The Golden Voices (2018) - full transcript


GEORGIA: Whew, my back.

Ain't gonna make it.


Oh Lord.



Phew. Hm.



I guess you're hungry.


You get over to the table,
I'll fix something to eat.



I need to call Sidney.

Yeah, my back is

doing that thing again.






Hey, Sidney.

Hi, Nana.

You still asleep?

What time is it?

It's 8 o'clock.

P.M.?No, at 8 o'clock
in the morning.

Wait Nana, I've got to go,
I'm gonna you back, okay?

Got to get up... oh...

No, wait, don't...


That girl hung up on me.

Sid, Sid, Sidney.

Yeah. [SIGHS] Oh.


VICKIE: Our attendance is
at an all-time low.

If you all
don't do something
to turn it around,

you're going to come one day
and the doors will be locked.

But as usual, God has
granted us a reprieve.

I received a phone call
this morning

from the Golden Voices
competition committee.

This is our year
to host the explosion.

I believe this,
this is the boost we need

to get us
back into prominence.

And to get our attendance up.
Isn't that wonderful?

Sorry I'm late.

My son James
could teach you something
about being on time.

Could you be on time
for at least one meeting?

Young lady, I have worked
at this college over 60 years.

I've been on time
more times
than you can count.

Catch up with me
and then you can gripe.Hmm.

Now, did I miss anything?

Well, I was
just telling the team

that we're hosting
the Golden Voices competition
this year.

And if we win...
No, when we win,

the $10,000 in prize money
will shine a light on the school

and grant us an opportunity
to increase our attendance
by 100%.

Well, that is good news,
but we don't have a choir,

That's why I need you
to do your job.

Get a winning choir together.

Where am I supposed to get
these voices?

Oh, that's not my problem.

What...I want results.

Now, if you can't get it done,
I will find someone who can.


I'll meet with you all
in your offices
a little later.

I'm tired of this.

Okay, I...
I'm sorry I'm late.

You know what?

Just get your stuff and leave.

But I got leads,
and if I could call them...

[SIGHS] I'm sure I can
make something happen.

Hey, Ms. Jackson.

Hey, I got good news
and bad.Good news first, please.

Our school is hosting
the Golden Voice competition
this year.

What's the Golden Voice

That's a good question?

And say, you mean,
you want to be
a member of the choir,

and you never heard of the most
prestigious competition we have?

Well, that's all right.

the Golden Voices competition

goes from college to college
and they give out $10,000.


Yes $5,000 to the school
that's hosting

and $5,000
for the choir that wins.

Uh, what's the bad news?

We don't have a choir.

And we haven't competed
in 10 years.

And, I have to put together
a choir that competes
in two months.

You don't have to
hold up your hand.

No, you don't, we a team.

I can help.
What are the requirements?[LAUGHING]

You the only choir member
we have.

I can do something.

What are the requirements?

I'm not even sure
if I even remember
the requirements.

Let's see.
I know the basic requirement

is we have to have
between eight and 31 members.


And seeing as how
we only have one member,

we don't even meet
the basic requirement.


Hey, let's go eat.

[CHUCKLES] I'm buying.

Whoa, whoa, no, no.
Check, check,
check, check my vocals.

♪ I can eat

♪ Cause I am hungry

Okay, okay.

Come on.[GROANS]


I know, I was
walking fast, huh?

Tell me what's going on?

It's taking us a lot
longer to assess the damage.

Okay.So if you can give me
to the end of the day

I'll have you a timeline
on what's going on.

Okay, all right,
that will work.

Let's go from there,
all right?

All right.

Be calm.



Yeah, Sidney,
I got some bad news.

Your apartment,
the whole thing flooded.

Are you serious?

Yeah. And I can't let you back
in there for a couple of days

because it's too dangerous.

Where am I supposed to stay?

Now I got you
a two-night stay at a motel.

A motel?

I didn't have to do that.

How did my apartment flood?

The Johnson boy
played hooky today

and he was in the bathtub
and he left the water running
for 45 minutes.

And all that water overflowed

and caused your ceiling
to cave in.

So, it's everything
in your apartment
that's damaged.


All right, just [SIGHS] text me
The address to the motel.

It's coming your way
right now.

You have got to be kidding.

EMMA: Gerald,
do you want a snack
before I go?


Georgia should be
walking through that door
in three, two, one.


Hey, son.

Hey, mama.

Everything's done.

I even prepared dinner.

Do you want me to do anything
before I go?

Oh, no, honey.

I thank you.
Thank you,
for all your help.

Help? You the one
blessing me.

Are you
going to church tonight?

Emma, please tell your pastor
I'm sorry I couldn't come out.

My back is about to go out.

So I just can't make it.

Well, I'll say a prayer
for you and Gerald tonight,

And while you at it,
say a prayer for my back.

Oh, boy.

You know
that daughter of yours
never did call me back.



I'm gonna call her
right now.



Hey, Nana.

You were supposed to
call me back.

No, I'm... [SIGHS]
Nana, I'm sorry.

It's been a really,
really bad day.

It's always a hard day,

but listen,
I need to talk to you.

Can I call you back? I...

Look, I need you
to come down here, now.

I'm looking for something.
I really can't talk right now.

GEORGIA: My back is going out.

I can't take care of
your daddy all by myself.

