The Gray Man (2022) - full transcript

Count Gentry aka, Sierra Six a highly skilled former CIA Operative, was once the agency's best merchant of death. After his escape from prison, and recruitment by former handler Donald Fitzroy, Gentry is now on the run from the CIA with agent Lloyd Hansen hot on his trail. Aided by Agent Dani Miranda, Hansen will stop at nothing to bring Gentry down.

If this is about Winky's Cantina,
I didn't have anything to do with it.

It's not about Winky's Cantina.

I like honey buns
as much as the next guy.

I'm not gonna gouge your eye out for one.

You gonna write that down?

I'm not gonna write anything down.

You want some gum?

What kind you got?

"Bubblicious Watermelon Wave."
What do you say?

There is no other kind.

If you think I'm gonna rat somebody out
for Bubblicious,

you got another thing coming to you.

Watermelon or not.

"Court land Gentry. Born 1980."

"Incarcerated 1995."

"Eligible for parole in 2031."

You got a long way to go, son.

There's an upside
to sleeping so close to your toilet.

I get it. You're glib.

Well, I'm just gonna cut to the chase.

My name is Donald Fitzroy,
and I'm here to commute your sentence.

You're gonna commute my sentence?

- Yes.
- Just like that?

When I get out of this chair
and walk out of this prison,

you'll walk with me.

Who are you, my fairy godmother?

No offense,
I thought you'd look different.

I may be. We'll see.

What's the catch?

You work for us.

- Who's "us"?
- The CIA.

We're gonna train you to kill bad guys.

And since you've already killed one,
it shouldn't be too difficult.

What makes you think I wanna do it again?

You seem like the type.

You'd be part of an elite unit,
the Sierra program.

You would exist in the gray.


I've studied your case.
I know why you pulled that trigger.

I would've done the same thing myself.

Now, I'm here to help you become
a value-add instead of a value lost.

So why don't you take all the pain
or whatever the hell got you here,

turn it around, and make it useful?

How long do I gotta work for you?

Let's just say
you'd be indefinitely useful.

Do you need anything?

No, I'm good.

Nice suit.

I just wear what they tell me to.


You're no fly on the wall yourself.

I don't have a permit.

It's not that kind of party.

Six, you copy?


Six, copy.

Sir, I have him.

Six, this is Denny Carmichael,
your center chief.

Our target, code name "Dining Car,"
is selling information

that could severely compromise
national security.

We need him eliminated before
that transaction is complete. Understood?


Please explain to me
why I'm talking to a Sierra agent

instead of somebody
in our circle of trust.

There was no time
to get one of ours over there.

Six was in the region,

and he happens to be historically good
at the job.

Subject on approach.

I have eyes on Dining Car.

Target imminent.

Be advised, he's not alone.

Dining Car has security.

Stay the plan.

He's coming up on you now, Six.

He's almost to you.

My friend. You made it.

Who are all these people?

Future friends, future ex-wives.

Get rid of them.

Relax. Safer this way…

Don't tell me to relax.
I want my money.

So just transfer it and get it done.

Do you understand the risk I've taken
by coming here?

You have no idea of the kind of people
you're gonna have to deal with,

and they are gonna come for this.

Target acquired.


Nothing stops them.
They can get to anyone, anywhere.


why am I not hearing anything?

I'm picking up collateral.

There's a kid near the mark.

You're cleared for collateral.

- Go loud.
- Did you bring it?

Let's talk price.

We have a very small window
to take out a very bad dude.

Go loud, Six.

Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six, five,

four, three, two, one.

- Stand by.
- Do not stand by.

Gun jammed.

Aww, shit.

Let's move out.

Six, was that you?

Where are you going?

- Deal's off.
- Six.

You know I know who you are.

You're Sierra Six.

They didn't tell you who I am, did they?

They never do.

I'm Sierra Four.

They sent you out to kill one of your own.

But that's probably
not gonna make you walk away, is it?

Probably not.

If you're Sierra, who recruited you?


Same as you.

- Where'd you train?
- Dark site.

Tel Aviv. Same as you.

I got all the answers
'cause I'm telling the truth.

They're not.

Denny Carmichael is a piece of shit.

That's why I'm sitting here
in my own blood.

You're probably next.


Take this

and bring the bastard down.

I don't want it.

You trust Carmichael?

Just… take it.


Okay, you know what?

There you go. I took it, okay?

You give 'em hell, Six.

Very discreet.

I thought this'd be cleaner.

It wasn't.

We're Romeo.

He said he was Sierra.

That wasn't in the mission folder.

He knew who I was.

Maybe he had access
to stolen intel.

I'm Sierra. There is no intel.

It's ours now, agent.


I heard you.

I just chose to ignore you.

- One wristwatch.
- Wristwatch.

- R1, smart phone.
- R1, smart phone.

- Money clip, lighter, pen.
- L1, money clip, pen, lighter.

SSE complete.

It's Dawson. I need Carmichael.

No joy. I repeat, no joy.

This is why I wanted
the Sierra program made extinct.

I want nothing left from that old regime.

These things take time, Denny.
There are politics to unravel.

- Get out.
- What?

Get out.

- Six.
- Wanna explain whatever that was?

Gun jammed.

