The Goonies (1985) - full transcript

Mikey Walsh and Brandon Walsh are brothers whose family is preparing to move because developers want to build a golf course in the place of their neighborhood -- unless enough money is raised to stop the construction of the golf course, and that's quite doubtful. But when Mikey stumbles upon a treasure map of the famed "One-Eyed" Willy's hidden fortune, Mikey, Brandon, and their friends Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen, Clark "Mouth" Devereaux, Andrea "Andy" Carmichael, Stefanie "Stef" Steinbrenner, and Richard "Data" Wang, calling themselves The Goonies, set out on a quest to find the treasure in hopes of saving their neighborhood. The treasure is in a cavern, but the entrance to the cavern is under the restaurant of evil thief Mama Fratelli and her sons Jake Fratelli, Francis Fratelli, and the severely disfigured Lotney "Sloth" Fratelli. Sloth befriends the Goonies and decides to help them.

Jonathan Ke Quan, Data.


Corey Haim, played Lucas once.

- Corey Feldman, that's your name.
- Yeah, Corey Feldman, yeah, yeah.

- It hasn't changed.
- Mouth, Mouth, Mouth. Yes.

Well-fed Sean Penn.

- Oh, very good.
- Come on.

Dick Donner suffered through
the consequences of this.


Kerri Lee Green.

Martha Plimpton, still in therapy
16 years later.

Yes. See, now you're funny.

Jeff B. Cohen. I play Chunk.

Josh Brolin, Brand.

Older brother,
guidance of these awful children.

He's the one you'll see later
on the pink bike.

It's misguidance, you might say.

- Oh, here we are. Here's the Victor guy.
- Here's Davi.

- He's hanging around, as usual.
- Robert Davi.

- Old Bob Davi.
- So pretty.

- What's that note say?
- That was Method.

- He really hung himself.
- What...?

What does it say, the note?
Can anybody read it?

- "To whom it may concern..."
- Right.

- And then he just punches him, I thought.
- I'm not really... My God.

Oh, we're not listening to the sound,
he says something.

- That was a smart move.
- That was close.

- That was a smart move.
- That's how he got away.

- He's a smart guy.
- He tricked him out.


A little grip tool holding him up there.

He usually plays
the parts of intelligent guys.

- That was improvised.
- Yeah, he's got a great series.

- There's Joey Pants.
- Joey Pants.

- Joey Pantoliano.
- Joey Pants.

- Guido the killer pimp.
- Mama.

- Best wig in the industry.
- Anne Ramsey.


- Anne Ramsey.
- Anne Ramsey, a legend before her time.

- Dearly missed.
- Anne passed away.

It's not a wig, it's a toupee.
It's a hairpiece.

That's real gas.
Everything used in this movie was...

- Was real, right.
- Was real.

- Yes.
- Except the actors.



- Touché.
- Touché.

- Well, this is all up in Oregon, was it?
- Check the...

And Robert Davi actually stole
that hat from Harrison Ford...

on Spielberg's earlier production.

MAMA: Jake, up!

- COMMENTARY: Astoria.
- Astoria.

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.

There he goes through the thing.

- Do you remember?
- Joey Pants is still shooting guns at people.




- "Corey Feldman."
- Yeah.

- Is he in this movie?
- That's a joke.

- Is he in this movie?
- That's in the story.

- Look, look, look.
- Who's that?

- I drink a lot.
- I love this...

- "Kerri Green."
- Kerri Green.

- Oh, great.
- A hotty!

Kerri Green.

- Oh, yeah.
- Watch this cheer.

Victory pyramid, Martha Plimpton!

- Martha.
- Martha Plimpton.

- I was hot in this movie.
- She's got...

That was a wonderful ad-lib.

Nice one.

- It's my sexiest wardrobe, actually.
- She still works, I saw her...

in something like...

- Yeah, we wore the same clothes.
- Quan. Ke Huy Quan.

- Ke Huy Quan.
- Famous action director.

Ke Huy Quan, very famous
from the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

- And you know who that is under the sink?
- Who?

- The cameraman, the DP.
- Nick McLean.

That's right.

- Everybody wanted to get in the movie.
- I don't understand...

- Nice parachute pants, Corey.
- Thanks.

- He's still got them on.
- I loved wearing them, everyday.

I never understood why you didn't just
move your head away from the water.

I never understood that either.
Bad director, I guess.

- Ruin a good take.
- Look at that.

- Oh, here's the...
- Oh, yeah.

Sexy, sexy babe.

- He was...
- Look.

Crazy Ke.

Do you guys remember the stunt
that we all got to go...

and watch where they flipped the cop car
on top of the boat?

- No.
- Yes, I remember that.

They drove the cop car...
They had a rig where the cop car goes...

And it flips upside down
and then the guy gets out.

- You didn't use that.
- No, we didn't use it.

- My God, Jeff.
- Look at Chunk.

- That poor Chunk.
- Poor Chunk.


Does everybody know
that Jeff won as class president...

as Chunk for president in Berkeley?


- Chunk for president.
- President of the student body.

UC Berkeley, thank you very much.
Go Bears!

Can I say, "Go Bears"?

- Look how young Joey was.
- Oh, yeah.

And Chunk is now a very important attorney
in our entertainment industry.

- Thank you very much, Mr. Donner.
- Can't say that of...

- anybody else of this company.
- The rest of us didn't really go that well.

- There's Harvey Bernhard, the producer.
- Can you have me up on the stand?

- There's Harvey.
- How's Harvey doing?

Harvey's great, Harvey's great.

- Here's wonderful, beautiful town, isn't it?
- Beautiful Astoria.

Visit Astoria, Oregon. Lovely.

- Remember the Thunderbird Motel, guys?
- You guys, you can't see it.

If they back it up, you could see in the
lower right-hand part of the screen...

- Dick's motor home.
- No.

It's obscured by the trees
but you can see a piece of it.

- It was like three blocks long.
- How many times have you watched this?

You're a sick man.


- Oh, there he is.
- Whoa.

- What was always amazing to me...
- Still remember that.

About the motor home
had great myth to it, didn't it?

When we were kids, it was like,
don't go near Dick's motor home.

Oh, yeah, no, we were not permitted
to even knock on the door.

I thought mystical things
were transpiring in there.

- I think they were.
- May very well have been.

Do you remember this scene, Sean?

It's the first scene I ever did.
And we got into a laughing fit.

- Do you remember? It lasted all day long.
- Yeah, I remember.

Our man here was...

It made me feel better
because I was nervous that day.

- You were more nervous than me.
- I kept yelling, "Get serious."

Which helps.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

That'll do it.

Well, the story of the pressing
of the weights.


- That's real sweat.
- They felt...

That's right.

Method acting from my bro in there.

How much weight were you
pushing there, Josh?

- Sorry?
- How much weight were you lifting there?

Oh, God, I tell you.
You know, that was Soloflex.

I had to have everything
I could put on there.

- It's strange to be here and watching this.
- It really is.

- It is.
- Check the Purple Rain shirt there.

- Nice. I know, I loved the Purple Rain shirt.
- Oh, God.

- And Members Only jacket, man.
- Members Only.

- We all looked so good.
- Was I not trendy or what?

We all looked so good, didn't we?

- We spent five months in the same clothes.
- In this outfits.

- I thought at the time I looked really cool.
- Here comes my line, right?

- No, first comes Chunk and then Ke.
- When I picked it...

You got to pick yours?

- I got this job because of my accents.
- You were the cheerleader.

- You had to wear the uniform.
- Doing Stallone.

- They just gave me the tennis outfit.
- The tennis outfit, right.

Remember, it was the hair.

Yeah, I think it's great that a kids' movie
spends 10 minutes...

dealing with the penis
on a statue.

Oh, yeah, and I like that
nice wide swing there. That was good.

It's culture.
They're teaching the children culture.

- There it is. This is everybody's favorite.
- Here it is!

Truffle shuffle! The truffle shuffle.

Okay, I'm telling stories here.
I'm telling legitimate movie stories.

Now here's my movie story
to share, okay?

Now, when I did this,
I was very embarrassed...

because, you know, I was
a little fat kid shaking my gut.

I didn't want anybody around.
They cleared the set, which was nice.

- Also...
- Who's they?

Well, that would be you.

- Thank you.
- That would be you. Thank you.

If you look close
and you freeze it on this great DVD...

you can see actually
the chicken pox I had.

I got Goonies and before I came to the set,
I got chicken pox.

But I was so afraid that you guys would,
like, fire me, I didn't tell anybody.

So there they are
and the makeup people got...

So we want everybody to pause their DVD
and zoom in...

On my gut.


- The Rube Goldberg gate.
- Sounds like a great time.

- Oh, the truffle shuffle, there it is.
- I got that right.

- This thing actually worked, didn't it?
- Who's idea...?

- Who's idea was this?
- Thank you.

- Was this your idea?
- Oh, yeah, I love Rube Goldberg.

- Great stuff.
- The next entrance is quite extraordinary.

- Yes.
- That we never forget.

- With the fish tank.
- I remember trying this.

This is the Michael Jackson bit.

We did a joke about Michael Jackson...

not knowing he'd be hanging out
on the set all the time three months later.

- You're right. You're right.
- And then Stephen had to say:

"Is that okay? Do you mind
that we took a little shot there?"

I just remember you had to loop
the pizza line...

because they didn't get
the right franchise or something.

- Oh, really?
- See, and doesn't...

that pizza franchise wish
they gave us the name now?

You're darn tooting.

CHUNK: But his sister did.

COMMENTARY: Here he comes.
- Here we go.

Ke Quan.

There you go. Talk about this, Ke.
What was it like up there?

Yeah, how did you enjoy
this flying across...?

Everything with me is action.

- The door! The screen door!
- There it is.

The screen! The screen!


- Look at that.
- I got it. I got it.

- Thanks, guys...
- I don't got it.

- I got it, I got it.
- Thanks, guys.

I know you'd expect that from Chunk.

- You idiot!
- Oh, my God!

Look, it's not broken. It's perfect.
Ha-ha! It's per...

- Oh, my God!
- What?

- That's my mom's most favorite piece!
- What?


CHUNK: Oh, my God.

You wouldn't be here if it wasn't.

- Shut up, Mouth!
- Shut up, Mouth.

COMMENTARY: That was my best
Groucho Marx, with the brush there.

- The height of a...
- Check the hair. Look at Corey's hair.

- Lookit. What is it?
- Haven't really changed much, you know.

- Yeah, yeah.
- A little darker but...

I lost mine.
You still have yours, that's pretty good.

Oh, here come the gravity boots.

- You got those? You got those at home?
- I do. I do. I do.

There we go.

- This is a wonderful scene.
- Mary Ellen.

- When Corey... This is nice too.
- Mary Ellen Trainor.

- To translate the Spanish.
- Yeah.

So you had to... I love this.

- I get a lot of complements on that bit.
- It was a good scene.

- Mary Ellen.
- When you...

When you walk upstairs,
that's the scene you're talking about.

We picture Ellen...
Ellen's telling him about the house.

Now, didn't Mary Ellen
end up marrying somebody...

- She was married to him then, Bob Zemeckis.
- Yeah, Bob Zemeckis.

MOUTH: Well, Mrs. Walsh,
I speak perfect Spanish.

Going a mile a minute, and never stopped.

- He still hasn't.
- I don't know what you're talking about.

We were in our honeywagons...

- this whole time.
- That's right.

- He was just hanging around, you know.
- Rainy day shooting, remember?

- That's right.
- We'd shoot inside when it rained.

- Which was every day.
- It was every day.

Do you guys remember that Halloween
autograph-signing thing we went...?


- Oh, my God.
- At the big table, right?

And Jeff went as a bride, and I went
as a registered voter in my own clothes.


- Oh, yeah.
- You were supporting...

Who was running?
You were supporting the Democrat.

- Yes, that's right.
- Right.

- Yeah. It was Mondale.
- It was Mondale. That's right. It was '84.

You were mad at me
because I liked Reagan.

- That's right.
- "You don't know anything about Reagan."

- Now, don't you find this a bit ironic?
- Yeah.

- That's all I need to say.
- That's right.

Nobody else did, I said it.

Now, I don't know
what the problem is with that.



When they tell you to turn your head to
the right, you have to stand on your hand.

That's right.


COMMENTARY: That's great.

So, Corey, now, did saying these lines
have an adverse effect on you...

- when you were kid?
- Definitely.

No, I ended up being a complete freak
because of this movie right here.

- It was this part.
- That was my fault.

- That's your fault.
- Look what you did to this kid.

You memorized all the Spanish for this,
didn't you?

- Yes, I did. I did.
- Right?

With the help of a very helpful assistant
of Dick's at the time.

Who was here with us today.

- Did he help you?
- Yes, he did.


Okay, Rosie? You're gonna be
very happy here.

Come on, Clark, we've got more to do.
You're so fluent in languages.


You're so fluent in Spanish.
That was so nice of you.

"Nice" is my middle name.

And I'm still brushing that hair, boy.

It's not going anywhere.


This was great.

- Jeff, your face just kills me.
- Look at that.

- I know.
- Jeff, every little face, I just want...

I know.

- Look at your faces down, look there.
- It's frightening.

- What the hell has happened?
- What happened to these guys?

God wasn't good to you guys.

- I know, he gave us you.
- Except the girls.