I can't...I can't talk.

I need you to come down here
now, little girl.

Okay, bye.

That girl hung up
on me again.

[CHUCKLES] Sidney.



Hey. What you gonna
run me over? Huh?

Will you move?Go around.

Are you serious?

I'm dead serious.
Don't I look serious?

No, no. You look like
Jax Rebel.

Hold on. Did you know
that you are Jax Rebel?

What are you doing here?

Yo, it's a motel,
what you think
I'm doing here?

I mean...
But I have your album.

Your favorite song of mine is
Baby, Your Love is like
Sunday Morning Grits.

I'd listen to your album
over and over and over again.

I totally wore it out.
It's so good.

I mean,
I just love you, Jax...


Oh, yeah.

Can I help you?

Um, yeah.
I'm Sidney.

Uh, Robert Banks, I think,
booked a room for me.

Oh yeah, yeah.

I got your keys right here.

Wait, no. I have the room
for two nights, correct?

Mm-mm, no.

I got you down
for one day only.

Excuse me?

Uh, yeah, right here.

Down for one night.

Now if you want another night,
you'll have to pay in advance.


No, no, no.

It's fine.
I'm good.


You've reached Robert Banks, owner of Banks Apartments.

I'm not able to come
to the phone right now.

Please leave your name
and number,

and I will call you back

Mr. Banks, this is
Sidney Nicole Jackson.

You call me and tell me that
my apartment has flooded

and that you were going to pay
for two nights at a motel,

if you want to call it that.

And I get here,
and they tell me that
only one night is covered.

That is totally unacceptable
and I am calling my attorney.



Oh this just keeps
getting better.

CAMILLE: Are you okay?

Oh yeah, It's just my...
My back's getting worse.

Do you want me
to go get you a...

No, no, no, no
don't make a fuss.

I just need to get off
my feet for a while.

How you going to do that?
The competition is
in two months. Two months!


Listen, I have a backup plan.

So, I'll be all right, okay?

Okay, all right.
Well I've been
reading over the rules

and we can recruit
anyone to be in the choir.

The only stipulation is that
they have to enroll
into the school

for one fiscal year,
with a minimum of 15 hours,
that's it.

Mm-hmm, well, now that's just
a mole hill, not a mountain.

Yeah.Okay, now...

Oh! And if you want me to,
I can block out all the time

and go visit all
the local churches

and, uh... I can hold time
for auditions.

Mm-hmm. That's what
I need you to do.

In the meantime,
I'm going to go see

if I can get us
some scholarships for...

Scholarships? Oh,
that's gonna be...

[YELPING]That's going to be awesome.

Oh, oh, okay. [GIGGLES]That's fine, okay.

All right.
I'll see you later.

I'll go start getting
everything set up for you.

All right.
If my back holds out.

Hello, hello. Hi, hi.
Hi, hi.

Hey, so, so, wait... Um...
Will you sign my CD cover?

Look, if I sign this,
you promise to go away?

Cross my heart.


Thank you.

All right, now you said
you'd go away.

I am. I'm going.Away. Away is over there.

Okay, I'm going.
Promise. This is me, Sidney.

Sidney Nicole, going away.

Away. Away I go.

I am going, going away.

Going. Okay.

You need to vacate
the premises.

What? Why?

You are harassing
my tenants.

I'm getting complaints.

Before I call the police.





Oh. Hello? Mr. Banks.ROBERT: Sidney. Sidney.
Yeah. You called?

Yes. You got my message.
Okay, um, you said two days.

Well, right now,
I can't do more than one day.

What do you mean you... I'm sorry.
That's all I can do.

What about my...
what about my stuff?

Your stuff is unsafe,
under water.

Unsafe... Unsafe?

ROBERT: Yeah that's right.Really? So where am I
supposed to go?

What am I supposed to do?

I'll tell you
where you can't go,
and that's back

in that apartment right now.

You will be hearing
from my lawyer, sir.

If I can get one.

Girl, I thought the church was
on fire last night. [LAUGHS]

WOMAN: I tell you.

Girl, I almost lost it

when I saw Sister Jenkins
run out of there.

Yes, girl.


Girl, nothing.
Feeding Gerald.

Hmm. Soup.
He loves minestrone.

Can't get enough of it.

Girl, hold on.
Let me catch this other line.

Emma. Oh.Hey, Sidney.

Hey. Aren't you
a beautiful sight
for sore eyes.

Oh, it does my heart well
to see you too.

Where's Nana?

Well she's probably
still at the University.

You know
she doesn't get here
until 4:30 p.m. sharp.

All right, well I'm going to
take me a quick nap then.

Go ahead, I got
your room all set up.

Oh, thank you.

Well, aren't you
going to say hi
to your daddy?

Yeah, okay.

Got it, got it, got it.

Ms. Jackson, it look like
you got some company.

Oh, it's just Sidney.

The famous Sidney
you been bragging on?

Well, I don't know
about "famous,"
but its Sidney.

I can't wait to meet her,
oh, I can't wait to meet her.

Well you will, but not today.

Okay, okay.

Well, I'm going to go ahead
and start putting the flyers

out to local churches,
all right?

All right.



Well, you here early.

It's my back.
It's not going to make it.

Oh, well, let me
get you in bed

and I'll get you
a heating pad.