That doesn't qualify as an explanation.

Maybe on a secure line.

I need a status report.

Insecure line.

Did the target say anything to you?

Well, he was dead,

so, you know, no.

What about pocket litter?
Did you get anything off his body?

Six, did he have anything on his person

that you now have
that you'd like to give to me?

Who was he?

A bad guy.

- Carrying?
- Bad shit.

Last chance, Six.



You a 42 regular?

Hey, take the shot.
Take the shot!


Wheels up in five.
Carmichael's been calling.

We spoke.

You should go without me.

You sure you wanna do that?

What happened with the target, Six?

Tell me what I don't know.

Well, that's the problem, isn't it?

Hey, pal.

Wanna trade?

Max's Fireplace and Barbecue.

You Max?

There is no Max.

- So it's like "to the max"?
- Yeah.

Why didn't you just say that
in the first place?

Because if something went wrong,
I couldn't blame Max.

- How you doing, Fitz?
- It's good to hear from you, kid.

How's life in retirement?

I'm headed to a funeral.
Putting a friend in the ground.

I'm getting to that age, you know?

- You working?
- I was.

- Got loud?
- It got loud.

Got real weird too.

You know that guy
that handed you your walking papers?

Yeah, Carmichael.

Well, brace yourself,
but, uh, he might be sideways.

I'm shocked.

What's your gut?

My gut? It's gonna be my funeral
you're going to next.

Give me an hour
to find a local extraction team.

Get mobile. You may have to hustle.

Let me ask you a question.
Four have a scar on his right chin?


- They just had me stick a fork in him.
- Pretense?

Some foreign op bullshit.
You know they don't tell me much.

He gave me something they really want.

On person?

No. Somewhere safe.

Good boy.

Well, I'll do some checking.
I still have friends up the food chain.

- Where are ya?
- Bangkok.

There's an airfield near Chiang Mai.
Get to it. Watch your back.

You too.

Hey, Fitz,

I know there wasn't some
palm trees 401k plan for me, but, uh,

I mean, at least tell me
you guys had some kind of exit strategy.

We never got that far, kid.

And now, probably not.

Got it.

I'm sorry.

I'll be in touch.

Beats being on the wrong side of the bars.

Why is it always the last stall?

Al Capone booth.
I can see everything from here.

He blew off his exfil.

Son of a...

- He's got it.
- Not necessarily.

Yes, necessarily.

That knuckle-dragger sweated me
on the phone. He knows.


Never should have touched Fitzroy's guys.
They're all criminals.

You through?

What do you wanna do?

What we should have done from the start.

- No, no, absolutely not.
- You had your shot.

Lloyd Hansen is a sociopath.

- You say that like it's a bad thing.
- It's a dangerous thing.

- He has methods.
- Sociopathic methods.

So sit on him. The guy has a higher
kill count than the entire Mossad.

I don't need Lloyd stable.
I need him effective.

- Should we try again?
- No.


"Mostly, it's loss

which teaches us
about the worth of things."

That's Arthur Schopenhauer.
He was a German philosopher, a pessimist.

He saw the value in suffering.

Damn it.
Phones on silent when I'm working, please.

It's yours.

Who is it?

The chief.

Be right back.


- He talk yet?
- Still just flirting.


He's getting there.

You watch the game on Saturday?

I turned it off at halftime.
They ran us off the field.

Well, no one goes to Harvard
to play football.

You did.

I like to be the exception. What's up?

Hand the jumper cables to somebody else.
I got an urgent locate and destroy.

- Gimme a name.
- Sierra Six.

Could be fun.
The man's got some street cred.

He got his hands
on some compromising information,

the kind that could put us all
in a cold, dark place.

So, get it back. Make him gone.

- Does the old man know about this?
- Not yet. Heads would roll.

Well, I'm gonna need a full green light
on this one. Open checkbook.

Any means necessary.

And, Lloyd, I'm sending Suzanne to assist.

I'd rather you punch me in the dick.

I will gladly punch you
in the dick, Lloyd.

All right, ladies, focus.
Six is trained to be a ghost.

How do we find him?

- How close were he and Fitzroy?
- Father-son kind of close.

Get me Fitzroy's file.

We'll find somebody he loves and squeeze.

Do me right, Lloyd.

Have I ever done you wrong, Denny?

Denny, that man is nothing but wrong.

Don't be a brat.
He's gonna help you clean up your mess.

So now I'm the scapegoat?

I'm the boss.

You were the one
who lost the asset in the first place.

And you couldn't get it back.

You know, the last person
that pissed off the old man

ended up floating in the Potomac.

If you like breathing,

you might wanna fix this.

Who's the extract?

You know better than to ask.

Fitzroy really likes this guy

or really wants him the hell out of Asia.

Heads up.

Military-aged male,
eleven o'clock.

You my ride?

Identity challenge. Heathen.

Response, hermit.

Need anything?

Just a nap.

Load 'em up.

Wheels up in two. Okay, hold on.

It's the chief. For you.

- Agent Miranda?
- Speaking.

Denny Carmichael.
See that plane across the way?

Yeah. Hard to miss.

Get on it. You're meeting me in Berlin.

- I'm supposed to be in Singapore.
- Not anymore.

