The Harrowing (2015) - full transcript

Accused of the ritualistic murder of his best friend, a vice detective bent on finding the truth is plunged into Hell when he goes undercover and discovers that demons might be real.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

I'm not telling that joke
Nobody ever laughs at it.

- Yeah, tell him, tell him.
- Don't like egg on my face.

- Come on, tell him.
- Gonna fall right into me.

You remember that prostitute?

You may not think
this is funny,

but why can't Sally swing
on the swing?

- Why?
- Because she has no arms.

- Knock, knock.
- Who's there?

Not Sally.

He's not laughing.
They're not laughing.

Tell him the other one.

What's the best part about
banging 28-year-old girls?


There's 20 of 'em.

There's 20 of 'em!

You guys got sisters?
What's wrong?



Answer my question here.

How old is this girl?

15, maybe 16.

That's way too old.
Anything younger?

- What age?
- Our client needs her to be 12.

I can get you 12.

We'll get you 12.

Get us 8, 9, 10 too?

- Yeah.
- Fuckin' jackpot, baby.

You find the third girl.
Which way's the pisser?

Up the stairs to your left.


- Yeah, what you got?
- Hey.

- Are we good?
- Yeah, it's all here.

Everything we need.
Pictures, videos.

- You giving the green light?
- Yeah, and they're all packing,

so wait till we clear
before you come in.

- Copy that.
- Great.

You fuckin' recording us?
What the fuck?

Where's the third man?
The third man.


Ryan, you're dreaming again.

- Ryan.
- Yeah.

Ryan, you're dreaming again.


She just got here.


You stay here.

She knows me.
She trusts me.


He dream like that a lot?

That's none of your business.

He said Swinton's name.


So that's the cop
that got killed right?

Got the list.

And we are on for tonight.

Congressman Dunning's on this.

I'll see you boys over there.

- Congressman.
- Say it back.

- I wanna hear you say it.
- Dunning.

Congressman Dunning,
you feel so good.

How long has it been?

Five minutes.

Not bad for a politician.

All right, so we have
Congressman Dunning.

You know, she kinda reminds me
of Mrs. Richards,

our fifth grade teacher.


Better get
your eyes checked, son.

Miss Richards is 53.

Yeah, but think about the eyes.
It's all about the eyes.

You're a freak.

How long have you two
known each other?

Second grade.

Yeah. I saved his ass
from a group of bullies.

Been following me around
ever since.

Yeah, I remember that
the other way around.

You would.

He's the reason why you didn't
take the transfer to homicide.

No, we joined
the force together.

We made a pact
to work homicide together.

Well, that's not
what the guys are saying

around the department.

You're a dick.

What are the guys saying?

Calhoun can't work on his own.

You're the only reason
he's a good cop.

Let it go, Jack.

Doesn't matter.

Mattered to Logan.

He was pissed,
screaming about it in the pen.

He was finally
getting rid of you,

and you turned it down.

Called you Myers' puppy dog.

I'm gonna kick the shit
out of this motherfucker.

Not worth it.

Just so you know,

we're not done
talking about this.

It's Marjorie.
I need a sec.

Tell her I said hey.

Hey, beautiful, what's up?

Hey, man, what the hell happened
that got Logan on your bad side?

I heard it had to do
with Swinton.

You were on temporary assignment
with him or something?

You got him shot?

Swinton and I
were on a sting operation.

I went to the head,
and it turned into a shit show,

and, uh, he died.

It's as simple as that.

You left him alone?

Just for a second.

Geez. Logan says
you can't handle yourself,

let alone anyone else.

Yeah, well, fuck Logan,
and fuck you too, rookie.

You got a big mouth.

Who else we got tonight?

One more about an hour from now.

Okay, go get some coffee
in the meantime.

I grabbed it
the last two nights.

It's your turn.

You're a newbie,
and newbies get coffee.

Come on, stop being a pussy.
Hey, I'm buying.

A fool and his money
are soon parted.

I don't mind stretching my legs.
You want a mocha, princess?


Turn that down.

Our neighbors will think
we're just watching porn.

Yeah, so turn it down.



- Hey.
- What can I get for you?

Uh, three mochas,
extra shot of espresso, please.


You can keep it.

Thank you.


Hi, honey.

How's it going?