Come on,
let me take this.

[SIGHS] Where's Sidney?

Well, she's in the bed
taking a nap,

Do you want me
to wake her up?

No. I'll talk to her
in the morning.

Okay. And Gerald is
in his room looking at TV,

so he'll be good for the night.

GEORGINA: All right darling,
thank you.

VICKIE: Planners of schedule.

Let's get me
on that schedule.

Okay then...



Just who I need to see.

Come on into my office, okay?

BOTH: All right.

I got good news.

Oh, I want to hear
the game plan.

close the door for me.

Well, I got 30 students.

That's good,
that's real good.

I almost underestimated you.

[CHUCKLES] Well, we recruited
down at the churches,

but we're going to need
some scholarships...

Wait...To entice the people.

We don't have
any extra scholarships,
you know that.

We always hold back
about 12 at mid-term.

I can't give you
12 scholarships.

Well, I need at least five,
so I can get some impact voices.

Well, I can give you five,
under one condition.

What's that?

If you don't pull this off,
you will recommend
my son, James,

to take over
the music department

and you will retire immediately.

I agree, if you
promise me one thing.

And that is?

Give me a $10 raise.

And if I do succeed,

I'll have sole control
over the music department.

Hm, we understand each other.


James, head of
the music department.


Have you forgotten
your manners?

Mm, do you want me to pray
or do you?

Heavenly Father, thank you,
for this food

that we're about to receive
and let it be nourishment
to our minds,

our bodies, and our souls.
In Jesus' name, I pray.


Ain't nobody going to come
take your food from you.

Oh. I forgot how much I missed
your home cooked meals.

Well, I find that
hard to believe

because I can't never
catch up with you.

And you never return my calls.

Well, I'm sorry.


Well, you see,
see my back is going out...

Are you okay? I mean...

Oh, no, no, not that now.
No, it's not like that.

I've been working
with this for years.

But I have to put together
a choir,

for the Golden Voices contest.

And since I'm going to be out
with this back for a few weeks,

I need you to take over.

Nana, I can't.

Why not?Because I...

Well, what are you doing?

I mean, you don't have
a job, do you?

No, I got fired.

Well, this has
come in just handy.

[SIGHS] I don't know anything
about directing no choir.

Oh, yes, you do. You used to
help me out with
that Freedom Forrester choir.

And it's not rocket science.

I don't know.

It pays $800 a week.

Oh, okay, when do I start?


Okay, now let's eat.



One minute.


Okay, come in.

Ms. Wilson, Ms. Jackson
is here to see you.

What now?

You know this is
my private time.

I know, but she said
it's uber important.

Okay, send her in.

Okay, Ms. Jackson,
Ms. Wilson
will see you now.

Oh. Georgia, I was just
talking to James, my son.

And...This is my granddaughter,

Sidney Nicole Jackson.


Yeah, she'll be
substituting for me
while I'm getting well.

Are you telling me
or asking me?

Oh I'm informing you.

Oh, I must have missed that.

Well, now, if there's
going to be
some kind of problem.

Does she have any experience?

She is sitting right here
and can answer your question.

Do you have any experience
in music?

I have a Master's Degree
in English

and a minor in music
from A&M.

I've led three choirs
to semi-finals in competitions
and I've won two of them.

So, I am the most
qualified person
that you know.

Next to Nana.

Nana? [LAUGHING] Oh, wow.

Well, okay.

If I see one hiccup,

I'm pulling this
from both of you, okay?

Okay. That was our plan.

Okay, well, take her
over to administration

so we can get her in the system.

Sidney, I will have
my eye closely on you.

Wow.You understand?

Yes ma'am, I feel the support
of the whole school behind me.

Georgia, don't forget
what we talked about earlier.

Thank you, for coming.


Hey, sorry auditions don't start
for another five minutes.

Is it okay if you...No, I'm Sidney Nicole,
my Nana... I mean, [LAUGHS]

Mrs. Jackson?
I'm her granddaughter.

[GASPS] Sidney, I'm sorry,
it's Camille Johnson.

I've heard wonderful things
about you. It's almost like
you're a legend.

You look great. Oh, my gosh,
it's wonderful. And, I'm shaking
your hand too much, huh?

is Ms. Jackson okay?
Everything okay?

Well, her back went out,
so she's at home

and I will be helping
with these auditions.

Well, that's a bummer
because I had everything
set up in my head.

I was going to be Paula,
she was going to be Simon.

You can be Randy Jackson...[SHUSHES]

Take it down a notch.


Yeah, but I was
just saying...

You have had too much cappa,
frappa, latte, ccino, whatever.

So, let's take it down
a notch.

Okay. Well, yeah, I was just
going to let you know

that someone is going to...
Take it down a notch, okay.

[SLOWLY] Well, you know,
we have an audition
and it's in one minute.

Okay.So, let's get started!

♪ Amazing Grace

♪ How sweet thy...

Okay. Do you...Hmm.

♪ Amazing Grace, how sweet...

Thank you.Wonderful.
Thank you so much.

Thank you,
have a wonderful day.

♪ Amazing Grace...

SIDNEY: Thank you.

♪ Amazing Grace
how sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch like me ooh, yeah, yeah ♪

ALL: Our name is Jasmine.
What do you want us to sing?

