The Grudge (2020) - full transcript

A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Yoko, I'm just leaving
the Williams house now.

Jennifer is out, and Nemeth is asleep.

I'll leave the keys for you at Alex at
Care Centre before I head to airport.

No, I... I need to go home.

I know I made a longer commitment, but...

I need to get back to my family.

I can't explain it, it's like something...

I just need to get back to the States.

Yoko? Yoko?


Cross River

Where... Heeey!

You guys are home. -Welcome back.

You made it. -Oh, my love.

Welcome home.

Ah, it's so good to be home.

Missed you. -I've missed you.

When someone dies in the grip of
a powerful rage, a curse is born.

It gathers in the place of death,
but cannot be contained.

Once you encounter it...
It will never let you go.

The Grudge

Burke, time to go!



Hey, wathca doin',bud? What's going on?
Come on, we gotta go. We gotta go now.

Stop playing with that.
-Me and Daddy never finished it.

Come here.

I miss Daddy.

I miss him, too.

So much.

And it's okay, because we supposed to.

I think this move is gonna be really
good for us. It's gonna be a new place.

And a new start.

Nothing bad is gonna happen to me, okay?

Nothing bad is gonna happen to you,

I promise. And it means more,
because I'm Police Officer.

Come on.

I know first days are hard, but you just
gotta do it, like rippin' off a baind aid.

I'm scared.

I'm scared, too.

What do we do when we are scared?

Close your eyes and count to five.







Everything is okay.

Lets go to school.

I hear they stuck you with the new chick.

Don't call them chicks.

Buddy of mine in Vice said her
old man died of cancer.

Real brutal.
Kid was alone with him when he died.

It's only been three months.



You smoke?
No, I quit.

Mind if I do?
Go ahead.

How you like it around here?

Umm, we still gettin' settle in.

It's definitely different.

How does something like this even happen?
-The car's been here for months.

Doors were locked when we found it.

Gruesome, eh?
- I'll say.

Got an ID yet?
-Sure do.

Got... Lorna Moody, 65.

Why did it take so long to find her?

Well, this here is a service road. They
only just started using it for the season.

Anyone come looking for her?

It's just the...
The Feds were already looking for her.

Turns out she's one of those assistant
suicide budds. -Find anything on her?

Usual stuff.
Got an address, though.

Directions in the glowebox.

44 Reyburn Drive.

Same placa as the Landers case.

Looks like we have another one.
- Another what?

What was the Landers case?

Anything else?
Forensic will be here soon.

The FBI is on it's way, too.

Sure looks like something was
in there with her.

I mean, you ever seen anything
like this one before?


What's up withe the Landers House?

Worked a case there. Two years ago.

Sort of stuck with me.

It's just...
Strange to see it pop out again.

Maybe they're connected.

It's just a wierd coincidence.

Entire family murdered.

Hey, put that shit away before
Goodman sees you.

-He worked that case there.

He never set foot inside.
I've never seen a cop do that before.


Police Department!


Police Department.


Are you Mrs Matheson?

I'm Detective Muldoon.

I've come talk to you about
the woman we found.

Excuse me?

William... leave me.

William is your husband?

Ma'am, are you alone in the
house right now?

Will you help me, please?

Help me, help me, help me.

Please! No, please! Don't leave!

Stay there, I'm gonna get help.
-No! No, please!

Car 646! We need an ambulance
to 44 Reyburn Drive!

What the fuck was that?

I heard you the first time!

What are you doing here?

I went to the house.

There is another body.

Come in.

The Landers was just one of those cases.

Total mess.

All family murdered in the house
on the Reyburn.

The neighbours...

Fiona Landers...

She murdered her six years old daughter.

And then she killed her husband.

And then herself.

You think the body that we've found
was related?

I can't go down the same road again.

Why did you never go into the house?

Something never felt right about it.


Didn't feel right.

What do you mean?

My old partner, he was obsessed.

He said there was energy.


Something like that.

You're sayin' the house is hounted?

People will think you're crazy if you
start going around saying shit like that.

Yeah, well, I don't buy that.

I'm sorry, can I get you anything?
No, I'm good.


Not that pie.

I'm good.

My Mother...

She wasn't into all that ghostly shit.

The older I get,

the more I wanna believe it.

She passed away, huh?

Just don't have a heart to
get rid of all this.

I still think of this as...

Her house.