It's all downhill, man.

- He had to say that.
- Oh, he had to get it in. Okay.

Look at Sean in the background
thinking what studio he's gonna run.


- Universal, Paramount.
- That was the background?

CHUNK: Oh, yeah. Sure!
- You got it.

One hour and I'll be back.
Bye, baby. Rosie?

- Bye, Mrs. Walsh.
- Bye.

I hate the way I said that "bye."

Anybody caught that?
I'm really strange at that.

I don't know what I was thinking.

I apologize to everyone
in the DVD community.

- That was on purpose.
- Yeah.

- I love that shirt.
- Oh, here comes the bondage scene.

Cindy Lauper video.

- Oh, bondage.
- Oh, really, is it?

- Oh, yeah.
- Bondage is coming.

- Oh, that's right.
- Oh, no, no. That comes later.

- The bondage around the chair?
- Yeah, the bondage around the chair.

Oh, right.

- Is that here or later?
- Oh, bondage.

- No, it's later.
- No, I think it's pretty close.

Because you have to...

- We go up to go the attic first.
- You got to the attic and then... Yeah.

And you really...

- This attic scene was two days?
- A hundred...

- About stage 20, right?
- Yes, stage 20.

- Hundred and something takes.
- Steadicam.

- Are you serious?
- Steadicam.

- It wasn't that...
- It was.

- I swear to God, it was two days of takes.
- Remember?

- I thought it was like 38.
- No, no, no.

- I always remember that.
- Dick, you're a monster there.

Of this particular shot?

Well, after 38, they sent me home.

- Was it this shot? Is it this shot?
- I don't know.

- It's the long one with the picture.
- It's the long one.

- Yeah.
- I stick my tongue through the thing.

- Yeah.
- That one.

- My Lord.
- We did that for two days.

God, I'm so glad
we weren't in that scene.

Hey, this is it.
This is the start of the Steadicam shot.

CHUNK: We only have Hanukkah
decorations in our attic.

COMMENTARY: Watch, no cut.
- Oh, I remember.


Very scary, very scary.

First Gone with the Wind,
then Goonies.

I was wrong.

- Mouth gets an idea. Mouth gets an idea.
- Oh, yeah, right.

- Check out the subtext there.
- Light bulb over Mouth's head.

- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Oh, look at that tongue.

Hey, you paid a lot of money
for that tongue in that face.

MIKEY: I gotcha! Get out from there,
you're ruining the painting!

You're ruining my joke.
The painting's already cracked.


COMMENTARY: Ah, right.

- Look at that. Look at that acting there.
- Nice stuff.

Were you gonna do One-Eyed Willy here?

- No.
- Yeah, the map.

We find the map now.

- The Chester Copperpot.
- He drops the map.

- Yeah.
- He kicks it. Somebody kicks it over.

It's not the map,
it's the Chester Copperpot.

Yeah, and then it gets revealed,
doesn't it?

Don't we have your first big speech
coming up here?

- Who's?
- Sean Astin's.

Sean... Oh, right, gang. That's right.

And I remember that was about 550 takes
on that one.

No, I'm just...

No, you're right.

I remember when we filmed the scene
where I'm sitting down and talking about...

- this pirates...
- Try and get this out of you.

You had the same problem
with your lines then.

- No, they did about 300 angles on it.
- No, no, no.

If I'm not mistaken, it was originally
a speech written for the Fratelli brothers.

You wanted it to come out of my mouth
so I didn't have it to prepare.

I don't think I wanted it.
I think you wanted it.

You decided...
Fellini over here decided...

Fellini over here says...

Decides he's gonna go
for an innovative film technique...

and he's gonna show
how the young child actor mind works.

And he tells me the story. He sets me down,
he says, "I'm gonna tell you a story..."

and all I want you to do
is listen to the story...

"and then we're gonna film it
and I want you to tell me the story back."

And all I thought was, "That's genius,"
and I couldn't... I kept...

- And that was it.
- See? Here we go again.

- That was it.
- Started stuttering.

- But then you... I remember that we...
- We find the map.

It was hot and I was trying to remember
the story...

and I was trying
to make you happy and...

And I was pissed off because Wardrobe
won't let me keep that jacket.

And you can still have it if you want it.

But I remembered, Dick,
that you wanted to...

- It was clear that I was messing up.
- You're catching flies because you're tough.

- It was clear that I...
- That was another Stanislavsky.

Did you actually deliver...?

- What were you grabbing?
- I don't know, man.

- I never figured that out.
- I never figured that out either.

- No, I was seeing things, nervous.
- The direction you gave us the most...

The one direction we got the most...

- Was what?
- What?

- "Big eyes."
- Big eyes! That's right.

- Big eyes.
- Big eyes.

- Lookit.
- I don't remember.

- Look at the big eyes.
- Look at those eyes.

- Big eyes.
- Big eyes.

- Yeah.
- There's blatant big eyes coming up.

I remember, you decided at a certain point
that it was going badly.

And you said,
"Let's just take a break."

"Let's take a break."
You wanted me to step outside.

We're gonna have some clean air
outside of stage 20.

It was nighttime,
it was a little bit later.

Don't know if were getting close
till they cutoff time...

when we had to go home or whatever.
But all I kept thinking is:

"Is this supposed to make me relax? Everybody
is standing there, waiting for me.

Oh, my God."

- Big eyes, kids.
- Here it is.

- I'm so cute.
- Look how cute you were.

I'm so cute.

I don't remember him saying that.

And we first looked at the
ship, "Big eyes."

All we all said was, "Holy shit,"
so they cut.

- Big eyes.
- Look at big eyes.

Big eyes.

- Now they're gonna have to cut that.
- Big eyes on that thing.

All I remember
is Ke kept looking at my nose.

Did you have that...?

It's the... The little dirt smudge
on your nose.

I'm thinking,
"Why's he looking at my nose?"

Because you had a big brown spot.

Yeah, there was a booger hanging out.

He was trying to help you out.
He was trying to tell you.

You sound as corny as Dad does.

- My dad tells the truth. Know what he said?
- What?

He said One-Eyed Willy and his bunch
were down there for years.

- They were digging tunnels and caves.
- Wow.

- Setting booty traps.
- Booby traps.

Setting booby traps so anybody
who tried to get in...

COMMENTARY: Booby traps.

- That was another big word.
- That was ours, right?

Booby traps.

So they wouldn't get his treasure.

Wait a minute.

COMMENTARY: "Wait a minute, Mikey."
- Yeah, "Wait a minute, Mikey."

Yeah, "Wait a minute, Mikey."

- Now that's method acting, Dick. Come on.
- Yeah.

I got to get some credit for that.

- Well, here's the wire.
- Wait. Hold on.

Watch this.
Those hands are not my hands.

Look at those hands.
A 45-year-old man's hands.

- Yes.
- That's right.

Every time you see hands in this movie,
it's not ours.

It'll be a 45-year-old man
and/or woman's hands.

Let me be very clear on that.

- Some person who's wearing our wardrobe.
- Yes, exactly. One of our doubles.

Whose idea was Chester Copperpot?

Yours, Sean. Wasn't it?

No, I think it was...

- Chris Columbus.
- It's Chris.

Because all I know now is that then,
I had absolute...

While I was delivering the lines,
no idea what I was talking about.

- Well, a lot of good actors work that way.
- None of us did.


Thank you.

That's called preparing for a role, right?

I remembered thinking, "I haven't
prepared," and I got the sides out...

and I couldn't understand it,
I was too busy wanting to do there.

- Yeah.
- Let's face it.

- We were all a lot more interested...
- Look at the sincerity of this young actor.

In sneaking in to see
the pirate ship.

We needed to sneak? I had an escort.

MIKEY: You guys!

Uh-oh. Who's at the door?

- Poor kid.
- Poor guy.

- You mean now or there?
- There he...


That doubloon.
I wish I had that doubloon.

Uh-oh. Here we go. Here we go.

- Bad dudes.
- The bad dudes.

- Bad dudes.
- Bad guys.

Screw you, Mr. Perkins.

Yeah, yeah.

See, she got so into her character,
she's still feeling the animosity.


I love that.


- It never rained up there, did it?
- No.

- Oh, no.
- It's clear every day.

We had to bring in those big rain machines
for this.

- Beautiful Oregon weather.
- Yeah.

I don't think we ever saw
anyone walking the street.

- Everybody just stayed inside.
- Swimming in the street.

Remember that hotel with the little balcony
that was over the water?

- Yeah, that was nice.
- Thunderbird Motel.

- Thunderbird Motel and Inn.
- What was that?

As far as motels go,
that was really the cream of the crop.

Remember, I had just gotten Schatzie,
my black shepherd puppy?

- That's right.
- We had her at the hotel.

Played with him every day.

I just remember my...

- Oh, look.
- My pop, Gomez.

Pop Gomez came up to visit
and he was a vegetarian.

He was really proud of being a vegetarian.
We were parked at that restaurant and...

This is great commentary over this scene.

I was just gonna say...


Sentimental note.

It really says a lot
about the movie, go on.

Very affectionate scene.

Very well done, you two.

- Beautiful.
- Yup.

- I love you, man.
- Were there any action figures...?

I remember how good
I thought you smelled.

- It is my motor home.
- You smelled good.

- Yeah, there it is, there it is.
- Told you.

BILL: You're sure of yourself.

The foreclosure is a definite.

Oh, God, am I depressed.

If I found One-Eyed Willy's rich stuff,
I'd pay all my dad's bills.

COMMENTARY: How much whipped cream
did Jeff have to put in his mouth?

- I think...
- In this scene?

- All I know is...
- What happens in this scene?

He comes up with the whipped cream.

I got sick
from eating too much whipped cream.

I remember.
I remember you got sick.

Yeah. It's the hazards
of being a fat kid in show business.

They're gonna keep force-feeding you food
till you break out.

Thirty takes, that's 30 candy bars.

That's 30 hits of the whipped cream.
You're in trouble, you know what I mean?

But I sucked it up for The Goonies.

- They wanted to keep the continuity.
- Sure, yes.

If they didn't feed you,
you would've gotten thin on us.

- We wouldn't have made it run.
- Pain is temporary.

Film, permanent.

- Oh, God.
- Yeah.

- The map.
- That's not my map.

You wouldn't be Chunk. You'd be Chu.

This was a pickup six months later,
this shot.

- You're right.
- This was the money shot.

- That's right.
- This is the money shot.

- Unbelievable.
- Man, this was the money shot.

I know the map
was 1000 percent cleaner.

- Oh, Cindy Lauper. Cindy Lauper.
- Hey!

Number one single.

- Really?
- Here's a little interesting movie news...

for all of you people
out there watching.

We weren't really
watching this video on MTV.

- Certainly not.
- Matter of fact, we didn't hear this song...

- We did that video.
- For another six months.

We were in Hawaii. That was the first
time we heard the song, in Hawaii.

- What were you doing in Hawaii?
- We were bothering you.

We came to bother our director
in Hawaii in his retreat...

and we all showed up there
to surprise him and Dick said:

"Hey, check this song, you are
gonna love it, kids. You're gonna love it."

- Oh, this is...
- That is after he had a valve replaced...

in his heart.

BRAND: Get off me, Chunk.

Get off me! CHUNK: I got you.

You guys remember filming
the video with Cindy Lauper?

- That was scary. That was scary.
- I remember that.

- Okay, okay.
- That was a whole separate production.

That took, what, two, three months
in itself.

- With all the wrestlers and everybody?
- All the wrestlers.

Okay, wrestling is wonderful
and wrestlers are lovely.

However, working with a lot of wrestlers
in a closed, you know, little cave set...

can be very frightening for children.

- Rowdy Roddy Piper.
- Rowdy Roddy Piper, that's right.

Especially once they start sweating.

- Andre the Giant.
- Wasn't it Andre the Giant?

- Andre the Giant was there.
- Andre the Giant...

Mom. You got to let me out of here.

Can't you learn how to exercise
like a normal kid?

Look! You're "hyperventrilicating."
Where's your brother?

COMMENTARY: I don't know
if I'll get to talk to Cindy Lauper.

So I wanna use this moment
to tell her something.

- Go ahead.
- Go ahead, Sean.

- Cindy...
- Cindy, wait, Sean wants to tell something.

This will probably take the whole length
of the running.

Give him the camera and go home.

- How many seconds do I have?
- Quick.

Oh, here's the story.

Here's another wonderful man
who's now passed on.

- A great man who passed on.
- A wonderful man.

MRS. WALSH: If you don't bring your
brother home, I'll commit Hare Krishna!

BRAND: That's hara-kiri, Ma.

MRS. WALSH: That's exactly what I said.
BRAND: What?

My new tires!
They popped my new tires...

COMMENTARY: Check this out.
- Okay.

- Here we go. This is my niece.
- Is this your sister?

- It's your niece.
- Right, my sister's daughter.

- That's right. Sorry about this one.
- Lisa.

- Lisa.
- So cute.

- Go ahead with your Cindy Lauper.
- This is where I lost the audience.

I thought Lisa's voice
was better than the looping voice.

- Quick, we have a moment.
- Didn't they use somebody else?

- Okay, we're gonna introduce...
- Cindy Lauper...

a couple of characters coming up.

- Hey, you got to see this shot.
- Wait, wait. I saved the shot. Watch.

