The Gods 2: The Dark Side (2023) - full transcript

Following 'The Gods', Mikey James comes back from hiding to pay old debts, only to be fighting for survival against his old enemy Anthony Fasano, awaiting his return. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

What's up?

- Are you okay?
- Not really.

Me neither.

I miss home.

Me too.

I miss my friends.

Me too.

- See you?
- Yeah, I hear you. - I'm sorry?

I hear you.

Have you seen Bobby and Keith?

- Good morning.
- It's still morning.


- Where have you been? - You don't wanna know.
- Got something in my shoe.

Is Mikey up?


Chris is here.

- We need to talk.
- We're talking now.

No, we need to talk.


Really, motherfucker?


Like we're not standing here?

Yo, man, I'm talking to you.

Bro, I'm tired of this shit.

I'm tired.

I'm tired of this hiding.

- I want my life back.
- Come on, Keith, it's early, relax.

Motherfucker, all we do is relax.

I tried to tell you this shit
was going to end up bad, Mikey.

- But we stuck by you and we're still here.
- Let him talk.

For you.

You gotta let it go.

She's gone.

Enough is enough.

- Not today, man.
- No, no, no... No, today.


Enough time has passed,
we gotta let it go.

- Okay.
- We gotta move on, okay? - Yeah.

- It's like you died up there on the wharf.
- Enough, enough, enough.

Yes, yes... ENOUGH!


We did what you wanted to do
and we are here now, okay?

It's time for you to start
thinking about your brothers

and what the fuck we gave up, huh?

Because if you ask me, she got
what she deserved, both of you did.


We're family, we're family.
Let this shit go!

Let it go! Let it go!

- Keith.
- Let it go.

Fucking man!

# I'll die... #

# I'll die... #

# I'll die... #

# I'll die... #

# I'll die... #

# I'll die... #

# I'll die for you #

# I'll die... #

# I'll die... #

That's too fucking far.
That's too fucking far.

Shit, that's we need to do,
we just need to talk this out.

You look great.

It's been five years.

Oh, it's way too long, man, but I get it.

He was hurt, he needed the time to heal,

we needed time to regroup.

Time's up.

- He's not ready.
- He looks fine to me.

- He's not ready.
- How do you know? What makes you say that?

Be patient.

The time will come.

Yeah, okay.

I don't think so because
he looks mighty comfortable to me.

Shit, he sees this bitch
five times a day, for five years.

Shit, I could rebuild a motherfucker
from scratch in that amount of time.

You have a point.

And I stink,
so let me just take a shower, but...

be patient.

I love you.

- I love you too.
- Sort of.

It's too far, Mikey.

It's too far.

Are you just going to stand there?
What's wrong with you?


What's going on with you?

There's something inside
of you that's holding you back.

I know you want me.

You have guys guarding your house,
men following me home.

You don't understand. I think...

- I'm just trying to protect you.
- From who? - From everyone.


- NDAs, pat downs? - It's not what you think.
- I think you need to get your shit together.

Life is for the living.

And if you decide to join me,
I'll be right here.

How are you feeling?
Good to hear it.

So what's up, what's next? Any thoughts
to what we're gonna do when we're gonna do it?

- Bobby, are you still in contacts with Anthony?
- Anthony who?

Oh, really, that Anthony?

- I do.
- Call him. - What?

- What the fuck are you doing?
- Call him.

- It's war, right?
- War?

What, you don't want that any more?
Want him to hang up?



It's Mikey.

- What the fuck do you want?
- Come on, man.

I'll be waiting on you.

Call the boys. Tell them to ready the
fucking safe house, we're leaving tonight.

Okay, so what about Chicago?

What about the contracts that are on our heads? The
moment we step foot out of this house, we're dead.

- You said you wanted your life back, right?
- Just get everyone together.

- No, I'm sorry, you said you wanted your fucking
life back. - Yeah, we're coming over tonight.

That's what this life is.
This is your fucking life.

- You can still get in contact with O, right?
- Yeah. - Call him. - Okay.

- Speed dial that motherfucker.
- It's done.


Mikey James.

Set up a meeting.
We wanna come home and make things right.

Well, well, well... About time.

We're going home.

This is for you, Keith.

- I love you guys, man.
- Yeah.

- Mikey, I. - I need
you to look after Chris for me.

I promise,
I'll be back for both of you.

I just got a few things
I gotta take care of.

What do you say?

# Pain is all I know, I know... #

# Hate is all I know, I know... #

# Heartbreak is all I know, ah... #

# Ain't no more light... #

# I was dead wrong in the light... #

# Left me alone in the light. #

# Come take a walk
with me to the dark side. #

# - Walk with me, talk with me.
- Here we go. #

# - I killed before, don't tempt me.
- Don't do it. #

# This road I'm on gets more empty. I feel
like I'm alone in this world, that's so filthy. #

# - Many men tried getting me
that don't get me. - Many men! #

# - Many men die trying, I feel like 50.
- For real. #

# Forgive me, but anybody whoever
believed in me, I've been wrong. #

# Ain't no way that I could leave it be.
I'm not focused. #

# This is how I deal with
the pain, I'm just coping. #

# Promises are just like hearts,
they get broken. #

# Can shed no tears if I did,
they'd make oceans. #

# They say, good guys finish last, finish last.
I'm starting to feel like they was right. #

# The trauma from my past, trying to shadow out
the light. After every sun rise comes night. #

# - The story in my life...
- Life, life... #

# Pain is all I know, I know... #

# Hate is all I know, I know... #

# Heartbreak is all I know, ah... #

# Ain't no more light... #

# I was dead wrong in the light. #

# Left me alone in the light. Come
take a walk with me to the dark side. #

So the house is completely secured.

Okay, I'm gonna put Knockout
on the back door.

T is on the front. There's about
20 bodies working the perimeter.

Bobby, go liquidate our assets,

cash in our accounts, just in case
we gotta make a move, all right.

Knockout, go with him.

Then when you get back, hit the back door.

Is that cash in the bag?

Yo, Bobby, is that cash in the bag?

Are you all right?

- What the fuck's wrong with him?
- Just relax.

- John Wayne, now?
- Just relax, just relax.


If someone kills your dog,
you kill their kid.

If someone kills your kid,
you kill their mother.

But if someone kills your brother,

you wipe out the whole fucking family.

You sound like a happy guy.
Like a ray of sunshine.

You sound like someone
who lost their sister, and their father.

I know you?

You're my brother Ghost.