See you in Berlin.

Hey, Fitz.

I know you?

Professionally maybe.

Lloyd Hansen, Hansen Government Services.

Rings a bell.

Aw, does it?

Good. You know my work.
That'll make this next part a lot easier.

- Where is he?
- Where's who?

- You really wanna do this?
- Do what?

You know what makes me sad, Don?

Your small hands?

You spent your whole life basically
building Sierra from the ground up,

and here you are, out to pasture,
burying all your old buddies.

Remind me, Hansen,
how long did you last at the agency?

- Six months?
- Five and a half.

Bad ethics, zero impulse control,
unsanctioned torture.

Something like that.

So how's the private sector treating ya?
Does it pay as well as they say?

Or do you spend most of your time
strangling cats?

Who likes cats?

I like cats.

Let's talk about the mess your boy made.

- He doesn't make messes.
- Oh, he made a big one.

And judging by your shallow breathing
and puckered asshole,

I can only assume you know why I'm here.

He has his reasons.

I'm sure he does.

But see, that's the beauty
of the private sector.

I don't care about reasons.

My guess is you're helping him already.

So this shouldn't put
too much of a dent in your day.

You know I can't find him,
'cause his file doesn't exist.

But your file,

well, that's chock-full of nuggets,

some of which might make you rethink
your fussy attitude.

Now, I tried to get her to smile, but, uh…

You know kids.


You know
the individual you're escorting?

- Mm-hmm.
- I want him terminated.

Come again?

Keep the body
and everything he has on his person.

Just make it painless, you understand?

Roger that.

Good boy, Fitz.

We've had a loss of pressure
in the cabin.

Put on emergency oxygen masks.

Repeat. Put on emergency oxygen masks.

You gonna answer it?

Well, let's hope it's good news.



It's me.

Where are you?


I've been better.

The extraction team?

They've been better too.

Are you okay? You hurt?

You know what, Fitz?

I'm trying to figure out
what answer it is that you want.

They leveraged me, kid.

They have my niece.

You hear me?

Hold on. You're breaking up.




Okay, there you are.

Sounds like you're in a real pickle, Fitz.

Hey, sunshine. Lloyd Hansen here.

- I'm the one running this op.
- What op?

The one where I get exactly what I want.

I'm a little unclear as to what that is.

Okay, that's fair. Well, why don't
you come on in, and we can chat?

My assistant will get lunch.
You like sushi?

No, I'm good. I…

Just had some Skittles.

Tell you what. Why don't we skip lunch,

you can give me the asset you stole,

and I won't have to chop your head off?

When you say things
like "chop your head off,"

it makes you sound untrustworthy.

So, even if I had this thing,
I'm not sure I would give it to you.

Oh, I think you would.

See, your old COS here
has drawn way outside the lines.

Headquarters needs a scapegoat,
and his neck is just about the right size.

Fitz is a big boy.
He knows what business he's in.

- Hey, Lloyd.
- Yeah?

I immediately don't like you.

Well, I'm glad we're on the same page.

Looks like you overplayed your hand.

Looks like you need a new phone.

- Let me give you a word of advice, Lloyd.
- Hmm.

They say that life
in its most unadorned expression

is a battle of wills.

Six's will is preternatural
compared to yours.

Don't say "preternatural" to me.

It's an asshole word.

You're a child.

A child that's about to put a hit
so big on your boy's head

that even his most loyal allies
won't hesitate to drop a dime.

Every grade-A wet team
from here to Reykjavík

will be vying for the prestige
of killing the infamous Sierra Six.

I'll dig up every safe house
he's ever stayed in.

I'll unearth every man or woman
he's ever slept with.

Your boy won't be able to walk ten feet
without getting his head blown off.

And that, Don, is exactly what bad ethics
and zero impulse control will get you.

I can kill anybody.

Maybe not anybody.

Well, we'll see.

- You got a full bar on this thing?
- Yes, sir.



Fitz, tell him why he's here.


I have a niece that I'm raising.

I know what line of work I'm in.

I want the kid to have a normal life,
and Margaret's helped me give her one.

Any number of nefarious assholes

would like to see him and his family dead.

Is there a point to this story?

Someone in the DC office

has accidentally leaked Fitz's address
in Hong Kong.

- Bunch of idiots.
- Indeed.

We've asked for agency security,

but for some curious reason,

Denny Carmichael won't supply it.

Fitz is starting a mission
in Brazil tomorrow,

which means you are going to babysit.

My brother and his wife died
about three years ago,

and to top it off,
Claire was born with a heart condition.

Last month we put in a pacemaker,

and since then,
she's been in and out of Mount St. Mary's.

Poor thing got dealt a brutal hand.

You guys taught me how to kill people,
not care for them.

You don't have to care.
Just keep her alive.

Claire, dear. This is Six.

He'll be looking after the house
while Donald is away.

- Just the two exits?
- Yes. That's right.

Six is an odd name.

Yeah. Yeah.

Just, uh, 007 was taken, so…

Are you chewing gum?


We don't chew gum in this house.

I wasn't… briefed.

Won't happen again.

Hmm. Okay.

Well, I'll try and stay out of your way.

Do you mind?


May I?



Nice to meet you.

Excuse me.