Hey, baby.

Two down, three to go.

What time do you think
you'll be home?

It's hard to say. We've got
another job coming in,

so that'll wrap us
for the night, maybe 1:00.

Can't you let Jack
take this one?

Hey, something wrong?

Ah, nothing. I'm just...

just a little lonely,
that's all.

The case will be over soon.

That's what you always say.

Never mind. I...

I'm just throwing
an old pity party.

Wake me when you get home?

Yeah. I'll tell you what.

How about when the case is over,

I'll take a couple of days off,
we'll go up to the coast.

Get out of town for a while.
How's that sound?

It's a date.

All right.
I'll see you in a bit.

I love you.

Yeah, me too.

I wish it would just rain
and get it over with.

It's gonna get bad out there.

You're not happy.

It was fantastic.

Mind if I take a shower
before I go?

It's all yours.

You still listening?

My mother always said
lightning without rain

is like the devil
knocking at the door.

- What the hell's going on?
- Shh.

Yeah, you been good to me.

Think you can do something
about this storm?

Get out! I told you!

Get out!


You know, you can grab a table.

Yeah, I'm trying to decide
whether or not to risk it.

I think it's gonna get worse.


Wish me luck
I don't get rained on.

Coffee's up, boys!

Storm's letting up.



What the fuck?






Greenbaum. Jack.

Tasty morsels.


Greenbaum, stop.

Jesus God.

So many tasty morsels.

What the fuck are you doing?

Stop right the fuck there.

Get on the goddamn ground.

There's no time.
There's no time at all.

No time at all to waste.


Last warning.

He told me this was the place.

I knew this was the place.

I knew this was the place
that would stop them.

Stop who?

The demons.

The demons like you.

I'm not seeing it.

What the fuck happened
in there?

Anybody, uh...

Anybody been through
the audio surveillance?


Looking through it now.

I never seen
anything like that.

Was Greenbaum on dust
or PCP or something?

I mean...

I've never seen a man
do those sort of things

to other human beings.

Somebody's gotta call Marjorie.

Anybody called her yet?

I think it's best
she hears it from you.


Best for her or best for you?

Where the fuck
you think you're going?

Going back inside.

You're off the case.

I'm off the case?

What are you talking about?

It's an officer-involved

No, no, no,
it was justified.

He was coming at me.

You've been in there.
You saw what happened.

I put a fucking bullet through
his shoulder point blank.

He didn't go down.

I don't give a fuck.

You don't give a fuck?

Jack was my best friend.

And you left him alone, huh?

Is that how you're going
to play this, Lieutenant?

- Huh?
- If I don't get you fired,

at least I'll get you
out of my goddamn division.

So you tried to get me
transferred to homicide?

It was you.

I bet you had to pull
some fucking strings, yeah?

Your gun and badge now.

Right now.

You're on administrative leave,
pending an investigation.

Don't you call us,
we'll call you.

- Fuck you.
- Hah!

Stop it!

What's wrong?

It's me.

You look like hell.

Should I go see Marjorie


Yeah, she's gonna
need friends.

You should've seen her face
when she came to the door.

She'd been sleeping,
so she was mostly sleepwalking.

Then she saw my face.

She knew...

something bad had happened.

You're gonna need friends.

I got you.

I feel like I'm losing
my fucking mind.

I can't even imagine
what it was like.

You've been through
bad things before...

No, no.

Nothing like this.

Never seen anything like this.

None of us have.

I, uh...

I saw something,
and I can't explain it.

You don't want to tell me?


I gotta work this shit out
in my head.


I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

You know that I love you.


Demons like you.


Jack was my best friend.

And you left him alone.



It's Calhoun.


I'm so sorry
to hear about Jack.

Yeah, I know.
It's shitty luck.

Listen, I need you
to do me a favor.

Ryan, look at me.

I don't want you doing this.

Jack is dead,
and there is nothing...

What is this rivalry
you have with Jack?

He was my partner.

He was my best friend,
but I married you.

Goddamn it, would you
listen to yourself?

This isn't about Jack.

You weren't with Marjorie today.
I was.

And what I saw
scared the hell out of me.

I don't know what I would do
if that was you.

You always say never go alone,
always have a partner,

and here you are
running off on your own.

I don't wanna see you
get hurt.