The James brothers killed my brother.

Someone's gotta pay.

Vinnie, are you still there?

- Yeah. - Yeah, is this guy
all they say he is or what?

And he's ready to roll?


Did you want to tell me something?

Pick up Conrad, come over.


We may need to make a move.

- Did you hear from Olympus yet?
- He's meeting with the family right now.

Like you asked.

He asked for that meeting
just like you asked him to.

You know, if they don't like what he
has to say. He's the first one to die.

Now that's the chance he's willing to take
if he buys us some more time to get outta here.

Now, Olympus,

it's true, you've done many favours
for us, but you violated a direct order.

You were warned.

Now the James boys and the Fasano kid,

all that nonsense cost us a lot of money.

So, I sent Florian,

to get their attention.

Do we have their attention?


as you know,

my Papa is dead,

and my sister Sophia too.

And I just heard
that the motherfuckers responsible for it,

"mi familia", is meeting
with the James brothers right now.

Ah, I'm lucky to be alive.

And so far as I'm concerned,

I'm done giving them my money.

I'm sick and tired
of them deciding my fate.


it feels like...

you're the only family I got.

Now, if I put my foot down,

these motherfuckers...
you know what they're gonna do.

It's not gonna be long before they try to finish what
they started five years ago on that fucking wharf.


I'm done taking orders.

Never again from anybody, anybody.

They want a fucking funeral downtown,
they're gonna have one up town.

Are you with me?
Yes or no?

- Yes or no? -
- Yes. - Let's do it.

- Then let's go.
- Yo, Anthony...

Mind if I speak to you alone?

- You know, my brother Ghost
was very loyal to you. - I know.

You know, he found me when I was only 10-years-old.
You know, in and out of foster homes.

He took me under his wing.
You know, became the only family I had.

The James brothers took that from me.

And I know

that you know...

what it feels like to have
something taken from you, from them.

So when this all goes down,

you just look after your family,
and leave those niggas to me.


How much?

- What were gone for like five years,
hiding out? - Right.

Inflation is a motherfucker right.

How much is their life worth?

- A million?
- A million?

- I thought it was 300,000.
- Oh, that's on top of our normal taxes, yeah.

- That's impossible.
- You better hope not.

Because there's also an additional
$50,000, for every day they're late.

We'll give you a two-day grace period.

You've got one month to raise the money.

And if it's not in these hands
by the deadline,

we start piling up the bodies one by one.

- Who's gonna talk to Anthony?
- That's your problem.

What makes you think
Anthony gonna listen to me?

You know, word around the street
is that Anthony listens to you pretty well.

In fact, you know what?

Tell Anthony
that we're tired of his shit, all right?

If he doesn't fall in line,
he's not Pops, he's expendable.

Okay, understood.

Thank you.

What's wrong with you?

No, no.

- Diego.
- Anthony.

What are you doing?

There goes your two-day grace period.
You got 30 days, not a minute less.


Anthony, can I holler at you, can we talk?
Can we talk?

Come on.

What are you doing here? What is going on?

- I'm trying to save our ass,
I'm trying to save our ass! - What you doing?

- I'm trying to save our ass. You're not listening.
- I'm listening now go.

- All right, look, they've had the eyes on you
since you left the wharf. - I don't give a fuck.

If they wanted you dead,
you'd be dead right now.

The only reason you're not dead, I talked to them.
They said specifically to talk to you.

Oh, you got 30 days to come up with...
a million and a half. Hu, uh.

- What? - Yeah, a million and a half.
Or you get a chance to relive your glory days.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

- That's your debt, I don't owe
anybody anything, O. - Okay. - It's done.

Okay, tell that to them.

Look, you want to be king,
you gotta start acting like one.

That's their mess, I didn't do shit.

The James brothers started this fucking thing. And
I'm gonna go in there and I'm gonna talk to Frank.

- You wanna know why I haven't talked to you
in five years? - Why? - This right here.

This right here.

Whether you like it or not, the only way
to clear our names, we have to work together.

Neither one of us can come up
with that amount of money that fast.

Now you want to be king.

Do you want to be king?
Start acting like one and let's get this shit.

- It's not my debt.
- It's our debt.

Act like a king and get this shit done.
Get this shit done, man.

- They have to kill me fucking first. - Well,
which they will happily do. - Good.


- Quit calling me so much. - Where are you,
what's going on? - Shit, calm your ass down.

- Tell me something, what's going on?
- Where are you? - You know where.

All right, I'm on my way.

That's 50% on the dollar, so we have 30 days
to come up with a million and a half dollars.

Side note, we should have invested in
crypto five years ago, but no one listened to me.

- So how the hell are we gonna come up with
that? - We can't and we don't. That's the point.

There's nowhere you can go
where they won't find you.

What are you thinking?

You ain't gonna like it.

- If we combine our companies efforts.
- Combine our companies efforts?

- Who are we combining with?
- Them. - Them?

- Well, now I spoke to Anthony.
- No. - Mikey. - I said no, bro.

So you'd rather die than work together even
though it's the only way to save your own ass.


- I'm asking you, please talk to him.
- No, I tried that shit already.

Did you not hear what I just said?
All he wants is war.

If the motherfucker wants war,
war he gonna get.

- That's war he will or might get.
- Bobby.

Both you motherfuckers are insane.

No, no, Tony, no, no, no.

- No!
- I couldn't agree with you more.

But there are rules to this shit, man.


Then why the fuck
are we even having this discussion?

There's gotta be a better way.

When you think of one, you let me know.
Because I gotta think of ways to buy us some time.

- Time for what?
- Time to kill them all.

Let me get this straight.

This guy is the reason that your Pops,
and your sister are dead.

And you want to go in business
with them.

For now.

You got a better idea, Vinnie?

Let me hit the streets.

Let me shake some things up.
Let me see what I can find out.

- Man, we don't need them.
- He's right, Tony. We don't need them.

Oh, he's right, you telling me he's
right. Who are you? You're a bug.

What are we talking about? You gonna go shake
your ass in the street to raise the money, huh?

Huh, you gonna shake your butt?

Can you raise a million and half dollars
shaking your ass, can you, bug?


Think, think.

So, as I was saying,

we're going into business with these
motherfuckers until the time is right.


And then, then...
we put them out of business for good.

- Anthony, I'm telling you.
- Vinnie.

Just do as you're told.

- Hey.
- What?

I spoke to Olympus
and he said they'll do it, they won't like it.