Looking for your jacket?

Looks like I sat on it.

Is that a secure phone?

Just got the high score.

I had a lot of time to practice
after the operation.

They made me stay in bed.

"How long they make you stay in bed for?"

Quite a long time.
Several weeks, actually.

"Oh, hope you're okay."

Better now, Six. Thanks for asking.

How's your time been here?
Enjoying the grounds?

"Oh, they're lovely."

"I like to walk in circles
and stare at my shoes."

Can I get that jacket?

Like your tattoo.

Where'd you get it? Prison?

Yeah, actually.

I'm shocked.

What's it mean, the writing?

Oh, it's, you know…

It's a guy's name in Greek.

- What guy?
- Just a guy.

You know, trying to get a rock up a hill.

- Why?
- They made him.

- Who made him?
- The gods.

Did they need a rock?

They were just trying
to punish him, I think.

Did he deserve it?


- Did he like it?
- Probably not.

So why'd he do it?

You ask a lot of questions.

You're quite the conversationalist.

I'm gonna get back to work.


Does he ever get to the top of the hill?

I'll let you know.

Claire's asleep. I'm going out for a bite.

Mr. Six.

Something's wrong.

Start a bag…

She's stabilized.

Tell Donald
there was a programming glitch.

We were able to repair it, non-invasive.

The remote system flagged it
ten minutes before he pulled up.

We can keep track of her pacemaker
from just about anywhere.

Thank you. I'll let him know.


You feeling better?

Just another Thursday.

Donald says
this is the best medicine,

ice cream.

Tend to agree.

He's a very smart man.

Only family I got.

Closest thing to family I got too.

Maybe that kind of makes us family.

You should go to bed.

All right, little one.

You heard the number. Let's go.

Night, robot.

Good night, Claire.

Can I play a record?

Just one.
And don't forget to brush your teeth.

I'm going to start the tub.

I'll take care of the cleanup,

because you've had a very long day.

All right.

Is everything okay?

Yeah. Broke a bowl.

You sure you're all right?

Yeah, just another Thursday.

You should go to bed.

Good night.


I got dry cleaning.

I want the works.

Starched, cleaned, pressed,
and I want it same-day service.

Can you do it or what?

That's a very expensive laundry list.

You seem like a man
who wants his shirts done right.

I'm in a bit of a hurry.

I'm also gonna need
to get into a secure system.


You really are the, uh, full buffet,

aren't you?

I do passports over there.

And, uh, well, let's do your…
Let's do this thing first.

You can sit. You can sit here.

Where are you going?


What's… What's the secure system?

Cormeum Electronics.


Electronics, uh…

It's medical supplies.

Don't… Don't touch that door.

Yeah, I'm looking for a pacemaker.

I can get you a serial number.

That's all I need.

- Name?
- Fitzroy.

Claire Fitzroy.

This will be a minute.

I'm getting that.

I think you should go get yourself
cleaned up before we take your pictures.

Unless bloody and beaten
is the kind of look you're going for.

Know what happens
when you get burned like that?

Your brain goes into shock.

I'm teaching you to fight through it.

Fight through the fear.
Fight through the pain.

You master that,
and you'll never lose again, son.

Cover that up, by the way.

We don't need your mom seeing that.


- Already?
- Oh, yeah.

With this setup,
I could read the Pope's diary

if I wanted to.

- Uh-huh.
- Which I don't.

Uh, what, um, great nation
would you like to hail from?

Denmark, New Zealand, Japan?

Non-extradition and palm trees
would be nice.

You want Ecuador.
Have you been there?

They have this, uh, this drink there.

It's called the, uh, the pinonilo.


And it's…
They serve it with, uh, with honey.

Let me see the passport.

Yeah. With a very unselfish…
There you are…

Splash of honey.

And it's, uh… It's a must.

You cleaned up very well.

Like I said, I'm in a hurry.

Uh, you can stand over there.

Uh, you need an alias.

And it has to be
something very, very easy to forget.

You can step on the rug.

Something like, you know, John, Joe.

Juan Pablo is also a very common name
in Ecuador.

It has to…

It has to disappear
into the wash of the hippocampus.

Right between lunch and dinner.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

I'm all talked out, all right?

- Take the picture.
- Sure.

Unless the desired response is emotion.

Like, you know, hope, anger, fear.

Can you give a step towards me, please?

One step.

Yes, that's good.

The only problem with that sort of alias

is that emotional memory
has staying power.

You know all about notoriety, don't you?

All right.

Trapdoor. Unexpected.

Someone is very upset with you, man.

Well, now I'm upset with them.

A five and seven zeros' worth.




- They don't usually come this attractive.
- That's called harassment.

If you think that's harassment, buckle up.

Tell me, what was your first clue
Sierra Six was gonna break procedure?

When he didn't show at the exfil.

Not when he chased the target
across a flotilla?

Six did his job until he didn't.

He intentionally blew an op

that was prepped
to be executed at distance.

I know. I prepped it.

And that whole time,
you had no reason to believe

he had another agenda beside the op?


Let's talk life goals, officer.

I went from Harvard, to analysis,
to the DO's desk in eight years.

It's never been done before. I did it.

I did it by not allowing
the weakness of others to drag me down.