Yeah, I understand how that goes.

How long for you?
-Three months.

It was cancer.

I've seen how's that plays out.

I don't wish that on anyone.

I get that you're looking for
distractions right now.

Don't get lost in this shit.

The case, the house.

I know what that looks like.

Don't worry. Amnio is pretty routine
for one in your age.

Mhmm. I'm ready, thanks.

This is the poke.

That's the needle. Does it hurt?

No, it's okay.

This is where you're gonna feel a cramp.

I have the results.

The Amnio confirmed what we
suspected from the bloodwork.

The likelihood that your child is gonna
be born with ALD is high.

I know that we've previosly disscused
various possibilities,

but if you have any questions now,

I can put you intouch with
some other families.

Helps to hear from other parents
about realities of this.

But, uhh...

But there's still a chance, right?

That our baby will be born healthy?

Reyburn's coming up. I wanna stop by
and get the Landers signature.

Wait, we have to do that right now?

I wanna get it done today.

Be right back.


Peter Spencer.


Anybody home?

Peter Spencer here!


Peter Spencer.

Oh, my God.


Their car is still here.

But nobody is home.

I'm gonna have to come back
again tomorrow morning.

So, we're not gonna talk about it?

I mean, I'don't know what
you want me to say.

I just want you to...

I want us to talk so we can make
this decision together.

Are you mad at me?
-No. No.

I'm not mad at you, I love you.

I love you so I wanted to have a family
with you. -I know, I love you, too.

I'm sorry.

I just don't know what to do.

We'll figure it out.

Will you turn off the light?

Hi. -Hi.

How are you feeling?
-I don't know.

It's alright. We'll figure it out.

I'm gonna make you something for
breakfast. -You?

What's that?
-You're gonna cook?

Yeah, I'm gonna cook.

I'm a good cook.

You're gonna burn the place down.

I mean, that's how are we gonna
deal with this?

Yes, I'm gonna murder us.
With deliciousness.


I'm actualy the... the realestate agent.

Oh, God.

You've scared me.

You are...

Melinda, right?

You remeber me?

I'm the guy on the sign.

Melinda, sweethart, are your parents home?

Oh, God.
Your nose is bleeding.

Sweethart, lets get you inside,
come on.

You doin' okay?

I think it's all stoped.


Where're your parents,
do you know?

Lets try your Dad again, huh?

See if he picks up this time.

Sam Landers, leave a message.

Hi, Mr. Landers, this is, umm...

This is Peter Spencer.

Uh, again.

Actualy, I'm at your house right now.

I just came by to get those
closing signatures.

Umm. I will...

Try you again later.


Your daughter is here.

She had a little bit of bloody nose,
but she's doin' okay now.

Please, give me a call when
you get this.

I miss you so much.

I cant't wait to come home
and squeeze you.

I already have so many things to give you.

And you're going to love them.

Bye, angel.

Momma loves you.

My name is Lorna Moody.

I'm known as an exit quide.

I sit with people who've made the decision
to end their lives on their own therms.

I wanna start by ansvering any
questions you might have for me.

How long it will take her to die?

Our prefered method is a gass.

That requires the use of a hood.

Once she pulls a hood down over her head,

she'll be unconscious in
five to ten seconds.

That's all she'll know.

How many times have you done this?

I've been a compasionate present sit
at the bedside of 44 people.

Tell me about your wife.

We found out she was sick last year.

She was pretty far gone.

By the time we'd realized.

So we... moved here.

So she could be closer to her doctors.

But after the move,
she started getting worse.

I'm so sorry. I'm glad you called.

Hopefully I can help.

I hope so.

Mr. Matheson, I need to warn you.

For anyone to do this,
they must be mentally competent,

and physically able to carry trough
them selfs.

Is that clear? Do you understand?


Shall we go see your wife, mhm?

Mrs. Matheson, my name is Lorna Moody.

Do you know why I'm here?

Your husband told me
about your condition,

and I'm here to see if I can help.

Mrs. Matheson, are you alright?


Who are you playing with?

My friend.

And what's your friends name?



Is she here with us now?

Please, I'm... -Mr. Matheson.

I was quite clear on the requirement,
and I'm truly, deeply sorry,

but your wife is no longer
mentally competent.


I can't just leave.

I'm deeply sorry for everything you
and your wife have been trough.

But you misrepresented her condition.
-What am I supposed to do?