Just want to get this shit over with.

And I couldn't fucking agree more.

Listen, Anthony, just so we're clear,

I don't give a fuck
about any of the shit you're planning.

As long as those James brothers
are fucking dead.


You know you talk a lot.

You know what I liked most
about your brother? He didn't.

- Oh, really? Oh, really?
- Get the fuck out of the car, bro.

- Hit the fucking lawn bitch. - Hi,
Mikey. I told you I've been waiting for you, man.

Only thing I regret is not killing you
when I had the fucking chance.

- Put the guns down.
- No.

- Vinnie, now put them down.
- No. - This is between Mikey and me.

- Put the fucking gun down, Keith.
- Fuck him.

If you just stayed away from my sister,
she'd still be alive, you know that?

You know that?


Hear me.

When this is over you and me
we're gonna fucking finish it.

I'm here right now.


Come on!


Enough! Enough of this bullshit!
Enough of this dick slinging bullshit!

Come on, Anthony!
Anthony! Anthony! Anthony.

- Motherfucker! - What the fuck?
- Do something then, don't start!

- Enough, enough!
- Hey, hey! Hey, hey!

- Come on, man! Really?
- Motherfucker...

- Really? Are you done yet?
- I ain't moving.

- Come on, Mikey! Mikey...
- I'm fucking right here, bro.

- I ain't moving. - Mikey, Mikey.
- I ain't moving. - Damn! Damn!

Come on. I'm an old motherfucker,
have some respect for my ass, shit.

Are you done yet?

Shit, shit!
Mikey, please! Please.

- Now I'm done.
- Come on.

Mikey. Mikey.

Come on, Mikey.
Come on, Mikey.


Come on, y'all.
Haven't we lost enough already, y'all.

Let's just get this
fucking debt paid for, man!

Now I don't care if y'all come out here,
and beat each other to death.

Now we wasting enough time.
Calling it a truce, all right?

Let's get this shit taken care of.

Y'all gotta figure this shit out.

You're all going to get everybody killed.

Please y'all, for me shake hands.

Shake hands, please!

- Fuck that.
- Unbelievable...


Oh my God. Oh...

- Shit!
- # If they don't kill you... #

- Want some water?
- Yeah, I'll take a cup of water.

- Yeah, we got like a Fiji, Evian, Perrier.
- Anything.

- Whisky. Vodka, vodka!
- Vodka?

Vodka, vodka.

# Y'all talking behind my back,
you need to listen up. #

- That shit's a goody hoodie.
- Wait, wait what?

Hey who thinks that's a good luck.
Yeah, that's a good luck hoodie.

He called him up like pack man, daddy.

You already know.
Hey, bro, called the records I'm a rock this.

- Yeah.
- I hear you in. - Exactly.

- And since then, you you've been second.
- I like it.

- Oh, yeah, you would. You would.
- Yeah, I would and I like it.

- That's right. - My man, my man. - Y'all
hating. - Well you need to be congratulated.

All right, listen, my man, my man, look, look,
on the real, we need all the help we can get.

- So, get phoning bro.
- All right.

- Let's get it. - You
can get them at Marshalls for 19,99.

# Reminds me that it could be worse.
So I stay grateful and prayed up too. #

# Too many bros,
I be with the same old crew.#

# I ain't worried by nobody and what
they go do, I'm studying the greats. #

# One day I'm a fill those shoes. #

# Slow feet, don't eat,
I'm Usain with it. #

# Hop in that motherfucking
coop and go insane in it. #

# I had to go against
the grain to get it. #

# Rap niggas lack 20/20 vision.
You ain't seen a tray... #

Can you hear me?
Okay, listen, listen, stop your talking.

Stop, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Richie, Richie, listen, before we
started working together, what happened?

Every one of your loads
are getting hijacked right, every one!

And now you got no issues,
got no problems, right? We're good, okay.

I am not responsible, you decide to go
somewhere else with your loads, you understand?

I can't.

Now, please I need you
to work with me here, please.

Prices are gonna go down to normal soon,
I promise. I swear to God.

But right now, that's the price, okay?

Okay, good. Okay, I'll get
the guys there tomorrow, okay.

All right, ciao, ciao.

What the fuck are you doing here?

Where are the...?

I said I'll bring them to
you after work today, right?

What better than time now.

I'm right here.

After work.


I'll see you soon.

Hey, Vinnie, is that him?

- Is that him?
- That's him.

What do you wanna do?

- We wait.
- What?

- Really? - Yeah,
it seems to be what Anthony does best.

This is some bullshit.


What are you following?

I respect what he's done
and I know what he's capable of.

He just needs a little inspiration.

I'm here to inspire.


What's so funny?

- What the fuck is so funny?
- I just think it's funny.

You think Anthony's running shit?

He might be a Don,
but he works for the family.

They don't want those boys dead,
nobody can kill them.

- Really?
- Not you, and definitely not Anthony.

You'd be lucky
if they don't take him out.

- What the fuck did you just say?
- Boys like him are way too emotional.

He ain't never gonna
lead anybody anywhere.

Ain't got the head for it.

I'd never let a bunch of niggars
talk to me like that.

- Let's go take care of this now.
- Yeah?

Get off of the fucking car.

- Big fucking mouth.
- Yes, fucking mouth.

- You wanted to see me? - Oh, yes please,
come in. Close that door behind you.

You know I got your numbers from Bobby

and we're doing pretty good.

Hell we're doing lot better than good.

I have to admit,

when it comes to trucking, I don't think
there's a better man for the job than you.

Except maybe Anthony.

Maybe, I don't know.

Well, it got me
to thinking you know.

Maybe when this is all said and done,

you know, you and I can sit down,
crunch the numbers as they say.

Talk about possibly entering
a long-term deal, yeah?

Well, I don't make decisions
without my brothers.

Come again?

I don't make
deals without my brothers.

Then go talk to them, yeah?

Florian, let me ask you a question.

Did you put a bullet in my wife?

Killed my unborn child?

Let's get something straight
you and me, Mikey James.

If you're looking to blame someone,
for the death of your wife,

I'm looking right into his eyes.

It was you.


go talk to your boys.

All right, Bobby's in route
with a million and a half in cash.

- Anthony, can you get a hold of Phantom,
and your guys and have them trail Bobby? - No.

We'll use Tony or one of our guys.

- Why, Mikey, you don't trust us?
- Fuck no. - I was talking to Mikey.

And I'm answering: we don't trust you.