I'm not...

I have to do this.

I owe him.

He saved my ass
more times than I can remember,

and it's who I am.

I have to do this.

Look, wait, wait,
wait a minute.

I hear you.

I promise you
I'll talk to Logan tomorrow.

You have my word
I won't go it alone, okay?

Would you come to bed, please?

In just a little while.
I have to make some notes.

The basis of my research
has revolved around the theory

that demons of ancient lore
and cultures

were founded
in early man's inability

to explain mental illness.

They looked outside of
themselves for an explanation,

and thus schizophrenia,

identity disorder,

any number of mental illnesses

had to be from malevolent
spirits and creatures

the body and the mind.

But it's my belief
that deep within our psyche,

we have our very own,
very real demons.

We use drugs and medications
to keep demons buried.

But if we could instead
bring them to the surface,

we could engage them
and have a dialogue.

Ryan, Ryan.

Ryan, Ryan.

Ryan, Ryan.

- I need to talk to you.
- We got nothing to talk about.

Can I get you something
to drink or something?

Doris, he won't be
staying that long.

Let me ask you a question.

Did you know Greenbaum stayed
in a psychiatric facility?

He did.

You sure you don't want
any coffee or anything?

I'm fine, thank you.

He did a nice little stay
in there.

Depression, attempted suicide.

You want to tell me how a guy
like that makes detective?

I don't do the hiring.

Do you read the personal files?

All right, I'll have a look.

Maybe I'll find something
that helps your case, huh?

I wish that was it,
but it's not.

For Christ's sake.

Greenbaum's not the only guy

to freak out
when he came out of Auburn.

Look at it.

There were different
circumstances here,

but the killers both
said the same thing.


"The demons made me do it."

We would've heard
something about that.

Not necessarily.

No, they truck their patients in
from all over the country.

They bring 'em in
from Ohio and Maine.

So if you're looking
for a connection,

you're not gonna see it.

But the topper is
Congressman Dunning.

The recently dead
Congressman Dunning.

He was gonna shut Auburn down.

Don't you think
that's a coincidence?

No, sir.

This place...

This place is responsible
for what's going on.

I know it.

I wanna get in there.
I wanna see what they're up to.

I wanna be on the inside.

We don't have enough time
to work up a case file.

Let's just say
that's my case file.

The public doesn't know
what's going on.

As far as they're concerned,
I've been arrested,

formally charged,
taken into custody,

but the company line will be
I didn't remember anything

until you made the scene.

And now I am being shipped off

to Auburn psychiatric facility
for evaluation.

I know you play golf
with Judge Friedlander.

I know you guys are friendly.

Stroke of a pen,
you could make this happen.

No. You'll be cut off
from everybody.

I wouldn't be cut off.

I spent all night
researching this.

These places aren't prisons.

You'd be surprised
the rights these patients have

in these facilities.

Hell, I can get
a cell phone in there.

They wouldn't know about it.

I'm fully aware I don't have
a fuckin' leg to stand on here,

but I'm asking you.

Will you help me?


You okay?

Yeah, no, I'm fine.
You scared me.

I wasn't paying attention.

Why do you have those?

Logan put me back undercover
at my request.

And they cleared you for this?

Well, the shooting
is still under review,

but they reinstated me, yeah.

Do I have a say in this?

Honey, it's
a psychiatric hospital

for a week, maybe less.

Four walls,
three square meals a day, a bed.

It's low risk.
There's nothing to be afraid of.

What are you afraid of?


- Well, it's my job.
- No, it's not your job!

You're vice.

It's homicide's job.
Let somebody else do it.

There is nobody else.

Nobody else will do this.
There's just me.

If anything goes wrong,
anything at all...

I don't know if I'll be here
when you get back.

Hey, hey.




Will you listen to me?

Honey, it's gonna be okay.

I promise you
it's gonna be fine.

I'm gonna reach out to Logan
every day I'm in that place.

Hey, baby...

I am not gonna disappear.

Do you hear me?

I am not going to disappear.

This is Dr. Hoch.

Be right with you.


You must be Lieutenant Logan.

I am.

And you'd be our new patient.

Of course.

Could you sign
the transfer papers please?

Oh, certainly.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

By the way, Lieutenant,
where's the psychiatrist report?

The what?