I would still like to stay a few days,
if that's alright with you.

I may not be able to help in
the way you wanted,

but atleast I could provide some support,
no matter what.

Is that okay with you?

So what do you like to do on playground?
Because I like the swings.

We can swing, swing, swing.

Thank you.


I've made up the guest room for you.

We don't get much company.

It's lovely.

Alright, I have to run to the store
for some dinner.

Oh, no.
You don't have to do that.

Not much in the kitchen, either.

Well, let me go.

It's the least I can do.



Excuse me!

Excuse me, sir!

Mr. Matheson!

There is a strange man standing
on your front lawn.

I... I... I think there's something
wrong with him.


He's here again.

My partner?

I'm sorry. I'll be right there.
-Yeah. Okay.

See you soon.

Who is he?

He's a cop.

What's he doing?

Who knows.

He worked a case here before we moved in.

Now he won't leave us alone.

A case?

I hope it wasn't a murder.

Oh, God, it was, wasn't it?

You've got to stop with this shit.
What's the matter with you?

Do your wife knows what's going on?

Drive yourself crazy.

You need to leave that family alone.

I'm sorry I never said anything, man.

Just... think about your family.

No, no, no, no, no!


Frank, stop.

Hey, this is Detective Muldoone, 45632.

I'm just trying to get a twenty
on Detective Wilson,

who also used to work at 51.

Yeah. One second.


Saint Giddeons.

Not the psychiatric hospital?

Alright. Thank you.


Hi. I'm here to see Detective Wilson.

Down the hall and to the right.

Already restrained.

Detective Wilson?

I'm Detective Muldoon.

Doctor said that she told you that
I was coming to see you.

Did you find my tapes?

Your tapes, sir?

I came to ask you some questions about
a case that you worked two years ago.

What can you tell me about
the Landers family?

It's happening again, isn't it?

Once you step into the place they've died,

they never let you go.

This is never going to end.

What will never end?

That house is grudge.

There she is!

You went in to the Landers house,
didn't you?

If you haven't started seeing them yet,
don't worry.

You will.

Maybe we should tear our eyes out,
so that we can't see them anymore.

No! It's the house!

You gotta burn it down!
Burn it to the ground!

Wait. Kill me.

Kill me! Kill me!

I could still feel 'em watching me!

I could still feel 'em watching me!

I can't stop thinking about
the Landers murder.

What the hell happened in that house?

Who does that to the 6 years old girl?
Nobody does that to the 6 years old girl.

A monster.

Now ever since I went to that house,
I've been seeing shit.

I can't get it out of my head.

There is a case I've found in Japan.

Atleast a dozen unrelated people killed
in the same house in Tokyo.

And I spoke to the Detective over there,
this Nakagava.

He thinks a murder in that house caused
something called Guan.

Something like a curse.

Fiona Landers worked in that
same house in Tokyo,

and I know this sounds crazy,

I think Fiona Landers brought this curse
back with her from Japan.

And it made her kill her family.

Where is he?
-What do you think?

Alright, alright. Focus, just focus.
Just focus.

What's she said when we started it.

Hey. -When we first started it, it was
at the beginning, I know, it's...

The Landers, the realestate agent,
that thing in Japan,

they're connected, I'm tellin' you.
You gotta trust me.

When was the last time you've eat?

You look like shit.

It's the case. -The case is cold.

Don't give me that shit.

You know something awful is going on.
-I get it.

I do.

And I wish I know how to help you.

Just, you know, take some time off.

Spend some time with the girls.

And then, maybe, it'll stop.

They never gonna stop.


It's Fiona Landers.

She's the one who has been doing this.

Lets get out of here.

Come on.

You good?

Yeah. Yeah.

Jesus Christ. What the fuck are you doing?

Sam Landers is here.
-What are you talking about?

He is in the building.
-Sam Landers is dead.

Come on, he's on the tape.

Don't you have a kid?

Go home.

And get some sleep.

You're losing it.


The sitter canceled on me, so uh...

I couldn't find anybody on short notice.

Sit down.

Relax. Here, you can read this, it's...
Kinda... Oh, no. No, no, no. There.

Hey, it's okay. Relax.

Kid and I will find something to do.

Come on.

Come with me.
-Yeah, you can go.

What we have here.

I think you can watch this.




Hi. Where are you?