Sorry guys.
Had to make some chess moves.

- Could've sworn I was being followed.
- You probably were.

Hey, look, there's a million and half
in cash in those bags.

I wouldn't even trust
him myself with them.

It's all here.

- Hey, I'll take that.
- What?

Give it to me.
Don't worry about me.

On the last one
who needs protection.

- What do you wanna do, Mikey?
- You don't mind if I follow you?

Make sure the drop gets where
it's supposed to be on time.

- I take these to the right people,
and then I'll call when it's all clear. - Okay.

Going to follow your ass anyway.

- Wait...
- We hold on.

Come on, man, what's taking so long?

Jesus, go in, count the money, leave.

- Calm down. - What do we now?
- Nothing, right? Give it a little more time.

Money's moved enough.

Let's just take the money and go.

You... You really thinking Italian mobsters
will travel the world just to come get us?


You know, sometimes you gotta surrender
it to the facts, and the facts are simple.

They are who they are
and we are who we are.

What the hell does that mean?

It means, he doesn't like niggas.

Now with me.


It's done.

- It's fucking done.
- Oh shit.

It's fucking done.

- I need to call Reggie and Chris.
- It's fucking done.

Tell them Daddy is coming home.

All right.

Listen up, listen up.
You the man, you the man.

Let's do it baby.
You were right.

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
I got something to say right now.

I want say, Mikey,

I love you.

And I just got one question.

Man, what took y'all so long?

Come on let's all bring that in.

- Bring that in.
- I fucking... - You real.

- I fucking killed it.
- You too. Childish Gambino.

# Make money, money, money.
Make money, money, money, money. Hey, hey. #

- You motherfuckers starting that shit.
- My turn.

- Speak of the dog.
- I got to admit.

- Ah...

You usually do a lot of stupid shit
and most of the time...

your ideas are borderline trash.

- He said borderline trash.
- But...


I just want to say today...

I'm proud to call myself your brother,

Mikey Garfield James.

The whole name.

- You're officially fucked up, Bobby.
- What?

You know how much
I hate it when you call me.

Seriously, Mr. Garfield, you are the man.

- Stop it.
- You were so awesome today.

- You should have known me brother.
- I love you. I love you, Mikey.


Sorry about Conrad.

Someone had to do something.

What are you saying exactly, what?

The Fasano family was feared.

You and your father were legends.

Mm-mm. And?

And you just sit and wait.

And take orders.

He's right, Anthony.

No disrespect but...

- There was a time...
- Ah, ah, ah...


How many times I gotta tell you and you.

Hard-headed you two.

There are rules to this shit.

There are consequences.

Do you understand?
Do you understand?

Not if you're the boss.

Let me ask you something.

What makes you think the boys in Chicago
won't wake up and change the fucking game?

Take the money and kill us anyway?

You'll never get free of them anyway. You just
showed them you could double your intake.

- Anthony!
- Who the fuck is that?

We need to talk it out,
we need to talk.

Well, well... You boys having
another party without me?

I'll take a whisky.

- Irish, if you have it.
- No whisky. What do you want?

Fine, fine.

Hey big fella, you can read right?

- Take a look at that, one of you.
- Hey.

You talk to me, not him.
Take a look at what?

Well, if you could see here,
column on the left.

That's what
the James brothers are bringing in.

And the column on the right,
that's what you boys are bringing in.

Okay, so what, what are you saying?

I'm saying
if you take a look at column three,

it's what the lot of you are doing altogether.

So it's time to team up
with the James Brothers.

Oh, here we go.

This shit will all be over,
once we pay our debt, right.

That's what you said.

I know, but that was before I knew what
you lads were capable of, the lot of you.

You've gotta be outta your fucking mind.
What do you think Mikey is gonna say about this?

Oh, Anthony, you always
take things personally, it's business.

You've got a bad habit
of mixing the two, you know that.

What the fuck you talking about?

Let me refresh your memory.

- When your family got involved...
- Be careful.

When your family got involved,
when they shouldn't have...

You made it personal.

So we made it personal.

It's business.
So let's fucking keep it that way.

I think it's time you leave right now.

You know,
I can't leave without a verbal.



Verbal agreement, you got it.
What was I thinking?

I'm gonna write it down,
so the family knows I'm true to my word.

Vinnie, gimme a piece of paper and a pen.

- Do you think I'm a fucking errand boy now?
- Get the paper and a pen.

- I'm gonna write it down.
- Go ahead.

This the way the "famiglia" knows,

I'm true.

Okay. How's that?

- That's good,
that's very smart of you to do. - Thank you.

- This is gonna put you in a very good position
with the family. - You think so? Really?

And the foreigners,
they're gonna appreciate it even more.

- What I'm trying to say, is that if you stay
true to your world for once... - Yeah?

And you keep it about the business,
you're gonna be fine.

- You think so?
- You'll have a long, prosperous life. - Okay.

On my fucking father,

I ever see you again,
one of us is not gonna walk away.

Trust that word.

This is my verbal to you.

I'll see you in the morning.


Wait, this motherfucker.


- Now it's personal.
- It's about fucking time.

Yeah, about fucking time.

- A toast.
- Bring that in.

To the motherfucking James brothers.

- And you're motherfucking right.
- To the James brothers.

This world is officially yours.

It has taken from me
all I can afford to lose.


I'm retiring now for a second time.

But this time is for good.

- But proud of you boys.
- Thank you.

- I love you like you my own.
- Yes sir, we love you too, OG.

- Old ass.

On a serious note, though,

this is a goodbye.

This life no longer belongs to me.

And if I were you,

I would seriously consider following me.

This evil, selfish game

destroys everything it touches.

In the end, everybody loses.

To Mikey.

To Mikey.

Since you've been shot and you survived,

you may think you're invincible now.

But the loss of Sophia

should remind us we're not Gods.

Not Gods,
mere mortal beings, gentlemen,

..with beginnings and ends.

No Gods here, just men.

Just men.

Just men.

If you find yourself in a situation

and you're tempted to call...

Please, please don't.

- Yo Bobby.
- Yeah.

You're special, bro.

Special, special.

We love you.

Don't ever change, yo.

We did it.

- Like we do, we did it.
- We did it.

- Yeah, we did it.
- We did it. - We did it.

- We fucking did that.
- We did that.

- We did that.
- I don't know exactly what that is that we did.

- We did that.
- Or how we did that, that.

- But we did that, that.
- We did that.

You know, that would...

that wouldn't really make our...

well, you know,

that would make Dad proud.