I see the court order,

but there should be
a signed psychiatrist's report.

Well, this is all
they gave me.

Of course.

Let's hope you get
all the help you need.

I don't need any help.

All of you are the people
that need help.

Come on, Vallejo.
Let's get out of here.

Have a nice day,

Yeah, right.

Mr. Calhoun.


Is she trying to contact
the mothership?

All the comforts of home.

Feel free to move things around
if you like.

Is there a lock on the door?

It's a forensic hospital,
not a prison.

What if I want my privacy?

Humor. Good.

Hey, those are my clothes.

Not anymore they're not.

We'd like you to wear these
while you're here.

Well, I know you'd like
to get settled in,

so if you'd change into these

and leave your old clothes
on the bed, please.

Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Logan here.

Logan, it's me.
I'm checked in.

I'll call you the minute
I find something.

- All right.
- Yeah, bye.

I see you.

I hear you in my head.

I know you.

Did she die because of you?

You should've made the rookie
get the coffee.

You must pay
for what you've done.

No, not him, no.

No, not him!
Not him!

What's your name?


I didn't mean to startle you.
I'm sorry.

No, no, no.

It's okay.
My name's Calhoun.

Ryan Calhoun.


It's nice to meet you, Ella.

Did you know that Shakespeare
hid the truth in his plays?

- No.
- See?

It's right here in Macbeth.

Will was trying
to tell us that...

He was trying to tell us
how to see them.

See who?


It's right here. Look.

It's right...

Whoa. Wait.

- It was right here.
- No, it's okay.

I believe you,
I believe you.

Yeah, uh, my wife
actually told me

that Shakespeare
was an invention.

Didn't actually exist,
is that right?

- Yeah.
- Most of his works

were created by
a bunch of writers

that wanted
to remain anonymous.

Yes, yes, exactly.

Well, almost exactly.

So Will, old Will,

was murdered because he was
trying to tell us the truth,

so a secret society was formed
to keep writing under his name.

All of the truth,

the truths are in his plays.

They don't believe me.

Well, I believe you.

How 'bout that?

Can I ask you
a question, Ella?


How long you been in here?

A few months.

What for?

I offed a guy in Vermont
because he knew the truth.

He knew the...

Ella, am I going to have
to take your book away?

No, no.

Are you here for me?

Dr. Whitney
is ready to see you.



Hey, you won't tell them,
will you?

Mum's the word.

Dr. Whitney?


It's a pleasure to meet you.

I like what you've
done with the place.

It suits us.

Are you settling in okay?

Yeah. So far so good.

Gonna depend on how I sleep.

Don't be surprised
if it's restless.

It's common for patients
to start having nightmares,

likely from new surroundings
and behaviors.

Yeah, sure.

So tell me about yourself.

Well, there's not a lot
to tell, really. I mean...

Been married for 10 years
to a good wife.

I've been a cop for 17 years,
and, uh...

my partner and best friend was
recently massacred by a lunatic,

but you know that.

We don't like to use
that word here.

Okay. What would you
call someone

who dismembers a prostitute
and her john

and then tears my partner apart
and then decides to eat him?

What would you call
a guy like that?

You tell me.

I believe I just did.

And you believe
Detective Greenbaum did this?

Yes, sir, I do.
I didn't kill my best friend,

so yeah,
I know it was Greenbaum.

I'm a bit confused,
so perhaps you can elaborate.

You believe Greenbaum did this,

or you believe a demon
did this?

I never told anyone that.

It's right here.

You reported
to the responding officer

that you thought
a demon caused this.

Well, I didn't say that.

I don't know how
it made it in the file.

If you don't remember anything,

if you don't remember anything
until your Lieutenant arrived,

how can you be sure?

I don't know. I don't know
anything about demons.

When the responding officer

you were ranting
that you had to kill Greenbaum

because he was a demon.

Can I see that?
Do you mind?

How would you explain
what happened to the detective?

Well, he must've attacked me.

I mean, I wouldn't have shot him
unless I was defending myself.

How do you feel about
standing trial for this?

Oh, I'm not gonna stand trial.

It'll sort itself out.
Always does.

Why do you believe
you're here then?

I'm here because
I don't remember anything,

and the court
wants you to test me

to see if I'm competent.

Are you?

Well, you're the doc.
You tell me.

