was thinking,
maybe later...

Do you think that we are slaves
to our own destiny?

This again.

I mean...

do you think it's possible
to alter the course of our fate,

or is our story just our book...

written before we
were even born?

I like to think
that anything is possible.

You know, I think there's
infinite choices,

infinite realities.

We might be living out different
versions of our own story

for who knows?
Probably forever.

At least, until
we get it right.

I guess in movie speak,
it means we can...

re-write our own scripts.

And I think no matter
which road we choose,

we always arrive
at the same place.

What's this all about?

I don't know...

just my maternal instincts
kicking in, I guess.

Get some rest, beautiful.

That goes for both of you.

No serious thoughts tonight.

I'll be at the bottom
of the canyon if you need me.

And you know I can run these
stairs in record time.

- My hero.
- Don't forget,

we have dinner at El Coyote
tomorrow night.

I know.

[Wojciech] Smile.

What a gorgeous couple.

[ominous music playing]

[music intensifies]


♪ Pretty girl
Pretty, pretty girl... ♪

[muffled song continues playing]

[wood creaking]

[doorknob rattling]


♪ I love you, pretty girl... ♪

♪ Not to love you ♪

- Hello?
- ♪ Submission is a gift ♪

♪ Go on give it
To your brother ♪

♪ Love and understanding ♪

♪ Is for one another ♪

♪ I'm your kind
I'm your kind ♪

♪ I'm your brother ♪

[music stops]




[Gibby] What do you
want from us?


Who the fuck are you?

I'm the devil.

And I'm here to do
the devil's business.

Why are you doing this?


[Jay] No, no, no, no, no, no.

Don't hurt her,
she's pregnant!


It looks like we'll start
with you then, pretty boy.

- [Jay] No, please no.
- [screaming]

- Please, no, no, no.
- [gunshot]


[grunting and groaning]



[all crying]

Run now, go!

Go, go, go, run
and go now, go.

[Gibby] Help, help, help!

Help me, help me.

Please don't kill me,
please, please.

I just want to have my baby.

Please just let me
live to have my baby.

You must as well
face it right now,

you're going to die,
and I don't feel a damn thing

- behind it.
- [groaning]

No! [screaming]





Please stop.


Please. You got me,
I'm already, dead.


[Sharon] I want my mother!

No, no, God please help me!

Help me!


[Sharon] Help me!
Please, help me!


Somebody help me.

It's all right. It's okay,
it was just a nightmare,

it's over now. Shh, shh, shh.
We've got you, it's okay.

- [Wojciech] Sharon.
- You're okay.

Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.

- [inaudible]
- You're okay.

[Sharon] It was just like
that terrible dream I had.

They were killing all of us.

And my baby. [sobbing]

[Gibby] It's okay,
you're okay.


- Did you call Roman?
- Twice. Still no answer.

What are we going to do?

I don't know.

- [door opens]
- I just...

Morning, hon.
How are you feeling?

Shar, are you okay?

- What is that?
- What is what?

That, that, that dead thing
in my refrigerator.

- What dead thing?
- Right there, the dead animal.

- Shar, I don't know what you'...
- It's right the...

It was just... right there.

Honey, I think you're just
overheated, okay?

No! No, no, no, I just saw it,
it was right there.

Are you two telling me
I'm seeing things

that aren't there?

[scoffs] Do you think
I've gone mad?

Not at all, sweetie.

Look, it is perfectly normal
for someone

- in your condition to...
- Stop patronizing me.

Ever since I got home,
all you two have done

is tell me, "Stop worrying,
everything is fine,

nothing is wrong."
But something is wrong.

Something is, is very wrong
inside this house,

and I can't explain it.

Someone tell me
about this man.

I want you to tell me
everything you know

about this, this Charlie.

Sweetie, you had a nightmare.

It was a terrible one,
but that's all it was.

I can't begin to imagine
the things that are going on

inside your body right now.

The chemical changes,
and the emotional stress.

Hell, I would be scared shitless

if I was about to have
my first baby.

Also remember, you're the one
who's always telling me

the things we manifest in life
come from the things

that we put energy into.


I don't know
what's going on here

and I don't know how
you two are involved.

But you have done nothing
but turn this house

upside down and allow
God knows who on our property.

Now someone tell me
who the hell this Charlie is,

because I am not
staying here any longer,

not for one more goddamn day.

We don't know the guy,
Sharon, okay?

I promise you.

He came by here a couple times
while you were away.

I think some of the girls
in his family...

That's what he calls them...
They were at a couple

of parties we had.