All right, wait. It's not this shot.
It cuts down with.

- Aren't any women in this movie?
- It was the end of the day.

Teachers said, "Pull the plug."

And the next thing you know...
Jeez, it goes forever.

Wait. Somebody fell over.
Somebody dropped the map.

- Oh, I dropped the map.
- That was here.

Somebody... Yeah. Oh, we didn't catch it.
So I stopped, bang, all right?

But I know that you were upset because
you wanted us to keep going on so I ran.

- All right. I didn't go back for the bike.
- Great.

- The car ran over the bike, there's there.
- Saved the shot.

- You're, like, a genius, Sean.
- Where was this? Was this Bodega Bay?

- Unbelievable.
- Was this Bodega Bay?

- Was this Bodega Bay, right?
- No, this is Oregon.

- That's Astoria. Astoria.
- That's Oregon.

That's in Oregon?
We're down in Bodega Bay?

- That's...
- That was Bodega Bay.

Don't you remember? This is about five
miles away from my family's place.

- Hey, you guys, this is all very exciting.
- Hey, Josh!

It's both, you guys.

My career was over after this.

- This is my favorite shot.
- This is my first line ever.

This is Martha Plimpton's favorite guy
in the movie.

Steve Antin.

TROY: Like the bike.
ANDY: What is he doing?


No wonder he can't get a license.


COMMENTARY: Here we go.
- Steve Antin has become an amazing writer.

All horrible line readings, all of them.


- Excuse me.
- Come on, Martha, look at him.

Oh, is this in personal thing
or is this for everybody?

- No, I mean, just for...
- Oh, okay.

Everybody sucked in this movie,
by the way.

This is real effective hand-arm slapping
I'm doing on Steve here.

- Anne, what were you about to say?
- Great ad-libbing here.

Martha went on to do Hedda Gabler.


And literally
at the beginning of the second act...

- someone yelled out, "Goonies!"
- Goonies.

- Is that true?
- Yes, it is.

That's the truth.

CHUNK: Forget it!
MIKEY: Come on!

This was where the gulf...

- The restaurant was, wasn't it?
- Yes.

- That's right.
- Correct.

- Which was in Oregon.
- And you're coming...

- My favorite line from the movie.
- Hold on.

You guys are gonna watch the worst blue
screen in the history of film right there.

That's my real thumb.
That's my thumb. I'm proud of that.

The worst blue screen, here it is.

Everybody ready? Three, two, one.
There you go. What is that?

What was that?
Come on, this was a big budget movie.

- 1984.
- Look like Robert Redford in that shot.

- 1984.
- Come on, man.

We knew it wasn't real.

I saw Superman,
I believed the man could fly.

Good boy.

You could make a guy fly. You couldn't
make us stand in front of a coast.

What was that? What was that?


Hey, I got a question. Why is the map
suddenly burnt on the edges?

It was a different map.

Well, now that you asked the question,
why didn't you ask then?

- We did.
- What was the answer?

Because there was a scene there
that's been cut out.

"It's my movie, kid. It doesn't have
to have the same black spots," I said.

There's a scene that's been cut out...

which we might have on this DVD,
of us going into a 7-Eleven-type store.

- Oh, right.
- Troy rolls it up in a...

That's right. I forgot about that.

- Turns it.
- Very good.

Remember that?
That scene's in this, the outtakes.

Oh, wait, here comes one of my favorite
lines in the movie of all time.

- Oh, yes, yes, yes.
- Yes.

- Open, close, open, close, open, close.
- Ke Quan's line.

- No, it's not now.
- It's coming up soon, isn't it?

Who's got it?

- Ke.
- Ke's, yes.

- Which one is it? I forgot.
- It's coming up.

- Ke's, right?
- When they come in, they...

They... Yeah.

- Oh, wait, maybe it's later.
- I think it's later.

- This set...
- This is all...

Remember Mike Riva
designed all these sets?

- Yeah.
- They were brilliant.

- Brilliant designer.
- He's a genius.



That's so awful.


- What was the line?
- It's coming up...

It's after they come back out
and they look in the car.


This was because we spent
the entire five months saying that.

You were mad.
I remember you were mad at us this day.

- I was?
- Yeah.

You were mad us.
I felt you were.

- He was always mad at us.
- He was mad at us every day.

- No, he wasn't.
- He hated our guts.

- Can you blame me?
- Look at you skipping.

Oh, the skipping boys.

The most confusing thing
about this scene for me...

was the fact that everywhere in
the script, they kept saying "ROV." ROV.

- I don't know what the hell ROV was.
- What is it?

Well, at that time, I guess it was like
a sports utility vehicle...

- but the initials was...
- ORV.

- ORV.
- I still don't know what it is.

- Oh, Rover. Rover, maybe.
- Off-road vehicle.

- Off-road vehicle.
- Thank you very much.

It was all over the script
because it was a popular catch phrase.

Because you kept reading it ROV.


Restaurant on vacation.
I don't know what this means.

Food, it's...


Check this out. Look at the subtext.

- Chunk.
- What is he doing?


- There's the ROV.
- He's seeing the bullet holes.

Oh, that ROV again.
All over the script.

Big eyes, big eyes.

- There you go.
- Jeff. Jeff.

I remember seeing that shot in dailies...

and thinking that you were gonna be
a huge movie star.

We got enough
Pepsi endorsements?

Thanks, Sean, I appreciate that, buddy.

- No, no. I'm just saying that...
- Thank you. Thanks a lot, man.

You know what was a great scene that
he did was the-hand-in-the-blender scene.

- Yeah. That's a good scene.
- That's coming up.

- That was very emotional.
- A 10-year-old kid crying.

Putting his hand in,
it was brilliant.

- You know why I was?
- Back and forth, remember these looks?

Spielberg was stepping on you foot
when you were off-camera.

We got to wait until the blender scene.
I'll give you the secrets.

- Davi really believed this was happening.
- Does he start singing opera again?


He was coming out of his trailer,
wasn't he?

He didn't even know that we were shooting,
right, Dick?

Yeah, I'll never forget that.

The heads, looking left and right.

- You told us to do that.
- I know.

Switch, switch, switch.

JAKE: Boys...

make yourselves comfortable, huh?

COMMENTARY: That hurt.
- That hurt?

That was a stunt double for me and Sean.
People don't know that.

- Then why does it still hurt?
- For the cheeks.

MAMA: What do you want?

- Lots of water.
- Water, water, water.

Four waters. Is that all?


I want veal scallopini.

- I want a good fettuccine Alfredo.
- Shut up, Mouth!

A bottle of fettuccine, 1981.

The only thing we serve is tongue.



You boys like tongue?


COMMENTARY: Okay, I have to give a plug
for Anne. Anne was lovely.

- She was scary.
- She was great.

- Amazing.
- Great woman.

Anne was nominated for an Academy Award
for Throw Mama from the Train.

- That's right.
- She deserved it.

She passed away.

DATA: Are you all right, Chunk?

Hey, guys.

What happened to the two guys
in the polyester who came before us?

- What happened to them?
- What is it? Spit it out.

You guys, if we don't
get out of here soon...

there's gonna be
some kind of hostage crisis.

Out in the garage, ORV,
four-wheel drive...

We just lost Ramsey last year.

Yeah, yeah.

- Logan also passed away, lovely guy.
- Yeah.

- Did I just say the B.S. word?
- Yes.

- Did you?
- Dick, it's a kids' movie.

- What's all these curse words, huh?
- We can say that here then.

Okay, all right, good.

Kerri, you're gonna excuse...

I can do that. I think I can do it better.

Wait, everyone. Wait, guys.

- Prepare for a double take.
- We do a take.

Check the double take.
This will be some quality double-take work.

- Yeah, this is good.
- Let's count it out.

- Actually...
- One and two double take.

How many times
have you watched this damn movie?

That's is quality double-take material.

I haven't seen this movie since then.

- He's leaving.
- I'll be back.

- I don't remember any... I mean...
- Everybody remembers this.

- Because we weren't here.
- It's just incredible.

Oh, no.

Now, a lot of people don't know that this was
actually a completely different place...

- than where we were shooting.
- A different state.

You mean that wasn't
right under the building?

- No, not at all.
- Where was this?

- This was on stage 15, I guess.
- Well, how did they do that?

- We have three stages.
- At Warner Bros?

Well, Dick,
normally, the way it works is...

you'll have an exterior shot
and an interior shot.

And the exterior will be so more,
you know, like scenic.

Which normally called INT and EXT,
but as you say, XET.




Oh, wait a minute.
This is the introduction.

- Sloth.
- John Matuszak.

- John Matuszak, rest in peace.
- Rest in peace John Matuszak.

Another one. Jesus, it's terrible.

A great football player
for the Raiders, as well.

Very sad.

A scary movie.

- It was scary.
- Terrified me.

There's a lot of pathos
and pain in this movie.

I was scared every morning
when I came to work.

- So was I.
- You wanna hear something scary?

Listen, listen.

- That's scary.
- That's scary.

That was the set tutor, right?

- Doing those stuff...
- Was that Rhoda Fine?

I think that was Rhoda Fine, yes.

- Oh, that's awful.
- "Do your math!"

- Do it. Do it if you can.
- Do it.

We got the same hairdo too.
The puffy hair there.

Puffy, gray hair.

The only thing that's changed in her
in 16 years is it's gone from gray to blue.


- That's a beautiful shot.
- You remember Jack Tice?

- Yes.
- Jack Tice?

- Definitely.
- Nice Tice.

A wonderful guy.

BROCK: Let's get out of here!

MAMA: Get out of here!

And stay out!

Kids suck.

I swear on my life, they've got it.

An It! A giant It!
They got it chained to the wall!

When it came into the light,
it was all gross and distorted.

- The parts were all mixed around.
- Like your brain?

Say goodbye to your pals.

Hey, look at that.

COMMENTARY: There's a line coming.
- Is this the line?

- Here it is. It's coming, it's coming.
- Everybody quiet.

- Ke's line.
- Ke, you're so beautiful here.

- Best line in the movie.
- What is in the bag?

- That's it.
- Shh.

I'm wondering, what is in the bag?


Thanks for giving it away, man.

What did he say?

"You know, I'm wondering,
what is in the bag?"

Ke, Ke, Ke.
Do that again for us. Come on.

- Say it.
- Ke, do it. Come on.

- It's so awful.
- Come on.

All right, here it is.

You know, I'm wondering,
what is in that bag?

It still sounds the same.
It still sounds exactly the same.

But it's like...
No, it's like two octaves lower.

- Right.
- But he still sounds like Elmer Fudd.

I'm wondering, what's in that bag?

You know, I'm wondering,
what's in the bag?

What's in that bag?

There we go. There we go. There's...

Who's that rascally rabbit?

[IN NORMAL VOICE] There's a line coming up
when I actually referred to Josh...

when we go back inside, by your
real name instead of your character name.

- It's in the movie.
- Still there?

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.

- Where?
- When we get back down the basement.

- Do you remember how cold?
- Yes, I do.

- Oh, it was freezing.
- Really?

I don't remember any of this.

I think I have to go back.
Let's reshoot this.

Aren't we about to?

Yes, it's a possibility.

I just remembered that
in the original script that I read...

I got to kiss Andy
at the end of the movie.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- And, boy, aren't you bummed.
- Didn't we actually shoot that?

- You did.
- You did kiss her.

- You did get to kiss her.
- I can't...

- You did get to kiss her.
- I kissed her in the hall.

But in the original script,
I remember, it was a choice.

An offer on Goonies
or a test on the Explorers.

And the reason I chose it...
I didn't tell anybody.

This is the first time I'm telling anybody,
right here on this DVD whatever.

Was because I was gonna get
to kiss the girl at the end of the movie.

And then nobody told me.

I just, like, read at some point,
halfway through shooting...

that they changed that.

- It was day it was shot.
- Wait.

Wasn't that the day that you came
and said, "I quit! I'm out of here"?

But wait. But wait. Because Kerri's got
a line at the end after she kisses Josh.

"It's even better without braces," right?

No, I kiss him.

That was a new line.
That wasn't in the script I read.

- We scream...
- Here they go. Look at them go.

- Look at this.
- Okay. Yeah.

- That was funny. And then all of sudden...
- I wanna hear the Josh line.

ANDY: Oh, my God.
- It was disgusting.

It jumped out from the bushes.
I swear it almost killed us.

Please? What if we find something?

Martha said it like Rosie Perez.

I'm like, "Oh, my God."

"Oh, my God, I can't even believe it.
Oh, my God."

ANDY: Give them a few minutes.
As long as you stay here with me.

COMMENTARY: Look at this.

- Oh! Whoo!
- Oh.

CHUNK: She's a dame!

COMMENTARY: Where was "Josh"?

- Where do I say "Josh"?
- Yeah.

When we come into the...
It's when the water breaks.

Oh, that's later.

- Excuse me.
- That's later?

- Not the wind, the water.
- The water, all right.

- The pipes, right.
- Yeah, that's...

- No, when...
- Shiny nose.

- Jeff knocks over that thing.
- This is a great shot.

This is, like, a signature shot
from the movie.

It is. This is the photo.

Oh, no, the signature shot is when they're
all downstairs looking up at the Fratellis.

I think this was first day we actually
heard, "Kids, who's your best friend?"

"The lens!"