I will... in time.

Decker here will
take care of your meds.

We'll start
our first session tomorrow,

and I'll have had time to review
the rest of your file.

"Paranoid schizophrenia."

"Mr. Greenbaum made it known

he believed his wife
was possessed by a demon,

and that she'd unlocked
the gates of hell,

was bringing other demons
to kill him."

How in the hell did you
get outta here, Roy?

"Nellie Corbin.

Murdered her husband
for being a demon.

Current status, discharged."

"Thomas Chester.

Assaulting a police officer
after he saw a demon.


Are we going to the room?

That's right.
Time to see them.

- They can come out now, right?
- Yes.

I don't need that, right?

You have to be calm,
so no one hears you.



Where are you taking her?

Where does the elevator go?

How far down?

Where you taking her?

Help! Help!

Let me go!

Call my wife!


Get it away!

Let me go!

Get away from me!

Let me go!

What are you doing?

Gross, isn't it?


Kind of like eating
rotten brains.


I smell piggy.


Oh, Karl, baby.

Here, grab a chair.

This here is Karl.

He's a little slow,
if you know what I mean.

Not slow. Medication.

Not slow.

Well, it's nice
to meet you, Karl.

And, Karl, I'd like you
to meet my new best friend.


I'm your best friend?

Right, right, right, Karl.

We can all be best friends.

- Put your arms down.
- Hmm?

- Put your arms down.
- Why?

- Why?
- Put 'em down.

Don't let 'em see.

I had this weird dream
last night,

and my wrists...

- Not a dream.
- What?


It's real.

What are you talking about?

What's he talking about?

They do that here.

They do what?

This place.

They take you to this place.

It's Shakespeare at work.
It's like magic.

What place, Ella?

Don't talk, don't tell,
don't talk.

Hey, Karl.

Karl, let me ask you something.
How long you been in here?

- Is it three years?
- Three years.

Do you remember a guy
named Greenbaum in here?

Does that name sound familiar
to you? Greenbaum?

Yeah, of course.

What did they do to him here?

Did they do something
to him here?

Do you know where he is?

Where did they take him?

They took him.

- They took him down below.
- Where?

Took him down below
with the others.

What others?

There's too much chattering
going on over here.

Karl, what have we said
about the chattering?

Uh, chattering wastes time
and confuses the brain.



- What are those?
- Your meds.

- What kind of meds?
- The kind you take.

Drink up.

Open up.


Very good.

Now more eating,
less talking.

You are a very naughty boy.

Ella likes naughty boys.


I mean, it's true.



Yeah, Logan here.

Hey, it's Calhoun.

You enjoying
your little vacation?

Funny. Listen,
I did find a few things.

Such as?

Well, for starters
I found Greenbaum's file.

Turns out not only
did he try to kill himself,

he was claiming
his wife was a demon.

That's his ex-wife now,
so maybe we can track her down.

Yeah, I can do that.
What else?

Well, he was diagnosed
as a paranoid schizophrenic,

if you can believe that.

Son of a bitch.

How did those assholes
upstairs miss that?

There's way more.
Over a dozen patients

have been discharged
from this place

with similar
demon hallucinations.

They could be out there now,
getting ready to kill.

Can you get me a list?

I'm working on it.
I do think Whitney is our guy.

I think somehow he got Greenbaum
to kill Congressman Dunning

to keep Auburn
from being shut down.

That's one hell
of an accusation.

I'd like to sit on that
until we get more evidence.

But it makes perfect sense.
There's something else.

They're doing something
to the patients here.

I don't know what yet,
but they wheeled a woman by me

on a gurney last night,
took her somewhere.

She never came back,
and two of the patients

were muttering about
being experimented on.

- Whatever that means.
- That's a lead to follow.

See what you can get on that.

One more thing.
Why did you put in my file

that I said a demon
had killed my partner?

- I didn't. You did.
- I didn't write that.

You constructed the file,
not me.

No, I never said that.


What are you doing?

Uh, enjoying the view?

All right, well,
it's time to see Dr. Whitney.

Can I have a few more seconds,

Can't you see these mountains?

No, honestly, I can't,
and I got a timetable to keep.

Let's go.

Yeah, all right, lead on.

I keep telling you, Doc,

I don't know
anything about demons.