Sierra Six stole an asset
of considerable value to the agency.

If you had any idea this was coming
and you withheld it,

your life goals, should you have any,
would suffer incalculable damage.

I never even met Six
until I landed in Bangkok.

And no one said anything
about a retrieval. What's the asset?

- Do you know where Six is?
- No.

Open that file.

In a career spanning two decades,

that's everything we have
on your partner Six.

They found him.

Who's the closest to him?

We are.

What do you know about the Sierra program?

Reckless mystery men you guys send in

when you can't officially send
anyone else.

The gray men.

Your predecessor's idea.

He founded a program
to recruit hardened criminals,

commuting their sentences in exchange
for a lifelong commitment to the agency.

Assets were chosen for their skill set,
lack of family, and plausible deniability.

Identities permanently destroyed.
Nameless assassins with limited morality.

I mean,
what could possibly go wrong, right?

Every single Sierra flamed out.

All dead or back in prison.

Six is the last of the dirty half dozen,
and he is 100% conforming to pattern.

He hurts people

because that's who he is.

That's who you're protecting.

Remove yourself from my personal space.


Officer, I have reason to believe
you're not being truthful in this debrief.

And as such, I must recommend
you be suspended from field duty.

I wanna talk to my COS.

I already did.
She's lost confidence in you.

Am I jarring your memory yet?

We need to ground in Vienna.

We haven't filed a flight plan.
They'll never clear us.

So declare an emergency.

There are weapons on board.
I'll lose my license.

We have a filed alternate near Budapest.
Best I can do is call them.

How do you feel about your license?

Mayday. Mayday. Mayday,
This is November Three…

Who's up for some Tafelspitz?

Stick around the building.

The boys aren't done
searching your apartment yet.

I would have opened it.

Where's the target?

Where's my money?

He got caught in the well.

Come on, man.

Hey, sunshine.

- You must be Lloyd.
- What gave it away?

The white pants, the trash 'stache.
It just…

It leans Lloyd.

Where's the drive?

I got it here somewhere.
It's just hard to see.

Is that it?


Nice try, pumpkin.

What size shoe are you?

Why? You want my foot in your ass?

Ah, shit!


Looks like an 11.

Who's this lunatic?

I don't know. Lloyd.

- Let's go.
- I'm good.

Let's go.

It sounded like a question.

- How'd you find me?
- You make a lot of noise.


Open it.

- Not the trunk.
- Get in.

I could really use a comfortable chair
right now.

Is that Donald Fitzroy?

What the hell are you doing?

Suzanne! Long time.
If I'm honest, I liked your old haircut.

Where you didn't look like a bitch.

We did not give you permission

to kidnap former CIA personnel
and their family members.

You've been hired
by the agency to recover–

To do your job because you couldn't.

Can someone get me a Vicodin, please?

- So where is Six?
- Where I want him.

- In the wind?
- On the run, scared shit less.

This is ten years of my work
on the line here, Lloyd...

I am your only prayer
of getting that drive back

because I can do
everything the agency can't.

You know all those rules you guys
are always trying to work your way around?

They don't mean dick to me.

So unless you want our names
spilled across every news alert

on every phone in every pocket on Earth,

shut up and go sit in the corner.


How about that?

Forget about the Vicodin.

Why are you walking like that?

'Cause I got shot
in the ass, Suzanne!

Hey, sweetheart.

I'm so sorry.

I know, honey.

I'm sorry.

You look like shit.

That's the most sleep I've had
in 36 hours.

They pulled me from field duty.

They think I'm into whatever you're into.
You're gonna tell them I'm not.

What gives the impression
they care what I think?

This is my career, you understand?

You're just an asset,
but it's my career, my reputation.

What did you steal?

Technically, I didn't steal anything.
Four gave it to me.

- Then why didn't you give it to HQ?
- Well, he gave it to me.

- What did he give you?
- An encrypted drive.

What's on it?

It's encrypted.

- I wanna see it.
- I don't have it.

- Where is it?
- How do I know I can trust you?

Because I just saved your life.

That's a fair point.

I sent it to Margaret Cahill,
the U.K. Agency Chief, okay?

She retired and lives in Prague.

What are you thinking?

- I'm thinking about what to do.
- Maybe think about it this way.

They already had me kill an agent.

Now it's my turn.
How do you know you're not next?

Get comfortable.

"Get comfortable"
like we're going to Prague,

or… or, like, jail comfortable?

Where are we? What do we got?

Wet teams en route.

Everybody be advised, he has help.

We sure?

Well, I didn't tranq myself in the ass,
so yes.

Got something.
CCTV in Bangkok. Night of the op.

He ditched the asset.

- Where's that package now?
- It's already in the system.

Resolution's too shitty
to read the address.

Clerk said it was to a PO box in Prague.

He doesn't keep any records,
so that's the best we got.

That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Goldilocks, would you be a lamb
and excuse us?

Go to hell.

Hey! Whoa! Stop!

- She has a pacemaker, jackass!
- Hey, whoa!

Get off me! No! Stop!

Then she definitely shouldn't stick around
for this next part.

If you hurt her, I will annihilate you.

Do you understand me?


Who's in Prague?