If we knew who that motherfucker was.

You are such a dog.

- You are so wrong for that.
- Fuck off!

- You're wrong for that.
- Fuck it.

- You ain't sound right, saying that.
- Fuck that nigga, you don't know who he is.

- Fuck all them niggas.
- Fuck them.

All right.

- Okay, I gotta go.
- We did all right, we didn't need that nigga.

Okay, now are you going to the club for real?

I mean, with the neon lights.
So like I'd be like a glow.

- Put the hood all the way over.
- Oh over? - Yeah, yeah.

I got it, I got it.
Don't touch the waves.


Hey if you need some,...
if you need some help over there, call me.

- Yeah, I will.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Don't call me, I'm going to sleep.
- I'm done.

Good night.

Lost my balance.

Use the side door, Bobby.

Wash the dishes please.

- You turn nigga.
- That's from two nights ago.

Bye, see ya.


# Make money, money, money, money. #

# Make money. #

This dude is stupid.


I love that motherfucker.



- Mikey.
- Mm...

- Mikey!
- What, what, what?

Have you heard from Bobby?

- What?
- Have you heard from Bobby?

No, not since he left here
last night from the party.


He's dead.

- He's what?
- He's dead. - What?

- He's dead, Mikey. - Where's Bobby?
- Bobby's dead. - Where's Bobby?

- Somebody pulled up on him.
- Fucking don't play with me, Keith.

- And empty a clip.
- Where is he?!

He's gone.


Is this you?


You guys still popping bottles, Mikey.

We need to meet.


- It's Bobby.
- What about him?

He's dead, man.

He's dead.

Why would somebody kill Bobby, man?

I fucking told you don't come back.
I said don't come back, Mikey.

I was just trying
to make things right, man.

- Mm...
- Trying to make things right. - Yeah.

Now you know what it's like
to lose someone you love, Mikey.

Fuck you, Tony.


somebody fucked you
Mikey, it just wasn't me.

Wasn't me.


It's me.

He's gone.

Who's gone?


Why'd they do that, man?

Why'd they do that?

We did everything they asked us to do.

I swear...

I'm gonna find out who did that shit.

And I'm gonna kill
every single one of them.

- On God.
- No.

- You hear what I'm saying?
- Let's be smart.

I'm a kill every single fucking one of them.

You thinking with your heart,
not with your head.

You don't want to kill innocent people.

You're smarter than that.

What do we know?

What do we know, mm?

I don't wanna know
what I know. I know nothing.

I don't wanna know.

All right. All right, so.

What do we know?

We'll figure it out.

Gotta think.

Just calm down,


- Okay, okay.
- Mm...



- Mikey.
- I'm good.

- Are you good?
- I'm gonna find out what's going on, yo.

Mikey, you call me
before you do anything?


My God.

I dunno about you,
but I'm willing to die for mine.

It's about time
you start seeing shit my way.

I know.

Are you with me?

- You know it.
- Fucking what's going on?

On my life.

- Toney?
- Yo.

- Are you with us?
- Hell yeah.

- No matter what?
- No matter what.

Even if they got a gun to your head?

I'm ready to go down.

Bobby's the last motherfucker
that they put their hands on this group.

- Keith.
- What?

I love you, right?


- You trust me?
- Yeah.

- On everything? - Yeah.
- On God. - On God.

Good, because this is about to get...

This shit is about to get destined.

- What the fuck are you doing here?
- I asked him to come bro.

- What? - I asked him to come,
so just settle it down.

Hey, I got it.

Let me talk to him.

This is some bullshit.

- Mikey, you wanted to talk or what?
- You and me, we both had loss man.

You lost your pop, you lost a sister.
I lost a wife and a baby.

Today I lost my brother.

That will not go unanswered.

Yeah, you know I got some questions too.

Stay there.

How do I know it wasn't you?

How do I know it wasn't Keith?

Or your other people
that set up my father, how do I know?

Really, Mikey, how do we know?

Nobody in my family...

would ever put a bullet in Sophia.

Nobody in my family man,
would ever put a bullet in Sophia.




Go. We're okay.
I'm gonna talk to him for a second.

It's all right,
there's no threat here, go.

I got it Tony.

Go make sure they don't get into anything.

I'm good.

- You sure?
- I'm good.

Thank you.

When was the last time
it was just you and me, huh?

We know the world we are in, Mikey.


..if you say

that you are not involved with Papa

and him dying on the wharf, okay.

I know what you are feeling.

But Bobby...

It's too bad.

I'm going to find him, Bobby.

I'm going to fucking find him.

I swear.

I swear on everything I know,
I'm going to fucking find him.

I'm trying.

Okay, Toney.

I've already told you,

once we have consulted, we will let you know
and then you will be compensated.

All right, let me reiterate,

I'm leaving.

You have until six.

But you know what?
Make that seven.


Son of a bitch.

Listen, listen,
are you coming over or not?

Come on, you know that your competition
over there, they got deals.

They're getting two for one situations.

No, no, come on, I'm just playing,
I'm just fucking with you, come on.

Are you coming over?

All right.

No, no, but come quick. All right.

Are you ready?


He's being followed.

Won't let anything happen to him.

On my mama, he's gonna be good.

- Chris?
- Get him away safe.

- You told me that last time and he got out.
- He's safe.


We got eyes on him.

Everything's good.

Yeah, he's gonna get his, for sure.

- What about the...
- The money's withdrawn.

Broken down
into small bills and ready for travel.

Plane, bus and train tickets
are already purchased.

Fake passports and licenses are ready to go.

All right, everything's good.

Mikey, come what may,

we are ready.

Fucking did this.

Fucking do this right now.

Say the word!

Let me do this.

Papa, no, no!

They know we did it.

Nah, I don't think they do.

- If they did, we'd know by now.
- Yeah.

- So either way.
- Either way, what?

Ah, either way...

I think we just start killing
motherfuckers, let them figure it out.

I'm gonna start
by putting a hole in Diego's head.

Does this look familiar?

Here's the deal.

I'm gonna find Diego.

He's collecting the money for the "famiglia".

I'm gonna put his ass down,

take my money back
and put this next to him.

And the boys of Chicago
wanna come find someone to blame,

and I'll have them.

- Okay?
- It's fucking brilliant.

All right, get to work.


What the fuck?

Find the fucking money.


Go get the fucking money, bro.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.
You gotta move, gotta move bro.

- Move.
- What the fuck...