There are
many types of demons.

Of course there's the type
we read about in books,

but there are also inner demons.

Inner demons?
What do you mean?

They live within the dark self,

that part of our inner world
that is primal

and instinctual
like an animal.

In most people, it's repressed
by the moral lessons

taught to us by society.

Conflict occurs
when those impulses...


Anger, violence,
immoral behavior,

all the impulses
we're not supposed to react to.

Hitting our spouse
when we're angry.

Kicking the dog.

The sexual urge
towards a child.


Start talking about
that last one there,

you get into an area
I don't want to talk about.

That's exactly
what I'm talking about.

We all have impulses,

but the conscious mind
knows what to react to

and what to resist.

There are people
who cannot make peace

with those impulses.

The demons within
consumes their minds

and forces them
to act against their will.

No disrespect.

It's pretty clear
you've never been a cop.

Please explain.

Well, I mean, I see things
on the job every day

most people should
never have to witness.


A woman with her head
caved in by a brick

'cause she wanted one more toke
on the crack pipe.


teenage girl gutted like a fish
by her teenage boyfriend

'cause she wouldn't put out
on a Saturday night.

Or a six-year-old girl

strangled and raped
by her own father

till she bleeds out
on the living room floor.

Afterwards, he just makes
a sandwich and watches the game.

And what do you do with
the emotions of those events?

I don't do anything with it.

I mean, I just...
I put 'em away.

I keep living, I move on.

Until they devour you
like a demon.

What are you doing?

Are you okay?

Do you see anyone
in the hallway?


Then I'm fine.

You look like
you've seen a ghost.

A ghost?

Yeah, you could say that.

Whitney spook you?

Ella, have you heard people
around here talking about...

seeing demons?

It's Shakespeare.


I knew I was right.

Right about what?

Willy knew.

He knew about the demons.

Others here, they knew too.

What do they know, Ella?

There are two types of demons.

The ones from hell,

and the ones
that they create from humans.

The human ones,
they're more like...

servants doing hell's bidding.

But the other ones,

the real baddies,

they'll screw with your head
and change your reality.

That's crazy.

Okay, stop.

Ella, stop it.

I'm married.
Don't do that.

So you keep saying.

But I haven't seen her
around here now, have I?


Just pretend I'm dead.

Stop it, stop it.


You know better.


Back to your room.

I'll deal with you later.

The worst thing you can do
for Ella is to encourage her.

And just so you know,

among her many issues,

in addition to being
a nymphomaniac,

she's also a necrophiliac.

She killed her doctor
in her hometown

and was having sex
with the corpse

when the police found her.

Just so you know.

What the fuck
did I get myself into here?

Ella, I'd like to talk about
what happened earlier today.


Are you having dreams again?

What are they?

It's okay, Ella.

It's him again.

He keeps coming back.

He tells me what to do.

I can't tell him no.

He was great alive,
but he was even better dead.

You know what they say:

There's nothing better
than a stiff...


And what do you think
of what Ella did?


Don't you think I'm beautiful?

Yes, of course
you're beautiful.

Wouldn't you want to fuck me
even if I was dead?


look at me.

We can't make any progress

if you keep indulging
in these fantasies.

Who says it's just my fantasy?

Would anyone else like to say
something about Ella's behavior?

Uh, Ella stole my wallet.

- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.

Ella doesn't steal.

You don't
have a wallet, Max.

No, no, I do, I do.

I set it on the nightstand,
so she could take her money.



What did you just say?

I said I put it
next to the bed,

and I was even gonna
give her a tip.

But you,
you didn't show up on time,

and you made a mess
out of everything!

You know, if you'd just been
better at doing your job,

if you'd been better,

then the demons,
they wouldn't have gotten me!

You know the truth!

You know about the demons!
You know!

What do you know
about the demons?

What about the demons?

- There are no demons!
- He knows.

He knows what Greenbaum
was muttering.


In the loft, in the loft.

So you do remember
some things.

Have you been lying?


You all know
what's going on here.

I want some goddamn answers.

You're not gonna get
any answers

with this kind of behavior.

- Take him to his room!
- Tell me, Max!

Tell me, Max!



Simmons can get him back
without your help.

- He's crazy.
- Back to your seat.

He's crazy.

You can't blame a girl
for trying.