I think, literally, by month five,
I'm no longer in any of the group shots.

- No, me neither.
- I'd literally given up.

- I remember, "Stay together. Stay together."
- Tell them the stalactite story.

You'll see your face up there.

You see, there's a poster of The Goonies
with everyone hanging off the stalactite...

- Seventy-foot poster in I.A.
- Yeah, huge 70-foot poster...

with everyone sort of in, you know,
increasingly smaller...

as the, you know...

And I'm literally
like a quarter of an inch in size...

hanging off the very bottom.

Well, don't feel bad because you were
holding on to my foot.

That was three-quarters of an inch.

- Oh, I don't remember this.
- Look at this.

Listen. If you listen really...



That actually happened.

So that's what she was saying
"that's disgusting" about.

That's why she got up.

That scene was supposed to continue.

That was a hard line.

Also, I remember the costume
that I had...

- This is it. Listen, listen.
- Okay, listen. Listen, because I say...

Okay, I don't have
to tell that story, really. It's fine.

- I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay. It's okay.

- Look.
- You go ahead.

- I think I play back.
- Oh, God.

- Oh, Lord.
- Listen. Right here. Listen, listen.

MOUTH: What the hell are you doing?
You're gonna lose your fist!


What am I saying?



Now, that would be a Donner mistake,
wouldn't it?

Now, now, now,
Martha, what was your story?

- Well, that just ruined the film.
- I can't remember.

- It's quite all right.
- I'm sorry.

Come on, Martha. You got to tell us.

- There's another...
- There it goes. There it goes. There it goes.

A clumsy, fat kid
breaking stereotypes with this film.

Every fat-kid part I played in the 80s...

I was wearing and/or Hawaiian shirt
and/or plaid pants.

Now, Donner had the genius
to put them both on me at the same time.


So I really wanna thank Dick for that.

Because that, I felt it in my performance.
I don't know.

- You know, there's... In the scene...
- There's a hole.

See, another one of these weird hints.

Oh, God.

- What kind of hints?
- I don't know. The movie is full of them.

- Wait, there's a great...
- I don't wanna chew any more gum.

Martha, I remember loving your hair.

- Oh, look at that hairdo.
- I loved it.

I like the glasses on you.

Yeah, nobody else did those,
so eventually, I had to lose them.

- Yeah, they just disappeared.
- And I remember I actually have a line.

- "Oh, my God, I've lost my glasses."
- Right.

Yeah, but didn't I step on them? Wasn't
that the bit, that I stepped on them?

You go, "You stepped on my glasses."

- Oh, yeah. I said it really convincingly too.
- You did, you are a great actress.

You lost them
because they didn't like the look of it.

- They don't like the look of the glasses.
- It was a pain in the butt.

I remember, it was like
a four-month decision to decide...

whether I wanted to get rid
of the bandana.

- Right.
- Because it was like...

It was good for my character
and I'd feel naked without it.

What did we wanna do? Read another
Stanislavsky book, make a decision.


DATA: Fifty-dollar bill.

Fifty-dollar bill. Fifty-dollar bill?

Did he say, "Fifty-dollar bill"?

Fifty-dollar bills!

Guys! Hundreds of them!
We have money to save...

COMMENTARY: Fifty-dollar bill.
- Fifty-dollar bill.

Fifty-dollar bill. Fifty-dollar bill.

- Fifty-dollar bill.
- My voice is so high.

BRAND: Quiet!

They're fake. They're bogus.
They're phony.

I knew these people
were from the ozone.

You get 25 years for counterfeiting!

- I recognize these people.
BRAND: Look, it's the Fratellis.

- He was upstairs!
- The guy who tried to sing.

You guys never listen to me.

I said there would be trouble,
but you didn't listen.

COMMENTARY: We're really gonna
watch this whole thing, aren't we?


I got to use the...

- Take it.
- Listen to this. Listen to this.

- This kid's good, man.
- Or is it Steven?

- I know, he skips the truest performance...
- The guy.

I can't remember his name but he's in
like... It's Steven, in every Steven movie.

- You know his name?
- It was Teddy.

- Teddy.
- Yeah, Teddy.

- Teddy Grossman. Oh, my God.
- Yeah, Teddy Grossman.

- He was the dead body.
- Stuntman.

Does anybody remember the fact...

that the original cut of this movie
was like seven hours long.

- With the octopus.
- Exactly, with the octopus and the gorillas.


CHUNK: It's a stiff!



DATA: The door!

There it is. That's the signature photo.

- There it is.
- There you go, baby.

Look at the chin on that kid. My God.

That's the signature shot.

- Look at how much Martha is over acting.
- Okay...


- That shot?
- Yes.

- That's what we're talking about.
- She looks terrible in those glasses.

ALL: Shh!

- Ma, he's eating my pepperoni again.
- You want your pepperoni? Huh?

Let's kill each other over the pepperoni.

COMMENTARY: Watch Anne slap Davi.
She smacks him so hard.

JAKE: You always take his side.

That's right.

COMMENTARY: Dick, because, Dick, you told
her to hit him as hard as she could, right?

DATA: Put him back.

COMMENTARY: Locked in the freezer with...
- Teddy.

Oh, no, they trapped Chunk.

I mean, we trapped Chunk.

The fireplace is the only way out.

- You guys will never get out that way.
- What?

Push in on the kid. Push in on the kid.

I'm the money.

There's the money.

We haven't made fun
of the headband yet.

I think we got to start to tap in on that.

- Did the kids make fun of that headband?
- Acting choice.

It was his "Maniac" vibe.

"Maniac" vibe. My rebellious.


Oregon. Back in the hole.

No, I meant like Flashdance,
Michael Sembello?

[SINGING] He's a maniac, maniac

I asked if I could have water dropped on me
and start doing that jogging thing.

Dick said no.

Ask again.

Ask again. We'll do it now.


- Okay, I have a quick dead-guy story.
- All right.

When we were doing some of the takes
with the dead guys like this.

- Yeah.
- Dick said, you know, we'd improvise.

"Smack him on the face, kid.
Make sure he's dead."

So we smack him and smack him.

And after eight takes
with smacking Teddy on the face...

he finally, the dead body yelled "Cut,
the kid's beating the crap out of me."

I don't if we can get that on the DVD,
but I think that would be pretty good.

Chunk was always a brute.
He was always a brute.

The big things after this movie
was Sloth was scary...

and, boy, that Chunk kid
was kind of a brute.

MAMA: Someone's been here.
The cooler's broken.

More slapping. Here we go. Watch this.

"Somebody's been here.
The cooler's broken."


JAKE: I'll go check the brother.

If he broke his chains, I'm not
getting any more from the zoo.

COMMENTARY: She was tough lady.
- She was.

I wouldn't have wanted
to meet her in a dark alley.

What was that stuff that they used
to make the sets all smokey?

- They still use it.
- They did.

- It's still in my sinuses.
- Right.

I'm working on a movie right now
and they started spraying it...

the first day of work,
and I flashed right back to Goonies.

- It brings me back to it.
- I think it's a carcinogen.

- They actually burned tires on the set.
- Right.

CHUNK: Don't worry, I can do it.

I wish I could remember this movie again.


BRAND: Watch it... Oh, the window.
MIKEY: Go out the window.

Does he get out? Does he get away?

I don't know.

- We'll find out in a minute.
- It's great.

It's just amazing though how everything
really seemed to work out for those kids.

Because they were us.

- So he does get away.
- He got away.

I did all my own stunts, thank you.

- What?
- I don't remember.

Now, the caves were great
for about an hour.

Oh, here's the glasses moment.

- The glasses moment.
- The genius glasses moment.

STEF: You broke my glasses!

COMMENTARY: Look at that.
Isn't that a genius line-reading?

- And I love the echo that they put on it.
- Yeah, yeah.

How can you see through the movie
if you'd broken your glasses?

Because I'm not a very good actress,
that's why.


- I'm sorry.
- Weren't you a bit bumping into things...?

This one right here.

It wasn't really about characters
on this job.

Now, Ke, what was
your motivation here, buddy?

What were you thinking?

- Group shot, where are the girls?
- Yeah.

What was that?

DATA: The only problem is
the batteries don't last so long.

There's a light up ahead. Maybe we
can get out that way.

I love how Data always...

refers to himself
in the third person.

- It's so narcissistic, isn't it?
- I know.

Uses the royal we.

CHUNK: I hate nature.

COMMENTARY: "I hate nature."

When he grows up,
he's gonna be one of those guys going like:

"Hey, baby, you like Data, don't you?"

Data is good.

Look, mister, I need a ride.

COMMENTARY: All right, now, there
will be some Hebrew coming up here.

I know. I know. That Hebrew...

- Yeah.
- What?

That... There will be some...
No Buddhist chanting, just...

Wait, wait. Check this out.
Check this out. Look at this.

Great shot, Dick, great shot.

Five years of Hebrew school
put to good use on film.

Guys, it's baruch atah Adonai.
Can we all get another...?

Great stuff. It scared the crap out of me
when I was a kid.

The first time I saw this movie,
I was like, "Wow."

You know,
when he runs into the Fratelli brothers.

Because you think he's getting away, right?
You think he's getting away.

And we never read the script.

So we didn't know
what was gonna happen next.

There's Teddy.

JAKE: What the hell? He's only a kid.
Can't you handle a kid, even?

COMMENTARY: Hey, guys, hey,
guys, big eyes, big mouth.

This must be really hard on children.

Here's where I indicate
that I can't see anything.

- See, look at that.
- But I actually can.

MOUTH: Gas pipes.

Drainage. Maybe... Wait a minute.
Shut up for a minute!

COMMENTARY: This is one of the few shots
that Spielberg directed in the film.

No, he did a couple.
I don't know what this one was.

Well, I remember this one.

He did something
at the wishing well with you.

- Yeah, the wishing well and then...
- Well...

- No, you did the wishing well.
- I remember this...

- He did it first, Steven redid it.
- Dick?

- What?
- This was the first time he did a shot...

with just me, when the water breaks.

- He did... This is how he got my reaction.
- How?

Because I was asking him
the whole time to meet Michael Jackson.

And we kept saying,
"When is Michael coming to the set?"

And right before he did this shot,
he said, "Okay, Corey..."

I want you to look surprised,
I want you to look scared.

"And by the way, I just talked to Michael
and he's on his way down here."

And that's how he got
that reaction shot at me...

when I turned on the camera
and go, "Reverse pressure!"

- Kind of historic.
- There are things that I see myself there...

- but I don't remember at all.
- There goes the thing through the thing.

I had to actually
put the bubbles on that guy too.

- I had to...
- Okay.

Soap him up there.

Oh, here comes Steve Antin's
red jumpsuit and red underpants...

which you can see
when he flies up...

- from the water.
- I never noticed the red underpants.

Well, I mean, it was so obvious.

I mean, the guy was sitting there
with his red leotard on.

Watch, you'll see.

- This made me cry, this part.
- There's a lot of nostrils in this movie.

That's the shot right there.
That's the shot.

There are the red underpants.

- Red underpants!
- Red underpants.

TROY: Daddy!

- Let's...
- Get out of...

- Here!
- Like now!

That was such a Scooby-Doo moment:

"Let's get out of here, like, now."

The whole thing is very Scooby-Doo,
isn't it?

- We should have it...
- It's very Dante's Inferno too.

There goes Mouth
in front of spewing water again.

He just loves to stand in front
of spewing water.

What can I say?
I just love things shooting up at my face.

- Oh, this is a great scene. Look.
- This is great. This is great.

Then the plump little hands.

Then the fleshy arms.


Now, tell me where your friends are.

In the fireplace.

Don't lie to me!

Honestly. We found a map
over at Mikey's dad's place...

that said there was
buried treasure under here.

Don't give us none of your
bullshit stories, huh?

Hey, kid. Spill your guts.
Tell us everything.



Everything. Okay, I'll talk.

In 3rd grade,
I cheated on my history exam.

In 4th grade, I stole my uncle's
toupee and glued it on my face...

when I played Moses
in my Hebrew school play.

In 5th grade, I knocked my sister Edie
down the stairs...

I really have a sister named Edie...

and an uncle Max in those lines.

- So that was my plug to them.
- You were telling me.

I remember back then where you told me
you actually thought of your mother, right?

- I thought of my mother dying.
- That's right.

- That's right.
- Dick really helped me get into it.

- I was really crying.
- It was nice.

- Think of your mother dying.
- By letting Robert pull your hair.

It ruined your life.

- Your sister, Edie, is a playwright.
- A writer.

And is acting in it
and has gotten incredible reviews.

- Very successful. A playwright, Edie Faye.
- This is my big dramatic moment.

- This is your big dramatic moment?
- This is my big dramatic moment.

I got made fun of for this for 15 years.

ANDY: Look at my body.
Don't I have a beautiful body?

COMMENTARY: That one. That was the line.
- You have a great body.

You were worked up
when you were doing that.

Fifteen years, people are like,
"Don't I have a beautiful body?"

Oh, my God.

- That was the DP.
- Here we go, here we go.

To a summer camp for fat kids.

Real tears, ladies and gentleman.

But actually, they truthfully did send me
to a fat farm when I was a kid.

I did not get kicked out.

Another kid at the fat farm
actually did get kicked out.

Because we went on
an excursion from the fat farm.