Still at the house. -Well,what... what
time you think you'll be home?

I don't know.

I can't leave her by herself. -Well,
do you think you should call the polce?

What's the matter?
-Nothing. The, uh...

The baby just moved.

How... how are you feeling
about everything?

I'm sorry. Not a good time, I know.
-No, no, no, it's okay.


I... I want to talk about it.

Peter, I never wanted to be a mother.

But I love this baby. Like,
so much more than I thought I did, and...

I don't know, I...

I'm gonna love this baby no matter what.

Peter, are you there?

Yeah, I'm stil here.

I'm just really, really happy.

Was that the doorbell?

Uh, let me so who it is.
I'm gonna call you right back, okay?

Okay. I love you.

Yeah, I love you, too.




Melinda, sweethart, is that you?


You okay?







Oh, Jesus Christ.

You've scared me.

Parents finally came home?

Hey, what's wrong?

What are you doing?

What is wrong with you?

Here. You look beautiful.

How about some pear?

Hmm? Pear?

Oh, yeah, we like pear, don't we.


How long have you been married?

Fifty years next month.

Fifty beautiful years.

Mrs. Matheson?

Mrs. Matheson?

Mrs. Matheson?

Mrs. Matheson!

Hey, hey. What's... What's...

What happened?

What's the matter?

I don't want you to take this
the wrong way,

but I believe...

Your house...

Is haunted.

I thougth someone like you

might understand our unique...



You mean you've seen her, too?

Seeing them,

it gives me hope that maybe she
might be around, too.

After it's over.

You see, I think with places like this,

it feels like the walls between this world

and the next are being torn down.

Time acts differently here.

Anyone who has entered here,

and anyone who will enter here,

we're all bound together.

When Faith goes,

this place will let us stay together.

It's the only hope that we have.

Mr. Matheson?

Mrs. Matheson?

I'm so happy to see you on your feet.

Mrs. Matheson?

Mrs. Matheson?

What have you done?

What did you do?

He wanted to kill me.

How something like this even happen?


Did you get any word about that
body we found?

The Feds took over last night.

What about interviewing Mrs. Matheson?
-There was nothing I could do.

What about the house? Did they follow up
on that? -It doesn't seem like it.

Shit like this always happens when
we turn it over to the Feds.

Don't worry about it. I'm sure they'll
send someone by in the next few days.

Next few days?

We found a fucking body.
And an another one in the house.

How many more we have to find.

Jesus, just drop it!

It's not our case anymore,

Good morning Mrs. Matheson.

How are you doing, Mrs. Matheson?

Oh, my God! Someone get help! Go. Go!

Hi. You've reached the Muldoons,
we can't come to the phone right now,

but you can leave us a massage
after the beep.

Hey, it's me.

I thought that you should know
that the hospital called.

Faith Matheson is dead.

Okay, umm...
Call me when you get this.

It's the house! You gotta burn it down!

This is never gonna end.
-What will never end?

That house is grudge.

Burn it to the ground!





What's going on?

Baby, come here.


What's wrong?

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

What do we do when we are scared?

We close our eyes and we count to five.






See? Everything's fine.

- It's Muldoon.

Can you come over? I need to talk.

I didn't have anyone else to call.

This is not your case.

You have no buisnes going into this.
-But I did.

Was this happening at all

before you went to the house?

I don't know.

And, umm...

Now, when I close my eyes,
I can see him.

Whatever happen to Wilson
is happening to me.

And I'm scared.

I can't end up like him.

I'm afraid it's gonna make
me hurt my son.

Where are we going?

I have to try to stop this.

I need to keep you safe.

Whatever happens, do not get out of this
car, okay? Do not open this door.

Do you understand?

Promise me.

I promise.
-I love you so much.

I wanna show you something.

How could you do that?

I wanna show you something.

I wanna show you something.


What are you doing?

Burke, I told you to stay in the car.

Mommy, please don't do this.
-Get back in the car now.

I don't understand.
Why are you doing this?

I'm scared.

What do we do when we're scared?

What do we do when we're scared, Burke?

What do we do when we're scared?

Close our eyes...

And count to five.



What have you done?


I could still feel 'em watching me!



I love you so much.

Burke, the bus is here!

Have a good day at school, bud.
Come here.

Mommy's gonna be okay.

We both are gonna be okay.

And I love you so much.

So much.

I'm going to school, mom.