There's three million people in Prague.
I don't know all their names.

Right. Well, you see,
your boy mailed a package,

which means,
with countless contacts at his disposal,

and this being
a particularly challenging situation,

there's someone in Prague
that he trusts the most.

Who is that?

It's your mother.



Now, whatever I just did to your ears,
it's not even torture.

I just made it up on the spot.
Just came to me.

- Oh.
- And that's how this is gonna go.

- Who's in Prague?
- Nobody.


- Should we try again?
- Okay, fine.

Who's in Prague?

- I already told you, I don't know.
- Boring.

Maybe we should get the girl back in here.


Have you tried aluminum siding?

I prefer fiberglass.

At least you don't have to paint.

You're Berlin Station.

Until this morning.

I'm here with Six.

Where is he?

The trunk.

Well played.

You did say you were gonna quit.

It was a life of few pleasures.

I clung to the ones I had.

- "Was"?
- Three months.


If you utter
anything remotely sympathetic,

I will shoot you.


Have you been well enough
to check your mail lately?

I have.

You get in?

I always get in.

Looks like Sierra Four got his hands
on Denny Carmichael's dirty laundry.

Assassination, torture, bombings.

All unsanctioned

with no regard for collateral damage.

This is why
Carmichael pushed me and Fitz out.

This is why you are on a ledge, Six.

He's using the agency
as his own personal hit squad.

What's he getting out of all this?

This is shadow government stuff,

which, bluntly,
it is above Carmichael's pay grade.

Guardian angel?

At least one.

Pushing him up the ladder,
covering his tracks.

Somebody very powerful
is pulling the strings.

How was Sierra Four involved?


Four was always a hustler.

Looks like he found out about Carmichael,
got a hold of some evidence,

tried selling it to the highest bidder.

Carmichael got wind of it
and used Six to take him out.

Big mistake.

Do not underestimate this target.

Hit this meatball like a freight train.

And turn on cams.

I want this pay-per-view.

There's no way
we can copy the file?

It's a dead disk.
You copy it, you encrypt the encryption.

Then we have to leak it to the press.

Wait until I find Fitz
and the kid, would you?

There's a kid?

Fitzroy's niece.

But look, you've done more than enough.
Just find cover. This is on me.

I wouldn't recommend it,
but if you insist on a rescue mission…

My bug-out car.

It's bulletproof, loaded trunk.

Stashed in a garage in the city center.
Address is on the tag.

Hey, inmate.

Thanks for proving us right.

I thought we weren't getting sentimental.

We're not.


Okay, get in.

Lead. Lead.
Light's on the left. I can't see.


Don't do this, Maggie.
Open the door!

- Open the door.
- Quiet.

In here.

In here.

In here!

Hands up.

- Where is he?
- Where is who?

- Do not play with me.
- What the hell is she doing?

Oh, doll,

whatever they are paying you,

it is not enough.

Oh, shi...


Well, that was unexpected.

Did we just kill Margaret Cahill?

We have Alpha and Bravo teams circling.

Delta's en route. Cameras aren't live yet.

Send everyone.
Get 'em in there, every team. Light it up.

Cops have him near the square
at the opera house.

They've called in a SWAT team.

Hey, stop it!
Don't move, okay? Stay still.

Alpha team arriving now.

This clown's a sitting duck.

You have my permission
to shoot anyone standing in his way.

Confirmation on target.

Make him dead.

- You should clear the square.
- Shut up.

- You should clear the square.
- I told you to shut up.

We're going to prison for this.

Keep any more cops out of that square.

We're killing cops now?
Margaret Cahill wasn't enough?

SWAT team approaching
from the bridge. Multiple vehicles.

Six is in the southwest corner.

Get Bravo team in there.
We need more guns.

Bravo engaging now.

Bravo, SWAT on your flank.
Watch the fire from that heavy gun.

Would someone mind shooting
the man handcuffed to the bench?

We can't get to him.

There's too many cops.

My God, how hard is it to shoot somebody?

Take out that assault vehicle.

This is insane.

Lloyd, please, pull everyone out now.


Extra ten million to the first guy
to put a bullet in this Ken Doll's brain.

What happened?

The relay antenna must have snapped off.

Well, get it back on

before I beat you to death
with that keyboard.

Anybody got eyes on him?

Negative, negative. We lost him.

He's on the tram!

Delta team's in pursuit.



All teams, report status.

All teams, report status.

This is quite possibly
the most spectacular failure

in the history of covert ops.

This will be taught in schools
as the primary example

of exactly what not to do
in asset retrieval.

This is Lone Wolf. Over.

Hello, my sexy Tamil friend.

Sit rep?

Tracking the target.

No change, Lone Wolf.

Get me that asset.

What I do can't be taught.

You hurt?

I mean, my ego's a little bruised.

I would like the opportunity
to save you at some point.

Not that I want you to be in danger
so I can save you.

- You said they have a girl.
- Yeah.

How do we find her?

She's got a pacemaker.

You don't have a handcuff key, do you?

- Excuse me.
- Yes.

Can you please get us a doctor?
My husband's injured.

- You have to wait in the lobby.
- No, we have been waiting.

- I'm sorry.
- I need someone to see him now.

I understand.

How much longer
do we need to wait?