Can you sing Take Me to the King?


What's wrong with Take Me to the King? Amazing Grace.

Amazing...Nana wants Amazing Grace.

♪ Amazing Grace

♪ How sweet the sound

♪ Amazing Grace
how sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch like me.
I once was... ♪

♪ Amazing Grace

♪ How sweet the sound

Thank you. Thank you.

We'll keep in touch,
that was...SIDNEY: Wow.

BOTH: Thank you.

You think we have
what we have...

You know what I mean.
I think we have enough
to have what we have.

You know what?

I'll see you tomorrow.



Well, how'd it go baby?

It was brutal.

I think we have enough
to get what we need to get done.


I believe in you.

I wish you were there,
though, Nana.


It would have been
so much more fun,
and Camille is crazy.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm,
but she's good people.

♪ Amazing Grace

♪ How sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch like...


♪ I know I can change

Okay, got to get that in there.

Hey, Sidney.

Hey. I got you a coffee,


Funny, funny.

It's like a cool buzz
in the air.

I haven't heard
this much singing
since I've been here.

Yeah, there were
some students outside singing
when I got here too.

This is going to be amazing,
this is going to be amazing,

Yes. All right. So go ahead
and go get everybody assembled.

And I have a song list,

uh, some stuff that Nana
wants us to sing.



What did I say?

I don't want to say.

Oh, come on,
you know what?
You don't have to...

Nana's 80. Nana's 80.Eighty-two.

Okay, look. She wants us
to sing songs like

Trouble in My Way
or Amazing Grace.

Only old people
sing them songs.

Noted. Okay, look,
we'll practice with these songs

and then once we get better,
we'll just...
We'll pump it up. All right?

Okay. Mm-hmm.Okay, so just
go get everybody and...

Oh, my gosh.

Ya'll can come in
so we can go ahead
and get started. Come on.


Phones away.
Phones away.

Come on in.

Phones away.


Phones off, sir.
Thank you.

No, you good.

Let you get seated and situated.

So... I'll pull you up
a chair. Here you go.

All right.
So, there you go.

My name is Sidney Nicole.

I am sitting in for
my nana... Uh...

Mrs. Jackson.

Um, I'm going to be
helping you guys
with the competition.

So to start off,
are you guys excited?

[CHEERING]Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Of course, you're excited.

Okay, what I need everybody
to do right now,
is to stand up.

We're going to put your sopranos
over here, on my right.

No? Yeah?

Yeah?ALL: Yes.

Okay, let's go.
You all are moving.

Sopranos over here.

Let me have
the baritones here,
in this middle section here.

Tenors, and then altos
over here.


There you go.

Oh, there's a chair here. No?

Aw, you don't want to sit
next to him? Okay, great.

All right.
So, look to your right.

Look to your left.

You see who you're
sitting next to?

That's who you will
be sitting next to

from here on out, all right?ALL: All right.

All right.WOMAN: All right.

That is it for the day.

I know. It was quick,
but I have some sheet music

that I want you guys
to study tonight

and then we'll start working
on it tomorrow. How about that?


All right, Camille here
will hand it out...

I'll hand out
the sheet music.Okay. [LAUGHS]

I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Thank you so much.


Thanks guys, thank you.

All right, Gerald is
in the bed, snug as a bug.

Oh, that's good.

All right then.

Do you need anything else
from me, before I go?

No, I'm fine.

You got smothered pork chops
in the oven
and greens on the stove.


And Sidney should be here
any minute now.

All right, baby, thank you.

And look who
the wind blew in.

Oh, there she is now.Hey.

How was college?Huh.

Well I got to get home
and watch

If Loving you is Wrong,girl.
I can't miss that.

It got a little chilly out.

BOTH: See you later.

Hey, Nana.

Hey, well,
how did it go?

It was okay. I got
the baritones, tenors,
sopranos all situated,

and gave them the music,
so we'll see what happens.

All right.Okay.


Oh, Sidney, I need to
talk to you about something.

Yeah?It's your father.

What about him?Well, I...

I can't handle him by myself.

Well that's what
you have Emma for.

Emma is not his daughter.

I... [SIGHS]
I need your help.

You need...
Listen, he's your father

whether you
like it or not, little girl.


Let me talk to you
for a second.


Okay, I think I know
what this is about, and I--

Do you know what the
Golden Voices competition is?

Singing competition.
Kind of like joyful noise
meets fighting tempations.

No, ma'am.

This is not
an ordinary competition.

This is a strictly
voice competition.

The most prestigious.

And with your grandmother
being over the music department
at the university,

the entire town
is expecting her to win.

Wow, that's
a lot of pressure.

That's why
she needs your help.

Four judges sit in a room,

going over every sound
that choir makes.

That's why she wants it
to be a capella.

This is the CD
from the last time they won.

And we want to honor that.

The dreams of this city,
that university,

and that
wonderful woman in here,
est in your hands.

I was wrong.
That, is a lot of pressure.[CHUCKLES]

[SIGHS] All right,
I guess I need to get going,
get to work.

I'm not finished.

Now, why are you not
speaking to your father?

Emma, I don't want to
talk about that.

It's... [SIGHS]

Anyway, I got the whole city,
the town, the world in my hands,

and Vickie is watching,
so I got to go.

I think we're
going to be awesome.