Move, move, move!

Son of a bitch, they beat us to it.

Leave the lighter anyway.

Come on.

Oh, son of a bitch, the fucker's dead.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

- Calm down man, what doing?
Put it down. - Don't pull that shit on me again.

Dude, fucking come on, calm
down, put that thing down.

Come on, what are you doing?

Who the fuck are you talking to?

Who the fuck are you talking to, motherfucker?


Who do you think you're fucking talking to?

Anthony, it's me.

Don't you ever fix your fucking mouth
to talk to me like that again.

Put the money on the table,
I'm gonna count it.

Put the money on the table.

They took the money.


They got there before us,

they took the fucking money.

I told you...

two things to do.

One, take out Diego,
which you didn't even do.

Two, get the money.

Where's the fucking money,


- You put the lighter next to Diego,
like I said? - Yes.

Okay, you want a fucking trophy for that one?

Where's the money?

Where's my money?

- Anthony, they got the money.
- You get paid.

You get paid. Who pays me?

Nobody. You make money every week.

Who pays me? Nobody.
Where's my money?



- They took the fucking...


I'm done!

If I don't get my money,
I'm going to get blood!

Get out, get the fuck
outta my house, get out now.



I'm leaving.

We got unfinished business, bro.
You can't leave. There's too bullshit much going on.

- I can't do this shit anymore.
- What the fuck do you mean?

- I lost too many motherfuckers, man.
- No man, no, no, no, you can't go.

- You can't.
- Watch me.

After what happened at Diego's, it's only
a matter of time before some come over here.

That's some fucked up shit.
You did this shit nigga.

I don't give a fuck how fucked up it is.
You know it had to be done.

Wait, wait.
What happened to Diego?

- Tell him.
- I followed Phantom and Vinnie to Diego's.

That's right.

I wanted to know
who put a bullet in Bobby.

So I went over there to shake things up.
Before we got to the door, we heard gunshots.


killed Diego.

Phantom killed Diego?

Ah, ah, bullshit.



Look Frankie, you got it all wrong, man.

I got everything ready to go.
Just say the word.

- Knockout, you coming with me.
- He stays.

Toney, if you go, you go by yourself.

And that stays too.

We're in this shit...

because of you.

And now you wanna leave me here
in the middle this to clean it up.

No nigga,

we're in this because of you.

You know how it is.

You niggas strap up.

If war's what they want,
war's what they gonna get.

Tell your brother I said hello.

- Hey.
- Anthony.

- It's done.
- Okay.

Come and get me.

I'm on my way.

Oh, my God!

Well, I drove a long way for that.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Good and you?

- Better.
- Yeah. - Yeah?

I missed you.

Yeah, I missed you too.

- Where is he?
- Inside.

- Are you good?
- Yeah, I guess.



Time to say hello.

It's the bottom of the hill, keep going.

Look at you,
so close to being king of the world.

- Not yet.
- Well, you owe me.

What'd you say?

I mean, this it's a chance to do
what your Pops couldn't or wouldn't.

And keep my father's
name outta your mouth.

- You don't know him.
- That's where you're wrong, Anthony.

I actually knew you and your Pops really well.

See, my brother told me about the problems
you were having with the James brothers

and how people were laughing at you.

Something had to be done, so...

Pull over right here.

- Pull over right here.
- Right here? - Mm-mm.

What are you talking about?

Listen, something had to be done,
you weren't doing anything, so,

my brother went over your head.

What are you saying?

See that night on the wharf, I sent
some guys out to check on you to help you out.

But we were too late.

By the time they got there,
you were barely clinging on to life.

So they got you outta there.

They went to checkup on Sophia, but...

She was gone.

And just as they were about to leave,

they heard your Pops...


So they called me
and asked me what they should do, so...

I gave the order.

Listen, Anthony, I did it for you, okay?

I did it for you, I did it for my
fucking brother. He loved you.

You know that right.
He loved you.

He died for you.

He fucking died for you.

And all he ever wanted
was for you to be a boss.

So we made that shit happen for you.

You did that for me?

You and your brother did that for me?

Yeah, we did.

I don't even know how to thank you.

Because if Papa was here,
this wouldn't have happened.

- See, he was already gone, Anthony.
- No, I know.

You know, I don't even know your name.

I don't even know your name. I know your
brother's name is like Freddy, or some of the shit.

What is your name?

- You want to know my name?
- Yeah.

- You're not gonna believe this shit,
but it's Anthony. - It's Anthony?

- Wow, that's crazy.
- Isn't it.

Yeah, because
there's only one Anthony.

- So is your brother's coming into town?
- I hope so.

- That'd be cool, right?
- That depends.

Oh, yeah?

On what?

On what you plan on doing with me?

He's waiting for me, shit.

See you, guys.

- Papi.
- I was worried about you.

- You didn't let me know
you're going to be late. - I know, I'm sorry.

- I'm really sorry.
- It's okay.

I'm just glad you're all right.

Do me a favour, Mija, go inside, I need
to have a word with your friends, huh.

- No, Papi, it's...
- Mija, I would not push my luck if I were you.



You're the reason my daughter
can't make it home on time, eh?

My fault.

- We apologize.
- Is this your son? - Yes, Sir.

I know who you are.

You know who I am?
You know who I am?

I get paid to know about people
like you, Michael James.

I'm going to tell you something,
something very important.

So pay attention,
because I'm only going to say it once.

Right now, between us, there's no trouble.

I'd like to keep it that way.

But know this,

and I say this to you, eye to eye,
man to man, one father to another,

if your boy continues to see my daughter,

me and you...
we're gonna have a problem.

And, amigo,

it's my job to get rid of problems,
and I am very good at my job.

Do you understand?

Let's get outta here.


If it slithers like a snake,
is it a snake?

Or do you need to be bitten?

My grandfather used to say
that to me when I was a boy.

I never paid attention to him, I thought he
was a crazy old man that did too much peyotes.

But as I grew older,

I came to realize what
he was trying to say made sense.

He said a lot of things that made sense,

I wish I had paid attention to,
it would've saved me a lot of trouble.

But when we're young...

- Papi, you don't understand.
- We don't wanna hear the things we need to hear.

When we're young,
we think we have all the answers.

Well, we don't.

Mija, of all the boys in the world
to love, you had to choose this one.

These people,
they're not who you think they are.

If you continue down this path
with this boy, with this family,

you will only know heartache and pain.

This I can promise you.

- Papi, I love him.
- Then you will love someone else.