But he is somehow convinced
Terry Melcher still lives here

and promised him some kind
of bogus record deal.

I swear to you,
that's all we know.

Well, whoever he is,
and whoever this family

of his is,
they are trying to kill me.

And they're trying
to kill the baby,

and I'm not going
to let that happen.

Sharon, do you
hear what you're saying?

You're sounding as
if you think there's some

- kind of plot against you.
- This is not one

- of Roman's movies.
- Don't tell me

that I am making this up,

that it is some figment
of my imagination, okay?

This, this, this recording
that this guy left,

it switched on last
night by itself, okay?

They were in this house.
There was a man,

and there was two women,
and they had a gun and knives,

and they came here
to kill us all.

Sharon, stop it.

I understand that you're
under a tremendous strain

and that you're upset
Roman is not here,

but, God, this is just starting
to sound like you're...


I'll show you crazy.

Sharon, we didn't
want you to worry.

So you thought you
would hide them from me?

How, how many times
has this creep been to my house?

- How many times?
- I don't know.

Look, we find them at odd
times, in different places.

And did you ever
think to call the police?

And tell them what,
that we're getting mail

for a previous tenant?

This person,
these, these people,

they're a threat to my safety
and to the safety of my baby.

Do you honestly think
we would ever let anything

happen to you or the baby?

Sharon, we are staying here
to make sure you're safe

until Roman gets back.

Safe from what?

[sighs] At this point, Sharon,
safe from yourself.

[scoffs] We're done here.

[rock music playing]

♪ I'm never sad
When you're along ♪

♪ You make me happy
If things go wrong ♪

♪ You make a bad day bright ♪

♪ When it's dark
You're my light ♪

- [clanking]
- Oh.

- [Steven chuckles]
- I'm so sorry, are you okay?

- I'm fine.
- I'm so sorry.

Hi. [chuckles]

I was just doing some
work on my car here.

- I can see that.
- [Steven clears throat]

What can I do for you, Ms. Tate?
I mean Ms. Polanski. I mean...

Oh, oh, please
just call me Sharon.

Sharon. [chuckles]

Oh, I meant to tell you
I changed the code

on the gate this morning,
just to be on the safe side.

Thank you, Steven.

They were right, you're a handy
guy to have around.


Do you think you might
be able to help me

figure out one more thing?

[Steven] Right this way.
[clears throat]

- [Sharon] Oh. Watch your head.
- Okay.

[Steven] Oh. Sorry.


[clears throat]

Thank you.

[Steven clears throat]

Huh, you're really
into gadgets, aren't you?

I've always loved
taking things apart

and putting them back together.

I guess I enjoy figuring
out how stuff works.

Keep it up and you may become
a world famous inventor one day.

- What, me?
- Yeah.


I'm just a kid from El Monte
who works part time

in a stereo store to save up
enough money for college.

And I'm just a girl from Dallas

military dad moved the family
every few years

and never had any friends.

Yeah, but look what you became,

a world famous movie star.

[chuckles] Hardly world famous.

Well, you are to me.

[clears throat]

What about you, Steven?
Do you have someone?

Special in your life?

Not really.

I don't see much
of anyone lately.

I left home sort of suddenly

well, I don't...
talk to my family these days.

You know, it's never too late
to tell the people

you care about how you feel.

I'd like to visit them
before I move on.

Even just once.
To say goodbye.

You should do that.

So, this is the tape
you say started up by itself

in the middle of the night?

I honestly can't explain it.
I know I sound completely crazy.

Well, things always seem crazy
if you don't ask questions.

[clears throat]

♪ I'm your kind
Oh, your kind ♪

- ♪ I can see ♪
- [distorted chanting]

[music stops]

[music plays, stops]

- [music plays]
- [chanting continues]


- What is it?
- I think it's an encode.

What does that mean?

This tape,
it contains subliminal messages.

It's a technique
called back-masking.

Here, listen again.

[music taken over by chanting]

♪ I love you, pretty girl ♪

But, when I play it
in reverse...

[voices] Helter Skelter,
Helter Skelter.

Helter Skelter.

- That's clever.
- What's it saying?

Helter Skelter.

You know,
like the Beatles' song?

It sounds like some
kind of chant or mantra,

almost like the foretelling
of a prophecy.

All I can say
is that someone

went to a lot of trouble
to make this thing.

Why can the words
only be heard

when it's played backwards?

It's intended to be subliminal,

audible only
on an unconscious level.

It's mostly used in advertising
to convince people

to buy things
that they don't need.