Do you all think we're going
to be awesome?

Anybody else think we're
going to be okay, right? Yeah?


Excuse me?Are we singing the songs that
you all gave us?

For now, no. Sidney said
she was going to try to ease in
some new ones soon.

Well, where are
the musicians?

Uh, they're
supposed to be here by now.

I'm sure they'll be here soon.

Hey, everybody.

ALL: Hey.
How you doing?

How you all doing?ALL: Good.

Good. You all look good.


MAN 2: We try.Oh, my goodness.


The band didn't
show up this morning.

Yes, I called them
and told them not to come.

So we don't need a band?

If you'll take your seat,
I'll explain.

Okay, so the Golden Voices
is a competition that changes
from year to year.

And this year, it's a capella
Hence, no band.


Yeah. So, just...
Just give me a second.

I just want you
to hear something, all right?



Okay, okay,
all right, all right.

So... So, what do you think?

I really liked it.
I liked the tune and everything.
It was really good.

SIDNEY: Okay, okay, all right.You like everything.

All right, well,
you know what?

Who doesn't like the direction
that the choir is going to go?

I'm not with this.

Where you going?It's not that bad.

Yo...You can get used to it.

All right, well, now that
we got rid of the dead weight,

we can go on and start afresh.

Sidney, I know you think
he's dead weight and all,

but that's one of
our lead singers.

The best singer in town.

Okay. Um...

You know what?
I have an idea.

But it's going to
take me some time.

So, um, just give me...
Give me a couple days

to get the music together.

I'll meet you guys back here
next Thursday, okay? I'm...




Jax. Whoo! Jax Rebel!

Look, what do I got to do
to get you to go away, huh?

I just need five minutes
of your time.

No! I don't understand
what you want from me,
all right?

Look I don't have
no money, all right?

I'm almost a day away
from getting kicked out
of this place here.

All right?

What? Huh?

You know, I haven't had
a decent meal in two years?
Two years!

Famous Jax Rebel,
been eating out of trash cans.

Now, you still
want to talk to me?

Yes. Can I buy you
a decent meal?

On your dime?

My dime.

What'll it be?


Look, I've been craving pizza
for two months. Craving.

All right. I'll buy you
a large meat lover
for one hour of your time.

One hour?

One hour.

Well, you better throw in
some breadsticks,

hot wings, and a soda.

You got it.

Then I'm all yours.

All right. Yeah!

Who is that?
Let's find out.


Hey. Hey, Ms. Jackson,
I need to talk with you.What's the matter?

What is it?

Um, is Sidney here?

No, Sidney is in Dallas.

What is it?That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

We were at rehearsal,
and then she drops
this a capella thing on us.

And then we lose
our lead singer
and then I don't even know...

Let me stop you
right there.

I'm the one
who got Sidney hired.

And I'm the one that told her

what sound
our group should have.

Are you sure?

Hey, hey, hey! Now you need
to stay in your lane.

Okay. Yes ma'am.

I'm sure everything is
going to work out just fine.

All right. I am too.

Yes, Ma'am.Would you like
some peach cobbler?


I would love
some peach cobbler.

Get her some peach cobbler.

Yes ma'am. Camille,
do you want that a la mode?

I would love some...
Yes, yes, I would love it.



Oh, it's you again.

I need a room.

I don't have a room for you.


Lady, you are trouble
and I don't need any trouble.I'll pay double.

How many nights?

Just one.

Now, that will be $105.

Okay. Okay.Plus tax.

Thank you. [LAUGHS]


Hey, come on in.

Um, your pizza,
it's right here.

Wings, soda.

They ran out of breadsticks,

Out of bread...
No breadsticks.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Maybe next time?

All right.Okay. All right.

So now will you listen
to what I have to say?


But you on the clock.


Not about to play
one of my songs, are you?

You know what?
Do not act brand-new.

Okay? Just listen
and then speak.



So, what do you think?


What do you think?

It's good.

Yeah?Real good actually.

Right? That's
what I was thinking.

So, listen, I teach
at this college

and we're having
this competition.
It's called the Golden Voices.

And I need a lead singer,
and I was thinking that
you were...

Hold, hold. Hold on.


Will you let me finish?Are you serious?

Will you let me finish?So...

What, you want me
to go back to college?

I mean, why not?
I mean, look at you.

You're all strung out on drugs
or alcohol or whatever it is.

Who do you think you are, huh?
I know you're not judging me.

I don't have to judge you.
You have all your dirty laundry
out here on the streets.

You know what?

You Sidney, right?

Don't come
knocking on my door again.

Well, I guess the tabloids
were right about you.

You can have the stupid pizza!

Stupid pizza.


Hey. Hey.

Hey, look, uh...What do you want?

I'm sorry.
I just wanted to tell you
I apologize about...

You apologize, I forgive you,
and now I'm leaving.

Hey, hey, look.
You attacked me, all right?

I didn't attack you.

I presented you with something
I thought was special

but you laughed at me.

I've been down
so long now, I just...

I lash out at anybody
that try to challenge me.

That goes for my manager,
who won't answer
my phone calls anymore.

From my... My family had
abandoned me a long time ago.

Maybe I was out of line.

the words hit home.

I'll be honest with you.
I tossed and turned all night
last night.

And not because of
what you said.
It was that song.