- Where am I?
- Shh.

- What?
- You're dreaming.

I'm dreaming?

It's okay.

- I'm right here.
- Sorry.

- Hurt me.
- Why?

Hurt me, goddamn it.


Hurt me, or they'll take me.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.



Tell me what's happening.
Tell them they're coming.

Ella, tell them!

No! Ella, tell them
they're coming!



I need to call my wife.

I have to make a call to Anne!

Nurse... Nurse Decker,
I can't be in this room alone.

I don't want to be
in here by myself!

Goddamn it!

What are you doing?
What are you...

I don't wanna go to that place.

Don't take me down there.

Don't take me down there!

Please, I'm begging you.

I don't want to go
to that place!

Don't take me down!


Marjorie, I didn't leave.

I didn't leave Jack.

Shh! Stop it.

Stop talking, damn it.
I don't hear you.

I don't hear you.

Stop talking.

The demons.

They're yours.

You created them.

Tell them to stop.

Please make them
leave me alone.

This is Greenbaum.

This is Greenbaum, isn't it?

You think I'm gonna tell people
what you're doing here,

but I won't.

I swear to God.

Your treatment doesn't
seem to be working.

You made a mistake.

See, you just need
to let me out.

You nearly killed Ella.

She likely
coerced you into it,

but that's no excuse.

You don't understand.

You don't understand.

Then explain.

I'm undercover.

We discovered that there
were lots of patients

from this hospital
that have been...

No, I'm undercover.

We made this entire thing up.

My lieutenant and I did,
so that I could...


No, you didn't.

The fantasy that you're
a police detective

is a persona
that you created

in order to help you cope
with what you've done.

Well, you're wrong.

I know who I am.

Your detective personality

right after
your psychotic break.

I am Detective Ryan Calhoun.

Call my fucking lieutenant.

He'll verify who I am.

You don't work for the police.

Would you let me call him?

Call him, and he'll
tell you the truth.

I just want to call him.


Yeah, Logan here.

Mr. Logan, this is
Dr. Whitney from the Auburn...

Lieutenant, Lieutenant,
it's Calhoun.

I need you to tell them
who I am.

They don't believe me.

Whoa, look,
everybody needs to slow down.

What the hell's going on here?

It's Calhoun.
I had to break my cover.

I told them we're
investigating the hospital.

I told them everything.

I just need you
to tell them who I am.

Who is this?

Calhoun. This is...
This is Ryan.

Ryan Calhoun.

I don't know any Ryan Calhoun.

Hey, don't do this to me.

Look, I know you hate me,
but don't do this to me, please.

Doctor, listen,
I don't have time for this!

Mr. Logan, if I may, I apologize
for the inconvenience,

but my patient here believes
that he's a vice detective,

and that you're his boss.

Can you please just
indulge us for a moment?

All right, fine.

Do you know Ryan Calhoun,

and does he work for you?

First off, I don't know
any Ryan Calhoun,

and I've never worked
with a Calhoun.

Second, I don't even
work in vice.

I'm in homicide.

Why would you do this to me?

Why the fuck
would you do this to me?

Goddamn it!

- I've gotta go.
- Hey!

- Good luck with your patient.
- Lieutenant!


Do you believe me now?

Who is this?

My wife.

This is your wife?



She's a good-looking woman.

If I allow you
to go back to your room,

will you remain calm?

Sure, Doc.

This is Anne. I'm not around,
so leave a message.

Anne, baby.

It's me. I wish you could
answer the phone.

Would you please pick up?

Come on,
just pick up the phone.

I don't know.
All the...

Everything that's happened,
the murders, all of it,

I think it's a setup.

And I think Logan's in on it.

See, he's pretending
he doesn't know who I am.

If you could talk
to the chief,

or you could
come down here yourself

and just tell 'em...

Tell 'em who I am.

I miss you, Anne.

I love you, and...

I need you.

Okay, I'm gonna go.

It's time.


Help! Help!


Tonight the harrowing
shall be yours.

Don't fight it.

We're just releasing
your inner demon.

Oh, fuck.

The fuck? Oh, God!


Pick up, pick up, pick up,
pick up, pick up.

- Hello?
- Anne, Anne, it's me, Annie.

Thank God.

Logan, he sold me out.
He told me...