I swear to God, and then kid ate some chips
and they kicked her out of the thing.

All right, this is a little bit
too much information.

There you have it.

People are buying this DVD.
They got to get the scoop.

There was this fat kid in the fat farm.

- It wasn't me. It wasn't me.
- I know it's been 16 years, but still.

It was not me, thank you.

I felt like Indiana Jones
when we filmed this.

So did I.

- Ke, did it feel like Indiana Jones to you?
- Yeah, what about you?

- We're both channeling Harrison Ford.
- That's right.

- Well, I was actually...
- You're crying in this scene.

- Harrison never cried in the movie.
- The bandana.

No, I was actually doing
the female lead part.

- Oh, Karen Allen.
- I was Karen Allen.


STEF: Don't worry about it. Calm down.
- You sure?

COMMENTARY: This is our love scene.
- And Ke was being Ke.


Now I know who Chester Copperpot is
because I had to see his dead body there.

I finally understood what was going on.

- We shot this in order, didn't we?
- Yup.

- Yup.
- Yup, pretty much so.

- Now, Dick, did you did that intentionally?
- No.

- A lot of it.
- A lot of it, yeah.

- We had four stages going.
- This stuff underground was...

All the stuff underground
was all in order.

Yeah, yeah.

Sure, I guess we did shoot it in order
because we did the end...

where we were looking out
at the ship at the end of the movie.

How long did this take to shoot?
Six months?

- Yeah.
- Six months.

- Five months.
- Five months?

- Five months.
- Five months.

It was originally slated
for an 18-day shoot.

- Yeah, right.
- I think Ke and I wrote this joke.

- Another joke.
- The booby traps jump.

- The booby traps.
- Ke and I wrote it.

Yeah, that was all you guys.

- Yeah.
- Quiet. Shh!

I remember on my birthday...

the Warner Bros. Store...

you know, they had all like, you know,
CDs and Gloria Vanderbilt perfume.

And I turned 14 and Corey gave me
a nice thing of Gloria Vanderbilt perfume.

- Aw.
- Very nice.

- Corey, good boy.
- Yeah, very, very nice.

- Good boy.
- Unbeknownst to everybody until now.

- Yeah.
- No, I showed you all.

They actually gave it to me
at a discount rate, so...

Yeah, we all got that discount.

- Discount?
- That hand is not my hand.

It's a female stunt double.

- You can tell by the nail polish.
- I can tell because it's...

- Doesn't have the Indiana Jones look.
- Another Rube Goldberg.

This was on Leno. I got to go and Leno
and they showed this... Yeah.

- I was supposed to that.
- I wished you would have.

No, it was you and Martha,
I believe, right?

No, I was sitting next
to C. Everett Koop and Geena Davis.

- Maybe everybody did it separately?
- Leno wasn't on yet, was he?

- He was guesting.
- Yeah.

I was supposed to do it with Carson, and I
couldn't do it. I was doing Stand By Me.

I was really pissed off, I wanted to do...

You got the good end of the deal.
You're brilliant in that movie.

You there in that scene, Ke,
why did you say, "Holy S-H-I-T"?

Because you know why? My mom
would never let me curse as a kid.

- Wait, wait.
- Wait, wait. Hear this.

You see, when I was a kid,
my mom would never let me curse.

So she says, "Even if you do a movie
or any time, you cannot curse."

So that's why.
I wanted to say, "Holy," you know...

- S-H-I-T.
- Yeah, holy shit.

Then I thought of a way...

I said, "You know what, I can say it,
but without saying..."

I can spell it out,
so that's how I got that word out.

- And what did you do?
- I said, "Holy S-H-I-T."


Not even saying, "Holy shit."

That's a great story.

ANDY: Maybe it's a way out.
- Or the Fratellis.

- Or Chunk got the police.
- Or one of Willy's booby traps.

COMMENTARY: How heavy was that really?
- Oh, boy.

- Four ounces.
- Watch it sort of wobble and wiggle.

- It's huge four ounces.
- It was nowhere near as heavy as...

the weight he was lifting it
at the beginning of the movie.

Now, what were things flying out

- Not real bats.
- No, they were like papier-mâché.

They were papier-mâché for bats, yeah.

- Birds.
- They put in tubes.

No, but do you remember?
We also had the mechanical ones.

- Right here.
- We had birds.

- Right.
- We had the mechanical ones right there.

- Yeah, that's the mechanical.
- Yeah, yeah.

This part was scary for real.

- When we were doing it.
- "Rabies" is a great line.

Didn't we have real bats
on the set at one point?

- They were gonna use them.
- Blackbirds.

- Right.
- Oh, here we go.

CHUNK: But the worst thing I ever done,
I mixed up fake puke at home...

COMMENTARY: Now, this is not a real story.
- I wanna hear the laughing.

I wanna hear Donner.

- He's so funny.
- It's a great story.

Now, this is not based on a real story.

This actually didn't happen.


And he just keeps going.

And then I dumped it over the side...

on all the people
in the audience. Then...

COMMENTARY: Get it out, get it out.
- Get it out.

That was stuttering in character,
I think.

We shot this all day.
It took all day, didn't it?

I'm beginning to like him, Ma.

Now, I was actually afraid...

when they were
putting my hand close to the blender.

They really had the blender on.

No, they didn't make me sign a waiver...

but they put in a rubber blade,
and a stunt guy showed me.

He put his hand close to it, but it
still freaked me out. I was so afraid.

- I'm sure.
- I would be.

There are more bow ties. Watch out.

Spielberg said,
"Hey, Henry Thomas did it."

Joey, of course, has to do his wig gag.

The wig gag. It happens once a movie.

Right. It really does.

More nostrils. Check out the
nostrils on that kid. Come on.


I wasn't able to catch
the Donner laughing.

- Didn't you eat in that scene?
- I didn't either.

No, no. It's the one after.
It's the one after.

- Was it the ice cream?
- Right.

I ate everything in this movie. Ice cream,
whipped cream, Baby Ruth, everything.

MIKEY: You might wanna hold my hand.
- Thank you.

- Oh, wow!
- Oh, neat!

- That's beautiful.
- Guys, look!

It's a beautiful waterfall!

COMMENTARY: Here it is.
- Oh, my God.

The big scene. Everybody loves this one.

We loved getting wet
and staying wet for five straight months.

Hey, but didn't we love that sheet water?
That was like the coolest waterfall.

- It was.
- You stick head through it, don't you?

Oh, because I kept playing with it.
I remember, I love this.

I was like,
"Let me stick my head under it.

Let me put my hand through it."

It felt like a sheet of glass.
It was the smoothest water you'd ever feel.

Wow, it's a giant piggy bank!

COMMENTARY: Giant piggy bank.
- Giant piggy bank.


before they lost their innocence.

Whose hands?


- I think we were all in the... Yeah.
- Rhoda Fine.

We were all in the school trailer
for that one.

Oh, there I am pretending
to not be able to see.

- Oh, very good, Martha. Very good.
- That's pretty good.

- That's pretty good.
- Look at that.

Oh, that was my line.

I mean, he played Kennedy once.

COMMENTARY: Angry, angry kids.

So angry, oh, the fighting.

Actually, what people don't realize
is that, at one point, actually...

Corey came to me
in the school trailer...

and I turned to him and I said, "What?"

And he said, "What?"

And proceeded to copy
everything I said...

for half an hour
until I became so enraged...

that I jumped on top of him
and grabbed his head...

and started smashing it
against the floor.

Meanwhile, he laid there
laughing maniacally...

the entire time
making you even more infuriated...

with Rhoda Fine
standing over us, going:

"You kids, stop it. Don't fight!"

"This is my wish, my dream."

- The acting.
- Yeah, dub it, no, dub it.

I was trying.

"Back. I'm taking them all back."


My goodness gracious.

- You know what?
- Oh, that's hilarious.

You don't know how many times
I've been asked to do that by like...

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Where's Sean?

He got captured by One-Eyed Willy.

- He's gone?
- He's gone.


JAKE: You dropped something.
MAMA: What's that?

COMMENTARY: Oh, here we go.

- Head gag.
- Sean said he didn't like this movie much.

"I'm out of here.
I realize now this movie is..."

Jake, look at the date on it.

This is authentic.

COMMENTARY: "This is authentic."

Everybody seems to be
from New York here.


Oh, there you're eating.

Oh, there you are.

The fat kid eating, breaking...

I saw him.
I saw him about five years later...

and he was the most fit
I've ever seen anybody.

- Yeah?
- He was.

- You're playing football, you were...
- He was a total rebellion to me.

Hey, where are these two guys now?

He was anti-Chunk.

- Yes. I became a athlete.
- You know who that is on the right?

- Who is it? Really?
- That's Frank Wells' son Briant Wells.

Who is the guy in the middle?
You remember?

- And where are they now?
- I don't know.

That's Ralph Fiennes in the back.

It's Ralph Fiennes.

Well, he went on to bigger
and better things, certainly.

He ended up playing Hamlet.

- Well, won a Tony for that, didn't he?
- He sure did.

- And Chewbacca as well.
- That's right.

TROY: Andy!

- I believe some people...
- Wasn't he in one of the Scream movies...

one of the girls?

Was he in the one of the Scream movies
as one of the girls?

I don't know.

I might have been confused.

See, guys? Wishes do come true.

COMMENTARY: Oh, he was so mean.

Oh, he was.

- Here we go.
- Here we go.

- This was all shot, really.
- Yeah.

I remember that took
like an extra three months...

- Yeah, it did.
- Of shoots.

Little... Little give and take
with Joey Pants here.

This is Joey doing the soft,
sensitive scene.

- Look at Jeff, man. He's so good.
- I know, it's...

He said, "What? No. What?"

"Give me a Baby Ruth." "No."

You know, it used to take him five hours
to get into that makeup.

- Do you remember that?
- Yes.

Not only that, but the problem was...

they'd put him in five hours'
worth of makeup...

then the next day
they'd change the makeup.

They'd have to put him
in five hours of different...

He had the remote control in there...

Yeah, they had five different
design concepts for Sloth...

throughout the filming of the picture.

- Yeah.
- And then...

we told you not to get him wet
in the boat scene.

He had just had five hours of makeup,
he got in the water...

and I said, "Don't get him wet."

- Everybody jumped on him.
- You kids jumped on him.

And the makeup just...

And that wonderful guy never got upset
for a minute.

- No.
- He had to start all over again.

- Poor guy.
- Poor Matuszak.

- Awful.
- Yeah, and the...

The lower eye,
in order for him to blink...

it was operated by remote control.
They had to go, "One, two, three, blink"...

- and he'd blink his right eye...
- Right.

Then they'd go with remote control,
blink the left. And move the ears as well.

You're right.

- Hey, John Matuszak is a trooper.
- He really was.

BRAND: Get out! I'm the oldest,
so I call the shots. Andy goes first.

Wait a minute, you guys.

Chester Copperpot.

[YELLS] Chester Copperpot!

Don't you see?


- The voices in...
- Building, it was building.

The voices in his head take over.

- What did you say?
- Chester Copperpot.

- Red rum.
- Red rum.

"This is our time down here."

- "Our place."
- You're right.

- It's their world. They don't care too much.
- They don't care about us.

We're goonies. Goonie goo.

Goonie goo goo.

You know what's funny?

One of my nicknames on the football team
in high school was Goonie Goo Goo.

- Goonie Goo Goo?
- They go, "Goonie Goo Goo."

- That's not funny.
- It was, well...

That's not funny.

- Perhaps not funny...
- Sad.

- Perhaps not funny but true. It's a...
- I would never repeat that twice.

Perhaps "funny" was too strong for it.
I'm sorry there, Corey.

That's the price you pay
for being so good.

- What's that?
- Love this music.

- Scored by...
- Oh, look.

- Dave...
- Grusin.

- Dave Grusin.
- So young, so... Beautiful music.

- "Up there."
- "Up there. They've got to do it."


MIKEY: Up there.

Down here it's our time.

"Our time, down here."

- We reiterate that.
- You get it?

- "Up there. Their time. Down here, our time."
- "Down here it's our time."

It's about hitting the high C.

Daylight saving up there.

You're in Lord of the Rings world.

It's down here.


Okay. They can't use any of this.

Eleven-year-old kids are gonna sit there
just totally confused.

Mommy. Mommy.

- But the big kids are gonna love it.
- They're gonna love it.

- Isn't this the big scream?
- This is the big scream.

Little kids aren't probably gonna...

No, no, no. You got to be quiet for this.
You got to be quiet for this.

TROY: Andy!

You Goonie!

Spread it around.

I would hate to be called that.

SLOTH: Chocolate.

COMMENTARY: Chocolate.

- There's a blink coming, I think.
- We got a blink coming?

I like the ear.

- There we go.
- The ear's so cute.

Hard to do.

Baby Ruth.

And it was actually great.

Baby Ruth gave me
an entire gross of Baby Ruth.


You know, and I actually ate
all eight thousand of them.


That was a good throw,
by the way, Jeff.

I see how you ended up
in football later.

I do all my own stunts.


That's a great scene.

CHUNK: Oh, I'm sorry!

COMMENTARY: Give it to him.


- I always was so disturbed by this.
- Yeah?

This part was fun
because we had no idea...

what was going on with Jeff's story
and we didn't know this...

until we watched the movie
when we finally saw it.

We had no idea what he was doing.