That song beat me up.


[SIGHS] Look,
I want to help you if I can.

I don't know
if I got it anymore.

I haven't sung in years.

It's just like riding a bike.

Yeah, well,
you can fall off a bike
and crack your head.

Hey, I want to help you
as long as you let me.

You got all your stuff?
You ready to go?

Yeah, right here.
I'm good. Let's roll.

You have got to admit
it's pretty sad

that your whole life
is in a plastic bag.

But it's all good
because God's got you.

This is a fresh start.

And you, sir,
need a fresh bath.

Let's go.


This is what
choir directors drive?

Shut up.All right now.

You got a Blu-ray player
in this thing?
What's going on?

No Blu-ray. [EXHALES]

Whoo. Let's roll down
the window.

Let's go.

JAX: Ooh, all right.

What is that smell?[SIGHS WEARILY]

Help, help, Sidney!

Oh! Call 911.

SIDNEY: Nana. Nana.[SCREAMS] Sidney.

Nana, Nana, stop!

Stop. It's Jax Rebel.

Jax what?

I'll explain
after breakfast...

I'll just...Oh, God. [GROANS]

It looks like
your back is okay.

Well, I imagine it is.

Oh, Lord. Well, I'm glad
to meet you, Jax Rebel.

I'm going to try to
fix us some breakfast

and then you can
explain it out later.

Baby, what is your name?

It's, uh...
It's Isaac Griffin, ma'am.

Isaac, your government name.

Okay. Listen, there's
a bar of soap
in that bathroom

with your name on it.
And you use it.

And after you get through
using it, you take it

and all them clothes
in the trash.

Oh, Lord.

Baby, look through
your daddy's clothes

and see if
you can find something
for him to wear.

I'll see what I can find.

And then I'm going to try
to fix us something to eat.

Okay, come on now.

JAX: I'm sorry.SIDNEY: Come on. Come on.

SIDNEY: There you go.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Are you mad?

No. But I do want to know,
did you fall
on your head last night?

Perfect stranger
into this house?

He's an old R&B singer
that fell on hard times

and we needed a lead singer
for the choir.

I thought I'd
spread the love
of Jesus Christ.

Oh, [LAUGHS] so now you
a missionary worker?

I always focus
on the Kingdom's work.

Well, the Kingdom
needs to work on you.

Well, what about your father.


Now you and the Kingdom

you haven't spent like
two minutes with him.

I didn't shove those drugs
in his arms.

Oh, so you clean up
the kettle,

but leave the pot out there.

JAX: So, uh...

Well, you clean up
pretty good there.

JAX: Thank you.[CHUCKLES]

The cat got my
granddaughter's tongue.

I mean,
you look all right.

Well, um,

this looks good.

Oh, we got to pray.
Wait, stop, pray.Okay.

So, this is where
the action happens.

This is a nice space.


But this isn't
the best of it.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, come on, slow poke.

This is it.

recording studio.

We just got it donated
a couple years back.

I think we're the only HBCU
with equipment like this.

This is, uh...
This is unbelievable.

I thought you could use it
like it's your resetting place.

You, uh...
You trying to save me?

I just thought that you could
help us with the competition,

and my grandmother's
job is on the line.

Sidney, I haven't sung
in a long time.

Hey, it is a God-given talent.
Only he can take it away.

I hope it's that easy,
because you're putting
a lot of faith in me.

I ain't got faith in you.

My faith is in God.

I mean do you think
it was an accident

that we met like we did?

"Met," is that
what you call it?

"Met"? I seem to have
a different recollection.Really?

With a car
coming toward me.

Will you just try?

I will try.

I can't promise anything,
but I will try.

Okay, that is all
I ask, all right?All right.

Let's go get you
enrolled in college.

My mom would be
over the moon

knowing I'm about to be
a college boy.

Well, maybe
you should call her.

Maybe I will.

Hey, I know it may not be
any of my business,
but I was just curious.

Why don't you have anything
to do with your father?

You're right.
It is none of your business.

Come on.
Let's get enrolled.

Come here.
Come here.

You have got to talk
to your father.

You've got to
talk to him
or you will be lost.

Now, I'm not going to
tell you this anymore.

You have got to talk
to your father.

Yes ma'am.

Got room for an old
R&B singer?


I heard you
and your grandmother
in there.

It had to be...
Had to be tough.


Can I say something
without you
biting my head off?

You've helped me so much.

I want to be able
to help you.

I know what it's like
not to forgive someone.

Not you, too.


I'm not here to preach
to you, Sidney, all right?

You know... Lord knows I'm
the last person to call out
anybody else's faults,

but, I miss my pops
all the time.

And even though, [EXHALES]
he was a real hound,
he would beat on me.

And he was always
on the road,

it's not a day
that goes by

I don't wish I would've spent
more time with him.



It's just... My dad
was not there for me.

I was 15
when my mom died

and he was
drinking himself
under the table,

shooting up drugs.

I mean, I was 15.

Then he kept...

Had the stroke,
ended up paralyzed,
and I'm...

I'm just
cleaning him up.

It's just...
It was a lot.


I don't know
how to forgive him.

Pray about it.


You ask God
how to do it.

Yeah. I don't...

I don't know.

I'm going
to tell you something

that I have learned
the hard way, all right?