You know, you have ten fingers.

Yeah, and a few cans of pepper spray
in my eyes.

And you can't all caps on this thing.
You have to control shift. It's a process.


She's in Croatia.

I mean, I can see that.

It's not in Croatian.

We need a ride. I call not trunk.

And you are?

Give it to me.

You wanna go first?

You go.

Help. Help me.

That's him,
the man from the square.

He's trying to kill me. He's got a gun.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

Hey! Give me the gun.

Get down!

You were in my shot.

You gave me an empty gun?

- The shells were coming, okay?
- Huh?

The shells were coming.
You… You ran away too fast.

Then you need to say,
"Hey, wait! That's empty."

No, it's assumed.

I assumed it's loaded,
so I ran after the guy.

- Who throws a loaded gun?
- I asked for a loaded gun.

No one throws a loaded weapon, okay?
Are you coming?

I'm gonna bleed out
while we have this conversation.

Can we just unpack this somewhere else?

Jesus Christ, Suzanne!

I warned you.

When I said, "Sit on Lloyd,"
I meant sit on him,

not "torch half of Europe."

- He is unsittable.
- Do you have the drive?

Not in possession. No, it's en route.

What about Six?

Bleeding and MIA.

- Have you heard from the old man?
- No, not yet.

Doesn't mean he doesn't know.
"Prague on fire" is hard to keep a lid on.

What are you gonna tell him?

The truth, Suzanne.

That you hired Lloyd Hansen?

That truth or some other truth?

Call me the minute you get the drive.

What are you doing?

I'm just gonna pack it and wrap it,

and we can go.


Good news is
he missed the liver and the kidney.


Why'd you go to prison?

Why do you ask?

'Cause I wanna know.

Will it affect
whether you help me or not?


That's fair enough.

What is this, puppy mouthwash?



…my father fancied himself
a real macho man.

And he was hell-bent on turning me
and my brother into the same.

Unfortunately, his methods
were a little unsound,

and, uh…

He started laying into my brother so hard

that at a certain point,

it was clear
it was either gonna be my brother or him.


You think you can do it without me?

You can't!

I decided it would be him.

I thought, "How noble of me,"

and, uh,
everyone else thought I should be in jail.

And that's the way it was
until Fitzroy found me.

That's better.

So what do you say?

We gonna do this or not?

He's coming for us, isn't he?

If he can walk, honey, it'll be
through those double doors over there.

Vehicle on approach.

Let him in.

Alpha one, clear.

Bravo un, rien à signaler.

Charles trois, clear.

You know what I love about you?

You look like you've been hit by a bus,
but it only adds to your mystique.


Secteur cinq, RAS.

- Alors?
- Tout est en place.

- Eh, à cause de...
- You guys looking for me?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Bouge pas! Bouge pas!

À genoux!

All right, all right, you got me.

- Mets-toi à genoux!
- Quick question.

You a 42 regular?

If you're gonna take his gun,
make sure it's loaded.

I get the big one.

It's loading.

Tell me, Suzanne, is there any other part
of your job that I can do for you?

Failing upwards
does not qualify as success.

No, success qualifies as success.

Do you consider putting a bullet
in the girl upstairs a success?

'Cause I'm struggling to see
how you're gonna get out of all this.

You wanna make an omelet,
you gotta kill some people.

You're killing a girl?

You know, in English,
we call this a happy ending.

However, if you say one more word,
you may not see it that way.

Suzanne, please pay my Tamil friend
and send him on his way.

Who's on the east perimeter?

Unit five.

Where are they?

They were there two minutes ago.

Get the genny up.

Lock everything down.

All units to the courtyard.

And do not pay this asshole.

Destruction du portail.
Intrusion. Intrusion.

What's happening?

I told you to stay over there, please.

What's going on?

Under the bed, quick!



Get me eyes on the bridge.


He's trying to draw us away. Shit!

You able?

Well, I can walk, but, uh, missing a wing.

- Can you wiggle your finger?
- With this wing.

That'll do. You okay?

Took you long enough.

- Sorry about that. My flight was delayed.
- I knew you'd catch another one.

Put these in your ears.

You ready?

He's in the house.


Alpha team, check in.

All elements check in.

- Put a gun on that door.
- Roger that.

- Check the network.
- It's unresponsive.

Get the cameras back on.

I had to reboot the system.

- Mine is not rebooting.
- Mine's unresponsive.



Do you have a plan, or are we improvising?

Yeah, I got a plan.
You got your swim trunks?

Go, go, go.

Down. Down low.

You're making me destroy
a historic building here!

All right. Let's get ready to jump.

- I'm gonna have to take the stairs.
- What are you talking about?

Not good.

- What the hell is that?
- What do you think it is?

Go, Six. Get her out of here.

Take the gun.
Give me the grenade.

Let me see it. Put some pressure on it.

Get the damn gun out of my face.
Shut up. I need to think.

You don't have time to think.

Six, look at me. Look at me.

I'm out.

Get her gone.

Take this. Give me a hand grenade.
You understand me? Go!

- Come on.
- You go with Six, baby.

- We go in three, two, one.
- No, wait!

- He's bleeding. Oh, my God!
- Come on.

- I love you. Go with Six.
- No!