It's used all over the media...
radio, TV, movies, music...

to spread messages.

What kind of messages?

I guess all kinds.

Even Satanic messages.


[Sharon] Satanic.

Personally, I think
it's all part of a plot,

created by the government

to turn us all into conformists,
to keep us

from questioning what's really
going on with the man,

From thinking for ourselves.
Think about it,

if they keep us in the dark,
they control everything.

We become a society of mindless
consumerist robots left

to roam the wastelands of their


[telephone ringing]


Yes she is,
one moment please.

It's for you.


What do you want from me?

Ms. Tate?
Sharon, are, are you okay?

Did you recognize the voice
on the phone?

No, ma'am.

It was him.


It's that man, Charlie.

What did he say?

He said we're all going to die.

[gasping screams]

[phone ringing]

- [knocking at door]
- [Gibby] Sharon, you in there?

[phone continues ringing]

[Gibby] Sharon? Sharon?

Honey, honey,
we just want to talk to you.


Roman. [sobbing]

Oh, my God, I've been trying
and trying to reach you.

I've been so scared, I've had
the most terrible nightmares

since I've been here.

Take me out of here,
I don't care where,

I'll go anywhere, I just wanna
go somewhere far away from here.

[knocking at door]

[Gibby] Sharon, let us in.

[Wojciech] Sharon,
please, open the door.

Roman, are you still there?

[Gibby] Sharon,
are you in there?

[knocking at door]

[Wojciech] Sharon, we just
want to talk to you.

[knocking at door]

[Wojciech] Please just,
just talk to us.

[knocking at door]

Roman, I need you
to listen to me.

Wojciech and Gibby keep telling
me I'm imagining everything,

but something terrible
is going to happen

if we don't leave this house.

What is wrong with you?

Roman, you are not
listening to me.

Haven't you heard a single
word that I've said?

[Gibby] Sharon please,
just let us in.

[Wojciech] Sharon, we just want
to talk, let us in, please.

I'm just about to take a bath,

I'll be out soon.

It's them, Roman.

They're involved in the plot,

they're not
who you think they are.

Roman, listen to me,
there's this man named Charlie,

and I think he's the leader
of some kind of a cult.

And I think he has followers,
people that do whatever

he wants them to do.

And they have been
coming to the house at all hours

and leaving tapes and...

...there's messages
inside of their music,

Satanic messages from...

And they're coming here
to take the baby.



[distorted voices chanting]

Helter Skelter,
Helter Skelter.

Helter Skelter...

[disconnected line beeping]







Steven, come, help me.


No, no!


[Steven] Sharon, Sharon,
Sharon, you're all right.

You're okay. You're safe,
it's all over.

It's just a bad dream.

No, no, no.
It was not a dream,

I saw you, and you...
you were dead.

It's okay, you've
been sleeping, all right?

You didn't wanna go
back over to the house,

so I let you rest here
for a few hours.

Few hours?

- Stay right there.
- No. Steven,

no, you have to listen to me.
We're in danger, real danger.

The baby.

- Wha...
- Oh, the baby.

Wait, the baby?
Wait, it's, it's coming?

I don't know, but I need you
to go get help.

Go outside
and take your car, okay?

I don't know how far
I can make it.

I'm going to call for help.

Steven, there's no time,
I need you to go right now.


The line is dead.

- [Sharon groans]
- [phone clicking]

What's going on?

Steven, I need you
to listen to me.

Go outside and get the police.

- But what about the baby?
- Steven, go get your car!

[door closes]

[breathing heavily]

[car door closes]

[flooded engine]


- [engine starts]
- [rock plays on radio]

Steven, no!

♪ All the time, girl
Don't you know ♪

♪ Oh, baby, baby, baby
I love you so... ♪

[car door opens]

Hello, can you help us?

♪ I'm never sad
When you're along ♪

♪ You make me happy
When things go wrong ♪

- Steven! Steven, back up.
- Sharon, what are you doing?

Back up, now.


[engine revving]



- [Sharon speaking indistinctly]
- [Steven] Shit, shit, shit.

[Sharon] Come on. Come on!
Come on!

[ominous music playing]

[Steven panting]

- [gunshot]
- [Sharon and Steven gasp]

- [Sharon groans]
- [Steven] Move!

[Sharon screams]

Lock all the doors, hurry.

What's happening out there?
I heard gunshots.

- There's no time, Gibby.
- [Wojciech] What is going on?

They're out there,
and will kill us all

if we don't lock this
house down right now.