- What do I say in this line?
- We didn't bother reading a script.

- I didn't.
- What do I say?

I said, "Even hungrier than I am."

Everyone thinks I said,
"You're even uglier than I am."

- It's actually, "Hungrier than I am."
- No, hungrier.

I never thought that.

- Some did.
- When they gave us the script...

wasn't it on a scene-by-scene basis?

- Very often it was rewritten like that.
- We rewrote it every night.

Well, yeah.
The original script that we got...

which I would I love to see,
had nothing to do with...

- Nothing to do with the movie.
- No, no.

The original movie
was called Octopus.


- Octopi.
- Octopi.

- It was about three kids, actually.
- Octopi.

Three kids and their parents
going on a fishing adventure.


- Note the shirt on John...
- Then they turned that into Free Willy.

Yes, it's a Raiders shirt, isn't it?

John has a Raiders shirt...

- because he was...
- John Matuszak is wearing a Raiders shirt.

He was a great defensive lineman
for the Raiders.

- That's right.
- One of the best.

Now, he's sharing the Baby Ruth.

Now, you'll see, when he picks me up...

our friend, Richard Donner,
after we share, he picks me up, he screams.

He said, "Hey, kid. We're gonna cut right
before Matuszak picks you up..."

because he's got a bad back
from football."

So I was like, "Okay,"
we're supposed to cut.

But they actually didn't cut...

and my reaction here
was the real reaction...

because Matuszak just picked me up,
just like that, he was that strong.

Right here. I thought they were
gonna cut but he didn't.

That's him.

Scared me half to death.

Were you reacting
to his breath there or what?

Get me away from him.

Kissing a guy...

Yeah, you were reacting to his breath.

People think, "You smell like fish heads."
"You smell like phys. Ed."

That's what I said.
I was so in the moment.

I always thought it was fish heads.

- No, it's actually phys. Ed.
- Phys. Ed.

- That wasn't in the script?
- I don't know.

- Yes.
- It was?

MOUTH: "Triple stones."

COMMENTARY: What about triple stone,
this must be copper bone?

What the hell does that mean?

Oh, sure, okay. Of course.

MIKEY: Wow, look at that.

I know. It's just, you know...

- Who was he talking to?
- I know.

"We got you little..."
"We got you now, little voices in my head."

- Okay.
- I'll make you shut up.

The kid's going psycho,
he's got a bunch of other kids...

held hostage under
a damned field somewhere.

That's right.

"Huh, turn right?

Kill them?"

"Kill them all? Okay."

MIKEY: Counterclockwise.

DATA: Try it, Mikey. Try it. Yeah, yeah!
- Ah!

COMMENTARY: I love this bit.
- It's so much fun.

Here's the rolling thing.

STEF: What the hell is that?

COMMENTARY: Spielberg spent a lot of time
on this bit too, didn't he?

- I ad libbed that.
- Yeah, you ad libbed that sigh.

- That's good.
- You just wanna note that.

MIKEY: It's one of Willy's tricks.
Get out of the way!

COMMENTARY: There it is.


- Quick, get the teeth thing.
- Jaws of life. Jaws of life.

- Holy cow.
- Watch it, watch it.

It's a little short down there.

That thing, that was real.

- Yeah, that was all real.
- The whole thing was real.

- It was about 150-foot drop.
- It was.

This is the big who-could-cry-the-most

It's amazing how strong
those jaw-clencher teeth are.

There's not one gag in this whole movie.
It's all real.

It's all real.

That's what
we really want the kids to know...

that are watching this,
is that, this is not special effects...

- like these days.
- That's right.

These days, movies are all cush.

- Back then, we actually had...
- We had to do all the stuff.

- Fall down. Right.
- We had to think the stuff out.

You know?

- Paul Tuerpe.
- Yeah.

- Paul Tuerpe.
- Very talented actor, Paul Tuerpe.

CHUNK: Sheriff, look, this time
I'm telling you the truth.

I'm locked inside the Fratellis'
basement with this guy.


COMMENTARY: One of the classic lines
in the American cinema.

I can't believe you guys were...

Took over the Sizzler steak houses?

I'm gonna have to spend...

a lot more time with this movie.

SHERIFF: Like the prank about creatures
that multiply...

Gremlins reference, thank you very much.

Thank you.

An allusion to Gremlins
because the writer of Goonies...

was also the writer of Gremlins.
Right, it was Chris Columbus.

And I played Pete in Gremlins.

CHUNK: No, I'll show you!
Don't go down there!

It's all dark down there, Sloth.

It's your echo, Sloth. Echo.

I got to go to the bathroom.

Pee break. Who's got to go?

- Me.
- Me.

This I don't remember at all.

- I don't remember how we got Chunk...
- Yeah, I don't either.

Back with the crowd.

Is he with us?

- No.
- Doesn't show up till the boat, I think.

- Yeah.
- He's with Sloth the whole time.

Men's room.

- Was this in the...
- This is the kissing scene.

Yeah, this is...
This is where Sean got to mack on you.

This was my... I had to counseling
after this because I was 18, he was 14.

I thought... I was so upset.

- Did you really go to counseling?
- No. But I did...

I was very upset.


- That's so good.
- Uh-oh.

Here we go.

Andy, this is not the time nor the place.

Rational Stef. Stef is so rational,
isn't she?

- That is not PG material.
- What is he doing?

I've never seen that
in a kid's movie before, actually.

That was very bold of you there.

Why don't we have them urinating?

- There goes seven minutes.
- It was almost European.

- That's a serious kiss.
- See.

I don't know what he was
whining about before.

He was complaining,
"My kiss got cut out in the movie."

A little mischievous, "Heh-heh."

- That's right, kiss him.
- I like to watch.


She was actually thinking, "I get to kiss
Corey at the end of the movie so..."

Yeah, I was really excited about that...

especially after you were copying me
for four hours.

And look, Brand's still urinating.

ANDY: There's something weird.

COMMENTARY: This is... Just keep talking,
you guys. Talk, talk, talk.


- That's a good fake laugh here.
- That was a good laugh.

- That was a good laugh.
- A real chuckle.

Every time I've watched this movie, "Man,
she must have really been busting up."

She did.

It's a whole different experience.

"It's a whole different experience."

What an Ethel Mertz moment.

"It was a whole different experience!"

You know when you get the little
green thing hanging out your nose...?

I think Stef literally was from Brooklyn.


JAKE: You all right?

COMMENTARY: Did Harrison Ford ever
get mad that we used his hat?

That's what I wanna know.
Was he upset about that?

That was the actual hat
from Indiana Jones, wasn't it?

I don't know. I don't remember.

I don't think so.

Dick would know.

Kerri. Shooting Josh the look. Hey.

What, are you crazy? They're here!

COMMENTARY: You little slut.

- That was...
- God, we were good.


JAKE: Quiet. Right down there.

"They're right up there."

Come on, right through here!

Let's go, follow me. Data, come on,
don't fall behind. Let's go!

BRAND: Come on!

JAKE: Watch your step, Ma.
MAMA: Watch your own.

Oh, God.


Oh, here comes the crotch scene.

God, man, I remember this so well.

Now, you cut a bunch
of this stuff too, right?

Because there was a whole other part
of this scene, wasn't there?

Didn't he have, like, exploding things
going off on that bridge?

- That's not us, it is?
- All of this was actually on a set.

- Everything was on the set.
- Amazing sets.

- Those sets were unbelievable.
- Yeah.

How many were there?
Three different stages?

- Four. Four different stages.
- Four stages.

Sixteen, 15, 19, and 19A.

Not 20?

I remember 19 and 19A.

I thought 20 was the one
where the ship was.

- No, that was 16.
- Isn't that like the biggest stage there is?

- That's the hugest, yeah.
- The Ghost Busters stage.

Sorry, guys.

There was a lot of,
"Come on, lets go."

We just wanna get out of here.

Stop or I'm gonna shoot!

COMMENTARY: You know, we actually
spent a year and a half looping this movie.

- It's true.
- Yeah, it's true.

We spent more time in the ADR. Stage
than we did filming it.

- That's right.
- Six full weeks, wasn't it? ADR?

- Was it really?
- Yeah.

- I miss that.
- It was a great gig, man, you know.

As an actor, you were like,
"Just keep sending those paychecks in.

That's all right."


- "Go!"
- "Come on, you guys."


- "Let's go!"
- "Let's go!"

- There goes the crotch.
- That's a great stunt.

- Yeah, it was.
- Joey really did it.

- Joey Pants did that himself.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- People don't know that.

And that's why he's still in the Sopranos.
He's got the high-voice thing going for him.

- Oh, hey.
- Hey, guys.

Oh, here comes the scary piano scene.

I love how I'm just announcing
all of these scenes.

Say, I have my...

- I can barely remember.
- The scary piano.

- The scary piano.
- Oh, here's where we...

- This is where...
- She plays the piano when the thing's fall.

And then it's so scary.

Oh, my gosh, I...
Yeah, that was a long time ago.

See, I think this was actually...

the predecessor, right here,
to my musical career.

- Mine too.
- Playing bad notes and being tortured for it.

There's the huge zit.
Huge zit, middle forehead. Check it out.

- I see that.
- Huge zit, middle forehead.

- Thanks for pointing that out to us.
- What happened, Martha?

I got one too,
look at the side of my nose.

Side of my nose.

That was a very famous zit of mine.
It came back in three movies.

- Zit scenes.
- Three different movies.

Everybody was sick at this point.

Yeah, because we'd been wet
for like weeks.

And you were in a very bad mood
this day, Josh. I remember.

- Was I?
- I seem to recall the entire Jackson family...

- being there for this scene.
- They were always there.


That's true.
I remember them walking up the stairs.

- That's right.
- This was up on a very high platform...

so that we were able to drop
from the floor.

- Do you see that smoke?
- Remember when we went to the concert...

- the Jackson Five concert?
- The Victory Tour.

- The Victory Tour.
- At Dodger Stadium.

The day they presented us
with those jackets.

Remember, before we went to the show,
they brought us this big box.

- Oh, that's right.
- Jackets.

Speaking of Michael Jackson...

I have a Corey Feldman/Michael Jackson
story that I would like to share.

- Okay.
- We don't wanna talk about that.

Oh, no, not that.
No, no, no. Not that one.

We tried very hard
to keep that out of the press.

So, for some reason,
Michael Jackson gave Corey his glasses.

And Corey, like, held these glasses
like they were the hammer of Thor.

Like they had a magic power
and the heavens could open up.

They did have a magic power.

- But you ended up like doing his whole...
- You had the gloves and everything.

Yeah, you could do his whole dance
and you had his thing, and...

- Right.
- Do you still do that?

- You stopped that.
- No, not anymore.

I've moved on to Britney Spears now.


You did it on the Academy Awards.

- I did. I did.
- I remember.

- That was the biggest mistake of my career.
- During the young Hollywood number.

- We don't wanna talk about that.
- Look at us now.

We're coming up,
our careers are almost over.


STEF: What were you thinking?
- I hit the wrong note.

- I'm not Liberace, you know.
BRAND: Listen, you're doing fine.

Andy, I believe in you.
Goonies always make mistakes.

Just don't make any more. Come on.

Where was I?

A, A flat. MOUTH: Play it!


Now, this scene was really scary for me.

This was actually one
of my scariest moments as an actor...

because, you remember, guys,
that they would drop the floor out...

- and then put all the cameras underneath.
- That's right.

So it was like 40 feet up in the air
and I'm on this little, tiny cable...

and they said, "Just throw yourself out
from under your feet."

So I'm this kid who's afraid of heights
and I'd actually threw myself back...

- Whoa, see?
- Yeah, we were all cabled in.

It was a big drop, though.
It was about a 30-foot drop.

- It was huge.
- That's real. That's not fake.

Yeah, we had those little, tiny cables...

Would you believe 10 feet?


- Well, to you guys, it was...
- Yeah, I know.

We were a lot shorter then, yeah.

- You still are. Oh, this crowd.
- Emotionally.

- I was actually...
- I know. I was taller than the boys.

I was auditioning for Webster after this.

It didn't work out.

STEF: Oh, my God!

MIKEY: Let's go, you guys!

COMMENTARY: I must have taken
the Lord's name in vain...

about 5 million times
during the filming of this movie.

Give me the gun. Give me the gun!

ANDY: Let's go!

- Brand, wait!
- What?

- What are you doing?
- The map!

BRAND: Let's get out of here!

Damn it!

COMMENTARY: Oh, here comes the slide.
- Everybody wants to know.

What was it like doing that slide?

Oh, that was great. Let me tell you.

The slide was the best part
of this whole damn movie.

We have no idea how great then.
We used to wonder after we wrap.

- Did you?
- Really?

- You guys suck!
- Turn the pumps on.

- Turn the pumps on.
- Really, you did really ride this?

Oh, it was great.

- And that's not me.
- Do you remember...

seeing the boat
for the first time?

- No.
- And only...

I think like only two or three of us
actually got to go out the shoot.

We did right here.
We got to go out the small ones.

We couldn't go out the top one,
but we could go out those.

- Who did it?
- I remember going out of the shoot.

- Did you?
- Yeah.

We never were allowed
to see boat until this moment.

And then we all popped up
and didn't we all say curse words?

- You all had to face that direction.
- We all said, "Holy..."