This is something that I cannot allow,
and I will not allow it.

I'm really sorry, Mija.

You will love someone else.

You just don't get it.

Hey, where's... Where's Phantom?

That's the last fucking thing
you need to be worried about right now.

I'm gonna ask you one question,

and I'm not asking you again.

Did you know what Phantom did to Papa?


He killed him.

He found him on the wharf that night

and he killed him.


You don't know, huh?

Anthony, on my mother,
I swear to God, I don't know.

If I'd known, I would've
said something to you.

Come on, man, look at me, it's me.

I swear to God, I didn't know anything.

- You tell me the truth? - I swear. I didn't
know anything. - Don't fucking lie to me, Vinnie.

On my mother,
I didn't know a thing about this.

I'd have said something to you.
You know I would've said something to you.



Get out of the car.

- Why?
- Come on, get out of the car, Vinnie.

- Where are we going?

How'd you know where to find him?

Me and my Pops go way back.

That's the thing about the brothers man,
that they never really leave the block.

You know when I was young,

the older folks used this term: touched.

That means something's wrong with you.

And, Anthony,

your ass is touched.

And your ass is dead, Olympus.

Three down, one to go.

I was always a king.

Touched... You say "touched", huh?

And that's for Papa.

Shit fuck!

Damn it!


Damn it.
I can't get a hold of Keith, I gotta go back home.

- I'm not going anywhere until I know
she's okay. Chris, she's okay.

- Dude, how long you and her dad
have been beefing? - I just met the man tonight.

Alejandro Renoso.

That's her father's real name.

- He's a hired assassin for the Mexican Mafia. And
well-known around these parts. - Lord have mercy.

You hear that?

He's a fucking hired assassin.

You're dating the wrong girl.

Now we gotta go home, bro.

I know you...
I know, I know, I know.

But you don't have any idea what
you're talking about. People are dying, bro.

- We gotta go.
- I can't, I can't go, bro.

I can't leave her like that.
Not until I know she's okay.

You don't even know her, bro.
She just told you who her daddy was.

- You don't even know what love is, bro.
- I don't care about all that, man.

- I don't, I really don't.
- All this shit going on and you said...

- Don't you... - Relax, he's just a kid.
- Don't you get it, bro?

- Get what, bro? What don't I get? - Chris, stop.
- Tell me what I don't get. - You're black, bro.

You're fucking black.
And Mexicans don't like niggas.

Do you understand that? The people
in this world think you're violent.

- Take that back.
- They think you're violent. - Take that back.

- They think you're a criminal. - Take it back right
now. - They think you ain't shit. - Fuck you, dawg.

- Where you going, bro?
- Don't worry about it.

People dying over this shit, nigga.


If you had to do it over again,
would you?

With all that's happened,

if you knew then what you know now,
would you still have married Sophia?

That was real.

And though
I really felt it twice in my life.

So, yeah, I'd...

I'd do it again.


Then you see where he is coming from?
It's his first love.

He needs your support.

You said twice.

- Did I? - You said
you've only known that feeling twice.

- Yes I said it. - When was the second?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's fine.

What about Slim?


He's dead, Mikey.

I tried
to stay outta this shit.

I really tried
to stay outta this shit.

But there's a time
when enough is enough.

I don't give a shit.

I don't give a fuck
what we do.

Yeah, I have an idea who did it.

Yeah, it was that motherfucker.

At this point,
I'd killed that motherfucker twice.

Fuck them all.

Fuck them all.

Oh, shit.

Okay, I drink all your fucking, I drink all your...

I drink all...
I drink all your fucking deaths.


Or should I deal with the payment,
now I pay myself. This is my money.

This is my money.

Everybody fucking on my ass about shit.
Now you're fucking dead! You're fucking dead.

Ain't gotta deal with anybody anymore.
And that's why I'm happy.

It's all I fucking want.

Fuck you, cock.

Fuck you, cock.

Shoot you in your fucking.

Why you want money, Frankie? Here, get the money.

Yeah, there's 20, there's 20.

What do you want? You want 30, go ahead.

This is my money.

Me... Mine.

Little bitch I gotta deal with.

Oh, Frankie, you want a friend, okay.

Yes for the money.

- Frankie.
- What do you say?

Frankie Spanky.

- So? - Well, you play with a pussy, you get fucked,
boy, that's what I told you a long time ago.

- It's not that simple. - What's going on?
You don't sound well, you sound sick.

- What do you mean, it's not simple,
what's going on? - Florian's dead.

Floridian is dead...
You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Wow, that's crazy.

Man, oh...
You know what I'll do?

I'm going to...

You know, hit the streets,
I shake things up a little bit, okay, Frankie?

I'll see, I'll see what's going on.
I'll see what's going on.

- You do that, Anthony?
- Okay, I just fucking said I'll do that.

- Diego's dead too.
- Yeah, that's crazy that everyone is just dying.

- You know, it...
- You got 24 hours.

What you say to me?


What you fucking say to me?

Huh, you fucking coward.

Fucking die.

- How are you, my old friend?
- Retired. And you?

- Never.
- Ah, that's what I wanted to hear.

- So, I hear you been looking
for your son. - Yes.

Free spirited young man.
Who doesn't want daddy's help?

Oh, don't I know.

- So, when was
the last time you saw Florian? - Why?

Do you know where he is?

Unfortunately, my friend, I do.


Tell me more.

- Hi, Tony.
- Frankie, I didn't hear you coming.

Sit down, please.

So good to see you.
I mean, I'm like.

Wow, I'm always picking up
the pieces for you, my friend.

Look at this.

It was quite a mess for the black team here,
but... I'm gonna fix it.

- Wow, that's a lot of talk coming my way.
- Oh, I know. Let me, let me....

- You want a drink?
- No, I'll just get at your speed.

So I can listen to you.

Okay, well, let's...
You know, let's play.

- You like the clowns?
- Oh, yeah, the clowns. - Nice right?

It's interesting you talk about clowns.

Oh, you got a little game for me.

Man, I haven't played in 30 years,

but I'll fix your mess.

Starting with this.

Hey, okay.

Well, hey, I'm glad you came.

Yeah, it's been a while we sat down.

We don't break bread
in a long time either, you know.


we go way back, you and me.

And I just wanted to let you know

that I'm starting to...

lose my patience a little bit
with this whole situation, you know?

I feel like you don't believe me,
like no one believe me.

- Oh, you feel I don't believe you?
- Yes.