[Gibby] Who is it?
Who's out there?

[indistinct shouting]

- [Sharon] Hurry, they're coming.
- [Steven] Help me with this.

Come on, come on.

[Sharon panting]

♪ Little pigs, little pigs
Let us in ♪

♪ Or we'll huff
And we'll puff ♪

♪ And we'll blow
Your house in ♪

- [Gibby] What do we do?
- [Sharon] Run,

hide, don't let them find you
whatever you do, go.

[Gibby crying]

♪ Little pigs, little pigs
Let us in ♪

♪ Or we'll huff
And we'll puff ♪

♪ And we'll blow
Your house in ♪

♪ Little pigs, little pigs
Let us in ♪

The nursery.

♪ Or we'll huff
And we'll puff ♪

♪ And we'll blow
Your house in ♪




- Jay. Oh, my God!
- Sharon, I was

at the restaurant.
Where did you... Whoa.

- Oh, God!
- You okay?

What's wrong?
You're shaking.

- [whimpering]
- Hey, come here.

Sharon, what's wrong?

[Sharon] Jay!

Who the fuck are you?
What do you want?

I'm the devil.

And I'm here to do
the devil's business.

[whimpering, gasps]

Get in there.





Please, please,
you can kill me,

but can you just let
me have my baby?

I just want to live long
enough to have my baby.

Bitch, you might as well
face it right now,

you're going to die.

And I don't feel a thing
behind it.

[whimpering, groaning]

Please, please, please,
she's pregnant,

please don't kill her.
Pease. No!

Please don't kill her,
please don't kill her.

Well, I guess we'll start
with you then, pretty boy.

[Jay whimpering]

Take anything you
want in the house, please,

please don't kill me,
please don't kill me.


- [gunshot
- [Gibby screaming]

Take me, you piece of shit.

Do it.
Come on, kill me.

Kill me.

Well, well, well,
the pregnant little starlet...

has got some fight in her.

I know who you are.

Do you know who I am?

You're the motherfucking devil.



[indistinct yelling]

[grunting and groaning]


Jay, look out!

[Gibby grunts]

Come on.

Come on.

[Steven] Come in.

Steven, Will had a ham radio.

Maybe he left it
in here somewhere.

- I can put it back together.
- [Sharon] Okay.

[clock ticking]

[door creaks opens]



[groaning, indistinct voices]




[Gibby] Where is Wojciech?

[Steven] Hurry up, more
of them might be coming.

[Sharon] Just make it
work, okay? Please.

- [radio chatter]
- [Steven groans]

- [Sharon] Come on, come on.
- Someone, anyone,

- come in, this is an emergency.
- [radio static]

[man over radio] What's your 20?

[Sharon gasps]

[metal clanking]

- [Gibby] Oh, my God.
- [whimpering]

[man over radio]
Anyone there, come in.


Sharon, I am so sorry.

I don't want to die. [sobs]

We're not going to die, okay?

You are not going to die,
you are not going to die.

[man over radio] Hello?
Hello? Come in.

- [panting]
- [muffled radio static]

[man over radio] Ten-38,
ambulance remotely needed.

Awaiting confirmation
on caller's 20.

Ten-nine, you were stepped off,
repeat the message, come back.

Anyone there?
Come in.

Twenty four-nine
for a radio check.

I can't help you
if you don't answer.

Do you need an ambulance?

Hello? Come in.

Break one-nine
for a radio check.

Ten-38, ambulance
remotely needed.

Awaiting confirmation
on caller's 20.

you were stepped on,

repeat the message,
come back.

Anyone there?

Come in.

Break one-nine
for a radio check.

[Steven] Hey, asshole.


[Steven panting]

[gun cocking]

Fuck you!


- [Gibby] Sharon.
- [Jay] Sharon.



[all panting]

Here we go. Come on.

[Sharon] Do you think
it's possible

to alter the course
of our fate,

or is our story just our book,

written before we
were even born?

[Jay] I think there's infinite
choices, infinite realities.

We're probably living out
different versions

of our own story for...
who knows?

Probably forever,
at least until we get it right.

[Sharon] I would like
to be a fairy princess.

A little golden doll
with gossamer wings,

in a voile dress,
adorned with bright,

shiny things.

I see that as something
totally pure and beautiful.

I think my whole life
has been decided by fate.

I've never planned anything
that's ever happened to me.

I guess you could say
I live in a fairytale world,

looking at everything
through rose-colored glasses.

I probably always will.

[projector whirring]

[ominous music plays]

Subtitles by explosiveskull