I wouldn't let you look and now...

- I let you turn around.
- Dick, I have something to tell you.

His look. You cheated.

- We all, at different times...
- I didn't.

- I did not.
- I swear I did not.

- Aside from the girls...
- You guys...

That's how good actors we were.

- Me and Sean, I know.
- Don't tell me.

- What about you?
- No, I haven't seen it.

- You're a liar.
- That's not true.

- That was the first time I saw it.
- Had you seen it?

The first time I saw it.

- Because you know why...
- It was only you, Corey.

What happened was
the stage door was open.

- No, but we had blacks in front of it.
- Big black material there.

I'm telling you,
one day the stage door was open...

and they didn't have it covered,
and I walked by...

and I went,
"I'm not supposed to see this."

No, you did not.

- You snuck in there.
- It's the true story.

- Look at that.
- I remembered Pee-wee's Big Adventure...

- was shooting in the next lot.
- That's right.

- Their set was also gorgeous.
- Do you remember when I fell off the ship?

- Yes.
- Yes.

When I was walking backwards
and I missed the plank...

and I almost went
into the shallow part?

- No. Oh, yes. Yes, I do.
- That's right.

I wish Sean was here right now because
he can give me backup on that story.

Sure, I'll bet he could.

- But I acted really good.
- This boat was incredible.

This boat was unbelievable.

We tried to give that boat to anybody...

that would take it
for an amusement park...

- And nowadays, they'd do in a second.
- Yeah. It's a shame.

What happened? Did it get scrapped?

They were gonna give it
to Magic Mountain.

- Josh.
- Yes, sir.

Did you see...?
Did you see the boat before the day?

- No. They wouldn't let me.
- Be honest.

I tried, I swear to God. They wouldn't.

When they backed us into the boat
that day...

- So me and Sean...
- We went underwater...

- and we had turned around the first time.
- He told me just today.

No, he didn't.

- What, that he saw it before?
- Yeah.

- No.
- Did he ever tell you that?

No, he didn't. No.

I can't believe...

Oh, man.

I just can't believe
that boat just got scrapped.

That's a shame, man.

Probably the best set ever built.

Yeah, right.

- One of them.
- It's true. And who did that?

Michael J. Riva.

- J. Michael Riva.
- J. Michael Riva.

J. Michael Riva.

That's right.

Well, the thing that
was amazing about this set...

which a lot of people don't realize
is in most movies sets...

like, if you build a boat
and you got the boat set...

- then you've got the actual sets.
- Miniatures.

Right. But this was all one big...
I mean, it had three levels.

- It had the levels and everything.
- Oh, yeah.

Oh, see, I thought it was
miniatures the whole time.


- That we were in, yeah.
- Good.

But I remember, did any of it fly?
None of it. None of it moved.

You couldn't fly out
any of the walls or something.

I just missed the introduction
of the ship, right?

- We had to shoot it as it was.
- Yeah.

The slide, remember the slide?
Did you guys already talk about that?

- Yes.
- I went to go pee.

- You went number one.
- I went number one.


Oh, and then it was my birthday
and, remember, you yelled at me:

"Where's the girl, where's the girl? Get the
girl over here, get the girl over here."

Then all of you pushed me to the edge
of the boat, looked over...

and there's, like, everyone
saying, "Happy birthday."

- Aw.
- That was great.

MOUTH: Translate nothing. It's a sketch
of the cannonball chamber.

Where's the gold?!

Where's the gold, Mikey?!

Nice jowls I've got in that shot.

I was really mad at Sean that day
so I was actually very...

I think, at this point,
none of us could stand each other...

- You were mad at each other all the time.
- Even five seconds.

In Astoria, we all were
getting along pretty well...

but I think once we get back...

This is month five, and the magic had...

- Dissipated?
- By the fifth month, it was like:

- "Well, what did you audition for?"
- Yeah.

Well, great.

I might do Joe Dante's next one.

Really? I'm doing Rudy.

I'm doing Gremlins 2.

BRAND: What's up there?
MIKEY: It's all right, Brand.

- Just give me a second.
- Okay.

I need a moment alone with the gold.

Just give me a second. Let's go.

Just hold on a second. Wait.

And there he is, One-Eyed Willy.

- Amazing, how...
- Now, do you think as a big brother...

you really would give him a second
at that point in the film?

Well, he doesn't, because we
go up there anyway and say:

"How long have you been here?"

- Give me a second.
- "Long enough to see you're cuckoo."

It's true. "Give me a second,
I need to talk to the voices in my head."

"I need to go play with a dead skeleton."

"One-Eyed Willy, what should I do now?"

Yeah, right.

And was it true that all these skeletons
were flown in from India?

True or false?

- Are you serious?
- I never heard of that rumor.

- No, they were on the set for weeks.
- Yes.

And someone told me
they were real skeletons...

- that they had brought from...
- They were decomposing.

Yeah. They still had skin
on them from India.

- Yeah, it was from India.
- The skin was from India...

- the skeletons weren't.
- Indianapolis. It was a bus wreck.

- That's so gross.
- God.

That's awful.

- We ran out of money at that point.
- No, wait. Let me ask you.

Let me ask you this one. I also heard
a rumor that some of the old coins...

were from the Pirates of Caribbean ride
at Disneyland...

- and they were borrowed for this film.
- No, no. They borrowed them from us.

They wanted the real coins
in their place.

If you can find them at that ride now,
it's worth a fortune.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Are you serious?
- No.

So, actually,
there was no exchange whatsoever.

- One had nothing to do with the other.
- I've literally taken a trip into the past.

It's unbelievable.

- There's little green men in this movie.
- Look at how he's working.

- You guys are missing it.
- Yeah, look. I know.

- He was doing that earlier.
- He's good in this movie.


MIKEY: Hi, guys.

I have One-Eyed Willy in my office.

- Yes, you do.
- Do you?

- Just the head, though, right?
- Yup, just the head.

- And the pirate ship, a massive model.
- The miniature.

Oh, how fantastic.

- Hi, Willy.
- Hi.

How long have you been there?

"Long enough to see you're cuckoo."

"Yeah, long enough."

- We're not vacant in that scene.
- This is how they did our makeup.

They'd put brown stuff
in their hands...

- and go like this.
- There was that thing.

Blow it on our face.

Wasn't it like a filled sock
and they would go:

- Ch-ch-ch-ch.
- Yeah.

I was always avoiding them.

So was she.

Look at me literally
falling asleep in the background.


Got your excited moment of the film...

where you find all the treasure,
and Stef falls asleep.

God, it kills me.

MIKEY: Bye-bye, marbles.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

Hurry up! Those creeps are still after us.

- That's right! What will we do?
- I don't know. Who cares?

COMMENTARY: Hey, I've heard a story
that our good friend, Corey Feldman...

stuck a couple of those gold doubloons
in his pocket there.

- We weren't supposed to take any.
- Not true.

You got caught going out there
with a couple in your pocket.

They may be on eBay right now.

- Just a story, I don't know.
- I've gone through some financial problems.

Gold coins, take them, $100 a piece.
I'll sign the damn thing.

BRAND: Get Data!

MIKEY: It's not funny! She's got a gun!
- Data!

MAMA: Come on, snap to.

COMMENTARY: Yeah, nice
stereotypical chick moment...

with the girls admiring
each others' jewelry.

It's not sexist at all.

Isn't also true, Josh,
that you ended up with that pink bike?

You did take that home, didn't you?

- I'm not saying anything.
- Here we go.

- Whoa.
- Oh, that got to hurt.

- Big eyes, big eyes.
- Big eyes.

Put it away, kid.

They literally are just genius moments...

where you can see me standing in the
background literally sort of nodding off.

Now, there was also the thing here
where he blew up, right?

- You remember that?
- Yeah.

- He blew up into a big balloon.
- That's right, I remember that.

They cut that too.

MAMA: Empty your pockets!

Hurry up, empty your jewels! Come on!

Oh, and coming up here...

we had to get models made of our...
Dummies made of us.

- Remember that?
- That's right, that's right.

For going off the plank.

Doing a little deep sea fishing.

MAMA: Oh, my God.

COMMENTARY: And I really fit all this crap
in my mouth too. That's the funny part.

People would always ask me,
"You didn't do that all in one take."

Yes, I did.

ANDY: You gross old witch.

COMMENTARY: Okay, he pulled my hair.
- He did pull your hair.

- He pulled it bad.
- Did that hurt?

- Yes.
- I remember you crying...

Davi came up to me off camera
and said, "I'm really gonna cut you."


In one of the takes
I missed the plank and went off the side.

Do you remember how frightened
she was about walking up to the plank?

- Anne?
- Yeah.


Whoa. Nice jump.

MAMA: Two down. Who's next?

A little underwater makeout scene.

- Remember that water?
- I waited five months for that.


Wow, very good.

For that.

- Well, you heard it here first.
- Five months for that.

Chunk to the rescue.

If you look at the back,
that's a dummy.

- That's moving at all, that thing.
- Chunk.

- You're about to see two dummies.
- I have that dummy.

- President Chunk!
- I still have that dummy in my house.

- Do you?
- Yes, I do.

- Why didn't we get our dummies?
- We didn't get our dummies.

- I want my dummy!
- Those weren't dummies. Those are all real.

- No, those were dummies.
- No, those were real.

- Nothing is fake in this film.
- Oh, yeah. That's right, I forgot.

They were real, but they were dummies.

They were just idiots, these people.
Why would you do this?

Look at this. That was real.

That was real.

I actually lost my tooth when I did that.
The little knife got caught on the thing.

- Was it a baby tooth?
- Yeah, it's a baby tooth.

That was fake.
That was the only fake part of the movie.

Nice fake punch.

- Look how beautiful that water is.
- So pretty.

- Did you re-digitize this or what?
- No, no, no.

- This is from the original?
- Yeah.

Remember all that dye that was in there
that kept coming out of our noses.

I mean, it was worth
the green snot, wasn't it?

Yeah, yeah.

Remember that?
Did you ever have the green snot...

at the end of the day
when you get done filming?

- No.
- No?

- No, that was just you.
- Oh, come on.

You had some.

I had a 104-degree fever
like the whole time.

- It was because of the green snot.
- It was actually blue.

- Super Sloth.
- Super Sloth.


JAKE: We're in deep shit now.

There is that word again. Deep.

JAKE: Remember we went to the Bronx Zoo?
- Don't start that.

- They wanted to leave you. I said no.
- We never been to the Bronx Zoo!

Remember how they bought Francis
a toupee instead of fixing your teeth?

I'm utterly transfixed.

Do you remember them off the set?

- That was their relationship.
- That was them off the set.

- I don't know if that was a Method thing.
- That was their relationship.

They hated each other.

Davi would let the air
out of Joey's tires.

- Right. It's true.
- It's true.

Everyday it was something else.

Didn't they end up
moving in together after this movie?

I think they did for a couple of years
and then they got divorced.

Here comes
"it's even better without braces."

- We don't bother to untie.
- Right.

ANDY: What happened to your braces?
- I don't wear braces.


SLOTH: Heave-ho!

Goodbye, boys!

So, am I gonna get that $100, Dick?

- For the nails.
- Sorry, what? What?

Am I getting the $100...

- for quitting biting my nails?
- Did you really quit?

Yes. Look at my gorgeous...

- Look at those nice hands.
- Hands.


There you go.

This tells everybody Dick Donner...

- is a man of his word.
- Right on.

If he tells you to stop biting your nails,
it'll make you 100 bucks.

I got six $100 bills here.

- We got a strike coming up.
- The others stop and I see you haven't.

We got a strike coming up.
We need all we can get.

Hey, listen, I'm gonna quit
smoking this year, Dick.

- Hey, Dick.
- I'll see you next year.


I used to sing to you.


When you were a little boy.

COMMENTARY: Oh, she was so cute.
- So sweet.

- What a wonderful lady.
- She really was.

Remember that party they had
at their house one night for all of us?

- Yeah.
- They had us all over for dinner...

- and hors d'oeuvres and stuff.
- Really?

Logan and Anne. They were great.

- I don't think I was invited.
- You got a hair on your face?

Yeah, no.

SLOTH: Fall!

I only dropped you once.


COMMENTARY: Oh, this is tragic.

- This is scene is horrible.
- It really is upsetting.

I mean, it really is, you know,
"I only dropped you once."

- He really threw her too.
- That was a man, baby.

- No, that was dude, yeah.
- No, that was her.


I refuse to believe
that any of this is phony.

It's a man, baby.

JAKE: I got to rot with you through
eternity? I don't wanna rot with you!

COMMENTARY: They never stop, man.
They never stop.

Is this where we weren't supposed
to get his head wet?

No, this was the deal
with the octopus, right?

Yeah, this was in between.

No, the octopus
was on the way to the ship.

- Oh, you're right.
- The octopus was on the way, yeah.

- And those eyes went, toonk, toonk.
- Yeah.

- They were terrible, very mechanical.
- Worst special effects in movie history.

- You just see this arm flap...
- It was very Ed Wood.

It was a perfectly Ed Wood moment.

I don't know if you guys have seen the cut,
but when I take the little Walkman thing...

and I put it up...
It is just ridiculous.

You did what?

You know, like,
you think it's me grabbing your leg?

You're like, "Stop them,"
and you slapped me.

Oh, that's right.

BRAND: Head for the light.