- Not you too!
- Go, go, go, go. Take her.

- It's okay.
- No. Six, stop!

Stop it! Stop!

Six, please!

Oh, for Christ sakes.

Roll him.


You douche.

- No! No!
- Come on.

Take it.

I don't care about the money anymore.

These are not honorable people. Take it.

Stay down.

Shoot him!

Wait. Please don't shoot.

Look what you did to my hand.
Give me that, you little shit.


No! No!


Hey, hey!

Now you pick those feet up,
or you're gonna get dead real quick.

Now, listen.

You shut up, and you don't move.


Now, I'm gonna stop you
right there, cupcake.

What do you say we wrap this up?

I mean, I'm having a blast,

but it's way past the kid's bedtime,
don't you think?

Keep him talking. I have line of sight.

You're gonna throw me that gun,
or the little one gets a new face.

If your strategy relies
on whether or not I'll kill a child,

you need a new strategy.

Cute. I meant with the bullets.

Nobody throws a loaded gun, Lloyd.

You know, I think
we would have been friends, you and I.

Aside from your childish sense of morality
and eight-dollar haircut,

we have a lot in common.

It's really a shame
this isn't gonna work out between us.

Now normally at this point in the night,
I wouldn't be sticking around.

With the house lights about to come on,

I'd find a desperate, ugly chick
to lick my wounds and split,

but you have been a pebble in my shoe
since the very beginning.

And now I just don't think
I can walk away.

Guess what I'm thinking right now.

That you've over shared.

I think I'm better than you.

What do you say, Six, you wanna dance?

Push him right, and I'll have the shot.

Forget the shot. Come get the kid.

Let me see your face.

My friend's gonna meet you
at the edge of the maze, okay?

- No, no, wait.
- Yeah.

Wait, I'm not just gonna leave you here
with him. He's crazy.

- I got this.
- No, no. I'm gonna take you with me.

Just come with me, please.

- Claire.
- Don't leave me alone.

- Please.
- Claire. Claire.

- You're all I have.
- Claire. Claire.


This is just another Thursday.


Kick his ass.

Do you miss your fingers, Lloyd?

Still getting used to it.

Damn! That stings!

Let's see if these moves fuck.

Don't ever talk back to me,
you understand?


I will end you.

And you are?


You'll live.

I just need you compliant.

Can I comply over there?

Knock yourself out.

I mean, look.

Lloyd Hansen
was a toxic piece of shit, right?

Yeah, that's right.

We have history.

Me, Denny, Lloyd,
we all went to Harvard together.

Those two had this absurd bromance.

Which made it impossible for me

to prove to Denny
how much of a liability Lloyd was.

Then I see you two troglodytes
bashing each other.

The whole thing just crystallized.

Lloyd Hansen
is gonna posthumously take the fall

for everything that has happened.

Now, I know how to do that.

What I need are a few witnesses
to corroborate my story.

So if you want that girl
to live to a ripe old age,

you are gonna do
exactly what I tell you to.

Bad news is
you'll probably get your old cell back,

but the good news is, if you behave,
I'll let you out to play sometimes.

'Cause frankly, you are freakishly good
at what you do.

What? Do you have a question?
What is that?

Does this plan involve me living?

- Yes. Yeah, you're gonna live.
- Then we should go.

Lot of blood.

Lot of blood.

This will forever be remembered

as one of the darker chapters
in the history of this agency.

That a rogue independent contractor
as morally dubious as Lloyd Hansen

could literally steal company resources

to commit crimes
against our allied partners,

this is… this is a black eye on all of us.

I don't know how to defend it.

However, after much deliberation,

and based on your corroborative
depiction of events,

this committee and myself have decided

to exonerate the three of you
in this affair.

I don't wanna see you back in here
for quite some time. Is that understood?

- Understood.
- Understood, sir.

- You did the right thing. Good work.
- Thank you, sir. Really.

Clever girl.

Stick to the script.

If anything ever happens
to Claire Fitzroy, deal's off.

I will come for you.


remove yourself from my personal space.


Let's go.

Where are they keeping Six?

Basement. Most secure floor.

Should've put a bullet in his head.

He tore through 30
of the best operatives in the world.

Why would I waste an asset like that?

He's Fitz's gray man.
He's not gonna do anything you say.

He will.
As long as I have the girl, he will.

It is very dangerous
for you to start thinking for yourself.

You threatened, Denny?

How pleasantly out of character.

- You rather I be floating in the Potomac?
- I got Lloyd's autopsy report.

They pulled a nine millimeter
from his chest.

I told you Six got my gun.

- Killed Lloyd, left you alive?
- That's right.

Guess he didn't perceive you as a threat.

That would be his mistake.

What's Six's current condition?

He's been unresponsive the last few days.

What do you mean "unresponsive"?

He just lays there.
Can't tell if it's psyops or medical.

Won't eat. Won't speak.
Won't even look at us.

Brain damage?

Nothing shows up on a scan.

Oh, shit.

- Clear right.
- Room clear.

Lock down the perimeter.
Six is a runner. Repeat, Six is a runner.

- With me.
- Yes, ma'am.

When do I get to go home?

I asked you a question.

Am I allowed to chew gum in here?