In life,
you only have power,
if you have peace.

And Sidney,
you deserve peace.

Oh, we got
an early day tomorrow.

I'm going to head in.

All right.

Thanks for the talk.

Hey, good night.


I tried to forget.

But I kept remembering
all the nights

that I would ask you
to stop drinking.

I pleaded with you to stop.

Especially after Mama died,
I needed you!

And here I am,
a 15-year-old girl,
taking care of her dad...


There were nights
that I wished that
you would just die.

And then you had a stroke
that left you paralyzed.

So humiliating,
having to wipe your butt.

Especially for
a 15-year-old girl.

It was not fair!

Everybody wants me
to forgive you.

I don't know if I can.

But God is working on me.

I'm going to really try hard
to be your daughter again, okay?

But it's not
going to happen overnight.


ROBERT: Sidney?Hello, Mr. Banks, yeah.

I've got some good news for you.

My apartment is ready?
Okay, um...

Yep, you can move back in.

You all right?[CRYING] Thank you.
Thank you.

I really do love you, Daddy.





WOMAN: Mrs. Wilson, you have a call on line one.

I am not taking
any calls right now.

It's the Golden Voices President.


Okay. Patch him through.

MAN: Mrs. Wilson.

Charles, how can I help you?

I understand Isaac Griffin just enrolled in your school.

Yes he... He...
He came on this week.

Why do you ask?

Do you know that he's Jax Rebel? Think Chris Brown.

Oh, got it.

Thanks for the heads up. Okay.




♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The price that you paid
and so much more

♪ Lord, you know
I owe it all to you

♪ Christ the King magnificent

♪ And true

♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The love that you showed
and so much more

♪ Lord you know
I owe it all to you, yeah

♪ Christ the King magnificent Whoo-ooh-ooh

♪ And true, Lord

♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The price that you paid
and so much more

♪ Lord, you know
I owe it all to you

♪ Christ the King magnificent

♪ And true


♪ The price that you've paid


♪ Oh, yeah




I told you we were
gonna do it.
I told you!

Hey, you all, we're going to
win this competition hands down.

Hands down.


I've been instructed
to escort you off campus.

Wait? What? What?

Hey, where you all taking her?

Wait, hey,
get your hands off of her.

Where you all taking her?


What we going to do?
We had it.

Don't even worry about it.

I'm about to...
I'm about to call Ms. Jackson.

Ooh, it sure is
a pretty day.

It sure is pretty.

You know,
I'm just going...

Is your back feeling better?

That's what I was
just going to tell you.

My back is feeling better
and better every day.

You not going back
to that college, is you?

Oh, child, no.

I'm going to go on
sitting here,
and read my Bible

and drink
this Kool-Aid all day.

And I'm going to sit
right here, with you.

what they doing home
so early?

What you all
doing home so early?

We got fired.


JAX: Not only that,
she had security
escort us out.


Apparently Vickie
found out about Jax's past,

and she said I lied
on my application.

What? Lied?

Lord have mercy.

You know what's
even worse?What?

This was probably
the best rehearsal
we've had.

Best one yet,
hands down.

Oh gosh...

Even I got to admit like,
I never felt that good
in a long time.

Lord, what's wrong
with that girl?

Did she lose her mind?

That Vickie ain't going
to stop until she run

that college in the ground.

I'm just... I'm
going to lay down.

I'm going to go
take a walk.

Bad!Ain't you going
to say something?

Oh, hey, you better
trust and believe I am.

Oh yeah, I just need
to be all prayed up

before I go to that college.

I don't want to be Vickie
and I'm going to pray for her.




Well, thanks for the change
of venue for a while.

Yeah, it's the least
I could do.

I was really digging
being in college though.

I'm sorry to get
your hopes up.

It's all right.

Figured it was too good
to be true anyway.

You know, you really
don't seem like the person

the tabloids wrote about.

Look, I, uh...
I made one mistake,

in the heat of the moment.

Next thing I know I was
spiraling out of control.

My management team,
they were pushing
this whole bad boy image,

and I felt like
I had to represent.

What people don't
tell you is that
fall from grace,

it's a hard fall.

And it... It breaks
every bone in your body.

It takes a while to recover.

But you,

you taught me
how to walk again, Sidney.


And I'll be forever grateful.

No, I don't know
if I did anything.

But you did.

You trusted me.

And you didn't even know
if I could sing anymore.

Oh. God has you right where
he needs you to be.

If it's right here,
I hope so.

Will I see you again?

As much as you can stand.


All right, well, lady.

Hey, there's something
I want you to know.

What's that?

I've never done drugs ever.

Thank you,
for sharing that with me.




You want to have dinner
at my place tomorrow night?

Yeah, I'd like that.

All right.

I'll see you then.

Jax Rebel.


Wait, wait.

What's going on?

How dare you fire
my granddaughter?

Of all the underhanded,
conniving, low down,

dirty, miserable trick.

Now I knew
you wanted my job,

but I expected you
to come after me.

Who do you think
you are,

bursting into my office,
threatening me?

This is way beyond
a threat, baby,

I'm coming after your job.

I've already called Raymond.

That's right, I called Raymond.

And you ought to be
getting a call
right about...

Right about now.


Yes? But...


You can't fire me.

My contract has
another year.


He fired me.