COMMENTARY: Look at that set.
- That's real, right.

It's all real.
There's not a blue screen there.

- Nobody does that today.
- No blue screen.


That's the truth. That's the truth.

Those were the good old days.

- This movie cost more than Waterworld.
- Imagine working on a movie like that.

No, but that's the genius of it,
it cost less than Waterworld.

This was not
a very expensive film, actually.

No, no.

- It was like a couple of big sets and days.
- They didn't spend any on our salaries.

All they spent was $100,000
on the whole production.

I mean, sure, it was only '83 but...

And they paid us in candy.

You know how trailers
is such a big deal now?

- Remember our trailers back then?
- Oh, yeah.

- Like four pieces of cardboard.
- Yeah.

- Honeywagons.
- It wasn't even honeywagons.

- It was like little wood boxes.
- Yeah, yeah, the green ones, right?

Like anybody would put up
with that these days.

- I know, that's what I mean.
- We're giving you what?

- Oh, man.
- Oh, bummer.

- We really screwed that one up.
- Another 30 minutes.

But you know what?
Things always...


Things always work out for the Goonies.

- This was blue screen. Some of this was.
- Yeah, yeah.

They had the little explosion things
in the water.

The explosions and the falling rocks.
The falling rocks were digitized.

- No, they weren't.
- The explosions were real.

- We dropped them in.
- No.

You set explosives under the water
to set off the explosions.

- Who directed this film?
- Those are fake.

The ones falling are fake.

- Little explosions.
- That's digitized.

- Yeah.
- Well, these weren't digitized.

- It was... Yeah.
- Yeah, this was before.

Well, I don't know how the hell they
did it. But the rocks weren't there.

Paints, literally. They painted them in.

- Frame by frame?
- Can you believe this was 1949?

I know.

- Isn't that amazing?
- We all look great.

- We look great.
- We really do.


SLOTH: Chunk!

COMMENTARY: Look at that.
That's kind of a weird thing going on there.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Let's just leave it at that.

Yeah. Let's not talk about it.

- Yup.
- Yup.

- No comment.
- Pretty weird.


Pulling him out of the womb.
Yup, very weird.

This is awful. I mean,
he's being torn away from his only friend.

The pathos, the ethos, man.

Oh, there it goes, it's Rube.

Here comes Rube again.

Oh, there goes the anchor.

There goes the anchor
that looks like a crucifix.

Now, that is definitely blue screen.

- Here's where the rocks stars falling.
- No, that's real. Look.

- Please, it's real.
- That's all real. It's real, okay.

- Here we go.
- This is Bodega Bay right here.

This was Harvey and Dick, right?

- Yeah.
- No, that's the first AD.

- He was the first AD.
- Oh, that's right. That's right.

It's them there Goobers.

"Please, can I be in the movie? Please."

- "Okay, you can ride..."
- "Great, great work. Dick Donner, yes!"

- Yes.
- Dick Donner!

- Here we go.
- Now, this was Bodega Bay.

Now, the cool thing about this scene is we
all got to have our real family members...

- those of us who had guardians.
- That's right.

- We're allowed to have them in the scene.
- And Jenny Lew, my assistant...

- That's right.
- Was your mom.

- Yes, Jenny Lew was my mom, yeah.
- Big producer now.

My mom's in this. She calls it
her debut and her swan song.

- Her swan song.
- My grandmother is in this shot.

- There's my mom.
- Playing my grandmother.

- Oh, there's Rhoda playing my mother.
- There's Rhoda.

- Rhoda and the grandmother.
- There's my mom.

I think they made my mother play
my sister, right?

- Jenny Lew and the...
- That's my mom and my sister, Edie Faye.

- Charlie McDaniel.
- Jeff's mom, Jeff's sister.

Edie Faye, now a very talented,
successful writer.

My grandma, not my dad.
Grandma is still alive.

- Hi, grandma.
- Jack Tice!

- Jack.
- Jack Tice!

- Jack.
- My second cousin.

Poor Keith.

- There's Sean Astin.
- My mom's boyfriend.

There's Sean Astin.

- Do you know how much that cop got paid?
- Jennie Lew Tugend.

He was there for three weeks.

What a horrible trailer on this movie.

ANDY: He's just like his father.


Now, what does that really mean?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- You were speaking Mandarin.
- I was speaking Cantonese.

- That's my native language.
- He didn't understand anything.

- Here's the big romance thing.
- Here's the big romance.

You have no idea
how difficult this was to film.

I hated it, I hated it.

- Absolutely horrifying.
- They had to put me on an apple box...

- because I was actually shorter than her.
- You still are.


That's not true.

- That's true, though. That's true.
- Cute, just beyond.

- It was adorable.
- This is some dialect I don't understand.

I was in agony.

- Sorry, Corey.
- That's okay.

I don't hold it against you
all these years later.

- What does that mean?
- What?

That line. "The parts of you that
don't work so good are gonna catch up."

- You know.
- I love it. Back then, we just said it.

- You know.
- He just figured it out now.

- I don't like the fact...
- You're gonna say this.

- We don't want her thinking about that.
- Yeah.

Don't think about those parts.

Look, what a responsible thing
to say, "Let her mother worry."

Yeah, right.

MIKEY: Oh, who needs it?

COMMENTARY: And then we find out...
- He gave up an addiction.

That was beautiful.

Sean relinquished.

Look at Sloth being helpful
towards Mama Fratelli.

- He's so good.
- Look at that.

- He's a good guy.
- He's so good-hearted.

Check out this plug.
You like that pizza box?

- Nice plug.
- Yeah.

Nice plug with Domino's.

Before this movie, Domino's nothing.
Now it runs the world.

I like to think it's in part because of
me holding the box in front of Sloth.

Jeff Cohen made Domino's Pizza
what it is today.

I should actually own stock in it.

You'll be expecting a check
at any time soon.

CHUNK: Sloth.

COMMENTARY: Hey look. You see,
shooting down or shooting up.

We're not in Bodega Bay. We're in beautiful
Burbank, California right now.

The sky, that's Burbank.

- See that, that's Burbank.
- I recognized that ground.

That's because he couldn't get it right
when we were in northern California.

There's a lot of emotion
in that scene.

Had to really get it just perfect.

And you know, the other shot, where
we all lean in, that big money shot...

where we examine the jewels,
that was also shot in Burbank.

That's right.

- Oh, screw you.
- Oh, yeah. Tell him.

Sheriff, I want you to witness this.

Sorry, Dad.

We had our hands on the future.

But we blew it to save our own lives.

COMMENTARY: Stupid kid.

- Keith Walker.
- Did he really have braces?

- Or did he put them on for the movie?
- No, he really had them.

PERKINS: Walsh...

you're looking at the richest people
in Astoria.

- Jerk.

It's so good-guy-bad-guy, isn't it?

I mean, the audience could literally say,
"Boo, yay. Boo, yay."

They did that when
the movie came out, too, in the theaters.

You'll always be a Goonie.

- Once a Goonie, always a Goonie.
- Always a Goonie.

You're still a Goonie.

I love it they put that in the loop,
sort of, almost.


It's kind of a techno groove
they got going.

MOUTH: No pen. DATA: No pen?

COMMENTARY: Come on, think of it.
Come on. It's a big one.

No permit? What? Oh. Good stuff.

- Now, what was that? What was that?
- You like that?

- One little extra arm.
- Across the chest there.

- I'm gonna write on him.
- Well, you see Bodega Bay...

and we are in...

- Jewels.
- Burbank.

- Warner Bros.
- Back to Burbank.

Where's Dick? Where's Dick?
He's not there.

- He's at lunch with Michael J. Riva.
- Bodega Bay.

- J. Michael Riva.
- J. Michael Riva.

- That's pretty good.
- Cut. Let's try that again.

That's good. That we don't have to leave
the Goon Docks.

- We don't have to leave the Goon Docks.
- All right.

They're gonna live there forever.

Oh, he's gone too.


DATA: The octopus was scary.
- Octopus?

Did you ever see Inside Moves?

- Inside Moves? No, I didn't.
- I loved Inside Moves.

- He was the bartender, Max.
- Really?

By the way, notice how
I'm no longer in the movie.


It's one of those.

You're off holding
the Domino box somewhere.

I'm literally sitting in the background
going, "Whatever."

Holy Mary, Mother of God.

- Look at that.
- Oh, my God.

- Ah.

That's real.

- It is real.
- Okay, so my big question is...

now, the cop sees it...

he doesn't like go and inform
other people like:

- "Hey, there's a boat."
- He did.

The Coast Guard came out
and it was sunk.

And they sunk it.

They went out and sunk it.

Now we finally know what happened.

All these years,
I've been waiting for the answer.

- Blew it up and sunk it.
- It's out there sailing around to this day.

What a beautiful picture that is.

- Isn't it?
- Great stuff, Dick.

That would've been
a great trailer shot, poster shot.

- That would've.
- Bye, Willy.

- So long, Willy.
- And enough of that.

Everybody now.

- Great way to end the movie.
- Nobody can even make a joke at that point.

- We're all...
- I know. We're just cringing.



Good job.

- Killer.
- Jokes aside, that was a fun movie to make.

- Sure was a great movie.
- Curtis Hanson? Played Mr. Perkins?

- Let me tell you something...
- Different Curtis Hanson.

- Brilliant performances by every child.
- Eric Briant Wells.

No, really. We didn't really think of it
in those days because we were just kids.

But, I mean, everybody there was just so
into what they were doing. It was so real.

Except for that one shot
where I'm sleeping.


No, that was one of the real shots.

Yeah, exactly.

What would you be doing after you've been
searching under mines for three days, huh?

- Right.
- Oh, that's the Goonie song, right?

- Oh, right.
- This was the video.

- "Good Enough."
- That's right.

Sean never said what
he wanted to say to Cindy Lauper.

I know. I tried to
get it out of him for 10 minutes.

Come on, say it, say it.

Well, I'll say it for him.

"Hi, I'm Sean Astin, and I would
like to say for Cindy Lauper..."

you've made some great records
throughout the years...

"and I'd like to produce the next one."

Let's watch the credits
and look at all the people...

- Hey, the lead person was Ric McElvin.
- Who do you remember?

That's good.

- Who do you remember?
- Ed Ayer, best boy.

- I remember Bill, the dolly grip.
- Bill Young, yeah. I remember him.

I remember the prop guy.
He's really cool.

- Yeah.
- Erik, yeah, yeah, Erik Nelson.

Remember Gerald?

Remember Jean?

Oh, Ruben, the craft service guy.

- Oh, sure, yeah.
- Jean Austin, Tony Lloyd, remember him?

Betsy Norton, oh, she died too.

- Remember the script supervisor?
- Yeah, sure.


- We lost a lot of people from this movie.
- We sure did.

- Executive Assistant, Jennie Lew.
- Jennie Lew.

Now a big producer,
a great producer.

Those are the credits, all right.
Look at them.

Yeah, there they go.

- Craig Bassett there.
- It was white on black.

- There it is. Look at them.
- Marty Cohen is now head of...

What is it? At Amblin.

DreamWorks, postproduction.

Well, this movie changed my life.
I don't know about anybody else.

- Yes, definitely.
- It changed my life.

- Definitely changed all of our lives.
- Maybe why I quit the business.

What did you after this? What was
the movie that you did? Lethal Weapon?

- Yeah, some small-time thing.
- Some artsy thing you were working on?

Was it Lethal Weapon
after this as a rebound?

- Ladyhawke.
- No, Ladyhawke was before this.

- No, Ladyhawke was before this.
- We went to a screening of Ladyhawke.

Jack and Rhoda.

With Cindy Lauper.

- Mark Marshall.
- Oh, right.

- We did, really?
- Yeah.

Yeah, you screened Ladyhawke
for all of us and were you guys there?

- Yeah.
- I saw it.

You know what's funny
is that none of us were in Lethal Weapon.

Yeah, isn't that...?

- Isn't that just interesting?
- Come on.

- Go figure that one.
- Yeah.

Cannon Beach, Oregon, that's right.

That's like five minutes away from...

- Where's your house?
- Five minutes away from there.

- Your family has a place near the water?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Really?
- Yeah, huge.

Oh, yeah. We were just there.

- Oh, God.
- You know, we're up...

just past it into Washington.

- You're kidding.
- On the San Juan Islands.

We have a house on Orcas Island.

- You're kidding.
- No.

Our family's got another place
on Vashon.

- Sure, I think I'll go...
- With the huckleberries...

Oh, man, it's beautiful.

- "Huckleberry Finn?"
- So everybody who buys this DVD...

- should, you know, come on down.
- Yeah, just go visit.

You know.

"14K," Teena Marie, remember her?

- Marie, yup, yup.
- She got a lot of credit.

- Luther Vandross.
- Luther Vandross.

Joseph Williams.

I ended up hanging out with him.

If anybody who makes it to Lancaster,
I'm doing Selena.

- On Broadway.
- No, not in Broadway.

- In Lancaster.
- 1985.

- Bye, everyone.
- Bye.

- Thanks.
- Goodbye,

- Goodbye, you all.
- Goodbye.

By the way, for anybody
who's wondering...

the story and names and characters
and entities in this...

- Are all real. All real.
- They're all real.

Thank you, gang. You're all wonderful.

Love you all. Thank you.

Thank you, gang.