Who is this?

It's Ryan.

Listen, you freak,
stop calling me!

Haven't you done enough

- What are you talking about?
- Stop calling!

Stop leaving messages
and go fuck yourself!

Anne, honey, it's Ryan.




I know who you are.

Oh, Jesus.




Oh, no, no, no.

No, Jesus.



Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God.



Anne, it's me, I'm here.

Who did this to you?

You know.

No, I don't.

I don't. I don't know.

You brought them.

You brought them here.

Oh, God.

I'm sorry.

I should've listened to you.

I should've let it go.

I'm gonna get help.

Get you some help.
You'll be all right.

Get you help, baby.

- It's too late.
- No.


I love you.

I love you.

I'm gonna make this right.

I'm gonna make this right, baby.



In his mental state,
anything is possible.

With his delusions,
he could grow even violent.

Make sure the rest of the staff
knows what happened.



The police
are searching for him.

I've been trying to get hold
of this Lieutenant Logan

that he's fixated on.

I believe there's
something else going on

that might help us find him.

Yeah. We've been in contact
with the woman, Anne,

that he was stalking.

I told the police
to check her house for me.

She could very easily be
his next target.

Okay, call me
if you hear anything.


Whoa, whoa!

How dare you come to my home!

Why are you surprised, Doc?

I'm a lunatic, right?

That's what everybody says.

Should make sense to you.

I see the headlines
in the paper tomorrow.

Psychotic patient...

escapes hospital,

kills the doctor
who killed his wife.

What's he talking about?

Shut up!

Shut the fuck up!

You know me.
You've been following me.

The whole time.
Coffeehouse, park, I know.

I don't know you.

You're a part of this.

Yeah, you're both
part of this.

Look at this.

Here she is. It's her.

She's my wife.

You killed her.

Why would you do that to me?

I don't understand.

Look at it!

Baby, baby...

I am not gonna disappear.
I am not gonna disappear.




Please don't hurt me.

Get to know the truth.

What truth?

The truth about the demons.

Tell the truth.


They're delusions.
It's your mind!

You're lying to me.
I'm not crazy.

Wanna hear my theory, Doc?
I think I got it figured out.

I think it's like...

like lycanthropy,

except there's a switch that
he can turn on and off, see.

He gets these people
to kill for him,

and they become
the demons he creates,

but they don't remember...

till a little bit
of that something,

enough to fucking remember it,

and then they think they're
being chased by demons.

It's terrifying.

It's terrifying.

You tell me the fucking truth.
Just say it.

Tell me the truth.

Very well.

Hell is happening.

Stay back.

All is special.
All is special in hell.

All is special in hell
when you can eat the souls.

Let me help you see.

Stop it, stop it.

Stop it.

Stop it.

Stop it!

I'll kill you, too,
I swear to God.

Stop laughing!


I can't because
you've got everything so wrong.

And now for the final illusion
to be revealed.


Get on the ground now!

You have the wrong man.
I didn't do this.

I'm a policeman.
I didn't do this!

They did this!
The demons did this!

He... He did this!

He's the one!
He's the one you want!

Listen, Greenbaum,

you're gonna fry
for killing Logan.

My name's not Greenbaum.
It's Calhoun.

My name is Ryan Calhoun.

No, no, no!
I didn't do this!


We need to take you back
to the hospital, Mr. Greenbaum.



No, my name is Calhoun.

No, Mr. Greenbaum.

When you came home,

you found your wife Bethany
in bed with another man.

When the police arrived,
you were like an animal.


My wife...

Her name is Anne.

A game you and Ella created.

Ella who?

Hi, honey, how's it going?

We've got one down,
two to go.

What time you think
you'll be home?

Oh, around one, I guess.

Got another John showing up
in about an hour,

so that'll wrap this
for the evening.

You're gonna need friends too.

No, I got you.

Are you worried about what that
Detective Logan's gonna do?


I mean, he's gonna bitch and
scream about justice, of course,

but at the end of the day,

I know I did
the right thing.

Bethany had to die.

And now you have me.

And now I have you.


Ella, Ella!



Yes, yes, it's me, I'm here.

Who did this to you?

You know who.

No, no, I don't.

It was you.

You ready now, Mr. Greenbaum?

Subtitles by explosiveskull