Oh, you thought this cat
didn't have any claws left,
didn't you?

He fired me.

Just get up out of my seat.


I don't believe
I stuttered.

Get your doughnut-eating behind
out of my seat!

You have
got to be kidding me.

You haven't shown
any love or compassion

since you took over
this school.Well, that's not true.

Now, the Lord put us
in charge of these children

to encourage them
to be the help,
not like us.

I know that.

You somehow have
forgotten that this is
a Christian College,

not a corporation.

Get up out of my seat.

I will not.

Let me leave you
with a little dignity

before I call security.

I will be back
for the rest of my things.

Take all your donuts
and your papers

and all your other
little junk and get on out.

VICKIE: Okay, you got this.
You want it, you got it.Mm-hmm.

You haven't heard
the last from me.

Let's go, Junior.Let's go?

I said let's go, Junior.

You promised me a job.

Boy, if you don't
get in this car...

Acting silly.

Act like you don't have
common sense.

If I say "Let's go"
I mean let's go.

I know what I'm doing.
When I say "Let's go,"
I mean let's go.

I thought we had
an agreement

that you were never
to refer to me...

If you don't stop...


Yeah, so,
I'll tell you what.

I ain't never had
no home cooked meal
out of Styrofoam,

that you clearly didn't make,
but it's all right.

[LAUGHS] Well, I'm glad
I can impress you.


Oh, can we
bless the food first?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, close your eyes.

Heavenly Father,
thank you for this day

and this food and the company.

I pray that you
bless this food
for the nourishment

of our minds, our bodies,
and our souls.

In Jesus' name, Amen.


All right, well
I hope it's good.


Nah. I'm sure
it will be good.

I'm sure it will be good
even though I know
you country girls can cook.

That's all right,
I'll let you slide.

I mean, I've been
in Dallas for a while.

I'll get Nana
to teach me again.

I'll tell you what.

I'll take my chances.


That's all right.
That's good.

It's not bad.So, I'll take my chances.


So, uh,
I've been writing again.

Oh, my God, that's great.

But check this though.
I've been writing gospel songs.

Boy, get the ham sandwich
out of there.

I'm telling you all.

You know it's...
Seriously, Sidney, though,

I felt so alive
singing with that choir
at the college.

That day we left,
I found this little old church,

and gave my life to Christ.

I'm going to give
my little 15 minutes
of praise on right here.

Hallelujah. Jesus!That's what I'm talking about.
Right? Right?

Right? But look,
you know what?

The thing
that I hate is

that we didn't get to help
the college win.I know. I know.

I think Nana tricked me
into taking that job.

But those kids... Gosh, yeah,
they had an effect on me, too.

So much so that I went to
Bible study on Wednesday,

and I've been dabbling
back in the Church myself
a little bit.

So there are
legions of angels
in Heaven right now

dancing behind
that statement right there.

A whole legion.
You know what?[CELL PHONE RINGING]

I'm going to take this call.

It's Nana.

All right, go ahead.


So what's up?
No, no, slow down.


Wait, what?

Okay, so Nana wants us to
go back to the school.

What? How?

I don't know.

But she needs
your answer right now.

Yeah, I mean, of course.

He said okay.

Okay. All right.

we'll be there tomorrow.

Okay bye.

Bye. Bye, Nana.

I'll talk to you later.

So yeah, apparently,
Vickie got fired.

Now Nana is the Dean.
We're both
going to get reinstated,

and we need to be back
at the school tomorrow

for the Explosion because
there are two days...

You don't have
to tell me twice.

Okay, calm down.

We don't have to
leave right now.

All right, brother got
a little excited

for this store bought chicken
over here. I'm just saying.

It's still good though,
I appreciate the effort.Hm-hmm.

We go from college to college
looking for the best choir.

We judge on a five-point system.

Good luck.


Hey, this is
a closed competition.


You already jeopardized
the competition

by coming in like that.

WOMAN: No, we not.

Oh, no.
We've come too far.

That's right.

They better be good.

SIDNEY: One, two...


♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The price that you paid
and so much more

♪ Lord, you know
I owe it all to you

♪ Christ the King magnificent

♪ And true

♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The price that you paid
and so much more

♪ Lord, you know
I owe it all to you

♪ Christ the King magnificent

♪ And true

♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The love that you showed
and so much more

♪ Lord, you know
I owe it all to you

♪ Christ the King magnificent Oh!

♪ And true

♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The price that you paid
and so much more

♪ Lord, you know
I owe it all to you

♪ Christ the king magnificent

♪ And true

♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The price that you've paid and so much more

♪ Lord, you know
I owe it all to you

♪ Christ the King magnificent

♪ And true

♪ How can I begin
to thank you for

♪ The price that you paid
and so much more

♪ Lord, you know
I owe it all to you

♪ Christ the king magnificent

♪ And true


Hey, y'all!
Hey, y'all! We won.

We won the 2018
Golden Voices Award.

GEORGIA: My granddaughter,
Sidney, decided to stay on

and now she's the head
of the music department.

Jax Rebel is still here.

He's teaching music,

he's maintaining a 4.0 average

and he's getting ready
to put out a gospel album.

Now, that is really something.

And guess what, y'all?

We did it all
without the help of Vickie

or her son, James.

[LAUGHING] How about that?


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