And I tell you, honest to God,

that when I had nothing
to do with anything, I didn't.

I had nothing to do with the "lepre",

ah, with Florian, or Diego or Keith.

You know, Keith was a reckless.
You know this.

He had a lot of people that
wanted him dead, you know?

And the thing is, Frankie...

I mean, I give you guys my money,
I give you my word,

and I tell you,
I don't feel anything from your end.

Because I lost the guys too. I lost
Conrad, I lost Vinnie, I lost... Phantom.

- And it seems like nobody just give
a fuck about me. - Oh, we give a fuck.

- You do?
- About our money, about our reputation.

Of course, me too.

You have no idea what you did, do you.


was the son of the most
powerful man in the Irish Mafia.

Money is the least of our problems now.

- Wow!
- And Diego.

We think you killed him.

- Frankie...
- Or you had him killed.

He was in control

of over 300 secret bank accounts.

Accounts that cannot be accessed
because he's dead.

What are we gonna do?

If and when we find
out that you did kill them...

we're gonna kill you.


You know, I said...

I said to you once,
and I cannot keep on repeating.

All I can do is a hope
you believe me in your heart.

Keith, Bobby, Phantom,

Diego, Leprechaun, Olympus...

I had nothing to do
with any of their deaths, nothing.

Cross my heart.

I tell you what, Frankie.
I tell you what.

I take this one for you myself.

You tell me who did it. You find out,
you tell me. I'll go kill him all, okay.

I'll do that for you.

What do you say?

You know we go way back.

When I was a kid,

you were always in some kind of trouble.

Your Pops will call me.

And I would come and help you.

You know, I told him...

you were the most
courageous kid I ever met.


If you could gain control of your emotions,
you'd be boss in no time.

But your emotions
always got the best of you.


if you did do all of that,

only God can I help you.

Oh, by the way...

who told you...

that Olympus was dead?

- What do you mean?
- I never mentioned it.


- Okay, I'm pulled over. What?
- Are you in town?

I'm on my way. We were coming right before
you fucking called, and told me to pull over.

- All right, you need to turn around.
You and Little Homie are safer where you are. - No.

- You'll just be getting in my way.
- No.

How's everybody, is anybody left?

- Is anybody left?
- Nobody.

- And Anthony? - I'm working
on it. - Work harder. - Mikey...

- Work fucking harder.
- Mikey!

- Mikey! - They were my brothers, O.
- I know. - They were my brothers.

- I know. - I'm not...
Listen! You listen to me, you listen to me.

- I loved them too, man.
- You listen to me, bro.

I will do anything for you, anything in the
world, and you know it. But I will not do that.

But I got things that play here.
And you'll only be getting in my way.

I need you to do me a favour, stay
where you are, let me take care of this.

I'm listening.

If you insist
with your hard ass head...

- Okay, but you gotta do exactly
as I tell you to do. - Okay. - Understood?

Exactly what I tell you to do.

- Here's the plan.
- He's a fucking dead man.

He is a dead man.

You're fucking right he is,
I just made the call.


We need to meet.

- I know you?
- No.

- We need to meet about what?
- You know what.


- If I say no?
- We'll meet anyway.

I gotta get a fucking dog.

- When?
- Now. - Okay.

- Where?
- How about here? - Okay.

The Irish have a tradition.

Soon after a man dies,
a window must be opened.

So his soul can leave.

You talk too much.

- It's time, Tony.
- You? You mother...

Pick him up.

Pick him up.

A lot of people have died
because I didn't want to kill you.


Pick him up.


Pick his ass up! PICK HIM UP!

You fucking.

Kill this motherfucker.
I'll fucking kill you.

You fucking ass.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck.


I fucking...

I fucking loved you, dawg.

We were fucking friends, bro.

It's fucking over now, Tony.

You dig a...

You dig a hole.

You bury him next to his sister,
do you understand?

Do you fucking hear me?


Your ass is now done.

We've been waiting for you.

Please, take a seat.

Okay, Nate...

What do you want from me?

Scoundrel. Look him!
You made it, eh?

I believe I can help you with that.

I have to admit, when we first
issued that challenge to you,

we didn't think there was any way possible,
for you to pull it off, like men.


you and Anthony... did.

We haven't seen those
numbers in... 20 years?

What you and Anthony did
was quite outstanding.

Now, because of Nate,

there's no more Anthony,
which lives us with you.

We've been thinking to leave
the business open, and letting you run it.

This business...

has cost me everything I love.

That's why I'm gonna have to say...

no, thanks, but.

- I'll do it.
- No.

- Why not? - I grew up in the business
watching you and uncle Keith.

- I've seen how it's done,
I know how to do this. - I said no.

You have no connections,
you have no experience.

People do business with us because they
trust us. They don't even fucking know you.

They'll get to know me.

This business is more than just business,
you're not ready.

I'm ready.

- I said no.
- Mikey.

We're interested.

- How old are you, young man?
- Old enough.

I like this kid.

- What's your name?
- Chris, Sir. Chris Jackson.

I was 16 when I got my first job.

And by the time I was 19,
I was a lieutenant.

The boy says he can do it,

I believe him.

Look, you said in order to get
what I want, I had to get my money, right?

It's time I got my money right.

And I'm asking, will you help me?

Because you're right,
I can't do this one without you.

You have no idea
what you're asking me to do.

Where are we at?


Not where we were supposed to be.

And where are we headed?

To the top.

Where we belong.

And how are we gonna get there?

By any means necessary.

I'm ready.

# Pain is all I know, I know. #

# Hate is all I know, I know. #

# Heartbreak is all I know, ah. #

# Ain't no more light. #

# I was dead wrong in the light. #

# Left me alone in the light. Come
take a walk with me to the dark side. #

# Walk with me, talk with me. #

What do you want?

To talk to you.

Where do you think you're going?

With me.

I have a business, a legitimate business.

And I'll provide for her.

I'll protect her with my life
so that you know she's safe.

And what if I say no?

Do what you have to
and I do what I have to.

You're willing to die
to be with my daughter?

It's better than living without her.

You came here by yourself to tell me this?

You're either very brave
or very, very stupid.

You know what I will do to you
if something happens to her.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

You tell your father,
I'll be in touch with him.

- Come here.
- Thank you, Papi.

- Thank you, thank you.
- Thank you.

- Be safe.
- We will.

- Go on.
- Thank you.

You tell Mikey James,

when you leave a man
on the street for dead

make sure he's dead, dead.